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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Did everyone take turns ?" Ashley Grills interview

How come all perps of attractive women look like this fat girl? This is the type of perp I have dealt with for years across the country.
And Megan had nothing to be depressed about she was a good looking girl for a teen of that age..we all know that is an awkward age. She would have bloomed into a beautiful girl I can tell. She was probably picked on for being sexy at a young age in a totally square place like small time MO, USA.
I notice one thing that stands out...she Like a powerful look about her. This is something that other woman of all ages will HATE a female for no matter what her age. And its haus fraus and fish wives like the two other women who are perps that always are jealous.

And of course the angry mob analogy...but the angry mob usually have a bit more motive to be pissed.
The 'angry mob' was a better description of the people who came after the perpetrators after the suicide.

The gang rapists are the best analogy for the perps in this case.
Secluded, quiet, hidden behind the false identity and the facelessness of the internet, everyone takes a turn and no one is ever going to find out. We are threatened by this female and besides she is helpless. Lets git 'er.

I have never had this happen (yet) as a woman but I know that way humans think. And as we see they do not have to be men.

What happened is a natural response to handing the public...the human race technology which is dangerous if not handled correctly. We do not need internet trolls entrapping people and creating scenarios as much as we need preventative laws for scenarios that already well as that WILL continue as long as violent aggressive humans can find a way to get off and no one will find out what they did.
Why tell me do people keep thinking that any new magical invention is going to cure all the ills of the human race? Tech or the ownership of superior tech does not make you a better person or a good person. COMPUTERS DONT KILL PEOPLE DO.
Irresponsibility is being encouraged by the lawlessness of the internet and alot of other ways to target someone via privacy invasion.

Your daughter did not die in vain. This is an issue that goes wayyyy beyond teens or psycho housewives. This needs to be for everybody.

And there has to be a free will factor make laws that leave it up to the victim to go after the perps and make council truly available for prosecution or lawsuit. Do not use policing the Internet becuz those of us who have endured corrupt law enforcement via organized crime know that laws that depend on police enforcement will be used as Justice For Some.
Please don't let that happen.

There is too much police state like interference in this country treating us all like criminals or children on one hand and then people can run to these lawless forums to get thier aggression out covertly on the other hand.

Balance..please bring it back sometime soon.

Oh and please realize that telling this Ashley woman to commit suicide is
a) not going to work she is not of a sensitive nature like her victim was.
b) you are spreading the same virus as they did...its kinda lost its effect. Also works better if the victim has been sensitized ( I know beleive me)
c) you cant use this woman's own tactics against her. Fooling the fool never works.

Tell her what she is to her face. Say ' I am sorry you are so unhappy' or 'you are a criminal'. This woman laughs at bullying. Giving people a taste of their own medicine back and forth is useless. It is most likely that on some level she doesn't even know what she did until it blew up in her face. The internet is a temptation for unhappy people to use and abuse others. The only reason that Megan got sympathy is that these are ammeters and they did not make up a good enough smear campaign about her..she was only 16 there isnt much dirt to get on her. SO the perps are left naked, everyone can plainly see it was jealousy and thier own insanity.

The pros take years to study thier target...and they have..better tech to snoop with.

What is MOST interesting is that when "go kill yourself " is used as a tactic on one person it works but not on another.
Its interesting that people with sensitive natures who might get labeled becuz of it are being hunted by predators who strangely KNOW that this harassment will work on them.

Cyberbullying: Megan Meier

I have blogged about this before..mainly because I was in St. Louis when this happened.

The story was more so that the mother controlled her two sons to help her with creating the fictitious 'Josh Evans'.
This wkipedia entry says it was just the mother. Its what I have seen across this country and what this country does not want to know about...that people who do these kinds of things raise thier children to do these kinds of things to other people. This may not be a case of 'organized/gang stalking' like TI's are victims of but it is the same basis of psychological harassment and warfare. Warfare is too good for these activities as an verb in description because warfare is at least something that is declared most of the time so the receiving party can at least defend themselves.
This is the Shaming Culture at its worst. Megan isnt Asian as far as I can see and would have most likely been ill equipped to handle a practice that is very common in the far east.

Now I read more on this..the fact that the woman baited her and then shamed her with " I hear you are not nice to your friends".

Then her mother argues with her about language instead of being concerned that people are screwing with her kid.

And why could the last message NOT be found yet it is alleged to have been sent to her ("The world would be a better place without you.") ?

Ahh, the university guy says of course that cyber gang stalking....ahem, I mean 'free speech' would be soo screwed if there were laws etc. Really could screw up a system that makes human illegal experimentation possible and also keeping targets...ahem, I mean certain people down if necessary. ( The academic and corporate uses of the same system Megan died from).

Then we have "former Federal prosecutor Joseph DeMarco, who stated 'You don't normally send people to federal prison for annoying, bullying or obnoxious conduct.'"[31]

NO, becuz club fed is a) too good/comfortable for them b) too highly intelligent. People in federal prison would have that woman first scrubbing the floors for them in the first 10 minutes of her being there and then kill her for fun in some ruthless sinister manner, probably making a buck off of it in the process when they were done. She isnt polished enough for club fed. And neither is any other half wit who partakes in organized stalking and harassment like her. Perps are usually working for people much smarter or they are like this woman:'everyone is doing it so like a serial killer I can hide among the crowd and no one will know.'

And ya gotta love lawyers..they have the greatest talent for refurbishing reality. They can make murder sound like hjinks and the other way round if it suited them I am sure.

No, we do not need more censorship. THAT IS NOT WHAT BULLYING OR PSYCH HARASSMENT IS ABOUT. It depends on secrecy and deception.

It would be nice if there was a task force just for psych harassment, at least for slander. If slander and exposure of someones privacy had horrible consequences then that is all you'd need. Then people can keep being deceptive , like humans are going to keep doing but its what you do with it once you are doin it that is the question. The damage was not done by using a fake identity it was what she did with it as using it for a cover for her crimes.

Laws need to be made against psych harassment and at least exposure of peoples private lives.

What is more messed up however is the gang stalking of the perp after what happened. Uhhh hello wake up world! YOU ARE VALIDATING EVERYTHING THIS WOMAN DID BY DOING IT TO HER.


This is a sure sign of a nation who feels there is no use in voting anymore, there is no use in protesting anymore and no one listens to the public anymore. The governing bodies seem privatized so why doesnt the public just have its own private wars right?

Its like a parent that goes out drinking, and ignoring the needs of the family but rules the house with such intimidation that lawlessness becomes the only was for the kids to express themselves. This is our country today. The public feel used and ignored so they take it out on each other.

"Banas said some of these actions against the Drews could constitute Internet stalking.[16] 'Because we can’t prosecute somebody it certainly does not justify violating the law,' Banas said.
'We live in this country by the rule of the law.'"
What law? There is no law against cyber bullying or any of the stuff I mentioned but there should be...that is why people are taking the law into thier own hands on this one ...dumb ass.

Who the hell wrote this or even thought of it? I know it was Banas but I guess its a rehotorical question. Rather Get a Clue...I have never seen such messing around on the chess board as this.
They are jsut sooo much more clever than the public.

People are sick of abuses of privacy and sick of being used and ignored in the USA by thier government and by big business.
People are tired not of crime but of indecency which is a whole other issue. NOT MORALITY -decency.

Picking on children is not cool in the world of crime. But nobody should have to deal with this and one has to wonder why its being casually treated by some people.

Talk about evasive moves. geez.

Deny deny deny deny...

(also they need to have it as a hate crime protecting other vulnerable people like single women who are poor for instance. Not just children. And make it about multiple persons, like a lynch mob law or something. Admit the power and therefore danger of groups. Discourage faceless groups from stalking one vulnerable person.)

Friday, September 26, 2008

More practical advise for TI's

On another blog I have written about easy shielding.

But one thing I realize is that dealing with certain people willl get you more or less perp activity as well.
Middle management types are the leading perp level of infiltration pretty much everywhere.
Also stay away from anyone social services. They have a leaning towards getting into other peoples business and can have blurring of boundaries.

I dealt with someone yesterday at a drop in place. I realized that administrative people are more responsible and into doing their job, not minding your business. They have a refreshing attitude that is on the levels of power not the powerless who are often perps.

Always try to go for the top person or super. These people seem to be alot more into being responsible as reward unto itself other than 'what act of pathetic desperation can I get away with today by screwing with someone elses sh*t.'

I hate to say it but I have blogged in past that criminals seem to be perps who can be reasoned with or will give info. They just do this to get out of stuff or not be exposed..they dont LIKE it alot of the time.
If they did they would be pro organized stalkers instead, whom are really scary and sociopathic. They're f*cked.

"They told me you were nothin but trouble.."

Has any other TI experienced this? You are travelling and either your receiver is a perp or just someone who needs to kiss up to this system to a) stay IN biz or b) stay OUT of trouble/exposure.

This person already knows all about you, even if they dont admit it. They have that creepy thing going on where you just know...all TIs who have been stalked my the people in this system long enough develop a sense for these...participants. I wanted to write 'predators' but they dont deserve that much credit. Lazy drones that cannot think for themselves and have to blame the target for thier lacking of character (and a spine).

The person you encounter is nice enough but there is always that...conditional feel to it. Like you are on probation for life. Social probation.

Then if a legit problem arises and things cant go according to perp plans becuz you need to alter them, the person will out themselves by something like " My people in ____, told me you were nothing but trouble!" Which immediately reveals thier connection to the system that provides people with superior knowledge they shouldnt have.

Yes, sir (a-hole) I am nothing but trouble. I have suffered and tried to defend myself against the odds and becuz rightly I won the 'game at the table' becuz The House doesnt like loosing I will be oppressed for the rest of my I am troublesome.

The last incident I had like that that statement above was delivered with the same feel that troublesome teenage girls got in the 1950's if people screwed them up and no one wanted to admit to it so it was all this troublesome problem child/troublesome teen soon to be hysterical female adults fault. This is brainwashing at its best and all of society joins in to validate the original insult to the victim. The person who used it was about the right age to have come up in that era so it was amusing to see the old school overt version of this con being perpetrated.

Nowadays they say 'suspected mental illness' or 'slacker' whatever they can get away with to invalidate thier crimes and wrong doing. It has to be made out to be a trait or defect within the target not the target trying to fight oppression and corruption. This works especially well on attractive women who have little or no support and are going it alone. Still seen as candy by boys old and young she is not a thinking fighting warrior (even if she DOES have military programming and a soldier alter!) she is an object to be molded a person to be told what to do.

Besides this person had involvement in an industry for years, bad nasty years, that is infamous for throwing away inconvenient beautiful women and alleged involvement in mind control slaves.

I beleive that there is a silent but serious backlash against feminism in the USA perhaps the world. I have gotten it out of a few men that there is a great population out there that beleives women have been given too much freedom and that has caused all the changes in men on the street jobless or men not having girl friends.

Can you beleive this?
He is not 100% wrong however. Females are predators too and if given power will abuse it like males. Yes, there are too many women taking half of what a guy owns on his own or using kids against him in court.
But these sorts of men actually think that the males abuse of power needs to be countered by female enslavement to them. We are the things that will set thier fucked up ways all right.

These people wish for a society that is gone by, and they judge by social standards not individuals (my greatest oppressors).
I would not doubt if these men were not secret advocates of mind control slavery. At least the joining in of keeping a woman down or out of harming any career of a man, or any business that blindly serves powerful men.

These people need to realize something. Firstly too many women are being convinced by peer pressure to work and not stay home with children. Also, the greed forced on people in this country demands every family have alot of things or else you are not competing. This is why women work. Also alot of women are now nothing more that June Cleaver WITH a job so super mom is more work than it was before.

Woman are still being forced into roles against their wills so I dont want to hear the bitching. But I agree that women misuse power alot and that they misuse the laws about sexual harassment. Alot of times women are experiencing more of a psych harassment campaign and the perps might be male so use sexual harassment tactics leaving the woman to only defend herself with one law.

If you think I dont hate feminists as much as a chauvinist you are wrong. What once was a needed movement has become a sometimes weapon in the hands of selfish, narrow minded privileged white women and they exclude a person like me before I can even get near the door.

Its sad that there is a feel of the male chauvinist in on my harassment. Becuz I am the last person they should be attacking. But desperate people will attack a helpless woman instead of attack a female lawyer who is divorced and really threatens them.

I am not this average sort of woman. People keep kicking themselves trying to figure me out, to place me in the social norms and if I don't fit they will alter me.

I do not fit becuz I am a survivor of tbmc and programmed. My function was always to appear on the surface that I fit in somewhere.
I function on the primitive. I can function anywhere, anyhow, anytime. I am a female with drives and that is all I know. Any sophistication I have exists above society's norms and all the primitive exist below. Society's norms are meaningless to me. In order to survive in all environments I must understand the core of all people not some myopic made up reality that changes with time anyway. Each countries cultural norm differs..why must I be imprisoned?
It's stupid.

I dont understand other women who do not often investigate thier primitive drives. They have babies, that's about it. That seems to be all that they create alot of the time.

There are alot of other people like me, who are sophisticated yet primitive. What is the system going to do, behavior modify everyone? They'll probably try..and destroy alot of talent, intellect and quality of emotion/spirit in the process.
What a fuckin waste.
If attention wasnt drawn to me on purpose as a target then nobody would care what I was doing at all. Does the American people realize who they are serving and giving free labor to when they join in and target someone without thinking? People dont just get randomly targeted and if there are reasons given then they are bullshit reasons compared to what is truly going on.

The idea that I am just a woman is hysterical to me. Women, not just programmed women, all women are multi faceted creatures. Maybe its the Men and Weaker females who need to step off becuz they cant handle the darker parts of every female, especially the ones who are not afraid to investigate themselves.

I have to remember that sexist men will go along with This becuz it makes them feel they are doing something about thier 'wayward women' problem.
This is illegal human experimentation.

Of course the guys I talked to could be perps who know what is really going on but they just hand me some excuse that sounds like a social problem to cover for what they know is really transpiring.
Are they that smart I wonder? I know from experience that this systems people are that devious anyway.
It doesnt take brains to go along with a lynching. I would assume the environment at a genuine lynching is pretty anti intellectual. It takes ape like stupidity and dysfunctional family values like inwardness and denial.

Are you gonna vote for Obama? You realize of course he is the lollipop that is offered after the midnight rape dont you? Dont tell and we'll give you a good deal, one even more liberal than Clinton. He and his wiping of tears will make it all better. And hopefully everyone will magically forget about what happened....and all this mess will go into the history books as completely normal. I dont care about any of it really becuz I will be gangs talked as Obama comes into power and I'll be harassed as he leaves and the next person comes in.
For TI's it really doesnt matter. There will be no change for us.

If we move to another country there is no change. It only seems that Bush made it worse , but there is never a time when TI's will be free of harassment. Everyone else gets to have lives not us. And the fact that people, all people seem to know and ignore us still is probably the creepiest thing about all this.
Its the same always. There are targets, there are perps and thier are people who do not know and they would not be able to handle it or beleive if you even got them that far with informing them. So there is never anywhere for the Target to go.
And then everyone can join in making excuses for our behaviors and pushing us aside out of convenience. Even this blog must annoy some its just sooo annoying that I have to express myself. I fight to live and its just so inconvenient for the way most of the people with that attitude towards TI's are perpetrators or get something out of the system of oppression so dont feel bad. When you get crap in this way jsut train yourself to LOOK DOWN on the person giving you attitude, and there will be alot of them. THEY ARE NOT NORMAL.


The perps would like you to think that you were soooo powerless from the get go..but there is something you have that they are or were afraid of. That is why they must create this prison around you and it isnt right no matter how wrong they make you feel or out to be.

That woman I thought I recognized from the dentists office where they perped me. I saw her yesterday at a local mens shelter at the desk I think. She acted exasperated when I asked one of the men about some misdirection concerning the breakfast line. This Bitch put her hand over her eyes and sighed or whatever like 'this girl again'. My mother used to do that and she is an abuser. This bitch at this shelter was nasty and it was not her I was addressing. So watch for grossly inappropriate responses from a-holes like this woman...and beleive me. She should consider herself very fortunate to be in a system where she can act like that consequence free becuz if this was an isolated incident and if I had the energy there would be consequences to a peasant like her getting in my way or my affairs at all.
These people take advantage of the fact that your being kept down and always make a scene. Being nasty to someone who could kick thier ass physically and in any other way as far as competence and talent goes is thier little reward for assisting the system to destroy human lives.

This is why its so difficult to get out of. You have no proper support and who is around you are people who will not cease until they feel you have been reduced to beneath them.
I'll be brain dead in a wheel chair before they are satisfied and still they'd keep on going. This kind of abuse is all they know. They are covert killers and they serve to destroy and nothing else.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What they are leaving out

What they arent telling people is that like I said this is a frame up . What they are leaving out is the daily and severe harassment and abuse of survaillence known as stalking.

TI's are most likely ignored becuz we of all people are VICTIM WITNESSES AND CAN PROVIDE TESTIMONY as to the opportunity for abuse of this system.

Some of the stuff mentioned you might do if your targeted. Like questioning security people who you feel are harassing you. Simply talking to security people can get them to realize you know that you are a target and are gathering evidence, documentation or are vigilannte and not their bitch. They terrorism guidelines does not acknowledge a TI having to defend themselves against authority figures that are abusing power.

Also, counter-survaillence moves may jsut be becuz the person does not like being followed or messed with. I myslelf avoid things now and play these sorts of games with perps. Not becuz I am trying to get away with a crime but becuz I am trying to avoid the perpetration of criminal behavior by unknown parties or even known authorities.

This is absolutley the biggest RED FLAG I have seen. No one listens to TI's so they must be advocating a police state that will abuse its power to get rid of you if your enemies have enough money power connections or...your mother kisses the military's ass and is a jealous Bitch. If you are not liked or inconvenient this system will be used against you even if you are innocent.

People want this?

I think the people who know what they are getting into are all set with the system and they have a good relationship with it and the people who dont know have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

More indications TI's are sane..

So now they are admitting to all the perps being fire, ambulance, police, utilities. This has been going on this way for years.

Also I notice it says they scrapped the rules about no Cointelpro activity.

For alot of us this info comes too late. Alot of us have ruined lives, health and will never be the same. Its too late for us.

I just realized I probably have a facial bone cavitation which would explain exhaustion, muscle fatigue and loss of taste and smell. This is very difficult to get rid of and I cannot deal with this as I have not the resources as well as no place to live. It is a direct result of not being left alone for any length of time to be able to attend to my health.
Does anyone realize that people have been murdered by this system? That this is not the USA as you percive it?

What it so typical is putting someone like me possibly into a data base as a terrorist becuz I am percieved as a dangerous activist...but I was not an activist and had no interest in the war at all in 1996 or 2003.
So what gives?

What they are doing is frame ups. This is the typical and they have used it on everyone they want to get rid of. Make up circumstances and then push the target into them.

If they harass you enough maybe you'll become a terrorist, thus you are on the suspect list already. Good looking out boyz!
If they harass you enough you'll HAVE to become an you are a person of interest at least. Keep an eye on THAT ONE boyz!

What they DONT tell Joe Public is that they are using this system inverse TO TARGET PEOPLE AND GET THEM TO REACT SO THEY BECOME A PROBLEM. A self fulfilling prophesy really.

Recriuting citizens would explain why I am a tbmc survivor dealing with clumsy idiots constantly..becuz they have no fucking idea what they are doing. It explains why they are so confused most of the time when I ace situations.

If this is true then the gs is only going to continue.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Re: ..a ticket to the whitehouse

Two men, a drug bust and a ticket to the whitehouse.
Mitt Romney was gov. of this state before running for president. In 2004 Boston got loaded with funds for the Democratic convention...

"AJH said...
Methinks you are beating yourself up too much over the pot and pills that you got busted for. Harassment isn't usually applied to keep someone in line (obeying the law), it is nonconsensual human experimentation, for which they long had you lined up IMHO. Especially when you mention the intergenerational aspects to the harassment, which is likely true in my case as well.Best Regards,AJH/
August 16, 2008 12:16 AM "

NO... Geez make me look worse on top of all the smear AJH!

I didnt get busted for pills and pot my ex boyfriend did and it relates to the whole mess. That post was more to get some perps off my back and let them know I pretty much know what happened. Beleive me, I did relativley nothing compared to the people that were around me and becuz they were all so involved with crime they were easily blackmailed is what happened. Like I said that post was more a heads up for certain perps who wouldnt get off my ass, but this and another post helped immensely.

RE: Gruesome story post comment

Gruesome story..possibly MC related

from-ashes08 said...
Ive also encountered stalking where most of the amtrak car i was in was perps. On planes ive encountered a number of perps, seated near me, often flight attendants seemed to be perps too.
September 14, 2008 3:18 AM

I have had the exact experience. Planes dont seem that bad for me however. Just the people sitting next to me mostly.
But this is more about programming. Look up some sites on trauma based mind control programming.
The Manchurian Candidate is something different and I wish people would stop thinking it is the same.
The fact it was robotic in nature is what is the giveaway...a TI would be full of rage and you'd know they were angry from being persecuted. This guy did alot of physical work on the would take alot of physical strength.

Ah my first 'hate mail'..

"June 6, 2008 10:13 PM
Passageway said...
Well .... this is interesting .... I've never seen a last will and testament
posted before. To whom is it directed? I have read some of your other
postings - wow! It is clear that your life to date has not been what you
would have wished for and that you feel you are being
pursued/stalked, which I don't quite understand, but will not argue with
your feelings at this point. Are you being kept
gagged, strapped to a chair in the middle of a room, and surrounded by
people who are verbally and physically abusing you? Who is stalking
you, and what do you imagine they plan to do to you if they catch you?? Clearly, you are angry about what has "been taken from you".
You hate that it has been suggested that you should conform and be like every other
little girl. You shouldn't have to. You should be who
you want, but that doesn't mean you have to be poor and homeless.
You said you would like to have nice clothes and have your own apartment, and work at the shelter instead of living there yourself.
However, you are also emphatic (proud???) about being "low class" -
NOT MIDDLE CLASS! - and in other areas of your communications
you have expressed a strong dislike for the wealthy.
So, I am confused. Are you planning to kill yourself? Who and/or what
is keeping you from working, and getting yourself out of your current
situation? Wasn't there ever one person in your life who you liked, and
who you thought liked you? Yeah, I know, you've probably heard this
all before. I'm just wondering what exactly would make you happy."

(Communications? Little girl? What the....)
No, I never have heard all that before becuz the people who write in are usually TI's not people outside the situation. This letter is a great example of something beyond circular doesnt even form a pattern for christs sake. It is the lamest attempt I have ever seen at provacatuering....with school boy like skill he finds the secrets to the mystery of the bra remain locked to him.

Uhh OK. Now you see why I dont even answer or draw attention to these kinds of comments. How can I respond but to say read the blog and use the links....its supposed to be self explanatory. Maybe Commenter is wealthy he seems to be drawn to my comments..
Bohemian is more of a description really not 'low class'. And as for the wealthy, no problems with them they are people ( and TI's) as well but only some powerful entities could be behind what TI's experience. The Lay's potato chip heiress is a TI with a website to help other TI's as well as some US Generals and a prominent British Guy (sorry but I love that...The British Guy) in politics caught Maggie's wrath its intimated. Ralph Nader was the smartest TI with 'the smear people' years ago. He didn't even fall for it so avoided discrediting and went through with the GM trial so improving safety for drivers.

Yes, Passages (snicker) I am strapped down with people torturing me. Sitcoms still exist and people actually watch them. Sometimes I end up watching one and I know then, that the mind control tech has reduced me to Zombie level.
I listen to music now and its in HD so I cant emotionally feed off the energy. I am starving to death.
Everything is 'remastered'. All the sounds are seperated and then shoved together so I feel like maybe the musicians were angry with each other and insisted on seperate recordings.
Like the internet it provides an enviroment of individual isolation while having a collective experience.
New music that comes out is ever so careful in its emoting. Its the finest use of Prozac and psych meds I have seen in's so obvious in its proxy effect on the listeners emotions.
It's no surprise that the same woman who I recall seeing start out on 120 minutes MTV then rips up a picture of the Pope on SNL now takes psych drugs becuz of all those V2K..ahem, I mean craaazzzyyyy voices telling her to commit suicide. ( one of tv' finest moments. not becuz of what she did but that for once it was used for something truly candid.)

I go outside and there are billboards with emaciated women on them who represent little more than sex and death in one shot to the subconscious mind.
I have to smell odors in Boston that could only be rivaled in thier indication of toxicity to humans by odors in Phoenix, AZ
or yeast in St. Louis.
I have to look at exceedingly beautiful young people think they are not good enough
becuz someone in Boston is always richer.
Life sucks here according the all the blue collar workers becuz yer not from Weston or Wellesley..thank goodness for the Union.
Compared to people from other states Boston is like a never ending beauty pageant in the streets.
I have to look at black women and Mexican women who's faces are classical works of fine art set for framing on walls and they dont know it becuz society says 'you are not good enough'.
I had to view the blacks of St. Louis some of whom are striking with thier extraordinary fine quality skin you will not see in Boston, still live like 50 years ago up north. Some of its most finest looking women will never know anything but angry men who lean and subjegate.
I had to be there when a black man went into the city hall of Maplewood MO
and shot the Mayor and police becuz they were targeting him after taking over a black neighborhood as thier own...and in MO they act like they do not understand what racism they act ignorant of what they have done.
I have been to AZ, Phoenix, where near the airport on those numbered streets near Thomas Ave there is a parking lot with a Target super store. The land underneath is screaming to be let free of the tar that covers it, so it can meet up with the sun once more. So new is it's taming into what we call 'civilization'.

Worst of all I was always for free will, that you can do as you like just do not infringe on what I am doing privately. Now I see of all people I am being told that I have no right to exist.

I have to see humans resort to selling out to this total system of oppression in order to survive...but survive as what? Soon all of us are going to have to choose. If we think survival is worth the enslavement or we are willing to fight, suffer or die for something the right to exist as ourselves without coercion. The right to not have to tolerate psychological harassment in a supposed Free society when most of civilized Europe has laws. And those non lethal weapons and the tech....good luck denying all that.

Now wasnt that fun kids? To have a little fun with that comment?
If I wasnt losing my grip I do not think I would have bothered. Cant work hard all the time everyday can I?
Everyone is so dying to beat me down enough to get rid of my Male side so that I start weaving baskets and shit off somewhere so I am no longer a threat...oh and my inner child is not a little girl it's a little boy....and he has guns.

I let him use my pen and there you have the blog.

Tooth pulled--after affects

I dont know if it is from the trauma of yesterday, the stuff in the needle to numb me or something else but I find today I am a changed person..less of a person.

There is always the chance that there was an implant in the tooth and it was helpful to me to still be able to utilize it for my purposes other than what it was originally used for.
It might just be that the human body registers a back tooth loss as a significant change in predator saying " you are weakened now, you have lost a part of your weapondry" and it tells your body to stop pushing so hard and fighting.

Also could tell body that you are coming into middle age and there is a need for safety and to slow down becuz you will not be able to fight anymore.

This is some of the main goals of the gang stalking system. To wear you down so you are not a threat to them or thier people or your people who sold you out.
You are treated like a dangerous criminal who needs to be imprisoned until they run out of energy with wear and old age.

It does not matter that you did nothing wrong and especially with deprogramming tbmc survivors- that you simply wanted a life of your own and to utilize your doesnt matter.

There are soo many people in on this system that daily beat down a target and until the target is brainwashed into believing what the system says.

I find that I am not able to feel energy going thru me anymore..there is this creepy awful sense of peace. And compared to when I had the tooth its like something is missing.
I am umable to visualize things at all anymore. Like I said I do not know if there was an implant in there or if it was other things that happened.

Also I have lost my sense of taste and smell permantly due to the severity and lenght of the tooth infection. This leaves me at a disadvantage as the perps will use it to thier advantage.

I was told that there is more decay on the tooth next to it. There will only be a decline in my health from here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perp alert: Dental Dreams Boston, MA

Needed an infected tooth extracted and have for a few years. The trauma of being harassed and gang stalked has made it hard for me to get this extraction done. I finally took the advice of someone who had gone there and arranged for an extraction.

I went today to have it done and the male dentist there was very good but I am so traumatized from all that has happened that it was very traumatic. He was nice to me but I had this feeling I was being handled. The secretaries at the of them I recognized today as an unsafe person I had seen somewhere before. I asked and they said she worked at Mass General Hosp, which coul be where I saw her.

So he cant give me a pain killer with tylenol due to health issues so he prescribes Percodan, with aspirin instead.
I go to the pharmacy and the guy is really great and professionally responsible . He and his assistant call around to every pharmacy in the chain and then others. No one carries this becuz it's uncommon, usually people just take the percocet post procedure for pain.

So the pharmacist thinks of other things and he comes up with a drug that has vicodin and advil in it which I had never dealt with. He was trying to save me a trip back there becuz he said that the percodans/cets and oxycodones were class 2 (I think that was the term) and needed a hard copy to fill. He said the vicodin was class 3 so a fax would do.

He spoke to the doctor directly and he faxed over a script for this new drug which then the pharmacist tells me that my insurance doesnt cover and I tell him I cannot afford it (26 dollars).

So he calls back and I found out only later that he spoke to the secretary instead. The pharmacist explained with concern for me that my numbness was wearing off and I needed something soon, he explained that he needed something that they carried but that also my insurance could cover. He said a trip back there was unavoidable. So he said it was all set, that it was going to be some other pain med that I HAD TO GO BACK DOWN THERE TO GET A HARD COPY OF.
2 bus rides later, in pain and miserable bleeding I just want to rest cuz I only have a room for one day/night. I go in I grab the script and I leave. I take the script and he is inquiring about why all the swithching of scripts? So I leave and get back 2 more bus rides later , beyond any tired I have ever experienced before and the pharmacist says that the script is for Naproxen instead.

I had the pharmacist rip up the previous scripts becuz I felt vad the doc may have felt suspicion .At first I thought that the doctor had turned paraniod becuz of all the scripts and I was insulted. I thought maybe he susptected the pharmacist and I in on something together. Then the pharmacist told me that he told them the whole story. He called but the secreatry answered. The doc was busy.
I left no minutes on my phone, trying to use others phones, then someone gave me change. I said " why did you have me come all the way back there for something that you could have called in like Neproxen, I think its cruel considering you heard how traumatized I was today getting that tooth out. The doc said that he did not even know I was coming back in, why did I not use the vicodin. I told him the story, he said he did not speak to the pharmacist the final time. He then asked why he could fax the second drug (vicodin) and not the third one? ( I thought he did not know about a third drug...and if he did not know I was going to come in then why was there a script for Neproxin waiting for me that he handed me?)

I went back to the pharmacy and the pharmacist told me that he spoke to a secretary who spoke perfect English last time who told him that he would relay this all to the doctor.

I was pissed off of course. I told him he needs to get better secretaries and the pharmacist was very good about it and he said that the doctor should know his drugs also--as well as getting decent help.

By the way as I got my tooth pulled today when I came out some of the secretaries were standing around looking guilty as Hell.
Everyone knows I should not have had to go thru this alone and that I should not have to go through this at all.

And do you see how they 1) use a targets moments of non vigilance where a TI has to trust the system of gets weak and trusts others to be responsible to screw with the targeted person? They are vulnerable and the perps know it.
2) make it always look like there was mere miscommunication, someone 'dropped the ball', more of that notorious Bad Luck targets always seem to have.
If you study it closely, if you can stay logical you can plainly see that in the end its alot messing around with facts, reality and truth. Its to confuse the traumatized person so that they simply get frustrated and hopefully that will be the day they have had enough and freak out or commit suicide. Especially if they know the person has been traumatized and is in pain.

I think the attitude towards me as a person who has suffered trauma in that chair as well as pain afterwards- its a cold iresponsible attitude and it is suspect as hell considering my situation.

I noticed something else today too. As I started to shake uncontrollably and cry after they shot up my tooth- just a reaction to more trauma after years of enduring trauma, which is why I have been avoiding doing this...I noticed that everyone's reaction was that they jsut walked out of the room. Like no one comforted me or even gave me kind words or paid any mind to me. I felt totally ignored.

To the doctors credit the tooth pulling was well done. It did not technically hurt for the most part and it took only 15 minutes or so.

If the doctor was not in on it its definitely the secretaries.
This was ridiculous and it never should have happened. I should not have had to go back down there for something that could have been called in while in pain and tired.

Also maybe it means nothing but BU dental school has been part of the problem before I have blogged about it.

3033 Washington StRoxbury, MA 02119(617) 541-2200

For all I know it was an effort of any number of those involved. One has to wonder why my life is always full of problems like this especially when I am vulnerable or having surgeries, in pain etc.
Gross amounts of mis communications are the norm for my health providers and a cold attitude as well.

This may have been an attempted set up to make me appear to be running scripts or a drug seeker which has been attempted in the past...especially in an ongoing effort to cover my exes ass and his part in the frame up/slander.

Monday, September 22, 2008

re comments

Ashes: Hey! The guise I am under is outsider artist doing activism! Homeless panhandler is....incidental.

I may be intel but I am also highly impractical about my situation. Sleeping days might be good.. I notice the biggest jerks are out during the day. I am glad TI's are getting something from my writing. I think of all the years that I could have helped people in more direct ways..

If TI's want to put themselves out there after hiding out try to do as I have...get a disguise of sorts and make it something that the perps cant mess with you too much. Something where people can SEE the harassment. Carry a camera (50 bucks at Radio Shack) and a vioce recorder. keep it charged and batteries always. Know if you are a victim of sprayings they will still come after you, but moreso in certain places. Good luck.

Ray Bozzi: I dont know about where it happens less. I have experienced the same thing. I have even had perps I was staying with say "oh, where you going next? ___?" and it was what I was looking at on the internet just hours before. You have to understand that the system used to catch real criminals is being utilized somehow. They can hack into anything digital and that includes switches on appliances. Keep it analog/manual. I would give anything to have enough money to shut myself away in a basement somewhere preferable a building used as a hospital with a metal roof or Faraday cage within, a vcr, tapes, old clothes from a second hand store old appliances and an old stereo like early 80's. Oh and casette tapes and a player. No computer, cable satellite microwave dvd cd new anything or anything digital. Totally safe.
It sad that being targeted makes people anti tech becuz when used responsibly I know it is a gift to mankind but the abuses going on!
Yeah, they will know you are coming...that is why you need to figure out your formula they use for you and get counter tactics and measures going.
I can tell you the different tactics by region but that may jusu be what they use for me.

Colorado was pretty standard with perps being of a deceptive nature but not too agressive. The social services people were horrid arrogant bastards. The payphones were messed with constantly.
MI was awful with everyone in Port Huron in on it it seemed. City workers could not get enough and even people in Mercedes were psychos. Rough, real rough. Some tech was used to give pain in the body but not as deadly as MO. In general slave states and the mid west where people are rougher is going to be harder. Anywhere the population beleives is violent (St. Loius) is a red flag. It means violence is tolerated so gang stalking is a money maker for them. The cops are prob super corrupt in these places too. In Boston the balance of corruption and legit power is tightly kept so the targeting here is ....of a more sophisticated nature. But there is alot of tech here that seems to wear a person down into a zombie so I dont know which is worse. Cali is pretty bad as well. It doesnt seem there is anywhere to go that is safe at all. There may be places where it is less but I dont know where....just different. Oh and Buffalo NY is horrid. The whole state of NY was e-harassment hell. I mean like seizures.

If you travel and the targeting anywhere is too much just get out of their and go somewhere else. Remember to take into consideration your look, gender and talents and limitations. Try to see how you may use any of that to your advantage.

Flashmobbing validates the existnce of gang stalking


This is what some TI's say has happened to them but its a little different.

The thing that is useful to TI's is that is shows that groups of people can be gotten together via technology/communication and perform an action or partake in an a cult I guess.

It illustrates the danger of the group power. Not that flashmobbing defined above is hurtful to people but it is shock and mind fucking and that like anything else psychological can be misused as a weapon. People in certain countries do not percieve psychological warfare at all.

Taming of the TI

This is perhaps the saddest thing I have read in all the years I have been targeted.

This is also why the public might be going along with this especially those who seek collective drama and cultural fantasy.

Now it is obviously a behavior modification program. I read this and it is so so sad.

The handlers and the perps people would rather make a woman out to be a horror or do things to her to make her that way then present her to the public without her knowledge.

Then your dealing with a conservative climate anyway and also the public would rather beleive anything they are told than beleive in mind control and programming.
I cannot beleive that in this day and age women are still being treated this way.
This is exactly what has been happening to me for the most part.

It would make sense in a society of people that would rather tame a woman than beleive that her behavior was perfectly natural even necessary for her to grow as a person in the context of her situation.

No one can deal with that much pressure from the inside as well as the outside.
What they are hoping is that the taming will lead to a person who is reprogrammed in a way, but without compartmentalization. Enslaved for good by society itself. They will do anything to make sure that your recovery of memory process is interrupted and you are made into a 'new person'. Even if that person is dim and beaten down.


Why else would I have to be so focused on as a person? My transgressions out of all my associates are the least.

Crimes of obedience- TI's biggest challenge

This article when fitted to our own situations reveal what our biggest challenge is..that the people who move against us are often doing so out of following an abusive authority structure or figure.

" Moral Responsibility Beliefs and Propensity to Commit Crimes of Obedience
According to social cognitive theory, moral agency is embedded in self-regulatory mechanisms such as personal standards and self-sanctions, and ethical behavior requires that these self-regulatory mechanisms be activated to work (Bandura, 1999b). The selective disengagement of the internal self-regulatory standards that prevent people from committing inhumane acts is termed moral disengagement (Bandura, 1999b). According to Bandura (1999b), there are three ways for moral disengagement to occur: (a) by cognitively reconstructing the questionable behavior through advantageous comparisons, euphemistic labeling, or moral justification; (b) by minimizing one's involvement in the behavior through the displacement or diffusion of responsibility or by distorting the consequences; and (c) by dehumanizing or blaming the victim."

This is what transpires in the act of organized stalking and individuals becoming perpetrators.

What is so frightening about this peice is that the gangstalking system is in full knowledge of all this. They know exactly what kind of people we are from looking at our records and studying our communications and of course having people pump us for information. Even this blog gives them insight into the way I think, thus assisting them in all thier counter moves for future actions towards me as a target. Having to be forced into writing this blog as an only means of self defense in itself is a lack of privacy and a perpetual forced confession under torture.
I and everyone else knows that I should be doing artwork that I want to do and living as a private citizen in a community.
When first targeted overtly 24/7 and throughout my ordeal the perps made sure I heard many intimations or straightforward comments concerning my lack of power in the social system, my handling what was happening as ineffective, women are ineffective, and that "before someone becomes an activist they must first be made into a nice person". I have also heard at the power end of the perp population like people who work in shelters etc. saying "she's like a little girl waking up and walking out of the woods". Whether educated in the specifics or just knowing how it is, every level of perp from rich to poor from every class KNEW and KNOWS what is in these writings.
And still thier actions are illegal and if not then go against basic human rights as well as laws against professional negligence in many cases.

So what TI's are dealing with IS covert war and nothing less. Do not let yourself be lulled into believing that you are a crank or over reacting or imagining things. You are fighting a war. What
you have been through is in these writings so dont lose focus.

Moral disengagement and bullying:

Though TI's are experiencing something wayy more sophisticated than mere bullying often low level perps who dont know the higher ups motives will be on this level socially. That of believing it is just the bullying of a person and they engage blindly on that level.

And finally human experimentation which we all are familiar with or should be as TI's.
"Objective: Academic institutions are concerned that banning funding from one source, such as the tobacco industry, could lead to restricting funding from other sources – a “slippery slope” in an era when academia is increasingly dependent on corporate funding. One argument in favor of banning tobacco industry funding for research is that it is a uniquely immoral industry, responsible for the only commercial product that kills when used as intended."

I dont give 2 sh*ts about cigarettes..ask the person not to smoke if it bothers you. Yes they are dangerous to health but how much do they really hurt resident human beings of this planet in the mix of all other pollution from an industrialized society...ahh, 'smoking guns' or lit cigs in this mental vision analogy,make great diversions, plus you get to pick on an particular industry (give the perps a face finally) and individuals on a planet where you know deep down that we are polluting ourselves to death and the perpetrators are not being held accountable.

The purpose of this is to point out that our plights might be due to the fact that corporate funding is all now. What accountability is there with corporations running the show? Especially if they are 'invisible' to you as a citizen?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Patriots get it too..but where does it all really originate from?

I have shown anarchists getting allegedly targeted.

Here is someone who is a Patriot. This is the woman who seems to be getting targeted by cops and Anarchists.

I saw this video a while ago...I think it demonstrates the insideousness of the system.
If the Patriots are getting targeted and the Anarchists claim that Patriots take part in gang stalking yet we see a Patriot getting targeted in classic lone TI style, like any TI would with NO has to wonder.

Is it that the Anarchists and the Patriots have thier one gs's to mess with thier own personal rivals in thier universe of Patriot/Anarchist wars?

Or is it that ganstalkers as we call them have infultrated both parties and THEY are the culprits yet again.
I do not know enough about these two groups to understand what the deal is...I just discovered them through research on Organized stalking.

But for myself I will say one two things. 2 very important things.

If you are a TI and not politically active I suggest not getting into actvism of any other kind. You see how that might confuse things even more. Then you might not remeber why the hell you are it becuz you are a Patriot? A TI? An animal rights activist? Did you spit on the sidewalk on a Sunday? WHAAAAA??!!!!..T the f*ck is going on?

If you are already politically may want to slow -it-down. Stop. Think. How long has this really been going on? Have you been a TI all your life? Before you became politically active? or just since becoming active? If so, why are your cronies not targeted? (are they?)

I would love this life to death if people read this and actually used it to dissolve any smoke screens used to cover any INDIVIDUALS gang stalking situation.

I want to question a number of the people who claim to be TI's..perhaps some could be smoked as ops.
But the woman in the video..I dunno. Its classic stress out from gang stalking syndrome. There is another video of her talking. She sounds really tired and her speech is classic of the stress syndrome some people get from being targeted. Perhaps tech is being used.

I dont get into politics so I have the luxury of freely stating that I feel badly for all the activists on both sides if they are genuine TI's. No one deserve this fate.

anarchists get targeted

This is a pretty straightforward case:

Now I do not agree with thier world view. I think it worked for a bunch of Russian Jews with no union in the early 1900's I do not beleive anarchy would ever be practical. But it is a wonderful dream I think about often. But self governance tends to not be believed when you are breaking windows and sh*t. No matter arnarchists are fun trouble makers and they have great posters and bumper stickers. The best is one with Bush and Bin Laden that says " when millionares go to war"..hysterical.

I dont quite understand why they disagree with the Patriots so much...dont they hate the same intrusive government? Its like two opposing forces that have the same enemy. The dynamics are mentally orgasmic to observe.

But I notice that in a video of a Patriot woman getting perped its under the guise of her wanting to film Anarchy rallies, which is suicide I understand, but its so obviously gang stalking on the part of police and they seem to utilize the Anarchists. As if there are perps in the crowd or in the anarchy movement itself.
The manner of the woman, who is a Patriot, tells me that she might be targeted for other reasons and the activism is just a great cover for her individual circumstances.
The system seems to do this often. Alot of perps seem to keep with the cover story(s) which makes me wonder if they even know about mc programming, MKultra, or human experimentation. Either that or this is part of thier deception. Some seem to know all about the technologies and the weapons. It gets really creepy when you are investigating these your being perped. It seems that the crazies from the asylums have been let out to run the covert end of things and they have all this intel about what is really going on.

Not law enforcement, not military not people who may be coaxed into thinking logically or being structured. Not scientists not even criminals. Not anyone that remotley makes any kind of sense.
The worst perps I have seen are totally out of thir minds in this evil dark worse than Springer kind of way. I cant describe it. To be around them is to feel a burning, like Hell, which I never beleived in really. ALL they do is lie and destroy...and intimate and mirror. Its like there is no reality towards the TI.
I'll tell you why. Becuz gang stalkers are criminally insane. I mean it. I have been around the worst of these people and I dont think they would even be allowed to live outside an institution for the criminally insane if it were not for thier involvement with the gang stalking system.
They are SO inward, its like dealing with the most incestuous family in existence.

And they genuinely cannot grasp what they are doing..if they do think about the fact that you might die due to their and the systems actions, they get a little teary for a second and its like something they cant face. As is they cant face themselves or the reality of ...well, REALITY.

These people exist and they are very dangerous. They are always living under some threat from above thier station thus the arrogance and violence towards the target.

This alleged case seems more..bizarre.

Stating the obvious that is sometimes missed

Aside from this persons personal beliefs and political views, it interested me that he put it so simply that gang stalking perps fake friendliness towards targets to gather information. And the way he describes them is fear or legitimacy at all for these people. He just hates them and paints them as the goons that we all experience them as often.
And he doesnt get into analyzing where they are from or who sent them or if they are aliens or connected to the ominous CIA.
He simply hates them and spews hate at them. He puts makes them right sized by focusing on what we know they are...losers who could not do anything else.

I enjoyed this rant thoroughly..I simply ignored his rants about other stuff that I might not have agreed with. Becuz I am a highly intelligent grown up and am all for free will.
I usually kept my bitching private anyway.

Its too bad really. That lives have been ruined by the likes of these people. And there are so many of them it many little groups, like cults. And some of them perform deception like I have never seen it done. Perhaps becuz they dont do anything else well.

Actually this place I stay sometimes has a perp group working there. Its interesting to observe who is really into it and who is cruising along and not so into being a sadistic jerk.

The frightening thing is if I observe and put all the experiences together you've got a few different types of people involved. You've got criminal minded persons who will by nature be exclusive, elitist, deceptive (not as well as the next group), and selfish to thier own end. These types have been in my experience always easier to spot. Criminals always are. They are just so greedy and they really want or need something.
The next group are rather frightening becuz only other programmed people can see it. I believe alot of these people are either programmed or cult conditioned. I experience them switching when the leaders of the group are not around. Also they switch when they are alone with you. Its very subtle but I remember it well. At times they dont even know they are doing anything wrong. Only the true criminal types who lead the group really know they are 'wrong' in what they are doing.
Now that I read this and with my recent experiences I have to say it is cult mind control or it may seem that way on the surface and it's really tbmc programming way back. Mostly its kids like in thier 20's I experience this from.
1988 to 1980 would have been thier birth years approx.
I dont know what kind of programming was going on then, but if cultures and families are breaking down then these groups would naturally be the answer.

Perhaps they are intergen or have always been..these are the things that TI's wonder about. Where does it all lead back to.
I know that they are known as 'the smear people' in politics. Others refer to them as just operations. I would love to know the set up the connections.
Are they really just crime gangs for hire or are they run by a real framework?

I realize now getting too into this is what makes them seem credible.

I'll read this guys rant again that just portrays them as idiots.

The worst part about this system is the general attitude is that one should learn to co exist with these people and this system. As if its acceptable.
No way.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Re: Ashes08 comment

Hi there. I cannot seem to write u privately becuz I dont understand how to get into your journal w/out an account. No matter..

RE: Comment-
"ashes08 said...
hahah, i thought that christian site was more funny than anything. I know there are good christians out there, but ive heard church groups are involved in gangstalking, i dont doubt it- one stalker i remember had a jesus fish on her car.Also ive read that the jesuits, jehovahs witness, and vatican have been involved in mind control.
September 20, 2008 6:26 AM "

Yes, I suppose all those people might be into organized stalking but its either cuz they are part of the org stalk network, whatever that really is other than our term "organized stalking network" we use for the unknown, and they are using the other memberhsips as a front or they are simply programmed to stalk-this is thier purpose in the shadow games and they prob dont even know who is really behind it.
There are always common personal traits like control issues and lots of unexplained hatred towards those targeted. A sense of superiority over the TI is most prevalent.....and is the most damaging to us I think.
There is so much talk of it being all about the intelligence services/covert ops...and this would be most logical. I need proof, personally to make such claims. How many people have said "Its the CIA" without proof? I cant deal with that. With how many private corporations and mercenary companies are performing covert ops privately who the hell knows anymore?
I am isolated and not a wealthy or connected person. Of course this makes me a great TI as well as never able to truly know what is going on anyway. So why guess? I am sure that alot of people know what is really happening but they cant tell TI's. Really this is the basis for the superiority trip. WE, the perp groups know what is happening- YOU the victim do not. You are our prisoner. Its interesting that perps are always these common sort of people alot of times with many reasons to be jealous of TI's attributes. That makes them quite irresponsible keepers. They herd slaves for people more important than themselves that is all. Most times they are less than the TI in alot of ways. They only gain superiority in this life by lording it over fascinating victims.
Forget what group they belong to...imagine what a drag they would be to hang out with...and guess what? THEY KNOW THAT. So they get to be interesting and have adventure and hang out with fascinating people (TI"S) by proxy.
Dont sweat the perps. I think the people that they work for are probably the ones to really worry about.
Thanks for writing Ashes08.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Christian site I had to mention seems that Christians are pretty much on our side. Supporting the Targeted Individual. I have read sites that actually say 'support targeted individuals' and that one target is too many. These people are ahead by first actually admitting to our existence and then by supporting us. Their saying that there should be no targeted persons at all is enough for me.

But more overzealeous ones can stickied up in the web. They can also serve to confuse issues for those working to negotiate minefields.

I appreciate any and all support at any time. Yes, we are basically working on the same things and want a better world a world where good can exist.

The difference is that I feel that both good and evil should exist and free will is the right of all men. (humans). There will never be a perfect Heavenly existence on earth as long as man refuses to evolve or has agressive tendencies but there should be the will to choose.

The problem with gang stalking and especially mind control technologies is that it goes way too far not in the direction of evil, which I would expect greedy people to go in that direction, but it denies man his free will to decide where he stands in the fight or even to choose wisely for himself. It denies him the right to think, even privately. This goes waaaayyy too far.
Being enslaved is one thing. Being electronically and technologically posessed is quite another.
This goes beyond evil into a realm of stupidity that I have not before encountered in this lifetime.

There always has to be an opportunity for chance, for fight. And if there is freedom for questioning and thinking.

I could not help but feature this site:

Partially it is funny becuz of the photos he chooses but I know it is wrong to make fun of anothers beliefs especially with what I am facing. But Stryper was pretty much already exposed as sucking from the get go..that aside, this kind of Christian..dude, realize what you are dealing with. Most of the stuff you are worrying about is centered around business and people will do anything to sell.

Britney is shaving her head due to the devils that are snapping those photos of her doin' it, who are the same 'devils' that pushed her to it over time. It's called brainwashing. Traumatizing someone.
I suspect she is a victim of mc anyway, and tis better to break down our girl when she is young and rebuild her then to wait til she's 32 or so and starts waking up and asking questions. Who knows what files are in that head. So what you are seeing is..yes its 'evil' in that it is manipulative and controlling.
I read somewhere that her music, which I never heard before recently, was somehow similar to Beethoven..that she possessed high intel or was gifted.
It sucks to be a tbmc survivor but to be told basically that you are so expendable that your destruction is useful entertainment is the worst.

Yes, America is being dumbed down. But just ignore it and let em hang themselves. Just concentrate on helping those you can. Get out and do some activist work or something, then you can act out your God's plan instead of drive yourself nuts complaining.

I am in full agreement that the perps at the top laugh at the willing victims. Don't be willing and go against thier plans as often as possible. There are some age old factions out there who believe that Christians or people not like themselves are stupid or deserve to be ill treated. Be higher that all of them.
You do you. Just focus on your God's plan for you. The best revenge is to do things that counter thier nonsense, without making it seem you even notice what they are up to.
They love attention too much. Don't fret and dont give it too them.

Plus, it is all free will. Let this chick eat a horse's arse if she wants to. You have the power to turn the channel---and THAT is the ultimate thing they DO NOT want you to have.
Your own free will.

I love this ancient picture of Freddy Mercury. Uh, at this point wickedness and apathy was pretty much outright. What is disturbing is that this generation nowadays thinks its more righteuos becuz they are not into drugs or being gritty. Wrong.
Classism sucks as well.

This author at least likes to dig and point out falsehoods and BS.
Michael Jackson? Do we even have to get into that one? More mind control..more victimization from brutality. When someone is beaten down to the point where they want to have surgery done so they can look like Diana, you have to wonder what happened.
Does it even matter? People bitch about yet another casualty of the industry's ways of getting shit produced at any cost but still they buy and consume from said industry.

Forget it dude. People don't want to know that Dizzny Land is haunted by the bad things that go into making it happen. They just want to consume such things to forget- so work after vacation doesnt seem so bad. Escapism is never going to be an illegal drug...the only thing I have experienced it as illegal is when you try to create your own world of escapism...then you are a threat.
The power of imagination is the ultimate. It must be managed.

We are all slaves to the system of oppression.
There is a force out there that is always victimizing people but now there is a threat that is too much. The demand that you have no free will to heal from such slights as you please.

The problem is not how sick these people are it's how they are kept sick and in the clutches of the system.
And now there are TIs who give testimony of human experiementation that seems to want to make enslavement questionless and more convenient.

I did not mean to say "complaining" fact thanks to this author for his being in cyber space.
(where did he get those freaky photos?)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Internet no more?

What I love about this is that there is no mention of stopping cyber stalking or using the internet to assist or make possible organized stalking campaigns or smear campaigns on a TI. It is, however, criticising people like me who are dealing in what they catagorize as 'conspiracy theory', which of course is often what people want to catagorize corruption or crime they dont want exposed.

I make sure, very sure that I am responsible when I blog, even considering my situation which often leaves me tired, depressed or angry. Becuz more than spreading useless rumour I want eventual revenge if not restitution. At least some sort of awareness if I am always to be isolated and harassed out of getting any sort of justice for myself.
Mostly for awareness and to help other TI's. What else can I do?

This is why I have said on the sister blog, Org Stalk skepticism that we should not become conspiracy nuts. Here is another theory for ya- alot of the conspiracy fodder is spread by possible dis information agents of the system itself.
TI's know this from being baited by these people all the time. Ultimately conspiracy serves as entertainment but it makes people think, that perhaps there is an alternative story.

What is interesting is...I would like to see what demographic they are saying is dangerous. Is it a bunch of middle eastern or other true terrorists who hate the US who are saying that 9-11 was an inside job? Or is it a bunch of Americans who are disaffected and pissed off at being lied to?
I personally have no opinion on this issue. My concerns are soley with the Org Stalk system, human experiementation and 'mind control'. I am concerned with people being held against their wills and exploited.

I am saying that one has to question just exactly who is doing all this bitching and theorising that is so damn threatning...awwww, are we finally getting a taste of what its like to have a full blown smear campaign against our powerful little selves? Tooooo baaaddd.

Welcome to our worlds boyz. Sucks doesnt it, having people say stuff that is partially true and embarrassing enough but then adding a bunch of nasty shit to make it really bad for ya.

It seems ones own medicine is turning up bitter..hhmmmm?

You realize of course that another theory is that just like all the programming survivors coming forward and then the movement being stopped in its tracks that this may have been a smoke out- to see who writes what and to find out the way your mind works. I may have been a place to provide the public with an outlet while we got screwed and now its over and all the changes are in place, now its time to take away the internet becuz sooner or later it will gain real cred.
The problem with people freely exposing things and making others question is that people can be told not to listen for only so long. And also it creates a world where people see how screwed up reality is and it makes people want a better world. This world is not possible. There is no alternative but to reign the public in and demand you stop seeing or speaking-becuz the system is not going to change. Ever.
And for all we know this time in history and the internet was just a social experiemnt, I mean letting people have the internet while all this went on.

All I know is my life was ruined, and my growing and healing process interupted partially becuz of the internet. It gave terrible advantage to people attempting to get rid of me, yet without it perhaps I would not have known about the circumstances I was born into or have been able to defend myself.

It would be sad to see the internet go. What is dangerous is not the internet becoming inaccessble but that people would limit thier scope of thinking about things becuz thier internet scope of pondering and expression becomes limited.

Can you imagine my lifes works or any other TI's just...becoming banned material? Finally re writing history and sweeping it all under the rug?

Its obvious that the internet was a human experiement along with TI's being experiemented on as we are. Along with the alleged experimentation of the psych community on the population with psych drugs.

Stress and noise

Notice how it states that women will become less motivated when exposed to noise. Well, now the noise campaigns makes perfect sense.

Now I know why we have to be discredited

Does the author of this piece realize that illegal human experimentation still exists? Does he realize that water boarding can now be done with a helicopter and no physical contact?


Prisons are corrupt and so is law enforcement. Anyone with power seems to abuse it if they can get away with it. People need to be able to have privacy...and guess what? If someone is programmed then if you ask them "Do you know Mr. X?" and they say "no" it may not register as lying if the person was in an alter state.

The problem with all these debates is that no one is including key things into the equation-of course not. They only want the result THEY want not the truth.

Admit to the corruptions and cover ups within the psychiatric field if not the very existence of the field itself.

Admit to the existence of programmed persons who operate on altered states and function mindlessly off of commands.

Admit to the existence of mind control and the ability to control a human beings will power via 'brainwashing' (which IS what they do in interrogation camps via torture but it never gets put that way in print.), druggings, hypnotism and worst of all technologies.

Why would anyone think that a drug or technology would be any less painful or invasive? The more stealth something is the more it could be abused.

And what are you going to get when you continue to ignore seemingly unimportant people like me who are targeted as if our situations do not exist yet advocate something like this?

The term Non Lethal is Bull Shit. I believe it applies here, the phrase: 'guns dont kill people, people kill people.'


This may seem meaningless to you as you wall yourselves up in your gated communities or community watched neighborhoods but your safe havens may backfire on you and become prisons. All I am saying is watch out as you are slowly put to sleep in your own world.

If you want a perfect world where people do not torture prisoners then stop having wars all together. A world like that is not going to exist as long as humans will argue over things or wars produce progress that is desired. I just dont think that a more human war is the way to go.

It just doesnt fit in with TI's experiences. From what we go thru it seems like there is a system that pretty much knows whats going on the whole time anyway-which of course is why we are labeled paranoid.
I dont know what a better suggestion would be, and I know that the torture of prisoners is horrible.....I am not able to think any further on the subject. Its out of my range to draw conclusions about exactly what would come of all the factors in the True equation, with all cards shown.
All I know is that there is something very wrong with a system that is conducting human experimentation, intimidating everyone to keep quiet or ignore it and then magically says it might be ok to get right into your head like they have insisted on getting into your phone calls and other privacies.
Something is wrong.