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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

TI Blog From Boston, Massachusetts

Took a glance at it. Looks pretty good. Its always a possibility however that it may be a fake like a disinfo agent or a blog meant to replace mine as I'm a pretty active Target from this area that's been losing steam lately or even block out mine.

It would be nice to start a TI group here but the chances of infiltration are very high if security isn't handled right such as in TI forums such as FFCHs.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Lovely Apology Letter To Cambridge, Central Sq McDonalds Via Probation

To McDonald’s and its employees:

I apologize for using offensive, racist language in my writing in sharpie marker upon the metal siding of the McDonald’s in Central Square, Cambridge, MA.
Even though I felt I was the one being discriminated against as well as harassed by employees I should have kept my composure and stayed on track with going through proper channels such as contacting Chin Management tenaciously until I got a reply or seeking legal representation if I felt it was severe enough.
This was an inappropriate way to deal with what I felt was grossly inappropriate from employees of that establishment.

E. Rachael Orban

(This place, as well as all of Central Sq is full of gang stalking, reverse racist garbage that deals drugs and pushes prostitution for the local corrupt cops. -------------- Cambridge someday for their years of gang stalking and harassment based on the fact that Harvard, MIT and other greedy elitist bastards are all still engaging in MK Ultra black projects. The police are greedy, evil pedos who are fully compliant thus the bogus police report claiming I did all of this just because I was given bad service. Your elitist based world dominance and power can’t last forever and you will pay for all the people you have destroyed- using your little black house slaves to accomplish that end as if it was 100 years ago. If anyone is grossly racist, it’s the authorities of Cambridge. I wonder if you will be smart enough to find this hidden message. Probably not. Which is why it takes thousands of gang stalking perps and dishonest set ups and frame ups to silence ONE woman with genius level intelligence who has no property, no assets and doesn’t put up with bullshit. Good're going to need it. There are many other NWO fighters out here. AND WE WILL WIN. Harvard giving a commencement to George H.W. Bush-the very man who gave the chilling and criminally insane New World Order speech himself, as well as the Wall St. darling , former NYC mayor Bloomberg shows just where Cambridge and Harvard have allegiances nowadays. That and allowing the horrid developers brought to immense power by Menino during his administration, people like Fish and that cabal of madmen- who have great 'plans' for the Boston’s future to basically shape our cities in more than just architecture.
You are bought and sold and having to write this letter while the real criminals run the city just motivates me further. The $50 dollars a month out of my small check I am forced to live on as a Targeted Individual has re ignited my motivation. What a farce nowadays-that you’ve cleaned up organized crime and the only enemies we have are foreign terrorists. The NWO prefers to have the government run the crime operations-utilizing street gangs who are not only controllable but are useful in filling up their corporate prisons.
Not everyone is asleep.)

Harassment and Mobbing From White Males Wearing Boston Restoration Services Company t-shirts

Getting harassment in Boston's Fenway area by a bunch of clowns in t-shirts that have this company's logo on the back. "".

White males, very sexist and specific harassment as well as obviously attempting to mob me in the area and put a specific focus on me.

Have knowledge of my history they shouldn't know about.

Looks like part of their caring for the community is interfering with a govt whistleblower and a victim witness trying to expose international war crimes.
(war crimes that violate the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention, continued MK Ultra and other horrid black projects, human and civil rights violations, etc.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Robin William's Interview On Jay Leno Revealing

"One more thing: in a recent interview with MoviesOnline, Williams said that “you can’t poke fun

religions,” noting that “we just made major fun of the Catholic Church but hey, they don’t blow you up.” So not only is Williams a liar, he’s also a coward. No wonder he's so well received in Tinseltown."

So perhaps instead of "blowing you up" said religion gets you to suicide by hanging yourself eventually? Maybe the very religion he was intimating would "blow you up" (Islam? Israel? Did he get sick of his status in Hollywood of 'honorary Jew'?) instead coerced him to suicide?

He's made too many movies with Spielberg for me to believe he wasnt sick with some sort of nasty habits.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ugh. In NH Now..Truman Show Effect. Yuck.

Why is it when I send a picture to an acquaintance in Cambridge, MA thru my pre pay smart phone that's on for just this month (with an out of state number), I got this strange psychic impression that either my mother somehow saw the picture and thought or exclaimed 'I can't believe how much she looks like me' as she was indeed always weirded out by our resemblance or that someone who knows or knows of both me and my mother had this thought or outright said that, that the resemblance is whatever.

I'm in NH now and the interface/mind control is a lot more active than in Maine which is much more peaceful with seemingly more the right towns I guess.

Its Truman Show Effect and if its real that bitch better not have an edge on me by being part of the creepy stalking. I can totally see her doing something like this too. She always did have the psychotic need to be possessive of me as an excuse to win in power games.

Then again it could be an illusion meant simply to haunt my mind with the idea she is some how privvy to my communications.

It certainly registers as clinical paranoia.

Too bad its either actually happening or its tech meant to drive me nuts becuz NH SUCKS.

York Wants Me To Stay..The Safety Is Tempting

I'm upset and feel guilty leaving Olde York Village in Maine.
Like leaving an elderly grandparent.

It wants me to stay. Get a job, settle down and be safe.

Its safer for me than most places. I could write here. I like its preserving the old fashioned culture and ways.

I would probably not get through winter and eventually get into trouble here. Its sad but I don't trust any location in America to settle down in.

I'm a hated out the US and I will be a foreigner in the lands of my ancestors in Europe.

In this life, home is not part of my reality. It ends up like that sometimes.

There are more important things to tend to.

Being Given Conflicting Information About My Mother's Family Mysterious 'Syndicate' Connections

Im confused again.

Recently some guy told me about my mother and uncle that the 'syndicate' my mother mentioned was a powerful mafia family called the Angiulos. I looked that up and read about it. They were officially taken down in the 80s and many key people are now deceased.

The person who told me this knew things about my family he wouldn't have otherwise known.

Some nosey older men in a coffee place in York ME, at first simply being curious about my traveling but progressively becoming like interrogation. They also had that habit of sitting around the place, sparring and making wise cracks, teasing their friends who came in. More like old school Boston, Massachusetts than Maine.
This daily bonding ritual in Boston is used to keep the scene cohesive. To exchange information and most likely to release tension. It's also a familial sort of behavior. In Boston, they say 'If I don't like you I wouldn't tease you.'
It's a bit of a mental exercise in wit, quickness and how willing or sociable you are to being ribbed, with respectful limits of course. You don't want to start a fight in Boston, that's always the concern.

These guys were being smart asses though. They would ask me where in Boston I was from then suggest an answer like Dorchester, an area known for tough poor whites living in close proximity to blacks.
(Which is ridiculous becuz nobody beat down by an upbringing in Dot would have the ability to become a nationwide could happen but its unlikely. Boston is basically a prison after youth fades. Nowadays all those whites are nodding out on the trains and have all the ghetto problems that blacks do, thanks to Diversity and black ghetto prison culture now defining poverty and what's 'urban').

So this isnt the exchange I'm used to. I either get ignored nowadays becuz I'm permanently 'out' of Boston's social scene as the worst outcast ever or more sympathetic males tend to perform the flirting/teasing version, common with women and girls.

It got to where my mother worked in Boston and I told them the name of the long gone pub in Allston. I decided to test knowledge and mentioned that the Angiulos had owned this bar secretly, through a man with the pub's namesake as owner and an Armenian Jew as manager.

The grey haired blue eyed man with the little gold chain around his neck said with confidence that the Angiulos never owned any bars.
How did he know?
He used to be in the north end (Boston's Italian neighborhood)... "We used to hang out".

Just becuz you hung out or even maybe worked for them doesn't mean you knew all their business dealings does it. York ME is an expensive beach town to retire in though.
I should've asked him what HE did for a living. But then, I observe the old unspoken rule that's not a question one asks.

He said he was dead anyway. As if that has any bearing on the answers I'm seeking.

I weaved the question into conversation again. As he repeated that they never owned any bars, was this pathetic theatrical response so typical of the caged coddled humans of Boston and to a lesser extent NYC.
His eyes started to dart back and forth and he even slightly leaned forward and peaked around the drink cooler beside him slightly for effect.
As if anyone in a small coffee house in York, ME gives a sh*t. Especially about a dead man's affairs.

This was all a game as far as I am concerned. They know who I am or they at least know I am on the outs with the system-both shadow and official.

These people are all cowards. Even the younger middle aged guy, who's leathery skin tells me he disappears to Florida every year, when speaking of the state of America, said its not Obama its our endless greed. I mentioned I was trying to leave the USA.

One thing about these types opposed to people with badges, the military and other professional criminals is that these guys would always at some point have a small respect for the truth expressed in a moment such as this, perhaps for personal redemption or as can be afforded by people who don't have to tow an official line for the establishment.

I also now believe in my old age that there is an entire reality out there that men share that's never experienced by many women and all children.
They still keep the way things are run amongst themselves, still hide the true horrors males are capable of from women.

Its frightening to glimpse into their worlds or see in a moment just how truly insane, brutal and violent they are. How their hierarchies demand subservience and oppression to power while females are mostly helpful to each other upon meeting and even if not, if its an emergency even bitches can turn sympathetic to other females and assist.

In the 21st century militarized society males scare the shit out of me more frequently than ever or perhaps when estrogen starts to wane, the reality of males becomes apparent.

I often don't register being female a lot of the time anyways. I'm either 12 which isn't really any gender or I'm a 7ft tall male knight or soldier who has to deal with the constraints and advantages of a female body.

I'm one of those women that sees glimpses into the truth about men but unlike other women who support and stand by their ways I simply can't agree with a lot of what I see, in the United States anyway.

I don't understand the knuckle dragging man's girlfriends and wives.
How can they actually like male pro sports and wear those stupid team shirts? THERES NO FEMALE TEAMS! And the female pro sports that do exist require short skirts, shorts and make up or they are trying to out law the way we grunt in extreme physical activity-like during sex, childbirth or tennis.
They are so threatened by us, our bodies and the fact they depend us to procreate that they have this little forever private world unto themselves that now with endless wars and social violence malecentrism is completely out of control.

I wouldn't be surprised if the were secretly working wirh the Middle Eastern men (and black ghetto gang culture), agreeing on endless wars. 'Hey we can make lots of money and keep the bitches down, they way you do over there' except without the Female Genital Mutilation so popular in Muslim culture. America depends on Male Genital Mutilation for a miserable, oppressive society.

Quality of life is more than monetary or worldly power. Men are the ones who are so oppressed nowadays by the military culture that along with corporate culture, has made the USA absolutely miserable to exist in.

From what I've seen and experienced, the 'mafia' and organized crime in general hasnt been wiped out. Its gone legit through investments or still exists quietly without the revealing tell tale glitz and has a vested interest in the New World Order, the military industrial complex-all its related complexes and being with the elite in attempting the total enslavement of humanity.

Those posers were probably lying or simply know all of the true history of the mafia's investments. The leather faced guy as old blue eyes was doing his theatrics, said "They don't want to reveal themselves".

What? These people are dead/old and the bar is gone. Its a bank now. Arent they the most dangerous criminals nowadays, breaking the United States unapologetically?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Robin Williams Suicide: Learn From This, There Are Other Alternatives

Listen up.
If u r famous, rich or powerful you shouldn't kill yourself. You've got a wealth of knowledge that can be used for any number of causes or people anywhere in the world.

If u insist on 'dying' then why not choose a transformation as a sort of death as opposed to actual physical death.

You've got a lot of life experience. Why not move somewhere that you can pass this on to others like far away in some underprivileged area in the world.

Yer gonna give up on your current life anyways. Then why not give that up by reinventing yourself?

If you are famous don't worry the fickle asshole public will forget about you eventually. And go somewhere that the media and papanazzi won't keep reminding them by keeping your image plastered everywhere. Since you ditched the slave system, the images will probably be most unflattering....until they get the end result they originally wanted.

If your old 'friends' are trying to murder you, then outsmart them. Use what money you have to pay anyone off you have to. Escape with very little if necessary.
If you are blackmailed and the content is pretty damning, then you have to judge just how damning upon exposure to the public and if you can wade through order to get to that new life elsewhere.

If the family and ex or current spouse are greedy murderous leeching assholes then hand them whatever you have to, use diversions. Every prison can be broken out of.

How desperate are you? You might actually be being targeted into suicide and degenerating mentally or emotionally.
So fight that firstly and things like my blog and other info on the internet are here just for this purpose.

Unless you are faking your own death then hats off to you. Wish I had the means.

My mother used to see this manipulative ad on TV in the 70s for the suicide hotline. It was atypical 70s artfulness based on a pre-80s money obsession type style-an obsession with the jet set and genuinely wealthy people and 'classiness'.
A rose with a delicate gloved hand, some bs like that, talking about suicide.

She responded in the eras typical tough minded way, by calling the people who committed suicide "stupid shits".
Perhaps this was also a reflection of her parents being US Marines, toughness as a requirement.

I was only about 9 or so and asked her why she would be so mean as to refer to suffering people as such.
"Those stupid shits. Why commit suicide? It's what the world wants."
"Don't give them what they want".

After that I kind of saw the reality of suicide, and that our culture's way of candy-assing things...can actually be deadly enough to get people killed.
It was the world or forces in it vs. any one individual or spirit in a person.

Most likely my mother-the original experimentee connected to MK Ultra in my family (documented) had been experiencing gang stalking all her life.
Once or twice she spoke in a way that sounded like she actually believed the harassment was from " the syndicate" all along.
The only time she mentioned harassment from anything to do with MK Ultra or radiation experimentee status is when she dropped her claims against the US Govt during her involvement in the Presidents Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experimentation (1995) becuz she "was followed".

She is so controlled and compartmentalized that she genuinely may not have ever put it all together.
Her and my father didn't have the benefit of the internet and hacker culture like I do and younger people.

Its always hidden under a cover story like her and her brothers involvement with the Angiulo family. In my case they keep using that to make me out to be from a 'bad' family..or families due to my fathers family's having a guy named 'Johnny no-neck' who did secret service work or something for Kennedy. (Both of which I only learned about in some detail a few months ago from a complete stranger. My family and no one else in Boston could have clued me in on info like that?).
Plus whatever of my own personal life they want to use against me.
I'm bad I'm horrible by association, j must be up to no good-I deserve a horrible existence.

Its ALL BULLSHIT. The MK Ultra system makes sure these Mk kids and other programmed or mind controlled people are involved in the underworld to begin with.

Its when you try to leave and have a normal life that they come after you, NOT becuz you were unsavory or immoral to begin with.

They will do anything to hide mind control from the public and all the abuse involved.

Its true that there are too many humans on the planet and I think medicine and science keeps weak humans alive that nature would have cleared away, as babies, in old age and in between.

But maybe you do have value in the world, you simply have to transfer it to something else, some other form now.

This system can really convince a person to kill themselves. The physical, mental and emotional pain they can cause becomes unbearable.
And they can convince people to dislike or hate you in ways that are very subconscious.
For years I dislikes my own mother and even used to look at her resting in an easy chair and think she'd be better off dead-resting permanently.

All people see is an aggressive, frantically fighting person. They don't know all the secret battles that have gone on or know about the covert activities around them, bases on them that focus on them.

Becuz who would believe us?

Just think of others before you die this way, people you havent met that might need your expertise or experience.

Also we don't know about the details in Williams case. I've read he supposedly had an illness coming on that was degenerative and didn't want to live through it.

That horrid fake picture put on the internet by internet trolls was perhaps psych warfare to prevent the public from sympathizing too greatly....and thus asking too many questions. Sort of a threat. Like 'hey, we are the hidden hand that can ruin your funeral...we control life and death nowadays. We control information and how it's viewed. WE CONTROL PUBLIC PERCEPTION.

Being Delayed In Maine, Heavy Brainwashing and Harassment Since Turned Back From Going To Nova Scotia

Being hit with something that's causing self hatred, an urge to self injure and racing adrenaline.

Chest pains like too much stress and heart being overworked. Anxiety

Still in Maine trying to get out.

Realize.I was brainwashed/mind controlled to come here and I recall I've been being urged or driven to go to Nova Scotia every summer for last few years and since I couldn't escape to California due to Fukashima so I stayed too long in Northeast this year and finally went for it.

Like I said the system.seems to be going for total destruction of at least me as a dissident now maybe others as well. The authoritoes certainly are out to get rid of the homeless in most American cities that's for sure.

Perhaps they realize fully the amount of Targeted Individuals and dissidents in this population.

I can't believe after years of duckjnh this I finally fell for being conned into coming to northern Maine.

Its been nothing but abuse and heavy handed behavior modification especially around Saco (Saco Defense Inc) and in Machias where places are so isolated that no one cares if the gang stalkjng and mobbjnh are obvious and a lot of people are involved.

I got crushed in Scarborough then Saco then the worst in Kennebunk, Maine. The abuse from people going by in cars and trucks was extreme. So extreme that I went into a state of being passed out while holding my sign asking for a ride. The abuse was so severe it made me revert to passing out I was so traumatized so they must have been using tech at rhw same time.

While I was in this sleeping sort of unconscious state a modification of my programming took place. It was very ritualistic. They took something out or removed something, some part that I have been using heavily to hold my ground and fight them for years now.

So that's why the system has been trying to get me up here every summer for past few years.

MAINE IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. ITS ALL HICKS AND MIKITARY CONTRACTORS AND MILITARY INSTALLATIONS IN UPPER MAINE/NOVA SCOTIA and a lot of radar stations up there, communications centers stuff I don't need to be around.

Cali was for all its harassmwnt a good influence and a break from all this military activity and oppression.

I now suspect that there were a lot of co.outer tech types maybe from Silicon valley that were either going up against the military complex agenda at least in preserving the Cali culture or actually using tech to counter it. It might be why they got hit twice with nuclear accidents: Fukushima, Japan and Carlsbad, NM last year.

Someone wants the freedom loving west coast,independent minded northwest and Native American strong south west with its vortexes and energy centers to be completely neutralized.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tech And GS At Dangerous Levels Last Year Or So

Its Sunday I believe so its clear but every other day of the week the tech seems to be approachi g very dangerous levels, actually its been that way for a year or so now. B
Its absolutely horrible. I can see now the comparisons to a holocaust.

The internet also seems to be more interferred with like censored in some way and with my blog and youtibe being interferred with like back in the days of the post 9-11 Bush era.

Staying in the north east all year was a huge mistake.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

US Military Gun Manufacturer Located In Saco, ME Explains Harassment

World leader in manufacturing machine guns.

youtibe vid upload blocked/Saco ME US Military Gun Factory

ttried uploading video documenting harasemt in Maine

it was blocked. Maine is dangerlis.

us military in Nova Scotia.


Update: 5pm from kid most likely in on gs. Said that he sews a lot of hitchers trying to get to Canada, becuz "..nowadays everyone's fleeing the country."


Found out Saco, ME has

Explains a lot as to why Saco was so heavy handed with gang stalking.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Being Heavily Harassed In Scarborough Maine Trying To Get Ride South

Getting heavily Scarborough Maine on rt 1 South trying to get ride back down south.

Funny how easy it was to get rides up here but IRA like they wantnto keep me here now.

Like I'm not leave.

Just like I got harassed out of Machias ME so I couldn't go further and see Canada.

They are also attempting i think to beat me down again becuz when I arrived this old trucker had been someone I'd come to depend on having him on the phone constantly and he had been attempting to become my handler.

Once again this is someone who has been in trouble with the law for accused paedophilia. Supposedly the police didn't have enough to keep them on and he claims that he was innocent all along anyway.

I simply don't trust that because the way that this system seems to want to keep me around pedophiles and sex pervert as handlers as a way to eventually force me back into adult entertainment, it's been a near constant process as long as I can remember in my adulthood and even my childhood.

I was with this older German guy who's a Canadian citizen who I met when he gave me a ride south out of Machias ME.
It's like he wanted to try to keep me with him and go up to Canada and the system was trying to keep me in the car with him.

He started out as just nice and friendly and eventually was thinking that there might be something more. And also like every other person who tries to get close to me he made allusions to his stepdaughter blaming him for her life being messed up possibly from child molestation.

Every single person that they send to get close to me its either somebody who's been in trouble for a sex offense or somebody who needs money that's in trouble with the law usually the former not the latter.

And what's so disgusting about all of this is that they're using my former lifestyle against me to make me look like I'm the one who's immoral fact they're the ones trying to push me back into immorality.
And I absolutely cannot believe how many cops are involved in this system nationwide city to city down to town.

I know that if I leave the country I'm going to have to deal with the same kind of bullshit anywhere I go I just don't want to deal with it in the United States anymore.

"Congress cites 9/11 Bush cover-up, demands Obama act".. Yeah, Right

Hahaha. Well you're not going to get it.

We've been telling you this stuff for years. Now its too late.

That you-know-what-in-charge is going to ignore justice and continue to destroy America just like his cronie Bush started the earnest anyway.

Its over. The Liberal elitist scum will continue to convince the public that Obama is so wonderful and harmless compared to those horrible right wing Republicans.

While the citizenry plays games with false hope and delusions of a democratic 'free country' those of us with any sense left and the strength are going to finally haul our asses out of this country. It's been horrible all of my lifetime and it's only going to get worse..but by then you'll be convinced that its better.

They are never going to tell the truth. Its pointless.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Hate The Medical Mafia/Still Looking For A Route Out Of USA

I am so tired of the medical people involves in MK Ultra and the torture that's been going on for years.

They spread disinformation when I go to get treated that I am only doing this for attention like my mother who might be going to doctors for partially psychological reasons but remember SHE IS THE ORIGIN DOCUMENTED EXPERIMENTEE. DOCUMENTED radiation experimentee, both parents US military. She is totally justified in anything she does also. They've ruined both our lives and my father too.

Nowadays everyone just ignores me believing I am fully discredited and don't matter anymore and all the people who I had dirt on in Boston are gone or obviously don't care anymore.

They know I can't get legal help so I'm not a threat anymore.

All of these useful idiots who believe whatever bullshit they are told (and want to believe it becuz they are usually jealous or old ladies who resent youth or sheep to the worst degree.

This country sucks and I cannot wait to find a way out to another place, even if its worse.

The USA doesn't deserve to gang stalk me for another day.

Fuck the USA and everyone in it. I can't wait to be targeted by anyone but US citizens.

I am so incredibly sick of this.
I do not want this piece of shit disgusting country to see me targeted for the rest of my life.
America is the most evil country in the world. It's people don't deserve half of what they have. They gain power and a good lifestyle by destroying innocent people like me and my mother.

I am going to another county just so this piece of shit can't have the satisfaction of watching me age.

BTW they deserve everything they've gotten.

EVEN MEMBERS OF THE U.N. know Boston got what they deserved due to their obsession with power and world domination. See link.
I am so tired of the medical people involves in MK Ultra and the torture that's been going on for years.

They spread disinformation when I go to get treated that I am only doing this for attention like my mother who might be going to doctors for partially psychological reasons but remember SHE IS THE ORIGIN DOCUMENTED EXPERIMENTEE. DOCUMENTED radiation experimentee, both parents US military. She is totally justified in anything she does also. They've ruined both our lives and my father too.

Nowadays everyone just ignores me believing I am fully discredited and don't matter anymore and all the people who I had dirt on in Boston are gone or obviously don't care anymore.

They know I can't get legal help so I'm not a threat anymore.

All of these useful idiots who believe whatever bullshit they are told (and want to believe it becuz they are usually jealous or old ladies who resent youth or sheep to the worst degree.

This country sucks and I cannot wait to find a way out to another place, even if its worse.

The USA doesn't deserve to gang stalk me for another day.

Fuck the USA and everyone in it. I can't wait to be targeted by anyone but US citizens.

I am so incredibly sick of this.
I do not want this piece of shit disgusting country to see me targeted for the rest of my life.
America is the most evil country in the world. It's people don't deserve half of what they have. They gain power and a good lifestyle by destroying innocent people like me and my mother.

I am going to another county just so this piece of shit can't have the satisfaction of watching me age.

BTW they deserve everything they've gotten.

EVEN MEMBERS OF THE U.N. know Boston got what they deserved due to their obsession with power and world domination. See link.

I am not alone in hating America. Anyone with any sense does.

I am not alone in hating America. Anyone with any sense does.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Changing Location To Area With No Electromagnetic Pollution Ceases Mental and Emotional Disturbances/POSSIBLE NANOTECH THAT BEHAVES LIKE 'NAGWARE' BEING USED ON TARGETS (Behavior Modification)

Spent the night in a cabin near a lake far from any town and in the woods.

I'm surprised at the lack of electromagnetic pollution in areas like this. I felt like it was 2001 or 2 again before all this happened.

I also realized that the electromagnetic fields interfere with healing. My lower back which had been effected by a medical procedure over exactly a year ago and hurt every day since has had some healing just overnight.

It's shocking how much the campaign as well as the radiation in the environment has contributed to my body aging and becoming worn down.

Heavily managed environments seem to promote ill health but at the same time create some sort of effect where people are anesthetized and even pumped with a false sense of high energy, that actually helps burn you out quicker.

This campaign to discredit me- I simply couldn't win against it.
Whatever I did in the past two years or so, I feel people have stopped listening. I've lost respect and peoples support and respect.

Its not my fault that this system has increased its attack mode and method to trying to completely obliterate me and finish me off.

My memories are inaccessible or blocked my sense of self and esteem is rendered non existent, I am made racist and angry every day.

I don't seem to care to post to my blog anymore and making videos doesn't even cross my mind.

The problem is the system seems to have this incredible ability now to jam my mental processes like never before and also to keep me in a state of induced insanity by way of constant minute to minute interface that's driving me to insanity and creating the illusion to outsiders that I am mentally ill.

Whatever ability for logic I had is gone. It has to do with all the health issues and medical procedures I had packed into the last two years.
They really messsd me up badly.

I still can't stop having visions and ideations about returning to Portland, OR where I was miserable. Why would I go back there? Besides its totally radiated from Fukashima. Other effects there were that I felt like degenerating into a white trash fatass which is all that's on the outskirts of ghd city there. Downtown will make your sanity begin to unravel due to the homeless scene there and u feel yourself slipping into giving up by way of not caring anymore.

It rains too much and its moldy too things bad for my health. Besides rain is my least favorite weather. I hate it.
Let's not forget Fukushima radiation. Portland is one of the worst radiation hot spots in the USA. You can't even drink the milk. If u do u become emotionally flat and zombie-like, you can tell its totally unhealthy and effecting you.

Whatever they did don't want to relinquish control.
The constant nagging to return to Portland OR is akin to 'nag ware' on a computer. Pop up reminders that prompt the user to accept some offer or take an action they don't necessarily want to and it often appears on screen so user can't use the computer anymore, it blocks everything else going on.

The public doesn't seem to understand the evil agenda of the elite who now include the ranks of technology professionals.

Its amazing to me that the public trust technology in the hands of people who have historically at every turn tried to make common people into slaves.

This is what they do. This is their mind set. The elite with this sort of agenda aren't going to become wonderful and just human beings simply becuz we live in an era of constant surveillance in private and public areas, political correctness and authorities seeming to clean up crime while really they just help clean house of useful idiots and streamline their operations so the public doesn't see or know what's going on.

Medicinal Hemp Activist Rick Simpson Seeks Asylum Europe/Incarcerating Activists Tactic For Silencing/Discrediting;wap2

"One theory on limiting a person’s ability to share information is to incarcerate them. That’s a pretty easy solution. A fellow Canadian, Marc Emery, can vouch for that, out on bail for selling cannabis seeds. He is currently scheduled to be extradited to the United States for a sentence of five years in US federal prison.

Perpetrators of the incarceration strategy believe that eventually the subject may lose support of their advocates, the costs will mount up, and just getting through the drama of arrest, red tape and humiliation that follows will be enough to distract even the most passionate, motivated activists."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Net Neutrality Gone-New Rules

I hope that geeks simply create an alternative system if the internet as we know it gets completely bought and sold.

That's been a hallmark of the NWO-trying to destroy anything GENUINELY alternative. Treating scenes, people and projects as if they are terrorism. They want the public to perceive anything OE anyone that doesn't go along with the being bought and sold system as terrorist(s).

You can't crush the human spirit or mans innovation and creativity but that's exactly what they are trying to do.

We own everything, we own you and this time-dont try to resist rebel revolt or think your way around the system/problem.

Just another sign of the NWO and total enslavement of humanity..
The public are under mass mind control and can't think, see what's going on and accurately understand its a threat..nor act to counter these moves and defend themselves.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Circumcision: A Main Reason For American Males To Be Violent And Have Trouble Processing Emotions. USA! USA! USA!

The procedure was not historically as violent as it is today.

Its the perfect way to create a militarized slave society specifically one that villifies women becuz we are not denied the full potential of our bodies' pleasure.

Each society seems to find methods to keep people down and wound males ams then them afainst their women and wound them for life.

Now u can realize exactly who the testosterone filled morons are who chant this mantra everywhere from sporting events to a mobbing group.

As usual Jewish religion comes up with the most vile, brutalizing rituals possie. Wtf?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reader Comment Sums Up The Dangers Of 'Useful Idiots' In The United States

"I don't think the sheep really care if they were protecting vicious pedos, as long as they "get revenge" on the TI. A lot of what goes on in gangstalking is purely revenge-based, in my opinion. The "master reason" may be for a higher oppressive dictatorship operating covertly to beat down a threat, but at lower levels, revenge seems to be the prime motive. We must get revenge on the TI for being bigger, stronger, prettier, smarter, more talented. And now they are jealous because a few TI's have youthful good looks, and it bothers the perps and the sheep and all the sleazy trash in on this. Little creeps is all they are. I won't let them bother you. They have a Napolean complex, which is why they need to screech "we won" and "it's over" all the fucking time. Little bitches is all they are. Little bitches who wish they were as strong as us, as healthy, as pretty, as talented. And all they can do is shove their jealous attitudes down TI's throats and assault them physically and on Locals Explain Possible Causes For Rockland Over The Top Harassment Publish | Delete | Spam"

I will never forget this fat old German b*tch from that Christian sober house in San Antonio-the one run by the guy who's family has a long standing in the community as Christians helping people but the women living there said he was a pervert who got his female tenants into sexual relationships.

I forget what I said but her reply was "I don't think anyone hates you THAT much"... I probably leaked some info about some part of the campaign or more likely made allusions to it's severity.

Americans just don't get it generally.
That's why im leaving the country. They have now and for as long as I've been dealing with this system-NO IDEA what kind of a country they are living in. What the system they are living under consists of.

How horrible it is. War crimes. Torture. Constant spying. Spying and mind control technologies. People Michael Aquino, the Satanic factions involved, the Satanic Jews and Zionists and what they are capable of.

They simply CAN NOT fathom the extent of evil and brutal violence and abuse I have seen in the works over these years if not in my lifetime.

They are so incredibly naive and therefore extremely dangerous.

They unconsciously take part in extreme violence but only perceive their small part. They don't understand the full gamut of what the Target has been through so they perceive the small offenses they know about or commit as negligible.

When someone has been ritually abused by gang stalking and torture after being am RA survivor from childhood to begin with as well as further experimented on with MILABs (military abductions connected to covertly continued MK Ultra projects) , poisoned, dosed, gassed and hit with microwave weapons-a person putting peanut butter on the TIs mattress when the TI has acquired a life threatening nut allergy, who is supposed to be a female living in a female safe space, in a Christian environment-that small action simply adds to the years of brutal, mind tearing torture.

In the TIs estimation you are threatening their life and once again no place is safe. People can't be trusted anywhere.

This is what helps create lone shooters. The public helps create these violent dangerous people and they refuse to acknowledge their part in it and take responsibility.

This is typical in the USA and it makes me sick.

Yes, YOU STUPID, DUMB FAKE CHRISTIAN C*NT, people do hate someone THAT much. It's called ritual abuse and unethical human experimentation.

The military don't hate at all. They are ultimately ruthless and get results at any cost. Hate, Satanic ritual abuse or whatever else ARE ALL just useful to them in getting a desired result.

These morons have no idea who they are dealing with. Only cops, families of cops or anyone familiar with the military even has an insight into what I am dealing with from the get go.

Civilians are so pathetically unaware of the nature of this culture and its people.

Its ,ridiculous how many Christian are involved in Gang Stalking TIs who are Survivors of these horrible classified black projects.

All you have to do a lot of times is mention something to any of the stupid people involved in gang stalking or who think they at least know what the campaign is about then they immediately seem lost and confused. Its obvious many of these clowns actually have no idea the extent of what a been going on for years now and the severity of it.

Americans seem dangerous becuz they seem to believe they are entitled to abuse someone based on whatever rationalizes that behavior from them, without they having the sense to question the situation in its entirety. Automatically they assume its only severe as what they are being told. They are innocent and naive and very stupid about just how viscous and evil the USA can be.

Many of them probably think I'm over reacting by trying to leave the USA. Even if this blog is up and they've read it they still don't seem to have grasped the weight of what they and the USA has done.
Boston was especially true of this. Most people there had read my blog. Especially the blacks involved, in the homeless culture either as staff or homeless people.

Many black people in on this will purposely reveal what's really going on as a power trip which of course I find ways of immediately punishing them for as deserved.
They are so evil by nature for the most part its not hard to get a good percentage in on GS. There are worthy and decent ones but they are either destroyed, modified or overpowered by the evil majority in the USA now.
At least they have some sort of understanding of the true extent of violence and abuse involved from slavery and oppression.

Look at that German idiot in San Antonio. No clue as to what is really going on. Most whites, unless they are the real sickies the system picks up from prison or pedo/rape types-most have no idea how outrageous these activities are.

Which makes them dangerous becuz they will keep abusing the TI thinking the person deserves it based on jealousy.

I think Europe due to WW2 and a long history of wars, oppression and insane power mongering people as well as the Inquisition have a better understanding of how real abuse of power can be.

America is full of dangerous and psychotic children who continue to be of use to the out of control powers that be here.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why Do I Feel So Alone Nowadays?

Since the admin changes in Boston and Cambridge I feel completely abandoned.
I was naive not to understand that my safety and success depended greatly on who was in power in Boston.

No matter what happened or how hard it got I felt I was going to reach my final goal of writing two books and at least consulting lawyers.

I cannot believe how shunned and discredited I've been this year.

Its like its totally over. There is absolutely no chance of me completing my goals nor even being able to remain in my hometown. Even the USA.

I'm a non entity. Whoever cared for me is gone or isn't interested anymore.
Part of this is Fukushima making the west coast off limits to me now and the Carlsbad NM nuclear accident as well making my beloved southwest even more dangerous.

It all happened at once it seems. Fukushima didn't really dawn on me until last year when it became obvious the radiation exposure had effected me.
I spent some very scary moments last winter lying on cots in the Harvard Homeless Shelter actually feeling pain in my bones and the sensation of some condition actually sapping the life energy out of the marrow in my bones. Its been very frightening. I had an MRI and felt it acutely at one point it was effecting my heart.

My mother is a radiation experimentee documented. I personally have been hit with microwave and electromagnetic weapons for years as well as have long term liver disease and damage to tissue from three years of mold exposure from an apartment in Boston also documented. Living on high fear levels for years along with the physical exertion of carrying a heavy pack around.
Its drained me of health and life energy. My newly acquired allergic reaction condition makes taking vitamins or health supplements impossible.
Also the medical community has turned this past few years. They don't seem to want to help me improve my health or even take care of serious issues like years ago.
Like I still have pain from that abortion last August, on my womb and lower back and the people I went to for help in Boston as well as Oregon just kept handling me and denying me any serious care.

I used to go to Tufts but they turned nasty like severe gs years ago.

I don't understand where the turning point was. It seems it was when I decided to take my former companion with me traveling. It was awful and I had more public freak outs that trip becuz I was outside in towns and cities more not in trucks or resting in shelters.
He couldn't hitch so I traumatized myself riding Greyhound.
I needed him around. When I met him I was getting sick and wasn't doing well on my own, without him w me in CA I couldn't have had that colonoscopy where they fixed whatever was wrong. Boston docs were going to preform one but I kept getting driven out of the city and denied healthcare. I was even targeted with tech more heavily until I closed my bank account and gave up my safe deposit box where I kept documentation of my travels etc.

My body and mind degenerated since that trip partially due to the stress he brought on as well as the physical damages from walking too much, not resting etc.
Also last year every city and town in America making homelessness and hitching illegal or difficult added to that stress.

I have aged from being in CA and the northwest last year.
I've felt ill, weak and aging ever since Fukushima happened in 2011. Only the combined stresses of 2012-13 made that become very damaging.

All these things at once...just seem to have ended my life-what life I had left after being targeted for so many years.

They really want to finish the cover up of what they've done.

It's unbelievable to me that with the information I have, the content of what I have to say about what happened to me and this country that its only been as long as I was young looking and attractive still that I was of any interest. To think that the people behind this were just playing more games with me, until I got old and sickly.

Is that really all this was about this whole time becuz it seems like it.

Its as if the people in MA are not just chasing me out of there but they are threatening me with their ability to fuck with me so I get put in prison, which didn't happen when the old admin was in Boston and Cambridge.

My intuition told me to leave the USA in 2012 and I should have listened. I'm am very badly off now. I still can't believe it.

And this phase of the Obamanation seems to be about reducing someone like me to either a brain dead electroshock patient who recalls nothing or forcing me out of the country without any concern for the condition I'm in.

Everything has turned so negative.

(I had to turn off the internet due to some hacking going on that was causing my physical typing as well as my mental writing of this to slow down as to make it impossible to write. I'm using a note program to write this instead of directly on blogger for that specific reason but it seems they can now mess with notes as well.)

That's what I mean, it's just getting really nasty and deadly. No freedom at all. The second term of Obama has been the worst conditions compared to any other time in any of this campaign.

Even during Bush when I was being tortured and heavily stalked and harassed at least I could fight back and had freedom of movement. I felt like I was still an American.

Now I feel like I'm being murdered and my citizenship stripped from me.

The only thing I can think of positive is that before it only seemed like I had allies and actually I was being fooled and played with and kept down and perhaps the new local admin is actually releasing me from all the things the prior people had me believing. And being forced out of the US is becuz it's never going to change and there is no chance of a fair lawsuit etc.

I'm very in the dark about what to do. I feel its over. My life, my project my mission and any hopes of revenge or justice... Or getting my life back. Or the life energy they took from me.

I can't believe so many cared and I had such support and now I don't.

I'm totally alone now.

And the police seem to be collectively playing this game to get me out of the USA. Like it's all going according to plan and they are winning.