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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Tired of The Game

 My situation has degenerated over paat year. My longtime sponsor disappeared without notice or even letting me know she's ok in May -just as I got COVID due to being inside because of winter weather. The guests and employees weren't masking up

 It's annoying how I never got sick during the quarantine because I and others sheltered in place outside. I was only inside for four months a year when there was a mask mandate and again never got sick...with anything.  (being housed or having a permanent residence is supposedly safer according to your average modern housed person who's fat, lazy, sedentary, only using a fraction of their DNA/brains/muscles and immune systems due to living a modern lifestyle in a first world urbanized environment with no hardly any vit d or fresh, living in horrible air quality inside. The new corporate environmentalism is good for the environment not humans and animals.  mold inside buildings inhabited by humans is never dealt with as a human environmental issue... because regardless of all the rhetoric and brainwashing and virtue signaling the era as now live in is focused on unbridled greed and that is the only true human right violation and it's really the only thing people are being genuinely  tolerant of. 

PC culture is just a system of morality that's easy answers so people can feel moral and upstanding doing VERY LITTLE and actually engaging in more hate and discrimination than ever before but it makes people feel like they are doing the right moral thing while they silently tolerate greed and destruction all around them world wide. Your average person is horribly illogical, ignorant of health, medical knowledge, and science and is lacking in common sense in regards to being human or the big picture and lacks deduction or being able to perform critical thinking. I'm seeing college grads that are basically modern day factory workers. Being genuinely bright or smart is no longer important. It's all about worker bees for corporate not genuinely educated people. With technology and pre conceived systems of thought, belief and morality-jobs can run themselves. This 'unqualified people' are being hired and our quality of life is being lowered. People don't need to be qualified nowadays they need a pulse, to be breathing and receive education and indoctrination. )

I never got sick until the mask mandates were repealed as a legal decision not a medical one and then had to be inside for any length of time. Then of course I got sick. 

It took 6 months for me to regain my taste and smell-wtf? What fucking normal virus does that? 

After my sponsor disappears I wake up to realize I was under some kind of influwnxe and Ive done nothing I should have gotten done during Trump when my enemies were being exposed for their crimes and with every scandal I felt more validated, no inflation. Now lots of people are in my position of poverty and disadvantage and people are writing these people off the way that society ignored COVID deaths in favor of focusing on other issues inappropriately during a damn world wide pandemic while panic shopping and ordering on Amazon to prove they were alive and didn't get killled by the virus. Memorials for the dead were noticably absent and foxusing on the virus itself and what was going on in medical facilities was also noticeably being ignored. 

No it's easier to push me and others through the cracks because people have become accustomed to not caring and they've been terrorized into only giving normal human decency to people who have their victimhood cards ready to display. 

If I had gotten everything done in the four years after I was framed I'd be all set by now. Even attempting to complete my list of things to do now seems like I'm in the wrong time frame and it's a waste of time. I should cut my losses and move on. 

My close relative had a medical event and they aren't the same person and I've had to care for them while their behavior is erratic and insane. 

Now I'm staying with unhealthy people who are nuts just to stay out of the cold this year which is ridiculous. 

Even if I could travel like I used to I'm sure anyplace near the border that's warm isnt safe or nice like it used to be thanks to this administrations policies. 

Interestingly, I keep getting this ideation that moving on, giving up my blog and becoming employed at a stable job is the only way to survive this. That my voice no longer counts and no one is listening anymore. The world has been convinced that 'conspiracy theorists' and the info they provide has no use or purpose and it's 'fake news'. 

The majority of these idiots read genuine fake news frequently on bogus news sites and buy into propaganda that's destroying our way of life and society.

How many nutcases and losers do I have to  have to stay with to not freeze this year. 

The desperation is clear and I'm not used to this 




Thursday, November 17, 2022

Electromagnetic Pollution Creating Stressful Environment?

 This piece should be on my WordPress blog about tech and other forms of altering human thought and consciousness but I've not figured out how to get around their new system for posting so I can't use that forum right now. (Notice how constantly changing sites for posting and writing make it so older people lose the ability to utilize them and are thus silenced because we can't keep up? By design. And why does Windows keep upgrading? Why does the internet keep growing and changing? Why can't they just create a system that works and let humans use it and live their lives? Because obviously it's enslavement so that you are forced to get caught up in this crap and have to keep paying for it and learning how to use it etc when maybe you don't necessarily even like computers. Can you imagine we are from a generation that were the first to be exposed to this tech and the attitude in the 80s was that if you weren't interested they didn't force you to take the computer classes seriously? I would sit and draw and that was accepted. Now it's pushed on humans as if dealing with computers is somehow a natural part of living on earth..and this is a world now obsessed with the environment. Yet all the environmentalism is essentially ANTI-HUMAN. They truly are insane and the powers ensure they stay that way and never wake up or evolve. What a sick place.)

Psycho-managing of small areas or creating micro climates (like the weather):

What is going on with my relatives apartment building where there's been changes to the environment at night? 

This building used to have a pleasant vibe and felt safe at night. In the past few years, it's been unpleasant especially at night time. When she had switched to Xfinity from RCN it was awful. I thought it may have been something related to that. I know that in houses I've stayed in where there's satellite tv and a wifi router for me it was like a torture chamber. I actually got relief just leaving the front door (this was in a southern Western state not up north. Every electromagnetic environment is different and does seem to differ from state to state.) For those past few years I couldn't sleep at night because there was a definite feeling of there being a serial killer outside somewhere out back waiting to get in. After a recent switch to another company, it's improved a bit but it's not any less scary or creepy. 

 What's suspect is recently there seems to be an actual specific time schedule to the unpleasantness. As TIs doing research and many of us traveling through different areas we've seen this before but in a different form. I've also written about not just psycho managing an area but a building as a deterrent against either theft or vagrancy. 

What's interesting is that alleged hauntings are measured with instruments that measure electromagnetic levels and fields. If these can be manufactured by man made means then the illusion of an unsettling or unpleasant environment could be created. 

I've experienced this in a building that was considered uninhabitable because it was so badly 'haunted' and the land itself had a bad history. It's now a condo complex and tenants have no complaints. There's a big tower for some sort of purpose right in the middle of the massive property that used to be a mental hospital. It stands to reason that if a place can have a man made electromagnetic 'net' or web draped over it, transforming the naturally malevolent energies into something livable to humans-then the opposite effect can be created. 

An uninhabitable environment can be created by those same means. 

So from 11pm-5am there is fear and inability to sleep because of gut wrenching fear that's induced in the area behind my relatives apartment building. 

If it's just imagined or anxiety...then why does it go according to a time schedule that's so distinct and repeats nightly? 

I've theorized it's either someONE who's got a very bad vibe that's on a shift duribg those hours and they are dangerous and creeping around or surveiling, observing or obsessing in certain areas or it's being produced by some form of technology outside in the area. It could be produced from tech inside but that doesn't follow the direction it comes from.

I know when I turn off the router in the apartment it stops all kinds of torment like intrusive thoughts, repetive themes, confusion, sleepiness that's unaturally induced, agitation, inability to focus, feeling overwhelmed etc. The physical structure that is the apartment turns back into just that-a normal physical structure. Interesting this return to 'normal' seems to include a human perception of being connected to the outside like what one can see through the windows. And beyond to the neighborhood etc. There's a feeling of simplicity and clear communication. I could probably calmly and easily get all my tasks done in a much shorter amount of time under these conditions as opposed to the router being on. It's a similar environment to the one our generation was living in circa 1980s. 

(We are the last generation that can tell a false, man made, sick environment from a natural healthy one. That is a respectability we need to start fulfilling before we get too old to do so. )

Recently I looked up all the local towers and repeaters in the area. Some genius thought it would be a good idea to build a main cell tower not a repeater but an actual tower that creates signal, over in the cemetery across the river. 

Now building a cemetery on a river seems like a bad idea to begin with. Pretty awful but having any electromagnetic interference with the natural environment in a place where dead humans are stored doesn't seem like a great idea. Keeping dead bodies around that long has always seemed like a bad idea to me. Many cultures past and present don't believe in this practice and I've always thought it was morbid, uneccessary and only serves to create a fear of dying in people instead of getting on with living. Specifically, the treating of bodies with chemicals for preservation. Why?? 

Burying royalty in lead coffins actually makes sense from a metaphysical perspective but preserving bodies especially common people does not. 

This state also has a sordid history of native American genocidal actions such as starving out natives and hiding it from history. There's also been a lot of skirmishes and massacres during the American revolution and in recent history many body dumping sites for organized crime and there's always been the serial killer or murderers that exist among us as humans that may utilize certain areas for these purposes.  

The road that goes back into a wooded area along the river behind the apartment building has a very scary and bad energy but it feels recent. Like it's not native or colonial. What's back there I don't know but it registers as dangerous. I hiked through there one day a few years ago and the fear induced on the trails was one usually reserved for walking at night...when you know you shouldn't and you wouldn't. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. 

There's also a company right behind the area and they do some military contracting but the bad energy comes from the direction of the river, towards where that tower would be. 

This could also be some horrible result of wifi enabled LED street lights I don't know. 

There's a definite feeling of someone very threatening looking in the windows. When there's shades down it's better but not completely and if one area isn't covered completely like a sheer curtain-its torture the whole night. I've looked outside a lot under those conditions and there's no one there you can see. 

I've experienced very uncomfortable physical effects at a  hotel in this same city in 2020 that have repeaters or something on the roof. I got restless legs because it felt like a cattle prod or electric shock is being put through my muscles. It's only been in one hotel it's been that severe but they had a few repeaters and it was in the same city as my relatives apartment building. 

 it seemed that around 2:30 am someone must've running the repeaters very hot (using the technology way past the legal limits) thinking people are sleeping and no one will notice or they could be letting more signals piggyback on the repeater than they are supposed to just to be greedy or for whatever reason. 

 It's at this hotel I began getting episodes of vertigo which have not gone away even today. 

In most hotels I usually start a cycle of not being able to sleep at night and there are exceptions. Generally I haven't had real genuine sleep since they put in LED street lights which in hotel parking lots are ridiculously bright.  That could be a factor and it could all be a combo of things creating a horrible electromagnetic pollution at night.

Also note that this state and adjacent ones are notorious for generating higher levels of pollution at night even historicallly documented cases, because they always think residents wont notice and it will be hard to prove. Why would people not have the same attitude towards electromagnetic pollution? 

It could be any combo of things but something is causing a very scary unhealthy environment at night and it's on a time schedule. For what purpose? 

Is it happenstance like just a side effect of something else or is it on purpose or just due to greed causing pollution? 

I'd rather find it's technology than to find it's an actual person or person's who are so dangerous that they carry that signature and are on a certain shift. 

Also I didn't get around to posting this summer about Cambridge MA. 

Urban camping you see a lot of stuff the public don't. It's obvious that LED street lights can be put into theories about anti homelessness, homeless genocide and a depopulation agenda in general and definitely an agenda to cause cult mind control via sleep deprivation. I've also posted that the lights seem somehow connected to people accepting changes in society that they would not have accepted so easily over the past decade. Seratonin does cause conformity in humans, a side effect of constant HEV light stimulation. 

What the hell was going on this past summer in that area with military drones patterning the sky mapping out the area, military helicopters flying obnoxiously low over that and other areas? Outside Harvard Sq there was weird rumbling sounds underground like someone was working on or in the public transit tunnels or underground. Very loud and not the usual transit work they perform to improve the trains. 

So this is all very concerning. 

I also notice that areas with akot of older residents use small, low light LEDs and in college heavy areas like near BC, the lights are blinding. So these bullshit recent studies they've come up with to counter the original research and warnings about the effects of HEV blue light from streetlighs at night are just to cover their asses because it's obvious that a percentage of the population not only get effected like everyone else-they are aware and conscious of it. Another reasoa to either deny it even exists or keep trying to silence or genocide such people who would definitely be a problem in any conspiracy to enslave mankind because people like that would be akin to canaries in coal mines warning the public. So they have to deny it or make it look like there something wrong with people who obviously are Nature's whistle blowers on bad conditions. 

It's amazing how dishonest the communications companies are with Americans and they are so controlled by it. Other countries don't fall so easily. It's sad actually. We have such resources and so much land. And so many natives died for the country we now live in. 

None of this should be happening or allowed to happen. And I should be able to sleep at night not be afraid of Jason and Mike fuckin Myers in the woods or behind a place im staying at night. Especially with the pressure I'm under. Losing daylight work time is not convenient. It's odd that I would be terrified INSIDE a building with heat and locked doors as opposed to NOT being scared (but remaining cautious) sleeping OUTSIDE closer to the city. 

I suppose more creeps can hide in woods or whatever in a city girl's mind. But it seems like it's more than that and it also makes sense why they want to eradicate a culture of urban camping and fully transform humans to living in public and private environments they can control through tech or chem or both, both inside and outside.