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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Certain Cities In MA Very Heavy GS

Why is there so much heavy gang stalking from people who look like just normal citizens or civilians in cars in
all in MA?

Every single time these are extremely heavy stalking areas. Why is it in these cities specifically?  Its been that high level of harassing unchanged since this began years ago and over the years my traveling through these cities over the years.

Other locations have tended to shift and change either their intensity, frequency or seem much more tech controlled or psycho managed nowadays.

What is it about these cities that makes the harassment and stalking so consistent and viscous in nature?

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Abusive Commonwealth Of Massachusetts Is Arrogant And Self Righteous

I cannot believe how arrogant the Commonwealth (of MA) is. And the amount of seemingly regular citizens in on the harassment and campaign.

Its unbelievable. They take it SO personally as if I did something to them. IM THE VICTIM HERE.

We are talking about war crimes here. Torture and severe abuse. Unlawful imprisonment detention etc. Don't the public get that part of it?

Why is Massachusetts so evil?

I had people trying to run me over with vehicles in California and the Church Of Satan is there and gangs etc and I never felt they were half as evil as Massachusetts. Even NYC had a healthy amount of guilt.
MA is extremely self righteous.

So the lesson from the Commonwealth of MA by my being finally forced to act out and arrested and gotten into the system is this: WE can ruin your life and torture you and destroy but YOU CAN NOT TELL ON US.

I just cannot believe how utterly ruthless arrogant and full of themselves they are and the self righteousness of such an extreme abuser is ridiculous.

Mandatory Apology Letter To McDonalds and Its Employees In Central Sq Cambridge, MA For Graffitti With Racial Content

"June 23. 2014
Letter Of Apology Per Condition Of Probation
To McDonalds of Central Sq. and Those Employed Therein

I E. Rachael Orban am apologizing for writing in sharpie pen on the side of the McDonalds located on Mass Ave in Central Sq. Cambridge, MA on the day of 2014.
I had been harassed in that location over many years’ time by locals and employees. On that date of the incident a man named George Lopez who works at both Kenmore Sq location and Central Sq got my order wrong twice then told me in broken English that he couldn’t serve me if the order was wrong again. Upset by this, management made him apologize but he still blamed me the customer, which he did in Spanish to his manager.
As a side note I was informed recently that Mr. Lopez is being forced to take English classes by his employer and that he has had to take anger management classes due to domestic disputes.
I informed her to please speak to him about this sort of unacceptable harassment of customers. I had the receipts to prove that I was not at fault as well as what is documented on camera. She informed me that it would be useless to do this in front of me because it was going to be in Spanish.
She seemed unsympathetic and unaffected. Recently an African American security guard was hired for this location- one of two males who perform this function. They don’t seem to have any training but merely be locals from the neighborhood with a preexisting relationship to the community and this location thus be in conflict with their ability to be impartial concerning their duties working with the public in this capacity.
Weeks before I was harassed by the other male who does security in this location. I mentioned he was unprofessional. I was then verbally harassed by one of the locals who was his acquaintance. He said he would burn my house down and he seemed to be high on something. I informed him I did not have a home thus the back pack. He used this to further insult me then made issue of a bad front tooth I have, saying he could fix my black tooth. I countered this and left the conversation to avoid escalation.
These security guards are not just asking people to leave after 20 minutes they are harassing people that are profiled as homeless or other ‘undesirables’ at the counter during ordering food as well as throughout said customer’s allotted time in the establishment while consuming what was purchased. Security at this location is understandable due to the high number of people in shelters in the immediate area one of which is a program for people who are active addicts and alcoholics.
The police report said that I simply did not like the service and “nobody spoke any English”. This is untrue and I was questioned before being read my rights to remain silent which were read to me long after the arrest at the station during booking.
I consider the people of Latino and African American ethnicity in that McDonalds specifically to be reverse racists as well as sexist and classist as they seem to harass and intimidate anyone who is of a lower class or appears houseless (profiling) regardless of if the person appears reasonable or not or of good character or bad.
Weeks before the incident I tried to go through proper channels to rectify this situation by calling Chin management in Boston who according to the manager, runs the establishment. No one called me back even though I did not specify what I was called for.
At the time of the incident I was also sleep deprived as I had been caring for an elderly homeless female with MS who used a walker. She was staying up all night long at restaurants in Harvard Square and I felt she needed a safe spot outside as well as companionship.
However she proved to be difficult and became dependent on me as if I were a paid caregiver. She also became very negative.
I also work on activism that is very difficult in nature to research as well as blog about and am writing an expose that many people in the local area are alarmed about being published.
Thus I was under more pressure than usual, sleep deprived as well as I had been having health issues that were not getting resolved in a timely manner. This is not my usual state and the pressure was too great and I also had it with the harassment in that McDonalds as well as felt no one was listening as Chin management did not seem to care about their establishment and problems that might have arisen there.
Thus on that day I simply reacted out of a calmative effect of all these factors. I should have called a lawyer concerning the harassment or at least tried again to contact Chin management or gone there in person. Reacting as I did in a way I thought would be effective in finally getting someone to listen or see there was a problem has only given the system the opportunity to penalize me while COVERING UP that there is a problem in that location.
I’m from a different generation and a different century where policemen used to actually resolve issues like this between parties or simply tell the offender to clean the graffiti and try to reconcile the situation. I am still getting used to the idea that laws are stricter and people aren’t interesting in improving things only making money and catering to those with means.
Note that the racial content of what I wrote is what’s been focused on not the fact I referred to the employees as racist themselves. If I had not used racial slurs to refer to the employees in that location I would not be writing this letter.
I apologize for using a method of solution that was not effective instead of continuing to go through proper channels to get the desired result- writing on the side of the establishment. I also apologize for utilizing racially charged language to describe the employees as a means of countering their reverse racism, classism and sexism.
I’ve learned my lesson- next time I will simply get a lawyer when I feel I’ve been victimized and there is a significant amount of harassment of a vulnerable population/demographic."

Just wanted people who care about my side to see this. Harvard cops are kicking everyone out and telling them that no one is allowed to sleep in Harvard Sq anymore.

Im leaving.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sick Of Famous People Ideations. Feeling Abandoned and a fail in some quest I had

Getting a lot warnings about marshal law and a coming catastrophe that's going to be very bad if not lethal for the homeless.
Even had a flash of vision while sleeping last night.

Troops of some kind taking over the city.

I am wondering if this is realistic  at all or if its being used to  scare me into leaving the area or even the country and never returning.

I'm also sick of  the remote influence system constantly making me believe some famous and or wealthy males are obsessed with me and are trying somehow to get me to be available somehow.

Its mostly prevalent in this area, the northeast.
When I'm out on the road in other regions this is not  the content the system obsesses me with. And of course wherever the tech can be averted it disappears completely as does all brainwashing attempts and mind control.

I don't understand why they want me so obsessed with famous people watching me or some famous guy being obsessed with me.

Its a bizarre sort of psych warfare but ..looking at it logically I can see what they are trying to do.

The famous people who are of course actually phantoms invented by the mind control system-the ongoing MK Ultra stuff, the tech and psychological warfare set up by the scientists, mathematicians and psychologists behind MK Ultra or whatever its morphed into now....are used as guides to constantly interact or interface with the Target or experimentee and form the TIs opinions, morality, approve or disapprove of every decision we make or thought we have.

Its been a horrible and limiting way to live if not very destructive throughout.

Not being able to get away to the west coast has been especially  sad this year as that was my...vacation time from being brainwashed so hard here in MA. In other areas of the country they do religious or moral content like Jesus or heavy Christian based uptight morality.

Its been a weird experience all the way through. And most of its bullshit-its always stuff based on gaining control of me or some form of social control.

I've wasted the best years of my life fighting a system designed to turn me into a mindless zombie or drone like creature instead of living, creating and helping people.

Its extremely sick and very wasteful. I see blind people who need companions or social conditions that need changing-the system here in USA just won't let me live.

I must say at least on the west coast specifically California I used to get taught lessons. Big lessons, big life stuff as big as the Pacific. Like in Berkeley, lessons about revolution and how it can become very real and violent so be aware of that and responsible when and if you cause unrest or start large groups taking action. Akin to a a tsunami might be.

The Pacific is very large and violent. This makes an impression on someone from a small New England area who is used to the comfort of the ancestral Atlantic ocean.

Cali was about freedom arts and expression  but also danger in a way that's potentially deadly on a large scale.

Every location you travel to gives lessons. From the land itself and the natural environment-to the people  and their man made environment. Some of this is tech from the system I suppose. It often depended who was in power politically at the time...just as I've had a hard time dealing with recently as Boston and Cambridge my hometown cities here in MA have changed hands in rulership.

When that military guy was head of CIA a few years ago things were going well. I was on the right track to do justice and right by writing my book getting lawyers etc.
Then he got kicked out of his position by a sex scandal so obviously a set up.

Then things got difficult again and went downhill. Now..I am still plagued by the idea that I didn't do something I was supposed to in time. I missed a portal or window of opportunity as it's referred to.

I have felt completely abandoned forgotten about and discarded since then. It was something about I should have called lawyers and reported war crimes etc...I think before this new administration got into office here in MA and Cambridge.

How am I supposed to take actions I am simultaneously being blocked from taking as I'm being given 'orders' to take them?

I probably failed some behavior modification expectation or goal of someone ..
Another waste of my time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Leaving The Country Due To Some Coming Danger-A Few Factors (One Being The Troops Returning)

When OBAMACARE became part of our country something told me then that it was going to change things in a way that wasnt going to be good for me or my activism nor even my lifestyle. That was a warning- this is a necessity. Im being guided to get out any possible way I can, under any circumstances even risking death.

That means its got to be severe.

My only logical guesses are that many factors are going to shape the immediate future of this country especially affluent, tight knit areas like Boston and NYC.

-In the 90s our generation warned the world about corporations taking over our lives and our culture. Its happened and now people dont seem to know any different. Younger generations were born into this new culture and probably will never know anything else.


-9-11 and other events have occured and it seems these issues not only will never be resolved but people have been beaten down into accepting either the official stories as truth or the public that dont agee with the official line have learned to live with the lie.

-the destruction of the middle class and the obvious growing trend in society to cater to those that do have the money to live in gentrified cities. Areas that used to have room for middle to lower class people are being made over for YUPpies and the upper classes.

-the failed economy in a country where post 1980s people got accustomed to living like spoilt rotten brats, thus people believe we are in a bad economy or that things are tough but its simply the fact that modern people in America have no idea how to live frugally- as our grandparents taught us who actually did live through an actual depression and were denied basic necessities. When people cry to me that they had to sell thier bike, boat and are considering selling thier summer home, and thats considered a horrible quality of life-peoples priorities have become totally skewed is whats going on.

instead of true quailty of life and globalization being about improving the whole world as being interconnected, people in America have become brain washed that somehow, as we evolve, everyone should have the ability to become rich. This was never the American dream. Thus people will do anuything to anyone to get what they consider to be 'the American fantasy' and frighteningly, if they are like most modern people, they will get it without any conscience about what its doing to the environment, to other nations or to other citizens in the United States.

-These areas now dedicated to the global citizens who can afford life in the NWO usually include a population of African Americans, immigrants from third world nations and Latinos though the presence of Latino peoples often serves to perpetuate some form of the original American culture, (believe it or not TX and AZ!) probably due to the fact that these peoples have a long history in American culture no matter how marginalized and in reality, their Native ancestors from various parts of the north American continent are people who inhabited this land for thousands of years. Oddities like NM where there are Native American populations that dominate, the only hope the NWO has of dominating those areas is through making them corporate AZ and Albuquerque, NM.
These populations are utilized against anyone seen as a threat to the NWO or to the upper classes and YUPpies who are at the core of cities and towns in the NWO.

In other words- anyone in extreme poverty who isnt part of the NWO 'preferred minority' plan...or poor whites who dont have some sort of neighborhoods or other communities to fall back on that have enough power to protect themselves from the new power structures.

Recently things like
-Fukashima Japan and the Carlsbad, NM nuclear accidents. Along with microwave towers, electromagnetic pollution and even radiation and heat from the sun these events only made the environment worse for humans to live in. Increased cancer rates and fish with bleeding eyes, gills and fins. The consequences are going to be largely unseen and slow but they will be there. Sensitive people probably have already had cancer scares due to exposure to radiation such as this.
Ive drank the milk in Portland OR. I felt like a zombie I was so emotionally flat and mentally vacant. People are going to be stupid and ignore the effects of radiation and its going to have an effect so progressively that people arent going to realize its part of whatever problems are occurring in society over the long term.
(my sensitively may have to do with my mother being an experimentee, long term mold exposure as well as being hit with microwave weapons for so many years. )

-OBAMACARE. Something about this didnt sit well with me. It still doesnt. It was one of the warning posts and I dont quite understand why but I am going to pay attention to my intuition.

-Increased lone shootings.
People like TIs or activists who live alternatively are going to be viewed moreso with suspicion or even as homegrown terrorists potentially.

After this has been announced the push to leave came very strongly. 

Here are some possible reasons why:
-no one is going to want to deal with victim witnesses to war crimes
-causing soldiers to suicide even over past many years is suspected to be partially from the GS system probably due to the convenience of getting rid of victim witnesses, anyone who might become a problem or simply as cost effective for the future social security system when these vets get older in years to come.
Many of these people may also have been human experimentees. If I and other TIs have claimed that we were experimented on under the cover of anti terror or federal investigations etc etc, specifically my case being my mother is a documented US military radiation experimentee ( so its CONTINUED unethical human experimentation) then why could the big contractors have used soldiers on the battle fields for experimentation?  Many soldiers from Vietnam have been suspected of this specifically as the war lines up with the US govts LSD experimentation. The movie Jacob's Ladder is an example of this.
-human sacrifices for ritual abuse. No one wants to believe this part of the big picture but surprisingly, its the most common motive for the actions of war, torture etc. These are not nice people we are dealing with nor do they have common human decency.  Its the least surprising of all the motivations listed actually and its age old.
"Since 2002, veterans have been committing murder individually and in groups, killing family, friends, strangers and—in appalling numbers—themselves."

"Appalling numbers", huh?

Sounds like a pretty good clean up job. The NWO is anyone who is weak enough to not want to be part of this new brutalizing yet technologically advanced supposedly 'civilized' society, will be left by the wayside. To die basically. So if you suicide, you must not be fit anyway.

Remember that bitch who worked at OTR, Benny, who was going into psychiatry which everyone there thought was very out of place for a person working in that environment?  She was overheard saying something about society being re-built from the ground up.

These psycho civilized environments we now live in make it very easy for the powers in control to dictate who is going to end up where or in what condition.

Also its going to be very frightening to see just how many military personnel coming home are going to be involved in covert ops like gang stalking.

The article says that these people are addicted to the feelings of power, action and things being real. What they have become accustomed to his living in a primitive state actually and the false man made world here in 'civilization' is a total load of unadulterated bullshit which they are not going to easily acclimate to.  Thier military training for cooperation in groups under a heiarchy as well as other skills will come into play for them to accomplish this, something Targets do not have. Every TI is the isolated 'wounded warrior' that suffers from the torments in thier own heads and theres a system in the outside world that reinforces that every time we go outside into 'civilization'.

They are going to be able to manipulate these people into doing whatever they want. If they want them to help continue to build thier mad empire then they will. If they want to get rid of them and force them to suicide they can or use them as lone shooters.

Society has become annoyingly male centric and militarized over these past two decades- now its going to become beyond unbearable.

And the powers that be will do anything to ensure that the vets coming home do not create an environment that frames the war as being negative at all in the long term.

Anyone holding onto the original time line that should have been is going to have to leave to survive. They are going to make sure that the falsehoods stand and its sealed.

Also, many of us through these years of experiece are realizing just how much America regularly commits war crimes around the world:

After being a Targeted Individual you know damn well that anything can happen thats totally evil or extreme and they can cover it up. That they have capabilities that they dont tell the public about, that they use the fact that if people didnt see it then it didnt happen.
Ive learned through traveling the country in these years that America is too damn big. Things go on here that are out of control becuz so many people live here and they think they have some idea of  whats going on in America. Ive seen first hand how easy it is for these bastards to lie about news events or pull off false flags or other war crimes right in this country without being detected.
What the hell does the average city dweller know about what goes on in the middle of the southwestern desert in the middle of the night or on a highway somewhere?

These are my guesses that seem logical. I  know one thing- I am no longer welcome here, anywhere.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Had To Run For Safety Out Of Boston/Perps Are Everywhere In High Numbers And Sexual Torture Is Being Used -Just Like Post 9-11 During Bush

I basically had to run for my life out of Boston.

Becuz I didn't get to tell the judge or the court the truth about what really happen with the harassment and that only the cop's twisted words were officially part of the case.

My lawyer told me not to say anything when the judge questioned me just yes and no. It wouldn't have helped my guilty verdict anyway but the judge on read the cop report ing I was u happy with the service and nobody spoke English neither of which I said. I told the cop about the harassment .

But my lawyer said just take the reduced charge. I got a move in my favor something set from years ago before Boston got handed to whoever is destroying the place and hates me so much. It made it so I had a better result.

But ever since the court date I've been even MORE harassed especially by blacks and this is after experiencing an increase in harasemt lately to begin with.

As far as I can tell AFRICAN AMERICANS serving as agents of covert activities, probably continuation of COINTELPRO, are THE greatest threat to the USA's freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

Even if they may work for the government in their actions in some capacity PEOPLES OF AFRICAN DESCENT AND ORIGIN ARE THE UNITED STATES' GREATEST NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT at this time.

However, they are very useful to the New World Order, the 1% and all other interested parties.

It may be that the court date that somehow info was made public or somehow the bullshit report made public something where they can use it against me by the naive stupid public getting to see it.

McDonalds is actually targeting me through the security camera system to make it feel like I am being closely monitored as a potential troublesome customer.

The whole city has gone mad it seems. There's definitely something going in the metro Boston area to make people they find inconvenient freak out and go nuts..or even postal.

Once again they create these problems with the shadow system then they play martyr and hapless wounded victim when the person reacts.

Something is now in place in Boston and Cambridge that was not there before that makes it so I can't not react to bejng harassed.

They are putting more and more stores for the rich into the area and also want casinos in Revere area. They are completely selling out the area to the NWO and YUPpies and whoever else fits in.

Hillary Clinton for president seems like a very bad thing and its just one more reason to leave the USA.

I have been hit a lot recently with the same content I was getting in San Diego I posted years ago and also in St Patrick's shelter in Somerville some yeara ago.

Being pushed to get with a black man. That is part of the harassment I'm getting lately that's being so heavily perpetrated  by African Americans.

I'm being heavily gang stalked like during Bush and I am also bejnf hit with heavy very hard to suppress sexual arousal which in TIs who are kept in fight or flight mode usually results in freak outs or self injury.

They are basically having blacks especially males simulate systematic rape via constant  stalking/harassment and contact in unison to  with causing the TI to be aroused sexually against their Will(s).

This creates an effect of eroticizing blacks instead of rejecting them.

This has come about partially becuz I stopped going to the homeless services in Cambridge that were dominated by black culture or a black presence even if they werent ghetto.

I had escaped the hold that the black element had on the homeless women that went there. I was no longer being controlled by that arm of the system. I had also stopped being with my former companion as well as my last male friend who got taken to jail in January (who I now believe was nothing but a new handler. I caught him looking over at a black guy in Salvation Army who was mouthing something to him when they thought I was still in the shower.

This is why I hate MA. They have had no problem using blacks to harass me and destroy my life. They have absolutely no respect for race whatsoever. Its whoever is willing to be in on the agenda and who serves their purposes best.

I had been being driven to go up to Nova Scotia and Canada when I realized today that this happened before and I knew it was a con and to mislead me.

The GS is like during Bush again. How can that be?

They even sent two black asshole young males wearing red of course to harass me on the train out of Boston. Last time I took a train to Boston from another state a few weeks ago the platform had a good amount of people on it who knew who I was..and didn't like me much.
It seems that any commuter rail train headed to Boston has perps ready at the station.

Sexual torture is being used again like post 9-11. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the govt sending more troops to Iraq.  Like legally that gives them some sort of free hand or reason to go after domestic targets as well aggressively once again.

I was guided to just not go to court date and leave area try to leave thru Canada.  I am wondering if after a decision s of probation even without a conviction (without finding ) they still then have enough convinction of the person to be able to harass them.

I think they are coming after me so they can get me to screw up on probation and get me into jail. It would only be two and a half months but  that's enough for behavior modification with these technologies they are using in the prison system as well as continued brain and body damage from mold in the building.
Also that's more than  enough time to sent shitheads after me who are in there to try to get me more time if not force me into a situation where I have to murder someone or they murder me.

They really are trying to finish me off now.

Around Boston they were trying to harass me into missing my court date or fucking up before court.

Two cops in Harvard Sq psyched me out at 4am two nights before court day. I heard two males talking I woke up and there were two cops in uniform standing side by side arms folded and legs apart.
The second I woke up they became silent and immediately IN PERFECT UNISON turned to the right (their left) and walked away.
It was all done in formation.

I don't know what has prompted this return to down the rabbit-hole extremism in past month or so but they are goin  for it I'll tell ya.

And its like what I was charged with has given them an excuse. Malicious destruction of property under 250? (Tagging would be more appropriate and sounds better but tagging is 2.5 in jail and malicious destruction etc is only 2.5 months. That was reduced from the original charge of the felony of vandalism which I asked and was told THE CAMBRIDGE COPS APPLIED FOR AS A CHARGE.

This all started when I wanted to file that police report for the two stalking detectives which I was advised to do thru a lawyer after this court date. As well as file war crimes with the world court before leaving the country. That's what got me targeted so hard I finally reacted and got conned into not having my version of events in official records.

Before I left Cambridge something kept telling me to fight it. MA is now completely handed over to assholes and there's no saving any part of it.

The owner some big white guy of the Dunkin Donuts right near the Cambridge Courthouse in Medford did GS harassment by directed conversation.. He used this buffudled hapless foreign girl behind the counter and said things like how's the book going and sarcastically commented on living the American dream as well as then made the whoop noise that Three Stooges Curley used to make in those TV episodes in black and white..becuz I do that when I am bored and have a bit of a good mood going on.
I've also been gang stalked long enough to know when an aggressive person specifically a male is directing aggression at me even if they are trying to be passive about it . Cali can do passive aggression..the northeast specifically Boston cannot control themselves as its allowed in the culture daily.

So I'm being targeted heavily becuz I was going to do the right thing as a citizen and becuz I refuse to be handled any longer by blacks, ghetto homeless environments or the idiots I meet in the street who want to become my boyfriends.

Now they think they won becuz I on paper appear to be a racist who will insult people if they don't speak English and provide bad service (uh..did I not call THEM racists in what I wrote? I notice the judge didn't address that. He seemed pretty evil in his tone when I mentioned leaving the country. He said 'make sure you tell us' but it was really evil. As if that was his true Self when he wasn't playing the Judge persona.

MA wants to move on to casinos, more new affluent residents and getting rid of all the poor and homeless but without paying for anything they did during the Bush years and post 9-11.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Security Guard At The Gang Stalking McDs Central Sq Cambridge /Feminism Supports Black Male Sexism and Oppression Of Females

The self righteous arrogant black "security guard" at McDonalds Central Sq who harasses people and is an ignorant local is Mike Eleysee.

Just a side note. I would love to know what the other evil f*cks name is The guy with the dreads.

Maybe he will end up on the wrong side of a bus...or piss off someone who can actually defend themselves instead of harassing vulnerable helpless people.

But what do u expect. Look what yer dealing with. Hmph.

Its typical.

Saw a black kid decked out in ridiculous clothes today. Young kid with his friend.
His turned backwards hat said "Fuck bitches..." To begin some phrase he thinks is clever probably.

All I could think of is all the work of feminists in the 60s and 70s that brought the black man up in society... Just so he could turn on them.
Those sucker feminists.

And the Liberals support that kid and his hat. They ignore it. And they refuse to defend the poor white females who are victims of now overblown black culture and the constant threat of black male aggression sexism and arrogance on a daily basis.

Equality is bullshit. Someone always has to lose.

And the elite simply want to favor the traditional 'help' that have always guarded their property, driven their cars, retrieved their run away field slaves (Targets in modern times) and made them money.
I didn't realize that the Liberal Elitists were worse than the others ever could be.

America sucks.

There has got to be something else.

Court Today/Shit Going To Hit The Fan Soon In USA

After having the legal system punish me as a victim of gang stalking, racism and sexism in Central Square today I have finally had enough of not just MA but the United States.

Its approximately the same time Bush gets a commencement at Harvard and I get this.
I can't really comlpain though becuz I was as usual warned by my intuition to leave town before I finally snapped and acted out of being harassed in that McDonalds..and I didn't listen. I went with my own moral judgment not to leave Karen (the lady with the walker with MS I was helping to stay out safely at night) stay out at night by herself instead of watching out for my own best interests as dictated to me by my intuitions.

I guess I had to see for myself exactly what the justice system really was..that its nothing more than laws that are set up to work for people in power and those who matter to them at the moment. Everything is manipulated by a shadow system that uses its powers undetected to get around the laws meant to protect people.
They also use the system to get people in trouble who then can't defend themselves by telling the truth about what's really going on.

I used to WANT to leave. Now its out of pure necessity.

I was warned however. I was kidding about the black mass producing Bush getting a commencement.
You have to understand that even though we are at war with the NWO and its supporters these same people are...the same as us. They are on the same levels.

Before the Black Mass at Harvard a few days before I was at a second hand clothing store. I was compelled to buy a pretty silk head scarf that was black with pretty red design and a pretty black skirt with little flowers on it.

I had no knowledge of the Black Mass being scheduled that day. I found mysd by happenstance dressed in my new black and red headscarf in a black dress...sitting in Harvard Square and wondering who this group of interesting people were in cool punk looking clothes. Good looking males and compelling women.

Only later I found out what they had been there for. Yet afterwards I thought about it all. I had by design been guided to be dressed for the occasion.

I felt oppressed soon afterwards and then gave away the black skirt and another interesting outfit I had been guided to purchase. All along I was being told and guided to go to NYC with these outfits.
That I would meet a cool art crowd and my love of interesting clothes could become part of my life there.

Instead I ran away for a break in NH .

Intead of leaving before trouble started or going to find an interesting life in NY I've simply followed my own path...and its done nothing but get me into trouble and keep me in this boring rut.

I want to live somewhere thats like the old days was. A nice balance of forces. Decisions are made by humans not psycho management or drones or psychologists in psy ops military depts.

The country has become completely totally insane and no one sees it.

The only reason I got just what small consequences I did today was becuz of probably the actions of people years ago or people stepping up today. I don't think I will get anymore chances or breaks.


The McDonalds is lucky all I did was write something on marker on the side of the building. If I wasn't coherent and understand my situation I would probably by shooting the place up with whatever I could buy somewhere

Which means they definitely are pushing people into snapping.

Think about that and add to it all the soldiers coming home soon.

If they want to they can create bloodbath after bloodbath with the gang stalking programs specifically with military people either survivors of programming like me or servicemen with PTSD.

Why are all these soldiers killing themselves in high numbers?
Its cost effective as well as it rids them of witnesses to war crimes.

These people are f*cking ruthless and they have no human emotion. Sympathy is non existent with them. I've experienced it first hand. They are viscous beasts with brutal animalistic hatred for Targets and I suspect humanity at large.

They make money off of an industry that does nothing but create products for war and killing.

What do u expect?

Gang Stalking By Foriegn Black Cab Drivers In Harvard Square Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Harvard Today Still Has Perps Doing Tactics.. Despite Being Bloated With Tourists

Smirking and hands through hair for women (after make contact with Target) long and drawn out enough to be unnatural still the main tactics going on today specifically in Harvard. A lot of these people look like Harvard locals not tourists (residents and affiliated with Harvard).

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Recent Legal Issue-Vandalism Charge- And My Version Of Events

(Keep in mind the only reason I am afraid of jail is becuz when I was in there I got mold sick as obviously its in the walls and I would suffer more permanent disabling damage due to further exposure.
That's why I can't risk jail time. The night I was in there I couldn't breathe great and I got the worst mold headache I've had since living in the moldy apartment that gave me damage to begin with.
You know they don't care so I just am trying to avoid it. If my long term health wasn't an issue I would gladly go to jail or prison for being a persecuted dissident.)

She claims that though I bring up many social issues there's no real reason legally for what I did. She's nice but court appointed which I'm not told means she can only do the bare minimum. She's very nice though and she's cool too. But I really want to fight this.

I want to sue the place or at least have what they did as well as my being exhausted and under duress taken into consideration.

I'm also of an age where this sort of thing wasn't illegal. I didn't know.

I also was recently told that the man George Lopez involved has to take anger management classes due to domestic issues and the McDonalds company is making him take English classes.

The cop put in his report that I didnt like the service and I complained no one spoke English which is not what I said.
He questioned me before the arrest and he isn't using what I said against me he's totally twisting and misrepresenting what I said. Becuz the court hears his report but no one will hear mine unless I go to trial.

The DA is willing to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor with one years probation which I will reject Monday.
I think being gang stalked overtly specifically by authorities in some areas since 2003 is quite enough already.

What they are doing is trying to keep me here so behavior modification can continue as the system would probably harass me to the point of making sure I got into trouble again.

It was so ridiculous after the night in jail I was waiting to be seen quickly by judge and some of the attorneys and others sitting in courtroom would look over at me like I was going to be scared and intimidated. I looked like stone and it frustrated them.

I would be willing to pay a fine that's it. The whole thing is ridiculous and its a frame up. They knew I would react to the harassment at some point.

The cops seemed to know that McDonalds was a screwed up place to begin with.

Also what I wrote was in magic marker on a piece of metal siding and was washed off that night. It cost them nothing.

She claims the content has no bearing and no hate crime charges are involved so why its a felony I don't understand.

Here is my version of events sent to lawyer:

"Events leading up to arrest
and the recent conflict with an employee that works in multiple (McDonalds) locations outside of Central Sq:

May 14th I went into McDonalds located on Mass Ave in Central Square Cambridge,MA. An older male I recognized from past patronage at this location who also worked at a store in Kenmore Sq. (Fenway) Boston.

He seemed to be fumbling with the register as a manager was trying to clear money from other registers near him. He finally signed onto his register with some frustration. I ordered my meal (see receipt).
Due to being short on money I rarely order large sandwiches at fast food restaurants and go for the dollar menu. My usual cheap chicken sandwich which costs anywhere between 1-2 dollars depending on location is what I ordered.

my total seemed pricey so I asked about the order. He had put down a full sandwich for 4.99. I informed him about the mistake and he seemed again stressed and unsure of how to do a refund. I asked for cash to make it simple and he did not reply but fumbled somewhat aggressively with a debit card refund.

he then rang up the correct order and I paid. Originally I had asked for no mayonnaise. He forgot this upon correcting the order and I brought this to his attention upon receiving my food.
he took the sandwich, held it and said in broken English “a third time, no serve. No service”. Basically threatening me that if I had one more problem with my order he wouldn't serve me again.
This was to me outrageous and very bad service. His job is to get a customers order right. Any problems like too many corrections should be directed to a manager to deal with the customer never in this manner. I highly doubt if this is McDonalds protocol. As well as he is the one who was unfocused, frustrated and got the first order incorrect to begin with. I have receipts as well as whatever is on camera.

Upset I asked for the manager and she was a young woman I had seen there almost every day working in the mornings or afternoons. She begrudgingly agreed it was wrong and he was forced into a few word apology then in Spanish said something to her where his hand gestures indicated he was not sorry but still insistent on blaming me for the mistakes.
The manager could not be more unsympathetic or in her handling of this. One of the things she said was that it didn't matter if I was present or not for her speaking to him about what he did because “its going to be in Spanish anyways”.

I stressed that he cannot do that to people as its mind gaming (psychological abuse) which he isn't there for.
At this point the African American security guard came over and interfered by asking “are you here to eat or are you here to talk?” Then was unprofessional and way to personal in handling what he saw as simply a delay in her working on other peoples orders.

This is another issue with this McDonalds that I was going to bring up with Chin Management in Boston. Not only is the service chaotic and the staff usually rude but they had recently in past weeks hired security for this location.
I had come to understand that these were not trained security personnel from a company but simply people from the local African American neighborhood in Central Sq.

There were two African American males I had dealt with in this capacity in my patronage recently in this McDonalds location. Every single one of my experiences with these males that were hired for security had consisted of them performing intimidation on customers specifically anyone who had a backpack or it seemed appeared houseless.
This consisted of stare downs while eating at the tables and they performing intimidation tactics while a customer was ordering at the register, mostly which consisted of standing way too close to the counter in that specific persons space and staring in an intimidating manner while the customer ordered.

I understand that there are two homeless shelters in the direct area The Salvation Army and a ‘wet’ shelter referred to as 240 or 240 Albany or CASPAR that exists specifically for active drug addicts and alcoholics.

However if people are making purchases in the restaurant they should not be profiled and should be allowed the typical 20 min as in other places to consume their food without any intimidation. In the weeks prior to these men performing security in this establishment I saw people's customers there that I knew were homeless staying in shelters locally but no one was loitering.

The only reason that security guards would take the actions that they I saw would be to profile homeless individuals and seek to intimidate them out of coming to the restaurant in future either through intimidation or seeking to get a reaction out of people they know are already living under duress. This is nothing short of psychological warfare.

I mentioned to staff on my first bad experience with a security guard there just a week or so before this incident that he was unprofessional as both security guards exhibit these behaviors towards customers. The man mentioned this to his friend another African American male who proceeded to threaten me by stating “Unprofessional? I’ll burn her house down” whereas I returned that I did not have a house as that is what the backpack on my back indicates. He then proceeded to further the argument by insulting my dental health. The security guard had not nothing to say about this aggressive behavior from one customer his friend to another however.

The males Ive encountered doing security for this establishment in this McDonalds I suspect have little or no training and were picked out of convenience from the locals in the neighborhood.

I contacted Chin Management and left a voicemail simply asking them to contact me concerning some problems with their property, the McDonalds in question. No one called me back.

I was also sleep deprived at this time and had added stressors to my situation due to assisting another houseless woman in the area who has MS by ensuring she was safely put to sleep in a safe location. The relationship was becoming difficult as she began to expect of me what a paid caregiver would be doing and I was in the process of her getting into a women’s shelter and didn't want to leave for a break out of town until she was safely inside.

This worked as a culmative effect especially due to feeling no one from the management was listening.

I walked to the train station and once downstairs the arresting officer came down and aggressively told me to come here. He brought me to an exit with stairs and I told him I dont climb stairs due to my health with my heavy pack which he disregarded and forced me to come with him up the stairs even though I had not yet been convicted of a crime.

(Upon being arrested the policeman DID NOT read me my Miranda rights. I was read my rights at the station around the time that I got my phone calls and had my fingerprints taken from the officer behind the glass doing the booking.)

The arresting officer asked me all kinds of questions. In my heightened anxiety state ( I didn't think writing on the side of a building was that big of a deal. In the old days they would just tell a person who did such a thing help the restaurant clean it off etc) I answered his questioning. I told him about what had happened in the McDonalds today and over many months time briefly.

He seemed to be playing games a bit asking me why I dont just go to the McDonalds in east Cambridge instead. (Why would I go that far out of my way every day when I have to go thru Central to get to other services or to Boston? With a pack as large as mine, my age, physical issues like Bursitis in my hip as of this year I try to keep my traveling very local right now. (I also had issues with being harassed by detectives in that area which I have a series of photos of and was trying to prepare an Internal affairs report for months but did not know exactly how and was afraid of retaliation if I did. As a part of a vulnerable population this is understandable I suppose.

I am wondering if you as an attorney can assist me with this also.)

However when he said east Cambridge at that moment I didn't recall where that was. I simply inquired “Where is that?”

He also told me he considered graffiti to be like someone coming into his living room and writing on the walls. He then questioned me as to what if someone did that to me. I was confused and probably had my mind on the police harassment I had last experienced because I answered as if he had asked me what if he had done something to me and asked “what if you did something to ME you mean? I would contact your police’s internal affairs”. At each of these responses he turned his head and bit his tongue as if he did not get the expected responses he wanted. I still have no idea what that was about but it made the whole ordeal much more stressful.

He also claimed that in a Liberal area like this that the content of the graffiti was going to be an issue. He mentioned possibly being brought in to get an “eval” which I took to mean a psych evaluation which I took as a mild threat.

He said I seemed “..with it” and why was I homeless to which I gave him an abridged short answer consisting of telling him that local corruption led to my situation in part of which he seemed to then become uninterested and do into denial.

The wagon arrived and the driver gave a thumbs up to the arresting officer as he had photographed the content of the graffiti.

The two arresting officers took care to make sure I had my things safely put into the wagon to go with me to the station.

I was allowed multiple phone calls and the overnight at jail was uneventful. The staff there were cooperative and I behaved civilly and politely to them.

My main issues are:
-the officer making me walk up stairs when I informed him of a medical condition
-not being read my rights upon arrest on the street
-being questioned in the manner as above with all sorts of moralizing involved

as for the McDonalds you can plainly see what the situation was. There is harassment, unprofessionalism, bad service and even a purposeful environment of intimidation in that restaurant. No one should have to deal with what goes on in there and in my opinion the staff are indeed reverse racist as well as classist.

My statement on the side of the building was “RACIST N*ggers and Sp*cs work here!”. Is it a hate crime when I am accusing THEM of hate crimes? Specifically in regard to my socio economic status as a ‘homeless’ person who lives below the poverty line.
As far as I could assess I was victimized repeatedly at that restaurant due to my race, gender and class or socioeconomic status.

Before I acted out of pure hurt and frustration as i did i was considering suing the establishment but simply chose to help my friend then travel out of town and leave the adversity behind. Specifically for the behavior of the recently hired young African American males who serve as security there.

The environment in this city has turned very racially divided under President Obama and its been very stressful. The entire area has been taken over by what seems like ‘YUPpies’ and foreigners from backwards sexist third world countries who don't wish to assimilate and barely speak English and they are often put into most food service jobs in metro Boston but specifically Cambridge. For the poor and Caucasian locals there's a feeling of being marginalized. Remember this is one of the only areas in the USA who has a history of reverse racism lawsuits including one by the fire dept.

The restaurant clearly takes part in profiling homeless and poor people as well as has RACIST HIRING PRACTICES. They also have staff that are plainly reverse racist. I had a friend with me a few times this winter who is very red headed and white but speaks fluent Spanish and he informed me that the staff are being very disrespectful to certain customers speaking in Spanish so obviously they believe that non Latinos cannot understand what they are saying. (I understand that is hearsay as he is not present to make this claim himself).

In other areas of the country I've traveled to if backpacks are a problem due to being associated with travelers mostly, such as Nashville TN, the management put signs in the windows informing customers that backpacks are not allowed.
In a McDonalds in Dallas TX I photographed a sign that told customers “No Sagging (pants) Allowed In This Restaurant”.
Clearly restaurants can refuse service to anyone or make rules as to what is acceptable and what is not.
Then why has this location chosen not to do so to avoid conflict but instead chooses to use covert methods of profiling and harassment/intimidation to rid themselves of what they obviously consider unwanted elements? (I can provide those photos of signs in other McD’s in other states too.)

One of the things that concerns me is that authorities often use being homeless as a way to divert from what businesses or society generally does wrong usually by bringing up the question “Why are you homeless?” I disapprove of this strongly and it is something very offensive and potentially damaging to a vulnerable population of struggling people that needs to cease. I would like your professional advice as to what is the best way to deal with that question, as society is now specifically in a courtroom from a judge during proceedings or from an officer in public or private spaces.

If you need any other information please contact me. This is for use by you my attorney to inform you of my full recollection of the events which led up to my arrest.

Thank you,

Rachael O----

BTW I recently went to a Mcdonalds in Kenmore Sq and the older Latino male was working there George Lopez who I wrote about above as being harassing, manipulative, unprofessional and rude.
I've been going to the Kenmore location for years and have been friendly with the former manager (now works in downtown Boston and might be a good character reference for me as a customer) as well as the current manager I see most often- Jim, a kind soft spoken older man who I am amazed deals with Red Sox fans and difficult homeless people who panhandle in the area while retaining a calm and unaffected demeanor.

I simply walked in to buy two cookies as its my daily treat, and I did not avoid Mr Lopez as he was in the back and I did not see him, there was a young employee looking at their smartphone crouching down in the front and i thought this would be who served me. Mr Lopez then came from the back and when he saw me and became agitated, picked up his phone and stated that I wrote on the side of his McDonalds and the police were looking for me. I calmly and with some amusement informed him that i had already been arrested for that and he kept being highly anxious, refused to listen and continued to be aggressive while calling the police in manner that was very distressing to me as i had done nothing wrong and was following the rules of my court date by not going to the McDonalds in Central Sq. He kept exclaiming “No serve, no service, no serve you”. The other employees looked befuddled at his behavior.

I then countered by calling 9-11 myself as I do not consider Mr Lopez to be a reasonable person and in order to protect myself wanted a recorded account of what was transpiring.
The police arrived and a male officer went into the restaurant to get Mr Lopez’s account and a female spoke with me to get mine. Both were professional and pleasant specifically the female officer who dealt with me.

The male officer brought out Mr Lopez and informed him that I had a court date for the incident at the McDonalds in Cambridge. He then asked Mr Lopez if he wanted to trespass me from this location and not serve me on his shift and he said yes. The officer informed me that I was not to go into the McDonalds again and I asked if this was just on his shift or at any time. This took some doing but the answer i got was that it was on his shift as I was wondering if he had the authority to trespass me from that location entirely as I did not see him manage that location as much as I ran into Jim doing so as frequently whom as I stated seems to have no problems with me as a customer. They told me that if I went in there on his shift I he would call the police every time.
He kept talking in very broken English about the graffiti in short sentences and then said “she wrote on the side right here” and pointed to a spot on the side of that building that had a tag on it in blue sharpie almost trying to accuse me of writing on that wall also.

The officers ignored this.

I left the area and as of now do not even sit or go near that McDonalds location which I think is ridiculous considering my peaceful long term patronage there. Its because the staff there are professional, competent with orders and dont harass people."

Friday, June 13, 2014

Richard Coudenhove Kalergi- An Original Architect Of The New World Order/ Mass Immigration Deliberate Plan Destroy Europe

I thought we all figured out a while ago that engineering a 'master race' to solve social ills or 'questions' was a kookoo idea and very bad plan. 'Final Solutions' don't work.

Thanks Jeff Polachek for the modification on your site. Be well.

Inspirational Comment On Harvard From (Assumed) Harvard Reader

" Although Havard appears to have "lost" what you see as it's original grandeur, please do not negate the invisible presence of students and some assorted, perhaps odd, faculty who are striving for perfect knowledge, who also outside the realm of the NWO agenda offer alternative viewpoints to the public display of plastic surgery dolls posing to get the grant monies necessary to continue the funding--people can also pursue hidden agendas of resistance inside those Ivory Towers that remain true to the purpose of education for the sake of intellectual freedom from bondage and the new Totalitarian state. This is the contingent that is kept hidden, would not attend such functions, and nevertheless is contained within the marrow of the outwardly decaying structure of Harvard and the educational system in general. on Last Weeks Satanic Mass At Harvard Sees Results Of Its Labors Today"

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finally Discover Truth About My Paternal And Maternal Families' Past and Connections

So let me get this straight:

My mother and uncle worked for the Angulio family and the guy my dad's mother introduced me to was possibly a man connected to the Patriarcha family in RI, Johnny 'No Neck' Cedrone.

Is that correct?

So is that why the Southie guys have been so nasty to me all these years?
Wtf did my family do rat or something? Or is it protocol to be nasty to the Italian crime family people becuz they gunned down so many Irish mob early on to gain dominance? Or did my uncle cross those Southie crazies he was hanging with? Or did he rat them out and u still think u r smart like I deserve to be mistreated as well.

You realize MK Ultra is much bigger than organized crime don't you?

From what I can piece together the Bush type people and Reagan etc came in and destroyed these organized crime groups SO THEY COULD TAKE OVER AND DISTRIBUTE THE DRUGS ETC through black gangs and whatever foreigners decided to come in.

People on Bush's level, families like that have long years of experience and history with the opium trade, shipping etc.

They USE people like the ethnic American organized crime gangs
just like they used the Cubans and Columbians in Florida. They know about the murders and money laundering. They allow it for a time then when its convenient they put a stop to it, appear heroes to the ever stupid public then they simply guide new groups to be created.

So these classified projects have some connection to the post WW II era, Kennedy and organized crime. As well as the military and CIA obviously. Kennedy talked about secret societies taking over.

Ya know this all would have been a lot easier for me if I understood that people in crime families either hate my family or at least disrespect them. And this explains the police acting like shits as well all the time.

This explains all those types being in on GS all these years.

I used to get jerk offs out here connected to Southie and cops saying to me that they live in the REAL WORLD...intimating that I did not.
Hmm. That changed after the false flag operation a year ago April. Don't hear that much anymore.

I hear MBTA employees talking about being there..." when you're there and you see it with you're own eyes".

Yes I know what you mean. Like all those years I had to spend being MILABed, targeted, hit with microwave weapons, drugged, gassed, followed, mobbed etc.
Its all so easy for them isn't it. Yet these are the same people who were so cruel to me during Bush and had no problem mobbing me at MBTA stations. Welcome to my world... Chances are due to your bad character and rigidness of mind you will go insane. One can only hope for such revenge..really.

Like I said. Its bigger than the 20th century ever was.

And none of this matters anymore. I'm being shown the truth about everything.
Its all been an illusion. Falsehoods. And none of it matters anymore.

You'd better head out of the cities is all I can say. To the mountains somewhere away from the US.

Becuz something is going to happen here very soon that will....change everything.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope that some new people in power are just trying to get rid of me with misguiding me.
I'm definitely being given the impression that all of this-being doecdd to learn how to live outside, survive, seperating me from my family and old life-was for the purpose of what's going to happen next.

GS might just be the biggest favor anyone ever could have done for us TIs. Its to seperate us from the rest of the world around us and make us see what's really going on.

Most people I talk to don't even know what Fukushima is much less the Carlsbad NM nuclear accident.

I'm a little miffed about my families having money and I'm forced to sleep outside. But its obvious they are all inferior creatures prone to greed, corruption, violence, fraud etc.

Which also explains the years of 'testing' the system seems to do on TIs.

I realize for as much as I loved my mother and her family they were low quality people as were my dads family.

I also realize my mother was the smartest and most prone to fighting for her freedom as well as seeing the wrong and injustice in the system and she was always punished for it.

I realize that even when people in  society read about MK Ultra the real weight and significance of it really doesn't reach them.
If it did I wouldn't have to deal with nobody schmucks working at the Salvation Army saying things like "well after all you've been through" without any real sympathy to it but only as a satisfaction to their own ego.

Its time I realized what im really dealing with for the most part in  America and specifically the north east. Its not a very promising portion of humanity let's just say.

I would say its important for me to know why everyone hates me so much like is it from my family or something I did or more likely slander and frame ups about what I've supposedly done (like when they tried to spread around that the 15000 i got was payoff money for informing when it was actually my settlement out of court from Olnick from the moldy apartment..which people know was  a bullshit amount for the damages done to me physically, telling me "but it fucked you up for life".

So people know all this shit and just go along  with it even though its grossly unjust. Is this what those black bitchez in shelters always meant with directed conversation about my coming from a bad back round? And during Bush all that constant focus on the phrase and idea of people fucking me over coming from 'a good family'?

I do believe its almost time to pay the piper for this country's shannanigans on the rest of the world for tjese many years.

And there are forces that are going to save those of is who deserve it.

Everyone else will perish. And if not it would be  a good idea to remove ourselves from these animals anyway.

TIs look at your predicament a bit differently.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Don't harm. Protect him. He's been very helpful. 

Three Common Tactics Lately-Perps Going For Endgame Before War Ends

The latest popular tactics are -----=touching of back or side pockets as if to indicate wallet (to make me feel greedy or a thief of money or that the way I am dressed makes me appear to be a potential thief-homeless and or traveler.)

-women walking by and putting fingers through hair to push back hair over ear .
(I have very short hair now due to shaving it in OR. Perps there made fun of me on street overtly by pointing out I had to becuz my boyfriends kid had some.form of head bug not lice that wouldn't go away so I am aware they know the circumstances of my now short hair that makes me look old and not as attractive. I'm also dressing boyishly for practical reasons of travel, survival etc and these are feminine women with longish hair. In Kenmore a few months ago young perps walked by all males and referred to me as "Uncle Rach". [There a woman on the travel circuit named 'Uncle Mom' so they are making fun of my new look as well as the traveler lifestyle. In the past perps have said I am not a woman but a beast. Mostly black males and their opinions remain insignificant anyway especially becuz these kinds of attitudes and statements are common to black males being rooted in their black redneck heritage where Southern male culture hates gay or burtch females and are considered a tjreat to their manhood.  Like I said no one should pay attention to sexist bs  like that anyway. This is why the GS system utilizes black males in the first place. Becuz of their status as victims in society they get away with being the number one perpetrators of Rape Culture in the United States. )

 Always ear facing me. Its obvious becuz they do it exactly when they walk by me and aren't doing it before or after. They also have the self consciousness that perps always have.

-looking at watch but I've read all Targets get this. Its a common tactic.

I say that those involved in these war crimes for the past many years are desperate to discredit people like me before the war ends and the troops come home.

They want us out of the way.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Increased Number Of 'Lone Shootings' Comes At A Time When TIs Report An Increase In Being Targeted

This is NOT  coincidence. If you are targeted please don't act out in such a way.

The gs and harassment have increased lately to Bush era levels but the new environment that restricts movement  and activity especially of homeless or suspicious individuals as well as what seems like increased tech capabilities that are far more invasive and subtle are making it harder to fight this system or stay in control than compared to just a year or two ago.

Whatever the agenda is (taking guns away or restricting them, making universities more closed to non students or just furthering the NWO) its going into this new phase and its more disheartening than ever.

The United States And Its Allies Victimizes And Exploits Its Citizens And The Rest Of The World Then Plays Martyr And Clams Self Defense

Americans are being lied to. Gang stalking is tactical terrorism used to create overreaction in its Targets.

So an unknown power domestically with seemingly endless resources has been terrorizing targeted citizens so that we act out, react or act against our best interests.

The reason these laws on anti terror, homelessness etc are being put forth are to compliment the system of mass mind control that is creating a new world order. Many homeless  people are targeted and don't know it. Many terrorists are driven to their action s by covert methods of behavior modification and covert psychological warfare.

America and certain allies have f*cked over and exploited much of the world as well as its own citizens.
To speak out against it, act against it or live a lifestyle that's a result of that victimization is increasingly illegal and villified by authorities and an ignorant or willfully compliant public. The public are now seemingly totally removed from reality.

The fact homelessness is villified and people are considered homeless by their own Will or by choice shows society isn't interested in facing the real issues of why problems exist.

All of these actions are taken to wipe out anyone who wants to fight the mad and insane expanding American empire and its allies like Israel

No one is supposed to point out or go up against the United States.

People who've been horribly victimized like myself are left out in the cold and further intimidated into silence by domestic policies on homelessness or anti free speech like grafitti or defacement laws (even though big corporations can put ads every inch over a city including public transport).

America has never asked what it and its policies could have done to harm the rest of the world to cause acts of terrorism against the USA. From 9-11 to the Boston Bombing, America plays the martyr without questioning the cause and effect process that led up to the event(s).
Just as businesses and cities are playjg victim when dealing with the homeless and now handling the issue in the same ways this country sneakily and manipulatively deals with the rest of the world to make excuses for its behavior and get what it wants. (If they weren't false flag operations to begin with).

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MA lic plate 852 XRN Grey station wagon type. Couple filming me walking and going to a business for errands in Allston, MA

Corner of Higgins car parked on Brighton Ave in
 Allston, a part of Boston, MA near Brookline and Watertown/Newton.

Driver was older foreign male darkish like Middle East or Turkish maybe Spanish but didn't look it.
Passenger was same age (40s) overweight female looked more Latino than he.

Both were frighteningly unattractive.

He made sure I saw him filming me with smartphone as I walked up sidewalk to go to laundromat. As I approaches and saw the smartphone and filming going on he either sloppiky turned the camera quickly to his right making it look like he was filming buildings or this was to attract my attention even moreso and get me aggravated.

I tapped on his car and said he can't be filming people like that and he was focused on escaping the scene (heading SE down Brighton Ave) and of course the passenger was simply amused by this. That perp reaction I've seen many times over the years. Its fun and games to them AND this pisses off and psychologically damages the Target.

He did not react as a REASONABLE PERSON would if I was acting unreasonably.

In other words-he was guilty as f*ck and got busted which may or may not have been part of the psych warfare operation.

Either way who cares.

Yer f*ckin ugly and fat and I'm gonna do my laundry. Piss off.

I told you u shudnt have been filming people walkjng down the street and j meant it.

Oh goody the perps get to see my new second hand store skirt. Probably for a new identifying footage as to what I look  like now.


Marilyn Monroe: Destined To Be- (Norma Jean Baker/Mortenson) and Mother Grace Claimed To Be Followed By Mysterious Persons Throughout Their Lives

Tragic but typical end to the life of a typical high profile mind controlled slave:

Marilyn claimed her mother grace had been followed around as she also made claims to her entire life.

Norma Jean's biological parents worked close to the movie industry. Her real father was a man named Gifford:

The photo of her biological father when young in the hat is somewhat disturbing. There certainly is something magnetic about him if not suspicious or just...a bit evil.

Its this magnetism that Marilyn had. And someone knew it even as a child.

Many of us suspect we are products of selective breeding programs especially those of us with absentee fathers. Then of course the system becomes our father figure or strong figures are put in our paths as handlers. Some of us who were raised with strong maternal authorities end up with female handlers.

Most MC slaves and Survivors are children with absentee fathers and go through the foster care system or like my mother have abusive fathers who can be blackmailed or willingly get involved  with the pedo/programming systems. Often there is military connections with mind control projects.

When you don't have a solid sense of part of your identity from a parent this can be used to manipulate a person mentally and emotionally.

For those of us surviving ritual abuse our father and our marriage is to an entity often a male cult member will stand in for this entity in a spiritual marriage. Then when its 'time to go' and suicide programming comes, its as easy as being brainwashed to 'go home' to your god/father/husband figure.

They were probably messing with her for years before her death. The gang stalking system can make people very sick old and unhealthy before their time.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Swami Professor Gets Fired From Harvard For Defending Ancestoral Homelands From Terrorists, Not Multi-Culting and Being Human-Without Question Of Course

Harvard has a documented history of involvement in MK Ultra. Harvard helped create the Unibomber then cover up for the project and its participants to preserve the projects integrity.

Harvard has played an inttegal part in destroying my life and continues to do so. Their police force was a major gang stalking force during Bush usually in public civilian spaces in unison with Cambridge police and other authorities.

Harvard and its cronies will drive a person crazy with hate until they make careless statements like Swami did or like my recent acting out using covert methods so they can then behave self righteously and put on a great front by appearing to protect the rights of others.

Harvard seems to have  a problem with poor whites in their admissions as they focus on trying to get People Of Color and Asians into their elite university but then that's a classiest, reverse racist problem with most American elite or Ivy League universities.

Harvard's students have been involved in organized stalking and harassment psych warfare ops and that includes the seemingly wonderful kids at the HS Homeless Shelter at Lutheran Church in the winter.

Its possible that this professor is targeted. Its also possible that he simply is being protective and territorial of his people and his homeland. Harvard has responded with total insensitivity to this man's feelings which obviously are very sensitive on the matter.

Its very suspect to me that westerners in their political correctness nowadays specifically Americans don't ask 'why' as to what would cause a human being to hate so absolutely. Any act of terrorism should be questioned and I don't mean sitting back and letting parties with an agenda or special interests give us answers.

Why would intelligent  people who regularly do research and study not question such a thing?

Its becuz those in power who design and social engineer know that any true dialog or investigation that resulted in real and true answers would reveal their corruption and monopolizing of power.

What Harvard is doing is creating a closed environment where only those meeting acceptable guidelines of behzvir and thought can exist. It's a total false environment. A place where the inconveniences and dngers kd rjs scary ointerestodld (rwl world) cannot get in.

People in Iran and other countries that are such terrorist threats have expressed concern over the existence of ongoing covert ops in their countries by foreign powers they believe.

Lone shooters and terrorists are driven to the actions they take. Just think for a moment, outside the propaganda, what could drive people to act out as such? One would have to be very desperate to take an action that ends others lives and probably the end result ends their own in the process.

Such people are driven to desperation as a last action. Driven by deep survival instincts to protect ones Self or one's people.

This the totally normal human animal behavior that's kept us alive as a species.

The harassment or psych warfare system plays on this mechanism in people and causes them to react.

In fact the stronger you are as a tribe warrior or protector by nature the more attractive you are to them as a Target for this type of sad ending.

The authorities are programmed to protect in a totally different way than people's primitive instincts. They are militant, organized and by design. They are part of an engineered false environment that doesn't result from nature.

These actions are basically last desperate actions. Why? Becuz no one seems to be listening. No one is reasonable. People aren't being honest about different religious and ethnic groups, our behaviors or the negativity in our interactions with each other living amongst each other as we do now in the insane social engineering project known as Diversity.

Harvard is basically saying shut up and don't point out reality by not questioning his irrational hatred. Don't draw attention  to the truth just keep working for the agenda.

Once again it has to be asksd - if  a new world order is such a good idea and so novel and noble then why are so many people murderously unhappy with its machinations? Why is any honest comment or discussion or questioning of something so new discouraged?

Its becuz the United States and other nations are guilty of crimes against humanity in order to put forth their agendas and meet their needs. So they must accuse others of what they are guilty avoid detection.

Everyone who cheats or is guilty does this.

Harvard's medical teaching hospitals have done appalling and illegal things in the interest of continued unethical human experimentation, furthering the NWO and even covering for their staff's involvment in the local sex industry during a federal investigation.

Harvard is a bloated, overwhelming behometh that by its nature abuses power. Its over funded, arrogant, privileged, elitist, exclusionary, classist and lately shamelessly pandering to clueless middle to upper middle tourists that have nothing to do with Harvard University.

Nixon used to refer to Harvard as 'Kremlin on the Charles.' Either he was correct after all or his people by way of Bush who's been crrepng around the corners of Americas power center for years-have completely infiltrated this place and have turned things to their liking.

Being greedy, power mongering even an abusive overlord is fine and normal human behavior. Utilizing 21st century technologies and other progresses in the sciences of chemistry and psychology to a great unfair advantage over humanity is NOT supposed to be part of these age old games humans play with each other.

For Harvard to take part in war crimes to gain control over its people and the consumers that benefit them in the area then punish a professor for reactng to the horrors of the NWO like a normal healthy human being is  typical of a tyrant who wants to control a carefully structured false environment that lies to its people and the public at large.

We now once again live in a fuedal system where the king in the castle on the hill is unseen by us but that power is felt all over the land daily. He gives precedent to those in the hierarchy who serve his system-the noble, the serf, the merchant and so forth. The peasants are oblivious and the rest of us are left as travelers and fringe people if we do not choose to serve an abusive tyrant.

The only good thing about Harvard is they allow the fringe into the castle walls if only very conditionally. Mostly I've found to try to convert us into servants of the system.

Every major university in the USA has become this way. Harvard is just more restrictive,  controlling and destructive  these days as is all of the northeast.

I've been being hit with this exact sentiment lately actually. In some locations always the same ones I receive a constant bombardment of ideations that I 'don't belong here',  in Harvard Sq or around the university.  Its been pronounced since the new mayor and city manager took the reigns in Cambridge as well as the changes in Boston's administration.

Its the same formula-punish someone for reacting normally to the horrible conditions of the imposed NWO.
Cause A Problem-Solve A Problem.