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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Another Important Note: Antibiotics Improve Ability To Be Unaffected By Gang Stalking Activity/They Make Target and Survivors Sick On Purpose-MK Ultra Creates Sickly People To Begin With

Im on yet another course this time for a dental issuI

I am targeted due to being a second generation MK Ultra experimentee. My mother is a documented 1950s radiation experimentee both parents US Marines.

MK Ultra included radiation experiments (military) and druggings (CIA) (they both claim each experimentee groups were seperate in MK Ultra documents and investigations but theres testimonies saying there were cross overs).

I now believe that due to exposure to radiation as well as perhaps genetics they have knowledge of and also druggings to weaken our constitutions as the aforementioned would weaken a human immune system-all that has been done to our DNA as well as us physically as individual experimentee/Targets has made us sickly people basically.

Also those of us who are chipped may be having some health effects from that or they can produce them through these means.

Being hit by microwave weapons and electromagnetic technologies of various kinds will also weaken a human being and destroy the body over time.  Last time I had an MRI a year or so ago I felt pain and suffering physically from being inside the machine. I felt effects on my heart.
Being radiated from the west coast as well as being hit over time with technologies or exposed via being targeted has definitely done damage.  The fact that I am so sensitive to Fukushima fallout to begin with says something significant.
A woman from the Dept Of Energy when my mother was preparing to go into the class action lawsuit supposedly told my mother the damage from the radiation is inter-generational due to passing it on or was it that I was an egg in my mothers womb and she was not protected during the radiation treatments.

Also I've been exposed to multiple molds in an apartment which I sued for. I  believe this was on purpose  due to the circumstances and timing as well as I WAS KEPT IN THE APARTMENT WITH HARASSMENT and coercion as well as technologies (there was something going on with the NEXTEL cell repeaters one floor up from mine on the roof. Just following the wires down to the basement was creepy. Those tubes of wires were huge.)

Ive also  been drugged repeatedly with psychodelics and something like neuro inhibitors-that make you  a drooling idiot who can only remember your first name.  Theres also the issue of what was being put in my sedatives in early 2000s from Walgreens in Brookline. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor in California give me a new bottle, tell me to ditch the old one-after being told they never ever have that medicine available.
Over time as a TI you will gain support when people realize you are not someone who deserves this as well as you can fight this system. Becuz if you DONT they WILL destroy you.
And Ive also been drugged with something from an Illinous Walgreens where the pharmacist signaled me not to take it, which was just so nice! Humanity does have some redeeming members left.  But I took one anyway and it turns out it had mind controlling 'suggestions' or it somehow made the tech being used
I couldnt stop hearing v2k that I should conform and feeling compelled to do so from the core of my physical being. They were obsessed for years during Bush with ways to BREAK THE HUMAN WILLPOWER which of course includes  the strength of the core of your being-not just your mind.

So....all these druggings, being radiated, Fukushima and other nuclear facility either fallout or pollution areas, being exposed to mold, the pre existing state of my health due to surgeries and my DNA being effected  by my mother being exposed to radiation possibly-and add to that someone whos been being heavily stressed and sleep deprived for years- leads to someone who is mentally and physically weakened.

Ive also had liver disease since 1995 and I read that the powers that be know damn well that mold exposure exacerbates that condition.

So these conditions all lead to some one who is weakened. The break down of society at large through the NWO and its methods as well as my home bases being either always in flux or under threat or destroyed all together-as well as lack of touch, being hated not loved, lack of sexual contact etc-makes someone who is basically hanging by a thread and working off of the most primitive level of survival strength- EVERY SINGLE DAY almost.

That leaves you not only very seperated from the rest of normal society just by the way you have to live but it also makes the way your body and DNA functions different from the rest of a modern society like America.

This is one part of why antibiotics seem to help in creating a shield against what they try to do to a Target to destroy you. Especially now with radiation across the north American continent putting our immune systems under stress. I definitely feel the difference between today and pre 2011.

The second part of this is one of THE COVER STORIES FOR MK ULTRA by Dr Cameron was that he was devoloping a system of CURING SCHIZOPHRENICS. Of course he knows that in relation to the programs and projects that create mind controlled slaves there is no such thing as schizophrenia. Relative to MK Ultra, schizophrenia has no existence.

The world of programmed people and ritual abuse victims even functioning spies or agents or other people who are...controlled to an extent for the security and safety of the entity known as that govt as well as the public-is a closed off area that has different rules and circumstances than the outside world or normal world for your average person. And one of psychiatry's methods for judging disorders etc is to make adjustments for cultural norms and other circumstances.

Thus if no one is told the true nature of a persons history, upbringing or cultural backround as say, a mind controlled slave or other divergent from the norm then schizophrenia is a perfect cover up for why the person behaves as they do or what is 'wrong' with them.

This is the main way in which psychiatry covers up for the abuses of programs and projects like this or even the circumstances in which people part of this culture have to live.

I am now convinced after many courses of antibiotics in the last year that these drugs make us stronger and more well physically and thus mentally and emotionally. We are more able to withstand the trauma of the daily spiritual and psychological abuse as well as possibly like in my case living in physically challenging circumstances especially at an advancing age.  
Whatever they have done to me over these years and even prior to my being targeted 24/7 has created a situation where I can be made mentally unable to cope with what is being done to me and am unable to be healthy enough to fight back effectively, stay in control or to think of ways out of the situation. Mental deficiency is a large part of this.

I notice that the antibiotics make me more steady and able to focus on solutions. I am more sturdy.  I do not react as much nor am I inside my own head as much running the situation over and over.

This may be the main reason why they hate people like myself so much as well as want to destroy us completely. Due to whats been done to make us what we are, we have been rendered so sick, so weak and so unable to survive that putting us to death or making us permanently defective and insane is a favorable option to them. They keep us sick and make us sicker and weaker.

Of course this is done on puropose becuz our testimonies and memories are what they fear most.

So in order to 'treat schizophrenics' you have to create them and of course thats not even whats wrong with them to begin with but its a nice cover story to tell an ignorant, uninituated public.

Two weeks ago or so a young black male perp intimated that one of the greatest reasons for gang stalking campaigns is to "not alarm the public" about all thats going on with us and all thats now connected to or rooted in MK Ultra. Like mass mind control etc.

The perps who are not just scumbags wanting to get out of trouble for kiddie porn or get reduced sentences are on the side of defending the nation and national security.

Yet Survivors have little recourse so what are we supposed to do? They genuinely want people like me to sacrifice our lives they've taken from us for the common good of the nation. That is the main conflict with this system.

And my stints with antibiotics let me know that definitely part of the efforts to destroy us as well as to discredit us or validate campaigns against us is to destroy and degrade our health and sanity.

For example I am so well right now that I am able to observe this and the last post. To formulate this  as an observation and solution.
Im also able to consider leaving the USA or claiming refugee status somewhere else instead of spending my remaining  years having the USA suck me dry like a human sacrifice for the nation.  I would usually be too weak or effected to act on such things or even think of these solutions or execute them..or even remember a few hours later.

This shows that they take advantage of the lack of wellness of mind control victims and they make such circumstances worse with a campaign if they can. And then they take full advantage of that as well as utilize these conditions to discredit us with labels even if they are unofficial.

Americans Applying For Foreign Asylum Peaked From 2004-2008 . Many Claim Anti Bush Admin Political Opinion

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Possible Example of 'Media Psy Ops': TV Public Service Ad By Dept Of US Govt Contains Subliminated Gesturing

Tactical Gesturing related to the abuse and use of behavioral or Pavlovian psychology on Targeted Individuals is done in person by real people who stalk the Target but any tactic that works with real life humans can work with people in any pre recorded image like photos or videos, films etc.

Most TIs get the clue sooner or later to not view new movies coming out of Hollywood especially when they are released. Waiting a year or two makes it so your life's circumstances are so different from when the subliminated cues or triggers or tactics or messages were released that they have no effect.

Ads however are like sniper hits. They are fast and you dont expect them. They are unavoidable if a TV is on in any given area that you may watch for just a few minutes.

I saw this today. Its even more credible as it was released this year in January 2016 and it was made by a dept of the US govt.
Which isnt exclusive ive seen certain companies do this for years though infrequently.

During the Bush era post 9-11 it seemed that intelligence had come up with a method for a specific part of a video or moving picture that was pre recorded to have the ability to stand out to a specific Targeted Individual or Targeted Survivor of programming.

The moment of the image standing out and grabbing the intended person's consciousness is only a millisecond-its very quick.

It almost has the effect of something being 3-d for a second and reaching or leaping off the screen and making an actual interface with the targeted person's mind.

Its amazing perception manipulation and the tech certainly exists to make such a claim and theory possible.

SIDE TAP!! One of the variations of one of the two gestures Im anchored and sensitized to in past few years.
(Side Tap is a variant of the Wallet Tap gesture. Please see my video on my YouTube which goes into detail if you are unfamiliar with the use of gesturing on people targeted with psychological warfare campaigns as part of 'gang stalking'.

Gesture is at :19 of the ad.

It also would draw my attention becuz the woman in the ad is a sort of old school Democrat Liberal type that used to be common around Cambridge and this look was common during the 70s and early 80s.

However with the Liberal Elite becoming oppressive and fascist with thier modern agenda in Liberal elite areas this sort of person has become offensive to me. (Black and Red, People pf Color, classism and reverse racism from the Liberal Elite Left is part of bringing in the NWO it seems.

We're getting slammed here in Boston with this sort of manpower connected to the NWO agenda.

See COINTELPRO to understand how America's black community in many college and elite areas may be fully on the side of the system via covert warfare).

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ACLU Might Actually Be Reasonable-My Intake May Not Have Been Clear To Get Help

Ok the ACLU is actually being cool. I was just distraught becuz of being stonewalled so many other times by people I was asking for help, medical professionals etc.

Its so hard when u become isolated and messed with everyday. You don't know who u can trust.

Mobbed With Violence By St Francis Scum While Begging For Morning Coffee Downtown Boston

Like downtown DD coffee better than Cambridge becuz its not bitter.

Flying sign in front of DD on Washington street and Essex St Boston. Easnt a problem last week then again everyone was probably too lazy to come out after the first snow. Perps are horribly entitled spoilt scumbags.

Mobbed on Washington st Boston by St Francis shelter scum. Some guy got violent threatened me had to pull knifw out so of course he walks.

Chinese and Latinos doing gesturing tactics and of course a few union-small tradesman scum.

They were careful of being filmed but seemed more concerned with me logging into this blog.

Some of the St Francis scum both white and black hung around Dunkin Donuts as if to try to threaten Id be harmed if I tried to leave.

They ALL left when I started writing and YUPpie perps also left the shop.

One black lady was doing directed conversation saying something about 'when its time to go down YOUR GOIN DOWN'.

Ok. By totally illegal means? This is supposed to be whats gonna take me down?

And you badasses are afraid of a blog?

So how is that powerful enuf to take someone down?

U may annoy them to death but its not taking anyone down.

Many of them gave up when I just drank my coffee and talked on the phone but they ALL cleared out like troops being withdrawn when the writing started.

Yep. Goin down...uh huh. Riiighhht.

And yes I used the N word. I sang a Screwdriver song quietly as I panhandled just to piss eveyone off.

Just to be a contrary asshole.

They wanna create racists well they are doing a good job.


Again go straight to hell and drop dead.

After fighting with perps always return to being nice and normal and calm.

Its like swatting flies to get rid of pests. Dont let it ruin your mood.


Noise Campaign In Shelter To Wake and Cause Stress-Only Five Days Til Leaving Boston Permanently

Thier big thing lately is to mob me in a group like at the HSHS this morning and then act as if Im delusional or crazy by not reacting.

Its been very hard but its only five motre days until I can leave the area.

This time I'm not coming back.

I was told most of whats going on has to do more with the govenor Baker than more localized govt.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GOP Establishment In Massachusetts Ensured Baker For Governor, Blocked Fisher

Yeah I was told that its Baker thats got a "focused plan" for MA so all thats happening around me that sucks is coming from higher ups.

I knew Baker was going to be difficult and I shouldn't have returned to MA.

Its a very bad habit Ive gotten into. A pattern of coming back to fight, always losing to MA and often almost ending up in jail or dead or very ill.

I must find a way of preventing myself from returning.

The one delusion I do admit to suffering from is that I can beat Massachusetts. That I can win and get justice for myself and my family. That I can take back what theyve taken from me all these years.

Thats never going to happen.

Me just writing down what happened is going to have to be enough. And I need to make myself understand that.

Online HUMINT Operations Exposed By Snowden Show Why Activism Is Useless Against The New World Order/Mirage Men

Mirage Men:

Perhaps you can make people aware but thats all. Organizing or having any impact to stop whats being formed now is useless.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lol Perp Opens Social Media Account Just To Perform Gesturing! Hysterical...

Lol. This one Irish little scumbag perp from Charlestown actually opened up ab account on social media in my circle of friends JUST so he could post a profile pick doing the hand thru the hair tactic.

He is SUCH a little bitch.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

At Boston Medical Center For Infected Tooth-Observation Of Harassment And Levels Of Electromagnetic Pollution

I went to BMC becuz I believed they had a dentist on call for issues such as this becuz of the BU dental clinic being out of BMC. There isn't any such thing but Im supposed to go to clinic tomorrow.

Being kept in the hallway becuz they dont have any rooms:

So of course I can deal with passerbys if anyone tries any gesturing. I have since moved to the side to avoid this.

As predicted an male of African descent wearing red was mopping and I knew what wud come next (becuz this is one of the oldest tactics used by cleaning and service people.)

They either mop your shoes with the mop carelessly or worse-your expensive pack which is your HOUSE you worked hard to get and keep which houses everything you own.

I told him to mop around me. I told him Id film it if he did it again. I told him gang stalking was for losers.
He backed off and lost the arrogance. So typical.

Here is my observation of the harassment as well as the effect of being in a protected environment from tech used to typically target TIs:

"While in BMC er I observed gesturing harassment from an Asian medical doc (resident I believe) who examined me for an infected tooth. He said I was to be examined by his attending but prob antibiotics were in order.

The er nurse, triage nurses did not engage in this behavior nor did security (who left upon my arrival at desk), front desk intake nor ambulance personel outside. Nor the woman doing registration in the er.

I took screen shots of my cell phone's calling reception (bars) as well as data reception and the list of available wifi networks.

I noted as in other ERs, hospitals and govt buildings that my mind was clear of INTERFACE specifically the constant ever present TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT which is responsible for much torment, pain, suffering and confusion when outside of Safe Spaces such as this hospital ER at BMC in Boston MA USA. When in these physical spaces which limit electromagnetic and microwave pollution/weaponry in the environment I can clearly judge the difference in my mental clarity as well as my ability to think, reason and make decisions.

Thus being targeted renders a person UNREASONABLE. One is not capable of rationale thought or even proper memory function.

I also notice that discovering new ways to use technology or capacities of gadgets are easily available when sitting in a protected environment such as this.

I also observe in myself an emotional stability or placidity. When outside within the metro Boston city limits I observe myself being constantly tossed about in states of fear (causing very damaging stress) anger and insecurity and feeling intimidated. Which also reflects the kinds of people who are within this environment as opposed to psych warfare being perpetrated in public spaces hidden from the public.

Its reflective of the culture also. Being surrounded by a can active culture of industriousness, problem solving healing and care and thus responsibility and order is beneficial as opposed to outside spaces."

8:06 pm:
And since this post the shenanigans and naughtiniess has ceased!
Imagine that.

This book came up when googling "mk ultra Boston City Hospital" (now Boston Medical Center).
8:29 pm
The attending was a pleasant female doc who finished my case quickly and Im on my way. After talking to mr. Nervous and aggressive the Asian resident (which I would rather not. Sigh.)

Hey..I got a sandwich and juice. I hope someone can fix my teeth. A dentist in Central Sq Cambridge messed up and its been worrisome. Having many teeth pulled is NOT helping my gs case. Nor my health.

A good dentist in this situation is one of THE HARDEST things to find.

Tooth Ache In Jaw, Pain And Cold Snowy Conditions Make For A Miserable TI (Yesterday's Posts)

Well if youve read yesterday's posts you now have experienced the 'candid' part of this blog.

Though it makes me look awful or has readers drop this blog its purpose is to illustrate the difficulties involved in daily life as a TI.
To map out how the tech and chemical influence effect a targeted person and to illustrate how a person full of love and care for humanity can be tormented into hate, lone shooting, racism as self defense (racial awareness) or other things coming from being isolated and tormented while working tirelessly to get information to people who would rather not know the truth.

I've had a tooth in my jaw that broke and the hole is exposing nerve I believe as my jaw hurts. This plus heavy destructive and dumbing down tech and chemical influence (creating conditions that make the in person stalking and harassing psychological warfare more effective than it ever would be under normal conditions) were what was behind yesterday's posts.

I walked around on the defensive all day yesterday.

I am so damaged by years of being harassed by the medical professionals that Im conditioned to be afraid of going to the hospital.

I did a lot of writing aloud last night and somehow finagled a promise to myself I will go today. I dont want to. I know people at whatever hospital I go to will mess with me.

But at least its Saturday and the electromagnetic influence or pollution is lessened making the harassment less effective.

(Panhandling in this weather is crappy also.)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Wow. ACLU Can Go About Questioning Boston's FBI In Relation To Bombings Yet My Simple Intake Form Has Them STUMPED!

Seems the legal apparatus over at ACLU is pretty capable. So why are they "unsure of how to proceed" concerning my simple case?

Also the dullard response on the message of "we dont know how we can help you" is also unexpectedly retarded considering on my green intake form I SPECIFIED AS TO WHAT I NEEDED THE ACLU TO HELP ME WITH.

The woman in the message also refers to my intake information as "your letter".

My letter? Yes I am a crazy bitch who wastes time writing fucking letters to the ACLU. ITS YOUR INTAKE FORM! YOU GAVE IT TO ME TO FILL OUT! Wtf?

So we can assume by the douchebaggery Ive received in the voice message from my local infiltrated comprimised ACLU that they obviously know exactly what goes on in this city.

I knew everything in Bostons reach was comprimised so this comes as no surprise. You cant run a city like this one with this much at risk and hidden corruption with out making sure all dogs are leashed, heeled and that any rebels against you in reality-work with you.

Its the way to run a kingdom. And Boston is nothing short of that.

They had no problem helping this man named Omar who works at a dive pizza joint in Central Square when he claimed the FBI had people tailing him here and in NYC and then invited him out to dinner to coerce him into working for them.
Hes got paperwork for miles documenting all of it.

But my simple case is just too much for them.

I suppose theres an ACLU in DC with actual grown ups who mean business working there not uppity locals who are tied into the self righteous corrupt Boston scene.

You can't even get a straight health inspector here. When I call the BOH on Omars restaurant becuz hes got MERSA and his co worker was a total bitch to me when someone bought me a pizza there I already know I need to call the state or fed. Boston and Cambridge are worthless (paid off indefinitely).

Hmmm. Maybe Omar finally succumbed to FBI pressure to work for them or just maybe-they knew more thab they told and theres more to Boston and Cambridge than meets the eye and they were going after the right person after all.


Not to mention the nationwide gang stalking problem by every single employee thats visible at these gyms.

Theres other stuff-like the Lunk Alarm mentioned.

If you look at your eyes in the ladies room mirrors you take on the hypnotic persona of a reptilian alien. Notice it next time you go.

Also whats up with EVERY SINGLE female relishing herself in the mirror obsessively before a workout? Front, backside, hairdo-wtf?

And I realized a while ago why Im hated at PF. Its not just becuz Im a Target.

Its becuz with my drive, genetics and athleticism I WOULD BE A LUNKHEAD...if I wasnt targeted.  If I was allowed to have a place to live and work out and have a job.

I would be every single one of the people they make fun of in those ads on the stupid brainwash screens in the locker rooms and beyond.

Its worth it for $20 month. But for all the gs they perform they definitely deserve to be picked on.

You dont even want to know what Ive seen in the 24 hour one downtown. With their totally racist hiring practices and only hiring youngsters.

A young black kid actually was hiding in the utility closet in the ladies locker room late one night.  I heard him in there and saw him for a second.

Why complain? The place is right in the thicke of prostitution and drug dealing downtown. Im sure its wrapped up tight.  And besides...its predictable behavior. Hmph.

ACLU Pros And Cons

CIA Has "Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy" Lol/ Male Contractor Sexually Harassed By Female CIA (Is There Training For That?)

I can just hear it now:
'We can keep you safe from enemy kidnapping and getting killed but son..we just cant save you from our female agents.
Your on your own!'

Heh. Lol.

Its all such utter bullshit. People complaining about sexual violence in an industry THAT MAKES MONEY OFF OF SEX, VIOLENCE AND DEATH. (Intelligence and military and their contractors)

As if that wouldn't be part of the nature of the people who are involved in that kind of work.

Anything to keep the public compartmentalized about the war for profit machine that gives them their quality of life-barely.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wal-Mart And Surveillance Of Employees And Activists

Keep in mind that as a Target I loathe Wal-Mart but as a poor person and Traveler Im doing myself a disservice by posting against the company.

I can depend on Wal-Mart to be in any given city in the USA. RVs and big rig trucks are allowed to camp overnight on their parking lots.
I basically have survived by shopping their every month when I get my meager moneys. I get things necessary to my survival cheaply and easily.

In areas where bad weather could kill a Traveler this company's employees have let myself and others stay overnight or in the walkway for hours during the day as tornado warnings are issued with heavy never endg rain in the midwest.

Ironically many of the companies that cause these problems end up assisting disadvantaged people. And my activism thats included being attacked by them and exposing them would not have been possible-without them.

I know damn well other countries would be much more harsh on dissidents and that America is just trying to compete globally.
Often its been customers in Wal-Mart not employees who are doing the harassment but it depends on the city or town, just as with marked and uniformed police. It varies.

Of course theres the issue of technologies which at Walmart its bad just as with McDonalds.

I dont know if corporate America can exist without gang stalking of TIs or being tied in with the military industrial complex.

Just becuz Americans care about exploitation doesnt mean a competing country would.

The point isnt to destroy these companies but simply to expose the link between MK Ultra and our post 9-11 world.

Protect America fine but create perfect consumers or torture dissidents or get presidents elected?  No.
After dealing with the masses as a Target I understand the elites disdain for them on a practical level. I only want justice for other oppressed Targets and for those who are worthy and seeking answers to find them.

The average American seems pretty content with their enslavement and anyone who isnt has left by now.

Radio White Noise Useful For Shielding (Counter Technology In Certain Physical Spaces)

If you wanna refer to the process as shielding. Remember I'm a TI whos not one of the engineer or science types we have in our community.

I pretty much write what I observe while traveling as a Target as well as offer solutions that have worked for me which I always stress may not work for other demographics of people targeted.

I come up with very folkish solutions which like all folk medicine have scientific merit but mostly based in common sense and PROBABLY would be alot more effective if we had labs and educations-but then we'd all have been killed off by now for genuinely knowing too much or we'd have joined the other side.

Also consider Im pretty isolated from thr TI community as the bad guys within made sure of that from day 1.

I simply dont have time nor discernment to go through info about the tech part of being targeted.

But I do find things that work..I just dont always know why they do.

Btw always consider that the scientific community is bullshitting. For instance the infamous tin hat worn by many crazy people (who knows how many are just working for the shadow system in trying to discredit actual targeted people)

An MIT kid did a study. Oh boy. Of course it doesnt show it works.

However he didnt go further to show thst if metal ENVELOPES say an RFID chipped card then this concept IS effective. Which is how the concept of blocking cases and bags came into being to protect people from identity theives while traveling.

So the man on the street is somehow smart ENOUGH to know part of the solution or have enough sense to go in the right direction but simply cannot complete a workable solution due lack of education, resources and probably operating sleep deprived, brain damaged and half crazy DUE TO BEING TARGETED.

Human animals are smart. Smart monkeys get the bananas and we all formulate solutions if survival necessitates it.

Its the educated people who can con everyone becuz they know how to manipulate information or what to omit to prove or disprove something.

ACLU Boston Is Stonewalling Me (Just As Expected)

After 18 days someone called me back claiming to have spoken to legal consultants.

The message said that the ACLU wasnt sure what they could do for me. That they didnt know how to proceed.

I am not stupid enough to go to the ACLU for anything involved with the activism I do such as daily harassment becuz TIs have shared their experiences and this organization doesn't touch Targeted Individual, organized stalking or anything related issues.

That's why I simply approached this from wanting legal assistance for the incident that occurred with Harvard and Cambridge police and the false tip of domestic terrorism as well as wanting to see how this now effects my travel as a US citizen also to get help removing the Harvard property tresspass mostly for practical reasons such as the dental school etc.

These people are a high profile organization and with experience and education and THEY arent sure how to proceed??

I dont have any money or formal education but I have some sensible ideas. Like what I just mentioned above.

This is the typical drop the ball or going limp type tactics used in a Target's life.

My psychiatrist Dr Emmerich at MGH where they abused me so horribly used to do the same things. I would ask if I had PTSD and she'd say that we can never know or be sure.

Shed basically never really engage with problems that other patients got help with. Well off people I met would tell me this isnt normal and she wasnt doing her job and to report her.

I should have becuz she kept intimating that the system was threatening her family and after I left for AZ and asked for a referal letter to another doctor she sent me something horriblle that basically said I had PTSD, unrealistic ideations and some other factors that put together equal someone whos a potential lone nutter.
(I also think they had her on insurance fraud as I noticed that my health insurance was getting billed not just to her but from her husband which I never saw as a health care professional or in any other capacity.  This was a trend at the time and many providers got in trouble some years later.

My mother used to do the same thing perhaps as a scam. She would file lawsuits that werent right and claim that if everyone else is also abusing the legal system at the same time, no one will notice, which I always thought was cowardly and disgusting. Yet another insight into the mind of the kind of person who will bend very quickly and turn gang stalking perp.
Cowardly, disgusting and greedy sounds about right.)

A year or so later I went into a local hospital from the same overwork and stress. The doctor simply wrote officially that these occassional episodes that end in my needing a 'rest' for a week were akin to a CEO who gets exhausted and severely overworked-its acute not chronic.
He also made mention that  due to Dr Emmerich's actions this is why I need to go with somebody (a doc) thats "good"  wnd not comprimised I assume he meant.

Dr Emmerich may have been doing me a favor that anyone else would not have-that letter may have been just for me and not in official records. So she could tell me what the system was trying to frame me up as-how they were going to come at me. One of their little self fulfilling prophecies.

It doesn't matter what she did becuz I now have something official that says I work to damn hard and am a work aholic even if its just my survival along with my activism and not a job.

Blacklisted whistle blowers usually dont get to work anymore.

That's what you have to do in this game. Find the occassional decent professional who still behaves as such or have allies. Traveling and what seems like meaningless networking is actually very important.

They are hoping this will deter me becuz over the past few years they've gotten me very isolated and want to make me feel as if I have no way out or no help.

Boston has a cycle with this behavior its like the ocean that's so much a part of this city. The support I get tides in and out changing according to whos in office or whats going on politically, socially or economically.

I dont have time for Boston to yet again put itself first Ive waited years and fought, ran and worked hard enough.

By all logic work this hard has to pay off sometime. One of the benefits Ive gained in being so dedicated and traveling so hard is to learn how this system works more effectively than Targets who just sit in their homes and get fried to death.

You know....years ago during early Bush era after they had me almost out of my place in Brighton MA an obnoxious woman in social services posed the idea to me that people who are mentally ill with a label can get housing very easily.  Can you imagine victimizing someone so horribly and then coercing them into falsifying a health status of mental illness or disorders by purposefully pushing them out of food and shelter-basic human needs?

Going to any organization in Boston one must already understand its probably pointless as its either infiltrated or loyal to the Commonwealth or private interests therein.

Kinda like the FBI with Whitey.

There are other ACLUs and other legal representatives.

This is why I purposely went to them not for matters of being targeted but as a citizen whos had questionable treatment by police where the police themselves agreed harassment as an activist may be the cause.

Its a quite simple situation. An uneducated poor middle aged female can comprehend it.

Whats the ACLUs problem?

Chevron's Outrageous Harassment Of Government and Activists, Lawyers, Journalists

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Liberal Elite Areas Need A Balancing Of Cultural Power (Oppresed Euro Americans)

Little shits in Boston are satisfied to blindly embrace Liberal Left fascism as long as they have their Saboxone, pills and K2 (synthetic marijuana).
Btw kids- calling me a KIKE becuz u overhead the N word is a terrible counter move. Yer idiots. And im not jewish duh.

This city is very astute at making sure common people especially kids are fully asleep under the Afro Judeo-Christian culture in the northeast becuz it ensures tolerance towards drug use and all the  rest of it thats used to enslave humans in big cities.

As long as black males keep doing gang stalking harassment for the elites and their bankster friends, I WILL KEEP USING THE N WORD in self defense.


They think its going to discredit me. Not when COINTELPRO IS TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.

Btw only cities like Boston use black house slaves for constant harassment of WHITE FEMALE TARGETS.

Other areas of the country arent viscous sewers of immoral greed and corruption.

Happy MLK day. Becuz COINTELPRO helped destroy him as myself and any other genuine activist.

MLK had a dream- its not the nightmare brought to us by Obama and his racist mentors or the private sector or the banksters"

Funny, i get along well with Afro Centrists and old Pan Africanist activists.

Becuz when u know the truth you can no longer be manipulated. And words lose their power.

One more attempt to curb my freedom of speech and I wont leave town.
I will hammer lawsuits all over this place and hate speech bs will be useless to you as a defense.

I will become your biggest nightmare. I will create such a backlash movement against oppressive Liberal Left elite house slavery that the elite scum will lose their death grip on this area.

Like their aren't many people who secretly think what i freely say or write.
New tactic: man grabbing his  friend's ass on the bus standing while I sit. Of course this is accompanied by other gesturing beforehand thats recognizable to me. (Leg or side taps).

Getting mobbed by a bunch of retards on the number 1 bus going towards Boston from Cambridge.

A pack of well to do young males of course and with one black friend. Of course same class.

Who says dickless scrawny retards who reek of the intelligence comminuty cant embrace Diversityy?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sean Penn And Drug Lord-He Thinks Mexico Wants Him Compromised

Lets see. Drug lord or Sean Penn....I think the guy on the left is way more scary, backstabbing, untrustworthy and sleazy.

Yeah. Guy on right way less creepy.

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Staff Make A .'Mistake' And Put My Weapons Into A Dirty Sharps Container/Tasty Plantation Burger Joint/Best Live Outside The Castle Walls You BLOODY PEASANTS! (The NWO Fuedal System)

When a guest comes in at night the guard takes any sharp objects and then staff puts them in a drawer in their room with tape marked on it with client's name.

I was guarenteed last night by guard that they do this efficiently.

A volunteer couldnt find my knives among many which still remain in this drawer.

Elizabeth the staff member who put them in there pulled out the sharps container saying they were in there instead.

Now since theres a protocol for how to store sharp objects (scissors, knives, etc) this then wasn't followed. Also why did she not see plainly alot of marked knives and scissors in envelopes and reason that's where my knives shouls go instead of in a biohazard sharps container that has no needles or knives in it? (It had some things at the bottom but I couldnt see what they were. Head staff is looking now.)

The container has tape on the lid clearly spelling out what it's for AND that whatever is in THE CONTAINER CANT BE TAKEN OUT which is why the lid doesn't come off just a flap opens.

These are Harvard students who staff this place and the young woman who did it is one of them.

Harvard medical? School of govt? So they can't read or problem solve or reason or use logic?

Doubtful. This appears to have taken effort and doing the wrong thing took more effort than doing it properly.

What was more upsetting was the volunteer and Elizabeth had gloves on and wouldn't just turn the container upside down wanting to get an object to grasp the knives with fearing contamination to themselves but the issue of then giving the knives back to ME seemed unimportant.

Elizabeth also behaved in an inappropriate manner once the knives were removed.

Her faint apology was met with my starting I am going to contact the shelter head.
She responded by saying "Rachael you can step out now becuz Im losing my patients with you." Moving to the back of the elongated staff room she added "We are doing YOU a service".

Rhianna whos in charge tried to of course claim that the knife incident was a mistake and I told her that we dont know that and are assuming motives, but she agreed that what Elizabeth said is NOT appropriate.

I left the building and waited for my knives to be returned as cleaning them in bleach and water was their solution.

(Rhianna just informed me that there were a few enclosed syringe needle heads and a few pieces of plastic where it wasnt clear what was in them).

The extraction of my knives by Elizabeth and volunteer from bio hazard sharps container.
File cabinet in backround contained sharps container and has ocean of unclaimed or two week bed guest's sharp objects mostly knives. With some files at back of drawer. 

My Husky. Big strong long lasting. Finland release mechanism. TX Home Depot: $10 sale! (Luv yer respect for weapons, value and the common  man Texas!)

My beautiful little Winchester. Metal and wood. TX of course. Everything from cleaning tobacco pipe to small jobs.

As a Traveler these knives are important tools of survival. They serve to protect, prepare food, cut cardboard or branches. Clothing etc. 
As a female I depend on a sense of security knowing my self defense is in working order and that the local community is aware that I can provide and defend myself.

These are not toys. These are serious implements of daily survival even in an urban environment.

I grew up in a foster home in a semi rural area near Lake Cochituate, Massachusetts from the age of 1-6yrs old. My foster parents were grand parent age and had 10 children. My foster father was from Native-Anglo hillbilly stock in the mountains of MA.

He kept hunting rifles upright in a wooden stand behind his big dad's chair. I was taught that weapons are for a purpose-to hunt and hopefully never, but possibly home defense. I was punished if I tried to sneak behind his chair and touch the rifles.
I observed their cleaning and care and saw the results of their responsible use like meat and animals skins.

Weapons should NEVER be toyed with or disrespected. This is one of the worst affronts to someone who depends on them for survival.

Heres Elizabeth:
(Welcome to Front Street. Enjoy yer stay.)

And heres a black dude who likes to do gang stalking tactical gesturing whos gonna get a work bed becuz he just got a job at Tasty Burger.

(photo witheld to not violate shelter guest privacy).

I call it The Plantation. Its so creepy. Its a bunch of elite white kids pretty much reinventing the environment of their elite families for multiple past generations-a big house with rowdy blacks in the kitchen and doin da cleanin while they relax, play etc. Occasionally you see them in a group with one of their singular Tokens which they carry like the latest 'must have' accessories, not just for fashion but to appear noble to the latest social justice trend. Which of course is done to preserve their position in society.

We have a gay friend (whos elite), we have a black friend (whos also elite). We are JUST and NOBLE!

Funny...I recall truly interesting olde money forty years ago couldn't get enough of hanging out with alt types just as they always have. Artists, queens, ethnics..

Oh. This is calculated,boring social engineering for the boring calculating NWO. Its not interesting or born of free association or being interested in genuinely cool people from other cultures.

I guess thats why most except for two people who work in Tasty Plantation are as miserable, gang stalking, nasty and pathetic as the elite whites that eat there. (Sadly the thin white manager kid seems blissfully unaware 'the help' are up to no good behind massa's back, messin wit da escaped field slaves like me, and is perfectly nice.)

They deserve each other.
(This is the only place I have EVER experienced a bartender working so inebriated he couldn't function..oh wait. We used to have that at seedy clubs like The Naked Eye downtown in the Combat Zone.)

And isnt that what Harvard has become? A total shithole for rich people? Where theyve lowered the bar so much and fake Diversity ensures that just ANYONE can be included..
Except a vibrant bohemian street scene with any genuine dissidents of course.

We wouldn't want any hooligans in your outdoor mall.

Oh and in conclusion-Elizabeth does gesturing as if it puts a crown on her head-that matches the shit eating smirk on her face.

Also Rhiana does gesturing so frequently its out of control and last night I actually had to request she refrain from certain hand motions that were making me uncomfortable, due to on "..ongoing situation.." that I have -(being targeted but I didnt specify that).

The security guard is ok. Most other staff are eithet normal or do gesturing in a limited manner so as to be just about what you'd expect especially those who have known me for years.

The most overboard gesturing that is to the point of overkill are these two women and most of the guests. There seems to be a core of males who talk about drug dealing and 'the gang'. They create an uncomfortable jail type environment which resembles more the Salvation Army in Central Square Cambridge than our Harv Sq shelter.

But thats what Harvard has devolved into and thats what you get when you open up the shelter to a lottery instead of for the local population.

The place was created during a more innocent timw of homelessness and its too small for outsiders.

Its akin to the whacked out idea of destroying small countries in Europe with open borders and mass immigration of people who hate their host culture and only want to destroy it.

Once again this isnt Diversity-its destruction of anything too decent, good or special that others cant create for themselves becuz Equality requires that.

Only rhe elite can avoid the misery that comes from this process and of course thats its purpose. To once again ensure their position.

Ita a medieval fuedal system again! Better move out to the country side folk(s), if you dont need to be here for your job or school!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Star Maket In Porter Square-Worst Racist Harassment From Blacks Anywhere In Cambridge

This plaza regularly allows BLACK MALES to panhandle undisturbed but if I have tried recently a black male foriegn security guard harasses ONLY ME and I've also had Somerville police suv trucks trail me into the plaza at night as well as black males in vehicles who harass me and one even made sure I heard he was calling the police.

The black young women in this store call me sir as a form of harassment and I consider this HOMOPHOBIC behavior and actions. Though Im not gay this is what its based on.

Its insulting not sticking to acceptable societal norms for gender.

A black woman who doesn't work in the plaza a few weeks ago accused me publicly of stealing from the supermarket and first claimed she worked for the supermarket then when i said Id have her fired for the public harassment and accusation outside the plaza ON PUBLIC PROPERTY she changed her story.


Once again I purposely dont steal in orser to put the most power possible into beating my enemies in the long term. IF I BEG SO MUCH -IF IM ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE BEGGING IN THE COLD AND SNOW THEN WHY WOULDNT I JUST STEAL INSTEAD.

This plaza is owned by a couple, and the husband is now deceased. The internet claims he was a darling of Harvard University etc.

This is the company: GRAVESTAR INC.

They seem to be out of Cali.

Also theres been very nasty harassment from an older black woman who works late at night.

Note that a dangerous homeless woman also named Rachel hangs out in here all night long to stay warm.

In the past she has done viscous slander on me locally, claiming I was lying about traveling the country (when I clearly post photos on FB) and trying to turn other locals against me by telling them "Rachael (me) doesnt do something for nothin".


Why am I the only other homeless person assisting two elderly homeless one of which is ill with small things?

I assume these people are just reverse racist and perhaps listen to people like Rachel and crooked cops too much but the harassment in Porter Sq has always been very bad.

Still cant figure that out.

Rachel used to work in social work and is very smart about politics as it pertains to local and elections etc. Shes fiercely dedicated to Feminism and the Liberal agenda. Ive experienced alot of harassment from such people in this area.

I told the young woman tonight I am sicj of that insult of being called sir (then maam) and that she would lose her job etc. Both young black bitches were smiling like the evil selfish sneaky shits they are and her apology was a joke.

There's even a window outside CVS in the plaza featuring artwork themed with African American slavery and breaking chains, MLK etc.

This place has a reverse racist agenda that's very nasty and overt.

However one black foriegn young male cashier, the foriegn cleaning guy AND ALL THE LATE NIGHT STAFF THAT STOCKS including the manager (all whites mostly) are NICE TO ME and I have no problems.

For some reason the women working here are the problem. Even an overweight white female at night is not nice at all especially working with the older black woman.

GE Moving Headquarters To Boston, MA

I guess this ISN'T my kind of town anymore. This and the pharma companies is whats changed Boston. Mayor (Ceasar) Menino started this with development of the city.

I guess Marty Walsh with his campaign style of family members telling citizens to 'shut up, you piece of shit' when asked about displaced poor people if the Olympics came here IS the right mayor for new Boston.

This may also explain why the harassment is now focusing on putting me either into a mental institution or moreso a grave.

I guess the technomancers won over the natural magick.

Harvard Square Station Is A Very Bad Area For TIs Or Activists Who May Be Persecuted By The Power Structure

Before I begin let me note that alot of the public transit in cold northern areas in the US are kind about allowing people to stay warm in winter as long as it doesnt get too disgusting. Its hard on the public and pt employees too becuz the street scenes in many cities have just degenerated into such a poor state of jerks and idiots that its hard for people to be tolerant. Im convinced this is all by design).

Harvard Square Station is intense with forced speech and self talk. Of course this also is used to discredit along with the small yet constant stream of gang stalkers doing harassment.

I couldn't keep quiet here even if I wamted to.

I'm also getting a lot of mirroring from locals lately. For years its been a tactic of this system to have certain locals read this blog and either react to it or use it for mirroring me.

So an example would be that a certain shady local simply repackages some blog content and regurgitates it back to me and Im in such a state that I dont CONSCIOUSLY realize its source or what the person is doing.

Its part of brainwashing or further mind control of the Survivor (of programming).

Recently Ive noticed that certain people I still associate with are taking content from WHAT IVE SAID OUT LOUD in the train station (maybe outside in public spaces I cant think of an example).

In addition to feeling I cant keep from talking (due to tech maybe but definitely anxiety from being harassed and mobbed constantly or a combination of the two most likely. They've known for years its a coping skill for intense anxiety and they've used it against me the entire time.) whatevers present in Harvard station could be whats having the ability to make me sleepy at a moments notice as well as theres sexual arousal used to add to anxiety and as usual in hopes of causing aggressive reactions. This could

(If this is just my imagination and untrue then why am I rewriting this post due to the original having disappeared after its writing when Blogger usually saves whatever is being written frequenlty enough that SOME of it would survive a accidental 'go back' button push?)

I have taken screenshots of the electromagnetic environment in Harvard Square station. Cell phones can be useful to Targets for more than just the camera and voice recorder. You can use this technology to gauge at least spme of whats in your environment that could cause harm or influence behavior.

It seems that cell phone calling and texting are at full capacity-all bars lit up.
Data WAS working at normal speeds until THIS was ready to be posted. Now its ok again.

There's one wifi open and its the same big company name that seems to be present in all the Cambridge train stations and requires an account so Im assuming its part of the MBTA. (Its creepy that buses have private wifi here. Perhaps its for the security camera images..even more creepy.)

Where I was sitting theres one more wifi but its locked.

I would like to go thru all this areas stations and maybe we can begin to work together by having a database of different stations in each city. Its interesting to think of starting something where TIs can contribute to create info for us all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Partnership Of Power-Boston's Bilderberg Type Group

So is this who decides whos life gets ruined and whos improves?

Raytheon? The state is definitely f#cked and its obviously BEEN time to leave a few years ago.

Well at least we have some suspects that make sense now.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hey Boyz,.,

Keep waking me up but no one else when Im sleeping somewhere and there's other people as well the pain is going to be greater when it all comes down.

Understand? Great! Glad we had this time together.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tibetan Political Review: Stop Using Chinese Propaganda (In American Education)/Professors Concerned About Educating Elite Chinese Communist Students

Well this explains where all these demographics of perps are coming from.

Vets Today: Satanic Ritual Killing By Jesuits In OH-Military Tech In Use Internationally For Thought Control and Beyond

This has no proper referencing, documentation or other proof for the RA part of the article.)

You know Aquino was on Geraldo once (and it was ridiculous of course. Out of everyone on the stage I hated Geraldo the most. Of course he kept Zina LaVey from talking becuz she exemplifies how removed from common people's reality the occult can get. She was trying to say something about cars and other objects having Satanic energies and shes right of course, objects can carry certain energies. Physical spaces also.
The point was to keep the public from leaving the usual brain wave patterns they exist in-to prevent them from starting to think 'magickally'. And of course they must NEVER stray into a woman's perception but only exist in the limited patriarchy).

It was Aquino, LaVey, a priest and Gunderson.
Gunderson always bothered me becuz I could never figure out if he was genuine or not. He seemed to serve both sides.

Aquino put it straight when in militsry no bullshit fashoin he challenged the ridiculousness of the subject matter by vhallenging the public and law enforcement to just hunt the offenders down and simply-put them in jail.

Of course he knows this is an impossibility the way the system is set up. It seems his point was that instead of bothering people, making accusations and creating sensationalism then do something about it then.

This is what Satanists mean when they say Christians bring this reality on themselves.

Not only do people live in denial of the existence of such things daily they depend on a system thats rigged to fail in solving the problem.

I come from a place of preventio, awareness and knowledge being the best solution.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Theres Cops Everywhere I Go (Like In The MBTA) And They Seem To Leave When I Do...AND THEY PERFORM GANG STALKING TACTICS

How is this worse than the Bush era when the abuse of power is so great they actually believe they can have their cake and eat it too?

Downtown Boston needs to get off their fuckin power trip.

It is nice to see that they arent as arrogant and clowning as during the height of Obama.

Ive theorized this moronfest of idiotic mostly malecentric immature abuse of power is being done to attempt to get me to take legal action-so of course they can bury me and discredit once and for all becuz its been laid out so that Targeted Individuals cant get justice to begin with.

Gang stalking programs officially dont exist. Most testimony from radiation and MK Ultra experimentees has been stricken from official records at all Ptesident's Advisory Committees.

Even Charles Schlund got a civil payout but no govt one and the US govt did not deny or validate the existence of the technologies.

I can only assume this is their ploy to wear me down aa well as prevent me from working on a book or any lawsuits or make any moves from defending myself from any of the actions taken against me that are legit not connected to being a TI directly.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Perps Trying To Handle This Activist With Dumb Looks Of Indignation

Perps walking by and giving dismissive dumb looks. Havent seen that in a while but its common arrogance here in Cambridge and Boston.

Its as if to say 'WHY do you continue trying? We've already won.
We run things. We own the world and humanity'.

Oooh. EXCUSE MEEEE. War crimes are just sooooo inconvenient for you arent they.

And having someone get revenge for ruining their life, framing them and keeping them down.

Its all so...inCONVEEEEENIENT!!

Fuck off. That is my advice to you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Being harassed at goodwill in boston harrison ave. Boston (vid!)

Getting harassed in Goodwill on Harrison ave. My clothes still have tags on my clothes from Davis Sq Goodwill and the security alresdy harassed me for something else.

I have reciept.for all my clotjes purchaed the other day at Davis.

Held at register. Manager isnt coming.

Made vid. They were total arrogant assholes and I got harassed a bit by customers before going to register but actually not as bad as other

I ALWAYS GET HARASSED BY GOODWILL SECURITY GUARDS. Same thing happened in Central Square Cambridge.

Strangely, usually People Of Color. ALL DRESSED IN RED or BLACK AND RED. Asian manager was unprofessional about this as well.

I hate how poverty is supposed to mean dirty, unhygienic and rude or a bad/shitty culture being acceptable. Its one of the things that needs to change about the homeless culture in the northeast.

One fat gay man who was working register (got a short vid first to film staff) actually said in a little lisp "Get her out of here" when I was just standing there collecting my stuff at the door.

It was quite obvious that he knew me and did not like  me and probably some part of my activism. Too bad. Boston has always had a huge stick up their asses about me and my work and the poor and black communities here have generally been very mean, abusive and nasty to me throughout these years. There is so much power in this area that they are some of the most arrogant, spoiled poor people or ghetto culture types I have seen across this country and Ive been to every state over 10 years. Only when I come home are they the most insufferable assholes in the world, here in Boston. And they think they can do whatever they want and no one is going to say anything or stand up against them...and the elite they work for. (this area is mostly organized crime, old money, institutions like the teaching hospitals and colleges, and now Union type 'regular' guys who take working class militancy to a whole new level. Its a closed system and it sucks. I cant tell you what Ive found out about COINTELPRO and other sleazy intel crap from this area, like Gloria Steinem's years in the CIA getting funding from Cambridge for projects. Farrakhan comes from this area. They probably created him.
Kennedy is dead. Martin Luther King is dead. Malcolm X is dead. The original Black Panther Party had been targeted and destroyed by COINTELPRO and either died, jailed or exiled themselves to other countries to survive. COINTELPRO was mostly African Americans working for the system to disrupt activists in the black community. I stand by my theory that Boston and Cambridge are one of the heaviest laden areas for this kind of activity still to this day in connection to the black communities. This isn't racism, with me it never is. Its a total disgust as the existence of so many 'house slaves' in this area. They want you to become racist so they can cry victim. They are shills.

Farrakhan is alive and gets away with the most ridiculous shit you can imagine. I say he's a shill and a circus ring master, that is his purpose to stir up shit and chaos and diversion. If none of this is a legit or plausible theory then why has the Boston black community been viscous to me for years? Also remember Im old enough to recall when the homeless and black community here in Boston weren't like this. Its been like an infiltration over the years of every shelter and every service to the poor communities. Normal people don't act like this towards someone for no reason. Its NOT normal and its NOT my imagination.

WTF Is Up With The African American Male Psych Warriors And Psychic Rape?

Omg Boston has lowered themselves to tbe level of San Diego. They now have active gang stalking perps who are PSYCHIC WARRIORS or agents (look up Cheney's Spoon Benders) and just like years ago in that area of Cali they use some hoodoo voodoo ass bullsh#t to utilize the sexual arousal part of brainwashing a person.

We all know by now that rape and sexual manipulation are key to CULT MIND CONTROL. Many of us have experienced this system using elextronic rape or sexial arousal by way of the tech in use. This was especially damaging when it torture durong tje Bush administration.

You can catch them doing it by looking over to the source of the unwelcome stimulation and sure.enough some black male assjole (typical weakling perp) is focusong on you, standong in some corner.

The minute you look at this creein ass motherfucker of course he moves quick so as to be stupid enuf to let you know HES BEEN MADE (spotted, exposed, found out).
Its exacrly like the idiot perps in vehicles that are stalking you and do the same thing when u spot them.

This is on par with Obama admin torture and shenanigans in order to dominate for the New World Order using People Of Color. In Boston blacks are power hungry and dangerous in seeking social and political dominance due to theur having alot.of power as house slaves basically but whites still denying them equality.

Its also a very political and acedemic place and people are dead serious about Liberal agendas.

To counter this use the counter tactics of racial awareness and using the old pagan belief systems of your ancestors from whatever culture they hailed from.

Nothing is more powerful than your DNA and the human beings that came before you. The power of the flesh- those related to you and the codes in your DNA.

This is one of the reasons Diversity is neing abused and used to break down sockety and acedemics claim race is a social construct. As well as destroying nationalism, borders, culture, ethnicity etc.

I wonder if COINTELPRO used such black psy warriors against activists in the 60s.

This happened in Harv Sq Homeless Shelter that the system broke down in tnr past two years to accept people from outside Harvard Sq homeless scene by making it a lotery not first come first serve for beds.

I firmly bekieve that after OCCUPY and the Boston Bombing this area was assessed and they realized its a protected insular environment with a specific sub culture all its own that by nature rejects outsiders, people not known to us and anyone whos not creative, intelligent, interesting, free thinking or people who are restrictive such as ghetto culture (sexism, anti gay sentiment brought up from the South, male dominance, glorifying ignorance talking shit and wating energy instead of just shutting up and fighting, useless drama.)
That used to go for all ghetto.culture of all ethnicities. You hang out around a major Ivy League becuz you are drawn to that not becuz youre an idiot.

This scene never was fond of mindless drunks either but thats now who is ruining Harvard Square.

So its been very necessary to break down the sub culture here to bring the NWO tactics into our little village.

However my few nights here and there I stay in the place due to low temps has been ok lately. Except for the Libtard extremists..ew.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Black Mass Movie Dissed By Those Close To Bulger-Depp Finally Gets His Payoff For Years Of Service

Depp is an active media psy ops perp. So what that means is he does psy warfare through avenues of media which are tailored and designed to reach and effect specific Targeted Individuals.

He hangs out with Church Of Satan types. Marylin Manson etc. Ive read of other Satanists speaking of the COS penchant for playing alot of games with people in the US. Like its part of their M.O.

Its hard to say if this role that supposedly ended his losing streak at the box office is what he finally earned for his covert service or if he is continuing his service to the system by being in the movie.

Many people who were actually involved with Bulger dont like the movie referring to it as a fictional account.

Of course it has to be. To hurt everyone the covert warfare system wants to hurt and disappoint and invalifate but also to cover for what actually happened.
Its most likely a disinformation piece. Like all those Jonestown movies. The closing of an era in the northeast's history. No one who was involved or still is wants the public to understand jow such things work. Locals around here know but many of the new residents and transplants are clueless and like it that way.

I wont go see the movie just as no TI whos targeted on the level of a mind control project Survivor should watch any new movies-its best to wait a year or two for any media psy ops laid into the movie to become obsolete. This is a method of NEUTRALIZING MEDIA PSY OPS DESIGNED TO EFFECT A CERTAIN TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.

By the time the TI views the triggers or other material meant to effect them their situations and mindset will have changed.
Other Survivors like Cathy O'brien have suggested this also.

Depp himself may be a programmed servant of the entertainment industry.
Imagine being leaned on as we TIs are AND being famous. It must be more pressure than just being targeted. The Gang Stalking system treats you like yiure famous anyways at least among the people who do the harassment.

The public have to be handed bullsh#t at all times for the system in place to function.

Organized crime is no better or and no worse than the banksters and elite at the higher levels of the drug trade who also partake in war for profit.

Take a look at the carnage caused by companies like Raytheon and compare whos worse-the era of Irish-Italian-Jewish organized crime perpetrated by immigrant settlers from American ethnic ghettos or the military industrial complex, greedy governments and the intelligence aparatus that serves both.

One of the reasons I theorize is that its now a new era org crime. More international and new players like the black gangs created by the shadow system with the help of COINTELPRO and many South American immigrants now. Russian mob are now present since the countries fall and this just scratches the surface.

Org crime had to go more global with more 'Diversity' laughably, in order to function in a modern era.

The old guard has to be misrepresented as well as make it look like theyve been disassembled. Even though many involved simply went legit and covered their family's involvement.

Ive always been curious as to how much the military industrial complex has org crime people and money. If thats how you made your money early on then why not continue to make legit money off of death, deception, dirty deals etc?

Think of the movie as part of protecting national interests LOL.

I learned to ignore the puppet players in these 'films' years ago.

Monday, January 4, 2016

GS Is Sexism At Its Most Deadly/Asian Perps Once Again Viscious, Sneaky Little.Bastards

I really hate to say this but Asian perps are really pissing me off.

They are viscious and sneaky and will do gang stalking harassment tactics then turn around and act oh so nice and normal seems anyone who doesnt understand whats going on with the NWO.

African peoples who are in on gang stalkig seem always to be still a bit defensive or choosy about who they welcome into their sphere or whom they are comfortable with.

These two little scumbags in Starbucks in a local neighborhood just couldnt resist doing a side tap on their legs wjen i went under the table to plug in my phone.
Note about this Starbucks: theres alot of gay women working here and males that seem like genuine service oriented restaraunt workers so I have a more pleasant experience here than other SBs. I still get an occassional gesturing from one or two employees but thats it. And the African Americans working here arent creepy or evil or nasty.
These people are truly alternative culturals.
One male barista surprised me by having a manner about him with his work that is reminisent of the old Boston-NYC art of service industries which I see very rarely in the past 35 years. It died as the 80s progressed. The craftsmanship of the barkeep or restaurant worker.

Id do an art piece on him if I could. Its interesting to see that with the NWO craftsmanship disappeared as corporations became our keepers and logos our new gods.

I dream about the perfect way he wears his apron and sleeves, how artfully he wipes down a table.)

It sickened me when some white lady shows up and they start talking about tjeir research and getting grants and going to Ontario etc.

Alot of people going to MIT and Tufts or working after graduation come into this coffee shop- which means I get harassed but I have a bit of begrudging respect as well as some quiet support.

...Now they are fucking whining about not getting funded becuz their company was funded too many times and they were cheated and tjey shud have gotten this award becuz they were nimber one.

Once again scientists and others seeking govt funding are doing gang stalking.

I have to sleep outside and these spoilt little shits are whining about this crap...and being viscous in doing gs tactics.

Most whites that do this are either nercous, awkward, guilt ridden or weak. These bastards seem to take pleasure in it but also it smacks of sexism.

All of my harassment has alot of sexism involved. My campaign is definitely sexist in nature. Thats the trouble of being in Boston area is bunch of young heartless kids who are ambitious who are smart and want to get funded and are cut throat about it.

And the way they talk about our govt. People are "bureuacrats" becuz they cant get funded when they want it.

Then go the fuck back where you came from and starve to death. And get your organs harvested.

Thats exactly the nasty phrase I use on many Chinese perps.

Letting people into this country who are ethnocentric as well as have horrible human rights policies in their homelands is not a great idea without using caution and being realistic.

The Asians already know how to use masks when dealing with the public but the third world People Of Color from other countries learn very quickly or they dont interact with Americans that deeply to begin with.

To be fair most males who are of their education level and position that partake in gang stalking are little shit bastard sexists who gang up on vulnerable females like these punks.

In a city where women have a standard of equality even overpowering males this cultural fantasy is especially prized. The Masons are a pain in the ass here. The firemen. The cops. The MBTA employees (any woman working for the T looks masculinized anyway).
The mob guys of course but laughibly-to a lesser extent than those in official capacity aforementioned.

The professionals like these guys are the most sneaky and fucking annoying. The acedemics the same but at least theres some understanding of what Im doing. Peiple like these two clowns graduate from the same places anyway.

Grant money has been one of the number one ways to get payoff from partaking in covert warfare. Believe me when I tell you scientists and the like are probably more dangerous than other kinds of people becuz they are smart and often lack connection to human emotions or are in touch with common people the way other varieties of perps are. A scientist can be a dangerously ambitious businessman like anyone else.

They just piss me off more becuz they know better and they think they are smarter than me just becuz they had the benefit of education.

I hate to say this but my grandfather warned me about this from being in the Marines during WWII in Japan and Phillipines (he also did Germany and later Korea).

I didnt want to listen becuz it was racist. It seemed so out of date in the early 90s or late 80s where we were working towards a truly global world-not whatever facsist nightmare of cult mind control that its been turned into now by those that hijacked our lofty ideal of a world that included every kind of person.

(Just found out the little shits are from out of town. Affiliated with Tufts.)

Interestingly when a tall, handsome older white male with a Brit accent sat down with these two Asian kids and a Libtard white female THEY GOT VERY NERVOUS. THEY BECAME WELL BEHAVED. THEY WERE NO LONGER AROGGANT.

This tells me its true: strong white males are our only defense against this break down of society. These are the only people that the NWO POC still respect and fear.

No wonder they've had to destroy all middle and lower class culture and especially males with black ghetto culture.

Its sad to have to accept that other women...and specifically other WHITE women are our enemies. That they are the keys that the destroyers use to gain access.

This older Liberal feminist didnt even see that these two Asian kids dont truly respect her other than the ever present fear in the back of their minds of the white male standing behind her.

Thats the problem with feminists and all the whining cop hating Lib elitists around here and places like this: its white males that protect women-all the time. Every day. Its hidden in the backround and becuz people are safe and comfortable they forget why that is so.)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Still Contracting Strange Infection From Surfaces In Specific Inner City Area- Wud Like To Notify CDC Any Suggestions?

Ive written before about this thing that seems to be in the main city areas. Specifically Somerville and Boston and parts of Cambridge even Quincy all in metro Boston MA area.

I went to the doctor and after an exam and tests the best she could assess was Pelvic Inflammitory Disease.
I had this once 20 years ago so I knew it might be this. I have a laparotomy scar from when I was 16 and PID was the only thing I ever experienced that sent shooting pain through that scar. (My gyn in RI in 87 didnt have laser priveledges and the genius did a laporotomy on a 16 year old virgin just for endometriosis. Dr Berstien. He was obese with a horrible tupay.
I dont blame my mother becuz obviously this asshole used to find vulnerable women to exploit.
(My mother was raised in that Irish Catholic way of the doctor is like the priest-dont question. Probably this was handed down from the Druidic days and has become perversed like all our ancient European pagan ways. Plus her male authority was oppressive and abusive with severe boundary issues so she couldnt tell the differnce.

When "Dr B" tried to have a conversation with me once about vaguely trying to deter me from beginning sexual acrivity at around 17 or so I knew the guy was a crackpot and totally inappropriate. He was rightly ignored.

The medical trend in the 80s was to market invasive surgery to poor women for recurring conditions.
Later I realized all I needed was progestin pills. One of the reasons I was probably getting recurring endo was becuz this moron had me on a high dose of estrogen-progestin which was supposed to be therapuetic use only.
Not only does hormones like this effect women the way steroids effect men but high levels of estrogen causes endo.

Wonder why I have a beef with the medical mafia? Also being MK Ultra many of these clowns know who we are and believe we are at their disposal to exploit and abuse as they see fit.
Fuck off btw.)

So the older female real doctor who wasnt full of shit like the residents Ive been getting at Beth Israel lately, gave me a shot of antibiotics and a script. That would treat a number of possible things that couldve caused the PID to begin with.
Becuz tests for a few vd's were negative.

Even though when I keep contracting this it either goes away some or isnt as severe as the PID became I AM STILL CATCHING SOMETHING THAT GETS UP INTO THE FEMALE ORGANS, CAUSES PAIN IN MY SCAR (to a lesser extent) and it hurts to flex the abdominal wall muscle. You have the urge to just let your stomach hang out.
It also causes INCONTINENT TYPE URGE TO URINATE ACCOMPANIED WITH PAIN AT URETHRA SITE but very unlike a Urinary Tract Infection.

This is being contracted through coming into contact with surfaces just as before I had posted about AND it is still getting into clothing and doesnt wash out even with detergent and bleach.

I have cold weather gear like boots and a zero bag etc waiting to be picked up but have to live in lowering temps in Boston area IN CLOTHES FROM GOODWILL and two pairs of $5 sweats from cheap store...and cheap sneakers becuz I refuse to have gear I worked hard to pay off get ruined by just ONE contact with whatever this horrible disease or bacteria is.

Ive contacted state health boards but they really want to hear from physicians.

The healthcare from Beth Isreal is faultering badly at Health Care Associates and anyone short of a long term established doc seems compelled to perform gang stalking haraasmwnt tactics..

Its very disheartening to see attending physicians of residents behave this way.

This might have something to do with Obamacare as I posted I sort of got a warning about health care in the US being corrupted by whats hidden in Obamacare.

I very much want to warn the CDC or alert people in RI and MA but everyone is purposely blocking me from even just basic survival needs and one doc I tried to explain this too wasnt listening.

I say its bio or chemical warfare on the homeless, poor, vulnerable. Thats how its effected me and thats my demographic.

To their credit I have a fair and sane specialist who I see AWAY from the Boston main hospital from BIDMC so there are some pros left still adhering to First Do No Harm.

The secretsries and residents and many teachers at BIDMC are out of control.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chinas Silent Infiltration Of The United States- How Much Effect Does This Have On Gang Stalking Campaigns?

This is so obvious around Cambridge and Boston. Chinese make up a huge percentage of the gang stalking population.

I usually ignore them becuz thier culture and backround makes them conformist and viscous in war anyway so why bother to try to counter with guilt or other tactics?

In Asian countries gang stalking type behavior is used to shame people who dont conform. Its part of their societal culture.

They have horrible human rights policies. Why would they have the same sensibilities as other cultures? (But a wonderful history of revolt and rebels.
I owe my success partially to every Shaw Bros Kung Fu and other martial arts movies ever made.)

I like Orientals. Im frickin Mongolian or whatever the Native Russian was thats so mixed down with Russia and eastern Europe.

But theres plenty of races and cultures and ethnicities I used to like BACK WHEN PEOPLE AND THE WORLD WAS NORMAL that I can no longer sadly afford to thunk of as friendlies or allies.

The NWO and the PC Multicult brainwash has created a race war worse than anything Ive ever seen before and its based on ignorance and disinfo.

Im not even interested in the US anymore. Its gone. Its been eradicated. And the younger generations seem so incredibly out of touch with earthly reality but exist in this social and intellectual even ideological false environment fueled very much by information technology.

That may be why things feel so unnatural. Its not America anymore technically.

Overt Stalking In Allston- MA Plate. Wel To Do Blck Male

2Yr 478 MA lic plate. Black male. Black hatchback.

Straight up stalker. Had lights on me at bus stop. Did not move for bus that came and went.

Only left when camera on phone was pointed at him. And he left very quickly.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Secret Message In Pepsi Can- 'The Next Generstion Is ded'

Pepsi truck drivers have been perps but did more than just drive by harassment simple tactics.

During Bush a Pepsi truck actually performed a noise campaign by backing up repeatedly so the warning beep was repeated for like a half hour or twenty minutes.Outside the window of the hostel that used to be in the B.U. dorms used in summer in Boston.
He only stopped after I peeked out the window.

Thats one of the videos that got erased eight off my equipment by unknown means.

Street People In Use In High Numbers Around Cambridge MA Area

The use of informants and street urchins is out of control now. They are approaching domestic issues with military tactics or the like.

Its so scary how they are breaking down anything bohemian or alternative and infiltrating it, taking away freedom and making these places akin to prisons with the homeless as inmates.

Perps from the 240 Albany St drunk tank is more frequent than Ive ever seen it.

Its  like everyone works for this system now. Why?  Its become sooo bizarre. Almost comical.

Drug dealers, incoherent bums, hard core drunks, and just EVERYONE with a heroin habit right now. Wtf?

And the housed normas involved around this area are just as odd. Wtf is up with people from India especially the men?  And they are so incredibly hateful and snobby but in this pathetic way that makes it obvious theyre insecure as hell. Wtf did imperialism DO to these people??

I learned a long time ago living with Indians the males can be nice, spiritual or friendly to women or they can be savages as in the most sexist attitudes and violence but passive aggressive. Their insecurities seem dangerous.

They and alot of other kinds of peoples were so much cooler decades ago when they werent brainwashed into this hateful People Of Color racist PC system.

The women are also a high concentration of gang stalker. Blacks of course seem to take this entire system as them being at war to take over the world and every TI is somehow the enemy.

Um..when did this stop being about MK Ultra?

Its the entire country being under mass mind control is the problem. I often forget thats whats wrong with US citizens today especially in areas like Boston.

Its just too hard to face as a reality on a daily basis. Its so awful. And it was livable for years but lately. Its not.