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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bioethics Commission letter states they "will not hear further testimony..."

Bioethics Commission letter states they "will not hear further testimony..."

Classical Conditioning Campaign Has Already Begun-Took Twenty Four Hours

After only one day the gang stalking has begun. ONE DAY. Admittedly I am in a neighborhood that most certainly not only caters to street crime but definitely is up for the agenda which seems to heavily use black and red (even though no one here has been seen with that combo, it will most likely start turning up now. Believe it or not this is how obsessed these people are with thier Target.) as well as supporting Obama and whatever changes support that agenda.

Whatever. I just discovered a pair of capri type sweat pants missing, true enough it could have been dropped on the way to or from the laundromat I am hoping it was at least stolen from me at the laundry not from the apartment. But at least that would explain the tactics that have begun. It seems after they snag such a prize, they usually begin these sort of activities like noise campaigns etc. Its very ritualistic-low magic type but still. To them its probably merely psychological operations or conditioning but via those actions it IS ritualistic.

And getting paid is always popular in any location I am sure thats part of it as well.

Already today more sirens than usual just like the old days, circa 2004. The dead give away was the pattern of cars beeping as they passed many with the original beep twice formula that seemed to be in constant use wherever I had anything under my name when this began in 1996. After Bush and the war on terror that graduated to wherever I lived even if nothing was under my name as is the case today.

The 'leaks' might be as follows: a man from one of the drop ins in another area I saw down here and he said hello told him I was here temporarily. He pointed out a building up the block that was very bad with drug activity and told me to stay inside at night- already on that.
The other possibility is the very building he pointed out, this morning there were people sitting on the stairs and a man made a greeting attempt which is typical for my situation. "How you doin today" in an overly friendly manner. Then said "I like that sundress". Now yesterday no one bothered us or spoke to me at all, as is usually the way this area is- mind your own business.

It was not unusual but in my situation everything that repeats itself must be considered as perps re use tactics on a Target becuz the main focus is to brain wash the person to control them to keep them silent about what has gone on and what continues to go on- by operant conditioning/classical behavioral conditioning.

A produce truck was parked outside for a bit but that seemed to be normal activity as they were not doing anything tactical.

These tactics are no longer able to affect me especially as I am never alone here. If anything it will give me the opportunity to record this type of activity.

Its a joke that they still genuinely believe that tactics so old would still affect me. Also these activities are for intimidation. 'We dont want you here'. Yet anywhere I lived there would be that sentiment. So its pointless to respond to it at all. Remember what that informant said in Abq NM: "They think they can keep her on the run with the harassment".

So letting it control you is pointless. The purpose of this also is to keep the TI under control. Years of brainwashing are at stake. They are really desperate to keep someone under control who has been worked on in this way for many years. And its much more than just conditioning, its a an entire complex system of control- very much based on using sexuality. Without the sexual part of a brainwashing campaign the TI could not be controlled.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Amusing Vids of Hayden-At Least He's Honest

OK this was done very ameaturish yet the great thing about it, if not a bit embarassing, is how good the ambush was. I dont know if any real journalist would get that close. You can tell Hayden knows this guy is a nobody and his opinion doesnt matter. Which of course is one of the main keys to how all this is pushed through. If the guy had any power or large listening audience Hayden would have been alot more aware of that. And the journalist probably in danger:

Ah, the resemblance to Aquino is sooo scary. The vid quality is bad but its still good:

By the way, the interview didnt make him "twitchy", both he and Aquino both have that same constant blinking speed and body language all the time anyway, in interviews usually.

The mind f*ck is that only those of us familiar with the alot of information outside typical news stories would know what Aquino looks like to begin with to recognize that in Hayden. This is another way of keeping things quiet is to ensure that any and all info of this kind is marginalized as 'conspiracy' fodder. LOL, even MK Ultra which is documented is 'marketed' by legit mass media as conspiracy with a few supposedly ignorant writers on the internet repeating more forthright that its conspiracy and no one checks facts so people believe it.

One thing about the COS and COS and Satanic faction types- at least they are honest. Its true what he is saying about the intelligence community at least from my experience. Its better than Bush sitting in front of the cameras and lying to us as if we are total idiots or Obama acting like a mammy telling everyone how its going to be like pre schoolers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Michael Hayden Seems Very Concerned About Defending Torture Opposed To Wiretapping

Becuz guilty conscience is difficult to bare even for a guy like Hayden. Who looks way to much like Aquino with the same facial expressions and eye blinking and body language than anyone should be comfortable with.
Becuz he knows that the torture that was done during Bush goes way beyond what any of the public have been told. The torture I recieved in St Louise was nothing more than to destroy my mind and even damage to my heart tissue at one point. The torture during Hayden being head of the CIA was the worst in my history. Much of it during Bush/Hayden especially in St Loius MO was strictly Satanic in nature.
As far as interrogation they can use helicopters hovering above a building to perform a water boarding like torture to a Target within. All to gain information, of which seems to never be enough. Becuz this wasnt all about gaining information. It was about shutting down key victim witnesses under the guise of interrogation or furthering intergenerational experimentation- black projects. Maybe he's getting old and his internal programming structures are breaking down.

Becuz they went after people who were programmed with covert interrogation methods yet alot of what we experienced was not to gain information but simply to force deprogram or destroy. Many times like during the water boarding type torture the information gained, one sensed that the recipeient of such info simply did not like the answer or accept it as what they were looking for, which just pissed me off more.

Anyone with ANY type of programming to counter Bush or any of that family's agenda was ripped apart purposely not to protect the USA but to protect special interests.

And in this entire situation both the Church of Set types and the Black Water obsessed-with-Templars and a Christian world order types are equally awful to have dealt with. Who knows even who was worse.

I know I sound like nothing more than conspiracy theory. Thats the problem with the world. These black operations go on and there is so much money involved its obscene, yet the govt is broke. It was like going to CA and seeing San Diego claim it was broke and poor yet there were private riches everywhere and nothing but rich kids living there.

What you are shown on the news is not whats really going on. And at least now I know that is definite. Not a theory.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tired of Trying To Be Fair/ Selling To The Public Using Toruture

I am also really sick of trying to be fair to any one group or faction while trying to figure all this out. I am done trying to be fair.

An old man in ABQ New Mexico years ago was taunting me by telling me that if I tell the truth about what happened to me, I would be very lonely. I didnt care then and I dont give a shit now.

And why must I be left lonely? What becuz the idiot public wants to simply believe I am mentally ill like that bitch mother of mine wants claimed? I had sources telling me what was really going on and they basically told me my mother sold me out for some large amount of money, something she seemed to lie in lawsuits to get before that opportunity came her way anyway. I also had them telling me she's sick for whatever her part is in this. No shit, welcome to SRA. Duh, what do people expect? SHE is the original radiation experimentee not I. I cant imagine what is inside that head of hers.

They have it all so neatly planned out dont they, this little conspiring group around me. Julie gets a silenced witness, Jake gets to look like he never caused any of his own drug problems or perversions and my mother can finally get paid off for years wasted on a kid who simply was always in her way all her life and they keep Danny discredited by making it look like I am just nuts with the same thing as he supposedly has. Which he only has a label for becuz he ran around talking about my mother and her family being involved in a secret govt project involving the CIA and military...which is exactly what MK Ultra and the radiation experiments are. Morons.

No one is going to bury me under some pathetic police net. Never, no how, no way. Everyone things they are just all set now with the way things are. That I am going to get tired eventually of running around the country and finally do what that bitch perp told me to the other day in Kenmore: get a boring job and get up and go to it everyday.

Who in the fuck do these people, all of them exactly, think they are? One of my sort-of informants two weeks ago told me that my being gang stalked and having my life ruined was deemed 'necessary' by whoever did it, locally anyway becuz this person is local. Necessary? That is what our lone shooter latest example said about all those dead youths on that island. "Necessary".

Seems alot of indecent, insane, psychotic actions have been 'necessary' lately.

I dont appreciate walking the halls of MIT being looked at like some total outcast of society that is politely tolerated but ignored. I dont like seeing people being satisfied or pitiful for me on the street every time I go outside. No matter what you THINK you know, you know only the partial reality.

And unfortunately all my bitch mother has to do is put on her best actress lyin ass front and cry a few crocidiles (like I have seen her do in front of judges) and claim that she never was a radiation experimentee and I imagined it all, just like pooooor Danny before me. Gee we must have the same mental disorder,huh?

This is when NOT investigating something works in their favor...kind of like a number of terrorist acts within the frame work of decades of this nonsense thats been going on for years now to lead up to the world we live in today. If you DONT get ahold of her phone records or other ways of seeing if its her or I lying then you cant say she's right.

Believe me, whoever does this crap knows how to intimidate people at businesses into making records disappear. Beaverbrook councilling center in Waltham knew me and my described my Iranian female therapist to me in 2007 when I wanted records from them, even telling me she died of cancer. Upon the call back to see about those records the SAME woman was terrified of me, claimed I was never seen there and when I brought up the fact she just told me my therapist died of cancer after I described her, she simply firmly stated I was never seen there. This is when the c*cksuckers were doing shit like sending me my mail with it obviously opened and damaged. Some sort of indication my mail was being opened...ooh I am real scared!! A ripped envelope. Oh shit!

The public is the worst in this. Absolutely the worst. And you wonder why Targets go out and shoot in public places? Becuz perhaps we can understand someone with a motive and a mission, like the perps..but when the public turns a blind eye, when they cower and cooperate so, in their sheepish way, in a way that they betray you as a fellow human being so completely to this system-it seems so much more like total cowardice as opposed to them having any real rationale for thier actions. It's almost a form of extreme snobbery. Like people like me deserve to be their human sacrifices so they can have great lives. I learned a long time ago thier cowardice is complicity and their fear is aggression- thier part in this, nothing but drama seeking.

If you dont stop unethical human experimentation and this sort of covert victimization of the few you are going to keep on having these seemingly random acts of violence. Of course no one cares about a 100 people or so getting blown away for the future glories of an entire industry and this wonderful perfect future they are supposedly building...based on torture, and constant terror as we see today.

I saw an ad for the Whale Watch here in Boston. It read as follows: "We turn up the music to drown out the screams!" and it had a pic of people on the boat with big waves etc. Using torture to sell things to people is non stop in ads now around here I notice. What kind of way is that to sell a Whale Watch?

And this ad for the Aquarium. They have these new tanks..the pics look the exact opposite of the 70's JAWS movie posters. It has a huge human hand touching smallish dangerous fish. Interesting in an era that imposes Jaws-like fear on the public in real life not in movies anymore, that we would need to feel so in control that we have the power to be god like in size to sharks. I saw the same thing in an animal show today about Cheetahs. It was all scripted with the guy in it controlling this wild animal's life, darting it and putting it to sleep and reviving it (its like a human MILAB experience!) putting it into a reserve etc, and saying of it and other big cats that he was going to 'decide its future'. From my perspective it sounded eerily like what Targeted Individuals live through. Being controlled, having people decide your future, even being drugged and messed with or experimented on or toyed with. It was very in the interest of pushing forth the idea of MAN controlling the environment and all that lives in it. It was the most un nature loving nature show I ever saw. In the old days nature shows gave one the sense of humans entering the wild. This show simply reflected the mind set of an era where man completely controls the environment. And public television is useless nowadays believe me.

Norway Massacre / Did He Have Time To Also Do Bombing?

Uhh. I have obviously been sick and out of it, walking around Boston and Cambridge whimpering with a fever and stomach flu.

First I find out about the government shut down now I read Norway of all places getting a bombing in the govt center then a massacre on that island of kids. When did this happen, like within this week? It seems so. Odd I was so so sick, sicker than in the last ten years all during this week or two.

What doesnt make any sense, and I know this is going to be unpopular but what do I say that isnt? Its the truth- if he was pissed off with his country being invaded by Muslims, which he and other Scandianavians have good reason to be with all the underage rapes and other crap they are pulling, why didnt he go destroy a Muslim neighborhood somewhere. It would have sent a much clearer message AND been alot more productive towards his ideology. All he's done now is created a reason to safeguard against anyone who like him doesnt agree with forced Diversity taking in people from destructive, wartorn cultures who bring thier aggressions, diseases and extremist beliefs with them. Which only WORKS IN FAVOR OF PROTECTING DIVERSITY NOT ENDING IT or at least forcing people to see that tolerating violent extremist sexist jerks is NOT Diversity but martyrdom.

No one should be killing anyone to get a point across. It only works in favor of the oppressors. Just recently a Vietnamese guy pulled a nutter and killed his ex and kids etc then himself. Its happening alot..or at least we are aware of such things moreso nowadays.

What needs to be done is get the point across strongly that Diversity should not consist of forcing any other class, race, country, culture or any demographic to have to live under duress due to the personal or cultural unrest of the new peoples introduced into said demographics territories. THAT is what isnt being done. Allowing Muslims to commit underage rapes and letting them into your country to enjoy citizenship is just as insane as what he did. But the purveyors of the NWO deceptions want Diversity that is damaging, destructive and humiliating protected. People feel out of control in thier own neighborhoods.

If you never lived among an angry damaged people you dont understand. Most people who support this kind of Diversity are either brainwashed, subdued and in submission or get to go home and not have to live among them. People should not have to demean themselves so others can immigrate to thier countries or like here, destroy poor white culture. I suppose Italians were recieved the same way and hey, in the USA they caused problems and organized crime to flourish. I suppose it is the same thing. The Muslims seem totally out of control however.

Its obvious that events like this come from manipulation of the lone shooter. In this instance I am very upset with his connection to Masonry, claiming any Templar philosophy and even wearing brown and black in those pictures which I wont get into now but is significant. The most compelling thing is his photos from the past and the way he looked in the last photos on his recently opened twitter and facebook. He LOOKS like a man possessed by something. Changed from his former peaceful self. Then again his other pics look like someone hiding who he really is to begin with.

I know from personal experience that people cannot change like that without some help from this system that spreads chaos, torture, death and violence. The fact he took care of people who were bullied when younger is significant as well- I wonder if he had recieved alot of bullying- like organized stalking and harassment psy ops type bullying. Which along with other factors will turn someone into what he became.
Singular individuals do NOT do things like this without some sort of help..and I dont mean direct accomplices. I mean this system of constant brainwashing that shapes and transforms a person into something so foreign, so unrecognizable. I didnt know the guy..and in that culture I am sure its easy to hide any issues you might have if you are reputable with any kind of money.

The only thing I can say about the Templars is that they wouldnt want anyone going around killing anyone that helpless in a massacre especially young people. What is this going on in the world right now, with many people waking up to a spiritual connection to Templars in some way and the Muslim world?

Also what makes no sense is his connection to right wing extremists. They dont exactly embrace Templars. In Norway you've got Nazis and even black metal bands with Nazi sympathies. And they never tell us what documented proof there is of these connections, just claim he has them. At least there are pics of him in a Mason's apron, which puts more suspicion on that faction or its more secretive sides than phantom right wing extremist groups. I didnt really dig alot into research but what connections? It sounds like more martyrdom to make sympathy for forced Diversity of really shitty, sexist extremist cultures. Yet there is a difference between demanding your country not tolerate ABUSE and snapping to a point where you become the Lone Shooter.

What forces a person to go this far? One reason is that there IS no recourse against the abuse that certain cultures are bringing with them as they immigrate. People feel helpless and not everyone is going to be submissive to abuse and destruction of thier culture. When you have young Muslim males showing thier respect for Norway by doing underage rapes and no one is doing anything significant to stop that, a man especially might tend to feel a sense of outrage. Yet shooting the very same young people as Muslims are victimizing makes little sense.

I say this guy was programmed, pushed into this. It has all the hallmarks of it. What is the most chilling thing for me, due to my position in whats gone on in the world thus far and from what I know about this personally is the one photo of him where he looks especially crazy. His eyes aflame with that look: going out in a blaze of glory look. Its not that look that is frightening- if you look at that photo for a moment you will notice that his collar is raised. There is a shadow on the back of his blonde head, it almost looks like the Yamaka type hat monks or Bishops used to wear in antiquity. This hat effect along with the raised collar and the whole pose makes him look like a monk or religious figure out of a history book. THAT is what is so frightening for me.

Whoever is doing this is manipulating people into these acts. And I dont think that killing human beings is productive unless its a declared war and you are a soldier..killing innocents is never acceptable.

The kind of person that WIKI has his peers describing is someone who has been programmed then tormented all their lives. Programmed people have to have big egos- to survive. And getting irritated with certain cultures or specific demographics is due to being gang stalked constantly so that you WILL become sensitized to that type of person and become agitated easily. I am sure there is miles of footage and plenty of eye witnesses to testify to my using the N-bomb every day here in Boston and Cambridge and in So Cal. And I am sure that if framed up or whatever they do if you WONT snap, that can be used against me. Its the exact same formula they have used on me for years. And even as I write this, there are people who are going to try to use even THIS BLOG against me. 'oh see she also suffered from the same delusions' blah blah blah. You come after me and I will sing so loud about rich clients that no one will listen to slander against me. Perhaps they would like to know why I became homeless to begin with? I am lucky I have dirt on people that could still do damage all these years later.

But each one of the victims of this exact system that seems to treat its victims very similarly, eventually gets framed or snaps. Luckily for the women, it often seems to be the men who really lose it. I was told i 'got friends' so perhaps I was spared. Maybe its against some rule to really go after the women so much so..I dont know.

All I know is that Satanic factions connected to the military are usually behind causing such people to snap. And nowadays it seems that Zionists, Muslims, Satanic factions and alot of other groups all want the same thing: death, destruction, chaos, shootings, violence, misery and the eventual enslavement of mankind. I cant understand it.

Notice his early breakup of his parents. Note the constant shifting about of family. The instability. Note also the inevitable member of THE MILITARY in his immediate family. Its like a godamn formula by now with every one of us who experiences this system trying to make us snap.

Mind control, brain washing. Programming. RA involvement. And Norway has an extremely nasty Satanic Nazi population that are claimed to be connected into Aquino and from there you know the rest.

The result of this is going to be the militarization of Norway. Goodie, more military industrial complex $$$$. Seeing patterns yet? Its so predictable by now its boring. More lock downs, no more free or peaceful places where you can camp or go about life freely. ON THE ENTIRE EARTH, left for any of us to escape to. No place to dream about getting to one day- just a prison all over the earth under the guise of 'security'.

By the way, what evidence do they have besides claiming there were undetinated bombs on the island, that he was the one who did the bombing as well. Did he actually have time after the mainland bombing to get geared up and go out to that island? It seems a bit to convenient. ONE guy did all that? Now Islam extremists are taking cred for it..which is amazing that a guy who hated them so much seemed to have the same massacre schedule as they.

Its getting ridiculous what goes on that the public will believe without question becuz they are being terrorized with all this not understanding how it works and is pulled off.

Chaos Is The Norm Nowadays

Personal Liberty Digest by Bob Livingston

The post seemed very to the point and accurate.

I think people are seeing the results of the campaign that TIs have experienced first hand for years now-what we have been warning people about. This purposefully causing chaos yet doing so in an orderly fashion. LOL.

Authors like this and average people who think like them...if only they knew what a formulated,organized, methodical system has been used to make this reality come into being. I think its that level of the sinister that people find hard to accept as being real. Criminal geniuses are real..believe me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Harassment Yesterday/ East Boston Living Its Glory Days..NOT AT MY EXPENSE

heavily managed through tech and it seems other methods perhaps chemicals (its down to if you dont shower every day you feel extremely depressed, defeated etc. Interesting that a shower would take away an emotional feeling).

Its very bad here this year. I mean IMPOSSIBLE to function. And something has happened to ME, my health in the past few months, though I got my health in order recently I can tell I was very ill. I cant take changes quickly anymore or surprises. For the first time in my life, I feel, genuinely 'weak'. Without any reserve.

I feel completely 'hollowed out' as a human being. Its awful. Its like being a zombie. For real.

Harassed heavily in East Boston yesterday Maverick stop. Usually one of the only cool places left in Boston area at night I never get any problems. But doing laundry I sat outside yesterday and got harassed the shit out of by overt gang stalking. Seems to have been done by the remainder of old Italian guys that remained. Only a few Latins were involved who looked like trouble makers anyway. I like that area becuz the Latins usually mind thier own business. One mob looking guy was EXTREMELY creepy, he waved to his friend as he crossed the street (perp was in car) and after the wave he moved his hand right over to the window and put it up to the glass pointing at me with a most murderous look in his eyes.

Its upsetting to see Mafia looking guys doing something like that. Really drives it home. Guess they dont want me in East Boston as well. big loss there.

By the way, when yer 50 years old, wearing those awful baggy golfer type shorts with sneakers and a big white tee with a baseballcap like a Southie youth kinda looks really dumb. Stick with the greaseball Mob look like the jerk in the typical guido car who pointed his tacky gold ringed finger at me through the glass. LOL.
i cant write if I keep getting the feeling that there is a way select people can read what I am writing as i write it. It pisses me off and I feel edited and censored as I write. THis is why I shouldnt use Blogger in real time to write anything becuz what I just mentioned is quite possible.

Amy Winehouse- Dont Give THE SYSTEM Any Satisfaction

It was bound to happen. People try so hard to tell others what to do and that nonsense about the dead-at-30-club bullshit. Some people simply cannot be saved. There is nothing more or less tragic about this than in any other disaster involving death. Addicts describe addiction as a "disease" in 12 step meetings. The reason for this is that yes, often people die as if it were a terminal illness and humans need to name things so they can understand them and fix or fight them.

Addiction is not however an actual 'disease'. This is simply part of NA's loaded language that gives addiction something to hold onto while slowly gaining the tools they need to battle addiction. I used it and it works well in the beginning.

Later however as we grow some addicts are not satisfied with that answer. Addiction is a very complex set of circumstances, many of which society would rather not deal with thus gray areas or vagueness suits this situation much better than investigation.

Internal programming, ritual abuse and cult mind control traumas are very much a part of many hard core addicts make up. In fact within programming, drug addiction is an actual part of the person's blue print thus keeping them drugged and under control or eventually driving them to death- conveniently. Since mind controlled slaves serve multi purposes yet have only a one dimensional front to the public, it would be VERY inconvenient for such a person, especially one with fame as a mouth piece and cred, to start naming faces, places and memories etc. Drug addiction is simply another part of the unhappy lives of mind controlled slaves in many instances.

Aside from that specific area I deal with, non programmed persons can suffer similar addictions from genetic pre disposition to addiction, traumas that they wont or cant face that make them hurt inside or very unhappy. Whats most sad about this is that when one is younger, those feelings destroy the body. If we can make it to an older age, just hang on until then, age, time and wisdom seem to guarantee a long life for the remainder. Something about youth, especially before 30, makes death very very easy. Many people are simply not conscious of themselves as human beings.

There is this second adolescence that no one tells us about. Perhaps it just happens to creative people or the kind of people who seem to take a long time to grow up the way 'normal' people do. In your early 30's life becomes extremely confusing and you leave your twenties not understanding what is going on with your body changing, and everything else for that matter.

I cant say what her situation was. Beautiful, a true talent not this crap coming out today- its possible she was programmed but it might just be extreme jealousy coupled with this insane drive to destroy anyone who stands out and is truly talented. The corporations need 'sameness' to control how they make profits. Craft isnt allowed anymore. Her music and her voice were a bit reminiscent of the 60's or something from America's much greater past that might have been a threat to begin with but also she was one of those people who stands out. The world nowadays is full of people who cant mind their own business and the system trying to create world wide enslavement of mankind encourages these bastards and even pays them if its about directly targeting someone, to judge, hate on, be jealous of and destroy special people. Its as if being special is not allowed. True talent is an immense threat.

So its hard to say if her own personal shit just got to her or if it was that and being hated on or even targeted. If she was an asset of any kind and programmed- sadly this ending and its timing are quite normal.

I think the powers that be are deathly afraid of artists growing old. Getting thier shit together and getting wise.

Whatever the reality of her life was the worst part about this is not in her death but how we simply couldn't enjoy her presence more when she was alive. So many people trying to 'help' by being judgmental bastards. The public is a lynch mob and very passive aggressive about thier jealousy nowadays which they can hide behind judging people. Then when they have 'helped' the person to death by harping on them and not letting up and making thier situation worse they act like it was inevitable as well as secretly- the little murderers gloat with pride over the death they caused.

Besides I have seen the music industry a bit and they whore off absolute gods on earth and handle them, control them and destroy them when convenient. Artists are often also psychic with other talents as well. This system knows that these are the potential Titans of the earth or at least the wise elders in some respect and they keep people in line accordingly.

I know one thing for sure. Whatever was wrong with her that made her need drugs to feel normal was not being investigated hard enough by the world she was in. What causes us to feel so so badly in this way?

When you answer that HONESTLY, then you can have smug attitude towards dying addicts.
I love the era we live in. There is this inverse romanticizing of people's deaths...but its still a romanticizing of it its just real negative.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Formulas To Predict behavior and Outcome

Look at this. They have scientific formulas that predict behaviors. No wonder th gs system is so arrogant a.d believes they are smarter than us or the general public.

This is how they predict outcomes.

I was also downloading an app yesterday for the bus. It shows the bus moving and my location if I turn it on. This seems to be a good system during Bush before the public had Smartphones to stalk and harass TIs by intercepting them with perps utilizing much of the tech now available to the public.

That link explains why the MIT kids make fun of me for using metal to motivate and sooth. There have been experiments that show monkeys become soothed and quieted listening to metal music.

They have so much superior knowledge they really do believe they are superior human beings to TIs or the rest of us. This is why they target the smart steeple who break formation. They truly believe they can run society and keep the public ignorant.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Street Guy Lets Me Know I Was Indeed Slandered And Being Framed

Amazing...I just talked to a street guy from years ago who told me that indeed there was rumor being spread I was a snitch and a drug addict. Mostly becuz prof my vid camera which of course I needed foe gang stalking.

Whomever set this ip is a powerhouse of wealth resource ans connections.

I explained to him that I was actually being chased by people trying to CONVINCE me to rat without a subpoena.

Typical FBI bs during Bush and due to this being such a mess no one is going to believe the real story and probably thinks I am making it up.

None of this would be possible without my own mother withholding information from me and also not revealing she was a documented radiation experimentees. She knew. She knew becuz she said to me that I can write a book but no one is going to believe me. It would have helped if she had stood up for me instead of trying to help the people trying to bring me down by getting me labeled.

Whoever helped me out of this...whoever is connected to that art reacher who claimed my mother is sick are the ones who saved me from this.

I wish I u derstood how this all worked. I wish I knew who the players uncover were.

You see the cops to this day continuing to handle the situation with caution to continue the deception the hiding of what really went on.

Well its ending with me being on the street in bad health getting what was the point of preventing a frame up?

Harassed By Construction Grunt Workers in Airport

Someone please tell the lowlifes construction union scum who are here in the airport simply to do some grunt work as they do, explain to them how usually gang stalking in an overt obnoxious manner at the airport is a no no. Only with Christine was I ever I harassed here in a definitive gang stalking manner and only in a specific terminal one she usually stayed in which I don't. (By the way she magically got inheritance money and doesn't constantly terrorize people anymore with activism I think she's trying to buy an RV or some property. This came after she for me in her clutches for a month or so and also caused drama and for me to flip out in public. )

I could tell by how I was just harassed that these scum are not regular workers here. Becuz no one here usually pulls any gs nonsense at night anyway.

Christine explained that the people who can get jobs at the airport have to be higher quality people with a better background check due to the stringent security measures nowadays. Mostly I have found this theory to be true. Also even though there are state police present I was only harassed once with Christine months so on the lower floor of her regular terminal and it was next to some union office and union is never a good thing dealing with g.s.

It feels like one is dealing more with the feds and they are simply more responsible. The fact this was done by local townie shits allowed into the airport for grunt work simply backs my theory that this is more a network of organized crime even though govt may be involved on some level.

Its funny you can tell they aren't normal to this civilized environment becuz they are very LOUD when walking through the terminal and nosy also. The idiot who messed with me saw me sleeping and decided clapping loudly while walking by was a great idea. Like "get up!". Gee WHY WOULD HE DO THAT IF I WAS JUST ANOTHER PASSENGER WAITING FOR MY FLIGHT TO COME IN? Obviously they knew who I was. Also the way it was done was harassment like after the event the guy walking behind him makes sure he pretends nothing just happened.

If there is one thing that is unmistakable about gang stalking its the childish hatred and intent coming from the perps.

Perhaps an accident will occur and they will have ones. I could get near the construction area. Accidents do happen. Isn't that what these scums backers the mob used to use to threaten people? 'You might have union problems if u don't cooperate'. The more I am toyed with and kept awake by these u civilized animals the more time I have to document film blog and think of any other way I can to defend myself.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Its Hard For People To Believe In GS

Many people find it difficult to take claims of TIs seriously. Especially the human experimentees involved or persons who claim to be survivors of mind control project
Even I wish that I could turn around one day and claim to believe that this was all in my own mind. That I suffer from mental illness. That I was born with a genetic defect that makes me predisposed to delusion.

The torture via drugging or tech are easy enough to write off after many years. What I can't ever forget as being a reality is the stalking and harassment by fellow human beings put forth in the unmistakable style of psychological operations as it is defined and also similar to black operations as defined. I can also never forget what my life was once like, how at peace I was with myself as a human being and how that is no longer part of who I am. I also cannot forget the betrayals. If I was indeed mentally ill why did everyone around me abandon me and leave me? Why would they not have sighted the problem and stayed with me on the course towards a solution or cure. And what or the many people I met while traveling who kept stating that I was being chased by federal agents or with some case of mistaken identity connected to Jake and dealing Oxycotin? Yet there was never a subpoena.

All of this makes for a miserable existence that should not be. Much of what is going on is covert. Yet people think its impossible and don't believe.

Much of the problem seems TI be many TIs are uneducated people specifically in the realm of politics.

When reactionaries make claims such as America has become fascist or a military dictatorship they are doing the best they can to make what they feel about what is going on around them known. I looked up many of these terms and the USA cannot be accurately described as 'fascist'a or the a dictatorship. Many people who are educated especially highly educated are going to find it difficult to take that seriously as an accurate description of our current situation.
What many people are trying to describe out of desperation is happening covertly as well as with changes made in key places not the entire system of government.

For instance, having Blackwater provide services as a contractor so that the government can't be held accountable presents an entirely new reality. Also the problem with much of what is going on now is abuses of power that average people cannot easily trace and feel helpless against. The now in place power of corporations is also very threatening to people. And its not being addressed properly.

Its not the overt changes to our system of government its what's being done covertly, sneakily, quietly or under the guise of something else.

Here is the definition of the USA government system.

Yet how is that effected by all the abuses of power that are occurring?

I know that many of my detractors believe I have the mind of a child or the mindset of a ten year old. Yet I was not like the this before I was targeted.

Also for what I had planned for my future it was just fine the way I was. What and who I was made me very ill prepared to handle and understand what I have been victim to.

This is why what we deal with ultimately is a gross abuse of power on the weak, the vulnerable and the powerless as opposed to educated descriptions of government systems.

This is where the problem lies is in the corruption that has taken over our little lives and our big country that seem to not make it into any descriptions or definitions of what the USA is today.

Monday, July 18, 2011

sick central sq stop the black sttack

SqI am in central SQ at bus stop. I have fever stomach nausea probably flu. I can't move for a few til feel able too.

Someone please send peeps or some form of control to stop the jealous hateful blacks around here who have been in on this since day one becuz they are racist greedy garbage, from fucking with me while I am vulnerable. Telling them off is not helping me the right now and they think its a free for all becuz I am sick.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are TI's Lives Simply Ongoing Experimentation Until Death (The Testing Of The Super Soldier)

Another theory I thought of today was if perhaps my entire existence IS MK Ultra or creating the superman experimentation. What if say, in my situation all the constant daily stress is to for life gauge how this system can make a soldier fight and even win more effectively, thus creating a superior fighter? All the things I was armed with perhaps radiation exposure does something that is not obvious, that only those who started MK know about. Programming, selective breeding etc. Then t his interface- this ability to be advised on what moves to make and what not to do via technology- it is very similar to the military doing experimentation with having soldiers be able to be guided in this same way out in the field per an article in WIRED I am too tired to link but will tomorrow.

Its obvious now why there are people who provide you with info and protection to keep you alive and make all the right moves and avoid danger. This IS the experiment. Seeing how programming breaks down and constant stressors daily. Then being guided by forces to make correct decisions on how to proceed next.

This is why we are never allowed to have lives or leave the lab as it were. Our only purpose is to see if we can fight and win and stay alive. This is why society goes along with this at a certain level and why other levels are not even aware. The interface IS part of creating the super soldier.

People were so naive to think that the factions behind the Nazis would just disappear once they were defeated in war. And it was a great cover, all that hoopla, loud Wagnerian speeches, parades, and spectacle. It really hides the forces behind all that who continue on without all the through Project Paperclip. And best of all no one is supposed to believe us.

For all I know we are supposed to survive this using this system to guide us while every one else drops dead. Who knows?

The Casey Anthony Case- Was I Supposed To Care About This?

Casey Anthony.

OK I assume I am supposed to pay attention to this due to the parallels with my own situation or at least looks. The mirroring just gets better with time dont it?

I could have cared less about this case and the only thing I thought of it years ago was that Casey's father was the most suspect of all. As if what happened revolved around him moreso.

Maybe when he was in the police force he pissed someone off? Maybe its revenge? I just find it hard to believe that she would commit murder so carelessly. Why not just give the kid up for adoption or if yer really greedy at least find a buyer for the child and a much better cover story would have been provided (not that that would be a right thing to do but it wouldnt be so careless). The murder of that child had a motive. Murder always has a motive. Her wanting to party is not a reasonable person's motive, becuz she must have known she was going to be caught as opposed to giving the kid away. Perhaps seeing her father lie over the years made her think she could get away with something like this.

Her face in all the photos during this trial look Satanic in nature. Some sort of possession or triggering. Perhaps she sold out to such forces if she did have something to do with the murder. Satanism especially among the masses is getting very pop culture acceptance. The pics of her before this time look like a normal person.

We live in a society where people rant and rave about women like Casey yet accept psychopathic murdering gansta rappers socially. This same public disregards torture at Gitmo and even domestically. They let thier children watch violent content in media and play vid games with even worse content and effects. If Casey were African American it would be written off as just another of the same violence in that culture- which is racist both ways and I wont get into that now.
The public mob loners its that simple. In many ways she was portrayed, especially photographically as a Loner. She was targeted for hatred as a loner as well. If she were connected to a group or gang there would not be so much hatred. Casey is hated for her whiteness, and specifically her Italianess and this is true in the pics I saw of her father being portrayed also. She is hated for her middle class beauty. She is hated for her lifestyle. Lots of mothers party and get drunk and still take care of thier kids.

White middle class America never wants to look at itself. It doesnt want to look at the fact this country has a high standard of living only due to exploitation of slave labor early on agriculturally as well as construction, genocide of an entire race of human beings who were inconveniently on the land, child labor abroad for our cheap yet overpriced clothing etc and our self destructive throw away society. This culture is totally compartmentalized. Violence is only a threat when it mirrors too closely your own existence. Wars happen OVER THERE. Black ghetto violence happens TO THEM. Casey looks too much like the confident white party girl and now dare she be violent..or lie..or cheat etc.

This country cannot accept the reality of evil in man becuz daily it benefits from a system that uses just that to have its exceptionally high quality of life.

What the USA hates about Casey and her father were thier tough facial expressions, thier sleaziness. If the Anthony's had lied with the flair of say, a Bush or similar, the public would be as petted and soothed over as a purring cat in one's lap. They dont hate murder, they hate brutishness and lack of style. I know this country I have been victimized by this country- they hate sloppy murders, they admire clever ones.

And dont mess with Mom and Apple Pie which is something they need to hide behind, kind of like living fully benefiting from a 'Satanic' system if you will, while claiming to be Judeo Christians in country and in practice yet only going through those motions on Sundays or for social acceptability.They deserve Casey Anthony and will use her as a diversion as long as possible from the unpleasant reality of thier lives.

Casey Anthony is the monster that dwells within every white female and whites hate truth more than anyone I have ever encountered. And if they were serious about protecting children they would fix the system. I find it hard to believe it wasnt already illegal to NOT report a child's death within an hour. THAT is something they have to put on the books? WTF?

Thinking along the lines of logic is something people in the richest country in the world should have been doing in the first place. Yet America is a place where something really f*cked has to happen before people make sense. This country is too damn big, too rich and its people have become enslaved and arent fighting to do anything drastic about it nor even care. Too much denial and Disneyworld. To realize that evil co exists with us daily would be the beginning of truly defending one's self from such forces. But this country tends to accept, worship or tolerate such forces then in other instances such as this, have outcry about such evil deeds.

Which is why I didnt care about this case to begin with. If people in this country really cared about things like this they would cut all the bs out of their lives and become sensible adults and focus on keeping law makers in line with the tech that exists instead of feeding into escapism and consumerism. They deserve Casey Anthony and they deserve to live with the outrage over the verdict. The public of this country have lost the reigns a long time ago. Being a responsible citizen isnt about spying only after something blows up from terrorism or mobbing a woman only after she neglects to report her kid dead. Its about creating a functional society where things are in line, make sense, are managable and where the people TRULY have a say in that process. America is an entertainment factory that is really not any fun me thats all it has become.

Women were murdering thier kids eons ago. However, mind control via tech did not exist as it does now. Yet the latter is what they continue to chose to focus on not the former. Why? Becuz they are easily trained and predictable social animals. Another reason why this case wasnt interesting. The only thing that was disturbing is the change in her face, from happy and normal to demonic...but that is happening alot lately. Also nobody notices.

Who cares anymore?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MP Groping Incident-Set Up and Destroy Potential Military Whistleblower?

What's most interesting is that she was in the midst of exposing the military for having charities pay for soldiers injuries instead of taking care of it themselves.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Making TI Sickest Of The Herd For Extermination

I have experienced that my intuition is mostly jammed. I have been getting indications this has to do with him for months maybe years. The only reason I can act on that right now is I am on antibiotics for something (yes it was a hassle but I found two that if the right brand don't give me reactions that interfere with my life.)

I was so damn sick and Id had these issued for months. I recall years ago noting that I felt more coherent and together in this if I took one antibiotic a month. Like I was starting to really lose my health. Then I really started traveling and forgot about all that as my health beefs up out west like in the mountains and especially in the desert. TN ain't bad either. Feel pretty good there. )

If you ruin the health of the TI along with continued harassment then suicide or living in denial seems like more of an option.

Depression seems very tied into health.

It seems that targeting certain people and lowering the population with mind control tech and the three point system requires making the person sickly. Thats perhaps their rationale. To.kill off the weak ones in the order to kill of specific people.they must be made weak to become caught in this.system. becuz it DOES co.exist with the normal world you experience daily.

I notice when I am healthier like with friends I like, sexually active or on.antibiotics this system cannot 'hack' the mind as easily.

Remaining Conflict In Ireland-Simply Lone Extremists, Right?

This also sounds alot like what TIs experience. The rest of society is satisfied to live peacefully with a new order or arrangement. Perhaps that's becuz, like in this situation, they don't have to live close to the conflict.

TIs have fought the monsters of the NWO up close. We know that the shit yer being handed isn't what they say it is. Why would a wonderful new world order be formed if they insisted in doing the kinds of experimentation we have experienced?

And its do demeaning..the same way Obama and Joe talk to the American public-like nursery school children.

Once again anyone who doesn't want to sit down and play nice with everyone else is simply some exempt extremist group. A few bad apples spoiling the bunch and other child like ways of percieving things.

The way that this is written is typical of handling..HANDLING anyone who fights for something they believe in that the parent State wants smoothed out to continue their NWO world domination dream. You are lone extremists. You are terrorists and we simply have no idea how you go that way but we don't tolerate that blah blah blah. Lots of naive people actually believe the Irish confliect is about religion.
That is simply a tactic of the Imperialist invader powers to smear their opponents and the conflict as stupid, pointless and primitive. It is primitive- its the same beef as in the Middle East: its over land.

And having your enemy or oppressor move into your backyard.

I am highly suspect of any system that excludes and labels people as merely extremists when that system itself is corrupt beyond belief and its only way out of being caught and judged is to operate above the law and under the radar.

Its the way the article is worded. Its exactly what happens to us..left behind and angry while the rest of the world moves on happily into a new system.

No one understands why nor wants to here the truth about why either.

Like a nick in an otherwise perfect fabric..that is how the creators of the NWO seem to percieve the world of human beings.

Another Example Of Legal Ethical Reported Experimentation Parelleling TIs Situations

This is exactly the kind of experimentation going on with Targeted Individuals.

What struck me was the purposefully difficult math tests doomed to fail also familiar were the negative input by the experimentors through earphones to their subjects while taking these tests.

That is exactly what TIs have to go through. Once again TIs can plainly see parrellels between experimentation that is documented and reported to be en vogue in the science world.

The factions responsible for our ongoing experimentation are so powerful and these programs are ongoing black projects it seems we will never get justice much less validation.

I look around in the media and all around me and the country is just being put back to sleep more and more every year.

I think what TIs get exposed to is so horrible that we expect the world to finally wake up and notice. Soldiers probably freel this way after war and perhaps the ones that become anti war want society to realize what it actually consists of.

You realize that civilians don't know and further more they don't care. They have never been shaken out of their insular worlds. Its not a survival necessity for them to care or even acknowledge our experience as real.
In fact the threat of having to experience the same horrible fate motivates them to be silent and not acknowledge our suffering.

Black projects involving human experimentation are still occuring and with Clinton's seal of silence "never again will there be another MK Ultra trial" there is little hope for tortured TIs and anyone connected to MK Ultra and its other projects..of which no one knows other than obviously the perpetrators.

I now fully understand that my being able a connection to MK Ultra through my mother being a radiation experimentee, why they had to try so hard to discredit me and continue to do so.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Was just in Arlington MBTA station. The newly built one that I haven't was under construction years ago.

TOTAL MIND CONTROL ENVIRONMENT. They have the typical strategically positioned cameras (CCTV 4 whatever that means in relation to the MBTA. Does that mean its viewable to anyone who can get.that channel...or maybe hack into it?)

I felt really fried in there. I got off the train and noticed it had been finished the construction. Coming upstairs was another story. The environment changes drastically. It almost feels like a trap. I sat there charging my phone and was being just saturated with behavioral conditioning and felt observed-alot. A good dose of Truman Show treatment was thrown in and of course that was being used as behavior conditioning. I even got impressions of what I look like to the was awful. When I got out of there I felt of course somewhat relieved of the disturbance.

But one just gets this feeling that there are a shitload of famous influential and wealthy people watching through these cameras. As if there is a.reality show being produced by interweaving the cameras from all over the country in specific locations or cities for people who are big enough in our society to afford sic a.thing.

This is why so many people who DON'T understand they are targeted have what has been dubbed 'Truman Show Syndrome' by psychiatrists who wont tell them what's really going on or don't know themselves.

Many TIs get this now too. I never had these ideations during Bush. NEVER. This is something that came along in the last few years. Interestingly right around the same time as I read that psychiatrists were seeing alot of.this Truman Show Syndrome pop up among patients.

Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick A CIA Set Up?

I missed this part of Charles Schlund's affadavit before. It was so long I didn't read it through.

Is there any way to prove this? Yet with what I have been through it sounds so much like the sick meticulous deceptive crap they pull.

Kinda like pushing a female Targeted Survivor of high level programming into homelessness and then through harassment keeping her on the run and conveniently she travels the country and you can easily MILAB her on a bus ride away from the prying eyes or crowded New England area to more cooperative less populated areas like the south west or the mid west.

Gassing the Target then using something else to awaken that person after you have messed around with them in their drugged state of course. All done on a Greyhound bus. Who else could recruit an entire bus for their own use?

Knocking people out reviving them, using drugs to cloud the mind or even mind control or psychotropics or neuro interruptors. Its got to be a heavy hitter like the military or CIA.

According to what I have experienced that could actually be pulled off. These people have a hell of alot of manpower and they have all kinds of advanced drugs.

The claim they filmed it is also something they would pull. I wonder even if it can be labeled CIA. Is that really who these groups are? Or is it some undefinable group something not officially named..something so vile we don't want to know anyway.

The dirt I have read on purported harassment of the Kennedys, it almost sounds like in total all these actions were to ensure they were always controlled and never gained immense power here in the US. Even though it seems they did have that kind of power imagine without all the accidents and bad luck and deaths what they could have been. Then again nothing seals power to you forever more than tragedy and death. Kennedy is almost a kind of example of certain ideals in the USA. And by destroying, controlling that family the opposing ideogies political or otherwise make a statement about this country: we will never allow those qualities to run this nation. WE run this nation.

I wonder if the Kennedys weren't used simply for the other powers that be to be able to flex their muscles. And repeatedly show their dominance.
Or to attempt to make it look as if those ideals can never be attainable-that anything that seems good or functional has an underside of evil and dysfunction.

Could it be simple as it is with many individual TIs? Making sure we are kept down and never gain too much power in the United States?

All of their actions against people seem to be about containing power and silencing victim witnesses or whistleblowers.
Only certain physicians in Cali understood how one severe allergic reaction to one Bactrim pill would induce multiple allergies in a person. They simply said it takes the body a long time to get back to normal. But at least they admitted that it could happen. The two allergists I had been to one in San Diego one at Tufts Medical which has been a hot bed of gang stalking looking back now as far as I can remeber, they both looked like they were full of it and wouldn't admit the reaction is what induced allergies so severe. The secretaries in Cali looked more guilty than you can imgaine. Thats the difference between Cali and Boston I guess. Here they just have sadistic or smug looks on their faces.

This happens all the time. Generics or manufacturers other than the ones that I usually take where there is no reaction usually there is this problem. I got an inhaler once that was different brand from my usual. Doc and pharma claimed it was same drug should be fine etc. Sure enough I had enough of a reaction that I knew I could not use this inhaler regualrly or at all without problems.

I demanded my old brand back and it was fine. No one one has listened to me all my life. For some reason Americans seem to distrust me. ever beleives I am telling the truth or I am smart enough to make correct observations about my own life and physical body.

Now I have to go back there to hang around all night long and see if this turns nasty or severe. It seems fairly mild and its coming and going in cycles which is fairly normal. I have had that before with more severe reactions to things.

The pharmacy said I couldn't get the name brand and that isn't possibly what they gave me in the hospital. Well obviously whatever they have there is better than CVS.

Ill just keep going back until they get the point of how bad this is.

I wouldn't have even sought medical attention was so out of control becuz I get harassment in hospitals like recently in Mt Auburn. Wit that doctor's assistant nurse arguing with me its probably reflux and harassing me about my traveling lifestyle and generally being argumentative cruel and unsympathetic while I was going throuh a reaction to a spider bite. Then they put on paper they saw no evidence of anaphylaxis..yet they did not put down allergic reaction anywhere. Total con job once again.
Something tells me I shouldn't have trusted that CVS on Newbury St...I should have stuck to the place around the corner or waited til tomorrow to get from hospital pharmacy. This happens all the time. The generics or drug store meds are never as high quality as the hospital meds. And I have allergic reactions to whatever additives are in the generics. Perhaps part of gang stalking is giving the patient meds that are not as affective so their ailments never quite clear up.

I took what they gave me at the pharmacy and am now having slight reactions like very faint throat closing... like its just starting. And I don't feel the relief from the symptoms of my ailments like I did last night when I took meds from the hospital the nurse gave me.

Doesn't it seem like hospitals have better quality medication?

Interestingly with the pills I was given last night my mild yet constant urinary tract symptoms I have been experiencing for years finally got better. I had been put on multiple runs of antibiotics and they never cured it. And by now you know that horror story about the Bactrim pill in Dec 2009. That caused more harm than did any good for a UTI.

Didn't I mention? I forgot to post! I finally went to a medical facility to get treated for a horrible gyn condition and these boils I kept getting which I caught from this kid I was seeing here. He kept claiming it wasn't MERSA. Yeah it wasn't but its still communicable obviously. Go to a doctor..sheesh.

They drained this huge one that was under my skin and the gyn thing had just really become a problem.

Thats what was wrong with me. I was sick. I have been sick for a long time now. That's why my posts had been so agro.

Cop Intimidation In SWAT Vehicle..Tasteless Boston Style As Usual

Had a strange problem getting back into blogger after signing.out after.that last post.

This is right after some black cop in a Boston big black truck that said SWAT on the side came down Newbury St and the only thing he looked at was me sitting on the steps of CVS.
More intimidation...and they are still making the mistake of having blacks stalking me.
Must be nice..riding an expensive SWAT vehicle down Newbury St on a Sunday ..all while I sleep on the street still.

Im gonna get you for.what you did. You think you're protected by being cops or gang members or nurses or whatever...I will get you. I don't know when I dnt know how but I will.

Pharmacies Giving Bad Drugs To TIs...Psychological Effects Years Later

To this day I have to watch the pharmicist like a hawk when.they are filling something just becuz of those years during Bush when they were screwing with my medicine.

Don't believe me?

I hope I can trust this pharmacy. I watched her fill them but I saw she kept going underneath the counter to fill mine and its not what the next woman did to fill the next ones.

I don't trust anyone anymore. Back during Bush and suing Olnick people were new to the brutality of this system. People gave me information and heads up. People warned me like a pharmacist in the midwest just looked at me like 'dont take these'.

I took one and then didn't and boy...he wasn't saying that for no reason.

But perhaps with the NWO in place so firmly now, people live by deception ad second nature. The younger kids seem like its part of their upbringing. Its totally normal.

So who's to say she didn't switch pills right in front of me becuz I couldn't see her filling them very well. The attitude might be a friendly smile and a 'too bad you stupid bitch what are you going to do about it anyway even if I did?'.

I don't even want to take the stuff now. I think these covert activities are probably totally normalized now.

I will never forget how I discovered that sedative prescribed to me was being tainted and given to me by that Brookline Walgreens. They love Lou Ghepetti there of course and know him by face. I've learned over time anyplace where perps or your enemies get preferential treatment is a place where you as a TI will be gang stalked every single time without fail.

That is a rule of thumb.

The hospital in San Fran CA upon my leaving gave me the same drug after claiming they never carried.such a drug. They highly suggested I.take their new script supply and not those old ones from Brookline.

I finally got it. Whatever they put in the ones from Brookline Walgreens they gave me a weird effect of like....fuzziness. As if some chemical or substance were making me brain fogged and worse. I used to have the bottle but I lost it along the way. I wonder if it would show up in my body somewhere.
Its funny like that movie Love You To Death or Rasputin where they just keep poisoning the person and doing shit trying to kill them and the f*cked just keeps forging onward. I would laugh my ass off if radiation exposure actually does give humans super powers or strengths...hysterical.

No matter what you do society still sees you as the loser in all this. And you never get back what was only get forgotten about and left alone more as they see you have less and less of a chance at any opportunities.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Union Dues May Include Performing GS

The types of jobs mentioned helped out an awful lot during Bush and the height of the harassment. And union types were notorius for gs involvement.

Could this be their reward?

I think that gs is a form of dues to pay before getting such connections. Either that or the places I experienced this thymey were already unionized or it was the security companies they worked for or they were on payroll of Blackwater type private black ops companies.
People have to understand something about my situation. I keep getting this feeling, and this might be manipulation from the system, I get tortured alot especially being in MA that I am just like this family member or that one. That I am just as easily controlled as my aunt Debrah or that I am like my mother or my dad. I know its to get me to reveal more information and confess more but I I it has an effect most of the time.

I am still in MA which I shouldn't be. In fact I shouldn't be in this state ever again as long as I live. They think they have me cornered becuz of my failing health as well as no hospitals will give me quality care. So this is all part of the intimidation.

It is so necessary for them to get me to confess information on this blog.

Why is confession so damn important?

Its about getting me to give up now. Retire to some shelter and go quiet. Concentrate on my health issues. Finally settle down. Go to UMass.

The mind control is so.damn heavy lately my personality has changed dramatically. It could be health related as I still have that pain in my upper jaw where that fake tooth is and now I have this weird thing going on with my female parts. I can't use medicines (allergic reactions to alot of things) what am I supposed to do? And I have to pee all the time. I never should ha e stayed here this long. I was easily manipulated becuz of my attachment to this place emotionally.

But giving in to staying here does not consist of getting a lawyer which I have been blocked.from doing constantly by gang stalkers and mind control. Yes mc. Its so bad now in areas like Boston and Cambridge.
What I am being urged to do is sort of like a criminal turning themselves in finally. This manipulation makes sense becuz I have been forced to feel like a criminal throughout the gs campaign and obviously they have alot of experience.with this so as the persons health fails due to continued negligence as well as anything.they can do to aggregate it then when the person tires they can reign them in using negotiations similar to hostage takers or other criminls they want to get to come in peacefully. Or who r on the run. I now understand that must have been the purpose of the persecution this entire time.

To enable ultimate control over the Target.

They want me to come in and get labeled is what they want. Not as surrender in war but as surrender to the actions of authority.

I have been being tormented lately that I am weak and feminine and nobody believes me anyway or many believe cover stories. That no one is going to help me no one is going to validate me.

This entire thing from 2003 onward has been about destroying any and all growth I had and returning me to the extremely controlled state I was in when I was on drugs as a youth and under Julie's control or then under my fsmily's control living in Waltham going to three NA meetings a day.

When my grandfather died this system lost some sort of control over the family and they have been desperate to regain that ever since.

Its as if my grandfather provided some.sort of demonic anchor.

After seeing what the perps do to people and experiencing my grandfather try some bullshit with me just once which of course I prevented, I have a theory that the pedophile fathers they claim are randomly approached are actually programmed or conditioned to act out this way.

If you don't understand what I mean you have no idea about the nature of true evil. I have experienced true evil. Total lack of humanity which most people don't experience and if they do they have the benefit of humanity at least believing they have been to war or been to prison. Targeted Individuals have the worst form of abuse as no one believes us..just as my mother predicted.

My grandfather when confronted about what exactly was he planning driving with me so late at night he looked trances, possessed. He snapped out of it she. I talked my way out of this.

What if they program child molesters..not all but the ones that are connected to this system? That would explain why they can hide so well or why they can't be cured. People think they can tell but they can't.

So what if these men are programmed to act this way? Later when the pedophile father is approached by this system it seems first generational but the system knows who these families are from the start. They know the children will be easily programmed.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Introduction Posted

New intro. Too long or complicated for newbies? I think its both actually.

Oh and I added a footnote to anyone who wants to get cute and thinks they can now use my much more revealing introduction to corner me with a mental illness label: I will ruin lives and destroy within not f*ck with me.

Now that is settled, enjoy the new intro and let me know if its a bit much for newcomers. I think it might be.

And if you can't handle it and want to start with the crazy label bs stop thinking becuz obviously that's my dept and sit back and enjoy it as sci fi..becuz that is as far as yer gonna get. If I get officially labeled or dragged away I will find a way to make life miserable for many people.

Take it easy on yourselves and on me as well. Hopefully for my enemies the worst I yet to come.

New FBI info on Biggie Smalls Murder

Police with gang or organized crime ties huh? No shit sherlock...

When is America going to get it? The old crime families went legit through investment they didn't all get busted and disappear. Italians don't get busted and just disappear..we've been around running the world far to long to allow that to happen. Like Rome reinvented its power into the Church through which to rule so power structures often reinvent themselves. The British royal family has changed its name for certain reasons decades ago and so on.

African American gangs usually can't do it by themselves. They need the backing of old crime families as well as legit or semi legit powers like the CIA (see Iran Contra). Thats why with the massive amount of African Americans in the gs networks you don't have to wonder very hard where they fit in.

When one music label.I can think of.from.the 90s tried to.go.on.their own all of a sudden the feds came down on them. Why did they think they were untouchable enough to do this? See above.

The system we live in keeps slaves..end of story. You're supposed to kiss their ass to have a life or get anything done..and that is especially true now.more than ever. Anyone who succeeds nowadays I wouldn't trust worth a shit unless has money and connections.

And I see clearly now that America's laws are meaningless. And the only thing Americans understand or respond to is wealth or violent action taken against them or the show of that capacity.

My being alive and able to move on with my life as is, is supposed to be an example of how there is indeed justice ib the USA.
Yet if my value as a human experimentee wasn't considered then where would I be? Granted I think alot of justice was done covertly on my behalf by unknown parties becuz it was obvious I didn't deserve this and I was a nice person fairly innocent of what was going on around me. Perhaps that was the motive for justice. That there are still stand up people out there who feel messing with naive women to that extent was just a bit much.

But why must it be covert on covert? Im probably being naive again but why have laws if only covert action is going to get justice?

New Improved Witch Hunts Perhaps A Good Idea?

One of the things that I discovered being in this area along is that many people think I deserved this. And others simply believe its funny and I was a 'sucks'.
Nothing about human experimentation or weapons or corruption. It makes no sense whatsoever. And my blog seems to have little impact on the general public as if they know me from some other way, something more accessible to them like video and whatever it was it was so heavily marketed I can't compete.

Its interesting isn't it that one woman would take up so much money and time for such petty reasons?

I definately see now that the cover stories are very important. Extremely important.

And the more frustrated or fucked with I get in places like this the more 'evidence' they have that I am just mentally ill and not that I have been tortured hunted and my life taken from me.

Tue Boston Cambridge area is so heavily managed as well as polluted being old and moldy and with years of air pollution its simply not healthy even for non TIs. The electromagnetic pollution is very high.

Its far too moldy and humid and I was foolish to stay so long. I can never function properly here not after the mold damage from that apartment years ago.

Lou Gheppetti basically said that it was part of the sick joke by that social group locally that I stayed in that apartment so long. Can u believe a bunch of assholes from Newton and Brookline that are so messed up and priveledged that they find this funnny? Unfortunately this is the kind of sick behavior I recall from my mother being a bartender in Allston as all those Brookline jerks used to come in there to party in that area. I recall everyone being full of themselves and very very viscous to anyone who didn't fit in.

Boston is nasty that way.
This area is just plain evil. I think there was good reason for those witch hunts in the 1600s. I have seen that over and over again. Not Wiccans as we know today but Satanic forces.

I have even theorized that this may be the true reason they sought religious freedom from England. Perhaps among them some of this sect was hiding and had infiltrated and this is what became an issue and perhaps the executions just went too far..but with what I have seen I wonder if that is true.

Imagine if someone like myself and others who have seen in this modern era-that there is a sect in todays modern world that is living among the normal population and is hiding. And it seems to be in every town every city etc across the USA.

Imagine if we started the same inquests the same investigations but using todays technologies like forensics, technologies, survaillence, lie detectors, dogs etc.
We could easily discern who was truly guilty and who was not.
Not based on bibles or Christianity strictly but on laws and a moral gauge but yes, registering as 'satanic' as far as how unlawful and inhuman this behavior gets becuz its pretty out there. Perps act like totally insane people and somehow they still fit into society.
So there is something really wrong there.

A modern witch hunt is what we need not or Wiccans but of anyone who acts out as the gang stalking system does especially from the top levels and the extremists which I have seen people like Eddie Cox and its pretty frickin evil. Not just evil but purely inhumane. As if cruelty and heartless bloodshed were normal all the time.

The public need to be aware that the Salem witch trials were perhaps indicative of a sect of people who still live among us and act out still in secret using deceptions.

Churches seem useless as they don't seem aware of the existence of su h a HUMAN force among the population. They speak of evil as some concept or part of the human psyche. These people personify it.
Also many of.them seem to be religious or Christian as front programming. Which is very dangerous as the public can't see what's really there.

I mean I have heard GW Bush speak..he genuinely believes he is Christian in his actions much of the time.

Perhaps using Satanic forces to torture people until they become Christian is his idea of normal but it absolutely is not. But he decieves so well...programmed of course. When Christian means cult or special interest group its a red flag and very dangerous.

These Abrahamic religions are extremely oppressive. And 'evil' was being countered long before the invention of Abrahamic religions so it doesn't have to be their way or nothing.

But the behavior I have experienced is perhaps normal for human beings when they are handed a nasty cover story. The extremism and meticulous strategies and methods of destroying someone from the true core group of perps nationwide is absolutely not normal.

There is something inhuman about these least they look like people.

They perform acts that no normal person in our society could be capable of..not without cult mind control or training or it being part of their upbringing.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Activist's Cred

What do you think of this. There isn't even proof its written by the author claimed is there?

Yet for various reasons I don't trust Gunderson then again his work stands as well as he is the one who had posted on the internet the info that gave me insight into my.situation: that a cover story is often used to get the targeted person to rat or run to authorities blabbing..then when they're murdered more smear for cover. Its rationalized. Which seems to follow this systems m.o. as everything else that's been done to me has been rationalized.

I've seen moments where he seems genuine and then times when what he's doing or saying seems deceptive as part of some bigger agenda.

Icke is questionable and so are alot of activists.

The problem always is the variable in all of these situations: how many of.these people may be programmed? Which would explain their actions at least. They want to help and be genuine but they are susceptible to mind control.

Its a.difficult situation to get a concrete answer from.

Also much.of the racism etc is INDUCED BY GSNG STALKING AND LONG.TERM PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. Its another discredtation method.

Its written.horribly which puts it into question. I've always wondered.what I would find if I had all the money and resources I needed to.investigate every single key player involved in this. Including myself as that would be the best way to know what the perps know about my life that I DO NOT.

But I am kept prisoner in a bubble so its all up for question.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vets Sue CIA For Human Experimentation 2009

US veterans sue CIA for alleged drug and mind control experiments:

This is another good reason why its in the best interests of this system to keep its victims down with harassment and psy warfare. I could have used this for my own case which includes my mother of course.

Not only do they want to discredit the TI but they want to ensure the TI can never fight back, that the person is basically incapacitated. If they live through the first phases like during Bush they wont be able to ever have any position in society or get lawyers etc.

In my case I am completely isolated from society. Totally marginalized. No lawyers no contacts with other activists (not who are getting anywhere), nothing. Its EXACTLY like being imprisoned in one of thier camps. No access to council. Becuz of the constant discreditation and keeping you down you cant access resources. If you survive the forced suicide phase or try to murder you phase you will spend every day just trying to survive.

Even writing this, by the time I reached "Becuz of the constant..." above, upon the word "constant" my train of thought and focus was interrupted and I could not recall what I was going to write nor write something that had impact or to the point as above. Only in MA is this a problem. My original intent became vague so my language weak.

Due to the....alright, its returned: Becuz of the constant attacks on the TI's credibility and the psychological prison formed by early on conditioning the person to be afraid of being labeled for thier claims any attempts at advocacy or getting lawyers is almost impossible.

Anyone who knows about MK Ultra which this article doesnt mention occurred at the same time in the same locations from the same sources to civilians, usually children (Presidents Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments 1995) knows that Pres Clinton made an apology. In that apology was a cryptic statement that never again would there be another MK Ultra committee or legal action. Knowing the Masonic thinking or speak of govt I know that is at once meant to appear a wonderful promise of closure as a deception yet in reality it is a veiled threat: many MK Ultra survivors were harassed into not even showing up to that committee to begin with which indicates that the numbers of victims documented coming forward are inaccurate.

His promise deceives the public into believing that its over: that this wont happen again, nothing like it will ever again and its been stopped- by justice of course. When in fact that is a falsehood.

Experimentees were harassed during those trials and were harassed afterwards. Many people are still being monitored and ironically 1995 is a year when I can testify to overt harassment beginning to be noticable with the use of psychological warfare and using tactics.

During Bush in 2003 it became 24-7 and not just overt but registered as torture much the same as used in Gitmo by the CIA yet these things could be done in public spaces using covert means
-covert warfare (human forces) aka 'gang stalking' which is essentially psychological warfare and can be used for behavior modification programs
-covert chemical warfare (gas stoves left on, gassings, poisonings with psychedelics, other strange chemical leaks that damage the lungs, which they seemed especially concerned with and stalkers spraying Targets with mild hallucinogens/psychotropics/psychedelics in public spaces which seemed to make the victim more susceptible to the effects of mind control technologies, the ancient spy craft/assassins trick of putting poisons on clothing so when the target puts it on it affects them. What seemed like neuro interrupters were used. Also the use of mycotoxins to cause physical and brain damage, an old trick from the soviet union to dumb down dissidents. Also note that MK Ultra was only able to depattern its subjects by using LSD which most likely makes the mind more easily molded, as LSD literally stays in brain tissue. LSD is synthesized from Ergot.) and
-psychic warfare which includes the use of technologies for hypnosis, harassment, torture and in later years after Bush whats seemed to be a behavior modification program to attempt to force Targets into forgetting thier old lives, selves and not only any childhood memories but of the gang stalking during this era itself. During Bush technology was used to torture physically and otherwise. The system seemed specifically interested in damaging the heart muscle just as lungs were targeted using chemical exposure.

Most unbelievable yet seemingly part of these campaigns was the use of psychic warriors which still may be in use. That would be coercion via human forces using methods that brainwash the Target without direct conscious contact. It was blitheringly obvious during Bush as they were very overt and it would be someone who sat down next to you and it would cease when they left, which brings the question are these psy warriors a result of natural talent or human experimentation perhaps amplified by tech?

The victim is set up early on with a smear campaign and a cover story so that everything that goes on looks like they are either insane or it is part of a lawful action against them to investigate a crime or crime ring. In some instances the public actually believe that its a form of vigilantism or reform, even though such actions could never be performed in the United States without special permissions from very high up sources or authorities. The public believe often that cowboy justice or methods are acceptable or that if cops are involved that its allowed by authority when in fact its usually a project or legal action that comes from very high up sources.

Unfortunately the public are often aware of these things, or a portion of them. They go along with it for the same reasons they went along with Nazi Germany, later East Germany, USSR etc etc or any genocide or oppression on earth today: humans are easily manipulated and controlled. Especially when mass mind control is in use which is now theorized by many as being the case not only in the USA but in other democracies.
Much of this system of control over the masses is rooted in the experiements listed above: MK Ultra, military experimentation on its own and other projects which is why many experimentees are harassed and these things are treated like sci fi stories or one time atrocities from a more sleazy era where the CIA was into covert actions as a way of altering and influencing events in its favor. Nothing much as changed- but its easy to make it appear as if "that was a different time and a very different agency" when now you can simply use tech directly for mind control or torture or assassination or to control individuals or groups or the masses to influence and alter events in your favor.

Agencies that focus on results and part of thier job is not getting caught breaking laws, who feel that "those bastards on the (Capitol) hill" get in thier way due to legislation and due process are not going to change their outlook or the way they operate within a few decades.

They have simply found ways to do the same things nice and tidy and without bloodshed. Which means they care little for humanity or law- they simply see blood as unnecessary evidence. Its messy. Bloodless warfare is not a lack of warfare and non lethal weapons are lethal if used in a combination to create a formula that destroys a person or drives them to suicide. And non lethal weapons are lethal if abused.

The public are under mind control- its that simple. This is why they have lost all reason in being able to realize that "non lethal weapons" are yet another deception with tricks of words, because if you arent considering abuses of power- you arent thinking.

GS Thread On David Ickes Forum

What's most interesting is the doc being a hypnotist and the GS started after these occurences. After she was knocked out.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tech Used To Induce Feelings of Being Watched As Social Control

Important recent experience concerning the technique of inducing a sensation of Being Watched as control over TI's as well as the masses.

In a sex shop yesterday. Though there are cameras I noticed that the few times I went there I did not feel watched or monitored. The cameras did not have a 'presence' to them as if someone was watching. I was not self aware or self conshus. Going to the bathroom there it felt totally private. In many public bathrooms usually corporate stores or day drop ins I often feel like there must be a camera in the bathroom like I am being watched so I must be self aware.

I usually feel 'watched' in any corporate store you can think of even if the suggestions are positive.

I most likely did not feel this way in this store becuz they make profit off of people feeling private and like no one is watching. Youd figure that a bathroom in a place like that would be the first place to find a camera to film people. Yet I felt very safe. And I do NOT feel that way in Au Bon Pain's ladies room for instance.

This effect is used to get the TI off balance as well as modify behavior in the short term or immediately and in the long term over time condition the person to perform for the cameras using mind control of course and the repetition of feeling watched and monitored.

This is also a good anti theft system for stores like WalMart. However, having WalMart security system be able to tell that I dont have any money for the product I am buying and making me self conshus about that when I just want to look at it or end up taking it in my carriage is a bit intrusive.

The other day in WalMart I went behind a shelf and had to fix my mp3 in the side of my little carry bag which stays on me always. I got this immediate contact from the direction of the camera to my right that it was suspected I was stealing or that someone behind the cameras was watching for that. It is most likely the use of mind control tech in their anti theft systems. If they are involved enough to hire Black Ops to spy on environmental activists then they are deep enough in sh*t to be suspect of using mind control tech to control patrons. I always have a hassle with the lady when I leave as well and this one black woman who is a manager is always up my ass, the one in Quincy. This kid with a backwards baseball cap who seemed very attached to the only African American cart pusher like himself was especially rude to me. These people know who you are and you wonder how. Thats not as creepy as mind control tech being used in store through thier tech set up.

I got sick of being victimized so I went around thier warehouse set up and really looked at thier camera systems and lines on the ceiling. There are black bubble cameras but there is a box that has a flashing light on it with some tech company name connected to the camera lines. There is also a round thing that looks like a speaker but if you look it has no holes in it connected to the wires.

I would laugh my ass off if that was just a simple in house mini version of whats in Central Sq and other places where one is heavily targeted: overhead cameras and cell repeaters. Watch, monitor and then apply appropriate tech output. Monitor again.

That is the set up in major cities and now it seems also in smaller enclosed spaces.

Some stores have a system where I am compelled to start talking out loud or acting out. Usually I sing to cure this irresistable urge, who is going to think someone singing while food shopping is odd? (Star Market/Shaws behind Central Sq Cambridge. I usually get an odd combo of feeling monitored, judged, and then encouraged to get lawyers for my situation. Go figure.)

Every major corporate store I go in there is some sort of interface and the cameras have a presence to them as if one is being watched.

This has created a society that is really messed up due to this psychological abuse of human beings on a daily basis that is subliminal in nature.

I now am entertaining a theory that this sensation of being watched, monitored and interfaced with by a living entity could be done by AI or other tech, computer programs? Perhaps its just the feeling of being watched thats induced that is enough to make people not steal, which is bs becuz of the kids I know that do steal, nothing is going to stop thier intent. Which proves again that you cant always alter people with mind control from thier Will or intent. You can control humans if you break them down or precondition them.

This is why mc slaves have to have ritual abuse involved in their programming process. You have to create an alter or however many you need to create, that DOES have the Will to be evil or destructive which is why mpd and DID are then used.

At least now I truly understand why Babylon is called as such. I shouldnt even be supporting Wal Mart to begin with but being dirt poor isnt convenient and I am not a 20 yr old that gets awesome ground scores or kick downs of stuff and I am NOT creative like a con. I always worked, got money and traded that for stuff. It should be that simple really.

I supposed I understand now why one doesnt want to walk into these places alone or why one shouldnt frequent these kinds of places. Its not just on principle its a deadly serious affair of mental and spiritual health at this point, probably moreso for TI's than other people.

Its sad to see these technologies being used on the masses for means of consumption. Its not my problem anymore. If they are interested they will do thier research and read activist's work on the subject. Believe me I never was adverse to leaving the useless eaters behind. It's thier Will and I have encountered too many people in on Black Ops aka Gang Stalking to feel bad for them. They actually believe they are superior human beings becuz they are in on these campaigns.

This explains why so many average people are in on this. However I dont know if they should rightly have access to the kind of capabilities I saw in St Louis. It might be the govt still in many instances. I find it hard to believe that the govt would allow such people do deal with thier creations- their slaves. Its actually a bit sickening. Id rather believe they're in on a cult. At least its got some heart that way but humans are animals and the kind of greed and arrogance I have experienced would most likely be coming from idiots working for private firms of money than professional spooks. But I dont know much about the nature of spooks either, are they usually easily amused arrogant scumbags who think they are the shit for being able to abuse classified information and destroy a creation superior to them? Why does this not make sense? Why does it make more sense that private contractors would hire the dumb f*ck public and this is the results we see? Which would explain why there are so damn many of them..unless some state actor just wants results and winning by tonnage against one TI is the way to go.

Dont know, dont care at this point. Just be aware in corporate stores, you now have full validation to be fully rebellious once again like its the 90s. Becuz no one is going to be able to brain wash me with anything to convince me what I just told you goes on is acceptable for any reason.