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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Left Behind By 'Social Justice'

 Since when does corporate side with publicly something that would effect their business, dominance or bottom line? 


The public have now forgotten about the war started under false pretenses in 2001. Theyve forgotten about the questions still unanswered about  9-11 (and the odd, mysterious deaths of alot of witnesses and activists). 

Julian Assange has been put out to pasture. Bradley Manning got out by becoming Chelsea Manning. 

Harvard will host Farrakhan (and Jeff Epstein lol) but not Manning. Theyve obviously mended their relationship with the military industrial complex (but always had a cozy intelligence relationship. Gloria Stienem, MK Ultra etc).

All the conspiracy theorists have either been framed or run out of town on a rail if you will. That includes myself and some very effective important people working on awareness and helping Survivors and TIs that would have had no where else to turn.  Very important work, organizations, websites and YT channels are now completely gone or dismantled becuz of the systematic war on whistleblowers and activists since Obama's second term into Trump's. 

The attention of the public even those marginalized like the homeless been turned to now be completely focused on 'Social Justice' as if their issues are the ONLY things wrong with the world we live in. There a very dangerous perception that the only problems that exist are those we can see overly and plainly in site. That covert actions or sinister intent or deceptions are something from the past, that went out with the Cold War. 

The payoff for buying into this cult mind control system is that supposedly once the identified problems are all solved then we will have a utopia where theres no hate, everyone gets along and lives in peace and prosperity under the Corporatocracy and the Complex. 

It's like any cult mind set where you get some sort of unrealistic perfect world or find god if you just do as the cult says.

We are dealing with selective memory as well as selective victimhood. 

If people knew about TIs and compared them to the victimhood culture poster children of Social Justice which do you think that people would say are more marginalized, more oppressed or more tortured. 

Just becuz you are forced to leave behind those you cannot help does not mean they no longer exist. With that viewpoint and insistence on that reality as the only choice you may as well be working for the bad guys

And that's exactly the way going to go. Naive kids, oppressed desperate people and well meaning citizens are playing right into the hands of the kinds of people who TIs have been dealing with for decades passing on our knowledge to the next new comers  and its always the same. No matter what policies change or who's in office we remain. So does the system that oppresses us. 

Do not take on social issues and at the same time try to start systematically denying conspiracy theories or claims of a shadow system. These are two very different things and if you agree to one not the other you are just as bad as the people who are responsible for the oppression of either. 

You cant 'change the world' and be part of a corrupt system at the same time. You can't have signs on your lawn claiming 'hate doesnt live here' then be part of a non stop war for profit death machine known as the modern day military industrial complex. You cant claim to want environmental change while still partaking in planned obsolescence and consumerism. 

If you do partake of just comfort zone, feel good half measures then admit you and your 'social justice' 'environmental justice' everything-fucking-justice warriors (lol) stand for just what pertains to institutional  change but that you do NOT CHALLENGE THOSE INSTITUTIONS. That you are concerned about social conditions yet only in western society with countries we arent at war with. 

Admit that with BLM, Antifa and fat lives matter, and LGBT rights-ANTI HOMELESSNESS HAS RISEN....becuz these social concerns and institutional changes just happen to be occurring at the same time as a major nationwide building boom that's displacing more people than ever, not building housing and creating much of the homeless population you're all bitching about and sneering at in public places.  The same banksters that fund these projects you must remember launder the money of the assholes flooding very bad drugs into the streets in recent years-another factor in high homeless numbers. 

Nowadays the system isn't just getting certain classes of kids and adults on drugs for the purposes of simply social control and to make sure they don't get into top universities where they, more than the Victimhood kids, would question even CHALLENGE the system at its core and probably demand REAL CHANGE not just demand better conditions in the prison we now live in. That's the difference. 

The people now being lifted up have a price for their dissent and compliance that if paid, they will gladly be part of the culture and the west and its economy. In fact corporate is betting on it. Getting people into the workforce out of poverty or marginalized sub cultures benefits them. Becuz you arent arguing about the nature of their reality or its problems you are only demanding to be included in it so you can partake in it. This isn't the 90s where we are demanding to be have the power to create cultures or even economic outlets ALTERNATIVE to the establishment-social justice is a product of the corporate culture we all now live in.  The term 'Inclusion' should illustrate that from the start. 

What if I don't want to be included as part of your thing, this big globalist thing but demand respect and legitimacy for being part of my own or creating my own? 

Any kid who's grown up with the surveillance state, raised by the state controlling their lives through their education and then has never known anything other than being 'connected' through being online the Internet as well as has never seen a world where everything around them wasn't corporate sameness or wasn't defined by corporate or provided by corporate IS NOT GOING TO BE A TRUSTWORTHY GUIDE THROUGH CHALLENGING THE SYSTEM or demanding that genuine, substantial change occur THAT BENEFITS ALL OF HUMANITY not just identified victimhood groups via tribalism.

I get more shit for my dressing from a slightly bohemian SUBCULTURE and sometimes its obvious I'm houseless (going to the laundry in using a cart or whatever) from youngsters nowadays than I've ever seen in major metropolitan cities that have major universities in them. 

My being older than 35 somehow qualifies me to automatically be a white supremacist and not know anything about anything even though I've been alive for 50 yrs.


If that weren't true then why are they such assholes and so uptight and judgemental to ANYONE that doenst look, think or believe like them yet profess 'Inclusion, Diversity and EQUALITY'?

Becuz they arent warriors or rebels or here to improve conditions for all. They are errand boys and girls for the deceptive and sneaky people in power who come up with shit like this to utilize youth as their personal armies to break down society to suit their agenda whenever they manufacture such creatures throughout their lives for that very purpose. 

I've heard some audio of actual college professors talking to these kids and they weren't teaching them-they were instructing them and putting THEIR views into their minds.

How do I know all this? Becuz before these kids were born I grew up with the exact same kind of people who went through the same thing-my parents. And it didnt work then and it's not going to work now. 

For what change will occur that's beneficial the damage will far outweigh it and the control given to those in power will be so damaging that I hope the little bastardds live to regret it but like our parents who still live in an acid induced fantasy world that thier 'special time' that lasted way over its limits, was valid and necessary and came about organically and they will stand by it until they take their last breath.

LSD human experimentation via military and CIA in projects like MK Ultra and related were post WW2 and heavily relied on Nazi scientists being procured and recruited through Project Paperclip. That was from the 40s into the 50s which was the height of the experimentation. 

In the 60s LSD started showing up in the western subculture, pushed by the universities and colleges-just like today's SJW and hijacking PC to create the cult it is now. And with that LSD was used along with music and supposed world changing youth culture to break down society and destroy history. 

After realizing this, I had to accept that EVERYTHING LEFTIST AND LIBERAL I HAD BEEN RAISED WITH GROWING UP IN AN AREA INFLUENCED BY MAJOR IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES AND LIBERAL INSTITUTIONS WAS A LIE...or at least a part of a Machievellian long term plan per a major agenda. 

It hasn't been easy but after 9-11 I realized HOW FAR THIS HAD GONE and that it wasn't going to get any better. It became evident that THE TRUTH WAS THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING. 

Above all I've seen valued, correct information and what is true and fact seems to be most dangerous, most destructive or most capable of reaffirming life on this planet

Not one ideology or the other. Not one political affiliation or another

 Me and my friends or partner have had to go into stores or gyms or anywhere these brainwashed kids work becuz they hire mostly kids nowadays, and be controlled, judged and feel like we have no power in a world where WE ARE THE ADULTS AND THEY ARE THE KIDS. 

If that isn't fascist I don't know what is. 

Do not trust the current deceptions. Realize defunding the police is an insanely stupid idea. That vilifying 'whiteness' or history or all police is just as Nazis or East German Stasi or Russia putting dissidents into Gulags or using punitive psychiatry or Chinese oppression of dissidents or groups. 

People prefer a comfort zone but the problems on this planet have gone far beyond any comfortable level a long time ago. Pretending is not going to solve things. 

Neither is taking the easy way out and siding with might makes right. 

Years ago a German woman who owned a sports team was totally fucked over by the medical becuz she had tried to explain in her experience how Nazi Germany came to be. She was old enough to remember I guess as this was decades ago she was misrepresented by the media.

She made the statement that "in the beginning, Hitlet was good but then"..something about he began his reign of terror or that it became evident that he wasn't what he had appeared and the horror began etc.

She is historically correct. But her career and name were destroyed for that statement. I guess someone wanted to take the team ownership from her lol. Also it shows how showcasing a certain clip or thing in media people can be manipulated to its meaning or what the bigger picture is.

Like behaving as police brutality only effects black people. How many Native Americans were genocided  on the land you are standing on reading this RIGHT NOW?  The concept of 'People of Color' is racist in itself and totally inaccurate. Its cultural and value differences even behavior that cause conflict not skin shade. This may be a naturally occurring factor in all humans for preferences but these things quickly fade once people realize they have more things in common than differences even in appearance. 

If not then those of any shade or culture who prefer their own kind are not going to be comfortable with what we now call 'diversity' and should be left alone to live as theyplease. . I've met just as many black people who prefer living among or generally their own kind or neighborhoods etc as I have any other 'shade' of person. Get real and grow the fuck up. Humans arent crayons. Are u as slow as Forrest Gump? 'Well, Obama said people are just like a box of crayons'. No, they are not. They have histories, ethnic backgrounds, cultural values, differences among even themselves, nuances and it's all very complex. 

Easy answers are usually deadly.

Anyway this woman was correct that the political party Hitler was part of did built roads and create jobs and alleviate much damage inflicted by WW1. After the German people started seeing Brown Shirts, Storm Troopers and the SS Guard they knew it wasn't what it appeared but how are you now going to get out of it? How are you going to escape. You could become one of the persecuted. And anyone who didnt see this as the reality was probably brainwashed at that point or simple and naive-taking to whoever was in power regardless of what they did.

Much like right now. What is going on right now. 

And Hitler probably wouldn't have rose to power without an agenda in place. Probably similar to any other time period. 

Your not changing or improving shit for humanity at large. Stop acting like your crusades are the only ones that matter or that nothing else exists. 

Until the black community addresses COINTELPRO and exactly how far it went and where exactly those traitors went and where are they and their next generations today I don't want to deal with the prospect that racial civil rights or gay rights issues is going to solve all of humanity's problems. 

Theres always going to be this sewer that exists where TIs and Survivors and other people have to keep working. 

The fact that at the same.time Social Justice is rising that activism such as ours or any conspiracy theorists are being destroyed, discredited or even deemed 'dangerous', while the same authorities EMBRACE Social Justice agendas-I am not going to trust any of this.

And I am not going to be framed in 2016 then go quietly 3 years later after most of my activist community has been systematically dismantled simply becuz a bunch of violent brainwashed kids and other people are basically telling me I DONT MATTER and my causes arent important or worse dont even exist. 

If these people really cared about police brutality they wud face the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX INFLUENCE on modern police force. Not try to defund policed depts.

However getting rid of human officers and replacing them with AI robot androids for a Transhumanist agenda to avoid human error in their perfect utopia they are building seems to be a predictable move for an agenda that is probably not what it seems

 We are still here and we are still watching

 We know what to look for. And when the smoke clears from your recent war on society and the chaos you've caused, we will mind you just as any other enemy. And.if we find you are part of the problem and not the solutions you claim

We will continue to expose and attack you as part of that system just as we did before

Dont masquerade with the TI and Survivor community. We have been spotting deceptions since being born into them, created by them and being raised by them. 

Theres nothing that we resent more


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Is The Hand Sanitizer Post COVID 19 Designed to Break Down The USA?

 Pre COVID 19 hand sanitizer supply-seems to make people feel fresh, clean, strong. Feel good about being ourselves, about what we are accomplishing, our goals, our being. Feel good about being an American as that was defined just one year ago. 

COVID pandemic and post COVID 19 hand sanitizer supply-depressed. Weakened. Self hating. Sick. Mental fog. 

In the past 've posted about foods available at locations frequented by certain types of workers possibly containing performance enhancing chemicals. 

So why not the additive of something with the opposite effect, for whatever agenda? If that's what's is deemed necessary why wouldn't it be done? 

The point of conspiracy theories isn't to scare people or cause panic or be destructive. Genuine theories that arent disinformation are simply meant to inform, to create awareness. So people can make informed decisions and decide for themselves. 

Panic and extreme reactions are not the intentded result nor are they necessary.  It wouldn't change anything anyway. You can't control whatever corrupt power exists. Fear is counterproductive. 

Awareness is the best weapon. 

Example: find old sanitizer supplies. Find sanitizers that have good ingredients and seem to do the job without any effects.

Be aware of effects. People live with having a cold or a headache. So why not shitty quality products? Being aware gives you control. It may not change what the rulers of the prison subject you to but it can give you means of escape. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Businesses in Boston area are going back to being filthy as COVID 19 scare passes

 People who are new to the northeast don't understand the complex history of the area. In the years before urban rot circa 1970s you could probably bet on cleanliness being the rule. Post 60s as the mainstream culture was replaced with counter culture and at the same time the crime syndicates were at their height of power basically running cities like Boston and NYC, there came a sort of  backlash against the historical elitism of the area. 

Throwing trash out the car window was the norm I grew up with in Boston. My grandmother probably would have stopped to throw the trash away. Not my moms generation. 

And it may be a sort of psychological reflection of a culture that became intertwined with violent, brutal crime organizations, that could only coexist with official governing bodies in a culture of denial and romanticizing the outlaw.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Possible Mobbing On Public Transportation As Globalist Gentrification of City, Covid, and New Power Grab Politicians Alll Factor In

Public Transportation in a city that's old east coast elite mixed with financial and other business power, acedamia, health care and a shit load of military industrial complex contractors as well as organizations crime and other factors has always been trying as an activist.  Things like the 6 million dollar camera system on the buses that's unique in the entire USA as well as can be viewed anywhere in the world (very unsettling) all paid for by DHS is also suspected as making simple daily life perhaps a psy ops nightmare and much more difficult. 

The rule of thumb has always been that after one has been out of the city for an extended period and  not riding the trains, on the past 5 years it seems that after an initially peaceful 24 hrs, weirdos start appearing unexplainabley who find it necessary to stare appearing disapproving or judgemental, mob, invade personal space, or just generally act as if the potentially theoretically targeted person doesnt deserve to live or is inappropriate somehow or should not be riding the train. Undue, abnormal amounts of attention are paid to one person or persons riding together. Interestingly, if said persons or person is riding with someone who isn't targeted it seems that the bizarre undue attention and disapproval is not present EVEN IF THAT PERSON IS ALSO DRESSED IN ALTERNATIVE WAY OR IS PART OF A SUBCULTURE. 

The fact that getting on a train not in one's routine or having 24 hrs of peace after being out of town for extended period results in TOTALLY NORMAL BEHAVIOR on public Transportation where people pay no attention to any other passengers and mind their own business and this occurs systematically and is the same every single time forms a pattern that has to be considered. 

Every seasoned TI or ALTERNATIVE/subculture person who doesnt dress the norm knows this is utter bullshit. There is no way its fucking normal for people to start acting obsessively weird on a schedule. 

It was bad before Covid but it wasn't this annoying. However the trend in past few years is definitely anti homeless TRAVELER not homebum and a general attempt at behavioral modification using what amounts to public shaming tactics. .Public shaming is part of Oriental Asian cultures

Friday, April 16, 2021

Identity Politics Drowns Out Political Oppression and The Existence of Covert Warfare/Targeted Individuals

 I hope people see what they are doing.  If the greatest victims are defined by the power structure who then claim white guilt and want to create equality with reparations by focusing solely on their victim demographics, then we have to assume two things-either the power structure has 'woke' up finally (they weren't asleep they are just greedy asshole human animals acting like animals. There is no sleeping beauty waking up from sleep here. Oppression and exploitation are not conditions perpetrated and maintained by those who aren't paying attention or are oblivious.)


The power structure has cleverly found a way to divert attention away from its present victims whom they continue to oppress, exploit and destroy by defining who is being/has been oppressed and at the same time acquiring deniability concerning other populations even exist or making it dangerous to expose this as a reality. 

Its pretty convenient to focus on groups who have bee OVERTLY oppressed as opposed to accepting or even tolerating the existence of any group that's COVERTLY oppressed. 

It's as if all this Wokeness and Social Justice and reparations are going to fix everything wrong with society and that perception can only be maintained by putting forth the concept if not the ruling nowadays that all things hidden, covert, secretive, underhanded, deceptive or viscously unfair simply don't exist. 

There's a perception being created that everything of that nature went out with the Cold War. In fact, the afore mentioned is how the world really works. 

When I discovered that organized crime and the like made up something called the Black Market Economy and then I added to that the existence of the theory of 'gang stalking'-the management of certain timelines thru influence of all kinds hidden from view and officially non existent, where winners lose and losers gain everything they would not have otherwise, where specified people are oppressed, exploited or held down their entire lives, never allowed to reach their potential or even enjoy their rights afforded them by their birth country like every other citizen, even being kept from having a home to live in. 

As I pondered this all one day, standing in front of the Economics book section of the Harvard Co-Op near the university, the entire wall of books on that subject matter facing me at that moment all failed to have value any longer. 

I knew that they were full of missing information, inconsistencies and were useless. They were for dummies. They were for everyone else but those who knew the truth about the way our world really works. 

This phrase was said to me by a person I met in a hospital who claimed to be a low level perp who carried a hand made business card that said 'Jedi Mind Tricks'.  She made the statement "learn how the world really works". 

This is what the shadow system thinks of you and everyone who doesnt know about its existence. That they, the sad half insane miserable little nobodies who perform psych warfare on its victims forever its hostages-they hold ultimate power in all their nothingness becuz they are privy to the true biggest secret-as opposed to that Biggest Secret put forth by disinformation agent David Icke concerning mutating reptilians. 

At the same time that the power structure claims to be either caring for its victims or is appearing to becoming populated (actually infiltrated) by those who are taking the helm of power and making things right, it's being put forth that all claims of abuse of power that don't involve the officially identified 'victims' or anyone putting forth theories of covert warfare or abuse or an underhanded system causing harm to people are bogus ones and that all such claims are conspiracy theories or delusion-both of which are now deemed dangerous mostly due to being associated with domestic terrorism primarily shootings.  

Even though violence is a constant part of the Social Justice movements  victim's cultures on a daily basis and the recent Antifa and BLM riots were terrorism but tolerated due to they being deemed in the interest of getting 'justice'. 

This is nothing but TRIBALISM and certain factions are being picked to win and others to lose if not become wiped out altogether. All engineered by the power structure. 

Ever wonder why corporate is all behind Social Justice and not other kinds of injustice? Becuz obviously it benefits them in some way.  Why else would they even care? 

So the entire thing is fixed. And just like those books for Ivy Legue students that lost their meaning so does the quest for justice that is subjective and has already picked its winners. 

Social Justice is being used to drown out, divert from if not replace any concerns for Targeted Individuals.  This shows up especially in the escalating view of homeless people as not victims of anything and the vilification of the population. 

No one is protesting building booms displacing people nationwide, much less even acknowledging that is the major reason for the rise in homelessness. 

And anyone who knows 'how the world really works' understands that a vast percentage of the homeless population are targeted persons-whether they are aware of it or not. 

The way Victimhood culture describes systematic racism is eerily similar to the system Targeted Individuals must deal with. Systematic. Institutional. They make it seem as if the system we live in systematically targets people based on racism yet does not allow for realistic exceptions and grossly generalizes. In fact all TIs experience systematic discrimination and there are no exceptions. 

It's as if we are being replaced. As if the way we are marginalized is being co opted to make it appear it only occurs exclusively to a certain population identified by the very power structure that perpetrated it to begin with.

The new propaganda meant to finally silence us:

We don't exist

Our claims arent real.

We are either delusional or conspiracy theorists

And those kinds of people are dangerous and end up committing violence 

Homeless people are all drug addicts, alcoholics or mentally ill.  Some have simply made bad 'life choices' or are lazy. Homelessness is an affliction not something you're born with. People can get out if they want to.

All this bullshit. It's all part of the very system that was sighted above, the shadow system that is actually how the world really works.

Don't you ever wonder WHY they are so adamant nowadays about all this? WHY everything has to be set up and accepted thr way its laid out without questions or resistance? 

Well. Now you know. 

You don't need fancy college books to tell you becuz you won't find it in them.

And those get their education already know by coming from families that understand 'how the world really works'. This may be why areas traditionally populated  by olde money and organized crime had been more sympathetic to homeless people.  Becuz they know. They understand what the cause is and all they could do was help a bit, be tolerant or show some charity. 

The new globalist socially irresponsible new money suffer no such burdens and will remain ignorant or will gladly play the games. 


Hospital in da Hood Goes Full R-tard...Should Have Known

They've been doing this to regular folk for a while, like past few years. Doesnt surprise me. Guess they need to change the name and take the word "Women" off there-and stop false advertising lol. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

I Knew There Was A Reason I Felt Like My Life No Longer 'Mattered' When Coming Back To The City Today

Ah more Covid Dem power grab. 

This changes nothing. You can keep drowning out the voices of those who want to expose the most dangerous corruption and focus on the genuinely pressing issues to all of humanity all you want with diversionary political agendas. Our voices have been present since 9-11 and before. 

All the tricks in the book won't stop the truth from coming out.  They are hoping if they keep weaponizing and weakening the right things no one will listen any longer. 

You can re engineer society all you want. You can claim all conspiracy theories are fake news or delusion or that conspiracy theories are 'dangerous' til your blue in the face. 

Ive fought too long to be brushed aside and forgotten about. 

Fuck China btw and whatever agenda we are now pushing through. 

No ONE nation wins this. The issues our community works on are of global proportion. 

New world orders have come and gone...the Truth stands forever. Keep trying to bury it under special interests, politics, diversions and endless noise. 

It won't work. 

WE still matter. 

Btw, this is the same city councilor who insisted that Dudley Sq and the bus that goes there (from Harvard Sq) be renamed 'Nubian Square'. 

Attempting to associate African Americans with Nubians just becuz they are from the continent  of Africa is like trying to say Americans from the west coast and mid west are somehow associated with being New Yorkers-just becuz it is part of the same continent.  

Also I'm sick of denial of reverse racism which Boston is known for and there's been multiple legal cases over decades involving this issue from the fire department's hiring practices to the public school system. Part marketing Jayney is to refer to her having been in school during bussing in the 70s (Liberal elitist social experimentation with poor people's lives while they sent their kids to private schools to avoid the chaos that resulted from their social engineering).  I came from a foster home in a far off suburb when returned to my mother who as a single parent worked nights. The elites took white kids and bussed them to black areas and took black kids and bussed them to white areas (all poor or lower middle to middle-never wealthy) believing this would create a better chance for the black population.  

I was attacked daily for being white on the bus that went to the big elementary school that was where the white kids were bussed in and it was mixed not all white. The bus monitors  were black and didn't do shit about it becuz this is the reality  of the black ghettos. 

My mom thought keeping me closer to home would  help so the system said I could go to the school right across the street from our apartment  that was where the black kids were bussed into. This elementary was mostly black-kids from Mattapan in Boston etc. The only benefit was teachers could step in and stop any violence but it was always too late when they did. Boston traditionally allows street violence and public arguments without interference.  You were expected to fight as part of being a Bostonian of lower class and that was for a lifetime not just in youth. 

Black girls would tell me "my mama told me to beat you up cuz yous white".  These girls claimed that when they went home a family member hiding behind the door would attack them daily until they learned to fight back. My mother said it's all part of 'toughening you up' as part of their culture. 

I also saw first hand the REALITY of the LIES of the leftist Democratic Liberal elites.


The bare bones of the curriculum was outrageous and by today's standards wouldn't be tolerated.  

We had no gym class. We were let back outside into the same concrete, graffitied, metal fenced area outside the school buikidy building that was used for recess and we would either play double Dutch jump rope-or get into more physical fights. 

I don't recall getting any sympathy in this life due to the allegedly hard circumstances I grew up with.  In fact the latest trendy agenda of the elitist Liberal assholes is to create an army of overeducated brainwashed spoilt brats who are sheltered, indoctrinated and extremely dangerous to our US Constitution and everything that makes America unique, who are taught that 'reverse racism' does not exist and believe it becuz they don't venture into the REAL WORLD of REAL PEOPLE to find out. Such are an entire generation of humans raised in a false universe known as The Internet.  

If you don't see how this resembles Nazi Germany or any other similar agenda our blind. First they get rid of the artists, then the intellectuals, then the poorest lower classes (here it's the homeless) and no one is allowed to question or even counter the official stories or lines of thinking or policy without being jailed, ostracized out of society (Cancel Culture) or have punitive psychiatry used on them to 'cure' their dissident views.


I don't give a fuck who you are or how much of a victim you  or your 'people' are. Learned helplessness was bad enough now its graduated  to Victimhood culture? 

All African Americans in this country come from UNDER HALF A MILLION PEOPLE taken from CENTRAL, WEST and to a lesser degree SOUTH AFRICA.  The estimate is 12 million were transporter and 10 million survived. 

Those areas of Africa are nowhere near ancient Nubia.

Also one case of a people's enslavement or genocide does not make that case any more or less important than any other peoples. 

If you think any of us are fooled by trying to include Native Americans in the 'Peoples of Color' insanely childish simplistic race theory you aren't fooling anyone. Native activists themselves have always protested, mentioned and resented historical attempts to "mix them down into the lower classes" to get rid of their culture and thus their claim to the land and bury the history of their genocide. 

The very fact this genocide is ignored for its sheer numbers in favor of other peoples is outrageous and always has been. Americans try to claim that the Natives died off of disease naturally or starved naturally.  History if researched properly shows that Native Americans were killed off by methods such as germ warfare and starvation ON PURPOSE.  

In a global world places like Boston try to hide their agendas and corrupt past and present a very different view to the rest of the world. Trust a lifetime 4th generation local-this area of the country is elitist in its operations and along with organized crime, this will always be the way it operates. 

In Boston corporate diversity simply means 'black people'. And then local blacks complain to me that a company only hires Haitians and they discriminate against local blacks. Corporate chains here hire with what I call 'corporate ghetto-ization' or 'ghetto-ization of corporate'. A chain location makes sure they only hire one kind of ethnicity from basically the same country or general area. I hardly ever see diversity as it's done in California where people are from everywhere but have to be up to corporate standard to be hired. 

In a place like the northeast and MA generally this isn't possible due to size, density and the fact that the power structure isn't genuinely corporate as it is in Cali. It's also mainly due to the elite wanting to maintain their position first and foremost-the only way to do this is to ensure Divide and Conquer which they've been pulling off with Machievellian expertise for centuries. 

Just becuz the mafia has been replaced by military complex contractors and the elite acedamia has been infiltrated by people who claim to be more communist and revolutionary traditionally than the W.A.S.P.  old guard doesn't mean that changes anything. Everything the northeast touches becomes elitist in nature.

There's not enough room, enough land, enough resources or enough of anything to go around in any manner that would be considered fair. Its just the nature of the area due to its design and its geographic location. 

Thus we see the reality of how a geographical area forms a certain type of people and cultures based on conditions and what people need to have an evolutionary advantage.  Just as in ethnicities.  This is the reality of humans. Bottom line is that IF WE WERE ALL GENUINELY CAPABLE OF EQUALITY WE WOULD NOT HAVE ENDLESS WARS ABROAD. Most of the war torn areas consist of primitive, tribal peoples that the west is determined to 'civilize' in order to continue to build a globalist world order. 


The only 'diversity' these asssholes want is to make sure that everyone of every color, creed and background becomes civilized and indoctrinated into a globalist industrialized culture of corporate sameness. They do not want our earth's global diversity that exists naturally.  As long as everyone is plugged into the same technological network, taking the same psych meds and drinking coffee at the same big corporate chains that have taken over our world-then there will be 'peace'. 


To be honest, until I hear a lot more about what went on during the COINTELPRO infiltration of the African American civil rights movement as well as the social engineering/ modification of blacks using gang formation, crack cocaine, privatized prisons and rap music not long afterwards- I do not trust the African American community in any fight or resistance against globalism or what some people call the New World Order. If anything they are now positioned to benefit from it, sadly the price being offered for what they should have been given as their due decades ago. 

We all know the situation and history concerning African Americans is immoral, illegal and wrong. However it is feasible that people who have served as spies and slaves for so long could be still serving in that capacity even unknowingly and unbeknownst to them especially in a very manipulative and deceptive place such as the northeastern USA. 

Becuz many of us sense that this 'revolution' and 'progress' is not what it seems and it's being done the wrong way. There are people being left behind, people being displaced, victimized and scapegoated.  We all know deep down this is just another social engineering scheme, to ultimately benefit the power structure becuz of the way it's being done. 

It's not happening naturally which it should have and the very same powers that ensured it did not occur naturally are those now ensuring it occurs forcefully with destruction not creating something new, with hate not care and human compassion or good. It's not for the good of all. Using exclusion not inclusion. Creating a prison not a promised land. 

Using intimidation, force and war not well meaning construction for the common good and for generations to come to live in a better world. 

This is also the con of the new corporate driven environmental agenda-too much too late and not in the right places, again being used to cause upheaval, generate profit and to destroy the old to gain control of the new. 

Playing the old shell game-rearranging people isn't change. It's the same old games those in power always play and I am shocked that humans still fall for them.

Modern and westernized humans arent capable of EQUALITY nor ENVIRONMENTALISM. If you want to be taken seriously by those really paying attention first get rid of planned obsolescence and nuclear everything and stop all wars-a species capable of 5g and AI should not still be involved in warfare.

Until then, I refuse to give in to slavery, brainwashing especially by means of intimidation and violence. 

All that does is prove that it's by force and it's a lie and also that the old stereotypes are true-that certain peoples solve all their problems with violence which I've experienced all my life, due to their genetic makeup and their having higher testosterone and adrenaline levels which they retain from their homeland where it gave them evolutionary advantage.

I also don't trust the unrealistic presentation of African Americans as Africans. 85% of African Americans possess European DNA-mostly of the blonde variety. 

What I see more so than African sensibilities are those of other ancestors. Perhaps it's the 'White Devils' within that are driving them to deceptive, violent agendas using force. 

Personally I like or dislike African Americans based on how I respond to what kind of European DNA they have not their African ancestry.

This is becuz Europeans are very different and have a history of in-fighting. Much like the African tribes and nations, from what I've been told by Africans themselves. 

Life, people, society it's all so much more complex in what makes it, what the problems are and how to fix it than easy answers. 

When I was young, my interracial friends parents couldn't get a table in a restaurant for us to sit at. You had to really want to be together to be interracial. 

Now its marketed and its trendy and its encouraged and it's considered contributing to the common good. 

My point is that whatever the system, mainstream or power structure tells people to do must be questioned becuz the changes usually occur unnaturally with destruction and by force and there's always casualties. And its always for THE BENEFIT OF THE POWER STRUCTURE not of the people. 

If EQUALITY can exist in MA and it's all altruistic wonderful progressiveness to create fairness then why has my life gone the way it has as well as my mothers yet family members who were involved in  organized crime have been given all the benefits of a good life and opportunities as well as old acquaintances that were career criminals now lead normal lives unscathed, as if nothing unusual had occurred or an ex of mine who had committed crimes and then tried to frame me had doors to Hollywood opened up to him soon afterwards as a payoff? 

Becuz MA is rotten to its core with corruption and abuse of power and nepotism, elitism, snobbery, greed etc. MA is and has been involved in things people would not believe unless its researched. Yankees are masters of maintaining a 'good front' and have been doing so since the Salem Witch Burnings-appearing 'goodly' and righteous through piety whilst committing the most horrible crimes against humanity in the interest of greed, acquisition and maintaining power. 

NYC has more remorse for its misdeeds than MA or Boston ever will. 

I recently found out that an island off the coast of Massachusetts was where Project Paperclip began and was maintained-not somewhere in DC as people might perceive. .

And that is the key. Perceptions. Boston is excellent at hiding things and in managing perceptions. 

And anyone paying attention shouldn't fall for it yet again. 

All the real black revolutionaries are dead. Only house slaves remain. And those who have been enslaved have not perfected liberty can only offer oppression. 

Elections are supposed to be about people and voting by the people for the people not for us to choose two possible sides representing agendas all put forth by international behemoths who basically now own everything. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Last Night I Felt a Loss Somewhere

 Last night I got a strange feeling. Something had happened somewhere in the if someone had been released. I kept thinking it was one of perhaps the old musicians I hold so dear to my inspiration that has kept me going since thier music was passed down to us in our youth, to provide safety and comfort to a class of kids that had little else and had inspired artists from all classes. 

I kept looking up a familiar name thinking it had to be one person or maybe any of the older artists but I kept getting the impression it was Britain surely. '

Well this morning the news faced me as I got ready to go out and it turned out to not be a musician but it was coming from Britain. 

I'm sure many people are feeling the loss. 

I can say one thing-the passing of the old world would not seem so sorrowful and hard to take were it not for the horrors being raised by the insistent building of the new.

 In doing so all the oldest mistakes that any wise people would try to avoid making are being built into this new structure-all over again. It makes life seem worthless and after having such hope for a better future when I was growing up. 

When the Queen goes, when I finally see the old musicians go I dont think people my age will feel like theres anything left. Your supposed to change the world-not destroy it. 

Biden Already Putting USA At Risk-Repealing Trump Security Order Protecting Electrical Grid From Hacked Tech Hidden In Foreign Made Equipment

Biden’s order could let China control US electric grid

Biden’s order could let China control U.S. electric grid 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Company that Many People Use As An Online Payment System Has Gone GS...Let Us Hang Our Heads In A Moment Of Silence

 be forewarned. one of the main financial ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEMs that many people use for purchases, donations etc now seems to be engaging in harassment or psych warfare. Its consisting mostly of 'handling' targeted people after attempts at agitation to make such people seem unstable.This was not the case years ago. They were always professional, pleasant and to the point to get the job done. There was no inefficiency, no incompetence and no clowning. 

The suggested solutoin is to hang up on anyone engaged in clowning around and find someone decent which eventually you would have to by chance get on the phone. If they are working this by identifying a TI by thier phone number and account and ensuring you get a handler every single time it may be harder to try to gamble to see what you can get by trying multiple times solution. In this instance using a voice recorder or video recorder on your cell to record the interaction may work to at least document how ridiculous it gets. Im also going to put it out there that there may be some sort of interface or psychomanagement at work here along with the human forces if you will, doing psych stuff to gain the desired result. Im not going to explain what that is here and your going to have to fend for yourselves. Remember this system hit hard after 2001 and has been growing. In past few years it seems to have changed some things around and is becoming increasingly sophisticated at a very fast rate. Im not going to get into that either but remember the existence of AI and ask yourself if that were an option for the enemy to have at thier disposal what exactly would that mean for you? Factor it in becuz its a definite maybe at this point along with what seems like a leap in what interface means and what its capable of. It almost seems like things like communications and internet are becoming fused or are interconnected in a sophisticated way, with the user being interfaced. This  is not a good thing if you are targeted. If you are seasoned enough to know what I mean then you know that this is going to require you to stay calm and as you sort out how to handle the clowns and counter thier bullshit, then you have to keep in mind it seems that your emotion state is potentially manipulated or influenced at the same time. Its hard to handle this theory in practice but it can be done. Realize your reactions to how you FEEL about whats being said to you or the way you are being treated may not be your own or be normal.

Remember this company was formerly just a holding company not a bank technically. Recently if you have used this company you will recall they have made it so you have to sign up for a bank account. This is probably becuz some laws changed or something requiring them to become an actual banking system of sorts instead of just holding your money. 

That being said, they converting to a banking system as opposed to just a holding company may explain why this change is the cause of them becoming part of the deplorable circus that so many clowns are involved nowadays that is such a pain in the ass to deal with while trying to conduct business or just get things done. 

Years ago they were as straight as a govt agency or reliable business where they provided information, did thier jobs and just got things done instead of screwing around.  

Now it seems its not going to be so easy to just have a short productive conversation with their employees. 

It may also be other factors that is the reason. Covid maybe they are in trouble and suffering so have to stoop to this level to survive. It could also be that when you have people working from home and not a physical office location there isnt as much oversight and/or you dont know who you are hiring to work over a phone it could be anybody. Recruitment may have increased during the time of work from home as now becuz its easier for people to clown it up when not in a physical office. 

Once again it could be the old reliable theory  of the company got caught doing something illegal and have to pay the rent on that.

Also it has to be considered that this company had begun engaging in PC culture in relation to thier business which was not the case years ago. Such as having community guidelines type restrictions as a condition of doing business and making judgement calls on who they would allow to use thier service based on political ideology etc.

This is good indication that there is indeed something going wrong.

I have no idea. All I know is that when calling say, a cell phone provider during Obama admin you could bet you were going to be dealing with a clown. It was almost guaranteed. During the last admin I noticed that was gone and it seemed to be back to just regular customer service getting things done in a professional and timely manner. 

I suppose then, becuz this presidential admin is related closely to the one I just mentioned where there were so many problems, it could be that we have to now once again deal with idiots in certain customer service for the next four years. could be changing the nature of thier financial business, it could be they got caught doing something, it could be changes in key positions of political power recently or desperation from covid conditions and thus the resulting restrictions making clowning it up much easier due to less oversight of employees.

Who knows? Who gives a shit?  

Any seasoned TI knows that you are like a ship on the ocean -that your conditions and circumstances change with various factors such as changes in key positions of power, changes to business or the nature of it or something like a pandemic which causes extreme changes in human living conditions thus effecting the economy. 

Its sad becuz this company was such a relief to deal with prior due to thier straightforward professional manner of doing business which to people like TIs is like a gemstone glowing in the darkness. Businesses or professionals who conduct themselves ethnically are prized among our demographic or anyone who has to shovel through such endless bullshit for decades just to get the most simplest things done that your average citizen gets done in a much shorter time with relative ease. 

We've lost another one to the dark side. Lets morn...and then move on.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

I Dont Recall Being Given A T-Shirt in 2012

I dont recall having any T shirts made that said "I cant breathe"
I dont recall having any riots where rich suburban and elitist east coast white kids joined rich college black kids and maybe SOME of the actual oppressed community that the protesting was supposed to represent, having a highly organized ARMY around the USA rioting and looting (being guided by leaders on cell phones) in order to 'protest' about the death of Kelly Thomas or any other HOMELESS PERSON whos died or been killed by police or anyone else. I also dont recall these legions being present for any other of the unjust deaths of the homeless or black homeless or blacks by police or homeless by police even though the black lives matters was phrase being used in some of these instances over the past decade. 

I do recall being a homeless woman trying to survive COVID stuck outside last summer due to the actions of corrupt hotel employees last winter that gave me such bad PTSD I couldnt bring myself to go inside to rest for almost a year even with funds and with COVID making hotels cheaper and being a demographic that would be allowed to shelter in place in a hotel in my state (homeless) during the quarantine. 

I do recall being kept awake multiple nights at 3am by kids who somehow even though living in low income housing somehow managed to get enough money to buy loads of M-80s to set off to 'protest'. I almost became a vigilante and got a group together to handle the problem becuz police didnt seem to be interested in keeping the peace. It stopped right before I started organizing.

Do you know what it was like 'sheltering in place' on the porch of a church during quarantine, having to watch naive little snowflake kids from Liberal Cambridge writing in chalk on the sidewalk in front of us that 'police should be held accountable' and everything else you can imagine about police criticism at that time-knowing I had been framed, had my life ruined and there was nothing I could do about it? That it was so traumatizing, that I had still not been able to read the court files in order to actually be able to do anything about it? That every morning when I woke up for four years its haunted me, its the first thing I think about. That every police car that goes by is coming to get me, to arrest me again for some warrant for an email sent under my name that I know nothing about. Its taken my partner and my mother four years to slowly readjust me so that a passing police car doesnt indicate danger. I still cant control the biochemical reaction which Im sure is not great for my weight (cortisol) or  my heart and nerves. Yet no one cared about me. No one cared when that was happening. In fact it seemed that the very college environment that spawned this new movement thats been so disruptive to so many innocent people like myself (or oppressed and under represented as such) seemed to ridicule me and the arrogant fake feminist culture had become increasingly hostile towards anyone who was a woman who was a genuine activist going against the system. Right around the time I was framed (2016), a group of female Harvard students could be overheard claiming that "she shouldnt put herself out there so much" and that my blog was "hate speech". So dedicated to going up against the system right? 
Harvard now produces mostly grads who are going to work in corporate as opposed to government or social services as in the past. It shows. 

I remember going about the demanding schedule of a homeless person who actually is trying to accomplish something and being a caretaker to a disabled man where it takes hours to get done what housed people can do in a very short amount of time, having to be stuck on a bus in traffic multiple times a day multiple days caused by rich white people in rich neighborhoods holding signs in the street 'protesting'.  Probably before they all went back to their homes and had a nice brunch after a busy day of Wokeness. 

See disinfo agents like DAVID ICKE and ALEX JONES build empires on exposing things and coming up with conspiracy theories. Actual WHISTLEBLOWERS and activists who are effective and actually know something damaging about important people or how the world works LIVE OUT OF STORAGE SPACES OR THEIR CARS. If I were educated or more effective..or male, Id be dead by now. Enron whistleblowers had to live in their cars for a year before anyone would listen to them. THATS WHAT REAL ACTIVISM LOOKS LIKE. Its the ultimate sacrifice, an ultimate commitment. Not something you do that resembles spring break at the School Of The Americas at Gitmo, while you're in college or that age and then you run back to your parents house when its over.
 BTW thanks BLM/ANTIFA for ruining every single collegiate homeless area where we were tolerated and used as travel bases in the USA. Remind me to find out where you live and get a bunch of the worst homeless people I can find and come to YOUR HOMES and occupy, riot and protest and keep you up at 3am. I will make sure to wait until all you little bastards are finished college and are having your fist kids to do so. I'm already contemplating reviewing every single obnoxious little spoilt rotten bitch on video who interrupted Bernie or harassed vets and old people.  What wud they do if droves of the Great Unwashed (literally) came to their lawns and occupied for a while? Lets do that now to freak them out as kids and then later on when they are starting families so they can feel the fear of being ADULTS protecting homes and property and families. 
Most of these kids need to be given a backpack, a 20 dollar bill and a pair of good boots and shipped off in a Greyhound and told to not come home for a fucking year and to survive on thier own with no money, no address and no family or social connections. Hey even soldiers have thier brothers in arms and the service they are in. What are you gonna do when you've got no one? And you are no longer hte one throwing the punches being tolerated by adults and police for your antics? When you are the victim and target everywhere you go? 
I never thought I would turn against everything I had been raised with in the northeast and realize Mccarthyism was actually right about everything. I still cant believe it. But its true. 

I do remember before this mess even occurred, pre pandemic, a young obviously transplanted suburban white female on a train standing up for 'whats right' (butting in) by vocalizing her displeasure over my choice of words for an older very nasty foreign black woman wearing red (of course) who pushed me out of the way on purpose while getting on the train-not to get on the train but just to be a bitch. (Boston if full of assholes and has always been very reverse racist as well as racist and for good reasons I wont get into here. Its the way the elite have it arranged and its not going to change regardless of globalism's promise of utopia. Someone is going to suffer-whoever those in power deem convenient as long as its not them.)
After having a conversation about freedom of speech and basically resisting caving in to her harassing me with her belief system (being older has its advantages) she turned to a black girl about the same age, high fived her and bragged loudly about they attending a Woman's March for feminism later that day. 
Being dissed by other white women has become the norm especially younger ones, in this supposed movement towards the Globalist utopia.
 In instances like this where its on public transportation as well as an area traditionally 'managed' by COINTELPRO type operations to ensure no genuine activism occurs that actually interferes with the corporate or power structure (Boston/Cambridge) one has to always be suspicious that the instigator of Wokeness is actually an agitator or an infiltrator targeting a real activist under the cover of a political movement. In other words...was the pushy little woke brat on the train a genuine real person and the whole thing was random or is it just another for-hire/recruited stupid c*nt whos 'working the protest' circuit making trouble and ensuring the whole thing goes according to the plans of whoever the designers are to serve whatever agenda is on the table? This is what REAL dissidents have to think about every time an incident just has a bit too much theatrical value or if the timing seems a bit too perfect of a sequence of cause and effect events causing an incident. 

In other words-dont take the old bitch in the red sweatshirt seriously, dont take the little snowflake seriously and look around to try to judge just how many of the assholes on the train are seriously random (the black girl seemed genuine thus of course being used). Remember people committing crimes usually have back up and look outs for their safety-COINTELPRO is no different.

 In an incident a decade ago I actually was harassed on a train by a very recognizable female surrounded by what seemed like a group to look out for her (though hanging back so no one would notice) and she was confident, arrogant and cozy with being a disruption. 
I saw the same female in a completely different neighborhood later when panhandling one day standing and as she saw I recognized her she was scared as hell with a completely different demeanor. This was early on and thats the day I realized that fake ass assholes have groups backing them up for safety. And you should definitely consider that every time someone perps you or tries to be an agitator in a public place. Assholes on public transport systems in major rich areas with colleges and alot to lose and protect from exposure to the public are always on the job fucking with anyone whos a threat doing endless psych warfare set ups. If you wanna get legal on my ass about this just chock this up to being a theory. That will shut up anyone who tries to take you down saying you believe this shit. I believe that theres plenty of desperate jerks out there looking for a free pass to things they dont deserve in life or a get out of jail free card
I believe Stasi East German methods of controlling dissidents are in use in democrating nations who have deniability.  And anyone who denies this as being feasible is either possessing a low intelligence of 60 or is a selfish asshole going along with corruption in the system for thier own benefit or they are at least cowards. 

Didn't you say SILENCE IS VIOLENCE?  Gee I guess those of us experiencing oppression thats so bad we cant even work anywhere or live anywhere safely and have to suffer smear campaigns that keep us hated by stupid, naive people for life HAVE TO LIVE IN SILENCE and its ok.  

Having this kind of pressure put on the public to have thier noses rubbed in it like dogs, taking advantage of a plague that's killing people and causing mortal fear in everyone as method of basically intimidation at the same time that conspiracy theorists are being paralleled to lone shooters or conspiracy theories are fake news is disgusting. This is all part of a huge effort to silence true dissenters forever by putting us off as people who DONT MATTER, don't exist or are dangerous not victims.  
In the past few years 'experts' at colleges (probably blackmailed by being caught up somewhere in the Epstein web of lies and sex crimes) have taken to producing bogus articles using junk science and no scientific methods nor worthy investigative methods to make judgements about conspiracy theories specifically gang stalking and related subjects. 
Ever since I got framed and two major colleges were involved (both since linked to Epstein to an embarrassing degree) and ever since the Epstein scandal came out I've wondered just how many universities that fucker could have taken down had he not died in his jail cell.  Epstein loved to be around scientists and academics and he lavished them with donations and funding.  
We also have to consider how much funding do these people take not only from spying (recent China and Arabia funding scandals at Ivy Leagues) but also traditionally from the very same sources that funded MK Ultra and similar types of programs to begin with? Whos to say that black budgets dont fund certain studies? Its happened before and it can again. Especially when people get desperate. 

Years ago people basically left the TI community alone becuz any educated person was well aware of the history of corruption or abuse of power that would make such theories as the TI community works with, possible. It would  have been embarrassing and seen as ignorant to interfere to the extent that I see now. 
Well, think about it. If colleges are going to become infiltrated to the point where they are indoctrinating your children to be used as legions and armies for what we've seen over the past year-then why wouldn't they turn on every ethic they've ever stood for or by? This is war people and yes Information War has alot to do with it but its also plain simple brain washing and any other historical methods that the academics could tell us has been used to take over a nation or even for world domination. If the colleges let loose the terrorism we've seen recently then why wouldn't they do the same to actual threats to the system?  

I do remember going into my PCPs office during the pandemic at one of the big Boston hospitals supposedly dedicated to women. The check in process provided the medical staff with an undue amount of control over patients' person as well as it was an example of how anyone with a uniform during a crisis has too much authority. This phenomena occurred after 9/11 when every asshole in a uniform thought they could wield or abuse power anyway they saw fit (if they perceived you had no value..or as people say nowadays you 'didn't matter') simply becuz they were in uniform. This is enough of a problem regularly to begin with and it became a major pain in the ass post 9/11 and believe me-the shadow system used it to its full advantage. 
So we've seen this before-thus people my age know how to ace these assholes pulling any such crap again. Which is why I didn't fall for the psych pressure brought on while going to that doctors office. I just stayed calm and remembered I have rights and the Constitution remains the same regardless of what drama humans want to bring on especially in Liberal blue states where the nanny system taking care of you can be a death sentence if you allow it to be. In such places I've noted that 'might makes right' is actually much worse due to people being discouraged to understand thier responsibility thus conversely thier rights. 'We are doing you a favor, we know best, we are in charge'.
 Once you start living in red states and Republican areas you start to see how smothering and controlling elitist nanny states really are and its an exercise in freedom to give it right back to them or counter it. 

As I went through the controlling, fear mongering entrance process of questions etc I passed through the gate keepers. As I came into the waiting area I was horrified to see hand written signs and posters that said "racism is a pandemic too" and other BLM slogans and materials, hung alongside the COVID 19 official materials the hospital had mandated to be posted. This is a first hand example of how the fear and death and tragedy of the pandemic is being utilized for a  power grab or to fulfill an agenda. This is a small satellite office off campus of the hospital and they hire only young people so theres no adult oversight. The signs were done by kids and it showed. What are they going to learn about professionalism, the healthcare field, restraint or boundaries if they are treated like pets? 
(Update: why doesnt this surprise me? They've been doing this to me recently so why not make it a policy? Lol
Well. I was going to leave that hospital anyway becuz of negligent care and basically people just blowing me off and not taking me and my health care as seriously as they should.  It's been a waste of my time for a few years now anyway. I should have known better.) 

Its not that people dont think its an important issue its just that this kind of shit that I saw at this office along with the fact that these kinds of deaths by police of ANY kind of person did not cause this kind of campaign pre pandemic. 
This is what this post is about. Yes I am using humor and acidity to vent the fact Ive had enough of this obvious plot to try to use and engineer this entire time period to obviously try to eradicate the homeless (for globalism) and to silence any real dissidents or activists that focus on issues that genuinely  interfere with the power structure or corporate.  
BLM and ID politics as well as institutional change isnt going to interfere with the corporatocracy. In fact it will serve it by de-marginalizing large groups of subculture and alt demographics who feel traditionally rejected by corporate and mainstream life and culture. These will become massive amounts of new worker bees that will gain social acceptability and join the ranks of what is considered 'connected' and part of the mainstream.

Years ago I posted about the Pentagon having a new way of looking at the world using a concept they coined with the phrase "Disconnectedness Defines Danger". Now you've got to remember that alot of what starts in these kinds of places ends up being implemented and used by corporate in civilian life or the Complex weaves this in a sort of trickle down effect down to civilian life. Why not? Everything we use and buy in our civilian lives on domestic soil is somehow connected to the  Military Industrial Complex. Even civilian culture itself is militarized even if we dont recognize it. 

Getting marginalized populations on board with corporate life is ensuring there is little disconnection and cleverly, it seems corporate Marxism is a way to do it. Who gets left out? People who arent going to be consumers, people who arent going to work for corporate and most likely wont live in the condos being build that are displacing...those very people. 

It all works out so well for them doesnt it?

What the public dont understand is that mostly everything we buy and everywhere we buy it even where we live potentially is owned by a few international hedge fund companies like Black Mountain, Vanguard Inc, Blackstone Group etc. From Starbucks to the cell phone towers that your cell carriers lease to use to large international commercial real estate companies just a few large companies own it all or at least own the largest share of whatever it is. 

If they keep doing shit like implementing PC culture into the military- something thats designed basically to cause death and injury to humans, then its going to get more into denial about the reality of what they actually do. Remember-people are losing their humanity. How can you have PC culture when you kill people for a living?????  
Its probably a primer for a TRANS HUMANIST AGENDA but I wont get into that now. Its the logical next phase however and you can see it going in that direction. 

My grandfather who was a Marine for years said that soldiers were "dirty dirty dogs" and admitted to the nature of a soldier without giving me exact deeds. There was the phrase back in the WW2 era that begged the question "would you let your daughter marry a soldier?" (which is where the tongue in cheek version came about later "would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?").
Those  phrases may seem disrespectful to people giving thier lives to fight to protect something but it is a realistic reflection of what soldiers actually do. It at least contains humanity. 
This idea that you simply work a job and its got to be civil in this unnatural way that civilian life has become is absolutely ridiculous...but it does do one thing the Complex seems absolutely hell bent on doing: ensure that wars never end. 

Companies especially complex contractors are branding which means they are using feminism, gay rights, racial politics to keep themselves relevant and to make it appear they are non threatening. Having women become leaders of death machines like Raytheon or Lockheed Martin etc makes it appear as if they are not so bad when in fact male centrism is necessary for a culture of war and militarism..which is why many of us distrust the current wave of so called feminism. Its as fake and the women as common and weak as the efforts of war-for-profit machines to market to 'Wokeness'. 

Another thing the public must remember is that if in the past, you've heard of the phrase that the elite and people in power always win by 'Machiavellian designs'. I suppose you could read a bit about him to understand the nature of what thats about but afterwards, consider that such people now have access to astronomical progresses in communications, computers, studies etc and can utilize that in thier already deadly games of chess with the public. They do endless genetics studies on everything you can imagine and now know who and what we all are and how we can be manipulated, what our weaknesses and strengths are and can even create weapons of war to target us for destruction based on genetic information. 
This summers violence and lawlessness and its timing are very manipulative. Encouraging lawlessness is very suspect, always.
The best course of action should have been to protest the use of the choke hold and then riot and loot if the law wasnt passed. Making the issues about one particular group is suspect at best especially since now we see that in areas where de-funding the police have occurred, these very communities are suffering increases in insane violence specifically from the same age groups or younger that perpetrated extreme violence this past year to get such policies past.  

THIS IS THE UNCENSORED VERSION SO YOU CAN'T AVOID SEEING THE DEAD BODY OF THE GUY THEY KILLED. IN MOST NEWS STORIES THEY BLUR OUT THE DEAD GUY. So when the carjacker WHINES ABOUT HER PHONE STILL BEING IN THE CAR (1:09) the viewer has some nice contrast to bring into frame HOW COMPLETELY FUCKED THIS IS. when the dead body is blurred YOU JUST DONT GET THE SAME EFFECT-which is of course what the mainstream news wants. Why do you think the news no longer shows the  war footage anymore like during Vietnam? We wouldn't want reality to be framed correctly, now would we.

It must be obvious then that this isnt so much about what its marketed to be about as its about destroying the country or causing chaos and division for whatever end.

Even if the violence towards 'people of color' ceases it will only increase towards the homeless which is actually occurring or homeless people will be harmed by lack of policing.  Not the kind in the video above of course.

I read an article about a proud mom whos kid worked at a fast food place. Her son gave a homeless older guy some food after he asked  what he could  get for fifty cents. After doing this good deed, a woman came up to him and gave the kid $100. 
This is the very meaning of a mind f*ck meant to manipulate you. If you dont see whats wrong with the story then you need to learn to think clearly and recognize perception management when you see it. The money should have been given to the homeless man not the kid who has a home and a job and his youth thus his whole life ahead of him. 
This is a trick of the homeless guy remaining devalued and value is put on the young person who in this story was a second generation immigrant in the photos. While pushing the story as a feel good tale of a good deed it totally disregards the real issues.  
This is the exact danger of 'feel good activism'. Most people don't want to do what it takes to make real changes that improve society.

 I don't even think its possible. I think humans are good in moments or that they do the right things when faced with consequences or conflict that jogs whatever sense of morality they were raised with or thier genetics gave them.
The problem is they are attempting to ensure we don't know OURSELVES. Where we come from and who were are is becoming irrelevant in thier constructed reality. Its discouraged to even consider such things any longer.

I think the most dangerous thing  about 'homeless people' to the system locking in place today is that people who can survive such an environment create their own realities as well as can scavenge off of other realities without displacing thier own. I suppose this is the 'disconnection' that is danger. As a left handed compliment, it seems that 'The Homeless' are a much more potential danger than once thought of. No one is going to be afraid of us organizing and rioting or looting or making a list of demands. Unfortunately that seems to be the only thing humans respond to. Acts of war. 

Homeless white male with mental illness killed in 2012. Choke hold used ("I cant breathe"). Then beaten to death.
Kelly Thomas confrontation surveillance video - edited version (8 min.) - 2012-05-08


 Exclusive audio clip may shed light on Kelly Thomas beating - 2012-06-27  

 Without the kindness of a local church we used to help protect and clean (becuz I have an affinity for the historical building and its symbols and becuz you should help others if they help you out) we would have had no safe place to shelter-in-place. I got punched in the face by a junkie psychopath waking everyone up one night there becuz Cambridge doesnt have old skool cops anymore that will help us keep scum out. Armies of junkies and armies of violent radical protestors. Its not the old drug scenes either-these kids arent sitting around listening to something innovative and reading like Naked Lunch while trying to learn to play chess high.  This new drug scene has zero creativity and even less brains. Literally they resemble the zombies in the tv show Walking Dead. 

Corruption, Globalism and misplaced PC culture is making it harder for decent cops to get the scumbags out of decent areas.  Equality and Globalist gentrification destroys small local scenes where people who are seeking thier own level and trying to find themselves or accomplish something radical were protected and now cant get away from the ocean of walking dead homebums that used to only exist in downtown areas or real nowhere type places. In a way, globalism is making homeless scenes as conformist and lifeless as the areas they are gentrifying. 

Something has been going on for a few years now with the younger cops in this area where they dont want to seem to take any action. We are talking about a city that brought out everything they had and declared martial law just to find one kid after the Boston Bombing. This same city in the past 5 years cannot keep law and order. One story claims that becuz one gang member in a low income housing complex on rt 2 had agreed to speak to a black cop (roll eyes) and tell them that "there may be two automatic machine guns in the building" they are too afraid to go inside to bust anyone. The other story claims that the meth heads in tents they allow to take over the Reservoir nature reserve (the woods) MIGHT BE in possession of ONE GUN so the cops are afraid to go in to bust anyone. Riiigghhht. 
So lets recap--
Boston Bombing: tank like vehicles, full riot gear and any other toys you can imagine. 
BLM/PC era: no one can even think of the phone # to the ATF. Its an area that has major law schools. Its got money and power. Its got some of the country's oldest money. Your're telling me that you dont know anyone in the ATF?   bullshit. 

One of the older cops we know passed by us at the church one day as we were cleaning. He asked why we dont come around Harvard Sq anymore-firstly I didnt want to hurt his feelings or shame him by telling him that he has crooks for colleagues who like to get helpless poor female activists framed, secondly we both know the answer. I said "look whos there now. Theres no point in it".  He nodded.  He said "We've got no teeth"  anymore. I showed him my missing front tooth and said "neither do we"  to make him laugh before he drove away. 
Basically we all know that cops arent being allowed to do the same quality of policing they used to do. If the public wonders why everything outside thier gated communities and condos is a mess thats becuz its that way BY DESIGN. In the old days, organized crime got paid to keep the peace in unison with law enforcement becuz this ensures businesses make money. Nowadays people dont frequent businesses as much they order online as well as the country has had a major building boom financed by banks. Nothing sells condos and gated communities, private security, security technology etc like chaos in the streets. Also these new shithead homeless, junkies and meth heads are obviously being used to mule drugs, deal drugs even move drugs from state to state and use drugs. Authorities get kick backs. Banks launder money. The same banks that fund the building booms that create more homeless.

The homeless have actually taken on the role of the new enemy. The ignorant and easily exploited. The new n*gger, the new hated demographic. I laugh whenever I look at the white privilege quiz about if i get followed in stores or if people question whether I belong in the area I am walking through. In fact a homeless person even someone a bit more acceptable with a Traveler's style is more scrutinized nowadays more than anyone of 'color' that ISNT HOMELESS.  Thats becuz now that your average citizen is no longer allowed to tell tit jokes and watermelon jokes at the water cooler at work, they've got to have someone to blame-someone to hate on becuz you realize of course that humans are not genuinely capable of concepts like equality and hate free zones or tolerance. If they were, people wouldn't be starving, dying from war or being exploited for thier resources in other parts of the human world. 

 And with BLM/ANTIFA telling everyone that 'white privilege' means all non people of color who are homeless MUST be 'homeless by choice' you've got the perfect way of getting rid of the homeless for Globalist gentrification and making sure that white people who probably wont behave and become docile in the new corporate Marxist ideology that is now becoming law (a system akin to China's Social Credit System) are controlled, run out of cities or killed off.
 Most young white kids I see today are on meth or Fentanyl heroin and sustain permanent damage for life unlike drug cultures decades prior. If they dont medicate them in school and now indoctrinate them in school or at work then they will destroy them with homelessness and really shitty low quality drugs designed to crush them completely for life. 
Brought in btw by refugees and immigrants.
In case the 'enlightened' dont know this-'sanctuary cities' are nothing but a new way to create ghettos where people dont have any recourse against exploitation. Not from police, organized crime or slum lords, the sex industry (especially children). Most immigrants that are legal nowadays dont stay in ghettos for a generation or at least a some amount of time and become accustomed to American life like in the old days. They get jobs in corporate chains right off the boat. So immigrant ghettos in the old sense should not exist with the new corporate globalist system.
Well, now you have them again. Good job Libtards. 

Carl Marx totally disregarded the lowest class in his theories on class war claiming they had no class consciousness. 

Thus this Marxism used in corporate Marxism which has weaponized race and other social issues to actually avoid real class warfare in our society, still disregards the lowest class (homeless) due to our uselessness in the games being played. So why dont we look at this for what it is? Its not progressive not in the truly humanitarian sense. 
Its a 'progressive agenda' within a society that is now run by a corporate world. If anything people have lost their humanity. 

Youth can always be relied on to be destructive conformist assholes, easily indoctrinated into destroying anything they are directed to by manipulative power structures. When Maybelline and Secret deodorant are co signing your bullshit, telling you you're fierce and agreeing with you causing property damage, murder, injuries, elder and disabled abuse and neglect, anti homelessness, reverse racism then you should get the fucking clue Sherlock that theres something crooked about it becuz unless they earn PROFIT off something they dont give a fuck about ANYTHING. (Im generalizing of course. Being a poor activist and homeless woman without 'rich people' and institutions I wouldnt exist.) 

After I was framed, one of the 1% rich-kids-gone-bad from the Cambridge homeless scene-old Harvard Sq street scene put his arm around me and leaned into me, saying "let me tell you something about my 1%er upbringing. Those people only care about the bottom line. Thats how things work". So I didnt feel so bad about being framed but then in a way I felt worse. It certainly summed up the motive. At least I didnt have to take it personally but at the same time it seemed so crushing and unbeatable.

Bidens mess at the border is the perfect lesson if there was a class for this as to how the cartels use immigrants for these purposes and dont think it isnt connected to various corrupt agencies here. 

It seems for all of the new culture of accountability, transparency, equality, diversity by force as cult ideology as opposed to diversity by free association and by ones nature, tolerance, love, safe spaces and no hate-humans are still full of shit, full of themselves, bad things still happen, corruption continues and humans remain animals. And Im not even going to get into how being an American influences our choices regarding greed, self interest. 

 Much of the Democratic party is organized crime connected. Pelosi? Cuomo?? Theres even a former mob lawyer in congress. Their recent agendas don't surprise me. If you watch the Godfather movie or have seen it you will recall that one of thier goals was to make thier families or their associates families 'legit' by having them become lawyers or senators or congressman. Well here we are and I don't think that many of us thought out the consequences of that. Things aren't getting better things are actually getting worse. If you don't see the plot holes in this story being written about this promised utopia supposedly being built then you need to take a course in cognitive thinking as well as history and add to that some criminal investigation. Losing touch with harsh reality while claiming to be part of a movement driven to fix it is slow death and you might as well be on drugs like every addict just written about above. And you better wake up to what real fascism looks like becuz it seems to keep happening repeatedly throughout history and the MOST AGGRAVATING THING ABOUT EACH INSTANCE OF THIS HAPPENING IS THAT THE MASSES DO NOT SEEM TO RECOGNIZE WHEN THEY ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT...only in hindsight. I am not going to be a victim of a lawless mob whos going to show remorse only in hindsight. The best example of human behavior Ive ever read is where a group of apes was observed in the wild and one tribe came upon another then began fighting due to their nature and territoriality. They smashed the babies of the opposing tribe whos area they had entered, mauled and killed. Much like the mobs seeking 'justice' seen this summer, much like the police in the video above. After the apes calmed, seeing the carnage of the other tribe they invaded and destroyed-one ape took the dead body of a baby ape whos skull had been smashed, replaced the missing part of the skull in an effort to repair the damage then proceeded to cradle the body and rock the dead infant in its arms. The point of survival is to realize that you will be destroyed or killed or exterminated while idiots find someone to blame other than themselves (rich elite white kids from both coasts, colleges and suburbs whos worst nightmare is REAL CLASS WARFARE or ECONOMIC EQUALITY) or useful idiots serving as force multipliers being used alongside a certain oppressed group with an actual legit gripe or cause and you have to avoid being taken down while the apes are attacking your tribe and territory becuz only in hindsight will anyone give a shit-then its too late. Dont get sucked in. Dont get destroyed. If you're homeless realize that you are THE ONLY REMAINING UNPROTECTED CLASS IN THE USA. Which is one of the reasons nobody gives a shit and you're going to be used and victimized-becuz they dont have to care.

None of us are safe. From anyone at anytime.  How is the world wide grand pipe dream scheme socialist utopia corporate Marxist plan going to change the nature of humanity. What just ignore it? This isnt a video game but most people view it that way now. Thats why people are dangerous. This is why we have law and order so that angry mobs dont rule.