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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anyplace In USA Without The Black And Red Morons?

Is there anywhere in the US one can go without having to look at some black *sshole or white/Mex trash wearing black and red? These people think they are the shit as well which is most annoying.

I notice in looking at vids from the Bush years that many of the protesters add wearing black and red. This is a phenomena of Obama. I wonder if this is his citizen's brigade (or that as a cover for gangs or military or agents) he wanted to form. They definelty seem Democrats and are in Obama friendly neighborhoods and ethnic groups/economic classes.

Its psych warfare on TIs of course but its also to brain wash a nation who isn't aware of the constant use of this color combo nowadays in ridiculously high instances.

It could be black nationalism or the like. The president is black...well not American black but he's African, the head of the Church of Set is now a black female and the Whitehouse liason to the Pentagon is a black female.

Ive experimced there is an agenda to forward their dominance (house slaves in reality but the public are marketed its 'equality' or just payback or some other nonsense.)

In certain areas one feels relief from all harassment if one is percieved as going off with a black man for a relationship or potentially so or even listening to black music etc.

Keep in mind these people all work for the system and are house slaves. They aren't radicals or activists, just a-holes.

Perhaps this is part of Cathy Obriens claim that its going to be engineerrd so the public will become disgusted with Democrats and go Republican. Looks like it.

Sundown Towns

If I ever have the time when this is all over I am going to write a book about urban areas whites are not allowed in after dark or certain streets in San Diego where gringos its well known are not welcome etc.

It seems that I have to leave San Antonio becuz its a sundown town on women basically. After dark one has absolutely no freedom here except perhaps strictly touristy downtown.

Thats totally messed up. However I don't sit here and act butt hurt over it. I considered trying to change it but decided I had bigger battles so I am simply leaving becuz the culture doesn't suite me. Ive experienced many times in San Antonio the wealthy neighborhoods using what seems like community watch to keep someone like me from even walking down the street at night to get back downtown. Its just the way it is.

I am sure if I wanted to walk through parts of Detroit or Atlanta or Memphis or Roxbury MA at night that I wouldn't be welcome. No one is noting that. Nor is anyone noting how in this day and age places like San Antonio still are sexist in an extreme that should only be reserved for Mexico or a Muslim country etc. Thats what it is like here. It is one of the most singularly sexist pieces of sh*t I have ever encountered. Its unbelievable the way I was treated as a TRAVELER trying to catch a ride out today. Its the most backwards place Ive been probably ever as far as being a lone female traveler.

Am I going to make a federal case out of it? No just stay away. They're always going to be morons and thats that. The women here say they grew up with it, they are used to it. Men constantly stalking them in vehicles after dark. Ridiculous.

Big cities that are cosmopolitan and some YUPpie suburbs are fine for 'diversity' but certain areas humans are always going to feel safer if they know who's in that area. Thats how HUMANS are.

For those of us who's ancestors are Third Wavers (European ancestors came turn of last century) we have little patience for the dynamics and historical gripes and games in place before we arrived. Ask any Italian what they think about slavery in America. Depending on the person they will of course be varied answers but none will have any white guilt sentiment what so ever. Except perhaps to acknowledge that Italy enslaved and conquered many countries and peoples in Europe in 'ancient' times.

Most Irish from Boston will feel the same way.

These are people who aren't stupid about being 'white' or rather the history of thier European ethnicity. Its easy to sucker in less ethnically aware Caucasians into run of the mill American 'white' identity. This identifies all whites with slave ownership or oppression. Ignorance creates racism and nowadays that plus PC and identifying race then forcing a preplanned system of Diversity or pushing racial integration (with TOTAL disregard for culture) has created a more viscous nasty strain of racism than I recall in the old days.

Decades ago not all whites were intolerant. The culture ran the gamet from staunch racists to people who chose to race mix and intermarry.

My grandmother has never had a problem with gays. She seemed accepting of their presence in society and always said in the old days one just didn't come out with it but people knew two women living together in a certain manner for instance meant they were in a romantic relationship.

All of her dislike of other ethnic groups was a healthy response to protecting herself in her environment or from natural competition between groups during early Third Waver immigration. I don't think many Mexicans or blacks from Cali are aware that Italians and Irish were 'racist' towards each other in MA until the last few decades. Like in my grandmothers day it was totally normal as the Irish arrived in bulk 20 years before the major Italian influx so felt very threatened. And more 'Latin' ways were cited with hatred by the fairer more Northern European type Irish.

Western culture has developed a sick demented Nazi like plan for control over a free society by devising ways of forcing humans away from natural intergration via cohabitation and free association and coercing us into FALSE divisions based on things that shouldn't even matter if you are just human.

Anyone concerned with race is a racist and we as humans, many of us are going to be that way at times some of us by nature. For some its a non issue.

If Americans and other westerners don't see that this culture is now very Orwellian in part due to reducing us to races just as we would be reduced to numbers then you aren't paying attention to what's really going on around you.

We aren't allowed to be human. Its a corporate mentality culture now and no one even notices how inhuman and unnatural that is. Its to form a society of better CONSUMERS and people who will behave moreso and go along with an agenda.

We should be concerned with sundown towns when we are concerned with making ALL areas of the US safe for EVERYONE to co-exist in not just specific ethnic groups.

In fact I am so disgusted with race relations nowadays I should consider checking out such places. But I'd probably be too Yankee or something. Thats the thing about being Third Waver descended nowadays in such a racially focused yet forced false 'diversified' culture- I don't fit in anywhere. I am often too ethnic for very white neighborhoods but ethnic neighborhoods consider me 'white'. Its totally ignorant.

As a TI it only adds to the stress and its obvious alot of current social conditions in this country were planned to be part of society when the system came after certain TIs with 24/7 campaigns. Getting gang stalked in an all white community reduces the normal social BS by doing away with any racial elements leaving only sexism and classism as possible alternatives to what might be motivating people to act badly towards a Target. It makes it easier to put each incident into proper categories.

'GS' 'random: sexism' 'random: classism' random/typical: jealous female behavior' , 'mobbing: based on cover story'.

Then again in that Mexican neighborhood I was just living in perps were easy to spot becuz they had the bad attitude of stupid uppity white people (males) or thought they were gangsta (females) whereas everyone else was pretty cool. I just can't deal with the trolling in cars from men.

Essentially how hard its become for poor whites to live anywhere comfortably in the US seems very preplanned to coincide with Targets having campaigns turn 24/7 in 2003.

Its very much a part of creating the NWO society. This is even detailed in the murals in Denver airport. There seems to be target groups to be killed and then there seems to be a little Nazi-esque Lucifer who guides all the desirable Diversified ethnic peoples into a perfect world after all the stages planned are gone through.

However since I don't see any cell towers eminating signals to control human behavior one has to realize this artwork is all a con. A deception. In reality they desire to get rid of anyone who actually understands or has concrete knowledge of whats going on. Its not a perfect world either, its the enslavement of mankind of all humanity. Why else would they leave out of their precoius psyche out murals of this saga, the use of mass mind control? Why not paint some chemtrails in there?

As a very talented visual artist who drew like a pro before all this destroyed that I have an understanding of paintings. I can read this and its childish and its bullshit. The symbolism is so easy to understand almost childish. Which tells me the artist didn't take effort to hide this symbolism from those not in the know or other artists.

Nowadays I dream of someplace where society actually functions properly and people become more peaceful naturally. WHAT are the people in power afraid of that they must have such heavy handed order?

One theory is the environment is becoming increasingly uninhabitable. Tech and ultimate order and many diversions would continue to hide this from the public as well as 'manage' human populations throughout the crises even possibly create a totally false environment for humans to exist in.
Doesn't HAARP have the tech to control the weather?

The idea that society has to be forcibly rearranged to be made just and fair is idealistic but the problem lies in not taking in all the information and data to make truly fair and just decisions in doing so. Then one must ask who IS guiding such information for such decision making? Obviously the guiding forces have it figured out beforehand. Way before.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bullshit Machine Never Stops Producing The Goods

Oh PLEASE. Are we really expected to believe this?

If they were trailing and surveilling something so important especially to American national security don't you think that someone would have informed the Americans to not disturb thier business there? Or the Americans would have added agents or at least taken over the operation? As if the US doesn't know what goes on within its borders. Its a joke. They know exactly whats going on. Gimme a break.

Even if they didn't and mistook at first the Mossad agents for the wrong motives for being here don't u think American agents would have by logic deducted that the Muslims living in close proximity were connected to why Israelis were there? Dduuuhhh.

Give It UP.

Nice try but this yet another theory doesn't explain away 9-11. Keep it up've got em confused and thats a desirable result-isnt it pets?

Phoenix and Miami huh? Niiiiccce.

Yep..NOW I'm pissed.

TSA Agents Doing Predictably Abusive Things With The Power To Spy

Targeted Individuals have experienced this kind of behavior for years, especially worse during the Bush era and high alert anti terror years.

Anti terror measures were obviously used to target certain people and the peon level participants always behaved this way.

When I was virtually waterboarded by the helicopter in ST Louis for what was obviously interrogation, there was no such attitude or behavior on the part of the investigator. The people doing the more intense, classified stuff do not screw around like this, unless its purposeful psych warfare to help silence the Target. Even the jerks spying on everything you said in Greyhound bus stations seemed serious about what they were doing.

It was always train, bus employees or security guards or the perps who seem gang related stalking and harassing that had this exact same attitude.

The problem is that 'common' people if you will, specifically working class people involved in this cannot seem to responsibly handle this kind of power.

They were never meant to. This IS the mob we are dealing with (not Mafia but a mob of citizens). Thats why we have professionals and special forces or agents etc. People who are supposed to understand the consequences of abuse of power. Most of the morons who mock, are arrogant or treat a TI with disregard are not people who can handle power.

Now in a GS campaign a TI knows after a time that the designers know this. They purposely give the mob power over a Targeted person becuz they know it will assist in destroying the person or traumatizing them.

This is also the purpose of allowing TSA agents access to info they can't be responsible with. As if that wasnt known in the first place.

Its all to further beat down the American public also part of this since Bush has been a return to sexism.

Its social control.

Also in many videos its been shown that during Bush protesters were handled by military type police who were extremely arrogant in say, shooting unarmed protesters with rubber bullets. For them and the public this was traumatizing. For the special police this was a joke.

Do not think this attitude has changed just becuz candy coated Obama got in office. That is also part of the game.


hey everyone. i apologise for not returning your emails. the way i am targeted i can usually only get to comment moderation. I will try harder to answer emails. alot of u try to start correspondence with me and I simply cannot keep up with something like that right now. My brain is overloaded and I actually forget which new TI is who. I am moving on to someplace else so I will try to look at emails.

I got a badly needed rest for two months. I realize now that every few months i need a month rest if living on the road.

However the perps always close in when u settle somewhere and with me lately they stalk and harass to get me very handled and controlled as well as target me inside wherever I am sleeping to drive me into what would appear to be mental illness.

Over many years I am learning where TIs can go and where we cant go. Each place has its limits and different ways to become targeted there, but some places are more dangerous to us as TIs than others. Also these comditions have changed since Bush left office and Hayden of course.

Its always changing so there's no set routine I have that guarantees I can keep it together all the time.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Disregard All Detractor's Claims That Target's Are Paranoid Or Over Dramatic

Believe me. I know to non TIs this sounds paranoid. And I also know that this construction project could have been planned a long time ago and its random perfectly normal.

But Targets are not paranoid. We are people who have been conditioned by years of systematic abuse that always forms a pattern. What else are we SUPPOSED to think?

Every single place you settle down in, within a few months there's a loud and lengthily construction project that begins, in front of your bedroom window if they can. Definitely to create or add to a noise campaign.
Ive experienced enough harassment where the perps did not take steps to cover thier camapign under some activity that seems perfectly normal. This fits into one of thier patterns. Its the way the gang stalking system operates and I have every right to be suspicious.

In Boston outside the BU dorms that serve as a summer hostel for travelers, I caught a Pepsi truck driver backing up repeatedly in the middle of the street. The warning beep just went on and on and on. Until I got the camera and opened the curtains to catch it on film. Then when he spotted me he looked up and immediately proceeded to leave. That isn't random or normal. I now have been around enough truck drivers to know that if u can't back that thing up once and park you are either drunk, a fairly new driver. Or a perhaps a woman (unfortunately this is a truth Ive seen in truck stops).

Anyone who writes of a gang stalking campaign that has been this long and this consistent yet has been documented to certainly be premeditated, purposeful activity. The mental and emotional part of it are certainly technology as these effects behave according to the way tech would.

As long as the general public are ignorant of the technological capabilities and the motives of those involved the system can continue to claim the Target is simply mentally ill or attention seeking.

The Imminent Construction Project Begins Outside TI Home

Oh look! Its the inevitable construction project outside the TI's house or on their street!

This was NOT here yesterday.

Beauty of this is that no project can get near my bedroom for a noise camapign anyway.

Fuckin joke. I was actually warned about this a day or two ago. I had a vision and just knew it was going to happen. But even if I didn't this is what typically occurs.

However with the tech in this house being heavy and that dark depressive energy over this ghetto area, the construction project is actually a diversion from least dissipating that dark cloud that hangs over this horrid neighborhood.

Ha ha they screwed up....

Beware Of Satellite Dish and Wifi Router Combination

Be very aware of Cysco Systems wifi routers. Finally I can admit to myself from years of experience that this military contracting company is a definite part of the problem. Recall during Bush when I was being targeted that a young man claimed his father worked for Cysco Systems.

Much of what the perps are capable of can only be due to they being from the military industrial complex contractors. I once saw a female perp smirking at me, as a passenger in a car with no driver. I ignored it and pretended I didn't see it. I later saw an article that documented DARPA had created such a vehicle years ago.
Ive posted it on this blog...when I was at MIT using computers last summer.

I was probably so tired and worn from constant travel that I couldn't mentally put it together and process it as such. Sleep deprivation and an unstable environment can do alot for their campaign against a TI.

The combination of a Cysco Systems wifi router and a satellite dish are the worst in a building you can have. It seems wifi itself is a huge problem for TIs.

I can't say that they are directly responsible becuz there is a possibility of other parties hacking in and perhaps targeting people. Foriegn countries even?? I don't know enough about technology to have theories that are valid about the details.

The young male perp I met during bus with a Greyhound bus full of a perp group (typical during that administration) may claim his father works for Cysco Systems but who can say that isn't a diversion or frame up? I don't trust anything they say. Why would he tell me that anyway?

There is something going on with individuals being targeted. Just who is responsible is not clear as I don't have the training or resources to find out.

What if terrorists are doing this blaming Cysco and hacking into the wifi? Or other parties with access like intelligence agencies?

However it does reek of something the military would do considering their nature and track record.

All Targets know is that there is something definite going on. And I am telling you I personally can not live in any environment where there's a wifi router and a satellite dish. Either one actually.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

GS Behavior Modification Converts Normal Humans Into A Modified Copy Or Clone

Not literally through a cloning process but via brain damage and constant hypnosis/suggestion via interface as well as conditioning through stalking/harassment (classical conditioning, behavioral conditioning) a human being can be altered and modified via this process to become whatever is desired by the designers of the campaign. Like a clone, no one really notices any differences except small things and they would have to have known the Target before the long term GS process to note physical differences and note dramatic personality changes. This is why its important to isolate the person from their original environment- their original 'real' former life, community and friends, associates, family etc.

It also explains possibly why my blonde cousin who's a PhD in genetic engineering was so favored over myself-a dark eyed brunette with a Bohemian/artistic personality as well as being dissident and rebellious against conforming.

Taking what we Targets KNOW to be true from our experience, perhaps this is why the 'perps' have never seemed human to us. Their strange energy, which is always similar in vibration if you will. Long term TIs know that the entire environment changes energy wise or 'psychically' when a perp group begins a tactical assault on a TI locally.

It could be plain old programming too. But why bother with selective breeding, implants and tedious programming when you can now simply create people? It would be alot easier.

Sadly Survivors must contemplate the idea that, if we ourselves are clones and not just programmed, altered, have purposefully created compartmentalized minds and implanted as we were originally born normal human beings-but altered from birth, that perhaps we are....clones. Either way it seems these conditions explain why we seem to have no rights as US citizens. Even having perps mock us by stating "She has no rights at all" as a psychological warfare tactical. Yet, this may legally be the case if somehow we are deemed government property or not considered citizens.

Everyone outside of the realm of this subject matter thinks this is a joke.

For those of who have experienced just what the system is capable of especially during Bush- what capabilities they actually have that are advanced beyond public knowledge, you realize as I do that this is coming to a head now...and its no joke.

I Now Understand Why The Nazis Were Obsessed With Twins: Cloning Experimentation

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Skeptic's Thread Is Very Unscientific About Gang Stalking

Another thread where even when evidence is presented that backs up claims of gang stalking, people insist on denying its existence.

Totally misrepresented and without any q & a with an actual TI. Its not a very scientific method is it? Yet they fancy themselves 'skeptics'.

Even if people are not perps, are not in on it, most westerners especially Americans will not want to admit there are TIs especially if its someone they know.

Its amazing that no one has seen the Presidential Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments (which includes MK Ultra). Its as if that and other undeniable evidence of black projects and corruption is kept from the public even though its all right there for anyone to see.

I really believe that there are people who know whats happening to us and everyone else is in denial.

I think I've read enough statements from many citizens that say that they agree and would go along with anything the military needed to do to keep the country safe and strong. This is their main motive even though many other things are their excuse for helping an oppressive system keep a TI down.

When a country has gotten to the point that ours has basically we are living in East Germany except materialism is a natural part of this culture. The people still live in denial about what they are doing to the victims.

This exact attitude has been documented by authors interviewing citizens of East Germany who were part of the Stasi era there. Its amazing how human beings will go along with this so they can live normally.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is a comment from OnGangStalking we might find amusing today:
"You are a paranoid schizophrenic trying desperately to validate your existence. You are delusional, smelly, whiny, annoying, and narcissistic. Find an artery and cut away.
By Kaila, Sarah, Craig on Deceptions by perps- validating any and all abuse ... on 2/13/12"

Alrighty then. Who in the f*ck are Kaila Sarah and Craigy? Dont know. Nothing happened when I clicked on thier names. Which doesnt matter anyway becuz they are nobodies and atop that- they dont matter. They are probably trolls or wannabe Satanists or something stupid. However if they ever want to meet up in person maybe I can just bitch slap the girls and crotch kick old Craigy.

I'm awesome and highly incredible for what Ive been through and accomplished along the way. We all know this- sadly, some people either live in denial or are...delusional!

WAIT! I just looked and this above is thier third posting! (Every activst should use comment moderator. It gives us the privacy and control we deserve. Perps hate it.)

Above was posted twice. This was thier first attempt:
"You are a paranoid schizophrenic bouncing from psych hospital to psych hospital, wasting tax payers' money. Probably due to the radiation. It's so sad to see you try to give validity to your life. You are a sad, sad woman, and if anything bad ever happens to you it won't be from a "stalker" (delusion) but because you are a truly annoying, whiny, fucked-up girl that nobody can stand. I like how you make an excuse for being locked up -- taking a break, whatever -- you were there because you are INSANE and will probably die in a puddle of your own piss. I'm not "stalking" you, I merely hate you. Next time you get the urge, just get it over with!
By Anonymous on Deceptions by perps- validating any and all abuse ... on 2/13/12"

Obviously the little bastards got frustrated.
"I merely hate you" anyone gives a f*ck. And I wont get it over with next time I get the urge to suicide..not until all my enemies and betrayers have been destroyed. Stand in line Craigy and bring the b*tches with you.

Its sad the way peons like this are not familiar with the fact that many overworked CEOs and executives have the exact symptoms I did and often snap and 'take a break'. Not many people could handle the work load I was handling and still do. Im awesome and we all know this. I managed to put a lawsuit together and get medical evidence as well as force the land lady to have to hire a company to test the apartment WHILE being harassed, stalked hit with tech and abused by that idiot Scott Ashmanski (rat for the cops). All these people can do is type bullsh*t to mess with someone like me. Their hate mail getting featured here for comedic relief is more than they even deserve.

Its Still Time To Leave The USA

Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Post: "The Bad Guys"

LMFAO.."The Bad Guys". One comment below the article has this phrase.

I wonder when people will get a clue that HARVARD AND M.I.T ARE The Bad Guys.

Is this hopeless or what?

MIT's Lincoln Labs Finally Makes See Through Wall Tech Official and Public

Too late for many of us victims of so called National Security. Its such a joke how they are so far ahead of what the public know yet the public ooh and ahh over info like this

Shiny keys dangled in front of infants while the hidden hand does other things. Note comment from OldTomSee. He claims that this tech has been around for years. This is what they do. Mix up the public and manipulate information.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Church Of Scientology's Operation Freak Out Exactly The Same As A 'Gang Stalking' Campaign

This provides more evidence that such things DO exist and can be conceived of and executed by any group with enough resources and access.

Armageddon Is Being Created By Mind Control

Theres a college campus here thats religious. I always know when i am walking by on my occasional visits to that part of town. I feel different-normal. Like its 2002 again. I look up and sure enough theres the engraved wall. Its the only place in this city I feel back to normal again. Not like on the side of that mountain in New Mexico where there was absolutey no cell reception. But back before this all went 24/7.

Yet having this experience makes me reference back to the times where there was no cell reception in an area I was going through.

What does this tell us?

Those moments i find myself with no cell receptiin at all. THAT is when I feel completely normal again as if the world was in the late 80s. The early 90s was when things started to get surreal in my perception anyway. Late Clinton was like it began to get dark and 2001
was simply like a curtain going down. 2003 was the descent into Hell surely and nothing has changed since other than a signature mark of the Designer: now a ' kinder, gentler' Hell if you will.

The true reality of the world we live in exists in those moments with no man made electromagnetic fields interfering with perception at all.

Not this Armageddon bullsh*t.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Showering Here Alters Mood And Condition

After I shower here I have noticed I feel more docile, a bit dumbed down, sexually aroused a bit and want to eat more.

I say its the water.

An Example of Institutionalized Harassment/Trauma Based Mind Control Conditioning That Can Cause Survivors To Snap

This is pretty much the process by which many Targeted Individuals or targeted Survivors of programming/mind control end up snapping or 'going postal'- lone shooter or homicide/suicide.

This system knows the Target's history. They know the person is not a normal human being and the person has a severe trauma history. They also know just when to put a campaign 24/7 so that they can get the person while they are vulnerable so its easier to make them snap.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

America Exactly Like Nazi Germany, Silent Holocaust Completes Comparison

The author doesnt seem to take into their comparison the silent holocaust aka 'gang stalking'-the destruction of targeted individuals. Thats becuz these methods are modern, streamlined 21 century means of destroying people.

The Jews don't seem to be the focus this time. Israel is doing pretty well and so is Hollywood. Vegas, NY and Miami. Thats becuz the Nazis went after more than just Jews. Its pointless to try to consider or understand why the Nazis of history differ so from whats going on today. Project Paperclip shows that these ways of doing things never ceased.

The author also doesnt consider also out of ignorance perhaps, mass mind control. Its whats covert and hidden from view that completes the comparison. Its also these that can trace the past to today's world. That it never stopped, the dream was never dismantled and then reconstructed or imitated by peoples of today. Its a continuation of what once existed so blatantly.

Its THIS idea that keeps the public in denial about whats happening today.
Its no fun to be on the list of persons to be exterminated or even re-educated, believe me.

Considering Invisible Aliens

This is why destroying our environment doesnt make sense. Some force of intelligence set up a nice structure we should use it to survive and enjoy life not poison ourselves and all other life forms.
We should learn to enjoy each other's company becuz obviously there's no guarantee we have anyone to rely on out there other than ourselves and each other.
All we know for sure we have now is this lifetime in this body. Nothing else is really guaranteed beyond what concepts of after death humans may imagine, conceive and believe in throughout life.

Obviously our imaginations serve to keep us sane and feeling comforted in even the most dire circumstances. This is why television is such a waste its not interactive and replaces active imagination or at least supressed it for the time being. Engaging in the imagination is truly living.

Electromagnetic pollution supresses the human spirit as well as
interferes with mental states of human beings. They are unhealthy and destructive. Communicating with each other is not that important compared to our very existence. The world seems more miserable and dangerous to human beings anyway now due to existing in an unatural state of being aware of whats going on in the entire world and being able to observe the earth via internet and technologies. We arent acting like a species with that much power. We arent being responsible for it.

As far as 'aliens' scientists keep using that term. If we exist in whst we call 'Nature' then why wouldnt other intelligent life also be natural?
Using the term alien is akin to using the term 'supernatural'. It reflects human territoriality not only over land but what we percieve reality to be.

If anything we should be questioning if electromagnetic activity thats man made has interfered with the balance of interdimensional realities. If its created any sort of way for hostile forces to access our reality moreso or dulled our ability to fend off such a presence. I wonder if it covers our activities..does electromagnetic fields actually dim human beings like dimming light bulbs?

Bottom line this is not living. Anyone existing outside a narrowly defined American mainstream reality senses that.

I often wonder what guys like this discuss amongst themselves or know thats considered private to them only. So many Survivors speak of strange experiences with MILABs, RA even The Orders. And that never gets mentioned by anyone credible. Many people working on gang stalking and related subjects speak of the theory that the Orders are merely interdimensional beings. Like these reptilians people claim to see. Then again human's imaginations can be manipulated to control them.

Like I said its just easier to learn to live here and not destroy ourselves and indulge in living and the joy of being alive.

If these scientists were discussing the real problems facing humanity right now they'd have had airplane accidents and we all know it. Many many scientists who want the public to be aware of concerns about life on our own planet have been silenced and intimidated over many decades.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GS More Intense Now Ive Changed My Residency

Ever since I switched my address here ive experienced more detailed harassment. Cars wait for me outside of places. And its very tactical -they only drive off when I get close. Thats not survaillence and thats not guardian angel work (watchimg out for someone) thats harassment and mind fucking.

I am not going to confess any information or such behavior. I might sue the FBI however becuz thats what people kept saying years ago. Thats whos behind this...and since I never got a subpeona....well. Its harassment then.

I mean I cant walk a block without being harassed. Downtowm is worse than ever. Security guards at hotels, bus drivers beeping twice at me, random civilians along the sidewalk. Its incredible how the games been intensified just within a day or so. And the tech here is TERRIBLEL

Perps Appear For Vehicle Harassment Soon After Turn On GPS

The moment I turn on my GPS on my phone for navigation whilr walking some cop shows up and then the gs are everywhere. This neighborhood is so corrupt. Its a joke...well compared to Boston its a joke. Imagine a male dumb enough to actually admit "you can be controlled". How much of the Mexican American community is in on gs campaigns anyway?

Imagine being that vulnerable that you'd need to work for the very oppressor who took your land in the first place...while of coursr thinking you are part of a bad ass gang.

Its sad, really.

Im glad my ancestors arw all Third Wave immigrants from the turn of the century: America is f*cked up. The way its grown from the first Native genocides and that insane concept of Manifest Destiny. Kind of sounds like what is going on now with the NWO. The same screwed up power hungry attitude.

These poor suckers. Gang stalking someone whos as oppressed as they are so they dont have to feel or be realistic about being oppressed and marginalized. Perhaps in their warped minds (poverty and violence will produce that effect) they actually percieve these actions will make them somehow more American. More accepted.

It seems the system tells each group what they want to hear. The Aztec movemnt can have its way if they cooperate, people who have fallen for the Nazi mentality can have theirs (like my mother) etc etc.

Interesting how this is going very according to those murals in the Denver airport.

All these different groups working together under some Lucifer child like Nazi looking little character to form a perfect world order in future.

I personally think most people simply want favors, perks, money, a thrill and a power trip. I dont believe most of these goons are capable of being that imaginative nor thinking that deeply.

Collectively the actions of the American people involved in gs nationwide says one thing: there arw alot of unjust, corrupt citizens in the United States who have to cover up for being up to no good to begin with.

And if this IS all military we have a serious problem here in the US.

DNA Is What They Cant Alter...So They Must Cut Human Beings Down

I may have changed my address to a southern state but I will always be from Waltham MA...and my Nanny was from County Cork. I will die being from Boston regardless of if they exiled me or not.

You cant have that. You can never take that from me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gee, I Guess It DOES Pay To Be Poor

I am so glad I am outta that place.

Its so downright evil...and then everyone lies about whats really going on and hides behind Children's Hospital and Harvard as if thats what really defines Massachusetts. Whatever.
I love the 40s crass 'message'-the car left in Boston's Italian North End. Its about as subtle nowadays as a fish wrapped in newspapers with someone's tie in there.
With how many different kinds of criminal groups there are nowadays internationally who now have business in every region and city this almost looks like framing up the Italian mafia to take the blame. Which is typical of the mind f*ck era of deception we live in.

Then again it might be the old reliables up to their same old tricks as usual. Its a great piece of terrorism really.

Of course, the most vile, evil murderous sinister people involved are NOT the murderers of course, but all these assholes jumping in front of interviewers almost as if on cue to asure everyone that they were totally normal, nice and upstanding and no one can understand the mysterious circumstances of this "senseless" crime. A politician, a cop and a woman with an Italian last name have spoken out already. Well it made 'sense' to someone who takes care of business professionally obviously.

People in different 'connected' neighborhoods will sit around in a few weeks discussing what really happened, faintly with only a few details but that will be enough for everyone to know who and whats really behind this. While the public remain mystified. They live like its normal up there. Its such a sick sick place. A few hail Mary's and its all done. I swear Catholicism breeds MPD.

Thats who makes me most sick, everyone covering for an entire region of the country thats like this. Then again its better to be organized and neat than, say, to live in Cali with those overt sloppy morons out there. Or other pieces of sh*t like St Louis who also have no finesse whatsoever and enjoy ruining their quality of life for crime.

Humans are absolute beasts and no amount of NWO, meds, science or technology is going to change that.

Until the power structure truly reveals how they do things and genuinely cleans up crime and corruption, the NWO promising world peace is absolute bullsh*t. This is why those of us who are still SANE who havent been sucked in realize that humans could never be capable of total world peace. Its a deception. Especially when you have the media centralized and controlled to selectively tell you what is being cleaned up when in fact the system is the same.

Monday, February 13, 2012

This Location Works For Some Reason Even Though I am Heavily Stalked and Harassed Here

I'm sick and tired of their being so many people always around me who always make me feel bad or look down on me or seem to disapprove of every little thing I do
Its like 80% of the people I come into contact with in a day. I'm tempted to claim '80% of the country' but I realize that I dont come into contact with 100% of the USA on a daily basis so thats totally inaccurate. It simply means that in this location the gs system has coverage on me most of the time and the people I am experiencing doing these things , isolating me and keepig me down are gang stalkers.

Its just unbelievable that so much of this neighborhood works for The Man. They all fancy themselves ghetto thugs or Mexican mafia types. Yet those two factions indeed do work for the oppressing governing authority (or they wouldnt be allowed to exist nor stay in business).

I would leave this moldy humid hot place full of many racist Mexicans. But I know damn well that if I leave this house ITS GOING TO BE THE SAME NO MATTER WHERE I GO.
I keep getting ideations as well as almost nonstop constant in person harassment that makes me want to leave. But WHY LEAVE? Wby should I leave this location? EVERYWHERE ELSE I GO its the same: each city and town in the USA is either made miserable by tech management or in person stalking/harassment. This place is different. There is something here that offsets all their efforts.

I keep picturing people sometimes who I get this idea are major factors in my harassment: Jake's mother, Phil Peters...people who all have motives to want me silenced. There are so many.

But nothing and no one compares to whats behind MK Ultra. Those people and that mess back in Boston is minimal compared to what Ive SEEN while traveling as a TI, especially during MILABs. My mind should have been blown long before now.

I need to finish.

Post WWII Map Of Proposed New World Order

Friday, February 10, 2012

Seth Green From Adult Swim's Robot Chicken to create Truman Show Like Experiment: Control TV

Electromagnetic Sensitivity 'Safe' Villages In France

WiFi Refugees

Well I guess Im not the only one to think of this.

The title is typically condescending: "radio waves". Electromagnetic is far more than that. But since radio waves sounds more classically paranoid it works for them I suppose.

There should be mandated electromagnetic POLLUTION free zones in numerous locations. How messed up is it that people need to flock to live under the protection of a telescope? Seems very Mad Max without the visible trappings of world's end and ruin.
Its not surprising academia is providing a safe haven, one of reason in a world of total nonsense. This is what would reign if scientists and smart people werent tethered, silenced, controlled and threatened by the animals and sociopaths in society who always manage to have authority over them.

Its not surprising how much gang stalking or at least as defined as Workplace Mobbing exists in academia.

The article is conspicuously missing any references to well known claims that electromagnetic pollution causes mental health disturbances as in parents noticing this in school children where WiFi is present and their kids are only suffering symptoms when in the school building. On weekends and vacations parents note they improve. There is so much documentation on this issue. These articles help get related stories out to the public but only dropping little information.

As usual I think journalists know and do what they can without being targeted or losing their jobs.

An Electromagnetic Quiet Zone Surrounds A Telescope In Virginia

Makes sense that theres alot of tunneling going on and perhaps to live underground.

I googled "electtomagnetic free communities" and found this link. Sadly theres nothing listed thats obvious so I need to keep looking.

I cannot believe humans generally are either this dumb or this spineless. The lack of outrage on this has got to be an effect of mass control of the population. There are just too many other issues and many diversions.

We never asked for this. Many of us feel the ENTIRE PLANET is now saturated or nearly so with electromagnetic pollution with NO RIGHTS TO AN ALTERNATIVE LIVING SPACE OR LIFESTYLE. People act like its normal to live this way.

Its not and people have a right to live otherwise. These conditins shouldnt be forced upon us yet other kinds of pollutions have. Nuclear waste, air pollution etc.
Those affect humans but not in ways so short term or directly detectable.

Its laughable in this article above when he writes that "public safety trumps research". Public health and safety are in grave danger from electromagnetic pollution.
Its WIRED so you're going to get their typical style of moreso intimating unpopular issues that matter than directly dealing with them. The author manages to paint the Quiet Zone keeper as an old hippie derelict who lives a loner and chatters like a mentally ill person when dealing with the issue of electromagnetic pollution. He wont even touch on the issues of or existence of electromagnetic pollution.

At least the article lets us know there is such a place which is mainly why I posted it.

Ive already ponderered if you can squat there in good weather.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

U.S. Deep Black Programs Out Of Control-Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

Affidavit May Explain How 'Gang Stalking' Is Arranged And Executed

Its pretty much the way I thought it was done, many police being former military. Also many civilians in on campaigns were former military.

Wiring Catholic churches...gimme a break.

This article should go posted next should go along nicely.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saukrates-Father Time..Survivors Of Programming Can Relate

When I first heard this late 90's even then it jibed with me. I realized years later after fully realizing what my situation was about that its very much what a programmed person experiences. The ticking of time, the running out of time. The chorus is very appropriate: if you die of suicide programming the time's run out, if you live you'll lose anyway becuz you'll be targeted. ..."who is becomes who was and who coulda been, will never be Somebody". Thats exactly what they do to you.

LOL I just realized it says "Valentines deadly love".
The paranoids who want to help the system destroy Targeted Survivors probably started to see that as some sign or cue that I or others would go postal on Valentines Day. Certain factions still insist on not reading up on what Survivors have to say. We are simply an enemy, a danger to society. What they can't deal with is their own guilt and paranoia. I bet u that some people in this are so brainwashed they insist on seeing me as a potential timebomb or serial killer. They know subconsciously the real threat are their bosses at the top. So they focus on the problems and symptoms instead of their origins.

People like my mother don't help either, always talking about me like I'm dangerous. If that were truly the case I wouldn't have been assisted to survive this far by covert actions. These people are all just taking advantage of a witch hunt atmosphere and definitely did during Bush. I was told outright by Lou Gheppetti from Brookline that "Whew, your really going to be reminded you were 'inconvenient'".

Whats real is that war being used to cover for human and civil rights violations domestically. And organized crime/CIA cleaning house. They think they can hide forever.

Perhaps the song should have a meaning for the perps as well. Everyone is subject to time no matter who you are. Thats the beauty of it. They're all gonna die. Lets see who has their affairs in order and who doesn't.

Marsboy Should Stick To Making Videos

Mr. Thomas aka Marsboy on YouTube has been valuable to many activists due to his video collection which gives quick access to information (though he should use more links to documentation of what he is featuring in many of his videos) to viewers, especially useful to tired, overworked TIs who dont have time nor focus left to read or discover new material for research.

He has a blog I dont know how old it is but somewhere in his writings, either in his blog or elsewhere I read a statement he made about not using racial slurs.
Ok . Good for you. I am glad your situation affords you that.
He wasnt defending himself it was just a statement out of nowhere. The thing is, GREG MARSHALL THOMAS IS NOT A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.
Hes spoken of his activism in terms of observing others harassmnt campaigns. He has never himself claimed to be a TI.

The one point where I did not trust a vid of his was when he interviewed some people claiming they were part of Project Monarch, which I believe is not mentioned anywhere in classified documents but is a conspiracy term.
One man he interviewed was a homeless guy from AZ. I had met this man at a AZ meeting local TIs none of which I found could be trusted. One woman in Scottsdale with email named ScoobyJulie knew too much about my story as many people did I met through FFCH which I believe to be nothing more than an operation by the perps to contain TIs. I will explain this in my book.
The homeless man only stated, quite incoherently, that he had a satellite- "my satellite" had been monitoring him and ruining his life etc.
He had nothing to say about programming or anything remotely familiar to MK Ultra.
He may very well have been an experimentee or targeted for some form of victim witness silencing or oppression of a dissident but hehad no evidence to present that connected him with MK Ultra and the supposedly linked Monarch mind control project. Unless Monarch refers to Illuminati programming which doenst make sense if these mind control slaves are used partially in spying and couriers for sensitive information as well as seemingly connected to MK Ultra.

However the rest of his work has been very valuable. The thing we must remember about Targeted Individuals is that WE are the ones risking our lives, WE are the ones living under duress and WE are the ones dealing with incredible amounts of pressure that most nomal human beings could not withstand. These projects were started to build spies and supermen, especially the projects originating with Project Paperclip.
Truly hardcore Survivors of RA and programming who are targeted are not always going to be nice people all the time. Nor can we afford the pleasantries of Political Correctness or civility. In war soldiers swear, are usually raunchy in their humour and without their training would probably become nothing but animals. Your killing and harming other human beings. You are experiencing death and destruction. The military is full of sadistic pieces of shit who take to the darker side of human nature anyway. (As well as having many good, helpful people as well).

Everyone should know by now that part of discredting ceetain dissidents is to get them into the 'Its the blacks and the jews!' paranoia. Every single dissident whos a true threat ends up like this. They didnt advertise that Mel Gibson had made a movie about the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX IN MASSACHUSETTS before he started to lose it and become paranoid and suffer from racism and anti semetism. He is in Hollywood and I cannot imagine how much Israeli interests are present there as well as possibly Mossad to watch those interests. I have personally experienced Israelis as part of the more in depth gang stalking and I have written extensively about the use of the lowest most vile degenetate blacks, especially the men, in the US that have ever existed. Those assholes make gang bangers look like quire boys.
Yet I have also told of harassment in small farm towns like Baltimore OH that began the moment I walked into the town for food or supplies, and didnt end until I walked back to the truck stop. All whites, in a town with not much else.
There is no type of gang stalker that can be generalized. Ive seen an entire construction crew in Port Huron wave at me as if I was a celebrity. All kinds of people across the country seemed to know me when they shouldnt have. One man in Iowa callef my name loudly from his home off the street as I was walking.

I ignored all of this. And as the years past people did this less and less. Now construction crews here where I live notice me and I see and sense the fear they have of me. Either these people all feel guilty becuz I am still homeless or they realize they were used to harass what they thought was some featured whore but that was a cover for war crimes and organized crime activity...or YEARS OF ACTIVISM HAS PAID OFF AND STICKING TO THE TRUTH AND MY VERSION OF EVENTS, ALWAYS BACKING THAT UP WITH LINKS TO SOLID EVIDENCE. Either that or some faction protected me, and let all these clowns know that making a joke out of my life and tormenting me is not quite acceptable.
Either way fuck all those people. The bottom line is if the American people are that stupid to be sucked in as pawns like that then they deserve everything they got and are going to get or if we have that big of a problem with psy ops or intelligence ops RUNNING THIS COUNTRY the country is screwed anyway. I just read that NYers can now stroll Central Park at night. The public doesnt understand that the constant presence of this kind of security to squelch crime is also abused for special interests- NY city police commisioner having a cozy relatiinship with the CIA tuats been questioned officially recently, of course hes going to have a safe city, so he in turn can keep his position for the ridiculously long term hes kept it all this time. As long as he helps the larger more powerful scumbags with their operations. Is there a reason I am not allowed in NY city basically due to constant non stop harassment yet real criminals can still exist there? Many blacks staying at an all night shelter looked guilty as hell last time I was there which tells me what I already knew from Iran Contra: theyve got the street blacks and gangs in their pockets.

People like Gibson, artists, have alot of vulnerabilities that Hollywood coddles to keep them functional, to make bank of course. Also Gibson must have some truth in him as before he cracked he made that movie about the military industrial complex in Massachusetts. I think they pick and choose who they know will go along with their agenda and who won't.

The main reason they don't want the general public to know covert activity is actually going on is becuz they wouldn't be able to pull the rug out from under people then. People would be forearmed and forearmed.

This is the purpose of activism as well as providing an outlet for TIs themselves. And hopefully a bit of revenge for the Targets who's lives have been destroyed simply so the system can cover its ass once again.

Its not a competition. This is why I always ignored flame wars and people trying to start trouble with me within the TI and other related activist communities. Its not what we are here for. I exist to process information. I deliver it from one point to another. And nothing is going to get in my way. That is my function.

I will do whatever I have to do to succeed without jeopardizing the mission. Racial slurs are well deserved in some instances in this war. And anyone who's targeted knows the pressure a TI is under especially one who's aggressive in their approach and refuses to become a Christian in order to be saved from their situation. (Ive observed that this is merely one way to get a mind control Survivor under control again. If it works for you great but don't push it.)
There is no logical reason that forums like FFCH should have ANY religious content when they are dealing with something purely political and LEGAL in nature.
FFCH may provide awareness but as far as I can see they aren't capable of slamming the system aggressively with legal punches and kicks. FFCH doesn't know how to fight...and I often wonder if thats on purpose or not.

Slurs are mere words. WAR CRIMES ARE ACTIONS. You tell me which ones have more volume.

Marsboy provides alot of information to people through a medium where many people who don't read alot will take in that info. People who read too much can also get leads from his work and do research.
He is valuable to the TI community but comparing or competing is useless getting the point across to a mind controlled, apathetic public who much of the time enjoy their enslavement due to having neat gadgets and their material wealth as a payoff.

We need to focus on those who don't want to be slaves of mass mind control and manipulation.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As Things Improve The Mind Is Now Vulnerable

Its all sorted out. I was basically told to simply tell off that tenant whos been bullying. I guess people here simply arent that bright.

My living situation has improved a bit. But there are alot of intrusive if the strength I had is dwindling the more i am around people all the time. I have ro begin preserving my individual strength. I cannot let any force.or.person(s) interfere with my Will and sticking to what I knkwto be the true version of events.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mexican Extremist Hate Groups Perform GS As Part Of Deal With US Power Structures?

Well this is what I probably ran into in AZ, NM and here in Texas. I havent however had such a problem with this demographic in San Diego where I get hatassment from blacks and the young white rich population there. Then again perhaps I simply didn't notice due to those other two demographics as diversions. I was harassed in Chila Vista on the border by a Mexican man in a truck and it was obviously related to gang stalking as the content was a reference to something personal.
Come to think of it Chila Vista is where I get harassed by gang stalkers if I leave downtown which is very managed more...subtly.

FBI Corruption From Boston And NYC Interferred With National Security

So this is one of the main reasons my life was destroyed. These pieces of shit don't care who dies. Yep thats how GREEDY my hometown of Boston is. Sounds about right.

And NY is just disgusting.

If people would understand the level of corruption just in these two places they could then be primed to consider 9-11. If it were connected.

Why The Feds Can't Be Trusted As A TI

The only reason I never went to the feds in the first place is becuz I was told by John Panderos (Watertown/Newton area) a private detective in Narcotics Anonymois (who was also involved in the local federal investigation for having an escort service with underage girls) told me I didnt know anything about what they were looking for specifically. Also THE WAY I WAS TREATED BY COPS AND EVERYONE AROUND ME WAS TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL AND HUMILIATING.

No subpeona, nothing. Just arrogance. I was chased and hounded and framed locally and tormented. All everyone cares about is protecting their precious Julia and my family wants to appear as I am merely mentally ill and my cousin is truly what that family is about. As if ANYONE DOING RESEARCH COULDNT LOOK UP MY UNCLES RECORD OR THEIR TAX RECORDS AND INCOME FILES FOR THE 1970S AND 80S.My uncle got audited, for good reason.
Having Italian mobsters at your wedding can do that for you eventually. (No my maternal side isnt Italian, the are mostly of barbaric ethnic backrounds-and it shows believe me. They arent from the ancient classical world st all. And thank gods for that becuz I would have never aced them if it werent for my father's genes.)

I had people chasing me around the country constantly interrogating me. Doing psy ops stuff along with getting information along with asking manipulative, intimidating questions. I had to live through being harssed in this manner mostly by younger KIDS. My life was controlled by little shits younger than me. I had to stoop to having young men ask me " So what do you think of George Bush?"
Of course who they send IS part of psy ops. After experiencing rich white men and learning that the men we fear who are powerful seemingly are all just human-many of them weak, suffering and miserable. Stressed..I think they were destroying that knowledge by handing me over to disgusting animals like the vicious blacks in on gang stalking and younger white males. Weaker skinny young females or older ugly white women. All these 'types' are meant to break me down and humiliate me.
And due to being under very heavy mind control during the Iraq war/Bush era here in the USA, there was little I could do about it.
So if the feds really wanted that bitch they could have harassed people with alot more access to her and her affairs. Like the guy who set up her bank account or her little long time fat blonde friend whos a minister's daughter. These people know alot more about her affairs than I do. That bitch was in on throwing me to the wolves as much as anyone.

So since the feds during Bush seemed to overtly do to people on paper what Targets like me were getting.covertly (so mucb harassmemt then told the harassment could stop if only you join them-in the case of the feds, be an informant for them.) They would rather play power games with the public while the Milt. Indstrl. Complex makes a mint, I figured they dont deserve consideration. Especially as a serious law enforcement agency.

According to many people supposedly I was being chased around the country by the FBI. If not then wny didnt the FBI stop this torture?

I hate this country and want to leave. I have no respect left for anything in this place. The feds think they are so slick and so smart and someones got some extremely nasty sick n*ggers working for them. These arent black people these are straight up n*ggers. Would that be the FBI as well or some other spoilt rotten over funded greedy corrupt dishonest joke hiding behind being a law enforcement agency?

Youve got kids and backwards ass blacks chasing me and harassing me across the USA for years. Do you honestly THINK these people deserve a statement?

What these little brats need is OVERSIGHT and not to be allowed to destroy innocent people under the guise of a war. They dont even deserve my attention, havent gotten it yet and being mentioned in this post is more than they deserve.

Let PI John Paneros chat with them, with his high priced lawyer his dog faced.millionaress girlfriend probably paid for. Thst Howie set up for him.

Then let the fat bastard choke on a sandwhich down in Florida. And his girlfriend can die on the plastic surgeons table when her rich family lets go her trust fund to her.

Fuck Watertown and Newton. I hope my book blackens those reputations for life. Those cities are so arrogant especially Newton. One day Ill get even.

I called the FBI once in MI just to see what theyd do. Whoever I was directed to played games and tried to entrap me into sounding nuts which I did not fall for and after they realized I had a brain, they respectfully let on a bit to what was going on.

The feds would rather play games with people than really do their job. COINTELPRO came from these losers and to stay.

If the FBI would rather abuse power than defend the innocent then they arent going to be put into the equation. They simply dont exist.

Theres alot of footage on the internet of arrogant little snot nosed young people working for them nowadays-the exact type that kept messing with me all the time. No little BRAINWASHED YUPpie SCUM who cant even wipe their asses properly yet are going to fuck with me and then expect me to behave.

The country is fucked, since Reagan or anything else BUSH has been around its been a living nightmare, and the powers that be protect all these players instead of do right. And if yer pissed off and talk straight about any of this you're a danger, a terrorist or a lone extremist.

These people can all go f*ck themselves. I saw how much America stinks to high heaven during the Bush years. I am not going to spend the remaining ten or less years of my life trying to act normally or be afriad.

I have only a short time and my health is going to catch up to me thanks to their years.of beat down.

Fuck you all and I hope my book destroys lives. Then I can finally die knowing something in this nightmare was made fair.

Dont Even Think About It

Oh I see. Is this the point or phase where Dr Emmerich's letter she wrote when I left MA and moved to AZ becomes your little self fulfilling prophecy?

I think not.

If you screw with me or frame me or beef up or dramatize anything I say on this blog I will start talking about Boston, Julia and even my uncle's affairs, etc and ruin multiple lives within mere minutes over the internet. Ill send thst shit to the feds...or we can play slow venom and nothing in my book gets changed-names nothing. I will tell every single piece of information I know and THAT is something the public will believe and listen to.

One perp once mentioned that " they should all be kissing your ass". Yet YOU ALL chose to be greedy and make a game out of this.

Too bad for you.

Theres a higher order. And you will all answer to it the way everyone does. One by one, youll pay.

You think shit comes free? Do you think taking someone's life comes without price?

You can keep ignoring me but I know what I am owed and I will extract payment sooner or later.

Look At The TIs Work Independently

Theres something I want to make crystal clear. I dont care nor pay any mind to anyone from my past or hometown. No one else should either. If u choose to do so thsts your choice and does not involve me. I am not a part of that. If anyone wants to try to weace me into that then it exists only in your reality not mine.

Those people some of them were in on the attempt to frame me as mentally illl to.protect Julia from any reprocussions of that federal investigation as well as protect themselves. Someone told me a few months ago that my mother testified on my behalf thst my pills were stolen. She did this partially to protect me but moatly to.protect hersled as she had crooked lawsuits and was supposesly hiding thousands of dollars under my name which may hace atteacted the feds.

However after my grandfather's death my mother took on an extremely evil aura. Instead of getting better she got worse. Its very common for a mother to be programmed to do harm to her child. Thst is wjy nothing these people have done shocks me. She was always compartmentalized, unable to get awsy from.that family.of hers which MUST keep her undsr contrl as she has the diet on her father, and her mother as an accomplice. If my mother is the original experimentee in radiation experiments connected to MK Ultra shes not a reasonable person especially becuz she isn't admitting to being compartmentalized or dealing with it. Shes not truly in control. Shes under control from my.experience with her. Which is why I won't harm her becuz its not her fault shes a pawn for the system. Shes been being harassed for years and as a black bastard perp in St Louis said to me years ago "Women from Boston might be beautiful in dare hearts and in dare mayynds, but a person can take only so mich". (yes i am impersonating his accent. dumbass.) Thats great genius but programmed women are special u turd. Learn it f*cker. There was a stupid black cop there too in St L. "...the rain has to come down for some stripper". Hmph. Listen you mere HOUSESLAVE don't u and the peons like you wish that was the truth of this situation. Then the moron gave me his number. I wont tell you exactly what evil devious shit I would pull on someone like that today.
Its very tempting to want revenge on these guys like by becoming the next Eileen Wenernos. Stripper? Delicate sophisticated machinery is more like it. MK Ultra is smarter than you, BOY, now please go f*ck yourself.

They send these overt insulting pieces of sh*t after you when they know you are just getting through layers of SUICIDE PROGRAMMING and other internal deprogramming difficulties and they know that no matter how superhuman youve been made to be you are at your most vulnerable and confused in your lifetime. They know that no human being can handle a workload like that, to be able to deal with whats going on externally as WELL as internally.
It IS very tempting to snap at certain points or like now after years of being harassed to learn from your tormenters and teach men a lesson in manners they so desperately deserve. However the ultimate revenge being the truth cleaning house would only blacken one's name and reputation. And these men are raised to be idiots in our society anyway. It would be pointless. There are just soooo many ignorant guys especially nowadays with thug culture then neocons and Iraq war bringing back sexism. Men simply suck now. Bald heads and baggy pants so they cant be sexualized-only feared and respected. Thats most American men I see now. That or dead boring YUPpies. I dont have a sex life anymore mostly becuz there is really nowhere in the US I like the men. NYC, parts and upstate NY and Nashville TN. Thats the only places I see any hot DNA I am attracted to.
So I feel very castrated nowadays-by the new culture coming out of Bush era and just American men generally. I meet men from Russia and they think I am beautiful. Cuban men. Always foriegn men. American men seem to hate me and the feeling is mutual now.

But at NO STAGE in being targeted nor tormented should a Survivor snap or act out with violence as retaliation. I know they all deserve it. And I know its not fair that we, some of the toughest, intelligent creative people are denied even being allowed to grow our potential while lesser people around us who sell us out get favored.


My point being that a bunch of lazy trust fund kids from Boston as well as my scumbag family who want desperately for my blonde, Christian, ordained minister, genetic engineer scientist cousin to represent the family and be a true reflection of what they were and are about, unfortunately I also exist, s reflection of thier darkness. (Is this sounding !familiar yet to anyone familiar with the occult? That in order for this to work for them a light and dark reflection must be created? It certainly keeps control over the TRUTH being seen. Which is its purpose.

My family are liars. My mother IS a documented radiation experimentee from the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland in the 50's both parents being US Marines. She was simply incapable of doing what I do: being like my dad and not being silenced. Which is of course why the whole attmpted label thing went down. Which was pathetic by the way. I bet they are still sticking to that still. Trying to keep as many people believing that as possible.
After seeing my cousins weddng pictures and what a nice life she has been afforded while I wasnt even ALLOWED to go to UMass I am certainly not going to let everyone get off so easily.
Everyones walking off into the m*therfuckin sunset with while I live in torment. They ars all going to get theirs. Some already have. Like Onlick and all those ARROGANT black people in NY and Boston and Cambridge who were part of this. Anything to get Obama in. They did anything they had to to anyone. All the way back to Africa this goes. I'll take care of them later.

No one steals from me.

So dont listen to my family or my old associates. They all have alot to answer for. And I am just as dead to them as I ensure they are to me. We can simply just hope that Boston suffers a major disaster soon and theres massive damage. And Jake is visiting his co dependent mother's house when it happens so I can get rid off all my betrayers at once.

As far as becoming a serial killer we all know I have more sense than that and I want the blood of my enemies in a gold chalice, (which represents the truth) not some messy murder scene in real life.
If you want to use this post to try to frame me go ahead. It will be as successful as when u tried to frame me for bank robbery during Bush. (Informant told me). Good one. Is that what you did to Fritz Springmier? Or was he disinfo bs also. His work seems accurate according to what I know.
I cannot believe someone can be framed for bank robbery or be targeted into it and no one sees that for what it is.

Dont listen to morons and don't listen to disinfo agents. Listen to what you know to be truth. And every instance is going to be different.

Dont listen to me certainly.....what do I know?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stray Dog Tries To Bite Me While Walking Leads To Citizen Revealing Gang Stalking Exists

I had a run in with a stray dog just now. The cop who showed up handled me and basically showed basically like cops treat me regularly being a Target
So they got the address of where I am staying now on a report.

One of the neighborhood people said something very revealing. This woman kept telling me to leave the area she said just leave just go let it go. I Told her that I had called the cops also And that she can't control me just the way I cannot control her actions. A Man next to her said "You can BE controlled". However the closer it came for the cops to arrive it wasnt such a joke to these people anymore. They started taking their UNLEASHED dogs inside, rejecting the stray dog and generally looking nervous. Got video.

The smart mouth male got into a car with the woman who told me to leave. Gee if you called the police then why r u leaving? Not so tough now r u?
Cops and brutality and jail are all these people understand. That statement was pretty revealing.

The cop said that there was no leash law when I asked about San Antonio. The internet says it does have one however. I will follow up on this. Police non emergency paused then told me she "wasnt sure" of the leash law status. (LOL). Nice pause..

The reason it's important to stay in the situation when someone calls the police on you as a TI is becuz you must also call the police and tell your side of the story or make a compliant. If I did not do this then the woman making a statement that I was going crazy would be all that there was on file.

And the officer did make that part of a statement witj the heading "disturbance".

I saw this on his computer screen but saw no evidence of him making a report to 311 the animal control unit. I just have to trust he does as he says.
because I certainly I'm going to call on monday.

I admitted to yelling at the dog who had chased me down the street trying to bite me. I simply wont tolerate it.

The dog was in a pack instinct mode due to another unleashed animal protecting his yard. The Problem is, the stray dog is not trained to stop at the edge of a property. The officer experience seeing the same stray dog chasing a bicycle in a while giving me a ride safety in the squad car. He He made sure to comments that the dog was inviting anyone in that particular instance.
Which I ignored because he claimed to not be in expert on animals he just answers emergency calls. Suddenly he seem to know a lot about dog behavior where are the moments before he was regarding what I was saying about have mods because he claimed them we are not dog experts we just answer the call.

Are you going to him and ask him to imagine how it must feel being on a sidewalk with one dog without a lease coming to the edge of a yard barking and another loose dog comimg up on sidewalk behind you. At the onset of such an act of aggression one is not sure what is happening, which dog is trained and which isnt.
The stray dog chased me way beyond the other dogs property line and was going to bite me.

I got very pissed and fight/flight set in, which is beyond my control BUT I AM ALWAYS ABLE TO THINK AND RATIONALLY. I simply made a bad decision to go back after the dog after the atrack. I am not used to such irresponsibility in an area with this many animals.

Boston is crowded and a high crime area. My reaction was the norm for the area of the country I am from. This is not so much high crime as it is seemingly full of idiots. Many people here don't seem to care about their quality of life. I do and I'm going to defend myself.

but I got something out of today's experience didn't I?
An Extremely revealing statement that I can be controlled.

Stop Trying To AVOID Excessive Force And Stand Up To The Oppressive Police State That Now Exists

If I were this guy, at this point I would simply tell those TESTOSTERONE RIDDEN BRATS in a SWAT team TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

Its the same scumbag behavior theyve exhibited for years by crashing into doors of innocent people on some bogus tip from one of their bitches in the informant population. They fuck up the country with screw ups all the time. Why? BECUZ THEY ARE VERY USEFUL PAWNS TO THE TRULY CREEPY SICK FUCKS IN HIGH PLACES. Believe me Ive experienced it first hand. They know whos doing what and many people are untouchable becuz they are connected and wealthy. THE FEDS MISTRUST AND ATTACK THE CITIZENRY BECUZ WE ARE NOT THE RICH AND CONNECTED. Partially out of pure unadulterated classism and snobbery and partially becuz, within the compartmentalized mind of law enforcement types, somewhere in there is a Do Right type who is told daily not to do his job and not to catch the real bad guys. So Joe Blow Average Citizen has to pay the price for that.


Total pawns. Well meaning perhapses but very naive much of the time.

I CANNOT BELIEVE the author is suggesting that citizens need to be extra cautious about security on routers to AVOID AN ATTACK OF EXCESSIVE FORCE AND HARASSMENT FROM FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT.
The f*cker is suplosedly downloading kiddie porn not a serial killer or a violent crimimal. Its the action taken against the suspect that seems not in proportion to the crime.

And w
WTF are these morons doing not only assuming guilt until innocence is proven but also seemingly punishing the person for the suspected crime?

THIS IS WHY DOMESTIC MILITARY FORCES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE KEPT CONTROLLED. Becuz cops and soldiers are usually out of control or that potential is always present (think attack dog).
In order to get these poor naive pets of theirs to covet up for the really sinister criminals in our society they must hype them up on romanticizing crime fighting-same as soldiers in war.
If some motherf*cker had me on the floor in that predicament then sat in my house tapping away at my computer I would sue the shit out of them or find some other way to...give them a lesson in manners. Later of course.

We used to hear stories like this all the time and Americans were getting sick of it. Then anti terror came and if you didnt go along you were a terrorist. Then after being traumatized and terrorized domestically the whole country is now totally beat down and refuses to make a whimper at any breach of liberties or this kind of bullshit above becuz its all necessary to fight terrorism or not to be questioned?

How fuckin stupid are we or rather have we become? Before all this I often felt like the only adult in a daycare center or like I was the only one awake among sleeping people with the occassional run in with other 'conscious' people. Nowadays I feel like I am on a desert island completely isolated from everyone. There are only a minority of people who see clearly whats going on and hold onto the old way of thinking that its totally all wrong to even allow these types of things to exist.

There are SO many creeps out there now being overt and so many thug idiots that actions like these are percieved subconsciously as warranted.
Less and less are the public understanding or focusing on corruption in high places. This economy right after the war on terror has developed in us as a nation a whopping caae of Stockholm syndrome.
Americans don't seem willing to give up their materials gains in order to force the hand of aithority. Occupy activists have done so many of the young people quitting their jobs.) but most people just can't make that sacrifice and really let authorities know they mean business.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bush And Mexican Mafia/Pro Mexican Policies

People are so clueless. Do you honestly believe the CIA or other covertly active factions would allow this to happen? Just admit finally that Bush and Co (and cronies) are hooked into crime. Uh, Iran Contra...heellooo. Wake up!. (I still think its creepy how much Ollie North resembles G.W. Bush).

Economies and business are based on dishonesty. However this theory is possible. I just dont know how likely it is considering how powerful Bush was and is.
I recall back in the 80s, much of the public, including silly people who dont see nuances, like my mother-she would parrot the popular sentiment that Bush was a wimp. I absolutely could not believe that once again adults were so stupid-and blind. It was so obvious he was a wirey but highly intelligent type and definately a plotter, schemer and executer of long term, delicate 'planning' if you will. When I watch that ridiculous video on YouTube that claims it shows Bush is reptilian becuz of close ups of his eyes, I can see the very old Italian family in there. The families that have been running the world for centuries.
He perhaps is programmed (extremely sophisticated if so) but not reptilian. Not the way conspiracy theorists propose 'reptilians' exist in this world.

I dont have inside information as to why Bush favors Mexican Mafia or Mexican policies but I do have information the author and average people dont have about career criminals being untouchable, protected and during Bush basically brought up in status in the world where as innocents like me were destroyed. That tells you something: that organized crime is part of a country's economy and its politics. Add to that various connections to the military, its industrial complex and contractors then its academic part whom were always involved in things like Project Paperclip and MK Ultra.

Where the money is is what matters. Bush is a politician. He represents special interests. I dont believe one gets powerful by being honest and representing the people.

The harassment I get around here, is that becuz its local or connected to the Mexican Mafia presence in the area?

It doesn't matter anymore. From what I have seen nationwide the power structure has alllowed and encouraged various groups of animals to destroy and overun the country.
I just realized tonight that part of the reason for this is white people in general are suckas, that is what they have allowed themselves to become. And that beimg from the northeast we are one of the few areas where whites, rich and poor (poor having a strong ethnic identity- Irish, Italian etc) will crush any group that gets too ridiculous and wants to overun an entire area.
I never realized that to a Bostonian, the concept of White Flight doesnt exist. We'll burn the neighborhood down with riots before we'll allow any invading group to take it like that.

I now realize that the whites I see in areas like this are meek, have no idea who there European ancestors really are culturally and other than racism here down south keeping the animals under control, the average white person caves in to intimidation. And the women are alot more wimpy as well. New Yorkers would never tolerate the disrespect I am experiencing down here. The guys would be shot or maced.
But the rest of the country isnt Boston or NY or RI. The blacks here mind their P's and Q's but the Mexicans suck and I have never experienced that, other than Pheonix, AZ. Mostly the ghetto ones. They seem to perceive they invented tough. Its pathetic.
There is a system in place that perpetuates ignorance about whites and creates racism towards whites and Political Correctness and Diversity cover for this operation.

The system knows exactly what its doing. Nowadays if its not totally unbearable, arrogant, violent blacks in an area its Mexicans who suck. If not any of those then YUPpies have taken over an area and they are worse than Mexicans being ignorant.

The system pretends to have created equality and opportunity but its way of doing so came out alongside thug and gangsta culture which empowered these groups with racism, sexism and violence. Thus the legit official line is simply to silence average people (of all classes and races) against speaking out against the take over of our country by ghetto culture(s). Specifically African American and Mexican. YUPpie is what whites are supposed to become in order to escape the fate of being sucked into (or destroyed by) ghetto culture(s).

Its total social control. And the agenda I am working against is one of the elite and military industrial complex and its contractors, psychiatry etc. Not interfering with organized crime's activities. So why so many extremely nasty blacks and local thugs where ever I go? Even in a small farm town in Baltimore OH I will get the exact same tactical gs I get anywhere else.) They use locals. And I suspect they utilize whatever crime syndicate is local for manpower. Unless its strictly black ops either govt direct or outsourced to companies and if that is so, you've got alot of assholes willing to fuck with Targets for pay and often its done as.if its personal. What's up with that?)

From what I have seen gang stalkers are hateful people usually under or products of mind control themselves who are too stupid or weak of Will to understand that. They have a cult-like hatred for the Target. Everyone I experienced has hatred for me, from Romney's family member Laura to the Mexican girl in the super market here the other day.

I think that the system is indeed producing a Satanic world view, by punishing anyone who or destroying anything gentle, beautiful or classical. They seem to favor humans who are animals. Humans who act like agvressive beasts. They encourage this and discourage civility and intellectualism. GS is very active and common in academia.

Bush is certainly an agent of these changes and both Bush's have been instrumental to bringing on not only the Satanic Age but in creating the enslavement of mankind marketed deceptively as a New World Order.

Ghetto types and YUPpies taking every major city in an entire nation provides alot of control over everyone else. Getting such people heavily involved in the prison system, psychiatry and smoking the new marijuana which is not natural but man made basically now, and far too strong to be healthy- are all ways of controlling their thug soldiers to unleash on the nation. They control these people who, alomg with The Homeless, control everyone else basically with what amouts to terrorism.


Its not simply blackmail. Its an agenda. One that I dont even know if they themselves are fully conscious of or if they are just going according to plan...internal plans if you know what I mean. (Survivors will understand).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smartphones Can Be Used For Legal Wiretapping

I had an experience today that made this subject of interest.

Recently in the place I am staying theres been alot of drama stirred up. Its on purpose I believe as the focus is my room. (Someone in the room is either stealing or the alleged victim is a liar or someone not staying in this room has a key. That counts in supervisors as well. The person being victimized or anyone else involved I DO NOT trust isnt a perp.)
Today when the alleged theft victim was causing me stress by whining to me she had 40 dollars stolen out of her coat pocket which was in her room in the closet, I noted a few moments later that my music from mp3 in phone sounded less loud even at the same top volume as usual.

Tonight when writing a post due to a typing error I accidentally pressed the key that is for speech-to-text. The music I was playing ceased and the mic came on. It then prompted to speak. I canceled it and as the song returned and continued to play I noted this exact same volume decrease no matter how I increased the volume.

It occured to me that today upon this stressful drama in the house and this woman speaking to me that the mic could have been turned on. Theres so much to pay attention to being targeted and then so much damage to deal with daily from years of harassment its hard to keep track of every security detail.

Its impossible to take care of one's security effectively when YOU are the one whos being victimized. Its hard to live it as well guard against it.