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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tech Torture Has Come To My New Location

The hum is actually more od an outdoor sound. What ive experienced lately seems more localized like coming from inside where i stay.

Thjs is why many Targets become homeless or travelers and sleep outside. Its simply too easy to transform a domicile into a torture chamber.

Ive been waking up for hours at night last few days with that feeling of electric energy running thru my muscles as torture so i have to flex my whole body muscles off and on to endure how uncomfortable it feel
This has happened before but only in the form of looking more like a form of anxiety attack which i know its not. This tine its been every nite past two or three nights accompanied with sensations of my skin being burned and slashed. Definitely torture tactics.

It seems there's a noise in the building at night that ive heard before when suddenly the tech seems stronger- a sort of rumbling or like an appliance running but louder and it pulsates. Ive heard this before in other locations over the years when tech torture seems present and appears suddenly.

Ive also suddenly become ill with something related to female health where the effect is a slashing sharp pain going through my surgery scar on my abdomen.
Im suspicious of it being purely health related due to the other sensations of heated slashing of the skin.

Supposedly theres alot of Romney supporter types out here where i am staying.

I dnt know if the neighbors i have are trustworthy or the kinds of people who wud turn easily-or are already plants to begin with.

They certainly have motive.

Ive actually experienced people wanting to have me around simply becuz taking part in tormenting me wud bring them some payoff they wanted or needed. Of all the underhanded creepy violent greedy behaviors i had seen growing up with my family and how they lived or in my 20s with my old associates i am much more shocked and disgusted at the behavior and total disregard for people that average citizens have had who get involved in this.

The public who hide behind being normal and upstanding are markedly more vile and disgusting when they take to immoral acts than those who have any of the nasty habits that society looks down on.
The public are viscous heartless animals compared to the 'sinners' from all walks of life I'd seen.

The average person who gets involved in this doesnt seem to have any street code of honor at all or any sense of just how damaging their actions are. People who fuck up regularly from all backrounds seem to have an understanding of what they are doing at least and a sympathy for themselves and others.

The small businessmen, union people and medical people are the absolute worst when it comes to a complete and total lack of humanity. Id never seen anything like it.

Eddie Cox that Cajun creep from Louisiana who tried to kidnap me off Greyhound and actually followed me to a few cities on my first trip cross country, as evil as he was, seemed to have a better understanding of himself and his actions AS EVIL than all the 'normal' people who've been in on this in society.
One thing I note is the lack of mob mentality in such a person as means of getting away with a criminal act. He wasnt hiding behind anyone or a community.
Also he didnt commit his offenses with total disregard or with arrogance and aggression, he went forth cautiously. The average person involved in this acts as if its ok to be flagrant or careless or they have this aggression that seems very careless in being criminal. You can tell they are stupid sheep protected by a mob or system. They also have no convictions at all unlike the true criminal or person with nasty habits.

They dont really have a taste for any of this. Its some sort of communitywide amusement or for them to get ahead in business.
This also means they can probably be intimidated easily to turn their actions or attitudes if some power was great enough.

GS perps have more fuckin remorse, guilt or sympathy than the average citizenry who observe or involve themselves in gs campaigns.

I thought I heard someone outside the place i am at late at night two nights ago, for hours it seemed. If so they could have been observing to target more efficiently or installing something to cause these effects. Then again this may just be part of ,what the tech here can do-cause anxiety, fear and dread.

Whatever it is its new as of a two days ago and its painful.

The Hum

Noise like this is sometimes part of a TIs mysterious circumstances in any given location but it often occurs also as a new disturbing noise found coming from a neighbors apartment or in a living situation with more than one family.

Suddenly one day there's a pulsating, low hum coming from a neighbors house.

Have gotten this gotten this before and now again in this location-usually accompanied by being fried the shit out of by what seems like electromag or microwave.

I've learned one thing over.the years.
Dont Trust Anyone.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Comcast Another Large Corporation In The NWO Takeover of Humanity

Sounds pretty outrageous and bleak doesnt it? Yet, since I have been living inside with Comcast's WiFi signal Ive noted yet another company who's technology produces in me the inability to do activism, induces illness and all sorts of maladies that prevent my mind and body from working properly and being healthy.

Its not nearly as deadly as a Cisco router. Cisco routers are the height of torture devices for Targeted persons or simply those who experience microwave sickness or 'electromag sensitivity' as its now referred to. (Sounds like the new term makes it seem less harmful as well as puts the burden fully on the person who is sensitive opposed to electromag pollution being harmful to all life on earth. Manipulation is so easy for those in power.)

A Cisco router creating a WiFi signal along with a home that has satellite television creates an environment that is no less than a torture chamber to a person who becomes adversely effected easily and each time that person leaves that environment, they note the effects disappear.

Comcast's signal is a bit less about torture it seems and more about being a part of the behavior modification process as well as providing enough signal to make effected people feel listless, unmotivated and especially forgetful or have 'brain fog'.

Ive had multiple opportunities to write, do research or perform the badly needed revisions and corrections to this blog for a few weeks now. Yet I have done none of this.

The electromag pollution in Portland seems to follow the same schedule no matter if you are in the city or way out in the rural areas. Today is Saturday-always a bit freer from the ill effects on Saturday and Ive posted this about the downtown area as well. Which is a hell of alot better than other cities like Boston/Cambridge where Saturday is the worst day and night and Sundays may have some activity, the only truly clear days are holidays.

I notice that if I get away from the structure I stay in the effects cease. It seems like the only truly clear or safe places are those that block signal(s). I cant say being in a national park or the woods is safe either becuz during a gathering in 2009 in Cuba NM up a mountain in a national forest I experienced some effects, though different from those one would experience in a downtown area.

Most of all what I get in this location is a strong suggestion that no one is going to believe my work and its not important. That it doesnt matter.
Also being diverted from what I am supposed to be working on every time I sit down to begin.
Frequently I will get flashes of the road and an ideation that I should go back to traveling instead of being in one place, which of course is a very bad idea. Ive gotten a few instances of being heartstring-pulled or guilted into going back to my home town area, like ideations of my family missing me and other such nonsense.
It stands to reason that if family members take part in a campaign to get rid of someone and discredit them they wouldnt miss the person nor even bother to look for them but instead continue to be part of discrediting them. Again, the system is producing effects that are nothing more than illusions created for manipulation of the Targeted person.

Ive gotten some info on Comcast as well as now I realize just how and why there are 'media psy ops' or harassment of a TI through the media or from media personalities (which of course potentially creates a stalker of such people whomay or may not become violent which is one of the system's monsters they try to turn you into. Lone shooters, stalkers of celebs or betrayers in personal lives, bombers, extremists. These are the types of people this system can turn one into-if you dont commit suicide early on.)
GE owned NBC for a long time. Sadly, I was only effected and manipulated for a very long time by media psy ops and was unable to understand why certain stations, shows or personalities would partake in such things.

I suppose that the true price for fame or power or success in the west at least is to do this system's bidding. The fact that so many Jews are involved is partially the reason why so many Targets get messed up by that and end up becoming extremists-there does seem to be some sort of connection between a faction of the Jewish population and gang stalking, just as there seems to be legions of African Americans in on harassment and psy ops as well. Yet, there also seems to be people from very racist areas with possible connections to white supremacy like in MI, MN etc, that possibly connect to Odinist Satanists in Nordic countries.

It seems part of the campaign to confuse the Target with dynamics and connections that do not make any sense in the normal world one is used to.

Its true that in MI a criminal opportunist posing as a TI on the FFCHs conference calls trapped me in her home and then would reveal alot of info about my case that she shouldnt have known and one of those things was her telling me about the clash between racial lines in GS. I will never forget her sitting in her lay-z-boy type chair with shot glasses with Confederate flags on them behind her, saying to me "Well, at least staying here with me you wont be being chased around the country by a bunch of n*ggers"
True enough thats what was happening in urban areas and especially on Greyhound buses and in thier stations, yet I was still in the phase of trying to find out what was going on by NOT revealing info to anyone so how did she know?
Obviously she was part of a GS network in that area.  She was trying to get a reduced sentence, turned out she was a multiple felon.
I saw a higher up ranking police officer in an SUV in Port Huron nearby that was involved. Construction workers would wave to me in large groups while doing road work. It was the norm for 2008.
Obviously the entire population of people who perform harassment are working together directly-they do have their differences.
Perhaps it works that there are many different kinds of covert groups that are active and though they all attack or harass the same Target, they dont work together per se.

One thing I DO know now. The powers that be, specifically it seems banks and corporations are using mind control via technologies and perhaps chemical influence and certainly manpower on foot and in vehicles, to CONTROL HUMAN BEINGS in society to get them to do things thier way, think  and act in a way they want.
 Its more than just individually targeted persons, its any city populated by human beings that can be subjected to electromagnetic influence.

NBC, Comcast, and AT&T prepare for Wholly-owned matrimony

Comcast Buys Out GE's Remaining 49% Stake In NBC

“We Steal Secrets”: Film Commissioned By Comcast-Owned Studio Tries To Smear, Discredit Wikileaks, Assange, Manning

List of assets owned by Comcast

List of assets owned by GE

On a positive note there seems to be occasionally a sort of collecting of all the info I have and my experiences and making sense of it as I am so damaged, compartmentalized and traumatized that I cant do that myself. Remember, the corporate system includes the medical field and complex which probably wants such tech to market as assisting those with brain damage or for the military to assist a damaged soldier on his mission etc. Its probably all continued experimentation considering my mother's status as a radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra.

So if thats the case why is that process alternated with my being stifled by negative influence like brain fog or being given suggestion that my work is meaningless, unbelievable and the masses wont care?

I dont trust any of the corporate players now. Every city and town is now managed by the cocktail of tech, chemical influence and human forces. What they do to a Targeted Individual they are doing to the public except they dont seem to realize that this system is in place.

Perhaps in the end, we are the lucky ones. Damaged with our lives and memories ripped from us we at least know that the enslavement of mankind is optional. Unpleasant as it might be there are places to escape the influence of this system. For how long I dont know and it wont be a very fun, cosmopolitan place either. Which is good for the powers that be as well as all thier players becuz freedom fighters in the know are forced out of thier way into being marginalized.

The mindset is how are you one single, discredited person supposed to fight such a superpower with many people working for it in thier best interest that are in respectable positions of power or loved by the public as celebrity? You are not supposed to be able to argue with that much less want to after the system is done tormenting and destroying you for so many years.

Whats interesting is that they have to keep hammering away at a valuable TI's mind and Willpower becuz I personally only want to write an account of my experiences for other fighters I dont care what other people think. They wont know about this system nor will they want to even if its put before them.

This kind of exposing of the system is why they must ensure that the TI is behavior modified so that they become concerned with peer pressure, conforming, what the majority thinks not a specailized group of activists.

Most people involved in this sort of activism sacrifice thier lives to bring you this information. Its never voluntary, the oppressors force the person into reacting that way. If you dont, you could have a normal life or even a good life if you sold out but the people who ruined your life and perpetrated agaisnt you would own you soul, I mean literally. They take it from you then try to smooth the whole thing over and remake you into this robot who is like the living dead. You dont have what you did for life force when the whole ordeal began. Enough brain damage will see to that as well as seperating you from everything and everyone you knew in a way that makes it seem like you had everything taken from you.

If you abide by this, and give up trying to expose what happened to the public or anyone who will listen or read your accounts, you are going to have to walk around like a person without a soul or spirit inside. That is not worth living for, so, many people prefer death with a bit of revenge at least in telling the whole world who may come upon the truth, what killed them. Its worth it.

I read somewhere today that the banks want Europe to get rid of democratic governments and create authoritarian ones.  Its not looking good and they are pulling this off becuz people dont see it as an ongoing fight for freedom and a return to normal life after what basically started with Bush and 9-11 but they percieve only The War and The Economy.

Be  aware that big corporations are connected to military contractors and that is where the conceptualizing of mass mind control began with the paper MINDWAR . Which was co-authored by Temple of Set former Church Of Satan high priest Michael Aquino who was a psy ops officer for the army with security clearances.

The military is running governments and ruling the land but doing it very sneakily so the public thinks they are free. 

Site I Discovered: SCOTT.NET

Found this while looking up electromagnetic sensitivity or microwave sickness as it used to be called. Its amazing how much of the American public have no idea what the term nor even the concept means. Most tell me they've never heard of that before. Its so incredibly ignorant.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Targeted Individuals Cannot Trust African Americans

I cannot stress this enough. Unfortunately, along with trying to induce other psychological states such as suicide or paranoia using 'gang stalking' this system easily turns a TI into an extremist by utilizing African Americans in thier extensive spy programs as well as, it seems, using people from the US military who are 'black', gang types and of course the worst human beings alive who are obviously criminals of the type that would do anything to anyone and so, are very useful to those behind the gang stalking program, to terrorize Targets.

The practice of using the worst criminals and offenders caught by authorities for dirty work is not new and it is even documented to be use by the CIA abroad and of course, this gives the impression to anyone not using critical thinking and assuming that the CIA's practices are not used domestically by they or other agencies-rogue or legit. At this point, it could even by within the scope of a private black ops company to be able to use such a practice.

If one only looks at the history of blacks in the United States serving as spies from their place as slaves at the countries beginnings, onto the Civil War and so on, one can easily make the leap to imagine that it wasnt that hard to recruit people (or program them from intergenerational lines of such spies) from this already existing population.

The problem with Americans is that they seem very naive about what is hidden. Its part of our unsophisticated culture. I mean think about it- the only people to come to America are people from other countries who couldnt survive as well as the very poor almost peasant like populations.
These are not going to be people who are savvy about about the ways of the world, the elite, money, power or true governance of 'the people'.

Its said that the symbol on our dollar bills- the pyramid with its capstone off, represents the loss of ancient wisdom. You could take that as an ancient loss of such wisdom, as in a loss to all of humanity when such forces as the church took over or even before that.
Its useful however, to perhaps, to consider that the United States is not really a true ancient culture cultivated and evolved from history. Its a false environment, designed by those in power and to a point, allowed to develop from those who exist here as citizens.

Africans have lost thier ancient wisdom and culture. Europeans have as well as Native Americans, who have also lost thier land and populations through genocide.
Asians as they are referred to today- the people of the Oriental countries as well as those around India, and other immigrants with strong ties to thier ancient past where it seems thier religions were an extension of thier culture's historic growth from being indigenous- not a repression of thier ancient pagan heritage- are the only people with a true knowledge of the ancient wisdom of thier people.
Ever notice how strong they are, culturally and as a people? How they stay to themselves, stick together and pull themselves up by thier own boot straps and flourish and succeed?

When you destroy a people's culture and knowledge of themselves, you then control their identities and their perception of who they are. This is what the USA basically has done to every immigrant and tried to do so to the Native peoples, all along its history.
If my great grandmother was ever wise enough to know the truths about the way the world runs or the way those in power conduct affairs in governance, there's a good chance that the American Dream washed all that wisdom away and instead provided her descentands with the naive, almost mindless sense of security about the world and her country. America's greatest trick was getting its entire population for hudreds of years to believe in the US as being safe for its citizens, regardless of what may occur domestically.
The 60's may have been nasty and the government corrupt but its nothing compared to whats going on right now and has been since....well lets say has been obvious since GW Bush. And if it was ever this bad, this corrupt and unsafe and unaffordable for its citizens then that is hidden within the history books, which is a common way for power to get away with its various crimes and scams throughout history.

People from Russia in the mid 80's would tell me its common for them to read the news and 'read between the lines' and get word of mouth to gain the real news becuz they knew they were being lied to. They would lean into me and tell me, almost a warning, that Americans have no idea how to discern reality in this way and believe what they are told.

Americans are extremely spoiled having no other countries in power neighboring us, yet, Americans suffer from a slave like existence where work is long and hard but quality of life as its understood in the lands of our ancestors- is lacking. Buying things is supposed to make everything work in life and its unbelievable that this standard for satisfaction has stood the test of time and remains unchanged.

PC and civil rights movements and feminism tells us to respect and give a chance to every black face we see, while simultaneously creating a gang culture both in the world of organized crime as well as marketing that culture to the public for consumption as a product- that consists mostly of African American ghetto culture. The worst of it I might add. Jazz or any other inovative genius to come out of African American culture is not incorporated- only the most negative, violent, hypnotic, soul stealing, spirit crushing and dumbing down aspects of that demographic's long history in America.
So, then, you are brainwashed to accept blacks on site. To submit. To be nice. To believe. Its also racist as hell becuz it not only demands you abandon your own ethnic backround(s) from whatever foriegn countries your DNA is from, the trick is also to have people believe BLACKS ARE TOO IGNORANT, POOR, STUPID OR INCAPABLE TO BE SPIES.

This is one of the system's greatest weapons in the United States and one can see its growth from the slave days, a long history of spying as well as the example that COINTELPRO provides of just how possible it is to organize such forces in the modern age.

Take COINTELPRO and the presence of gangs who, in order to continue to do business, must do some dirty work for the very people who bring in the drugs to begin with (another thing America doesnt want to admit to. Generals on thier death beds have provided affidavits that state that they witnessed militatry personell, from various countries including Isreal and the US along with important government people and organized crime- all involved in the transport and sale of drugs to the United States. But who cares about a dying General? Americans are satisfied to put yellow ribbons on thier cars, support the troops and perhaps not the war, and instead focus on the latest rap icon who's company exists only becuz of dealing those drugs the General spoke of, on a lower level of organized crime. I suppose 4 or 5 stars isnt very interesting bling compared to what rappers are sporting or the men who have years of fighting expertise and education at the art of war and attend West Point are not half as badass as a scrawny, tattoed, arrogant black male who learned such things sloppily in an urban war zone. By the way, trying to imitate Italian gangsters is almost as annoying as trying to claim Egypt. Keeping African Americans in a fantasy world concerning thier identity is also a method of brain washing and mind control. In reality, outside of these fantasies- they are left with only an identity rooted in American slavery. Which despite all thier bitching at someone like me for not enabling thier bs, is a main reasons I dont support such fantasies. Like COINTELPRO, I believe these fantasies of omnipotent power and glory are products of the powers that be. Its like looking up your geneology and focusing only on a family crest of someone else who happens to share your last name, but isnt possibly the same family name who has a crest or having a past life psychic focus on some outrageous claim to a famous or powerful past life identity. Sure, you may have been someone important but that would also have to come with other lives that were horrible or in poverty or what have you. That is how our souls grow- if those things are actually real at all.
Believing in such things or in glorified ghetto culture is like addiction to drugs. The fantasy is the drug and it leaves us only with illusion instead of living real life. Its ok to fantasize- if we also focus on real life. Its even healthy to excersise the imagination. What kind of culture do we have where the imagination is completely stifled, excersising it is discouraged yet multiple fantasies of identity are pushed on the public like a drug?

Its mind control and its just another way that the powers that be provide 'social control' or even outright control of the American citizenry.

Its also manipulative to try to market blacks as harmless victims in social culture and ettiquette while simultaneously marketing them as intimidating, swarthy criminals who live like animals.

Its wise however and its a tactic used by those in power for as long as there has been civilization. If your ancestors ever knew about these tricks from the upper classes, American dreaming has certainly given them amnesia.

Then, those who see the shadow governance, the old and ancient spying networks, are then totally feared, ignored or persecuted as offenders against peace and harmony and civil rights- all becuz everyone is too brain washed to understand that they protect and defend the Black Victim in the PC reality becuz they actually fear the Black Perpetrator in the entertainment and organized crime culture.
And white guilt helps alot, which is pretty hard to get out of poor whites who have actually had to live among blacks and know the realities.

One of the greatest sicknesses that the GS system induces in its victims is extremism whether its becoming a lone shooter, a bomber or racialist its often a product of years of psychological torment, torture and isolation of a person for them to become of such a belief and mindset. Its always important to stay balanced and get away to safe, trusted place if you can even temporarily. Exposure to GS over time, on your own or with weak allies will leave you brainwashed.

After being among African Americans for many years its been fairly easy from the start to tell who is an agent and who isnt. However, you just dont want to believe it. So many years of society telling us they are our allies in poverty.

It seems from the history books that this was in part never the case. Conversely, those that sympathize and are allies still do exist but its harder to define and one must be discerning.

The amount of TI's who are African American is stifling, which in my mind, only goes to show just how much such programs as linked above never ceased to be in the black community.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Being Activist Today At Rally..

It felt hollow you know, going to this rally on women being endangered on the streets here, homeless.
Becuz it wasn't me. It wasn't what I was going to be doing for activism or helping people years ago, back when I wanted to go to UMass.

It seemed to earn me respect with the women locally especially from that shelter I was in...which frustrates me becuz the activism I have been doing for years has been a HELL OF ALOT HARDER and more important than dealing with issues like this that exist in every city.

It was the right thing to do however, becuz multiple assaults and murders of homeless women recently is unacceptable in a first world country in the 21st century.

Friend i was talking to wised me up that my phone company is pretty much total NSA whores so Ive been being stupid for many years...but hey, they got the best towers. I needed internet.

Anyone working on these levels knows that they are doing more with those towers than just sending files to the NSA. Its like the news that comes out for the public's level is a joke.

We already know how f*cked everything is..but we have just learned to live among it.
TIs need cell phones and women traveling alone need good coverage and reception. That's just the way it was.

Hmph, you should look at my posts about my experiences with a Virgin Mobile. Talk about sci fi. And the customer service people were outright angry I was leaving their company to not be messed with by them anymore or controlled.

Its easy to control a person who's been forced to lead a double life. All TIs are frickin heroes whove probably done the best we can.

Its always the same. The public doesn't believe what is really going on that's so horrific, while victims suffer. Only later on when it all comes out does anyone see. Then lessons are learned from history books. Its when its happening that the public needs to realize...but they never do.

The gremlins-the invisibles. The covert networks-THEY know. Thats what your up against-their presence in society always. I think thats what we have to watch out for, not the resulting horrors of their actions, that people see too late.

Friday, June 14, 2013

I Found An Actual Infiltrator From Occupy Trying To Interfere With

I screwed up by having a traveler a local homeless women's protest. I.realized quickly she's an infiltrator. A pro too. She's hanging out at OCCUPY in front.of city hall, blonde, totally decked out in Traveler gear.

Its unbelievable how convincing she looked.

But she immediately
..doing things and making suggestions that only a disinformation misleading agent wud make.

Im proud i spotted it and warned the women.

Oh yeah, they fuckin know now and have agreed to ignore her.

Better Today But Still Leaving

I realize that part of the problem was sleep deprivation. I was having sleep interrupted or woken early in both places I had tried becuz other homebum or shelter types of homeless were there.

I was also getting some annoying health issues that one only gets from those types of homeless. U can get lice from other travelers or scabies but Ive never encountered mites, bed bugs or other very annoying stuff that distracts you during the day when trying to be productive the way I have with shelters or this lame ass tent shelter they have here.

The tents are moldy from rain and the sleeping bags they have are not the cleanest. Women that come in to sleep are street people who do not understand Traveler's rules of staying healthy and keeping gear clean-like not allowing gear to touch anyone elses unless you are sure of their cleanliness and health.

The people who work there are homeless too and they are pretty cool especially the security. If only the concept could be perfected it would work alot better. Like hygiene standards.

I slept in an area where i got checked on by some people for safety. I now realize i do best on a flat surface outside alone in open air. Wooded areas were ok before my allergic reaction condition in 2009 but now the threat of a snake or spiders or even offensive flora ruins the woods for me. A spider bite usually means lots of benedryl, in Cambridge a white one bit me and that was a trip to the er. Made me trip out like a hallucinogen and then of course hours of intermittent attempts at my throat closing, which it wud without benedryl.

This was all so much easier before that Bactrim induced anaphylaxis.

I believe that mold in the shelter dorm and these tents as well as sleep deprivation was probably why my anxiety became a problem. I think the new Salvation Army building is wired for hitting TIs though, it has a camera system and two wifis no one uses nor has the passcodes for and they are very weird about it when u ask about it.

So i cannot tolerate the two main homeless services downtown. There shud be some alternative places. Then again TIs really don't fit into any of the options. Squat houses, shelters, tent cities, hostels- they all have people who wud be a problem for the target.

Everyone thinks i am stupid but this situation is impossible to deal with effectively. Being targeted is like trying to exist in an enemy war zone where they keep trying to capture you. Sure you can deceive people who don't know who u r or u have allies but theres always spies around and the people of the enemy state will turn on you in a second.

America has always treated me like an enemy. Except for certain cultures where they are either trying to handle me for the system or they genuinely believe in my struggle.

You end up sustaining on the people who dont know and allies, as the enemy state you are in constantly tries to destroy you, keep you down or modify you to their accepted standards.

Closing In On TIs-The NWO Becomes Normal Reality

I just want to write my book and get medical care. That is ALL I want before I die.

I cannot BELIEVE that I cannot settle anywhere in the United States even for even a few months.

Its worse now than it was years ago and my health is worsening as my age takes my strength away.

These bastards planned this from the beginning I now realize-from 2002 they planned to target many of us into homelessness then thru phases of attempting to induce suicide or careless behavior resulting in death. Then after Hayden left, the rest of Obama's first term was unbelievable pressure in behaviour modification programs-to forget and blindly conform.
Since 2010 its been progressively becoming absolutely miserable to be a Traveler or 'homeless' in American cities. The behavior modification isnt even able to be fought or questioned-nor is the goal to gain amnesia from a Target. Its now to get the Target to accept their situation as part of what life's about-this NWO has required the TIs sacrifice of their life and dreams. So, in order to survive and exist for the remaining years of the TIs life, they must accept their defeat and that dreams are not possible.

That the NWO is simply 'the way life is' and that the person must go along with it. Which seems to include doing anything meaningful to them as individuals and internalizing peer pressures and what others think instead.

World wide fear of the conditions the economy is causing such as miserable conditions of homelessness-are being used to intimidate people like me into not attempting to even try to figure out where to go to escape the NWO.

This appears to be a world wide plan from the beginning.

I look at Spain and see that they are forming electromagnetic free zones, entire towns. In France people are creating electromag free zone villages.
Yet, through intimidation I am not inclined to go to those places becuz homelessness and the economy are so bad.

There is hardly anywhere to get.away from the towers. You look at a map of Canada and the lack of towers looks promising but then you read that Alberta is actually serious about their plan to 'end homelessness in 10 years'.

The message is that no one is aware of organized stalking and no one is going to believe it. No one cares, they are just sick of homeless people and also no efforts are being made to have the homeless empower themselves or define themselves or live or create anything alternative to what the homeless industry and politicians want for us.
And you can guess why homeless people continue to be unable to accomplish any of this-the towers.

Electromagnetic pollution effects either sensitive people while being specifically utilized against Targets..or a majority of homeless people are targeted, which is unbelievable but not considering how much knowledge and control this system has over society.

Much mental illness and many psychiatric disorders people have ARE DUE TO ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION. The companies and institutions making money and manufacturing Big Pharma drugs to correct these conditions know this.

So...a person who's effected by microwave sickness or electromagnetic pollution has to take man made psych drugs to function?

That gives the system more profit and even more control over the human mind and Will.

MK Ultra is proof that there are people and institutions in existence that would dare to actually work on such things in real, clinical setting. Now, people must realize that there are people who have expanded those projects and their findings to include all of society.

They are attempting to crush the last of any opposition to their world wide domination.

The drone strikes and wars in Muslim countries seem straight forward, that they are for counter terrorism.
But what if war and destruction of these areas.are actually being perpetrated becuz the populations in these areas are by nature resistant to a New World Order or a totally consumerist, technological dependent culture? Their attachment to their ancient culture is so strong, their spirituality so pure that the powers that be know they would never accept the future of humanity being presented by the NWO being souless and humanity being completely enslaved?

The location I am in was a mistake. Its gotten ruined for me like every other place I start with that at first seems hopeful.
The east coast chips away at my spirit and the indignity from memories of betrayals so immense, its very damaging. But at least there I can function for a time then flee in hopes of finding a better place, which of course never happens.

I end up only gaining freedom in leaving and traveling on highways between destinations-there is no freedom, no safe place and nowhere that works as it should. How can there be? Every major city has those towers. Every town, everywhere you go. Except for places I can't survive in like the side of a mountain in New Mexico or a dust bowl town in TX where theres no school, no buildings just land for trailers.

The northwest might have been interesting to travel to in 2009 as a Traveler but now its now deadly to a targeted activist trying to write her book and set up doctor's appointments.

There's something about the Pacific Ocean that causes conformity. An Easterner can see this plainly having traveled the coastal states. There's something frightening and powerful about its might that puts mortal fear into humans living near it.

Just as the Atlantic seems to nourish us back east individually and always promises the old countries of Europe are just over that horizon, this side of the USA, this ocean causes the opposite effects.

Ive actually considered going back to MA just to get some time in the Atlantic, its properties have been so special. I always knew I needed to swim in it every summer...but never considered a time when I would not return to New England.
Being away from the north east is actually making me sicker than how sick and deconditioned I get actually going back to that area.

Its been very clever of them to let Targets get comfortable with being Travelers and then ensuring certain conditions uproot us out of the only place that was safe for years after being uprooted and expelled from our lives and communities.

Its a full scale silent, hidden genocide of anyone who knew too much about 9-11, the NWO or anything involved in the mechanics of the NWO like mass mind control.

Now they are finishing us off. While ensuring someone like me doesnt even leave behind an account of what happened.

I refuse to go back to a state where people were shouting "USA! USA!" becuz a guy smoking a cigarette found a bloodied up bomber suspect in his boat in his backyard during a martial law lockdown by authorities.
People do things like that down south...not in Boston. Bostonians might shout the name of their sports teams so enthusiastically but not empty, predictable empty patriotism.

We are supposed to be intellectual enough and OLD ENOUGH as a culture in that area to provide healthy cynicism to the rest of the country. The entire episode is a false flag op and if anyone knows that its me.

The locals, their organized crime buddies and their cronies the cops would have known who and where the kid was in record time before some organized party of anti terror professionals ever would.

Boston has an excellent talent for putting on good fronts, and being clever enough to decieve outsiders. New England generally is like this.
Look around. The women wear lots of black. There's something witchy about women from MA and its hidden.
Take that to heart when considering if Boston is capable of putting on such a production to get their Homeland funding re-enstated. Becuz I am telling you that place is evil. Catholicism and elitism ensures the population are naturally compartmentalized.

And those photos of that cop bringing milk to a family who couldnt go to the store? He does that shit becuz in another part of his brain he knows how many kids have been fucked up by his police force's corruption. How many families have been destroyed. Lives ended. People discarded as if they were tissues in a basket-all for the elite, powerful and special interests in that state. It also looks good to outsiders, always important.
Its also what Catholics do. You do things like housework or provide food or caretake even when you shouldn't or it would seem unnatural to do so. Its called very deep seated guilt.

And btw, if that family displeased the cops or their associates or bosses or they became 'inconvenient' that same police force would brutally destroy any member of that same family if they were powerless and no longer valuable.

The cop is doing it becuz it looks good, and the family is either in good with them or stupid average nobodies who arent a threat. Decency comes with a huge pricetag in Boston and its gotten very hard to come by since Bush.

I am sick of caring about my health or worrying where I am going to sleep. These are not things I had to worry about in the past. I could always sit tight somewhere and get some measure of work done. Now they are making it impossible to even do.that.

So if the system wants to continue this campaign to finish Targets off like this either by getting us to become permanent hollowed out shells by accepting that our losses are permanent and the NWO is the rule not a false time line or by killing us off physically as usual, then TIs need to again rebel by leaving the US or and seeking areas away from the towers and populations that are under mind control. Now you just cannot function in these environments.

There's got to be a way out other than death which, due to the spiritual nature of this system's posession of TIs spirits might actually be the worst idea.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Couldn't handle the Tech In Downtown Portland OR. TIs Warned Don't Go To That Area

Well the system here kept on me and they finally got to me.

I've been aggressively freaking out sporadically for three days and finally the stupidity and hickville environment of downtown Portland got to me. I don't pla ...plan on going back to downtown.

Interestingly the worst of this actually began when I STARTED USING MY MASSACHUSETTS EBT FOODSTAMP CARD HERE.I thought that might cause a problem as Ive experienced anything connected to MA to be heavy hitting and deadly with that state's far reaching technology capacity.

Ive posted before about MA being totally saturated by covert agents, ops and technologies. It seems to be a center for classified human experimentation.
That 70s movie COMA took place in a Boston area hospital and from what Ive seen back east, there's probably truth in it.

Its hard to accept that the old east coast establishment is truly of Illuminati activity in the USA.

Being out of that environment now its frightening how much corrupt, evil, greedy power there is there...yet there are powerful counter forces there.

The massive microwave tower here belongs to AT&T. Its on an ATT building. That right there shud have sent me packing.
I viewed a map of cell and microwave towers here and downtown is packed with wayy to many towers. Once you get away from downtown the numbers drop considerably.

They've been just on my headspace constantly in past week or so. Really pushing hard and I just couldn't take it.

Another city that I cant be in.

Sadly all the efforts of the progressives here and all the kind people in Portland cannot counter the power of the great oppressors of our land nowadays especially since most people don't understand what they are doing to oppress to begin with.

USA Is Will Never Accept What's Really Going On/Homeless Population So Corrupt Perfect Place To Hide A Body-A Living Dead TI

I realize now the futility of trying to get US citizens to believe how corrupt and deceptive their government is. Ive also discovered just how many deceptive, messed up people are homeless and how perfect that is to drive a whistle blower or victim witness into such a population.

People in 'this area have allwed me to see just how discredited someone like me is to a totally ignorant, stupid public such as they are in the USA.
And how dangerous the masses are becuz they are so ignorant of whats going on.

Its been so easy for this system to get away with black projects and simply dispose of people by targeting them.

Ive got a few things going for me like the conditions of the cover story, like the people around me all being in trouble or potentially so for criminal activity or fraud as well as the timing.
Strange that, only during a federal investigation around friends of my ex associate, whos an untouchable career criminal-would my sanity all of a sudden be in question or concern. Actually I had been alot more screwed up in my younger years-oh, but my mental state and nasty habits weren't of concern then? Not in the 90s? Only when Bush gets in, the war takes off and theirs a federal investigation of people around me as well as early in that time period my ex had been arrested for drugs.

I still find it amusing that someone in a shelter dropped info to me, telling me that a bunch of lawyers got together and plotted to destroy my life and frame me. Maybe I shud actually be THANKING the CIA or military for stopping what they were attempting in Boston..but then, that was all just a cover story convenient enuf to hide the later actions of sources so powerful-it would have to involve one or both of those factions.

I hate the public for believing whatever lies they are told but then again I dont tell anyone whats really going on
It will be interesting to see just what parts of this a lawyer can work with and what parts are going to have to be left out...multiple lawyers?

Anyway, what they want is for me to just disappear into the obscurity that they planned for me. Why shud I? Im a genuinely good person who only wanted to heal, grow up and help others as well as have a nice life.

I had the ability and talents to do that. They took those from me and expect me to just live this horrible nothing life as a nobody theyve set me up in.

The police seem especially involved over the years in keeping me down, which is one of the most disgusting, vile parts of this story.

I also want revenge not to be brain damaged then modified into being some saint for the homeless.

If America wont listen then some other country will.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Britain Finds Namez Of Blacklisted Female Activists IN CONSTRUCTION WORKER DATABASES

At least Britain actually admits such things do go on. A story about this happening in the USA would never exist. Yet being targeted, many of us whistleblowers, activists and potential threats to corruption via testifying have been quite aware this system exists for decades.

In the USA Targets can attest to the consistent involvement of construction workers and tradesmen, especially in strong union areas. These fields of employment rate second only to First Responder professions and rival those in the medical field involved in what TIs refer to as'organized stalking'.

It stands to reason that if you have such a list you could then send people involved in such businesses out to harass people on that list. WHY WOULD FEMALE ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISTS SHOW UP ON SUCH A LIST ANYWAY? What they arent pointing out is its doubtful that those individuals were employed or seeking employment with such businesses!

Blacklisting does connect to a larger system and network. Also, its not the first time Ive heard people like me referred to as 'trouble makers'. I have personally been called that, which, considering all Ive been put through AND ACTIVISM IS MERELY SELF DEFENSE SO I COULDN'T BE KILLED OR SUICIDED OR PUT AWAY AS EASILY, I find being called that one of the highest offenses in all my being insulted in this ordeal.

One peoples' troublemaker is anothers' hero. Remember that.

Why I Do Not Believe In 'The Satanic Age'

This might be one of the only sane places left in the US. And I am sure that huge mega microwave tower ensures its not all the wonderful it could be-which of course is the entire point of the NWO. To enslave humanity and bring on a reality of strict social control via normalized, daily torture-which the powers like to hide under the conspiracy theory of a Satanic Age. However, I dont recall Satanists being raving conformist assholes and totally boring, no fun dullards.

I think its safe to theorize this is the work of something out of Russia/China. Utilizing the Nazi horrors of experimentation like Project Paperclip etc. This insect like group mentality matches communism. I recall someone telling me he visited Cuba and it was a better experience than what Communism seems to be in Russia or China.
Recall that many Jews who are instrumental in this are Eastern European or Russian in descent. Anton Lavey being one of them.
Any of these people could be programmed and placed expressely for the purpose of using Satanism as an instrument of bringing in oppressive Communist like systems as in the two countries I mentioned. And many perps are brain washed morons who believe in whatever cause they are programmed to believe in. Communism, world peace, equality for all of humanity, the dominance of colored peoples in the future, a Jewish dominated world by Israel, a right wing Christian extremist agenda, infiltration of groups like the Masons who no longer seem picky about who they recruit, even people believing in a Satanic agenda especially with the pop culture content being pushed in past decade by mainstream media, Afrocentrism, Muslim extremism, a moralist outlook-believing in institutions like prisons and a corrupt justice system, etc.

I am not sure if the people I have experienced from all these groups I mentioned really believe and work for these group ideologies and are probably then brainwashed or if psy ops, intelligence ops or whatever trains them to mislead the Target by making sure to mention these things as a cover so the Target is confused about who exactly is behind the organized harassment and thus will accidentally serve as disinformant by CREATING confusion for other victims.

With what we've seen from the Jim Jones case and everything else involved like MK Ultra etc, we can assume the perps are brain washed. I have personally experienced many of them being brain damaged. The people behind this are so viscous, so brutal and inhuman that it seems their m.o. to 'break down' a person through damaging them physically and every other way possible. To them, brain damage of a human being is a practical action to take to get a result.

Programming a small child and creating an alter systems is all done via torture, damaging the human being and brain damage. Its simply that they make sure they choose family lines that are so attractive, so strong and with so much fight, then only allowing the children who fight hardest to survive to live-that when the child grows into young adult hood people only see the super man. And the public only sees what they are allowed to see-the real feats are probably only seen by handlers and may even not be realized by the programmed person themselves. Unless the person is meant to exhibit such things publicly like athletes or entertainers or politicians etc.
'Expendables' high intelligence and multy talent are usually hidden from the world, so when they pass away, no one pays attention or feels there was any great loss.

These methods of altering human beings to fit in with practical tasks may be being employed by a system that produces cult mind controlled people to perform such tasks as organized stalking and they are mind controlled into believing different things.

I know many of them seem aware that society at large does not 'see' them or understand they exist. Like that one little black girl said to her older sister of me: "Can she REALLY see us?".

What I want to know is..who exactly, are 'us'? If its intelligence networks, I can deal with that many blacks involved becuz that lines up with their historical involvement in doing spy work for this country and their massas and plantations back to the slave days. However, if 'us' defines something else way more out of control, there is a serious problem in the US and on this planet. There are waaaayyyyyy to many people of Nubian genetics involved in secretive, controlling, networks that have way too much power and basically run entire sections of the United States.

Imagine having slaves. Now imagine the enormity of the slave population of the USA. Now imagine a large portion of that population was mind controlled intergenerationally from the former slave era, then imagine setting those slaves free, slowly over time and allowing them to define freedom as merely not being physically enslaved by chains, rulership and being kept in a physical location but keeping them enslaved and in the power's service perpetually.

This is the danger to America. This is what they don't want you to know or see.

This is why they will never allow blacks to be truly free people in the United States. They need these people to only define their lineage as being rooted in slavery to the powers here in the USA. This is why this country continues to treat blacks as they do instead of giving every single one of them a free DNA test and having the universities start a massive dna mapping project to finally tell them who they are, where and who they come from-and allowing them to define their identities from their African roots before slavery.

Blacks are an absolute horror show when it comes to organized stalking. They seem especially concerned with destroying mojo if you will or making sure anyone with voodoo to lay down cant even produce energy naturally as Nature intended.
They are the worst inhibitors of psychic energy production specifically in a creative TI.

Imagine a world where such an army with such knowledge and capabilities were not only controlled by the people in power but their capacities were COMPLETELY HIDDEN FROM A NAIVE PUBLIC and they were perceived as mere dim witted, cheated victims of that power's oppression. BUT THEY STILL WORK FOR AND SERVE THE BASTARDS.

I cant think of a better cover for a dangerous, secret weapon than a victim.

So the PC view of being forced to trust, respect even serve every African American you set eyes on and hand them sympathy and respect on sight is the perfect way to disarm any individual, population, group or demographic you are wanting to oppress or destroy.

They did this using blacks AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE in COINTELPRO. I think the conspiracy behind COINTELPRO wasnt that in itself it was that these agents had existed in intel networks for centuries in the USA and were always there and ready to keep their own people down.

This is why black agents are so freaked out about members of the public 'seeing' them. We are all supposed to only 'see' the cover story or identity before us when we see 'black people' in America, not possibly long time agents or spies for the people in power.

Poor whites always laugh about YUPpies in charge of social services who dont see how racist they are by defining blacks only as incapable victims of lower intelligence instead of smart, sneaky tribal people who can function in groups as a unit and posess extraordinary psychic ability.

They too serve the system-their place being to babysit the underclasses.

The Satanic Age is simply another scare tactic and bullshit story to mislead and scare people into submission. Its supposed to be the big secret at the top of what the elite are up to.

If anything was the Satanic wouldve been like the 70s or the like. Why would a Satanic age be this uptight, boring, overly cautious, moralistic, uptight, down on recreatinal drug use (unless its marijuana which even Nixon knew the value of-by having it flown into colleges and universities to 'keep the students quiet' as I was told decades ago by that generation.), putting everyone in jail constantly, right wing conservative ideology, Muslim ideologies (talk about uptight).

Hell supposedly is a firey pit of pain, torment, uncomfortableness etc. Uh, this hasnt exactly defined anything approaching that.

Actually, society believes its being protected from its horrible foreign enemies. The world believes the NWO will provide world peace, cure world hunger and equality for all. People seem naive about technology as divine by nature and a saviour of humanity instead of merely a tool thats effects depend on who's in control of it.
Society has degenerated into a cult that genuinely no longer percieves pain, suffering or any emotions normally as healthy humans should.

If anything it seems like 'Satanism' is being used merely to brainwash and to terrorize as a means of inducing a state of cult mind control.

It should moreso be defined as an age of deception and the torturing of humans generally to create an almost pre death like state of holy light or godliness.
And with the pollution destroying our environment as well as taking away things that would help us survive that, like deforestation of huge areas in.foriegn countries, the process is accelerated.
Electromagnetic and microwave pollution Ive come to believe is also on purpose. To keep creating technologies with planned obsolescence that pollute the environment as well as continuing to add towers, and more powerful signal under the guise of some sort of miraculous system of knowledge and communications that BENEFIT all of humanity is just plain slowly destroying humans and their environment slowly.

Now that seems.Satanic-giving you something fun and addictive to kill yourself off with. That makes sense.

But putting this much evil into the world and preventing people from filtering it using technologies seems to only be creating a kind of god obsessed, uptight society. One that is puritanical certainly doesnt define rebellion.

Humans are supposed to become.evil under such influences not mindless insects. I suppose whoever is behind mind control does indeed create slaves as well as tethers people to them and the gangs or groups they become part of.

I just am not buying the whole Satanic Age thing. With how complicated programming, mind control and the science is behind the technologies and chemical influences its just too easy an answer.

Making humans into slaves, mindless, inhuman ones certainly seems the goal but...where's the evil? If anything people who are this controlled now under this system seem to believe that they are part of a society that's improving and improving conditions for the entire world.
That's not overtly Satanic. Thats being terrorized into being saintly.

Cult controlled people believe the cult is good and does good. Unless they are Satanic cults in which they are brainwashedn to percieve bad as a good thing.

I dont see that in this society. I see alot of misinformation and deception creating the misconception that America is doing good around the world and that the NWO, which isnt even understood as that, is going to make the world a better place.

Destroying the planet and its common people while making plans to either go underground or off to Mars is probably a safer bet. Ive seen plans for Mars colonization in Harvard Sq over the years and that certainly is home to the elite.

If Satan were real and if he were present he would certainly be bored with the culture created by the NWO.

Getting people under mind control by brain damage via psych drugs and pollution while keeping their bodies weak with bad food and destroying their spiritual growth via electromagnetic fields that disrupt the human magnetic field in order to have them adhere to some sacrifice to a promised land seems more like Europe's dark ages brought on by powers like the church.

I think this is just the powerful once again playing their same old games. Even myself I am daily being tormented into a mindless state of goodness and living a Christian life by definition instead of doing what I WANT TO DO with my life and my time as I wish.

Why would a Satanic Age want me to become like that? I think this is all to terrorize people into being under mind control.

You know the Nordics have a way of giving an honest answer but people don't hear it for what it is. One of the black metal bands involved in this from years back has a song where the lyrics actually admit that "weapons of war" are being used to pull this off.

The main member has also said outright that his band is nothing more than a vehicle for Satanic propaganda.

We are given clues and answers over and over again but under mind control the most obvious admission or delivery of information is missed.

Social Networking Sites In GS-Are There Different GS Factions With Different Info Access And Clearances..Or Is It Just Part Of Behavior Modification?

It seems I screwed up today by putting my location on a social network site under my alias.

A few hours later at of course the local large chain supermarket thats connected to one of the major ones in California two females were right there when i came into the store. I averted them, which a Target should do becuz if they keep trying to cross your path you know they...well, the likelihood they are perps increases considerably. I ditchrd down a aisle. One thing about me this system has used against me considerably in psy ops is my natural inclination to show off, especially physically taking center stage or not going off my intended course out of aversion to conflict.

A white female and a black female. Younger. Both did not look like locals. Especially black female. Uncharacteristically wanna be gangsterish. White female had on shirt that said "BOSTON STRONG".

They then circled the store until they crossed my path-no cart and neither with baskets. I saw them again heading to check out, this was a good twenty or 15 later still no items for purchase.

A white female gave my dress a once over with a dirty look then leaving was stalked by black female. Which in this area is absolutely totally unlikely, improbable and isnt what blacks here are about. They're mellow and people here are peacable. Not raving big city assholes, militant yuppy snobs or wanna be gansta house slaves.

I have cut loose alot of people I didt trust on the site and stopped posting in anything but fire ds..friends instead of friends of friends.

It seems as if there is are partiez who can find Targets anywhere without social networkss. The people I dealt with today who seemed to find me from thiz social network were the same style of harassment as the people in norCal who c
would only show up if I accessed this blog from a public library computer.

However, it could alsl be that the behavior modification program requires I be made paranoid or punished for certain actions like posting publicly on a social network.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is Obama Covering For Saudi Involvement In Boston Bombings? Always Remember Obama's Comment In Interview Supporting The NWO.

..becuz that is really what everything going on in the past ten years is all about.

You've no idea how many Middle Eastern people I've seen in on GS or who are quite aware of who I and other TIs are.

From what I can tell all the false flag and psy ops etc thats gone on to bring in the NWO is a joint effort of many different intelligence networks working together.

Either that or our domestic network has assets from various cou tries ...countries working for them
Israelis, Jews from Boston neighborhoods and Middle Eastern Arab, Iraqi etc types all in on the same thing? Whats up then, how does it work?

All I know is there are people in this country who are seemingly innocent and do not know whats going on and then there are totally sick, selfish, murderous, viscous individuals usully in pairs kr ...or groups that know whats going on, are in on it and live double lives posing as normal, average citizens living in the United States.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tortured With Physical Pain After Last Posting

After posting that I immediately got painful stabs dow n my right leg muscle in my thigh.

This is standard practice in my case. If i go outside of whats accepted by thjs syste. For conti ued behaviour modification i usually get hurt physically most likely as a way of deterring me from taking that course of action, attitude or staying in that mental state.

Needless to say i doubt they want me to retain what i experienced yesterday.

Either that or its to keep trying to force me out of existing in my internal world by challenging me not to fear plain ...pain and overcome by ignoring it and persevering.

Its all so obviously parallel to military training or boot camp.

Great way to create strong American insect drones for America's future and the NWO but VERY BAD for artistic people or spirituality.

Its bullshit and i am ignoring it.

Why are they so afraid of the females who are Survivors?

A Strange Exposure To An Unknown Substance Allows Me To See Reality As It Is Once Again

Went into the entryway of this private club today to use the Wifi so I could get to dreaded Walmart. The place was a private gay sex club by the looks of what was behind the counter in the caged off greeting booth.
They were nice about my using the internet. Good looking guy looked me up and down as he walked out he asked if i logged on ok.

I got my bus route and walked out.

As i walked towards my bus stop I noticed a change in myself. That I kept thinking about how attractive the man walking out was. I began to obsess moreso over sexualized thoughts. I noticed I had physical arousal when Id walked out of there.

Eventually I had to sit down and chill it got so bad. I realizrd the club must be full of some chemical like drugs such as ecstasy or something like that, even pheromones or hormones.

I wanted to have sex with the frickin batch of flies buzzing around near the little fractured nnnnn I was sitting on, behind me big metal storage cube on a used car lot.
I wanted to have sex with every living thing-a ladybug, people walking by. And Iwanted to lick everything in sight for some reason. It was funny but more frightening as I felt sexually maniacal.

Music was disturbing so I turned it off, the sounds of cars and horns were loud and agitated me.
I kept laughing occasionally at how ridiculous my thoughts were.
I had a bit of tobacco out of my small metal pipe but kept being more enthralled by the lighter flame than smoking.

I did not like the out of control feeling and to be honest by nature and at this age I already have sex on my mind interfering with my day to begin with. I dont need any kind of crazy ass sex drug.

I got myself together after a time and went to my stop. One enjoyable after effect was my perception of my mp3 collection was now clearer, as if I could percieve every sound with clarity and pleasure again.

I got something out of it though. I realized how much ive been missing in life while everyone else had lived well. I could accept that my mother had betrayed me :that she had done something so criminal by helping the people who wanted me gone and silenced in boston.

And what a conspiracy this was of so many people there. That she didnt want me to go to that hypnotist most of.all to recall memories becuz she wud b exposed for her part in all this.

That i did indeed know too much wbout my old ex friends criminal enterprise back in boston.
That everyone in on this was depending on my being weak. Too weakend to ever fight back.

That these people had taken advantage of my sensitive nature and being a genuinely good person. Becuz they were on the level of beasts and cunning, violence and underhandedly fu king people over was all they understood-its what their definition of strength was.

America is a bunch of shitheads that only focus on money and power-the worst of the totally male mind was all that was expressed in the USA.

Is THIS how men's minds work? For hours afterwards I thought like men must. Every female was a turn on, the thought that they all produce children for males. Older women were acceptable to me due to the idea that they had performed their duty to huMANity by having children in their day. Yet all females were inferior somehow.

If women looked smart or cunning, then I had the thought that that one was somewhat smart and might know whats going on...but of course never to the extent of men.

The world was enjoyqble as all healthy, fertile females were being copulated by males to produce children. The ones with fat bodies were doing their jobs and the younger ones would soon be mated by males, which was also acceptable.

Bright lights like the ones on buses were so extra bright and seemed to catch my attention even keep me in line somehow.

Yet I also had strength now within myself to avoid anything that crossed my path or tried to break my confidence.

There's a reason that this system goes after certain females at a specific age. They know what this system can do to a female's transition into middle age and pre menopause.
They are ensuring older women dont have any power to play revolutionary and fix problems or improve things.
Labeling revolutionaries as mentally ill is historically what the powers that be do. Nothing is so different now. What has changed is the capacity for those in power to utilize great progresses in technology as well as chemistry and psychology to influence and control the masses and their environment.

This experience also made me realize that America only works and functions becuz most of the population is either on drugs, has been or will be at some point. Either illegal drugs or what psychiatry's Big Pharma prescribes to them.

Sugar, coffee and tobacco are all drugs.

Its one major reason America can't evolve, grow up or maintain a balance that's sane and reasonable. Americans' denial and puritanical attitudes hide the fact that the United States is a country full of sick and suffering addicts.
Consumerism counts as well. 'Retail therapy', wtf is that?

It made me see just how dependent Americans are on mind altering substances or experiences yet due to not admitting these ARE mind altering and ritualistic, people don't gain wisdom or grow. They only maintain their position in American society's lifestyles and state of mind, body and spirit.

I learned alot from this. Mostly that this campaign is to ensure i stay a guilt ridden kept down person who lives like a nun and feels they must live with being forced to sacrifice my life. Which isnt necessary but when you brainwash someone long enough...

It stands to reason that if multiple covert and overt druggings in unison with isolation, disorientation, brain damage, torture and deception made me become so brainwashed that contact with another sort of substance may also alter my perceptions.

Things are a bit better not too much though. Tried going inside..same shit different place

there was a peanut incident already and its questionable as to whether it was on purpose or not. Once my peanut allergy is known it makes it difficult.

Trying very hard to just stay.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

They Are Trying To Get Me Raped Here/Premonition Of Floods, Storms And Going North To Survive

Just saw a carload of Mex looking gangsta types go by and they beeped at me. They are definitely sending in perps from other areas.

Another thing I am getting is this intuition that I am going to get sexually assaulted if I get caught without a place to sleep and end up falling asleep downtown. This is an impression, the kind that i get thats to protect me.

That being the case, i am more and more having to fight being diverted and kept like tonight being forced to stay at McDonald's til closing when I shud have been going to get a space to sleep in thats safe.

Nightly now they try to keep me away from safe sleep spots in what I believe is an attempt to get me attacked by whatever street people are planning this-or that they are putting it into these circles to plan.

(Two guys just walked by and one clapped to startle me, then he said to his male companion "there it is, right there". The back of his shirt said BLACKWATER with the Blackwater symbol. That was just overkill and made it more comical than effective. Retards.)

So i am now being pretty much kept tightly imprisoned by this system here and when not I am foggy and unable to focus.

I wasnt even able to change into my night clothes and have been sitting outside in a sleeveless sundress and sandals for an hour now writing.

This area no matter how hard I've tried has had a slow, degenerative effect on me.

See no place is safe except for the highway and trucking which doesnt have many blacks becuz they bullshit they pull isnt tolerated nor is their culture conducive to the trucking industry-being a good old fashioned hard working American IS..and remember THAT ISNT WHAT THE NWO IS ABOUT, WHICH IS WHY TRUCKERS ARE NOW KEPT DOWN BY BULLYING AND OVER REGULATION.

IMPORTANT: I had a dream last night that there were going to be floods and storms in the US, in this area and the world generally and that I had to continue to flee north to survive.

Horrible premonition with visuals of the destruction.

It was more like an instruction than just a premonition or merely a dream.

Couldnt figure out today, if this is serious or just another ploy to get me far north into Canada to get lost and freeze to death or to get shut out of society into some nowhere mountain town.

Portland OR Was Cool But Sending In Ghetto People Now To Ruin It

In Portland OR. No longer MA resident. This place is my last hope.

When I arrived it was chill with very few African Americans. Those that were here seemed very mellow resembling the general population in attitude even appearance.

McDonald's of course is a hot spot for GS activity even remote influence torture. This company has always been at the top of the list for bizarre GS activity, most of which I CANT EVEN BELIEVE OCCURS in real life. Walmart, Target and and major supermarket chains being the next on the list of top places where a Target gets tormented, harassed and stalked-THE WORST OF THIS IS FROM THESE STORES' SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEMS in then the staff, employees and customers perform organized stalking and harassment thus creating a system of torture of TIs.

Starbucks also is a major offender, moreso due tp their baristas being evil pieces of shit. During Bush they were very overt about tormenting me as a Target even being overt, making sarcastic references about committing suicide.

This city is my last chance and a lone safe place in tje USA left. I do NOT want this place ruined.

I need to go inside and I want to call lawyers as well as write and see about taking care of my liver.

There's no way after that false flag bombing in Boston I am going back there.
I know better than that, at least I am sure of that.

Portland is depressing and has that effect on me. I can fight it but I can't make it if they are going to send large perp groups of infiltrating whites, usually kids, and alot of BLACKS WHO DONT LOOK LIKE THEY ARE FROM THIS AREA AND ARE UNVHARACTERISTALLY GHETTO OR WANNA-BE-GANGSTA which I did NOT see when I arrived and checked this place out-which is one of the reasons I liked this place.

Its supposedly got alot of Russian mafia and there's a Chinatown, so you can safely guess what other crime syndicates are here.

Its also got a good amount of white supremacy groups in the east of the state.

I personally didn't want to rely on such things but...if the powers that be want to rely so heavily on Mexicans and moreso blacks, there's little choice.

I worry that those groups are infiltrated by those very powers and are used against TIs. Every place Ive traveled thats known for white supremacy is usually really bad experience for me as a TI.

I dont know but those kinds of people might consider me to not be the kind of person of European descent that is acceptable to them. Ive been raised more like what they consider ghetto or Catholic type ethnic than what a white person should be from someplace like Montana or a strong southern area.

Maybe the blacks are coming in due to summer time like for some kind of business. It could also be that Portland, like Boston, brings in black ops or psy ops groups to run the city to protect tourism. The area around Fenway park known as Kenmore Square is notorious for this starting every June, like clockwork.

I am as of tonight also getting passing vehicles with people taking my picture, the flash being obvious.

I can't go to MA becuz I get GS mercilessly in every city and town as well as its unhealthy and I become so sick and fatigued there I can barely function.
Any of New England is totally off limits.

While here, alot of the mental harassment or intrusive thoughts have been that I should leave and go traveling, specifically remaining soley with truckers and the tricking industry or that I should go back to Boston.

I feel my WillPower or confidence is weakened here. There's no street scene thats political, creative or colorful like Berkeley and there's nothing to do like Cambridge or Boston.

It should be a chill, easy place with services to help.people where I can go thru proper.channels to get on my feet. Instead they are ruining it for me...but only if I go into places that are heavy GS corporations.
McDonalds is safe and convenient becuz I dont know the city yet. Strangly when I come in, it seems the safest place in the city as the area has a feeling of being distanced from the rest of civilization. This city can be very..demotivational. That I don't like about it.

When I wrote about it in my last post, all that mess that was being put out into the environment and into my head, all that torment stopped right after, so there's got to be alot good about this place.

Also the city seems like its going to come down on the homeless soon and I think my presence here and experience with that might be helpful.

I was harassed very badly in Walgreens also and I am going to call and write corporate next week. It was harassment even if it wasn't GS.

Tonight I was harassed heavily by families of African Americans in McDonald's dowtown. The internet was slowed and it took three browsers and two hours to publish one post(on another seperate blog project). I felt watched by the security system in the store. I also felt some sort of remote influenve was being pumped out to make me extremely frustrated as i started tapping my phone in frustration and even twisted it and cracked the screen. I began tapping it repeatedly for an extended period and always between slowly loading pages.

I was given the ideation and feeling that whoever was watching felt bad for me, as.if this was part of the human experimentation program Ive been born into, becuz I reacted to stress by reverting to.violent, ape like behaviors. I got the ideation that I was this way becuz I was born before computers and my mind and system work differently than younger peoples.

That i would always be a failure in the high tech age due to not being born native to technology.
(Which is bullshit becuz i think i am actually more human,normal and healthy becuz of it).

There was some Truman Show effect along with this.

I am noticing that the system is taking whatever Ive read about celebs and using it against me mentally. Again its a precision, surgical like process-as always celebrities are supposedly watching my movements via some sort of tech perhaps satellites that are supposed to be used for national security or military purposes but, in this scenerio, are being abused in order to create reality shows by following Targets around all day long.
And in this scenerio, celebs are watching and I have to deal with a constant interface of their supposed thoughts and reactions.

Of course this is all a total deception and tech is being used to create it probably along with chemical influences, which I know from being sprayed directly by perps, can make the tech more effective on a human being.
And it should be obvious that the illusion of important people having a constant interface with me is nothing but a heavy handed BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION program.

These people know I am and was moreso before multi talented and intelligent, and that I admired powerful, successful people and would USE THEM AS ROLE MODELS as my family sucks and were failures. Its natural I would seek to learn how successful people lived or what their biographies told me about their experiences.

So,.they use this to.keep me a prisoner of THEIR USE OF MY IMAGINATION AGAINST ME..not my imagination under my Will and control-believe me, on holidays or in locations where the tech isnt effective like underground or basements in hospitals I dont have these experiences.

The famous people they use against me are a list I could.reveal but who knows what that would do. All i need is one double of me stalking someone on that list.
Or they use my 'confession' to control me further.
This stressing me is all about getting me to blog so they can firstly get me to confess and tell things as a way of cult mind control and keeping control over me. Secondly is to gain information essentially through interrogation using torture so that they have more material to.use in the next psy ops they do.

But when I texted my former traveling companion,the internet speeded up to a normal.response level, i stopped feeling like i was reduced to a psychotic ape smashing my phone and didnt feel controllled or frustrated.

Sexual arousal is of course being used, low level, to attain this state of frustrstion, violence and when combined with the humiliation of GS (that brings back all the effects of years of their sexual tortures during Bush and early Obama)-an urge to self injure or self destruct.

The sexual arousal was pleasant at first when it was being used to try to persuade this human female mammal to find a local male and seettle down. Even trying to push me into desperation-i know a male who lives outside the city who's been a drunk for years and isnt exactly safe to live with but damn it if that isnt one of their goals for me.

Its always about settling with a needy male who I would have to be a caretaker with who would block me from my goals or its about settling down and conforming and forgetting about what's happened-and not writing my book.