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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

India Prime Minister, Silicon Valley, Facebook and the World's Largest Statue Made Of Falsehoods

India's savage religious zealotry is Silicon Valley's shame

Oh how the class of 2017 at our local elite University loved Zuckerman so. It was rather appropriate considering what happened next. I don't think he has a normal conscience like anyone else. Then again what's normal and is normal a relative term when you get to that level of society. I just wrote a piece on Bulger being murdered. This is a good time to compare globalist opportunists to criminals. It looks like it works the same lol.

Akademi Winner Protests PM Silence, Returns Award:

What the Rape and Murder of a Child Reveals About Modi’s India

World's Tallest Statue Unveiled By PM Modi

I'm gonna go on FB live and eat a juicy runny burger like if I go to TX soon where the beef is the best and send it to India live.
Sad really I used to live with people from New Delhi and they were Catholic, going to college here dropping out and starting businesses. They had Sikh friends and Hindus. The Hindus were most peaceful out of all of them. It's so uncharacteristic.

Whitey Bulger Murdered In Prison Shows System Is Still Corrupt

‘Whitey’ Bulger dead: Inmate with Mafia ties investigated in killing:

Beaten to death in prison, 'Whitey' Bulger reminds us again what's wrong with American criminal justice:

"Through bribes and government protection of a valuable informant, federal agents helped him conceal 19 murders and paved the way for Bulger to kill witnesses to his crimes and even to convict an innocent man of his crimes."

"Some might say that it is fitting that a man protected by the government during his time as an informant would die a truly violent death in their custody. But it is not. The long trials and mountains of evidence that showed how the FBI allowed Bulger to get away with his crimes was meant to publicly air the problems with the informant system and to reaffirm the commitment to American justice above the gangs that it failed to fight."

"In the United States, which prides itself on the rule of law and justice, prisoners in federal custody — some of the most tightly-controlled spaces in the country — should not wind up beaten to death without intervention from guards."

He should have written a book while he was in there. It looks as if he would have had nothing to lose-telling the public the entire tale.

Monday, October 29, 2018

'The Golden State Killer' Suspect Is Ex Police Officer and Former Military

BBC REPORT- Golden State Killer: DNA links ex-officer to California cold cases

It Matters That The Alleged Golden State Killer Was A Cop

I don't agree with the media reporting because the suspect is going to be hard pressed to get a fair trial.

Also I've read that the 'Golden State Killer' may be two different people and the person who coined that name is obsessed with the cases and trying to get media attention and publicity.

I saw the series on the Forensic Files channel a few months ago.
It did seem sensational.

Also much seems like it had not been done at the time to catch the perpetrator. Why didn't the feds come down heavy on these areas? Why wasn't some sort of surveillance done long term or hunt for the perpetrator?

On one of the series portions on the GSK an investigator claims that the killer was most likely in attendance at a town meeting where a woman made a statement that the killer took as a challenge or an insult thus she was his next victim.
There was video footage of that meeting. It was shown for a frames on the show.
I thought to myself that the video should have been analyzed back then and through the years as technology progressed. Surely tech is so advanced now and either military or intelligence or feds or some institutions would have some advanced methods of analyzing that video. Artistic people with an eye doing forensice even just using more primitive tools.

It just never seemed that enough was done to catch the killer. High level criminals and authorities know who's in their area. It's a joke to think that he couldn't be caught. Even getting rid of the person 'quietly' would have been a normal way of handling the matter if it was important enough.

Which makes me wonder if
-the suspect isn't just a convenient person to catch and try so that the GSK story can have an ending in the mediascape-which more than ever rarely reflects reality.

-this guy is guilty or another embarrassing person is the perpetrator and it wasn't dealt with because no one was going to admit to the public back then that law enforcement was capable of doing this. Even though the mob and their legit counterparts were running the country with political and wealthy cronies. In the compartmentalized (back then drunk and stoned) minds of the American public specifically in denial not so attached to reality west coasters-the two could not be synonymous. Overt corruption being part of the system was accepted by people as normal. Today they work extra hard to hide it. Corporate and complex have replaced local criminals. It has always struck me as a coincidence that organized crime was reigned in just before progress in forensic sciences exploded and DNA became a method of catching criminals.

Always remember it's not the lowly criminals they showcase before you-its the banks that launder the money and beyond.  And they are smarter.

From what I know of the way this world really works this guy could have been caught or at least caught. Which brings one last theory:

-was this an experiment in fear. Finding out how people and entire communities would react. Even causing people to become more security oriented and afraid.

When you see even for a moment, when you get a glimpse at what actually goes on you realize that most of what is put before you is a lie. You are either favored or you're not. Protected or not. Lucky or unlucky.

News stories become so obviously tales told to construct a culture and society. You accept it or you don't .

But this one is far too much bullshit for even me. If you look at the extensive reach of these crimes, the areas, the numbers and the timeline it becomes obvious that someone, for whatever reason simply did not give a shit. And hell, it's mostly crimes against women so really it's not all that important.

If you only knew what existed in the minds of those in power.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Social Justice, Corporate Feminism, Trickle Down Effect: New Elitist Scams That Have Ruined Lives, Cultures, Neighborhoods-The Oppressive State Fueled By Deception We Live Under

How the Social Justice Movement Fuels Corporate Capitalism:

Does capitalism reward liberal values such as diversity and acceptance?

Why corporate feminism is convenient for capitalism:

Trickle-down social justice is a liberal pipe dream:

How Corporate Capitalism Looted Democracy
Democrats not only colluded with Republicans in the robbery—some may now be willing to allow corporations to evade hundreds of billions they owe in back taxes.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Head Of The Charles/Regatta Day. What A Difference...CLEAR DAY IN CAMBRIDGE

Wow. It's such a contrast to how it's been for the last few years.

All the bag people who've become Harvard Square's street people are magically gone-as if vanished. The place is clean and tidy, LIKE IT USED TO BE WHEN IT WAS AN ACTUAL STREET SCENE.

Where did all the dirty disgusting bag people go? Where's the ghetto hoodlums spreading 'keep-down' culture? Where's the homeless drunk hoarders who are allowed to keep their stuff in disgusting disarray down in the Harvard MBTA station busway or covered with a tarp at a bus stop?
Hmm. It's as if a magical fairy came along and tapped all the shitheads on the noggin and made them disappear!

And I'm actually writing in my blog!! I feel a clarity. I feel the freedom a US citizen should feel about exsercising their right to freedom of speech.
Usually I'm too afraid because having been framed and local authorities having had no interest in doing actual investigations or police work to find out who did it but determined to help frame me, I am terrified of getting framed again by having trolls use the content of my blog again to do so.
Strange how I've been conditioned to give up my Constitutional rights...yet today I feel I can weigh the risks reasonably and logically.  Not usually in this location however. The norm is to be ruled by fear. Irrational fear.

Also I'm noting a lack of hordes of complete assholes causing chaos everywhere which has also become the norm around this area.

Lately there's been a strange pattern of many people walking around stopping short in front of me and my companion and blocking our walking path. So much so that if any reasonable person were to assess this pattern and the mathematical odds of it being random occurrence it would in theory appear that it was not random. Becuz nothing that chaotic happens that often randomly every single day beginning at a certain time period as if it's a new phase of collective behavior.
That being established, that there seems to be a new game I dubbed 'space invaders', it's also worth putting into the equation that on Regatta day, this new phase of collective behavior that's been ongoing has today been noticably absent from the area.

It's peaceful, clean and any and all assholes like bag people, obnoxious ghetto kids and aggressive passer bys insisting on blocking certain people's path are noticably absent today.
It's as nice as it was years ago before the old guard left office and that idiot neuro scientist who runs the Satanic Temple in Salem decided it would be a great idea to do a Satanic ritual at Harvard. (And before giving Bush and Bloomberg commencements. Watch your sugary sodas!) And before China bought up the local elite university through a Bejing real estate company. Before the gentrification. Before the false flag Boston Bombing. When the feds took over security here.

A formerly homeless woman I know who's friendly with higher ups said to me once months ago that me and my companion are too old to be outside or traveling and that 'theres nothing out here for you'. This is the kind of person who parrots what they hear from people who actually know what's going on. You can tell that statement was made by others. And it's not philosophical or an observation it's a statement of intent or of desired result, set to appear innocent.
In other words, there's nothing out here for us BY DESIGN. Not randomly.

Ive been observing the changes ever since.

In theory having shitty street people out here pushes out anyone with anything going on in favor or of nowhere people thus preventing anyone who's an outsider from gaining the healing energy or trickle down effect of the university and the land it's built on.  Certain kinds of people were drawn here for years. Special people.

Then it also accomplishes the possible goal of discouraging any fraternizing between classes or the houseless street people and students or locals.

Who needs walls when you have military grade psy ops and other tools?

In theory of course.

Enjoy the day. I will enjoy a day off.  And use this memory of freedom and fog being lifted from the area to remind myself what I was fighting for.

I'm actually unafraid of clearing my name and suing people today! Which I haven't been able to do for 2 years.

I'm sure I will be fall again into despair tomorrow. But I will remember today's freedom. And use it for strength.

Btw is there any way that the T can possibly keep hoarders from messing up the busway? Or is that part of some grand plan?

Yay for you.

Try fixing some of the stations that are about to fall down instead of buying new trolley cars. Imagine the pay offs to inspectors on those mega structures? Jeez...

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Harvard U Has A New President..Yay

Ah. I knew I felt a change in the air.

The bell tolls for Harvard President Drew Faust — not the Liberty Bell!

May 2016? That's when I was being held in NH after being framed. For the second time. Out of three times.
Yeah. It was pretty much a horrible time for the US Constitution all around at that time. For alot of us.

First of all it's an older white male. And he looks Kosher as hell so how is that the establishment ideal of 'white'? Give it up third wave feminist Marxist bullshitters.

Oh and btw women were in charge of NH at that time during my two year long frame up. I had THE WORST and most brutal treatment from the system during a time of mostly female fun government.
That includes Hillary.

Let's face it. Either women simply arent logical and unemotional enough (nor have a sense of fair play) to remain solid when in a position of power or they just end up doing the bidding of higher powers like males except without any decency or rules in place about how far they will go for corruption or agendas. Males make declarations of war and map out casualties and rules of engagement. Women seem to go right into 'Search and Destroy' mode. Scary.

The old saying 'the female of the species is more viscous than the male' is obviously true. Either that or the forefathers of this country created the US Constitution with preventing overbearing maternal rule in mind because the last ten years has resembled a political approach of having our mouths washed out with soap and being sent to bed without supper because mommy demands order in her house among the children. No one can talk back. No one will escape the suffocating safety of the nest.

Next time get some real fuckin women in office. I don't think America knows what that is. The concept isn't even allowed here and never has been. What for the decade of the 1980s or a few years of the 1990s before Grrrrl! Power and the Power Puff Girls and Tank Girl totally trivialized and infantilized women back into girls?

I say good for a change to someone who deals with hard numbers and figures as well as a true understanding of the way the world works as opposed to dreamy historians who either don't take warning from what they've learned about the dangers of human civilization..or perhaps are so well versed in it that they play an unfair advantage over the rest of us.

Also wake the hell up and realize that the west was basically built by old white guys so how is anything going to change by leadership only? Duh. Women would need to actually build a world to run it probably. Stop playing shell games and social engineering and start with our archaic education system, psychiatry and medicine. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course that would never happen but it would be quite interesting if it did.

After being treated the worst ever and being unsafe as never before during these past years Im not too fond of female rule. That's probably because it's not genuine..but some elitist bulsh*t smokescreen to get away with the chaos it takes to make unpopular changes that would have never been tolerated under males. Like Harvard's real estate grabs and expansion or selling out to foreign real estate companies or gentrifying the area..or having way to much power in a small concentrated area now that Cambridge is firmly connected to globalism.
The lack of balance had become painfully obvious over these last years and many of us are left heart broken and lives shattered.

The world needs to know the pain, suffering and sacrifices that were made that brought the old Cambridge to what it is today.

At least with an 'oppressive' old white guy in office I am usually safer.

Some of us don't have so much in life that we can waste our time or the time of others with battling over trying to change a species that will never in reality do so. Maybe with an economist the nightmare of Marxism merging with corporate will end and we can come out from down the rabbit hole and live in reality again.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Is There A Correlation Between Rising Suicide Rates And Multicultural Diversity/Equality PC Policies In The USA?

I noticed that the rates of suicide increased most in areas that are populated by mostly Caucasians and have a strong 'white' tradition and culture that's still in place. Assimilation without coastal cultures and resources would be hardest for these areas as would rising real estate, cost of living and land grabs by foriegn businessmen such as the Chinese have been doing in areas like this and the mid west.

Everything one could imagine is listed as possible stressors to cause suicide like things I mentioned such as rising cost of living, housing, a faster paced world etc but never is it sighted that the cultural changes made far too quicklyqthat have been forced on Americans by the fed during Obama could be causing such conflict in people's lives. It's almost like military service during the still ongoing war-rife with war crimes and the war itself started under false pretenses: soldiers either adjust after coming home or they commit suicide. I notice that unlike the Vietman era and even the Gulf War, I never see veterans who exhibit the damage done now in civilian life. It's as if they are hiding anyone damaged or they are simply suiciding. Either that or the stigma is so great that the vets themselves are desperately concealing the damage.

War creates violent people and a violent society but your expected to come home to snowflakes, identity politics, political correctness and the insane bubble that the left has built for themselves and now for the whole USA.  Peace by force and denial at home but war crimes and war for profit contractors leaving horrible carnage abroad. This is the double think we all now live in. The horrible reality of control by the powers that be that is so absolute, brainwashing that is so pervasive and terror of the public so successful that common sense no longer exists-and neither do our rights under the Constitution.

Many of us who have been watching these designs become reality and changes come to shape our new world order are wise to the true nature of what is happening.  In areas like Boston our voices either dont matter or like myself frame ups and villification occurs in order to ensure our voices are never heard or understood.

All one ever needs to ask which I've posted before is that if this new order of things is so good and progressive and a great idea then why must deception be used? Why must critics be silenced by underhanded methods? Why must denial become the response to problems that arise?

Now that the Messiah is out of office, looking in hindsight and seeing the nee world as it's been constructed by the corporate serving Lib Elitist left- it appears that the federal government had been hijacked and used to destroy, deconstruct and degrade America. Many of us saw it happening but are only now hearing of the issues and problems arising from what we could see coming from the elite colleges we live near. I thought safe spaces, free speech zones and micro aggressions were bad enough but I was not aware of how these policies very much influenced by such institutions have effected large amounts of common people around the country.

In metro Boston it's pretty bad to be my demographic right now. It's not the worst but it's certainly become almost impossible to get anything done or be treated fairly. Corporate Liberalism has decieved the public or used the US govt to force people into accepting that Diversity is progress that helps society evolve and grow.

The only people I've seen it do anything for are people who are connected to corporate in some capacity. African Americans and immigrants who are the most nasty and unpleasant I've seen come here ever are exalted and accepted over anyone poor of any race but especially whites. Most hated is anyone who will not conform to corporate standards of conformity translating corporate 'sameness' into a lifestyle.

Diversity WAS A GOOD AND LOFTY IDEA AND GOAL at one time in the 90s. It was meant to accept, tolerate and include different kinds of people our generation felt were unfairly exluded due to old outdated social norms. We knew world culture was here and that due to the internet the world was changing.  These ideas and changes WERE NEVER MEANT TO BREAK DOWN SOCIETY and create a world where it's unfair to one demographic in favor of another.

These ideas were hijacked and one can clearly see the ideas in their original forms have changed and my theory is that this is due to the introduction of TERRORISM into American society after the 9-11 destruction of the twin towers in NYC.

Ongoing was threats of foriegn terrorism, then war which has not ceased, then moving over more to focus on domestic terrorism recently.

The ideal of Diversity etc was created in a fairly peaceful era where there was money in the US coffer, rents were reasonable and anyone of any class could still chase whatever their idea was of the American Dream.

You cannot possibly have the same kind of system of  'politic correctness' after 9-11 and the start of a war under questionable pretenses as you had in peacetime.

Terrorism and corporate take over of American life including replacing cultures of people with corporate culture has created a different America. It's not peaceful by any means. It's clear that America was hijacked by corporate terrorists if you will through chain store take overs, real estate grabs by greedy developers and any number of businesses involved in the military industrial complex specifically private contractors whom many govt departments outsource to in order to avoid our CIA for instance or our US military.

So how can a system that's supposed to create a more peaceful world by making resources more accessable to everyone thus creating EQUAL OPPORTUNITY  be able to exist in a world involved in perpetual war and in a country that's now militarized?

It cannot.

What we have now is a system that is very un-American as it's positioned ideology over law and even made these ideas laws going against the US Constitution which is supposed to protect the American people.

Many ethnic groups belonging to the very racist, childish term 'people of color' are in direct cultural confilct with the cultures and peoples in the areas they are now immigrating to or moving to.  People have a right to be safe it's only reasonable. However Diversity, Equality and PC under terrorism, war abroad and militarization is not a system of reason or common sense or humanity.

It's social engineering that benefits certain parts of govt and the corporate world as well as ensuring as usual the 1% retain their position for another century. They are very versed in this Machiavellian art and have been doing it for centuries. I have to marvel in my lifetime at how each generation even each century teh public always fall for their deceptions in doing so.

The 90s made it very clear the internet was giving power to the public and as true change began to occur I believe those in power saw something had to be done about this genuine evolution of humanity. Thus the same old tricks were employed and here we are- worse off than many decades ago.

Many of us in our 40s are facing the remainder of our lives to be miserable in a world changed to benefit only the very forces that our generation X and our parents fought against. Granted there are those extreme and misguided die hard old Liberals in certain areas that are well off and only see the familiarity of the feminism they recall but many understand that third wave feminism is nothing but Marxist and being used to decieved young people into serving an agenda not sensible change.

It's understandable for suicides to rise in the US especially the states where it seems to rise more sharply. Everything  you and your family works for is gone, been taken away. Your freedoms are gone and right to exist no longer exists.

Jobs for simple people have gone overseas and the cancer or YUPpies and their gentrification has spread to every area they can get their hands on. If not them then foriegn business men and real estate companies.

Unless you can afford a start up company (which means the money your working off of came from somewhere) and you aren't corporate or work a govt job then you don't exist and are basically made to feel you aren't legit and your life isn't even valid in this 'new order' of things.

In other words the country wants to become more competitive in a global world and corporate/banksters etc etc are greedy so simple people don't matter anymore unless they can be utilized into some part of the corporate societies especially in cities.

With how hard I work for genuine change through awareness on cutting edge issues even ones ahead of their time that effect ALL OF HUMANITY I should not have to be an ESL teacher just to order my coffee from Dunkins in the morning and then deal with basically mobbing and petty mind games from the immigrant employees behind the counter. I shouldn't have to deal to the the hatred or suspicion present in people from violent, sexist, oppressive regimes so backwards, ignorant and superstitious that the cleaning guy thinks he has to monitor me or my companion(s) like a security guard. This is how many cultures deal with their families and business and property in their homelands. The old world Italian immigrants decades ago had these tendencies but I never suffered due to being part Italian so I got favored. However my non Italian mother was tolerated at best.

It's also obvious that such people are not like the immigrants that we were used to formerly in coastal cities. Now many  Chinese we see here are going to college and seem to be selfish, paranoid kids of the 1% who grew up in a culture of censorhsip and the Chinese social credit system-they hate people like us for the most part and look upon us with fear and a sense that we should not exist.  These are not the desperate immigrants of our Chinatowns of the past who just wanted their own communities, businesses and to escape poverty and horrid conditions.
The Indian looking immigrants who work at every DD and CVS in this area aren't the Hindus of the past bringing with them a sense of peace who used to open up their own shops and have their own communities.
These are people from an unknown part of India perhaps a major city like Bangladesh or even from Pakistan or another surrounding country. They are viscous, backwards and very nasty to deal with and pushy. Territorial to the hilt and controlling of everything in their environment they are most likely incapable of entrepreneurship due to being highly unpleasant, war like and oppressive. Opening their own business no one would want to deal with them.
They've basically been recruited as the ultimate model for corporate house slavery-guarding the big house and The Man's property against any percieved threats or any citizen who appears to not conform to corporate standards thus appearing to them to be a threatening to the entire nnew globalist society which has given them their chance at a better life.

I often wonder if, upon getting their green cards and visas are they required to read the US Constitution before hand. This being Massachusetts and a sanctuary state and that it's been such a tool to establish the globalist agenda, most likely they don't even have green cards at all. Another motivation tool.

If we start being honest about the hard facts of Diversity and it's problems such as cultural conflicts it may work but it seems that the powers that be would rather use PC and all it's components as a form of terrorism on the American public to break down the west and shape it in its own designs that benefits them and all their cronies and serves to break the spirit of Americans as a system of severe social control.

Possible reasons People are committing suicide because of
-psych meds
-electromagnetic pollution
-pollution of air, earth and sea
-foods we buy delivering nutritional value as whole foods used to be the norm for the American diet not a speciality requiring higher prices, food additives
-Genetically modified foods which I personally cannot believe human beings aren't able to readily tell the difference and don't reject upon tasting them. GMOs are like CGI in movies. Something in the brain and mind tells you it's all 00011000110 etc and not solid reality. The old movie tricks to create scenes or scenery were akin to art they were deceptions to create illusion using physical objects which exist in reality. CGI is the creation of a false reality or another plane of existence-and it's cheap and it sucks. Thus GMOs taste the same and humans should be able to tell.
We evolve alongside every flora and fauna that surrounds us. Our cities are man made falsehoods. So are GMO foods. Along with other factors separating us from the source of life this may contribute to a feeling of not really LIVING, by not really tasting or consuming genuine food.
-changing weather patterns due to global warming and pollution of our environment world wide
-global warming of the planet
-globalism or the new order
-living within the virtual unreal world of the internet
-video games which do more damage than people realize and there's hardly any writing on this online that's easy to find
-LED lights which emit HEV light (blue light) which has been proven to cause heart problems, obesity via overeating, 'mental health' issues, sleep deprivation and even effects the pituitary gland which has alot to do with our sense of peace, of being connected to a 'god' or source of life as well as our own feelings of having a 'soul'. Whatever these feelings are, even if they are illusions of the human mind created by mere chemicals at work, we were designed to have them active and in balance in the natural world. Without this connection and with sleep deprivation some humans along with other bad conditions may suicide akin to a whale beaching itself due to interference with it's radar systems it uses to navigate.

Making the cultural changes that PC and Diversity demands in Western society as quickly as they've been and then implemented by force may leave many people disillusioned, left behind, resentful, sad, heart broken, destitute and feeling as if they've lost their 'tribe' or people and place in the world in their own lifetime.

Globalism is now colonialism, brought by the same people that have always done so leaving the same destruction of cultures behind-the powers, the elite and businesses. Examples of colonialism and imperialism in countries of People Of Color show what destruction these things can do. Ironically many of the immigrants and Americnas of African descent come from countries where their culture has been shared by brutal modifications forced on them by the invading countries-and these people have never truly gained their freedom psychologically and their original cultural heritage has been lost forever.

These are damaged, modified easily intimidated people who have been kept down and now are given a chance due to Diversity. The original injustices were never healed thus we are dealing with wounded peoples who often seem to inherit or internalize the enslavers and invaders' cruelty, oppression, and colonial mentality.

In other words Diversity utilizes a majority of people who've had horrible injustices brought against them that have destroyed their culture and homelands through basically war crimes and inhumanity that have never been healed or given any restitution or reparations.
These people were enslaved and their lands resources pillaged and stolen by the same elite and upper classes and business interests or modern equavalents  as have created this new post 9-11 PC system. Centuries ago an Africans black skin would do well on one of their hot and sunny southern plantations. Don't think for a minute they aren't thinking about human beings the same exact way now.

These peoples by all rights have resentments and hatreds for Caucasians, European culture, anyone percieved as privileged etc.
However as mentioned these peoples have lived under brutal colonial imperialist rule where they've been enslaved and bred to be of service and compliant and still instinctively live in fear of authority and feel that compliance at any cost is the only way to survive.

Offer them supposed freedom and an American middle class way of life and they will do whatever it takes to get that and guard the hand that feeds however they also still posess resentment and hatred of their oppressors. This creates a conflict.
They are now beint put in a position in which they may villify and express hate and discriminate as a sort of revenge against Caucasians while not offending those in authority who are giving them what they need.  In reality the people creating PC that favors corporate are the very people who owned slaves and benefitted from colonialism and imperialism. They are ensuring that the people who caused this they should be most angry with deflect that anger and hatred onto the lower classes instead.

The immigrant from a desperate third world nation and many African Americans are too afraid to stand up and demand genuine healing and reparations from those responsible-COINTEPRO in the 60s ended what genuine movement there was in the black community to do so and many saw the consequences of any true and effective uprising against authorities. MLK and Malcolm X were shot-only the ring master and probable disinfo agent Farrakhan remains. Kings 'I Have A Dream' speech is focused on probably because the powers would rather not have people hearing other things he said that were much more revolutionary and useful to any activist not just the black movement.

In the fight for real freedom you can no longer trust those who in the past were identified as revolutionary. People grow and things change. This associating African Americans with being keepers of the flame when it comes to civil rights has become a means for manipulation.
It's now more about upward mobility of black people and them gaining legitimacy in Western society. In some cases it's become about outright black dominance or supremacy.

Youre not doing activism writing "Black Lives Matter" on a policeman's coffee cup while working at a major cofee and donut chain. That is not activism. It's harassment. Quit your corporate job and then work in some capacity as an activist or community worker then we'll talk.
You cant be a half white rich successful major league football player who comes from a well do to white adoption home and kneel during the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the country that enabled you to have a good quality of life and ensures your rights and safety and be considered revolutionary and an activist.
Then what you get out of this is a contract from Nike to put out your own clothing line. Why isn't the money going towards an underprivileged black neighborhood?
Your just a rich asshole and your working off of the insanity and victimhood culture in this country that's destroying it, killing people and serving only corporations and the 1%.

I don't mind people making their way in this country but just admit you are akin to thugs moreso 'making your bones' to get ahead than doing genuine good for progress and humanity.

Your serving the interests and agendas of those you are genuinely afraid of and like cowards you project your resentment and hate (mostly of yourselves) onto those who have no power to defend themselves.

POC have in large part become servants of the most recent form of colonizing America-by corporate, banksters, universities (corporations, real estate holdings etc), upper middle and above classes. Getting rid of the lower classes especially whites is seen as a wise business move especially in the cities and all the while will serve as punching bag toys for the house slaves employed to do so thus deflecting any well deserved revenge away from those responsible to begin with.

Modern Diversity like modern feminism is a sham. Good ideas hijacked by those in power smart enough to see their usefulness to themselves and to understand how if any of these ideas were allowed to exist as genuine and true change in society would threaten their very existence. Co opting and infiltration was the best move they could have made.

To avoid the perils of the new order and globalism people have to remember some key points:

-this time in history in first world countries is better than most of our history.

We have food, safety, clean water and medical treatment. Even though our emotions, souls and collective ancestral spirit may be hurting we can still survive. The plague in Europe was around for centuries and accepted as a normal part of life. It's one of the things that's made 'white people' they way we are, that and brutal forced conversion to Christianity. You have the US Constitution. In many European and other countries I would be JAILED FOR WRITING THIS under bogus 'human rights laws'.  They even tried that crap here in the US with a frame up in 2016 but I used my rights as a US citizen and gained some safety and justice.
It could be worse and it used to be...try to remember that.

-many of the people who are coming into our jobs and neighborhoods are mostly people just looking to gain a better life.

 Safety, shelter and a reliable food source and health care as well as the pleasures of our country. There are infiltrators, saboteurs, spies etc but in trying to pull off what corporate and their cronies is doing you have to expect that. They know people will resist and call out that it's basically underhanded if not unconstitutional in many instances.

If you don't agree with new kinds of people being immigrants to the US as our ancestors did then get off the land because the US is built on stolen land and the only people that should be here are the indigenous Native Americans. As it is, people descended from Mexican Indian tribes have to risk their lives to get across then get a green card only to end up with shitty jobs on the land that was once theirs to begin with.
I get that it's being done in the wrong way and it's destructive. But facts are facts.
And we can't go home because theyve destroyed Europe for common people with mass immigrantion of dangerous undocumented immigrants. Might as well stay here and fight.

-try to make at least acquaintances even friends or contacts with diverse peoples who are friendlies.

This may he helpful in areas dramatically effected by Diversity and PC in negative ways for your demographic.
It helps to feel as if there's some decent humans who are part of the success of Diversity not just the corporate take over, land grabs and social control agendas. Find cultures you get on with. Some may be in conflict with yours but some may have similarities making contact easier.
As I mentioned I am having constant conflict with these certain new immigrant cultures that are now here in large number that we aren't used to as opposed to the traditional ones that regularly came here. Muslims from Morocco or Algeria could not be more pleasant to deal with. However the Muslims who seem more aggressive and nasty specifically those from what seems like a country near India-the conflict is near constant and it's always started by them.  You have to learn to charm, wheel and deal, be diplomatic or be sneakier or more clever if necessary just to sit peacefully and get coffee.. We've had to have a white upper management set them straight and then they behave civilly. Losing your temper or becoming critical is what they expect and it's also going to feed into the power that Victimhood Culture gives them. Then instead of you being discriminated against, you are the White Devil, abusing your privilege denying someone their rights blah blah. In our case it re enforces the excuse to exterminate us culturally that we are ignorant from poverty and have no value in society.
Always consider the fact that jealousy plays a role also. These women are oppressed with sexism and some of them are not exactly attractive. To be able to harass or pick on Caucasian person who possess qualities you are jealous of because they are powerless in a now corporate, controlled greedy society is akij to a hit of pure opium for some of these people. It's also desirable to the powers that be that designed this misery because a common enemy always unifies the troops. Troops of  corporate house slaves defended by corporate liberals.

Try to find places you do get along and people who break the mold and want to be friendly and part of America not as terrorists for lib elites and corporate or racial special interests.  Even in wartime allies can be made and enemiea can be made into friends. This will make you feel less isolated in the abrupt changes occuring.

- suicide is never acceptable.

What right do YOU have to deny yourself and those who know you life? As well as those you may help or influence if you can only stay alive and perhaps transform or reinvent yourself? They've made it pretty hard to move anywhere and chase a new dream but it IS possible. There's just more and bigger obstacles in the way. Don't be selfish if it's just about circumstances, bad or changing conditions or the way you feel. Humans are creator gods. Re create yourself and your life or live humbly and help others.

Don't let others take the gift of life from you.

- try geographical change.

Sometimes certain people don't do well in certain locations. It's especially hard to know this or think of it as a factor when it's your place of birth. It may take years before you realize you do much better in other places as opposed to the place your used to.
But then you can try moving or visiting a new place and decide it suits you better.
This may be due to many factors including the weather, climate conditions like too much mold or humidity, desert or mountain as opposed to greener areas. Low elevation or high. City or rural. The cultures of the area, the politics even the genetic makeup of the population.
When I leave the east coast my frustration with African Americans eases and my feeling persecuted, picked on, victimized and taxed by too smart yet arrogant, smug politically brainwashed people in the cities who basically don't succeed unless they become house slaves of govt jobs or the institutions etc-my induced racial hatred which is brought on by being persecuted ever since going through desegregation bussing in the 70s as a child. This fades as the miles pass. As time zones change I become more comfortable and safe. I encounter black people that seems nice, friendly, normal and decent. Just people. By the time I get to California I don't feel any pressure or encounter difficulty as I do on the east coast-of course with exceptions like Houston or parts of Cali that are traditional COINTELPRO strong holds like Berkeley CA but even that's mild.

My health improves as I reach desert and high elevated mountains. I lose weight. I stop stress eating for comfort.
My home is gone and has been Terra  formed completely in order to build this corporate-globalist plantation type of place.  Anyone who misses real Boston and living under Constitutional govt in the heart of the American Revolution is going to live with heartbreak every day.
Every time I've traveled I've experienced renewed health, optimism, freedom, power and a strong sense of identity.

Don't allow a PLACE and it's PEOPLE to shape who you are and what your future will be. If you are truly going to end your own life it may be a last resort to simply abandon everything you own or sell it etc if you can even function that much at that point, and pack a bag and go. IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE AND KEEP YOU ALIVE.
What do you think your ancestors may have had to do when they came here or wherever you are?
Don't let people, places and things or possessions get you killed.  Material possessions even family don't have any value if your dead.

Sometimes you have to give up trying to hold onto or succeed in a way that no longer works if people around you are the ones being irresponsible but you are suffering. Stop trying so hard because people will take advantage. Perhaps put your foot down and make others stop demanding so much of you. If this doesn't stop, just leaving works. I left for ten years and it taught everyone a lesson they won't forget: I won't put up with being put in a cage because it benefits everyone else and everyone around me is selfish. I will just pack up and leave, I don't need to know you and I don't need your housing. Then you re establish value. How much am I worth to know now , assholes?
Usually your surrounded by cowards who have to cheat to survive. Don't be anyones victim and cause a reappraisal of your value and your dangerousness. As in it may be to everyone's best interest to cut the shit because unlike them you won't bow down to desperation and necessity and you are not going to serve as Omega wolf. Fuck the pack.

Having the life sucked out of you by a person or a family or job or community is a stupid reason to die. Just ditch them if they can't be controlled to a level where your boundaries are being respected.

-know how to be aware and use self defense tactics to survive the new order.

Talk to like minded people, stay away from people who won't listen or demand you conform to Multicultural brainwashing which is what it's become at least in places like MA and other formerly Liberal left areas that have gone Libtard.
Find and formulate ways to defend yourself while being fair to those who truly mean you no harm. Quietly and internally reject their value system and find ways around it for you and your families.
Resistance and self preservation is effective.

- do not become an extremist.

This is a ploy by those in power lately to profit and gain control and it's happening to everyone from Muslims overseas to frustrated European citizens to Americans. Don't fall for it. It's understandable to want to run to something that seems like organized resistance but in many parts of the US simply NOT conforming to PC Multicult or corporate will get you suspected of being 'Nazi'.
They want you to lose control so you can be put into the system such as psychiatric or prison/jail.
Suicide attempts that fail may get you into one of these and ruin what's left of your life leaving you even less freedom and happiness.

-never ever consider murder-suicide or 'death by cop' as an option.

This only makes for more profit for security companies and authorities. Furthering the agenda of keeping the public in fear. Also in thinking you are getting revenge or you are going out with a bang you may kill Innocents who suffer as you do.
Believe me, the real bad guys and assholes of the world will avoid that day and that location you've planned because that's the way our world works.

-you may be experiencing things that are unusual other than just the unhappiness caused by conditions in society and your life. 

Due to legal issues I can't go into this but there exists genuine and real evil in the world. Someone once described to me that this is actually "how the world really works". If you think that you are experiencing strange circumstances and you are being victimized you need to gain safety immediately. Suicide or murder suicide may occur if you don't understand what's happening to you.
Try to do research on the internet, avoid disinfo and leave the area asap if necessary.

Basically Try to find some way to alter the course of the outcome.
 If there's a recurring force within you to end your life and you do not want to get psych help then try leaving the area to see if there's improvement.  There's always a certain amount of humans that die due to self termination however if there's a trend of sharp rise in numbers of this you have to consider that you may fall victim to the rising numbers and become one of them. Understanding every possible potential cause is best then you can challenge those conditions and change them so you don't become effected by them as others have.

I theorize that the current system of Diversity would not have been possible without the phenomena now part of our culture known as terrorism both domestic and foriegn. I also theorize that Diversity and PC systems of behavior that have been implemented as mandatory in order to gain employment and shelter and food and avoid being socially ostracized have caused changes that are far too abrupt for many people in the western world. This is being done on purpose to undermine civilization in order to create a world of chaos where unless one has wealth one must live in a world of lowered standards, lack of civility, no more decency most likely for the agenda of control of the population by CORPORATE, THE COMPLEX AND AUTHORITIES as well as a possible depopulation agenda most likely of those deemed undesirable to the agenda mentioned above.

This includes many different conditions created to cause misery and to make things that we need to survive impossible to get when they should be cheap and easily accessible.
Don't fall victim to the 'new order' or 'global order' nut cases like Hillary, Obama and the Bushes as well as various other people have mentioned publicly.

Don't accuse activists like me of conspiracy theories. It's those talking heads in power who've said so themselves. But they don't have to live among the ruins of the western world as we do.
Don't die for the globalists or their minions. They pulled the same crap establishing the fuedal system in Europe. Many of us have ancestral memory. We know where it leads. Many of our ancestors fled or lived outside of these.  We can survive again.