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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Uh if u took offense to the last post...u didn't read it.Nor the book either.

Book: Niggers, Negroes, Black People And Afrikans/P2OG

ON PAGE 55 the author writes about Rumsfeld forming a secret army yet he claims its for causing terrorism. He mentions P20G.

Much of what he writes on this sounds accurate especially mentioning the development of weapons so advanced that there's little chance at countering them.

However I believe he promotes Afro Centrism which has been disproven by genetic research as well as archeological evidence. (Nubians are depicted in reliefs as much darker with clothing and jewelry from their own cultures.) Ancient Egyptians are not Nubians. They are simply Egyptians-north African peoples, more closey aligned with Mediterranean peoples than sub Saharan Africans.

He also mentions the book The Ice Man Inheritance which is full of inaccuracies and alot of bullcrap.

As it stands now, I and many other people like me percieve African Americans to be a threat to us and our future just as much as they may perceive Caucasians as one to them.
I also notice the author is using these actions coming from the elite whites and then grouping all whites as 'the enemy'.
Hmm.. wait now. Hasnt every TI including African American Targets noticed that blacks make up a huge portion of 'gang stalkers'?

What about the large perp groups that have entire Greyhound buses to take one TI on a hellish ride from one location to another, even talking about and insulting the TI in an overt way, so the TI knows its a perp group?
What about their constant presence in every stalking and harassment campaign even MILABs?

Black Greyhound employees make up a huge problem for TIs trying to travel. All of the worst instances of MILABs and psychological harassment that happened to me HAPPENED ON GREYHOUND. I now believe that none of that would have been possible were it not for being driven into a life of traveling where Greyhound was my only means of transport in the beginning.

If anything, all peoples should be aware of African Americans' part in covert operations in the United States. Especially blacks, as its only fair to them they know what real traps that lay in wait for them.

What the author of this link doesnt mention is many of these men were not just around Reagan BUT AROUND GHW BUSH AND NIXON.

The system put into place by these people in this administration hasn't gone away, its still ruining. And its killing off people like myself who know how the system works so we cant warn people.

And if this is a plan just for America then why is harassment and torture being reported around the globe from Targeted Individuals?

Whatever they are claiming or even hinting at that's so good for the USA is a deception plain and simple. It has to be becuz no one is telling the public the entire truth.

When you think about everything thats really going on and has gone on, you know its total insanity for them to claim their children will sing their praises years from now as they wish to predict.

Is this the kind of madness that takes hold of an empire thats polluted itself almost to death? Did we pick up something out in space thats infected us? Or do we just want to believe that such atrocity and human twisted sickness only exists in history books?

It doesnt-its happening now.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth Magnetic Field/Black Funded Projects Have Created Whole Seperate Scientific World From Mainstream

"They are able to classify information for the sake of ‘national security’. Within the past few years, proof has been emerging for a number of phenomenon that would suggest a whole other scientific world that operates separately from mainstream science."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fellow TI Bob S Warns Of Dangers From The GS Myth

Bob S. is an attorney as I recall but I could be wrong. I've heard and seen the name before years ago.

At first I was raring to go, to take down another denier of TIs horrible situations. Another GS denial.

Yet, after reading this, partway through I realized he's right. What he says is correct. Actually this is exactly what dealing with GS and being often in the dark about whats going on has had just this effect. Just as that former FBI person wrote-that calling it Gang Stalking is diversionary and only allows the powers that be to continue with what they are doing.

Especially after what was written about FFCH. I'm glad I am not the only one who knows there's something wrong with that group. I always did-I got hip to that very quickly in 2007 which is why I was chased and conned out of FFCH almost as soon as I started becoming active on conference calls.

I've seen the black guy who runs it in person-in NYC during the bioethics committee. I got a faintly dirty look is all. It contained such hate..that I do recall.
Its also true that they use cult tactics-the leader is the guru. They have Christians and praying when whats needed is legal not religious.

I have an email somewhere I need to dig up that has something on FFCH collecting info from people but never filing a suit, then refusing to give listings to members.

Hes right that those of us without intel backgrounds can only go with ignorance which brings us to the loaded language of the TI community. Its like stone age man naming the forces that shape his world becuz he doesnt have science-to try to control and explain the world around him.

I thank the author for writing this. I've spend years living in psychological torment-knowing the truth, living with that knowledge but feeling trapped with not being able to do anything about it.

Only my ability to compartmentalize made it livable. They knew this and strung me along for years until now my health and aging have caught up with me-and I'm finding it hard to live as a seperate entity any longer.
What does the Traveler do when it wants to settle down, when in fact, the TI can never do so?

Google has gone too far with Google + screwing up my blog name anyway.
Maybe its time to abandon the GS world of myth.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Arlington, Texas Police To Join Countless Others Flying Drones Domestically

FAA allows Arlington, Texas police to join countless others flying drones domestically

Revealed: no one really knows how many entities are allowed by the FAA to fly drones domestically

Active-Duty Army PSYOPS Soldiers Placed in Media Jobs

Report: Active-Duty Army PSYOPS Soldiers Embedded in Local Media:

Army 'psyops' at CNN:

The subject of media psy ops is a complex one.

Yet psy ops done through media, especially to get at a Targeted person, is just one more part of the overall cocktail used to destroy that targeted person.

Survivors are especially vulnerable as they may be coming out of complicated internal programming and be compartmentalized still, unable to fully comprehend thier situations, only 'knowing' at a certain level whats going on- its near impossible to fully process it or put it all together due to compartmentalizing everything to deal with the horror of whats transpiring.

The system knows this. The point of targeting a Survivor of high level programming is to degrade and destroy that person, so that even if they do make it through and put it all together intellectually at some point, enough damage has been done to the person's health and mental state that they will never be a threat to the perpetrators of the projects and programs that they were part of to begin with.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WikiLeaks Shows Govt Secretly Spying Using Civilian Security Cameras

Its been so intimidating that I've not been able to realize whats been happening, consciously.

I think Targets are just used to the idea that some big brother type entity can track us from city to city. Hell, if you are an experimentee or Survivor of a classified project you have damn well seen much more that the system is capable of.

The problem is the public know there are classified projects but they really dont understand how insane, far reaching and aggressive they are. They dont seem to get how far the progress has become.
Classified projects dont just put the people in the know 50 years ahead of the world people know today as normal reality- they often have created an alternate reality and not always a pleasant one. Much of what Ive seen these people have manifested into this world is beyond just negative or abusive. It really is a continuation of MK Ultra type stuff.   Whats shocking isnt what goes on in these projects so much as the sheer amount of human beings in on these things that seem criminally insane, deranged, controlled and totally brutal and unsympathetic to other human beings.  This is why so many people, after being sleep deprived and gang stalked long enough, will fall into believing this is all caused by aliens. Becuz a normal American person cannot concieve of other American citizens, with this much power who are educated, doing such horrible things to individuals or communities. And they do attack entire communities.

When I was being harassed in St Louis, MO in 2008, East St. Louis was voted the number one most violent, dangerous place in America at that time.  I experienced a large perp group presence in St Louis and their ability to utilize very severe and heavy tech to cause torture and even physical damage to human bodies.

During this time a man became a lone shooter. Lots of the typical stuff happened.

It became obvious that these groups take up in an area, probably on assignment, to actually cause chaos, destruction, death and social unrest utilizing the same system or cocktail used on Targeted Individuals. ( I also recently learned that East St Louis, MO has sacred ancient Native American ritual magick structures.  I am quite sure this is one reason this location is so desirable to them. They can take the energy present and manipulate it most likely.)

Its not far fetched to consider that a Target would be tracked utilizing this system. All they are doing is utilizing whats been set up for use with anti terror, an official cover, and then using it for thier classified projects.

I was in McDonalds yesterday and the cameras in there are as bad as Walmart but they dont make me agitated-  just feeling watched and inducing paranoia. Add to that perps that always seem to emerge there (even if the rest of the community is peacable, these corporations in on GS will always be danger zones, which of course is good becuz then a TI can be totally sure its McD's or Walmart doing  it, not paranoia, delusion or perhaps the community is that infiltrated and aggressive with covert ops).

I noticed something after I stayed past thier closing time not feeling well in the rest room: after closing the place had returned to 'normal'. The physical space had gone back to just being...a space with chairs and tables for people to eat, at a  restaurant. Normal, if you will.

I had experienced perps in there, which I had shunned off. I had been made paranoid and defensive by thier security camera system. This is extremely common, along with being tracked of course- for this system to utilize some sort of influence to change a public space a TI is in, into a hostile environment.

Ive sensed that face recognition is used. I dont know how I know I just do. I can...'sense' being scanned. Thats what it feels like. Survivors have some very interesting talents, one of them being affinity for computers and machines.
At any rate, Ive taken to changing up my outfits alot lately, mostly out of weather conditions requiring it as well as boredom. A little hat or glasses from GoodWill does wonders for a girl's spirit.  Yet I noticed that street perps or people around me seemed to look at me as if I was being clever for putting wearing these things. So I suspect that changing facial features may screw with the recognition system and they thought I was doing it on purpose.

When are these people going to realize I am guided much of the time and I am not smart all the time? Much of what I do is pure coincidence. Then again, much of it is me figuring stuff out.

At any rate its not what the system is doing thats so disturbing- its the sheer amount of citizens in the USA who seem to know they are doing it. Thats what is bad news. The country is f*cked not becuz of what the system is doing  but how the public are going along with it or cowering before this thing and allowing it to rule thier lives.  THATS THE PROBLEM.

If we win this, if we expose this and there are people who care who go vote this all out of taking over it will still not make up for how many citizens Ive seen who have partaken, gained opportunity and seem to have no problem with people being slowly murdered by such a system. THAT is what man must record in his history books as being the greatest danger-a compliant, animalistic section of society who help the genocides, the terrorists, the oppressors, the abusers. Without them, none of this could have been pulled of on such a large scale for so long.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Town In Spain Made Electromag Pollution Free By Vote Of Council. YOU HAVE CHOICES

We dont have to live this way. If this little town can do this then we in America can demand and create wi fi and electromag pollution free environments.

People like me shouldnt have to leave thier own countries to be able to survive health and other issues.

Scientist Associated With HAARP Technologies Sued For Fraud By Pentagon\ Nick Begich Credibility Questionable?

"Everything from the Haiti earthquake to Hurricane Katrina was blamed on HAARP’s dark weather-manipulated powers. People swore that the Alaskan antenna array was controlling their minds. A Russian military journal warned that blasting the ionosphere would cause the planet to “capsize.” Leading the charge was a one-time gemologist, miner, school supervisor, Chickaloon tribal administrator, and mind-control lecturer named Nick Begich, who just happened to be the brother of Stevens’ eventual successor, Sen. Mark Begich."

Friday, May 17, 2013

New Campaign Used To Try To Force A Remaining Activist TIs To Quit

There's a push now, a consistent and strong one to force me to give up advocating for justice.

Pretty much every city I travel to seems to be pumping out a brainwashing campaign daily consisting of the following material in order to coerce me into abandoning this project, writing my book telling my story or even continuing to acknowledge any of it happened to begin with.

-I'm 'old' now and am no longer relevant to society or the all important younger generation, who seem to be an obsessive focus of the people running this system.

-that my health will prevent me from traveling any further especially abroad, so its done no matter what I do anyway.

-that in the massive ocean of people on this planet-do I really matter all THAT much? (This suggestion or coercion was almost heard directly as a spoken sentence internally as opposed to being a mere ideation usually which utilizes visuals to be effective. This too used a slight and quick internal visual). This is especially damging as it takes me away from my sense of Self internally and recalls the traumatic incident in earlier gang stalking where I had that awful nightmare my 'self' or consciousness was physically taken out of my body and forced into a pair of virtual reality goggles or glasses. That incident was one of the worst tortures I ever experienced being a Target and experimentee and it occurred while in deep sleep which may be why it was so damaging.
Unlike a dream one has where one is flying or out of body there was no safety, no spirit world, no sense of connectedness to something...that holds one safe when experiencing out of body.

The difference could be described as the difference between getting healed from loving care or acupuncture or message and being awake during invasive surgery.

This tactic seems to be to remove a person from being connected to their sense of self, grounded in their own consciousness and force the person to percieve their 'selves' as simply a part of a collective of humanity-like a school of fish.

Perhaps this is why the ocean image was used in the suggestion).

-its too late now for my writing to have any effect, its been too long since the original events occurred.

-to make me feel basically useless and insignificant and incapable of finishing this project.
And to get me to conform, to be like every other washed up loser in their 40s in this country who's youth was wasted.

The problem is that my youth was taken by this system and THESE WERE NOT, ARE NOT NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

So why should I become 'normal', act normal, dress normal or pretend life has been or the results of my life has been normal at all?

Its ridiculous and I am not going to allow this interference. Just like ive been doing for years.

Mega Towers Might Explain Why GS System's Mind Control Is Now Unbeatable

"The dumb-downed masses who go along with the NWO takeover scheme, will not be subjected to these experiences. It will only be the free thinkers, the intellectuals, the writers, the non-conforming 'dissidents', the constitutionalists, and the entire gamut of liberty-minded "trouble makers" who will be on receiving end of these transmissions.
Construction of these towers MUST be halted, but that's not going to happen until enough people wake up to this looming threat. The slave state, Big Brother world envisioned in the book 1984 will pale by comparison with the REAL electronic mind control horror show that is just over the horizon."

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ugh! Stop Consulting Penn The Magician From Vegas On Politics

Would someone please tell the news people and talk hosts to STOP CONSULTING PENN FROM THE MAGIC ACT PENN AND TELLER ON POLITICS every frickin time something goes on for Republicans, usually some screw up by Democrats.

The guy makes his career
-in show biz
-in Vegas
-as a deciever or illusionist.

Trickery is his business, duh. The guy's a total a-hole and a too-cool-tool who supports the agenda and is used by them but due to his cred as being a cool, hip guy in an interesting field no one sees what an ass he is.

I remember when he used to come on MST 3000 and do these lame bits sitting in a theatre seat, explaining to unimaginative, non creatives as to how MST worked-in his exact words:..."and that's why its funny".

Even in my youthful 90's stupor I will never forget him turning in that movie theatre seat towards the camera behind him and saying that.

If you don't know why a cult phenomena is what it is or why then you shouldn't be watching it. It was downright creepy.

I know he's been involved in at least media psy ops on TIs, or the harassment directed at a TI from people in media or woven into media content.

As hard as it is to believe that truly goes on, it does. The relationship between a nation's media and its armed forces and intelligence services has been well documented, even former spooks as consultants, even writers.
And what would the ever corrupt entertainment industries be without firstly the backing of organized crime but also the very things they provide. All the various vices that get businesses done, deals made and keep screwed up industry people happy-and appearing presentable for the public.

Why Penn is such a favorite I don't know becuz to that level or extent one would have to have insider access.
From my former lifestyle in my 20s I can take a few educated guesses.

Screwed up, privileged people bond and no one tells them any different.
Thats really the basis of it. The problem is the public take at face value the cred some news talk person gives someone like Penn by taking seriously his opinions on political events.

I notice its only when they want to turn the screw on someone that they use his celebrity.


Flyer From BAMN In Berkeley, CA Describes Targeting of Teacher(s) That Parellels Gang Stalking of TI's

I was handed this flyer on the street in Berkeley, CA.

Whats interesting is the methods used to get at this teacher are many that are used to blacklist, frame up and torture Targeted Individuals.

Especially the part about being accused of something then showing up to some hearing not knowing what its about therefore you would actually give them material to persecute you with by doing so. This is what they try to do by using a situation like in my case a federal investigation but without issuing a subpoena and having people including cops and other professionals gas light the victim but never tell them straight whats going on.

Unfortunately, I am not educated as the person who wrote this piece which came out very articulate. This is also something this system depends on and its why they keep down Survivors so its easy to get rid of us when its 'time to go'. So that we cant communicate well exactly whats going on and we just sound pissed off and crazy so its easy to discredit us.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Not Another Moment Of Oppression For EuroFolk/How Blacks And Others In The USA Are Now Hopeless and Dangerous Houseslaves Of The Elite

Looking vid i have posted, the Mike Tyson vid of his knockouts I use for motivation, I realized its very important that they remove me from my ghetto roots in 1970s Boston public schools and that whole tough northeastern old school culture.

So its.vital that strong EuroAmericans become disgusted with other ethnic based cultures, races and classes as well as those cultures become disrespectful of EuroAmericans unless they are buying into YUPpydom or ghetto glorification culture.

No critical thinking, no seeing who the real enemy is. Just a creepy cult mentality or something approaching a Communist mentality.

This is why I am leaving the USA. Its too far gone. People are so mind controlled now that making sense just doesnt work anymore. Its set now. There's no waking America up from this brainwash which has been going on very consistent and steadily since 2003.

I know I will be gang stalked in other countries even my ancestral homelands in Europe but that seems to be what the system wants for me anyway.

To get me so disgusted that I just leave, seeking something better elsewhere.

There's too much covert ops in ghetto and poor areas. The people there don't seem to undetstand their community is infiltrated or they actually believe in this system and want what payoffs its offering them and their communities.

I am absolutely disgusted with African Americans. The few I do meet nowadays that are still sensible, real human beings are so outnumbered by those that are part of this huge cult mentality now in the US that its just miserable living in America now especially the cities.

Its very sad to have to write American blacks off as well as many Mexican populations and others involved also, including EuroAmericans who've been sucked in.

It seems that African Americans only care about themselves and their futures not true freedom and fighting for what's right as they had in the past in this country.

The blacks now are not the people I remember from decades ago who were trying to truly better themselves and evolve. They have become for the most part arrogant, racist, seperatists who seek to subvert EuroAmerican cultures and power trip on whatever powers the overlords ALLOW them to have in order to serve as the ultimate house slaves. Especially in oppressing poor EuroAmericans.

They have degenerated into the mindless, greedy, enslaved animals that supremacists portray them as.

I have no idea what their mindset is nowadays nor why they are taking the bait. Perhaps it was just easier after so many years of struggling to be free from the Man.

Its easier now to work with the system and finally get a good life than to risk what happens when blacks try to create their own realities and power structures.

Only crooked lazy assholes love Obama and depend on his position to be able to pass off their bullshit, which makes them no different than other Americans but they have a unique and dangerous position right now of being able to demand anything they want while still intimidating people with animal violence if anyone says or works against. This also includes being considered underprivileged and deserving Diversity and Equality while actively being part of huge organized crime networks, who of course work for the most corrupt rogue governmental powerful agencies in the USA, with international ties.

This has made 'black people' in America an extremely dangerous force which is being utilized by the elite or powers that be to OPRESS AND BRAINWASH THE ENTIRE NATION and beyond.
Largely this is done through ghetto glorifying commercial entertainment and for-purchase lifestyle put out by blacks nowadays and sadly has reduced black culture to being defined by that slave mentality culture.

If u want to live black culture why r u not blasting jazz out of.your car? Its a hell of alot tougher and impressive than the crap the boardroom people have the house slaves pumping out nowadays.

Its absolutely hopeless. All kinds of people of all races, mostly from lower classes have bought into the trap of 'thug life' and there seems no way of making them understand that its part of a campaign to enslave them.

Frat boys and rich kids might purchase that culture BUT THEY DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TRYING TO LIVE THE ART presented.

Thug culture tells me you have settled on the fucked up way things are in America instead of demanding better conditions.

Better life should NOT have to be a result of moving up socioeconomically. Amwricans are also falling for becoming YUPpies and white flight as a way of improving their lives.

Sorry not good enough for me. In the 21st century I shouldnt still see people living in conditions like the 1970s. And people are accepting it and romanticizing these bad conditions instead of bettering themselves and evolving.

Using hate, separatism and racial superiorities to cope. If you believe AfroCentrism you're believing lies to begin with.

And the absolute ignorance about 'white peoples' or EuroAmericans, our culture(s) and ancestry making ethnic differences between us as well as class differences is far too much to deal with.

The attitude towards poor and middle class.whites is that we become uppper class or we be oppressed by a slave culture.

If everyone in the U$A wants to.stop fighting once Bush leaves office, as if it ended there then I can't stay here.

The country is hopeless. Its lost whatever process of evolution it once had with what occurred during the Bush administration.

As much as I embrace my past and my history growing up with blacks as allies in poverty, its not the 1970s anymore.

These cultures no longer respect whites nor their neighborhoods. And the gangs all are connected to corrupt agencies or the military.

Using blacks as a way to run the country is brilliant. I just refuse to deal with it. Also I can't take the heartbreak of seeing blacks who grew up so much like we did in poverty, become total tools of the oppressors. I simply can't live with that anymore.

I want to remember blacks as they once were-damaged human beings with vulnerabilities and sometimes, the most wonderful, sympathetic human beings alive. The women were once such a source of inspiration.

It's time to go home as America has nothing left for me. I have no genetic ties here.

I want to go somewhere that I can tell assholes to get the fuck out of my country and stop fucking it up and truly have a genetic and historical power to do so.

I know that racial divide and conquer is part of the elite's classic tactical plans to manage society but how stupid can a people be? Its just too sad and its become too disgusting.

Gentrification,the economy and.homelessness have created endless areas where populations can now become sucked into the slave culture instead of demaning real change from the system.

After 42 years of seeing black.ghettos in the US and now experiencing them actually taking over our culture I think Ive had enough.

And if blacks wanna sell out and become slaves again through psychological means THATS ON THEM.


I know Europe is going to have foreigners from screwed up places as controls of Europeans but I'll bring my American can of whoop ass with me.

Its so obvious that wherever the volk exist, assholes are being put in their living spaces to keep us down.

And it needs to stop.

I will not see the 21st century defined by the destruction of or re-enslavement of European peoples.

Haven't we had enough? Wars, Middle Eastern religious oppression, largely the church and Inquisition, plagues, genocides, famines, slavery, dictators, zaars, emperors and tyrants, now the environment threatens us all.

Haven't European peoples had enough enslavement and keep down for thousands of years?

I'll be damned if a young, stupid country like America gets me for another generation.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Targeted In America blog

Infamous UK Bus Transport Poster 'Safe Beneath The Watchful Eyes'

The Central Illustration

"I use the term "help" loosely, because the original poster was probably one of the finest works of satire in graphic design history." "...this poster was a less-than-subtle jab at the growing police state in Britain.

The higher ups never seemed to get the joke...Even when pointed out that this material was openly mocking them, they chose to continue on with it. While this campaign is long done, this poster will remain a great example of subverting a client's bad idea."

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Children Used In GS Campaigns As Perps Or Bait For Pedophilia Brainwash Program

"Sexism is another big angle they work on, and it seems they work on pedophilia as well. For example, making it appear that preteens or 12 and under persons desire the TI, and further presenting the ideation that said 12 and unders are under mind control themselves. Hence, it becomes "OK" for the TI to desire those age groups. When I was going for a walk, this time they were imposing a very strong ideation that I was a pedo. It was coming from tech, and I was fighting it hard. I mean, there was nobody around me, so how could I have been fantasizing about fucking a child? Yet I was getting hammered with those notions, like I was being shamed and guilted via tech influence. And it could be because I mentioned it on my blog, about how child sex slaves are made and utilized by various factions. So of course, naturally, I could expect shaming content dealing with the guilt ideations of me being pedo. It was very strong, too. I kept fighting it internally. I was very neutral at the on A Long History Of African American Spying Proves Blacks Heavily Connected To Covert Ops In USA"
(comment from reader)

Hey with the kinds of people involved in this that are perps and the worst offenders (Eddie Cox from the Cajun mafia in LA??? Very nasty) its not surprising they sexualize children and utilize them actively in campaigns.

I'VE even had a kid or two paraded in front of me.

One in a Greyhound bus station right after the MILAB, which was horrible and awful, as part of what seemed like an attempt at brainwashing people to actually BECOME child sex perverts.

I also had a tall male perp have a little girl sexually posturing, gesturing and actually hanging off of me on a B line train going down Commonwealth Ave in Allston, Boston, MA during Bush. I will never forget it as lonh aa I live.

It was ridiculous. They tried very hard during that era to.get certain people to believe they were guilty of things they had nothing to do with.

That nutcase confessing to the Jon Bennet murders was one result of this I believe becuz it was during the same time period.

Its to induce either false guilt, to create actual pedos who can then be controlled by the system and bribed, used as perps or just make you feel like you might be fucked up and help silence you.

Hate Mail For May 7th, 2013

"Oh well Rachel, when are you going to realize that you deserve this life? Everyone has his lot in life and you were born into the life of a slave, get used to it. on
 | Delete
 | Spam"

If u r going to address me, spell my name correctly.

Is this some kind of Hindu crap becuz I don't believe in it.

No one is born into slavery. Its not a natural state. Some other person or persons had to enslave that person. Remove them from a state of freedom by force.

Naturally I am of service to humanity.
I serve with excellence and nobility though I am treated badly.

Its all about The Knight's Tale in the Canterbury Tales.
Just becuz you are a of nobility ad forced into hiding and perhaps find yourself scrubbing floors wearing a hooded robe to conceal your identity this does not mean you wouldnt follow your natural instinct for excellence and scrub the floor the cleanest and brightest of all.

As someone once said to me "Kings and queens know who they are". Which simply means that if you have a fine nature or refinement within you shouldnt loose that simply due to circumstances.

All this system can do is keep ganging up on TIs to keep us down. Deception is their prime weapon. They have numbers and win by outnumbering the Target as well as other trickery.

A Reader Wants Me To Work Harder At Activism-Then You Should Contribute Something Also

"I had a chance to watch your videos on YouTube. I am really interested to hear more about how the in-person gang stalking system works. Although you had 14 videos, you only devoted 10 minutes or less to how the actual gang stalking itsel works!!! I think it is pivotal that you explain further how the gang stalking system works. You just hastily covered it in your last video when the camera was dying. onBerkeley Political Review Articles Carry More Newsworthy Than Major Media-Targets Being Exiled In Britain Parallels Covert Actions Against TIs
 | Not spam"

I am in ill health, lack resources or a permanent home and travel constantly and am basically screwed up and silenced from years of the system brainwashing me.

I do what i can, when i can.

The person who owned that camera is no longer with me.

In order for me to produce anymore meaningful work i will need a safe residence with resources.

I do not believe that is possible in my case.

I wanted to contact a lawyer while in Berkeley, CA but instead was diverted with GS and now am being terrorized into going to OR, then Canada then leaving the country.

Without support and assistance I will never be able to accomplish what u r suggesting and with how many Americans that seem to genuinely loathe me, its doubtful I will get that.

Just take what you can from what each Target leaves behind.

The general population are told we are all mentally ill thus discredited anyway.

No one's going to do anything about GS anyway. Nothing's going to change. Its simply that some of us would rather do the right thing by 'going down with the ship' than be intimidated by the system into silence or worse: working for them.

If you care so much find me a competent, experienced, viscous lawyer with conneections who ISNT part of their system.

Its why i dont bother. Everyone who wants any kind of career is going to go along with the system.

GS activism is about each of us contributing something.

If you want the benefit of my experience so badly then provide the support i need.

Becuz in my experience no one cares what happens to me in the US and most people either feel guilty or are arrogant assholes about whatever info they think they have.

The country is fucked. Its not even worth working on. I just want to tell my story for the few who care about whats happening.


And i can't wait to leave.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Berkeley Political Review Articles Carry More Newsworthy Than Major Media-Targets Being Exiled In Britain Parallels Covert Actions Against TIs

Page 19. 'When Your Country No Longer Wants You'
The content of this article should be in major news media as a focus of what's really going on in the US and Britain right now.

The exile program describes almost exactly whats being done to Targeted Individuals like myself. Especially the part about one of these targeted men being asked by MI5 to join them. My experience exactly as cI've posted. In AZ 2007. Parallel to what many people had documented with the ACLU claiming the FBI was doing the same thing. Seems agencies doing covert activities were using same methods and now I know I'm not the only one.

The system is obviously getting rid of anyone who knows something about their corruption are victim witnesses to their war crimes.

Another article on page 9, 'Obama's Crackdown On Whistleblowers' ties into this.

I recall one perp once who was part of a group who got around me in Austin TX visit before last, intimated I had military secrets.

Well if they don't want to be exposed why do they mess with people and chance victim witnesses at all?

Because they need sacrifices as the system that runs all this is evil and ritualistic. Also becuz such people are made example of so that the population especially those in the know fear this grossly corrupt world power and authority.

No one cares anymore is whats going on and the media is completely controlled now as well as people get so much content they cannot believe they might be missing something.

The country is fast asleep just as they've wanted it. I perceive this as basically hopeless at this point and leaving might be the only way to gain any sanity, closure or self respect.

However it seems from these other Target's stories that getting a Target to leave their country of citizenship is a ploy to exile them.

Getting a Target into a drone kill area seems most favorable to them.

Look at it this way: anyone who's still in the USA obviously has no problem with it, its politics or culture. Anyone who has either left by now or is totally miserable and a malcontent. Many will be driven to domestic terrorism or baited by operatives and agents.

So you have a country full of people who don't approve perhaps of whats been done BUT THEY STILL LIVE HERE AND PAY THEIR TAXES AND RETAIN CITIZENSHIP.

True the public don't have any idea of the extent of whats gone on or is now continuing. Obviously they aren't interested becuz anyone who is discontent and even talks about this is ignored.

If America ever was fair, just or good it is NOT now. Many people act as if they know damn well whats happened to me and Ive travelled through an entire country of conspirators who are either guilt ridden or secretly self satisfied but either way THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ME OR ANY OTHER VICTIMS OF THE UNITED STATES' TOTAL INSANITY OVER THE PAST TEN YEARS.

Its time to stop believing the public dont know or they are sheep. Many are simply just typical Americans who dont care about anyone but themselves and anyone that can be sacrificed to make their lives better or make them feel good.

Americans dont understand any human value without money. They don't value anything other than that unless some power in the culture tells them to.

We are dealing with a huge population that are simply incapable of evolution, growth or resisting what's unjust and wrong.

This is why we are enemies. Becuz Americans will do anything to anyone to get or keep what they have and their entire system is totally fucked up becuz its based on disposability, waste and obsolescence.

If you are someone who sees this and doesn't want to live this way as well as has a legit ax to grind with being victimized by the government and its cronies THEN YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE USA.

Every one of us Targets are expendables who are factored into things. I was told this outright years ago and there isnt anything we can do about it becuz no one cares.

Leaving the US and washing your hands of this place and its other psycho partners in crime like Britain is a novel idea.

But its obviously what they want anyway becuz we leave due to being forced out-exiled.

Just dont get into a drone zone or get your citizenship chopped which is a risk for even people like me the crazier Obama and his administration gets.

He's dangerous becuz no one sees his level of deception. They still percieve that this thin gentle sounding black man isnt capable of it. Their own racism makes them believe the black man isnt capable of such artful deception or evil.

We are way more screwed than during Bush. No one is even batting an eye at this. The country acts like its at peace.

No one in America cares. That's the bottom line. They dont want to really know what's going on. Its completely hopeless.

Leaving is a good idea. Getting yourself killed doing it isn't.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UC Berkeley's Research Validates TI Neurophone Claims

This explains why I shouldn't be in this area. Ive experienced that wherever a university scovers what.TIs knowknow has existed for years that institution is actively involved in classified, black projects.