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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Resident Evil Movie For Survivors of Programming/Raytheon

UPDATE: as of Nov 1:
It seems there was a Raytheon complex in the town I was a foster child in. This is significant as people around me in both this family and my paternal one were Raytheon connected.

I always just thought this company was in Waltham, where my maternal family has lived since the early 1900s.

I'm no fool in as much as I understand that the source of Hollywood movies is going to be perhaps people who's agendas clash with the people they are vilifying. Whats brought to attention in movies and framed a certain way to create bias might not be whats really going on in the real world nor that bias may not serve you as a TI or society generally. \

You must put it into context of what is actually going on. Maybe bad guys are good guys. Maybe its all bs shoveled from the same people. For me its merely interesting thats all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Update: They Are Trying To Cause Burnout And Killling Levels Of Stress

Update: Isolation, homebase gone, Color Harassment and Perps everywhere using every tactic imaginable to keep stress levels high and the pressure on is taking a toll on my well being and sanity and behavior in public spaces.

Ever since the new people took power in various offices in this area of the country, nationwide there's been an increase in organized stalking and harassment utilizing psych warfare.

My homebase and the people I knew as my street family are gone. Whoever is left has turned on me and now do gesturing tactics when speaking to me.

98% of the people I have interactions with perform tactical gesturing. In other words I cannot have a normal conversation with people I interact with without they either running thier hands through their hair or tapping their sides/rubbing their front pocket, leg area or both. This is on top of people in public spaces doing this to me all day long. Its everywhere.

Also the Boston area has a SERIOUS black and red or black white and red color addiction problem.

Multiple people daily are wearing the color combination all over the city and surrounding areas and its also in store windows. Macy's store windows has black white and red clothing to the exception of ANY OTHER COLORS.

Ive also experienced very worrisome tactical trends like people doing gestures in ads, tv (college football games? Wtf) and things like photos of an entire company board. REI is one example.

Boston and surrounding towns now seem to be home to citizens who are nothing but mindless cult members. It must suck to have such a limited color assortment available in your wardrobe or to be obligated to wear only three possible colors or have to have those colors in sight somewhere as if you are military or gang members.

A recent way Ive seen black and red clothing displayed as intimidation if the person isnt wearing is to hang it on passenger seats so its visible. A worker at Star Market in Porter Sq Cambridge had his jacket displayed in the same fashion on the skid he was moving products on to stock at night.

People are being creepy nice and friendly-smiling as they either put hands through hair in a way thats awkward and obviously unnatural or unnecessary if they interact with me. As if its a come on to join them. Like to brainwash me that this behavior is normal and I will eventually accept it, and them.

When Im panhandling now, 50% or so of the people who give me money do side tapping or front leg rubbing while interacting with me seemingly normally.

No longer are people always hostile. They are friendly which is nothing but normalizing torture.

Police vehicles now show up wherever I am especially if Im panhandling. They must drive around or drive by. It's an added threat to the recent occurence at Harvard where a false tip of domestic terrorism was called in on me. (See earlier post).

The recent expeeience in Harvard has kept me from the area completely while I try to get advocacy. This has taken a toll on my ability to be stable.

Im still focused and sane and I have readapted to a new routine and area. However the anxienty induced has been so great I have been allowing my self talk coping mechanism to take hold and using it for creative process, and stress relief/anxiety reduction.

I also use it as a sort of activism to insult perps and make people listen to truths about whats really going on out here. The perps want to keep me stressed to keep this mechanism going becuz I think they believe it discredits me but it seems to also piss them off as well as guilt them for a time becuz truths suck for them.
Its not going to discredit me becuz in my odd position its part of the creative process and can be shown as such. Also I have prior psychological documentation of being overworked like is common among CEOs and simply in need of sleep and not being overworked or overstimulated. Essentially all they have done is make my workload so heavy that its burning me out. As usual with females it seems they are accutely aware of possible adrenal burn out of older women.

This process seems to me like accelerated deprogramming or breaking me. Its nothing more than increasing the amount of brain damage I have as well as using stress as a tool to kill by inducing illness or exacerbating existing health issues.

What I wonder is why has the area become so bad and also where are fellow activists. I know Im not alone.

Firstly its as Ive mentioned that new people are in power, the old guard is gone and many allies are dead or not in power anymore.
Also it seems people are focusing on the racially charged McDonald's incident two summers ago, probably as an excuse to accelerate harassment but also as a rationalization not to pay any mind to my years of prior work. (Lets leave her when the going gets hard. Typical).

They basically broke Harvard down and people left, some have CONVENIENTLY died within a short amount of time (post new administration locally) and the rest were busted or made life difficult until they joined the cult. One kid has even denounced being houseless and his new profile pic on social network site is an age old tactic common among TIs (not myself)-the tongue out of the side of the mouth.
This kid is so desperate he will run out of nowhere into the street to pass me and do a tactic.

Upon asking people in the know about his recent situation (something that might cause him to join the GS cult) I was told he had tried to get involved in some 'street games' that were way over his head. Like trying to sell marijuana and I can buy into that becuz he is a big kid but kind of dim. And hes only been around a little while and hes always wanted to go inside, he came out with that intention so heres his chance.

So they seem to be sucking people into activities then busting them so they have to work for the system.

Ive also come to the conclusion which I didnt see clearly before that Harvard Sq is partially based on tolerating pedophiles.

Years ago you would see street kids in their early 20s leaving the company of older men and it was none of anybody's business. Its common among lost young people and people seemed protected back then. But somewhere along the line it seems like some very predatory rough nasty kinds of people have taken over the street and drug trade so that its not about living a lifestyle to make life tolerable while you are miserable but forcing people into misery.

The old school system that protected people and kept some decency is gone. The absolute biggest assholes seem to run the drug trade now in the area. Asians and some sort of Latino cartel has been seen and mentioned by locals. I of course am blacklisted so never know wtf is going on but thats best. Becuz of my being a Survivor of programming I may talk when I shouldnt. IIts one of the things they seem to work off of in this area and have since Bush. To get me chattering.

I also find the 'die off' of people in such a short amount of time to be very strange.

There was a strong woman of Scottish descent that was involved in the black community in Boston and considered them family. She also was into gang stalking and must have known a great deal about the local 'business' dealings as well as how organized stalking fit into that. According to locals her 'people' ratted each other out, she didnt and got time for it. She may have been baited becuz it was supposedly for assault of someone making racial insults to people in her crowd. She hung herself in jail.

Then a long time roomate of a person I knew from friends who lives in a section 8 hovel, supposedly was found in the Charles River dead. His mother died within the next day. The roomate I was introduced to I realized was not only a crazy person who was abusive ans a shitty human being but he made comments once about a movie being watched that made me pretty sure his mindset was that romantic relationships between grown adults and children were normal.

Its as if my realizing how much pedophilia is a part of the culture in the area has gotten me banished and people turning on me.

It was a different scene years ago. It wasnt creepy. Some lost 16 year old being scooped up by guys in their 20s for a few weeks who have a thing for girls with daddy issues, until they either go back home or find their way in street life was not unusual. The kids were going to run away anyway. Though its technically illegal people figured the immature guys could at least protect these girls.

If you dont understand the alternatives then you wouldn't understand why Harvard was a safer environment than others for kids running from something.

They often would get caught and send home but sometimes not. Results are mixed. Some keep going into self destruction and some get jobs and apartments and take classes.

Boston would be a much worse environment and black pimps are something no one in old school street life likes.
One of my bedtime stories from my mother used to be about her prostitute friend whos pimp poured drano down her throat at the top of a stair case and thats how she died.

I never forgot her warning about male pimps. And Ive seen many a strong woman act like a servile idiot in the presence of a male even I COULD KICK HIS ASS. Becuz he was usually a punk with mommy issues. Always be polite but keep a healthy inner burning hatred for these men.

So it was safer than other places to end up. I dont know where they go now. All i see in the area this summer are blacks that were not genuine people but trouble making afrocentrists and shitty people claiming to be travelers but in reality straight up gang stalkers.
The very fact that people dont want to see that when dealing with covert warfare and spying in America ITS NOT RACISM what I am bringing attention to. ITS A CONTINUATION OF COINTELPRO.
WHICH IS WHY RACISM IS BEING MADE INTO A DEADLY ISSUE (lone shooters). So it intimidates and enrages people into not believing what I and others have seen for years getting worse under Obama: COINTELPRO.
(And understand that we DID have African Americans come to the scene in Harvard. They were like us. They wanted the same fairly safe, chill peaceable place we did with the same level of bohemian and smarts or the arts. They werent wanna be gangstas intimidating people. There were other places for that.

Police had to sweep out the latest infiltrators into Harvard this summer becuz they simply made a mess and were aggressive. (diverse races. Isnt it nice to know COINTTELPRO type programs are so PC?)

So the covert warfare jerks sent to destoy the scene are still being sent but unlike years prior they arent bothering to hide who they are. There was even a guy with white supremacy tattoos who would make fun of what I had wrote on the McDonald's. Doesnt that seem rather strange? And its not like I told this kid anything. Hes an infiltrator. Thats all.

Even people who work for the T have left. And other kinds of people other than street people are fully aware of how genuine good decent Harvard street people are being driven out so that the worst people can stay on the streets there.

Drunks and sleazy shady people and fake Travelers. I even ran into a couple who had all the train rider trappings but they aggresively shunned me with gesturing!! I have NEVER seen train riders do that. But if you are gonna shill for the intel services this is the place to do it.

Ive had people like that mess with me and try to latch onto me.
Most train riders I know dont come to Cambridge and get hotel rooms from local wealthy kids some from old money families or places like Wellesley. Then go back to Oakland punk houses to be strung out on heroin. And somehow survive.

There's just something ingenuine about these people and you can tell.

I think Harvard street scene has been taken ovee by some heartless greedy psychopaths who want maximum productivity and minimum waste. Work for them or dont be in Harvard. They also seem to require a PC 'people of color' obsessed front as blacks take ovee street pot dealing and local businesses hire in large numbers
-south Americans
-Latinos and 'tinas that show multi signs of Latin gang affiliation
-African Americans who wear red shirts

Much of these changes began after Menino died and slowly began occuring before. After the new admin took over it went very quickly. Like a terminal patient finally dying.

Harvard is supposed to be a place safe from all other trashy street scenes. Its supposed to reflect some standard of Harvard in its own twisted way.

Not give in to whatever the trend is in lower levels of organized crime.

Harvard is sleazy now. Even the students this year are the absolute biggest assholes generally. Its as if the standard for entrance has been lowered and the very namesake of the place is as for sale as a Starbucks drink.

Which is why none of us WANTED STARBUCKS TO MOVE INTO THE HEART OF THE SQUARE. Becuz people who know Harvard know that this is what would follow. And its happened just like people thought it would.

In a world where the sheep now actually know what RISD is yet are frighteningly ignorant enough to think its 'just a little nothing school up there on the hill' in Providence-we should all be very concerned.

Its the way they think, live, work and consume. These are people who are proud of their Jaguar.
I wouldnt drive it if you paid me.
Becuz its a Ford hybrid..I always praise originals when I see them.

If you understand what Im writing about you know what we had in Harvard.

The animals destroy special things.

I was told by an informant once that all the olde money people left the cities becuz of what authorities were going to do to them.

This I assume is part of those modifications.

I believe the purpose is so anyone with means can seek higher ground but any person who doesnt have, and yet lives alternatively is cut out.

My theory is that after years of studying the behavior of people like me successfully resisting the NWO and things like OCCUPY (which may have been nothing more than a smoke out op to see what threat potentially exists in the hidden world of homelessness) its been determind that there are people in the lower classes or various classes who are capable of resisting or even organizing alternatives to the NWO agenda.

Knowing the self righteous way these people think nowadays (to cover for years of war crimes and building a police state in the US) it is most likely that its been taken seriously as a terrorist assessment which translates into whatever gets in the way of 'US interests domestically and abroad'.

Im simply going to keep going becuz I know that its only a matter of the system keeping me isolated and that isn't reality.

This new power structure Im dealing with in this area is sneaky and violent and very hateful. They were evil and hateful during Bush and early Obama too but there was a countering force in the area. It seems people are now completely swallowed up by this system.

One woman whos been a long time very jealous mean older woman in conversation said something about "even people who supposedly speak truth to power get exposed". I hope she isn't talking about me but that would be..and probably IS the rationale and pretzel logic of many people right now. Enemies have an opening to get at me thats all this has been.

Dont you mean, 'set up and knocked down by very sneaky sleazy means and total oppressive abuse of power'?

Because thats whats happened. Driving someone over the edge is what this system DOES. It doesnt 'expose' activists. It prevents us from exposing those who abuse power. It destroyed Ted Gunderson it destroyed many activists and will always do so.

NY Times: More Fed Agencies Using Undercover Operations

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Whats Up With The Village Idiot Who Sleeps In Front Of Somerville Community Baptist Church?

This homeless guy was extremely nasty tonite after I accidentally woke him up.

However whats intriguing is that hes sane enough to have been doing gesturing tactics just like every other gang stalking perp of all classes and backrounds in this area.

Ive seen this before, people who seem mentally ill yet are capable of doing harassemnt though he isnt incoherent like others who have surprised me. He jst seems like a paranoid perhaps anger issues.

He woke up got nasty and accused me of trying to sneak around his spot for some sort of devious reasons.

He said go back to Harvard Square. After I said 'What?' becuz how does he know who I am, he stated huffily as he oulled his dirty sweat shirt over his head, " I have no sympathy at all".

Uh...i am REALLY sick of getting this attitude from people specifically arouns this area.

Its not so much that I am surprised its just that hes basically letting me know that this is the attitude of many people involved in doing gang stalking.

This is what I mean about these common people being involved in harassment. His reaction isnt that of someone who knows about MK Ultra.

I dont know what they tell the public but I cannot imagine they truly grasp what is going on.

I thought the cover story was done with.

I think I know what's happening. They are using the incident with the McDonalds as well as people I was hanging around from Harvard to make me look bad.

What amazes me is that no one by now understands that focusing on the mishaps and compromises made in fighting this system and getting a book written is not what people should be doing.

All this stuff is incidental chaos and unfortunate events or mistakes that iccured within trying to get to a greater more long term goal.

What the hell are they telling these people?

I know most people get paid but what about this guy. Hes obviously a shitty personality and that has bearing on the way hes going to act towards others.

Most pedoohiles, rapists and women beaters dont have sympathy for me in this. But neither does most of this area. This area has alwaya been full of selfish spoiled rotten people of all classes and races who live off rationalizing the kind of thing thats happening to me.

Its a lawless place where the elite and organized crime and institutions have always ruled and pretty much do whatever they want without interference or oversight.

Since when have I ever asked for sympathy? In fact I consider it to be the sort of subject that should be totally disregarded when when in relation to this situation.

My mother told me money has no emotion. Neither does business and psy ops and unethical human experimentation are business.

I was going to make a vid on pity and self pity which are deadly and have no place in dealing with this situation.

The 'head hanging' tactic of many perps as a TI walks past is nothing but manipulative bullshit on their part.

Its psychological warfare and must be disregarded. Its meant to break the person by making them feel like they have already lost. That society perceives them as dead.

None of these perceptions are acceptable.

And feelings are not facts.

Any arrogance I have is born of the outrageous abuse of power and disregard for law by authorities and their citizen cronies with regard to this situation. For myself and all Targets.

And this area seems to take real personal power tripping off of doing something thats supposed to be just business which I resent intensely.

Im being responsible and doing what is right in the face of great odds and personal sacrifice.

No one needs petty know nothing nobodies who act as mere force multilpiers without any real connection to the issues connected to this, gaining personal power minute to minute becuz they live in a manufactured fantasy world of self worth and importance.

If you arent getting paid or other substantial gain from harassing me-you are an idiot, a useful one at that and being used as a pawn by people who rake in billions from war crimes, organized crime and white slavery including the elite pedophile networks. Like the one that abducted Johnny Gosch.

What does sympathy have to do with anything? I fully comprehend the value systems here are totally fucked.

Which is why I just battle through persp everyday, go thru my creative processes no matter how crazy they look and continue on to the goal post, end of the road, mission completion.

Its horrible to deal with the public bringing this down to a level of unimportant things.

Breads and circuses while Rome is burning- as usual.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who Knew? The New (Hostile) Liberal Power Elite..Wont Tolerate Dissent

Is this what my lawyer meant when she said "Cambridge isnt what it used to be." ?


"Those who dissent from the accepted point of view can expect their work to be simply ignored, or in some cases vilified."
Or you can have them harassed until they are totally villified.

This must be why my wanting to improve homeless conditions is such a threat. The homeless world exemplifies so much of the realities of poverty and racism (reverse included) as well as shows the system's failures to solve problems.

Also if you are trying to destroy the middle class and lower classes you wouldn't want to assist anyone falling. You'd want them to end up in the homeless pit so to speak and they may or may not make it out depending on how well they go along with the system.

Like other elite you need somewhere to deposit your enemies you've targeted.

So...I should be proud that Harvard trespassed me the sleazy way that they did. I now realize that I am simply fighting up against a new threat from rich overbearing spoilt rotten assholes and their underclass house slaves, a threat that our generation and our parents had seen from the totally opposite kind of people.

Its been strange to shift my understanding of the enemy to someplace where party lines dont exist.

One thing I always understood is that Liberal elitists are rich people FIRST and foremost.

With the growth of this creepy culture Ive seen through these years you cannot trust or rely on labels like Liberal or Democrat like one used to.

Reading the links I realize Im losing so badly becuz my work goes up against the "oligarchs" of finance and technology and now my recent direction offends the opposite group.

I have no place to be safe. But then again in reality the activism on this level IS about both of these groups benefiting from the war crimes of unethical human experimentation, mass mind control and targeting of individual citizens.

So much of the worst abuses from what seemed like military levels of tech (helicopters used etc) happened in the local area. Kenmore Sq, Berklee College area, Emerson College Boston.

Then again similar horrors occurred in AZ a notoriously military state. Harvard and MA state police were always heavily involved in harassment.

For whatever reason I could seek refuge in Harvard Sq for many years. Since the new admin took over that's changed completely. Its unnerving the amount of negativity and hatred that exist there now.

So by obsessing over diversity the elite are covering for their class wars...and hiding the fact they are the same evil greedy selfish self serving pieces of shit they always were.

Actually I recall the old money type kids years ago being much more kind and doing wonderfully WASPy things with us minding their own business. And having the class to not draw attention to situations. Much unlike nowadays.

I should be pretty much satisfied that the 'new' Harvard Sq acted like punk ass little scumbags and utilized something so horribly trendy as terrorism to get me tresspassed.

Did anyone mention the new elite are pretty much a mob where no one person has any kind of true creativity or originality? And it SHOWS darlings. It really does.

I was told by a local recently that Im also targeted becuz Im too smart and that "around here having natural talent is considered an unfair advantage".

So it is very much a closed elitist society where institutions rule.

Of course its really about Harvard's connection to MK Ultra and all the nasty crap they pulled during Bush. And early Obama.

Just like every other elite core who wants to enslave humanity with the NWO deception.

One thing I have to say is that it seems there are some allies in the area. They lay quiet. But they are at powerful institutions and this is the force that got me to come back to MA once again and fight some more. Who can tell if theres those that genuinely want me to continue to victory or if they just want to have me back here to finish destroying me. I cant tell anymore.
How hard is it to be hated by your own country.

Can you imagine?

(What there is left of it anyway.)

Monday, October 19, 2015

File Under 'Why They (GS Perps) Do It' : Diluted Diabolism (COS Article)

"Satanism lite"

This has been a huge problem with every demographic from hipsters to black culture hip hop gangsta kids where a so called 'Illuminati' has been used to cukt mind control fans and a large portion of the black community complete with symbols imitated by fans en masse at shows. Its scary but no one is admitting to the true nature of what we are dealing with.

In fact rapper Illuminati seems more a mixture of voodoo much of Africa's ancient pagan belief system, Masonry, cult mind control and pan Africanism or Afrocentrism which perpetuates the falsehood that Africans mixed with European and Native DNA from western slave populations originated in ancient Egypt and have some connection to Pharaohs and Egyptian dynasties in NORTH EAST Africa. (Which would work best dealing in Templars or Masonry systems..if you were desperate).

Its possible the most effective of these artists get some power connect thats genuine from European DNA or even some such connect to Egypt but that percentage would be very small.

Its never made sense to me that African peoples could be Satanic as Europeans becuz black culture utilized the Christian church for freedom and comfort from enslavement. Its empowered them.
Europeans are the ones who have been enslaved by foriegn Abrahamic religious systems which destroyed our ethnic and pagan routes.
Africans never lived through the Black Death brought on by Christian ignorance about health practices rejected due to their association with ancient Rome or black cats serving the function of killing rats or diseases born of international travel and trade. They werent broken down by 1000 years of The Inquisition.

Black gangs and blacks being tribal as they are and conformist and collective are being elevated to power by those in power through the domain of 'Satanism' or their messy concept of Illuminati.

What they are really rebelling against and trying to destroy is Euro-American middle class and lower classes who have stayed connected to ethnic routes.

Laughably they serve the same purpose ad the original Judeo Christian break doEuropean peoples and our original pagan ancient belief systems.

If I can add to what the author is saying more deeply what we are seeing is simply the next logical step to a power structure that used Jonestown as an experiment for future cult mind control particularly of African Americans.

These powers that be dont care if its Satanism, Masonry, video games, psychiatry or Christianity even corporate culture as collective identity or a gang or the military life.
They just want society controlled so that everyone is in a 'gang' or group thats controlling and controlled. From Hipsters to Juggalos as long as individuality is crushed and society becomes an easy to manage bee hive of varying clusters.

I think the article explains well why we are easily annoyed by those who dont seem to have suffered Ritual Abuse or Satanic content being part of their childhoods even family bloodlines the way Survivors have especially those of us now targeted. Its logical becuz it takes like 100 or more a day across the US to chip away at the power of just one genuine Survivor.

Many are young people which is even more infuriating to those of us raised as genuine latch key kids.

Its disgusting to see one of them act out a dance move in a rap song or to use a symbol and that empowers them as an individual yet they are really relaying the power of the mob not their own.

You know damn well without personal technologies and spy equipment so common to the commoners nowadays they wpuld be a grain of sand up against the power of one single burning sun.

Mobs have always existed but the article says these people now more resemble the old angry mob of self righteous Christians than anything else due to the allure of the collective.

I dont even think youngsters today comprehend true solitude or what it's like to be alone. They can't possibly at least not in first world countries in which they are born native to technology.

It appears that powers are marketing Satanism for cult mind control of the masses not for individualists.

Just becuz you are a shit from a group of shitty people doesnt mean you're a Satanist. Though I suppose as a mob they accomplish evil destructive deeds.

Yes basically by annoying people to death. Not really the fire breathing dragons of yore.

Brit Bank With US Offices Allowed Money Laundering That Likely Funded Terror

Mexican landscapers? Lol well at least now we know why they are so heavy into gang stalking.

When I was in TX someone pointed at a truck full of workers like that and said "THATS the cartel now".

Interestingly in the gang stalking game the businesses that perps seem to work at also have high turnover maybe so they cant be tracked easily or complaints wont be able to be reviewed properly.

It seems high turnover is purposeful to cause the bank oversight dept to be unavle to function.

Remember gang stalking is both aggressive and passive. All TIs who are targeted heavily have been subjected to the lines that someone dropped the ball or other excuses for negligence or miscommunication.

It seems that gangstas make money but WASPs launder it for them. The elite have had generations to learn to hide. Their front is flawless.
And they are ultimately clever.

Its interesting to try to connect this to changes in the guard of local org crime in places like Providence RI or even Harvard Sq Cambridge.

It really does seem like Mex cartel and South Americans are the new stars of syndicate crime.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gloria Steinem-Still The Same 20th Century Rehash In An Era Where ALL Of Humanity Is At Risk


"I loathe Steinem. She was CIA on campus in her youth. Google it. She also worked as a Playboy bunny.

She's a reactionary just like all feminists of this type.
Also if shes so concerned about women then why does she support anti white racism that ensures males from sexist raping cultures hurt women? Especially now in Europe due to mass immigration and the ghettoification of underclass areas in the USA.

They want to due away with Sundown Towns in TX yet every ghetto is a 'sundown town'for whites especially females.

I cannot believe people are still buying into her bullsh*t. People are realizing that there is something wrong with a culture where every single high profile activist or playwright is a Jewess. As horrible as this sounds one has only to look at what she and others are NOT telling us about.

If you look at whats really urgent now its far removed from her trite bs. The military industrial complex, DARPA contractors, privitized prisons (very much fueled by her beloved black culture which became highjacked long ago by COINTELPRO and then turned over to CIA to create gangs to run drugs. It's no surprise those who invest in music industry making rap also invest in privatized prisons.)

If she isnt Mossad I would be surprised. Mostly she doesnt deal with gang stalking, mind control slavery of women,most programmed as children, ritual abuse and the use of microwave and electromagnetic technologies as well as chemtrails etc.

THATS whats going on today. Stuff that's scientifically advanced. Above our world so to speak. Her role is to divert peoples attentions with dated concerns about whats going on in this planet and the messiness of human politics and social/power structures.

If you dont understand by now that the black community and in part the Latino have been commandeered by the powers that be over the past thirty years to act as house slave-like keepers of our society and ensure ANYONE or any movement coming up from the streets is crushed-you ARE living back in the old days.

Ask ANYONE from the black community who has become an activist or been percieved as a future threat to the system. Many African Americans are Targeted Individuals. So are many EuroAmericans.
Doenst anyone notice that Steinems politics and the NWO are not effecting the people who are most responsible for slavery, Native genocide etc but lower classes of people. The NWO serves the elite and their value systems. I see it at Harvard. They are very calculating now to make sure they tow ONE singular wealthy black friend with them in groups when they go out. It changes nothing.

Shes an agent of diversion. Feminism if it were legit should be about females not males of color or any males at all.

My theory isnt that its a Jewish conspiracy thats total. I beleive they are very good at programming people just as other factions of power are, to fulfill whatever need they have for disinfo agents, provocateurs etc.

You cannot now claim to care about women and support the People Of Color movement to take over the world at the same time. Like any war or conflict the armies have changed, the lines on the map have shifted.
Males from certain first world and most third world cultures are brutalizing women as they are flooded into Europe or take over entire cities or underclass areas in the USA.

Everyone is complaining its ruining quality of life for the middle and lower classes who had their own neighborhoods their own music and culture many based on their European ethnic roots.

Her brand of diversion and disinfo and insanity should be thrown out with the twentieth century.

How cute she is trying to be hip and get with the trend of all us TIs especially we Gen Xers coming into power by selling herself as a nomad.

Remember she chose to travel and do activism. The true fighters of the 21st century DONT HAVE A CHOICE. Also we dont get basement apartments or collect treasures from our travels.

We work tirelessly for the freedom of ALL debunking bullshit Divide and Conquet like hers and any other depections that are going to in the end assist the elite to enslave humanity.

Shes got a great, long running act. That's all. And why not?
She's always had the face for it.
I cant say that I will be sorry when those great cheekbones are in the ground."

An interesting page on Steinem:

"She is operating on 16 synchronized cylinders and has charmed the natives....” (C.D. Jackson to Cord Meyer, 7/14/59, with attached Walker diary; Walker to Jackson, 7/31/59, DDE.) In other words, Gloria Steinem was NOT a naive dupe of the CIA, she was a highly motivated agent who took her own initiative to move against fellow students for the CIA. "

Unfortunately for those of us with 'whiz kid' potential who WON'T work for their agendas, their main objective seems to be to dumb us down with brain damage, drugging, psychological terror and keep us caged like veal away from any kind of stimuli, kept in homeless shelters for life, ensuring the world never knows we exist.

2nd comment on first link:
"I do agree with freedom of choice. Men dont have wombs.
But Ive had two myself and pro choice isnt enough either. Our society doesnt respect the primitive magickal world in which reproduction exists in. That's the problem. Theres a whole set of problems after abortion no one tells u about and no one helps u deal with. There's also alot of phases of womanhood and body changes that border on the mystical that lame ass books like 'Our Bodies Ourselves' simply does NOT suffice for information references. As a society we should have evolved beyond this by now. THAT is the real problem.

What society cant admit and both sides deny is that abortion is killing a child. Yet I agree that women should be able to have that power becuz in reality we can always make more. Sometimes having a child with a certain male or at a certain time or situation isnt going to result in the best offspring or isnt the safest for the mother.

This is what society can't deal with. Both sides are wrong and lie to make their point. Neither is whats best for women.

I also credit her and others of her time for helping pry women from my grandmother's plight. I dont think all women her age wanted marriage. My Nana would have bee happier as an artist or managing a business.

But the fact feminism hasnt progressed past daddy litttle girl reactionary whining is shocking.

We need men. At least I do. We ARENT MALES. MEN provide wisdom we don't have. They advise us when perhaps we arent thinking straight. And no woman is going to protect you from predatory males like other males can. Only they know the urges, the depth of depravity of the male psych.

All the cops and agents who've protected her ass and other activists over the years. How many times has someone thought up a plot to shoot her or even abduct her? She might never know becuz there are MEN out there in law enforcement who protect us just as the military does (when its not purely a conflict for profit) without letting the American public or certain people especially women and children, know how much danger they are in at any given time.

Males do have their own brand of magick and wisdom. I personally have been tipped off that there have been planned abductions of me years ago that were prevented.

Equality is the illusion and social construction not race or culture. Masculine and feminine do exist. Sometimes men are more of one or the other or the opposite.

And in Europe they no longer have the right to bare arms nor freedom of speech. Anyone trying to post rape stats on Facebook in desperation is jailed. Becuz of fear of another Hitler...wasnt Hitler funded by the 1% Rothschilds? Hmmmm. Plan in advance huh. Its worked well.

Id rather be here right now with males and all of their nonsense. Actually the problem is there arent enough females keeping males from making the messes we see now. Which is our job.

ITS THE MILITARIZATION OF SOCIETY THAT ENSURES MALECENTRICITY AND THE SILENCING OF FEMALES. That includes gangsta culture and any other form of gang or cult mind control. Even corporate culture. The Masons. Etc.

Has she not noticed that once her beloved African American males came to power all they did was use the pimping of females and the prize being white females to negotiate with the white male power structure?

Females continue to be used as collateral and currency in war. It doesnt get any more malecentric than that"

And btw no one is taking away my porn. Forget it. What do feminists watch? Oprah? Ew.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015

DD Gano St Providence- The Best Of The Worst (Hey At Least Staff Are Polite)

Dunkin Donuts Gano St. Providence RI. Least obnoxious of all of this heavy gang stalking chain of coffee shops.

(Btw an employee of the one downtown I complained about before is switching to this one becuz even she is sick of how messed up the staff is downtown. And shw confirmed everything I saw going on there. Thst staff mess with customers, think its a game and the type of patrons they have down there are arrogant shithead YUPpie types who like to cause trouble.)

However they have the most tactically elaborate gs set ups. The same cop will come in every day now that I come in late. Yesterday he was in and out. Today he sits right behind me and I can see his suv in front of me. So essentially im surrounded psychologically that's the effect.

When i arrived a while ago there was a wall of 'regular guy' workers sitting around on one side and then UPS workers in the back.

They were all essentially bitching about people on welfare sitting at home making as much as they do working. It sounded suspiciously like a fake set up becuz the complaining was really aggressive and it went on and on and the subject matter did not change.

This is from a city that allowed third world South Americans to flood their city to rhe point where most of Federal Hill and south west Providence moved out and took 'white flight'. So..if u dont like it why did u allow it?

Becuz the mafia needed new blood to deal and run drugs I suspect. Also Prov is worse for human trafficking than MA. Like thats not on purpose either.

Union job types are inveitably connected to organized crime historically we've all seen this especially in the northeast.

And in turn they with their legit jobs provide a front of respectability and social acceptability for their cronies.

Its been documented they basically strong armed Obama into office.

So its the same deceptions and fake outs it always is. The northeast LOVES to tout its respectable fronts to the public.

As touching as the cops buying milk for that family stuck in their house in Watertown during marshal law after the Boston Bombing.

Watertown and Newton are corrupt as f#ck with hidden money and spoilt rotten mob Italians, Armenians and Jews peppered with compliant turn-a-blind-eye WASPs.

Ive lived in these areas too long to be handed bullshit. Its getting a little annoying.

I know what these fucks are doing here in RI.

Trying to cripple me as long as possible until I have to leave for the winter so I cant get anything done.

Over time they are going to let old age yake its toll and i will be too sick or tired to do anything.

Them and their black house slaves all over the north east are convinced and very thankful Im considered too weak and alone without help to do anything about this.

After I made a call and complained about the psudeo political discussion then considered it might be gang stalking the UPS bastards stopped and after the DD turned up the air conditioning (a popular anti homeless tactic nowadays in stores) the little spoilt rotten working class heroes left.

Of course. They never want to be uncomfortable and perps are notoriously lazy assholes who wont even come out when its raining.

I had a foriegn old bastard waiting for mw today who gave me dirty looks and made sure i realized he only drove away after I showed up.

He had a kid in back of his car with him...who he and his family are probably trafficking to whatever connected pervert can afford it.

It amazes me how many common people suport the elite pedo networks or the organized crime organizations locally.

Its an evil society and most people are in denial.

By way of PC bullshit and high profile campaigns to get rid of obvious org crime figures and others thrown to the cameras as sacrifices the powers that be have convinced a naive and terrorized public that our country is cleaned up and changed from what it was thirty plus years ago.

Actually it just seems like the military,corporations and inteligence networks run things in a way the public cant see now.

Thats the only difference.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Uh. Why Am I Getting These Impressions Or Ideas That The Gov Of The State I'm In Is "Dangerous" And I Should Relocate And Change Residency Immediately

Putting state pension funds of workers into high risk investments.

(But theres a positive article on this as well:

Working for a company backed by Romney's Bain Capital in her youth.

Harvard. Oxford. Yale.

Council On Foriegn Relations member.

And this..
"This addition to section (a) of the law would expand the Governor’s authority to ‘Order the state militia into service’. The current law was enacted in 1956 with NO amendments to this particular section since it’s inception. Therefore, if the law has been sufficient for the past 59 years – what has changed?"

She just doesnt strike me as a bad person or someone whos up to major bullshit the way Romney does or Menino was scary. The way Duval Patrick would piss me off just looking at him. She doesn't strike me as sleazy, mob connected, sociopathic or a Masonic house slave (like Patrick). She doesnt have the weaknesses of male politicians. Yet she also lacks the off balance mode of Hillary or the dangerous stance of Obama's crazy lady in his admin that likes to echo the Bush sentiment of 'if they arent with us they are against us'.

Admittedly I was a bit skeptical that magically all of a sudden RI seems like a good place to relocate to just when new people come into office. It could be that whatever state and city has TIs in residency gets rewards for having us there. Money or favors. Opportunities. Just as the perps get for doing harassment and stalking.

I dont know what to think.

You cant trust anyone anymore and theres no safe places anymore from the stalking and harassment as there was years ago.

Everyplace in the US is miserable now. Which is probably why I was warned to leave the US in 2012 if I wanted to preserve whatever was left of who I really was and my true Self.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Whats most annoying lately is the learing stupid smiles of self satisfactions the horrid common people have on their faces especially males.

Shop keep women will intimate things like I need to get over myself. Wtf is this?

How did so many idiots get involved in something that used to be classified? It certainly is serving its purpose becuz do you know how demoralizing it ia to have average people take energy from you every few minutes by them smiling about something they AREN'T EVEN SMART ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND?

Yet their job isnt to comprehend their purpose is to do what they do best-act as a mindless mob and get satisfaction out of the behavior most common to dumb animals.

Get these stupid people OUT of the covert warfare games. Its absolutely disgusting.

The public arent even sane anymore from what Ive seen. They exist under cult mind control indoctrination through years of truama and intimidation and are now at a level of dumb rabid animals who will do anything The Cult tells them to in order to acquire what used to be basic necessities.

One thing is consistent and thats that they are mostly idiots...but that doesn't matter becuz they are in a mob. Thats where their sense of purpose and power is coming from.

Whoever came up with the idea of giving spy equipment to the public must have known it would end in disaster...or planned this all so they could be utilized as they are now.

American Everyman:John McCain Cries About His CIA Terrorist Assets in Syria on CNN and suddenly …. POOF… a Mass Casualty Event in Oregon 10-1-15

Activist Documentary Film About Hollywood Sexual Abuse Of Aspiring Stars-Another Controlled Leak?

Its amazing people are shocked by this. It used to be common knowledge.  And the practices are deeply embedded in the culture and in American culture.

What I wonder is...why is it always the same kinds of activists from the same places?  And someone like me cant even have a place to live and has to struggle for daily survival that interferes with my work.

How is she even able to create such a film to begin with?

I sense that the intelligene apparatus moght create little exposures that reveal a bit but not the true abuses of power. Kind of like TIs dont trust Snowden as its all too easy.

We've seen controlled leaks over the years and always coming from the same cultures and places that can be predicted like clockwork. I could make alot of money wagering on things like thus.

Just as the Targeted Individual community's activism is severely controlled by a population of agents  (many African Americans which points to probable reassigned COINTELPRO agents and Christianity being used to replace legal action or critical thinking) and criminal opportunists creating a holding area for Targets.

Its like when you go to a lawyer whos working to minimize damage for the people you are sueing (my mold lawsuit). I learned that the sex industry is used by more people than you could imagine and effects other industries, professions.

And eventually, it leads to mind control and mc slavery. Nowadays it would lead to the exposure of mass mind control, communications and the military industrial complex and its contractors.

To understand how we live in lies everyday and its all a diversions just observe laws about cigarettes smoke or CVS refusing to now sell cigarettes yet GE can build a nuclear reactor on a small island known as Japan in the Ring Of Fire earthquake zone. I dont see people dealing with Fukushima. I see them focusing on the petty shit they can actually control.

Why do we push Diversity and Equality these brainwash, cult type concepts that are basically unconstitutional and unrealistic (they just trade off who gets treated like shit and discriminated against according to the whim of the elites agenda) when we dont seem to care about drone strikes or the rights of peoples around the world we exploit so we can have the ridiculous and wasteful lifestyle we have?

You are told what to care about. You are told whats important and you are directed to sources of information that are kept small and manage exposure then you are redirected back to the mainstream.

The info that matters. Thats connected to your work and the job that provides you with shelter and food and protection.

The only thing great about America is the remaining right to bare arms and freedom of speech which Europe no longer has as its being destroyed by mass immigration. People cant protect their women from systematic rape in first world countries.
And the current administration seems to want to either succeed in taking these away before they leave office or lay the ground work for that to happen.

In the end what good is freedom of speech if you are targeted so you cannot use it and those abusing power have the ability to use a complex system of deception hidden from the naive citizens who believe an empire can at once be all powerful and a democracy at the same time.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

RISD Mini Vans And RISD Rides Doing Overt Community Watch Harassment

Here's the deal.

Tell the fat f*cks (all males) who ride around in RISD mini vans that if they are off school property and far from vampus its not their job to do community watch.

If so then WATCH assh*les dont stop and lear or break your necks to harass a single female walking around at night.

Get filmed. Get sued.

I wont forget the way I was treated at RISD when I modeled there or the bitchy way the control freak old hag who made out the hours treated me.

What do u expect from a school that produces the likes of propaganda artist (and plagiarist) Shepard Fairey?

He was amusing back then with those Andre The Giant has a Possee stickers on gas station pumps and random places. Like surrealism meets zine art. But it grew into something so awful...and he obviously worked for some....organization or agency lets say. Becuz theres obvious media psy ops there for TIs and the masses.

There was some good stuff going on back then but I doubt it now and I get enough overt harassment from students to know that its not what it used to be. But what is?

Every campus has been infiltrated with security and anything else necessary to prevent and discourage dissidents or dissent.

Colleges are one of the worst places Ive seen organized stalking and harassment. Why not RISD?

So keep driving. Creeps.

Intelligence Services Guarantee That No One Anywhere Can Truly Be Free..Unless They Have Completely Bought Into Deception And Live In Denial

Personal friend of DeNiro?  Arms dealing?

So this is how things are set up. Religions intertwined with organized crime and the same people working in media and connected to politics. Entertainment. Military industrial complex. Banking. Etc.

So if you are in anyone's way or have to be sacrificed for an agenda or someone or group is pissed off at you, you have no life, no recourse and no one will ever know you even existed.

So everything is rotten to the core from the get go.  That's why nothing ever changes and humanity never evolves and if it starts to happen the system just shuts it down and re arranges a new version of the fuedal system or prison for society to live in.

There really is no hope and no way of gaining any sort of true justice in such a world.

Its always going to remain a bullshit patriarchy that rules by might makes right and is completely full of shit no matter how it dresses itself up with disguises like the modern lies of  Political Correctness.

Its always going to be a world being destroyed run by selfish self interested (mostly male) assholes who will never allow true justice or liberation of humanity.

People In Harvard Sq Area Are Convincing Homeless They Are 'Anarcho Communists' To Further Obamination Agenda

It seems that theres people around Harvard and other places trying to convince uneducated and politically unsavvy homeless that they are Anarcho Communists simply by the way they live.

Let me tell you something. If it wasnt for the money and power especially old money status from Harvard area there wouldn't have ever been a scene to begin with. All these ''anarcho communists' would be starving to death.

Its true that the Harvard street scene had the same principal as the Traveler scene which is that we dont care where you came from but that you are part of the family or scene now.
No one really lives by who had a trust fund or who came from rich parents or even if you had a place to stay other than outside.  We were a group of different individuals but with similar tastes, ways and a almost militant or tribal sense of dress.

Even that was never the whole truth. Ive known for years that Im tolerated in Harvard due to my family's connections, my prior history in the Boston area, my father having  lived there and my dads family  (who ive only met and been involved with briefly 25 years ago) having money and connections.

Also i noticed that if we  hung out in an area say near the bridge to Harvard, it was tolerated. If homebums from crappy areas showed up who were just drunks and werent bohemian, writing, traveling etc and were just gonna make a mess they were thrown out immediately.
When I say 'We' I mean people who have or are from families that had some sort of value in the community.

Perhaps Harvard was allowing kids to experiment with differing political systems by allowing the tribal family we had out there.
As well as letting people who are dissident by nature see there is some place for that in society and a healthy institution thats powerful welcomes such challenges.

Over the past years since about 2010 or so its slowly been eroded by what appears to be a purposeful program of 'make order out of chaos' mostly utilizing dirty tricks and covert activity.

I observed this in other places like Austin TX around the same time.

The natural order of things is that if a city has a shitty homeless scene then theres a good alt one somewhere else around. Usually that means downtown is terrible and defined by a ghettoized mentality of homelessness (institutionalized homelesnesss at this point in the USA is either ghetto culture of poverty or Christianized usually shelters that are part of the industry.)
then wherever the hip artsy area is thats where you'll find the Travelers artists musicians etc.

For a city like Cambridge to no longer have such a genuine alt street scene when historically Harvard had defined that, is unnatural and very suspect.

Someone explained to me in my ignornace rather impatiently a few years ago that mass immigration into EU was to bring people away from socialism.

And it seems the rotten practices of this presidential administration is supposed to do the same thing in the USA.

Agents walking around wearing black and red causing chaos and destroying peaceful alternative areas and causing racism now their latest psychological operation will certainly have its negative effects over time.

Once again vulnerable people are being used as force multipliers. Just as all the fools who want opportunities, reduced sentences or material gain partake in organized harassment.  Due to the fact the oppressive state makes survival unrealistically difficult to begin with.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crime Of False Reports Of Terrorism/FBI Entrapment And Use Of Informants

Well that explains the behavior of half the city of Providence LOL (immigration violations forgiveness).

Alot of long time people out here have been really creeped out by the sheer numbers of kids mostly who are getting busted left and right for different things and dont seem to get into trouble or stay in for long. I was warned about this by the older people out here but didnt think it would get this ridiculous.

Ive just been ignoring them and going about my business of trying to get survival essentials taken care of and then continue to work on material for my book.

I now have to find out what the legal consequences are to me after this false tip. I may be put on no fly lists or other inconveniences or worse.

Anaphylaxis Coming on From Interaction With Cops and Stress Reaction From Accusation and Investigation

Uncontrollable strss reactiin from police interaction and accusation ealier causing uncontrollable anaphylaxis reaction from adrenaline.

Took benadryl. In MBTA with epipen. Hoping i wont need it. Mild breathing trouble getting worse.

Dnt want to use pen. Hate epinephrine.

This is why i cant get into physical fights or get to angry. I would have an anaphylaxis that would kill me from adrenaline.

Docs warned me about this years ago.

Overheard Conversation About Police Entrapment Attempted Which May Have Been In Reference To Me (Few Weeks Ago)

Come to think of it I overheard a long time Harvard homeless resident an older man whos respected and fit, saying something to younger kids who werent homeless concerning entrapment by police that it was being attempted and it seems to have been in reference to me as I was in close proximity. Also alot of this is to warn me about whats going on.

It also might be that the public who DONT know about MK Ultra have been duped into being force multipliers for this system Ive been up against for years as a targeted whistleblower.

It may be being done as an extra judicial mobbing or harassment of me as target. I thought I heard a group of French speaking people in Harvard a week or so ago say in English "Don't you think she should be punished for whzt she did?". Only one of them was of African descent and hes the one who said it. If I heard correctly but on thus one I am not sure.

It would make sense and line up with the increase in mobbing after my being baited into writing on the side of the McDonalds then being arrested and the language being made such a big deal over.

It might also be a front the perps are using to make it seem that the increase to related to that event.

Remember the black community specifically in this area started this with ME long ago and I never did anything to them. I refuse to back down or apologize. Theyve had a significant role in COINTELPRO in this country as well as war crimes during Bush as Ive been blogging about for years. In St Louis a black perp said to me "It doesnt matter if a woman from Boston is beautiful on the inside and outside-a person can take only so much" in his insanity and ignorance. This demise of mine has been planned over many years time.
And if youve never been associated with truly underprivileged ghetto life you have no idea of the insanity and sickness in these communities and how backwards they are kept. Boston isnt what Im talking about. Missouri is.
I dont regret acting out as I did in response to being tricked and baited. I regret not responding correctly like instead writing "this establishment and its employees takes part in mobbing aka organized stalking and harassment. Beware".

From what Ive seen and heard lately its all about money with these people at this point. That or getting out of trouble with the judicial system.


I learned two summers ago about how the new people in power deal with things and this is just one example. I learned my lesson then and through last year.

Dissidents wont be tolerated and they will use whatever they can to crush you.

However the reason I am the way I am ans am in Harvard area is becuz the culture used to be about producing healthy dissent. Questioning and challenging of the institutions and those in power.

The very fact that I am being countered so heavily shows that Im doing what Harvard and Cambridge used to be about producing people to do.

To keep challenging corruption and secrecy and expose abuses of power.

They might be getting nervous becuz ive been considering looking for property to start a collective or pay to stay house or homeless hostel for Travelers and homeless artists etc

Also Ive been getting up real early and pushing it real hard to get things done. Ive also learned to resist the harassment that goes on and it seems to have been frustrating locals lately.

Someone Called FBI And Said I Had Been Paid To Shoot Up Harvard And I Had A Gun!

The cop that was outside met with other cops and searched my stuff saying there was a complaint about my making threats and having a firearm.

After being searched and politely speaking with police they told me the info came down from the FBI originally and that it was a few days ago. That they had been looking for me for a few days and were surprised to see me sittif in Dunkins having coffee.

I talked about being an activist and that theres always the risk of retaliation as there's been false reports of my being drunk before and everyone knows I can't drink due to health issues. That kind of thing hasnt happened in a while.
Part of my activism is on homelessness as Obama's admin has an actual policy that attempts to end homelessness by 2020 and this project.
Harvard cop asked if i was against HarvArd and I said that sometimes it does involve Harvard but it also might mention MIT or MGH or other schools or institutions.

At least no one did anything while they were investigating and talking to me.

The Harvard police had to tresspass me off of all Harvard property due to the threat.

I told them that I was born here, my parents met here and Ive had a family member living here before so its my area.

They tried to make some gang relation out of that but I told them I meant it as this is where my heart is.

They were quite reasonable. The Cambridge cops moreso I think as it seemed like two of the Harvard cops were trying to let me know this is Harvard's way of getting me out of here.

I think they either want me gone or are trying to force me into action.

Ludicrous GS From Customer In Dunkin Donuts Harvard Square Cambridge, MA

DD JFK St across from Harvard School of Govt..(how appropriate).

Being gang stalked with overt gesturing by this person in DD Harvard Sq.

Nothing like a disturbed rich girl to start your morning.

Maybe its a weekend course for future world leaders in how to abuse power and not be caught.

Cops(Harvard) used to be very overt here. They arent doing harassment but just as in Providence RI they show up just after the perp does overt harassment to get the Target going.

They are now sitting outside (?) directly behind the perp and her parents from my eye view out the window.

In other words if I do anything or even look at the perpetrator then they can see it.

It seems alot of new money people are involved in organized harassment nowadays probably to make their way and gain access or status.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Harassment On MBTA Commuter Rail-Tech And Psy Warriors (So Just Move Your Seating!)

Whenever I ride theMBTA commuter rail Im always surrounded by perps but even if its not gang stalking that includes outright gesturing or other harassment thats overt it now seems to include tech or psychic warrior activity. Getting nasty ideations or hypnotic suggestion like the idea Im poor and dont matter so should quit what Im doing becuz no going to listen or that i dont deserve life or i dont matter.

i usually sit in the front seats becuz i need the plug to charge. This is where perps always congregate around me.
Becuz ive recently noticed if i walk to other cars its normal people who seem randomly collected in the seating. So how come I never get random normal people who conversate about normal things?

Im always surrounded by peoplle being silent mostly working on phones or computers and today two of them were wearing "BOSTON STRONG" related clothing. (Boston Strong is a phrase coined and marketed as the cities reaction to The Boston Bombing.)

And the conductor is often a scumbag whos arrogant and will say things before the train starts outside like "I dont want to miss the show". Train employees both Amtrak and commuter rail of the MBTA have been some of the most arrogant power tripping constant gang stalkers throughout the years.

They seem like very sick people and its definitely a boys club type job.

The people surrouning me on the MBTA commuter rail could be sitting down as their are open seats if I walk through other cars.

Today I was stalked by employees as if I was doing something wrong walking through the train back from bathroom looking for other plugs as I got hip to being handled where i was sitting and wanted to move.

Of course I moved and the IDEATIONS CEASED. The feeling of being fried or tormented by tech subsided and I no longer felt physically or sexually intimidated by those around me.

The perps on computer rail always have to intimidate using their bodies physically in the way they surround the Target. Someone always stands right across from me and makes me feel very controlled and dominated even though there are tons of open seats elsewhere on train in multiple cars and its always a man.
(Wearing 'Boston Strong' on his pull over, ever so small almost like a corporate logo. )

No one is crowding me now or focusing on me. I dont have anxiety. I dont feel like Im being harassed. I dont feel handled.

Alot of what seems to be going on lately is pure fear mongering and intimidation. It doesnt even have any other sort of content.

I dont exactly want to go out by my head exploding..sigh