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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

BAE Systems Of New Hampshire Is Involved In HAARP Technologies Sites

Ah. No wonder nobody likes me here. Go to Google Maps and look up BAE Systems in New England. British aerospace company with some history of corruption

Bur they still rake in that money. I go I guess to another state. Sigh.

Flashlights Used As Intimidation- I Will Sue Manchester As Well

Im already going to sue Harvard and Cambbridge dont make the list.

The female officer last night put a white flashlight in my face while asking all those inappropriate questions. It was only supposed to be them asking for my ID. The female officer was asking 'why don't you stay at the shelter?" and "Why don't you get a job?". These are not appropriate questions in relation to finding out my identity. Also she kept putting the flashlight n my face to blind me through out the interaction.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Abuse From MCC 'Security'

The older male 'guard' at MCC flipped out.
He was so threatening (like a wife beater) that I tried to calm the situstion and I called him 'hun' out of nervousness.

He snapped at me not to call him 'hon'.


The security here are unbelievably irrational and mean.

Im calling head of security. This has been pretty outrageous here.

To Manchester Community College- Back Off Sec Guards Or I SUE

I have evidence from the cams in the hallways. If one more sec guard from MCC is INTIMIDATNG OR HARASSING of me especially being a single female alone I will sue you into oblivion.

I have a right to use the bathroom and get geared up if its raining a mere 20 min after the library closes while the college is still open.

U get federal funding for public access computers. Stop acting like it's a private college.

Sandy Hook Mom Using Hand Signals To Guide Child Victim Witness Illustrates TACTICAL GESTURING Of Targeted Individuals

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Omg. Energy and Environment in DD Immediately Improved Once Employee In Vid Of Harassment Exited The Building

When the employee in on the harassment skit earlier in the vid exited the building not only did the energy improve like something evil or negative was lifted I noticed that I CALMED RIGHT DOWN.

Ive been disturbed and pissed off all night long due to being harassed earlier which involved that employee in the viseo offering to call the cops on behalf of the harassers. She's one of the worst gang stalkers Ive met in this new city Im in. I think its becuz shes one of these people who is unfortunate in life to have slight physical maladies so the fucking world owes her something and shes going to fuck with anyone she can to get it and probably HIDES BEHIND HER DISADVANTAGES.

Theres shit tons of these jerks all over the USA. The gang stalking system IS ALWAYS RUTHLESS and gets results by any means possible. Ive experienced them using old people, children and handicapped people and that includes people who are seemingly mentally handicapped. People with mild Downs Syndrome or mental retardation but I have to state Ive only seen that disgusting low tactical style in Boston.

In Austin TX only one of the mentally disabled people I worked with to do community service was in on the harassment and it was a fairly functional male who had all the signs of being one of those perps who works for the system due to sex offenses either acting out actual abuse or some sort of illegal porn.

Only Boston could sink that low to get what they want. Ive seen one person like this in the GoodWill here but I chock that up to GreedWill being the source of that. GoodWill in this area has an aggressive gang stalking program for some reason whereas its easier to navigate in other places.

Anything is better than the killing fiwls that Boston has become.

Often I ask myself how are mentally disabled people or children capable of gang stalking? Well arent there child actors and handicapped ones also? Its kind of the same thing.

Its most likely there's a line there of someone being able to be coherent enough with enough cognitive ability to understand and then perform the action. They also seem to grasp that it must be done covertly-the mentally handicapped adults that is. The children always do gesturing carelessly and overtly and its always awkward.
Like why would a young child be plagued by an adult state of mind like vanity? Young children dont brush their hair back in that gesture as an adult would-theres no logical motive for it to be a normal action.

What is the DD employee microchipped? Is it coming from a smartphone or some other unknown device? How does this work? Some TIs who have tech backrounds are saying it can now be done through special cell phone platforms. I dont know but the change was amazing. I also noted that both females became less powerfully felt as a nwgative force once a white male came into work. Hes a legit employee who doesnt take part and works hard so hes legit.

I also noticed that on some nights ms evil is on with a strong older lady and she seems to keep the place well run with good flowing energy.

I genuinely believe that none of this would have happened had I not been trailed from that bad drug neighborhood.

Possible Attempted Baiting In Usually Peaceful DD/Is Whoever's Bringing In The H To The NE My New Nemisis?


See description on vid on YT for details.

It seems to me at this point that whoever is responsible for the heroin epidemic in the New England area is part of my being heavily targeted and prosecuted in the past two years. The timing of the two seems to match up perfectly.

Whats yer fuckin problem with me? I dont interfere with your business why you interfere with mine? Why the hard on for me then?
Would you LIKE me to start interferring? Becuz I fuckin can.

Who is it? The Chinese? The Russian mob (who I cannot imagine would bother giving me a hard time but what do I know?)
All those Italian mob guys that recently got released from prison? Or those RIDICULOUS fucking aggressive, obnoxious two faced Central or South Americans that have taken over Harvard Sq as well as cities outside Boston and ruined Providence? It seems to me like they are doing the dirty work of the Italians.

Wtf is the Mafias problem with me anyway? I remember when I was just a kid in Prov I got lost and ended up in Federal Hill. With the pineapple thing on that overhang. I recall distinctly feeling this pure hatred, this blackened energy coming towards me. Like I wasnt welcome there and I should get out of there.

Wtf could I have done as a fuckin 15 year old kid to earn that wrath?


They should have realized by now that they are mere chess pieces to the people in REAL power. They make and break ethnic org crime syndicates according to their needs and financial plans over the long term.

Just fuck your heroin bullshit and stay the fuck out of the covert warfare games. Whoever they are they are such punks they had to wait for Menino AND Quomo to die and key people to leave power in Boston-Cambridge before they could start slaughtering me out here like has been happening in the past two years.

Take yer gang members and yer crooked cops and whatever other lowly servants you keep sicking on me and GO FUCK YOURSELVES. I dont need to be chased around by The Help. Got it?

And if you want to make a name for your selves its going to be in a courtroom or worse if you keep your shit up. Terrorism doesnt usually mix well with drug ops in the minds of the public or internationally.

Should we begin by finding out which banks wash yer money for you?

If I WERE YOU...I would leave the snake asleep in her lair to do whatever shes doing in her own time. Don't wake it up. Becuz we all know that unethical human experimentees are very hard to come by and extremely expensive so killing me in obvious ways isnt on the table.

Can you imagine how much money has gone into this over my lifetime? Black budget or cover story funding (fronted)? Can you fucking imagine (thus the connections to the drug business.)

I will keep embarrassing every single one of these peons you keep sending me. MK Ultra is tougher than you. And it takes thousands of your lackies to simply subdue ONE MK kid.

If you want I can form a gang for protection and also get together other MK and programmed people who also have nothing to lose and go from being isolated to your worst fuckin nightmare. And our handlers may choose to USE YOU for continued experimentation or amusement but never forget the long trail of bodies Ive seen left behind me when they arent so amused.

Never doubt that my people are permanently out of power....or that the tables wont turn again in my favor.

Theres also the issue of Theta programming if I become threatened enough...which I disavow any responsibility for if Im threatened enough.

Stay out of my way.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gang Stalking Page From Spectral Intelligence Webpage

Obama's Disposition Matrix Kill Lists.

Was State Trooper Clardy A Blood Sacrifice?

Watching the ads for the St Patrick's Day celebration it purposely features African Americans singing Irish songs and leading the celebration whilst second generation Irish mayor Walsh sits looking on. This of course is just an excerpt yet when put into context with this recent tragedy its chilling.

The driver of the car that struck the trooper's SUV is a Kenyan man (Obama's country of origin. Many sources including his Harvard U year book claims Obama was born in Kenya. Either way its the origin of his African ancestry. Obama's mother is an American white woman.)

The driver has a history of what could be driving under the influence yet in this situation he claims to HAVE BLACKED OUT while his vehicle crossed multiple lanes, then crashed into the trooper who was parked in a routine traffic stop with another vehicle.

The way MA has become these days my first question is who did the trooper piss off? Did he know too much or was he working AGAINST the new viscous totally evil corrupt power structure thats taken over the state or did he cross someone in the past? It seems whoever protected people going against the system in that state are gone and have been overpowered and outnumbered. Many people who had made enemies in the past are now paying dearly for no-one of the main reasons I left with serious concerns for my safety recently.
Did he outlive his usefulness to someone? Was he going to turn on someone or a group with an agenda or corruption?

Could it be something much more sinister and less believable-like a ritual sacrifice? He may have well been a victim of any of the prior mentioned circumstances so his demise serves a dual purpose possibly.

Seeing the previews for the St Pats Day festivities marketed as such so obviously meant to offend at least a portion of the population one has to wonder if this death was meant to have metaphysical value.
Especially in light of Black Lives Matter focusing so exclusively on police brutality.

This is the kind of seemingly unfortunate incident that easily occurs nowadays in MA
surrounded by coincidence, 'bad luck' and mystery.

If you have been a TI during these past 15 plus years you understand what the power structure is capable of and what happens to an area that becomes vulnerable and is no longer protected from their influence.

(as I write this i cannot believe that the cameras on the news report of the funeral is making sure to feature a fat blonde woman in a black shirt that clearly says "I'M NO ANGEL" who is conspicuously running her hands through her hair repeatedly in an awkward and unnatural fashion. Wtf?)

I am saddened but whatever MA does that is potentiallly sinister nowadays doesnt surprise me.

Clardy is an Irish or Scottish surname shortened from McLardy. Killed by a Kenyan who blacked out during the crash-right on St Patrick's Day.
He was also a former Marine. ("Ex" is not correct as it denotes dishonorable discharge.)

The entertainment industry is rife with examples of blood sacrifices. Allegedly connected to a powweful Illuminati.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where Are My Readers? Who Said It Was Ok To Give Up TI Activism?

Whats going on with my readers? Why are there no comments from anyone other than a few perps? Am I blocked in Europe by censorship or new cookies policy or something?

It would suck that just becuz I had a very hard time over the past two years that people would abandon me for being ambushed.

I didnt understand the only reason people were nice to me or treating me with respect was that i had allies in power. When they left or died I got caught off guard. Its been awful. I had to make all kinds of compromises and seek support from seedy people even members of enemy factions.

Now Massachusetts is trying to destroy me with a false terrorism tip and when I tried to get advocacy Harvard Police Dept frames me with a bogus claim of an threatning email to get me sectioned in a locked unit for evaluation?

Then the diagnoses on the discharge paperwork is totally false also? And everyone in my group of what I thought was friends in Harvard Sq turns on me?

This is SUPPOSED to be about Mk ULTRA and what went on during Bush and early Obama as well as whats continuing now. Companies like Boston Dynamics are forging ahead with very frightening technology and the MIC continues its endless-war-for-profit.

The issue of man's survival and humanity's future is all that matters. Thats the point, the main focus. Not the changes or falls from percieved grace of any single activist.

And changes in how the NWO is defined are going to occur.
If it becomes apparent that the NWO is utilizing mass immigration in Europe as well as certain demographics of immigrants and or People Of Color in the USA as part of the long term plan to enslave humanity theres no time or place for Political Correctness. Those issues HAVE to be addressed as means of oppression by the NWO.

All that matters is awareness and that people know what happened during the post 9-11 Bush administration that has shaped the reality we now exist in.

Then the people can choose their fate for themselves.

The occurence of Fukushima definitely makes things seem futile as if all of this is now for nothing and essentially all is lost becuz it wont matter soon anyway.

Yet even if the population becomes lowered due to Fukushimas long term effects as well as other factors the public who are interested should be informed about just what is the true nature of living under a man made dome or other controlled false environment as well as the real risks and abuse of power thats possible with the up and coming technologies being marketed to them.

And the world should know that unethical human experimentation still occurs now so easier than ever due to the private sector and govt having so much power and advantage through intelligence gathering, spy manpower, technology and the public being kept in a world thats far behind the elite and their cronies.

Whatever it takes to deliver that information no matter how unpleasant should be in order not how an activist behaves or how they do under pressure. No one doing anything this difficult should be judged by performance unless of course this is all just continued MK Ultra experimentation and thats your focus.

I havent been discredited either. Ive been bombarded by the assholes who now run Boston and Cambridge and an increased number of what seems like endless fucked up Millenials who are severely messed up and seem so indoctrinated into cult mind control that the age group itself must now be assessed as a potential threat due to the high number of organized stalkers as well as their overt heartlessness and disregard for international and domestic laws in relation to what gang stalking and MK Ultra type projects entail.

Every Target must now keep the focus as well as adapt to the new conditions around them. If theres more kids out there who seem determined to support the NWO and the war crimes that have taken place perhaps its becuz troops are coming home to America and former military today looks alot different than in decades past.

Whatever is going on the increase in harassment doesnt change the fact that TIs deserve justice and that the system is WRONG. No amount of intimidation is going to change WHAT THEY'VE DONE.

Whats happening to TIs out there? I dont hear from you anymore and people are abandoning their blogs. Stop jumping ship like cowards.

It wasnt such a bad end in the bar of the upside down sinking Titanic, drinking and listening to the band play...knowing there werent enough life boats.

If like me the place you called home COMPLETELY WENT TO HELL and you know you cant be on the west coast anymore due to FUKUSHIMA RADIATION making it unsafe (and other accidents also) then find someplace else. Continue activism.

The latest con theyve come up with is to have a bunch of young snotrags half my age try to convince me Ive failed and Im old and its time to go out to pasture and forget about What I was trying to do becuz the climate now is so against dissidence and theres so many covers now so kids can demand censorship. Why are we allowing a bunch of kids who are probably let loose on society by those Bastards the Baby Boomers, define the whole f&cking world for everyone?

Im sick of kids half my age controlling my life, disrespecting me and destroying my life. Millenials in America can go f;ck themselves as far as Im concerned unless they mind their own business or are trying to be aware of whats really going on.

Another good reason to leave college towns like Boston. The kids in the past two years have been insufferable little bastards that are totally intolerant of anything resembling struggle unless that struggle registers with them as based on race or sexualiy or other Liberal elitist agenda bs. At least in places like Boston. Im sure people in conservative areas come up with their own rationales and excuses for engaging in gang stalking - and Im not concerned with what they are.

Theres no excuse for stopping activism now. I notice alot of police brutality of activists is being hidden under BLM and anti-domestic terrorism. Just like the abuses of us were hidden under post 9-11 and the Bush war era as well as early Obama.

Where are you guys? Im not continuing this work for ghosts you know.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Aggressive GS Harassment In BEA'S WASH N DRY laundromat West Side Manchester NH

Alert about a laundromat named BEA'S 478 S Main St, Manchester, NH 03102.
Very aggressive harassment by female staff. One of the customers stole $10 dollars from me and the reason I must have left it out for a moment was becuz an employee named Barb got me very anxiety ridden after I arrived.

A rather unpleasant woman who is attention seeking, aggressive annoying and also does a form of space invasion as stalking.

Nasty really. The other employee named Bea (the owner is supposedly a male who kept the old name) seems nice but she also engages in harassment. If theres others around like some customers that came in later who are also in on the campaign she will become more openly viscous.
Otherwise shes polite to the Target while performing gesturing.

Every single customer thats come in has performed harassment this is unusual as in an average scenerio its a percentage of customers even if all employees are perps.

Barb's intrusiveness and attempted questioning had gotten me off balance and along with customers basically causing more diversion thats why I lost my money.

What is unique about this situation is that I actually blanked out for seconds where I think I left the bill somewhere then went into rhe bathroom where after coming out I realized I had misplaced it and then it was nowhere to be found. What could have made me blank out?

This situation Ive found myself in since 2003...actually 1996-has gotten much more strange over the past few years. The country is just degeneratong quickly and cities seem increasingly oppressive.

New Horizons Shelter In Manchester- Full Of Perps, City Run and Im Not The Only One To Feel The Oppression

This is the most uptight insanely regimented 'wet' shelter Ive ever seen. (Wet is a term simply indicating not a dry shelter as in a dry town with no alcohol sales or use. People who are active drunks or drug addicts can stay in wet shelters.)

It wouldnt be my first choice but there was no other emergency shelters around or anything with vacancy when I was in this area.

The place has signs inside that keep posting its actively monitored by the police dept.

Oh-kaaaaayyyyy. GREAT! So what?

Ok so thats like weird and oppressive also (which you're going to get alot more examples of.)

Its like one big dysfunctional family in there. Oh how mobbing can bring otherwise totally f#cked people  together! Awwww.

Anyways so on my first night and thereafter staff kept saying in sheer fear, that its a federal offense to let anyone know Im in the shelter. "Its a felony" repeatedly.

Oh-kaaaayyyy. whats going on in THIS place?

And one thing I must say is that for the first time in about a good year to year and a half, NOBODY IN THE CITY HARASSED ME when I went outside into the downtown or surrounding areas. It was amazing. I havent had a moments piece in a long time since the harassment intensified.

Normal people in the street! Normal behaviors! Wow!!

So I enjoyed this strange reality of near normalcy for a day or two.

I had my phone plugged in on the side of a bank so I could find my way on Google maps. Early morning.

Two cops show up and say they couldnt see what I was doing but now see I was just charging. They said it was suspicious that I was standing next to a bank that was closed in this sort of corner.

So they run my name and its clear.
This must be a way that its then open to whoever is doing this my whereabouts. Scary eh?

Becuz THEN the harassment started around the city. Sadly it became just like many other places-most store employees, customers, many bus passengers, people passing by in the street. Old low life's trying to gain my confidence or friendliness.

So I gotta hand it to that shelter-I had the opportunity to realize that its not Armageddon and the whole world has not turned against me.

Thats been invaluable becuz in the past year or so I've become as systematically isolated and its become a dangerous situation.

The woman in the above link obviously drinks and either has mental health issues or doesn't realize whats happening to her.
The article at least displays some human sympathy of a sensible nature. The point should be that its a wet shelter. Behaviors associated with humans who take mind and mood altering substances are going to be present. Yet youd never know it in this shelter. The guests dont act out as much as big city areas which is great but that being said the place is oppressive as hell considering the demographics they are dealing with.

You cant touch or hug another person when you say hello like a female friend.
I was advising an older woman on how to pack her stuff as she had more things that baggage. Simple Traveler courtesies that are standard in that culture. Being a Traveler is all about discovering, learning and trading knowledge as a loosely knit tribe. Also being from Cambridge Massachusetts the idea of not being able to help another female is totally foreign to me-and quite distasteful.

Theres this whole section in the paperwork when you come in about how no one will harass anyone while they stay at the shelter or partake in any "choas causing behaviors" that divert from a guest focusing on their goals.

Another oppressive place designed to harass people into getting housed when its the country that's failed these common people in these areas to begin with.

Its a joke becuz the staff and a mob of much of the guests or clients were harassing and just jerks. They have clients come inside the building at 6:30 pm but you cant go upstairs until 8pm. So you are a captive sitting duck for an hour and a half-its quite unpleasant.

Joining in conversation at a table with my age group and up worked for the first and second night then it became impossible to sit there and try to converse with desperate people who were awkwardly running their hands through their hair or tapping the sides of their legs constantly.

Another indication of something shady at this place was there was an overweight older male there who had a place in Portsmouth NH but claimed his roomate had been ill so decided to stay in New Horizons shelter in Manchester for two weeks.

I recognized him as former staff from the shelter in Portland NH.

Recycled perps are never a good sign as it indicates the location is desperate and also doesnt care about being stealth. If you go through Los Angeles you may see people you know you've seen before in other locations-many of them, but now they magically have jobs in LA at some bus station etc. Hmm...actors are valuable I guess in intel work eh?

After a few nights when they finally got me upset enough to leave it was probably a good thing.

Id heard from another guest complaints of some corruption like trucks arriving to donate stuff that are promptly sent away and the donations are then seen on store shelves in the area.

Ive learned over the years that every single person who engages in organized harassment has something to hide or is trying to get out of trouble for something or is being blackmailed, coerced etc. Nobody good, normal or decent gets involved in this activity. People always want or need something.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

TEPCO Execs Indicted For Fukushima Nuclear 'Disaster'

Im not a self righteous activist who thinks any of us can change how humans and the world is.

Understand that these men had to make hard decisions. At some point on some level they must feel awful at least guilt. To even get such employment one must be a person who would be capable of handling things in the way they did.

Dont focus on going after authority like a reactionary. Awareness of nuclear anything on earth being totally unacceptable and understanding the true level of risk is whats important.
If this actually becomes a manageable situation and does not progress throughout the ecoaysystem causing unimaginable devistation to all life on earth I will shocked.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

HATE MAIL! 3/3/2916: Amusing Reader Comments Leading Up To Frame Up.

So I missed warnings from annoying trolls before I was dragged off by cops under false pretenses. I guess I should read my reader comments more often becuz that is just the most logical place for warnings about political intrigue and police brutality to be written.

"To anonymous and everyone else, I would like to honestly comment on the above post, but everything I write as a target is used for further disinformation campaigns, put out by agents posing as victims. There is part undeniable truth in what the above writer posted, and part is a psy-ops cue to tell the victim to remain silent while they are being tortured and murdered so no evidence is ever made known in public. All internet usage is monitored, hacked into and probably what I write now will only been read by the stalking organization, and used by them as well to copy and imitate for their online agent campaigns. The stalkers laughing at the target reacting in rage, which "anonymous" went into a bit too much detail as to how idiotic the victim is supposed to feel or what this implies, thereby inputting this subliminal context which the target must then associate with the sure-to-arrive laughing stock skit that will shortly accompany this post thread, and the call to just remain on System Now Using Domestic Terror Threat To Frame Activists- MA Out Of Control With Abuse Of Power
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at 6:53 PM

i tried to warn you but you did not listen to my warnings now it is time to fly follow the buzzards RUN! on System Now Using Domestic Terror Threat To Frame Activists- MA Out Of Control With Abuse Of Power
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on 2/27/16

Oops, my mistake. Should have been "the more we live, the more they die". But the other saying seems true as well: "the more they live, the more they die". Both are true. on System Now Using Domestic Terror Threat To Frame Activists- MA Out Of Control With Abuse Of Power
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on 2/27/16
(Get off the K2/Spice. Stop smoking potpourri.

Hahahaha you were finally disappeared. Hows that for your "activism" idiot. You are just a powerless POS that learned her place on Being Transferred To Another Hospital Out Of Cambridge Hospital ER
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on 2/21/16
(Uh, typo identifies you dumbass. Unless yer framing up other people who are commenting with same typo. Boring!

follow the buzzards, rachael run! on There Is A Claim on the Sec 12 that An Email Threat Is Involved
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on 2/20/16

What can we, your readers, do to help you? You obviously need as much help as you can get. I know FFCHS provides legal representation to targets sometimes. Is there anything we can do to help? on Being Transferred To Another Hospital Out Of Cambridge Hospital ER
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on 2/20/16
(Yeah and before I became active as a resistor and activist their ideas for TI self defense consisted of getting Targets on a bus and driving around the country. Complete with balloons attached to the damn bus. And deep questions being asked by Deric like "Whos going to drive the bus?"

I will never frickin forget that moment as long as I live.

Only after I got on those damn conference call lines and before they found ways to kick me off or block me did they have to up the fuckin anti and at least LOOK credible by having senators show up and support the cause (comprimised ones) or even start dealing in consideration of logical solutions like legal defense.

I set out to cost those motherfuckers a pretty penny in costs and I hope I did. And maybe the increased efforts of EMULATING a real counter movement might have helped genuine Targets find their way to help if they could avoid the disinfo bullshit.

I hope I fuckin cost them and freed some TIs walled up in their little holding area.

FFCH also is typical COINTELPRO as its run primarily by African Americans. They also take part in Christian prayer for solutions which is another mind control tactic.

I have noticed that through the years they have been tripping over themselves to keep up with a true TI activist blog-so they dont look like idiots.

They always intimiated I was just in trouble with authorities for that fed investigation cover story OR I was so lowly in society that as a TI I didnt matter.

They can continue to suffer from my work and rot in hell. The only good thing is they are big enough to reach new TIs who then have to figure out its a disinfo op. If they are lucky.

Theres alot of dangerous fake TIs who are perps or criminal opportunists on those calls.
You can scam as much as you want.
The truth comes through.

IF the students who are attacking you are indeed actual, "real" students and not agents dressed as such, it may mean that the concept of you finding a college or university attractive is a threat to them. If you become "educated", i.e. have a degree, you are no longer a "homeless" non-entity but have some credential in their system. You may also "learn" some survival skills out of your education, and the aggression you experience may be a kind of mental diversion to make you cringe at the thought of attending a university. I recall you mentioning that you have considered getting a degree or attending a uni in some of your earlier posts. I think they want to discourage you, which means it's a GOOD sign and it might behoove you to reconsider your former dismissal of going to university, being that much more a part of their machine but it is not futile to attend college and I highly recommend taking a course in "The Scientific Method", or reading about the process of analysis because you on Microaggressions, Safe Spaces and Triggers Are All NWO Social Engineering
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on 2/19/16
(WHAT r u on about?

follow the buzzards rachael follow the buzzards follow the buzzards run! on MIT Librarians Just Threatened To Call MIT Police For A Tresspass If I Stay Longer Than Two Hours
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on 2/18/16

And you know what else is arrogant? When they wear those "Keep Calm" shirts. Duh, what the hell else am I supposed to do? Go crazy? on Domestic Terrorism False Tip Is Quite A Diversion From My Activism
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on 2/18/16
(Another keyboard typo identifier. Is this sh*t on purpose? No one playing covert warfare is THIS stupid.

I really think you nailed it: smoke out operation. It's coordinated with the cops and average citizen perps alike. That's what it seems like to me. Seems obvious. Where would that warrant be that is supposedly active? Tell him to show you the warrant. But be aware they can do a warrant for real. It wouldn't be fair or legal, but as long as there are multiple co-conspirators, they can fabricate anything and still have it legally binding. That's why as a TI you have to be careful. They are liars abusing the legal justice system and govt. They are just scaring you out of Harvard, and that tells me your activism is effective. Someone must be scared, else they wouldn't have pulled this stunt. This also tells me that you're making progress. Keep building on this. on Domestic Terrorism False Tip Is Quite A Diversion From My Activism
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on 2/18/16
(I never said he claimed there was a current warrant. Typical tactic of mixing up a TI story on purpose to confuse things and make TIs feel helpless and invalidated. Old news. Been avoiding it for years.

FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS - RUN! | ___________ -+- ___________ {___ . } | { . ___} {___ .:' } __.--. { `:. ___} {___ :: { (.-\~ \ } :: ___} {___ ':. \_`__} \___/ .:` ___} {___':. ,' :: `. .:`___} {___ '' `` ___} {___ ___} {___ ___} /`.::.'\ {_/ \_} {_/ \_} {____} on Microaggressions, Safe Spaces and Triggers Are All NWO Social Engineering
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on 2/17/16

Rachel I'm a targeted individual myself and your videos and blogs has really helped me understand what I'm going through in my life I admire your sstrenght god bless you on Just Had V2K Threat (Rare)
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on 2/17/16

Just a suggestion, and not casting judgement on your adverse travails, to which I sympathize as a TI. If you want to get out of the city, have you thought about working on a farm that has accomodations (but would be reasonably remote though). Right now, and speaking from my own forced work circumstances, vineyards are busy pruning vines, and have work until September to October. Yes, I know, there are health care ties to MA and other connections to sever. Send me an email to if you want. Please don't publish. Thanks. on Just Had V2K Threat (Rare)
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on 2/17/16
(So Ive suspected you as a perp for years anyway. Its a comment you made one day back in 2009 or so. Glad to see you revealing yourself to the light.
Get yer messed up keyboard fixed...or is that on purpose?

Way good just find that today Eugene control all :) bye
on Just Had V2K Threat (Rare)
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on 2/16/16
(I didnt even bother with that vid I never watch anything posted in comments without an explaination. Bye.

nope. that didn't happen. you are a liar. you need to leave while you can. every minute you waste on this blog is time you should have spent getting out of town while you had the chance. it's the end of the world as you know it. and i feel fine. on Just Had V2K Threat (Rare)
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on 2/16/16
(Wtf kind of comment is that? Im a liar? No. Theres something wrong with the water supply at the Lutheran Church where they have the HSHS. And a fed or state enviro health dept needs to take samples and fix it pronto. Its either messed up old pipes or on purpose. Its not the good old days of MK Ultra where you can just do as you please anymore like dose people or at least just be negligent.

Gesturing (in my case is was nose touching) was one of the first things I noticed when the gang stalking became overt. It was very intense then. It has subsided quite a lot over the time but it's still done: besides nose-touching, there is some hair patting and back-scratching (while riding a bike for example, so one has to notice it). on SCARFACE And Other OLDER MOVIES Seem To Contain Gesturing Common To TIs Psych Warfare Campaign
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on 2/16/16

follow the buzzards run!
on MIT Librarians Just Threatened To Call MIT Police For A Tresspass If I Stay Longer Than Two Hours
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on 2/16/16
(Its Cambridge not a desert. Wtf are you talking about? -RO)

tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick TOCK TIck TOck TICK tock tick to tick tock tic ck tick tock tick tock on I Have A Moment Of Clarity So This Post Matters-Whats Going On In Boston Area
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on 2/14/16
(Is this a bomb threat...or were you being a douche trying to tell me that I was running out of time before I was taken down. Why should I listen to a wise ass with foreknowledge they shouldnt have?
Go to hell. -RO)

the mit police politely disagree with this assertion
on While Doing Gesturing A Harvard Cop Tells Me To Watch What I Say In Connection To The Domestic Terrorism Incident
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on 2/13/16
(Is that official? -RO)

Hi Rachel, Please contact me if you have a chance. Your initial video was the first video I ever saw on this confusing experience. I don't think you realize your influence, how brave you were and how many people you have helped. Please censor this comment and do not publish my name or comment. I can be contacted at I am a filmmaker, with experience in both narrative and documentary. I would like the opportunity to talk or meet with you at your convenience. I hope you are still well. Best regards, PM
on Harassment At DunkinDonuts Brighton
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(So why do you have the same keyboard typo as other anonymous comments as well as long time Target AJH from Canada?

Whats sad is that real Targets are no longer commenting. I must have lost readers due to some events that occurred during the twisting winding path Im on trying to get this project done.

Awwww. I fell off my horse. The hero or noble victim has fallen from grace.

Does anyone realize how many compromises it takes to get a project like this done? To get lawyers who ARENT working for the other side?

I provide insights into counter measures and coping. I deliver intel from the front lines. I get that done and take care of my affairs anyway I can within reasonable limits.
Im terribly sorry if some powers that be or portion of the public dont like mw since I have grown up and abandoned sentimentality for real fighting or that I wont be HANDLED BY PEOPLE they put in my path anymore who always turn out to be fucked up people.

Too bad.

Cell Repeaters On Roof Of Locked Psych Unit-Not Exactly Best Environment For Peace and Healing

Whidden Hospital part of the Harvard University's affiliated Cambridge Health Alliance. They have corruption in their history.

(photo from Feb 24,2016)

The unit is right under these repeaters. The porch where we got 1 half hour of fresh air per day is literally right under these repeaters. 

And they have the audacity to ask people if they are hearing voices.

One total perp black foriegn nurse tried to start using that line of questioning as harassment and I complained to a psych doc on the floor and that stopped her clever ass real quick. Jumping the question on me in hallway out of nowhere.

Nope. Sorry. Dont think so.

 There WERE some people in there that were definetly genuinely ill. I feel bad for them but there was harassment also. Southie type Irish mob guys who were more jail in culture than mentally ill as well as kids from Harvard who are totally compromised by being busted for drugs recently. They didn't seem genuinely crazy at all. Ive seen a lot of kids from Harvard who get busted suddenly play crazy in the last few years. Someone, who's taken over power in the Square, has taken control of the area by making servants out of the street people in the area. I can hear it now: 'work for us or go to jail'. One of them warned me it was something to do with the Boston Bombing-that there were these feds or intelligence cells set up all over the city now. And remember, the kids who were supposed to be the Boston Bombers were regulars around the Pit in Harvard Square. This would make sense for them to start infiltrating and trying to control the people in Harvard Square and probably they were given carte blanche to study the Square, its culture and its people and covertly in theory then dismantle it and control the area. It would make sense from a security stand point.

This is normal for intel operations its not crazy. Its simply taking control of an area they feel is a security risk. But of course, the darker more sinister theory is that at a higher level those in power already know what goes on in the area to begin with and that's by design. Its perfect to create chaos then gain a need to create order.

If someone was electromagnetically sensitive or got microwave sickness easily, this would not be a great place to put them if they were having psychological or psychiatric issues. Seems pretty irresponsible to me.

You can see the pattern of creating problems to rationalize actions or create need (like jobs or buying more toys from the DARPA/military industrial complex). Like having a nurse jump out of nowhere in a hallway and ask me if Im hearing voices when Im not in the hospital for that reason to begin with. Im there to evaluate me for dangerousness due to the email threats sent under my name. And all I had to do was speak to the doctor about the nurse's harassment and it stopped.
Becuz they know its wrong and they are CREATING problems where there are none.

Like creating terrorists where there might not be any either by entrapment or worse. Much, much worse.

Daily Mail Article About Electromagnetic Safe Zone In W Virginia Example Of DISINFO Piece In Media

Note the red t shirt. The hand gesturing.

Then notice how unlike most LEGAL CASES DOCUMENTED in the USA concerning electromagnetic pollution like concerned parents wanting to change conditions at kids' schools etc this article does NOT mention any kind of mental or emotional or cognitive disturbance.

Its all about keeping to physical effects.

Btw Sweden may very well legally acknowledge the problem but so do other countries.

Spain awarded a professor disability based on his illness.

France has wifi free villages-Intentional Communities for people who are so effected by these new environmental conditions they want to remove themselves from the polluted environments.

Decades ago it was simply called "microwave sickness" mostly by people operating radar stations but notice now its 'electromagnetic sensitivity'. As if its on the person whos effected by it not due to such tech being unhealthy for all human animal and plant life on earth.

Its a DISINFO article and its obviously designed to not threaten psychiatry or Big Pharma in any way.

Becuz the LEGAL documentations from around the world state otherwise.