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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Older Civil Rights Advocates Beginning To See The Results Of Their Civil Rights Work Being Hijacked By The Shadow System

(NY Times article few days ago. I had gotta find again. Older civil rights advocate nrevous about things like following link.)

I love how older generations of civil rights advocates are writing all sorts of articles trying to tell Millenials to be more moderate in their approach to hate speech.

They are getting scared that what they started is now snowballing into complete censorship.

Actually its been hijacked the way PC was by the evil that is in our world and it's being abused so now its being utilized as part of the all out brainwashing and cult mind control of the masses.

Firstly, if theres comments posted that seem offensive WHY ARENT PEOPLE STARTING TO QUESTION AND DISCUSS WHY PEOPLE FEEL AS THEY DO?
True understanding and mediation is something the shadow govt fears especially right now when they are on the verge of gaining control like speech and right to bare arms.

Secondly, this generation needs to learn to toughen up and ignore things that are hurtful or 'offensive'. Humans are animals and you are going to get swiped with claws sometimes. You need to learn to hit back without starting flame wars or give a response that shuts the offender down.
That or just let it roll off your back.

Also making certain comments unacceptable on certain forums and asking the conversation go elsewhere is not as ridiculous or dangerous as all out censorship.

The danger of creating safe spaces is that its adding to the long term plans of the shadow system to create complete and total.
FALSE ENVIRONMENTS for humans to live in.

This is beginning to form in a generation that seems to be very accustomed to such environs to begin with by being born native to technology.

Its the beginning of people living in computerized houses and automobiles as if we were under domes on another planet.

Which is the future of those conditions. That and being fused with technology.

The total enslavement of mankind.

Once again the reason this is all so easy to accomplish is simply the technologies and chemical influences being pumped into public and private spaces along with psy ops and propaganda.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why I Dont Trust My Doctor-But Feel I Have To Compromise To Get Well-Then Get Out

Ive always needed to stay to get health issues dealt with then I keep saying I can finally leave the US-and the Native Genocide behind.

My liver started to hurt in ways it never had last year in Austin. Maybe it was multiple scary brushes with spider venom or getting weird creepy pollution in my clothing from Baytown TX. Exxon Mobile's stronghold on the town is their chemical plant there. Something got into my overalls..or was in them from purchasing them from Baytown-and it made my liver hurt in a new awful way. It seemed. (The town is so owned that the hospital seems the worst Ive ever seen-my theory being that if a resident or employee complains of chemical plant related illness...its covered by the shills working at the hospital.

As a TI you get to see all the corruption present first hand. Becuz they dont care-yer targeted. No one listens anyway and their job consists of erasing, denying or covering wrongdoing for some corrupt power to begin with.

I guess harassing TIs is part of the payment plan.

It has been accompanied by weakness and tiredness. It feels like the organ itself is being damaged.

Interestingly just as Im getting seriously ill science has made progress and one of the reasons I put up with this city is becuz you cant beat the hospitals here.

In years past Id been harassed badly but some hospitals did end up taking care of my medical needs. BMC was ok until about 2011 then it was over. They turned.

Id never consider going to MGH after what they did during Bush and how connected they were (and are obviously to MK Ultra).

Brigham and Womens has always been tentative and when an ex friend had her kids there, after that security would just shoo me away (she is important locally).

Tufts always took care of me before the Bush years but docs became cruel after that time and I knew to stay away. Looking back that wasnt the best either.

Tufts is Tufts U.

BMC is BU.

Harvard is-
HMS Affiliates:
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston Children's Hospital
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Cambridge Health Alliance
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
Hebrew SeniorLife
Joslin Diabetes Center
Judge Baker's Children's Center
Massachusetts Eye and Ear
Massachusetts General Hospital
McLean Hospital
Mount Auburn Hospital
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
VA Boston Healthcare System

So where are you supposed to go? If institutions are MK Ultra connected what can you do?

My mother would make a kurt comment about "Boston doctors!" in a short rant always the answer as to why I was getting shitty treatment whenever something would happen.
I never understood what she meant but with understanding being TIs and MK Ultra experimentees IT MAKES SENSE NOW.
Her solution was decent just not explained well. 'Boston doctors' are inevitably all going to be connected to an institution thats up to no good with classified level black project and mad scientist levels of shenanigans.

Just becuz these people study to be docs doesnt mean its for the most novel motives. Money and status and cover for predator behaviors come to mind.
And of course what mater and pater expect of you.

Many did stand by 'First Do No Harm' but some did not..and not all out of pure fear.

So I chose the hospital that did the least harm during the early Bush years. And the harassment has been minimal until the last few years.

I would even have some professors happy to meet me. Probably this was before the pressure really came on a few years ago.

No one wants to know you then.

Often doctors would minimize my pain like from old surgical scars etc and I never understood it.

I just met my new liver doc.
The appointment is in Newton not Boston. I got perped from the street to the building to the doc office.

The doc was fine UNTIL I stated my liver hurt in the past year. Usually my condition is more other issues with the liver much more subtle.

I also said that I dont take Tylenol becuz  I was told its not good for the liver AND IT HURTS metabolizing through it. Thats what made me get clean decades ago in part. I could no longer process the toxins in street drugs.
If I drank which I tried to later- I felt like a week long blow out in my younger years. Just a drink or two.

So I stopped smoking-everything. I also took herbal pills until I got allergic reaction condition from Bactrim in 2009.

Broccoli, lemon juice and artichoke hearts will repair it if it feels really bad.

But this woman kept saying EXACTLY what a Tufts doctor would say about my old surgery scars:
Me: They or it hurts.
Doc: It shouldnt
Me: But it does
Doc: But it shouldn't.

Then she ended this with  A GESTURING TACTIC that was so damn awkward and obvious. I ignored it and pressed forward explaining how toxins and Tylenol hurt as they go through this organ. And my concern lately is that it hurts worse than that but without any food or medicine ingested being a culprit.

She countered with saying she has no explanation for that. Then went on to state how safe Tylenol is in small amounts with liver disease.

Im thinking that at this point everyone is just trying to make sure theres nothing present in medical records for a nice fat pain and suffering charge in a lawsuit or war crimes charge.

Thats why MT AUBURN sat right in front of me when I was going thru mild but alarming anaphylaxis when I got bitten by a white spider in Harvard Sq circa like 2010 or so. (Sat on the median with the statue. No humans usually so lots more critters.)
Not only did the venom put me on a 8 hour acid like trip mildly but they had to treat me for Benadryl overdose (which was prob why my anaphylaxis was so mild by the time I felt it was out of my control to go to an ER.)

Im genuinely worried this time. Im getting weird premonitions of death due to my liver.
Like its liver cancer or something and they are going to try to hide it so I get sick enough to die and MAKE IT LOOK RANDOM.

Homeless people die right? That sort of set up.

I am thinking just get the damn pills off the bitch and get my liver cured then just ditch everything about this place thats so determined to kill me off or deny me the right to exist.

Strange its yet another Russian doctor. The psychologist at St Elizabeths Medical Center in Brighton who intimidated me into NOT going to a hypnotist when I started recalling memories was Russian also.

I might request someone else as I dont need this crap when Im seriously afraid of death here-which I usually am not but when you have a degenerating organ....mother Nature starts preparing you.  Thats what I dont like about it.

A little too much feeling light on me a bit too much feeling a dead heavy sense of peace.

I dont like it. Im starting to nest alone a lot. Like be away from people. Like Im 'preparing' for some transition of the spirit and body.

My life force is low.

So play time is over with these medical people becuz I am not quite ready to sail off to wherever on the ship that takes you there.

This could be why Im increasingly psychic. Im there, right?  One foot in already. It could also be just what Nature does for an older female whos ill as a method of self defense against predators.

Im even suspect they are going to lie about tests and claim Im fine.
Which has been one too many times with this new resident PCP.

I guess the hospital that did the least harm is perhaps out to do the most.

Researchers Generalizations About Pedophiles WILL HELP DANGEROUS PREDATORS GET AWAY AND REMAIN HIDDEN FROM SOCIETY or It Explains Why Perps Are So Lame Ass

If you are a Survivor of RA or MK Ultra and similar projects or any abuse by elite pedo networks or even protected local sex industries anywhere you know one thing:
These people dont get caught.

They are smart. They are rich. Connected. They use like minded people in power and authority to escape detection.

This means that these 'findings' on pedophiles ONLY REPRESENT THE PEDOPHILES THAT HAVE BEEN EXPOSED AS SUCH and caught. Hopefully brought to justice.

What about the pedo and SRA networks recently exposed in the UK.

Do these standardizations apply still?

This is the problem with psychiatry, science and medicine being seperated from criminology.

Logic would dictate that if these people are criminals then many havent been caught.

How can research be done based on those that have been caught?

All we can assume is that the pedos that get caught are of lower intelligence and this would make sense.
Height of males has been shown to determine their success in business dealings with people.

Perhaps taller pedos gain more assistance along with other leverage or edge like higher education, intelligence and connections and wealth!

They may also be able to intimidate others more readily.

Are the researchers using just US pedos who've been caught or internationally?

Is George HW Bush of low intelligence? Or any of the employees of the Pentagon caught looking up massive amounts of kiddie porn? What about priests? Coaches? Teachers or any other trusted position of authority predators take as jobs to gain access to prey as well as maintain cover?

What about the entertainment industry?

Perhaps they are shorter generally.

But interestingly this research may help to explain the existence of mobbing in gang stalking.

IF its pedophiles that are the basis for gang stalking and if pedo networks find slaves to program for the system and maintain our silence throughout our lives THEN THIS IS WHY THEY MUST FORM MOBS AND KEEP A GROUP ON ONR TARGETED SURVIVOR every day of the Survivor's life.

BECUZ THEY ARE LESS INTELLIGENT THEY MUST MOB TO WIN over one smarter and perhaps more physically superior victim.

If the research is correct, we now know why 'perps' aggrevate us as they appear so stupid compared to TI .
If its incorrect and just based off of those who are stupid and without leverage to get caught that is allowing many to continue to escape detection-perhaps that is its purpose.

An Example Of How Bad The GS Is In RI and On Train Systems In USA Generally

This goes to show how confused my thinking was while (trying ) to live in RI and how intense the harassment was on the commuter rail trains.

All I had to do was wiki the subject matter for sensible answers. And Wiki isnt even considered an acceptable reference in academia but it had legit information.

Interesting how so many seemingly normal nobody civilians on the subway got real itchy and avoidant upon peering over and seeing the content of this post. Lol.

Neglected Native Issues In Favor Of Favortism Of Other Groups Oppression: Just One More Reason That POLITICAL CORRECTNESS In The NWO Is Deception (and only for manipulation not true justice)

PC and the race war thats been created using much psychological warfare is simply to use chosen groups to wage a CLASS WAR and socially engineer society to the elite's liking.

These select groups are used as mercenaries would be in a war by the elite and other special interests in society against the lower and middle classes to socially engineer the entire western world to THEIR liking.

The word genocide wasnt even created until one of the select groups-the Jews, were victimized in such a way in Germany.

Most of the time the other victims are neglected like Gypsies or anyone else Nazis deemed unfit.
Also peoples of African descent allied with Nazi forces are never mentioned yet in the western cult now known as 'Political Correctness' and all the warfare that goes with it, Jews are aligned as victims with African peoples and for that matter-the bizarre 'People of Color' core.

The spotlight in America and perhaps the west is given to Jews for genocide throughout human history. African Americans now hold first place for beinf brought to civilization through slavery. As if no other peoples before or after their plights has ever experienced any similar crimes against humanity of the same type.

African American slavery is used to shake the foundations of the United States often enough becuz their enslavement created that foundation.

However note that the Native genocide which certainly destroyed more than just six million people has until very recently been ignored. Even now the focus is usually on the star players of PC games: Latinos, African peoples and always hovering in the backround as a standard- the Jewish holocaust.

Latinos are Native peoples from the Americas. EVERY SINGLE ONE. There are no Latinos in Spain...unless they come from a place of Asiatic indigenous Natives (originating in Siberia many millenia ago) mixed with Spaniards.

Yet they align themselves in victimhood with African Americans nowadays not as Natives but as darkies who have been victimized purely based on racism due to skin color.

Italians, who were treated as POC upon arrival and oppressed due to that as well as being Catholics are not included in the POC cult. Probably becuz we successfully took a piece of America the way we conquered anything and everything during ancient Roman times.

So Italians have too much 'white' or European heritage to be included in the color scheme.

So in reality the POC set up is based on people coming from third world or technologically lacking civilizations where they simply couldn't compete with Europeans and in the case of Native Americans to the south-were wiped out by Europeans who arrived here.
Becuz the predictive alt time line of the Americas if Europeans had never interfered is the more advanced cultures-the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs would have expanded their empires northward and influenced hunter gatherer tribes.

I love Native Americans but like much of Africa they did not posess TECHNOLOGY.
The other factor is Neanderthal DNA. No one in dark continent Africa has Neanderthal DNA. Ever race outside of those areas posesses it even Native Americans.

There are so many factors influencing why peoples are oppressed. Reducing the plight to 'racism' based on shade of skin tone is nothing short of purposelfully creating a cult which uses psychological warfare.

People Of Color wearing the colors Black & Red to push their agenda (actually the special interests in the upper classes) isnt truly fighting for justice for oppressed peoples.

Its using select groups of oppressed peoples for viscous psychological warfare.

The only groups truly suffering and losing culuture, land and right to exist are THE MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASSES OF EUROPEAN AMERICANS and EUROPEANS overseas.

The elites and uppers can protect themselves and assimilate with very small gestures of compliance without losing their world to this invasion.


The point of this piece is to show yet another part of the deception: if this were not the case then why are Native Americans not placed as the star players of the oppressed peoples of color game? THE LAND WE USED TO BUILT THE ENTITY KNOWN AS THE USA IS BUILT ON LAND STOLEN FROM THEM and they have been wiped out of existence.

Becuz...the puppet masters behind the war on middle and lower class whites knows that this country isnt legal.

People are willing to focus on injustices in the Americas but never the injustice that IS America.

Thats why Latinos are so useful. They are technically Natives. And thats good enough right?

Ive traveled the US since 2006 and short trips before that in youth. Most Natives in this country live under oppression and on miserable reservations that most other 'oppressed peoples' could never dream of.

They still dont have the enzyme needed to process alcoholic beverages so alcoholism is rampant and it rules their lives. They live outside of reservations just so they can keep buying alcohol.

Many tribes of Native peoples are overweight and this is a cultural problem with Mexican women. They are akways being scolded and reminded not to "get fat".

What most people dont seem to know is theres a scientific explanation for this happening: genetics and evolution.

The way Natives lived and ate is toally out of synch with European diets and lifestyles. Their bodies dont PROCESS PROTEIN they way European bodies do.

Food turns to fat and yet another health problem based on invader culture. As if the diseases that killed them off in the beginning werent enough.

And I don't see Natives repairing their culture they way Jews and African Americans have.

They aren't making a mint off of entertainment or being marketed as the new mafia. I dont see them escaping oppression once and for all by building a homeland back where they supposedly originated from...BECUZ WE ARE HERE ON THE LAND THEY ORIGINATE FROM preventing that.

POC warfare slyly includes the Native Americans superficially. I see them often enough involved in POC films etc and sometimes wearing red cultishly to show solidarity with other POC.

I hear radio shows where they use phrases like "white supremacy" often enough. But I dont trust these alignments becuz Obama has been very busy handing out funding to many POC type groups including Native ones and that may be why they have taken to red shirts and POC rhetoric.

But I expect that most Natives will remain more selective than that. They wisely dont trust America or anything its marketing. Rightly so.

Becuz no matter what occurs or comes out of the POC cults class warfare for the elite so they can be rewarded with middle class status in the United States-Natives will never get their land back.

Their numbers will never rival that of Latinos or African peoples.

Becuz PC is a lie fabricated by the worlds elite. Not to create a new promised land of peace and Equality but simply to rearrange society to the liking and needs of those whove been running it for centuries.

No one knows them better than THOSE OF UA WHO HAVE AND HAD BEEN FIGHTING THEM BACK IN WEST AND EAST EUROPE FOR MILLENNIA. Which is one of the reasons for the destroying and forced modification of lower and middle classed Europeans and Euro-Americans.

You think poor whites are stupid. If anyone can spot a scam or know what true justice is or isnt its traditionally oppressed European peoples.

You are naive and have no idea who you are dealing with. The people behind this deception are ruthless, deception is an age old art form for them and they only want to keep using people as slaves. They arent going to magically change their ways overnight.

I suspect Natives are a bit more aware of this realzing the POC scam can never fully benefit them...unless America ceases to exist and their land is returned.

All other POC deep down know that they are simply making a deal with the Man Ij Charge or owners of The Big House to gain favor in the NWO and are satisfied being rewarded for their compliance.

Another piece of evidence debunking the POC cult mind control tactics and Equality myth.

'Social justice' is just another phrase in the PC cults loaded language book meant to seem meaningful yet it really cant be defined exactly to begin with.

These are the tools and methods of mind control and marketing ideas.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Depressive State On Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday was absolutely one of the most depressing days Ive had. I dont even want to look at what I wrote. And I wont.

This blog is supposed to be to inform but also to show what daily TI life is like. I often attach personal views or griping onto info I want to post.

Its candid. That's the point. It shows moods and times of confusion. And if I ever get to my book it will serve as a reference as to what was going on at the time.
Becuz unless I have a reminder for someoI can't remember most of whats happened. They target me in a way so I will forget what's occurred. Most of that damage comes from the daily in person harassment.

Im going to post a correction now on something I posted a month or so ago. Just to show the confusion and lack of ability to reason clearly that a certain area of intense harassment can cause (living in Providence and on commuter rail trains were very bad. And im still getting ideations to go back to RI! Yeah thats a GREAT idea.)

I avoid any Thnsgving traditions becuz I want to remember the Native American genocide is what came from that.

When you travel enough you begin to realize the peace prosperity and feelings of safety on an energy level are due to whats left by the Native peoples.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Obama's Civilian Security Force/ Ret Marine Asks 'Is Everybody Blind?"-To US Building Up Civilian Military

I believe that the civilian security force could include 'gang stalking' but that might be a whole other organization or dept.

Notice Obama did not say "armed" he said "powerful, strong and funded".

That might refer to the endless seemingly plain old civilians that take part in covert activity that includes stalking and harassing Targeted Individuals.

And in response to the Marines rhetoric question-YES. Most American citizens are 'blinded' by being under the influence of MASS MIND CONTROL but its also an issue of perceptions being managed and skewed to support such a CSF of an armed, military kind.

Dear former Marine- most people don't have the experience you do. THEY DONT HAVE ANY POINT OF REFERENCE to measure by or use as comparison.

All they are told is that bad people whi are wacked out religious extremists are blowing stuff up (becuz they hate us and want to kill us becuz we "let women drive" etc) around the world and angry schizo Americans arent dealing well with a black president or 'Change' so we NEED a built up security in our communities.

These people you ask about this American citizenry dont live in the real world. They havent been allowed access to any sensible reality since the late 80s...maybe the very early 90s but thats pushing it.

They've been more and more been talked to, treated and pandered to like children.

Just the short excerpt of your talk on the issue illustrates a sensible, real world out there beyond the domes of FALSE ENVIRONMENTS and the realities created within them in which people now live.

What you said releases the mind from imprisonment and shows a glimpse of what is really going on 'out there' and puts things into perspective in a realstic sensible way.

Such things are no longer allowed. People know only what they want them to think or understand about our military.

The common sense you put forth has been long lost in most communities nationwide. I know. Ive been traveling this country since 2006. The Circus and the Big Top the public are held captive in are in place in most of the US now.

NH, minusing the area bordering on MA, might just be one of the last places ledt in the USA with any such sense or freedom left all.

So yes, the public have been rendered 'blind'.

But your speech is invaluable to what few are awake with sight.
Btw the only reason I can write anything at all thats near the quality it should be or makes any sense IS BECUZ ITS A CLEAR DAY due to being a FEDERAL HOLIDAY.

Once again the pattern proves itself true year after year.

'Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will Secret ‘Kill List’ Tests Obama’s Principles'-Another Nice Ride The Fence NY Times Article- That The ObamaBots Wont Heed

You know what f#ck all these complete assholes.

Domestically the mass mind control that blankets our nation and is keeping Targeted Individuals from living ournloves is worse than it was during ANY OTHER PRESIDENT.

I hate this halfrican N*gger reverse racist sneaky piece of sh#t and his wife whos bitch and a piece of shit likw himself.

And everyone is sick of the same aholes sniffing around the presidency like Hillary. We saw this with Bush also. He was around the presidency during Nixon and many of those guys are who served with his son during his presidency.

THIS PRICK SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN OFFICE. It never should have happened. Just likw Bush the younger shouldnt have been elected.

He was SUPPOSED to be impeached for vote fixing etc. But things blew up and Americans went running to Daddy asking for answers and to take action.

He won his second election via MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. Thats been intimated to me by guilt ridden operatives who still have a little grey matter left in their cult brain washed skulls.
Myself and other US citizens woke up on the morning of voting day 2004 and as we went about planning the day FOR SOME REASON HAD THE IRRESISTABLE URGE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN on that day. Even if we planned not to. Democrat or Independent-it didnt matter.

So some of us obeyed the mind control commands. Some like myself who resist other than take action we dont agree with just didnt vote at all.

Either way the Bastard won.

The only thing I got out of it is that I finally became aware that I was a life long Target. Bush is better than Obama in this way. He carries with him an honesty and I believe part of him does not approve of his father's ways or NWO.
By allowing us to know the truth we could fight. Bush and Hayden and the NeoCons administration almost killed me and I assume others. Yet you could fight back. You could think through the torture. You could travel and seek out subcultures to survive in.

Nanny state type Dem Libs dont believe in the kind of freedom they believe in fown south and in places like TX and AZ. Even CA to a point.

They believe that everyone must be controlled completely and elites and the intelligentsia must engineer the shit out of society so that their latest version of utopia or the American negro's 'Promised Land' (so the selling point of Obama's creepy campaign posters) will result.

This entire administration's aims are at furthering the New World Order just like any other has been in the United States or in the EU.

Im proud of countries like Switzerland who arm themselves, wont join the EU ans refuse Oprah or anyone else they choose service. They would have denied my poor American ass service also AND THAT IS THEIR PEROGATIVE.


I cant imagine what the secret paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo look like on that one.

This guys job is to SERVE THE PURPOSE OF THE ELITES OR BANKSTERS AND NEW WORLD ORDER-however you want to put it or whatever you want to call it.

I am the grand daughter of two US Marines. Its eerie to me how much my 'job' as a programmed person resembles that of the Marines in a war. Someone recently explained their job is to go in first and prep the way for other branches.
I seem to be on the 'front lines' of this and gather intel on what's out here.

So their job has been to make sure I can't get it out there as well as lately, discredit me so no one listens.

Putting a person like Obama in office simply makes it so the continuing 'occupation' of a New World Order is less obvious and like his other actions-less visible to the public.

Pushing racism, using covert ops and old COINTELPRO agents and tactics, creating wack jobs to become lone shooters who are white supremacists nowadays magically is to not only cover up for the now huge People Of Color core of people serving in covert ops around the United States (and in EU it seems) but to make sure no one wakes up and realizes a lithe, Liberal civil rights lawyer who attended gentile Harvard would be capable of the same actions AS ANY OTHER BASTARD IN THE WHITE HOUSE in that seat of power.

Guess what happens if you dont do the bidding of those truly in power? Assasination time.

Theyve already stopped multiple attempts on Obamas life from THE AMERICAN PUBLIC they dont spotlight in news (but its out there).

Which tells us the PEOPLE are dissatisfied with this guy-but the elite & Co find him satisfactory to serve their interests.

Secret kill lists dont just encompass done strikes. It seems like TIs are suffering worse than ever now and faring very badly. Killing someone can be done in many ways.

It almost seems like the killing is being done to dissidents in the US like me but quietly of course 'gang stalking' is unofficial and denied to exist to begin with.

I actually had a few good years during Obama which was probably dependent upon who was in power in other positions. But this may have been also to lead me on and give me a false sense of security.

Over time Obama has only built a better and more effective prison for Americans and its so good that people dont even realize its there. They dont percieve this as a continuation of Bush's NWO at all or what GW started in earnest.

I was given the impression it was time to physically leave the United States when Obamacare came out. Something in it is doing more harm than we lay people can understand. I was warned simply that theres something in it thats dangerous for me.

I was also warned to leave the US in 2012. Just get out of the country. And now I see why.

During Bush people wanted to leave. But this was more of a gotta leave to survive.

Btw no one ever asks why these horrible terrorists want to kill us. If they do the answers they give are bullshit excuses.

Its becuz we support Israel. Its becuz we have endless covert ops in the area CAUSING trouble to begin with.

And from a Survivor's perspective-can you imagine how many dollar signs you would see in your eyes if you realized you could use the PROGRAMMING OF HUMAN BEINGS to CREATE TERRORISTS to be a 'problem' utilizing the ever convenient cult platform of RELIGIOUS BELIEF as the holding area and motivator for your mind controlled slaves?

Voice Of God technology would certainly be helpful in motivating ignorants who have semi primitive cultures.

Its one thing to be a greedy f#ck and play the old Robber Baron games of selling arms to both sides or other scams during war and conflict or even creating it for profit-and MIND CONTROLLONG THE WHOLE frickin WORLD so that everyone has to exist in a blanketed, floating living hell every damn day from 6 am to 12 midnight with only Sundays and federal holidays as any sort of return to true reality once again.

Its outrageous and now they are at war with the Homeless which contains high numbers of TIs and exploited peoples.

This is exactly like the Nazi Holocaust written in history books except its microwave weapons not ovens. Its chemical influence in public spaces or chemical warfare targeting specific populations ALL BEING DONE DOMESTICALLY.
The camps are the shelters or anyplace we congregate to sleep for those offers us who refuse oppression from the grossly corrupt shelter/homeless industry.

Its funny isnt it? That only the most elite or connected or covert agent AS WELL AS the lowest level in American society ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO REALLY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON?

This is why church types used to protect and help us. Not becuz of some Christian bs of sympathy but becuz in the US church and state are seperated and they have always known that when govt is screwing up the church may be a refuge. And the wise ones realize its people who are targeted who are really fighting that or victimized by it.

WHICH IS WHY ALL THESE YUPPY CHURCHES HAVE TO REPLACE THE TRADITIONAL ONES IN STRONG HOLDS LIKE BOSTON. I also now think its the reason Bush pulled in right wing Christianity into govt during his presidency- so it couldnt rival what govt was doing.

Obama is notoruously Wall St and non religious. His bitch wife has been showcased by multiple activists making the sign of the Horns (Satanic hand sign) on magazine covers years ago in the middle of his presidency.

This kind of marketing Satanism isnt really Satanism. Its merely a tool of mind control (like modern Islam extremists making lots of lovely terrorists to make war for profit) to overthrow the US govt.

It cuts out the churches position countering govt in the USA or as a refuge from its abuses. Note that the leadsr of the Church Of Satan was Anton Lavey- a Hungarian Jew (Communism-a popular Obama tool of cult mind control) with connections to Jewish mafia in Las Vegas.

Maybe mathmetician Nash wasnt mistaken when he was color harassed and targeted ny "men wearing red ties" and took it to mean there was a Communist plot.

Communism or whatever crap ObamaBots are pushing by wearing Black & Red like cult idiots, is certainly a way of accomplishing that. Even if it isnt real and its all psychological bullshit.

Its mind control and thats all that matters nowadays.

Oh and the most "paranoid insular organization" is the elite and shadow govt.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another Ex Of Mob Rules Destroying The West: Dunkin Donuts Harassement Of Police Officers

Its interesting this occured in two New England states.
Both consisting of old money, notable colleges, teaching hospitals (institutions) and private sector including military contractors such as Raytheon and notorious organized crime histories.

Conn, MA and RI have alot more similarities than VT, NH and ME which tend to be more conservative. Though MA used to and to a certain extent still shares those states-especially neighboring NH's love of freedom.

CT and RI are kind of more oppressive in the interests of the elite. ME is too in a weird hick sort of way. They seem like people who wish they were from TX but unfortunately for them, without the rich blue states to the south ME couldnt survive.

Ive posted about the tech part of the harassment and influence or 'mind control' seeming to cease or lower dramatically when LEGIT LAW ENFORCEMENT comes into the area for random issues having nothing to do with me or gang stalking.

I noticed this in 2008. It still happens. It happened a few days ago. It indicates satellite use on TIs more thab anything and it feels that way too. (I say 'feel' becuz these are electromagnetic tech and weapons. They create fields that some of us can sense
In a big rig truck if the driver had satellite radio for entertainment and we were parked to sleep overnight I would have manipulative dreams very specific content. In the morning there would be a 'hang over' from this dream if not some antimotivational brainwash content..the moment the truck would move from the spot it was parked in oveenight, the 'feed' if you will of content and emotional manipulation would cease.

Thought and feeling manipulation content that ends upon movement from a location. So early on I realized there is a feeling of being saturated by this technology.

When legit police show up in this area the sam effect takes place.)

Also realize that mob rules which is an extension of cult mind control is a problem now specifically due to the public having communications technologies.

DD hire people like Walmart hires-people who seem to take to mobbing naturally and don't defy authority.

They also hire with what I consider to be very racist hiring practices: peoples of African descent, Muslims, Asians (dark skinned. Ive only seen one pale Oriental Asian at a DD), Morrocans, South Americans.
They take the People Of Color part of 'Diversity' waaay to far.

As far as I am concerned, they are reverse racists. So if this is where you are hiring from, anything political involving POC such as 'Black Lives Matter' is possibly going to become a tense situation.

Also DD have been tied to classic organized crime activity specifically in NYC.

DD like every other large chain partakes in gang stalking harassment but for whatever reasons the employees are much more low class, vile and nasty about it as opposed to Starbucks or even McDonalds..which is the number 1 chain for severity of harassment.

DD employees have proven to be a tie with Walmart's for ignorant behavior, being no class, control freaks, obsessi lve, rude and mobbing as a large group.

McDonald's uses a mix of employees, their security surveillance systems (tech) and perps as customers being very quick to begin harassment on a TI in the restaurants. Some have the McDs tv channel broadcasting which has propaganda you've got to actually see to believe.

DD also has its own radio station it broadcasts in shops. Its annoying and panders to customers as if they were children. Most of the songs are about relationships. It reminds me of the MK Ultra part of the program where people are regressed to keep them controlled.

Some of the content mocks northeastern people and some of it is actually designed to break down the elitist culture that has made this area special for centuries- creating smart, determined people of all classes who are taught that as long as we make the extraordinary effort and walk that knife's edge, we are entitled to be better than the rest of the country. (Which then of course leads to the responsibility of assisting those less fortunate.)

Lastly it might be that the policeman involved were targeted as individuals.

I can just see DD employees feeling that empowered as a mob.

Not ALL Dunkins employ total assholes and sniveling sneaky two faced desperatw cowards but Ive seen enough of that to make a generalization.

Brookline has some very nice people thats becuz theres still some actual Jewish culture left in Brookline. One of the employees is African American and I dont fully trust her but shes alot nicer generally than most employees who engage in gang stalking.
Harvard MBTA station Ive never had a problem with either perhaps becuz of the fast pace of that location or the T cameras all over facing the store front.

The one that Google wont list on Maps thats in a Harvard U owned building on Church St has very pushy gang stalking employees. Again all POC except for one Chinese kid.
The female South American manager is so good at being two faced you'd never know how sick she is unless you WERE targeted becuz they run off Harvard's power there and feel TIs are totally helpless.

DD is a strange place to be targeted becuz you end up being cordial and having nice chatty relationships with the workers just to maintain peace when you go in there even though they do gesturing at least once while you are there.

Its total Spy vs Spy. But you have to pretend its not happening. Its kind of obnoxious but its livable.

Unlike Walmart which is just downright nasty and ignant like McDonalds can be.

And yes, I feel Im being watched and monitored in many DD due to the cameras. Not all of them but many. So theres mind control being utilized.
Every single location Ive felt 'watched' its been the ideation that theres private security or police on the other side of the cams doing the watching.

For some reason the Church St location I mentioned isnt that intrusive. It was actually a positive sort of judgement from the monitors. In most other locations where I get the ideation Im being watched and theres an interface, I feel Im judged negatively. Perps as customers always show up soon afterwards.
Theyd show up in the Harvard Church St location too but it was milder. And it almost felt like whoever was watching liked my work and the way I put perps down or ignore them.

So theres alot of Gitmo action at DD. Dont take it personal. Corporate businesses and private security are creating a living hell on earth in the west for all of us but certain people will see first hand the extent of how bad it is.

It may have even been part of unethical experimentation. 'Will humans of this demographic go against authority on this level if in a certain group and x y z conditions or variables are applied' blah blah blah.

It always pisse me off when people make spmeones job harder when its difficult to begin with becuz as usual theres total corrupt pricks having a field day out there and the guy whos normal and not fucked up gets some bs like this.

And they seem to pick on people who they know arent connected to the scumcore thats so integral to Gang Stalking.

Seeming to Refer To And Laugh About The Target For Unusually Long Periods New Group Tactic/Couples Using PDA

Foriegn people often wearing black and red as well as gesturing are using this new tactic.

They often seem to make reference to the Target then employ laughing and speaking in their native language.

Its debatable if they are speaking about the TI or if they are speaking about something else but the IMPRESSION the Target must get is that well off foriegners who are perps are performing psychological harassment.

This also falls under the recent trend of using GS to cause racism and class warfare in the USA.

If perps are those foriegn jerks taking over our cities who are seemingly doing so much better than certain demographics (like poor whites whos families have been here for a while) then its going to add to the unrest of immigration and displacement of the middle and lower classes.


As usual the public transit system and public spaces like streets are most popular for this.

Secondly for a time now couples making sure they are right next to me or in close proximity are performing overt Public Displays Of Affection to cause psych stress or to steal energy by demanding the focus be on them.

You wouldn't believe how much of gang stalking in person harassment is about psychic vampirism. Forcing the TI to expend energy or seeming to trigger a response then steal the Targets focus on themselves.

This has been going on for as long as I van recall.

Its a sort of forced psychic slavery. And rape of personal space and breaking up the TIs self possession.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You Meet The Most Interesting (Possible Perps) People In Harvard Sq Cambridge: The Bonds.-Boeing and American Intelligence

The Bond family fame:

"During the First World War Marshall Bond was turned down for military service. As a substitute form of national service he joined the Counter Intelligence section of the United States Secret Service."

"Marshall Bond Sr. brother in law of the industrialist William Boeing".

One of the family members had been a friendly person with the street kids in Harvard Sq.

I came upon his profile on a site I was viewing and it contained his real name not the one he gave locally.

He always seemed a bit Asbergers or slightly autistic neither of which I believe exists in broad spectrum. In the old days people would just say that fellow is a bit strange or just accept his ways of expressing himself or mannerisms. You had to be totally unable to function in society back then to be 'disordered'. Such a concept didn't even exist. People were just human and some parents were drunks and some were off the wall etc.

In order to be diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder you had to be washing your hands or needing to check the stove multiple times a day to the point where it interfered with your life-and your hands were raw.

Nowadays people toss the corporate logo or boardroom jargon term 'OCD' around as if its pop culture. I get accused of being OCD becuz I clean up or arrange condiments on restaurant tables occasionally while sitting becuz my mother worked in a pub for ten years-back when it was a service industry craft and Boston waiters made enough to make a living off of.

(Back when Boston was a worldly city with class not Menino's dream of a 'world class city' in the globalist New World Order.)

He would rigidly repeat information and seemed very smart about people trying to take advantage of him despite his child like vulnerability. He claimed he was couch homeless at one point and it sounded like the typical story of a very rich family that didnt want to deal with one of the children and was notoriously cheap in the old money way or simply the family money was tied up in long time investments and property bit they had very little liquid assets.

He claimed to have to fight for some land or assets and got back on his feet.

These types used to be all over Boston and NYC. They could show us a better standard and relate to our intelligence that other classes believe we lack and we show them I assume a lowe class sort of grit that strangely, resembles whatever ancestor made them notable or rich in the first place.

He was kind to talk with and our conversations were pleasant. He'd be one of the only people left who would talk to me humanely and intelligently after Harvard turned on me.

However I ended up seeing him late at night at a CVS recently and he went into the subject of rebels or something connected to some interest or lecture he'd been to.
The sentence that consisted of speaking about shooters or terrorists along those lines and that "the govt usually (gets to) or (catches) those people before they can do anything" is what stayed in my mind.

And if he comes from such a family then that LINE was meant to STICK IN MY MIND.
Like laying down a sequence of programming.

What was most sad was once again losing my faith in someone. I guess my work and findings have gotten into an area that people who used to tolerate me dont like.

In my most positive outlook I might guess he was trying to warn me but there was a slight bad energy or sentiment attached to that sentence.

Strange Scents, Gesturing And Forced Sexual Arousal /In Person Psy Ops Requires Tech and Chem To Be Effective

Ok so the biggest thing perps use against TIs is aggression. Stress comes from this.

Sexuality is key to controlling a Target.

We've all read about technologies being used to induce sexual arousal and in some instances force behaviors to relieve this.

During Bush it was downright torture. Now its being used to try to make this TI full of aggressions so I will act out and end up jailed OR when aggression is induced and not released it turns inward and causes DEPRESSION.

This state can lead to a Target's DEFEAT. It can also for some reason make it so that the TI IS MORE EASILY CONTROLLED BY THE GANG STALKING SYSTEM.

This is something new in my experience. I could always fight these effects mentally before.

I suspected I may have been nano or microchipped at NEMC (now Tufts Medical Center) during surgery in that area in 1997.

Magnets put over the area seemed to stop the effects but wearing them was impractical. I did that when I had to or could.

After the abortion i had in Portland OR a few years ago at OHSU which I didn't realize was a state run teaching hospital and they had alot of DARPA funded company connections (and a biowarfare lab was proposed outside Portland which is rural land but it was never built-supposedly).

MIT did a very intimidating walk through one of the libraries when I was on the computer looking for lawyers to sue them for being in pain a year later. It was basically brainwashing to get me to drop the idea.

Just like I never submitted that complaint about the stalking detectives in the black Sedan I have pics of (posted on this blog) becuz I was set up and baited/targeted to act out in a manner I never had before-and got arrested for writing racially charged language about the racists working in McDonald's Central Sq Cambridge MA.

When you are under mind control and police use strong arm intimidation tactics in this way you do the best you can.

I traveled to an other state to do probation becuz I was getting harassed every place I tried to do community service hours.

And I did my cs in another state in a olace that totally gives me cred as a caring sane person and networked also. So now they have to lean on me here to make me look unstable and nuts.

Harvard Sq area has corrupt. They recently tresspassed me due to a bogus FBI tip that I had a gun and was being paid to shoot up the campus.

Its predictable becuz the biggest sick fucks working with police due to being in trouble are being rewarded now and anyone not working for them is being driven out.

So sexual arousal is now not just used for torture but to cause acting out or depression that may lead to suicide.

It may be that the familiar smell from the Bush era-that horrid musky baby powdery smell SOMETIMES caused by peoples perfumes (when its not as overbearing as mind control drugs being released into an environment. Like a train station or store).

They may be using trained psych warriors-Cheney's Spoon Bender types. Prob military or psy ops core. Maybe private like black ops hired by whomever?

It may be tech is used. All I know is that a perp will sit in my peripheral vision and start doing a tactic very obviously but its done REPETITIVELY.

Ive come to the conclusion that this gesturing in this particular situation isnt for daily mind control maintenance of the TI- the repetitiveness of it REPRESENTS STIMULATION such as on skin.


This is part of the reason some perps grab their crotches or fully cup their buttocks instead of just doing a shirt oull/wallet tap/side tap.

I had one fat young woman in Indiana who was giving me a ride GRABBING HER CROTCH just enough so it was obvious while driving.

These are not only attempts at getting the TI aggresive and out of control as rhe perps behavior is BASICALLY RAPE molestation-but attempts to get a Survivor of mind control programming back into sex slavery or even the sex industry.

Black males and women are used for this purpose almost exclusively. In Austin there are types that would hate someonenlike me but appear Hipsters or scruffy so the message is still obvious.

People who appear alternative are perps nowadays just so you get the idea theres no one truly alt or cool left but their purpose is to break trust and cause disillusionment.

These people who can cause unwanted sexual arousal by sitting near you and rubbing the side of or their heads over and over or keep rubbing their leg where one would do the tap gesture Im anchored to, are supposed to get the TI distracted, off focus, nervous, or aggressive enough TO FINALLY FLIP OUT.

They also daily cause damage to the nerves especially the heart which over time they want to kill or the TI or cause ill health to at least slow us down AND IT WILL LOOK LIKE ITS NATURAL CAUSES.

Being raped every day in public by people you find undesirable is going to cause STRESS and this is used to KILL THE TARGET over time.

I also believe they continue to attempt to alter my natural sexuality to make mw turn to black males or become a lesbian.
Which has been one of their lesser goals since early Bush.

The 'get with ' or 'go to ' black males has been pushed so hard in the past Ive posted entire programs that were run with this content as actual subliminated suggestive BRAIN WASHING.

One was in St Patricks Shelter for women in Somerville MA (next city over from Cambridge, old site of Whitey Bulger's Winter Hill Gang-Irish mob).
The other was on a bus in San Diego CA. Where drones are built. Navy. Where Scientology began.

I dont know how this is done, just a person sitting there repeating gesturing. It seems part chemical part psychic and of course use of behavioral psychology- the gestures the Target is anchored to.

What people dont understand is that perhaps on Sundays or on holidays you can ignore the gesturing perps becuz WITH OUT THE TECHNOLOGY AND CHEMICAL INFLUENCE PRESENT IN THE ENVIRONMENT, simple behavioral psychology methods, on their own, arent effective.
Remember something about this sort of harassment- many people who are supposed to be responsible authorities are going to simply think this is a joke. That its funny.

Becuz humans are capable of base nature-essentially aggressive greedy dumb animals. Always remember that. And assholes who know about this shit will tell you nobody cares or no one takes it seriously. That they have no sympathy for you or that you are trying to get people to feel bad for you.

But this is the pedo-perv-woman beater-closet gay-skinner-rapist network that hides under, and works for gang stalking.


Just keep fighting and resisting.

Pleaze Post Comments Again PayPal Donation And Hamilton

Blogger with name Hamilton I deleted yer comment by accident. Please repost. Thanks. And yes I shud read my emails but I have been suppressed and kept under control so tight that Im busy panhandling every few hours a and doing daily survival stuff so can't get to activism also Massachusetts is now comepletely saturated in a dark gloomy fear anxiety hate 'bleh' inducing overlay (prob technologies and chemical influences) that make mon-Fri a literal Hell on earth. Saturday is a bit of relief you can feel the metaphysical sun peek through the electromagnetic 'clouds' if you will. Sundays are strange. The other influence is gone but they are miserable in a different way. As if to train the human animals to prefer the 'keep your nose to the grindstone' work-a-day psycho management of Mon-Fri.

Only in thr right physical location THAT BLOCKS TECH and provides relief from chemical influence as well as USA major holidays provides any real relief or return to an environment that someone my age recalls as 'normal .

Its like the 80s again during those holidays.

Less humans in the city environments and a sense of peace and harmony.

And no I dont use 0@PayPal as it takez some of the money.

Ad Opt Out In Google Preferences May Help Lower Instances Of Media Psy Ops (Tailored To TIs)

On YouTube ads before vids play which are attached to the vid, theres an options button or go into Google settings.


IF YOU ARE AN ACTIVIST PLEASE CONSIDER USING COMMENT MODERATOR. IT HELPS RAISE CREDIBLITY AND MORALE WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY by keeping the idiots out. Beware of Trojan Horse Comments: perps will say nice things about you or write seemingly useful or related content then WILL AD HARMFUL OR CONTRARY CONTENT at end of comment.)

It says you will still see ads but they wont be tailored to your "interests".

One of the first things Targets have to deal with after hacking begins when the harassment campaign goes 24-7 and overt is eerily personalized ads on almost everything in cyberspace. Email accounts, Google, YouTube etc. It van be very hurtful, distracting or under the wrong circumstances damaging to the psych (traumatized, sleep deprived, drugged and/or hit with tech hard).

Anything that reduces the the effect the GS system has where they appear to be omnipotent like 'god' is desirable.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Charlie Sheen Exposed-Now We Know Why..But Be Careful Of Blame Game
(Hey Wash Post-ya done good.)

Matt Lauer or whoever? Unsavory types? You mean like junk journalism that today passes for legit? I cant imagine what Matts 'nasty habits' consist of. Whatever.

I suppose I should be happy but Im not.

Sheens people obviously concocted a way of his revealing just why he has been doing work for the Dirty Tricks Dept all these years (media psy ops) but this shows people arent buying it.

Then just a few hours ago, a gay vid of him has been revealed.

Actually I feel sorry for him. Not becuz I forgive him for his part in the covert wars but becuz the public piss me off more.

Repeatedly the reality of Hollywood is revealed. The sex industry to a lesser extent.

People look at it they turn on their idols then they move on as if it changes nothing.
I bet they keep watching reruns of Two And A Half Men.

Hes a woman beater a sex and drug addict and a bastard. Ok.

Where did he pick up these habits? Where did he see violence that made this part of who he is?

I can't imagine having Martin Sheen as a father is easy or being a kid in Hollywood.

He's the one that even with medicine has the death sentence. Hes the one whos viewed even worse than he already was before.

What a crappy life. Maybe he will find something worthy from now on. If hes a Satanic sort of soul then this is his nature and he's only doing what comes natural.

Its we that must see through deceptions not laughingly believe decievers repent.

America seems very comfy with believing things are ok when they arent. Its disturbing.

What benefits TIs is that now I understand the criminal opportunist methods at work that get people into the GS games.

Another piece knocked off the board. And so it goes on.

Annoying Perp In Porter Square Cambridge Finally Got Himself A Spotlight Here OnGS!

There are alot of broken down locals in this area of Porter Square Cambridge MA for some reason. Older and in bad health or drunks it seems which is fine but they all seem connected to the old neighborhood type organized crime culture. On the lowest levels however.

Ive learned from being targeted and from my family having connections I didnt know about but experienced culturally as a child that ORGANIZED CRIME WOULD NEVER SUCCEED OR BE ABLE TO EXIST WITHOUT THE COMPLICITY OF THE PUBLIC.

The DD in the area is always a problem for harassment but its tolerable. The Peoples Republic Of Cambridge has always been terrible for 'gang stalking' activity from their Libtard pets but in years past I had some support and allies there. Perhaps still but enemy factions have grown in power with the new administration and scumbags working with crooked law enforcement are social climbing and rewards are paying out as never before. In the last admin, these people were kept in balance with other groups or kinds of people present in the area.

Now if you are dissident you are driven out and they want all street people working for them or else.

Thats more the changes in Harvard Square. Porter is more old school people who perhaps grew up with the mob guys (Irish?).

Its always shocking to experience people who seem brain damaged and subhuman perform psych warfare.
I guess evil in humans is so strong it can still exist long after health and strong life force have left the body.

It's also a testament to how basic mobbing is to the human animal and this is what we are up against.

This older man who has been gesturing me ever since he introduced himself months ago just goes too far with it. Hes condescending and f#cking arrogant and it finally pissed me off. I dont write about or feature every perp. Id be writing all day if i did.

Only people i consider dangerous.

(Blue eyes. Grey hair. Slim face. Hangs out with older blonde who has atypical Scandinavian type large 'fish eyes' trait but they look like they are drooping off her face. Think peasants in Mediaeval village types. Like in Waltham except in more ill health.)

Theres something about this guy. As if he has a side to him thats capable of such actions. You never know just what favors or service that normal looking people have done for organized crime of all ethnic kinds.

You are going to meet doctors who owe their career to the Chinese for bringing them over that owe them any favor they ask for life. People like this idiot who cant keep their shit together so they think they can covert muscle someone like me to get what they DONT DESERVE in life.
People like my family members who raise 'white wash' children who seem goody goody and become genetic engineers and convert to Christianity. Yet usually there's always a human sacrifice like myself driven insane or living in the streets.
A family member everyone pretends is just a lost soul or some other bullshit.
That's becuz mind control has alot to do with organized crime. What would the drug, sex trade or entertainment be without it? Exactly.

This assh*le bragged about making $800 day when he worked for the construction union at a job for MIT where he oversaw a crew of men.

Its like this pinnacle moment in his life he revisists repeatedly and wants again. So thats what he wants out of GS I suppose.

He was seen talking to a union member who,of course, was doing GS gesturing (back pocket and side taps) so I can connect a probable source for this idiot's behavior.
The union guy had that look everyone on that level has here: many cop/mob/union guys all have a similar look. He looked like that and they are dangerous and should be treated as such.

THIS guy is a major jerk off nobody pain in the ass-unless he's hiding and he was like a hit man or something. He gives off more of a vibe of some sort of history of partaking in messy violence for the invisible empire. The hitmen have a presence thats alot more...heavy if you will, than that.

Ive heard him have phone conversations where he exhibits that quality of 'Im smarter than Im letting on and I have power and everyone I deal with is stupid and beneath me and Im capable of being very serious, punishing and violent if necessary'....but theres something faked and not solid about it. Like hes imitating what hes learned from guys who are actually really like that.

"How are ya kiddo!?"-Go f#ck yourself dude. And the gesturing just gets ridiculous. Desperate as hell this guy.

It was so funny becuz after I took these and logged into blog half the room left. One guy was staring at the phone in terror. Lmfao.

Porter Sq is very dangerous right now as is most of Cambridge. Its soooo psycho-managed. I dont know what is in or around Porter but its always been sort of nasty and unwelcoming towards me.

Friday, November 20, 2015

What Is Behind The Explosion Of Hip Christian Churches In Boston? Possibly Money Laundering To Intel Fronts

Years ago I noticed and posted that statues of Mother Mary were being taken out of various parts of Boston. Brighton, Brookline and Boston Im sure there were others.

After Boston's part in the black magick ritual that was 9-11 and beyond its now time I guess to close the gates or in terms of business and power-hide the crimes, destruction and evidence of almost two decades of wrongdoing.

Of lying, cheating, torturing, deception etc.

Closing the Catholic Churches traditionally power holds of Irish and Italian citizens and opening 'YuPpie' churches is just another way of getting rid of locals, our power and history, in favor of the YUPpy cancer consisting of transplants from everywhere else who subscribe to this lifestyle that's come to define fake, plastic, contrived, snobbery and the herd mentality.

These people have taken over and gentrified multiple cities across the USA and it is an important step in creating a New World Order.

Locally and by small pieces of land, slowly, locals and their history are uprooted and destroyed in favor of a corporate culture of sameness globally.

Theres not much difference between Hipsters in NYC and Austin TX except for perhaps Austin's pride in being Republican Hipsters. A bizarre new backlash where people who appear alternative boast of being conservative politically.

Hipsters driving pick up trucks is, indeed nothing short of hysterical for anyone sane left in this country (are you out there?). Though with the right hat and lumber jack pattern jacket it might work. I suppose.

YUPpies have taken over every city in the USA that doesnt have a culture strong enuf to defend itself. Salt Lake City, UT was the most shocking YUPpie invaded area Ive ever seen.

And this is all a part of the great class war thats being covered up by racial equality as a standard.

Destroying naturally occuring environments with their own people and cultures and replacing them with contrived, imported, by-design almost prefabricated culture and outsiders is nothing short of creating false environments.

Ive written about this years ago. That the powers that be seemed to be experimenting with creating false environments in public spaces and even observing to see how humans behave in them.

Its like having a beautiful antique mosaic or pattern or painting on a floor and deciding its more practical to pull it up partially and cover everything with an easy to clean, uniform patterned linoleum.

Corporations can then control the public better and the more uniform population are easily marketed to.

Take this into account.

Then after the horror of the YUPpie invasion now theres been new mini churches popping up. I call them YUPpie churches.

On a mission to save godless Massachusetts:

They are marketed as hip and new. Anti-church churches.
This isnt your mom's church. Especially your grandma's church.

Boston's Quiet Revival:

Worrisome is how many have come into being. Most shocking to Massachusetts residents is the grossly inappropriate marketing of God in the MBTA stations which should be illegal. Why are they the only ones there, no other causes or beliefs allowed to pander?

The destruction of Catholicism and removal of Mary statues lines up with the displacing of locals and of lower and middle classes.

Ive seen no other religion where women have special sympathy with one another or have a refuge from the outside world or males.

This also then reflects this new Christian take over as PART OF THE MILITARIZATION OF BOSTON and AMERICA at large.

Jesus and God are males.

Theres something about revering a female mother figure opposed to the south's almost Elvis like obsession with Jesus, that bonds us.

'Our Lord' as my grandmother would refer-which is often represented by a morbid Jesus hanging from a cross is also understood as a power you ant see or make an idol or image of.

Its the heaviness of the stone in the Catholic churches that represents the churches' power.
Also this is yet another way of destroying anything European. These churches and Catholicism itself use endless artworks and architectures from Europe's vast history.

Lastly these new churches may serve a purpose thats sinister.

I know this city too well. The criminals are smooth and they are smart. They have worked with the old money people and institutions for as long as this place has existed.

So the elite changing the face of things without really changing what they are doing but just finding new ways to mask it from the public is a Boston specialty. Its an east coast art form.

Ive posted before that one local church like this had some members that were doing obvious gang stalking. Really nasty stuff like looking at me saying that their God enjoyed watching his son tortured and destroyed.

I also noticed that this church had a lot of single men living together that werent married or had..significant others. Is that the real reason he was enjoying seeing a person like me destroyed and tortured?
Its also sick to make project MK Ultra into anything religious. These are war crimes by intel agencies and the US military nothing else.

There was also something very fronted or cult like about the church and its core members.

With all we know about Jonestown, gang stalking groups and the use of fronts by intel agencies or organized crime, possibilities have to be considered.

Pushing religion in the MBTA station should be unacceptable to a Bostonian. These are supposed to be spaces free of such content so we may travel freely, commute and have time away from distraction and privacy.

Now lets consider how much South American and Latino immigration has happened in RI and MA. Both old mob strong holds but also WASP and olde money.

Heres an article on Latin American drug cartels using churches to launder money:

Central American Drug Cartel Uses Churches As Fronts:

Now consider the hypocrisy of the Christian right specifically connected to TX and the Bush family. I and many other Targets had experienced the extreme level of elite Satanic activity of the Bush and post 9-11 war era being covered up with the Christian right part of NeoCon culture.

NeoCons and the Republican party has a history of closeted homosexuality that is self hating and also ties into the elite pedo and sex networks connecting all of this to Boystown in Nebraska, Johnny Gosch etc.

Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide:

Self Hating Gays: Welcome To The White House and Welcome To Commit Suicide:

Lets be clear I dont mind gays or prostitution thats not endangering the sex workers or even Satanists for that matter. Its when people are pious and hiding in plain site as perfect citzen Christians I have an issue with it. Becuz this is alwaya used as a way to stop the system being questioned.

In the context of how creepy the growing number of these YUPpie churches are-its a great front for criminal enterprises in New America where things are streamlined so the public no longer detects or understands how organized crime works.

There never was 'Change'. Only 'ReArrange'.

Its possible these places are gang stalking recruitment organizations or intel fronts.

From my experience at least one has exhibited that activity.

Im Learning About The New Administration Of Boston-Explains Alot

A local man of Irish descent was pleasant at first then started doing a ridiculous and insane dance of gesturing tactics so I ended the conversation. He claimed to have grown up with Walsh. That he remembers he worked as a bouncer in a bar becuz the owner was friends with his father who was union leader or some position like that.
He supposedly got beat up every night so they pulled him off the job.

This man also said some things that can only be part of MK Ultra behavior modification.

That Marty was "arrogant". That "..hes a good guy now" but he needed to be beaten down to learn to not be arrogant.

This system is notorious for taking people and not just grooming them but shaping and molding them to be politicians then serve their interests.

Ive personally seen a protected career criminal in Boston be harassed by the organized stalking and harassment system all of her life. She mentioned a relative in intelligence services. She tevealed things that are earmarks of ritual abuse survivorship.

Organized crime has people harassed endlessly to keep them on edge, under control and working hard for them. Its a form of slavery and its part of mind control slavery.

If you watch The Prisoner tv show from the 60s in UK the writers and actor Patrick McGoohan put in very simple bits of truth about what is done to intelligence people once they are no longer useful in that capacity.

One of the episodes clearly shows the watchers of The Village attempting to get number 6, a former asset now imprisoned in The Village, to run for office in The Village.

Its simply reshaping an asset so they are recycled into something once again useful to the system such as the comment made to me during Bush by a perp that if I was going to become an activist, I would have to be a "nice person". I didnt want to become an activist- this system has forced me to out of self defense and basically isolating me so heavily that I cant DO anything else.

Again you are 'reassigned' to caretake some part of society instead of living your own life and doing what YOU want to do.
The point of the episode of The Prisoner is that running for political office in The Village is pointless becuz everything is controlled from hidden governance anyway.

Like the world we live in especially today.

Im not saying Walsh is one of us, programmed but the comment from the dancing Irishman was in all probability meant as part of behavior mod.

Im 'arrogant'. I have to learn to be 'good'. I got none of this crap when Menino was alive or other people in office in this area.

It seems these guys are supremely sexist and use old style thuggery (I thot that went out in the 80s?) to get their way.

Reports: Mayor Walsh’s Cousin Curses at Woman During Boston 2024 Meeting:

Boston Dems Turn Blind Eye to Teamster Allies’ ‘Racist, Homophobic’ Assaults:

So now that Ceasar Menino has set up everything with the developers and laid the groundwork for the New Boston leaders dont have to be as careful or work as hard at psuedo harmony like the last admin.

One thing I appreciate is that at least Im not being tortured so hard as I was during Menino which is why they have to use more human forces, in person gang stalking now.

So I understand more clearly now at least Boston. And the new police Commisioner I dont think has the same interest in trying to clean up the underbelly of.society the way the woman police chief did.

The police commissioner looks familiar. Its like I know him from somewhere...maybe just photos.

And Cambridge I was misinformed about.  I was told that the current mayor was also mayor in 98. This was incorrect. He has been a city councillor for years.

He was mayor in 2010.

Ive been told he's clean. No creepy stories or dirt like others in office.  He looks kind of like those Satanists who hide in plain site and  make sure they do all the right things to conceal themselves.

The new city manager no one will talk about.

Watertown where hes from and Newton have always had a hair across their asses when it comes to me.

You cant get more selfish than those two towns. PI John Panderos who got his walking papers to Florida for being part of the frame up during the fed investigation is from there. As well as all those NA people who were mean to me all those years.

And my former employer at a video store whos father was a cop who was pissed becuz my ex from Newton was an idiot as well as somehow blames me for having to close down his store becuz a chain took business away.

I used to walk through Watertown and you could feel that someone wanted to shoot my ass outright.


Waltham is just as bad. People used to look pissed becuz I returned from traveling. That I wasnt dead.

Too bad huh?

So who knows or cares what EXCUSES any of these people have for letting the system come after me full force now in all its most obnoxious dirty tricks?

I know one thing. All the pedos who dont have records showing what they really are in Harvard are getting handed rewards left and right.

People like me are being chased out.

Youve got some problems there people.

But YUPpies dont care about reality. Only if the city works for their little false environment fantasy.

Go with the money people. They don't ask questions.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Excellent TI Blog: Fight Gang Stalking

If Ive featured this before sorry.

Its done really well and it focuses on GS on the most basic level.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mother Jones 2011: The Informants

So was that the CIA I encountered in Phoenix AZ in 2008? Coercing me to join their traveling circus of empty headed fools? 
"I can make it stop..." and the cops trying to intimate I was "in trouble" just waiting for me to wander into one of their stations like a wounded lost lamb. You should have seen them in Frisco its like they were waiting for me. When I asked directions instead of agreed to se my soul you shud have seen the shock on the face.
It was indeed a beautiful sight. 

A lot of crimes are being hidden by this system used to silence anyone who knows too much or has been victimized.

Professor At Harvard Talks About Tyrannical Student Campuses-Of Course Its All Just COINTELPRO and Covert Ops

This must explain why I was framed up recently the way I was and have been for a few years with much more racially charged harassment. now been dealing with this sort of thing.

This only started to occur when a new administration had come into power in Cambridge MA as well as Boston.
Harvard has had the same president since 2007 but they do have alot of fairly new fellows and a treasurer.

What he isnt mentioning-what no one will is that these actions are simply intelligence operations. They are put forth by the people who work for the American interests and the elite, corporations etc.

Its hard to stop believing in everything youve ever known but one has to consider the 'phenomena' of The  '60s in the context of all the unethical human experimentation with LSD in the 50s, Project Paperclip and the Nazis that MK Ultra is based on in the 40s just decades prior.
Its very likely that that era was to dose as much as thr west as possible and break down cultures with feminsm etc in a massive MK Ultra like program. Mold (LSD is synthesized ergot) makes the mind more easily shaped and influenced. It also somehow makes torture much more effective.

The real reason that the west is obsessed with Diversity is to cover up for the use of People Of Color as house slave type keepers of society.
Ive seen this first hand. I know one thing now surely-African peoples are potentially very dangerous to the Constitution and any sort of real freedom in the west but that also goes for any cult mind controlled, black and red wearing racist whos obsessed with color instead of genetics, history, geography and archaeology-science to explain realistically who we are.

These people are simply being used the way that it was proven they could be used in Jonestown. A trained mob using cult mind control. (On my Youtube there's vids of the FBI tapes of the last days of Jonestown. Thats legit not some website or Hollywood movie.)

Black revolutionaries were crushed by COINTELPRO. They were then indoctrinated into cult mind control by forming street gangs invented by intelligence networks to deal crack into the cities.
Reagan closed all the state hospitals so the homeless problem exploded-guaranteeing there would never be true revolution from the street level again as its now impossible to be safe or organize. Now people needed to form gangs to protect themselves.

African American ghetto culture defines poverty and controls the homeless industry in many cities. Until the African American role played in controlling the lower classes for the power structure and THEIR OWN special interests are exposed and understood by the public I firmly believe blindly putting them in many positions of authority is ill advised.

You have no idea what brutal house slavish handlers they are of poor people and anyone who is a threat to the system.

Ive been to college campuses around the country. They used to welcoming to people like me but now they are practically shut down so we cant use thier resources-especially after OCCUPY. Every single campus in the US has agents in place. They harass dissidents that come onto campus probably to ensure you cant talk to the students and let them know whats really going on and/or organize anything.
And Ive seen way to many agents infiltrating OCCUPY. What this means is that none of these things are genuine. They are set ups by the intelligence networks. OCCUPY seemed to be a smoke out operation as I call it, just to see exactly who is in the underground homeless scene, if we can organize and function. Probably in this day and age, we are considered potential terrorists against the establishment (western special interests).

What I am trying to say is that a large amount of black America are re enslaved people that arent free, arent truthful about who they are and their culture or communities and are working for the establishment or as they used to refer to it as- 'The Man' since the era of COINTELPRO.

The black community has always provided spying services to this country (see The Ghetto Informant Program) and they survive mostly on govt jobs so of course they are going to protect the govt and its interests. If you look at it closely and realistically, dealing crack and being in a gang and human trafficking are govt jobs or at least run and protected by parts of the govt in unison with the elite.

And also notice that they want Diversity of race and sexual orientation but not class. Theres a major class war being eclipsed out of peoples attention by these issues- which is just one more purpose thier agenda serves.

In other words- Dershowitz is right and this is all bs from the covert arm of the system. Any of these kids who knows whats going on is willingly part of the operation and those who dont are brainwashed, convenient useful idiots who serve as force multipliers.

These kids should be obsessing over drone strikes, automated warfare and the activism I do-the use of chemicals and technologies to control society especially psychiatry and Big Pharma. THAT is whats really going on in the  21st century thats important to keeping humanity healthy and free.

Isnt it convenient that when people become useLESS as gang members, they can become useFUL as prisoners-all in the same complex?  Those who stay useFUL in gangs, go on to become useFUL in entertainment or military etc.
Many alternative rap artists have outed big industry names as agents.

Every generation of youth is used by the elite for thier ends and dont realize it until 15-20 years later that they were duped into actually working for the people they thought they were fighting. They did it to us GEN X in the 90s-and they are doing it again.

Ive experienced waaaayyy to much abuse of power at the hands of black Americans and African foreign peoples working for the system. And they get away with it moreso becuz society perceives them as less responsible for thier actions or they are afraid of them or they make sure they hide what they do from The Whites That Matter.

They are much more brutal and evil in an animalistic way when abusing power for the system or Man in the Big House than any other kind of gang stalker Ive ever encountered.

They have been turned into nothing  more than very dangerous house slaves becuz they are hidden in that capacity. People are not taking into account the realty of gang membership, even Prince Hall   or Boulle conspiracies and membership (if they have the right European DNA or mentoring from the same buying them right into a position of power and advantage in a secret society) or especially COINTELPRO .

These agents were never retired just re assigned. From what Ive seen, there is a large core working as a network in the USA of African Americans that work striclty in the interset of the west and its special interests. Not freedom, liberty, the Constitution or the people nor 'civil rights'. They are as Malcolm X describes them-house slaves, protecting the Big House and the Master.
They tried to break free in earnest decades ago and just like the Native American movement-were crushed by those in power. Its suspect to see and hear Native American organizations given FUNDING BY OBAMA that like to keep throwing around the term WHITE SUPREMACY, yet there are leaders of the Native revolution from decades ago THAT HAVE FBI AGENTS ASSIGNED TO FOLLOW THEM AROUND WHEREVER THEY GO ON US SOIL FOR THE REMAINDER OF THEIR LIVES. This is documented and told by the activists themselves. Look it up.

This entire thing we are living right now is a scam. Its a deception and a diversion. The 'black people' who remain in this country that arent part of any real revolt or resistance (and the do exist) are people willing to go along with the corrupt system AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Neither can college kids on campuses one can assume from the linked article above and from my testimony that there exists a core of anti activist agents who harass people like me constantly.

Over in Europe theres no FREEDOM OF SPEECH or RIGHT TO BARE ARMS. People are being put in jail just for countering mass immigration or trying to put rape stats on social media sites. One man was jailed for asking for materials related to proving the holocaust. Just ASKING or trying to investigate any sort of alternative answers. Even if he investigated and it came out just as history has written it, he still isnt allowed to doubt or ask questions.
People are given sentences for writing what I write on these blogs as well as one other one I have.

Mindless mobs of stupid people are always dangerous and thats what we are dealing with. Its more akin to a bunch of plague ridden peasants from Medieval Europe with pitchforks and torches than educated people protesting for something better.

The same has to be asked of them that is being asked of Europe-if what you propose as an NWO is so wonderful and so righteous then why is questioning it so criminal? Why does NOT going along with this plan carry such harsh consequences? Why are we not allowed to question or put forth grievances?

I notice they dont like poor white women who are homeless with brains but they love blacks and other POC who are alot better of economically and have more resources thus arent as underprivileged. Notice how much of this is going on at exactly the same time we have such high anti homeless sentiments from these same kids? Obama admin even has a govt policy to end homelessness by 2016-2020...and it came out after OCCUPY.   Which was thier big smoke out to find out if there was any resistance or dissidence from the subculture of homelessness which they discovered there was.
The public are being urged to use thier legislative voices to 'end homelessness'.

With the history of the US working the way it does to get its interests met, it wouldnt surprise me if not just TIs are being harassed by covert methods but ANYONE HOMELESS to satisfy whatever part of the agenda this serves.  (No talking to homeless people, no organizing ralleys of homeless. Just citizens deciding for these people just the way this vulnerable population gets oppressed in the homeless industry. We are so without a voice and so oppressed that THE PUBLIC DOESNT EVEN SEEM TO  PERCIEVE  THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH 'ENDING HOMELESSNESS' or that there are many human and civil rights abuses, legal issues even health code and OSHA violations in the homeless industry to address before allowing the system or the housed public to push us into anything. I doubt its legal to demand people get housing. It denies a system of seeking refuge from whatever one is running from, outside of a housed community. Once again people now seek ORDER OUT OF CHAOS which is part of the CREATE A PROBLEM/SOLVE A PROBLEM formula, as solutions to everything without realizing there is a NATURAL ORDER to things that seems chaotic. See fractals if you want a simple answer...or just go outside and look at some roses, a pile of garbage or your favorite piece of classical artwork and realize its all perfect math.

A middle aged homeless woman with hardly any resources? What about DIVERSITY? What about advocating for the underprivileged?  It also shows how MILITARIZATION of society equates with MALE CENTRISM and the breaking up of women's bonds with each other.
Part of the NWO is militarization even if the public dont realize they are living in a soft core or streamlined, hidden in plain sight military dictatorship or at least the military is handling them for the elite. Ive noticed that keeping women from taking power or organizing naturally is very much a part of this in recent years.

To be a women whos responsible now you need to support whatever nonsense the boys come up with from wars to their stupid pro sports teams. I havent seen any real power from women, as WOMEN but as women acting in a mans world nowadays. Any era defined by war is going to favor blindly worshiping authority traditionally male. Women in authority now act like jerks as men would. In the twisted American mind, this is probably thier dream of 'Equality'. Not militarization. Putting blacks in to gangs is a form of militarization and cult mind control and these are also essentially male run and sexist especially due to the use of sex slavery and human trafficking to generate revenue.

The very fact that feminists efforts from the 60s til today have been repaid with rap songs singing about bitches and hos and gangstas becoming Illuminati and basically aligning themselves with white male power, shows that that Equality and such nonsense doesnt really work.