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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pro Grade Psy Ops Hidden As Mobbing Or Bullying

No matter the motive for engaging in 'gang stalking' of a Target, all perpetrators want their actions hidden and if not then excused.

From this vantage point I can now see how convenient it makes it for psy ops personell, private sector or even paid for hire groups to be able to hide any and all of their activities under the guise of 'normal' societal mobbing or bullying. Not only does this allow them to recruit a gullible public but it allows said public to accept what are in reality war crimes from trained, organized militant factions-as part of the under the radar normal lawlessness and shananigans of American society.

I can only hope that this is what motivates people who are normally law abiding to take part in gs campaigns against politically Targeted Individuals.

That church bullying post I just did made me realize how deep one could go into an institution and get support even recruits for something that is actually politically motivated. A TI could be confused for a lifetime as to the true nature of their predicament due to harrassment seeming to be based on mobbing or bullying.

Extremism In Our Society As Fashion

It occured to me that mobbing is considered an extreme form of bullying then organized stalking and harrassment must be considered the most extreme. I notice that in recent years our culture at least in the USA has taken pride in delving onto all sorts of extremism. In sports, in entertainment etc. Even a book I skimmed by a scientist on living organisms that can only exist in extreme environments. The world of pop science or material put out to the public as more entertainment with learning than serious scientific study usually reflects accurately the trends in our society, which is how to keep the public curious and interested on science or to 'sell' science to them via trend.

It is however usually akin to a treat and not a burden- its not science with any responsibility to it. Telling them to read data from years of findings from concerned scientist leagues would be much more pertinent and useful but that wouldn't sell very well.

Even much of the content of what happened to me is related to extremism.Extreme people from extreme entertainment were involved as well as I think what I experienced here and especially the south west was extreme.

It strikes me that this is part of a social experiment. I am fairly sure now that putting me through what happened was not only to test high level programming im human beings but for some sort of overclocking of the body or DNA. I believe its something with accessing primitiive strength and power via long term fights to survive. There was also some reseach released to do with human DNA unravelling or similar in such situations. Extremism and shows such as Survivor, Weakest Link these are all experimentation and tests at their core. What is most interesting is the observing of the masses who are partaking in such shows by merely observing passively through television and not doing anything themselves.

There is some purpose for introducing 'extremism' into society and I highly suspect its ultimately for purposes of social control.

Also interesting is the fact that anyone who the power structure wants to explain away is labeled a 'lone extremist'. Extremists is the term used to describe people who take their religion too far into terrorism.
Yet G W Bush himself produced a very extreme environment with his and his administrations collective actions. The Bush era can only BE described as extreme.

The trick of this word is that its vague. Its a perfect sort of word for purposes of mind control via Loaded Language. I note that since the 80s our culture has internalized corporate-speak as in reducing everything to initials or parts of words.

Also legit journalists and book authors have taken liberties such as starting sentences with And, But,Or etc as part of the proper form of writing.

Cheapen the language as well as incorporoate a loaded language would definately be a part of a brainwashing campaign.

I mean taken literally, if one really thinks about it, what is a 'lone extremist' anyway? Its dangerously vague and open to interpretation. It inspires fear, unsure perception but forced response.

In Phoenix AZ on the bus last travel through there, perps were doing overt directed conversation about me and extremism. I've been through this for so many years and Phoenix is so nasty to me as a rule I just ignored it. They are desperate there every time I go there and their consistency and brattty abuse of power is now an all around joke to TIs who've experienced this states life long arrogant ...or should I say extreme obssession with itself. Its nothing a Yanked can't handle..the unconquerable landscape of Nature and the strong Native presence there have rendered the predominantly white male factions there permanently helpless. And the insecurity shines through every round. What the lack in criminal finesse and brains they make up for with nastiness and force.

The purpose of all this I believe is to create in society a war like environment where that stressed out state seems normal..perfect for cult mind control.

Church Bullying

Has excellent links within page on mobbing and bullying.

I will get to your comments today.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Great Blog:

Blog: Torture, Satellite Surveillance & Covert Harassment
Tracking Issues of Torture, Human Experimentation, Surveillance, Privacy And The Relevant Technology
Including Earlier Knowledge & Reaction

Was the U.S. Citizen, Harvard-Educated Unabomber Ted Kaczynski the Product of CIA Enhanced Interrogation, Psychological Torture Techniques and Human Experimentation?

Why do I keep getting distracted and forgetting this? I mean its THE main reason I am in the situations I am in. But somehow it keeps alluding me and my mind starts wondering, searching going over all this other information. As if I dont have the answer right in front of me.

I can understand that for years due to programming and of course covert factions screwing with that programming, I was compartmentalized therefore couldn't put together all the information.

Now its as if the years of harassment and torture have this cumulative effect of brainwashing. Also there is so much denial on a daily basis in shelters, day drop ins..all of these places are targeted, some more than others with what seems like a specific program to keep people like me down. Way the fuck down.

I appreciate this blog post immensely. It does help, every person who isnt a conspiracy nut and just puts in out there plainly in a logical manner, that makes sense.

We need more of this and less of tin foil hats with crazy b*tches from Code Pink running around being obnoxious in Washington DC.
Less aliens and more facts. An army of lawyers who have the same enemies as us would also be very very useful. Viscous ones.

Use This Time Of Distraction To TI Advantage

This could be useful to TIs. I have found that much of the oppressive effects of my harassment have subsided since Obama's speech.

While the world is distracted and while the military see another opportunity to make a buck, use this time to go forth and further your cases as TIs.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am now totally confident and sure that the military is the faction behind my gang stalking campaign. today I find not only relief but a marked lack of interference, monitoring and controlling/ depleting my sexual drives. I know it is.due to the call to action on Libya..they have other things to tend to now.

so now I know. in order to validate the existence of a constant military industrial complex and retain their budget they must engage in war domestically when not involved in conflicts elsewhwere. it may also be that ongoing human experimentation as well as controlling women or other things they consider sport or toys or obsessions have to go on back burner when actual conflict arises.

I feel like I book if I wanted to finally. this shows that it has been military and intelligence interference. I don't feel controllled, forgetful, confused, blocked from orgasm, or manipulated. I feel az good as I did in the late 90s. it seems this faction has an obsession with christianizing someone like me or at least forcing me to become a mother mary/teresa type figure. they are obssessed with controlling women and destroying what they consider feminism which they blame for destroying american culture. it is they that destroyed our culture and greed and special interests. and feminism that includes race.

whoever they are they are obssessed with controlling me and keeping me down. this wud explian my mothers bragging about having a military credit card. and it being connected to the radiation experimentation. my mother must have realized that them following her was them saying that she shud not go public nor shud.she pursue any justice..but it seems that she realized joining them cud get her the money she felt she deserved. she must have sold me out to further experimentation.

also I am fully convinced this is indeed connected to Aquino and satanic military factions. a military cult.

it cud also be a christian faction...I believe that pushing judeo chritianity or zatanism ars just ways of ensuring control. both are cults and both trap the soul and the mind indefinately.

their biggest fear is my natural ability to produce energy sexually and they want to keep me from my normal natural desire to research and practice Hermetics.

Monday, March 28, 2011

When Will I Be Able To Return From War/ Reviewing Old Post For Reference

I want to re post this for anyone who thinks its allright to forget what was done to me or any other TI over the years.

Its unbeleivable to me that this happened three years ago or so. It seems to md like just a few months ago. All if it seems like just recently in the past.

Its so important for this system to make it appear as if nothing happened. To get me to move on.
I wont. People have to pay for what they did. I still am waiting to get back to my apartment in Brighton, to return to those moments where I left off, where their was this break with reality, an abduction fro
my real life into the world of gangststalking.

I am still waiting to recover those moments. To get back to that place and pick up where I left off.

I can't believe its been that many years since I was abducted by the gang stalking system in 2004 or so. 2004 seems like just 3 years ago or so.

A part of me is.still in that Brighton apartment waiting for this.part home safely from the war.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clandestine human experimentation disclosed. More to come?

Clandestine human experimentation disclosed. More to come?

Its nice to see that someone actually has the pulse on what is going on with selective recognition of official disclosure or recognition of human experimentees.

As you read this do as you should with anything which is only deal with info that sounds reasonable. I am not posting this to focus on the comments about UFO's and aliens etc. I am more interested in it being one of the first articles I have seen that is short, simple and to the point that also reflects the deceptions clearly surrounding the issue. The official line clever skirting around the truly damaging experimentation while acknowledging choice bits.

Its especially interesting that the African American experimentation is being linked to Guatemala. I have read a few articles where its being turned into a race thing, where if you watch the President's Advisory Committee vids on YouTube from the 90's, most of the experimentees are female, Caucasian, attractive or at least enough to charm or gain access easily, creative, sensitive, intelligent with a subtle but evident masculinity somewhere in thier makeup.
But turning the issue into a race issue is clever as it diverts away from the unique nature of mind control and other experimentation and makes it a political issue.

One must always keep in mind that this realm has rules and realities all its own for its purposes that are not recognizable to what we know as normal human civilization in the western world. Race would only be relevant to programming if it was considered for purely utilitarian reasons. The syphilis experiments have little to do with what went on with MK Ultra/radiation involving academia, govt and the private sector- of which many key records were destroyed by Helms, which is why its so important to direct away from that group of experimentation and focus on chosen ones specifically.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Operating Within The Internal Programming Systems

Re-mastering Of Music As Part Of The Breaking Down Of Society For The NWO and Mass Mind Control Mind Control Television
This article woke me I hope it helps others too.
I never thought of defense contractors having that much influence over television.
Usually I dislike linking to sites like this becuz they aren't credible news sources but when there is a media blackout alternative sources may be the only thing that makes sense. I don't agree with all Rense content but its often useful.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

gang stalking is illegal and unethical coercive behavior modification

what is most interesting is Harvard University's involvement.

if a Survivor of programming is going to become an inconvenient victim witness on any subject this is what is done to prevent the Targeted Survivor from revealing any information in a timely manner as a reasonable person. it also works to 'keep you down',as my own campaign was once described to me.

In my case brain damage is induced and much of the controlled environment and stimuli are used to cause lowering of intelligence which is permanent.

this is why cover stories and rationalizations are important from the authorities abusing such methods for the purpose of victim witness intimidation.

A cover story is as important as continuing the process to cover the destructive effects of these actions against a Target.
For instance the constant harassment focused on getting me to UMass as well as constant low level coercive suggestio. that I forget what occured and move on, to UMass for instance, is partially to hide any and all damage to my faculties caused by the 'gang stalking' campaign.

A desired end result would be that a person of my social standing appears smarter than average but not so much so to stand out as unusual or an oddity...which would have attracted attention especially with my.recovered memories of programming or RA.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mercantile Bank..someday you to will have yer ego crushed

Mercantile bank fenway. get a security guard with some actual cop training who isn't so young that his balls are full of testosterone who wants to argue with still attractive older women who are built and threaten his manhood.
give the latin cop wanna be who works there a fucking attitude adjustment or I.find ways to make his life miserable.

and mercantile can be as arrogant and dismissive as they want. I am biding my fucking time az their.part in the book is equally interesting. go for it. keep siding with the crooked cops the arrogant rich old men the Pettittis and that fat hitch Julie.

keep it up Boston. all u motherfuckers are gonna get seen for what u r one day soon. kiss my fuckin ass.
There is ALOT of activity from African Americans perps on the buses here especially out of or passing through central sq or dudley ruggles. These people are pros. Buses and trains have always been loaded with perp activity. These people are expert at psy ops and covert harrassment or psychological warfare. Usually male and intimidating in some way. The cambridge area has no lack of operatives due to it being so sensitive as a terrorist target. A nuclear reactor at MIT as well as both MIT and Harvard. As Mark Phillips once made an observation about the USA post 9-11 and Bush "This place is crawling with Big Brother" and when yer a TI you know this better than anyone to be the case at least from experience.

The game is always to make me feel focused on, uncomfortable and to create anxiety. And the perp must always attract attention to themselves constantly. After a time they know what Targets have what buttons to push. They know all it takes is the right black male operative or a group on a bus to accomplish the task of terrorizing me daily to keep me under mind control hopefully for life. They do this easily in the central sq as black males standing around or hovering just appears commonplace there.

However when someone takes part in intimidation on a bus then makes sure when u get up leave the make sure u see.them take your seat its even more obvious. Also when u look at the assholes face and see looking thru the wi.dowthat he isn't as stupid as he was acting and he has that look of somebody on assignment more than a nervous guy on a bus its even more compelling. Either that or there is a problem herd with intimidation of any woman who doesn't look rich and white but isn't white trash either....and there needs to be something done about this racist based sexizm.

harrassment started again in cambridge when i began filming again

Getting alot of attention in central sq cambridge area while filming. Almost intimidation. Even police. Simply just filming with my new phone in a store window. It shud not gain that much attention. I note that this phone is easily messed with to prevent me from doing certain thingz when its convenient.
Mirrors mess up mind control and brainwashing. Filming is a form of creating a mirror image. Looking in mirrors and defining ones self also is a creation of a reflection created by the individual seperate from the controller or state if u will.

I notice I haven't been filming lately and I get left alone now. I've been stuck in rut controlled going from nite to day shelters and perhaps computer at colleges.

I sense their fear. I sense they are desperate to keep me mind controlled and down with intimidation and brainwashing due to the fact that I cud sue for alot of what was done to me so its important to keep me under control.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Justice For Experimentees in the USA- The Bio Ethics Committee Covers Up TI Testimony
First of all note the stress on the word "expert". So that all those TI's who gave thier comments in that video can be ignored. The words of the people dont matter- becuz this is about 'experts'.
"The commission's review was spurred by revelations last year that researchers under a US-sponsored study in the 1940s purposely infected prisoners and others with sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala. In addition to examining the adequacy of current standards, the commission is doing a fact-finding investigation about the Guatemala study."

Revelations??! Who do these people think they are? They totally leave out all the other human experimentation nightmares that are documented in the USA, including MK Ultra and the related Human Radiation Experiments of which my own mother was a documented infant experimentee of :

This is why they dont dare do this properly in legal terms. If this issue ever made it to a court room after a history of smudging facts and media grey outs like this bs, they govt and universities and private individuals and contractors would get bled dry financially and be ruined- and they know it.

NO MENTION of any of the TI's who gave thier testimony. We are STILL being ignored. It is still going on.
If ever you wanted to understand as a naive American citizen why everyone hates us and how we have lone shooters and terrorists, you are now seeing the process of MAKING such people exist, as well as many Americans that have just given up and dont care anymore. This country lives on creating waste and destroying. Only when out of desperation such people take steps towards self defense or last ditch efforts at gaining some last dignity for themselves, does the system take notice- always in an negative light.

I am sick and tired of ineffectual people (like in FFCH and the people in that crowd who spoke. There is a reason you are not heard. You dont have any power obviously) fighting these battles and overbearing power denying the problem even exists. Now I see why some of us are targeted very hard and why, like Aquino suggests in his Mind War paper- that those of us who are effectual be stopped before we can even become fighters in the battle.

And its mind boggling once you get messed with by ops in the TI community- just how many of these people are actually real TI's?

All we can do to win is use the legal system, lawyers and politicians. This is covert ops and dealing with it through grass roots activism is so naive its ridiculous. Historically the factions we are up against are the DOD, the CIA in part and the military and now in this day and age most likely contractors. The people we are up against have unbelievable access, power and resources. Its not the 60s anymore and this approach is totally weak. The activity is covert and the media black outs as well as the silencing of us and keeping us down is covert.

I appreciate everyone who comes out and actually tells it like it is that, that this is not be consent, its covert and its basically illegal. That is how it must be represented. However it must also be told just how much of the Dirty Tricks Dept is involved in this and how psy ops can make things pretty damn confusing and surreal.

The capabilities they have now using technologies, chemicals and psychological warfare as well as psy warriors and even good old fashioned metaphysical influences, makes for a most destructive and viscous system of attack.

What I cant understand is why the elite would want to risk such exposure in a day and age where their actions can be exposed so easily. They are either not changing with the times or they believe they have such an edge on power now WITH all the progress thats been made that they dont have to fear any interference no matter what exposure occurs.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bioethics Video- some advice for EVERY TI

I knew it! This is why it was so important during Bush for many of us to hit us so hard with harassment and psy ops to get any of us labeled they could. So that when it comes out, whoever cant be controlled, isolated or intimidated into not speaking out can be written off by a label.

Also we need to learn to STOP any and all efforts at Divide And Conquer. Can the bullshit about being African American and leave that political content at the damn door. No one has time for that right now this is more important. We can argue amongst ourselves after this is over becuz that probably will always be. Dont use this issue to pull in ANYTHING else other than the fact we are ALL human experimentees. If you break up that unity you are screwing yourselves and handing power over to the enemy. We are not going to have any bullshit with black targets or white targets or petty crap that will give the perps any MORE power than they already have. THEY HOLD ALL THE CARDS AND HAVE FOR YEARS. WHY ARE YOU GIVING THEM MORE POWER ON THIS ISSUE? What are these, operatives?

We need some cool level heads in there that know how to play a forum and not screw up in front of cameras. We need united effort among Targets, its that simple. All that other bs needs to be forgotten in the battle ahead. If you dont know how dirty these f*ckers play then you are a danger to the movement via your naivete. I know from experience that this is probably going to happen just to do some damage control and they will 'allow' it to happen and most likely orchestrate the proceedings and outcome- the first African American woman already stated that in her story- that they were told to drop the case.

We are up against a huge wall of money, power, INTERNATIONAL influence and access, we cant afford a misstep or any diversions. I have seen what these people are capable of, you have to be smart. They will kill anyone who gets in thier way who is a legit threat and they control alot of outcomes to begin with. Most likely they have gotten all the research material they wanted, probably during Bush it seems and now its ok to let some of the fallout leak public- so they can minimize it of course.
I knew this would happen at some point and I guarentee you its not going to be nearly enough to deal with or compensate for what was done to many victims. If yer not careful you are asking for another fiasco like the '77 investigations or the following Presidents Advisory (Joke) Committee on Human Radiation Experimentation.

UNTIL WE SEE MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND HAVE PROPER COUNCIL IN A COURT OF LAW WITH A JURY OF PEERS THIS IS ALL MORE BULLSHIT. Just more games from the system so they can keep quiet the magnitude of what they have done over many decades.
Dont be stupid and play into their hands. Part of much of the psych warfare is to divide us. I am probably on camera using hte N word around this area more than I would like to know. I almost became a white supremacist due to these activities. Becuz then not only would it be another point of discreditation, it will divide TI's socially WHICH IS WHAT THEY WANT. They send certain perps after people so they can induce racism and sexism or religious hatred. The best you can do is to NOT play politically correct as that has no place here. If anyone asks why it doesnt, you tell them just what I said, which is that torture is used to induce hatred to disrupt the movement on purpose as well as to damage Targets and thier reputations. Besides, pc has no place in war and this has been a war. Leave civilian rules outside the door. You are DEALING WITH THE MILITARY AND OTHER FACTIONS AND THIER REALITY IS DIFFERENT THAN CIVILIAN LIFE. You are on thier playing field AND DO NOT FORGET THAT OR YOU WILL FAIL. They make it thier playing field constantly using covert means to win. Remember that at all times as well.

Another Divide And Conquer method is destroying our unity based on a Targets history. DO NOT start your speech with the self serving "I never committed any crimes". YOU ARE ONCE AGAIN HELPING THE PERPS. Only the perps use that against us to validate what they have done that is internationally war crimes and unethical- we should not even consider these conditions. Becuz being targeted like this and tortured are NOT in any law book as a punishment for a crime committed nor do any TI's get a proper trial or other due process to be sentenced as such. DO NOT VALIDATE THE PERPS SMEAR CAMPAIGNS AGAINST OTHER TI'S.
Also if you did your homework you would know that its documented even in a tv series in the 70's I have linked in my YouTube account, that the CIA admits on camera that they used people with criminal records or underworld types or prostitutes etc ON PURPOSE due to they being easily discredited as well as "we knew that if they found out there was no way they could get revenge", they wanted people "who couldnt fight back".
If you make other TI's with criminal pasts look like they are not as deserving of justice YOU ASSIST THE PERPS IN WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ALL TARGETS.

What a person does in life on those levels has nothing to do with thier intelligence levels. In fact many intergenerational mind control survivors come from families that dont seem like the types who would be involved in crime but always end up in trouble or doing crimes to survive. Prostitution or drug running or violence in organized crime. Its becuz they are not allowed out of that lifestyle, they are programmed to serve in those capacities as well as other tasks. This is extremely naive of these speakers.

The analogy would be two soldiers arguing over some moot point when they have the enemy coming at them and have only one chance to attack and get it right. Seems to make any point but the main one kind of moot right?

I understand you are scared and have been traumatized by what is supposed to be responsible authorities in the USA. Many TI's probably feel the only way to state thier dignity is to claim anything that would make them feel they did NOT deserve this. YOU ARE FALLING INTO THE PERP'S PSYCHOLOGIAL TRAPS WHICH IS TO MAKE THIS PERSONAL. It is not personal its for money. Its for research. Its for greed. Its for power. Think about it- do you know most of your gang stalkers personally? No right? This is about POWER not personal vendettas or metered out justice or even a proper mobbing from society in a vigilante manner. The only thing personal about this is if you had people around you sell you out due to having hatred for you or whatever was between you. And that is a small amount of people compared to the huge network of perps nationwide- if you have traveled like many of us have, you know how massive an undertaking this is.

The mind control and brainwashing they have used to keep us silent about an undertaking so huge within just one country among many is extremely effective and very dangerous. DO NOT allow it to continue in the future battles in this war by alllowing anything to divide us from UNITY- except maybe any one who exhibits red flags like an infiltrator or perp becuz there will surely be plenty of those if this gets serious enough and if they think they are going to have to dish out money to victims. It will get extremely nasty- you have no idea.

This is the typical and standard mo for the military, even decades ago. The military are not the romanticized soldiers you see in ads or old movies. THESE ARE PEOPLE IN THE VERY BUSINESS OF KILLING. They have minds that work differently than peace loving civilians. Traditionally most civilizations always had to keep the guard happy and paid or they would take over.

I notice that only due to the number of complaints over along span of time is this even making any headway. This is the power of the people working as it should in the USA as it was designed to. Yer not taking the US forefather's warnings seriously. You quote them endlessly and you cry out for thier original rules to be reinstated in the way America is run but you are not listening to them. They warned of this happening which is why they set up the US the way they did to begin with- people act like this is some exception to the rule. This IS the rule, when it comes the military of any country. And the intelligence/spycraft/assasin/covert ops sects have always been like this as well.

Its time to leave Disneyworld, as THAT is the exception not the rule and realize you are in a historic battle, one that will read like many others have. Dont blow the ending with letting the enemy- the damn oppressor be smarter. They already have all the money, all the access, all the resources and all the power.

Dont hand anymore over to them by speaking before you plan very wisely what you are going to say in forums like this especially if this goes anywhere serious. Do NOT validate the enemy's position in any way. What they have done is illegal according to international law. Remember that. THEY ARE IN THE WRONG THEY KNOW THIS. So they do what they can so that no one else knows it.

The Exposure Of Gang Stalking and Related Is Starting. We Have To Control These Proceedings And Not Allow The Covert Factions Do Damage Control

"The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues met Feb. 28 to March 1st, 2011. In session 9, concern was expressed about the possibility of nonconsensual experimentation in the present day. Just a few minutes later, public comments were allowed, and the commission heard nearly an hour of eye-popping testimony from present-day experimentees."

The problem with this is that the people giving comments could be infiltrators/operatives posing as victims as we well know this is a big problem as it keeps REAL Targets out as well as gives all around control to the perpetrators as thier people control the aggression against citizens as well as have covert ops to control any exposure that occurs such as this. People dont realize just HOW much covert ops and black ops has a hand in these activities. They cover thier asses with sophisticated intelligence methods which is why no one seems to know about this or if they do they dont want to mess with it.

We need to proceed with caution as well as get the word out about operatives and posers so that we DONT have another Presidents Advisory Committee where PEOPLE LIKE MY MOTHER WERE INTIMIDATED OUT OF GOING TO TESTIFY THUS DOING DAMAGE CONTROL AS WELL AS THE ORIGINAL DAMAGE.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Technology of Brain Entrainment Used Negatively In Gang Stalking Campaigns
"Altered States - 15 Mind Altering Brainwave Programs By Banzai Labs
15 Mind Altering Brainwave Entrainment Programs in One App!The Top Ranked Brainwave App in Lifestyle for over a Year! Includes "Lucid Dreaming", "Natural High", "Zen Meditation", "Euphoric Bliss", "Dreamy Sleep", and "Deep Relaxation". These 15 scientifically engineered binaural programs take your mind through complex Binaural Brainwave Sequences to help you achieve higher states of consciousness and blissfully relaxed meditative states."
"Our Brainwave Entrainment apps utilize sequences of binaural tones to stimulate brainwave frequencies associated with various states of mind.
In this process two different tones are played through headphones or earbuds. These tones differ in frequency by a precise amount, and when processing these tones the human brain perceives the frequency difference as an inaudible, periodic beat. For each brainwave sequence the frequency of this perceived beat has been engineered to precisely match a target brainwave frequency....the listener's own brainwaves will begin to synchronize with this perceived beat, inducing states... This synchronization process is referred to as brainwave entrainment.
We take traditional brainwave entrainment techniques a step further..."
"I want to share a horrific experience that should serve as a warning to anyone using or considering using binaural beat brainwave entrainment.
I overdid it with a program called I-Doser, for hours at a time, days on end. I ended up the other night with convulsions that are still keep coming back.
The technology is binaural beat induced brainwave entrainment. I-Doser is the product that has made me so sick. I was stupid to want to use it, because it attempts to emulate the effects of drugs. I know I was stupid, abused it.."
O.K. Godlike Productions isnt exactly the best source for any information, there are other sights however that also talk of the dangers.

I was printing this becuz I am wondering about the dark side of this technology. Of course no one ever ponders what new science or tech could do in the wrong hands, which they should. I have heard of this being popular on college campuses around before the Bush administration. I have experienced first hand gang stalking involving people playing things out of radios and cell phones that had these affects and of course this was always done with psychological warfare (partially bullying right?). At a hostel I wont mention in Boston during one summer, some perps hung a radio from the floor above into my window and this is the effects I experienced.

Whoever our dear gang stalking perps are, they are technomancers. They are very keen to rip every piece of info they can from Nature and imitate it, steal it and even compete with it with thier blessed technologies.

This would fit in perfectly with our society giving so much power the the public and mobs nowadays, conditioning the people to believe in the mob, the group. 'Live United' and "Theres power in numbers" for Ford truck ads. Idol, Survivor, etc all give power to groups of common people. As well as at the same time the many campaigns to destroy anyONE or anyTHING that is singular, individual, 'special', powerful unto itself, possess the Power of One or unique. Beautiful women, intelligent people, strong individuals, even Laura calling Eric Clapton a "..talented, arrogant artist". While years ago in the 60's the loner may have been the only potential hero to face a group or a town due to his ability to hide behind being just a loner and thus the public's own arrogance about thier power in numbers as well as them underestimating the power of One, gave the hero the edge, nowadays the loner is a danger to society. He is the lone shooter, the terrorist, the "lone extremist" or the potentially mentally ill person. He is a weak link (per more conditioning on TV shows). Even the pentagon's consultants use the mantra "Disconnection is Danger", and we all know how that seems to trickle down into what is being done to the public or even Targets. You'd think Justin Beiber is the exception..but hes the rule. He is a weakling and he looks like a girl. He is the poster child for pedo Hollywood and the music industry. He personifies dysfunction within the USA. He is a non threatening power of ONE.

Everything is geared towards now keeping strong years of insect mentality conditioning. Companies must now be conglomerated or under some big mother companies umbrella to survive. Many people are in gangs that wouldnt have dreamed of taking in civilians outside thier race, age or neighborhoods originally or community watch. The Masons lowered thier standards and reached out to just anyone with good earnings and decent character, which is like successful YUPpies joining a gang or group. Its ALL about group think now. Common people bonding.

Thats fine except for the brainwashing out there to destroy anyone whos an individual.

This makes sense- with what many TI's have seen covertly: gang stalking IS lots of seemingly common, stupid even retarded or brain damaged people going after one Target for years. They seem empowered by what they do or at least paid off in some way as a group. And within the more complex campaigns we see TI's who have experienced outright human experimentation at the hands of groups- who are NOT as weak or common as your run of the mill street gang stalker during Bush and early Obama.
These perps seem to be trying to find out something- about the Target as experimentee. "How smart is this one supposed to be?" said by one male leading a perp group during Bush. And much more devastating things I experienced as an experimentee done by groups- usually trying to poke and probe for information or to see how some mechanism within worked. '

During Bush I was staying at the same shelter I am staying at right now- and was basically told "they are trying to find out how they (experimentees or Targets of Interest) do those things". Anyone that had anything extraordinary about them or of interest- 'they' wanted to find out what the secrets were.

Its one of a few things: -Survivors who are targeted are programmed by factions so silent that some more overt faction is dying to get thier secrets whenever they can.
-Survivors of programming are perhaps programmed by some other nation and arent aware of it and this explains American intelligence forces great interest in us as well as treating us like we have no rights as citizens of the USA. In thier eyes we are not most likely.
-The theories on secret societies are correct and there is some war of info gathering between either metaphysical sects or perhaps secret societies and say the military or even a private company. The perps have a hell of alot of money that I do know for a fact. The vehicles they drive and the resources they get to do these things- its incredible. Mostly the amount of access they have.

There seems to have been heavy human experimentation pulled off during Bush hidden behind the confusion of the war and domestic anti terror actions. The Patriot Act made getting info possible as well as perhaps gave great opportunity for cover stories as well as smear campaigns,which one can see from this point were most likely planned around specific targets ahead of time.
I was overtly targeted in 1995, and that was when my mother was intimidated into not going to the Presidents Advisory Committee so if any other faction wanted to smoke out survivors of radiation/MK Ultra, that was the way to do it.

They are still continuing experimentation on persons intergenerationally who were experimentees from the 50's, which is based in Nazi research. Which is why the records were destroyed by Helms most likely as well as why it flared up so badly during the administration of a president who's family has a history of Nazi sympathizing. This is not about morality or dredging up the past like some cheap horror movie- this stuff is all documented. Which makes the constant attention to Hitler as a sort of Elvis even more valuable. He has been made so unreal- so many zombie movies and other fare around the subject of Nazi's and the third Reich, that no one could believe that anything real ever survived of that era or those people.
And its working very well.

Here are some things that humans can do naturally to give thier brains the power they require. I want you to notice how every one of these things are things that the gang stalking system ensures TI's no longer have access to or the ability to do, which means that is on purpose as well in order to dumb the person down and ruin thier health:
"The brain is a three-pound supercomputer. It is the command and control center running your life. It is involved in absolutely everything you do.
No matter what your age, mental exercise has a global, positive effect on the brain. So, here are 22 ways to boost your brain power:"

Movie Review- Altered States

I always liked this movie but I never realized how pertinent it was to this situation.
"A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a
hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that may be
causing him to regress genetically."

Sounds eerily like MK Ultra and the CIA track record of experiments with sensory deprovation, isolation chambers and of course- LSD.

In fact, I have noted throughout this that I have often felt I was returning to a primitive state to survive this. Going nomadic is one such act of a primitive and living tribally. But it goes all the way down to the cells. I have felt it for years now. Its as if they ripped open, something like cells or even DNA, ripped open and came out was something stored for such long term life threatening situations and it helped me survive. Even my writings are full of my being SO chased by the enemy, so hunted by the predators that I ran all the way back to my ancestors basically calling on what ever was left of the strength of various cultural ethnic backrounds that had withstood the oppression of modern times, a new country, diseases, the middle ages and the church destroying Euro pagan cultures using torture and intimidation for centuries, as well as other factors that might weaken or wipe out a culture. I found that based on my familiarity with those cultures I could connect to them ancestrally and call for help from what was in my genes.

These are areas that no coercion or drugs or tech can destroy. Only through almost destroying the mind totally could you achieve total control of a person and what good would they be then anyway?

Again what looks way cool in movies where characters have the benefit of being in control is very damaging when you're an experimentee against your Will.

So its most likely part of trying to build the superman in these Nazi based experiments, perhaps trying to find there superhuman strength and survival components buried within our cave man past..or now we know if you have European DNA- your Neaderthal-Human past.

I just wonder if this is actually the way to rip open that DNA and make it work for you- to almost totally destroy what is HUMAN about a person so that 13% or so of Neanderthal becomes active and shows itself. Or if its stored in some other part of the DNA where experimentees have some specialized DNA that the system is focusing on.

Beating You Within An Inch of Your Life- For Your Own Good Of Course

This made me think of two differing scenarios.

One could be if you wanted to make someone become very conformist in a capitalist society you would take away any sense of acceptance from other people as in the severe process of gang stalking, thus they would begin to value things more and strive to fill thier lives up with things.

Or if you wanted to keep the person poor as well as invalidate and minimize the fact you took from them what was 'thiers' like youth, intelligence, ability to keep possessions or a home etc- gang stalking would rip them away from all they knew and perhaps a certain kind of campaign would force them to become displaced as well as lose thier possessions so they cant afford to value anything. Then as they go through the years of gang stalking they come to value the few people they meet that accept them and over time, this destroys any past insecurities they ever had. This may sound positive but it would really be to manage the purposeful damage to the person's life time potential done by the gang stalking system on purpose- to lower intelligence, potential to gain power or wealth in society via talents, looks, youth etc. Its managing expectation and managing the normal trauma and disappointment of having your future destroyed by a gang stalking campaign.

This would be a psychological trick to get the person to be 'satisfied' finally with just being alive and having a few human beings that dont terrorize them as well as having had to learn to travel or do without things or even to have lost all thier lifetime's prized possessions.

Once again something that could be brainwashed into the TI and the public as reform or behavior modification or spiritual development (especially by those being manipulated by Voice of God technologies documented to exist and be in use by military) is REALLY about managing the TI into the 'come down' phase off of a long haul of years of heavy and constant gang stalking which means one thing:

Its part of the long term behavior modification process and nothing else.

I recall this perp very early on giving me a ride from Port Huron to Detroit to catch a bus, kept saying that his female friend on the phone "Geez she has GOT to get used to disappointment in life" but like any perp in this or any info meant to contribute to TI break down and brain washing, it was repeated over and over again as well as it was really stressed in the conversation and it was eventually directed towards me. It was only us in the car anyway.

This is why in the beginning of my campaign going 24/7 someone stole a Lady of the Lake necklace piece I had that was my priced possession as it was the first thing I bought when I was 18 with money I earned from a retail job, under the table for 4.25 an hour. It was from a New Age shop. Then in AZ I had to sell my bike once I realized the perps did not want me to simply move away from MA but this was going to continue. I had gotten some of my health back from that moldy apartment by biking 20 miles a day from Phoenix to Mesa most of the week. I loved that bike and when I sold it perps showed up and really rubbed it in, a woman made sure she smirked and it was when I was crying about it. I ended up down some rail road tracks doing a video post and I must have gotten stuck in a loop becuz a male perp showed up down the tracks and walked me out. I know he was a perp just by the way he came to get me after a certain amount of time as well as he is the guy in AZ I met that said to me "As you know Rachael, when your only allowed to grow VERY conditionally.." . (I have actual footage of that perp and that moment in time so dont try to say I am a schizo that imagines people are there when they arent not. I have never hallucinated a person being there when they were not in all my life. This is where more smear comes in.
In my apartment due to the negligence of therapists not doing thier jobs, I used a technique my psych came up with on its own for survival as well as I had skimmed over reading, that if a person is not available to deal with directly you can vent to a chair or write them a letter and never send it etc. I had an entire fantasy inner world going and I had gone to therapists as I deprogrammed and asked them, basically now that everything was breaking apart internally, could it be this extreme creativity I held within and kept alive in this manner as well as used for self therapy, could this be transferred over to putting it out into the outside world, socially such as acting or writing scripts etc. But due to the way I was raised I needed help from an outside source a therapist, I needed permission from some authority figure I suppose. Instead the gs system came in and broke my outer world apart at this critical moment of psychological change...the results have been so sad, so disastrous. I have learned how to 'behave' to survive but alot of ME is gone. The intelligence the talent all of it. Destroyed.
I was told that this rich inner life I had created was being used against me to discredit me or get me put away. Its probably still used to try to make all the gs activity seem as if its part of some schizophrenia I have had life long, which is total bullshit. There is a huge difference between pretending like a child for reasons of self therapy and being mentally insane enough to be hallucinating. One is from an extremely creative mind and a strong Will, the other from an organic brain disease perhaps or some misfiring of neurons.
There is no Targeted Individual who has imagined gang stalking perps messing with them and performing the horrors of psychological warfare. Its as real as you can imagine, which is why the damage is so devastating. Americans are not raised with the concept of this being possible, especially civilians. Is this something we should teach in school? Psych warfare 101? With the history books full of WW II and East Germany etc you would think they would. But the attitude is always the same in these situations: It cant happen here and it doesnt, until it is happening and it happens becuz no one believes that such a thing delegated to a history book can occur in the present. )

That is one of those perp moments I will never forget, I am sure the system wants me to forget though- all that early harassment when they were so overt towards me, often telling me outright what was going on, as part of the torment.

And yes, I have actually met sick people on the road who I am convinced knew what was going on, always sexist males, who would speak of it being a good thing to beat your kids within an inch of thier lives, literally, in order to make them change or conform.

These are the realities of the people involved in gang stalking. I no longer believe in Cause Stalkers, as far as their intentions. I believe that the same sick, selfish rapists, pedos, child abusers and sadists and control freaks are posing and hiding behind being Cause Stalkers. I now realize that only people who are sick would involve themselves in such actions against any human being no matter what the rationale.

(so you think how dare I still hold onto wounds about lost bikes etc when the world is coming to an end seemingly? Well, firstly these are not about the specifics, they are about the mechanics of the psy warfare that goes into a campaign. Secondly, Targets suffer so much internally, especially if chemical warfare has been involved, that it doesnt matter much if the world ended 5 minutes from now or if it ended when they were 100. We suffer daily and have for years. And the more time passes that no one admits to what was done to the person or the person loses contact with thier old life or that time line if you will, its as if thier lives have 'ended' during that time period anyway. Stop spitting on returning soldiers and calling them baby killers when they themselves were tortured knowingly by thier govt...hasnt anyone in this country learned anything in 40 years? Probably not. )

Friday, March 11, 2011

When You Get Serious, The Harassment Stops

An older man with interesting life experience sat down to the computer to show my friend the pipeline routes in the middle east, pages about oil, and Condaleeza Rice being on the board of directors at UNI CAL.

That having access to the oil is part of foreign policy. The military planning for security of the building of a pipeline.

Protecting our interests from Russia and China.

(just use the search engine '' and looked up "caspian sea" +unical +afghanistan +pipeline +map +karachi" )

Interestingly the moment he sat down and looked up something on Google maps in that area my computer stopped transferring files between an sd card and my hd. After I started it up again it was no longer taking a horribly long time as it was before he started doing research on this subject matter.
Also, any remote influence that was occurring stopped immediately and I then realized I was being strung along by some pretty strong force this evening, in fact I had been extremely and dangerously depressed this evening. I have been in one place too long most likely and have become subject to the style of influence here to the point of no longer noticing it. I now feel much better now.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Military Intelligence- Electronic Warfare

"Electronic attack
Main article: Electronic countermeasures

Electronic attack (EA) or electronic countermeasures (ECM) involves the use of electromagnetic energy, or counter-electromagnetic radiation weapons to attack personnel, facilities, or equipment with the intention of directly affecting, degrading, neutralizing, or destroying an enemy's combat capability (see Joint Publication [JP] 3-09, Joint Fire Support).[1]

EA operations can be detected by an adversary depending on his level of technological sophistication and paranoia. Many modern EA techniques are considered to be highly classified. Examples of EA include communications jamming, IADS suppression, DE/LASER attack, expendable decoys (e.g., flares and chaff), and radio controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED) systems."

Why is it that no one believes Targeted Individuals? I dont understand this at all. What becuz they have the ability to deny? Thier lying, how hard is that to grasp. The point of a black op is to be able to lie, as it says above, to protect the cred of legit ops. How much more simple could this be?? Why are the public either so stupid, ignorant or afraid?
"Black PSYOP

The activity engaged in appears to emanate from a source (government, party, group, organization, person) usually hostile in nature. The interest of the U.S. Government is concealed and the U.S. Government would deny responsibility. It is best used in support of strategic plans.

Covert PSYOP is not a function of the U.S. military but instead is used in special operations due to their political sensitivity and need for higher level compartmentation. Further, black PSYOP, to be credible, may need to disclose sensitive material, with the damage caused by information disclosure considered to be outweighed by the impact of successful deception.[5] In order to achieve maximum results and to prevent compromise of overt PSYOP, overt and covert operations need to be kept separate. Personnel involved in one must not be engaged in the other."

I know wiki is not a solid acedemic reference but at least the link on E-warfare above has references that are credible listed.
It seems that no matter what evidence that TI's hold in front of the public, present to them or make clear- they still wont accept at least what is plausible theory if not logical deduction.

The worst part of this is not what is done to TI's, its the denial of what is done, the mocking from psy ops people and smear/cover stories fed to the public who will naturally mob a person and the attempting to label the person often by coercion to cover their activities.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

USA: From PSYOP to MindWar

"...presented a Nietzschean scheme for waging perpetual psychological warfare against friend and enemy populations alike, and even against the American people.

...advocating the introduction of ESP,(extra-sensory perception),tele-pathetic behavior modification, para-pschology, pschokenesis(mind over matter), remote viewing, out of body experiences, and other New Age occult practices into U.S. Military intelligence. must strike at the nation's potential soldiers before they put on their uniform. It is in their homes and communities that they are most vulnerable to MindWar. emphasizing that MindWar should employ subliminal brainwashing technologies, and weapons that directly attack the targeted populations central nervous system and brain functioning taking full advantage of such phenomena as atmospheric electromagnetic activity,air ionization, and extremely low frequency waves.

..plan was reportedly scrapped after a series of negative news stories, but Pentagon sources reported that the program was merely,"taken into a black box."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Is TI Gang Stalking? Part 1 & 2 Videos

Its a little hard to listen to due to an electronic voice being used. But its better in the long run as its not personal and has no emotion. It also has a good content. It makes alot of sense.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Military Abuses Psy Ops

Another TI pointed this out. Maybe people will start to realize this is much more common than you think- the abuse of power.

The question is who exactly is behind 'gang stalking' TI's? Especially Targets who know they are programmed.

Whoever is behind this, its done domestically. Its done against individuals by groups. Its definately covert.

If not the military then the police? Some other faction? Do criminal organizations have thier own psy ops people?
Do they have the kind of access needed for the kind of things that seem to happen to TI's domestically like white vans and black helecopters?
Time after time it seems like its the military with the locations as well as the amount of might they have.

NWO Extortion- Make Money Or Be Targeted

I was waiting around at MIT for my money to come into my account, it shud have come in after midnight but here on the east coast it does not. I felt crappy and really burdened as I had all week. I kept checking to see if it was there and it didnt come.

Around 5 :15 or 5:30 am I got this feeling, a feeling as if I was suddenly unburdened as I had been all week since running out of money. I knew right then that the money was in the account. Sitting in that chair I knew. I was targeted differently I was treated differently. I then figured the money was in, as I did so conshusly, a soft voice came to me, blending in with the volume of tv in the back round: "You have now become a respectable person".

Sure enough the money had finally come in. I took deep breaths as I looked at the balance. The amount of control that this area has is far too much to live with.
I now think its definately far too much to live with in good conscience.

Basically what they are saying is that if you dont want to be targeted, you'll get to work and start making money. I also in the last few minutes got this ideation that with whats left of me as a human being, I am fit to at least work and make money if nothing else.

Here is my big chance to join the NWO! What will I do?? I will promptly hightale it the f*ck out of here and take steps to make sure I am mentally prepared to never get stuck here again. THIS is not Boston or Cambridge anymore. This is an alien culture. Its totally protected by agents of the NWO who know and watch to protect this project across the USA if not world wide. Like that older black woman in the laundrymat on Mass Ave on way to Harvard Sq. She said in the summer "They drove everyone out that didnt have".

When are they going to come out with the mark of the beast bs that all the Christians are talking about all the time, becuz this is definately the system that is going to be part of that. There are already systems in place that ensure that people are being forced into actions against thier Will and thier spirituality, much less thier moral judgement.

Its strange isnt it? You have Christians and then you have Luciferian based like myself that also do not approve of this system. Even as far as what small Satanic programming I have, that just knows how to rebel and fight against being shackled into a system- however it is much less upset or shocked at these actions due to expecting humans to be greedy and selfish and controlling.

There is not one part of me that thinks this is a good idea. Not the Luciferian part not the Satanic part and certainly not the totally human part. The danger is to fall into this, to start believing that it may be a good idea and that its hopeless so go along or that its perhaps for the best and finally succumb. Boston/Cambridge are very dangerous as they offer a very good quality of life and often one can be seduced in this city by its beauty and the high living it offers. Whatever this place has become its just not worth it. Not after what I have seen is behind this.
This area, its culture and its people like to live in this insulated world of good living and though they are more intellectually aware of the ills of the world, and are the center of the US for training people to fix the problems of the world perhaps, this culture in itself does not wish to see the worst price that is behind getting a good life here in MA.

I just got a glimpse into the Luciferian world system. Its seems that a person feels part of this world wide system which might be why so many human beings comply with its wishes and its system.

For whatever reason, people like myself are not hooked into this system. Even though my internal programming can be explained as being a Luciferian programming system, perhaps I was mistaken. When I go into the Copley Library I am comfortable with the Rosicrucian symbolism there. The symbolism of Mt Olympus going up the stairs with the two great lions made of stone. As one goes up the right stairwell, there is a picture of a male angelic figure with light above his head. Its certainly not Jesus.

I respond to sun cult symbols. Ancient Egyptian symbolism, the sun god Ra seems familiar to me. So why is it that this faction that wants to enslave mankind is associated with Masons and that is associated with the sun cult and Ra? And on the back of the dollar bill that pyramid that supposedly represents the great work which is this project, the NWO?

I think I was right in it seems there are a few factions of the sun cult. And there were many diffrent gods and goddesses in Egypt. Some of them representing justice and order and others darkness etc the typical differences in man's motives. I know a few things: George Bush as pharaoh abused his power. Thus he must be called on that and the spirit of Ma'at is here to do that, which is something being prevented. If you read the rules pharaoh is supposed to govern by, it isnt what Bush did in his time as ruler.

If anything the designs of sacred geometry are being abandoned in the interest of darkness and a lack of design. A destruction of alot of the old Masonic structures is being seen now.

Perhaps I have seen the worst of what is behind this and know that its not what is being promised.
I have to learn to prepare mentally and emotionally when I return back here again. I recall now I posted about this some months ago, that when I got money one particular month, that the gang stalking in person increased alot in Harv Sq area. A typical trick of this system to cause stress and to spend money more quickly.

In summary this place is way to dangerous for me to pull this again. There is no functioning in the winter here.