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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

OnMC: Remote influence Stop Light Intersections/'True Motive' Mobile Mind Rip

Drug Busts In Austin and Current FBI Heads May Explain Why GS (For Me At Least) Has Worsened Since 2013

After drug busts like this the feds perhaps maintain a presence in the area. Austin has had a few large busts focusing on the use of TX by Mexican cartels. The area certainly is much more uptight and restrictive than it was in 2011.

I was in a store last night and got psychological harassment from employees and after leaving recalled that I was told marijuana is sold out of the place which is none of my business but when a city that brags busts and claims to want no drug activity has locals STILL dealing basically in plain site of authorities and those same locals ARE DOING GANG STALKING OR HARASSMENT OF TARGETED INDIVIDUALS I can't help but see a connection. Especially when you are dealing with drugs and pot it involves African Americans and that ties into COINTELPRO.

Isnt it amazing that the very ghettos the Black Panthers and other activist groups were active in, that FBIs COINTELPRO program infiltrated and supposedly cleaned up of activists then goes on to produce the black gangs that now largely handle drug running and dealing.

One of the things that was done to harass me ib the store was after I entered rap music was turned up very loud. Then some young kids came in and basically messed around with employees the whole time I was shopping then left when I did. They were all white but seemed into ghetto culture in a superficial way. The clerk at the counter kept flashing the peace sign ay me, knowing he was just f*cking with mr the whole time becuz I kept looking in his eyes like how could he be such a piece of sh*t?

And local kids who are dealing know who I am and harass me and are outright rude to me-as my past in adult entertainment is being used around Austin as a reason to harass me as if I deserve to be put down based on that yet its obvious its connected to pot dealers.

(Firstly how does this area know about my past and how has it been spread so fast and secondly WHY IS GANG STALKING HARASSMENT FOR YEARS NOW BEEN SO INTERTWINED WITH THE MARIJUANA DEALING INDUSTRY and dealers??!)

So the recent FBI head worked for miitary industrial contractor Haliburton? The SAME people are being put in positions of power repeatedly so that the conspiracy started during BUsh can be perpetuated over such a long term, no one can counter it or expose it.
Atlanta? Good choice Obama. Why does that not surprise me?

How much more corrupt can you get? It fits so nicely into the NWO plans to infiltrate and destroy Europe and everywhere else.

Really? Well how come I CANT GET JUSTICE for being intimidated and harassed?

You know years ago when people had privacy and were aware of how screwed and corrupt the country was life was tolerable. THe way things are now is just asking too much of people. ITs totally controlling and more arrogant than any regime in history. It might as well be the oppresssive extremists of the Middle East becuz its just that much of a cult now.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Empty Presidential Apology-From MK Ultra To Drone Strikes

Every time i see something like this. It Reminds me why Im doing activism with my life instead of giving up and forgetting about all that's happened and what I know.

They've got me so far removed lately from how close i was a few years ago to my goal of writing my book and getting legal counsel.

They are now definitely desperate and afraid more than ever. It's hard to tell why. But the actions they have taken lightly show that they are becoming desperate.

This is just another example of why people should take another look at automated warfare. When you have machines killing people and not people killing people there's no human cost. That's not worth it outright war profiteering.

When is the public going to wake up and finally realize did the military industrial complex has been completely out of control for years now.

And Obama's apology for innocents dying in drone strikes is just about as empty as Clinton's apology for my mother and I being screwed over by MKULTRA.

Just keep fighting no matter what they do.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mark M Rich, TI, Author of The Hidden Evil, Targeted Just Like Other TIs In Cambridge, MA-Arrested

Ive always wanted to believe in Mark's work. I dont know how he could possibly still live in Malden MA. Thats one of the worst gs places in Massachusetts.

If he is genuine then he's obviously falling victim to the same treatment that everyone has been subjected to since the new administration took over in that city.  The MO since the summer has been to get people the police have problems with into legal trouble.

If you've been targeted for years and not been in legal trouble then the admin changes then everyone who's a problem gets messed with to the point where cops have to show up and these people have never snapped before-its a damn pattern and they are using something to cause this outcome.

For better or worse at least when the old guard was in charge our lives were peaceful. Then again, the new admin in that area challenges us to finally take action and have a stand off with the system or get the f*ck out of the country and stay out.

Fine with me.

Insane Clown Posse Suing FBI For Terrorist Status-Yet TIs Know Its TRUE

Ive experienced in more than one city these little bastards are involved in gang stalking activity. In Tempe, AZ around the college they know who the Target is right from making contact and the TI entering the area. They are also the only houseless urban campers/street kids who don't get busted or run off in a sweep done by authorities.

They seem to work exclusively for authorities actually in the capacity of informants. They have info they should not, they dont get busted like everyone else (preferential treatment) and they take part in active harassment of enemies of the state if you will.

In Berkeley they are just ridiculous but there are some cool ones here and there. They are a major pain in the ass in every other place Ive been. When they are in Harvard Sq its the same deal. They suck and cause trouble for anyone targeted and seem to hang with other people who are in on harassment who are just as dim as they are.

Met one of them at Rainbow and of course he was in on it. Its a great system of cult mind control, the band and its culture. ALWAYS hark back to Jim Jones and The People's Temple. Its all about finding groups or cults to control people so that they may serve this system. That was the point of the CIA's interest in Jones and specifically African Americans as that was most of the members of his cult. (I know ICP is mostly poor white kids.)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Tactic On Metro Buses Austin TX (3,803)

New tactic on buses. Drivers move mirror so they can see further into back of bus after i get on and sit down. This has been done so that I purposely see it and am effected by it.

I changed buses this morning going the same way in order to not deal with what seemed like a perp group on the first bus.

On the second bus, a different number going the same route north, the exact same thing occurred.

On the first bus there was a driver change in the middle of the route. The first driver was older, male African American who was nice and everything seemed normal.

Then a goofy young pencil neck geekish sort of kid got on the bus did a wallet tap (but on his empty front pocket as he was facing me and then sat down) and shortly after that the new female driver switched with the male older driver. She was younger, African American.

The driver on the second more expensive bus (#803- bus 5056 from UT )was a young African American female Id seen before and had no problems with.

Theere were people in the crowd on first bus #3, that seemed to be making gestures to other passengers seemingly strangers, after i got ready to get off-as if to say "what is she doing?" Or "whats going on?".

It also seemed like bullshit.

As always I categorize each incident with probability and this it COULD have been random yet the SAME exact action performed by two seperate drivers, both in DIFFERENT situations (one just getting on the bus so adjusting mirrors would seem normal and the other driver of second bus had been driving her route already and should have had mirrors adjusted accordingly already. And only did so when i got on and made sure i saw her focus was on me when doing so).

The tactic is psychological and meant to make me feel that I am percieved as 'dangerous' and need to be kept an eye on.

Which can be done by bus drivers or people in vehicles or pedestrians WITHOUT letting the person being observed know about the surveillance.

There's plenty of people in Austin gone crazy who are ignored by bus drivers and passengers. Im relatively calm in Austin and especially on buses.

Its just more harassment to try to MAKE a person act out.

Friday, April 17, 2015

NSA Ruins 1000s Of America's Greatest People-Debra Dupre

Note that Lawson's book has major problems with it like his excluding the police from involvememt and saying the groups are cults.

The info is partially true of course and the mysterious author could not be found by TI groups for interview or inquiry.

Among TIs its considered to be a useful piece of DISINFORMATION put out by the enemy.

I don't even know how credible this article even is but its got some points that are useful.

Also its a typical disinfo tactic or infiltrator tactic to exclude Targets by constantly begging the public for cred and legitimacy with repeatedly referring to TIs as "law abiding citizens".

In the game of spycraft, dirty tricks or murder etc firstly no one is law abiding specifically not the aggressor so why should the victims be begging to be recognized as 'good' and lawful when the other side is obviously not?
Secondly, my former long time career criminal friend taught me of skeletons in closets: "Everyone has SOMETHING".
Thus no one is innocent and even if you are the closest thing to it, the psychological warfare experts involved in this system will find something to use against your own psych anyway.

The rest they can manufacture for the public. Im sure anyone can be framed in an unflattering light also.

Many TIs who are Survivors of mind control and programming have purposely been put into situations and surrounded by people who are unsavory and will keep them down. If the person tries to leave this unsavory lifestyle or world that's usually when they get targeted.
However their past will be used by immoral scum hiding behind legit authority and present the person as-immoral scum to the public.

None of this gets into mass mind control either which is interesting.
It should. Bush only got in on his second term by the use of mass brainwashing or influencing the American public to vote differently.

It's an article that makes TIs feel better as well as serves for awareness to the public. Its just incomplete and stays very superficial.

Its a nice lead though for people who dont understand us or our situations.

I mean for all I know in my campaign of being targeted the NSA might be helping protect me from some other entity that's being murderous and irresponsible, like the military or police ib my hometown.

They do spy on EVERYONE don't they??

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thunderstorms Always Clear The Environment Of Controls/Austin Resists the Resistor

I have NEVER seen so many people run their fingers quickly through their hair over their ear when they even just come within eye shot of me in this entire campaign. The perceptions its supposed ro create obviously is that the entire city of Austin is against me, hates me or that this area is unwelcoming to me.

Its the most concentrated gesture based psychological harassment campaign anwhere in the USA.

Its like a blanket bombing of the TI of mostly females and young people but just ANYONE going by or near where I MIGHT see them doing gestures.

Its soo desperate.

And the environment is pumped with something that makes me produce too much hormones -sokeone commented that this year even the animals s like grakel birds seemed more sexually aggressive. I actually witnessed squirrels and grakels in this park south of downtown, the males fighting and trying to mount each other.

My endometriosis is kicking up its so bad. My endo has been dormant for years. And of course keeping people sexually aroused creates aggression and forces the mind and senses open thus shaming or abuse through technology and stalking /harassment can KEEP A PERSON OR PEOPLE VERY CONTROLLED daily.

Basically the area seems to keep people chained in slavery by a culture of shaming and peer pressure and the main trigger mechanism to produce vulnerability in people is a sexual slavery based on involuntary arousal.

Seems Austin likes chemical and tech rape to keep the public open to mind control.

This is a common tactic in cults. Sex is used and games of domination, submission etc. Polygamous Mormon or LDS churches use this to control wives. Survivors of extremist LDS cults (former wives ) have written books. Which is exactly WHY this system convincing me my project isnt worth anything and my life's been taken from me, i shud just give up IS TOTAL BULLSH*T.

No account of corruption and escape from or victory over it is useless.

I lived by and with that for years and recently they are trying very hard to alter my thinking ans centeredness and take that away from me.

This thunder storm, like all wonderful electrical disturbances in the environment has immediately feed up my mind set my memories free, stopped the brain fog and ceased the interface that tortures me daily and keeps me off balance and messes up my radar or daily route if u will to accomplish things.

And strangely i can hear my music on Mp3 clearly. There are days where the 'silent sound ' or low level sound whatever is being used is so prevalant i have to BLAST my music with an app that has a strong sound from the equalizer and i still can't 'hear' it. Its whatever they use that makes it seem lower or like theres interferance.

Also im immediately freed from the effect daily thats created by this system-making the world around me seem...flat. without strong dimensions. I beleive this is to train modern humans to have a virtual perception of the natural and man made physical environment around them. Simply-so virtual reality and the internet, video games etc seem like easy transitions from the physical plane.

I find myself satisfied with the physical world. Internet and games seem uninteresting.

Also i am no longer hungry and obsessed with food as i am here all the time and the forced sexual need or desperation it seems has subsided. (Something in tje environment recently is making my liver really hurt which also hasnt happened in years.)

I can easily discern with my eyes textures and variances in levels of ground and objects in my sight.

The real world is an interesting place.
Usually it's made flat and repetitive or boring daily.

They are creating desire in people where there naturally is none. Consumerism fueled by desire to consume. And that means creating hunger, aggression, dissatisfaction and making the Natural world look as if it's undesirable or not enough.

This evolution of man is a scam. They are altering humans by destroying naturally occuring dimensions available to mankind or humans by their very design and that of their Natural environment, and creating dimensions for people to exist in-mentally, emotionally even spiritually etc.

I know much of TX hates me. But there are so many here who seem to beleive in what Im doing. Even the land and it's ancient occupants and energies lend me what i need.

DNA like ive posted before-its one thing they can't alter or win against which is why much of our power and force lay dormant in a culture that discourages connections to our ancestors in daily life.

It's one of the reasons race war is being waged. I believe it's the only way to get rid of ancient DNA that could counter whoever and whatever forces and powers that be that are doing this (NWO).

This better than a mere 'clear' day due to an event or a federal holiday or national/weather emergency.

It's interesting that thunderstorms have become very infrequent in the northeast compared to when I was a little girl.

A thunderstorm is the greatest break up of this enslaving system by far. Specifically in areas that are mostly hot as extreme weather as opposed to cold. In some areas where snow isn't typical, even a small storm will 'clear' an area temporarily. Not in the northeast however where it seems the enslavement system of mass mind control is tailored to work throughout snowy winters.

For humans to tolerate war crimes, destruction of their environment and to be so zombie-like in many ways and scapegoating any one or group they can they'd HAVE to be being kept under mind control.

We have the information highway now. We arent stupid or underinformed. It definitely doesnt make sense til u factor in mass mind control.

Oh and as always outside the cities especially on the road between settled areas u can always experience clarity.

I highly dislike being intimidated with the idea that these f*ckers own every big city so I cant go into them. Dont think so.

Im also getting daily bombarded with annoying ideations to go to Cali or Las Vegas. Both of which from my experience are bad choices for me as a Target but also nowadays theres simply too much radiation from Fukushima. No way. Especially NV. Atomic testing, Fukushima and that WHIPP facility accident in Carlsbad NM last year? Going into those areas or anywhere on the west coast is total suicide for anyone with health issues or sensitivities.

I.miss my beloved CA and NM and ive mourned the loss of NEVER being able to visit those places again in my lifetime.

That fallout has destroyed enough of my health and youth since 2011. F*ck the west coast.

The southwest is a major military base area that's always been a nightmare for me. They dont deserve to have me there. They've been total douches to me throughout all this. Once in AZ i got the impression staying near Tempe might work but it didn't work in 2008 why the f*ck would it work later?

I will try to leave the US again. Nothing would give me more satisfaction in life than to finally remove my life energies from this vampire of a nation. No more being part of war crimes no more living on FOREIGN stolen land.

Maybe ai shud go home to ancestwal Europe and teach self defense classes to my sisters who are being used in systematic rape over there in the race war via mass immigration.
Oh yes.

EU women have to regress to being viscous again like a thousand years ago. A nice vigalante group of all female resistance and 'equalizers' would be most desirable.

USA doesn't need me. It hates me and gains power from keeping me powerless and everyone here loves their enslavement and iPhones.

The US enjoys enslavement. The lazy stupid people believe the most naive bullsh*t anyway and can't even concieve of things that went on in Russia or East Germany happening here.

They will reject and resist freedom til the end. I'm only working for the elite few who care and deserve answers.

ITs Sad But The Area I Like TO Call Home Now iS Being Inflitrated-big surprise

Having hard time with locals where I stay now. Formerly friendly people have of course been turned. This one young Mex kid Mark who's a drunk with the older guys suddenly decided to get a job and try to go inside after I arrived. Hes now just a part time drunk lol. He also tried some side and wallet tapping tactics and I took his ass aside and basically let him know not in this neighborhood, its my safezone.
Some idiot must have whispered in his ear becuz he's off and running being a perp. Hes young but has a fierce self hatred like the other drunks there for his age. One other guy up and went inside after not hanging in the area anymore. You can just tell everyone just scattered as soon as it became evident I was going to use this area as my homebase. The person Ive been crashing near in trustworthy but a bit of a mooch and thought I was going to be his girlfriend and when he realized that was not part of  my agenda, that Im hear to live, work and see the area temporarily he's turned on me.
Its very sad because my status as a TI interferes with my potential to connect to the homeless population and do work there. Obviously I cant do both at this point. Ive got to get the project done then I can kick back and work on homeless issues.

There's been alot of people in the area I refer to as my safezone who are working on making me feel like Im not a legit Travler or Im a fraud- a common tactic of themselves, fake poser fraud (snitches or perps) who look and act like Travelers or alternative people. This one kid years ago used to show up all the time in Berkeley CA and Harvard Sq Camb always just as I would arrive like he was sent to meet me, and he'd call me an oogle and end up taunting me that I was trying to be something that I was not.  Yet, he always was being put up in hotel rooms by YUPpies and had this connection to rich asshole kids from Harvard Sq area who has been in on GS and just being protectors of the elite system for years. Kids like Henry Hawkins-that Harvard Sq group of spoiled, rich douche kids who pose as alternative but really hate poor people who are going against the system.
Johnny was that punk train rider's name. And of course you come to find out he still has family, visists mommy in MA all the time at her house and crashes with some psuedo punk kid who has a roomate whos some African student or something. Its not racial its just not a real punk house situation. And they are spineless of course. Johnny would be violent etc and I now realize its because he knew he couldlnt get into trouble-becuase he was working for the sytstem. He would always be welcome places I could never get into.

Those punk houses in Oakland must be full of sh*t. Becuz my experience with HELLARITY showed me those squats were nothing more than rich kids and fake anarchists snitching for the system and selling dope. Jerk offs. Not real revolutionaries.
Some kid whos blonde with a big dog today said his dad was a corrupt chief of police in NJ and all these horror stories yet he ended his philosophy with the fact that no one in the USA was interested in revolution, people here will hate you for it and that nobody cares about dead homeless people and prostitutes.

I blew his little vindictivfe ,mind with MK ULtra and MC slaves not just sex slaves. He got nice and nervous and cut the bs.

It seems that the drug dealers are helping the system bare down on me in that area.

also blacks are being sent in to the area to mess with me. shame really.

Another Relative Dies, I Find Out Only Months Later: Maternal Grandmother (Nana)

It's lovely i have to think that before I left to travel this year (I left late in winter) she might have been right down the street from me in Cambridge, degenerating towards death.

I was born in Cambridge Hospital and she died there, in Spaulding right next door.

That's the one spot in Cambridge that I retain any sort of power or safety. My birth place. The rest of the area is now completely evil and sold
Out to whatever living hell the north east has become.

It saddens me that she didnt live to see my completed project. It angers me that all she saw of me was probably an arrest bulletin that had me charged with writing racist language on the side of a McDonalds.

No matter. She defended me for years against the rest of that evil family but knwimg her talent for central control she also made me out to be a weak link and didnt do me any favors either.

She gave me some amazg DNA and made the world a happpy safe place when my Boomer single mother simply couldn't.

It may bw best Im seperated from people who would have made this project impossible.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Yet Another Lone Shooting At A School/College-NC North Carolina Community College

Gee why didnt this happen so much during the last administration? Its such a strong pattern. So now we are dealing with school lone shooters and recently, focusing on white cops killing blacks. Why wasn't this occurring or important ten years ago?

Ive been to NC recently. It sucks. The culture is super uptight and the African American community (COINTELPRO) are uppity and have this attitude that along with GS would help to set someone off. The reason I am so focused on African American involvement in Gang Stalking the past few years is that that demographic of perp seems to have accelerated thier activity and thier power mongering over the TI community. Look at what we are being told to focus on through mass media news. Race issues. Its a backbone of Obama's administration. Thus creating racism assists the NWO agenda. It not only creates diversions from what was laid down during Bush and post 9-11 but it also serves to entrap many a TI in either racial hatreds or heats up already hot gang stalking 'hot spots'. I myself have become a victim of the psychological warfare campaign to create racism in Targeted Individuals.

Obama is a racially polarizing president. Ultimately this is a diversion from the NWO agenda and mass mind control laid down during Bush but it also serves the old 'Divide and Conquer'. Its become more obvious now than ever, the lasting effect that COINTELPRO had on the African American community. I suspected that there were many fake TI's out there and even an advocacy group that was mostly black and focused on Christianity that may have been run by continued COINTELPRO agents and ops. Even though COINTELPRO is officially closed as an FBI operation, remember that the powers that be can do as they want. Look at MK Ultra and the programs that are the motive behind many of us being targeted to begin with. Black budgets and covers such as 'anti terrorism' can do alot to hide what people are really up to. Since when does the public expect covert operations to be anything but that?

The black community in the USA remains a source of potential uprising and so seems to have been managed and shaped carefully after COINTELPRO dismantled the original revolution in the 60s and 70s. From what Ive seen, many blacks that seem to have been involved in civil rights are now involved in gang stalking or at least knowing who TIs are. Ive actually gotten some leaked info a few times due to the fact that these people, being human, cant quite live with themselves knowing that they have become the people they hated and fought against or at least that they sold out in order to get thier piece of the pie in the USA. Especially civil rights era black women involved in GS. Feminism and civil rights gives them a special slant on the current situation. One thing I realized however is that just because African Americans were fighting for thier own freedoms and privileges decades ago does not mean that they are beyond selling out to get those conditions or keep them now or that they ever would align themselves with anyone who fought up against the system, now that it means going up against their agenda.

In other words, African Americans have been aligned with the interests of the United States, corporations, banks etc. The only agenda up against the system that they will support is anything that supports their needs being met. The house slaves have taken over since COINTELPRO and its sad to see that any and all revolution coming from the black community is little more than an act, really only to satisfy the needs of one class and demographic-the newly defined, insane, cultish group known as 'People of Color' which I wont even get into how racist that is to begin with and how, according to genetics and geography how incorrect it genuinely is.

NC is a prime area for someone to be pushed into flipping out and snapping. I have video of being in a development where my acquaintance owns a house and needed me to go check on it for her on my way down to TX. The harassment from the Neighborhood Watch alone was ridiculous and had elements of GS psychological warfare to the point where it was hard to tell if Neighborhood Watch was simply just a cover for harassment of a TI.
I know that alot of cities and other areas are now doing psych harassment and intimidation campaigns to the homeless population. How much of that is knowing that TIs and Survivors reside in the homeless population and how much is simply a sneaky, hard to prove way of oppressing people and denying them thier rights etc is beyond my knowledge.

To be bluntly honest, anywhere with a strong African American population is a complete nightmare for TIs under Obama's second term. It seems to be worse in the past 3 years than it ever was before. I believe the house slave African American community is getting their rewards for doing so much for the powers that be during the Bush administration. From being given a black president (not an African American one) to now gaining power as protection and security for the US domestically. Obama's creepy vision of a 'civilian security force' has come true. It was always there but blacks are now taking the spotlight as the devil's darlings.

This is truly ironic considering how many African American TIs there are. When I get harassed over many years time, turned bitter and baited, harassed, mind controlled and intimidated into writing racial slurs on a McDonalds in Cambridge MA it puts a divide between me and other black Targeted Individual (who AREN'T COINTELPRO or working to handle or mislead the TI community).
It puts me at odds with Professor Griff who does alot of work in this too, without really spelling out he's targeted. However, his anti-gay sentiment puts his work at odds with my beliefs and this is on purpose. If he is targeted I suspect they send the most obnoxious gays they can find to harass him until whatever it is about his psych profile and history creates a trigger for that stimuli.

They do this in the beginning stages-they send all kinds of people to come into contact with the TI just as they find ways to get info out of the Target, through blogs and also in person, so they can use everything against you. You as a Target are the most valuable part of building your own prison for these people to weave around you. Early on however, you dont realize that because you are in such shock and so traumatized especially if you are a Survivor of programming/mind control projects.
I remember they used to send trannys, really weird ones, to try to make me uncomfortable and when they discovered I have no problems with the gayest, most flaming people on earth they gave that up and tried to keep sending different types of people to find what would keep me pissed off and keep triggering me. Interestingly, they seemed almost to have an attitude of liking me or thinking I was cool or something, becuz I was not offended by gays.

I think they were trying out things on me that had offended my mother and father who are also targeted. For the longest time I was not offended by Third World immigrants but my mother had become very bitter and would comment with hatred in knee jerk reactions at the sight of them. Under this second term of Obama Ive been exposed to Third World, mostly male immigrants who would piss anyone off and do so on purpose-it seems that they were recruited especially for this phase the campaign seems to be in where people are being behavior modified into racists.

Every time I see a lone shooting in the news I am sure its been done by the gang stalking system which encompasses many things: it can be on a simple level where TIs only are aware of home break ins, possible sexual assault and surveillance and being followed or stalked all the way up to the more complex campaigns concerning use of  mind control technologies, chemical influence and behavior modification via MK Ultra experimentation giving the powers that be the tools to now turn anyone into a lone shooter or suicide bomber etc.

I didnt even bother to do a post on the German pilot who crashed the plane recently. Why? Anyone who knows whats going on especially we Survivors of programming know the signs of being in a tranced state while taking action that is dangerous to ourselves or others- without any emotions or concerns for human life. The news purposely put out there that he was calm as can be when crashing the plane.
 Anyone who knows anything about suicidal people knows that its usually a private affair and a very internally made decision which is why its not prevented before it happens. People are in pain and in thier own heads decide to die so no one else knows about it. Talking about it are true cries for help. Yet its doubtful that someone that suicidal would firstly be functional enough to go to work etc and secondly a person in that state would make a decision to take an entire plane full of people with them.  That is murder. Suicidal people dont usually want to murder a bunch of other people. Suicide is selfish-its about NOT thinking about others before you perform such an action. Think about it.
Murder-suicide is always suspect and has to be looked at as to involve stressors from the outside world-the people and environment around that person. Just like terrorist actions. Unless of course, the person is simply driven to the act by programming of potentially many possible levels. Both of the people I write about today could have been programmed from childhood or perhaps, made into Manchurian Candidates in adulthood. I dont know if that is possible but prison camps change men as does boot camp in the military.

The fact that the pilot came to San Francisco for some training of course was mentioned and it makes the situation more suspect.

At this point much of whats being put out there is yes, psychological and physical domestic terrorism meant to terrorize and intimidate the public but its also being used to mess with those of us who know whats going on and how covert ops and programming works. Its to keep us in line, scared, feeling helpless and to make us believe that they are so all powerful, can control so much-that nothing can stop them. We should all give up trying.

Which of course is bs and an intregal part of psych warfare-to convince the enemy that all is lost before the war is over when if fact that may not be the case.

They certainly are making it harder to work against them and I get the distinct impression that the country has become more closed off, with many of us being percieved as just cranks, crazies or left over from 9-11 Truth days. When people still gave a f*ck it seems. The problem is that the public saw how ridiculous things were during Bush. Much of what Obama has done and is doing is being hidden from them and Obama himself is percieved as this limp-wristed, Liberal, Democrat black male civil rights lawyer from Illinois who went to Harvard and  could never inflict the harm that Bush had done (or any other 'White Devil' lol).

The rise in anti homelessness and hatred of the homeless is enough and people are not noticing this as a symptom of whats going on. They dont even know about Obama administration persecution of whistleblowers.

This is why, I suspect, the black community of house slaves if you will are being relied on so heavily now as opposed to the last admin where their involvement was more within unethical human experimentation and classified or black budget projects-things that people think blacks arent smart enough to be involved in.
Some seemed very capable of sadistic, vile behavior and others seemed just like mind controlled cult groups that came out of the Jim Jones People's Temple experiment.

Being from the NE I also did not realize that African Americans rely heavily on govt jobs for their success and livelihood. It makes sense then that they would protect the country with such vigor and disregard for anyone else's rights or life.

Houston is another area where African Americans are most obnoxious gang stalkers. Its probably the worst place Ive ever seen. They are compelled to show off doing harassment just as I noted the ones with some money show off what they have garishly in that city. I didnt stay long thats for sure.

Colleges and universities are very stressful places for Targets nowadays. It was always this way through Bush but now access has been shut down to outsiders over the past few years and this lines up with rise in anti homeless laws as well as hatred  and scape goating of the Homeless. I think the country is so cut off from the lessons of history and especially European history about dictatorships and oppression from covert operations that Americans just cannot concieve of Homeless people actually being made up of many Targeted Individuals- some of us for political reasons and some just throw aways of society due to being Survivors, experimentees, RA victims. Many Homeless people dont even know they are targeted.

Pain, suffering and inequality are norms in the USA that no one is allowed to figure out exist only when there is oppresssion coming from some power source. Americans are so brainwashed they believe that this is just normal. They dont question why people are living outside the margins of society and if they do they accept the bullsh*t handed to them by the people in power responsible for oppression (disinfo) or they come up with ridiculous excuses like the more functional of us are 'homeless by choice' which is probably some more disinfo from the intelligence community who covers all their bases to discredit their victims laid to waste in whatever society they are operating in. The bastards.

So I can see how someone in NC might snap with the racial tensions, the religious overbearing environment and any college in the USA now just teeming with gang stalkers or whatever they like to view themselves as. Intel people or whatever they are who are convinced or at least convince the public they protect the university.

I actually heard one typical bearded creep of a perp telling a young, impressionable female student on a Boston area campus, with all the lying bullshit in the world coming out of what he was saying and the tone he was saying it in- that " not only do I do (that) but I work to keep the campus safe".

It was just so annoying becuz anyone who has been around bullsh*tters in business at all and/or has had to deal with these little f*ckers for years being targeted knows that statement might be true but you are basically 'protecting' the campus and its idealistic, impressionable young people from dangerous ideas and the victim witnesses who could possibly tell these kids whats really going on out there.
They will do anything to ensure the campuses dont protest military actions and now any other action from this administration or whatever the NWO has on its agenda. Iver seen these places and they are either campuses where everything is carefully managed so kids are diverted with PC concerns, brainwashed and not allowed access to reality and its horrors or elitist places like Harvard where 'reality' and its horrors is carefully managed for the elitist agenda and the kids pretty much know what goes on and many of them support it. Thus alot of gang stalking say, from Harvard or MIT I've experienced comes from students and faculty willingly and with frightening organization (the elite's troops if you will) as opposed to many Community Colleges where harassment seems to come from kids trying to be pros in something like intelligence work or of course-African Americans.

African Americans seem to serve to keep the middle and underclasses- the common folk, under control for the elite and power structure that runs the country-as they co exist in our environments. The ongoing civil rights and racial concerns are spotlighted but this is an ongoing diversion. Remember, the public are being kept in a 20th century reality while the elite and many of thier cronies (military etc) now exist in a 21st century reality.

These are of course the house slaves. And I have no problem utilizing Malcolm X's term for them. He of course was murdered so must have had something that was a true threat to power- whereas Obama's acquaintance Farrakhan is alive, well and spewing venomous, obnoxious bullsh*t everywhere he goes. Funny how, unlike the key Panther revolutionaries, he wasnt targeted or silenced or had to exile himself to Cuba. In fact, there are endearing pics on the internet of his wife and other 'civil rights' power blacks years before the Obama's were groomed for their present position, hanging out with Michelle. She certainly looked like she was with her mentors.
Remember the lesson of the rebel against authority when he leads the revolt and takes power-becomes the authority he once fought against.

Its going to be a challenge for me to keep in line with other TIs who are African American. However, Obama's admin is almost over. The lessons of the past many years is that what occurs in a TIs campaign or what overall becomes of the TI community is connected to who is office in certain positions but largely-who is president and what his or her admin is made up of.

The next admin is going to consist of other diversions, dirty tricks and horrors to keep truthful people silenced, at odds with society and the public, marginalized as well as terrorize us just like the public are victims of domestic terrorism daily.

The problem with the college shootings and the beliefs of many shooters is that its now dangerous to be anti government, be outside the realms of Political Correctness or be a person who seems out of place at a college which of course TIs need to do activism. This aligns with continued war on the homeless.

Its to get rid of any and all remaining resistance or activism against the NWO and corporate/bankster agenda. Focusing attention on police brutality against blacks empowers the black president (and the huge community of black covert operatives) and takes attention away from anti homelessness and continued war on the poor where police are being used against such demographics.

Having to deal with these unpleasant stories is going to have to be part of activism now I guess. Just keep on with activism, books or whatever you are doing. And watch out for the disinfo agents and the anti activist perps.  Fake TIs are a huge problem and the infiltrator/sabateour is probably the most difficult of all of these ops to figure out. Some of them are so good. Way better than the perps who do simple harassment. Disinfo/fake TIs and infiltrators can ruin your trust-daily gang stalking harassment can ruin your day. Obviously, this guy got sick of it and was pushed to take action.

Also, why doesnt anyone wonder about the fact that lone shooters are always male? Women have alot more to be pissed about especially as Targets. Testosterone is a major factor as males will fight back in a final desperate attempt and go out with a bang.
I wonder if the system makes sure that female TIs are turned into activists on purpose. Remember, this system absolutely fears females. This is yet another why civil rights and PC is a necessity. It keeps women away  from each other. Feminism, which is compelled to include racial issues and all sorts of equality, when it should only be about women's concerns I now believe is a major tool of diversion and control specifically of women. Its to ensure that race play a major role in the divide and conquer tactic. Imagine if there were a term, "in the female community". Thier worst nightmare is that women truly become unified. Once you drop all the trappings of and crap associated with breeding-you become aware that society needs to be taken care of and that men arent doing a very good job. In fact, they keep it really f*cked up.

Without race, women would unify. Note women are never lone shooters. Why?

Its also probably to increase military spending and securities, arms etc. Males with guns shooting up our kids and males with guns shooting at our sons overseas and blowing stuff up over here produces desired effects in the American public to support thier continued agenda. The NWO-a falsified peace which is really world wide enslavement of humanity or now as it stands- non stop war culture. Probably that is being done to wear people down to have them begging for 'peace' at any price.

Women with guns shooting places up? THEN theres a problem and then people would start examining why and whats going on out here. When its males, people just assume they are violent and crazy.

Westerners also dont want to believe that males are 'weak' minded enough to be brainwashed or pushed into losing control or being murderously violent. The fact that some sort of childhood sexual abuse or even in adult hood or SOME sort of triggering that links to the victim's sexuality and uses it to disadvantage the person-is something males also dont want to deal with.

Without sexual abuse both in childhood and through the gang stalking system it would be near impossible to break TIs WillPower.

For instance, its stupid for me to reveal this becuz I know they are going to use it against me but they have tried for years already.
Sexually I am capable of being submissive but this is a reaction to having to live like a f*ckin CEO or general all damn day long. I basically live my life like a man. I cant have children, I have no nest, no bio family etc Even when younger I hated the kind of lifestyle where women were protected and watched over directly. I always took male-like risks and depended on defending myself.

This was horribly exploited when this first began utilizing my ex boyfriend who was not only in trouble for drug dealing (which they made sure they arrested him twice so they could use him against me) but desperate to move up in the world (his father was critical of his art and his mother seriously kept him down-jealous of his musical career and talent due to her US Marines father keeping her from being a  pianist).
It was twisted and used as slander-the worst you could imagine. Then it was hooked into and used against me. They also send the worst people they can find to act in a way thats sexually compatible it seems but they are really just handlers who are abusive.
Even perps would taunt me about my sexuality. And of course they hook into either the purposeful sexual abuse of mind controlled or programmed slaves OR they probably know this is a factor in the psych of their adult victims they turn into Manchurian Candidates.

Its not something males want to look at and will do anything to remain in denial generally about male sexual abuse. You can tell people that even soldiers coming home from this war particularly talk about rape of other male soldiers being the norm in the sick environment of wartime and people just dont want to hear it.

Its probably one of the major reasons young male Muslims are so angry. There is so much 'boyplay' over in the Middle East-something else Westerners arent aware of but should be. Male sexuality can cause great acting out in violent ways. In a society that puts sex out of its mind in favor of violence...and eating it seems in America, consuming- facing up to the things that make 'lone shooters' isnt going to happen anytime soon. Its THE perfect society to have this kind of thing happen in.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Castro and Honest Mahn Obama Kickin It. A Torture Camp Brings Homies Together

It warms the heart to see a torture camp complete with ritual abuse, unethical human experimentation and human rights violations bring together two nations!

Cuba and the US! He says Obama is an "honest man!"

Seems Obama's diplomat Jay-Z and bitch Beyonce did a stellar job with their diplomatic visits to Cuba some years ago.
With his 'Do What Thou Wilt' logo t shirts and hoodies being so popular even the prez sporting a T at events-how can he lose?

Crowley is my homie, Yo! Aleister kept it real! If he were alive today they'd be kickin it! Visiting the pyramids, smoking opium and doing lots of mountain hiking and hangin' with high society in da EU hood!

The Cosa Nostra and their Jewish syndicate friends did wonders for Cuba-US relations some decades ago but yo, thats old school!
This is a New World Order, bro! You bettcha be down, b*tches!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Utter Ridiculousness of Organized Crime Considering Modern Military Might

With all the damage we've inflicted in recent years and beyond, including automated war like drone strikes IM SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE THAT WITH SUCH MILITARY MIGHT not just in the US but WORLDWIDE that THIS SH*T CAN'T BE STOPPED?

Wake up to the fact that this crap serves to
-sell arms
-keep the public terrorized (psych warfare/domestic terrorism)
-make the elite jerks and their cronies rich just like their ancestors were involved in the opium trade and wars (and slavery, imperialism, colonialism)

Why arent I DEAD? Why aren't YOU dead?
As TIs one thing we do have the privilege of is superior knowledge of what powers actually count in running things in this world-its just that no one believes us...or cares most likely.

If anyone in any power position steps out of line or goes too far its quite easy to have planes crash, heart attacks and the still solid favorite-cancer. This article goes a bit too far with saying anyone can be killed or kidnapped.
Like the Queen of England? Or a Shiek? Or the president of the United States?

Just like the Mafia and other organized crime outfits this is a business and the people who run it are businessmen. The usefulness as terrorism is that they appear careless crazy psychopaths.

People who are very powerful want it to be that way. The Mafia kept the public terrorized and this serves that purpose in the 21st century.
More extremism is needed to shock just like everything else in this century.

Also i dont quite think that anyone in modern times can make the title of the most brutal evil violent group "thats ever existed" becuz on modern civilized earth we have international human rights laws.
Competing with the Roman empire, Vlad the Impaler, the Huns, the Turks, the KGB or say, the Inquisition is going to be pretty hard in modern times. Especially since back during those horrors there was no surveillance equipment to record, document or persecute for such actions.

Taking that into consideration one asks why is any of this allowed to go on anyway? Its easily remedied, especially since drones or the military could take action against such violent threats.

Its allowed to happen becuz it makes people money.

Its why DIVERSITY is being pushed. To hide the elite's operations done by these groups.

You live in terror if u arent a YUPpie sheep, live in a rich neighborhood etc. Thats how its going to be.

Its all NWO enslavement of mankind fun kids. And its happening all kinds of different ways.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Austin TX Becoming Impossible Like Everyplace Else-Might Be Due To Cambridge MA Probation Finding My Location

Austin was ok but its now become as unlivable and just constant non stop gang stalking like every other city.
(Might be due to Cambridge probation becoming aware of my location. Recall I began getting harassment in Cambridge where I did community service when i began sending in verification of hours to probation. Why is that city so obsessed with getting me jailed or defaulted? Give it up. Its as if someone connected to that dept is preventing me ftom doing my community service.
I am being peaceable. I didn't counter the unjust set up and arrest with a lawsuit nor anything else...which is what they want of course. Another attempt at a smoke out. To gey me out there to incriminate or discredit myself officially.

The legal system had its chance back in 2007. They chose to side with the bad guys. So guess what happens? I tell the whole fuckin world the entire long sordid tale...and treat the US justice system like it doesn't exist becuz it has chosen that position on the chess board.
Maybe some legal action but preferably from outside the US or from a foreign legal system. )

It sucks. It was cool i think as long as i stayed discredited and just houseless, wandering the city sleeping wherever.

When i got myself a home base and a little routine and began to get things done, of course the harassment goes up to Boston levels of frequency (but thankfully not sophistication).

They are on my d*ck all the time however and it's really annoying.

CVS of course like usual across the USA is one of the worst for harassment from arrogant overt employees. Had a problem today with harassment from employee in the Univ of TX store and tonite had to film employees in store north of UT in hip neighborhood. They were that ridiculous and they of course acted like the caught little criminals they are after the camera came out.
One old Hindi and an annoying Chinese woman of course.

Diversity is such a cover for continued COINTELPRO, black gang organized crime (backed by rogue intelligence agencies) and of course third world foreigners trying to make their bones in this country at Target's expense.

Its perfect becuz PC has everyone so incredibly brainwashed right now. It explains the obsession with foreign terrorism switching so quickly recently to being obsessed with racism by fraternities or police brutality/shootings.

They are so desperate to cover up covert ops using African Americans and certain immigrant groups that intimidation and continued brainwashing is necessary.

Theres a push to discredit and dispose of people like me once and for all now and it seems push us out of the country.

I've no idea why this is the new game but it is.
It's so different than from 2003-2012 or 2013. I dont quite understand the motive. My theory is still that its due to my allies dying or leaving office in Boston/Cambridge. The northeast is simply off limits now but the entire country seems that way.

Im also not falling for handlers anymore and that seems more dangerous for the system than anything else.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Gang Stalking In Whole Foods Is As Usual Nasty and Done By Major Assh*les

Whole Foods downtown Austin TX holds it's place as a major gang stalking business like mosy Whole Foods locations (with a few exceptions). Ive actually encountered suppory and positive interface at a handful of this chain's stores but most of them like all supermarkets, are gang stalking hotspot nightmares.


Austin used to be fairly pleasant now aside from a few neighborhoods its a city selling out to developers and advocating expansion at any cost just like Boston did.

There are perp employees here, customers who are very nasty military like stalking harassers who go after Targets aggressively and of course, blacks who are especially vile are used.

Trying to push me into falling into the hands of the African American enemy factions using sexual harassment is as always a main focus of theirs. Usually this is reserved for Liberal areas like Boston or San Diego. It only occurs in certain areas here.

Why Lamar is so disgusting with gang stalking from the river northwards i don't understand but that's how it maps out.

The employees of Whole Foods markets have always been ranked as some of THE most brutal, viscous gang stalkers of any corporate entity Ive had the displeasure of experiencing and Austin TX has an especially arrogant bunch of little c*cksuckers here who have always taken extra liberties to say THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS things to me as a TI. Cambridge and Brighton stores in MA were heavily infiltrated and have employees that engage in almost violent harassment and stalking activity.

This entire operation now seems to be about making Targets into lone shooters or cause us to act out violently. Making Targets look as if they might be dangerous, anti government and potentially so delusional that they are a threat to themselves and others I think is a main goal right now.

I will leave the US no problem before I will do something like that. My book is a huge bombshell and thats good enough for me (yet too good for my enemies).

Hopefully i can hurt as many people in the US who have hurt me over the years but its not likely.

The country is evil and hopelessly enslaved. There are so many assholes in on gang stalking and people who are basically compliant that simply giving up on America and going elsewhere is really the only solution in the end anyway.

Shooting them doesnt make any sense. As we've all seen from all the hoaxes and False Flags the little shits get forewarnings anyway so they never suffer as usual.

They always let innocent people do that for them.

If the American public knew what total scum they were really surrounded by on a daily basis, things would be alot different.

Marked Police Cars In Use Only North Area Between UT and State Hospital/Military Base

Also whenever Im up in that northern area just at the end of this hip UT area, where I do my laundry, a bit before the military base, there's always been marked police cars doing really overt annoying stalking. Cabbies once or twice but that may have been random.

I come out from doing laundry and they are parked in middle of side street or store lot. They are positioned so i can see them and they wait til i pass then drive away. Its very disturbing it always is when marked are involved.

This area is the only area this occurs which is odd. Its like they are marking off some parameter or border. The neighborhood does get crappy right there going north. And lately there's always some sh*thead that shows up to try to get involved with me. Always male and seemingly black or involved with blacks.

Gang Stalking In Austin TX

It seems as if the gang stalkers have the ability to monitor breathing of a Target.

The harassment matches up with the Target having breathing that would register as relaxed and calm. Certain brain waves active. Harassing the TI into a state of fear and anxiety changes that mental state as well as pulls the Target into being grounded which in this case means no relaxation and the mind stops wandering and no more imagination.

College cops trying to fuck with me at bus stop on Lamar. Got out of place I shower very peaceful.

Guy in big truck parked on sidewalk right next to me seemingly for no other reason but to fuck with me.

Then he left. Had absolutely no legit reason to be there.
Had a red bandana wrapped around passenger seat head rest.

Weird guy fucked with my space at bus stop on Lamar. Kept going behind me and looking at my smartphone screen then acting like I was suspect and crazy becuz I had back pack ('homeless').

Sleepy. Closed my eyes at bus stop waiting. College cops rolled by and opportunistically tried to assess if I could be fucked with. I opened my eyes and they quickly assessed that they should go try to mess with someone else.

Guy at bus stop went into the gas station where the foreign owner was nasty to me last week.

He had that permanent stupid smirk on his face and the arrogant intense love of victimizing a female. He hid behind clear framed glasses and a black Texas Longhorns hat. He was trying too hard to fit in. See the sick fucks have to blend in unassumingly so that only TIs can become controlled and harassed by the smirk and other features and behaviors we KNOW are a victimizing perv.

After i got annoyed with the college small time cops, i commented that its messed up to be opportunistic as police just then real city cops.drove by in the other direction.

It all seemed to be based on my being in the shower too long and the shift changing (gang stalkers were entering building just as I was also so I cant trust who was on staff earlier. )

The environment seemed clear at the end of my shower and getting dressed. I left and walked outside and it was beautiful out, full moon, big sky.

I was alone and happy with my thoughts and breathing calmly.

There's a military base here. If i get close to the area i get harassment so nasty and the network extends to the bus and my home area (overt perps in vehicles) that Ive been conditioned not to go up there. It's around 40th.

Austin seems to want to keep homeless people in very specific areas and the psychomanagement is in micro areas.

Two asshole soldiers sitting in a restaurant when i first ventured up there knew who i.was. One of them just gave the most annoyed Satanic look.

If u dont want to deal with people fighting for their freedom and in self defense why do u start shit with people to begin with?

What the royal FUCK were u expecting to happen? Not everyone is going to suicide at your god damned convenience. Arrogant male pricks.

One normal soldier you could tell was in awe of the load I was hiking with. The other two douches were just sooooo inconvenienced by my existing.

The military industrial complex is completely out of control. Everything is basically run like MK Ultra was now.

Military, intelligence, private sector, academia. Exploiting and controlling people for a special interest agenda.

That JJ Pickles lab area gave me the worst creeps when I had to catch a bus near it when I first arrived. It's so evil that I was being prevented from even walking over near the wooded area near the bus to wait for it. Only REALLY messed up places have vibes so bad Im held back from entering the area.

Their research is listed as 'sensitive' (i bet). Of course its electromagnetic and nanotech stuff.

Getting harassed heavily everyday but it's just enough to keep me compartmentalized. Like traumatized enough so i cant get alot done or really face up to what's truly going on with being targeted and can't handle important tasks pertaining to legal aspects of my being targeted or my book.

Its hard to stay focused and remember things in Austin. The place promotes alot of leisurely pursuits and overeating.

Its amazing how forgetful I am here.
Im sure the daily harassment helps to keep me distracted.
I also believe the harassment is to ensure I cant establish myself in the community among the housed people (not homeless). It keeps me disconnected and if it gets me anxiety ridden enough, which becomes biochemical and beyond my control I will start self talking out of sheer nerves. They know this and induce my self talking in public as much as possible nowadays especially it seems. Discreditation has been especially important to the system for the last year or two.

Theyve been causing my theraputic self talk which i only used to perform inside to become a nervous habit out of control in public since 2004 or so.

In the past two years the campaign has become about isolating and alienating me completely and to finally discredit me totally.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Perp Owns Gas Station 12th and Lamar

Gas station in 12th and Lamar area. Alot of gang stalking right around here generally but no overt police harassment mostly just store employees or managers/owners. Some weird guys always hanging around 7-11 always get weirded out when they see me coming into store lot, and always leave immediately...or if just one stays he looks real weirded out.

Black jerk older guy who was obvious about knowing who I was IN 2011 when i first visited Austin TX for first time wasnt there this time.

A guy putting stuff in his trunk kept messing with me and baiting me smas as I was flying a sign on corner across street.
When he went into store i went in and it turned out he was behind the counter and he owned the place. The first thig he sais as I entered was an obnoxious "Nobody panhandling across street allowed in here". Real overdramatic and arrogant. I asked if he was ownet and immediately knew it was bad news due to the fact i had been harassed in there by the old black guy in 2011.

I wisely left the property but photographed him and the place, so everyone now knows that there is definitely something going on with this place and the owner.

So it clarified for me that alot of the viscous, heavy handed anti-homeless actions or harassment against me I deal with IS ACTUALLY GANG STALKING.

Becuz i get more mistreatment and bad behavior from the public for being homeless or panhandling or having a backpack than most people.

It's most likely all part of psychological warfare and MK Ultra behavior modifcation.

Phones been hacked by some virus that messed up SD card when plugged into computer at ACCollege.

Couldn't access blog last few days without extreme difficulty.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Permanent Militarization of America and the NWO Enslavement of Humanity

"Eisenhower understood the trade-offs between guns and butter. “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed,” he warned in 1953, early in his presidency. “The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some 50 miles of concrete highway. We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people.”"

"Uncritical support of all things martial is quickly becoming the new normal for our youth. Hardly any of my students at the Naval Academy remember a time when their nation wasn’t at war. Almost all think it ordinary to hear of drone strikes in Yemen or Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. The recent revelation of counterterrorism bases in Africa elicits no surprise in them, nor do the military ceremonies that are now regular features at sporting events. That which is left unexamined eventually becomes invisible, and as a result, few Americans today are giving sufficient consideration to the full range of violent activities the government undertakes in their names."

There are so many young people involved in psychological warfare operations ever since 2003.

In NA meetings in Cambridge and Boston older people were shocked at how much disregard the infiltrators mostly young people, had for privacy or human decency or even the institution of NA (lack of better term). They were shocked and resistant to how destructive these actions were against a TI who was a member. Yet the group of youth intimidated them and they seemed to give way easily.

These little assholes who are everywhere like vermin nowadays involved in psych warfare part of 'gang stalking' were let loose on society just as the Boomers were getting too old to fight authority anymore.

They are on every college campus and in every city and becuz they are young they are conaistently the biggest assholes in the known universe.

It's largely young very evil sick youth involved in the black projects like direct experimentatiom on a Targeted Individual or the gang stalking groups who take over entire Greyhound buses to harass TIs (these levels of abuse of power were only during Bush. It got less insane and more covert/psychological under Obama.)

Its bizarre to see kids in gangs involved but hey-remember who they deal drugs for.

The public are so incredibly stupid at this point either that or they are in on it. Its sooo much worse than anyone is publicly letting on.

Snowden didnt tell the public anything. Yet he gave excuse to target more whistle blowers.

The real whistleblowers are people like me who will never be heard by the masses.

The 'gang stalking' system is used to create conflict domestically ans internationally so that military actions can be the solution.

Becuz theres parts of the Middle East who seem to understand this they of course have to be destroyed.
Not that Islam isn't a form of cult mind control in itself.

Militarization is male centric yet so is Islam. Either way its about destroying females. Becuz in order for man to be trained to reject Nature and become comfortable with living in totally controlled, false environments the strongest human connection to Nature must be broken. In terms of the NWO (enslavement of humanity) thats my theory.