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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Alert and Warnings Post #1: Potential Causes Of Current Extreme Violence In Public Places/Abuse Of Citizens In Custody Of Authorities

Recently I posted I am concerned about certain issues that seem pressing as opposed to the ongoing research into deeper subjects as conspiracy theory.

There's some information that must be shared immediately even though it's second or third party, thus hearsay.

I suppose this should be listed under abuse of power or brutality by authorities, even torture used domestically on citizens but it may be more compelling than that due to recent rise in violence that seems to have no clear motives other than experts suggesting a vague theory of 'mental illness'.

The information written is aquired from people who have experienced abuses of power that wish to remain anonymous. I'm not a journalist but akin to one I won't reveal my sources.

This is hopefully going to do more good without the controversy and drama surrounding credibility and assist potential victims especially if it prevents them from victimizing others.

It seems that authorities in the US have the capacity in certain states  to utilize military grade technology (those used in psy ops in foriegn conflict) to torture prisoners or those being detained in their buildings.

One person giving an account of such abuses claimed this occurred in a Republican state in the Northeast, in New England. They have claimed that while being held in a district court house  as the person was in the process of having paperwork done to be released, they were 'hit' by an inexplicable very strong urge to commit an act of physical violence on the only fellow inmate with them in the cell, who happened to be elderly woman.
This of course would have served the purpose of keeping this person incarcerated indefinitely as well as other consequences as well as have their mental state permanently labeled.

Since this person has had much experience researching theories in our community and understands that theoretically this could be induced by outside forces such as classified weapons systems or technologies, all of their Will and mental powers were utilized to remain in control and avoid a disasterous outcome.

Potentially this person avoided an unfair, unjust and horrible fate due to the knowledge the TI community has provided over many decades.
Activism works and awareness is necessary. It saves lives and can avoid violence.  Besides that if these theories are correct due process according to the US Constitution is being interferred with.

This person had no history of violence nor were such urges or episodes the norm in thier lives they have claimed. The state they were in allegedly committing this war crime was not a place they frequented. However it does have multiple military complex contractors, some internationally powerful with a clear history of corruption.

This person's story suggests that people being isolated within the justice system who are under control of very questionable authorities who deal with prisoners are potentially put under extreme pressure then may be able to be manipulated to commit violent acts.

In theory any of these recent acts of extreme violence specifically in public spaces could feasibly be caused by such means.
Which seems to lead to the solution being to step up our activism for AWARENESS even though our community is being suppressed more than ever through various conditions like 'fake news' censorship, a quiet campaign against alternative ways of living and tending to affairs or never ending attempts to portray our community as mentally ill and potentially dangerous.
In fact this community is trying to gain awareness of theoretical dangers not cause them.

A second account I've received is from a person who was being held in a cell in a small town police dept in another New England state.
state. This time the victim was held for a very short time and released, a matter of hours. While in custody, waiting for a bailiff,  simply laying down the person felt as if something was literally 'frying' them to a near dangerous level.  Some sort of technology that seemed to definitely have the capacity to kill if used any longer and/or with any more force.

They have told me they literally felt like they were going to die if this kept up.

There are other stories but these clearly demonstrate that authorities, specifically where private military contractors are high in numbers and essential to the state's economy, abuse of power resulting in a casual committing of war crimes are potentially being committed.

The the frequency of these types of incidents occurring all over the US needs to be looked at.

Anyone at risk for such abuse and exploitation hopefully will find information from activists' efforts online and become strong enough to avoid an unnecessary and unjust fate.

Not only does this deny true due process it interferes with the workings of the justice system-even the facilities themselves which are crimes also.

Our work is important. People need to look at our research and theories.

Commission To Deal With Threats Of Electromagnetic Weapons Attacks Dismantled

It's interesting how the Repubs who are usually villified as oppressive devils are the ones taking new age weapons seriously and the PC of Liberal elites is one of the sighted 'reasons' to get this commission shut down.

Just like the ambassador who blocked the FBI from piecing together what would become 9-11 that could have prevented it-and ironically got the main agent killed in the Twin Towers.

Utilizing the excuse of not wanting to offend a country's government.

And as for the bs physicist's advice concerning being more worried about the sun than abuse of power that is ultimate power, the sun has been around before Mankind. I'm a bit more disturbed by what humans have created for the 21st century.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New Series Of Posts Addressing Urgent Recent Issues

This new post(s) is for anyone who is interested in the subject matter of this blog-as well as any type of conspiracy or alternative theory. It's a warning and an alert to anyone who is concerned also about the current climate of violence and technology seeming to grow far too fast in the west.

I hope to help anyone in need or distress but also to provide answers to those who may be so very unhappy due to not having understanding of the changes in our world today.

This may become a regular feature of my work as it seems my old casual approach to trying to see more deeply seems left behind in this current environment of such turmoil. There's a sense of immediacy now, of necessity.

None of this information is meant to alarm the public. My work has always been for those who's minds can expand comfortably enough to accept alternative theories or the most unpleasant possible realities.
For those suffering from hurt and confusing from the changes this is for you.
And for those in danger of being sacrificial lambs to spur on transition through manufactured chaos-heed these warnings.

The most worrisome subjects that have come about lately are as follows:
-lone shootings, terror attacks, random violence.
-radiation leaks from multiple nuclear plants
-LED lights (blue light) replacing   traditional 'soft' lights in major cities around the United States
-opioid epidemic resulting in psychiatry successfully claiming that drug use is a disorder.
-The news of AI from Google in China

Mother Jones: The Real-Life Matrix Think you’re not part of the military-industrial complex? Think again.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Black Homeless Female Harassed By Mob For Protecting Trump's Star On Hollywood Blvd and Utilizing Freedom Of Speech

Ok so this wasn't the most diplomatic approach and maybe any of us dont agree with what her signs said. However the hard lesson about laws is that what seems morally correct, decent or sensible may not have any bearing on what's legal or what isn't.

Consumerism and self righteous morality isn't what defines being American. Culturally perhaps but the Constitution is what protects our rights as citizens.

Like from angry mobs trying to meter out justice lol.

This is just one example of why sensible Travelers avoid most of L.A. proper. Though Skid Row (or Venice nowadays) may just be preferable to a bunch of self righteous housies many of which define the American dream as being able to purchase a big screen TV.

PC never works in the Homeless community as it's mainly about survival and there's no need to 'keep it real' because don't worry-it will always stay 'real' out here. Unfortunately.

Maybe that's why this lady admires keeping it real.
And sees through Obama's Messianic appeal.

Must be nice to be so right about everything that no one else matters no matter how much more oppressed they are than you.

This is a perfect example of how BLM has had an ongoing shadow component of a rise in anti homelessness and homeless hate crimes.

Hell I like Mexican culture. I sympathize with the AztecAmerica idea where they want their land back. At the core America is stolen land and the most screwed over people have been Native indigenous peoples which is why I have little patience with cultures who live in this wealthy protected country and disregard history books and international news conducting themselves as if they were the only people ever enslaved or genocided etc.
In the US poverty may suck but it's not deadly. Foreigners have reminded me that "at least this place is safe. In other countries, your dead".

And I was reminded of that by someone who at one time didnt enjoy such benefits.
If people are so hell bent on a reality where there's no 'hate' then start by no longer supporting the military industrial complex and the endless war for profit machine.
Then stop participating in destroying the natural environment humans need to eat, drink and breath. Especially the throw away mentality with gadgets and technology.
Outlaw anything and everything nuclear as part of the survival of humanity. Nuclear anything seems like absolute anti human and 'hateful'.

Do something about the 'hate' perpetuated systematically in other countries. Stop patronizing and supporting business that exploits foriegn people and lands.

Stop being tolerant of 'cultural norms' like FGM or even MGM. Stop assisting or feeding countries who engage in this 'hateful' practice.

PC enforced by militant Libtards has become more about racial preferencial treatment, racial supremicy and basically terrorizing the public into obeying and behaving than it has been ever about fixing things that are wrong in the world. It has seemed actually diversionary-to keep people from paying attention to or discovering world issues that are concern to ALL of humanity not just certain demographics.

Angry mobs metering out justice have historically been why we need laws creating to keep order. 'Social justice' being at best conceptual and abstract shouldn't be a replacement for justice defined by laws. And much of the new aggressive PC movement is meant to make us forget that there even is a US Constitution. I just recently discovered there's a Constitution for the state I live in, given it's a place that has some of the best law schools in the country but culturally raises it's poor to both not know our rights and percieve we don't really have any.

Kind of like PC. Perception becomes reality. Lawlessness rules because might makes right. And constitutions become mere pieces of paper-as worthless as that women's signs in her cart.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Anyone Know If Anything Significant Changed As Of Massachusetts' Election Day 11-7-17?

Does anyone know if any new laws or legislation was passed as of this past Nov 7th or anyone was newly elected, left office etc? This would only be for the state of Massachusetts.

From what little research I understood how to do it appears that one Senate seat changed or was filled. I read in paper that Senate president Rosenberg left due to his husband sexually harassing someone and there's an older woman taking over.

Howie Carr did his typical predictable hack job on them both, mostly for being old which is calling the kettle black.
Maybe I should use my stinging venom off my pen to pander someone's political agenda instead of try to tell the truth and portray how frustrated many people are with the state of things these days.

Nah. My work is much more rewarding.

Anyway the reason I inquire is due to circumstances seeming to change for the worst here and this has been strictly since election day in MA.

Anyone out there have any info let me know.

Friday, December 8, 2017

MBTA’s New Bus Surveillance Is So Advanced, You Could Watch it From China

“Is it the ultimate in ‘Big Brother?’ Ya,” said Clarke in the video. “I say to myself in 30 years I’ll probably regret everything we’ve done for video, but it’s making a difference.”

“We have no problem publicly shaming people,” said Clarke at the conference... “We show clips on TV. The media loves this stuff.”

So much for any type of theorizing or even investigating into potential or possible abuse of power.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Harvard Shrink Uses Junk Science Of Psychiatry To Further Destroy What's Left Of Civilization's Humanity

"Alcoholics Anonymous was proclaimed the correct treatment for alcoholism 75 yeas ago, despite the absence of any scientific evidence, and we have been on the wrong path ever since," writes Dr. Dodes. "Today, almost every treatment center, physician and court system in the country uses this model, yet it has one of the worst success rates in all of medicine, hardly better than no treatment at all."

Translated this basically says 'I am a Big Pharma whore who wants to continue to profit from the psuedo-science called Psychiatry, a junk science that currently is legitimized by almost every treatment center, physician and court system in the country yet it has one of the worst success rates in all of medicine, hardly better than no treatment at all.'

It seems increasingly being HUMAN is a crime.
It's penalized and offenders villified. Transhumanists must love this era where people need to be 'fixed' by outside substances, always man made. Just a short jump from a future where technology will replace substances to fix humans, to make us function and conform to social norms.

And if anyone would know about taking the wrong direction lately-its Harvard lol.

I will make this brief:

Medicine has increasingly become about corporate bottom line not the craft of being a physician and often thrown out the window is the attage 'First Do No Harm'.

There are good docs and nurses even the rare gem of a secretary and I will even admit I've met one decent psychiatrist but he relied on meds to temporarily treat symptoms while the patient worked on brain re entrainment better known as BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGY. He works more from the TRAUMA MODEL of where difficulty is coming from not the DISORDER MODEL.

All Psychiatry is just theory that's why there are different models. In reality there is no way in hell a human can qualify to correctly analyze another human brain. There will always be bias or unfair judgement. If you claim to be able to do so you are saying you are akin to God or a god and it always seems like that's psychiatry's smug little secret.

People are ignorant about the BUSINESS of psychiatry and even the simple difference in the models I mentioned.

Our world-the man made world and our natural environment influenced by humans-is self destructive, violent, unfair, disconnected, uncaring and biased. We are nothing more than Simian type animals with some mysterious creator god like abilities (aka the 'god spark') that we are GUIDED into abusing throughput our lifetimes so that we usually remain closer to animals than what humans COULD be.

Examples if you need them are environmental pollution of our own resources we need to keep our bodies alive, near constant war etc. Creating atomic and nuclear capacity-actually manifesting these things into our world's physical reality shows we are not capable of being responsible creator gods but merely selfish animals. The most dangerous on Earth.

Plastics that aren't natural and dont degrade is another small example. If it does not work with the environment as it's set up why invent it?

We are short sighted, selfish and animalistic. Yet we have always had spirituality.

Many people who take drugs are doing what ancient primitives did-looking for 'god'. Other realms. A way out of the concrete prisons that are cities and how fucked up, unnatural and exploitative the system is.
Self medicating is also another human behavior.

I've been clean and sober since 1995. The main 12 Step programs and the supportive people in them simply gave me a way to retrain my brain. To reprogram myseld. It was just like behavioral therapy.
And love, patience, acceptance and caring even at arms length was an intregal part of making it work. (Addicts usually do these things at arms length lol).

I will keep the anonymity of the programs as this is a level of the press or media I suppose but the two traditional, main ones WORKED for me.
It doesn't work for EVERYONE but that may also depend on other factors like the culture of the area and the quality of recovery in the area you are in. MA especially Boston takes great pride in kicking addiction's ass and running a tight ship just as you'd expect from the home of the Revolution, Minutemen, overzealous sports fans and a very Naval influenced culture.

If you go to other areas the meetings may suck and people don't care.

Some myths being used to dissuade people from traditional 12 Step groups need to be clarified:

These meetings are NOT Christian based or religious or they should not be anyway. I know that some regions make them that way like down south but in the north east and other areas you simply identify a 'higher power'. It could be a god of your choice or Satan or an unidentified Whatever or more commonly here-the 12 Step group of people itself.
G.O.D.= Group Of Drunks. That could be your guide until you figure it all out.

We don't truly believe addiction is a disease.
Alot of the 12 Step group in the beginning or early recovery is simply identifying things so you can deal with them effectively. 'The Disease' is not literal and yes, these groups use loaded language but it works.

If you have ever been to an ER you've heard emergency language. "Stat" or "Code Blue". Nobody has time to fuck around and they also need a common simple language all employees can understand quickly.
These 12 Step groups are akin to intensive care units. People may make one choice when they walk out the door of the meeting and die that night.
Those banners that say simple things like 'Just Don't Pick Up' make you say 'well no duh' when you feel ok but it's amazing how repetition becomes life saving when an addict gets the urge to use and 'Just Don't Pick Up' becomes a life saving mantra. And calling a sponsor of course.

If people choose to use their psychiatrist as their higher power and use drugs as an easy fix instead of working on fixing the real problems inside and how addicts relate to the world outside then that's their choice but the public should be INFORMED OF THE CHOICES AVAILABLE.

Having a shrink assess 12 Step programs is ridiculous. These programs take into consideration what it means to be human and human spirituality. They also admit that the world we live in is fucked up, nonsensical and leaves much to be desired thus the Step about accepting Life On Life's Terms.

As with everything nowadays psychiatry is attempting to establish that there is something wrong with PEOPLE not with the archaic system we live in.

There are so many factors being ignored in relation to addiction and other problems even diet, electromagnetic pollution, genetics etc that it's absurd to accept psychiatry's verdict. On anything for that matter.

Unless you are totally out of your mind and speaking in 'word salad' or washing your hands/checking to see if the oven is on to the point where you don't have a damn life YOU DONT NEED A FUCKIN PSYCHIATRIST or meds.

Broad spectrum disorder? How about 'nuclear waste pollutant' disorder or 'sociopathic politician' disorder or 'greedy CEO' disorder? Go start assessing the mental health and 'personality disorders' of those in power then say that Psychiatry is fair and just and sensible.

Also why do Psychiatry and religion co exist in our culture???

BTW with all the anti terrorism tech and capabilities in place why can't anyone find out where the drugs are coming in from? And why are dealers being tolerated that sell dirty drugs laced with phentenol or whatever it is that kills people off and makes it so addicting?


Oh and lastly, if the two 12 Step programs are ANONYMOUS then how in the hell would you be able to determine 'success rates'? Very unscientific.

Just like psychiatry.