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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Weeks Satanic Mass At Harvard Sees Results Of Its Labors Today

So this is the results of invoking Satan at that recent Satanic Black Mass!! He and his minions have arrived.

I guess the mass was sort of a metaphysical putting out the welcome mat or priming the area for reception of such energies.

I got the impression that someone was impressed we local rebels didn't take action on this by causing trouble today.

I wasn't even aware until a few hours ago.

Being an NWO freedom fighter is different than  battles against oppression of the past. Protests are soooo 20th century. They do nothing anyway nowadays becuz Big Media doesn't allow such actions to be aired or marketed as important.
The authorities have all kinds of weapons and gadgets now too. We saw this during Bush the younger's administration in war protests.

Resisting and informing on the NWO is a long term commitment. A lifestyle. An activity that we act on daily in our lives not some special event. Being reactionary now is useless. Carrying a permanent attitude of non compliance and continuing exposure, mapping out the plots and schemes to those interested- that is resisting the NWO. The false environment, the altered timeline. The alternate reality they've created.

Bush and Bloomberg showing up at Harvard as honories is incidental. Protesting would only validate Harvard as an important institution that matters to people like me which it does not. Its a place that paradoxically takes part in forming the NWO but also provides a place for its resistors and denouncers.

Its a home base. If an enemy general has political business here its not my affair. We are not guerillas-that stance is for the disinfo agents lol and usually they and that sort of childish opposition  operations don't last very long.

My job is to deliver information to interested parties and salvage other fighters who are tired or beaten or who may not understand they are NWO resistors to begin with.

Its strange that many people involved in this are linked by some bond to the very people we are fighting. Like St George was related to the dragon he slayed.

Besides my greatest joy today was looking at the occasional beautiful piece of clothing (usually on Indian women) and viewing some of the ugliest wealthy people I have ever seen at one time in a public place. Plastic surgery victims were more minimal than a typical day in southern California but the entire thing made me feel better about my losing my looks to age and wear in these years fighting the covert wars. It made it more evident to me that Harvard is now just a marketed corporate name and logo. Gone are the Patrician gorgeous faces of old money-the perfect facial profiles of intergenerational Harvard attendees that were once artwork I could rely on seeing here in the Square every year.

This insular environment has been replaced by new money and YUPpies. Whoever has the necessary diversity and can pay.

That made me feel most validated in my work and continued resistance.

And it also kept the cops from being the overbearing, stalking fascists they've been this year.

I already knew Harvard was sold out to the world and lost to its specialness years ago. What is left of it that remains in its structure that persists to support people like me will always be here but the destructive intrusive forces are overwhelming that now and will continue to.

This place is in ruins now like Athens or ancient Rome. All one can do is to exist among its skeleton that still has some value.

You can't stop the NWO. You can only try to get a percentage of people to see the deception and resist or help resistors along the path.

MA Doesn't Mind Corruption-If U Have Loyalties Here U Can Be A Total Piece Of Sh*t Otherwise Decent People Are Totally Expendable

"Salem State University professor Rob Brown put it more bluntly: "He'll be ostracized."

"Chuck Turner and other people, they had already created tremendous loyalty and constituency on a local level," Brown said, referring to the Boston city councilor who received waves of support despite a federal corruption conviction. At 37, Henriquez has been in office just over three years.

"Here is a case of an obscure, a state rep, and ... he was convicted and sentenced," Brown said. "He's pretty dispensable.""

Oh so this is what happened to me right? I was pretty dispensible also right? And that fat c*nt Julie had great loyalties locally (rich Jews, paid off cops and organized crime investors)..and my mother and father's family had great loyalties also? Like what ? Like my uncle working for the mob or the second cousin who's a detective in Waltham where my maternal family is from?


This city doesn't even get it that the Boston Bombing was a wake up call. For all the shit they do to people and continue to do. Doesn't anyone see the correlation between the new police chief being a Marathon lover and runner and the bombing taking place there? I was just reading that he actually demoted cops so he could unfairly promote others SOLEY BASED ON RACE OR GENDER to further some bizarre obsession with Diversity in this new administration.

That must've pissed a lot of people off. Perhaps the false flag operators wanted to get this new guy in some real personal way so that policies they wanted pushed through would go or whatever they wanted.

I now see the corruption of this new administration. They are going to pull an Obama. Which means diverting the public's attention from them further going along with the NWO sgenda-corporations, banks, Diversity being used to block and silence any EuroAmerican cultures which are really the only ones that successfully revolt against the elite historically.

The public are stupid. They don't realize when someone like Whitey Bulger runs Southie its controlled corruption and the neighborhood is protected in many ways. They are naive enough to believe that once the traditional bad guys are gone that crime is cleared up. I have seen that rthe only reason they want to get rid of Irish or Italian organized crime is so they can open up those areas to black gangs or house slaves working and occupying the area covertly, new Russian mafia etc etc. Crime gangs that the public are less familiar with that can hide behind victimization (blacks) or being new immigrants..both of which stupid YUPpies will just see as socio economic disadvantaged and some urban rot or poor 'people of color' moving into the neighborhood. Places like Southie now being taken over by blacks and foreigners buying up the local businesses...all the while the place is flooded with drug cops.

I see now that this is all to feednthe prison system and in the bigger picture it creates two classes-the peasant idiots I just wrote about and the rich like YUPpies and hipsters and elite. Everyone is kept down and enslaved who can't afford to pay for a decent lifestyle. And they still make their money off of drugs and sex industry.

American cities are all like this now. Anyone alternative is homeless usually...or living somewhere sensible that's the last hold outs. Places like NH lol, where whites can still be considered human beings. That place is targeted too. Usually with a mind set that everything is OK in their little world probably so the residents can't rise up against what's going on in the country at large.

The effect of the Bush years was that anyone or anyplace like MA or Boston that was evil to begin with at its core would just explode into full on absolute evil and show its or their true colors.

This must be why people hang their heads instead of do something about what's happened to me. They don't mind corruption as long as it benefits the Bay State.

And they are too stupid to understand its about MK Ultra and mass mind control or war crimes or the military industrial complex and others like pharma or medical taking total ownership of the state. They just think its about one expendable person.

I watch the rich go by a lot nowadays and I always return to the knowledge I possess from these years of experiences with this system compared to what they believe they know and how they live.

I'm much better off. I know what's out there. How it all really works. They are controlled in so many different ways or worse they are total scumbags who know about this system and go along with it which I cannot understand for the life of me.

It truly is time to leave MA becuz the changes being made are only going to get worse.

I now also get why the gs has come to focus on getting me pissed off with racial issues. I am being forced to go up against what this new admin claims to hold dear-Diversity, anti racism etc.

And having more Diversity in the police force by its new chief means that THE OLD GUARD WHICH I SUSPECT WAS ONE OF THE LAST TIGHT KNIT NETWORKS IN THE NORTHEAST AGAINST THE NWO AND ITS REVERSE RACISM is now but jng broken down.

This also explains why they took and removed their people from the homeless industries,shelters etc and stores locally: they got the results they wanted.

I saw this during the presidential elections too. Blacks work in a lot of covert ops in order to help get their desired candidates or people into political positions.

This change in admin must be why no one cares about me anymore and I am being put out to pasture. Becuz no one is left who was part of the ops during Bush so no one has to care anymore.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One of the reasons I believe that I have these ideations to leave the US is that I think that the content of this blog might be the kind of thing to get me locked up or labeled under some new laws now or in near future.

Probably connected to lone shootings or mental hygiene bs  put forth by Obama's administration.

Europe just had elections where far right parties won. People are waking up over there and sick of destruction of their culture and cities by immigrants...and the insanity of the EU.

America is in a deeper sleep than ever.

Harvard Graduation Made For a 'Clear ' Day-System Has Been Supressing Legal Work Lately

Was wondering why I remembered to do tasks clearly, had access to my talents, seemed hopeful about the future and wasn't being haunted by constant interface that consisted of famous people supposedly watching me through surveillance/security cameras or 'eye in the sky' military type capacity surveillance, on a very expensive reality show.

Though other deaths have looked as if Illuminati members were indeed watching. Like Lady Gaga's song writing partner she ripped off her entire style and persona from. Every indication leads to the people who made Gaga famous as being in the Illuminati of the entertainment industry. Unfortunately more African American males in power are involved.

Its like a cancer destroying the world. But only that which they are allowed to have dominion over by much older and omnipotent powers. Powerful blacks hide themselves so only the fools can be seen by the public. The house slaves.
Most truly powerful people are hidden from the public. Those who killed Gaga's partner and handed the dead woman's energies over to her (see conspiracy theory on YouTube) are but worker drones for those truly in charge.
And there will always be people in power who will protect people from the idiots now in charge of enslaving the population, dumbing everyone down and feeding the prison system.

Harvard U is a major abuser of power in our world.

All the lone shootings the system is creatjng is obviously a last ditch effort to take Americas right to bear arms. Freedom of speech has been curbed (example-corporations can bombard us in public spaces covering almost every free space in cities but citizens can't fight back by writing over ads or other forms of alteration as its now considered defacement or you simply can't graffiti in an empty space..tagging is gang crap and shouldn't be allowed anyway.,But this is one example of free speech being blocked in favor of corporate powers).

The USA doesn't even realize what's happened. They don't know they are living in a soft military dictatorship. Totally controlled false environments.

Harvard isn't what it was...and probably never was what I am romanticizing it was.

I also feel like I am being watched by police now not as a TI but as a person who's some sort of threat like possible lone shooter...or something to do with Obamacare which I was afraid of anyway or else some new mental health law or some other bullshit they are cleverly trying to get me on.

The war ending has something to do with all this. Its like they finally want to get rid of me or anyone who has been a problem or used by them over past ten years. They might also be trying to minimize people bringing up war crimes after the war is over. Activists, soldiers etc. Its interesting that much of what they do to soldiers they do to Targets. Like trying to get us to suicide etc.

Something comes up occasionally and advises me to handle the legalities BY SUING THE COMPANIES that make these technologies and the contractors.

Someone out there is trying to prevent any such actions.

Sat down at a local college few days ago to write police report from Nov and document McDonalds incident for laywrr and I've been blocked repeatedly. Mostly by what seems like local police but who are very hooked into the system that has advanced capabilities akin to the 'gang stalking' system.

They want what's happened to me to serve them by making me discredited further and looking irresponsible. They want to block any legal success or victory I may be capable of having.

All along and throughout my experience with this system over the years and across the United States always 'their' goal(s) has been to change time lines by influencing events mostly by manipulating people. I won't let them do that this time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fritz Springmeire-Undetectable Mind Control Slave Full Length Video

10 Biggest US Government Contractors

The 10 Biggest U.S. Government Contractors

Ten Companies That Make Billions Off The US Governement

"According to Department of Defense documents,since 2001 contracts for services have increased 137%, compared to a 1% increase for payrolls of active duty military personel over the same time period (in 2011 dollars), and is labeled as "increasingly unaffordable." However, among the largest government contractors are some of the largest companies in the country, some that employ more than 100,000 workers and draw a majority of their revenue from government sources." 

Fuk U Raytheon

More Attempts To Get Me Jailed/ Scary Overbearing Cop Activity This Year Locally

I've realized the cops and gang stalkers are out in full force again like during Bush except not in such high numbers and not just to discredit but to get me put in jail.

During Bush it was alot of force towards pushing for suicide or to coax me into a situation that would get me killed.

Now its crafted towards heavy discreditation or jail.

There's been more lone shootings and of course this is most likely part of the Obama agenda for gun control. The war is ending and security services want work. Thus they need once again to create problems to provide necessary solutions.

The cops are really out and I never recall seeing detectives even during Bush in on harassment.

Tonight that little jackass George Lopez trespassed me from the Kenmore McDonalds just for walking in there becuz he was one of the racist jerks messing with me at the Central Sq location.

He actually called the police so I counter called and then left my lawyer a message. He thought the police hadn't arrested me for writing on the McDonalds in Central sq. He was just harassing me and playing sick mjnd games the way he did that day I got upset enough to write whstni did that day in Cambridge.

The guy is really abusive. That McDonalds has been the scene of harassment of homeless people whites and in years past gang stalking.
The company must be loving this becuz they are such major perpetrators of gang stalking nationwide (along with other major chains many TIs mention).

There's specific stores I get harassment from in Cambridge specifically Central Sq.

Its always usually males who are abusive and have the profile of what sex offenders or abusers act like when they find a victim they feel is isolated.

I say that finally I realize that these people must be part of a pedophile or kiddie ring or some abusive of womenike trafficking. This guy fits the profile as do many of the sickos I've had to deal with in Central Sq Cambridge. Its black gang land specifically the Bloods. Don't  tell me they aren't running girls and laundering money.

I can tell by how sneaky this guy is when he tries to victimize a person. He's been doing it long enough so he knows how to cover his ass.

He tried to claim to the cops that showed up in Kenmore sq Boston McDonalds that I wrote on that wall also and they just ignored him.

The lady officer knew it was bs.....she got me my cookies (I paid) becuz he wouldn't serve me.

Who takes something like that as personally as he is taking it. Its not his building etc.

Its becuz he knows that he and the staff there harass people regularly and screw up orders and are incompetent. They talk about you in Spanish and think they are smart. Mynred headed friend actually speaks fluently and he told me months ago.

They know that black neighborhood guy doing security in there now harasses people. They know assholes come in there and gang up on people.

The cops are protecting the place becuz the cop who arrested me asked me why didn't I just go to the McDonalds in east Cambridge instead.
(The area where the detectives in the black sedan harassed me that I have photos of. Firstly I don't want to get harassed again. Secondly why shud I go out of my way like that?)

What r they afraid of? Why is this system coming after me again like during Bush.

There's a new police chief and commissioner both of whom are scary. And the new mayor. As well as changes in Cambridge both mayor and city director. Look them all up. Look at their faces and last names.
Makes me want to leave town as soon as this is all cleared up.

The old guard is gone. Today was clear of course its a federal holiday. Lately during week it feels like being targeted to finish me off or worse..the good ol' cancer ending as used to get rid of so many other activists and whistleblowers.

Whoever protected me  before is gone. Its very dangerous to stay here or now.

Friday, May 23, 2014

People With Atypical Gang Stalking Perp Identities In Society Caught In Kiddie Porn Rings Recently-(Firemen, EMTs, Etc)

NYPD, Judges &Wall St Execs Caught Molesting Children
New York Prostitution Ring Provided Minors For Wealthy Elitists
Clients included bankers, politicians, lawyers

Pedophile ring spanning the globe busted up, up to 70,000 pervs in 30 countries involved
BY Lukas I. Alpert
Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 11:42 AM

Police chief, rabbi, Boy Scout leader among 70 men, 1 mother busted in child porn probe:
Officials said the voluminous evidence seized in the five-week operation suggests the sexual exploitation of children in the New York City area has hit ‘epidemic proportions.’
(Gee how can that be in a city where former mayor Bloomberg claimed that the NYPD were his "personal army"? I guess banning Bigg Gulps takes presidence over diddling. Perhaps he just wants his local whores to be as fit as possible for business? On Wall Street appearance matters I guess.  Dont kids who are being viewed in lude situations and diddled deserve a treat once in  a while? Wow.)

While the public gets thrown a few expendable pervs like in these busts, the elite commit heinous crimes of a much more severe nature AND WILL NEVER BE CAUGHT.
These are also diversions so that people think that the authorities are cleaning up society of perverts while they exclude thier choice ones in a process that will result in the public not understanding that remaining are the worst offenders of society who cannot be caught.

This is the same thing that was done with organized crime. Throw a Gotti and a Whitey Bulger to the sheeple and they believe organized crime has been cleaned up. Not having the brains or knowledge to understand that many of the families and organizations have gone legit and the decades of money laundering have resulted in international powers that now cannot be fought.

Once again the powers that be keep the public in a twentieth century reality while they protect the elite living in a much more advanced and unbelievably privileged 21st century reality.

If any of this mattered then why aren't the wonderful people at Homeland telling the public about gang stalking or the use of these advanced technologies on TIs as well as in society generally for mass mind control? The totally psycho civilized world we now live in. Every city every town every inch covered by these technologies and chemical influences in the United States and beyond today.
Why are they not validating the accounts of Survivors of programming and mind control projects especially ones involving SRA or other forms of ritual abuse as children?

We Survivors are slaves of the elite. Like slaves the powers protect us as well as exploit us. What happens to us as far as society is concerned, in our lives hidden from the world, captive behind the walls of the rich and powerful, is none of thier affair.

The very fact that the USA and other western countries are such supporters of something like psychiatry which denies the existence of magickal ability as well as psychic phenomena and refuses to look at factors like diet, race, culture and the lifestyles of our recent to far off ancestors should be an indicator that the are more interested in hiding elitist crimes and running a society ruthlessly by trickery, deception, manipulation and profit than getting to the truth, solving crimes or entertaining any concept of justice.

This is all the norm for humans historically but now the deceptions and control is outrageous. Its completely out of control.

To think that for the rest of my life the obnoxious people involved in this system can laugh at me knowing I am innocent while performing psychological warfare to actually get me to a point of insanity and desperation where I actually do commit a crime-utilizing some sort of suspicions about my being a pedophile or looking at anything questionable on any computer at any time-is part of how outrageous this system has become in the modern age.
All this to ruin my life while the real career criminals and others who had crimes to hide like my own mother, my ex Jake and people around me all get to move on in life and have everything they want, while THEY are the guilty ones.

This goes on for years and I now have pics of detectives obviously harassing me and following me yet when I called the FBI just to see what would happen- the bitch answering the phone (probably redirected) claimed "The police aren't stalking you".

As in the links above one of which features the story about the DC Madam who was reported to have committed suicide, even when she made sure she publicly stated that she would never suicide and claimed there was a contract out on her life.

A friend told me about this bust. He said it was firemen, EMT's, nurses etc and people he would have never thought would be involved in doing such things.
It made me think about the public identities of the people who perform organized stalking of Targeted Individuals mostly in cities. Very nasty, evil people who dont care about the needs of others genuinely due to their being ultimately sadistic by nature (reflected in the nature of thier actions). This is the quintessential child molester/rapist/pedophile.

I am hounded, shamed and watched for life due to having a kinky role playing relationship with my ex boyfriend who helped frame me up by making it public (so I am told) yet the real sickos have moved onto great lives and will never have to change or pay for thier crimes.
Though my mother isnt directly a pedophile its been subtly revealed to me that she probably involved me in some form of kiddie porn as a child and I do recall weird photos of me running around naked at night. No wonder after this all blew up she hurriedly made moves to destroy all of my childhood photos and baby pics. She actually did destroy every single baby picture in her possession which she had held onto for years. Why did she choose to destroy these decades old images only upon my becoming heavily targeted by this system?
She was also compliant with the system in sacrificing her kid up to it obviously which is why she always got treated well in hospitals, babied by staff while I got outright tortured every single time.

She was complient with this system and could always be controlled especially through intimidation and blackmail. THATS ALL THAT MATTERS in who they decide to favor.

So they want you to think they are so wonderful for busting a bunch of basically expendable nobodies who they use for doing dirty work to keep victim witnesses quiet to how the sex industry works and its connections to mind control projects and the elite, spying etc- yet I have to live on the street still and drift off into nowhere, forgotten about, totally discredited.

This matches up perfectly with my experiences Ive blogged for years and every other TI. Cab drivers, police, EMT, firemen, medical staff in hospitals more so nurses than anyone else but also secretaries. Doctors occasionally but its 50/50 with that demographic. The ones who arent going to be part of this system seem to have the power to do the right thing by virtue of being doctors whereas people in other positions are simply afraid and bow to it.

I f*ckin hope that all of us collectively as victims of this system who have done activism for years are in part responsible for these people being busted. Every post, every video- every sleep deprived, half ass written blog post of what might be happening at the moment or the more coherent, articulate work produced on good days or in good years.

Moreso to blame than the sickos, who are simply sick and probably victimized themselves is society generally. The public go along with sick motherf*ckers if it suites thier purposes to do so or its easier to cower before them.  Regularly, stupid people will mob TIs without realizing the person's status as a Target of such a sinister, nasty, large scale campaign and not realizing thier involvement of perhaps a few people over time or in a short period of time in one area, has the culmative effect of mobbing. '

Forced deprogramming for the Survivors own good is also a form of covering up for the perpetrators. I for example will never remember what I could have revealed by being hypnotized when I first started to remember when programming broke and bits of memories were starting to flash through.

Whatever desire our stupid, sick society has  to form the Targeted Survivor into, whatever its rationale- it remains ultimately the destruction of the victim-witness so that they do not have to deal with the truth. Behavior modification programs or programs that torment Targets into confession or conformity of some kind (to religion or social norms) are only punishing the victims of crimes that are of the most extreme nature to begin with.

Its amazing to me the kinds of people in on this who just have no regard for the Targeted person. The biggest excuse Ive heard is that I make this all up to give my life meaning. The very fact that it is put EXACTLY like that by people here in the USA, as if its a rehearsed, standard answer or statement, shows that its a falsehood covering up the truth.
Another excuse by society and people who simply enjoy keeping someone down as mobbing is human nature. People dont even think about it, they just do it by instinct. The designers of these campaigns know that. They exploit it fully.

So all this fanfare and these busts as nice as they would be if they were really fixing the problem, are simply more diversions and smoke screens. All it does is give cred to my claims and other TIs over the years that yes, its seems that these people were either willingly or blackmailed into silencing a victim witness.  Theyve been busting people of the exact description that TIs claim to harassment over the years specifically the Bush years where such people were what Homeland used as their 'first line of defense' against terrorists.  All these kinds of people were people who were involved in an intense campaign during Bush, post 9-11 and during the federal investigation of people around me involved in organized crime.  They covertly filmed, followed, interrogated and surveilled me as well as harassed me outright on many occasions.
I was never given a subpoena, questioned or asked to provide any information whatsoever to authorities in any official capacity.
The system is so corrupt that the pittance I got from OLNICK for the mold exposure that destroyed me for life mentally and physically was used by the corrupt authorities through their informants to make slanderous claims it was a payoff for being an informant myself.

The authorities dont want anyone who actually knows whats going on to testify nor do they want to solve crimes. The reason I never got sucked into going to cry to authorities is becuz I knew that they knew who was guilty to begin with and their investigations always produced a result that favored keeping who was most useful to them they didnt want busted and those who got in trouble were disgarded as a cleaning house sort of process. People they could afford to get rid of or people they were planning to get rid of anyways.

Ancient Rome never gave up its power. It only reformed itself through the Catholic Church. The Pope is the Emperor. Every person with Italian blood knows this instinctively. We subconsciously preserve the Church on some level becuz we know it preserves Rome. Our greatness and dominance that as far as we are concerned, lives on forever.
Society does the same thing. Criminal organization just seems to shift and be redesigned or shaped depending on what the need is or whatever new social or legal climate arises with time.

Another illusion of the NWO is that the world will be a safe wonderful place full of law and order. This illusion especially exists in the USA. Yet, Fukashima is still leaking into the Pacific, there are continuing oil spills, Carlsbad, NM nuclear accident etc etc. This safety that the younger generation suffers from is really enslavement.
Mass immigration is making Europe unsafe actually (probably by design to create police states in those Socialist utopias also). 
People think they are safe and criminals are being caught but they dont realize that select criminals are left in place or take the place of those caught.

There is nothing safe in reality about a psycho-civilized society that exists solely to control people and create the perfect consumer, military/police loving sheep.

If humans are not allowed free Will or privacy within thier own minds then the world is ultimately unsafe for human life especially when the effects of psycho civilization create a human being that cannot realize actual dangers that threaten his or her long term survival nor act in self defense. 

Anyone who knows whats going on is discredited and labeled simply hysterical or schizo. The sheep like it becuz they can have materially good quality of life (according to thier mediocre standards) in safety.

The public are the ones who allow these things to happen due to thier ignorance especially in big countries like the US. In Europe where they will actually riot and fight efficiently, they have no freedom of speech or guns as weapons so they cant make thier efforts to resist or fight end in any meaningful victory thus resistors to mass immigration have been labeled racists and jailed.
Americans are so ignorant they still think of Europe along the lines of the Europe of the 1980s. They have no idea what is going on over there.

This system has become like a tsunami. Its too big to stop now. No matter how much evidence you provide or put in front of them they refuse to see the 21st century reality that exists all around them. It is exactly like the book 1984 where the rebels providing information for a hoped resistance are met with mocking and laughing from the public.
I still dont know if that book was written to further the elite agenda and make us give up in futility or if it was meant as a warning for the wisest of us to not waste our time past that point- and perhaps just get on with forming alternative societies and just forget about the old ones we come from and know so well.

Especially annoying is the link above on a recent NYC bust with the claims that exploitation of children is at epidemic levels. More fear mongering. It was at epidemic levels throughout history especially those of us that recall the 70s when it was basically normalized.  No one had big investigations back then though.
And how could such an epidemic occur when Bloomberg, the former mayor claimed that the NYPD were his personal army?
His concerns were more focused on making laws telling New Yorkers they couldn't drink sugary sodas in his city which the Supreme Court made him repeal.

I was in NYC a few times post 9-11. It was full of gang stalkers and heavy technological influence. To a less credible degree, as in I cant prove this and its not a credible claim,  as a Survivor who's hooked into the SRA system as well as has psychic attributes, the fallout energy remaining from the black magick ritual that was 9-11 was so heavy, you could feel it from the highways outside NYC simply driving by in a big rig truck as I often did traveling. Over the years its waned from something magickal to something more mundane- the results of psycho managing technologies and a huge presence of a gang stalking network.
And they had no problem being overt to me as a Target about who they were and thier presence there. They had the audacity to act like I didnt belong in NYC the perps on trains behaving as if shooing me out of town was a necessary nuisance. The guys in military fatigues were laughing at me, while they looked so great to the American public guarding the train entrances.

This is the kind of sh*t that builds up to someone becoming a lone shooter, over time. The perception of the outside world as stressful, hostile a battlefield like environment on a daily basis. Especially when my psychiatrist Dr Ann Emmerich from MGH who had been treating me only for anxiety/depression over the years, wrote a bogus referral note she sent to me claiming I had PTSD when she used to deny it or be vague about it in our sessions. Its a self fulfilling prophecy.
Enough gang stalking especially on a Survivor is going to produce those symptoms. Then the person has to be watched and shunned accordingly which basically is just more gang stalking in our perceptions. This is how lone shooters and terrorists are built! Its how they are formed.

So NYC has enough pervs to serve as perps to do thier dirty can that be in a city where the arrogant Wall Street mayor has the police force (always bragged about in the news as collaborating with the CIA) basically as his private army?  Bloomberg's bragging is useful in seeing the conflicts in the realities of that city. And accepting such conflicting accounts without questioning them with critical thinking is part of the brainwashing of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

I noticed that all over Cambridge and Boston, the worst perps have been removed from homeless services and stores just in the short time before these busts are coming out publicly. The purpose of this I believe also is to make it so seasoned TIs dont have anything to fight against anymore, furthering behavior modification and destroying our identities to form new ones. I cant exactly utilize my experience and now firm resistance, strength and know-how against the enemy in his environment if they remove the enemies and change the environments. Very clever.

Every perp that I had become expert in dealing with or had observed over the years as being guilty of outrageously illegal behavior and stockpiled memories in the years past has been fired, quit or moved on to some other job or location.
This resembles what I saw traveling over the years-I was confused and in awe when I saw faces I recognized as gang stalkers in Los Angeles that had been part of harassment campaigns in cities clear across the country! And they were still arrogant, never fearing being caught though thier harassment of me was slight and sort of out of reaction to my showing up in this new location as opposed to the more heavy and thorugh acting they performed in a well orchestrated play of events formerly in a completely different location.

Doubles, actors, changing locations but same faces. The public littered with people out to get you it seems everywhere you go...this is what destroys the sanity of Targets until they either suicide or become homicidal/suicidal.
 I now understand how certain activists who are especially effective and informative end up robbing banks when its so out of character: its either doubles doing it and a frame up or their minds were twisted to the point or acting out like driven animals. This system is capable of such a transformation.
I was warned in 2008 that it was attempted to frame me up for robbing a bank which I just took in stride considering how hateful, over the top and ridiculous the people in Boston were at that time in thier treatment of me or the people in power at that time generally.  Just like I was told that a bunch of local lawyers gathered in a room and didnt do anything for justice or do thier jobs like they were supposed to but according to info revealed to me "lawyers are supposed to do thier jobs not get together in a room and plot against you". To this day I would be very curious to know exactly who these royal assh*les were. Am I that important? I'm flattered.

The problem is that I am now being treated like I was never important at all. My no longer being a threat sort of pisses me off as well as the fact that society is acting like everything is fine and the Bush era never happened. Actually whats occurred is that everyone is fully brainwashed under mass mind control and Ive been made old, sickly and left with nothing so that no one cares anymore or anything I say doesnt matter at this point.

I get the distinct impression that if I leave the USA that will not be the case. Only in the US am I so devalued and left behind.
All of these busts and this justice-for-show are just slaps in the face to me.  I'm supposed to be relieved becuz it somehow validates my claims about the social identities of gang stalkers? What else would rapists or child molesters do but make someone feel that thier trust of mostly male authority figures was betrayed and that no one would believe them? Its what they do.
A person can survive after dealing with that from a family or just one person but to deal with it for over a decade from a large percentage of their nation of origin is going to destroy the person. A good portion of the actions of this system is to destroy any female they deem as an actual threat to the male system here in the USA. I never had any real male authority in my upbringing. This is why it was so important to rip all my female influences away from me and make me deal with males, then ensure that I had no power in the situation and I was betrayed by authority figures.
My experience in the adult entertainment industry over the years as well as my never have to bow down to male authority as a child had to be countered. I had to learn that men destroy and I need to be afraid.
This is your wonderful society of the future. This is the great NWO that is going to spread equality to everyone, feed everyone and deliver wifi to mudhuts in Africa. This is the workings of your madmen. And you too as a species are slowly drifting into madness, which is why you are more and more comfortable with thier presence. Pollution, false environments and a system of mass mind control specifically technologies  and chemical influences is killing you and you dont even see it.
Historically madness of this kind only set itself upon a certain sector of the world at once. There was always somewhere to hide or run to. When it envelopes the entire globe, its the destruction of a species not just one culture or location.

Let me warn you other TIs about the intention of these kinds of news stories and thier timing. Its to further behavior modification. Its to continue to try to convert you to Christianity or one of the Abrahamic religions. Most of all this system has sought to bind TIs as citizens to the State. The police, the authorities.   I've documented that much of the sexual targeting in years past, electronic rape as it were, consisted of being delivered with content meant to bind me to the state. The authorities the police. Again these tactics can be seen in use in military campaigns from the richest to the smallest armies. Systematic rape is a common practice in war and also in prison camps of war and cults to force people to submit and bond to the authority of that cult.
Enough of doing this to someone like me as well as wearing me down with time, brain damage and ill health begining to come into play- primes me for the next phase which is now it seems to make it look as if I am getting some justice. As if THE AUTHORITIES care about our cause or they are rescuing us. The ordeal is finally over. We are being freed from the camps. Someone is listening and doing something. Our efforts are paying off...but notice that its in a very socially acceptable way.

Its a compromise. 

The desired result is that TIs in behavior modification finally give in to slowly falling into a place thats normal and acceptable in American society. Like falling down into the ocean after giving up trying to stay above water, falling to the bottom, through the slightly dirty water, seeing what light is left leaving as it gets dark all around and cold. You are comfortable...becuz you are finally dead. After a long fight, giving up to death is the biggest relief.
All to sacrifice oneself for society. So society can get back to normal and forget about you. You the individual were never as important as the collective.  All was done for the good of all and you needed to be sacrificed. Everything you could have been must be forgotten in order to preserve peace in society.

What an absolutely horrible end. And now that the doctors I am dealing with since Oregon and here now are basically just letting my health go on purpose, the feeling of letting things be is even more pronounced. Its a temptation, put before a very tired, alone fighter.
What bothers me most is that people are so selfish they expect to be handed this as if it was owed to them all along. As if its thiers.

Whatever happened to me in Oregon, whatever they did to me in OHSU or whatever I was exposed to in that area when I was there has made me very slow, sick, stupid and tired. Its changed me and unlike times before I cant regain my strength.
This system is depending on that to end this I can tell.

These sorts of little crumbs thrown to Targets instead of disclosing the whole truth and giving us justice in full is nothing short of insulting. Its meant to make you feel like the authorities are on your side. Like there is some meeting middle ground to be settled onto by both parties and life can go on as normal.

With me being basically borderline retarded at this point with health problems that are going to become serious in short years to come right? And it will all end so neatly, so gently I will fall. Into obscurity, into my grave.  Into being sealed into being a permanent have not now that all of my potential is gone.

Even if my potential has been totally destroyed the worst decision I could make is to continue to reside in the country that took it from me over so many years with an unpresidented brutality...that I am supposed to just forget about and go quietly.

Go fuck yourselves. I will CRAWL out of the United States and fuck all whatever I find in other countries. I dont care. The US has and always will have nothing to offer me but my own demise.

You should see the cops lately so cleverly going along with this little production. It took me a while to start remembering again that many of these same faces Im starting to want to cooperate with in relation to homeless issues within my city were known to me before as at least being aware of my being a Targeted Individual. The whole f*cking community knew and knows.

Part of this little game has also been to remove police that were familiar to us in Harvard Sq for years with new people who we dont know and arent familiar with us. I see now that this is the same con job as pulling thier people out of the homeless services locally.

If you change the environment the original enemies that perpetratred the crimes against people are no longer there. Its like a behavior modification program where the former identity is destroyed to create a clean slate. Its unfair and its sneaky.

Its the system's way of cleaning house to move on without having to answer for what they've been doing to both Targets and homeless people for a decade now. And thats typical for the assholes who are behind this system. I leave without being able to confront and destroy my enemies and others cant pin any illegal actions on any workers or depend on cops they were familiar with in forming any sort of case becuz the whole place has been changed around.
You see how this is exactly like using perps in one location then moving them to another.

THIS IS HOW THIS SYSTEM WORKS. Its all actors, deception and having people commit crimes against humanity then removing them when its time, destroying the environment it happened in and destroying any evidence documenting its existence.

I and other Targets like me are the greatest evidence they want to dispose of.

And hopefully unlike the sheeple of the American public I cant be placated by a number of expendables being sacrificed before me as some sort of peace offering from the real offenders.

I sincerely hope the youngster involved here is simply nosy. its so sad

Jails Are Using These Technologies For Behavior Modification Of Prisoners

When I was arrested for telling that McDonalds exactly what I thought of their harassing, reverse racist staff in writing no one I knew  had bail money.

I spend the night in jail, whatever becuz I regret nothing. With all the lone shootings as far as I am concerned staff harassing anyone in a place like a McDonalds nowadys is totally irresponsible and puts the entire community at risk. It adds unecessary stressors. I will include that in my lawsuit against McDonalds.

As I got booked and went into the cell I noted that it was unusually quiet. An imposed quiet, an artificial state of mind that was induced not of its own accord. Ive been dealing long enough with this system in many different locations. I know when the natural, normal inner machinations of my own mind are being altered or disturbed by outside, intrusive, unatural forces such as the technologies now in use on classified levels by the powers that be.
Remember, many TIs know from their introductions into activism that Reagan openly advocated the use of these technologies and behavior modoficiation methods in prisons,  in mental health facilities and in public spaces. After public outcry against such policies, obviously these systems and methods were implemented covertly and probably put under classified levels or with private companies to avoid public scrutiny.'

In one activist video I saw early on, one that they dont want the public to see since the late 90s probably,


Yeah smart phones without service with cameras are great aren't they? Especially when u can take pics of off reflections of stuff in the room so flat foot doesn't realize u can see him and catch him.

When are these people going to stop this bullshit? They are never going to win. They think that I wont file that police report for harassment from those detectives in that car in November in Cambridge. Me getting arrested for vandalism only put me further towards my goal as it got me out of isolation in touch with a great lawyer. Which will only lead to more contacts and networking.

I plan to show my lawyer that harassment was part of my stress as well as what was going on in that McDonald's in Central Sq recently. Its all going to come to a head.

One of the volunteers at the Women's Center got attacked and finally they realize its not the frickin' 70s anymore and they are dealing with a 21st century problem: a population of homeless and poor people resulting from the de-institutionalization in the 80s and 90s. We tried to warn them about who is really out here and they kept playing with fire with their Liberal bleeding heart bs and sadly like most humans they only have woken up from ignorance after experiencing violence.

This opens up an opportunity for people like myself who are part of the high functioning houseless demographic to form a niche in the NWO or 21st century by changing the face of homelessness and its resources and services. We CAN get away from the services based population we are forced into dealing with everyday even though the only thing we have in common is homelessness. We CAN have our own culture and identity. Hopefully through legal means we can fight that its been illegal this entire time to have denied us a right to exist to begin with.

The WC has been targeted, monitored and wired for sound I suspect for years now. Its possible that its part of the military dictatorship we all live in now (that's very male-centric) to block and destroy things like The Women's Center. Remember, this entire thing started with NeoCons during the recent Bush administration. Bush's father was with Nixon. Nixon referred to Harvard and Cambridge as "..the Kremlin on The Charles". Other Survivors like Cathy O'Brien have said that elder Bush's NWO plan includes people finding Kennedy era Democrat policies and attitudes to be unrealistic.

Basically I am saying that in theory the WC could be targeted long range not by some party locally even but some far off source who wants it to fail such as just has occurred. They, as always want to cause CHAOS and get these places shut down. Look the prime real estate the WC occupies. Some greedy jerk real estate people could benefit greatly from getting the place shut down then sold. Part of the NWO in all cities I have traveled through in these years seems to be to cause rot in these areas to then have an excuse to gentrify and totally take over areas from common people. CAUSE A PROBLEM/SOLVE A PROBLEM. Order Out Of Chaos.

Ive seen these chaos people around the country in my years as a TI. Ive posted the most extreme examples of thier handywork, utlizing technologies, psych warfare ops and chemical influences that are not supposed to exist officially, but do probably under classified or black projects and budgets.

These are the same people who caused a lone shooting in St Louis in 2008 when I was there, and it was almost me who became that shooter one day before a man who suffered long term harassment by the town and police actually did snap and shot up the city hall including one cop and the mayor. East St Louis was the most violent city in the USA at that time. Its very possible that this is directly caused by the 'gang stalking' system. Targeting individuals and entire populations with classified technologies, chemical influences and psychological operations performed by human forces networks.

I think its a bit over thier heads to bring this up at the WC. If they didnt listen to reason before they wont now. It will suffice to let them know that there needs to be a change in the system for the new model of city they are dealing with. Im shocked that no one had made changes based on this before things got to this point.

After informing On The Rise about the meetings coming up laughably the girl in the office specifically asked me which ones I was going to attend. These people have infiltrated most homeless services nowadays and thier goal seems to be to get these things shut down and to keep down anyone who wants to actually improve conditions for the 21st century. So they actually work with the chaos people in this way.

Its like the worker at OTR said once that I documented, Benny the one whos going into psychiatry who was outright cruel to me one time concerning my being tortured in my gang stalking campaign. She was overheard talking about "rebuilding society from the ground up". Ive come to realize through experience and reading that Liberal Dems love social engineering. Its what makes them so damn sneaky compared to the outright offensive tactics of NeoCons-people like Bush, Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. I prefer an obnoxious arrogant opponent I can plainly see what they are pulling. The problem with Obama and co is they come offering candy like some pervert with a van and duct tape in the backseat. The kind of people yer mom warned you about in the old days before everyone got told not to go outside at all nowadays, before cameras and before gps tracking. We had to defend ourselves. This is probably why people nowadays dont see whats going on. Things are a little too safe and no one has any real experience with danger.

I can see a fight coming between the kind of people that OTR supports, people who want to take real estate and hand it over to YUPpies and behavior modify all of us instead of actually growing with society's changes and making things better.

It might be a good thing the WC was shut down. It was targeted and I had experienced being fried in there many times which I documented. It was started by a woman from Harvard just as OTR also was started by a Harvard alumni. Ive come to the conclusion that this is most likely why homeless services are never open on Sundays. The women especially, not being targeted on those days, may be sane and at ease enough to not only discuss these changes in conditions but might also be able to organize like reasonable people. Which above all this system does not want us to do.
OCCUPY may very well have been nothing more than a made up reactionary movement that served as an experiment to see if some portion of the homeless and underclass could organize under controlled conditions. To 'smoke out' as it were, the most highly functional, altruistic of the homeless and poor even those considered mentally ill.

Then of course when it was time, the movement was stopped by domestic militant forces. And all along the way police and covert forces (COINTELPRO like infiltrators) made sure that there was chaos and drunk, shitty homeless people to keep the movement down all along. I and others witnessed that first hand. If the feds had COINTELPRO as such a success so many decades ago why would they not be expert at it now?

If people like me dont act right now with this window of opportunity, the homeless culture as it is will be destroyed by these forces shaping society covertly in order to make way for more power for real estate agencies, banks and business associations. Thier preferred populations of YUPpies, hipsters and various house slaves (compliant, eager foreigners from screwed up, sexist third world countries and the old reliable African American former slave populations-your COINTELPRO crowd) will be rewarded with a place and benefits in thier new engineered societies and we, if we do not fight for a place in it, will end up having to take on false identities to survive (see the former) or might as well leave the country.

Which is always an option. Places like Switzerland know whats going on. Note recently that Suisse bankers are now being tried and in trouble for off shore tax evasion. Convenient huh when you are one of the only countries in the world smart enough NOT to join the EU, keep mass immigration down and refuse to let the immigrants that do arrive into idylic small towns as well as have the balls to CHARGE GEORGE W BUSH WITH BEING A WAR CRIMINAL.

Its all worth the price though. Keep it up Switzerland. Other countries are rebelling as well. Who knew the day would come when Russia looked attractive as a place to emigrate to from the USA seeking freedom?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cambridge Finally Drove Me To React, Left The Area, Regained My Sanity

Got out of Boston Cambridge area. Was making me sick. Staying there this winter was a big mistake. Have developed health issues due to being in that location too long.
The city is now polluted with old moldy buildings and the YUPpies and blacks in the area are oppressive to anyone who they percieve as not having power to defend themselves against their collective bullying. Boston has become nothing but an elitist/bullying mob.
The remote influence and whatever chemtrails or other pollution in the air are severe and make it a hostile environment to anyone who isn't young and healthy or wealthy enough to live in decent housing without mold.

The winter wasn't as bad as spring had become. The sun's radiation just adds to the problem.

I found myself sleep deprived in last few months, unable to rest during day and Monday through Fri found myself obsessed with tasks like a mindless worker bee drone. The tech being pumped out is different than in years before. It creates a much more extreme environment. There is something in its design that seems for the purposes of actually killing off undesirables outright.

Ever since the change in those governing Boston and Cambridge these changes have occurred as I've posted.

I found myself in recent weeks sleep deprived, deconditioned and constantly harassed in new ways compared to prior years. I began to deteriorate mentally and was forgetful as well as began talking to myself or mumbling frequently.
I had taken on the responsibility of caring for another homeless woman who has MS who uses a walker. She was staying up all night in Tasty Burger or coffee shops never really sleeping. I put her to sleep in my spot nightly so at least she could sleep at night which began to mean I had to retire at 9pm.
She started to become difficult and acted like I was her paid caregiver and was negative a lot of the time.

I am still glad I did what was right to remedy a situation but it cost me.

Something kept telling me to leave town. But I didn't want to leave her outside by herself.
The entire situation became too stressful and I finally had enough of being harassed at the McDonalds in Central Square Cambridge and one day tagged the side of the building stating exactly what I thought of the reverse racist assholes who work there.

I got arrested for tagging etc if I had known I would be arrested I would have come in the middle of the night with a spray paint can and made it much bigger.
Nowadays writing on a building is considered vandalism. Just another sign of a society who wants to supress dissident voices.

The public cannot write anything they want on an open space yet we have to be subjected daily to being bombarded with corporate advertisement every single place we go with in the cities.

I did what I did but worn out of frustration. Perhaps send somebody would listen because nobody was doing anything about the problem such as the Chin management company who never called me back.

I even told my boy and his wonderful that I could shoot for the stuff going on in there.
Maybe I should make a counter move by suing and claiming the stress from whats going on in that place caused me in my sleep deprived state do what I did. good idea.

The corrupt Cambridge police were more than happy to be able to catch me doing something finally.
The cop who me tried all kinds of mind fucking which I didn't fall for. When the cop who drove the paddy wagon had taken a picture of what I had done they gave a thumbs up to each other-it was hysterical.
True crime huh? With all the crap Cambridge is guilty of over the years as well as what Harvard and MIT have been pulling over the years it's outrageous.

The area has such a controlled environment that they are pretty much lawless corrupt overlords who can do whatever they want to anyone.

And they can deny it to the hilt and simply frame up anyone they dislike. Boston and Cambridge are totally out of control with power. Whoever the assholes at the helm are they are and have been extremely dangerous.

So I've taken to being on the road again to improve health. I finally got decent sleep and have regained my sanity. No matter how much I sleep while residing in Cambridge I am never rested. I always feel fatigued, overeat and begin deteriorating mentally.

Visited a nearby state where I was left alone for the most part but the minute I came back into Massachusetts the police have been riding my ass again. Along with random gang stalkers of course and this isn't even in Boston this is a city that borders another state.

The entire state of Masshole-achussetts is simply a gang stalking hell for anyone targeted.

I am sure they are trying really hard to cause me to get into trouble and they can get me on something before my court so that I will be in violation and they can you put me away for a while not just a night this time.
I can tell that this is doing the campaign recently which is trying to get me into an institution finally. And that means jail or a mental institution either way doesn't matter to them.

This is definitely part of the changes in this area that I have encountered since the new mayor the new police chief and a change in the guard in Cambridge as well.

I believe this is why I was warned to leave the area and go to another state in the last few months, even leave the country.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stalking Harassment and 'Reverse' Racism at MacDonald's in Central Sq Cambridge MA

Found out that the McDonalds I get a lot of harassment at in Central Sq Cambridge is owned by a Chin Management. I saw one of the owners one day. A real dragon lady slave driver intimidating her staff.

They now hire racist obnoxious security guards who don't seem trained but are black males who are usually known to the black community locally.

They stalk and intimidate at the register anyone who looks homeless not like me alternative.

I left a message about a problem at this store and they never called me back but the black security guards stopped stalking me at the register and then having local black ghetto pieces of shit mess with me if I had anything to say about it like say they were unprofessional. A reaction which shows I am correct BTW.

Today a Latino male who is always arrogant and somewhat rude whether he is working in Fenway or Central Sq (George Lopez) screwd up my order after being told twice what I ordered . When the wrong sandwich showed up on receipt he had to do a refund. The correct sandwich came back with mayo which I said I did not want the first time.
He then delays taking back the sandwich and has the audacity to say if I have one more problem (third time) with the sandwhicj he cannot service me again. Some broken English bullshit to that effect.

I talked to the weakling female manager who I told not only did I have reciepts but its on camera what he did.

He gave small apology and then seemed to stick with the story that I was changing my mind not that he screwd up.
I told her to tell him he can NOT do that to customers and she kept resisting. She then claimed she was going to have to do it in Spanish so it didn't matter if I was present anyway.

She was totally unsympathetic to how this little mind game was disgusting and upsetting. Then the black security guard came over and due to bring untrained he interrupted me and her and said "are you going to eat here or talk"..

He then hovered over me when I went to the country to get what remained kd my order (cookies becuz they never keep up with stocking them) as I thanked the black girl who was conscientious enough to not forget about them after all that mess.

He then kept looking over at me and being intimidating if I spoke to another customer. (One white guy was leaving in a huff and I said " sucks to be poor and white in here doesn't it dude?" . the black security guard WS basically denying me my freedom of speech.

I understand this area is full of homeless people from 240 Albany St (a horrid enabling wet shelter for drunks and addicts) but the homeless who who I saw in here in the last few weeks didn't look like that and they always bought food.

These two security guards jobs seem to be to psychologically intimidate anyone who the restaurant doesn't like or anyone who doesn't look right to them.

The intimidation ordering at the register is enough to make anyone under pressure get annoyed which is the point obviously.

I cud sue very easily just for what's on camera over the last few weeks but I am not going to waste my time as I am finally smartening up and leaving the country for good.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Targets Forced Into Loneliness And Isolation To Cause Ill Health, Early Death

Dealing With A lot Of Oppression From My Own Street People..and Increased GS

 Dealing with alot of street people lately who seem to know about my GS campaign and are arrogant assholes about it.

All that's left in Harvard Sq now are people who have no problem being privy to these activities.

This one Native kid who used to be cool when he first came out here at 17 is now in his twenties and after  a short stint being housed and having a kid is now homeless again and a total douche to me especially arrogant about my gs campaign.

He even had the audacity to get me talking about  it overtly then intimated like all perps do, that its  false claims I make 'to give my life meaning'.

He's not the first asshole who's said that. That's a line that all people use who are covering for this system specifically mafia connected people.

Also dealing with an elderly woman with MS I tried to help by taking to my sleep spot every night now as she was just passing out in restaurants all night long never really sleeping.
She's way to friendly with cops and her negativity is breaking me down. She always used to try to get me to hang out with her a while ago at this park at night and I sensed there was something predatory about her approach.
Claims she had been living with a guy who got caught with kiddie porn.

She slips though. She either brings up or mirrors me with info she shouldn't know (abut me or someone else she's pretending to question about).

Its sad really. I cannot believe the amount of dishonest fuck ups ive met in local street scenes (not Travelers so much) during my entire time homeless in the USA nowadays. No wonder theres no dissidents or organized uprising or even alternative scenes. The streets in cities are now populated by nothing but fucking informants and other people connected to drugs gangs or kiddie porn etc.

The cities are dead in essence becuz of this supression of genuine street scenes and truly alt groups. Its disgusting.

Also it seems that the gs has increased and its nature has changed.

Its really heavily geared towards making me either react, make some kind of legal or desperate move contacting authorities or ultimately to get me to leave town.

I keep getting this impression that I have no allies anymore in this area, that no one is interested or listening anymore and that I am abandoned. That leaving the country is the only choice left.

This loss of allies is connected to the change in administrations and people in office in Cambridge and seems.

I'm being urged to leave even to without my healthcare appts. That I can do that someplace else. That I shud leave soon no matter what I have to do to get out.

Called FBI In Washington DC-Was Told Police Weren't Stalking Me..Over Phone Without Investigation

Exactly who do the arrogant pieces of sh*t who take these calls think they are and how stupid do they think we are?

This is why activism is so important. Imagine a US citizen with no street smarts and no prior training getting this response from some bitch over an answer line who ISNT AN INVESTIGATOR.

These call center people serve the same Serberus three headed guard dog of hell function as doctors secretaries.
To an experienced TI this is a joke. To someone who's new to being overtly targeted this could be devastating, deadly especially as HER FUNCTION WAS TO LEAD THE COMPLAINTANT RIGHT TO LOCAL POLICE who in certain cities actually perform stalking and harassment.

This call should be embarrassing to the US govt.

As a person formerly part of a crowd who was 'of interest' in a federal investigation of organized crime WHICH INCLUDED CORRUPT LOCAL POLICE how can the woman answering the phone be sure of her statement at the end of our call: "The police aren't stalking you."

Poor performance really. Becuz its a complete joke for an agency that does investigations to have an employee over the phone claim with all assuredness that there is no crimjnal activity occuring without any investigation nor even knowing my name etc.

What a f*ckin joke.

"Stalking is a local issue....stalking is a local issue", in this nasal voice over and over.

She then asked how I knew police were stalking me after telling her I won't go to police becuz depending on the city the police are part of the multi stalker network IN UNIFORM AND MARKED VEHICLES.
Boston is one of those cities, where police in cruisers have the absolute gall to perform stalking harassment.

After I restated that its police in uniform in marked vehicles she moved on to simply denying there was any police misconduct.

Gee wouldn't it have been more appropriate and sensible to suggest internal affairs? Especially since the last time they pulled that I got photographs (detectives) which I've posted on this blog.

It could be that the phone call got redirected to some area where there job is to bullshit people.

I recall during the federal investigation here I went to contact a Watertown detective and my phone call got directed to a pager line and other instances of my calls being redirected.

They can only keep me down or contained for so long.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The New Evil Empire: USA

NSA Provides Intelligence To CIA To Track Drone Targets-Much Like We Have Been Tracked For Years

This is why I hate the United States and want to leave.

To protect the nations interests? Which means an innocent person like myself serves as a human sacrifice to the sick rich fucks in the massive secret society that now runs this country and I have to have my life ruined and be kept down like a terrorist becuz of THEIR INTERESTS?

The public are insane and completely stupid. The powers that run things are so corrupt and these programs are being run not to protect innocent America and its interests but to strong arm the world into making sure we get our way when we exploit, destroy or whatever else illegal or exploitative to preserve our ridiculous wasteful unhealthy lifestyles.

The USA are the terrorists. I hate this country for what its done to me and want to leave. Fuck the United States.

The Middle East is correct: we are the great Satan.
And everyone is brainwashed and stupid, arrogant and evil.

Freedom of speech is useless when no one will listen or people are controlled by covert methods so they can't speak out at all anyway.

I'm sick of living with this massive pain and suffering theyve left me with and carrying it around everyday having to conceal it. Everyday I have to carry around a 40 lb backpack and then also lift and transport the heavy burden inside ox me. They won't let me write my book and I can't get lawyers or even write a simple police report.

Fuck Massachusetts and the entire country. When I get out of here I am going to tell the whole world they are right about this massive murderous piece of total shit the United States.

Is this why they want me to leave the country so that like that target they killed they can tag shit on me to make excuses for further actions against me?

Why not? The scum in this country already tried to get me to go postal and commit suicide both two different outcomes as well as get me into the jail system.

The country sucks. Its full of oblivious people who act like nothing happened over the last ten years.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Temple Of Set Interview I Couldnt Find Years Ago, African American High Priestess Expert In Cult Mind Control Tactics

I had been obsessed at one point a few years ago with the possibility that just becuz the latest leader of the Temple of Set was an African American female that this was the reason that so many blacks were involved in gang stalking and utilizing Satanic symbolism in the music industry and beyond.

Its funny becuz it seems that there was a force that hid this interview from me after I had posted this fact in a blogpost and wanted to post this vid or a pic of her, and couldnt find it again!!

She's very convincing. Her points on Christianity are convincing. I did note that she is astute in a technique of brainwashing and hypnotizing the viewer that she hadnt quite perfected yet as she stammers occasionally and loses her stream of speech. Its when she regains composure, where there is that break you realize just what she is doing- and how effective it is, that it is indeed a technique of mind control that that its..kinda dangerous, lol.
A cult leader in training as later she went on to become the Temple of Set high priestess replacing Michael Aquino.
Now remember that I am not a Christian nor take part in any of the Abrahamic nor eastern religions though I do think they all have some merit, especially to those that may  benefit from them.

She's very good at what she does. And for anyone who is from New England you can appreciate the sublte, dry sarcastic humour with detail as used to be our style (before this area was destroyed by foriengers who wont assimulate, YUPpies and people from other states who werent raised in our special and admittedly insular culture. The priest smoking is the first thing and the expression on his face. His sarcastic questions are great and the accent is just lovely, a real call back to a true New England past. I will miss my little part of the world and the death of our culture for the rest of my life. Its sadder than anything thats happened to me, to lose my home to the  NWO, after losing my place in my New England hometown to gang stalking. Returning has made me realize that the culture here was so delicate, so fragile as we were insulated and separate from the rest of the USA, it will never recover. It took centuries to form unlike California or TX and careless outsiders simply dont understand that or get its nuances. This place could not be expected to survive corporate culture and it did not.
I appreciate this video for a return to my true home lost to time and change more than for its value to my activism.

The very things she mentions- progress, technology, the world becoming interconnected and the powers that be having an eye on everyone and everything has destroyed countless regional cultures across the United States. This is one of the major reasons why the USA sucks and let itself become something so hated around the world- something a man like Bush and co. could manipulate so easily. What Bush lead into Iraq wasnt even America anymore. It was gone even then. You cant have a true republic when everyone is forced not by choice to watch the same things, buy the same things and live the same ways.
When thinking about just how the US has been destroyed first by corporations then by Bush and Obama this vid and the existence of SRA or any underground, hidden stuff seems to be so unimportant in comparison. Its only when I have to realize that the problem is when these two issues have become intertwined.

Without mass mind control, without chem trails, electromagnetic technologies and massive ongoing daily psych warfare via stalking and harassment on the public none of what has happened to destroy the country and other parts of the world would be possible. All of the means to that end I just mentioned are connected to Aquino's MINDWAR, Project MK Ultra etc.

This is whats most difficult in my daily life for even  me to face. I get scolded you know by whatever controllers are here in Cambridge. That I am ordering patches for my jacket (a hobby) online while the world is at an end. I dont see it that way. Its just another phase in man trying to do what he has always tried to do which is dominate other humans especially the people in power.
The only problem in the world right now is that there are people in power who have an unfair advantage over the rest of humanity due to the existence of these technologies and other methods.

Her points are valid but it still remains that TOS and COS have connections to the US military, Hollywood (COS) and the music industry and now Nazi factions overseas and that has to be kept in mind.

What made me stop being amused by the vid is when they start discussing Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors.
Uh, Michelle Remembers is a book that is very if-y in its credibility.
This interview is simplistic but one must remember we are dealing with connections to military grade psy ops as well as Satanic and other ritual abuse being used to anchor in programming into mind controlled slaves. That brings up intel agencies, secret societies. Any one of those Survivors and their accounts could be disinfo from professional agents. People with memories that are put into thier minds by some means and they arent accurate. Some of are and some arent. It would take a careful study, like a criminal investigation of the person's account and of that person itself.

Imagine if someone came out of nowhere with claims to a crime. In this case they are doing just that but its  a crime thats ignored in the society we live in which has become increasingly convinced that technologies and progress are by their nature divine and is the salvation of humanity (thier new god and religion along with money and social status) as well as somehow believing in what little science reveals to them that they cannot accept evil exists in humanity nor in thier own communities. They have allowed evil to be redefined to them by the powers that be with definitions that suite whatever is going on at the moment. The poor and homeless are now evil and so is terrorism. Yet they listen to hip hop with no problems (becuz it has redeemed itself with wealth, success and social standing) and seem to accept any evil as long as it has an iPhone and seems to fit into thier community...and isnt some terror threat or other nuisance that makes them feel unsafe. To Americans unsafe means 'I have to work hard to survive' or 'I have to start thinking for myself and making judgments about my environment and people by actually thinking, feeling and paying attention to reality not the false environment'.

Americans are spoilt brats who live in an insular reality that dont want to have to be bothered to join humanity. Americans are the worst maladjusted loners on the face of the planet. But, due to thier being multiple in number, and ruling the land they live on, no one admits to it.
America is the ultimate dysfunctional family who's dad is molesting them (BUSH), mom is trying to make it better with denial, comfort, being non threatening and freebies (OBAMA) while of course she is simply just as bad as him and is his accomplice.
Everyone is so captured in this house, scared and traumatized that they  just want to be left alone to forget the past and continue to give into whatever the abusers want as long as they get diversions and the illusion of having the best quaility of life in teh world which its easy to believe if you are ISOLATED FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD.
ANY member of the family (me, activists, whistleblowers, Truthers etc) who speaks the truth and tries to rectify the situation with logic, critical thinking, tattling on mom or dad or the system at all gets ignored, punished or outcast. Everyone in this family knows how dad is or how mom is scum also, so why point it out. LIke the typical abusive, fucked up family, the attitude is 'if you dont like it here and dont want to take what is being offered here, leave). Becuz the abusers are in charge end of story.

Modern Americans consider the existence of evil as something scientifically unexplainable (it is but they are fed so much dumb and simple, narrow spectrum science that of course it cant suffice, look at the edge the elite have by superior knowledge on classified levels. An example of keeping the public dumbed down right there.) therefore impossible to exist. Psychiatry has them convinced thier theories are steadfast laws of the planet we live on such as magical thinking etc.
Therefore, ritual and symbol even though it controls their minds daily in commerce, to them, has no such power at all.
In order for them to admit to SRA they would have to forsake every aspect of modern society they themselves are entrapped by.  Its only  a rare few of us who can daily actually think about both the real world around us and partake in the false reality and understand the existence of both.

Im sure that everyone whos part of such conspiracies as gang stalking etc are pleased with this.
The very fact that this woman is using a mind control tactic to sell the TOS should testify to the existence of further mind control tactics.

The joke is that whoever is swept up by this and captured wont realize thats whats happened becuz they dont know what mind control is.They they are now under it.

Trying to break Satanism down so that one can clean it up and sell it off as a by product such as rational self interest is novel. Uh also, lets recall that Seth was a not so great pharaoh and all the rest of the story involving Isis and Osiris.

Light brought to humanity can consist of technological knowledge that can enlighten completely but it can also consist of a darker illumination where just enough is revealed so that man's beastly  nature will utilize technology to destroy humanity. This is whats happening now.

Ive been told to my face by perps that one of the reasons I was being targeted was some connection to Druidic knowledge and that consists of ley lines on the earth, free energy-alot of Tesla's work type stuff. Its there but the dark forces want man to keep on the path to destroying the earth through the way tech is used now. And transhumanism is a ridiculous solution to man destroying his own planet which shouldnt be happening to begin with if the light brought to him is so wonderful and advanced.

changing tactics and consistent black pawns

Latest tactics consist of having cops in marked cars drive by a lot.

The biggest one now is having one individual walk into the area of public space or room/store/building I am in and then walk away or out.

People walk by hanging their heads in shame and pity. Or feeling bad for me is constant now and usually in a flow of people walking down street.

They've also taken to doing this in my sleep spot so I see a parade of feel-bad head hangers when I wakeup and try to pack. (Anywhere Harvard i get harassed. Areas I could not figure out why there was so much gangstalking it always turns out that it's affiliated with Harvard somehow.

One guy touched his hand to his chest I ignored it but saw it as he walked awaynand putt his hand down.

Obviously they are tryint to change tactics. Also I am doing things differently and Doing things that make me feel good and gentler so they cannot exactly make me angry anymore.

On the buses they are still using blacks to make me become racist but i notice now  its uppity blacks who purposely look down on what I am wearing or bus drivers messing with me. Of course the passengers doing this are wearing black and red.

And also common in this area is people usually men leaning into my face as they walk past me in the opposite direction. I called one out 2 day in harvard square because I know there are cameras everywhere there.
He looked embarrassed. And even went the wrong way and had to turn around to get to his original destination.
I have seen him before he was a local tradesman. Just another person who is involved in a small business in trades like carpentry etc who is involved in gangstalking.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Its really bad here now. Im waiting for some doctor appts and then I am outta here. I cant get anything of meaning done. The police report is still unwritten of course.

I am sick of being disrespected here in this area. The gs seems to have become very streamlined and subtle. It takes merely nothing now to 'get to me'. The remote influence has become perfected. Its so light yet effective. It can keep someone down mentally and of the Willpower without the hard hitting effect needed years before.

Something keeps telling me to get the hell out of here, that I can have my medical stuff done elsewhere. Its very strange.

Blair Linked British Pedophile Ring Was Exposed In 2003 But The Public Werent Paying Attention

Tony Blair Caught Protecting Elite Paedophile Ring
(aka Blair's Protection of Elite Paedophile Rings Spells the End For His Career)
By Mike James in Frankfurt, Germany - 5 March 2003

FBI Links Massive British Paedophile Ring to Tony Blair “His Downfall Would Have Made the Destruction of Iraq impossible”.
Sunday, November 11, 2012 22:39

"Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles", says ex-child protection officer
A FORMER child protection officer claimed last night a Special Branch detective held a gun to his head to stop him investigating a VIP paedophile ring.
By: James Fielding
Published: Sun, October 20, 2013

Celebrities, politicians and VIPs had their sex attack files hidden from investigating officers by police top brass
Hundreds of documents on famous suspects marked 'secret' or 'restricted'
Experts believe that celebrities like Savile protected above children abused
Police claim tight circle was to prevent any leaks to the media

'Cover-up' claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile

Hmmm, didnt the Boston police get sent over there to do some consulting after 9-11. What makes Boston so special? At any rate it 'didnt work out' was the end of that experiment. Boston has a way of protecting thier little favorites too.

Obama Admin Seeks To Pass A 'Hate Speech Bill'-Very Dangerous

It seems they are trying to pass laws that will make us as helpless as Europe is right now to the NWO agenda, EU being destroyed by mass immigration and anyone organizing in self defense or having anything negative to say about it is tried and often jailed. There is no free speech over there nor a right to bare arms. NOTICE THAT DURING THIS ADMINISTRATION THEIR EFFORTS HAVE BEEN GEARED TOWARDS GETTING RID OF BOTH OF THOSE VERY AMERICAN RIGHTS.

Were there as many lone nut shootings especially of children during Bush? Why is that? Becuz it didnt fit into the agenda. Sending people to Iraq and beyond to shoot people was thier agenda, not here in the USA.

I keep getting this ideation to leave the USA and go..anywhere frankly, soon and this may be one of the reasons why.

I look around my cities- Boston and Cambridge and how brainwashed and genuinely ruined everything has become and how insane everyone is and they dont realize it. It just seems like its a society that is going to come to a crashing end pretty soon by some event. It just occurs to me that something is going to give soon. All these factors and this degeneration of western society.

Its sad but its happening and we need to pay attention. Most people wont be paying attention when if and when this passes as many will believe its for the common good.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mick Jagger's Recent Long Time Girlfriend Commits Suicide In NYC

Yeah first thing you think is its suspect with that f*ckin crowd anyway. I recall Marianne Faithfull's creepy  boyfriend at the time  years ago in 2004 when the campaign was just getting underway (and all of Narcotics Anonymous that was rich kids or infiltrated by whatever govt agency pulled this crap under the guise of anti terror etc) saw me out of the corner of his eye in some health food store and it was all very in-the-know that I was in the process of being destroyed by this system. He seemed to have a mix of quietly repressed slight sympathy mixed with a whiff of elitist non concern. (Apparently he likes to abuse 'the help': ..niiiiiice black and red once again. lol)
As usual I didn't give a shit becuz I always have my internal programming to lead me and that strange predictive guidance system to protect me. Outsiders don't matter.
Faithful's reputation in NA meetings was that of a b*tch who would scold people for talking about being molested as children in meetings due to it being off content.
The elite should have their own meetings I guess where their sick social rules can be adhered to.
I learned that the hard way from attending NA trust fund kid meetings in Brookline, Newton and Watertown MA. Not only does one have to deal with getting clean and or sober but you have to then be subjected to their ego trips, exclusionary tactics and sick mind f*cking games..which arent really that great becuz remember- someone handed them money....and every truly successful career criminal ive very known doesnt go to NA meetings, or prison so those meetings were full of people who worked for this system becuz they were in trouble essentially or very stupid. Probably both. Every person who helped me in NA would turn on me or anyone else in a minute and every one who was ever against me was recruited when  my ex Jake got  busted and they finally had some way of getting to me. Years before that I would just ignore them. They were petty, sick nobodies in my world. Only the Bush admin and the lies of 9-11 and Iraq gave the shits in this sect of our sick society any power at all.
The gang stalking system is notorious for utilizing the most insecure fucked up weak people in mobs to do thier dirty work on Targets. NA was a perfect place to find that as well as have thier 20 something ridiculous agents infiltrate the groups as many TIs had to deal with a massive amount of kids doing GS during Bush and the war. (What the hell is this Mary Queen of Scots? Why kids? I still dont understand that. They are so incredibly stupid, arrogant and uncaring about who they harm..oh, wait. I see. Never mind.)

Also a total jerk who owns  a moldy hostel in Tampa, Florida who bases his hostel's theme on bragging about knowing members of the Rolling Stones told me his "friends in St Louis" where I had just come from "warned me you were trouble". This is after I had to cancel my bed there due to the mold damage to my lungs from that apartment years before rendered me unable to breathe in Tampa so I had to spend the last of my money on a bus to the more inland city of Gainseville, FL. I literally felt like I was breathing water.
In their world 'trouble' means I am honest and actually advocate for myself.
(btw I was basically mind controlled into even taking this on a whim trip down to Florida. It was a very bad time during the campaign. It was at the height of the torture and it was when Hayden was in office heading the CIA. The scumbag. He even resembles Aquino and supposedly they are friends.)

Thoughts on her death were: blood sacrifice, knew too much in general, after a breakup she would be a loose end, shakedown from outsiders.
One theory that no one has touched on is that she faked her death to escape debt which is why Jagger gets the Will. So he can dole it out to her in some other part of the world. Wouldn't that be a nice, romantic, lofty ending to such a story.

When are people gong to learn about the elite and the entertainment industry? They are involved in doing dirty work for various powers that be. And they are morons anyways with their 666 finger gestures, one eye of Horus shots and other allusions to Illuminati membership bullsh*t.

Sigh.  Rebellious satanism in music used to be fun. The fact the music sucks now and everyone is actually using music to enslave humanity and keep energy from people instead of emanating it shows there is something very wrong nowadays.

And for a bunch of fashion conscious  people aren't they bored with black and red? Not very creative.

Ugh, just look at this society scene and its people nowadays...geez. A far cry from the days of studio 54 and  Warhol with gorgeous fags, trannies, nobody starlets and fabulous old money heiresses. Its a dead recycled scene. Giuliani made sure that NYC went non creative and dead by cleaning it up..basically corporatizing it. But hey, hip hop culture was already killing any real creativity left in the city anyway. Just like its CIA backers have planned from the beginning probably.

It is so time to go to other countries and find fresh newly forming cities and scenes.

Business as usual nowadays would bore anyone to death in the USA.