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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Book On Math Genius Who Solved World's Toughest Math Problem May Be Propaganda

See I have a problem with this. Its probably going to say he went mad like in A Beautiful Mind or something like that.

I admire this guy becuz he is such a purest- seeing value in math as opposed to monetary value, that when he realized the kind of corruption and dishonest use of intellectual power that existed in academia in the USA he acted on it instead of taking the payoff.

From what Ive seen on his life since then it seems very much like he's targeted.

So of course he has to be represented as someone who willingly withdrew from the world and from the USA etc etc.

The truth will never be told about how the US keeps its position as a world power or this system that IS actually what
makes the world work.

People keep searching for the meaning of life or the secret to change their lives...its the gang stalking system. That is the secret of the world we live in that no one is going to tell you about nor no one seems to know about.

It amazes me when I am in a bookstore like the Harvard Co-Op and all these hardcovers explaining the supposed ways that economics works or sociology or psychology etc.

No one ever takes the gang stalking system into account for its influence in everything that makes up the world around us.

Once you discover that, you know far too much.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


I wish I cud remember that saturdays_are_the_worst_and_heaviest_days_in_certain_areas

bellingham, WA now gs hotspoty since University and college started

Bellingham was a nice_little_town_for_last_few_weeks. Colleges_and_universities_just_started_up_again. Western
Washinhgton_University and a community college.
Theres GS_activity_everytwhere_now_downtown_or_near_university.



Got messed up_after_hookdd_up_to_computer_in_public_library.
Screen started movinb on its own snd meking selections by itself ,as if ghost were using ity hss been screwed up eber since.

Try ,get new debice for Intyernet next month. Rains_alot_here buses slow_hard_to_get_around. Shudnt have_gotten_stuck_here.

WA is dangerous. OR also.
Northwest USA is dangerous for being tsrgetyed.
Not managable_like_other_places.



Since, gs_increased_cant_stay_in_same_area.

So pesceful Sad.

Hsd ,me fresking outy todsy. Made no money hsrdly for food coffee etc. dnty trust homeless food here. Feeds hsrd to fit into scbedule.

Trying make_me_snap_now.
A. Few different people gave me food today when I wss flying s sign in the rain and wind_for_hours..but_i_realize_that_shud_not_be_trusted_in_this_area_either.

I got targeted after_an_hour_or_so_people_in_cars. This_is_also_new_since_university_started_school_year.

People walking by sleep spot at_night_past_two_days_and_other_tactics_to_disturb_sleep_again_seems_connected_to_university_starting.

Getting dirty lookz_and people saying_no_to_my_asking_for_change_only_after_focusing_on_my_face_downtown_again_this_is_only_in_past_few_days.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Forgive The Weary Blogger

Im sick, older and tired. Frustrated and brain damaged. Ive gone partially clinically insane (dont even try to use that legally against me ever).

A man from Scientology I met in a big city on my way up the northwest coast was very kind and said alot of what we read about the organization is black propaganda from the same people who target TIs. He talked about my travels with me. I didnt tell him about the blog I just gave it too him on a piece of paper as I always do with people, never telling them its mine.

He just wrote me with some travel suggestions.

Hearing from a person who's face I saw in real life brought me back to reality. Just blogging, being surrounded by my Traveler life or the gang stalking system, being mentally targeted daily in most places and only writing to and reading comments from readers has made me live in my own head and experiences to a very dangerous degree.

My blog has become unfocused and it made me realize I have lost my responsibility to people who read this, becuz I cant see them nor hear them.

Being targeted works off a person's inner world such as the inner eyes and hearing. Even with the ability to communicate, after so much work on the system's part, you can no longer communicate effectively after so much living as a Targeted Individual.

This is one of the main dangers of their system. Its why they isolate Targets like me from activist groups like FFCH becuz they know i was too smart and saw through how much mc they were using and started asking questions. They were so experienced in their craft they basically ran me off a month after I got into TI activism.

The system is always looking to get the Targeted Survivor into a cult. I dont trust Scientology. Its too closely aligned with the Navy and other things. I also dont trust the amount of egging on from the system I got after that encounter, to join Scientology.

As Ive posted its always about blocking whatever the person has in thier internal programming or what comes to them spiritually by nature.

Become a Satanist, become a Christian, a Jew. Join Scientology. Anything but being able to even get near ever again my natural affinity for Hermetics or Rosicrucianism. Why?

Becuz its gotta be one of the forms of social control that exists in the modern world it seems.

The encounter did make me realize that I need to change SOMETHING about what I am doing becuz as a TI I live in a very insular world, even if as a Traveler I have contacts.

Reader Comments 9/25/13

"That website is dodgy: when I went to the homepage there was no information at all, it was a grey template. It sounds likea lure and bait site. If you just wait and put your name on their mailing list,you will get the big secret of how to evade the FBI surveillanceof atleast 20cars with all kinds of CCTV coverage and communication, one against all that. I doubt it.....but I only thought of this after sending them an email, I feel likeI've just bought a lemon and got put on some list and it feelsdangerous. It's also likeallthe petitions so-called "victim"TI siteshave, where they just want you to put your name on a list. Another thing they didn't mention that I experience every time I drive are cars waiting at key points of my route that wait to drive in front of me on cue, only to slow down and block the road. Since I drive motorbike, and people pass each other all the time on the roads here, I am stuck behind some old car spewing out black smoke, so I try to get around the on Vehicle Surveillance:TheFBIsSystem Publish | Delete | Spam

mej313 at 3:08"

The website had since been sold. The original site doesnt exist anymore.  Thats all.

It doesnt mean that page doesnt have valuable info anymore.

"Thank you for the very interesting link. I have only just begun reading it, but so far my comment immediately is that no one is mentioning the technology called Synthetic Telepathy. Even Dr. John Hall mentioned that invasivetechnologyin aninterview on BlogTalk Radio. The FBI uses Synthetic Telepathy to "read" your thoughts and they are prepared in advance to stalk the target. It's very hard to outwit them when they can read your thoughts in advance. on Vehicle Surveillance: The FBIs System Publish | Delete | Spam

mej313 at 2:17 AM"

Firstly, that page was just an interesting link from, the post previous to the one you commented on.
I posted this to show people that the things done to targeted people do exist and are built on years of experience. Intelligence networks span centuries, people dont seem to realize that.
Behind every empire, every crown, every civilization in history-there have been spies. The means of programming people and black magick are ancient.
Its modern, industrialized civilization that is very new-and very stupid.

The site it is linked from also doesnt mention gang stalking's connection to higher level things like classified projects or occult activity.

Sometimes info just focuses on the gang stalking part of things.

I dont know if lower level perps are aware of the more outlandish, classified stuff connected to gang stalking. The experimentation. Often it seems not but sometimes they are so demented and sick that they are aware of the classified weapons and tech being used on people but its no big deal. Its the norm in their sick world.

You are right to remind TIs not to lose sight of things connected to GS. We might become brainwashed and forget ourselves whats in the bigger picture.

The ExposeGS site is good as a reminder, validation and for newcomers.

I also was approached for recruitment or moreso pounced on in Mesa, AZ after my GS went overt and 24/7 for a year or so. They thought Id been beaten down enough to be weakened but I had internal programming from being a mind control project subject which made me impervious to this kind of stupidity.

It was so amatuerish. It was mostly young males doing the harassment which made me more resistant as well as angry and secretly spiteful. Who the fuck do these clowns think they are? Oh and I was going to collect info on them all this while, and get revenge on the system later, which Ive coninued to work towards to this day.

One hipster looking a-hole started by approaching me like I was a scared child. He talked to me like one too-"I can make it stop, Rachael". F*cker even knew my name, and this is all after a small perp group and a uniformed cop got done doing a theatre on me-an action. Psych warfare, harassment.

My internal alters...the assasin and other very nasty ones wanted to take this little insignificant male weakling out, cold right then and there but I knew I had a job to do so a front alter was put forth and he was met with a female who appears very stupid and guileless. That was enuf while I mentally recorded every fuckin word and detail of the encounter.
Becuz that is my job; my function in all this.

He told me that I cud have a 'job' where I wud be paid every two weeks and I and the group would change locations and travel every three weeks.

The "I can make it stop" comment was one of the most annoying things Ive ever had to live thru hearing on this project.
So many of these arrogant fuckers dont realize how close they come to dying by screwing with programmed mind control slaves with Satanic and Templar or other ritual abuse as part of laying in internal programming.

I think the really evil, serious people like Eddie Cox understand what they are dealing with becuz people like that approach Survivors with a bit of fear and respect, even while trying to get the best of us.
Hes also from the bayou..which means he knows about nature. Like how fast a seemingly still gator can move and bite your head off, quickly.

This is why I agree with the info put forth by the author of ExposeGS, even if the site is presented less than articulate and confusing to outsiders.

From my experience it does seem that the common GS perp doesnt understand the situation in its entirety. Either that or they think they know what these classified projects are about but arent truly evil, predatory, artistic nor intelligent enuf to really grasp what internal programming is and what the person they are dealing with is capable of.

And I agree about levels of perps. It does seem that people Ive referred to as 'helpful perps' are either compromised regular citizens or Green Perps, the term used.
Ive questioned them and they seem genuinely unaware of what else these operations entail. Like Ritual Abuse, high level programming, etc.

There are alot of arrogant and ignorant blacks involved in GS and they can always be depended on to continue to serve their masters well with further discrediting hard working Targeted Survivors by claiming the Target is just making up stories or lying to evade responsibilities.
They have been brainwashed so long and dependant on the authority that they cannot possibly admit that their Massa might be lying to them or that they are not on the side of total absolute right and power, becuz remember thats the only safety and identity they have.
The women tend to be much more into this when the Target is a female they are being typically catty, to. Out of impulsivity and not having presence of mind of course, which is what makes them endlessly useful to the oppressor and is why they have never yet been allowed to truly be set free.
Any African American truly effective at fighting for freedom gets shot, framed, targeted or has to flee to another country to escape. Believe it.

Its nice to see a site that addresses all the crap many of us go thru in the beginning in a simple way.

Those years are the most hurtful and damaging. And Targets always run the risk of being turned if we are not vigilant.

"You should come to Vermont. I got off the road here after 15 years of it, including time in Phoenix, Tucson and Portland,OR. The began messing with me many years ago, so I know how tired you must be, about as tired as I am at 51 probably. I want to leave the US too, I've been looking into Uruguay. It seems likethebest bet so far. Think about Vermont, seriously. I can be reached by email at: got a friend!!) on Trying To Leave US Getting Tormented Every Step Of Way
Publish | Delete | Spam

Unknown on 9/19/13"

Vermont was a place that messed with me viscously in 2006 right after I left that moldy apartment in Brighton, MA and was being driven onto the road with harassment, so the system could do worse experimentation and torture in locations with more intense tech or places like the sw desert or the midwest where large scale operations are done due to lots of unpopulated land, military bases etc.

The scumbag rich assholes and local white trash homebums in Burlington, VT will never be forgiven for the damage they inflicted on me in those early years.
Plus the local shitty shelter owned and run by a large money church in California,
A Chinese guy from Cali runs it and gaslighted me by inferring stuff but not helping me by telling me himself. That c*nt also intimated I had the mind of a child.

The white trash used to come to the windows at night with flashlights and keep me awake. All young guys of course.

There was a pedo and his fat daughter there in on it. I will never forget him pushing food on her-knowing addictions lIke overeating numb out memories of sexual abuse.

I cannot tell you how many pedos and their families are in on these ops...all along with uniformed cops in marked cruisers, fed employees from the US Mail (overt about harassment and stalking. Their actions were not imagined nor misunderstood), unions, firemen etc etc. All Homeland Security first responder, anti terror types PLUS the scum of the earth, huh?
God FUCK America, I cant wait to get out of this deceptive piece of shit.

Anywhere in New England is extremely dangerous, for me anyway. Its all establIshment and military, medical and academic complex. (Raytheon, GE, MIT, Harvard, Yale, endless military and medical industrial complex companies, and a lot of research hospitals and colleges/university...add to that muliple ethnic org crime syndacates as well as powerful religious orgs like Judaism and Catholicism. Old money. Very powerful and infliencial African American leaders and orgs. Corrupt and 'connected' unions.)

They also had a guy steal paperwork I needed for my mold lawsuit off of a printer in the Burlington Library, so I used the hospital instead (f*ck you. There are some ancient Crafts who refuse to sell out their ancient sects and oaths to the NWO abomination of nature.)

Its also a place where citizens were really mean to me. On the street a bitch in a car aggressively 'attacked' me by snapping me with a cell phone.
Again another young person at the time.
I loathe the US for having so many people in their early 20s at that time destroying me. I cant wait to leave this shithole with all the 'souless ones' who have been the young people in this country for the generations since Bush and 9-11.

Post office acted like I was a danger mailing something.

It was the first place I experienxed their capacity for psy ops tricks.
Somehow they found a bunch of males of all shapes and sizes who had similarities to my then ex boyfriend of four years who had turned on me, Jake Hamilton of Newton, MA.

It was astonishing, the use of an image of importance to someone to manipulate the mind.
I marveled, caught on, then ignored it per usual.

They also had some assh*le at the hospital bus stop who looked just like  Chuck Pettiti (one of the real estate family involved in the building I was suing for) messing with me, but I knew he had a few brothers so that was probably who that was. Ignored him too.

Fuck all these people. Burlington, VT better watch its ass. Becuz if this bitch ever gets any sort of power and resources I AM GOING TO HAMMER BURLINGTON, VT OUT OF EXISTENCE or at least handicap their power hungry asses severely.

VT is just another New England piece of shit with Trusrifarians when I was there and now Ive heard theyve taken the NWO bait and let blacks move in and ghetto up harass all de white girls.

Obviously, if they cant defend their wealth and uppity bs against Meh Dicking obsessed outsiders but can destroy my frickin life...then they are indeed Liberal Elitist scum who need to be severely punished.

VT doesnt exist for me....its not on the map. Ive wiped it off the map mentally.
Its better that way. Becuz I can accept the traditionally corrupt ignorant douchebaggery of Boston...but VT haf this uppity, better-than-thou attitude about Gang Stalking.

Hey, have fun with all yer rich blonde precious little bitches turning into ghettofied Coalburners.

Ive got no friends in New England. That place has chosen to degrade a once great best kept secret area in the US by selling out to the NWO.

I sit back and think about the melting gaciers drowning its inhabitants and immersing the lands in the watery grave it deserves.

Dreams Of Freedom Emmigrating From The USA

I cant wait to leave the country, go somewhere far away and be able to openly state 'Im a Targeted Individual.' "I was targeted in America. I was abused by and in the United States"..for being a dissident. A whistleblower. A freedomfighter.

And that most of the country has no idea whats going on. Those that do are assisting the oppressors.

I cannot wait.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Clear Sunday Is The Only Timeframe For Writing To Be Produced

Its Sunday so Im clear, which is the only reason I got that last post written.

Its why my book hasnt been written yet-Im too heavily targeted. And theyknow that if Im cporkear and rid myself of these awful memories, these things can no longer be used to destrou me.

Which is why zpo am always being held captive as zi am in every cpity and town I go to in the USA.

Except on Sundays and federal holidays of course. And perhaps one gets two hpours of relief at 3 am. Not quiteenuf to produce a compoplicated, complex work knnvolvpong years of documentation.

A Return To MIT's Lincoln Labs Activities/African Americans Provide Never Ending Ground Support For The Eyes In The Sky

I keep returning to my days living in Littleton, MA and working at a convenience store in Acton.

Lincoln Labs is right nearby. Theres also a military base or was one in Ayer. Theres a prison in Concord which one goes by when traveling from Littleton to Acton, rt 2.

I recall a similar group of people would come to visit and chat as were showing up in my prior job at a small imported goods store in Providence, RI around the college area.

These were stalkers I realized years later. And they were there to watch, chat and try to get me to become involved w them if they could.

As usual the security camera systems in the store would cause forced self talk do to the anxiety induced.

Strange dreams and occurances were happening during my living at my aunt and uncles house in Littleton.
Predictive dreams and in the end of my stay there, repeated drug dreams featuring cocaine use that eventually coerced me, along with the gang stalking and circumstances at the house-to retreat to living in the big city life in Boston and working in adult entertainment.

I now believe that a man who bought my truck when moving away to Boston was the same Eddie Cox aka Eddie Hand Id been stalked by in 2006 when forced onto the road to leave MA, on my first traveling experience.

If it was not he, it was someone with the same creepiness and almost inhuman dark energy-or a blackhole like existence of no human energy at all is what it felt like.

There was definately experimentation going on when I lived in Littleton.

Again just like in St Louis, there was Native American burial ground nearby. (East St Louis has a large area and when I lived in St Louis being tortured while Hayden was still CIA head, East St Louis was the most violent city in the USA. The chaos causing units were active there then. They were pressuring me very heavily to commit suicide in a very gory way and also this location is as close as I ever came to snapping and becoming a lone shooter with a murder-suicide ending....
Only a day or two after I fought and won over this snapping process, there was in fact a lone shooting incident in city hall killing a politician and a policeman. I saw and experienced the chaos crews with my own eyes, first hand.)

In Littleton I was ran off the road by a big rig and trailer at night-he was in my lane. During a vacation with my aunt and uncle where I drove their van I was boxed in by trucks on the highway for no reason. Interestingly my aunt's husband had predicted this would occur before it did. Hmph.

Late one night up the street from my uncles house on Newtown Rd in Littleton, I was driving and swear I saw something run across the road in front of me. It was the shape of a man but it was translucsent. Like invisibility but you could still see an outline in the dark with the effect of headlights.

Very strange things of this nature.

And this nerdy blonde scientist from Lincoln Labs that got me to go out with him (becuz I was 19 and stupid) then demanded I kiss him at the end of the night in my aunts driveway when he drove me home. My aunt being a former model and vert fashion aware commented on how he used cover up on his few zits on his face but didnt blend it in.

I never responded to him again. People who are aware of who intergenerational mc victims are always stalk and surround the person.

These instances and people who are 'in on it' are the same arrogant, smug pieces of shit Ive been dealing with being gang stalked over the past ten years.
The one most degrading thing is that it was never so many African Americans involved back then.
If anyone knows how to beat down and handle slaves its them, which makes them extremely dangerous to anyone seeking freedom and growth as a targeted Survivor of mind control trying to flee to freedom.

Their attitude consistently being GS perps is one of enslavement being normal and they deal with it casually. In fact many of them seem to understand no other kind of life or mentality.

As a woman of purely European descent for me to be handled, ruled over, dictated to or fucked with by people of African descent specifically the American slave stock blacks is one of THE greatest crimes in the entire list of offenses against me and war crimes or crimes against humanity.

Just recently in Portland at Transition Project-another atypical homeless drop in where ghetto types freely strut around and waste their time daily, though the staff are hipsters, the higher up of course is a black male.
A black male worker predicted I would be having a similar argument or discussion about shower rules someday with a client.
Blacks specifically males are the most brazen with the brainwashing that goes on with TIs. I believe its akin to rape and its their pathetic one chance that day of indulging in a power trip due to my situation being as it is and has been.

Theyve done this for years-behaved as if my losing my looks and being beaten down and brainwashed into believing working wirh the homeless is all I am capable of IS COMPLETELY NORMAL.

To them a beat down and recapture back into slavery IS TOTAL NORMAL.

A woman I met from Africa last week said Africans dont travel-that traveling and backpacking around rhw USA is 'an American thing'. Other than African nomadic tribes, these people dont understand not being grounded.

If we came out of Africa, then whites traveled a hell of a long way for millenia, Caucasian remains showing up in civilizations around the world.
Its what we do, its how we survive.

Majority of blacks would have us spirit broken and settled down if their mentality were followed by whites.

The perps who surrounded me in my early years seemed to at least have some encouragement for a better life at least a better quality one.

Lincoln Labs and MIT are fully immersed in mind control projects-Ive experienced being interfaced every time Ive gone to use MITs computers. Even on Sundays.

And the camera system in the link above can be used to track a Target-then the towers and other means are used to influence the Targeted Individual. By microwaves or other tech.

Under the guise of national security, our nation is now monitored by technologies that make it possible to watch and track the population and target specific people, then use classified means to manipulate large numbers of people or one inividual.

Not exactly the rationale or reasons they are telling the public the surveillance tech is supposed to be being used for.

Its not to keep you safe-its to keep THEIR investments safe and to protect special interests and the will of the elites.
Its to keep the public and their environments controlled not safe.
Not 'safe' as the public would believe that being defined. With their typical use of double meanings on words-safe for them not for the public.

Unless you are so desperate you consider slavery to be a form of security and safety. Much like our population coming out of America's African American slave population.

And along with these means of control from technologies the powers have no shortage of house slave for support on the ground, believe me.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mother Of Boston Bomber Claims FBI Had Contact With Her and Son

" The FBI is notorious for recruiting and framing terrorist patsies. A report compiled by Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkley found that of the 158 prosecutions carried out on terrorism charges since 9/11, 49 defendants participated in plots that were arranged by FBI agent provocateurs.

“They’re creating crimes to solve crimes so they can claim a victory in the war on terror,” explained Martin Stolar, a lawyer who represented a suspect involved in a New York City bombing plot...."

Rise Of The Warrior Cop-The Militarization Of Our Police

“Driven by martial rhetoric and the availability of military-style equipment–from bayonets and M-16 rifles to armored personnel carriers–American police forces have often adopted a mind-set previously reserved for the battlefield. The war on drugs and, more recently, post-9/11 antiterrorism efforts have created a new figure on the US scene: the warrior cop–armed to the teeth, ready to deal harshly with targeted wrongdoers, and a growing threat to familiar American liberties.”
Lets not forget 'non lethal' weapons such as microwave, etc. Also military grade.

Update On OHSU Doc/Years Of Potential Lawsuits

Got another appointment this time w the good doc who did my procedure.

She said they should have done more tests. she said that most likely there was either a blood clot or part of the fetal matter had remained and was being passed during the extremely heavy bleeding that I experienced. she said this is also explains the extremely painful lower back pain that creeped up my back all the way to my shoulders. 

she also said it was just plain wrong with the attending male doctor had said to me as well as his student saying she was going to prescribe motrin and it never showed up at the pharmacy.

I also told her that the exam they did was especially harsh and painful and I did not experience that with her team.

She tried to make excuses for them a little bit by saying that the attending males physician was a person who said quirky things and did quirky things and that the young female student was not experience with follow ups.

I did not accept the excuses she made for them
and she understood that.

after everything was settled with this appointment I went to patient advocacy, they took my complaint and were very nice.
when one makes a complaint to patient advocacy there is no follow up with the patient.

just making the complaint in full was enough. the next phase would have been getting a lawyer and I just don't have the energy for that right now.

If I had a lawyer for every single time I was abused and treated like s*** during this gang stalking campaign I'd be in the middle of like, 1000 legal actions.

if I ever do get a lawyer is going to be a team of them it's going to be handling every single thing that has been done since 2002, probably since 1997 actually.

I'd rather leave the f****** country though. and if I'm going to take legal action all do it outside the US.

one of the only reasons I haven't become a lone shooter or totally lost my mind, yes is partially because, yes I'm a f****** hero and I have an iron will- but it's also in part due to all the good people who do the right thing in this country that I've experienced along the way in this long arduous campaign.

just stopping and thinking about things for a minute or doing the right thing you never know the greater impact you might have in the bigger picture by your actions on a daily basis.

I'm writing my book for people who actually care about what's going on not the rest of the assholes in this country, of which at this point I feel they're the majority now.

and for people in other countries to let them know why they hate America is completely justified what does the people here are basically held prisoner and don't f****** know what hell is really going on.

so I had to spend all my time outside trying to leave the state on the road, having this awful thing happened to me bleeding and everything nobody told me what was going on. I still have really bad lower back pain and a cyst on my right ovary that is big and it's f****** killing me. all due to the condition that I was in, the procedure that I had- all these decisions were due to me not being in control of my situation I'm having to live as a targeted individual suffering with gangstalking syndrome.

all that therapy based politically correct b******* people feed you nowadays about making 'bad choices'- is just that; bullshit.

No one ever really asks what motivates people to make these alleged 'bad choices'. even without the existence of covert activity say as a  factor in someone's life, there are no good and bad choices. They're just choices that we make living in a certain time line  with the cause and effect action. When we start trying to judge what choices are good and bad we know that we live in a psychological dictatorship.
America doesnt want reason, logic and critical thinking or fairness-they want to survive. They want things to fit into the machine and for it to work and that is all.
And to that end they are lying cheating stealing robbing and living under whatever deceptions are necessary.

Who judges what are the good and the bad decisions, like what is good and bad? then it seems the people making those judgments dont have all the information to correctly analyze what good and bad decisions are under specific set of circumstances.

All these things-this therapy culture, the politically correct culture, catchphrasing, easy answers- its all brainwashing. Mind control.

All the mounts to is so that the United States of America doesn't have to take any responsibility for its actions domestically or abroad.

America is the most self righteous piece of s*** aside from Israel I have ever seen in my 42 years of living. And at least Israel has to pay for what they do by living under threat of terrorism daily.
and regardless of what they say they're fully conscious of what  they're doing. they even admit it.

America has so few instances of terrorism occur, and when they do Americans cannot fathom why they have occurred. Americans are  incapable of understanding what their leaders are doing domestically and abroad.

When they do understand what's going on there simply complete and total greedy cowardswho rationalize it, because it's for their own benefit and they're so isolated here and safe and protected they feel like they shouldn't have to pay for their crimes against the rest of the world.

This makes the majority of the American people extremely dangerous. which is what I have been living with since 1997, and in the extreme since 2003.

I think I've done pretty well considering.

How many of these idiots do you think we're actually going to read my book when it comes out cleaning what was really going on? or are they just going to stick with whatever they're told by the smear people?

The United States is hopeless and me staying here is nothing but suicide. 
I have zero faith in the justice system or that I'll ever get any help for compensation for what I've been through.

leaving is the only sensible option.

I'd rather starve to death and have bad health care on the streets of the homeland of my ancestors, than to live in a country that hates me I don't like the culture anyway and the people are hopeless criminals every single one of them.

For anyone in this country to laugh at me or my situation is
beyond sick it's murder is a psychotic.
I think it's partially because they don't want to believe what my cleaning is actually happening, that it's real. cuz in order to be happy in America you have to live in denial.
So everyone who is still here is whos going about their lives, is dangerous and part of the problem.

Harper's Magazine September 2013: Saving Your Children from a Harvard Education by Jeff Madrick-A Revealing Article About Harvard University

<a href=""></a>

Also the article 'Life As A Terrorist-Uncovering My FBI File' by William T. Vollman

The first link made me realize that Boston is not worth going home to as I thought but still didnt want to believe.

These two articles, along with what TIs know about covert human experimentation, behavior modification programs, torture of Targeted Individuals, etc shows me that a person like myself in whatever America has become is truly the peoples' enemy.

There is no hope for freedom or change.
Staying here and fighting was the stupidest waste of time and its destroyed my life and my health.
They make sure Targets are isolated and dont know any better.
You cant fight this system in America-staying and fighting is what they want you to do becuz its part of the ongoing behavior modification process to do so. Continuing to be targeted keeps a TI exposed to being constantly broken down and then behavior modified and brainwashed.

The second linked article shows that the system is doing these investigations of people and they have been numerous. I know from my experience that these are cover stories for unethical classified black projects. The surveillance and psych profiling fit in with the unethical human experimentation being done to people like me, especially since my mother is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra, both her parents US Marines during WW II.

Ive also been mocked by people in Harvard Sq squatter scene, who are cozy with police, some of whom do sidework for Homeland Sec-that Ive been profiled and discredited as mentally ill and not dangerous as far as terrorism goes.

So they use these anti terrorism programs to cover for human atrocities and war crimes, continuing MK Ultra, then they label the person so that the victim cant disclose whats really happened and be believed.

as far as I can see as the second link to article claims there are plenty of people in the USA who are fully aware of whats going on with these circumstances. They simply do not care about the victims-becuz they actually believe that if it benefits their country and themselves its okay.

this is what makes people like me an enemy of the United States.
an absolute refusal to do the wrong thing. A natural desire to do the right things.
Not wanting to accept being victimized.

These are crimes against the United States. If I had known how bad its gotten, how far gone the country was-the colleges and Boston itself becoming totally unrecognizable from what it had been for centuries I would have left the country long before now.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Trying To Leave US Getting Tormented Every Step Of Way

All I want is to visit another country and I am being tormented daily. Its ridiculous.

I think I finally understand why I am being guided out of usa on a deadline or schedule it seems.

I am so isolated by this system and kept from society that I didnt know it was going to be implemented.

In back of my mind I kept wondering why i hadnt heard or seen anything of it if it passed. They keep me so busy so handled and so dumbed down lately that I cant even think logically anymore.

That very sensible question just kept leaving my mind.

Someone on the bus told me abkut it. The timing makes sense.
And so does the attitude of the amerocan people to put more money into mental health due to all the lone shootings...under tje Obama admin of course.

Obamacare mentions microchips but only the creation of a registry for medical use ones. Not this forced mark of the beast conspiracy theory that is all over the internet.

The problem lies in the system not telling people exactly what these technologies are capable of or people being exposed to the more sinister uses of them.

There is something wrong with Obamacare. And something very bad is going to happen soon.

Then again, this may be the systems way of finally finishing me off.

With the way the mind control has been over last few years- I mean its content, it has truly become a 'theres no way out and nowhere to run or hide' type of least that I live in.

Id rather be being tortured within an inch of my life during Bush. Those 'miss me yet?' Bush posters make me laugh.

Yes I miss my youth and being fucked with in an honest and forthright, hateful manner. We cud see the bad guys back then. Obama has got us totally asleep and fooled.

The daily torture now consists of never fucking being able to focus on anything and forgetting things as if I was 80years old.
I cant stop obsesskng over food and the idea that I am overweight and old is a constant, non stop harassment. Its behavioral conditioning as well.

Ive almost completely lost any sense of identity or who I am under the Obama administration.
under each Bush admin my life became difficult and I was tormented. But it was always severe, extreme and so udderly outrageous that I knew I was being fucked with.

This time its about putting me out to pasture with a total labotomy and a statd of mind resembling mental retardation.

That isnt living. Someone tryijg to kill you or pulling off crazy shit is living. This is absolutely the worst part of my life in all my years of living.
Its not even my life nor does it seem real. I am sick of feeling disconnected from my own life and identity.

People do not understand how dangerous Obama is. And my former companion refuses to see how evil and messed up both parties are in USA even w all he has seen travelping w me.

Which means I was probably right about his working for the system. He is obsesssd with hating rkgjt wing repubs and thinks obamacare is great.

I need to go somewhere in the world where people understand how screwed up thw USA truly is. That its all gone too far and no party is trustworthy anymore.

Im being tortured into going baxk to Boston but I dont becuz I knlw how that place has changed, hpw its too far gone. How it kicks my ass the same way everytome I return there.

Its un navigatable. It is gone, done and over wirh and impossible to deal with or ace successfilly.
So why wud I go back there?

I am leaving becuz there IS no place to go in the USA. I shud know ive been traveling it for seven years being targeted.

Whatever safety was on the road or in the homeless scene or alt areas or scenes is now gone. Since 2010 or 11 the country sucks more and more everywhere I go.

Under Obama.

Hitchhiking and urban camping are becomokng illegal or impossible to do:

During Obama.

And tjanks to these creepy business associations.

I want nothing more to do with Obama and I am sick of going thru supposedly hip areas and seeing nothing but his praises and bumper stickers saying Obama Biden.

I realize that alternative now means alt MAINSTREAM and free range Capitalism.  Kids living in punk houses are not doing anythjng either except living off of the alternative mainstream society in those areas.

Nothing truly rebellious is allowed in the US. Its prpobably considered terrorism.

I am sick of looking at a citozenry who are watching me slowly dying due to what thjs system has done. They dont care.
They act like its over. That I am sentencdd to deatj and thjs is how its going to go.

I cannot be around this.
Thats becuz anyone who is truly disatisfied has left already. Why wud I want to live among people who are ok with living in America?

Fuck them and fuck this place.
I want to give up on the United States , badly. Becuz that is how they want it.

Yet the systdm seems to not want me to give up on America and my place in it, my rights, tje injustices and what I am owed-but on a daily basis this system wont let me.

I am not playing these games anymore.  They are just headgames. There is no justice possible and I hate America for what is done to me.
For forty two years of my life.

My thirties and forties shud have been way easier than this, considering how awful the system made my twenties.

I refuse to play jnto these impossible struggles. These dramas.

I cant be effective in doing activism here bexuz I cant express myself hpnestly or intelligently.

I spend my days being forgetful and being harassed into calling people 'n*gger' ten times a day.

That kind of struggle up against that isnt what I want for the remainder of my life.  I cant spend the rest of my days telling people about mind control and telling my story becuz the system here let me.

So why should I keep struggling if it's impossible? it would be one thing if the system allowed me to execute or excersise my Will, as I could during the Bush.

would I possibly try to struggle to do something that can be accomplished?

I can write my book from another location. America has become like a brick wall that CANNOT be moved.
Staying simply makes no sense at all. In fact it sounds pretty suicidal.

dogged determination is only effective if it's allowed to cause an effect or to perpetuate action.

It doesn't do anything but torture the person internally if its not allowed to come out and what the person wants to express is not allowed to be expressed.

I also can't live with a few things about the American culture and history anymore. After being out west the reality of the Native American genocide has become apparent to me fully and I just dont want to live with it anymore.
Another American human rights atrocity the citizenry doesnt want to deal with..yet we police the world. Yeah becuz we want control to remain an empire not some lofty goal, idealistic bullshit.

America is a lie. And I cant live with living the deception anymore.
And it kills me how many nice people live here and have been kind to me. But the system in place is far too fucked up. And those people are nice becuz their experiences with.the US are not as brutal and abusive as mine.

Changing the country with awareness wud b great but its impossible to do;knowing you shud call lawyers and then becoming confused and intimidated about how to go aboit doing so then totally forgetting or being given a negative projected outcome so you become afraid to do so is not going to lead to that targeted person getting legal help anytime soon.

In fact all that looping does is use the person's Willlpower and good ideas to torment that they never put the ideas into actions or manifest anything but only obsess about these things in constant loops. That have no logical answer, endings or outcomes-and these things.are a matter of life and death for the person.

Its the same as what theyve always done-keep you paralyzed, unable to move, and scare the crap out of you with stuff while yer 'frozen'.

This physical experience happened when I was about 8 and 9 or so. Then again during Bush which I posted about after it happened-except...strangely, I cud tell plainly that it was tech from a helicopter being used during Bush.
Whereas during childhood, drugs seemed to be used or some sort of Will or mental force from another living being.

What sucks about Obama admin's reign of terror is that you acrually believe everything is fine or normal and you are being tortured to death from the inside. You can even appear normal as opposed to the Bush years.

The Bush family always does incredibly insane, over the top abusive things that almost have the character of the greatest mad rulers in history about them.
Obama is like being tormented to death by a boring and cautious corporate entity.
Its not very exciting and theres no creativity involved. And theres this ultra creepy feel of it being for the ultkmate 'good of all' which is not only a lie but makes me want to vomit.

Its the ultimate betrayal and disappointment of being ruled  by the ultimate 'Nigger-In-Charge'. Actually the presidency of the United States is that position and always will be. Bush especially.

That is not a country I want to live in.  And im sick of tkge comstant behavior modification and the continued attempted decompartmentalizing and forced integration.

I want a society that respects artists and doesnt destroy them.

Note how there, my writing had to cow tow and cater to the black reader or community?
Something is wrong here. Theres mind control now thats leaving us witjout anythimg left of ourselves.

Somethimg very wrong is going to happen soon. Whats sad is that it never had to be this way. This reality is not a naturally occuring one.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Seattle Sucks. I Knew It Would

  An entire post was destrpyed by hacking into my phone. I will re post from another location.

getting a lot of  gangstalking downtown area
and on the bus system.

free African American males and Mexicans.

there's a major military base here boeing is here and the washington state police and local police had drones until recently they were taken away from them for being on un constitutional.

I new  washington wud  b brutal but downtown is really bad.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

FBI And Police Portland: Operation 'Seizing Thunder'-Under Obama Administration

If you google this theres a pdf of the FBI file from the FBI's cloud.

I suspect that they did have motive to pursue,surveille and observe even gang stalk possibly.

To attempt to behavior modify or destroy/neutralize such people. Which is what they arent telling the public.
Theres the reason why when there doesnt seem to be one thats logical. Everything they do has a purpose-dont be fooled. The ded takes care of business. People need to be aaware of exactly how this is being accomplished.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Sexist Myth Of 'Tend And Befriend' And How Science Is Decieving The Public Concerning Psych Disorders

Ive been known to ooze machismo my own self on frequent occasions. The GS system certainly has taken full advantage of my fight or flight response.

Women in my family are aggressive my mother especially so.
Most of the women I've known don't 'tend and befriend' unless you're running a business or have children present where they need to be more diplomatic.

If the system is lying about the causes of alleged psych disorders like not telling the public about electromagnetic pollution, allergies, environmental chemical pollutants, parasitic disease and organic diseases of the brain and of course being a Targeted Individual then research into genetics to account for these things cannot be accurate or honest in its findings.

From what I have seen in my experiences with the parallel world of elite science if you will, which is actually 21st century knowledge opposed to the 20th century knowledge and mindset the public are kept in, a lot of the research going on actually seems to be tied into the covert unethical human experimentation that is going on nationwide if not internationally.
These would be your classified and black projects.
If these are focusing on behavior modification of humans and creating totally puppet like humans via brain damage, MK Ultra research and hypnotic subliminal suggestions via outside influences like technologies then this genetic research linked to psychiatry is alarming.

Imagine if you could under the guise of curing disorders, you could create a human being where aggression was completely or partially removed from them or alter human aggression and instinct.

Claiming that disorders such as ADHD and others in males are the result solely of an aggression gene in males would be the perfect cover and the perfect excuse.

To begin with psychiatry is only theory. Biological Psychiatry is controversial at best and has been challenged by plenty of psychiatrists and psychologists.
To take something that is theory and try to connect it to genetic research is absolutely ridiculous, illogical and unreasonable.

There are plenty of reasons theoretically why people have what is known as ADHD, hyperactivity etc.
Psychiatry doesnt even considering things like diet, environment. This branch of science doesnt consider ancestral genetics like perhaps most of these boys belong hunting outdoors or farming daily and not in the classroom due to they being wired for those activities becuz their ancestors have been doing that for like thousands of years.
This society is asking humans to alter their behavior under industrialized conditions which are very recent in human history.

I've been screwed with by the medical mafia long enough to be able to tell you that they don't take factors into consideration while doing research that don't serve their purposes for the desired result they want.
People in the world of mathematics can tell you plainly that statistics can be altered to get a desired result.

A man from Russia was given an award some years ago for solving a math problems that was unsolvable. After a time he left America in disgust because he is actually smart enough to tell that in the world of mathematics and academia people were misusing mathematics in order to get desired results to benefit them.

Science can be no different.

If the NWO's goal is to enslave mankind and modify humans quickly and easily to serve the system most efficiently instead of having the peoples' best interest in mind then blocking or removing people's ability identify and respond to threats and defend themselves is a good ploy to focus on.

It goes right along with all the false flag operations which are going to result in having our right to bear arms revoked permanently or at least modified to make it easier for them to have all of the power and control.

At this time freedom of speech and the right to bear arms is a total joke considering the tech, chemical psy ops capacity the elite have as resources. As it stands, in any sort of conflict with our government or authorities the common people would lose absolutely. How are you going to stand against and counter military grade microwave and sonic weapons?
In actuality the public have already lost absolutely. In order to preserve the public as a resource for the elite's plans in the NWO, no mess will be made if things are done gently through deception and persuasion. Such as wonderful advances in science that will cripple males or anyone else considered too aggressive or have any disorders supposedly tied to an aggression gene.

Ive posted that in my research into MK Ultra that the project(s) wasnt so much a product of the Nazis and their agenda but Project Paperclip utilized Nazi scientists as Dr. Cameron's ends seemed to be an obsession and fear of historical Germanic aggression and a theory that this ethnic specific aggression is what's responsible for world conflict in history.

World peace at the price of no longer being human is not worth it.

This may be why I was used as a subject of further experimentation, linking me to my mothers status as a radiation experimentee in the 1950s. Even outside of my deprogramming from high level programming and certain people not wanting me to go to a therapist or hypnotist and recall memories clearly.

I recall one of the main focuses the harassment in Boston I was of my being 'too aggressive'. The smear and slander people around me were trying to get me to be percieved as violent. My psychiatrist who for years treated me only for depression and anxiety, sent me a referal letter when I moved to AZ claiming as a patient I had PTSD and paranoid ideations. (She denied I had PTSD in my sessions with her throughout our relationship as doctor/patient. Paranoia was never an issue either and my records of pharmacueticals presrcribed can reflect that.)

I'm certainly one of the females that doesn't fit the myth written about in the above link.

In reality you have women who are naturally bold as warriors and guardians easily capable of taking the place of males in a tribe and then you have other kinds of female- more peaceable and diplomatic instinctually. Alpha and Beta females Ive always referred to us as. I havent found science to glamourize any research on these realities among women.

In the real world men and women know damn well there's different kinds of women in this world. Women and men don't fit cookie cutter types like science would prefer to have their research validated.
In fact if all women react the same way to situations like science proposes men would be pretty damn bored.
There are men who prefer secure homebody home loving types however you want to describe it and then there are men who go exclusively after aggressive women, crazy women, submissive, independant women- the list goes on.

Science is actually disregarding the real world and the artfulness of living thats been going on between the sexes for thousands of years.
No wonder the French hate us. I can't blame them.

At best the cookie cutter theory using actual genetic findings in the link above is a horrible piece of sexist mythology. At worst it's a very nasty attempt to begin utilizing genetic research tied into psychiatric theory in order to begin modifying human beings into nothing more than slavery to the elite and their system.

They are suggesting altering the very things that make us human and have kept us alive and surviving for millenia based on genetic research tied into psychiatric theory that doesn't even explore all of the possible reasons why people so called disorders.
If they were going to be completely truthful they might actually do a study on how the societies we live in are disordered. Alot of what modern society asks of humans is not natural nor is it healthy.

There's something very wrong and cleaning it's the males strictly do not act with spider react with fighter flight.

Interestingly if one researches the Berzerker from Germanic lore, you can get a sense of what these people are afraid of and what they're trying to destroy.
Ancient man was healthier, stronger and uninfluenced by Abrahamic religions. We as modern people cannot imagine the power the human body was capable of expressing.
Man has become a sickly creature already a slave due to everything from religion to an industrial modern world and now a technological one.

Most problematic is psychiatry's refusal to acknowledge the existence of psychic powers in humans. They were very interested in this in the 1970s through their para psychology departments but all of a sudden they got dissolved and now it's considered 'magical thinking' and a disorder. (I suspect they simply did the research they needed, found what they were looking for and are discouraging the public from finding such powers in themselves.)

This means by their criteria even women's intuition is considered a form of disorder or non-existent the stuff of delusion.

Conversely psychiatry does not go near religious beliefs with a ten foot pole. Clearly magical thinking and the stuff of delusion. Belief systems as disorders or disordered thinking or magical thinking.

Psychiatry is flawed and it is selective in what it defines as disordered based more the fear of repercussions from age old institutions as opposed to criteria. Its ties to special interest Big Pharma should be considered criminal and regulated or made illegal.

This system of psychiatric THEORY should not be something tied into genetic research which is going to start playing around with the very base of human survival through male aggression. If they want to cure the ill effects of male aggressions they should start with wars and rape-as opposed to disorders that dont make for good little server drones that fit neatly into an overly ordered society.

Lastly theres the rather humorous attempt to recreate June Cleaver in her kitchen wearing high heels baking cookies and never reacting with any kind of fight or flight agression, only reacting by 'tending and bending' or whatever the hell its called.

(BTW science stop making up really annoying catchy phrases to describe things humans been doing for thousands of years perfectly well without marketable catch phrases.)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why Are Men So Violent? The Male Warrior Theory Debunked

"In a recent book, Steven Pinker documents a radical reduction in violence with the rise of democracy and global trade, a comforting confirmation that social factors matter....

I think Pinker's optimism may be overstated: global trade has done less to remedy the poverty that devastates lives of people outside the economic partnerships between wealthy nations; healthy trading relationships can lead one nation to overlook the human rights abuses in another; and there have also been dozens of attempts at genocide since the Second World War."

Saturday, September 7, 2013

President Hamid Karzai Confirms CIA Payments-The Boston Globe

The problem is that its too late to do anything about any of this now. The entire country and most of the world now live in a psycho managed environment via mass mind control.

The guy takes money from the CIA. I suspect his confirming this so casually and overtly is a part of the psy ops against the American people which he's been paid for years on now.
They want the nation to accept these practices as part of keeping America and the world strong.

The NWO is all about getting people to accept shady corruption instead of being outraged as wud be the norm years ago.

People knew about this kind of goings on 40 years ago. It was part of the socially acceptable counter culture of the time-smart people knew this stuff especially in the northeast where someone you had drinks with always ended up knowing someone in the know either thru socializing or business. But you lived with it, while being aware. Everyone knew these things were wrong and had the normal healthy human response to such unpleasant necessities of the running of the real world.

That's also becuz that system didn't ask so much of average people nor did the system interfere with citizens lives the way they are doing today.

There's a difference between living with the sad knowledge of the way of the world and remaining human with each other and today's trying to create a living hell on earth where people are forced to have a state of torture become normalized until the public turns into inhuman monsters in order to survive.

Glorifying such actions as well as encouraging casual attitudes about corruption for necessities sake along with the intimation that we can't do anything about it anyway creates a mentality in people that makes being inhuman greedy and evil the norm. It also induces a slave mentality that the people shouldn't bother to care and have no recourse anyway.

What the author refers to as bizzarro land norms has been well known for years. Recently however in the USA you weren't allowed to acknowledge such things anymore lest you risk being perceived as a terrorist sympathizer or a wingnut conspiracy theorist or mentally ill.

It encourages the public to become aware of corruption and just accept it without being able to do anything about it.

The Globe is full of it anyway as is every part of the East Coast establishment in this.

Once they do a story on how the entire country is now under perfected mass mind control via tech, chemicals and psy ops which was implemented under Bush post 9-11 and of course brainwashing-then I will believe anyone at The Globe actually cares about actual meaningful corruption in the US or the world.

Boston Bomber Suspect Has Family Member On CIA Payroll (He's Black Ops)

Friday, September 6, 2013

sick can't get help can't get home

I am not doing well physically after a medical procedure at ohsu in Portland. I went to the er a week ago or so and they scheduled a follow up doctor appt a few days after. I wanted to leave town but waited for this appt.

It wasn't the all female team of doctors who did my procedure originally. it was a male head doc and student female.

they made me feel on comfortable unlike all female team. the procedure I had involved a unplanned pregnancy. the doctors at this womens health center are more concerned with trying to stick and Iud in me and prevent another pregnancy and they are concerned about the complications I'm having from the procedure

the male doctor b actually said to me "try not to get pregnant between here (and your destination)" after asking where I was traveling.
needless to say patient advocacy is going to hear about that one.

they totally downplayed my complications following this procedure and curtailed my concern and made me feel invalidated by making me feel bad about not setting up a Pcp yet.

I had to leave the situation I was in living inside becuz my friemd is a bit too drunk alot, the house is moldy and his son is an abusive spoiled brat who he doesn't control and made my recovery from this procedure difficult, even though I contributed to the household considerably.

so I've been in pain and often unable to move about easily due to these complications. I've been trying to leave the state bit am too unwell to travel. I don't even know if I can travel by bus either north or back east to get proper medical care.

these circumstances have left me vulnerable and isolated without a support system. i'm also dealing with a bad ongoing case of a P A S where these circumstances i'm living in and dealing with physically cud lead to a near total mental breakdown .

i'm outside and now lts raining . the fall here is starting. I have a few people in the traveler area who've gravitated to me who watch out for me a bit. I dnt trust them completely. one of them asked me a typical perp question and they seem connected to sub culture organized crime elements.

I am now almost completely disabled (aside from my disabilities pre existing from before the gs campaign and those resulting from it) due to the events I've mentioned. if ohsu doesnt help I need to seek medical care elsewhere.
I dnt want more permanent damage.

ohsu has been sued 232 times between 1995 and 2005. I prob need to return to Boston. where I will be treated like shit bjt fixed at least.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A SLATE Article From A Concerned Parent About Present And Future Privacy Is Enlightening For TIs

We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online
Nothing. It’s the only way to defend her against facial recognition, Facebook profiling, and corporate data mining.
By Amy Webb:

Imagine if hackers have unofficial face recognition apps then what can the big and bad guys do at this point to Targeted Individuals?

It would be an easy way to find and id a Target for harassment of various kinds involved in
the program known as 'gang stalking'.  GS being everything from terrorism to MK Ultra inspired behavior modification programs depending on the targeted person's experience.

Against The New World Order By Rob Los Ricos

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Architects & Engineers For 9-11 Truth

Its a great concept but I dont think any organization should be advertising for TIs for president or any of that bs. Just stay with the original point which is educated people with skills and experience (credibility) who question the official story concerning the 9-11 attacks in the USA.

There are so many infiltrators and agents involved in the activism surrounding everything that connects and intersects with the grand deception and the NWO. Most people naively believe that operations of such a covert, classified and deceptive nature are going to be able to be countered with overt, grass roots type activism.

What you are dealing with here is very sophisticated. The tech involved is 21st century. Most of the public does not know about this parallel world the elite have created for themselves nor do people even seem to have any understanding of how easy it is to contain truth movements and target truthers and activists of all kinds.

Keeping these organizations infiltrated and cross sectioned with other activist organizations is a way of containing real TIs and truthers and the movement itself.

The fact that these people are architects and engineers should be enough in itself.