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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its hard to discern how much people really know about the truth and how much they believe a cover story and which one.

You've got to remember I have had Mary Holiday in MI working with the cops and justice system for a deal on her sentencing and she had inside info. She knew about at least the conditions of mind control slavery: " Its not many people who can perform sex acts and not remember it".

Yet here in Harvard Sq years later, recently this guy the kids told me.was a police informant who asks too many questions got very close to my face and asked me "Rach why you still homeless, hun"..and you have to understand his manner and how he spoke. Rats often literally look and move like real rodents. Nervous wirey with this half ass hypnotism tactic to get info out of people in a hit and run manner. A big of intimidation with mind control.

Also these people live off of gaining info so they just want the info they don't really care about you, and one can sense that. U must always be aware that anyone in a vehicle or in person nowadays might be wired with small undetectable cameras in clothing or sunglasses etc. This is what cab drivers did before they had to admit there were hidden cams in the cabs reasons. Most of the intel collection and damage had already been done during Bush by the time they admitted it. Which is a hallmark of that era and administration.

I told him we don't ask.such questions out here. He talked to me like I was stupid. An easily mind controlled person.

My point is that with cop arrogance as I have seen it its hard to tell who knows what. Why would cops in this area be confused or misinformed about the cover story being just that and a sheriff in Jedo MI near Port Huron have almost the full story? I find it hard to believe local people actually believe that this would stop if I left town or didn't know the extent of this program.

But that's what they act like...many people have come up to me and said things about leaving town or having to hide out in a small dustbowl town in TX for life.

Even if I did those things I would still be harassed becuz this is about ongoing amnesia induction and behavior modification.

They made it sound like some powerful entity was merely after me.

With so many people involved its very confusing as to who knows what who is lying or presenting falsely and exactly what info they have or.don't.

Just stick to what you know to b true.

TIs Get Treated Differently/Black Ops Undetectable/ Unpunishable

The same nurse was very sympathetic to this man who's son may have food poisoning.

Yet its exactly like my case in timing. I hear him now on the phone saying that the staff told him that food poisoning usually comes on much earlier if it were due to dinner.

The argument they kept giving me (and the runaround) was that they put nothing down becuz I didn't have anaphylaxis. Becuz that was an immediate reaction of throat closing etc. Which is when it occurred to me that they were using my ignorance about medicine to manipulate the situation which is when I understood these were allergic reactions not anaphylaxis. However they could have easily used their medical training to explian this to me instead of me having to catch it as being used in the run around.

Right there is just ridiculous

In other words they are giving quality care and sympathy and respect to a patient who has mild symptoms compared to what they are describing. Not anaphylaxis? Ok then inform me of that and tell me its 'allergic reactions' instead. And I don't think she tried to tell them its reflux.

Society is so sick and ignorant of their rights and the law that they actually believe a person like myself would get treated so badly due to my lifestyle, reputation or my family beating me down in the interest of reforming me..or that I don't matter due to not being a property owner, asset holder or yearly tax payer. There is a possibility with cover story believers that they actually think one would get focused on (targeted) apart from their peers for moral judgements where action could be taken against the person that breaks human and civil rights as well as medical ethics and other legalities.

And if they are not naive then they are willingly taking part in those crimes via gang stalking a person they know is connected to MK Ultra abuses. Or they are taking part in a very murky grey area knowingly in this society where adult entertainment workers rights as citizens are not respected. Again that's if they believe cover stories.

Either way dealing with the same tactics for years tells me that the people involved in this know what they are doing.

That is why its a black project. None of their actions they feel will be penalized by laws that usually apply to citizens or revealed officially or in court.

If you watch the vids from the President's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation experiments you will see that this level of abuse and disregard is the norm for TIs connected to MK Ultra in any way.

Nurse As Usual Main Perp, Got More Evidence With Camera

The assistant also used the tactic that was used heavily in 2005 by other medical personnel which is to look at my hands when I use them to talk az some people do as if she is observing something unusual she also after doing that focused her eyes on my hair as I have a funky cut now with part of it shaved off on the side. She focused on the shaved part as if the style itself was something unusual to observe. It was to belittle me trust me this is a tactic and its on purpose. Along with everything else she did.

This nurse/doc assistant was the biggest perp here. Arrogant and totally unsympathetic. Once again its as I have shown the pattern to be over the years.

Union members and specifically nurses are perps.

I had a talk with the first man that took my vitals. He twisted things around and eventually admitted that I did the right thing by coming in. He also said that he wasn't present for the nurses activities when I told him she said I was perfectly normal and it might be reflux.

He then admitted that they kept me so some of the Benadryl could wear off. Yet nowhere on paper does it say I had a symptoms of Benadryl overdose even a mild case.

He argued with me about not seeing signs of analhylaxis and I kept pointing out well what about allergic reaction? Which he skirted around the issue that also was not going to be anywhere on file. He claimed he only recorded my claims . Nowhere is there a professional opinion validating my experiences.

He basically made it sound like I got care and that was what was important as if their objective was to deny anything occured officially.

I have a pic of my face being blotchy and red a bit.

She handed me an EKG that looks normal..but I recorded the heart monitor which showed palpitations and heart rate that speeded up to 79 and would go back down to 73. When it would speed up an abonormal rythm would appear and I also recorded that is when I felt it. It was kind of painful and fluttering.

Even though all the symptoms for allergic reaction to spider nuerotoxins were listed on the internet for a layperson to have the sense to go to an ER, none of the professionals in the sequence of seeing three different people I saw could corralate that, validate that or put it in writing.

Mt Auburn Hospital ER Playing Games

Mt Auburn hospital watertown is being.rotten to me. I came in after allergic reactions became worrisome from a spider bite. Closing throat pain in chest. Palpitations trouble breathing hitters and feeling of sloelwly passing out. Had taken 6 benedryl and realized that I couldn't control the symptoms.

They took their sweet time the doc assistant is telling me that in her professional opinion I am not going through any kind of allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. She tried to suggest I had reflux. She then asked.if I had a history of anxiety.

This game playing during my having symptoms made me feel.worse and more.frightened.

She asked too many personal questions about my traveling. She seemed judgemental when she asked 'so what r u doing traveling all over the place. Do you do it for your job or is it your lifestyle' and interrogating me about things that have nothing to do with my condition which further added to my being distressed and not feeling well.

Having to argue with her and keep trying to make my case that I am having allergic reactions further stressed me.

Worse the man who did the intake vitals etc according to her said that he didn't think I was in any distress. Why did she have to bring his opinion into the her being contrary for backup?

He could plainly see that I was in distress as I told him in one instance that I couldn't breathe and was having trouble speaking. Also my heart was pounding very hard and the palpitations were one of the main reasons I came in.

These reactions are similar to what I expsrienced with Bactrim anaphylaxis. The only thing I don't have is the rash or red blotches.

My face feels a bit swollen and hot another reason I came in.

I also came in becuz all my symptoms match up with reactions from spider bite neurotoxins. As I had yet to deal with spider venom and the symptoms matched mine I came into the ER. I wud not have come in if it wasn't serious. Perhaps I shud get testimony from the cabbie who gave me a free ride here as he was concerned.

This isn't the old days where I am at my grandmothers or in Brighton and I show up art the ER becuz I don't fully understand my situation.

I have become very tough and healthy from traveling. I don't get medical even when I need it sometimes nowadays.

This is exactly what happened years ago. The front desk people were.jerks and the resident or doc assistant were mind camera but the doctor was responsive and acted responsibly.

Same formula as this area years ago. Intimidation and harassment or negligence from mid level people.

She mentioned that six Benedryl within that time frame was too much and the symptoms she is describing now have become more life Benydryl overdose. Dry mouth rapid hearbeat trouble with motor skills.

So basically I took benedryl for something I felt was an allerigic reaction when it was a typical allergic reaction to spider venom. I had all the symptoms who h is why I hopped a cab here becuz they were getting severe.

It bothers me that she did not ask about having Benedryl overdose symptoms. I told her I take it everyday which means that I take my usual Benedryl and then.I took six more this evening alone so that makes ten or so from 7 am yesterday morning til an hour ago. Is THAT enuf? I couldn't understand the dry mouth and throat and feeling hot flushed face until she mentions it. Why? Becuz the effect of what that assistant did has caused me to shut down emotionally, not pay attention to or trust my own body.

Thats what not listening and invalidating someone does.

This is why I don't seek medical care. I am tired of being harassed and treated like a naughty child or a hypochondriac or its intimated I am mentally ill.

The assistant is arrogant. I asked for a copy of my ekg and she responded like she was ALLOWING it to be done.

So I went through a reaction to spider venom and a bit of what sounds like too much Benedryl and it was real and frightening but I am going to leave here with a piece of paper that says there was nothing wrong with me.

And all the front desk people and assistant had to do was deny and be purposefully negligent.

For that man to say I was normal when I came in is an outright lie.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gang Stalking Breaks Down Warrior Women, High Testosterone Levels

I am now in a phase where I am most likely more estrogen dominant. It would explain why I am wanting to nest alot, wanting the people I camp with to be more like a family, more maternal, worrisome, insecure, weak etc. I no longer feel I can travel like I was doing and I have gotten fat, lost muscle strength.

And this happens every time I come back to MA and live within the Cambridge area. I also have never experienced as many problems with endometriosis as I have here in my lifetime. I also become sexually aroused in a submissive way almost constantly in this.location which is part of my overeating.

This article made me realize firstly that my theory concerning that gang stalking is to tame or break warrior women or strong women who are strong by genetic birthright or psychicly powerful especially when sex is involved as in women who can produce alot of orgone.

Secondly it tells me what I couldn't figure about this location: its estrogen dominant.
Its either in the environment via water, air or other delivery as in pollution from waste, its produced naturally in this location or its put into the environment purposefully to control the population.

It explains why I always get sick of living here and want to leave and never return. I sense the danger in such an environment and.naturally want to flee. Becuz this place makes me weak, tired and deconditioned every single time I come back here. Its destroyed my mother's health and I don't want to end up like that. Where we live affects our health. And my body does much better in dryer desert type places, higher elevations like mountains or in cleaner environments like on Canadian border.

MA never was good for my genetic health and my ancestors probably didn't know that..or it could be due to my grandfather from New Orleans who never fared well here and my mother takes after him healthwise.
It could be that my genetic makeup, the combo between parents I ended up.with or that my generation was one of the first to really be hit with the realities of pollution as bad as it is now. People don't want to think about it but the environment is pretty bad at this point and the results are starting to show as many of us look on in awe as humanity slowly goes insane but no one understands that's what it is.

At least we live and die understanding why the world os f*cked.

Its hard to not tell people why the country re elected Bush a second time. They are so confused and lost..I just tell them there are reasons for it, that people were forced into it..I just don't tell them exactly how.

Its better to die knowing how it all works.

What I wonder about most is my mothers radiation exposure. I have wondered often outside of the damages it did to her and I were there any advantages? Could it be that like superheroes in comics..(ooohh excuse me 'graphic novels) we have some strength or advantages resulting from radiation exposure? I wonder if it ties into the psychic abilities or the strong constitution? Perhaps that is why they come after us and destroy our health and destroy our hormone balances and sap our strength and sexuality: becuz we are superior. They must break us down and make us average and sickly. Or average intelligence and sex drive anyway which they definately attempt to do with the behavior modification programs.

Monday, June 27, 2011

CIA Lies and Decieves Congress About Intel Programs

Again..Bush, the Nixon/Johnson people who were with his father and Hayden.

Hayden is of most interest here. Close to Aqiuino and military also. I recall my worst torture occured during he being in office. Late Bush, early Obama.

Now if only someone would let them in on the fact that the torture and behavior modification is still going on the world might be right again.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Corporate Arrogance Concerning Surveillance

See this is what we, as a generation of Gen Xers were on about during the 90s. And everyone was misinformed to believe we were just hippie, rock n roll raised slackers who didn't know any better or were apathetic. There was nothing to fight for then except the environment. Corporate control became more and more obvious over time. By the mid 90s gentrification began and even the most out of touch and oblivious of us started to see it was not a good future forming. Many of us had gotten clean so now the law really came down. The late 90s protests were not percieved as the beginning of the NWO in earnest but the end of the Gen X era- of our youth and of us being effective against the powers that be in a visible way.

Yet what is going on now is exactly what we were seeing starting early on. Not just those with good educations or awareness of corporate culture and activity. There was an entire faction of our generation that felt theses changes as.if almost internally.

An article recently posted read that my generation has gotten shockingly conservative. Welcome to mind control via tech, chemicals and harassment. Don't they realize they have been bullied into this change? Behavior modified?

When Bush brought the curtain down on this country in 2002 or so it could also be felt..and visualized.

The problem is anyone like myself usually moves away or knows better than to have a computer or smartphone. Which makes no sense becuz that means you aren't going to be seen or heard. Most people like me have moved away from MA. And MA engineered it that way. All the gang stalking tells us that..they only want people here who are going to go along with the program.

Now the public are getting glimpses of what is really going of iceburgs. And the people like me who know how bad it really has gotten, are marginalized and kept silent or kept from large audiences.

Its hard to admit your country has been turned into the USSR practically overnight compared to its long history but that is the reality. Unfortunately I will probably be targeted no matter where I go on earth so it doesn't matter where I end up. Anyone who knows how the mass mind control system works or how to beat it will be destroyed. And only the mass mind control system can buffer the reality this is really happening and how horrible it is.

The arrogance of this former CEO to state that you shouldn't be doing anything yer afraid of having surveilled to begin with is mind control all the way. He's totally ignoring abuse of power and possible stalking from nutjobs in high place or other possible scenerios. Why? Corporate people are of a mindset that only understands commerce business and power tripping. They have no business being our govt or rulers but essentially our rulers now are govt with private sector.

If corporations can be considered persons legally which is total made up bullshit then we should have known right there that those individuals are now in power over us in this country.

No one is mentioning how out of control the military industrial complex is and how much they have to do with this.

Its ironic that one of the Nazis posters Jew bashing said something to the effect that Jude was the creator of war and the prolonged of war..when that seems to be exactly what the military industrial complex plans to do with our future.

I hear people tell me that our country is just letting this happen. No one imagines or understands its mass mind control as mapped out by MindWar that paper with the concept written out by Satanist and military psy ops.officer Michael Aquino and other military. That obviously its in use now and its impossible to beat in heavily targeted areas, like Cambridge or Boston.

Notice my posts during the week as opposed to during Sundays or holidays. Yesterdays post was self serving and ridiculous. During the week I am constantly exhausted under mind control and worried only about myself and how this has ruined my future.

Which means the selfishness and self obsession we see in society is probably something that's a result of those damn towers..and chemical controls of course.

Corporate people only understand law as it benefits them. I am generalizing but that kind of bullshit coming out of his mouth is just the type of thing we were afraid of back in 95 when corporate culture and gentrification started to destroy cities and regional cultures.

For an entire country to be under mass mind control and not realize it is totally ridiculous. But just like the Nazis in Germany people like this. They think it makes us strong in the New World global Order.

Freedom is something most people feel they have and that is becuz they are under mind control or like members of the Nazi party back then, they are given.the best opportunities material gains and power over other people.

So this is a blueprint similar to the Nazi style except its being done covertly so most people don't see what's going on.

If they did I think there would be outcry notice in the article that the public wouldn't let them back down with being silent.

What do you think they would do if they knew about mass mind control via the towers, covert psychological warfare and chemical influence?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Persons Against Non State Torture Website= Frauds

I will never forgive these two for their actions during my being destroyed during Bush.

Not that making distinctions between RA survivors is appropriate to begin with.

Remember who your people are. And remember that Divide and Conquer is a great control tactic.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Black White Red- Nazi Colors

That leads me to a theory I came up with.

Don't know why I didn't register this sooner: black white and red are the colors of Nazi arm bands. Farrakhan said Hitler was a brilliant man.

I read an article about Afro-European Nazis during WWII.

But that can't be what's behind the prevelance of b w and r nowadays becuz much of it is from the entertainment world.

Its probably just a psych out.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harassment From Independent Taxi Again (connected to my old associates)

Just asked Independent Taxi of southie/Dorchester who their owners were. A group of private investors I am told. I want to tell these investors that I know of at least two career criminals who use their taxis for escort service work one of their drivers actually married to a local untouchable madam. Becuz their drivers wont stop f*cking with me when I come down to Southie to run errands. And it better stop becuz maybe the public would be interested in details. Of course a former escort service owner who claimed in 1995 to be busted by the FBI is a major perp of harassment while driving for that cab company, always accompanied by a police car or motorcycle. That shit stopped a few weeks ago when I threatened to film him doing his routine tactic and expose his identity to the public. Remember taxis here are corrupt in their practices of giving out work etc and they have to kiss cop ass to get Hackney lic. They worked together on the gs in 2003 to 2006 and they do so now.

cab drivers have been the second most active and extremely arrogant gang stalking perpetrators in my experience nationwide. Locally they have been extremely abusive and seem to only work off the smear campaign, most likely becuz it gives them power as males especially which they desperately crave being a service underclass in this wealthy area.

They are really trying to destroy my health so I can't write that expose. They can do as they like. The whole world will know what Boston is about his evil and disgusting it is. They need to pay for all the shit they have done to people over the years not just me. They regularly shelter certain people during busts and make it appear as if crime rings have been taken down but its just a show for the public.

Perhaps its more harassment to get me to leak info prematurely.

They have to keep playing games with me to make me feel powerless and like no one will listen to me or care when in fact I could have done alot of damage by now. To criminals crooked cops and to the crooked Feds or other state actors who chased me around the country trying to get me to blab without a supeona. This is all to cover Bush's ass and the mind control that's now in place nationwide in every major city.

I am basically destroying their newfound means of TOTAL SOCIAL CONTROL OVER THE ENTIRE AMERICAN PUBLIC. I am the worst kind of terrorist to them.

But hey, they insist on abusing power, messing with people being arrogant and creating dissidents out of necessity.

They act like this is some sort of joke or a game. People trying to get me into cars, hotel rooms and around corners to kill me isn't a game. Well the perps are pretty criminal minded and murderous so I have experienced that to them this is a game. NOW do you believe in mind control? Only a group who was Jim Jonesed would become a traveling carnival of psychotic killers who drive people to suicide or death by ill health as part of 'a game'.

Like you realize of course that most of the USA if not the western world has gone completely insane due to air pollution, radiation fallout, food additives, chemical pollution, psychiatric med toxins and of course electromagnetic pollution. Add to that the effects of trapping humans in technologies that keep them isolated and controlled in either dead time (via pre recorded light and sound images) or through training them like monkeys to act and think like the computers they use or controllled by automated systems instead of being given human contact.

This isn't convenience this is enslavement of humanity.

And your average modern human being from this culture is messed up enough just add Jonestownification and you've got a dangerous group of culty killers on yer hands that use mind control to deal with what they do to other human beings.

I have the best life possible. I know who I am and am under no illusions about what this situation is about.

Who gives a shit about black cabbies? Who are mostly African or Haitian trying to make their bones with this system to gain cred in their new country.

Why do u think their is this huge influx of such third worlders? Becuz no one decent will be part of these red squads that's why. Duh...the human rights in their countries is terrible. They have no shame or morals about harassing me. A lowly white woman for their masters is all they need to feel good about their position in the USA.

The mind controlled slave is used to hand over to people for profit long after they cease activity in adult entertainment.

These are men from cultures that still Female Genital Mutilate their women. They don't even deserve to live here. But that is MA for you and that is the NWO.

The Liberals like the color mix in and the Conservatives know they will keep American women harassed with sexism and take part in gang stalking to support special interests of the USA no matter how crooked.

Though the authorities seem to be busting people and cleaning house nowadays the USA is less free more corrupt and totally clinicaly insane moreso than any other time in history.

I've lived it believe me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Helicopter Harassment Is Widespread Especially During Bush

So this means that I was not alone in this. Its just the right time period as well, mid to late Bush era.

So Targeted Individuals are not the only ones who experienced this.

In one instance they were probably trying to be helpful as I was being intimidated to not run to the feds and blab which of course I knew there was something wrong with those circumstances and later I understood intellectually that that entire cover story was pushed to get me killed as a rat due to being a Survivor of high level programming with a pedigree through my mother being a documented radiation experimentee.

And someone told me that locally a social group was screwing with me for.power trips and kicks becuz they knew I was mind controlled. Interestingly that is when the white vans and black helicopter action it could have been some bs with good cop.bad cop but I am not sure.

There was this guy I was losing for portraits for in Newton. He and a few ladies were playing games like putting very hot lights on me for a 20 min sitting. I would be passing out and trying to stay awake. He also told me that these rich women were fascinated by me due to my being poor and my lifestyle. Interestingly when the copter/white van action began to occur locally, the guy got scared of me and cancelled all future portrait sittings.

Its no good to be protected if that is simply to attempt to isolate the Survivor to push them into a behavior modification program. However it obviously needed to be done to a point to get this social group to understand I was an asset not some cultie they could just keep playing with.

What I am more curious about is not the military end of this which we are all familiar with by now, but the social groups.

Who the f*ck thinks they are that smart and that powerful that they can do such things to other human beings in our society?

It could be that the very powerful factions are indeed guilty of terrorizing, torturing and interrogating as well as pushing awful behavior mod programs but that is far less annoying and shocking than some mere mortal citizens with some money and social standing from upper classes thinking they have such powers. That is who I would really like to see punished and destroyed.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spring Hate Mail Review!!

"A troll only gets sued, as above, when they are PROVEN to be lying. Also, damages have to be proven for an award to be given. Most trolls simply phrase their accusations in the form of an OPINION or QUESTION and that is perfectly legal. ONGANGSTLALKING has made serious accusations and even threats against more than a few individuals but you get away with it now don't you? I think you are a psyop, and I stand by that opinion based upon your bullshit. NUFF SAID. Enjoy being homeless bitch, if you even are (you have yet to prove that and yet to produce video proving your allegations of gangstalking).
By Anonymous on
Electromagnetic Pollution and The Fantastic Collec... on 4/25/11"

"You never seem to take pics, film or record anything. SURE these guys and everyone else knows who you are. SURE. Your Psyop is becoming more and more obvious and FYI the TI community at large out there are aware you're likely out to make TIs look like nuts and idiots. FAIL for you.
By Anonymous on Big Nosed Perps..Which Cousin Is It? on 4/23/11 "

Yes once again its time for Hate Mail..or Hate Comments anyway.

Should I waste my time? Becuz these are all time wasting baiters. Oh what the hell..

Everyone should know by now that my perps or anyone who betrayed me dont want me getting near a courtroom or revealing information, which is why I was targeted in the first place. Do we finally understand that?

Secondly, its amusing that you want me to reveal if I have documentation or not by baiting me with 'ok prove it' and using peer pressures. Until I get a notice or some sort of indication from The TI Community, then I cant say that you- Anonymous, truly represent the majority. That is a major psych warfare tactic. Using percieved large groups or unseen authority against the TI. When in actuality, the person making such claims has no proof at all of such group opinion or word handed down from authority on high.

I think some of the crazies allowed to stay on and speak on those conference calls are doing quite a fine job in making the TI community look crazy, they dont need help from me. Trying to raise money to rent a bus and get TI's on it to drive around the country to push awareness of 'gang stalking' is also priceless. That was an idea from FFCH when I first got onto conference calls in 2007. I asked too many questions and doubted the security measures being taken by the group on the line and with meetings in person between TI's. Whoever is behind that beefed up thier game after that and Ted Kennedy signed on and some rep from MO. Great timing eh?

'Gang Stalking' is a folk term used by people too uneducated and ignorant to understand they are dealing with psychological operations from either military or intelligence factions either from thier own govt-state actors, foriegn govts or the private sector- for example a Black Water type company that does such things without fear of breaking international laws or federal laws.

After a time a smart TI breaks both brainwashing and denial and is finally able to handle the reality of thier situation. The entire campaign is done using isolation and deception so that the Target is never confident in the idea its a gross abuse of power by large entities. They cant take legal action becuz there is a net out there to catch them in of people in on the campaign who will keep them contained and believing that they will be labeled if they make such claims or try to get help. This is part of the campaign in iteself on the Targeted Individual.

The trick is to find people outside the nets at the exits or doorways out of the maze/prison who are NOT supporting keeping the TI trapped in The Game.

And there are such people.

The problem is that its so well hidden and has so many supporters in govt, state, city and civilian, private sector, acedamia and many of the professions that most people are intimidated into not being that person who will help the TI. Even though it illegal, unethical etc etc, if no one is willing to help the person then they stay invalidated.

This abuse of power is very hard to battle becuz the Target usually does not have any power that will give them the ability to counter the 'gang stalking' system's power. Most likely they possess information, testimony etc that is what the system is afriad of to begin with. Its all about keeping the TI contained. And its worth more to most people to assist than to help one lone individual.

Letters and comments like these must be thoroughly ignored. They are 'bait and wait' mechanisms or they are from paranoid TI's or perhaps operatives who specialize in flame wars, which are the most boring, non productive pass time I have ever encountered in my life. These are traps set by either the programming systems within people or operatives.

Mostly I dont care what the TI community thinks. The TI community are a bunch of prisoners who are being slowly tortured and murdered and some of them are half insane by now due to the things that this system does to human beings. Many are operatives who function only to divert and discredit. There is no actual 'community'; that is a loose term used to describe this population best. It would be akin to going into Gitmo and having the prisoners refer to themselves as a community. Its a term used for lack of any other, mostly becuz society and especially the perps dont want to admit that these are POW's or 21st century victims of domestic terror, spying and abuse of power- tortured.

So Target's have to pretend we are on a level of doing grass roots type activism, as if life were normal in any way, and teaming up with the likes of Code Pink, who by the way, does an even better job of making us look like feminist butt kissing a-holes who want to stir up sh*t instead of citizens who are being totally wronged by gross abuses of power from elite factions who have resources and toys they like to keep the public from knowing about.

I ignore these types of correspondences and every other TI should do the same, unless you can use the info to gauge your position at sea so to speak.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

NWO Being Implemented World Wide (but you knew that)

i had just been writing a post this space. somehow when i am writing something that this system finds extremely threatening, i hit a key, i still dont know which one, and it highlights then erases every thing in this compose box. if I get out quick enough autosave wont have a chance to save the wiped box but will display what I had written before the wipe.

i didnt get out fast enough on this computer as its a bit slow. and of course all that is gone now.

and it was good. i was like i used to write back before my health got very bad. it was sane, logical and informative.

i cannot stay in this area if i ever want to get anything done. I am so totally controlled here you would not believe what they are capable of here in the metro Boston area. Blocking the actual Will centers of human beings, instant forgetfulness...just like going off line or a computer freezing.

My 'memory' files from years of RA and programming were wiped over a many month period in 2006. And that only happened here in MA as I recall. Whoever is responsible for the programming here they have alot of power in this area. They perhaps wiped those files for protection as there was the gang stalking system which seemed to be doing the MILABs and mind reading, brain mapping as well as constantly digging for and interrigating for information after manipulating me as a mind control survivor- keeping me traumatized and terrorized in order to constantly interrogate.

All this Guantanamo type stuff can be done in public spaces. Its a joke in this day and age to think you have to bring people physically to another geographical location. There seems to be a program for that but there is also one that mirrors that program of CIA interrogation, that is done in public spaces, keeping the TI isolated by gang stalking, chemicals and mind control via tech and psychic warriors.

I found a few posts lately that claim that others were being harassed by constant fly overs with helicopters in 2007. What people don't realize is that many of those copters were doing mind control tactics. Either using tech to brainwash, torture, water board to gain information (yes I was water boarded and interrogated by helicopter. The bastard stayed in place over the roof of the apartment I was lying down in and pulled this off.) or just using creating a pattern of fly overs along with a certain consistency to form a Noise Harassment campaign.

These f*ckers are extremely proficient and efficient. They don't screw around so constantly flying over just for mere harassment is a joke. They were doing other things, at least to TI's. The people who are posting about also being subjected to being bothered by fly overs dont seem to fully grasp thier situation, about GS and being Targeted Individuals.

AROUND THE WORLD there are complaints of fascism and police states taking over. This is NOT merely increased security. This is create a problem (or neglect a problem)-solve a problem con jobs being perpetrated so that police can be used among civilians in every day life. The problem with this is that they always end up overstepping thier boundaries and THAT is not normal. It begins to become obvious that they are enforcing social orders as well as interfering in things that dont concern them, yet when this is complained about by 'human rights groups'. which are a joke nowadays up against this system, the person in authority overseeing this will usually say its much safer now, the public agree with it etc etc.

Its all part of the NWO. Psychological controls.

An example is in Georgia, in Africa I believe. Police are now in schools for safety-great. Except they are now regularly overstepping thier boundaries and controlling things that are none of thier business like social behavior in class, teachers style of teaching etc. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU WANT TO CREATE A DICTATORSHIP CLASSICALLY AND HISTORICALLY. YOU GET RID OF THE INETELLECTUALS. NOWADAYS FORMULAS HAVE BEEN CREATED TO CONTROL AND OPPRESS TEACHERS, ARTISTS, WRITERS ETC AND THE PUBLIC FEEL SAFER DUE TO THE PERCIEVED SECURITY THE OPPRESSORS PROVIDE.

The reason that everyone is so angry nowadays is due to the technologies and chemicals used in mass mind control. Its that simple. I and other TI's have seen the absolute worst of it up close and much too personal. We know what lies behind the NWO. We have seen what its really about.

The public have not which is why they are falling into these deceptions. If they had been exposed to what TIs have been exposed to, they would understand what is happening.

Even if, as my mother stated, "You can write a book but nobody is going to believe you", we must do so anyway. Only then can people make the decision if they want to live this way or not.

If the NWO is so 'good' then why must they use deceptions such as these that are so severe. Why must they impose authority that is so intrusive into civilian life and then overlook that by using the excuse of security?

ITS A CON PEOPLE. And most people will never realize it.

Bush Team's Effort To Use CIA To Discredit Blogger what are the rest of us supposed to who do have access to a leak about our being targeted?
I can't decide if this is helpful and motivating or more psychololigical warfare. Considering its coming from a Boston source I am leery.

Besides a hell of alot more than just a smear campaign happened with me.

The idea that this is comparable to the Nixon years is ridiculous.

The author is totally ignoring all of the corruption of the Bush era especially in the realm of covert warfare, military intel and CIA.

This strikes me as an effort to CONTAIN the truth and do damage control not break a story.

Ill just keep doing what I am doing and ignore mass media outlets owned by a few corporate entities. Who, if they really gave a sh*t, would have revealed this information during Bush not years later.

This is toying with TI's. Its a game.

And the only reason it doesn't work today or fall into place like its supposed to with the complete system as a whole of mind control, mass and individual TI's is becuz today is Sunday, its Father's Day, and its post Stanley Cup celebration.

The sexist element, the male dominant element in society who's interests are so wholly represented by this system, the NWO and the GOP has been satiated
-satisfied and worshipped.

I am not a white male bashed but keep in mind how many Cause stalkers are in on this ad well as men who believe feminism is to blame for things going wrong world wide-they are wonderfully useful idiots to the perps. I have dealt with these factions first hand, and they are cult mind controlled just like Jonestown cult members into believing this is about my gender, not the politics involved.

Luckily I saw this article today and not this week, as we know by Tues I will be a forgetful, angry blithering idiot who can't remember three simple tasks on a to do list and will be overeating and tired constantly. Becuz that is the treatment I am getting in the Metro Boston area, since Spring.

This article is slightly motivating to keep me going long enough to sustain my efforts to get into UMass. Which of course will keep me here if Romney gets into office so they think.

No one has written any articles in 'papers that matter' concerning chem trails, MILABs (human non alien) or that MK Ultra never ceased and that is why certain people are targeted.

I want restitution for this brain damage and other life changing physical damages from.that moldy apartment and having to run around the USA being terrorized for years on end. Is anyone going to help me with that?

Yeah whatever. And I can plainly see that my going to the official legit judicial system for help and to get justice is also a ploy to further my forced deprogramming campaign becuz I am would no longer be self reliant and would be reaching out to trust one of them.

If people wanted to stop this when the damage was being done they could have. I willnot bow to this country, its authorities nor cow tow to any of its 'professional' class unless its a matter of life or death in an immediate emergency. That class of worker bee in this country was one of the meanest and most abusive to me when I was being destroyed. They honestly believe they are better than people like me even though I was highly intelligent, multi talented and beautiful.

Unless there is someone out there willing to really crucify the US and involved parties for what they did to me and continue to do, everyone can go to hell.

What lawyer is going to sacrfice his career, the way I have been forced against my Will to live like this and sacrifice my future? No one.

The people involved in this are sick f*cks involved in ritually abusive sects that hold only their agenda as most important they could give a shit about the country, legit government or its people.

They truly believe that I for instance, am a resource put on this earth foe their use.

Most of the people that agree with the way I am treated are Satanic in their thinking and the way they live, whether they are aware of that or not.

Its my job to counter that with all the elements of balance, justice and truth and also use in kind the attitude of rebellion against them.

There is a new Church of Satan advertised and I am sure that this kind of idea appeals to modern people who don't want to see themselves as actual bloody minded Satanists making actual sacrifices.

And anyone involved in the Masonic end of ritual abuse has no mind to think for themselves outside of what is needed to preserve the structures they live by and within.

And that has its justice system as well which they seem to believe they are exempt from.

These factions now rule the entire world utilizing the three point system gang stalking but to control the masses.

Psychological games and manipulations including propaganda etc, chemical controls and warfare and technologies.

Its that simple.

That NWO speech by madman Bush has come to pass and it certainly will be the
RULE of law but it isn't the proper use or execution of law. Justice wont exist.

The sooner you realize how insane that speech was and just how much of the lunatic power structure we are dealing with in power who are dead serious about this enslavement of mankind, the better off you'll be either fighting its oppression or living it everyday.

The true enslavement is within the not knowing you are being controlled.

The realization of the Will is the only way to beat or fight this system. That and remaining in contact with the Natural world such as your ancestors, your body and nature itself. Being captured in FALS ENVIRONMENTS both physical and psychological, spiritual and mental is the enslavement that results from the use of the three point mind control system.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jackie Evancho=The New Britney (great now its even younger aged)


This society markets pedophilia and weaves it into the culture so it appears harmless. If you grew up with a traumatic experiences you may have an understanding of whatsoever predators are like, how they think and function in society.
When you have experienced the reality of an organized system of slavery manipulation and such brutality as the extreme of mind control slavery and high level pedophile rings you see that society itself is set up to condition the public to subconsciously accept unhealthy obsession with youth (and fear of death). Along with these manipulations is ensuring said society is in active denial concerning the existence of such an extreme culture of brutality and cruelty. Especially denying that rich and powerful factions makes such crimes possible.

I learned about this eleven year old opera singer Jackie on the Today show. Kathy Gifford and some dark eyed brunette were chatting it up and being modern girly girls: slightly edgy but still uptight and judgemental as hell retaining puritanical American values, which of course only assist the denial process.

Its been very much in the interest of corporate criminals as well as any other faction that does not want the public to continue the 90s type of whistleblowing and reform. By becoming uptight, judegemental and socially conservative once again American society is able to recreate an era where scapegoats can be easily created to divert from the actual offending parties doing real harm.

For example Gifford made a tasteless and low class joke (not low brow as that might have actually been amusing) about elderly women and prostitutes. Note that before this they subjegated older women in general by claiming Rent-a-Grandma was a good idea becuz old people aren't tech savvy and wouldn't be diverted from child rearing by texting constantly.
There are so many things wrong with that in itself including co signing a younger generations selfishness and irresponsibility.

Interestingly then they told the joke which consisted of asking a nursing home why old ladies were lying on the lawn naked. Gifford, with frightening bitterness and aggression, gave the punch line that they were retired 'hookers' and they were having a yard sale. I noted that when she did so, she derived great pleasure from this, as if she was defeating an enemy. She punched a fist into the air and said "Yessss!" after delivery. wtf? It was shocking becuz it was such a bitter, hateful, and genuinely a disgusting thing to be coming out of her mouth.

We see this edginess nowadays has been co opted by the new conservative culture created by the GOP during Bush. Its being used to continue to destroy any breakthroughs in America's evolution towards growing the hell up and having understanding of the world they live instead of acting like isolated children in an insular society.

They then did make overs on a grandma and on a lesbian couple.
Once again the agenda is now picking and choosing who gets fair treatment and validation and who remains useful exploited scapegoats. Lesbian couples would not have been ok ten or fifteen years ago on such a mainstream show.
And note that grandma had to be made over, to look young with hair dye and make up. Again targeting old age.

When they interviewed this very young opera singer they ended with telling her "..thanks for not changing, you stay sweet okayyyyy?"
In other words, don't make us look at the harsh reality of child stardom or our sick society.
This coping mechanism is the true motivation for American society revering false innocence and such images. Becuz they cannot seem to bring themselves to deal with the reality of the bad and destructive that goes on in the world, which has been going on since the beginning of time. Also this is the quintessential selfishness of modern Americans: taking responsibility for reality is delegated to Christians to deal with not community or society at large. Americans expect that one of the rewards of Capitalism and this culture's set up is not having to deal with reality. Unpleasant ones especially. And anyone that holds them to that chore as part of the human family will be ignored, destroyed, villified and scapegoated until that threat disappears.

After watching this little girl's performance I could not believe that no one sees what's wrong with this. The way she's being presented, her make up job etc. Don't people realize exactly who is watching this? What kinds of messages this sends to men of all ages and girls to women of all ages as well? Do you realize that pedophiles are going to file these images next to their Jon Benet collections as some of the best socially acceptable and free kiddie porn in their lifetimes? They love it when its something on tv that all of society is partaking in.
Nobody cares...becuz nobody sees it for what it is and those who do aren't saying anything or blocking it out.

No one sees the manipulations in the entire show? Wise elder females subjegated and women who take charge of putting value on their sexuality are totally destroyed while the two chatty cheer leaders are angelic messangers that deliver the voice if an 'angel' who is a sexualized underage girl.

ow I am watching this nonsense about Weiner's testing scandal. He didn't touch anybody?? WTF? It was intimated that people wanted him out of office.

So its that easy nowadays? Just use the smear system and abuse survaillence when you want to get rid of someone inconvenient?

The abuses of power in this country have become outrageous to the point where its like living in communist Russia. And the public have been recaptured into an extremely insulated reality totally controlled by media, special interests and corporations.

A human zoo.

The People Doing The Gang Stalking Are The People Telling The Public A TI Is Schizophrenic

I don't know why I didn't figure this out. The harassment, being traumatized and targeted keeps the TI busy and diverted enough so the Target cannot think clearly.

Every day I get messed with and many of those people seem to be perps but often they seem to be people who simply know my circumstances or think they know.

I am ashamed that my ancestors came here as look at the mess we are now in. However I must consider that they were also targeted over there as well. A theory could be that is why they emigrated here only to have it follow them just as it follows TIs who move to other countries.

There is a horrid mousy brunette who frequents Harvard Sq sometimes. She does things like hangs with little old ladies and smiles a sweet smile to employees at the bakery cafe.

However upon first seeing her at...I think it was Heading Home, she acted out on me almost immediately and was as rude as you can imagine. And I have a reputation for being nice and helpful to other homeless people especially if they are new to a drop in. Often brunettes who look too much alike get into immediate cat fights...or they bond quickly over the similarity. This was a brunette bitch out and due to her being sneaky and cot I just left it alone. Besides her build is skinny so she's not much of competition. Usually women built like me respect each other probably due to fear of a physical altercation and perhaps mutual admiration.

This girl pulled a skinny. Skinny people fight dirty, use their wits, are sneaky and devious prob due to not having much brawn to fight with. And they usually catch strong bigger people off guard with these tactics.

Those behaviors also gain them the greatest disrespect from big people becuz its just so snide.

What she did seemed very much like gang stalking, however she is one of those people who seems a bit off herself so one can't take her that seriously as a threat. But that means she is more dangerous as she is desperate to compensate for her failings as well as legit herself in the eyes of society.

Which means the culmative effect is she is one of the single most annoying people who ever engaged in gang stalking. Becuz the person is so pathetic who is scoring off of you or using you to gain power for themselves.

The purpose of allowing just anyone and the low lifes of society to get to the TI in this way has to do with ensuring their continued submission to the system, keeping them down and under control.

However when connected to RA and program survivors, especially Survivors who were programmed to work in the sex industry, the purpose of this type of psychological warfare is basically to keep the Survivor a 'whore'. Even if you destroyed your alter ego and came out of this years ago they never want you to grow from that. You are being punished for breaking programming plain and simple. The idea here is that everybody and anybody is allowed to 'get' to you. To 'have' you. To mess with f*ck you basically.

They continue to do this in hopes that someday you will return to sex work or perhaps submit to being abused, probably they already have it planned for profit or at least you will treat yourself badly and act like a who're or allow people to treat you this way. This is why low level sexual stimulation is used as well as keeping the targeted Survivor from real relationships. Society must reject the Survivor so the perps can keep the person surrounded by people that will treat the male/female Survivor like whores or badly and keep using/abusing them so eventually they give up trying to have normal lives, heal and better themselves.

Society in general seems to easily assist abuse of sex workers and it seems like ignorance but I now believe they do so Willfully and cover up their true intentions and actions with false moralities as a diversion.
Not all members of society but much of American society currently.

Its also normal for families like mine for example to remain perverse and eroticise abuse while hiding behind religion etc if they never dealt with their own issues. My mother in her actions is doing to me the only thing she knows about parenting: rape. Rape and handing the child over to abusive authority. She never dealt with her issues so she still does not see or realize in actuality what she is doing. Which is why a Survivor's mind control family of origin is so dangerous. They act off of programming and conditioning; they do not think critically or clearly. My mothers family was always extremely frightening and dangerous to me due to their inability to see their actions clearly.

I saw this particular woman tonight. She really pissed me off with her acknowledging me slightly while avoiding me. Its what perps do and its extremely arrogant and a continuation of abuse. The rapist knows what they did and so does the victim but the rapist rubs it in the victim's face that they are hiding out in society. This is what perps do to TIs frequently when a perp is local.

She sat down with her little old lady friend and then discussed I believe my being schizophrenic, becuz the old woman said something about it being neurological and that's what causes it.
Just sitting there licking her little ice cream, the rapist continues her perversion.

This is actual real energy gotten off the targeted Survivors and its nature is sexual and its about rape constantly. Why do you think the TI becomes a basket case and upset publicly all the time? Society abuses the people authorities tell them its alright to abuse. Society is too naive and disconnected to realize that no such persecution of a human being would occur in the USA unless it was a matter of national security, a black op or done by covert factions who's job it is to break rules and not get caught.

They think that a perception of immorality or social stigma can allow for such gross violaton of a citizen's human and civil rights..which is why our country is kept so childish and uneducated. It makes doing covert ops easier.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Many TIs Harassment Similar to Diana Napolis

So similar that for persons who know too much about RA, its too coincidental to be mere mental illness.
This is what was done to Diana Napolis it seems logical now to deduct.

Discover to much about ritual abuse and become an effective activist and researcher ...gets you targeted.

To lose your mind, suicide or snap and go postal or start stalking and harassing others.

If you start interfacing almost minute to minute to someone things like a Truman Show scenario or making the target believe that celebrities or others are people are involved or psychically interacting with you, eventually you will believe this and go after the bait they are hoping.

I wouldn't even know this was deception unless I knew Napolis's case has similarities. Some so striking that anyone who didn't see the similarities must be doing so on purpose.

You get involved with ritual abuse, you know or discover too much and suddenly your life is ruined and you become very paranoid that prominent people who are strangers are the cause of your torment.

The only safe place nowadays is underground with no cell reception. Anywhere where their is no electromag pollution.

I have also been hit with something right after leaving that bench where I immediately became tired. So tired I have been having to close one eye to finish writing this becuz my eyes are rolling uncontrollably. This happens often nowadays and is always accompanied by a consistent intermittent jolt of.the body. I get this often when I am falling asleep also.
Every cab driver from every company imaginable has gone by and done overt tactics after I left my spot moments ago and am sitting on a bench next to another street person, who granted is passed out..sort of.
Obviously this parade is to let me know that this collective system of idiots have all the power and not any one individual no matter what they do or say. They know they screwed up earlier by only one perp harassing me and so I countered only one male. Having done this to my satisfaction they must taby away that satisfaction by having multiple males in uniformed vehicles (connected to.police through hackney so this has power psychologically) that also all happen to be foriegn men of varying black or African extraction.

The original perp earlier was a white male. In a vehicle that held little status.

These actions collectively may all have been on purpose to get me to react just to ensure I would be vulnerable to being knocked down. They may have known I would react to the singular white male that way.

(At least its now better understood why so many of these kinds of immigrants are being flooded into the country. Becuz being.from places with poor human rights records they are more apt to take part in gang stalking also they want quick status and opportunity from authority here. Lastly their countries are sexist beyond our understanding and many engage in Female Genital Mutilation of.their girls (women). These types of males are perfect to send put after a stronger large white female who's ancestors are not original AmeriEuropeans but Third Wavers so feel in competition or slighted by the American authority figure 'choosing' them over us. It perpetuates race, gender, class and other issues.
Its brainwashing to get me back under control in case I gained any sense of power from that last post or it freed me from being depressed or under mind control from years of stalking, harassment and psychological warfare.

Before that some older guy who seemed slightly Jewish told me.I should be having drinks with them instead of flying a sign sitting on sidewalk. He then looked at me and said earnestly that I was going to do something great someday. Becuz "You've got the face".

That made me feel worse than anything any perps have done. Becuz the reality is I HAD THE mean I had the face. Not anymore though.

See how perps destroy their targets while using mind control and brainwashing to.contain them? No victim witness testimony can leak out if a person is constantly monitored and controlled.

Perp Thinks I Have Big Mouth For Revealing Info..He Needs To Go Pray Instead

A man in a small pickup truck an independent contractor type just drove by and said "you've got a big mouth" as he drove past.

The arrogance of these people is ridiculous. That post last night or before could have been alot more revealing. I can take a Washington and find feds who are NOT Mitt Romney's buddies in MI or corrupted by Boston connections if you'd like and talk to them or perhaps seek international assistance for some criminal issues due to authorities here obviously being co opted and infiltrated.

I could have buried many people by now, literally and figuratively speaking.

If this is about Julie Jake or my mother look at it this way: they are all still breathing right? Consider yourselves VERY fortunate..or they as such.

Being that going postal into lone shooter mode is what the perps wanted by screwing with my programming and pushing need to consider what you say to me very carefully. Death by cop or the chair or a life sentence are totally meaningless to someone snapping like that who's programmed. They are still alive as are their families right? Actually I sleep in the street and they all went onto.great lives they really don't deserve after what they did to me as well as what crimes they are guilty of- individually and collectively.

You know who my family is right? Both sides? And so you know most likely what I could be capable of if
-i wasn't out for total revenge and destruction of my enemies in ways that last generations not just in short term
-i gave a flying f*ck

Becuz if I did very bad things would have happened to any of those three. And if I thought the fed wasn't in on this and playing arrogant games with me.from day one either on behalf of the three people mentioned above, to cover for MK Ultra or simply to push their own very arrogant agenda under Bush I would have gone and used them as a resource by now.

Nobody is going to push me like its been over these many years and get the result they want. Not feds, not military and not organized crime, croooked cops or spoiled rich assh*les.

Everyone will pay as will the entire nation who seems to think my situation is funny or makes them superior.

The whole world will get a nice glmpse into the way the USA works. That is partially my revenge. I know the systematic ignoring is not international..and I know that this nation does what it can to keep up this collective silence and a front to keep me down and to manage the horrors that have been done to me. And I know its not this way in other countries. I see people here thinking they are smarter than me and signaling or whispering to their friends not to disturb me or interact with me...don't clue me in.

Fuck all of you. If 80% of the USA or at least operatives in large numbers in key locations (like Harvard Sq which Nixon described as 'Kremlin on.the Charles, so you know the f*ckers must have infiltrated the hell out of this place for Bush)
then I pretty much live in a prison. Duhhh I know this.

But that doesn't mean the world outside US borders is as easily controllable as USA is.

If you do decide to take action I highly suggest you don't leave me alive or don't miss becuz if I had the opportunity...I would do exactly that. Real Roman style political bloodshed and no family left to grow up for vendettas.

You will deal with reaping what you have sewn. You will deal with the truth being used to destroy the guilty.

And if justice in its way that you should suffer for what you have done..then that is what is going to be.

Hmph, I'm programmed. I still retain the ideal that death doesn't matter and I was supposed to die of suicide programming. What do I give a f*ck?

Its been cute you trying to deprogram me and get me used to living and socializing so that I lose that edge and thus can then be controlled.with threats and intimidation. But I already figured that out like many moves ago.

My my principals still stays.

And keep driving your pathetic little truck and keep YOUR mouth shut.

Unless you'd like me to take note of.the vehicle and start working on researching where you live when you shit eat sleep where your kids go to school and perhaps other fun facts.
the house burning down with your family inside just in time for you to come home to watch and be helpless is a long running fantasy of mine.

In case you are all as stupid as you act, you realize I could have been a much bigger problem than I have right?

You better get yer tail between your cowardly legs and pray to your god every night that I chose with all of my Will to retain a peacful nature as I am superior morally to my pathetic families on both sides. And that I chose to retain such fantasies for writing in future not giving every single perp and betrayer what they absolutely deserve.

Next time you just keep on motherf*ckin drivin.

Of course I am also aware that these might be more games to.pressure snap and you idiots should know by now I am reprogrammed and not allow that to occur.

Revenge will be fair and just and no one innocent will be harmed if possible.
I have always been superior to the people who surrounded me. And they knew that..which is why they tried to destroy me. Isn't that right guys?

None of you exist from my past anyway. Yer bad memories. And you'll be written out of existence. Violence and expending energy of that nature is too.good for you. You'll all serve as my playthings in books. Becuz that is the way you treated me.

My unseen protectors will take care of the rest I am sure.

So keep it movin...
I am sure all the people I just mentioned are fully prepared to deny my claims. And Julia being of questionable character will simply do what Jake did: deny knowing me that long or minimize my involvement in her life. With Jake I went from being his girlfriend for four years (minus six months in Vegas to help Brian out) to 'we just dated for a while and it didn't work out'. This is of course after vilifying me in his stepbook for NA and in other claims I am sure.

I don't care that I will never be believed. Most people wont even be aware of my life or passing. The point of all this is to contain the damage the TI can do in by going public.

Jake Hamilton of course was my former lover. He wanted his wild musician life and me attached at home as well. Ironically I got slammed for having my own private life as well. The smear machanism couldn't have had a better target. There was so much to work with.

Basically psychologicallly and ritually what was done was use Jake to burrow into closed off emotional areas then use my love as an anchoring mechanism. Adding many other things to that anchoring mechanism guaranteed over time that anchored memory and its meaning would destroy me.

Many others: John Horned, Dr Ann Emmerich, Mass General Hospital, St Elizabeth's hospital Brighton, Chuck and Barbara Pettitti, Sam Brodie, Drew Shadarway, D14 and various other police, MBTA employees, busdrivers nationwide, Amtrak employees,Greyhound buslines and various shelters.

Finish tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chemtrails In Southie?

Are these chemtrails?

(South Boston MA 2:40pm today)

Old Colony Rd and B St, near the Broadway T station.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cars With No Driver At Wheel-You Did Not Imagine That

Have you ever been terrorized by the perps freaking you out with a car that seems to have a passenger and no driver? Again to drive you crazy and make you appear mentally ill.

Found this article a month ago or so that claims that one of the major MIC (military industrial complex) contractors had created just that a few years ago.

Gang stalking is the means of silencing victim witnesses who know.too much or can testify against the MIC. The American public and.other countries are kept poor and in crisis while our taxes and other monies are collected and utilized to pay MIC contractors to manufacture these technologies and machinery for war allegedly.

This is how the scam works. And due to being able to use classified status the factions involved are basically exempt from law for the abuses that go on during actions supposedly in the interest of national security.

Another Tactic To Minimize Abuse From Black Ops

A 'new approach to secret go ernme.St? This was disgusting to read.

Its not a new approach-its angient. Its called being manipulative and con.
People are and.were being tortured and having their lives destroyed by the bastards in the govt /private sector/acedamia complex that is behind so many of.these projects. There is nothing fun about this...believe me.

This is why there is so much stalking and harassment. The amounts of money involved are very well worth killing for as well as the total disrespect for citizens rights who are used and arrogantly abused by these factions.

Project Camelot Vid

Lots of detail but u can be sure its not sensationalist or conspiracy theory.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I may have posted this years ago. Just keeping relavant info coming through.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A good deal of the harassment is meant to cause the TI to lose focus, creative thinking and vision and to incite so much hatred that they further discredit themselves. And the metro Boston area is just arrogant spoiled coddled and priveledged enough to do just that.

Why TIs Begin To Venture Into Extreme Conspiracy Theory

Another ideation I have gotten for a few years now is that TIs are tortured, while the Truman Show reality show ideation is pushed as being part of this, and while people watch they pay off the perps or controllers to stop or lessen torture or even send good feelings or positive ideations to the TI. I know this was the premise of a horror movie a few years ago, which makes me suspect becuz Targets are often given ideas like this via movies such as the Truman Show etc.

Often it seems like these technologies are being played with by the elite and their cronies out in all classes and races of society but I really think this is human experimentation concerning programming, torture, behavior modification etc. MK Ultra never stopped. But its also very much the norm for deprogrammed mind control slaves to have to live like this when they break away from SRA or ritualistic Trauma Based Mind Control.

What is so mind blowing is the phenominal amount of people who know about this system. And they all seem to be doing nothing about the Targeted Survivor's predicament but to accept it and even mock the person on some level even if they are friendly with them.

That is the part of this I absolutely do NOT understand. How can most of the population of the United States be aware of what is happening to me?

Was it always like this or is this something new, where the public have all been recruited as.part of covert ops or had to become part of this system to survive.

How is it that so many people know about what is happening to me and have been throughout? People of all races religions and classes in all locations across the USA. There is no location in the USA untouched by gang stalking. No safe place, no place without gang stalkers. How can that possibly be?

This is why Targets get extremely paranoid and become clinical paranoids being targeted. You start entertaining conspiracy theories like aliens have taken over and TIs are the only humans left and that's why so many people in the general public seem to know and are in on well as do NOT seem to have normal human reactions or sympathies for you as a Targeted Individual.
This is how TIs start unraveling and become involved in far out theories.
Its not normal for so many civilians along with uniformed authority to be working together on this and be able to break so many laws and no one tells the I what is going on.
Yet 80 to 90% of the population of the USA seem to know and be aware, either of the cover story or the truth.

It doesn't make sense to have laws if no one is going to follow them..why bother to have laws? And if TIs get gangstalked in every country they go to why bother to try to hide democracies true nature from other nations, if each nation is in on this as well?

I mean how much of the total human population on earth is in on this and/or aware of it?

Over many years time you just start to sense that much of the behavior you encounter being targeted is beyond human evil. It becomes obvious its not human. Either that or the majority of human beings shouldn't waste time pretending to live in Judeo-Christian nations becuz the majority of people have a Satanic nature or are just cruel.

None of it makes any sense at all. Especially the greed and coldness and INhuman behaviors and responses within society post Bush. Its not normal.

Perhaps this is simply the results of mass mind control. Look what it does to us, so why wouldn't it turn an entire populus clinically insane?

Tech, chem trails and other delivery systems of chemical influence warfare and regular manipulation via media etc and institutionalized gang stalking is used to drive populations to madness. And they percieve this new state of being as normal.


Those two lrft when I posded that...nternet stopped working


Friday, June 10, 2011

For Anyone Who Still believes That Bush Family Connection To Nax

Just becuz a piece of history or docummented fact is purposely ignored by the media does not mean when presented in alternative forums its conspiracy 'theory'.

The information has to be sorted through.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Site On GS Technologies

Lazy Perps Love GPS

These dumbasses just love the gps on my phone. They all came out to mess with me but I wasn't alone for long tonight. They'd walk by and really linger. My friend asked why men were walking by and looking at me so consistently. I shud have told her becuz they are lazy and stupid and repetitive that's why.

Its so obvious when they show up in droves at exact locations when I turn it on. Duh

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FBI Feels Loss Of Business Will Result If Customers Knew Their Service Companies Were Helping Spy

Hahaha..another great article.

Still think TIs are paranoid concerning Comcast, Verizon and weird visits to telephone polls outside the house? After a while a human being becomes accustomed to being stalked and becomes attuned to their stalker. Its the same with multistalker. Some people ARE just paranoid. And some people have become very attuned to what a perp looks and feels like or sounds like or what actions and timing of those actions are the normal MO for perps.
Alot of what is done around Targets life that is supposedly covert is done in ways purposefully so that only the Target can see clearly or notice that such things are happening. The perps do their 'spying', survaillence and other related gang stalking work in ways that are obvious and visible to the Target person. This is psychological warfare and its terrorism. Its done constantly and daily in some.cases to drive the TI to react out of sheer pressure as well as make them paranoid. It causes actual brain damage over time.

A Hysterical Economist Article That Basically Admits That TIs Are Targeted By Intel Agencies And Treated Like Enemy Spies

This is great. Not only does it validate every single thing that Targeted Individuals claim.they deal with in being harassed and stalked, tech interferred with and blacklisted but it even gives you some tips on how to deal with things! (Take the battery out of yer phone and put in any metal disable a.'bug' the tin foil hat theory IS wrong like I said and the tin foil FARADAY CAGE theory is correct.

Hahaha. This article is great. The Economist has been hard to look at since the Bush ass kissing and modification phase for many publications forced dumb down.

So one can plainly see the intel agencies grossly abuse their power and have jealous psychos working for them who will abuse their power just to deny someone opportunity in life.

I love this: the point of spycraft is to break the rules and not get noticed. Oh isn't that true.

And upon writing this I just got burned on my right hand as I type. Don't care..its worth it. (This area has always had the ability to use a being burned part of classical conditioning..only this geographical location actually. And its the same every time I return to this area as well).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Denial of Quality Health Care

Its a common tactic in countries such as Iran when using covert methods to destroy dissidents. When detained or imprisoned the political prisoner is denied many things and also exposed to many things to ensure their health deteriorates and they are weakened, permanently. The goal is an early death hopefully.

Yet in countries like that the claim is more feasible due to actual physical imprisonment.
In the USA one is imprisoned by a covert system then these methods are also applied so Target's claims of purposeful negligence or mistreatment/malpractice are either not heard so left unaddressed by authorities or disbelieved along with their claims if such conspiracy.

A Target is denied health care via aggressive gang stalking and passive gang stalking methods. Negligence, dropping the ball, frequent mischeduling, forgetfulness, paper work and records mix ups or losses are all methods of negligence or purposefully delaying or denying the TI healthcare. Its Passive GS. Aggressive harassment is done by medical staff themselves and over time the combo of both along with the other parts of the campaign builds a psychological prison within the TI where they are afraid to seek health care.

Then of course it can be claimed this is a symptom of mental illness.

Employees in hospitals or the medical field can use a number of hostile aggressive acts to harass a TI.

Accusations of stealing equipment, rough treatment, performing normal medical procedure in an abusive manner, intimidating the patient verbally, su h as purposely causing pain or fear and then silencing the Target or intimidating them to be silent due to other patients being present.

Very dangerous negligence might consist of not informing the Targeted patient of diagnosis. More than once it'd been alluded to that I have a brain aenyurism. And CAT scans/MRIs have been manipulated like by the doc ordering dye used and the technicians not doing so, MRI exposures being replaced with other peoples images, etc.
Last night someone made a comment to me that was rather nasty: "..and maybe that aneurysm in yer head hasn't burst yet." The way it was said was just too much like a bullseye being hit. And I recalled how perps at St Elizabeths during Bush terrorized me by intimating I had such a medical issue and the resident also spoke of a car accident I was in while living with my dad's sister and her husband in 1990 in NH. Which he made reference to in order to make me feel as if the hit on the head caused this weakness in my vascular system. St Elizabeths Brighton MA was one of the most overt and worst hospitals for being terrorized and harassed, also they were very overt about seeming to know the whole story, not just the cover story.

Negligence in the way of misinforming targeted patience or gas lighting them via withholding information ensures an early demise as the person then will die of or be adversely affected by the maladie.

The Target may feel they can't fight through the gs any longer to get healthcare and just live with multiple health issues that cause not only pain and suffering but weaken the TI and cause early death.

This is of course the desired result for the gang stalking system.

Chroni pain of course adds to stress a.and makes aggitating the Target to react publicly hopefully, much easier.

Syrian Blogger Overt Political Oppression and Gang Stalking In America

This is done in the United States also. Its just done covertly and re education is done using psych warfare, classical conditioning and druggings all via human forces nteworks nationwide, the use of chemical influence and of course the technologies that have been so controversial that exist now. Most Americans are unaware that such a system even exists.

Most democratic countries wishing to appear leaders on human rights fullfil their obligation to special interests via this covert system, which is exactly the same as overt political oppression and attempted re education.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cambridge GS and Remote Influence Is Dependant On University Scheduling

As for Sunday having been so very awful..I really need to remember to reference my own work.

According to my own previous posts I now realize, having lived in this location a full 12 month cycle that the remote influence gets 'lifted' as of Memorial Day. I noted that I experienced a change when school began in Sept last year and that change was increased presence of tech or 'remote influence'.

Thus, I did not recall my own experiences last Summer where the in person stalking and psych warfare was ever present. Which is how it has become since Memorial Day and the school being out.

There were perps every damn where on Sunday especially Cambridge and being really overt.

One woman actually had this abide nasty directed conversation about my being destitute. It reminded me of the very passive aggressive style of perps on Phoenix AZ doing directed conversation.

So the Cambridge area changes according to the universities schedule. Boston is complex as each burrough has its own feel. I note I feel extremely creative and strong in Brighton where I had that apartment, into Watertown, yet hitting Waltham is like hitting a brick wall. Its awful.

Cambridge is sectioned off with East Cambridge differing from North and Central Sq to Harvard Sq etc.

I feel strong and confident in Southie but the heavy in person gs ruins that. Somerville is also someplace I get alot of in person gs consistently and in Davis Sq they hate me and the cops get in on it there like Southie.

Near BU and Mass Art I feel very capable and driven and in Kenmore near BU I always have felt I could get my book written right there.

It seems everyplace that would be workable to me has constant human forces present.

You think this is all delusion you don't know just what certain factions will do to hide MK Ultra being a continuing program from the public.
Look at the vid on my Youtube channel. The featured vid. An MK Ultra survivor says they still monitor experimentees and mess with them to keep them silenced. My mother was supposed to testify at that...its all I need to know to be quite comfortable with anything written in these blogs.

Married To The Mob

Members from other cities come, do a 'job' and then leave town-their identity or part in the crime remains a mystery.
Sound familiar.

I love how they focus on Asian gangs as being third world and 'street' gangs.
The doctor you go to may be a lifetime member of the Chinese mafia and you wouldn't know it. Becuz they syndicate helps with school and if ever a favor is asked of them years later, they are obliged.

I believe the country has many such people in various places with such lifetime hidden allegiances. It would explain alot of gs behaviors- that people.have quiet loyalties that matter.first and foremost to them.

It's an example of a set up that would work as TIs experience it.

African American Guy At Hostel -One Sentence Reveals Much

This African American who managed the hostel in Manhattan that night before the Bioethics Committee he made a very obvious reference to what has been done to me over the past many years as just all about making money. The way he said it was so like he was trying to stay hardened to how wrong this situation is. Interestingly many African Americans seem like they are steeling themselves whereas whites seem to find it easier to be nasty and unfeeling about this situation.

And that was what he made the hostel sound like it was all about as well. Of course he should be reported for a total misrep of Hostelling Internationals mission and attitude towards travel etc. Yet all TIs know that hostels for some reason are bothers of gangstalking activity. Most likely becuz they use buildings that have fallen below habitable code and health code so are happy to target anyone who's a mold whistleblower that made a good case.
Often old Pedos own them for some reason don't know why. (Like Pheonix AZ for instance). I still can't get over how extremely nasty Hostel staff have been to me throughout all this. Prob becuz they cater to a class.of people who's parents invest in the military and own companies related to all this. The kids being nasty to me in Boston hostel years ago not only seemed to be doing so from a classist perspective but this js very big in colleges where the kids are privy to all the information and as investment in their futures but haven't matured enough to understand ethics of the situation.

It was an arrogant statement and a purposely hurtful sentiment.

However this insistence by aholes from the hood or whatever he thinks his deal is..mob connections or whatever. The insistence that any of this is or was.possible without the ok from very high up state actors is ridiculous.

Julie Jake, my mothers family, the feds, the crooked cops or the mob or even Olnick do NOT have enough money, resources, influence or especially importance to cause the kind of damage and nationwide harassment of such sophistication. These people are all part of the cover story.

Whatever that clown working at Hi Hostel Manhattan thought was the motive for being able to make money coldly by destroying people via breaking all human and civil rights laws- he's an idiot. Unless we are dealing with those ridiculous mercenary companies akin to Blackwater run by the Christian lunatics.

There have been ads on Craigslist for such job descriptions during Bush when the sleaze was out of control. (Which of course they pulled once a story was posted about it).

But they are still receiving their contracting originally from the US Govt and their motive is connected to silencing actual war crimes.

The laws are obviously totally wrong but Bush admin had a talent for pushing through many totally insane, illegal ridiculous things.

So that kid can choke on it. Another nobody on a power trip who thinks the law sides with him.

For now perhaps...but you just made the shit list.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Approached By Anothet Religion Pushing Perp

Alot of my situation is due to Abrahamic religions wanting to maintain power. If the public ever realized the truth about Judaism being a mush mash of other older religions it would destroy the perception that they are the beginning of the f*ckin universe. Its treated like the root or core of all Western civilization's existence.

Its not. History proves that.

My being naturally geared towards Rosicrucianism or Hermetics was and is really a threat to many factions it seems.

The lack of religious freedom in this is disgusting.

Some little twerp, a male my age or a few years older, walked by me two weeks ago or so in downtown crossing Boston. As he passed by the bastard said "If only you would (accept Christ or believe in god or accept god)", he was a bit foriegn so he had an accent. I have been targeted long enough to put this on the scale of very probable it was a Cause Stalker or at least psy operative, regular gang stalker. It was so much of a typical controlling male move with familiar tone to be a random Hesus freak seeing a random homeless woman.

And that's also why I am so suspect of my cousin. She's the white wash for my family while they villify me or push the idea I am simply mentally ill like Danny my father.(who was targeted for blabbing that my mother and her famy were involved in a secret govt project involving the military and CIA..uh hello: radiation experimentee documented in connection with MK ultra. DUH..but it's one word out of that sentence that got him.targeted: secret. Not the files Helms didn't.destroy ..but obviously the ones he did). My cousin is the Aryan ideal also. Blonde blue eyes, virtuous, two parent home, siblings and no welfare or leaking of my uncles past. She is a genetic engineer and became an ordained minister-which most likely means she got away from the family's traditional Catholicism and is now the WASPy ideal. Also these religious people she involves herself.with may just be god crazy enough to want me converted or perhaps a member of my sick family isn't satisfied with the blonde white hope but wants a total white wash including me as well. Considering this is a mind controlled family its safe to say that any and all religious types around them.that are that zealous are probably handlers for responsible for.the original programming and experimentation. Hmm, remember that 'secret govt project'!

Breaking down the Targeted Survivor of mc to force them to join a religion seems to be the norm. They have been at this foe years. Everything from Satanism to Judaism to Jesus to Catholicism. I bet they'd even be happy with Atheism. As long as I am NOT practicing what seems normal for me to seek out and practice- Hermetics.

These Cause Stalkers..are they for real? I guess if you Jim Jonezed a group via CIA cult creator programs you could get any kind of cult like religious freaks going...all cult mind controlled and all cultish in their thinking and approach to the TI.

Go to my YouTube channel and listen to the FBI tapes. If I were CIA I'd be on a mission to play 'clean up crew' and dispose of those creations as well...that's the way they think you have to remember.

Alot of these mysterious FBI screw ups are to purposely get rid of yet another batch of MK Ultra-esqu frankenstien's monsters.

They are just so f*ckin arrogant. Hell, most of the disposal unit is programmed CIA probably. Who isn't programmed?

I mean where does this begin and end? Is there some shaky ancient hand grasping the arm of his grand throne like chair somewhere in a dark corner of the world that is the power behind the Powerful, that we never see?

Sheesh, I am just so sick of this.