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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hate Mail: Perps Are Just Doing Their Job's!

"I imagine that this is who you are like, the blonde lady who slaps the mailcarrier who is just doing his job: on
Reader Comment On Frank Olson-One Of Many Victims Of MK Ultra Who Worked On The Project
   Anonymous on 1/29/13"

I am too smart to assault federal employees, though there's been a good number of mail delivery people in on GS mostly during Bush when yellow school bus drivers were in on it too- all the Homeland Whores. The local delivery truckers, the Fed Ex and UPS drivers, the yellow school bus drivers and a good percentage of MBTA employees locally as well as every single transportation system you can think of including Greyhound and Amtrak. All part of our country's "first line of defense" given alot of anti-terror responsiblity during Bush and post 9-11. Which of course along with First Responders, made life a living hell for many TI's. Ive heard one TI describe gang stalking during this era as "Oh, during Bush they were just out of control". Yes, they were. And its amazing that so many people in this nation dont know that was going on, thats such a system even exists or the one's who do know dont think its outright wrong to want to drive someone to suicide.

I imagine that having a TI attack one of these sacred favorites or the all powerful during Bush would give them a quick way to get rid of certain targeted persons. My grandfather was a mailman and I saw growing up what that family was hiding. Anyone in uniform is presenting a trusted authority figure to the public but that person's private life may not be so..trustworthy. These are all little games that the system plays with Targets, trying to force them into behavior modification and into regression.

Its laughable that Amtrak employees actively took part in behavior modification. The content of which is so ridiculous. All of this, if the TI could keep up and report it, would have these companies slapped with such lawsuits for harassment the TI would be a billionaire. They depend on the system keeping the person in blacklisted status.
And they 'manage' the situtation in an ongoing manner.

For instance the employee of Vons who recently harassed me- Paulette Link, SHE is still employed at the Hillcrest Von's on Washington St yet the 2nd Assistant manager who claimed to fix the problem for me has now left the company. So the only witness in any position of authority I had is now gone and only the perp is left to give her twisted side of the story- unless the former employee can be contacted. I saw Paulette yesterday actually- she looked like a scumbag 2 bit white trash criminal who had gotten away with a crime and wanted to keep it that way.
The company can try to cover its ass all it wants- cameras dont lie.

I imagine that large companies lawyers are well aware of such things going on and will attempt to defend them against these sorts of wrong doings. Which is why suing often isnt the way to go. EXPOSING what happened and making names and events public is the way to go as well as writing a complaint to corporate, which I dont know if that is effective at all.

A black MBTA employee in Cambridge- the typical arrogant, spoiled house slave the Liberal Elites have out there, once said to me and a friend that any complaint we make will be "ripped up and thrown away anyway". No one oppresses poor whites like the house slaves who are so expert at this from centuries of being oppressed themselves...which is of course why that culture has to be carefully dealt with while being a targeted dissident. Blacks always try to communicate the truth- I dont know if its them trying to save us the trouble of going up against he Man as to them, it never works anyway, or if its an insecure move to show how much power they have becuz they work for the Man.

Eithe way, they can blow it up thier asses sideways. No one should ever listen to failure and denial. Let the house slaves serve. And let the sleazy white trash like Paulette do thier dirty work...while we shine as heroic freedom fighters. Its not like they gave us any choice- for many Targets THE SYSTEM STARTED THIS with us. WE now have little choice but to fight.

I didnt even watch the video- why should I? A perp, a house slave or a denier obviously posted it.

And my even arguing back is seen as success for that commenter. Well its not. Becuz it doesnt just show the way I THINK it also shows the way the people harassing people like me think. It shows another example of harassment.

Perps often want to waste a TIs time by baiting them to attend every argument they are invited to. Which I dont- only the ones I think are beneficial to my readers. Use the system dont let them use you, becuz every day that is what they have been, are and will be doing for as long as you are alive.
"Once again, you feel like you are no longer the majority and you are living in a foreign country. You want to go to Europe. Well, what are you waiting for you little racist? Go. They probably won't like you there either. You are C-R-A-Z-Y racist getting what you deserve...crazier and crazier, lol. on Found Strange Blog Of A Possible TI/ Sandy Hook Massacre Questioned
Publish | Delete | Spam Anonymous on 1/29/13"

This one isnt even worth repsonding too...its obviously ridiculous. Another example of baiting to waste time arguing.
"You're a nut. "Mex house slave"? What is that supposed to mean? It just shows that you are racist against all Mexican people for some reason...yet you expect everyone you encounter in every little situation outside your door to kiss your butt and 'be nice' to you. Why should they? Because you're white? Lol, you're a friggin' fruitcake. Get over yourself...freaky weirdo. You're a white racist in deterioration mode. on CVS Self Checkouts Being Used For Harassment By Store Employees
Publish | Delete | Spam Anonymous on 1/29/13"

You are a perp. If you had been following along with my blog you would understand that, though I UNDERSTAND why certain demographics are FORCED into serving the system in such a capacity I am not stupid enough to deny it nor put up with it. PSY OPS AND COVERT ACTIVITY REQUIRES THAT PEOPLE CALL EM AS THEY ARE. Political correctness and other civilian pleasantries have NO PLACE in such a war zone.

A Mex house slave is just like a black house slave in the north east. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE TERM HOUSE SLAVE MEANS ITS ORIGIN IS FROM MALCOLM X. So whats about that argument now? Many great black activists and rebels have useful writings for ANY sort of activist against power. If you havent read his work or any other, its YOU who are ignorant.

So now you know what that means. Usually such people are part of gang activity. Gang members though thinking they are bad asses who oppose the system actually work for the power structure at the highest levels, so grow up and get a clue.

If you read carefully you will see that I dont accuse all Mexican people. If so then why am I specifying a certain kind of person who is Mexican or black??? I would just say "Mexicans".

To be quite honest the people who are Mexican who are genuine people or other true freedom fighters are aligned with me, my culture, my class, my way of life and my activism. I have had nothing but assistance and kindness from REAL Mexicans and African Americans. THOSE WORKING FOR THE SYSTEM WHILE STILL WANTING TO EXPLOIT THIER STATUS IN THE POLITICALLY CORRECT GAME AS 'OPPRESSED' WILL BE CALLED HOUSE SLAVES AND EXPOSED FOR THE DIRTY SPIES THEY ARE.

Its easy to get people to not say anything or be manipulated when a group that in normal, civilian society is considered oppressed works as an agent of the oppressive power structure. ITS A MAJOR MANIPULATION IN THE GANG STALKING GAME.

Besides the fact that part of the GS behavior mod campaign is to turn Targets into actual real racists like what happened to Mel Gibson.

Of all the people I can think of, I am to begin with very understanding of African Americans and their plight in America. I frickin grew up with them back in the 70's in Boston during desegragation. Due to this I refuse to go along with the further enslavement of them or ANY part of humanity via this system.

If I were truly a racist I wouldnt consistently state that immigration policy is ridiculous becuz no one is admitting that this land in south TX, AZ and Cali is actually the original land of the Mexican tribes.

I wouldnt be saying that every African American in the US deserves a free DNA test along with a nationwide project to determine where everyone comes from and finally give blacks a sense of original identity outside of thier govt and slave culture. That they should be given real restitution for all thier forgotten labor building countless structures in the USA throughout history and other owed money for works instead of being PUSHED into welfare SO THAT THE POWERS THAT BE CAN CONTINUE TO KEEP THEM SLAVES IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SLAVERY AS WELL AS FORCE THEM INTO GANGS TO DEAL THIER DRUGS AND THEN USE THEM TO FEED THE CORPORATE PRISON SYSTEM WHEN THEY GET CAUGHT FOR CRIMES.

I am not hateful of other cultures. I simply do not want to be pulled down by cultures that are held back from evolving by oppression from the powers that be and society hates me becuz I am realistic and honest about that being the case instead of buying into whats easy and simplest for everyone.

I am a Survivor of mind control programming. Why would I hate other enslaved peoples? I am experienced enough in slavery to actually understand that the powers that be will use people who are still thier slaves to take down or keep control of other enslaved or oppressed people.

In old black slave culture, house slaves- blacks who had a better life up in the Master's house on the plantation had a system of keeping down or even going out and retrieving runaway field slaves who sought freedom.

The reality is that there are more African Americans and Mexicans involved in GS than other ethnic groups. This isnt racism its a sad fact. And it has to be dealt with by Targets.
Making me out to be a racist is way to simple for anyone who's genuinely involved in activism and awareness against GS. Psy ops and covert ops has to be dealt with in a very different manner than normal life.

Thats my position as a responsible activist.

My personal opinion is that Ive experienced African Americans as being the most arrogant, drama addicted, abusive people involved in GS. I understand that is due to their history of being abused but that doesnt mean that I have to acceept thier treatment of me as a Target.

If anything, the perps invovled in GS abuse the Targets based not on what they are getting from the system for pay off but also their private little petty motives like being able to destroy someone of a different race, gender, lifestyle, age- someone who they are jealous of or threatened by. If anything most blacks I have encountered are racist. If anything the Mexicans I have encountered all think I am really stupid. Which I dont care about- becuz if you read up on Mexico's treatment of THIER OWN NATIVE POPULATION THEY ARE DESCENDED FROM you will see the powers that be have them so brainwashed to this standard of 'Mexican' as being something singular and seperate from thier ancestry that thier capacity for racism is just as destructive as any other race or culture.

Mexicans in TX are terrified to be identified or associated with Mexico. "No no no, we are AMERICAN". They cant even discuss openly thier connections to being Mexican. This is why I go to places like the barrios or the border. I want to experience people who are not afraid to be Mexican- and even alot of THEM are in on GS. But I dont care. I like Mexican culture. Especially in SoCa when I start to experience an overdose in blonde hair and blue eyes, I can go to a partially Latin culture so my Italian side doesnt feel so abandoned.

Oh NO!! I am racist towards Germanic/Nordic people now!!!! I am just sooooo terrible arent I? I am such a Hitler in the making. Watch out for me, the most reasonable, peaceful person who tries to stay fair and balanced regardless of whats done to me.

Listen people, I am bucking for sainthood and I am a f*cking hero so go screw yourselves with the bullshit. NO ONE except other people brain washed by the system will believe such things. Becuz if that were true I'd be dead by now for half the shit I write and say in public.

Ive got people in the worst ghettos seeing me and looking guilt ridden. What does that tell you? That they are slaves who have to endure a system of abuse as a way of life everday and they have to stand by such actions in order to 'man up' or be put down etc etc. Yet, I dont cry. I dont whine. I dont feel bad for myself. Becuz I am free due to fighting instead of going along. THATS the difference.

Major Food Companies Involved In Corruption-This Explains GS In Supermarkets

The organized stalking and e-harassment TIs get in corporate chain stores is consistent in the United States. Grocery stores have their own special style of harassing Targeted Individuals.

The harassment usually consists of store employees being more overt than any Walmart or 7-11 would ever dare. The goal of the actions taken are usually to force the Target to act out in some way for the purposes of discrediting themor even ending up institutionalized like jail or a mental ward.

In SD dowtown area police were directly involved with helping Albertsons cover their asses which I blogged about circa 2010.

The e-harassment usually consists of psychological torture as well as forced speech or singing-all of which ceases when the Target leaves the building.

What's so distressful to a Target about being harassed so overtly and consistently in food stores ks the human need for food and shelter to feel safe.

For many of us, food is now the only thing that we feel we can control as well as being the only guaranteed reward in our day.

This is probably on purpose as it would eventually make TIs overweight especially females, thus further destroying our health.

I make sure this doesnt happen. Yet due to my chronic liver disease remaining untreated plus the many years of stress I too have succumbed to being at least 20 lbs overweight.

I dont want it to get as bad as my mother who handles being targeted differently and grew severely obese.
As they say in the 12 step programs 'you cant save your face and your ass at the same time '. Thus being honest with ourselves about our situations and endlessly researching, keeping informed and always adapting seems to be a way to manage the situation.
In SD food chain markets seem to have employees engage in especially aggressive harassment and stalking usually ending in confrontation which I always win becuz...I am right, thats why. And they are wrong. But you have to be smart and in control. Sadly years of this usually ends up adding to the PTSD and recall of GS memories that destroy TIs minds over time and keep us down.

What's amazing is the technology thats implemented in these food stores. Its so advanced and just brutal on the TI.

Decades ago companies were using the beginnings of such tech for subliminals to prevent theft. Seems they found profit and protection in utilizing the advances and progress in tech for more than theft prevention.

Think about it-store security guards are also referred to as 'theft prevention '. So is the security system of technology used for 'theft prevention' as well as the surveillance cameras part of this same system.
Every Target can attest to store security guards being active Gang Stalking perps.

And its not just food stores-name me one major corporate store where the security system in place is not used to harass, agitate even further experiment on Targeted Individuals?

Obviously major food companies are so corrupt they cant afford to not become part of this system.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How Truly Dissident IS Noam Chomsky?

"Perhaps Chomsky gets more media attention these days than most other dissidents BECAUSE he urges people not to inquire into how the secret government operates."

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tony Gambino Enters 'Truth' Movement-Is He Genuine Or Disinfo? Well this explains alot. At least now I can understand why celerities do media psy ops harassment as well as anything else they have to. Becuz they have to keep paying that 'percentage' to the people who started their careers. Its that simple. It also explains why my ex friend and associate caree criminal as well as my own mother kept saying things like "I have to" when it came to continuing their way of life. My mother would always say "I cant" when I told her she should become an activist or advocate if she was so damn pissed at the system. It always sounded exactly like Julia's "I have to". "I can't'. "I have to". Perhaps they would be killed. When it comes to my mother I think she was just more unwilling to fight and resist. I think she believes she knows more or is more important than she really is. Why would anyone fully aware of what they are involved in with such people underestimate them or trust them or the system they belong to? After reading the above link I questioned why is Gambino even still alive? The piece says he has nothing to gain from lying. Anyone at anytime might have something to gain from lying. Perhaps disinfo is his new purpose he serves for the system. There are inconsistencies. Then again like myself it could be his only revenge on a system thats corrupt yet poses itself as just and righteous. The full.article completing the doubts about Gambino cannot be found on the site linked on Icke's forum any longer. No surprise.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

CVS Self Checkouts Being Used For Harassment By Store Employees

CVS in Hillcrest, MA 3rd Ave and Washington St. Older Asiatic looking woman works in mornings. She's a nasty bitch. She either hates people with backpacks or homeless people (which I doubt becuz alot  of drunk homebums go in there) or she's a pero which according to her actions seems more likely.

Ive been considering a lawsuit against CVS on behalf of all customers becuz the self check outs can cause anxiety for people as well as the employees can too easily abuse the situation tactically to harass a customer, whether they be doing so on purpose or subconsciously.

I lodged a complaint about staff in a CVSnear Ocean Beach -3950 w Point Loma where a female employee interfered with my using the self check out to the point of my being unable to use the machine. I cant follow computer prompts when you're interfering.

staff abuse the self check out by hovering ovrr customers which provides opportunity to harass anyone they please. Dor the purposes of GS or any other motivation.

It needs to be asked as to why these same employees cant be behind a register as cashiers if they can stand around hovering over customers who are supposed to be using the machines BY THEMSELVES.

After she hovered and then interfered to the point of my telling her I couldnt follow the prompts if she was doing that she and her coworker then stood by bitching about their jobs and customers using baskets for trash.

These women need to be chained behind a counter and told to do just one thing-cashier.  Becuz most human animals arent capable of handling the.amounts od power those machines give over other humans.

The check out machines basically rule you with interactive prompts and the employees rule the machines ruling over customers.

Its unequal power. If two human animals dealt with each other face to face then the power exchange would be more equalled up.

After that old Asian in CVS used the self check out as opportunity to hover and harass I now have my companion make the purchase and I maneuver behind her to wait so she no longer has the tactical power position physically. (She actually leaves the register to force us to use self check out when she sees us coming). Today there were too many customers and she had to stay behind register and manually cash people out.

I made sure I stayed in line and made that bitch wait on us like she gets paid to.

Ive seen enough sneaky interactions between her and her coworker to know that its highly probable its organized stalking and harassment.

Rhe shops in that area in fact have all engaged in harassment-the owner of Shell gas station (whos employees are very nice), CVS, the Indians who run 7-11 (who were nice to us until a Mex house slave from another store pointed ar us one day and said something to the female Indian who owns After.that.the they were not nice to us.)

The employees and owner of the laundrymat.

We also get alot of people walking by when we stay there at night. We found a new spot where its harder for them.

Also we got harassed by a property manager of the now vacant IBEW hall where homebums seem to be able to sleep but we get told we cant.stay there. He also accused me of being some rowdy drunk woman who caused trouble when i had been in a hotel room after my medical procedure so it couldnt have been me.

Hillcrest especially where we sleep has engaged in constant gs harassment yand its mostly shop keepers and employees. The people around the area generally arent jerks and are tolerant.

So be very leery in CVS and be aware that self check outs are being used for harassment.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Posting While More Clear Headed Due To Being Down At Border And Out Of San Diego Proper

Gone to the Mex border for the day.

The difference is amazing. The  bad attitude towards houseless people and social conformity around SD is just horrible. As a Target specifically, the program of tech, chemical influence and subtle harassment makes it  almost impossible to get anything done-especially looking up lawyers.

I am getting my health taken care taken care of however. The hospital here actually does their job and the staff seem like they're decent.
I've had problems with lower level employees but thats the norm. I just ignore it becuz they're just peons. Im more concerned with the professionals.
The police and other professionals here actually have decency and do their jobs. There are less cops in on GS here usually.

There are alot of perps in the general population who appear to be civilians. There's also alot of weird social pressure and YUPpie attitude  in the environments and stores/restaurants. Much of it is definitely GS related though knowing how childish Cali is, alot of it may be ignorance.

The behavior modification is heavy handed here. The following program seems to be present in all of Souther California for me, only ceasing when I go above Los Angles as I did when traveling to Bakersfield recently and I posted the differences in the two geographic environments.

In San Diego proper a large part of the behavior modification program is the use of the illusion that celebrities are in psychic contact or there is a Truman Show effect, depending on location and day.
For example if I do something that is approved of by the behavior modification system it seems then the illusion that a certain celebrity is watching, in psychic contact or is, say, reading this blog and they approve of what's being produced is used to make me adhere to a reward and punishment system. To of course produce more works.
This system of illusion of course ceases when I leave SD proper and goes south as I have today.

 Ocean Beach area is just torture when it comes to tech and being beat down. Which is sad as it's a wondedful hippie type beach community with many other Travelers. I have to be very realistic however as to the large Naval base south of OB.

Hillcrest, downtown-all of SD is just saturated with harassment and tech. Each neighborhood has its own style and level of harassment. I often find myself ranting or being loud yet shamed and insecure lately.
 It makes sense its just very very sad. An American can no longer enjoy their own country.

 Once a final done we should leave the area for someplace healthier.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Boycott Companies That Regularly Take Part In GS And/Or Experimentation

This is going to look like a campaign started by a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics or whatever the public (and disinfo system) want to come up with to keep on living in denial or keep up the media blackout on the subject. 

However, I feel its time for me personally to begin living in sync with my beliefs.

In an area like I'm in now its easy to depend on alternative businesses. While in places like TX one may find that Walmart, Starbucks and 7-11 are all one has available to depend on.

Many companies take part in GS but certain ones are worst offenders.

Greyhound is one company that TIs should avoid dealing with. Target stores also. Walmart may take part in GS and their security system is obviously hooked into something becuz the feeling of being watched and interfaced with in these buildings the stores are in is so overbearing that I cant stay in a Walmart for more than a certain period of time.

Target however is akin to Greyhound in that they have taken part in the much more brutal experimentation end of this.

I am as of now no longer entering a Starbucks if there are any other alternatives including making my own coffee.

Many people are boycotting them due to their supporting gay marriage (which I agree with), their allowing gun owners to carry unconcealed in their franchises (which wud u rather have concealed or obvious also when the concealed guy or lone shooter shows up u couldnt be in a safer place).

I agree with avoiding them becuz they have baristas with snobby YUPpie attitudes who somehow make u feel like its their house and u need to live up to some standard they have. Also they make poverty appear quant and use it as an artform.

Starbucks is for people who wanna be in a real café with real artwork on the walls someplace meaningful but their day jobs and common mediocre lives prevent it daily. France is just to far away.

And goodness forbid there be anu real political discussions started in there like coffee houses used to be used for centuries ago.

Its time to start living to protect ourselves not pay big companies to abuse us.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sandy Hook Massacre Victim's Families Have Resemblence To Documented Professional Actors and Actresses In Field Known As 'Crises Acting'/ Devil-Horn-Guy aka Michael Greenburg

No disrespect to the families or the dead but this theory has to be looked at.;postID=2790407349737315180

This is to add to the last post on what I found on Sandy Hook massacre. It seems there's a profession called 'crises actors'. This website page further questions the validity of what happened in Newton, CT.

I was watching another vid on the subject. One of the commenters noted an older male flashing the sign of the horns in a still photo on CNN that was an old family photo of the teacher, Soto, who was killed.
Photo of still:

How creepy is this? I highly doubt that this guy is a TX Long Horns fan or he's deaf saying "I love you". Its always possible however.
The photo is on this site, Before Its News. The link above is very revealing, if its correct in its research.

(I dont think that the lawyer pictured on the above link is the Greenberg/Phelps female in question.)

The good thing for TI's about this is that we can finally put to rest the wondering we do that burns our brains and hearts out over time concerning exactly WHO Gang Stalkers are. Its obvious that they are in part, actors. Whether they work for intelligence or other parties is a whole other question but its comforting to finally see something put together like this. Its obvious from this incident and my or other TI's experiences that they have full cooperation from the government and corporations.

So the many weirdos we deal with, strangers who seem to know us and hate us- always the Starbucks barister who's new that none of the locals know who seems to be targeting you all the time, the cashier you see working in a convenience store in L.A. Union Station that you know you've experienced gang stalking harassment from in San Diego area, years ago.  Time and time again TI's, especially Survivors have to deal with the haunting, crazy making occurences of being so sure you've seen or been harassed by a person before that is now in another location which doesnt make sense. It also is interesting to note that when you do recognize the person and you do certain things to test your theory, these people you are SURE are perps do not react like normal people would to your actions.  Perps never react like normal human beings to your actions or reactions.

I recall a MA state cop was doing a regular route of harassment consistently in one location I frequented to make purchases a few times a month when I lived in Brighton, MA where this campaign went 24/7 on ruined my life.  One day I just got sick of it, still not knowing what Gang Stalking was.  I freaked out and went up to his window and screamed asking what do you want from me and this sort of reaction.  His windows were closed.  His reaction was not normal.
Any other normal police officer who was not enganging in harassment or up to no good and was dealing with a citizen who was behaving  as I was would have looked over at his passenger side window with some suprise and taken care of the situation including trying to find out what was wrong with me, if I was the one who needed help or if he was the one who needed backup. 
This statey simply stayed hands on the wheel firmly and looked straight ahead, then drove away as if nothing had occured.


Thats the thing about perps. They dont behave normally and they dont react to a Target's normal reactions in a return normal fashion. IF EVERYONE WAS INVOLVED WERE NORMAL TO BEGIN WITH.

They do however behave normally for a network of people who are trying to make someone degenerate mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally and deny any actions were taken against such a person to cause such a degeneration. 

This would explain how people who are part of churches and the like can be part of how sick this is. They are simply acting. They dont believe in anything they present themselves as as much as any other actor who is playing a part. There's so many perps around Cambridge, MA- so many church going people who are overt perps..I think its more likely they look to Harvard U, MIT and the power structure etc for where their loyalties are as opposed to the church they are seeming to frequent.

This perception certainly makes being targeted a whole lot easier. TI's know whats going on but this system always makes it so you dont really believe your own judgement until your are shown exactly how the illusions are pulled off.
Which is very sad becuz no one should have this much power over other people- not individuals or an entire nation.

I had trouble with the above link becuz it only claims the people pictured are a family called Greenberg in Florida and that those are photos of the Greenbergs. It could easily be done that Phelps' photos could be hacked and stolen then this conspiracy theory made up- maybe by right wing gun advocates or maybe by sick people wanting to screw with the emotions of traumatized people.

However, the people interviewed in CT do have suspicious expressions of emotions. Watch some of the vids related to the theory of a hoax on YouTube and you'll notice that's true of many of the interviewees.

I also found many other sites on what is referred to as the hoax or cover up of Sandy Hook.

This may all be a hoaxed conspiracy theory. Perhaps to divert away from legit questions about the inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook shooting.

One question remains: What is this man, referred to in this conspiracy theory as Michael Greenberg, doing flashing the sign of the horns or 'devil sign' in a family photo of the now slain teacher? And why did CNN find it necessary to post a photo that was so obvious?

Found Strange Blog Of A Possible TI/ Sandy Hook Massacre Questioned

I found this rather strange blog in searching something else. I dont know what to think of alot of the content as disinfo agents are always a problem among people claiming to be Survivors and Targeted Individuals. However I did find the following posts on the CT shooting to be interesting.

Here is a related YouTube vid linked in the post:

There are alot of weird people involved in the footage concerning the shootings. And Ive dealt with cops long enough in this to  know there was something in the officer's response. That hard ass, very frightening energy cops have when they want to push something through or intimidate people. 

Always depend on medical people to be alot more leaning towards betraying themselves when up to no good. You can force cops, ones that arent total shit, to actually do thier jobs by betraying themselves to the side of justice and good in the midst of them messing with you but it takes work and alot of manuevuers.

Even the cop stopping, not answering and choosing to move on instead of deal with the question is a small indication that something is wrong.  They are quite as smooth as criminals- which is a very good thing actually.  

It is rather amusing that one can plainly see for a moment he has an urge to get violent on the guy for asking that question but he cant behave like a rabid guard dog for the bad guys just then becuz civilized human beings happen to be watching. Hmph. Imagine the 'treatment' the guy would have gotten privately for daring to make sense and use his brain and question corrupt authority. I can attest that its quite a beat down- but ever worth it to know you've challenged a bunch of arrogant, fat cat bastards who think they are stronger and smarter than the public.

Many people involved in whats been ongoing who work for the bad guys if you will seem to have a part of them that often betrays itself to help out the good side. Its as if they are in a bind to work for the system, the bad guys but they arent completely taken over by that. Actually if the public refused to put up with all the nonsense thats gone on, the police might not have to play for the bad guys so much. 

This has all gone way to far at this point. Watching this just makes me think more and more that what we are up against has become such a massive monster that its now totally in control of society with just a minority of people understanding whats really going on.  Maybe we arent supposed to keep fighting. Maybe someone, somewhere decided that we were people who were worth telling about what was happening as this system grew. That we should just leave society to whatever fate this system has in store for it- we should escape somewhere that isnt affected by whats going on. Becuz it seems like a loosing battle, dealing with a public that is stupider and more insulated from reality as time goes on and it seems people like me are becoming more and more marginalized- finding alterative cultures and societies to exist in.

Maybe we dont even want to coexist with this society. Maybe the powers that be think we are too damn smart, too good and too special to suffer the fate of the masses who are buying into everything that is created in the media. 

Its come to a point now where I feel like I am existing in a foriegn country-a place where I cannot understand nor do I remotely resemble the majority of people in this society. Perhaps this is why I keep getting ideations to move to Europe and beyond. As if there are some places left in the world where the public doesnt believe nor will they tolerate this much mind gaming and manipulation.

As far as the shooting goes, there was something off about it from the start. The shooter, his mother and what was his motive? Why go shoot a bunch of kids instead of go directly to whoever might have pissed you off to begin with?

It could be that this community is not as innocent as they seem. CT is very sinister. Its one of the worst gang stalking states I have ever been to. Viscous. The shelter I was at in a small town outside Hartford had a large perp group that were really intense as well as the place was run by this really creepy lady with the evilest grin Ive ever seen.
I'm pretty sure they were putting something into the food to drug the clients, anti-psychotics I believe, becuz I would wake up in the middle of the night with uncontrollable kicking in my legs and  other side effects of such drugs. I also felt like there was some mood stabilzation drug in my system.

Even before I saw this post or the vid above I took a pic of a photo in a local San Diego newspaper which showed the kids from the school on the bus returning to school after the traumatic event:

Note the colors black, white and red. Specifically  black and white worn together.

The little boy in the red t-shirt (!) is quite an intriguing figure. Almost devlish in appearance.

Of course this pushes congress to reconsider gun laws...
Note the photo on the left hand side of another little boy in a red shirt, kissing a woman. CONGRESS once again referred to, and motherhood or women-also note black white and red as dominant colors in photo.

Guns 'out'- safe children and women in power 'in'.

Most compelling however is, next to all this horrible news, the good news is that the home of the future is here. Complete with 1's and 0's in coding. And a family lives inside. "Intelligent devices and robotics are revolutionizing home living at warp speed, as tech titans hope to cash in" it reads.
The white silhoette of the nuclear family within seem safe, insulated by all that tech coding- all those 1's and 0's.

You will be so super safe if you accept tech into your life- it will protect you from outside threats, like the ones headlining the newspaper.

Note how strong the images associated with the bad news are but how vague the colors associated with the good news are.

This is your chance to find HEAVEN (blue and white or blue, white and black) instead of the traumatic events that are creating such a living HELL in the outside world these days (red featured or black white and red).

These photos are definately a message to those of us who are Targets, specifically those who have seen this system close up. Red shirts as well as the black, white and red combo is used so frequently to harass TI's after they are sensitized to red shirts by Gang Stalking perpetrators that a Target cant help but take notice.
The system simply sensitizes those it wants to have eyes to see if you will, to certain things, then utilizes these cues in news stories, in media or in public spaces.

I was looking at an old magazine from the 80's a while ago. Black white and red combos with strange or obviously set up and posed subjects were found in those publications just not in such high numbers of occurance.
The system I suspect has always used this sort of behavioral conditioning on Targeted persons- its not a question of when the media started using black white and red for harassment its when you as a Targeted Individual get isolated and exposed to such conditioning that sensitises you.

It does seem from my research that the color combo is being used in a very high frequency in media specifically worn by news casters, meteorologists-even on Democracy Now! which I think alot of us thought we could trust. But then again, they seem very to the Left and Liberal, which means they might simply be playing for one side of the system as opposed to another. I've experienced Anarchists and Patriots in on this as well as Democrats and Republicans. ANYONE WHO WONT DEAL WITH GANG STALKING OR RELATED ISSUES cant be trusted. I realized that a long time ago and it only serves to isolate a TI even more from the mainstream reality.

At this point I am wondering if that is the purpose of GS. If, knowing and seeing how ridiculous this all is-what a lie and a deception it is, having grown within a GS campaign to this age- coming this far- should Target's even bother at a certain point to even engage  the public or thier reality? To even challenge what they are being fed?

Its like we are students who were picked out and taken from population to be isolated from everyone else. For our protection and for theirs.

Knowing what we know- what then, should we do?

Its obvious at this point that the average person isnt going to believe or understand the deception(s) around them, so what are we supposed to do with this knowledge?

Its obvioulsy wrong whats going on and even though one could argue that such deceptions from the powers that be have always existed, its getting a bit thick. And dangerous to humanity generally.

Should we just sit back, allow the general public to become so enslaved and just escape using our superior knowledge to somewhere much freer, more pleasant (and a hell of alot more fun) or should we keep spending our lives trying to get information out to people who basically live in lock down 24-7?

The deceptions they are pulling off are getting more and more crazy and the inconsistencies and patterns that are glaringly obvious that should make people suspect are being overlooked regularly now.

People have been fully trained almost it seems to NOT question the validity of thier environment or whats going on in it. Its very different from 20 or 30 years ago and its not normal. Its as if people have lost the ability to understand that the media and power structure has alot of tech on its side and to question if that is used against them or for sinister purposes or abuse of power.

An Important Message To Targets About Radiation Causing Illness, Possibly Death

The area I was in at that time-Cambridge, MA was actually already having its own issues with radiation in the environment BEFORE Japan's tsunami:

I recall clearly that I after the nuclear accident in Japan I had fatigue for one week straight and had to lay down and rest everyday at a women's drop-in in Cambridge. Whenever it rained I felt the same effects of fatigue.

My rectal bleeding along with a sharp pain in lower right abdomen began in August 2011 while staying in someone's place in Dorchester with friends from Cambridge.  (I posted during that time that the apartment had a Cisco wifi router, satellite tv and  multiple cell phones that, like the house in San Antonio I was in with the same set up- was driving me to exhibit signs of extreme stress and mental disturbance, which would cease upon leaving the domicile and would begin shortly after returning.) 

Then in February, 2012 in San Antonio TX the bleeding returned.  Note that this house also had a wifi router and satellite tv with multiple cell phones. 

I've felt my health had degenerated from 2011 onwards. No longer did I feel youthful or in fairly good health (which had become somewhat more tricky after having anaphylaxis from Bactrim in December 2009 which induced allergic reactions to various foods and latex that are now permanent, thus I could no longer take herbs, vitamins nor eat certain foods that provided such benefits)  but genuinely sickly and tired frequently.

In 2012  I developed  have a pulling sensation in my liver and have had chronic liver disease for years but never felt that sensation. This sensation occurs very specific to location as in only certain states or areas of  states. Its very frequent in Boston/Cambridge area and Austin, TX and other areas of the USA during travel I don't recall.

I also developed a condition which feels like a weakness in some part of the digestive system that causes pain on my right side especially when heavily fried foods were eaten.  This seems to be location specific to a point but if I eat trigger foods or amounts it will act up anywhere.

I began traveling with a companion. We  traveled north in summer 2012. In Portland, ME there were conspicuous large  structures atop a building in center of downtown that looked like multiple drums which I now recognize as microwave towers. I felt more stress in this location than coming up coast.  After 24 hours in this location and only after sitting across from this building on the second day, I began having sharp pains in my abdomen around the location of an old surgery scar- I became immobilized and couldn't walk properly or carry my backpack and had to go to the emergency room. I left the area after I was discharged from the ER.

While traveling, upon returning to San Antonio, TX  November 2012 I experienced the same internal bleeding issue again.

I then had another episode of bleeding in late December 2012 while urban camping in Hillcrest in San Diego, CA. (I did a post on the AT&T microwave towers there complete with a YouTuber measuring radiation levels from atop the neighboring Whole Foods market). In this location I developed a pain and pressure sensation up inside the anal cavity.

I was advised by physicians in San Diego to have tests done now and not wait until my colonoscopy  scheduled for May of 2013 in Boston, MA.
Polyps  have been found and one other thing that explains bleeding, samples were sent off to a lab to test for cancer.

I am still experiencing the  pain and pressure  which began  in Hillcrest though some relief was experienced right after the procedure one week ago today.

What I am trying to establish is that Targeted Individuals are being pushed into lifestyles where we live outside and must live by little means and have to keep moving frequently due to ongoing harassment, weather conditions or other circumstances  that may drive us to be in locations that expose us to radiation. 

In the case of anyone who is a human radiation experimentee or like myself who's mother was exposed to radiation in infancy  it may be that there is a plan to not only lower parts of the general population but to finish off Targeted Individuals who have perhaps been made sick over the years to begin with through the weapons and technologies being used within gang stalking campaigns.   Those of us who come from an egg from a female exposed to radiation as an infant may be even more weakened than other Targets.

I would say that the afore mentioned string of events demonstrates exactly that. 

What I do question is why many people do not seem effected by radiation as we who are sensitive are. Perhaps the sinister powers behind this scheme are out to kill off only those not strong enough to survive. 

The thing is is that as an aware TI you already know whats really going on and actually have been given the info to avoid being trapped into this predicament.

GS however serves to keep Targets brainwashed, in denial and  having our common sense jammed so we r stupid enough to go into these places we know by logic are deadly to us.


If you dont suicide this is what may happen to you. You already know whats up compared to the rest of the population use this information and find safe areas. It seems like the only way to survive.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reader Comment On Frank Olson-One Of Many Victims Of MK Ultra Who Worked On The Project

"Frank Olson had applied for a job at Porton Down, in Wiltshire, just before he was killed. Around two weeks before his death, he visited the laboratories there and was introduced to staff as "Frank, he's going to be working with us." He seemed quite happy, even excited, to have a chance of doing useful work that would actually protect soldiers on the battlefield, rather than the Dr Mengele stuff he had been doing for the CIA. For some reason, Frank's job at Porton (and the tour shows he had been accepted by the minister, Duncan Sands, and cleared by MI5) gets no mention in the "in-depth" investigations into his case. The CIA wasn't afraid of Frank revealing what they'd done to the public: they were frightened he might reveal what they'd done to experts who'd understand it and whose cooperation the US Military needed on a day to day basis. Who could have actually stopped the CIA doing wild experiments on unconsenting subjects in Europe? Not everybody, but Duncan Sands, Minister of on MK Delta Publish | Delete | Spam" Its a nice tidy story but what documentation, references, links can u post to prove it? Please provide evidence, thanks.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reader Comment On Gang Stalklers Being Non Creatives-This Is Not The Case

"The way I look at it, they're just a bunch of asses trying to ruin other people's lives because they don't have one of their own. Could this many people really need to gang up on one or a few people (TI's) because their lives suck that bad? It's their need for speed. When people with actual ability play or create art, they are doing so because it brings them extreme pleasure. When assholes who lack talent and who also have no or miserable lives, they can't achieve stimulation through art; rather, they do it by destroying others can have ability. It must make them very mad that they can't play an instrument or create art. So, they join the rest of the asshole gangs in gangstalking up on those that can actually do something or enjoy their lives. Haha, I see no need in joining the others who are mad because I don't see things the way "THEY" do. I'm sorry I have talent and do not see the need to go after innocent people with talent as though they were prey. This implies that on The US Lies, The People Lie...And Ive Had Enough Publish | Delete | Spam"

 This is not true in my experience. One of my perps, a helpful one but still a perp and his son too was a professor from The Museum Of Fine Arts school in Boston who was on permanent haitus or break due to an anyeurism.

Only artists, writers and actors and the media as a whole can produce media psy ops tailored to hit certain Targets specifically.

There are plenty of creative people in on GS. Dont forget many people in the music industry who are Satanists are in on GS related to ritual abuse. I recall one extreme metal band member said in a documentary: "Look what happened- we scared who we needed to scare and now, we are world famous." Yeah, whatever.

At least the musicians in metal and the like are honest about what they do to people to get what they want, the laughable thing is that the public are too trusting and certain evil doesnt actually exist to believe whats put right in front of thier faces by those doing themselves. Its hysterical and utterly ridiculous.

 I can stand people who are scumbags but yet, are extremely talented, make music I can use or like and are honest about what they've done. What is intolerable are people in Hollywood who pretend to be part of the still mom and apple pie/military world police USA culture when its so damned corrupt. I'd rather my kid try out metal music and understand fully what they are dealing with and getting into than to have one Justin Beiber poster on thier wall. He's just as involved in sinister goings on, he just hides it from the public. As if he hasnt done creepy sh*t to get where he is today.

And to be quite honest alot of people who are the very best in thier field are alot more likely to be Satanic due to thier talents. And such people are going to be bored, highly intelligent and probably believe that something like mind control slavery is totally normal and entitled to them and thiers.

I agree that alot of the perps- the field agents seem like losers, goofy or like they are insecure, controlled- lacking. They too are servants of higher ups. Ive seen some of the people who are in on this who are higher up- they are way more overconfident bigger assh*les than the usual perp messing with Targets in public. And they are far more dangerous with a hell of alot of money.

Dont try to make yourselves feel better by claiming that the GS system does not contain alot of powerful people who believe us to be worthless and deserve to be treated this way becuz you are lying to yourself and in war that is dangerous and it weakens you. Its not true anyway.

They are simply people with Satanic or sadistic natures or they have only known a life where they were taught to treat people in this manner so they have no references for any other kind of behaviors. Thier brains are trained only to know the way they live as they do. It would take THIER being put into behavior modification programs to change the people responsible for Gang Stalking, mind control etc.

They are no weaker or better or whatever- they simply have different value systems. They do know however that many TI's are powerful which is why they put thier goofy perp goons on us in large numbers when we have to fight all by ourselves. Plus alot of this is to see if a human being can be brain damaged, depatterned and then rebuilt according to a desired design as well as it seems testing by the military to see how soldiers can be guided out in the field of battle. Many of us are guided through being Gang Stalked to the point of feeling like we no longer have any minds or Wills of our own left.

So its all part of the continued MK Ultra and related experimentation. Thier just abusing people from certain bloodlines and genetic pools. The people behind this are just assh*les who cant behave any differently. Trying to convince yourself they are somehow powerless is suicide on the battlefield.

Realize that they have all the power- the only thing you are doing as a resisting Target is dying with some dignity by rejecting slavery. Thats all. Nothing else.

To GREG Who is Doing A TI Lawsuit And A FB Please Email Me

"R, don't know if you've heard about this yet. I'm passing along this post from a fb group. See link below to a PDF with more info. Not sure I will do this, but thought you should know. kit. zm ---below is cut & paste from fb group--- (goal for submitting paperwork is Nov. 30 - fb group lookup is Free EH legal representation) Free EH legal representation. My name is Greg. For one year I’ve been putting together a mass filing lawsuit against the United States Federal Government to get them to stop electronic harassment and to get them to investigate. We’ve put together 1000 plus people who are now joining in our suit and have retained an attorney. We are trying to increase the number of those filing in our suit as the objective is to create so much work for the opposing attorney that he won’t want to fight them all and will settle and in case he fights them in trial this is such a solid suit that over time he will loose one trial and we win. If we win the FBI and FCC will on Gang Stalking Serves To Keep TIs And American Citizens From Leaving The United States Publish | Delete | Spam"
BLOGGER changed its interface within last year so I cant see past a certain amount of words in the comments, until I publish them where they do come out complete.

So could you please email me at and I will try to get to my email asap. Thanks Greg...

California University Warns MI Complex Is Creating Soldiers With Mutant Powers

Activists like me have been warning the public for years. The majority of the public are blocked from knowing whats going on by mass media and the discrediting of activists, as well as the constant work of the disinformation network. Its a goddamn machine that just never stops.

 All any of us can do is our part and if no one hears then thats on them. Its not we haven't suffered to do OUR duty. What's so obnoxious is that the bastards are creating fake, man made versions of us...Nature's marvels. I hope.its another tower of Babel that falls right on them and destroys them.

Why would the public be so trusting of an industry that bases its money making in killing and death? And the PEOPLE from those contracting companies are the worst. Believe me I've had to deal with them.

The public doesn't ever get a look inside this industry. Its like they accept it as a faceless force.of power-this monolithic godlike presence in our world.

Technomancers are not god's-they are overly clever monkeys who come from money. And their geek based insecurity and aggressions are all to evident and destroying the world.

There's a reason nerds should never be allowed to rule-there's a reason jocks beat these kids up. Becuz their failings make them dangerous psychos once they get into power.

 We can only hope there's been some 'stand up' geeks helping us and fighting alongside side us this whole time.

Turns Out GS A Female TI Is Largely Rooted In Human Male Sexual Aggression Behavior As Exhibited In Primates

"When we look closely we find that, in many primates, hardly an aspect of female existence is not constrained in some way by the presence of aggressive males."

Even this urge and obsession to control, manipulate and built human beings-to play 'god' is based on their insane sexual aggressions towards survival of the species.

 Why must humanity keep from evolving peacefully simpmit they have no control over their primitive aggressions? Besides the fact the military is notorius for being obsessed with raping in war, raping their own female soldiers, raping each other (former soldiers' testimonies exist) and closeted gay sexual culture not to mention screwing with more little boys than any priest ever had an opportunity to.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Feel Pretty Good Today-Didnt Realize Its A Federal Holiday

Of course I am doing well today and feel as normal as the late 80s. Its a federal holiday and so many computers and cells are off. The electromag pollution is low.

Also as Ive posted, Sundays are much clearer than the rest of the week for being targeted and so are the hours of 12 midnight to 6am approximately around the USA. However holidays are the times of most clarity, relief and a return to normalcy not experienced since the late 80s. 00000

Of course the racial implications of the holiday have struck me but I take no offense. Lots of African Americans are in positions of power nowadays as well as in on gang stalking in very high numbers.

Targets should not take this personally nor be too concerned by such conditions. Becuz there have been many times in history when a people have done such things to make their way to power or in the case of traditional slave peoples, continued their positions as house slaves for the power structure so that they may either continue to gain favor or perhaps finally buy their freedom.

Many African Americans are as bad as their overlords in arrogance and feeling superior to other kinds of peoples. Realize this is based soley on having the ruling class as their protectors. They can afford to feed their delusions of superiority as a people due to their usefulness to the oppressive ruling powers. (I am referring to those supporting the agenda and especially those belittling the efforts of or actively getting in the way of those of us fighting to survive or freedom fight.)

Those who do not serve the shadow system or who are not obedient to the conformist system end up just like any of us.

 Blacks are and always have been a weapon against those who are a threat to the households, property and fortunes of those they serve in the upper classes who rule society.

Thus they shud never be trusted as they were never allowed to experience true freedom from slavery. Those who have found or aquired freedom either dont need or reject such a value system. And i mean mental and spiritual freedom not just power or monetary wealth as a means of such.

The idea that if one supports all black people in the USA this means one supports civil rights, equality for all or a genuine fight for human rights and freedom and truth is just another manipulation of the Left, Liberal, Democrat part of the system in this country. If you notice, these factions have always been for their own special interests not for true freedom or protections of human rights for all.

The idea that all African Americans deserve support at the expense of say, someone like me, a poor white female is bigoted, ignorant, sexist and ridiculous in itself.

This political ideology and mentality simply evolved to protect the interests of the Liberal elite in certain areas of the USA as opposed to other kinds of elite and money in other parts of the USA. Its STILL THE ELITE. THAT'S the key word.

I get alot of crap for being who I am and trying to do what I do as well as trying to write an exposé or get legal representation. Especially blacks who's line of brainwash usually includes attempts to break me down using the idea that I am.lying, making up stories, am full of sh*t or am simply unimportant or whatever they can use from the cover story or dirt the system has on me to try to shame me into submission, compliance or giving up what I am doing.

Don't ever forget that YOU ARE NOT AFRICAN.(if u r a non black TI). There's no way u shud b subject to THEIR rules, THEIR culture or especially their authority. Always keep in mind their intimidation is an extension of the ruling powers attempt to crush you. The very fact they r even allowed such access to someone outside their culture shows that its made possible through the people they work for, never their own power.

However, such disrespect should anger anyone of non African descent. The powers that be are basically saying you are a slave or belong in slave culture. If u notice its no longer the height of black accomplishment the media are pushing any longer to shape Western culture-jazz, traditional African, fusion and numerous other music genres I dont even know about growing from sub Saharan African descent- its the slave mentality within African American culture that now rules the world. Its no longer the capacity for depth, deep emotion, healing power or exemplary beauty thats focused on-its a repetitive, hypnotic beat with degrading, violent, redundant lyrics that have blacks and other cultures in its grip. Know also that theres an alternative timeline in the evolution of rap where there exists 'underground' rap which often features lyrical content dealing with injustice, bs within the culture and rap industry as well as the larger issue of the NWO agenda. Things your average person is too lazy to deal or afraid of.

Rap thats being used to manipulate society and keep people down is rap that never grows beyond fighting out of slavery-its evolution goes from being oppressed to now being obsessed with monetary gain. Nor does it go up against the powers that be like alt rap.

Years ago, hip hop music companies who were...not the brightest career criminals perhaps, tried this-to go on their own without The Man's power and consent- and immediately found themselves being raided by the FBI and similar actions.

African Americans are being lorded over other cultures and peoples and the most negative of their creative capabilities featured and made dominant simply to serve an age old agenda of the powers that be-to control and degrade the masses and prevent an evolution of humanity.

Its not the 70s anymore and one must take new information and recalculate whats really going on in the world now. Those of us who know the truth must now reconstruct reality and live accordingly.

This is the true evolution of society not the version being presented by special interests and the system. Unfortunately that evolution was guided by a system that has made something so negative and so oppressive instead of what could've been.

 The key is to look for alternative peoples, cultures and attitudes-ones that somehow have resisted the rot.

Reader Comment On Common Behavior Mod Program: Brainwash TI Into Extremism Such As Hating Blacks And Jews

"2 COMMENTS: Mike said... * I was in a store and a family of jews came down the aisle i was in, the father said what sounded like, 'the perverts there' , and then a couple of minutes later they discuss getting dressed up for the little jews barmatzvah. As a single man with no family I think I have a right to watch internet adult porn without any jews commenting i'm a pervert, after all the jews run the whole porn industry, and do their wierd kiddie rituals putting their lips on little boys peepees. I guess the jews just want family people to watch the porn they make, so then they can break up a morally strong families. * 10/8/12, 5:45 PM"

 One specific behavior modification/discrediting program thats commonly used is to make the target racist, specifically towards blacks and Jews. This is probably what happened to Mel Gibson as he degenerated after doing some project where he touched on the corruption of the military industrial complex of Massachusetts, where I am.from btw, and that includes some of rhe country's oldest money, power and institutions.

And probably Hollywood or other factions wanted him gone too for whatever reason. Its happened to me as well and I make sure I stay balanced, fair and tell people on this blog that is whats happening to me. That i am being brainwashed and pushed into extremism. Note many lone shooters are military connected or have white supremacy leanings. THIS SYSTEM IS FORCING PEOPLE TO BECOME TERRORISTS/EXTREMISTS TO SURVIVE. African Americans or 'blacks' if u will are a huge racial demographic in gang stalking within the United States and that's witnessed by African American TIs also. No one race or creed or religion can be trusted anymore to fight against this kind of oppression. This then serves to make the Target more.confused about where allies can b found as well as exactly who is the enemy.

With enough sleep deprivation, overwork and burnout as well as stress in the environment and of course tech/chemical influences a Target will slip into being brainwashed to blame The Jews or The Blacks.

The problem is that these cultures do have great problems with outsiders as well as a track record of hatred towards non members.

 I think whites who are not Jewish and were not born wealthy, perhaps also uneducated can easily fall into this trap becuz even though other whites and the wealthy are part of gang stalking us in campaigns also, we r more used to their oppression and snubbing of us or seperatism from us. Its easier to accept this from our 'own kind'. Traditionally at some points at least, blacks or Jews have sympathized or joined forces with us. I know this has been true for me before this all started.

 So its the ultimate Divide And Conquer program and also serves to further confuse and isolate a Target from society and potential allies.

The ultimate discredit victory comes when a TI has had enuf and becomes a white supremacisist to literally, survive the harassment campaign and betrayals and isolation and torture for years on end.

Its brainwashing, plain and simple and nothing else.

U will find that a way to shake off this effect is to go rest long and hard somewhere AWAY from the kinds of people they r using against u. There r still places left without alot of diversity. But beware. If u try TX for instance u will only get more oppression from militant factions, people who stand by the GS system who are white as well as the southern USA's house slaves:uppityMexicans. U have to go somewhere that is away from or by its nature keeps out the powers and the kinds of people who are heavily involved with GS to begin with. 

U have to find these places on your own but u better take a rest or u WILL become brainwashed into becoming a NeoNazi to survive.

Dont ever trust anyone especially people with a history of hatred and resentment towards your kind but dont ever believe u don't have allies within other cultures or demographics either.

The best line of defense while staying within the stressful environment is to become RACIALLY AWARE not racist, be suspect of political correctness being used for oppression and retreat into your DNA for support, guidance and wisdom. Find out what your ancestral cultures are and read up on them heavily on credible academic sites. Those dna strands are very strong and they r something this system cannot break, becuz they are so deep inside you as a human animal

This system can only go so far inside a person so the key is finding places or things within they cannot enter. Also seeking environments they cannot use against u so easily as Ive mentioned.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reader Comment Reminds TIs GS Is In Reality Psy Warfare

"Anonymous Anonymous said:
Yeah, I got skits that seemed very professionally done. Like this one convenience store. I walk past there every goddamned night with no problems. Last night, however, they put on a whopper of a skit, a girl who works there and her friend. And it seemed professional done, at least it seemed scripted by someone. And it's interesting that they always leave me alone there, until last night. 
 And one hallmark of professionally-done skits is that they seem very much like a personal attack on you. But I've determined that sometimes it isn't really a personal attack; that's just the thoroughness of the psychological aspect. I've been getting the impression through my research that psychologists and behavioral scientists are involved. The surveillance data is collected and given to them, and they parse it all, and come up with certain scenarios, go through likes and dislikes of the TI, and figure out where they can manufacture likes and dislikes through repeated conditioning. In your case, they must have figured that you have a background of hanging out with blacks, growing up. You knew good from bad blacks. And now they are using this against you, trying to work on your dislike of certain unfavored blacks, your knowledge of what makes a bad from a good person. and they are using what seems to be black male assholes trying to get inside your pants.

What are the chances they really are going to try getting you to fuck with them? The system would never allow you to contact them anyways. They seem to be working some sort of hatred/like of certain subgroups of blacks on you. And that's where your campaign is personalized: the psychologists and behavioral scientists are the "pros" that you are referring to, and they dream all of this stuff up. And it could also be an efficient use of a convenient demographic in the cities you visit to accomplish this. 

10/11/12, 3:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said... [continued/had to break post/too long/don't know if I overlapped]
They have pros on their stuff that figure all of this shit out. It could only be done by real psychologists, and maybe they have additional credits in psychological warfare.

 And that's probably why the psychaitrist was giving you the phony diagnoses. All that had to do is collobrate with the "pros" (the perps, who are really staff psychologists working for the system). It's designed to look like people are doing it for revenge, but that's just an illusion because of the hard work they put into figuring out a target's psyche.

 It seems unrealistic that this many people could really hate one person so much. It's just not feasible. Especially since different people express hate in different ways. Yet, they are all doing it the same way, as though they were following a script that followed from a very professionally worked psychological profile. It's designed to look like jealous assholes who are one-track minded who can't seem to curb their obsessiveness over a target's set of traits. It's done with a collaboration of mental healthy professionals. 

 After what happened last night, it hit a low point. I was really going crazy, but then those girls doing the skit, who seemed to hate me and wanted to mob me raised some questions: 1) why have they never "attacked" me with a skit before? I had been walking past there for months with not a peep. 2) The one girl involved waved and said "hi", and seemed to be like a co-worker more than a hater, like she was doing a job. 

 In a small town, you'd notice that it seems like someone different is taking turns with others doing the mobbing. In fact they seem to be scared of something, like what happens if they get picked to put on a skit and they refuse? That's why it's important not to react. I reacted by putting my middle finger up to the sky to show the asshole pros that I knew they did it, they scripted all of it, it's THEIR work and not the vicious attack of jealous bitches. I kept it there for some time. Just sick of some of this bullsh  10/11/12, 3:06 PM" 

Intellectually Targets know its psy ops and not really personal but TIs are only human and with how much access to Intel they have on people the amount of control they gain over a human animal isnt easy to battle.

They seperatw us from all we've known previously and isolate us and marginalize us from society, from reality really.

 Its very helpful to see this said in print.

Gang Stalking In Corporate Businesses

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lance Armstrong's Image Used In GS Program Before His Drug Bust

Ok this. You've all heard about Lance Armstrong's situation in the news.

Strangely he was a celebrity who figured prominently in the interfaces i have experienced in the past few years.

Now before u dismiss this as purely the insane delusions of a mentally ill woman remember that perps tend to be people who are either in trouble with the law as of their gs involvement or theyve been in trouble for some time and have been serving the system for some time now. This also includes people who are at risk for being in trouble, those who want to avoid exposure.

The illusions I was being fed concerning Armstrong consisted of his appearing to interact with me psychically or a short piece like a video clip being broadcast in the same fashion. This illusion consisted of him appearing in my mind telling me tk "challenge yourself". In actuality I was pushing myself to exhaustion and ill health as I had been for years.

These few falsified contacts were a few years ago before he got busted for performance enhancing drugs-using them and dealing them. 

Of course as of his being exposed and busted there were no more illusions created containing his image or likeness.

Its interesting that just as these illusions were used in my GS program there were many billboards of his image present in the landscape of areas I was traveling in. That seemed to give the illusion of the mental image alot of power. It reinforced the effect.

 In these false contacts he once appeared in an image on his bike wih his helmet on for the quick flash that was this mental image.

I wonder if some one out there wants these people targeted themselves or if they use people like Armstrong who are involved in illegal activity to influence Targets by way of using the power of their celebrity image for psychological warfare.

Finally Took Care Of Internal Bleeding Issue

Had procedure yesterday. They found the source of my bleeding and some polyps were removed. I also have the ultrasound of my liver from MA (which I bet shows nothing wrong with me) in my possession as a TI should always get physical evidence of medical procedures. Harvard is so f*cking evil.

 As ive posted many medical institutions can't be trusted.

 I worked very hard to get that procedure organized and done

The system seems nervous that I actually have evidence there.was something wrong wirh me as well as took care of my health.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CRACKED Magazine Runs Disinfo About Gang Stalking

This publication was usually geared towards middle school kids not adults. Its the poor man's MAD magazine. I remember when CRACKED seemed to become popular again in the 80s after beinf drowned out for yesrs by MAD. (With good reason).

The difference? No matter how sold out MAD becomes they will always be dissident compared to this 80's baby. If you were in middle school in the 80s u r old enough to recall horror stories from Boomer age adults about 60s oppression, covert activities and the actions of a cheating conniving greedy govt and private sector that would do anything to keep the establishment in control. So then you know damn well that these kinds of people dont usually go away or give up power-they simply adapt and meet the challenges of rebellion.

For some odd reason, probably massive large scale brainwashing-nowadays people perceive the dark and sinister side of human nature to be something they have complete access to knowing about. As if technology and improvements to law enforcement agencies have somehow dispensed with corruption or humans seeking to have ultimate power over others. They believe somehow that they have a full view of such activities on cable, satellite or the internet as if nothing in life exists any longer thats hidden. As if every agency in govt, the military osr law enforcement that claims it has cleaned its act is genuine in these claims and telling the truth to the public.

The truth is that the public believe they have all the info at hand and can no longer use their imaginations or intuition to conceive of something going on behind the scenes. Too much CSI, court tv, tru crime stories tv, movies and internet have them captured in a media net that creates the atteactive illusion that all that you see is all their is. Its the ultimate false environment thats been created.

You can choose to live in it or realize it is truly a man made created falsehood that contains and traps humans and is NOT a realistic reflection of actual reality-not according to human's history nor what currently goes on in foreign nations.

As if such oppression could not happen in the United States.

Actually, Targeted Individuals' claims that this system is international and harassment begins again within weeks or months of arriving in a gives credibility to the concept of a network that is covert in nature, one that sounds an awful lot like intelligence agencies both private such as black ops contractors or those working for governments.

And usually Targets can make claim to some sort of motive that is feasible for their situations. Its always been easy to determine who's truly targeted and who's making up stories. I've met people who make claims and their stories dont add up nor do they seem to be suffering from any GS stress.

They are either truly mentally ill, attention seeking or perhaps decoys to divert attention from real Targets and discredit us.

The idea that in this day and age with the amount of advances in technology that such a system could not exist is absolutely ludicrous. Obviously people are not thinking straight and are having their attentions diverted by the economy, terrorism etc. 

The country's gotten extremely stupid is the problem...but for those of us here who know whats really going on, it cant be helped can it? Its not their faults. They are just mere human animals easily manipulated by the system now in place. 

The very fact a kid's magazine has such disinformation in it is a show of the system's desperation. Too many of us have credible stories and there are more of us every year piling up testimonies.

There is now a disparity between those of us seeing the true reality in this world and those who are stuck in the false environment. It seems the only real freedom left is the Will to choose. No matter what evidence you present to some human animals they will still insist on the safety and security of the falsehood provided by the oppressor instead of truth.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Mother Supposedly Comments On A Post

"Racheal, Kindly take down my name (both married and maiden). I don't want my name out there. Also, nothing happened at Bethesda, MD. This was another hospital. Glad to see that you're still here. It's the only way I know you're OK. Your mother. on Why Is A Great City Like Austin So Bloated With GS Scum And New Money Snobs? Publish | Delete | Spam" 

 First of all I know my mother. She would simply have her 'creative' lawyer contact me to take it down not write me in the comment section. Also, I challenge this selfish b*tch to actually have her lawyer contact me or one I may get to handle this. Becuz if this actuall her she has alot of audacity even contacting me.

 Secondly, whoever posted that, whether it be my mother or some one pretending to be her, my mother actually did repeat over and over that she was treated in the "Bethesda Maryland Naval Hospital" when talking about her being a radiation experimentee from the 1950's. THAT is what she used to say. And actually, the correct reference is that its the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

And also, lets not be so damn picky about details. If this is indeed from my mother, then listen to this good becuz I am only going to post it once.

Ive been the one working my ass off every day of my life on this project and living in the street. If you knew about my blogs and knew I maybe needed your paperwork that proves you are an actual experimentee or if you could clarify such details then you should have provided them due to the fact that I am only targeted due to being YOUR daughter.

My mother would never admit to actually being an experimentee anyway becuz in her own words she "dropped it" (the class action lawsuit in 1995 at the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments) according to her becuz "I was followed". My mother would never spell her own daughter's name incorrectly which is hysterical.

My mother is too busy probably telling everyone that I am simply a schizo like my dad to cover her ass. She's way to smart and careful to contact me. She always has been the better sneaky bitch.

Too bad she only talks shit instead of being the one with the true brass balls. Some people arent willing to die for a cause, even if its the right thing to do.

No matter how many subscriptions to LEATHERNECK magazine this woman subscribes to or has Semper Fi stickers and yellow ribbons stuck on her car, some of us in the Willems family are actually the ones who exemplify what it means to fight for whats right, til the end, without wavering, to protect the innocent and to live for destroying one's enemies and avenging the forsaken.  To live out of a backpack, to challenge one's body and mind and stay in the battle field until its over or death comes.

And I never liked the corp. I dont try to be this way I just am. Becuz someone has to do this if my wimpy ass fucked up family wont I have to then- becuz its the RIGHT THING TO DO.

So if my mother wants her name removed then have her get her bastard, crooked, manipulative attorney to contact me- force me to.  Then I will sue the shit out of you for putting me out on the street and lying to me and playing games during a federal investigation in Boston. Go for it. See what happens.

Believe me, my mother's family never wants to see me again. Becuz if I ever contact them again its going to be with a lawyer to destroy them or with a semi auto and they are all going to drop dead. Perps were even telling me that my mother sold me out for money and that she is "sick" for her part in what happened.

The only reason that bitch or my stupid family are still breathing is becuz I know damn well that they are controlled, frightened and my mother was so abused as  child she's incapable of being anything but sick. She's also programmed and has issues with dissociation as well but isnt intelligent enough nor bold enough to face that and heal herself. Thats on her.

And I will also sue for the detective who's on the Waltham police force thats related to my maternal grandmother who was involved in this also.  I'll take my cousin Christin down too if I can-anyone I can get to will fall.

So if my dear mother is the one behind this she better stick to stuffing her face with cookies and talking mean shit about people with her relatives behind people's backs thinking she's the smarter one, hidden inside her room sleeping all day, watching movies, buying useless material things and occasionally trying to get employment or housing which she always loses BECUZ SHE WONT ADMIT SHE'S TARGETED.

I show my love for my family by telling the truth about this system and about how my mother was screwed up by obviously MK Ultra connected to the radiation experimentation.

Dont give me a chance to destroy my family, any police dept in Boston or the organized crime scum involved either. Boston can go straight to hell for all I care.  Fuck Boston and fuck anyone who helped destroy my life. Yer dead if I ever get the chance.

If you wanna contact me do it through a lawyer. Or a subpoena   Like the feds should have during that investigation instead of harassing me. Which they will pay for also.

Its just one big ongoing joke to these f*ckers. They just keep on playing games.

Its probably some last ditch attempt to get me to react so that I cant find out if TIs are as eligible to sue contractors as actual torture victims.  That bitch mother of mine doesnt have the balls to contact me and after her part in the plot of evil design, she would be a fool to do so.

BTW, b*tch, whatha ass gonna do when I leave for Europe? None of the people that fat bitch nor the other fat bitch Julie is connected to is gonna be able to stop anything I have to say over there. In fact I do believe I will find many many sympathizers. And I will use them to destroy. Boston pays, eventually. Becuz everyone pays thier debts eventually no matter how much they put them off- my mother was an accountant and told me so lol.
(Anyone got anything to say about me expressing my anger with poetic lic by talking about an automatic weapon be my guest- it will push me to seek legal councel sooner).

Its so much fun isnt it, how I can be made to react and waste my time. Think you're winning right?

Comment From Reader Defends Israel, Tells Of Israeli Protection From GS Activity

"You spread lies about israel, as money other do. You know very well that israel is a great country where all citizens are treated equally. The arabs of israel have complete freedom something that they can not find in any other arab country in the world. Israel has nothing to do with gang stalking and electronic harassment. This is done by the fbi and the cia. I am myself targeted individual that left california because the electronic harassment. The perpetrators followed me to israel. Israel try to protect me from their criminal activity while usa is doing nothing to protect it citizens. What you write in your articles are lies and you are very well aware of that. There isnt any electronic weapons in israel and people dont gang stalk each other. It is a country that saves muslim people that run away from sudan and that are thrown from eagipt. This nation is example of great plce with great humen rights. Stop spreading lies about israel. I am inviting everyone to visit this country on Israel and Judaism as Related To GangStalking, RA and 9-11 Remove content | Delete | Spam"

Actually I have no idea what goes on in Israel except that I seemed to be perped by a hell of alot of Jews in Brookline, Boston and surrounding areas. Especially Newton and Brookline rich Jews were heavily in on this. Some very religiously dressed Jews too the ones in Brookline that wear special clothes (not the Hassidic ones but ones I dont know what you would categorize them as).  Also, some people from Israel that ran a massage parlor were in with locals and local cops and turned out to be very nasty to me and making fun of me and such.
There were only a few Jews that seemed to do the right things and not partake in what was being done to me. I have a VERY bad impression of Jews and African Americans from Boston area becuz of how nasty both these groups were to me consistently and I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM.------- Blacks are the worst bastards in on GS but its not thier fault- they are for the most part house slaves of the American powers that be and many of them that truly rebel end up dead or running to a foreign country to survive. Just look at Professor Grif from Public Enemy- he shows signs of Gang Stalking stress surely, while that idiot crack head with the big watch around his neck in thier early vids and Dr. Dre are quite fine with Hollywood and always doing well- or in the crack head's case doing more tap dancin' for the man by being a goof on dumb reality shows.

 Jews of all people, should f*ckin' know better. I dont know what the damn problem is, if its part of 9-11, if they hate good looking naturally talented Goyim or if its part of some Jewish Ritual Abuse bs against Gentiles, specifically Catholics- and I dont give a sh*t. I know who f*cked me over in Boston and Ive got a very specific black list that one day, I am going to finish business with.

Nobody does to me what the communities of Brookline and Newton did to me, specifically not a bunch of rich-kid, spoiled rotten Jewish trust fund kids who's families are so damn tight that they dont give their 50- year old kids a dime but thier families buy them new cars whenever they cry to them, so that the govt doesnt see the kids' have any money so THIER kids can go on SSI and rip off the US government.
Just as I had a bond with Jews from the area I lived in I had a bond with African Americans, a love/hate relationship, from growing up with them partially in Boston. Due to all thats happened I have felt that Jews had turned on me, and for this I will never forgive them. As a poor white female from Boston, I felt Blacks fought for many of the same things we did, now it seems they've turned on us for the favors of the elite, especially since white women included black males in the 60's civil rights movement and they repayed this work with gangsta rap that spreads sexist bs with 'bitch' and 'ho', does nothing but SUPPORT the white male oppressors and brings down white folk world wide BECUZ THE RAP INDUSTRY AND ITS DRUG DEALING GANG COUNTERPARTS WORK FOR THE CORRUPT ROGUE GOVT THAT BRINGS IN DRUGS TO BEGIN WITH. After all that work, they just returned to being house slaves, which in part I dont blame them for becuz the system works on the psychological slavery system that they used to use in the slave days, now using poverty, police brutality and the prison system etc, but it STILL MAKES THEM, as a people, UNTRUSTWORTHY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST THE NWO AGENDA. Individuals may be fighting with us but trusting blacks based on just thier civil rights history is suicidal to activists working on these levels now.
Especially considering COINTELPRO used black agents.

 Due to my not knowing my dad's family and so many Jews being of Eastern European extraction they were also the closest thing to that I had to relate to also. The GS system has literally torn me from Jewish culture and this is in part due to the actions of many Jews themselves so- I dont trust Jews at this point.

Also there are many activists pushing for PC policies in European countries that seem to be geared towards destroying European peoples and our history. This cannot be disregarded. Perhaps some force somewhere needed me to be torn from the pacification of Judaism, as its become a tool of oppression and deception in the NWO. I dont know.

 However, to be fair I have heard that Israel tried to warn the USA before the terrorist attacks and the US agencies let it happen. Yet Ive also heard about the Dancing Israeli's who filmed the attacks then fled to Israel when they were being questioned about why exactly they were there and what the hell were they up to. Allegedly one Israeli stated "Now our problems are your problems".

 Ive been very hurt by Jews during all of this. My mother worked for a Jew named Harvey as a bartender while I was little. To me he was known as Uncle Charlie.  He helped us out and never pulled any crap on my mother or I that was disrespectful. His son has helped me out in my later years. Jews were always a part of Boston that I was comfortable with. An Israeli man named Marcus hired me at his bakery when I was a full blown heroin addict and he never feared I would rob his register or steal from him. His sons even offered me a job driving which I was afraid to do becuz I was so high all the time. Granted, Marcus treated me a bit differently when he learned that I worked as a bartender at a strip club for a few weeks, but he was only a bit more casual with me nothing else.

Once, a man came in who had been driven insane at the camps as a child. His condition was so upsetting to me that I found myself crying in the kitchen and wouldnt come out to work the counter. I was very young still. He wanted me to get back to work so he told me a joke, asking my why I thought Hitler killed himself, I asked why, he said becuz the gas company sent him the bill and he couldnt pay. Ive actually asked American Jews what they thought of this joke and they just reacted with this politically correct awfulness about it. Yet, its what I liked about Israelis to begin with- they live in the reality of what has gone on being Jewish where it seems alot of American Jews are spoiled and uptight.

 His joke, obviously, must have been told throughout Israeli culture and he was older, from the 60's era. He was trying to make me feel better was the point and so many American Jews seemed to miss out on that act of healing that is whats positive about Jews.

 So, due to my past POSITIVE experiences with Jews, I am always open to any new information you may have about anything of this nature. If you have a true story about Israel protecting you from GS activity you can publish it and I will link to it or you are welcome to send it to me and I will put it up.

I am welcome to any material that clarifies whats going on. That gets to the truth.


 Its part of inducing clinical paranoia. It also discredits and marginalizes the person.

You've to got to remember that there ARE many African Americans who deserve to be called much different than that respectful term for how vile, evil, murderous and nasty they have been in being involved in some of Gang Stalking's most viscous, destructive, brutal actions against TI's. And Jews have also been nasty and viscous to me. It may be that there are alot of these demographics who take part in GS becuz they believe it further's the agenda's of thier people or some excuse or its an opportunity to hate and destroy a poor person of European descent who they are jealous of. Thats what it seems like for many of them actually. Keep in mind there are many black TIs who complain of the high instances of black-on-black violence that is Gang Stalking in thier communities.

 So back up your claims then. Tell your story about Israel. It may help others.

 Thats my only purpose with this blog- that and trying to keep myself alive and from becoming so angry I do something to harm others.

But dont ever think that I will be influenced to change my ways or my story. Part of helping people is to provide a candid, honest, play by play (such as Targeted Survivor blog) so that people can experience a Target's mindset and how we are treated daily. If this was being paid attention to or if the system wasn't so corrupt, psychiatrists and other specialists would be using this work of mine to help PREVENT lone shooters but thats not going to happen becuz most of them already know whats really going on and work for the system. Anyone who ever wanted to really help by now has had thier lic pulled or been forced to leave the country.

 All the homeless services, social services etc are now infiltrated. The people we experienced working in these fields in the 90's who actually cared are now NOT ALLOWED TO BE PART OF THESE FIELDS. One MUST play for the system and its agenda nowadays to get such jobs.

 So please think before you accuse. I am not an unfair person but I am also not a fool. Israel and Jews are not perfect people. They have thier own faults and wrongdoings to account for like every other culture. I dont listen to Israel or Jew's whining. But I am willing to listen to a positive or negative account presented sensibly that can help other TIs