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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Video Game Systems Monitored?

It already feels like there is a way for a system to be monitored the same way TIs can 'sense' a presence monitoring computers and surveillance cameras.

I was in a room with a gamer playing Mass Effect 3 and upon my being interested in a certain side character conversation, asking the gamer to make certain choices for a female ai character who recently went into a human female looking body.

The choices i made seemed to amuse a seemingly male presence somewhere monitoring the game. I distinctly got an impression of this response. It could have been the  same presence that many Targets feel monitor us personally and have for years now.  It did feel as if it was from something connected to the gaming system.

I was trying to see if the female robot could outright acknowledge that the crewmembers were now attentive to her due to her new body having huge breasts etc.

The characters could only skirt around this issue and I got a distinct impression some presence 'out there' was amused by this. As the gamer on this system usually plays straight through and is serious about gaming.

Also remember I havent been around a vid game system since 2004. Alot of things have changed. It seems more advanced, more interactive, complex, connected to internet and actually focused on more than just first person shooter. Thankfully being 41 I still can always see through graphics and structure and percieve that this is just code-just a game. When we were just early teens they taught how to write programs from their beginnings in school. What frightens me is that this gamer is only 19. He says hes been playing since he was two..since his hands were strong enough to pick up a paddle. Uh, this is NOT a good thing for the world.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Thread On Writers Gladwell, Crichton and Wahlberg Producing So Much For HBO

"Gladwell, just as was Michael Crichton, IS a CIA writer whose job it is to use up the bandwith of naive readers and misdirect them away from real social science used for social control by the CIA-run media. Real scientists debunk his books as nonsense. That’s why. A handful of insider whistleblowers have warned us of the CIA’s role in media.
Try reading Victor Marchetti’s 1974 book, ‘The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence’ or…Carl Bernstein’s 1977 article based on a leaked Senate report called ‘The CIA and the Media.’ You can read this at under “articles.” Or read Christopher Simpson’s book on how the CIA co-opted all social science and media studies at universities during the Cold War to use for what the Pentagon manuals call “Psychological Operations,” a doctrine of social control of the masses using media.
And read other ex-CIA whistleblowers such as Philip Agee, John Stockwell, and Ralph McGehee who all found out eventually that the CIA is first and foremost a media entity that controls mainstream culture.Comment by Sig Mickelson — Friday October 29, 2010 @ 8:04pm PDT  REPLY TO THIS POST"

Whole Foods Against Muslims? Israel? Which then? Psy Ops Creates Loyalty To Shadow Govt And Creates Dramas Diversions From Seeing This Fact

Which is it? Boycotting Israel or workplace mobbing Muslims?
Probably both and neither. What most people dont realize is that for any company to be allowed to get this big, they've got to go along with the NWO agenda and all the industries involved with it.

Know whats so disgusting about America today? You cant gain the American dream like this anymore and the GS system of control is why. There are so many people like me that could do so and are targeted becuz we are a danger to the corporate culture that now CONTROLS the USA.

Locally, WFM was one of the most consistently gang stalking corporate chains I experienced along with Shaws (local to MA),  Starbucks,  and McDonalds and WalMart.

I dont think it was just locally based becuz as readers know I was GS across the USA.  Walmart and McDonalds have much more remote influence in use than perps.

Whenever i go into WF now I get positive ideations specirically that I should sue, like a few other stores including Walgreens.

The issue here is that no human being, myself or otherwise should be having with any kind of ideations, interface or remote influence of any kind influencing my decision making, thoughts or actions. Even if it is positive ITS STILL MIND CONTROL AND ATTEMPTED HYPNOSIS VIA REMOTE INFLUENCE.

I shoudnt have had to waste the past 8 (really 15) years of my life being consistently bombarded with suggestion by such means and spending my life doing nothing but resisting.

This is what makes America so sick to people who know whats really going on. The corporate culture provides food, services, gadgets and diversions via materialism and consumerism yet the country is guilty of war crimes even domestically.

Americans genuinely do not care about anyone else when it comes to keeping their quality of life. They genuinely do not understand what is wrong with the way they live and how much damage they do to their own people and the rest of the world.

Its not the greatest country in the world. It works really hard to convince itself it is and to pretend that is real. When factually and historically that is incorrect.

Until my situation is acknowledged and I am given justice and retrobution for what has been done to me as far as I and other silenced victims are concerned, America is nothing but a lie, a polluted shithole and a warmongering rapist who destroys and exploits its own brainwashed people to make the elite here and elsewhere richer and preserve their place as enslavers.

The USA does nothing but outright lie and then use force to convince even its victims that its all true and youve no choice but to conform to the image of US as wonderous superpower anyway, becuz they always win and so many people agree with the status quo.

I want out of this lie and its almost impossible to get out now due to how much mind control has and is being used.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

James Walbert TI Case Validated In Court

I find this case interesting.
James Walbert was a man who claimed to be an inventor who was being targeted becuz the powers that be wanted his invention or had it and didn't want to pay or give credit.

He seemed to be good friends (within the TI community) with that woman Mary Holiday when I stayed with her at her house in Michigan. They would talk on the phone often.

She would talk about being targeted with him on the phone but after she hung up would be doubtful of his situation. Saying his invention wasnt that important.

He seemed nice enough. Sounded like his story could have validity.

It was surprising though that so many of these people could be targeted and the ones I was meeting had no direct connection to MK Ultra as I did through my mother nor claimed to be Ritual Abuse Survivors, nor of programming.

I still dont know what to make of the TI community. Strange how TIs with very valid cases get targeted so they can't survive much less take legal action.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Its Not The Tech So Much As The Sun/Survival Is Whats 'Normal' Not Society's BS

I have been two levels underground for a few hours and feel better than i have in a while.

I am still in Central Sq Cambridge MA, a heavily targeted area and still within the time range of when it seems remote influence is used. From 6 am to 12 midnight.

There certainly is the presence of tech for mind contrl and the use of chemical influence as well. There has been much to show this to probably be the case. Theres definitely organized stalking and harassment of TIs by human beings always in areas with lesser chemical and tech controls or heavily 'managed' areas like Cambridge MA etc.

But much of what i have experieced i now realize is also from the sun. Something seems to be connected to the quality of the environment in different locations depending on various factors but the main factor is radiation. And heat.

Its sunlight and heat that is now doing damage. One can feel this in the cities. Boston is now unlivable in the height of summer if u have to be outdoors all the time.

I can plainly tell the difference between the environment now and when i was a kid.

If i travel through southern Illinois that area seems to have a similar level of environmental quality to what my body recalls in the 1970s.

The northeast is absolutely brutal and unbearable. Why this is i dont know.

The sun is so hot u just know it has something to do with so much area covered in concrete and tar.

Its obvious the earth cant do its job, or 'breathe'. U can sense that the sun wouldnt be so bad if it was hitting earth, flora, grass and trees instead of concrete.

Humans have really screwed themselves on this one. And they just arent changing the way they do things fast enough to survive.

I now understand its the sun and various other factors that has motivated people to buy land underground and built underground tunnels.

And some of us arw being guided to know this is happening as it does.

What kind of world they will create down there i dont know or if those of us guided are supposed to go underground also or elsewhere.

Its a very gentle process anyway. Aside from the torment and gs. As if surviving such world wide catastrophes of humanity is the most natural thing in the world.

Why not? Birds and other animals have already headed up to mountains etc a decade ago. It IS natural to survive. Its UNnatural to stay in cities when they become ovens in a culture that only oppresses and limits.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

People Will Always Protect The Elite's Perversions And The Networks

Especially places like Boston that work very hard to hide their crimes behind a pristine impressive front for the world to see. Most  of the population here is brainwashed or paid off with a high quality of life.

Look around you the way our country is set up. Does it seem evolved, balanced and with our environemntal survival in mind?

No its based on human animal instincts not being in line with Nature as well as taking responeibility for our creations like true gods.

No one seems to be up in arms about me having to live as i do and sleep outside and be denied opportunities. Everyone accepts it. The hope is that I too will eventually accept my situation. Its a form of brain washing. Conditioning by repetition.

I have experienced all kinds of people in on GS, a sytem designed to control Targets specifically Survivors of RA and programming.

Christians, Jews, Satanists, rich, poor, all 'races' and all across the country.

Child molesters and Johns are much more prevalent than people want to believe. The cops are in on this. And they certainly are in on managing human trafficking especially escort services that provide children.

This is why its so important right now for the media and authorities to make it appear that crime is being cleaned up when in actuality, most career criminals involved with authorities are guided carefully to make the right moves to avoid detection throughout these changes in culture.

These crime rings are protected by powerful people  and agencies or groups that have the power to protect them. They will never be exposed or caught or brought to justice.

This is not as dangerous a reality, as it has always been, as is the NWO deception of a world consiting of world peace and "the rule of law, not the law of the jungle" as George Bush put it in his New World Order speech.

You have to remember that people like this consider business like trafficking to be a legit part of the economy and a necessary part of services available.

The deception and the oppression of humanity comes in with making society so that the public are so controlled they believe the world has indeer become all peaceful and crime free when in fact such services are going to only be available to the elite and their house slaves in on the system.

The internet created a reality where common people could plainly see what was going on and began to take action to take back their country and lives from this elite shadow system which was more out in the open before.

In ordet to get the people under control so they can no longer catch powerful people in corruption things were done so that now WE are being watched by cametas all the time. WE are being harassed under the guise of anti terrorism.

The public cannot watch the people in power in the current system that has been set up now, that we live in daily.

This is the reason for the NWO deception.

Even if more people knew about my situation it wouldn't matter. They are so controlled and brainwashed that they are easily diverted to something else soon thereafter.

Lately Ive been kept down and controlled successfully as well as being even more dumbed down as time goes on.

I have been brainwashed to believe over past year or two that even if i write my story no one will care. That i am unimportant in the big scheme of things.

Typical east coast Liberal bullshit that really only serves to protect the elite.

America does nothing but protect its own interests without regard to human life and then sticks its head in the sand.

They want me to be conditioned to stay here past the next election and make nice with whatever reality exists after whoever gets elected.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gnostic Illuminati

It makes me laugh that they dont realize that this is just one of the Orders, who have always been with us.

Its really not all that complicated.  One is to enslave and one is to assist but man still has to decide through free Will what the outcome will be.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

THEY GOT THIERS Part #2- The Law Student In Oakland CA And RainBow Kids

I forgot to mention this awhile ago.

Recall back in 2009 that awful young woman in Oakland/Berkeley CA who was a law student in San Francisco. She had me and two guys from Rainbow family staying there plus her uber creepy friend named Pierre who supposedly worked as a roadie or caretaker for bands and also had been in the military or some nonsense.

This may have been bs becuz there was a period of time when when EVERYONE i dealt with claimed to either be molested or formerly in the military. Its a tactic of control over the TI. One which I got hip to after traveling, being around fairly HONEST real hard working Americans like truckers and getting out of thier grip.

This 20 year old from Florida named Austin as well as a kid named Monkey both from a Rainbow kitchen I became associated with from this kid named Polar Bear also from Florida and who also knew too much about my situation. All drug connected. I was told years later that the men who are part of this Rainbow Family kitchen or camp are known as rapists basically which I didnt find to be totally true but I can see women being coerced by them. I forget the name of the camp its some play on Bear. Like Bear Necessities or something like that.

They were all involved in basically gang stalking me inside the apartment from what I could tell. Not always but it was definately to keep me traumatized. I recall once hearing Austin telling some local scumbag Marty they had over all the time, planning situations and skits to get me pissed off basically and screw with my mind. This kitchen is connected to GRATEFUL DEAD FAMILY and this is not the first time that faction has been connected to people coming around trying to fuck up my life.

Its funny. The police in Tennessee warned me about a van that was coming and I just didnt listen. Guess I had to see it for myself. Sure enough they were Rainbow/Dead affiliated and everything went really badly for me of course. I believe that is when I ended up in Shawnee National Forest getting beat up by A Camp who did front gate. Who one day--I will satisfy my vendetta related to those bums. Which is all they are. Agro hippies, mostly rich kids working for the system LIKE HOUSE SLAVES dealing drugs. I will get you one day you little scum. NEVER FORGET THESE PEOPLE ARE THE WHITE N*GGERS OF SOCIETY-THEY ARE NOTHING BUT HOUSE SLAVES. They deal the drugs brought in by the power structure-so why wouldnt they be involved in doing thier dirty work.

I heard a year ago or so that she went nuts and had to leave law school in the big city and packed off back to Michigan or Wisconsin or wherever she was from up there.

Of course. Becuz only us REAL born and raised big city girls can handle the punches.

SHE GOT HERS. Thats all that matters.

No being a lawyer now honey. Awwwww..see what happens when you do nothing but get drunk and bully people? All the while someone like me works constantly every day industriously. It pays off.

Hate Mail Call

Another wise ass Youtuber.

From my first vid:
"of course nobody understands you don't explain. you ramble like a crazy woman. after four minutes you have explained nothing. Who is being stalked by who. get back on your meds YOU ARE CRAZY
cunnidvd 2 weeks ago"

Have fun with him kids..
From the gang stalking 2010 vid:
"The biggest phenomena is the wealth of people in countries of luxury like the US believing because they're so fascinating and center of the universe, random "perps" will devote almost all their time not living their lives, working, being with their families, or enjoying their hobbies, but instead committing themselves to harassing random, innocent people disassembling their appliances like ninjas or following them under the cover of the general public. This is extreme paranoia and terribly sad.
pluginhoney 2 months ago"

Then why is gang stalking recorded in countries that arent wealthy and luxuriant? Also I was always kept dirt poor so I am not one of these middle class people that lives better than most of the rest of the world. GANG STALKING IS USED IN COUNTRIES THAT CANT BE OVERTLY OPPRESSIVE not based on economics. Duh. Its intelligence so its also used anywhere that special interests want results but cant go about it legally.
"dear lady, I angered you with my anger one time and was blocked, am a former TI, you are the mouse that roared, the meek shall inherit the earth, totally on your side, I do alienate people, please forgive.
2 months ago


I was never a mouse. (then) You never met my mother nor my family. We are lions who are kept as pets. Wolves on chains. There is a big difference.
g in reply to DangerousDan77777 1 second ago"

"Have you ever seen a doctor about your paranoia?
1 month ago


Have u ever seen a councilor about your wasting time trolling on the internet or being a total tool hiding behind your YouTube account? Come to Harvard Sq Boston and say it to my face. The Pit Kids will have fun with you. By troll.
in reply to lavieboheme635 1 second ago"

Hey you think its funny. But a TI appreciates whatever protection we can get! Its nice to have some family, even if its just street kids. MY OWN MOTHER COWERED IN THE FACE OF THIS SYSTEM. I now realize that anyone who is willing to be a Traveler and sleep outside is generally tougher than those who will fuck over others for thier own security. Is having a house THAT important? Or getting a gig with some famous asshole to do his or her video? Or getting a payoff?

The street kids are more warriors than some of the 'upstanding citizens' Ive encountered in on gang stalking.

The THEY GOT THEIRS series #1 Clear Conscience Café

This is the coffee shop in front of the Harvest Co Op that had so many perps working there as well as a miserable male owner who overtly harassed me even recently.

That was before their lease refused to be renewed. Its a beautiful sight. To see this scun gone.

I made sure to inquire if they were moving across the street when the Co Op moves and a woman who was part of the cafe said "No, we're done."


Note the pretensouis quote about coffee being more than a drink but about politics, survival and indegenous peoples. I guess the indegenous Euro peoples cultures arent considered in the same way especially poor whites who are EuroAmericans and specifically the natives of Cambridge seem to not be considered when allowing snooty YUPpie scum like this into an area who jack up prices and hide behind PC culture while being part of gentrification in a class war.

The writing on the wall that says "WHATS IN YOUR CUP?" I desperately want to write "CHANGE".
Becuz its appropriate, literally and now figuratively.

These people had their heyday during Bush then the economy crashed on them. What pisses me off is that they made money at all during these years by being part of a system that destroys lives. Perhaps they were into tricking or kiddie porn which is why they took part. Who cares.


Some older gentleman asked me where the place went. We talked and he also said this new place was shitty for coming in and raising the prices.

The people win sometimes I guess.

Last Nights Impressions Connecting To Solving Local Corruption Case..Not My Job

Last night I got this idea or impression. That the friendship between Sheryl Rosenburg and Scott Ashmanski the handler that was sent to find out just how much I knew during the federal investigation, is important. Well yeah of course. But in this country right now, if the powers that be are using certain technologies and constant organized harassment to silence and discredit people like me what is the use of going to authorities? And i want everything that occured locally to be eventually connected to the continued experimentation and RA. Is that all possible? How can justice be gotten for things that keep getting stricken from official records?

Its all just more experimentation to see if they can get people to confess or submit especially programmed people.

I find it interesting Mark Phillips often talks about programmed people in such a way like 'These people cant be interrogated or coached.'

Alot of what he says goes along with the powers that be snatching Survivors up when they wake up from programming, like after battling layers of suicide programming, and immediately abducting Survivors into covert behavior modification programs part of the motive seeming to he to prevent anymore therapists from gaining anymore dovumented testimonies from Survivors who begin to recall memories NATURALLY without their assistance.

If programmed people cant be coerced into confession like non programmed people then using technologies designed to brain map, mind read and even command human emotions or actions would be helpful in tapping into such people and eventually gaining confession or compliance with authorities.

Which of course is totally wrong and inhuman. In my case they are obviously using the federal investigation and what was done to me locally as a part of thier continued human experimentation with programmed compartmentalized people, mind control, brain washing and trying to turn human beings into mindless, compliant robots.

Which is why i dont feed into this at all. Its true that the local harassment group should be brought to justice. That they should be exposed and they are guilty of conspiracy. But if this were truly the system's motive and true desire then it should have been done years ago, though proper channels not having to damage my psych by hacking into my consciousness as such.

It also should go up the ladder until it connects to the larger corruption involving the RA, human experimentation etc which is usually discouraged as part of this process.

Just more shadow games of control and coercion. Which I refuse to be part of. U wanna catch the rich kids around here? Then have the crooked cops they pay off tell u all about it. Becuz cops and feds in METRO Boston and beyond know what EVERYONE is doing. They and their mafia buddies and the private sector have been running things this way for centuries here.

Let them do their damn jobs properly especially the goddamned feds. WHY SHOULD AN ALREADY BURDENED PERSON LIKE ME HAVE TO DO SUCH THINGS?

Hey Japan Stop Apologizing

Stop apologizing and feeling bad. Its not your fault that u like others got sucked into or intimidated into nuclear power.

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Radiation Effecting Health In MA/Zombie Apocalypse A Metaphor For Radiation Poisoned Populations?

I probably didnt use metaphor correctly. ?

Lately myself and others have noticed that for a few days here and there we experience strange symptoms like fatigue occasionally so severe we can hardly get up and need to rest most of the day, headaches, appetite changes like feeling hungry constantly and strange mental and even emotional effects like an emotional even spiritual deadening. Being cut off from other human beings emotionally.

I thought recently about this and I recall I only experiece this on the east coast especially in the Boston area and also the first time I experienced this was after the fallout from Japan.

Ive posted that i was sic for a week after the Japan nuclear accident. I was so tired I couldnt do anything but drag myself to slee at the women's center.

This conrition i experieced is the same as Ive been experiecing here lately and others have as well.

I notice that it has rained alot lately. And usually these symptoms occur during times where it is extremely hot in the cities after a period of rain.

I personally may be more sensitive due to my mother's radiation exposure or due to my being hypersensitive to changes and chemicals nowadays due to the extensive mold exposure from 2003-2006 then my aquiring an allergic reaction condition from anaphylaxis from Bactrim in 2009. I am quite sensitive now to chemicals around me. Also i assume years of perps doing stuff with gassings and whatever was in those spray bottles during Bush they would dose TIs with randomly. Ive survived it all. Yet I am weakened. Now I think about it its as if they were trying to knock me down to being as sickly and weak and unaccomplished as an average person. According to my size, build and DNA I come from above average people. I wonder if whatever they did with the radiation experimentation really did create Supermen. Perhaps all those comic books werent so far fetched after all.

All i know is that the radiation in the environment from nuclear fallout sources seems to make humans sick. Extreme weakness, a hunger and hunanity being emotionally absent are the symptoms.

I guess the zombie apocalypse is here now.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Looking At The Screen Behind A Target Tactic

Two young women who work here just pulled the tactic of looking at the computer screen to see what the Target is doing as intimidation. I got up and asked them did they actually just come by and look at my screen. Which of course they politely denied. Alot of these women are NOT volunteering becuz they are the original feminists who started this place. They are part of the system. Usually psych majors in college and alot of them are using giving time here as part of thier resume. Which I think is disgusting. And if they arent like other people Ive experienced working or volunteering in the shelter system- they are infiltrators and either know too much about the TI and are unsympathetic to us or actually pull tactics. It was great to feel a complete let down of something in this house after I confronted them about looking at my screen. That tactic has been used for years in my campaign. Especially here in this area. And I wont take it anymore. You WILL be confronted. Whatcha gonna do, make me sound paranoid. Go for it.

This may not be GS at all. It might be just something these idiots are taught in thier age group, being raised during Bush as Hitler Youth basically and little spies for terrorism paranoia or it could be something that they are taught in thier schooling about how to 'handle' homeless people.
Who knows and who cares. F*ck the system.
Now one of the young women who works here has to sit in a chair in this room and sit sort of so she can see my screen. Its all to show the homeless guests whos the boss I suppose. This is what sucks about young unawakened women who are still living in the system working in places with homeless people. You still have to deal with young female games of dominance which I do NOT have time for becuz us being homeless people they dont respect our age as a factor in dominance or respect. The morons in this country are totally unconscious of these things they do becuz our culture is so totally brainwashed and f*cked right now. Either that or they are trained to do these things as part of handling homeless people.

I cannot wait to get out of this country and tell the world how this lying country does NOT respect hte civil and human rights of both TI's and the homeless. The latter being able to be proved more so than the former.

Trust Fund B*tch Sheryl Rosenburg Avoids Local NA Meeting...It Seems

Funny I had been getting this ideation for the past ten minutes or so with visions and a psychic impression of Sheryl Rosenburg, a trust fund bitch in Narcotics Anonymous from Brookline/Hull area who attends NA here at the Women's Center as well as NA in Watertown, Brookline, Newton.

I had this impression that she firstly wondered why I was still homeless and sort of felt badly but most of all she was of course concerned only about covering her own sorry rich spoilt rotten trust fund Hebe ass due to the fact that the b*tch knows what she did, her part in the harassment that has destroyed my life and her connection to the group of people who were so pivotal to sending me out on the road for so many years that has done all this damage to me mentally, physically and otherwise.

She's concerned once again only about herself and her own safety. Well silly bitch, these Jedi tricks arent for kids. You shouldn't have screwed around with the community mobbing system to protect a corrupt bunch of cops, and other scumbags if you didnt want to pay the price.

Then I got this flashing vision of Dr Emmerich for some reason, smiling as if half knowing that I wont do anything against anyone as part of her sadistic satisfaction in this situation and half knowing I will always be smarter, keep it together and ace my enemies as her revenge on a corrupt system. I keep getting psychic impressions that she is somehow being consulted by people who are responsible for my harassment, as if to ensure it doesnt destroy me totally or if they are not sure of my actions or what I will do next in a certain situation. Which of course is totally f*cked if its true.

Well I just asked and of course there is an NA meeting on the first floor, and Sheryl was probably advised ahead of time that I was here and these assholes always take care of thier own, the other perps and people in on destroying the TI. Being as rich as her family is, her being part of this probably makes her quite valuable.
The scumbag. All those Brookline people are total scum.
And everyone in NA who was in on this.

None of this matters. That b*tch as well as everyone else doesn't exist for me now anyway. They are beyond justice. The only thing I ever considered was that I couldn't get Jake, Julie, my mother and all the scum in NA in one meeting hall at the same time to blow them all away at once. But going into an NA meeting where I know a good number of the scum involved are going to be to knock off a good portion of them always was a good idea. But if I cant get everyone, especially my mother, I dont want to risk going to jail or death by cop...becuz I want them all. Not just some of them.

Its funny, at moments like this I feel as if when I get connected or associated again with some group like this from my past that was so close to my being destroyed during Bush, that some force is telling me that I can get justice if only I go to the feds and rat on everyone. Yeah, right. If that were the case I would have had been being helped directly. This is all bullshit.

And if I cant have justice I will just leave the USA. And tell the whole world how sh*theads like her-the elite and thier house slaves, run America. How there is no justice for people like me. How lone shooters are people who are PUSHED INTO DOING WHAT THEY DO BY GREEDY RICH SCUM LIKE SHERYL AND ALL THE OTHER BRATS. They dont care about innocent people dying in such a way. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THIER PETTY POWER TRIPS AND PROTECTING WHATEVER ORGANIZED CRIME CONNECTIONS THEY HAVE SO THEY CAN BUY WHORES, DRUGS OR MAKE MORE MONEY THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE BECUZ THAT IS ALL RICH PEOPLE DO. Well to be fair, that sort of rich people.

I hear in Europe the Illuminati are overt about using symbolism and going along with this agenda. Fine, Id rather it be in my face than a bunch of lies and hiding it under patriotic anti terror bullshit. This country always has to hide under the stupidity of the public and puritanical attitudes.

F*ck Sheryl Rosenburg, her Hebe rich family (who are so comically Jewish its funny just to think of what the scenario would look and sound like if they WERE put into a position with a lone gunman. Can you IMAGINE?

"Owhh MYI GAWD, Harowld, SHE's gowt a gaan! She's a craaaazy women. Oh Gawd DO somethang!" "WHAT? Vat do you vant me to do'?" "Ve ausked for eet,didnt veeee?". And then someone will probably tell me to drop dead..right before I do so to them in the flesh. Her parents are as cheezy as Hymen Roth from the godfather. I mean down to the beach chairs inside the house. Ewwwww.
Her brother treats her like shit and she puts up with it of course so her mother can have her deal real estate, becuz, being a trust fund kid and a pathetic divorcee, there is little skills she's learned in life and well..she isnt exactly motivated by sheer survival like some of us now is she?

When you actually have prior knowledge of gang stalking perps, you can plainly see they are the kinds of people who would die soon after a campaign begins. Like within a few years. I mean an intense campaign like mine. Fucking weaklings.

They're all assh*les anyways. From what I recall about those meetings and the rotten scumbags in them, they would have to be trust fund kids hiding out, probably running a drug/kiddie ring with NA funds or something. No wonder so many entertainment industry types are involved LOL. A bit of business on the side?

None of these types of people get better. They hide out in those meetings and cover thier asses with connections, prior and present-and thier money. Which is one of the reasons I was so hated. I wanted to genuinely grow. They just want to find a holding pattern and keep doing f*cked up sh*t in life. Clean and sober OF COURSE.

Becuz its all about keeping up appearances. What isnt in this area?

All these jerks will suffer by being exposed for what they have done in detail in my expose. they will die by pen. Sword is too good, to easy for them. They all deserve to suffer. And its yet to begin.

If that silly, leather faced b*tch comes face to face with me (not a pretty sight) I would just ignore her. Becuz in the world of the elite warrior- she does not exist. She's an ant. Remember that. As a TI you have survived. The perps, merely sheep with an attitude or, more amusingly-rabid sheep, only stay the same and learn nothing and dont grow. Always remember its thier being part of the collective that makes them weak as individuals. Though they see security in this.

What sheep doesnt?

And what wolf wont survive? That is you my friend. The TI. Never forget.

It is curious that so many Jews are in on gang stalking. Its also very confusing. This is supposed to be about Satanists isnt it? And persons connected to promoting and furthering Project Paperclip.

Whats even stranger is when you look at how much strengthening, in my case anyway, contact with the Satanic element has given me, as opposed to the kinds of a-holes who tried to destroy me here in my hometown. These people behave badly but would never identify as 'Satanists'. Becuz they are merely ignorant sheep being led astray, not people conscious of thier actions or taking responsibility for them.

Which makes the outright Satanists involved in this a lot less hated by me than people like Sheryl Jerkburg.

Screw all the locals. They are protected by my being targeted every day so I cant take action to go through proper channels so the system must need them or want them undisturbed. Fine then. I will just expose how shitting they are then. F*ck em.

Think Ive been an arrogant b*tch so far? Firstly you all deserve it. Secondly, just wait until I tell the truth and all of it. The best thing you can do for yourselves is just keep calling me a lying attention seeker. By the way go f*ck yourselves. I hate you all.

Democracy Is Utter Bullshit And Liberals Lie

It seems Cambridge and Boston the entire area in fact believes it can do as it pleases with people's lives. And they dont have to pay for their crimes.

If they refuse to be fair with me and have no use for me then i have no responsibilities or obligations here and can leave freely. This time i wont be coming back.

This Liberal shithole is just as controlled and corrupt as anyplace else. They hide behind appearing to be good and progressive. All they do here is protect the elite. And their obnoxious animals, the house slaves.

There is no such thing as democracy. Not as long as covert activity and means of control are used to influence human affairs.

The whole country is a lie.

I dont want to be forced to live any longer under a racist half African with questionable citizenship or yet ANOTHER George  Bush stand in.

I am sick of all of it.

The US is  gone. It has become a prison and a torture chamber on a daily basis.

American policy and culture are a danger to indigenous cultures world wide both European and Native and anywhere else people embrace Abrahamic religious belief along with the insufferable Judeo-Afro influenced culture that destroys and dumbs down every population it comes in contact with now marketed to the ends of the earth by corporations.

There is no way to coexist with their false fake fabricated man made reality. The powers that be no longer allow for any kind of expression of culture outside their own creation which they now keep the public trapped in by various underhanded means.

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Cambridge MA Corrupt City

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why People Deny The Moon Landings-Simple. Those In Power Have Left The Public Behind

You systematically lie to, dumb down, turn corporate, fear monger and terrorize, force medicate, technologically enslave and rob blind an entire nation of human beings and wonder why no one can believe man ever went to the moon?

Your military 'misplaces' 17 billion dollars, your leaders are now deemed war criminals in accordance with international law by various countries (and thats for the overt activities the public actually knows about, forget covert actions taken)yet in their own country and perhaps some alleys, they are deemed heroes, authorities are teaching lower ranks of authorities that the forefathers of their country were basically terrorists.

The public have been dehumanized into zoo animals or perhaps regressed into Dark Age peasants.

How do you expect them to behave?

In the 1960s life was notoriously good in the United States. The country had a high quality of life from money made during the war and a baby boom. This would be an era when man does extraordinary things and the public feels they are part of this. Not so now. The piblic feel isolated from power and its accomplishments, even oppressed by it systematically. As far as they are concerned people in power live on 'the moon and they cannot relate to them anymore which is the same as the old fuedal system with a king in a castle peasants heard qbout but rarely saw. Theres a space station now with people living on it mostly scientists. How many people know that?? Exactly. We no longer share in the power structures accomplishments. We are enslaved to pay for them and silenced when making sensible criticisms. If u dont understand that then you must live on the moon-or in a cave.

Psychology Of Conspiracy Denial

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter To The CHD About Christopher's Restaurant

"Cambridge Public Health Department,
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing you in regards to a restaurant called Christophers at 1920 Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA, USA.
On the evening of 4/24/ my friend offered to get me something to eat so we decided to try Christophers.
Our food took a very long time to get served.
Firstly our salads got mixed up by waitress and I am allergic to blue cheese (food allergy). She had to replace those.
What concerns me is when our meals did arrive my burger was completely rare inside. I had asked for medium rare. It was surely left at a level of raw deemed unhealthy for the general public.
Then the new burger given me by the waitress ,at the end of eating it, I noticed had what looked like Spanish or perhaps African American hair in it. A big piece.
The hostess saw this and said it was probably a piece of a scrubby from the sink they do dishes in. One of the plastic ones to not scratch pans. She claimed everyone in the cooking area has a hair net.
Either way, whether it be hair or a piece of of a disch scrubber IT DOESNT BELONG IN FOOD.
The Hostess and waitress kept apologizing. When I was going to take a picture of what was supposedly a piece of food scrubber, the hostess quickly took the plate away with a planned quickness "Let me get that for you". But no one was concerned with removing the plate until I was going to document what I saw due to being fed up with the service by then.
Our meals and take out for our third party was free but that is not what concerns me. It was the two instances of health codes being questionable at this establishment. The totally rare meat (which I almost ate and luckily noticed) and the hair or scrubber piece in the second burger.
I am requesting you take a look at this place and thier practices in safety, hygiene etc. My mother was in the restaurant business for ten years. I know bs when I see and hear it.
This place boasts on its outside its been around for a very long time in this location. Lets hope that doesnt not exempt them from being governed by the same authorities as every other establishment in the city of Cambridge to adhere to rules for public safety and health.
Thank you for your time,

Rachael O----

Gee ya think they will just intercept this, rip it up and throw it away? Like the arrogance of the old days or during Bush?
I dunno. I think you are going to be seeing alot of these from me lately. WITH WITNESSES PRESENT and I dont care about thier credibility. Frequency of offenses is what I am going for.

Next is Walgreens in Central Sq becuz a young buck working there (in a red shirt of course) commented on the condoms I bought by commenting they were the good stuff (roll eyes now) and then asked "Why so fancy...why so fancy might I ask?" I told him I would go into anaphylaxis if it was the regular kind. Satisfied now? Good. Becuz I will answer your impertinent questions but I am going to report you for even having the audacity to ask such a question of a patron much less an older woman. This is after I asked him to hold my items at the register while I price checked at CVS and he teased with the comment delivered straight faced "I'm going to have to charge you." If I didnt know better I would have flipped out at something that ridiculous. That tactic right there demands submission via insinuating having control over something the customer needs. It also demands that the person its said to goes into a level of familiarity with the speaker that is inappropriate for the situation. Thus, the condom comment was easy to bring on next due to this first phase of domination.

And this foreign cab driver stepped up after me and sort of tried to get the kid to share in a small arrogant chuckle over me which I think the kid was progressive enough to not indulge in..I dont know. What people like that think I dont tend to. Thier opinions dont matter- thier behavior DOES. Typical arrogance in Central Sq Cambridge anyway.

As Eddie Murphy once said in one of his skits "Yeah, keep on smilin."

The people in Central are especially stubborn to the reality that we are not in the thick of the Bush administration, 9-11 anti terror, wartime and the euphoria of Obama's 'victory' has worn off. They cant just do as they please any longer.

Its so typical that people are kept so insulated in Boston. They've always controlled people like this in this way. And they dont even know they are being controlled. Its so sad. They dont care as long as they believe they have something going on.

And the foreigners are just hitting thier stride as the latest new wave of immigrants so they believe this tolerant area hands them special privilege to belittle any enemies of the elites who favored them enough to let them in...and provide them with income via service industry. Many immigrants from this recent wave are from countries where sexism (and female genital mutilation) runs rampant.

The Liberals get what they want and through this sexist attitude, the Neo Cons get something out of it too. Its just another dual party con job- another NWO trick.


That store has always had jerks at the counter. There was this one other guy a Caucasian guy, who was transgender I think but he really didnt look female. During the thick of this campaign locally he always handed me bad attitude and acted as if I should know better than to even show my face in that area. Over time, he learned what everyone learns- I have a job to do, you are stupid and only know cover stories and what you believe and think doesnt matter at all. You are an incidental character in this game. With my repeatedly showing up where I need to to complete my task, you realize that what you or the community thinks in the big picture is meaningless. Becuz its doubtful if you have all the information about whats going on. If you did, you wouldnt hand me a stupid attitude.

He was the type that looks like an aging rocker era type person. I see this type around sometimes, frightening to look at really. Always I can hear them say things like "She's a dummy". Coming from a Keith Richards wanna be reject like that, and all thier little cronies, its a comment I take with amusement. Becuz they either only know cover story or they're 70's ass is indebted to the GS system becuz they were into some sh*t over the years...and I saw alot of it ufortunately for them. So I know they are scumbags, old glorifed junkies, etc back in the old days when pedophilia was acceptable etc etc. Its great to look at how ugly and mummified they are. Really, really great. And to know that not only do I have more info than they, as well as will age better- I have the dirt on that entire generation who is now trying to hide and is playing ball for the system like crazy to try to keep what they have. Illusions fade...dont they. Its great to see these city rat types stuck in a familiar environment becuz if they tried to travel they would be eaten alive by real human life that exists beyond the realm of the eternally hip and cool city environments that house scenesters. And aging trust fund kids.

Local Squatter Who Knows Too Much Turns Out To Be Known As A Rapist

WHAT IS IT with me and rapists?? WTF?? Damn.
Geez. Get over it.

I think they believe just becuz my grandfather was a pervert and got to his children that somehow I was harmed by him and will take this crap or that somehow its in our nature in that family to be into such behavior.
I dont know about the other women in my family but if you havent noticed I AINT THE ONE.

Which in ghetto speak means you should see by now in my behavior that I have dodged most stupidity from such kinds of people whenever possible and my claws have always been dug into the wall determined to get out of the ditch and away from such influences. I have ALWAYS fought these people as the enemy. Ever since I was a little child. I was always telling on people, resisting, telling people off and not taking shit. And it should be more obvious that I will go out and live like an animal on the street or in the woods before I will submit to any tantrums consisting of terrorism or other bullshit from males and thier traitor female counterparts that make up so much of the perverts in the gang stalking system.

Unlike the other women in my family, I dearly dont give a shit. I dont care about my personal possessions. F*ck my family members if they cant get real and fight by my side. And to hell with security. There is more to life than being a total tool for the oppressor and his rapist/child molesting/sadist, suck f*ck helpers. And any woman going along with this is a weak minded idiot who either is identifying with the aggressor by being into such male domination of women and children or they are controlled and dont have the BALLS to say no and deck the dominator in the face and run. Too bad for you, losers.
Or they want payoffs. Perks. Opportunities.

This little bastard in Harvard was pushy in conversation with me the other day, trying to get my phone number when I only give my social network to new people I meet traveling or squatting. Talking to hear himself talk. Hey we've all done it. But rapists do like to dominate the other persons Will dont they?

I was in a vulnerable mood. I explained that my situation (which I didnt elaborate on) was hard- and it wasnt going to change. He was being manipulative, saying he wanted to hang out etc. Then he looked into my face and said "You didnt do anything wrong." which of course pissed me off becuz I knew he was referring to being targeted and the nasty campaign against me during Bush locally here in metro Boston/Cambridge and surrounding areas. (By the way go manipulate someone else. Do these people know who and what they are dealing with at all?? Or just cover stories?) I wouldnt worry about his presence in Harvard. He's smaller than me as well as I dont ever squat by myself. For this very reason. Every self important jack ass pervert knows about what happened to me. It sucks.

It was disgusting actually. I walked away fast.

So, I just filed it along with others who register as knowing too much and thus they are privy to the truth about whats really going on. Thus they are suspect.

Yesterday a friend told me that my having a bad feeling about this individual was right becuz he heard from someone the kid was a known rapist as well as that was backed up from other people also.
I suppose one would have to see the files on the person to get concrete proof. But it certainly would explain why he approached me like an innocent who would be easy to manipulate as well as said what he did.

It seems that far too many very unsavory sex offender types know about Targeted Individual's situations specifically Survivors of programming. Even if they simply know about the cover stories, they still know too much to be a normal part of the public.

Still the public doesnt believe organized networks of trafficking, kidnapping and exploitation exist.

MIT Discovers You Can Con People Into World Peace (Even Though Its A Ploy To Enslave Humanity)

"In a study published Dec. 1 in Neuropsychologia, Saxe and Bruneau scanned people’s brains as they read stories in which the protagonist experienced either physical or emotional pain. The brain regions that responded uniquely to emotional suffering overlapped with areas known to be involved in the ability to perceive what another person is thinking or feeling."

Well this explains a lot as well. It explains why it every time I come back to Cambridge I am guided and influenced not just by ideations but by behaviors of gang stalkers using daily organized harassment/stalking.

I couldn't figure out why lately over the past few years and especially this year there has been so much healing going on forced on me by the system. I am not allowed to be angry about what happened anymore. Pictures of my enemies who they used to totally destroy and torment me, have been posted on the internet, knowing I will keep researching them for my book but also to gain any new information-they have been made to appear more humane than before.

Recall the three part post I did on being brainwashed and influenced by the MIT homepage photograph for the three female scientists winning that Norwegian prize for thier contributions.
I posted plainly that the very scary individuals who had been used to terrorize, frighten, maim and destroy me were now being posted up on the internet as humane. They began to post pictures of these people's faces as if they were normal people whereas before, for years, they were always shown as monsters in makeup (see post) becuz that is part of the art they perform as musicians. One of the musicians plainly hid his face for years from ever being seen without makeup. During Bush these people were more like characters who were portrayed as bogeymen.
Which is interesting. They are Norwegian. The prizes given to those scientists were from Norwegian sources. I sighted that in that three part post.
In Scandinavian culture, from my topical light research of it, Ive found that they have a very effective way of scaring people with various characters like trolls etc. Its probably part of thier culture and has been for centuries. It doesnt surprise me that they would utilize Satanic propaganda and characters to reach the same ends for human experimentation.

But what interest would devout elitist Satanists have in promoting world peace? When one of your lyrics is "2003/Enslave mankind" (Gorgoroth) and things related to what many people have sighted as the elite's deceptions of the masses to actually use world peace to gain complete CONTROL of the masses-and all during Bush and the height of the war years- one can safely put the writers of those lyrics into suspicion of being part of the plot as well as having an interest in using deception to enslave humanity so the elite can do as they please.

I could not figure out why Isreal, Jews and Satanists some of whom claim to be Nazi's would have the same interests or share a campaign. It seems they all have something to gain from this false world peace.

To be fair some elements involved have actually been responsible for strengthening me so I DIDNT fall into deceptions or traps, and kept pushing every day to try to find the truth or at least to resist deceptions-perhaps out of hatred for certain factions involved. I dont know.

Lately many factions that are identifiable (Mormons, blacks, etc) have been strangely friendly to me. Trying to reconcile as it were. I was suspect of this as I should have been. They are and always will be actors that consider people like me lab rats. They have absolutely NO RESPECT for myself or others like me or the masses for that matter, as human beings with any rights to exist or be in control of our own lives or to express our individual assets to our greatest potential. These are highly educated people who believe they are actually better, smarter, more important than people like me and therefore have the right to control my life and treat me like a lab rat.
So why would I EVER trust them??

But REPETITION is the definition of brainwashing. And through constant daily conditioning I am being persuaded to become more peaceful with the community that did such damage to me as well as over the recent year or so, there has been activitya s well as ideations daily to promote me becoming more peaceable and bonded even with the characters and persons involved in destroying my life and torturing me.

I also notice that my empathy is being promoted. That its being rewarded that I be good, use my experience to help others etc. Which is total bullshit becuz I originally wanted to help others to begin with when I had my own place in Brighton in 2002-2005. That was my original intent and that is part of my nature.

So once again we see an example of the technologies available today being used to continue unethical and harmful human experimentation, in the same manner as MK Ultra etc.

And trust me when I tell you that NO ONE INTERESTED IN TRUE WORLD PEACE would ever do to me or anyone else what they have done, supposedly in the interest of a new world order of peace on earth etc.

If the world were run correctly to begin with, we wouldnt need scientists to give the powers that be an edge on who is going to be more responsive to programs of reconciliation between groups in conflict. Its a sign of the sickness of modern society that NO ONE SEES ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE CONCEPT OF SCIENTISTS AND POWER STRUCTURES TRYING TO PREDICT AND CONTROL OUTCOMES OF HUMAN BEINGS IN POPULATIONS TO GAIN A CERTAIN RESULT.

Its called unfair advantage, superior knowledge whatever you want to deem it. Its not supposed to be part of a free and democratic society where people have human and civil rights under international laws.




The only problem is obviously the USA doesnt enforce laws preventing covert unethical human experimentation. So if no one cares, no one listens and no one does anything about it, then I will continue to be treated like a lab rat.

The US government can him and haw all it wants about paranoia pertaining to dissidents, homeless people etc. All they are doing, and its quite obvious, is trying to cover for thier own guilt and crimes- to divert attention and vilify scapegoats. And that is all they are doing.

Its a bunch of bullshit and you either stand by the truth or you go along with them in order to save your own ass and flourish in such a society. At least tell the truth about whats going on instead of using guilt and all these other distasteful methods to try to dominate people.

Anyone who has been through wars and conflict in this society thats my age is pretty much sick of it and being kept down. That is all they seemed to have done with Gen X is to ensure we never got to blossom fully. Its no surprise that we are the main generation of the more sophisticated experimentation after the 50's simple and more brutal overt atrocities-back when they were careless enough to have gotten caught. But the head of the CIA ensured they never would get fully exposed for thier actions by destroying records before an investigation. Great guy huh?

People in power do as they please becuz as human animals they believe they are superior. Its that simple. Even though they have had to take harsh and constant measures to ensure I would never truly express my natural superiority through intelligence, talent, athleticism, and beauty they still want to insist that THEY are superior by nature somehow.

The elite use thier power to make the world thier own even though in reality it isn't. The public don't see what goes on so they buy into it and are convinced, if they are even bright enough to see this far, that they are doomed to failure from the start.

This is not the natural order of things. Everything they present us with throughout our lives in western society is meant to form us into a creature that believes certain things are written in stone about status, dominance, superiority, power and potential. All throughout many of us have been suspect or questioned these standards, only to be denied, lied to, pushed away from the truth or intimidated into accepting the false environment created by the power structure.

When one becomes targeted and is exposed to the most impressive tricks of the technomancers, when one is shown what lies behind the deception, the elite jokingly figure that no one will believe us. That the sheep are so dim and controlled that they will either disbelieve or they will shy away from the truth, fearing reprisal from the unseen hand that forces society to be what it is.

Well, if they wanted it to stay that way, they shouldnt have taken it this far this time. Its their cheapness and greed that has tripped them up this time. Thier own character defects.

They dont care however. As far as they are concerned I have no power to fight them back and society will go along with whatever thier abusive provider deems right for them. Its easier to agree people like me are terrorists instead of victimized by the power elite and all thier cronies for a plan of deception to enslave humanity.

All this is is the choosing of the teams before the game begins. Again its all very simple, primitive human animal behavior. There isnt much that humans do that isnt as such. The elite simply have a very good and long standing system of making themselves appear as if they arent knuckle draggin apes abusing thier highly developed cerebrums to simply dominate other apes.

Becuz thats all humans are, and thats all humans do. Unless of course one works on being human, being above animal urges. And that is NOT done via technologies that chop up people's minds with virtual psycho surgery and crush thier spirits in the interest of induced and forced reconciliation. That is NOT gained via playing god and controlling people through behavior modification.

They can do worse to me tomorrow if they want. They can do whatever they want to me and I still will never see them as superior to me nor will I accept thier ends are in the best interest of humanity.

Really what we must focus on is the myth of Prescott Bush stealing the skull of Geronimo. This isnt just about creating the ultimate super soldier. This is about the ritual of powerful men to want to inherit the power of the Nature's most elite human specimens. Therefore, making themselves gods.

Again, the monkey wants to dominate over the other monkeys. Nothing new here. And dont think the elite have given up thier creepy dominance-through-ritual habits. If you were powerful wouldnt you use any method available to stay in power or gain more?

These assholes want to control and dominate human society becuz they perceive themselves as better than. Hey I can understand that perception. But its also out of fear they do such things and selfishness. If they really were strong they would actually re engineer society to be truly better, not just controlled.

I will never accept the people behind this as betters- not even equals.

I always figure out what they are doing anyway and its usually pretty complex. Why should I fold and submit? I could have been brilliant if left alone to grow naturally and I am still very smart. And superior to many other humans. These asshole's only hope is to ensure I continue to get damage to my physical body specifically the brain as well as be denied stimuli and education.

You can cut up a perfect rose into mess, just a stem. It doesnt change its original structure- and you cant compete even with something dead or damaged. So who cares what they do??

Its best to stick to what you know to be true since the inception of the campaign, hold onto who you were and really are especially what you could have been and also to stay angry. Its YOUR RIGHT. They have no right to con you into being peaceable considering what these campaigns do to Targets. Dont give in.

MIT Discovers Moral Judgements Can Be Aletered

"CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — MIT neuroscientists have shown they can influence people’s moral judgments by disrupting a specific brain region — a finding that helps reveal how the brain constructs morality........
Previous studies have shown that a brain region known as the right temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) is highly active when we think about other people’s intentions, thoughts and beliefs. In the new study, the researchers disrupted activity in the right TPJ by inducing a current in the brain using a magnetic field applied to the scalp. They found that the subjects’ ability to make moral judgments that require an understanding of other people’s intentions — for example, a failed murder attempt — was impaired."

".....disrupted activity in the...brain using a magnetic field applied to the scalp"

Are they absolutely serious? They already know this, on classified levels they already have the technologies to make this happen. Everyone who is a Targeted Individual is familiar with the reality of their situation as well as the commonalities of effects we all experience.

Seriously?? This is the kind of bullsh*tting that makes living very hard to deal with. We know damn well they already have the ability to influence behavior. TI's have been giving accounts of that for years as well as one can deduct by official documents put together on the subject that there is good reason for cause to investigation such claims of Targeted Individuals and that such methods such as tech as well as chemical influence could exist and is being used readily to influence individuals as well as the masses.

They think they are so clever. That by the time history decides to deem us correct in our claims we will be old or out of the way by then. They dont care as long as they dont get caught.

People need to wake up to the reality of what the elite are doing and have always partook in doing to the masses as well as select individuals they are jealous of or threatened by.
Believe me, its no different today than when Bathory got careless with what her elite husband taught her about how to toy with peasants. Of course, she was careless becuz she hadnt been elite long enough. The people she learned these horrors from would never have been caught-or allowed such crimes against humanity to be recorded historically.

All these diversions- pick any number of them, either domestic or foreign, have us over looking one of the age old problems of living in any 'civilized' society on earth: oppression and abuse of power from members of the elite.

We have been conditioned with this perception that PC, Diversity etc applies to everyone. Yet we overlook classism as if it doesnt exist. When in fact, its the core of our problems today just as it has been for centuries.

No amount of NeoConn-ery or Liberal PC cult culture can handle the age old problem of people in the greatest centers of power abusing that power for thier own ends and to control the vast number of human beings in society, under their power.

Its as if science with all its progress and new discoveries is an equalizer among humanity. That science, psychiatry and 'social responsibility'(and other cult like, meaningless phrases denoting vague concepts really designed to promote social control)- have had the power to somehow simply stop dead cold a corruption among mankind that has been constant since the inception of civilized societies.

This is why its so dangerous to buy into the feel good NWO and all its promoting a perfect world. All they are doing is hiding the most abusive elements that have been with us throughout history. What we are seeing is the building of a cohesive empire, one on earth the way Rome had one in the old world. To take over and spread its culture, to dominate the world, to rule, to dictate to others, to deny other cultures while claiming to be tolerant of them.

One thing is sure: extremely rich people, even the ones I have known who are simply very wealthy- are greedy and cheap. Knowing this we can assume that since now they have the ability to leave no stone unturned that they want to own everything- and everyone. And if they can, they will. All they need is to have the masses under control finally. Mind control via brainwashing, social control, social engineering etc always works. It worked for Rome and the same old, tired tactics are working right now. Many of us see this plainly-and many human beings are doing what people have always done which is to fall under the empire's power.

There is no such thing as freedom especially handed to you by the elite. Why would they do such a thing? The elite dominate society, make all the decisions over a long term plan and oppress everyone, everywhere. That is the general rule in life. The only time one experiences freedom is when one or a collective of people fight against this power core or they think they wouldnt be able to get away with something generally or certain things with certain demographics.

People act as if they are totally free and in control of thier own lives. As if the elite would never lie to them, mislead them, try to control them, use them, abuse them, exploit them or others and hide it from the public- for profit, fun or to structure society to thier needs or likings.

Whats most unbelievable is the public has lost its healthy fear and awareness of power. This is most likely becuz terrorism from abroad is being used to replace the 'bad guy' in thier perception so its terrorists that threaten to oppress them, not the power elite of the earth.

Again and again these boring games can be sighted in history books. And for those of us who know whats really going on- due to being exposed to inside information as well as being clever enough to see cons repeated and re used- its pretty damn dull.

Anti NWO Activists Are Deemed Terrorists By A Trooper

Per usual I dont trust Alex Jones fully. I dont recall if the article sites documented proof of the claims. It is ridiculous though.

Considering so many First Responders domestically have been involved in organized harassment and stalking its frightening to think this could be a perp writing things like this. Someone who has motive to work for the system.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

It Makes Sense Now-The TI Is Followed And A Reality Is Created Around Them Constantly

Holy sh*t...i am over in my unit area of the storage warehouse (Castle Storage in South Boston)..its dead quiet. I am not getting interfaced, bothered, made to self talk or sing or feel like acting crazy.

I dont feel cloudy minded, insecure, anxiety ridden.

And i am not getting any ideations or hearing any phrases or having intrusive thoughts or ptsd memories nor flashes of selective memory or nor am i being given instructuons or ideas or any  kind of behavior modification whicb was the worst part of comong into this storage space.


I suspected that this is why our society wants everything documented signed up for and accounted for especially by computer nowadays. SO TARGETED PERSONS CAN BE FOLLOWED, MONITORED, TARGETED AND THEIR ROUTINES AND ROUTES/ACTIVITIES MORE EASILY PREDICTED.

It helps them to create those parameters I posted about last month.

Still there is no excuse for how many citizens are in on these covert activities. Thats what is  still so unbelievable.

People seem to know about a citizen being targeted. Unless those people arent randomly showing up but are sent to be there purposely when the Target is in a certain area.

I posted that review of the movie Conspiracy Theory a few nights ago.

The author thought that the system would have  to  monitor EVERY book sale to target someone. Untrue and illogical:JUST THE BOOK SALES TO TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. Which could be monitored with bank card tagging or monitoring as well as chips in cash bills or just reporting on the TI per regular monitoring of their activities.

This is probably why social security went to bank cards. I imagine many Targets are forced to take assistance.

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Seems E Harassment Goes Just Where TI Goes

Here at storage. Told employee I was moving out days ago but thought I had til the 9th due to my bill being due not til then.

I notice as I sit here and wait for the manager to return that I feel very clear and uneffected, opposed to how I usually felt when i was listed as actively having space here in the computer.

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The PC Cult-Its Real Use

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Survivor's Testimonies From PACOHRE Were Never Revealed To The Public Or Made Official

"In 1995, the President's Committee on Radiation was hearing complaints in Washington D.C. about hazardous exposure at sites and plants around the country. The testimony mostly focused on the damaging effects of that exposure to radiation. However, on March 15, 1995 , the testimony of New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf and two of her patients dropped a bombshell in the proceedings that was never covered by the mainstream press. Wolf and her patients stated that they had been part of an "extensive CIA brainwashing program as young children (in one case, starting at age seven). Their brainwashing included torture, rape, electroshock, powerful drugs, hypnosis and death threats." (15) According to their testimony, the CIA then induced amnesia to prevent their recalling anything that really happened.

Personal eyewitness accounts exist regarding the use of children and women in such secret programs. Any allegations of organized, high level sexual abuse are likely to end up getting you or your character assassinated. This makes any such revelation extremely rare and hence, worth looking into. The next segment is a summary of what is perhaps the most incredible tale of such an organized program created by American and Post WWII German scientists from Operation Paperclip; it is called Project Monarch."

This explains why they are not afraid of consequences no matter what we say or do.

They kept our comments and activism stricken from the records in NYC when we attended the Bioethics Commission.

I didnt realize they didnt include what was on the YouTube videos of Survivor testimonies in the official records or at least kept it out of the media.

Its amazing how effective their discreditation campaigns work and how the public go along with all this accordingly.

This explains why so many people are in on this but behave like its nothing and no ones ever going to get caught or believe the truth.

Are they actually happy living under the tyranny of this elite group's actions.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I am so glad I could put out some important information while I am clear temporarily on this holiday, instead of my usual time wasting and venting anger. If I wasnt so targeted I could write my book within months probably. Its so so sad.

Buffalo NY Documentation of War Crime/How This System Works In Present Society

I want to post something while I am not targeted while I can think and act freely on this holiday where it seems the mind control and harassment are pretty much non existent.

I was in NY state, Buffalo NY some time ago. Say 2007 or 2008 I have to look it up. Buffalo was very active in gang stalking. Constant and very nasty. African American perps saturated the place- bus drivers, gang member looking guys in red t shirts in convenience stores etc etc.

The local welfare office was in on it, heavily. A male worker there even turned to me at the window you go to get served by them and said to my face "Rachael, why dont you go home to your grandmother's house?" (F*ck you by the way. Maybe I will visit YOUR frickin grandmother, c*ck s*cker. You think this is a frickin joke or somethin'? Piece of sh*t. I never forget a face, you assh*le. Maybe I should travel through Buffalo just to f*ck with thier heads as payback. I could really screw up some perps who messed with me. Unless of course these losers were plants and have been moved onto the next location. As I was told thats how it works by that punk in AZ who thought I was so beat down they could get me to join them. Hmph. )

If I go to my grandmother's house its going to be with a lawyer to sue the shit out of my mother, her mother, my family etc or to do a death by cop final showdown- being that I could choose between the three people closest to me to kill before I check out. Which of course I wont do becuz I want revenge by telling the whole world what everyone involved did to me instead of just one petty motherf*cker. Didnt know who you were dealing with did you. Good, that what programming and compartmentalization are for dumbasses. Nice front alter I had too. She looked reeeaaall stupid. Love it. All the while taping mentally every conversation, every detail of how this all works.
I cant wait to destroy you any way I can.

Anyway, aside from my lovely vendetta's against UNPROFESSIONAL untrained field agents, who made it personal when I SHOULD HAVE BEEN JUST BUSINESS and now have vendetta from me to settle (YOUR arrogance is at fault. YOU deserve everything you are going to get. What idiot hires these average nobodies to do intelligence work? Bush is such an asshole. He knew this would be such a slap in the face to everyone who got targeted. Probably gets off on it. If you are kissing a gay male military prostitute with White House access as a fake reporter on the head publicly who is into sadism etc, you got issues boy.).... I was in this welfare office where the lady seeing me was in on it and so was that f*cktard at the walk up window (as you can tell). I was stringing them along with agreeing to take a free hotel room so I could look for a place to live locally but really it was to rest and think about my next moves. Of course the motel was GS constatly with perps doing u-turns almost constantly in the parking lot, local crack heads in the rooms trying to get me to believe that it was all being done so that I didnt get into trouble with drugs (un-believeable) and the guy and his son who ran it were so obviously perps it was ridiculous. I wasnt seasoned then, I wasnt fast with my camera and I was in the phase of being totally freaked out and tired from traveling. I had just learned a back pack looks better than luggage. But the pack was too big- I needed rest. It wasnt very restful though. It was probably an experience on par with St Louis as far as torture and harassment were concerned.
As I was sitting in the welfare office waiting for something or someone- I got interfaced. I felt as if some strong force was 'hacking' into my...psychic energies if you will. I now realize this must have been my Theta programming or abilities which I wont get into here but its the ability to kill with the mind. This is one rationale they have for neutralizing a mind controlled slave, especially females who are psychic power houses. And this incident is an example of why they do this, though I dont approve of it.
Becuz basically I was 'hacked' into and I felt it was kind of group effort, what happened next. As if many people in the area were interfaced with to gain power or momentum to create psychic force.

Just as I was interfaced, moments later a man jumped to his death from a tall building, supposedly on the phone with his lawyer. The panic outside makes me think this was true and not some set up by perps to make me feel guilty about being part of a killing.

The force I was part of before he jumped- that WAS what made this man die. The timing was perfect down the the milisecond. And the feeling I got when I was hacked into was not my usual good, helpful, light nature. Nor was it even a part of my other programming that is...darker lets say. It was totally from outside forces, a hacking into the mind from somewhere outside. I cant even tell if it was a human psychic, technology or a combo of both-Ive theorized that there may be tech or chemicals beefing up weak minds or amplifying normal abilities to make them long range or more powerful.

It was a very dark, deadly and uncaring force. And it was surprising to me how collective it felt. As if I was part of a bunch of other people being hacked into or part of this psychic effort.

I have experienced this system kill many times. Its on them not me. I did nothing but sit there waiting for paperwork or a worker. I know this. But just like in actual Ritual Abuse situations, they are trying to create guilt in the individual TO BOND THEM TO THE COLLECTIVE, THE CULT.

Understand that the dangers of having 'community' watch and pushing a sense of 'community' in this era we live in can be used against people for darker purposes. There is a part of the human mind that is an unconscious killer. If you do not deal with that part of yourself, which most people dont, it can be used against u, which is what mobbing is basically.
You can be hacked into and the sense of community-the collective as well as justice via mobbing or covert activity such as community watch, can PRIME the human mind for such hacking experiences. You are primed to be receptive to community or collective actions. You are now used to your privacy being invaded, living communally on the internet, living communally in your community etc. 'Social responsibility' is another modern catch phrase that is used to prime the minds of people for brainwashing.

SOCIAL responsibility denotes taking actions to change something the collective deems in need of change or resolution. COMMUNITY watch or living communally denotes a hive mind. Living without privacy puts off any thoughts of resistance, for the greater good you are brainwashed to believe. Living online makes the human mind primed to be hacked into in the method that I just described and anyone not aware of thier conscousness wont know the difference (this is another reason it was so important to start society on getting away from taking drugs becuz often drug users gain experience of thier own minds through experimentation and young people test thier meddle through traumatic or life threatening challenges. Also getting the entire nation ONTO psych meds to replace reacreational drug use firstly avoids the questions of why we feel badly to begin with WITHOUT ANY DRUGS AT ALL as well as these drugs are not found in nature, they are strictly man made, are not a copy of the chemical composition of any substance found in nature and actually provide mind control of human beings through chemical means by taking them).

What shocked me was the overtness of it. The directness. It was so...intrusive as was everything during Bush and early Obama, but specifically Bush.

The only thing the system can do is deny my claims and say I am mentally ill etc. But believe me, I will never forget that day. And the guilt that ensued only added to the pressures put on me by this system to try to ensure I dont 'tell'.

What I want to know is how they do it. It was so surgical, so intrusive, I dare say it was tech that was used. Advanced tech but still tech. If it was a psychic warrior, we indeed have a big problem in this country. It was complete darkness. My mind was pulled into a little area of complete darkness and nothing else. And I do NOT appreciate being hacked or interfaced.

One thing about Survivors of programming is that we are used to existing in our internal worlds. What was done during Bush is horrible. Go in, destroy the internal programming, try to make the person into a dead like zombie of a human being, then simply hack into their remaining abilities for your own use whenever you feel like it.

Its disgusting. We are people dont forget not robots. But if anything that was one of the things they seemed to disregard the most. As if that was most fun for whoever was doing this during Bush. To destroy any humanity, the soul really, that exists within people.

Its easier to disbelieve me but I am telling you there is something out there, whoever they are, that have total disregard for human beings. The other worst experience that showed they dont respect humans made up of spirit and mind is when in my sleep my consciousness was actually attempted to be stuffed inside of a pair of virtual reality glasses. And this was definitely an intrusive nightmare, the kind where you can tell its coming from the outside not from within one's consciousness.

Someone, somewhere- some people or entities or whatever they are either here or on a space station or underground, wherever they reside, are screwing around with humanity to do experimentation akin to the Nazi horrors. It seems all they want is to harness a human beings powers for their purposes and to see if they can alter humans such as trying to fit conscnousness into inanimate objects. Guess what? It scared the shit out of me. One's conscnousness wasnt meant to fit into an object. Which is why we have brains and hearts and chakras to contain our 'consnousness'. These containers, sources of energy create a system that is conscnousness. This is why in our normal state it seems our minds our universes unto themselves- infinite.
This system seems to have wanted to destroy the mind in order to make 'consncouness' travel size and managable.

This is one of the reasons I keep posting GO INTO YOUR DNA. It seems they cant hack that. It seems they can only try to curb it or get you to abandon it by becoming self hating. For instance, trying to make me feel bad about being Italian looking or having such DNA and associate me with whatever Nordic and German DNA I have, does them great service I recently realized BECUZ THE ITALIANS WILL NOT TAKE TO BEING RULED KINDLY and its a tough, creative people, ones who, at heart, still feel we rule the world on some level. They also know that on some level, anyone from the ancient Classical world considers blue eyed peoples to be barbarians-even cowards and easily brainwashed.

Therefore it was important for them to try to make me obsessed with my blue eyed DNA and not the Slavic either. Also, they knew it would never really work for me as a way to victory becuz I dont look blue eyed and blond. It was a catch-22 and it worked well for a time to control me and keep me down.

Its important for them to have humans deny thier DNA-where we come from. It makes us much more manageable. This may be the reason for promoting the destruction of EuroAmerican cultures in favor of Diversity, and merging or even being ruled by other cultures, culturally. Such as the strong Judeo-Afro entertainment culture in the USA.

If mass mind control includes such horrors as I have described, even if you are being pulled in in ways that are not so extreme you are still being denied an identity, individuality, free Will and a sense of Self outside of a collective. You may be pulled into mobbing and not even realize it becuz its done civilly or covertly-even unconsciously.

Going into your DNA is not racism. Its self defense. They dont seem to be able to take away whatever strength, power and identity and 'instructions' of how to handle survival that is CODED INTO THE DNA STRANDS. This is also probably why acedemics (who fear being targeted) are claiming 'race' doesnt exist. Which is absolute nonsense. Maybe race doesnt exist but I know damn well that Italians pass on certain traits that are hella different than blacks, Germans, Nordics etc or Slavs and so on with other peoples from different pieces of land who have existed there for centuries and defined thier culture, and passed that one to thier children via DNA. If that isnt 'race' then frickin find a definition for it BUT USE IT TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Becuz discovering this is one of the only reasons I am still here and sane.

Americans and westerners think that we are smart and advanced but how much we ignore of what is subtle, unseen and in our unconscious makes us very stupid and vulnerable to manipulation. There is a reason that in the Orient one looks to one's ancestors. Its even in the old Kung Fu movies-and those battles all seemed to be about revolution, oppression but also about self discovery, spirituality.

There are so many elements of Western culture that render us limited and ignorant. And then psychiatry and socially acceptable science locks the doors completely from us seeking other answers. For those of us who refuse such limitations- the New Age movement has been created to make sure we dont find anything beyond the parameters.

Recall that one of the main high profile mind control Survivors, the one everyone in the scene keeps claiming is a CIA plant (hmmm, wonder why), she claimed that her assignment was to work in the field of the New Age movement and that this movement is basically to provide disinformation and cloak whats really out there or to confuse seekers of wisdom in thier search for truth.

The New Age movement is a perfect western answer: its easy, fast, convenient, claims to be only 'white' or harm-to-none type magic or occult and doesnt require any real sort of quest for its participants- which is of course why it leaves you feeling like you need to be seeking answers still. Which of course keeps you buying more crap from the book stores. Most of all it is so....benign that one can still function in the real world or man made reality while studying New Age material. You can pay your taxes and stay controlled by the system while feeling like you are getting around religion, psychiatry and selective science.

The truth is that whats really out here requires you to leave all of that behind and truly define what you believe in. Its lonely, people hate you, they suspect you, they believe you insane. The powers that be try to destroy you any way they can. Other seekers who have been forced out into the truth are often other homeless people, which of course also adds to how useless and depressing this all is compared to if you had a life of success within socially acceptable society.
You are forever marginalized.

Then are forever empowered like no one else on this planet. You know it. And you see it when any other human being looks at you, all you need is to stare at them long enough and they cower. Grown men, powerful people-any of them. People avoid even walking near your aura. People cant be in the same room with you if it bothers them or stand near you.

I dont know what happens to us and what we are now. But this system that is corrupt and destructive to humans has left us little choice but to defend ourselves. And if encoded DNA provides that, if its one place they cant go to get you, then to strengthen who you are in this way is all the choice you have.

What they try to do basically is psychosurgery to alter a human being and if they can, to alter what is there from your DNA that you can use for strength and self defense. Its like they butcher some parts of you so you cant recieve or get into whats there in the DNA strands, and this is a very important part of behavior modification in thier program for a Target. Its almost as if they are altering a person so they have to pathways to access thier DNA codes or hoping you will forget about those pathways or lose ability to access them.

If you think about it, its VERY MUCH like how computers work or sceince works. It doesnt sound crazy at all. It sounds like what a military force would do when trying to secure its own interests becuz we all know that the military wants results, doesnt care about human life except in recorded numbers and will do ANYTHING to get the results they want. They are the most ruthless people on this planet and the romanticising of them and thier age old culture has fooled many a people throughout history.

Their job is death. They make science out of killing. They civilize the ape within-they manage the inner beast, refine its desires and needs-streamline it. This is what men do and I cant tell if its simply my gender that makes such things unfamiliar and strange to me or my nature as a human being. But do not doubt what lengths the military and the power elite will go to to get what they want.

If that includes building soldiers that are basically wiped, walking dead puppets, who are technically still living bodies-they will do it. If that includes trying to find a way to put human consciousness into robots or other inanimate objects for a future world with an uninhabitable environment for normal human animals-they WILL do it. Pain and suffering are means to an end for these forces and the people behind these war crimes.

That is why none of this is crazy. It sounds like historical accuracy. Since its happening NOW, no one wants to acknowledge it.