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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wow!! Do I Have A Media Psy Ops Example For YOU Pt 2 (Milred Dresselhaus)

Lets start with the woman on the left.
Mildred Dresselhaus.

If you Google her name in Google Images, you will see she frequently favors the standard black and red clothing combo or red shirt that's so much a part of what TIs see in GS and a lot lately in the media. (I still am not sure if its a secret society thing, a Satanic thing or just a mind game. It certainly is to brainwash Targets as many of us are sensitized to it. We see this more so during Obama, the frequency of which is quite noticeable and has created a pattern one can see plainly of wearing red or black and red as some sort of code, signal, affiliation and representative of an agenda. Some citizens might wear it out of ignorance but its more likely that highly educated people or people in positions of power or authority aren't ignorant of its meaning.)

Here is some info on Dresselhaus: (this link is of special interest as The Dept Of Energy is one of the departments connected to MK Ultra and the radiation experiments. My mother claimed to be speaking with people from the DOE during the time she was preparing to be part of the class action lawsuit for being a radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.)

Dresselhaus has received many awards which include large sums of money from the U.S. government.

The MIT article on a Kavli Prize is particularly important and I will get into that later.

Now that being done, now that we are associated with this woman and already some things about her are of interest, let  me go further and show you what 'hooked' me to her image so strongly, what is a part of this being so compelling.

Recall in part 1 I told a bit about Ritual Abuse, being bonded to the cult through spiritual marriage. What I am presenting next is just an overview as I will get into more detail either in my book or on these blogs later depending on how  my health works out and what kind of time I have and of course if I can get away from gang stalking long enough to actually get work done.

There was a very strong use of black metal bands from Norway during the Bush era. The reason I am leery of pointing the finger directly is that we have here a sub culture in a very Aryan type country, that hates and denounces Abrahamic religions, burns churches, loathes Judaic influence on thier lives and culture and even goes as far as advocating wiping out all influence of Abrahamic religions out of Europe if not the world. THEY HAVE EVEN MENTIONED THE MASONS as part of what needs to be destroyed due to some factions of Masons using Hebrew influences as their basis instead of ancient Egyptian, (which I find confusing becuz anything naturally within me is ancient Egyptian in content).
There are also alot of Nazi black metal bands or NSBM in this culture.

The musicians in many metal bands from this area of the world seem very healthy, fit, strong, physically superior to Americans on average, highly intelligent, still very connected to ancient pagan and magickal practices from Scandinavia and often good looking. As for the Norwegian bands its almost as if there aren't any ugly people in Norway at all. Bland prettiness seems to be a commonality.

Their music is based not on Afro influences like blues but on classical music from Europe (though many were initially influenced by Venom from England who were influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath and that era of bands were influenced by early, very early blues from the 20's and 30's in part I believe.)

They play extremely well and with an amount of pure power that is unusual to experience in American culture's WASP-Judeo-Afro dominated entertainment cultures. According to research it seems most of them are either college educated, wealthy or both.

In short these people are a threat to the dominance of Afro and Judeo-Christian/Catholic and corporate influence over western society. They have complained of such forces trying to break down thier culture often, though they seem clever enough to resist.

So I want to step carefully as it could be that the system is setting up people in this subculture by targeting TIs with content to make it appear they are in on destroying the person. Even taking small things where they were in on messing with a Target but saboteurs change it around or add to it to create a bigger conspiracy in the Target's mind.

Then again, they are Satanists. In one song released during Bush, you can plainly hear the lyrics "..enslave mankind". They've often stated that black metal should only be for 'the elite'. (I cant blame them on that one).   Nazi sympathizers, Nordics, Satanists. This possibly leads us to Aquino and the military.  International abuse networks and all that goes with that. 

One has to remember that religious beliefs aside it seems that many enemies are working together to form the NWO as well as preserve the international abuse cults that exist. Many of us are simply piecing things together we aren't privy to actual real information from inner circles (other than those weird informants that show up sometimes and tell you stuff that often saves your life.) Its confusing.

Now this is where its important to look at where the MIT article is coming from. The awards and money being given to these women scientists is from Norway The Norwegian Academy Of Science.

There is a band who's image has been used in my campaign to do particularly great harm to me psychologically and that includes instances of ritual abuse. How much is thier doing versus how much has been created as an illusion by military psy ops and other forms of brainwashing, creating disinformation etc is very debatable which is why I never make any accusations. I would have to write and then read my entire documented account of what happened over the last ten years to make a fair judgment.

Since the use of these bands during Bush their careers have skyrocketed, common among people willing to help this system. One can plainly see the power they were afforded during the Bush era and the war years. Something that the system is trying very hard right now to get the public to forget about.

When one uses the theory that Iraq and 9-11 were huge rituals, mass sacrifices which included great profits along with torture, rapes, terror, deception-all that is 'satanic' in nature, one can see the connection. I have featured Gorgoroth's Carving A Giant video which was released during the height of the Iraq war and in it there is a large scale mass sacrifice represented.

Businesses and forces that register as Satanic in nature got a  lot of business done during Bush and its something they never want known to the public.

The man I am going to show you now is a guitarist in one of these bands. Later I will reveal how his image was used in ritual abuse as part of targeting a Survivor. Just trust me that this is important. Note that he's been jailed for involvement in rape in the past.

Also, take into consideration that during Bush and Hayden, he and his band were presented in a very professional manner as dark, hidden, deceptive, scary, frightening, menacing. They were always presented in thier corpse paint make up and when any interviews or photos were taken, EVERY MEMBER OF THE BAND COULD BE SEEN WITHOUT MAKE UP HIDING THEIR FACES EXCEPT FOR THE GUITARIST:

And there is another manipulation that was using their images which I wont post now.
Believe me, I was very interested in getting information on this person. And during Bush into early Obama there were no pictures or video on the Internet of this person's face. There was one YouTube vid by a fan of candid stills of him but his face was hidden by his hair a bit, taken outdoors:
  I looked at that vid one too many times and it was pulled off YouTube.

Since the beginning of this situation there were only two pictures available of this man without makeup I could find. One I thought was a drawing it was so unclear:


and the other was dark and taken from far off:

 Interestingly, its as if I was being confused so I couldn't even find pictures of this person let alone be sure it was him if I found one that was clear.(There was heavy mind control being used during Bush of which I doubt we will see again in our lifetimes. Militant, direct and brutal. Now the mc being used is more to silence and handle the American people.)

In pics of him with the band in studio say, he purposely had his back turned so you could only see his hair etc:
 As of recently and ONLY recently as in last two years or so, pics were released of this person without makeup. Pics you could actually see clearly his features.

Now, the first and only close-up pic available on the Internet I found  awhile ago of this person without his stage makeup available, was a picture that resembles eerily the scientist on the left in the photo from yesterday's MIT homepage of the three women scientists winning awards.

Mere slight resemblance. Lets look at this more closely, like I would be seeing it due to my deep involvement with the subject matter. Just focus on her face. How big it was on the MIT homepage. Its one of the first things I noticed about the MIT photo.
When someone is used or presented to you as a hidden attacker who's made powerful in your mind, when you finally get to see the person's face, you rarely are going to forget that picture.

 Here is a pic of the scientist in her youth:

The similarity is striking.

I figured out that another purpose of having  --- MIT homepage image evoke memories of the Infernus pic as well as my grandmother and foster mother was that it cross references Infernus being related to this woman, possibly her GRANDSON perhaps. Even though this is probably not the case its a connection I was supposed to think of. Thus the triggering of alot of emotion attached to that reminding me of MY grandmother is stronger. Thus the brainwashing effect is going to be stronger. 

I think that they thought the idea of her being a Jew and he being associated with Nazi sympathizing black metal bands would create a polarity so I would mentally register the two images as staying separate and the effect would stay subconscious.
The problem I have with these actions against Targeted Survivors is that the Targets have no recourse or refuge in society or the legal system to deal with the human and civil rights abuses that occur in GS or to find out who exactly is behind it. And since westerners rationalize everything away, they don't believe such things exist-even though they consider themselves Christians, which is one of the reasons I don't even bother with that as a solution. Besides, no one should take on a belief system under duress. Desperation is not a valid reason to turn to something.  And its very suspect that the perps will come up to you in public spaces and tell you to become a Christian.Or that there are so many Israelis involved as well.

I think they just want Survivors under the control of ANY religion or cult they don't particularly care which. Its about mind control not truth.

 I simply am tired of living with so many factions trying to get me to do what THEY want. I want to do what I want.
Lastly, Dresselhaus's  background is Jewish.



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