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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, January 28, 2022

When in doubt use mobbing as behavior modification

Wow. Go back to the traditional cultural norm of panhandling in the subculture of the traveler train Hopper and hitchhiker when you are an activist who's targeted and has really good chances of winning legal cases for a frame of and oh my God smell the desperation. In Walmart coming out of the woodwork because there's a storm is every loser you can imagine and it's clientele pro up the f****** ass and it was fine for like 2 years because I did not show my face with a sign in my hand well that was because they didn't let some blackmailed idiots into office now we have to deal with prices being higher than they ever were before and he's going to blame covid cuz people are stupid and they don't read stuff and look stuff up and know what the hell's going on and if you're a Democrat at this point you're totally brainwashed an older Democrats just vote Democrats and don't dare question the great party and of course they're bringing new ones in over the border and putting them all over the country so therefore they'll have voters in no time flat.

Not the Trump wasn't an idiot but at least things will run like a business. And I had a really good run for four years the whole Jeffrey Epstein with MIT and Harvard was pretty just desserts for me.

But what could it be me flying a sign once one time out of 2 years just to make ends meet to go to the food store because of the situation beyond my control the hotels are really this year everyone's being greedy ever since everybody got vaccinated they're complete assholes so you got to do what you got to do and I've been doing this most of my life and the traveling since 2006 I've been panhandling much longer than that often on when menina was in office he said it was an actual trade and it took skill so too bad for people that are now trying to end homelessness if you guys have noticed the next step in globalist control of every single inch of all of our country that they can get their hands on which is like everywhere is nugget now going to be ending homelessness under the guys as usual with the left of trying to help and under supposing progressiveness but actually what they're doing is trying to clear out people that aren't going to go along with globalism and don't feed their bottom line.

And obviously it's obvious to them that if you have alternative culture and Street scenes forming especially around colleges you're going to get people that they now consider a terrorist sell which is simply just people who have brains it probably should have went to college that decides to create an alternative subculture and probably write books and drop pictures and travel but people could become activists out of that they're actually afraid that much at this point you know why? Because they know that globalism is wrong and they know that destroying local culture is wrong and this is oppressive. And it's about greed it's not about human rights or any of those lies they tell people. If it was they wouldn't have indoctrination telling you who to hate and who to like and projecting and blaming.

I think I know what it is it's the idea that if I'm willing to go back to doing what I need to do to survive and trailblazing and going out and showing the initiative to do an entrepreneurial thing like panhandle well then I probably not afraid to continue my quest for justice and to clear my name and to get my court cases fixed time to hold people accountable for 2016 I get this like a compression and I get the sort of deduction that that is exactly what we're dealing with. So we want to punish somebody from a certain behavior what do you do you mob them as a form of behavior modification because then if you quote unquote punish the person then hopefully they won't continue to go out on their own. The thing that seems to be the goal right now is because my mother is sick and because my partner has always been needy and need of medical treatment the point is to get me to get a job settle down and absolutely go quietly. That is the goal.

If I seem to make any moves that indicate Independence like years ago and not me becoming an old fat hospra who's more interested in taking care of people because I'm scared of them dying and me slowly being beaten down to conforming and becoming a wage slave and giving up my blog so I can take care of those who I love then definitely the system is going to make moves to stop that and just any Independence thought or action. As usual everyone can go f*** themselves. 

And remember there's never any shortage of losers for recruitment.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Hotel Sites Possibly Hacked For Info To Assist Illegal Surveillance

 Just another weird circumstance to be aware of. Totally feasible.

It may be unsettling but remember that in come cases surveillance may be to protect someone not just to keep tabs on them or neutralize them. 

Awareness and knowledge is valuable. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Noticing Effects Of Post Covid 19 Environment

 I've noticed that when I put on clothing that was washed and stored away before COVID-19 that I feel self confident, calmer and not scatter brained. I feel confident in myself and my goals seem valid as they had for years. I feel comfortable in myself.

I've noticed that the clothing I put on after Covid and the general environment is now a place where I feel like I don't matter, I am outdated or that I should just go quietly and not put forth my Will nor my ideas in this post Covid/BLM/Antifa globalist PC new world. That I am always scared, that theres no support for me, that I am being left behind etc. 

I do not feel comfortable in myself. I worry for the future. I feel powerless-ita as if I don't exist. 

I just want people to be aware that there may be something to this, that if COVID is being discovered to cause brain damage or a dumbing down effect then it's interesting to note that I've experienced changes in mood, thoughts and effects from the environment after COVID. An example is the clothing I had stored away and had washed before Covid came around making me feel as I did before Covid and culture wars had effected our lives and our societal structure. This would indicate that in theory it is possible that much of the anxiety and isolation even dumb down we are feeling is induced by something and not just happening due to changing conditions. 

COVID is a virus but who is to say that the environment that's become created from it's presence among humans hasn't been partially made by some sort of chemical influence? 

I've posted that I noticed a difference in the effect of hand sanitizer early on in the covid culture.

It genetic engineering of food is possible who is to say what else might be possible? If performance enhancing drugs exist then why can't performance disabling drugs exist? Like demotivation tactics, akin to this? 

Effects Of Covid 19 on Brain, Cognitive Ability

The hidden long-term cognitive effects of COVID-19-

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The potential neurological effect of the COVID‐19 vaccines: A review Lu Lu, Weixi Xiong, [...], and Dong Zhou

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Truth Will Come From Many Different Voices

Much of the Divide And Conquer has been cloaked so well that many people don't understand they are being manipulated. Many demographics of people are being convinced that other groups are to blame as part of this. 

I've experienced that I've received help from many different kinds of people just many different kinds of people seem to be involved in the theoretical gang stalking games also known as organized harassment or mobbing. So you need to start looking at the idea that if the older activists before us in the ti community always put forth that one of the rules of some of these games is that you will find that the purpose are from every Walk of Life then conversely the people helping you can also be of the same description. It's very tempting to want to find a common ground with other people that believe the same become safe again especially if you're older and you grew up in neighborhoods not communities our generation and the people older than I certainly desire that old sense of safety and cohesion that we grew up with and what's so shocking is in the '90s we saw diversity as cohesive but it's been hijacked by the corporatocracy and the powers that be in order to turn it into something like social control oppression and divide and conquer and I don't think younger people or the general public see the difference.

This show I came across while visiting with a relative who I've been taking care of on weekends leave me a chance to understand and remember how many different kinds of people have given me help and among them have been Jews Satanist Catholics Christians the people on the border of Mexico Mexicans Chinese Indian Italian everything you can imagine from everywhere for an American police criminal medical people which is amazing because there's so many bad people or used to be so many bad people in the medical field hiding out doing this crap you have to look for the good people. That's the thing you need to learn and if you become good at these games when you're older you will be able to look at somebody until if they're lying to you or not with very great exception you'll be able to tell if somebody is trustworthy or not and you'll be able to tell if someone's hurt even when they're expert at controlling a TI with tactics or whatever they think is their own personal magnetism that they can use as control over someone who's used to being victimized and shocked and tortured. You can have control over your life but it takes a Year's of education and that is why these blogs exist. That's what was done for me from the previous group of people strangely enough the real activists that do all the work on the internet were all older women and the people that are famous for it on TV are always men. David Icke that wrote the biggest secret who I highly suspect is a disinformation agent Alex Jones etc most of these people are men but if you go on the internet the people that have done the groundwork with the first blogs on the first websites that really had an impact in the community were all middle-aged women and sadly the ti community is sort of like a place that it's easy to get ghosted. A lot of people suffer work very hard for nothing and die and nobody ever acknowledges there contributions and that has to change just like ghosting has to change in the homeless community as well which is a separate issue but many TI's are become destitute like any whistleblower so there is a connection. Some of the people who have given their lives to this community their blogs are gone you can't even find an obituary you can't tell if they're dead or alive their blogs might be archived by people in our community who are younger who care about their work but where did that person go? I'm going to do a couple of posts on that because even if the ti community keeps trying to get organized and we keep getting knocked down the least we can do is to have sort of a hall of memorial or some kind of record of these people and their contributions.
Same voices can come from anywhere. And just like they tell you in the 12-step programs when you're trying to get some kind of relief from addictions they tell you some very good advice that TI's could use later on in their lives which is probably why when you get clean off of drugs and you go to 12 step programs purple start putting the pressure on and they're in those meetings because they don't want you to wake up especially if you're a survivor of programming or SRA they want you to die on drugs and they don't want you to find your way out of the maze of programming. Which is another issue and it's complicated but in the meetings when you're getting you clean off drugs for instance or alcohol they tell you to take what you can and leave the rest and I suppose learning that early in life is what made it easier for me to use content from different kinds of people even though I don't agree with everything they might say or the slant on it because as a community we have to do that we have to take what we can and leave the rest behind.

Regardless of what you feel about Israel you can clearly see that this television program has some same voices and some looking for the truth and trying to talk about facts and unravel the web and the deception. It's called Jewish news syndicate and it comes on a cable channel called JBS and the TV show is called top story and this episode was playing and luckily it's a repeat so I could get a YouTube video of it. Because I'll watch anything that's on the television as long as it catches my interest and it seems like it has valuable content.

This is what you have to do with any kind of research on the internet on television if you just watching and you find something where the content catches your eye make sure you listen to it all the way through make sure you read it all the way through so you don't publish something or take something and it has a trojan horse on it so to speak but I think the effort you have to look for the gold nuggets in the sand which means a lot of disinformation is out there a lot of frozen horses are out there a lot of deception but there are people from all walks of life it's still want the truth.

What's so irritating about the left right now and I lived in a leftist area is that years ago 20 plus years ago people like me of course I'm outspoken about what I think is the truth regardless of what the climate is, years ago if you said I don't agree with Israel because whatever your reasons are even if you like Israelis even if you've known Israelis even if you prefer Israeli culture to the surrounding culture in that area you might not agree with the way Israel came about or whatever the issue was that you had with it you could say well I don't agree with Israel and their actions or whatever it is for this and that reason the liberals on the left would come after you so hard and they would label you anti-semitic or Angie Israeli or whatever it is and you could not speak. So now it's interesting that they're completely turning around the same left liberals and saying well we're auntie Israel because years ago you couldn't say anything. So it goes to show that regardless of what the belief is it's true the left the oppressors the infiltrators they make sure you cannot have discourse there's no freedom of speech you can't have a discussion and actually to be honest with you I can't think of anything more unjewish then denying discussion lol. I've had a number of people that are older who are Catholics mostly Italians who have converted and married Jewish women and the reason they give is that they're sick and tired of the oppression of not being able to question now this is a different generation of Catholic and very much from New York and New Jersey where it's a big cultural thing but they were sick of not being able to question and what they like about the Jewish religion is that they can question they can discuss they can disagree. And what's driving a lot of the white supremacy and people becoming running to the safety of something like becoming a white supremacist is because what's it's being marketed to people that don't know any better that this is being done by Jews. Which obviously this television show totally debunks that which is one of the reasons I'm putting it up here. It's just another trap to try to get you corralled off into one little area so you're more easy to control your separate and it's divide and conquer. If it's not the racialization of everything driving you to find safety it's this perception that it's being done by a lot of Jews in academia and in power. Which they actually address in this television program that other Jews are using their Jewish identity to push these agendas. And when you look at a lot of the universities where the presence of Jews has risen as professors become a lot of Jews and faculty and administration or as they wouldn't have been allowed in the country club years ago.
So to The outsider who doesn't know any better you see a growing Jewish power structure within higher institutions that control things make agendas create culture push education whatever it is and you're thinking it's a Jewish conspiracy or they're pushing that to get people into white supremacy because it almost looks like they're infiltrating these solid institutions that have been a long time powerful structures in this country and it looks like they're infiltrating them in order to create these Marxist agendas and so people are running to leave a state or leave the country or trying to become white supremacists because that's what it looks like it's the old the blacks and the Jews. Well it's really glaringly obvious now and this TV show addresses that that it's only a portion of people abusing their Jewish identity to push these agendas and this broadcast clearly shows that you have to stay balanced or you're going to fall into extremism which I'm sure the system loves because then you're under control.

It makes me think back to a period of time during Obama when I had a very clear observation that information had been gathered by what means I'm not going to speak about it right now but information had been gathered about My views and beliefs from my private living space and it was obvious because the gang stalking system and the purpose were approaching me in ways very early on around 2008 or so when I started traveling I was being approached for harassment in ways that made it really obvious that I had been being observed and that was being used to tailor the harassment campaign against me. Because of the way I lived in my apartment and the television shows I watched and the things I said in the discussions I had people thought I was a Christian so in the beginning they came after me is if I was a Christian which is laughable. And my internet use was not very active because I didn't have a computer and when I did it didn't work right also I don't believe back in 2002 three or four when I was living in my apartment that this all started in I don't believe that the internet activity was being monitored the way that we know that our internet activity is being monitored now as a society. So a lot of the content that they came at me with in the beginning was based on observing my life in private spaces and the fact that they were wrong shows that it's sort of a feedback system they get information they use it against you it's that simple. Well then when I went and traveled to the Midwest in 2008 people started telling a lot of Jewish jokes and approaching me as if I was a Jew which didn't make sense but there for reasons for that that I'll write in my book there was a connection to people back here through somebody that owned property there that I was staying at and they actually thought that I was Jewish but I'm Italian and Slavic and a bunch of other stuff so it also goes to show that you can be halfway across the country and you will get information being given to the people doing harassment in one location by information from another location such as your hometown and it's completely incorrect because why else would that information reach that far?

Then when somehow the purpose that I was a Satanist or into the occult then they started approaching me in another different way which was also laughable. Then they went through a period during around 2010 or so 11 where they kept approaching me trying to turn me into a Christian maybe a little earlier on, and then there was a weird attempt to get me to become Jewish I don't know why there was an attempt at a certain time to make me turn into a religion. I think there's a point where they feel like if you're pushed hard enough and tortured enough you'll go towards a religion in order to make it stop because this way you're safe or they think that you're the kind of person that will seek safety because you just want the harassment to stop. By the way they really try to work the angle of you wanting it to stop you've got to be really really tough.

So just goes to show that the people that are doing this don't really have any loyalty with religion and it's not like the Jews or the blacks you know capital t capital j capital t capital b and then we can start thinking about that language being used like the homeless. And recently in the past two years now the language is the unvaccinated. So now we recognize this language of the generalization which you know that's dangerous because anything beginning with the words the with a generalization of people. But the attempts especially after Obama when Trump was in office to get people to become white supremacist and the left freaking out and trying to make everything Trump look white supremacist was just another deception. I mean Orthodox Jews tend to be more conservative and to the right and they voted for Trump. That's another example of a sect of Jews not wanting to be involved in these socialists culture wars because many of them are from Russia and they recall real communism under which they were oppressed brutally so they really don't want to return to that.

I know it's tempting to want to blame a lot of the people we can clearly see are have a Jewish identity in academia and in liberal leftist cities for these agendas that are obviously designed to make any kind of activism or any kind of dissident voices silence. Especially over in Europe a lot of the crazy left when stuff that they're talking about in this broadcast a lot of the people in Europe who push this stuff turn out to be Jewish. But as you can plainly see whatever is going on with that it's just simply not the kind of people that we want to be listening to and it's all kinds of people that are on the side of these deceptions and this New world order culture. To sit there and blame one kind of people is going to be counterproductive. We have to remember that we're getting help all the time from different kinds of people and the attempt is to try to turn us to extremism instead of remember that if we're getting f***** with by all kinds of people then we're going to be getting help from all kinds of people. And the craziness during Trump was an example of how they want to use divide and conquer and blaming certain groups of people for things as a way of cloaking what's really going on. Also the idea that Trump is a Nazi is hysterical and this again shows these reactionary words and use of loaded language in these cult-like groups and these cultures. White supremacy Nazi these words of completely lost their meaning they just use them now to describe someone that doesn't agree with their opinion they're not even be to be taken literally. Trump operates hotels in traditionally Jewish areas like New York, Las Vegas Florida.  if he was genuinely a Nazi I highly doubt if he could operate and make money in those areas lol. 

So whatever you think about Israel or whatever you think about the concept of International Jewery you have to disregard those things and realize there's a little bit of truth to stereotypes just like you should reject generalizations.
 people on the same page are going to come from lots of different groups and for the system to make you lose sight of that is one of their main objectives to drive you to extremism. If anything the pandemic has made the effort to drive people to extremism a little less effective to to and we can pull back now and try to gain our balance again and are clear view of reality.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

These Psychological Methods Are Theoretically Able to Be Misused

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>Imagine if these methods of toying with someone were to be abused by the bad guys not used for interruptions of 'bad guys'.  If psychologists know this much about human responses to stress etc it's feasible that it will be abused.

Fight or flight? Flooding about details to gain momentary relief from terror (TMT) due to 'hyper arousal? how many TIs suffer from these daily? Because organized harassment is designed to make the victim feel like they are guilty or a bad person and that their trying to survive that persecution is somehow a criminal act. We've all lived through this and seen the horror of it first hand. All in a first world democracy where such oppression and systems of torture aren't supposed to exist. That denial and ignorance of our fellow citizens is what makes the torture possible. 

Every day that a TI is mobbed and made to feel 'uncomfortable' it's just like the effect of an interrogation on a guilty person because of the way it's done, an innocent person is made to feel guilty...of something, anything. 

Remember, if a Target is a Survivor (SRA, high level programming etc) they would probably be considered akin to a sociopath or similar due to the programming making the person react differently than a normal human being.

I saw an episode of one of those crime shows recently and the head investigator said that the 'unsub' was "able to take beatings" therefore wouldn't crack under pressure as well as he had "a paranoid personality" therefore trusted no one so the suggestion by the other investigators to try to befriend him and gain his trust wouldn't work. The only thing that the investigator said would work was to "make him feel uncomfortable". 

The abuse of psychology in covert warfare is the backbone of the system. Everything from interrogation methods to Pavlovian psychology (sensitizing, anchoring etc using gesturing etc) to punitive psychiatry in addition to COINTELPRO and Stasi methods of control over a victims life-for a lifetime.  

THEY KNOW. They know what works. 

(The theory of) organized harassment campaigns aren't random or crazy as they are designed to appear. Information is the best weapon and spreading awareness is the best revenge.