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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

HEV Light (blue light) Exposure From LED Street Lights May Be Part Of Depopulation Agenda

 It seems the depopulation agenda is definitely a worthy conspiracy theory and it also seems that a part of that agenda is to get rid of anyone old enough to recall a truly free, democratic world-especially American Constitutional government. 

Daily blue-light exposure shortens lifespan and causes brain neurodegeneration in Drosophila

The link I've posted includes the side effects of HEV 'blue light' exposure during the nightime hours as we all now have to endure around the globe for the last few years. One thing stood out, that one of the side effects was that blue light acts as a stressor in older animals not younger ones. 

"Exposure of adult flies to 12 h of blue light per day accelerated aging phenotypes causing damage to retinal cells, brain neurodegeneration, and impaired locomotion. We report that brain damage and locomotor impairments do not depend on the degeneration in the retina, as these phenotypes were evident under blue light in flies with genetically ablated eyes. Blue light induces expression of stress-responsive genes in old flies but not in young, suggesting that cumulative light exposure acts as a stressor during aging." 

 It was amazing to see government funding for these LED street lights sucked up so fast by cities and towns all under the guise of long-term financial benefit through the LED lights saving them loads of money. the LED lights are supposed to be cooler and don't produce as much heat thus helping to slow down global warming. 
What's interesting is that they also kill bacteria and other things like that in the environment so maybe there's some other covert reason that they've been installed. 
We are coming into an era where it seems like we're fixing the environment for the environment's sake and not considering the health and well-being of humans and animals. Unless one considers lowering the population over a certain age to be beneficial for all which is probably what is being done. 

Its also convenient to reserve our world for the generations who are medicated and indoctrinated into fitting in perfectly into the New World Order design. 
When considering 'The Great Work', the NWO, one has to understand the Luciferian idea of absolute perfection of structure and design. Like a pyramid or other structure, each brick must be correctly designed and must fit in perfectly with the other bricks to create the structure as a whole. aThese indoctrinated younger generations are those bricks and anything else must be done away with.

Also noted is the physical weakening of animals from night time HEV light exposure. It states that climbing ability was reduced over time even in younger subjects. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Amateur GS Skeptic Video Funny As Hell

 This doesn't seem like it's purposeful disinformation but it could be. It's not very slick. 

The most obvious thing is the content as he clearly doesn't have any comprehensive information about the complicated subject matter. His main focus is the 'tin foil hat' crowd which many serious researchers and activists disregard as disinformation agents and a culture thereof or people who are misinformed or didn't get any information at all and had to start forming their own theories that are not very smart and do indeed reflect degeneration into clinical paranoia which would be perfectly natural if one was being targeted in any of the ways possible and didn't understand what was happening to them. Add to that the victim being fed bad information and that would result in beliefs that dont make sense and have no connection to any facts or reality.

Seems like some atheist foreign guy just either got spooked because he made a video entertaining the idea of objectivity on the subject of organized stalking and harassment and all it's connected issues ('they' got to him) or he genuinely cannot accept that activity like that could occur and his denial is a filter for his own mental survival.

The guy doesn't understand the separate parts of campaigns and that some people are just stalked and harassed and others are indeed being subjected to unethical human experimentation or military grade psy ops, spy craft etc. 

Thus he doesn't understand that leads and facts exist to support such theories like the history of psychiatry and unethical human experimentation, COINTELPRO, intrigue both from the public and private sector etc.

Some Targets are simply subjected to a program resembling Workplace Mobbing which is acknowledged as being very real and has legal recourse. So does whistleblower retaliation and so on.  The human behavior of ganging up on someone can be seen in children on playgrounds. Why wouldn't this behavior be possible in adulthood and go beyond bullying if there was reward, incentive or protection was being offered from consequences (jail time, not getting ahead etc)?

Also I can't recall any person claiming to be targeted I've ever heard of, that's said anything about experiencing what he's referring to in this video. I don't think I would bother dedicating my life to a cause if it consisted of a fleeting belief in random people being driven to seeming symptoms of mental illness by a person allegedly sitting somewhere in front of machinery creating the mental torture. I suppose being microchipped and being part of a very high level project (not "random person" status at that point) could result in very complicated conditions and a hell of a lot of math and science would have to be involved...and very powerful private sector contractors etc. Most TIs don't complain about bullshit simpleton tales like the ones he's retelling. The closest thing to what he's describing would be the theory of V2k and that would probably require being microchipped and being targeted for a damn good reason. 

Why wouldn't corrupt entities take every precaution possible to ensure that projects consisting of unethical human experimentation or thought control not be exposed nor discovered. They would be foolish not to. And that's not delusional. That's business.

Slavery has been going on for millennia and still goes on. Why wouldn't a new way of getting away with it be desirable to the same types of people who've always done such things?


In itself the video is harmless even amusing and if anyone needs a laugh it's the hard working, long suffering, under paid, under appreciated, unsung heroes in the TI community..however, when one considers that this vid is doing damage however small, one sees this just adds to the negative perception of and ignorance about our community and the covert activity that is in theory very real potentially.

History shows it is. That's what should stand against time and our detractors or the public who would rather not think about such things. People lived in East Germany for decades working for or being targeted by The Stasi in a very similar way to the GS system and it was put aside daily so people could "live normally" as one former East German citizen said in the book Stasiland. Westerners put aside daily that our quality of life is possible due to others doing without or suffering in polluted environments or that as we go to supermarkets or eat out at restaurants with ease, much of the world doesn't have clean water, food or safety to even exist. Especially children. 

When this guy goes to volunteer at a soup kitchen or whatever exists in his probable 'socialist paradise' (he sounds German or Scandinavian) to help people then I might listen to him about people left behind in society or the complexities of a vulnerable easily exploitable population.

His simplicity concerning 'gang stalking' is almost juvenile. The term 'gang stalking' is just some term coined by effected people who were too amateurish and uneducated on such things to be privy to what the proper terms would be say legally or in the military or intelligence or law enforcement or politics. 

It seems that the vague, confusing and complicated definition of what 'gang stalking' is, is what is causing misinfo or disinfo to be able to discredit the theories. The activity involved in 'gang stalking' or ones understanding of it varies from person to person. 

It's kind of like medicine in the middle ages where some theories were right or were good leads but the scientific method and data wasn't there. Practice had not been established. There's a reason that medical and scientific terms are in Latin-so that professionals and practicioners who speak different languages can communicate, due to Latin being a dead language.

Our community has no such organization or discipline. Every time it has had organization, it's either driven or heavily infiltrated by people who are enemies such as perpetrators, agents, atypical activist jammers vis COINTELPRO like agitators, infiltrators, saboteurs etc or just plain old criminal opportunists. I actually lost my right pinky finger by being naive enough to move in with one of the latter very early on in my GS journey. I met the person in a very organized TI forum where they did conference calls. It's now defunct because the founder was caught pocketing funds from the non profit status of the group. It did do some good as actual credible Targets would congregate there but it did alot of harm. I was always shocked by the total lack of security and attention to keeping out infiltrators, it struck me as foolish but it also seemed by design. Much of the forum was used to 'handle' targeted people and either take their money or brainwash them into complacency and inaction. The use of overzealous Christian content was definitely noticeable as a form of cult control. These people should have been talking to lawyers and honest people in positions of power not praying.

So the YouTuber is correct-there are a lot of very confused people in the targeted individual community. But that does not mean that the activity isn't feasible or potentially actually really happening or a percentage of those people are not being victimized.

It's also interesting as I just mentioned that the ti forums are basically closed down and there's no conference calls anymore and as that has occurred simultaneously the ti community has been plagued with the recent campaign by big media and what other whatever other people have a vested interest in silencing any conspiracy theories the campaign to try to associate any conspiracy theorists with violence domestic terrorism such as loan shooters etc. We never had this problem before during Bush Obama Clinton at the end of Obama I think you became an issue because they use Bradley Manning and wikileaks as a premise to start silencing whistleblowers.

I I don't support her not support Trump however it's interesting to know that during his administration there was a vested interest it seems from both sides and a lot of different kinds of people and groups to associate domestic violence domestic terrorism with anyone who was a conspiracy theorist. Especially the outing of Jeffrey Epstein and him being killed in jail it's very telling because it comes along with Weinstein and this sort of fake superficial cleaning house when actually it's kind of the same thing as when the mafia disappeared they're still there or they went legit but they just threw a couple of release and Irish people. We all know that the most horrible of horrible things is still going to exist in Hollywood or wherever people can get away with it what seems very important nowadays is it the public don't consider that those things exist they don't question those things and they don't try to even theorize about them. For some reason it's very important in the last five six years or so to make it so that people just stop believing or stop even considering or thinking about the darker side of life. This also goes along with what we call progressive agenda where everything that was marginalized like transgender society whatever else you can think of that's being made part of the mainstream now that was marginalized people are made to believe that somehow these dark underbellies of society with the underground is now being brought into the mainstream so that that's going to make life okay. Like if you approve of underground activity or culture somehow it's going to make all the really bad stuff go away. I guess one has to pay attention to religion for a minute and consider that the phrase or the advice of the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince mankind he didn't exist that's probably the best advice Christianity can give you in this particular situation.

It's like that movie I showcased on here where there was this big media tech company that was kind of like a cult and everybody lived their lives online all the time. Well there's a lesson in that where people believe if they're online all the time that that's real life and that what they see is all there is is what people are starting to believe I think also decades of terrorism decades of abuse by those in power our entire society being made surreal and insane and being taken down the rabbit hole and making down the rabbit hole the new Norm is basically terrorism in itself, so people have had enough and they're just going to believe whatever makes life easier for them because they just can't take anymore and who can blame them?

It's kind of like the guy in the video either he's an amateurish disinformation agent or he's just I'm naive guy doing misinformation because he just can't expand his mind to accept that covert activity exists when history as well as multiple industries like private security companies Black ops Black budgets cointelpro the Stasi etc prove that humans are capable of such things and in a democratic Nation such activity would completely be necessary because over oppression is totally unacceptable to the populace.

There was an article I read years ago that said that the military was very interested in people who like science fiction and read a lot of science fiction and certain video games and stuff because their mind of that kind of person had the ability to expand beyond what is supposed to be possible and they were actually using these people to come up with sort of fictional story line ideas for solutions to real problems and then like I think NASA or the military or something was taking those ideas and trying to put them into reality. So you have to remember that even other people that we know that might be targeted and it's really obvious to us they can't accept it and it would completely fracture their minds if you made them accept it. Sadly these are the people that we probably see in the street that have been driven insane there's also a lot of people who were targeted that they just dose with psychotropic drugs to the point where their minds couldn't handle the actual real harassment involved and they just lost it. Or maybe the guys just afraid like it would be easy enough for him to start experiencing actual organized stalking and harassment activity even on that lowest small level that companies use against attractors or something simple and he gets spooked out and he gets scared and he just immediately even subconsciously just turns on his original video he made when he was trying to be objective. That's why we are here.

We are here to do the fighting that other people are not wired to do. Kind of like my grandfather and my grandmother both US Marines I would say of course my grandfather it was explaining to me that the Marines are supposed to go in first and clear out everything so the other branches can come in. Try to look at it that way every TI brings something different to the table so what they've done is to make sure there is no table. They've gotten rid of all of the organization all of the groups all the conference calls and think about it if they didn't do that it wouldn't be as easy to have this guy make a video and have it have an actual effect on our community and the perception of us. Because in the organized conference call forums of the past we had military personnel we had former pilots we had really rich people we had people that were victims of harassment from colts or religions people from Utah running from LDS that have a million dollars in the bank but they're forced to live in hotels and constantly complain about people messing with their food in restaurants I mean there was all kinds of credible people and even people that had become homeless from being targeted they were very smart creative people in those forums and I think it was very important for the system to break down the ti community over the last five or six years with a whole bunch of different complicated methods as well as the ti community's own stupidity desperation and undisciplined unorganized approach.

It's almost like we're coming into an ERA with the society we live in just cannot afford us anymore. Questions can't be afforded serious can't be afforded I don't know why maybe Jeffrey I've seen as a key somebody like him it would only lead to the very people that we've been theorizing about for years connected to a bunch of other stuff involved in this subject matter. It's always important that they keep the information fragmented they don't want people to connect the dots it doesn't matter if individual pieces of information come out it's important that the public don't connect the dots and if they do connect the dots the dots have to be connected incorrectly so that it's disinformation like the QA non theory and all that nonsense promoting conspiracy theory during Trump which was so obviously a disinformation campaign.

I even would have liked to have believed that Trump believed in conspiracy theories or that somebody was leading the way and legitimizing any conspiracy theory culture but when Epstein got captured and died in his jail cell you just look at Trump and you say he was just too close even though it's claimed he threw Epstein out of his hotel years ago for inappropriate behavior he was connected to him and so we're a bunch of other people on that level and higher up so it just seems to me that it's really convenient to try to promote conspiracy theory and then make it look foolish and make the whole entire presidency look like a three-ring circus and he makes a perfect circus master of course because that's what he does, to actually discredit conspiracy theory in the long run and when you get a hold of Epstein claim you didn't have anything to do with it put him away and then make sure he dies in his jail cell you pretty much end any big investigation into something where a lot of people are involved and Trump will be protected because it looks like Epstein was captured on his watch and it looks like he was bringing all these schools and all these people to task because they were involved with Epstein and it was claimed he kicked him out of his hotel years ago and wanted nothing to do with them so it's a great way for Trump and whoever else to get out of trouble or out of the hot seat. Also Trump definitely is connected to Russia and you're talking about a lot of claims of electromagnetic weapons low intensity weapons sound a lot of technologies that are psyop military technologies that are classified or that are in use but they don't really want the public to understand how it works because of course that would lead to the public understanding that cell phone towers and 5G on exactly great for their health even if they're not targeted just as humans we shouldn't be being exposed to this or LED lights and all of that they want people to remain very sublime and very blind to pollution of that nature let's call it technological pollution. And what's most interesting if you look at what the corporate is doing they're pushing this agenda through governments for environmental change while they cover up technological pollution they're claiming to clean up other kinds of pollution which means that it's not really what it seems it's not real progress.

Because the public are smart now and all kinds of people in the lower classes are getting education and the internet people are fully on there they have phones they have instant access they have spy equipment which is basically their phone they have communication equipments basically in their phone the system probably had to find new ways to control and subdue and neutralize any public effort to take control of their own lives or society or to take people in the upper echelons to task who are corrupt. What's most shocking is that the public will go after individuals or even their own government without understanding how dangerous the private sector is right now the corporatocracy these massive international companies he's faceless companies that do not have any oversight any accountability any transparency and they have not responsible to the public they're considered entities like people legally and the fact the public don't understand that that is the new danger and actually governments like the United States government is the only thing protecting us from these private sector behomoths.

So watch the video it's funny as hell I wouldn't even bother commenting but the guy cuz the guy has nothing. One thing I learned from Being framed in 2016 because of certain family members and certain people in key positions of power in my home state I didn't have to deal with law enforcement directly trying to cause trouble for me or any involvement in my affairs from the judicial system that's just not the way they used to do things but as things changed and I lost connections in power as well as the environment changed very late Obama free trump, they started seemingly framing up targets and framing up activists I'm definitely not the only one in 2016 they got a completely ridiculous absurd raw deal that never should have been possible to occur in the United States may be Russia but not here, the judicial system and law enforcement were used overtly like in a coin teleprotype manner to harass activists.

So that new experience that I was forced to go through with a sink or swim crash course in law and thinking legally sort of made me realize that if I sit and think about anything like saying this guy's video is if I was in a courtroom and I put his theories not mine and his theories to the test or scientific method or peer reviewed papers whatever it is then I don't have to be afraid anymore because what he's saying doesn't stand up to examination. Unfortunately the latter I just mentioned are being manipulated probably because of all of the corruption the scandals at colleges as well as many colleges being discovered to be associated with people like Epstein I think a lot of these people want to cover their ass now as well as them being sued by Obama for not being part of the progressive agenda as well as them being infiltrated by obviously people that are supposed to destroy the intellectual and of our colleges not encourage it of course when you want to create a fascist dictatorship you get rid of the artists and get rid of the intellectuals and that's what they've done effectively by infiltrating and destroying college life.

So it seems like there's a lot of really bullshit actual serious papers being published not too serious but they're coming out of colleges they have a college names on them to make them look sensible and official they make it appear as if academia is tackling the issue of gang stalking when laughably why would academia even bother with such a thing and if anything during the civil Rights years when colleges were very strong up against the system seemingly so I don't think that's the way it really was but that's the way it was being played out, if anybody would have even entertained believing or considering such a theory could be true it would be a college lol. Especially during coin telpro there's no way you could deny that such things could happen to people.

So what we have to worry about more so as opposed to this simpleton in this video where it should just be entertainment value don't even bother to comment and argue with the guy because it seems like he just takes it and makes fun of it anyway so you just fueling his misinformation campaign. What we have more to be concerned about is peer-reviewed papers from a little conspiracy coming from higher education institutions who totally been infiltrated obviously.

And our community being regarded as nothing but fake news a misuse of that term conspiracy theory and even potential domestic terrorists due to mental illness or imbalance believing such theories.

So enjoy the video but you have to learn to not feed the trolls even if they don't know that their trolls like this poor guy.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Are Dangerousness Hearings Being Used To Gain A Positive Outcome For Campaigns Where The Justice System Is Being Abused?

Dangerousness hearings are all the rage now (not best choice of words) but does seem like being used for agenda not utilized for practical purposes.

Ever since this was used in frame up cases like mine in 2016 in NH where they pretty much have no respect for the Constitution and do whatever the hell they want regardless of how outrageous it is disregarding laws, because basically there's no oversight or watch dog groups or universities worth a damn with any power (the good side of having such institutions in MA) to do anything about it. 

It was astonishing to me how the forces and powers infiltrating our beloved New England nowadays have gone unnoticed in that state and allowed to fester causing corruption and decay of certain areas beyond what should be acceptable. 

The way in which those abusing power in that case just wrote everything as they went along was comical to me even though I was the one in trouble and being victimized. The Observer part of me could not help but take the entire story in, scene by scene and store it for some great future writing a story or my story. Being from MA where people take great pains to hide and cover up abuse of power quite carefully, the almost childlike arrogance and simplicity of the plotting as it went along was something that had to be seen to be believed...even now I still can't believe it. 

The laws are either different in that state and extremely self serving or the people involved simply just disregarded laws in place, relying on my ignorance and lack of finances to ensure their success. 

It seems in MA the laws are a bit more geared towards preventing abuse of power when it comes to proving dangerousness. 

In NH a fusion center was used (abused) in order to add the information about the existence of the first email threat where there had been no criminal charges or investigation so there was no knowing who actually sent it. An ANONYMOUS email was also used, claiming this person had talked to me in a downtown area and I had ranted about lone shootings and the end of the world etc which was not true as I had only sat downtown on one occasion near a bar where I spoke to one homeless person on a bike about their shelter and he insisted on telling me about the lady who ran it. That's the only interaction I had as far as conversation. The claim was completely fabricated. And that was the main piece of information used to keep me in a horribly corrupt local county jail for 4 months when I hadn't done anything illegal nor was I ever questioned by authorities or anyone else about the email threats, asked if I had any enemies etc or stalkers especially being a public internet figure. While I was being held conditions were horrible and I was harassed constantly by officers as well as jail house snitches. I kept filing grievances but thats the problem with being held in an institution where there's NO OVERSIGHT, NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND NO TRANSPARENCY. The public or watchdog groups can't see what's going on inside and what's being done to the person who is being victimized by a 'plot of evil design' to abuse power such as a frame up. After I wrote letters and one of them worked, I was released but not after they lied to me and basically did things totally illegally yo get the outcome they had been pushing for. In the end, because I didn't have the freedom to seek help or talk to groups or other lawyers-they CONTROLLED my movements and my actions and so THEY CONTROLLED THE OUTCOME. In the end they simply lied outright and it wasn't hard to fool me because I was so scared and tired from being tortured in jail. This is why dangerousness hearings and holding people without cash bail should be done only on very specific basis as well as designed to weed out manipulation by those in power with superior knowledge of the law.

After my release I immediately left the frightening and twisted state that has become a sewer of drugs, gang activity and  dangerously corrupt military contractors which is very different from what that state once was in our beloved New England of my childhood. 

Infiltration by outside forces and their people is the greatest threat to the site of the American Revolution and east coast Yankee culture. Ironically, the globalist corporate PC cult culture that claims to represent 'people of color' has erased every remnants of Native American culture, symbols, and any memory of it's people that was always a backdrop in New England mixed in with everything Colonial. 

When a third threatening email come to my knowledge and I was arrested on a warrant which also made no sense as I had not been extradited basically because the college in question only released their claim for criminal charges at their own convenience not in a timely manner. 

I had gotten into the habit of carrying cash bail on me at all times because I thought this crap might occur again and sure enough. So when I was held in Lakeville MA, in a cell at the police station I only had to wait for a bailiff to arrive and pay them. 

The ensuing case for the final email sent under my name was dragged on beyond a year, of course this was most likely part of the torture intended and the implementation of control over my life. During this time just about as much crap was done that could be to try to make me give up, give in and for three years afterwards during the statute of limitations-not sue those responsible for corruption. However BECAUSE I WAS NOT INCARCERATED AND COULD MOVE ABOUT FREELY and contact people in my defense and not become subject to 24-7 never ending harassment in a closed off area with no oversight like a jail, I HAD MORE CONTROL OVER THE OUTCOME of the gross long running abuse of power that I was being subjected to. My psychological state was much more in line with DEFENDING MYSELF against the charges NOT AGAINST BEING TORTURED WHILE HELD IN A PRISON ENVIRONMENT.

Its very suspect that after the system had such a great 'success' in NH with using a dangerousness hearing to keep me in a prison environment where I could be exposed to further abuse, harassment and coercion in a more intense non stop manner and they gained the outcome they desired (not by my breaking but by my being so disoriented they could pass off a lie and I didn't notice it), now MA wants to utilize it. It seems now it's being overused, which is predictable. 

The most disturbing things that occurred were not the atypical predictable actions by the unbalanced individuals in the jail system on both sides nor those abusing our justice system who've infiltrated it but the more 21st century military grade capabilities that seem to be possible in a physical structure like a prison or jail or courthouse. This is the real danger. 

In theory 21st century grade psychological warfare can be implemented on a targeted person and only someone very seasoned with years of knowledge or a person with professional training could escape it's grasp without the influence of such activity INFLUENCING THE OUTCOME of the legal case-in corrupt authority's favor, completely denying someone their Constitution rights and breaking multiple US and international laws.

Most frightening was not in NH but Lakeville. If I had not been released when the bailiff arrived it's most likely that I may have suffered physical harm-not from human contact but from what felt like an inevitable heart attack. Also the system attempts to hide the effects of abuse under any medical conditions a target has. In NH one female officer informed me that the effects of being framed twice, terrorized and abused in jail "all of this is ANXIETY". A condition on old medical records. 

So I'm sure that can be used to explain away what I experienced in Lakeville. However what is more likely is that I was exposed to something intense with the knowledge that I would only be there for a short time. It felt like burning and as if I would have a heart attack or explode or burn up if I stayed in the cell. I know exactly what it was-a warning. Give up what your doing, stop your research stop your blog. 

We have all the power we have the capacity to kill, we are in possession of military grade weapons and the public aren't aware and it's going to stay that way. 

They learned alot during Gitmo in Cuba remember. Just as the civilian police has been militarized and military tactics and methods can be clearly seen trickling in since 9/11 as the premise, our justice system obviously has also taken to implementing changes. 

The very idea that Americans are basically facing being threatened with being arrested or held for anything as a way of making people behave and not question or challenge the system or become whistleblowers because we must fear being tortured while held if our situation is MANIPULATED successful by those abusing power is outrageous. 

As one of the Italians now residing in Newport RI after fleeing Providence's globalist ghettoization once said of the publics understanding of this new world we are in: "(they don't mind) because THEY DONT KNOW". 

As if organized crime isn't fully aware of this as well. 

You would think the public would realize that with international corporations owning everything and the Complex having such an influence on human life on earth that there's a definite threat to simple law and order as well as Constructional government and true democracy everywhere. What power does a courthouse have or judges or congress when they are up against such huge entities? Much less the public isn't running their governments either because they don't know the truth or the unfortunate reality that they do know but find a system of totalitarianism complete with torture and kangaroo courts much more convenient. 

Dangerousness hearings potentially allow those in power who may be abusing it to manipulate the situation in their favor potentially and control the outcome which denies citizens due process and appt of other things. 

It's no surprise that in a state that's been infiltrated and populated by special interests, basically it's a pit of vipers one can't escape-they are only interested in subjecting their prey to venom to subdue them. 

The world of human society is deteriorating and being replaced by something hideous that throws away thousands of years of lessons from history and millennia of suffering. 

Freedom is never free .

Monday, September 6, 2021

Ever Wonder WHY?

 Ever wonder WHY...certain companies are more full of assh*les than others? 

Here's some interesting theories:

Trader Joe's.

I'm gonna provide links that could in theory explain why there's such assholedom in certain companies and I think TIs can come up with their own personal experiences.

Aldis owns Trader Joe's. Lol. 

I always wonder about food stores now with larger than normal populations of assholes as employees. Of which there are many. It may not be drug might have to do with DHS or other entities in charge of protecting our food supply or the Dept of Agriculture itself. Anti terrorism industry is abused and used against TIs traditionally. 

Protecting and ensuring the flourishing of the USA economy is under National Security (by any means necessary and ability to block any FOIA requests) and preventing things like trucks convoying nowadays is under anti terrorism. (Truck convoys are now considered terrorism). 

Ride Services:

Without naming any names as I don't want more emails sent to companies or law enforcement using my name and content from this blog, I can't stress enough that theoretically targeted persons, demographics or groups use caution when using ride services. 

I've experienced everything from  cancellation upon arrival based on discrimination (from foreigners who whine and cry and demand to not be discriminated against in the USA. Typical self serving human behaviors masked as progressive.) to outright abusive manipulative behavior to more typically- The Interview: "where are you going to and where are you coming from?". 

Suspicious and critical seeming driver asking "are you traveler(s)? I see the backpacks." 

To questions about political issues. To a creepy feeling of being recorded or even spied on while conversing in the vehicle. Read the articles linked as follows. Seems my intuition is correct as usual.

I have to say that one of the two main ride services seems to have nicer, normal drivers compared to it's competition. According to how much shady shit ONE PARTICULAR service has been involved in, guess which one has more assh*les per? 

Their headquarters used to be in South Boston, home of drug cops and the Irish mob. Take a wild guess. 

Always remember REPORTING ANY AND ALL INCIDENTS in a manner that is valid and has legal bearing WILL force the company to eventually STOP SENDING YOU ASSHOLES AS DRIVERS. However before this happens you will experience some pretty ridiculous clowning. 

I suspect there's ride service connections to prostitution in big cities and those people definitely engage in organized stalking and harassment campaigns. However, infiltrating law enforcement trying to catch such people can be just as bad. 

I never had worse GS rides off Craigslist than AFTER the Craigslist Killer. Let's use deduction here.

I've learned to TAKE SCREEN SHOTS OF THE DRIVERS AND THE LIC PLATE # AND VEHICLES when the driver is sent due to drivers cancelling on contact for what seems like harassment purposes, one driver had my stuff in his open trunk and tried to drive away. 

YOU CAN'T REPORT RIDES WHERE THE DRIVER CANCELS which makes it a breeding ground for covert warfare in theory. 

Even though RIDERS ARE CHARGED $5 IF WE CANCEL A DRIVER AS HE APPROACHES, Riders not only dont get any discounts for being cancelled on sight but THE RIDE SERVICE WILL DELETE THE DRIVER INFO AND ITS NOT DOCUMENTED in the history of your trips. So it's like it never existed and you CANT REPORT IT.

If you have a screen shot you can PUT THE ASSHOLE ON THE INTERNET, on social media and ever RIDE SERVICE FORUM. You can also use the complaint forms for other stuff on ride service sites to route a complaint that way using the screen shot. 

Hey if they don't want to have proper customer service, then getting around the system is your only alternative. 

Part of GS self defense is closing open doors and opportunities for people to get away with being ASSHOLES and hiding it or using the element of surprise to mess with you. 

US Federal Holidays: Enjoy Your 'CLEAR' Day

 There are a few golden rules and rules of thumb one can use when navigating through 'gang stalking' theory. They've been discovered and formulated years ago and many are still useful.

The term 'gang stalking' has come to represent an entire system that may be described to encompass not just people who are recruited harassing and stalking people who are targeted either in person in real time or over the internet (cyber harassment) but an entire shadow system that utilizes three basic elements: technologies, chemical warfare or influence and the use of human forces to control human behaviors. This system can in theory be used to control, neutralize or subdue one person, a group, an organization, a large area of people or an entire nation or sadly-a world of people. This last scenario is what many of the activists in our community are trying to prevent.

When it comes to remote influence- which is a nice way of describing the theory of technologies being used to control the thoughts, feelings, actions etc of forms of life on this earth, there are some patterns that seem to remain even though other methods of operations seem to have changed since 2001.

It seems there is a still a system in the USA where remote influence by whatever technological means is used to 'manage' our environments, cities being the worst. 

There is a theory that in the USA this system is shut down, turned off or lessened during U.S. federal holidays. 

One can feel the difference on Thanksgiving, Christmas and days like today. 

Many TIs refer to these days as 'clear days' due to the obvious return to reality and normalcy that occurs with the environment around us as well as within us such as regaining sharp, excellent memory, a returned feeling of self worth, self respect or identity.  Recovering good health and ailments disappearing such as arthritis, diminished strength, low energy etc. 

No longer feeling tethered to the collective which now more than ever, defines us due to the fascist system of identity politics now implemented in our western society as opposed to normal human collective drives such as self determination, free association and free Will. 

There's also a noticeable change in the perception of one's physical environment and one's physical self in that environment and how the physical self connects to mind, body, spirit, soul etc. Let's just say that the system cannot alter one's soul of course but one's Spirit can be crushed or altered or oppressed and one can have a miserable existence due to being neutralized or oppressed within the system day after day.

One oddity is during the normal daily cycle of psycho-management outside of federal holidays, there's a sense that one is no longer multi-dimensional. There is a weird sense of being one or two dimensional, such as like in an Egyptian hieroglyph. One does not feel like one is three-dimensional and of course 4th or fifth dimensional which includes one's inner world of the mind or the spirit etc. It's a sort of imposed dumb down and an alteration of the natural ways that human animals would and should relate to their environment and to each other and other living things. 

The reasons the system of  control over Targets doesn't seem to care much about TIs regaining a sense of reality and good health during these 'clear days'  could be that anyone Targeted wouldn't be able to get much done as the time frame is so short and people aren't in their offices or reachable at work. A TI probably couldn't contact a lawyer or get paperwork ordered etc and especially not be able to contact and talk to people clearheaded with full access to memory or with their natural Will power or motivation intact. The person (self) the Target really is and the genuine, real natural world that exists that isn't under any sort of influence only lasts for a short time so perhaps the power structure figures the person can't exist in that their natural form long enough to be a threat or disturbance. 

There's also an effect of the Targeted Individual actually experiencing a sense of loss or sadness when the good life that's is our birthright returns, because it's temporary and so short. It could serve as a form of torture and discouragement even demotivation. 

This is why TIs need to find safe spaces as well as ways to outrun the system such as travel and methods of getting around. (A taxi ride can ditch the system for a few hours and provide much needed relief in cities as opposed to ride services and public transportation where it's obvious Targets are tracked-public transport being the worst.

Traveling long range in fast moving vehicles like buses or trains provides relief and this may be more of an issue of being managed by technological means, where one literally is 'outrunning' the technology used for psycho management or torture of a TI. 

From my research this sounds like tech from cell phone and 4g systems and related tech, all originating from fiber optic cables laying on the bottoms of our massive oceans [the Internet comes from these-there is no literal 'cloud']. This however will change and become impossible to outrun with 5g which uses actual space satellites).  

Another term that is used to describe technologies theoretically being utilized to manage physical spaces and living things within them is 'psycho management'.  

This can mean that an area is especially managed and that would be using the three main methods such as technologies, chemical influence and human forces (stalking, harassment and abuse of behavioral psychology by recruited persons making contact with TIs or groups etc within the environment). 

The other rule of thumb is that any area that uses heavy tech will use less human forces and the opposite is also true. This seems to not be as useful in the past few years as it used to be but I haven't traveled outside my home area lately to test this theory still being relevant or not.

Many things have changed since 2001 when, after 9/11 the proverbial dogs were released in this country and anyone who has experience being targeted by limited methods in their lives felt the full force of the potential of the GS system. 

The existence of 'clear days' still seems valid. It's a good time to get anything done that could not be accomplished under the normal daily system of psycho management. It's noticeable that lately I cannot publish any works and if I do they are horribly unedited and I can only use speech to text. I'm almost totally blocked and a large part of this is from silencing me and taking away my freedom of speech with the 2016 frame up where a probable professional troll/hacker harassed me then sent 3 threatening emails under my name to law enforcement. 

It's interesting that operation was done just as the LED street lights were put in world wide as well as Trump was elected and Q-Anon was pushed and the circus we still now exist in was made a permanent reality for us to exist in. Miserably. 

It was also when freedom of speech was eroded badly by paranoid, purposeful leftist Liberal elitist agendas under the guise of changing the world for the good of all. When whistleblowers like Wiki leaks and Bradley/Chelsea Manning and Snowden gave those in power the needed excuse to rationalize silencing and framing activists. When lone shooters conveniently went from Obama's agenda of race to Trump and Co agenda of silencing and discrediting conspiracy thworists-shooters went from being white supremacists to being conspiracy theorists. If they weren't then media outlets made sure to make it appear that way. 

When Trump and anyone else afraid of being crucified by an Epstein investigation made sure he was captured and killed in his cell. 

A nice housecleaning to ensure the corrupt power structure stays in control. 

So it's been hard to recover from that battle because PC culture and Identity Politics ensures it's that way as do the LED lights, the building booms, meth and fentynal heroin manufactured epidemics (both the latter managed by the same bankster system) and resulting anti homelessness. 

Put off any meaningless tasks until after your clear day. Tomorrow you'll return to being the worthless feeling, non existent being who more resembles a thick browed dumbed down cave man than a modern human living in a supposedly free democratic modern western society. 

Tomorrow the futility of living will return. Even though clear days return us to raw, real reality and a natural environment and we are winners again as we are supposed to be not forced into losing by false methods and we are comfortable again as we should be, we love ourselves and have value as is our birthright and that is hard to wake up to, knowing the nightmare of zombie like non existence will return tomorrow-we must keep fighting. Keep pushing towards our goals and towards exposing this system of enslavement and abuse.   Obviously, it's what we are chosen to do.

There's a good reason that technocrats (many whom are actually technomancers- attempting an almost magician like control over our world they don't deserve because they aren't magickal beings-they are smart people who use technologies to gain such power using science) want to provide a starving, war torn third world with internet and technologies even though they lack the basics in medicine, food, decent government and common sense. Before the magic and dangerous illusion of modern technologies reaches the last frontiers of humanity, it should be exposed and examined for it's potential for sinister applications. 

With tearing down statues and disregarding history books obviously people have forgotten the lesson of The Trojan Horse. 

Enjoy your clear day and get as much out of it as possible. Get any and all tasks done or started that have seemed impossible under the normal daily system.

This administration is especially depressing and disheartening by design. Trump was supposed to falsely represent the world of conspiracy-then turn it into something dangerous and overblown by an ignorant public-then lose the election. The effect is that it's perceived that anything from the world of conspiracy theories or alt facts or centrists is considered fake news or discredited. Anyone wanting to defend themselves from leftist Liberal elite terrorism and discrimination, as this faction had been infiltrated over the past 30 years, is now considered a 'white supremacist' and a 'Trump supporter'. 

So anyone resisting the agenda set forth after 9/11 by Bush and Co, taken to the next level by Obama and Co, is now supposedly effectively neutralized by the 4 yr circus that was the Trump admin. Not that seeing Harvard and MIT exposed for Jeffery Epstein and admissions scandal and  funding spying research wasnt a wonderful revenge during that admin, it's just obvious that the original agenda was still being played out. 

Now we've got this and it's the most depressing yet. 

What's obvious is that wasting time on who's in office becomes quite apparent when realizing that the same system of psycho management is in place that was theorized after 2001. 

It's a lesson in what's important and how not to allow any structure or power to control and waste YOUR life. 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

GS Getting Lame? "Boom boom" As New Tactic?? Lmfao

 Goofy black kids and Wiggers going by me and saying "Boom, boom". Please tell me that's not the latest tactic in a psy ops Stasi type modern COINTELPRO program that utilizes billions in BLACK BUDGET funds.

Please tell me this is some trend among goofy young guys who don't realize I'm like 50 yrs old or something else just among normal common people. 

Survivors, especially ladies-think MK Ultra. Think prototype for the super soldier. Remember internal programming. 

Remember that your actually a 7ft tall 350lb knight or a ton of metal plated Terminator or Silon. 

They only exist becuz they register as unacceptable targets for termination. They are simply nuisances in the background of the videogame, where your prime directive is to forge ahead to complete your mission. 

Remember they are bottom feeders who are recruited becuz they are too punk ass to do 30 days for petty crime. Remember they are only told what they need to know. They like most average citizens aren't going to be smart enough to actually grasp the big picture, to know what's really going on.

Remember your job is to ignore insignificant threats and keep moving towards mission completion.

Remember...they don't matter 

You do. And exposing the greatest threat to humanity-the technocracy utilizing progresses in technology to potentially enslave mankind-is the most important issue for our collective future. 

They are grains of sand. And our female forms are but a useful deception.