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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Many People Who Never Had Issues Complaining Of Being Harassed With Committment/Certain Cases Of Filming Being Used As Evidence

So Ive been told that at least one homeless person was committed due to people going by and filming the person to prove the person's  public behavior showed they were incompetent.

People couldnt leave work to testify so it was done this way.

This particular individual actually WAS incompetent and could not take care of themselves and had physical illnesses and injuries that should have been dealt with months if not years ago.

What is so disturbing is if this method were used on a case like mine.

Theres been too many homeless telling me theyve been picked up or committed in the past year in this area when their only problem was drugs or drinking etc. In an area where this was always tolerated its unfair to change the social norm then determine people are potentially disordered.

Its obviously political and needs to be fought.

What if multiple people decide to bare false witness against me as seems to have been the case already?

I did nothing wrong and I am not incompetent nor disordered and should not have to live in fear. Neither should anyone else as this seems basically special interests or politics.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Vetran Suicides-The 22 Obsession/War And Murder-Suicide/Vets And Others Framed As Threats To Society

Ive felt helpless for months becuz I cant say what I want on this blog becuz I always run the risk of having whoever framed me with threats sent to authorities with my name on them, sending more and due to the last three threats, one of them was tried in court with a total disregard to justice, laws, human and civil rights specifically my right to due process.

I have collected enough documentation to sue all parties into oblivion as as discredit the frame up but when many different institutions and agencies are abusing power in a concerted effort its very difficult to have things done properly as well as creates an extremely dangerous situation.

Im sick of being silent about this issue. Ive made a video for lone shooter prevention and will make one for this issue as well. Im not a vetran, Im uneducated and Im not a man. I have no children-Ive never even owned a home.

However, RA Survivors go through alot of survivor guilt and the cults who continue to harass and handle Survivors utilize a Survivor's past against the person to gain control.
Theres people who make you feel guilty for things that you were put into as a child. From kiddie pornography to rituals to simply being part of something evil. Remember most of the parents are either victims themselves or somehow easily controlled by other means.

Even though as an adult the Survivor may not choose the same belief system and activities that go along with that in adulthood they are tethered to the cult by the acts they were involved in.

To be exposed to such brutal violence as a youth after minimal training (bootcamp=brainwashing) without the intricate, complex system of compartmentalization Survivors have the benefit of, leaves soldiers especially vulnerable to memories surfacing and effecting them.

And one has to be realistic about potential sinister intentions of a very violent, greedy military industrial complex connected to governing bodies.
I would not rule out theorizing that targeting vets to suicide would be very cost effective and serve multiple purposes.
Cutting costs on vets benefits and care. Silencing victim witnesses to war crimes and potential anti war activists or advocates and on the lone shooter end of things-validating everything from increased security to new toys for authorities and even potentially causing the continued chaos that keeps this country in a state of emergency since 2001. (If Im wrong on that status let me know.)

Vets must realize that the potential to have been microchipped with nanotech is very plausible or given drugs that permanently effect the brain on top of the damage from battle. This is simply a theory many people have come up with and it can be further investigated. There are credible people with websites who deal with such subject matter and watch out for disinfo in this area.

Most shooters are men. Im not a man. Perhaps women are self healing. Its possible that testosterone has alot to do with the process of 'snapping'.

Whatever is happening, whatever has happened, vets who are having alot of difficulty need to factor in that theres more going on domestically than meets the eye in this country and may effect them and make it even harder to heal.

Its also not an easy society to live in as when my grandfather came home from WW2, Phillipines and Korea. People are selfish and competitive. Cowardly and manipulative. Dumbed down and ignorant. Things are expensive, jobs hard to get. Keeping up with the Joneses more expensive and ridiculous than ever.
People feel like they can be as mean and rude as possible as long as they dont break the sacred rule of Political Correctness.

The root of my story as an activist begins with my maternal grandparents being US Marines-my grandmother a reservist I believe.
Ive posted her obituary and her service is listed.

My grandfather was damaged but could function in daily life but there were signs here and there.

If Id turn on a ceiling light, where you had to pull a hanging string, the 'click' would awaken him in his recliner, and once he gave me a look as if he did not immediately recognize me.
He said it sounded just like a gun being loaded, he thought for a split second I was a German-that this was his last moment but he chuckled it off. He was from New Orleans and had a more laid back way of dealing with life than tightly wound, fretting Yankees.

He loved war movies. He had good stories about war and the bayou from what little I could get out of him.
Yet my grandfather was committing violent acts against his children and from what I know it seems he was compartmentalized when doing so.

My mother recalls my grandmother testing the beds military style after the kids made them by dropping a coin on the sheets and blanket and it had to bounce or it had to be made right repeatedly until it was done correctly. Beans, franks and toast on Saturday night for dinner and my grandmother never gave up eating SPAM (bleh).

In later years when my grandfather was given medication after a surgery he strangled my grandmother in the bedroom, which was not his typical behavior.
He claimed, with much worry on his face and distress, that he had awoken to being in the war again and he really believed he was there. He said he saw men die again he had not seen in 50 years and that he had NEVER wanted to see those things again.

These years of violence stay with men who are in combat.

It seems in every war men return to a society that has a system of romanticising soldiers but then not wanting to deal with the reality of damaged men returning as vetrans.

I find it very odd that cities like Boston are populated by men returning home from war who seem to totally have it together and yet theres homeless vets in camps outside big cities or losing it to suicide or lone shootings.

In San Diego there were street people who wanted to forget the horrors of their service by living as bohemians and smoking pot, wasting whats left of their lives forgetting. Running from memories.

Everything we do now is to basically try to cover up the fact that at this level of evolution, progress and technological advancement there shouldnt be any more wars. Look at what Boston Dynamics works on in tech or the surveillance capabilities we have. It becomes obvious that war is now for profit.
So, chaos has to be manufactured.

Someone once told me to better understand my situation that I should compare it to a budget of a major construction project. Deaths of workers are factored into the budget.

Recently a kid from the Harvard Sq street scene leaned on me the other day and told me about his one-percenter upbringing. He tried to make the point to me that he grew up in a household that was part of the 1% and told me the way that those people think is that they don't care about human life all they care about is profit and that's all that matters and that's all they want to ensure happens.
He was telling me thats who Im up against.

Perhaps it may benefit vets having a hard time to realize that there may be more going on than just PTSD, brain damage or a pre existing vulnerability.

This could get me framed up again but I think its only right to reveal that Ive recently learned in the Cambridge area the act of sectioning people is being abused it seems partially to clean up certain areas valued and being marketed heavily as tourist areas. Ive discovered that multiple people not just myself have been sectioned under either false pretenses or flimsy reasonings. This reflects the stories above of punative psychiatry being used on innocent people.

Realize the system has ways of pushing people into taking violent actions, especially men
If you have any indications at all of being vulnerable you must take a stance of no matter what happens you cannot choose violence-to yourself or others.

Ive only written about the ways they seem to 'push' people psychologically, emotionally even sliritually to show example to help others. It was always assumed or a given I personally would not be vulnerable to such actions as I have been through so much for so many years and have done so much work on myself and been in contact with much of the legit Survivor and other communities that I am well above and beyond something like that happening.

But many people are snapping maybe not seeing any other way out or not seeing alternative theories for their circumstances.

You will be helping this system to harm more innocents like myself if you give in to violence. I spent four months in jail without any evidence of crime becuz of the rise in lone shootings during the past adninistration being used to manipulate and intimidate people. That was done illegally and by denying me due process throughout my orde.

The legal and medical systems are being manipulated in such an outrageous manner lately that its literally unbelievable to any American. I have never encountered this much abuse of power using official offices and institutions before in any other time period. If you feel vulnerable to taking to violence YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you are up against an astonishing amount of corruption.

Taking to violence harms other vetrans and people like myself who are family members of those documented to have been involved in unethical human experimentation utilizing military personell and their family members.

Read up on activism like mine on the internet and avoid bullsh*t disinfo. There are others, there are answers.

Its like a magician's trick-once you know how it works you can no longer be fooled.

Whatever is driving you inside, remove yourself from it. Change locations if you have to. Learn how to friendly, calm and diplomatic even when you dont want to be.
Change your friends, your life, yourself.
Network with people so you arent isolated even if they arent people you consider perfect friends for you. Avoid being a victim of cyberbullying while doing so. Theres plenty of good, nice, engaging people beyond the walls or the matrix or whatever term people choose.

One reason its easy to bait warriors with shadow games is becuz they know you will fight back. They also know sneaky, disrespctful actions from weaklings will infuriate you. The world is full of lazy, greedy pieces of shit who hang their entire lifes cred on whatever they think fools the public into believing they are better than you-and theres lots of others just like them.

If youve been to war then you know what humans are capable of. You know then the facade our latest incarnation of human society has fabricated is absolutely ridiculous. Political correctness at home and war crimes abroad? Anyone can look up the carnage caused by the complex contractors-but this is acceptable becuz the average citizens mind seperates these two as if they are unrelated.
And always take note that the same contractors who provide military services then provide domestic services and products.

Bush said the US Constitution was just a piece of paper and he is right. Bush was a friend to oppressed people becuz there's a rebel side to him that seems to want to throw it in peoples faces just how corruption is pulled off.

Theres wisdom in what he said becuz if we dont stand up and demand our rights be respected a piece of paper is just an inanimate object.
Without human energy, intention and action backing it up it is just paper and writing.

This post is the only gift I can provide to veterans. That there are alternative narratives-dont let circunstances write your ending for you. You can be in control.

As for police violence lately all I can say is that Im not shocked at whats going on becuz weve chosen to militarize some of the most corrupt and organized crime/institution serving police forces in the country however I am shocked at the potential that if the theory is plausible that certain rogue or corrupt cops are engaging in harassment of people targeted as potential shooters-it shocks me to think of their total disregard for other officers who may be harmed by the results.

The only thing that makes sense in this theory is infiltrarion by parties that arent truly a cohesive part of the force-like private corporations or even foriegn governments but Im very politically unaware so dont want to make assessments.

Ive realized I should stay out of politics as Im too undereducated and not well read enough as I spend so much time on what I specialize in.

And if Ive suffered at the hands of corrupt authority and navigated effectively then anyone can. Dont be the next useful idiot or excuse to continue the chaos in this country.

If you are experiencing harassment from authirities thats within the scope of driving you to feel desperate-you need to seek safer ground and take legal actions. Documentation will help establish a pattern of abuse not just of you but others being victimized. Manipulation of circumstances that render a person isolated from a support system make you vulnerable to various interested parties of which you can be useful to.

Instead of barricading yourself in a room with weapons fortify your life and protect yourself by surrounding yourself with support, companionship, acquantences and practical legal help.

I didnt file a complaint with Internal Affairs when a few years ago the first signs of harassment began which Ive posted on this blog, becuz an attorney working for the offending city predicted that they would just throw my paperwork in the trash.
Ive learned that legal documentation is always valuable and gives you a voice and some credibility if it escalates. If I had filed that complaint, everything that has transpired over the last year thats been so damaging may not have happened.

Dont try to take on anything bigger than you are by yourself and thats probably your nature AND IT WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU.

Dont be the next news story.

Innocent cops and citizens are getting killed. Soldiers are dying when theres so much they could do if they healed.

Whether its my theories or others, whatever is driving you, that has you, get up and walk away. Its not as powerful as you think.

Violence and Over Eating

Mobbing and bullying certainly qualifies as violence and TIs under certain conditions can become more isolated and thus vulnerable than at other times in their lives.

As we age our abilities to cope change.

As we become seasoned at fighting back and defending ourselves we may not take into account that our bodies change as we age.

People should take this into account becuz we may need to adapt to changes that come with age-not just changes in outside conditions.

There are 12 step group meetings for over eating and other 12 step may be used.

Keeping a person at high stress levels can cause burn out and eventually damage the body to cause ill health. Causing someone to give up is also an end result.

Overeating will certainly cause ill health effects eventually, especially if a TI is isolated from sex, touch, emotional support, validation and experiencing new things or learning like education.

Isolation, loneliness and being abused daily can result in stress eating. This is the opposite of anorexia. Some of us only wish we had that problem and if you are a stress over eater you may feel that even though that coping mechanism isnt any better.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The more you create entire cases to try to prosecute crimes with HEARSAY,


Had A Problem At City Office Today With Another Patron-Was Resolved, No Threats Made, No Authorities Took Further Action-DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO USE THIS FOR ANOTHER FRAME UP OR CHARACTER ASSASINATION

Went into a crappy part of town to deal with business affairs. Also tried to help friend get phone for housing lists because he wants to get housed.

He stayed outside waiting. I tried to call him out the window but hes slow and cant see well.

Peiple in corner made fun of us and were African American locals. Comments were made about our lifestyle etc. I made a comment back.

The two girls didnt take it seriously and dropped it and so did I.

A Latino male who was not involved became a drama queen and attention seeking and focused only on what I said, making a scene and of course this got him seen before everyone else in the que.

He threatened the security guard with losing his job by tomorow, bragged that he paid taxes as if no one else in the waiting area had ever put money into the system, demanded to see higher ups ranting and then made comments about the President elect of the United States, somehow being delusional or assuming that this altercation had some direct influence of Donald Trump.

The two girls who harassed me had dropped it and so did I, because we wanted to get our business finished at the office.

Only this man who was making a scene when he had no involvement continued to make trouble.

When asked I told security what happened and he stated that in such a situation seek help from security instead.

I informed him that in our subculture we often fend for ourselves under duress and so I was not used to seeking this as a solution but would be mindful to do so in future.

My friend came in to doorway and I instructed him to either leave or go and wait for me outside. The security guards and told him that he could get a phone from a person who provides that service that is no longer allowed on the property but is over in a local supermarket so he was sent over there to do his business.

During this time the same females as well as an African American male continued to harass us and make comments now consisting of profiling us for being homeless individuals (comments about living outside), all houseless people being on drugs and using racist language like 'white trash'.

I ignored this and sat down to wait to be called.

-Security did not have to take any further actions
-no threats were made by anyone involved other than the youngish Latino male, not involved in the original altercation who made a scene
-police were not called
-everyone calmed down and became orderly again
-when my number was called my worker told me to go to security next time because they wont tolerate harassment of me there like that . When i asked if I was in trouble he answered no and also added that all the employees in there pay taxes but that was not an excuse for the Latino male to make a scene.

I finished my business and left an alternate route which goes by a commuter rail and police station as well as a food trucking area as Im familiar and comfortable with this working class culture and know I would be assisted if any further trouble ensued.

I also felt like going through Southie, not the homeless hood area where theres a wet shelter, was less depressing and distressing considering what I just had to go through.
This is the way my friend and I walked to this office and it was not a good idea.

Instead of focusing on a few words uttered in self defense when Boston's culture has always been notoriously reverse racist and no one does anything about it while its happening why doesnt anyone clean up the open drug use and blocking of sidewalks in the skid row areas?

Its become a huge problem that this city seems very hateful of the homeless and Bohemian type alt lifestyles but will embrace any culture bases on race or ethnicity.

This is blatant classism and just goes to show there is no such thing as equality as every time it is attempted, some group suffers because they are given the status of unimportant or unprotected to benefit another.

So I do not expect to see any bogus frame ups for threats or emails or any other bullshi*t as well as any fraudulent accounts of what transpired used in any court cases for character assasination as is being attempted so cheaply and childishly in this most recent court case Im involved in.

Most of all becuz the comment about Trump seems paranoid yet is very telling of a community that feels they arent righteous on their own and need to depend on a commander in chief to defend them if not define them.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jerk At Voting Polling Station Terrorizes Cop Then Bumps Into Me...WTF


Done voting. Guy is beside me close as Im putting ballots into machine. He says to policeman working at table beside volunteer "You mean no one came in here today with a gun...(and threatened anyone)?"

The poor cop you could tell was stressed out and his attention distracted from trying to finish up as it was almost 8pm. Felt bad for him.
Then I move to my left to get a sticker 'I VOTED' and the same guy purposely bumps into me so it seemed, and invaded my space.

Who in the hell says such a thing to a policeman whos probably already stressed out by all the shootings to begin with, and especially in a location and during an event that Im sure he's been briefed is a higher than normal risk for such violence?

Who interferes with the workings of the US govt and rights of its citizens with such disregard and disrespect?

And IM THE ONE being so easily framed for domestic terrorism? Wtf is this crap?

Btw, if this post is misquoted and used against me in any legal proceedings like has been attempted in the last court case I will sue you until you are as destitute as I am now to the fullest extent of the law.

If anyone should be questioned or have their sanity questioned, its scum like that jerk in the voting station scaring cops and messing with people trying to exsercise their rights as Americans.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Could The USA Still Be In A State Of Emergency? (Thus Explaining Why The Country Seems To No Longer Respect The US Constitution)

So that means in order to extent this 'state of emergency' bad things would need to keep happening. A persistent, constant threat must be present.

Interesting isnt it?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Could Lingering COINTELPRO and A New Age Of Endless Ethnic Revenge Fantasy Based Campaigns Be Rotting Our Government From Within? (And Will Hillary Change That Or Perpetuate That?)

I smell COINTELPRO...bad.

Im gonna vote for anyone except anyone associated with the mess and racism of the last eight years.

The latest shooting in Iowa on the news just now-white male shot two cops. News made sure to mention he was well known for his 'racial outbursts'. But the two policemen he attacked were CAUCASIAN (WHITE) MALES.

How does one suddenly relate to the other?

Remind me to never again neglect keeping up on politics.

Institution Claims My Blog Is Racist-Heres An Article For Ya

Institution involved in latest email frame up case claims my blog is 'racist'. Cool. Heres an article for you.
Also take note that my experiences were never racially charged before Obama-our most racially polarizing president-got into office.

Many people not just those involved in cutting edge activism and the conspiracy theory community are taking note of the failures of the PC agenda and that its destructive results do indeed seem to be part of a larger agenda over the long term.

Corpwatch- The Case Against GE