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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dept Homeland Security Forced To Release List Of Watch Words And Phrases

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')

"Department chiefs were forced to release the manual following a House hearing over documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit which revealed how analysts monitor social networks and media organisations for comments that 'reflect adversely' on the government."

The list of words actually makes alot of sense. Its their motive for monitoring.

You have to realize that no matter what they say, the authorities, I and others have experienced being harassed, targeted, experimented on and having our lives ruined even attempted murder since 2003. I have documented myself how the 'gang stalking' system is designed to actually piss people off (who are perhaps linked to MK Ultra or other things that would make them vulnerable to begin with) and manipulate them to the point of BECOMING a terrorist.

This is why I document my experiences. To show that the authorities are looking for threats but they arent admitting to the use of coercion to CREATE threats. Nor is anyone admitting to the use of technologies or organized stalking/harassment, psychological warfare.

When someone does snap, they act as if its a mystery as to why it occurred. And isnt it usually people who are writing about the government or angry about the state of things? They are playing both sides.

All I have to do is recall that letter Doctor Emmerich wrote to warn me (or intimidate me I can never be sure which, probably both). That someone with paranoid ideations (GS or targeted or even Survivorship from mc or experimentation) who has PTSD who also exhibits signs of other connected issues is the description of someone who is going to 'snap' or go postal.

Some jerks somewhere actually tried to set me up to die this way. If it were not for people..some known to me and some covert ops who dropped info to me along the way-I would be dead right now and others might be as well. Innocent people.

Obviously from my experiences there are black ops and classified level things going on that handle people like me. Deprogram and try to behavior modify in order to neutralize any perceived threat.
Done on the level of whats actually going on and in full knowledge of what programming is, RA etc.

However, you have to always remember that all of this is done not to protect the public and not to stop someone say, a Survivor like me from becoming dangerous or snapping- but to hide and cover up information about MK Ultra, continued unethical human experimentation, black ops and projects, frame ups, and memories from RA survivors who can name faces and places. Also to protect untouchable career criminals. That sort of thing. As well as to ensure that no one who isnt working for the power structure has any sort of supernatural if you will, power at all. This includes destroying psychics and stunting spiritual evolution of a targeted person or Survivor.

Thier main goal is to keep the population in the man made world of consumerism that they have constructed. The Matrix as many people like to call it, but its not all that dramatic. Its not like we are hooked up to machines somewhere experiencing virtual reality.

But if we dont stop the abuse of power- of the power structure living in the 21st century while we are kept in the 20th- in future, we might very well be damned to such a fate.

I dont care WHAT the cost is. I dont care how many perps mess with me or how my health is deteriorating.

That singular moment, in St Louis MO, when I was lighting a cigarette on the blue flame of a stove- I stopped and felt as if I had to use all my Will to handle the urges in that moment. Perhaps it was testosterone from ovulating that had hit me as my perceptions of the world were very male oriented that day. And male hormones seem to have alot to do with who becomes lone shooters.
I will never, ever forgive this system for taking me through living that moment. I would rather have died of any other cause than to have been in that state of mind for that split second.

You have no idea how far you have to be pushed before you snap. If I was not female, I doubt if this would have turned out as well as it did and obviously for me, its not going very well is it.

They've got me pissed off every day now, just grinding myself into the ground.

These people are covering up for military testing, psychological experimentation and networks doing inhuman things to people.

There is  a system that sets people up to go that route. They are basically looking for victims of this systematic manipulation who then react in the normal way any human would under the circumstances.

Its one big rat lab. Thats all you are looking at when you see what these agencies are doing. Its hard for me to believe in any real threats. For me at this point its like asking someone like Ann Frank to be scared of a monster in the closet. TI's know that the real monsters exist on our own soil or monsters just as heinous as the foreign ones.

Red Sox CIA Ties For Decades

 ..and when he returned from Russia, he was described as being "flaky". For the remainder of his life, he sounds very much like a Targeted Individual. He didnt write his memoirs becuz a ghost writer got him confused with MOE of MOE, LARRY and CURLY The Three Stooges fame? That is SO something the perps would pull. They know what pisses certain people off or what will make people get turned off to revealing information. They know exactly how to manipulate thier Targets.

I cant say for sure but coming back from the USSR 'flaky' and having your life go down the tubes sounds like being targeted.
"Henry, the low-talking hedge funder, has had considerable help in Lucchino, Werner, and of course, the brilliant young GM who has spawned a new generation of BlackBerry-wielding, stat-driven, cold-blooded hardballers intent on reinventing baseball operations."

Bush-Red Sox Scandal By Sherman H. Skolnick

The Red Sox Crowd Possibly Dislike Homeless People Because The Team Likes To Use Eminent Domain To CREATE Houseless People

Tourist Season In Boston Brings Increased GS

Monday, May 28, 2012

Female Blogger Also With Multiple Blogs On Similar Subjectmatter,Check Out Her Work This woman seems genuine. I found her work interesting. I am excited that she seems to have similar experience, where she was too close to the truth and also a human experimentee specifically MILABs.

Subliminals In The Simpsons

 And yes, The Simpsons have done quite alot of media psy ops on Targets. Very detailed information only gotten through targets being watched even in early life decades before the psy op appears in movie or tv episodes.
Put into media content in sophisticated way as to cause intimidation of TI.

Its one of the worst shows. South Park has its moments but its not nearly as manipulative and cruel as The Simpsons.

And yes I plainly see the author is into Christianity. Christians have some of the most comprehensive sites on subliminals in media. I simply disregard their personal beliefs, thats their opinion. But they do uncover some interesting examples of deception. Thats all I'm looking for.

One has to wonder who is really behind creating this content. Often times it comes from a very Jewish culture in the entertainment business. They most likely go against commandments to lead gentiles astray only is one theory. The other is that they are Jews who are not into godliness but very into Jewishness and Zionism.

It could be simply Illuminati activity or, the evil side of Masonic content. Alot of people dont seem to get it that these symbols are being used for negative purposes not to enlighten and keep order.

That is also part of the deception. To get people to help the negative side destroy anyone
 who would counter their actions by getting them to believe all manifestations of ancient belief systems are evil or exist to do harm.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nona People Blog Provides Alot Of Info On World Wide Abuse Networks

 I understand the problem now. Why so many have to hate me.

Becuz a great number of the world's population are either in on these networks, make money off of,them somehow or are tied to or involved with people who are in them or involved with them.

And once you wake up-once your out, your out.

If I was ever naively associated with people who were tied in in any way even through their associations, I am no longer acceptable due to the fact I am fully aware of what I am dealing with or at least what goes on.

And since I wont be intimidated into silence and forgetting, mostly due to not being able to go on living without closure for what they did to ME personally, then I am REALLY socially unacceptable.

Over the last few days Ive been getting alot of harassment in Boston and people around here just HARE me. I mean its really viscous..
Strangely this only began since the students left the colleges and summer began here in Boston due to that.

Its now unlivable here.

Sadly I am going to have to flee again for my own safety.

At least I,understand better what I am up against.

I dont fully trust the sight as it has some things about it that are suspect, but the info is more than I can do on my blogs.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ruetgers Bullying Victim Loses Chance Of Fun With Vendetta 

 This is why you should avoid suicide with every fiber of Will in your body. Becuz in bullying, mobbing or even horrific gang stalking, the person or people who got you killed will always get support from all over the place while you're dead and cant defend yourself or tell the public exactly what transpired and how guilty as hell the perpetrators really are.

You die, they win.

People by nature will always rally around the living because in their caveman brains the living are perceived the victor.  No one cares about dead people.

This is why the TI is,hated by society with a cover story and they rally round and support the bad guys and betrayers. GS keeps the TI down so they,cant defend themselves like a dead man. It also keeps us trapped in the cover story. The public might believe that we are so righteously hated by the public that this explains our predicament. They aren't smart enough to think that we are the victims and theres a deception going on.

Intrigue isnt for everyone. Some people dislike using their brains too much and this makes reality inconvenient. Finding you innocent and even screwed out of due process interrupts their American Idol time as well as whatever is going on in cyberspace, World Of War craft and planning their vacations to some bullshit tourist spot. They sell out to,the man everyday and they shouldn't have to worry about 'social responsibility' beyond what their 'community' deems necessary.
The citizenry do as they are told for the most part. They think and believe as instructed. And dont dare interfere with their settled negotiations between they and the oppressor, which they feel they deserve a reward for daily. If the system deems that 'reward' consists of destroying or mocking a Targeted person, then who is anyone to argue?

People do as they are told. This country tried to stand up for itself and have thier concerns be heard. People got active, voted, protested over twenty years of this slow takeover of our country and got ignored until now everyone is numb and effectively beaten down.

If you commit suicide everyone is still going to hate and mock you. Except they wont learn their lesson and be exposed or punished (or even better have vendettas settled) and they'll move onto someone else and do the same thing. Destroy the next person.

Society has always,been populated by killers who put on a good front and kick around a church on Sunday or Saturday.
Ive seen this behavior first hand. I dont care if they are getting paid or need to avoid exposure whatever. Humans enjoy mobbing people. Decent people are in short order. Unless I am wrong and the groups I,encountered harassing me in entire communities were all gang stalking groups and every,person left with the group after Operation Destroy Rachael was completed.

Fuck humanity. Theres a good portion of these animals hiding out in decent society that you shouldnt die for.

If the gay guy had stayed alive and simply left town or the country he could have lived to get his roommate years later.

Always stick around for the possibilities.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homeland Sued For Creating Fake Friend Accounts On Social Networks For Surveillance

Why 9-11 Truth Can Never Be Allowed To Be Validated Nor Even Considered

By the way it appears as if there are alot of males involved in this these national security agencies are unbalanced and perverts.

Yet it seems they can do whatever they please, especially with women who are poor, helpless and they find attractive.

So now its obvious to me why, IF 9-11 was premeditated or even just allowed to happen by purposeful negligence- they dont ever want that validated to be the truth.
9-11 has generated so many jobs, within security industry but also the equipment they use and on down the line to the delivery people of that equipment, uniforms etc etc, that so much money has been spent and made they never want it to be revealed.

It also seems to afford a very good cover for getting rid of inconvenient people or to cover black projects, human experimentation or anything classified.

I also think its interesting that anyone who knows,anything legit about mind control or programming has to be crushed, beaten down, destroyed and ultimately discredited.

Gee whys that? ;)

Persons Of Interest Have Sanity Judged By Same National Security System That Are Responsible For Organized Stalking And Harassment

I was informed that one of the little punk asses from Harvard Sq who was aware I was targeted in a harassment campaign who also worked at the Middle East where my ex had worked and people connected to my old associates worked- did work for the club but afterwards tried working for a security company.

He was fired.
I,was also told that he was making claims he was going to take actions considered terrorism and was watched, interviewed and checked out by unnamed authorities.
The did a psychological profile on him and he was just considered a nut case nothing more.

Tell me something:
How can these all powerful agencies, who see all, watch, analyze, test and judge safety and can any of them make such judgments accurately about a persons sanity or the situation if its quite obvious that one or multiple agencies in their OWN SYSTEM are potentially actively engaging the 'person of interest' in a campaign of psychological warfare to make that person either appear unstable or actually make them clinically insane?

No one is accounting for corruption of such omnipotent power nor for things like Black Projects, classified information pertaining to the person etc.

Turns Out There Are Multiple Security Agencies At Logan Airport Undercover

I spoke to someone who knows about how the airport security is set up. And he is a valid source of information.

He said in addition to the TSA and the State Police one can see in uniform there are Homeland Security, the FBI and NSA. Many of whom are undercover.

That explains the harassment I have gotten from people who appear to be just passengers.

He added that Homeland is "..all powerful".

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is curious isnt it:
"Also, CIA files from 1952 reveal a special interest in the heightened effect of LSD on people with hepatitis. One of Glickman’s American Hospital doctors had previously treated him for hepatitis, making this once-promising young artist "the ideal guinea pig."

Monday, May 21, 2012


This explains why everyone has gotten very quiet and people are dropping persons like me or rejecting us like never before.

...and Ron Paul is no longer running for president.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Targeted With An Ideation In Relation to MIT Was Stopped By NOT Following Predicted Movements As A Target

I had a telling experience on my way to MIT today. The reason I can actually write about it is becuz its Sunday. And of course the tech and GS is very low or non existent as usual on Sunday. So I wont go 'forgetting' or losing focus.

On my way here I believe that perps had followed my movements from where I slept in downtown Boston area. I got a very strong ideation specific to the MIT building on Mass Ave or that area as I approached that I was in trouble somehow for bad mouthing the president(s) of MIT last night in my post.

Due to everything or partial systems of tech being less today (Sunday) I could get a good 'fix' on this ideation coming from a specific physical location, as it felt this way, and also I had the faculties available to understand in real time it was indeed an ideation produced by false means and not actually produced by my own mind. This is difficult to do during the week as all of whatever tech systems they use are up and also there is constant diversion from stalking and harassment from people mostly on trains and buses and walking down streets in the city also.

Due to being able to ace the system today I could actually use my free Will and act in a manner different than what they wanted. I stayed on the bus and did not get off at MIT to go to the library. Laughably, this disturbed some of the passengers on board who acted very strangely in response to my not getting up to leave.
One such person was an older woman who had been acting very strangely- self consciously looking at her shoes, her hands, her clothes, constantly fidgeting. It never stopped. Her whole act was about being self conscious.

As we passed MIT this ideation (complete with a vision of the current MIT president not the new elect) slowly dissipated as we got farther from the college. Then again people also got off of the bus.
I went all the way to Harvard and waited for the bus to turn around. I noted a Traveler who used to be a local squatter and wrote that post earlier. As the bus went out of Harvard I felt no more remote influence. As we approached Central Sq I felt none. Surprisingly, I felt nothing but normal as we approached MIT.

I am now considering that this 'signal' if you will either comes from a part of the MIT campus itself or from perps on the bus in some form like from cell phones or gadgets, whatever one could use for this kind of tactical warfare.

I would normally have not been able to think or act independently in this situation, during a normal work week, in this location.
 Most of the week I am like a zombie and all I do is spend my time evading GS as well as doing the survival stuff I need to do. I am either demotivated or forgetful of what I actually came to Boston to do in the first place, which explains why I have been here for a month or so already and have not done what I came to do.

Also I suppose I have been conditioned to not attempt certain things like going to doctors and looking for lawyer here due to being so badly burned in recent and past experiences. But I have to try anyway as if I leave the US without doing so I will not be able to live with myself.

I also want to write about a strange occurrence with one of my young friends. Her and her boyfriend are the ones who blew up the MIT library or helped to drive them to decide against outsiders using the computers. I can understand MIT asking knuckleheads to leave but not everyone.
When she goes out of town I feel as if some influence she has on me goes with her. She leaves town every weekend to see her child some distance north of Boston. I cannot explain this change in the environment. It happens every single time she goes away however so its worth noting.

I can only think its either her cell phone or something on her her person. (Hey, no one wants to seem paranoid talking about microchipping but many Survivors who are targeted have evidence of such.)

Many times Ive almost wanted to leave town just to get away from her influence. Whats odd is that even if I am not in contact with her for a day or two, I still feel the influence her physical presence seems to produce if she is in the same city or location as I am. I ONLY EXPERIENCE RELIEF FROM THIS WHEN SHE LEAVES TO GO OUT OF TOWN.

This is something I have never experienced before. However, I have experienced something similar. When I would call people from a phone or my cell phone in other states that action would seem to hook me into another system of remote influence, FROM THEIR STATE AND LOCATION. I would feel effected by it as I had when I was living there.

This was especially compelling and noticed when, without a cell phone at the time early into this, about 2007 or so, I was in MI at that suspected perp's house- Mary Holiday near Jedo MI.
I decided to try just once to contact my family in Waltham MA after no contact for a few years. I dialed the number on a land line. After realizing that they were firmly sticking to the mental illness story (which was amusing to hear a woman my grandmother's age trying to pull together a manipulative conversation that would get me to slip up or agree to terms of getting medicated. In other words I did what was my policy back then- I would not mention harassment at all to anyone, much as I do now. I would then see what THIER reaction was and thus one could easily smoke out the perps and people in on it from those who were innocent).

After realizing I could never see my family again I hung up. I was then hit with the same conditions that I had experienced living under while residing in my family's house in Waltham, the location I was just on the landline with. I immediately felt a return of a condition I was diagnosed with known as Interstitial Cystitis (IC) which I took Elmiron for for many years and also caused me to have a surgical procedure done which was probably unnecessary.
My bladder felt the same way it had, the pain etc, in Waltham when I first experienced it. However I had not had this condition since leaving MA, for years on end. I also noted years ago that when I lived in Las Vegas for six months that the condition also went away. Once again location seemed more the reason than anything.

I also experienced anxiety and other emotional and mental states similar to what I experienced living in that house in Waltham.


I also experienced a return of these exact conditions upon coming back to Boston for the first time in earnest in 2009 I believe. I saw people from the Watertown/Newton Narcotics Anonymous meetings who had been in on my gang stalking. One woman walked by and made comment to a male with her "Do you know who that used to be?" (used to be? Oh honey, please. Go to hell.)

After seeing these two people from my past in the area I was once again hit with the same conditions that I experienced after that phone call home to Waltham from Jedo MI a year or two prior.

I got out my digital vid camera, started to document what was happening and after doing so, these conditions dissipated.

These experiences tell me that there is a way of targeting people with something to do with phone communications. I dont know how it would work but it does indeed happen.

So I am wondering if the influence I experience from this young woman is due to whats coming through her cell signal. She is clever and in trouble with the law, she is selfish, self serving and likes money. REALLY likes money. Shes a typical candidate to be a perp. But...she just doesnt seem the type at other times. As if we are real friends.

This one confuses me. Then again, I have experienced people in on this acting as if nothing is going on and they are indeed friendly with me.

Dead Zone Vacation Spots

This is most likely why wealthy and connected people are purchasing land thats been tunneled underground.

If cell phones do get hooked into satellite then there will be no cell phone dead zones anywhere.

Since the public dont uncerstand the dangers of electromagnetic pollution nor know that mass mind control is being uswd to manage most western societies via piggybacking the cell phone signals they just go along with the total saturation of all open spaces.

The get the author desires myspace still exist in the future yet writes it off to fate and progress that there will be no spaces, show is the danger of the sheep like mentality.

I'm not saying this to be fecicious or bitter it's genuinely dangerous way to be. .

humans have a strange quirk. A self destructive instinct-o in love with your own death, their own murder.  The death instinct.

They don't see it for what it is, in their own psychological makeup, so they usually don't avoid it. any serious drug addict whos recovered understands this. So called normal people think they are in control so they dont look deeply inside themselves. Thus they are quite easily manipulated and enslaved.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Now Public: Who Is Behind Gang Stalking; A Critique

I noticed its dated 2011 long after I have been using the term 'Survivor' in my work. Survivor is a term that specifically identifies a Survivor of mind control such as a cult, something more sophisticated like Satanic Ritual or other types of Ritual Abuse as well as mind control projects like MK Ultra or high level programming which is very specific in the way those Targeted Survivors are handled by a campaign.

I dislike this term being used to describe Targets of Gang Stalking as they should be identified only by TI or Target or Targeted person. Survivor is meant to denote someone who is a Survivor of the afore mentioned thus THIS IS THE MOTIVE FOR THEIR BEING TARGETED. Its very specific.

Its like being able to go to a specialist doctor and them identifying a specific ailment in a particular organ or system as the reason for your symptoms and illness all this time.
Say you had ten people who were obese. Three get diagnosed with hypothyroidism as the exact cause of their condition. You would not then, be able to claim all ten patients who are obese as having hypothyroidism. The reason they are obese is still yet unknown.

This is an acceptable analogy for a specific group of Targeted persons who find or are very sure they are targeted specifically because they are Survivors of programming, mind control projects etc.

Rarely are Targets survivors of Gang Stalking because its found to be life long by most TIs. However, people 'survive' programming and mind control projects. They 'survive' through things like layers of suicide programming and breaking mind control to live better lives much more self aware and self actualized. Unfortunately, they are still targeted for life. Actually, many of these Survivors are targeted becuz they broke through high level programming and survived or broke away from a cult etc and refuse to be controlled. In order for the cult or the much more complex system that programs people for spying, sex work, assassins, couriers, drug mules etc (mind control slaves) that is connected to MK Ultra, to not have victim witnesses running around telling similar stories and gaining cred they must target these people and immediately DIScredit them and this must continue for life.

With the amount of money taken in by drugs, sex and blackmail as well as the military industrial complex its not much to write off a budget to control possible leaks that would destroy the entire international crime syndicate.

This person's version of GS might be how it works, the mechanics of it and I myself have posted about the Unibomber and Harvard's part in that as well as my own abuse at the hands of Harvard students and in Harvard Sq.
(Yet there is a presence much more conducive to me writing my book and getting a lawyer in Harvard than Boston and Central Sq Cambridge's daily, constant pressure of GS and tech to get me to NOT go on with such things.)

However its disturbing how this person's outlining of GS doesnt include the use of chemical controls or influence nor tech. Both of which are used to actually get Targets to react, act out or appear mentally ill, 'on drugs', etc.

This is also why I keep both subjects separate still. I want TIs to be able to benefit even if they aren't Survivors- of mind control projects. One day they may discover they are or they may be interested in reading about genuine Survivors, as it helps to weed out all the disinfo crazies in TI forums who make claims like Survivors but generally only serve to cause chaos and thier claims are usually unreasonable.

Its interesting how many fake TI's Ive experienced who pass as poor, targeted ladies in shelters for instance but turn out to be bullshitting or be hysterics and staff are mean as hell to be probably becuz they believe the set up as written above.
Its very plausible whats in this link, becuz people who's stories really do register as bs are sympathized with and I get put out in cold all the time.
It could be becuz people are getting paid off and they want to cover for that by appearing sympathetic but its also becuz most normal people are easily brainwashed by the gang stalking perps and designers.

In such a shelter a woman had everyone fooled, she was dying of cancer etc. She bonded with staff. Even claims of her death from her boyfriend. It turned out she was alive and well, never had cancer etc.
Also she was always shunning and nasty to me, the way perps are usually. That means there was a perp group in the shelter, manipulating staff. And they knew I was smart, true and a whistle blower so they shunned me immediately.

Humans especially females, and especially the lower classes, will fall for people who chat and bond with them. They naively believe that being social makes for more socially acceptable, 'normal' people who of course then must be decent.
The reason that dumb criminals go to jail and smart ones make careers out of it I have seen is the ability to deceive. Everyone, even themselves at certain points.

I may get alot of wallet checking hand gestures as a tactic they are using over the past few months as a way to grind me into the ground mentally and to further my feeling socially unacceptable so forcing me to conform. But also its becuz theres a big campaign about pick pockets on the trains.
What makes me so amused is that these dumb guys, if they arent perps, actually think that someone who looks like a poor Traveler, hippie type is going to pick pockets. Its unbelievable.
Thats also how dumbed down this generation is. They WANT kids who arent slick about crime becuz the are easier to turn into informants thus control. They want people who can be controlled either by psychiatry, the prison system, the law enforcement agencies (setting people up then turning them informant) or just a system of shaming.

Effective pick pockets dress to blend in with the crowd. DUH..

And how does this person know exactly that this is how its done. I dont see reference to any links.

I do appreciate this bit however:
"Milgrams obedience study demonstrated this weakness in human nature very well. Targets are often adequate, normal people, that are being subjected to something completely out of the range of ordinary experience, cointelpro/gangstalking, is designed to destroy people. Targets can take mercy on themselves just by accepting this fact, and by contacting Congress regularly to request a full inquest of DOJ wrong doing being facilitated by the Patriot Act taking place through fusion centers and the FBI. We can ratify these laws and clarify the 9th amendment of the Bill of Rights. Although we may not have great evidence linking the DOJ program to us personally, We can notarize statements to our congressmen regarding the harassment we have experienced, as a reason we'd like to have our civil liberties strengthened. "

Out of the range of ordinary can say that again. Whew. They show you so much that you should be all rights lose your mind. MILABs? Psychic warriors? Seriously, its all so much that it isolates you even without the constant GS.
I am now never going to be able to go back into society the same way again due to what I have seen throughout this ordeal.
Its like they show you everything so it permanently marginalizes you from society and there are very few people left you can relate to. Its like Caligula having had to ruin his friends lifetime happiness before their wedding by sexually violating both of them.

I can totally see the people who are responsible for this being like that too. That is totally thier scene.

The piece is good in it has woken me up from some of the brainwashing thats been taking afffect lately, namely bitterness and hatred taking over. Ever time I get pissed and write things like that I am going to get revenge its probably taken down as evidence.

I dont worry about any of that. Becuz I know I will always have dirt on people they dont want exposed as well as I seem to have protection. But the interface from the tech in this location is so constant, it influences my behavior. And its useless to keep running from state to state as everywhere there is some sort of remote influence involved. It just depends what the desired outcome is.

Most places its always a deception anyways. In Austin I was being driven to design clothes but I noticed that my health issues, which of course are going to become life threatening in future if not addressed, were being pushed to the side. More diversion, more deception.

I might as well stay here and fight this system in my hometown.
Ultimately the perps believe they can win. They are confident that at some point they will finish off the TI.

In my case it seems they are trying purposely to get me so disgusted I leave the country. Then of course it might consist of a set up as being involved in terrorism against the US from overseas or even a set up like Kennedy's alleged assassin, Oswald. Where I say, I hate Romney etc and then theres a set up and a look alike does the deed and I am baited into returning to the US and its pinned on me somehow etc.

We've seen these webs weaved over and over. Its up to the public to say they are finally tired of being deceived, in the 21st century. I now dont believe that Cisco Wheeler's husband committed bank robbery. I was told that it was attempted to set me up for robbing a bank also. Can you IMAGINE???
This is what they do. Ive seen the use of doubles many times. One thing we do know: these people dont f*ck around and they get results.

This link only covers the surface of what GS consists of.

A GangStalking Blog From Belgium

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alex Jones Claims The New Black Panther Party Have Been Exposed As Federal Agents and The Organization Is A Fake Out

At 11:12 he says that the New Black Panthers got exposed as federal agents. But I looked briefly and did not find any articles on this. I wish he would provide links.

Here is the original show he did about them.

Heres a sample of thier rhetoric:

Its just like I have experienced around the country and lately as usual in Boston/Central Sq Cambridge.
I have always documented the racial disturbances I get or baiting from blacks specifically in my hometown. Its obvious their aim is to get me to look like a white supremacist. Thus my other blog I started which is very peaceful while at the same time dealing with things I feel are legit to investigate or discuss. I created this blog to blow off steam but also to prove that ISSUES AMONG RACE, CLASS, GENDER OR WHATEVER CAN ALWAYS BE DEALT WITH IN PEACEFUL, ADULT MANNERS. The put on of violence, rhetoric and bs is exactly what I have experienced much of the TI community conference calls (coincidentally with many African American members and run by an African American male) and Ive been baited for years especially lately in my hometown here with racial harassment.

My use of the N word has probably exploded over the past week or so into an almost daily occurrence. I have a scary health issue on top of the usual pressure and this area always triggers racial self defense in me. Notice how its USUALLY MALES. Becuz they know that if a young black male messes with me I feel he is using his advantage as a male in society to be sexist to gain power from my advantage of being white in society. In order for me to feel I have defended myself they know I will use the N word to teach him that if he wants to be a sneaky racist through sexism, I can be a sneaky sexist through racism. He wants to take down Whitey through women's vulnerability (a poor women at that) then I can take down a male through his racial vulnerability. They KNOW this is a formula I use in this area.

So I post it. I document it. And I continue to try to be fair and stick with a few black friends I have who are on the street like me (all women) who I genuinely like as people. This is what Jones means by the perps pissing off people so they act out aggressively and become a 'problem'. In this location some of what I experience is going to be just the stupidity of how blacks act around here. Its for various reasons, some reactionary, some emotional. But many instances have been obvious, overt harassment tactics.

So one can only assume these people are hired, in gangs, being paid off or...working for feds.

I have shown the kind of restraint it takes to NOT get violent even if everyone would understand if you did. There is no reason in this day and age for this group to be acting like they are and spewing this message. And Jone's is right: if you did this in earnest you WOULD go to jail or at least be under fire for doing so.

The question is...why are they doing things like this? Why so much theatrics? Why so many staged CIA fake terrorist bombings, why creations like these?

What they NEVER allow you to know about is the things I have experienced- the mass mind control, the human experimentation. The unbelievable abilities of some perp groups that go beyond gang stalking into mind reading. Psychic warriors, individuals that will pass by you in a car or sit next to you on a bus ride on public transport.

THEY LIVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Notice how the things they are producing for theatrics are ALL THINGS THAT WERE COMMON IN THE 20TH CENTURY .
-The Black Panther Party or extremist groups like this
-terrorism, bombings- having to physically deliver damage through 20th century means. Why do so when you can use microwave weapons??

Its to hide the fact that the powers that be are well into the new millennia technologically. They want the public to stay in that 20th century mindset. They are creating 20th century 'fantasies' while the real criminals work from the 21st century reality.

Thats my theory anyway. Ive seen what they can do. They create chaos and violence. They also can cure it in a person.

Defense Contractors New Mission-Being Trained To Take On American Citizens (Alex Jones)

Blackwater died and mercenary companies have picked up the slack.

OK so we see that there are people who refuse to take part in alot of this.

Again I dont trust Mr Patriot obsessed Alex Jones who of course fear mongers throughout. But most likely alot of it is credible.

So we see its totally greed. Just like most perps have attested to. "Its all about the money".

Gang members allowed into military so they can get into contractors afterwards!!!! That may explain alot of 'gang stalking' harassment being done by gang members.


He's right. They push people into being lone shooters to rebels this way via gang stalking. He's basically siting create a problem-reaction-solution. Which all TI's have experienced.

Note: At 18:36. A slip up that seems very contrived and planned. "..putting a well paid lawyer...oops Im sorry. A well paid warrior.."

What is it supposed to be saying, this slip up? Or is it a good plant of info. Like warning us that there are lawyers just as in on this for money selling out our liberties for these contractors etc?

Baaad choice of words at 19:54. "..just KILLING police, fire and military..."???? Why would he choose that word?? Uh, Alex I know you are a potential Nero yourself dude, but we actually NEED the real First Responders and military who actually do thier jobs and stand by thier ancient cultures.

See how he oscillates between being credible and then sounding....wacked out. I do it too but I dont have my own radio show and all that power.
Re-education camps for domestic terrorism!! 29:00!!
Recall how I have documented that every single time I go to Cheyenne, Wyoming that I always get the exact same occurrence of heavy targeting with what seems like tech. It always consists of a very Republican distaste for people receiving assistance and pushing such people to get jobs instead of be on government assistance. Its done through suggestion, given mentally. Typical behavior modification. And its very strong.

I have experienced over the years that behavior modification can be done through chemical, technological and psychological warfare via human forces. Maybe this may be used in such camps instead of the methods that are officially admitted to.
TX may be seen as resisting but I experienced tech in major cities down there. Really managing Targets. And alot of gang stalking in Austin from people who looked like Hipsters. And constant gang stalking from Mexicans in San Antonio and recall that incident when that dog tried to bite me and I called the cops, that one couple toyed with me, the man saying to my face "Yes, but you can be controlled".

I dont know enough about Jone's show but its very important he touches on the use of these technologies. Which, strangely makes all of the physical actions he speaks of by contractors quite unecessary, unless they just want to cause something to make some money. Fair enough. Yet there is a system in place that an control crowds and individuals, entire populations without the need for physical force. Does he touch on this or not?

I found TX to be wonderfully resistant to all the things that have indeed screwed up MA and Cali. Yet, when it comes to being stalked, harassed, people doing tactics and hit with tech from cell towers (which they have monster ones down there in Austin. And the power lines are huge and ridiculous as well in San Antonio) I got just as much of a dose of that as anywhere else. Dont tell me Jones doesnt know about this.

I wonder if his function is to point to the obvious stuff so that the covert, tech and chemical systems of influence can go undetected. Hmmmm

"Our Founding Fathers Were Terrorists"

He wouldnt have a damn job within the USA if it were never invented. He'd be working for England and probably alot more grown up about worldly affairs.
These people are creating terrorists with thier insanity.

This guy is obsessed. The cops and fire are way too capable of corruption to have this much power.

The authorities in this country are involved in acts of terrorism, covering up, witness tampering and you have the audacity to obsess over something that ISN'T EVEN RELEVANT DUE TO ITS PLACE IN HISTORY MAKING IT FAR REMOVED FROM CURRENT TERRORIST THREATS.
Also note that no mention of genocide of Natives was mentioned. (Becuz America never prosecutes its own war criminals anyways).

Cops and Firemen and even their families have been in on covertly destroying Targets for years.

Going into history to catch our forefathers at terrorism is a boyhood type fantasy. It shows an incredible desire for omnipotence, being all powerful. He may also have issues with his own father, as he seems to be obsessed with going back in time, which is impossible, perhaps into his own history he would like to go back and 'catch' his own 'father' for acts of terrorism or some male that had power over him that betrayed him and caused trauma.

In a world where men are largely in control of what we see here going on, this is very dangerous. Its a world of ultimate machismo where men are not supposed to be weak or have issues. Anyone with unresolved issues could become....unbalanced at not realize it. We are allowing males, in a very militarized culture, to have ultimate power over our society with not enough oversight. The public will not take this seriously as a threat to thier own safety. This may be just one overzealous male but I have seen, in media and in person, countless examples of these testosterone driven creatures turning the world into a horrible place to live.
Men are dangerous as they soley focus on only one objective and lose all other perspective- like hunters. They also get into this hunting party mode. They think alot differently in a military culture than they do in a civilized environment.

And by the way, how many people has our government had assassinated over the years? Guess what? Without all the money, influence and power gained from those actions YOU wouldnt have a job. Why not go keep an eye on our own intelligence services and thier allies, they seem to like to commit acts of terrorism for the good of our nation.

This is such a typical example of the insanity I see all the time in academia, corporate workplace and out in public nowadays. More so the first two. People get unbalanced becoming obsessed with ONE way of seeing things and become akin to preachers or cult leaders.

I think we are all a bit sick of going back into the past SELECTIVELY. Like apologizing for The Crusades. Who does the Pope think he is? When he becomes a Templar, a true Knight, you let me know becuz those are the only people who can apologize.

No matter what you say, no matter what you do right now at this time in history- HUMAN BEINGS ARE STILL SELF DECEPTIVE. APES WITH THE POWER OF A CREATOR THAT ABUSE THAT POWER TO PUSH THROUGH THIER GREEDY ANIMAL DESIRES.Our environment continues to disintegrate which you happen to need to exist in mammalian bodies. No matter how much you ignore this you cannot change that it is continuing to happen. You can choose to ignore harsh reality or you can face the things that really matter instead of assisting a bunch of eager little boys, who want to make war gams to play with thier neat new toys and pollute the planet into being uninhabitable.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The school year in Boston/Cambridge is managed by tech and whatever else

I forgot something about boston and cambridge.

As the has remote influence that manages the school year goes down the gang stalking from human forces goes up considerably.

I completely forgot that I experienced this a few years ago when I stayed here past the summer into the school year in september.

I definitely felt a change when the school year began in remote influence.

it's also explain why I have such an easy time if you're coming back here. Its because it was April not the end of May.
Notice how is all my posts lately I've been complaining constantly about not being able to get anything done due to feeling interfaced, mind controlled-basically due to remote influence.

Well, that makes sense because it wasn't the end of the year yet.

Sigh that means that if I stay here this summer I'm going to have a very difficult time in this location.

New Osprey Backpack Possibly Chipped Causing Intensified Levels Of Harassment

(I will edit this in a few hours)

Usually when I go to panhandle in Kenmore theres no problem lately. That crowd last night coming out of the game was more like what I was getting years ago where perps would consistently be in a crowd of Red Sox fans.

I know it wasnt just a bad night becuz other tactics were done other than apparent fans passing by from the game.

I had forewarning also. I just picked up the new gear I ordered. Its lighter and a better size for me. When I went down to southie for an errand perps came out of the woodwork. Its like a different piece of gear is what got them going. Somebody even snapped a picture from their car I am pretty sure but not 100 percent. Its something they would do though if my appearance changed.

Also recall I have posted about the backpack I was usimg? When I wojld leave it somewhere very rarely that I felt I wasnt as effected by remote influence?

It may be that the RFID chips used for tracking customers purchase habits can be hacked or a differemt chip put in specifically used to influence a Target if they have the name on either a repair job or a warehouse order.
Ive had the old backpack repaired and this one is an order becuz they didnt carry my size.
Ive also left the old pack in various places inside over the years that had gang stalking activity so someone could have altered it possibly.

It could also be two sepdrate issues. One I get more remote influence with that pack becuz theres a metal frame givimg it shape right behind my back. The new one is desiged differently and the frame is painted not bare metal.

That could account for the remote influence and the perps might be pissed becuz I did somethimg positive for myself- accomplishsd something, reached a set goal, taking care of myself, etc.

I kmew after that initial reaction to the new backpack that they were going to come at me hard most likely to condition me to associate success with being harassed more.

But I just couldnt take it all in. So ignored my own warning.

Last night I experienced alot mors aggression and alot more sexual arousal. That is what made me lose it and scream at one of rhe fans finally,that made fun of me and later self injure.

Its very intense energy delivery or inducing it out of me. I had to release FOUR times to stop the aggression from being so bad that I felt violent towards myself. I also felt suicidal last night and seriously comsidered killing myself before that guy pissed me off and I screamed at him, turnimg the severe depression outward into aggeession and later of course aggression towards myself.

That amount of required release it is just rediculous. the other backpack, I have a saltpeter affect where I can hardly even gain release at all which I force myself to do at least once a day and I are practical reasons for their health wise and as far as the covert war.

I've even seen the gang stalking system doing media psy ops making fun of anyone who does such things. it's to condition Target to not do it of course.
not because it's morally wrong or illegal, but because daily release of sexual energy allows for target to have more control over there aggression.

I've learned over many years of going through this matt damon if you ate a targeted individual by using sexual arousal in a way to induce gresham in a way to induce with aggression, his ties into shaming humiliation breaking down the target and when mixed with harassment causes the person to snap and go postal, act out, or self injure. It can also cause this aggression to be expressed as depression and this somehow makes it much easier for the TI to be effected by behavior modification or BREAKING OF THE WILL.

If I did not release daily even if I dont feel like it at least once I would end up being much more susceptible to control.

why I ignore any and all references or mocking of this activity. because I am basically celebate now due to health issues this is the only alternative.
I also wonder if they keep target isolated by various means so they can control and manipulate the target via sexual energies.

This is exactly what happened last night. it's obvious other backpack was chipped or something do to my experience of stealing affected by remote influence influence when having the backpack on only and such a fact disappearing when's the backpack was left at a location away from me.

Since having with backpack as of yesterday I have experienced multiple instances of police seemimg to come to my location to monitor my behavior as if I were being watched due to being dangerous to,myself or others.
This rarely happens with the other backpack. Those 2 major changes in myself and others around me tells me something in my environmemt has changed to cause such new circumstances.
I say its the backpack.

Ausprey has acted strangely in the past with me on the telephone in reference to repair of the old backpack. Also remember Osprey is in Colorado. A place that is not only Illumimati central but also I personally have experienced being harassed and abused in the ER there whem I was rushed to the hosptial for anaphylactic shock in 2009. Which they didn't properly treat in full anyway. Therefore I had to go to another hospital in arizona. It's all documented on this blog. And I have the paper work.

Would not surprise me if somewhere along the way lovely new piece of gear got chipped or otherwise to cause the new effects I am now experiencing, by the way after just 24 hours form a pattern.

from what I've experienced thus far seems as if there's something about the backpack where do you order supper who are colder in their activities can find my location it somehow connected to the police so. call her but have to do is find my location can call the police if I was suspect somehow period.
Because we all know do to them looking like normal citizens they can easily act like 'concerned citizens' and due to the paranoia of anti terrorism, their calls will be taken seriously.

The technology has progressed so much in 10 years it's quite possible boys and I just described to be very easy nowadays.

I have to add that many TIs are either electromagnetically sensitve and or sensitive due to what goes along with being a Survivor. The older model Opsrey has a metal frame that is likea spine in the back of the pack. Due to this frame breaking frequently, the new design has the frame outlining the pack and stretching the netting around the back in a square shape opposed to hourglass. This still is a piece of metal on the TIs back which may increase sensitivity.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Police Connect Workplace Violence To Gang Stalking

Police officially connecting gang stalking to workplace violence.

Great, now second question: What do you do if policemen are part of the gang stalking??

Gets a bit more complicated doesnt it. This is more appropriate for workplace mobbing not gang stalking.

It may be very well a TI is mobbed in the workplace as well as everywhere else or a person may be simply mobbed in the workplace exclusively.

There are distinct levels of gs. This only represents one of them.

Also u wud have to really f*ck someone up to have them turn to extreme violence. Most people would just leave their jobs instead.
If you have someone getting more sophisticated harassment or they are more prone to snap to begin with becuz they r actually Survivors of black or classified projects or RA and they dont understand that yet, then I can see that level of violence being a response in the long term.

Britain and Canada Stasi Style Secret Police-Citizen Informants

Reducing Complicated Issues To Phrases-'We Not Me' An NWO Deception

Moore has always been dangerous. Instead of seeking truth and exposing corruption he chooses to work from a selected political party and being Liberal. Hollywood gives him awards while saying "forget about the politics and all that stuff" - certainly dangerous right there.

He creates the same cult as Obama. Complete with phrases to live by, almost tailored for chanting.

Ive seen this on the back of Celtics shirts as well.

Totally mindless.
The point is to drive anyone who seeks true fairness and reason out of the country.

America will always be unable to do whar Europe does. We hatw the arts or find them unimportant. We push ourselves rush everywhere eat shit food and lack history and culture.
We are not adults. If u like Disney and Hollywood u will never understand Europe. 

This comes more from the strong roots of the immigrant Jews whos ancestors were from strongly Communist or Socialist roots.

Tjese types dont seek to build something better they seek to rise themselves to success and prominence through drowning people like me or those with status and money specifically racial status.

There is no political party in the United States for anyone wanting a return to sanity privacy and autonomy.

To say something like We Not Me in a country with this much of a police state, constant surveillance and its most recent decent into fascism is an obvious ploy to further enslave its people with deception and cult mind control. 

The EU brings up those countries that are down by sucking off successful ones. This is a parellel system for human populations.

Again Experiencing The Use Of Pre Created Parameters For Gang Stalking Predicted By Targeted Individuals Routine Movements

Women's Lunch Place- lost my temper and said some things I don't regret
Some older woman tried to save a seat for someone who wasn't at a table.

They didn't have showers today anyway so I left.

I noticed that when I walked out I felt very angry very frustrated and interfaced if the aggression level was induced or false. 

When I went to run an errand I moved beyond the usual perimeters of my routine movement in that area.  Movement that wouldn't have been easily predictable according to past behavior.

I passed by a train station that I would've, by logic, taken to get to the only other location I frequent to shower in the area. (This could be predicted by past routine).

I noticed that upon passing the station, the interface stopped the frustration and aggression stopped and I felt completely normal (or as normal as can be expected in this environment- the inner city of a major urban metropolis).

I also noted the Gang Stalking I  was getting from people ceased as well.

I have documented many times that in the Boston area specifically, there seems to be a way to create electromagnetic parameters for the TI akin to a prison wall but one made from technology and its based on the TI's routines and past behavior.

This is probably why its so important to mess the TI up badly and get them off course and screw up thier sense of direction and thought processes- so that they get very confused and can only function in the situation with strict routine. Then of course the system can draw up parameters based on those routine movements.

More Construction Worker Arrogance-The Little Guy Still Hates On Me

Just got woken up by something so I could hear construction workers at the airport

Of course to.them.I.still looked asleep
Real tough guy 'regular.guy' harassing.sleeping women.

Why does Boston hate

He walked by and in a tough guy voice.said "Kick you out later (unintelligible)". Called me some nasty name at.the end.

I had been.woken.up.enough to hear what he said so.I awoke further to say after.he and his buddy passed "have a good night".

U could feel the fear eminate from this guy. U could feel him.shutting his big mouth.

Does anyone realize how much restraint justice takes or full revenge.instead of being.petty? Becuz it would be real off.any of these people. It would be and finding out where.they live...and.where their children

Probably.divorced.the loser. So bait him and.entrap.or.set.him.up and.screw him out of seeing his kids. Whatever I can find.out about him.


And the.forces that protect me...well by logic if they like to off people on my behalf it stands to reason I could get away with some heinous shit.

Guliani was right-they ARE just bullies and.cowards.

Should kill.him.just.for.waking me up.

If.I.get kicked out (unusual in.this area) I will my new project to.find out who was on.tonight working...and take the fun from.there.

And u can have lots of fun without even touching anyone.

I have learned well.from my.tormenters.
Beware, petty and.jealous, arrogant simple folk. I am sorry but do YOU have people protecting u.that kill for.u? Right..

So obviously my work in.all.this is pretty important.  Now let the real masters of.society decide what happens to who and when and go build something and don't think so hard about social affairs and politics.

And say hi to your EX for me...and if u don't stop being hateful to someone who's sacrificing themsves others, perhaps my protectors will say hi to.your Its happened before..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The ATF and Other Marketed Creations

The guy at my storage who acts like hes friendly with me..
He why I came Boston. These frickin people cannot.get.past the damned cover story. They're so stupid. IT.DOESNT MATTER.WHERE I GO. DUH.

It'd just ridiculous here. They have beyond organized crime and.corrupt.cops.

Two little twits in.Davis Square Somerville MA" Its never" Unless I went to.some desolate place and I.should move to a "little dustbowl town down in TX".

Lol. Like Wacko? wasn't targeted. That turned out well didn't it? Yeah.for.the FBI and their buddies the ATF who were about to be totally dismantled and all funding cut. They were out of date u see. Prohibition and all that.

So you print up some nifty jackets with your logo. And you tag along with your big brother the FBI and look as.if.u.did something and.have a purpose. The video footage goes international etc etc. Its basically an ad-to market you to the public.

Now u exist, have purpose and even an important event under your belt!! AND you got.rid.of.some potential problem people who either were dangerous mind control victims or would have had information.about such projects or at least evidence going in that direction. I can imagine who can be.identified being connected to THAT particular group The Branch Dividians.

All so tidy! Aren't they wonderful.
Its America- u can market anything into.existence. Even the ATF.
I suppose.u that a good excuse? Works doesn'

I now realize.that smart Americans would have bailed out.of here the.moment they realized the country was going to.go.cannibalistic once 'the people' realized they couldn't for the same price due to.things like jobs going overseas with companies.

I.just.didn't realize how disgusting and greedy Americans.were that.they would stoop to this. The elements that create coercion help I suppose.

I want to sue the FBI just for fun. That one call I made to them in Michigan when I was so desperate in the beginning.of all this.

They will pay.for.that. Somehow or.someway. They will get theirs. If not a lawsuit even.just on.file, then.the.truth for an entire world to read.about.

I.will call. Nor those jerks in Davis Sq.

Nor.recently.that idiot who still thinks this is about a covered.story and believes all I have is

F*ck all.these people.

A lot.of.them are.just.stupid.

However the professionals have been.working very hard since 9-11 to cover up.for.a lot.of.shit going on since.then.

And I.think.we.know what information.they are ultimately covering.for.

They are absolutely.disgusting are.their cronies. And all the.little.SHITS in the Millenial generation who.worked.for.them. Little brainwashed bastards.

They succeeded. They finally.created.the ultimate Hitler.youth. So many.of these kids and they really think they are doing something for the nation.


They don't care about crime. They care about who

I country. Its been dead.for.years. This new disgusting creature simply lives within the carcass of 'America'.

They think they won.becuz I can't prove anything.

Fuck u.

Harassed Overtly At Logan Airport

This is.usually a safe haven but only at certain hours or.times.

When.u do get harassment at this location its either union members on the first floor of B where.the is during day hours, regular guy construction typesblate at night or depending on the circumstances: perps posing as passengers. THEY ARE VERY OVERT. Either that or you have a great number of the general public who somehow know who I am and recognize me and consistently react the same way each time in the exact place (airport).

This stops by 11pm or so.  I came early one night recently.
An older male and two younger, one male one female, going between terminals or to parking from A, all three looked back at me and I turned from looking out the window to see them looking at me laughing, the older man leading the way on that. They then made sure they started walking quickly forward (we were all on one.of.those things that transports you while u stand still).

The way it was done-the movements, the timing, and especially the fact.that an older male who was Caucasian led the excersise- I've seen.this before. Specifically during the time I was involved in that one MILAB experience.

Its typical that an older white male.of his description leads the group in harassing the Target.

What makes no sense about these interactions is.that I meet plenty.of.nice, normal people who aren't.cruel, don't mock or laugh at me and have no.idea who.I am.

This would lead believe.that only a.specialized group are.

They know that Survivors must stay compartmentalized in.order to live through being.targeted. So they mess with your mind by screwing with your 'normal life' alter by mocking you publicly which of course feeds into the cover story in the Survivors mind.

Hey if they play cloak and dagger games with individuals as well as lie and decieve the public they DESERVE to not be dealt with by the Target pretending as well that GS doenst exist.

They think they can have.everything. They think they own the world. That they can demand that everyone agree that.covert activity doesn't exist and doesn't.influence or.shape events, policies etc yet they do just.that through covert activity.

I'll do.whatever.I have to, to win. And I will do takes to complete this mission. The world will have one more Survivor's expose to read.
As well as whatever else gets exposed.

I imagine the timing indicates these are perps.who are at the airport during hours until late night. Becuz I have never had a problem like this...except once on.the shuttle cooming to.the airport last year and some passengers in B last time I was with that fake TI operative or.perp named Christine who still hangs.around Cambridge On The Rise. She was always a perp. And someone warned me in an email that she way and she was a perp becuz she got.busted

I.don't know.if.its true or not. But I was always getting gang stalked by people in the airport when.I.was with her.
And she would then disbelieve my claims of being harassed which is definelty a set up.

Its amazing how many Americans will protect the most.vile criminals of.priveledge organizations funding.

And.its also been many people won't.go along with it, handbill have seen it.

Whats more amazing is how authorities allow.this I sense they help out a lot but why can't they just destroy it? I guess when.dealing with the biggest dealers of.vices-the DEA, military, organized crime and various intelligence agencies its not

MBTA Inspector GS Tactic Maverick Train Stop

Maverick train.stop  approximately 9pm tonight. Tall, white, dark hair and.flabby/deconditioned/overweight. Talking equally ugly female who he.kissed on.the.cheek.upon her.leaving to get on blue line train.

This guys a bully and an.insecure prick becuz after.he.
did an.obvious tactic he stood with his flabby chicken necked girlfriend and looked.over all the.train passengers when they walked past.

He kept looking down on people ans was especially unkind to this one Asian man who was unusually short.

These perps think they are better.than everyone else but they are just average nobodies without anything special about them who put themselves above individuals.

Its certainly that but perhaps they were both child molesters or simply getting paid off.

When I looked him in the eye he did not respond normally as if he were normal person. He responded like a perp would. And this incredibly sneaky look, like someone getting away with murder and even moreso the internal power trip that goes along with it.

You've got no guts. Except for that fat one on you. The guy and his cronies what real power is.

And the system that counters gang stalkers usually takes care.of.that.

But do you see what makes lone shooters or terrorists or people snapping?

Its all these assholes they have planted in the public so many places who harass Targets multiple times

You realize of.course that this fat.f*ck and his pig nosed girlfriend are getting many innocent people.killed.when targeted people finally snap, right?

Remember that next time. These people are helping child sex rings and getting innocent people blasted by some guy who goes postal in a McDonalds.

Thy don't care. They need whatever payoffs the GS system gives them but they also need that feeling of power. They are essentially serial killers themselves.

They enjoy.killing Targets and getting innocent.members of the public murdered.

Remember that next time when dealing with any perps who are doing tactics etc.

I love how these actions against the TI are done under the guise of the TI being the bad guy.  Do you realize how many people in the United States are in on Gang Stalking? This country isn't SAFE, its too big with too many naive people in denial or greedy people to be SAFE.

Its easy with a nation.this big to hide Gang Stalking.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I think this advice is good advice. However for many of us its hard to do anything else but just keep pumping out what we see going on. For me and people in my position we have absolutely no lives and no freedoms like other citizens.

My greatest worry nowadays is daily wondering how I am going to get the ever increasing pain in my liver/right abdomen area taken care of in a city that obviously hates my guts for what I know about them and for the consequences they will always face for what they did to me. Should I leave to another state? Why? At least here they might not kill me on the table as I fear they might in TX or CO or Cali. Yet I am so controlled here I cant move hardly. I can only slowly move about with my backpack daily- to shower, eat and work at the computer. As whatever it is internally makes me increasingly tired. And I know the environment in Boston is not a good one. I experienced being here after the tidal wave released radiation from Japan and I experienced that I became ill for one week straight that coincides with that event.
Being the child of a radiation experimentee, where both my mother and myself are the only two people in our families to have chronic, severe endomentriosis as well as she now has thyroid disorders which is common among people exposed to radiation- I can assume it hits me harder. Add to that what my body went through with that three year mold exposure.

And in 2009 having a full blow anaphylaxis due to being given Bactrim when they should have looked at my writing down I had chronic liver disease and a history of mycotoxicosis from the mold exposure. This is not someone you give a Sulpha drug to that is risky for an allergic reaction.

I have wanted to sue for this for almost three years. Yet daily I get sidetracked. There are other things I have documentation for that I want to present to a lawyer but my fear not knowing how to find the right lawyer as well as how can I go through all these lawyers having to sort the bad ones who suck and cant win for me due to simply not being good lawyers as well as sorting out perps who will ensure I get as little as possible becuz they really serve the system and not me? All the while daily running through my head is that I am going to blow that too or they will, becuz no one is going to believe me on anything becuz of this work.

Daily I am bombarded with the idea that I am now fully discredited especially locally.

I know what they want. They want me to just confess any and all information on the internet without legal counsel or support or anything. Becuz THE POINT OF MK ULTRA IS TO INTERROGATE 'AGENTS' AND THAT MEANS PROGRAMMED, COMPARTMENTALIZED PEOPLE. Being a MILAB survivor, someone wrote me an email, refreshing it was to read some straight forward honest information instead of the loads of correspondence I get that I cant even look at on my emails becuz alot of it is going to be people asking for help I cant give them as TIs or perps doing time wasting/diversion tactics.
The woman informed me that the reason that my brain was damaged on purpose by that moldy apartment and I have been chased, hounded, harassed etc is so that the continued human experimentation can SEE HOW PROGRAMMING BREAKS DOWN.

And that sounds reasonable. During that MILAB on a Greyhound in the southwest, circa 2008 perhaps (its posted on this blog somewhere and backed up many places elsewhere) as I posted I was gassed and knocked out yet somehow during what was happening part of my 'woke up' to a conscious enough state where I could take in what was going on vaguely.
There certainly was a psycho surgery of a 'poke and probe' nature as well as seeing how I would react in a blacked out alter state. However, the manipulation of the brain if you will to get these results that I could perceive and genuinely reacted to, were DONE VIRTUALLY SOMEHOW.

After that I was tormented in places like St Louis where it was attempted to push me to suicide. When this failed and with hte coming of Obama, it turned to a hard core behavior modification program to get me to forget, be silent and move on with my life. It felt like being a garbage dump that gets covered over with trees, grass and houses but still has some very bad stuff not being dealt with underneath.

I have fought all these things very hard for years. And there are other unpleasant things involving SRA which actually due to my having some memories of that as a young child both doesnt surprise me or shock me as the experimentation and torture have. The nature and content of the torture in St Louis were partially SRA but the focus seemed to be to just torment me to insanity or suicide.

Now its about ensuring I dont get outside help and my health puts me in real feeling of 'your going to die so why dont you tell everything you know'.

Under the guise of course that I must release this info in this way NOW due to the oncoming events and elections. Thats fine but why cant I do it with legal councel and outside help?

Its just more modification and cult mind control. To finally gain confession.

I was 'waterboarded' virtually.

havent I been through enough? Why must I give up all this information I have worked hard on? I know.that.if.this information is just released that way that I WILL suicide sometime afterwards. DIRECTLY DUE TO BEING FORCED INTO BETRAYING PROGRAMMING. They know this. Its I eaither give in and.die.later or die withholding information. The 'comfession' would be from years of sexual abuse, torment and being marginalized from society. kept.from.getting healthcare. Its basically a deal where if.I confess everything indiscriminately on the internet then allowed to.get healthcare to.prevent my getting sick and dying. THE WAY THAT DOCTOR TREATED ME RECENTLY BY TOTALLY ABUSING ME HAS ME UNABLE TO TRUST SEEKING HEALTH CARE ELSEWHERE LOCALLY for.the intermittent internal bleeding with sharp pain and lingering liver pain. All on the same side. I am not being allowed to seek medical care. I am instead being held prisoner basically until.I release all the information.I.have. Which if I do makes me thier bitch for life. Even my myself in the beginning of.this post has caused me to.connect my 'giving in' to confession with years of sexual abuse, humiliation, shaming and to convince me of a low status in society based on the smear campaign and circumstantial evidence only. That I should accept this low status. Also throughout this the theme of my being taught a lesson.or.getting.what I.deserve for my immortality so featured in the cover story/smear campaigns. This might be popular with the public especially the males but not the real reason targeted. So I am being forced to destroy whats left of me that I have.for myself privately by being.threatened with imminent death if I do not comply with a confession without legal counsel Watch no one care. Watch this post change nothing. I am tempted to.go abroad sick just to see.if the gang stalking and torment is as bad.

Natural News: Human race being terminated by 'scientific suicide'

Perhaps why theres all that underground drilling of tunnels? Could be the threat of fallout from damaged nuclear facilities which come from natural disasters.
( I dont trust Jones after his being buddies with Sheen, his blowing his cover in that vid of him at OCCUPY Austin TX where he's obviously playing saboteur and a few other instances where--believe me he's a plant. And I discovered long ago that people who do the same activism as many TI's yet cling to either extreme of Anarchists movement or thier rivals the Patriots, often exhibit signs of being plants. Also in personal interactions with such people from both groups.
However his show and his websites do offer genuine information regardless of the other stuff he does to discredit real TIs and activists..and OCCUPIERS.)

Ah, good ole psychiatry covers asses once again. What will THEY do when it comes down? Do they ALL have underground tunnels reserved for them??

Bush's Other Quotes That Are Revealing, It Matters Little Now
"This is an impressive crowd -- the haves and the have mores. Some people call you the elite -- I call you my base." --at the 2000 Al Smith dinner

The quote I last posted, "I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office."--George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008
The fact is that plenty of smart people and average people knew what was happening, its just that under constant domestic terrorism and mind control via technologies and other means, as well as media black outs, its a bit hard to be heard. And by now if you are heard, it falls on tired, worn deaf ears. Mission accomplished I am sure.

"You can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on" --George W. Bush

Protocol 1/Targeted Killings/ "I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office."

Manipulations, covert activity and outright plotting and lies for special interests leads to Targets being murdered using military grade technologies, probably being framed up as terrorists or disinformation being mixed with real information about Survivors to make them appear 'dangerous' when in fact they are framed up simply so that they do not reveal information that incriminates those special interests.

Instead of revealing how corrupt and screwed up their system is and how so much was done under the cover of Bush and his war actions, by organized crime and furthered human experimentation- instead of finally admitting to the public that there exists a system so secretive and effective that the abuse of it results in some of the worst human suffering known to mankind-they create provisions to protect people who might be pulled into plots and schemes by abuse of power.

Gee its like 9 years too late. Then again, they know that already. They just create things like this when the bad guys have escaped with the suitcases of money if you will. And all thier friends and the corporate/industry special interests that benefit of course. They create these things when its acceptable for them to do so, becuz the worst assholes alive on our planet in positions of unforgivable power have finished thier business f*cking everyone over and destroying the lives of countless millions on all sides.

When they finally decide to get real about MK Ultra, mass mind control and finally take in all the scientists, doctors and institutions guilty of war crimes via MK Ultra and Project Paper Clip and all other such activities, then and only then will I take this seriously.

I am sure I am supposed to be grateful for whatever mercy is given. But why is the world always in truth a horrifically abusive, sick place where the people in the most power are total murderous, perverted psychos and their are people who keep trying to do what they can to keep this totally corrupt reality and its perpetrators from destroying its victims completely. Its like admitting that the entire planet is run by the most f*cked criminals ever to exist and you are simply only able to stop them from totally destroying the world and everyone in it for thier own gains or amusement at every turn.


And I cannot believe how these rules and provisions sound like a mom telling her kids the ground rules for playing some game in the yard so they dont destroy the house. Its like dealing with frickin' little boys. UNBELIEVABLE. Totally unbelievable. I cannot believe I am even reading this. 'Now boys, you may play your little war games and make your lunch money and impress the girls but dont destroy mom's garden'. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT????!!! Seriously.

And this is fairly easy to figure out:

From a perspective of dealing with criminals, this one is easy. IF you were to bring alot of people involved in this mess to a courtroom and they start revealing information that tells of what really set them off to begin with or that they were paid or funded or ANYTHING that does not back up our government's version of events of 9-11 and all related to it, we would plainly see that they are not the only war criminals in that room on that day.

There have been many measures taken throughout this to ensure that any information that paints a picture any different from the one they insist on perpetuating is lost forever. This is one of the biggest scams in history. Endless examples of mismatching information, intimidation of witnesses (of which I have personally spoken to some of their family members- not in NY but other sites of 9-11. They have a lot to cover for.) and mysterious death of witnesses. People changing thier stories etc. Truthers obviously being gang stalked internationally and losing thier minds to insanity and either being framed up for violent actions or being driven to those actions- any TI will tell you how it works, to drive humans to desperate actions or mind control them into it.

If they dont admit to this covert system of influencing events and history, even timelines and dont admit to the fact that assassins, suicide bombers and the like are programmed then they never have to stop thier war games.

I realized a long time ago that world peace is simply undesirable to humans not impossible. Yet, strangely we are being promised 'world peace' through this NWO. Which of course is also a lie becuz they arent letting on to the realities of the aforementioned, certainly mass mind control. HAARP technologies, microwaves, you name its all able to be researched.

There are laws in the books for such technologies but not if its under a military action or black project etc.

Should we be grateful for the provision about unnecessary suffering not being allowed or long term damage to be incurred? Its a bit late now. They've gotten what they wanted- from us and everyone else involved. And the general public believes every single thread of bullshit coming out of thier mouths especially Americans.

Humans are animals. End of story. They are incapable of world peace, becuz they are greedy, selfish beasts. Any offer of world peace, specifically in an environment where the over funded war machine, the military industrial complex has such immense power and influence should be viewed as an outright deception.

"I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008
I dont believe in making fun of his small grammatical errors or miswording becuz I myself do not communicate well when sleep deprived etc. That could happen to anyone. Its the quotes that reflect his state of mind that are disturbing. Like he's been in the bible ever since he became president.
I believe part of the time he is just sounding stupid on purpose becuz that was part of the act to mislead the public. The childish way he speaks also makes the public feel spoken to like children which we see in Obama and his vide president as well. At least Bush was overtly arrogant about being 'the Big Cheese' which I find less annoying than the Obama administration's habit of being condescending to the public LIKE talking to ACTUAL children.

Then again this entire set up has been about the abusive dad and then being handed over to Mama Obama to make everything better, with his cult like following and his effeminacy. A black male of his kind is equal to a strong white female which I know America would rather be blown off the face of the earth than have any female as President. Now we have become one big happy dysfunctional family, bonded by being terrorized and believing whatever is told to us to survive.


Do any provisions cover actions such as this? Like I posted yesterday, the country is based on thievery and total bullshit. Its hopeless especially now and since the new America has emerged, our true homeland and culture is gone forever never to return.
Time to return to Europe and call it a wash where at least they are overt about thier Illuminati obsessions. I'd always rather by f*cked over more openly. America is a Cancerian country that loves to hide its head in Disney World while some abusive usually male authority figure is raping the shit out of them.
I cant deal with how obvious this is and I dont like hiding my head in the sand. I like striking back an open blow to my face. At least I feel like I have some respect from my enemy. This entire thing has just degenerated into another sad version of a Ward and June Cleaver-esque reality. The one my mother warned me about (but who sadly is a brainwashed victim of now herself.)
Unlike her I will never tire of fighting. I'll just leave, like my dad. Becuz I dont like a country that is content with the things it uses to comfort itself here while acting so stupid about being screwed over to begin with. And ever step thats take just brings us farther away from the truth of THE ORIGINAL EVENTS over a decade ago.

I will never share thier sick cover up. But many Americans prefer it that way. The country is done. Its gone. And no provisions are going to change the amount of bullshit that this place produces now to cover its ass for what has been going on for years, really since late Clinton. I am sick of being led to live in dream land being told that is the only way to escape the nightmare that was created.

Any true American should never be satisfied with the results of what has occurred over these past years until the truth is fully revealed and the guilty parties are brought to justice- and special interests are brought down to thier knees where they belong. Like the military industrial complex for example.