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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Harassment in Armpit Known As Weymoth

Weymouth. Harassment waitimg for bus. Near Hingham. Its a middle css toqn with lots of Italians and unfortuna fortunately, even uniformed cops were in on this one.

One in a marked car one in an unmarked pickup truck.

They arent too swift beciz the last time and this time the harassment group only gives a little action on the way in but always slams us on the way back home the same way. More greedy stupid arrogant townspeople...who can all go fuk themselvws becjz I need to go to the szme store agzin soon. And I will do as I please when I please. Typical poor afmpit toqn at nweeds money.

America Is A Sick Country and Its Impossible To Flourish

America is a sick country.   They dont care about what happens to the rest of the world  as long as they have a high quality of life...or what they percieve as such.

I genuinely need to leave by the next election. I am tired of fightng an antire country of people basically.

Much of the US actually believes its good for  the country that I b persecuted.

Im sick of being shamed and humiliated.

America will do anything to silemce its victms especially of war crimes.

Its time to leave a place i no longer recognize a place I never felt a citizen of to begin with.

I dont want to spend the rest of my life being kept down by a constant mob.

Monday, August 27, 2012

What I Have Established So Far About My Case

Heres what I now know about my situation.

From what I can ascertain from over the years of experience and what I knew before the harassment campaign became intensified, my mother's brother not of Italian descent worked for a local mafia connected criminal in various capacities. Ive seen a photo of this man with my uncle and he looks Italian certainly.

My father's family, specifically my paternal grandmother has claimed that one of their family members worked for the secret service and did work for a Kennedy. My mother has said that her ex mother in law made a claim the family was mafia connected.

My mother has spoken more than once about a sybdicate of some kind. I dont know if this is Italian or if it was connected to her employers at a former bar she worked at where Jewish organized crime was present, even though she herself is neither Jew nor Italian.

My former associates of ten years were connected to a Chinese organized crime figure. A local one. I also experienced people she dealt with to consist of some powerful people locally in business, organized crime, old money and politics.

Most compelling is my mother's activism concerning being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra.  Her parents were both US Marines and it seems there was documentation of her being given radium and radiation treatments to shrink her tonsils as an infant as part of the radiation experimentation program at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland USA in the 1950s.

She claimed she gave up pursuing this matter becuz she was followed and did not eleborate any further.

Given her association with organized crime, her family history of military culture and severe abuse from her father and brother its not far fetched that she is one experimentee that could be very easily intimidated out of testifying at the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in the early 90s.

The testimonies of survivors of experimetation who also claim other mind control projects were in existence as well as some subjects being crossed over to be used in both radiation and mind control WAS STRICKEN FROM THE OFFICIAL RECORDS supposedly even though these are documented on video and available on the internet.

Its also documented that the head of the CIA at the time  of the 70s investigations into MK Uktra ,Richard Helms, HAD RECORDS AND DOCUMENTS DESTROYED so that theres no way to tell what the true scope of the experimentation was. Therefore the projects and experiments claimed to be experienced by the subjects whos testimonies were stricken from the record could represent that which was documented but destroyed by Helms and associates.

The CIA also has a history of experimenting on vulnerable populations in society such as prostitutes, prisoners and other kinds of people that would be considered people of bad character and not effective witnesses but also considered expendable by society.

Whats most compelling is how the testimonies that were stricken from the records are very similar to the claims of survivors of abuse of the Boystown sex ring scandal as well as the Finders.

All these people including many others nationally speak of a system that uses programming and ritual abuse to create sex slaves, spies, drug mules even assasins to serve what appears to be a power structure internationally consisting of very powerful people in politics and their associates in organized crime. There is also the presence of what appears to be international networks that are connected to the ritual abuse that are satanic in nature.

Through targeting Survivors all victim witnesses can be discredited and the public believe they are merely schizophrenics.

This is due to the nature of 'gang stalking' which can make any Targeted Individial appear mentally ill but be aware that TIs do experience very real psy ops and these are perpetrated by various parts of the community including all first responders as well as what appears to be normal civilian citizens, in other words:people one is supposed to be able to trust in a civilized Democratic society that claims to have human and civil rights for its citizens.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Romney In Radio Interview Footage Reveals Both Candidates Are Hopeless Culties, Not Reasonable People and Mere Charasmatic Stand Ins For Shadow Govt

personally at this point I'd rather see this radio announcer as president than any candidate running.

The presidential candidates of the past eleven years years have lacked any sort of common sense, calm, ability to think logically nor do they make people feel confident and safe with their decision making.

It seems like the candidates are charismatic personalities who push through their views rather than serve the public. They certainly serve to push through the agendas of special interests.

And as far as I can see that is all the purpose they serve.
Becuz America is now fully under cult mind control. Forget my claims of mass mind control. Just the character of the past presidential candidates has shown that special interests runs things and the public are to be mqnipulated to serve that agenda. Romney and Obama are very cult like figures and they behave and speak more akin to cult members than normal logical human beings. This is becuz if u want America to be like a cult then the leaders must be like cult members and behave and think as such. They are not free and one can see this in their expressions, mannerisms and ways of debate, decision making etc. Thus the public will not be free.

Romney seems like he gets butt hurt over things that adult males of his position should not be taking personally any longer. Obama does as well but Obama is MUCH better at the mask-at hiding his rage over the slights and unfairness shown to him in life. Which in my estimation makes him much more dangerous to those he feels he dislikes. Him even setting foot in a church with any such racial sentiment or such cult like material should be suspect.

Ensuring psychos like this get into office ensures that the public remain as nervous and insecure as their leaders-and such a populus will feed the economy by desperately seeking safety and solace through consumerism. Anti terror industry and feeding the military industrial complex.

These guys are the types with itchy trigger fingers and we sense this. We also sense that such people are probably controlled by higher forces with cooler heads and more control. Much more reasonable people.

Thus the cult effect is complete: we are controlled by higher, hidden forces. And the corporate culture and intelligence services with their covert presence is what keeps us, and our world safe and functioning.

When the president of the US is no longer a figure whos in charge, a truly competent strong father type figure and when he himself RESEMBLES A CULT MIND CONTROLLED RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST akin to our outside terrorist threats, we MUST rely on those special interests to keep us safe and keep our world running.

This is also a ploy to get the public to believe more in the global system as opposed to a single leader of any one country.

In short the presidency of the United States is a mere joke, to be filled in by whichever 'boy' is chosen by the public to gawk at and bitch about for four to eight years while he serves the true powers that run the country.

Its something I am not proud of nor do I want any part of it any longer. Never have special interests been so flagrant about letting us see the president is just a puppet. It makes me yearn for my infancy when the first president I recall seeing in tv was Ford. Someone who at least seemed like he was capable of being a man and making decisions.

And why did Romney feel he had to deal with the bills that came to his desk in solitude? What about the vote of the people? Why were Massachusetts residents not fully informed about such an issue to decide? It brings into question why all our internet and mass media isnt used for a more politically aware and active public but instead has seemed to produce a great dumb down of the masses instead. Making them more concerned about the new iPhone moreso than some greedy part of the local elite medical-academic industrial complex trying to push though sick human cloning projects.

Actually now I see Romney speak I actually like him better than Obama. He seems less obsessed with revenge than the Obamas, though he does seem to nurse wounds over past slights in a way not befitting a man of his position, education or age.
No matter who gets in we are going to be stuck with a cultie.

I dont know what to think about Romney's family member Laura involved in my GS campaign years ago, she certainly wasnt being honest nor was she helpful. Though she stated once that she was preventing another perp from harming me who was very viscous actually.

Still what I experienced of Romney involved in my campaign only consisted of Laura being involved directly as well as GS groups from MI being used which is just coincidence possibly. And the timing of my GS campaign where Romney was gov of MA at the same time Bush was president and McCain was gov of AZ and Giuliani gov of NY. All that same Republican set. The boys club.
Now elder Bush endorses Romney as president.

I wonder if even these people themselves such as Romney are merely under influence like chess board pieces and have no idea what they are really doing or who they represent. It would be easy for them to take part in more sinister things without showing signs of doing so outwardly.

Romney's father seemed like a much more dominant character and actually realized that coercion and re education were a part of manipulating views on issues such as war in US policy:

At this point it seems like the shadow govt is in control not the president. And if I have to choose between Obama and Romney its like choosing between two torture implements in a dungeon, as to which manner of death u prefer.

Americans who recall sanity in this country are forced to live a lie and in a false reality everyday in this country. Only revealing the truth about 9-11 and how mind control influence was used to get Bush elected and re elected can we ever truly be free again. And thats not going to happen. Too many people have been indoctrinated into this massive nationwide cult, to many minds are agreeing on this reality collectively. What makes a religion or belief real isnt a god but people's belief in it. Guns dont kill people, people kill people and gods dont really exist, people give life to them and keep them alive.

Most of the population seem satisfied with being had-the results of the events of the past two decades.

For those of us who have been so robbed and justice never metered out for us, this reality is hardly sufficient.

Its time to cut the ties with the living lie that is the United States. It no longer exists.

And the NWO is fully functional and this is more of what our world consists of now than our homeland.

System Thinks It Won

Ive been runnimg myself ragged takimg care of this boyfriemd out here just so I,domt have tob alome. The gs system forced me into this servitude. I look old and tired, hes so detached that I spend all my energy tryimg to b a good xa re tKerto get his attwntiom I think.

I have lost my independence. I dont work on my blogs or my book.

Tonight this kid from years ago came into harvard sq. Uswd to be a peacable occasional heroin user, stole to make money.
He was acting crazy tonight trying to get into a fight with just anyone based on race.

I prevented it and told him he was getting that look when a guy goes to prison too oftwn and to get out MA.

After this he left but I heard he came bCk again and did fight.

Poimt is that after this just now when walkimf to use barhroom before bed I had the experience of feelimg an authoriry behind the FS system 'give' me back my full emotional memoriws Md emotionL connections to people in my prjor life before becoming targwted.
And took away my being posessed , owned by or having connection or association with satanic forces...the ones ive been brainwazhed and conditioned to feel think and believe am associated with through this long term alking gang stalking campaign.

All it took for me to b free of non stop torment and spiritual bondage from years of non stop torture was for me to become old looking, physically worn and sick, lose most of my sexual prowess and stop give up my own .eeds and concerns to become a caretaker to males mostly resembling a wife and mother. Being with this guy lately haz had a dumbdown eccfect.

I refuse to b modified internally by whats ob iously been a long process of conditioning to bring me down to a average persons level and rendwd me completely harmless and neutralzed.

Go fuck yourselves. I still hate the US and know Americans suck. People in on thiz have been jealous cowards who could ne er b as exemplary as Survivors are.

I refuse to change or b altered.

Theyve only dwatroyed a potentially happy, well adjusted person who had artistic talent. And helped the system of RA and programming to cover its ass.

Youve helped the bad guys..greaf.

Friday, August 24, 2012

COINTELPRO Revisited-Spying And Disruption

Beware Synthetic Marijuana Products

(Resting at drop in. Going to nap. My eyes are dropping just writing this. I am so damn dedicated to this blog...)

I had been around a couple in Cali who smoked Spice constantly and it never bothered me but that was outside.

Recently I was inside, housed for two weeks in Seabrook NH. Someone got this synthetic stuff called NUGS. It was in a clear small jar. He smoked it inside and thats just about the time I began having heart palpitations. I even went to the hospital just to make sure everything was normal.

I made him get rid of the stuff and we washed everything mostly in our packs. He even exchanged his pack for a new one at a store becuz the pack had been damaged so his pack os new.

But we didn't clean a few things and I am wondering if that is the cause of the palpitations returning sometimes off and on.  If it is indeed due to the synthetic marijuana.

I know that I felt the palpitation condition in the house we were in moreso than if I was out of the house. The source of this condition at its beginning was definitely something in that house.

It would worsen upon return.

Now despite location changes and washing belongings the condition seems to persist though there are many days where my heart feels normal and unaffected by this condition.

I was fine before going north to NH and Maine. 

Its very disconcerting, on top of my other health issues and being targeted for years I really dont need this.

On top of heart flutter its now being accompanied by what feels like chest tightness. Ive never experienced anything like this before where it felt like it was induced or 'caught ' by something in the environment and then stayed with me like a constant condition.

I even wondered if it has anything to do with the nuclear power plant at Seabrook or radon in that house as there is supposed to be a high instance of homes in that area effected by high radon levels.

I still say it was that Nuggs crap. My companion said it made him feel anxiety.

So it seems many other people have developed a lasting condition of palpitations from synthetic marijuana. I was just in the same room with the smoker not taking it in myself (allergic reactions, liver acting up past year and the physical and neurological damage from the mold exposure from that Brighton apartment changing the way my body and mind process taking ANY drug-even antibiotics. I wont risk it).

Its just like methadone-does more harm to the human body than the original 'problem' drug.

I know this is an unpopular view but its also an unusual one: if only the bastardized, man made versions of these plants did not exist, humans wouldn't be so easily addicted.

Coca leaves, opium poppy tea and plain old marijuana as nature grows it. These are plants. Natives use them in daily life, they dont use them to escaped life. I think both modern man and ancient man use them to find some sort of spiritual experience.  Modern man however cannot be allowed to use plants as ancient man did. He's got to have the whole ritual and process bastardized so it creates misery, mere escapism and delendence. Otherwise you might grow out of the man made reality or...actually achieve balance and happiness which then makes retail therapy seem useless.

I do not appreciate having to deal with yet ANOTHER health issue, this one rather alarming.

NH recently made all synthetics illegal and took them off the shelves. My friend was bitching its becuz they are conservative up there but now we know better.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cops R Scum

A patrol supervisor asshole inCambridge central sq looked at me and when he saw who it was looking back he had this  criminal grin on his faggy stupid   weakling face.

He and all his little hateful arrogant criminal friends think they got away with something. So sure of themselves and their ability to fool a gullible public.

Without the  SUV and the badge u know u r a scrawny twisted faced little loser.


Leaving Cambridge Tomorrow, Hopefully The Country Soon

I cant wait to get out of this arrogant n*gger infested Elitist Liberal hell hole known as Cambridge and Boston.

As of right now I personally know of only one decent black male I have as an acquaintance. One or two who actually belong in the Harvard Sq crowd of street people. The rest are just rats and dealers there to do drug deals. Cop ass licking scum bags. Ghetto garbage.

Those numbers arent good. And outside Harvard no place is safe from the arrogant, destructive ghetto garbage that defines poverty outside Harvard Sq.

Central Sq has always been a total armpit, only enamored by long term street drunks.

And becuz no one has the balls anymore to self police their neighborhoods or territory, the scum destroy every place poor people live. Harvard Sq is trying to now get ALL homeless and travelers out mostly by allowing addicts and rapists to go unchecked by the true Harvard Squatting community.

The powers that be seem to be allowing even causing chaos so they can make Harvard Sq vagrant and squatter free.

With how much remote influence is there and how many cell tower repeaters are on buildngs in that location just the electromagnetic pollution alone can cause human insanity forget about if people are targeted or not. If anyone is electromag sensitive they will react badly. And I have attested to years of being messed with there as well as feeling watched. (Come to find out there are at least three cameras on the Square and these are fed into the MBTA cameras. Anyone with tech ability like at MIT, some offical power or other could hack into or recieve that feed. This is how alot of the human experimentation has been done. Dr John Hall claims this system in his work, that the perps are hacking into surveillance cameras. Why not? Its the perfect way to observe as one does human experimentation.)

I think they are preparing for Romney to get in as president. If he doesnt Obama is going to do some things that we are not going to like. Hes already become a tool of the powers that be with kill lists etc. And giving a kept down black man a Nobel Peace prize is the best cover for his creating kill lists and using drones-whos going to argue? Its a great front thats for sure.

Mr Rogers can drop bombs with alot less protest than an overt tyrant like Bush.

I think Ive done my time helping my country and trying to save it or help my fellow citizens. Ive put out all the info anyone would need to know and documented key incidents.  All that remains is to map it out completely in some form in print. My job is done.

Nothing more can be done for the people in this country. Most seem content with their world and their culture. Sadly America simply will never evolve or grown  up or wake up to reality. They will continue to behave as they do like oblivious, dangerus children.

All that anyone can do is to try to forever prevent the spread of the American culture like cancer across the globe and try to contain it as long as possible.

Nothing else can be done. Its deadly to all other cultures it comes into contact with.

I dont care about making enemies now or losing support from people. Becuz no one really does anything about my situation anyway and Ive experienced so much more of the US population being against me than trying to help.

Obviously I am not an American at all. I feel like I never was. I never fit in here anyway. Its time to return to the ancestral homelands.

And I know they dont like Americans and I might be in danger. I just dont care. Its better than suffering in what now feels like a totally foreign country.

And I am not being allowed to get justice or restitution for what was done to me. Why should I stay? Why stay somewhere where most people dislike you? Sort of pointless isnt it?

Joe Perry Of Aerosmith Claimed "Decent" Conservative By Ignorant Internet Poster

DECENT? That scumbag from this mafia connected piece of shit rock band gave my drug dealing ex a job that got his foot in the door in Hollywood while MY LIFE WAS SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYED.

Fuck Joe Perry, Death to Aerosmith and all their scumbag white trash friends as well as their Jew and Italian mob power brokers who back them.

I WAS TOLD TO MY FACE IN MICHIGAN BY A WOMAN THAT IN ORDER FOR MY EX TO GET THAT OPPORTUNITY WITH AEROSMITH THAT "He 'helped' someone". In other words he did something to assist in destroying my life during the early 2000s.

I know him and his upper middle class rich kid friends tried to actually frame me up. It was a massive conspiracy with many people from Newton MA involved where Perry lived for years I am told. Hes also a fuckin snobby asshole who thnks he knows what a 'better class of people' is. Then why the fuck is he in such a fucked up business that supports child molesting, trafficking and drugs? Why has he been partners in this winning and profitable musical combo for decades if he is the only decent one and thinks hes above everything?

Becuz the guy is a fucking Portuguese/Geuny from Lowell whos daddy was town treasurer whos proabably a dreadful upper middle class jerk himself who THINKS he knows what true wealth and class consists of. Hes also a money whore, bottom line.

You dont stay among swine when you think you are a pearl. This guy is a skinny, awkward, basically ugly geek who NEEDS money to get a wife, pussy, a decent house in a decent neighborhood or whatever else sociopaths like him need to create a good 'front' so he can cover for whatever private  bad, nasty habits and vices he needs to function in life.

He also probably knows way to much about criminal activity from the old days and if he doesn't play the game he'll be dead or as targeted as any of us out here.

Hes not decent. He's a tool of the system like every other asshole involved in this who doesn't have the balls to take a true moral and spiritual stand.



He might seem decent compared to the sleaze he works with but he might just be shrewd enough to know how to simply appear that way to cover his INdecency.

Becuz no one succeeds in the rock industry, especially through the 1970s, by having a shred of decency.

And all Ive seen is him supporting and exalting a drug dealer rich kid from Newton MA while I was being messed with constantly and have had to live on the street for six years.

America sucks. Aerosmith is considered an American institution now. These guys have always been heavies and politically/criminally connected and protected.

I can't wait to move to Europe where people see how ridiculous it is these guys are even wasting people's time with their pathetic music careers, which one can tell is constantly held up by outside writers musicians and other crutches. These old fuckin queens can seriously go straight to hell. They are snobs who laughably are themselves white trash. They are typical pathetic middle and upper middle class jokes trying to be truly wealthy.

They may have money but they will always be scene kids from the suburbs. Its always been a fuckin joke and they still are.

Tyler sucks yes. But at least hes got a sleaze about him from actually spending time as a NYC boy years ago.

But dont forget he'll do anything for fame or a buck as well.

The beauty of all this is the age. In years to come all.these assholes will be too old to pester us anymore or hopefully dead.

That just leaves my personal enemies to contend with like my mother, my ex friends and my ex boyfriend who I will torment any way I can get away with until either I win or I die. That includes anyone who helped them and their children and their children's children.

Becuz this wasnt just business with me. My life being destroyed in the manner it was is personal.

The authorities as well as scum like Aerosmith and other local musicians and connected people conspired with whoever else to help the system to purposely destroy my health, looks, talent and intelligence.

In cover story terms, Perry is an asshole who helped my ex get paid off with opportunity for assisting local corrupt authority in destroying my life so I could never be credible to testify against local career criminals in a federal investigation. Many people helping the system this way actually use escort services and must prevent being blackmailed. Decent, huh?

In terms of the big picture, he's in with domestic terrorists and war criminals due to fully supporting the campaigns and exploits of Bush/Chaney/Rumsfeld  and Co., that includes Romney who was governor of MA during Bush's presidency.

Aerosmith are powerful becuz they work for and assist the organized crime/intelligence agency forces that run this country and destroy any and all competition or threats to it getting its way on behalf of special interests.

The military industrial complex also owns alot within the music industry nowadays. 

Aerosmith are a bunch of total whores who started out doing whatever they had to to get famous and rich and continue to do so. Being talented doesn't mean shit in these businesses especially nowadays.

They are scum and so is the United States.

When I disappear into Europe and can finally expose everyone and everything in my writing, Aerosmith will be one of the things I will be so glad to shed from my memory- of my hometown, my musical experience and my American culture.  Death to anyone who helped my enemies. And anyone who would do such a thing ISNT DECENT.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I. F. Stone A Journalist As Example For TIs

Speaking with a small group of highly educated homeless men in Harvard Sq Cambridge.  These are the people who used to make up much of the homeless population in this area of Cambridge. I refer to them as the 'gentlemen homeless'.

They spoke of a journalist who was blacklisted so couldn't use inside sources, who was very good at reading between the lines and finding validation for info in novel ways and places.

Izzy Stone had  his own small newspaper weekly.

People would disregard him as fabricating things becuz he was blacklisted so he worked around this.

The ACORN Videos

It doesn't matter that a single worker called the cops or he changed outfits. The fact remains that the original woman interviewed said what she did.

I know from experience that the black community in urban areas will utilize govt funding and supplement that with criminal activity. In Boston we are taught this from childhood. Everyone knows thats the way it is.

As for those other videos notice how I didnt post any of them? Becuz I knew from looking at them they were fakes or contrived using actors. I knew they were worthless.

Anyone who was fooled by those videos shouldn't be doing activism.

This is why its so important to sift through information very carefully.

Revealing and Validating Conversation With A Policeman

Kenmore Sq, Boston, today. Sox game, patrons still arriving.

Long winded fight between annoying black lesbian crackhead regular panhandler and an aquiantance of mine over who gets to sit in front of 7-11.

Becuz i have had it with black's ghetto behaviors I simply taunted the entire thing as a chimpout, even stating so, even though my acquaintance is African American, but he's not what I'd consider the n word. Hes intelligent and such other qualities.

And to b honest I can sympathize with bad behavior becuz I understand the environment and circumstances that produces it-I just do not have the tolerance for it anymore.

After the cops came and left I of course was annoyed becuz after being overtly gang stalked by UNIFORMED OFFICERS over the years occasionally in campaigns in many cities (some places dont use uniformed cops or marked cars, some do), I simply have no tolerance for them either. Its as if I am now biochemically reacting from conditioning to their physical presence in an area. It incites war like tendecies and a hatred of them that was not the norm for me before 2004. I suspect that this is not only part of the dumb down process and discreditation but a large part of the process of making a Survivor into a lone shooter who chooses death by cop often enough.

After all this commotion I saw a uniformed cop shake hands with one of the Red Sox ticket scalpers. As if they were on the same side. At that moment, they even looked the same-dark glasses, similar builds and stature. They discussed something on the scalper's phone and the cop then shook hands again and went to leave.

As he approached his car I stated they were all scumbags.

A disturbingly candid conversation followed:

Cop: "Excuse me?"

Me: "You're all scumbags. You take payoffs from those guys".

C: "Whos a scumbag?"

M: "You and the whole force, you take payoffs from those guys".

C: "I take payoffs?"

M: "How much do you get from those guys every year?"

I make the mula gesture with my fingers, rubbing the thumb against the forefingers.

C:"How much do they pay us every year? Thousands!"

M: "You and the whole force, you're bad news."


M: "You take payoffs, your dont care about people."

C:".....we put you where you are right nownI assume?"

M: "Yeah, most likely. Probably."

C: "Why dont you leave, go somewhere else?"

M: "It doesnt matter where you go, you guys have a network nationwide".

C: "Yeah, I know".

Pause..he looks at me a bit closer, smiles and asks "Where are YOU from?"

I pause and realize explaining anything is useless. I turn back and say "Never mind that."

C: "Why dont you go higher up with this then?"

I couldnt stand anymore so I cut him off with a rather disrespctful and dismissive "Goobye" Repeatedly and loudly. He simply left.

It made me so sick, the entire scene today, with the blacks fighting then looking at the Irish mob guys act like they are perpetually on a street corner or in a prison yard wherever they go for life then that cop...I got up and really had no desire to stem there anymore. Ever again for that matter..not with the zoo that the games bring in. With all its various creatures.

I took a hard look at the city and its inhabitants as the #1bus passed from Boston into Cambridge.

I realized that ot was a fact that none of  these  people looked like me. That this place was never going to be for ME. I can or could never fit in here.

It was no longer a feeling or a suspicion but now been realized as fact, backed up by today's experiences and many others in recent years.

Hearing and seeing that policeman really admit to all of this. I dont know if someone like him knows about all the military grade technologies and the psy ops. Or even if he didnt already know who I was and was just playing psych games, I felt not though.

That suggestion, to go higher up-why? So I can kiss the ring? So I can be told in person and factually the full price of selling out completely?

Then fully realize that the situation in this country especially this city is as hopeless as every person who thinks my activism indicates the end of the world thinks it is?

The problem isnt with the technologies its the people who are abusing them for their own gain. And that is something that many GS activists dont seem to focus on as much as the tech itself or faceless entities seemingly bordering on paranoia like 'The Government' or The CIA, The Illuminati, The Elite.

Its hard to accept Target's claims as factual when we TIs cant put a real face on the perpetrators. Instead simply labeling any and all strangers involved as 'perps'.

Today I saw the face of stupidity never as clear as I have before as to whos behind these war crimes.

Its now evident that the actions of some local criminals can now be tied in with international war crimes.

Interestingly this has always been the case, it just wasnt easy for your average citizen to map out criminal operations on that scale until the internet and of course experiencing the horrors of what these technologies can do.

Its not so unexpected or scary-organized crime and crooked cops. Utilizing these technologies that are supposed to be just used against the worst enemies of a country in a capacity of war by the military HAS BEEN however extremely frightening and traumatizing.

And it isnt right, that the two should be connected at all.

I think 9-11 has allowed the lowliest local authorities access to power and connections in the military and intelligence they have no business having access to.

To do to me what has been done, alot of which has been on par with Guantanamo Bay type torture,  to have any connection to the likes of who I saw today is whats outrageous, frightening and unacceptable.

These weapons were developed for use in extreme warfare and psychological operations not for the creation of a police state run by the same crooked cops and their organized crime cronies as townies have and average citizens have dealt with throughout history.

They are hiding the existence of these 21st century progresses from the public becuz THEY ARE MISUSING THEM FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

There is no way MA state police or city cops should have knowledge or access to such weapons or tech of military caliber meant for special forces. Especially if they are just the same old corrupt system they always were.  Which is one of the main reasons they have to make it look as if theyve cleaned up their act and that includes all the authorities.

One service the cop did provide today-I am very sure I am not crazy or imagining things. The psych warfare is so pervasive there are days when one does begin to drift into the way they arrange for thier victims to think. As always this must be fought and one must remain centered and remember the truth.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

People Think They Got Away With Everything/Fuck Those Smilin House N*ggers

The guy who cleans up at 199 Mass Ave, the complex that houses CVS and the post office as well as those posh apartments..hes all smiles and asking me "sweetheart if u r done with that u can throw it in here" (my yogurt container i was eating out of) carrying his little clean up bin with the broom. I feigned politeness obviously by saying i was still eating and he faked a bullshit smug allright have a nice day now and i returned a bullshit thank you.

This is the same asshole who a few years ago was telling me i couldnt sit down to eat and rest a moment in that area and said something about getting the riff raff out of the area.

In MA the black man keeps his position as house slave for the elite so he feels HE or she isnt riff raff. Obviously.

This house nigga can go fuck himself just as every asshole in this city who actually believes that destroying my looks, health, youth and future under the guise of false morality when actually they are supporting organized crime is some sort of great accompmishment.

U r still just a house nigga. I am the one with testimony that could have put people away for life so i am told. U arent a proud upstanding working African American u r a sell out. A nigger. An enemy of the people and especially of freedom fighters everywhere who actually still believe in their country.

U r an example of how easy it was for black to pimp their own kind out to Arab and Jew slave traders out of Africa.

You suck. Fuck u.


Dumb brainwashed blacks wit the minds of children are bad enough...its the ones who think they are smarter than me that piss me off.

Like I dont recall every incident thats been perpetrated on my for the past ten years.

Fuck u.

The Leashed Dogs Who Protect The Interests Of The Elite And Other Animals

Lic m62 726 MA. He didnt do anything GS related but it was some kind of police car when i turned around to look  at who was talking behind me.

And i knew it was some kind of asshole in power. Aggressive and arrogant in their speech, so very sure of the grip of their firm handshake as they said goodbye to their buddy, just as sure as their grip on the city they run with their rich corrupt cronies.

But deep down one can sense the insecurity, the full knowledge of wrong doing that every policeman or public servant has thus a criminal almost killer like aggression must be applied moment by moment to cover up for this presence of guilt within these men.  The existence of truth and justice within them has to be altered, bastardized, comprimised and kept down in order to survive in the world of human animals.

Its sad for them but whats most annoying is that they want to insist that every one of their victims, like myself, agrees with THEIR point of view. Their version of reality. 

As if this helps them along through life as they continue to exist only to manage crime for special interests instead of the system working as it claims to. All rules with exceptions-not really rules at all.

Their 'this is the way it is' attitude is childish, malecentric and very 20th century.

Just becuz a large group of predominantly male subgroups and their female counterparts INSISTS on having things their way and would prefer everyone bow down to their versions of events and reality DOES NOT MAKE IT SO.

The joke is that I can, and do, leave this location where they seem to hold such dominion regularly and yearly.

Their reality they have created here doesnt hold as one slowly fades out of the New England/north eastern USA into the Midwest. Just as reality then changes again as one rolls into the southwest, each state line bringing a different feel, experience and a change of perception..possibly even luck.

Every traveler knows that every state or city suits each person differently but one thing is sure: there is always the another place. The next place, to try thats new or to return to either to master or enjoy the ease it brings that individual.

When are these men with their special lic plates and their many antennas and special toys and technologies going to learn that their reality is limited? It does not predominate the entire world at large, though their networks of others like them do seem to create a net over the country. Nets have holes and can be slipped through or broken.

I know from experience there are greater powers than they....or i would not be free to travel and write.

They and their suporters in the public, usually men like them in working class jobs or the professions, can gather together and push all they like for me or anyone else to behave as THEY would wish us to. It doesn't mean its going to happen. Their mobbing in this aspect is a psychological one, even psychic. They desire to form a reality for others though sheer force and numbers and aggression-a usual male approach to problem solving.

What pisses them off the most is that i am, in my responses and my lifestyle, predominantly female. As well as an artist. Two things they dont seem to allow in their realm of reality.

I am the very thing all males fear representing a return to a matriarchal society.

And thats too bad. Becuz they can war, built, circumcise, dominate and alter the environment all they want-there will always be choice females born into the world, their world, that are not designed to function solely as their counterparts. Their shadows, their little partners in crime.  Their women serve as their tormeters, supporters and frankly their total suckers as far as i can see.

Some of us simply dont come under their dominion or authority. And their arrogance is just one more reason to make it this way. Becuz anyone, with any sense can plainly see they KNOW they are wrong-so why would you follow them????

So they have to manage perceptions and their own sanity by shunning irregularities or labeling people insane when in reality, they are simply corrupt.

All the criminally insane plotting and decieving backed by testosterone driven male aggression in this world DOES NOT MAKE THEM RIGHT. It does not render them correct nor truthful.

The plain and simple fact is that they lost and like all small boys are predisposed to sore-loser tantrums-which is all they ever appear to me to be up to.

They lie. They are wrong.

And that is how it will stand until the day I die or they do so also. It cannot be changed or altered.

And the public who support them in their views and endeavours...hahaha. Hmph.

I never did have much respect for the peasants if you will. The proles as they are referred to in 1984.

The sell outs. And that includes people of all social stratas and economic backrounds-all lowly scum.

Becuz they choose to go along with such corruption for their own gain and self satisfaction. Then they believe in might-makes-right.

Typical animals so why respect them as human?

The level of corruption I am referring to is on a global scale in this era and it includes all the various fallout from globalization. No longer are their actions simply local antics to get drugs, sex or skim off the top.

This system now demands that everyone who wants to.protect their criminal interests, even become a successful business take part in INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC WAR CRIMES.

So why should ANYONE, especially their victims, care what they think or respond to their mobbing or bullying?

These people are the types to change to and roll with whatever is IN or trendy or whatever the new way of doing things is to accomplish what they consider 'survival'. It never occurs to them at a certain point that perhaps its time to reconsider their priorites in the face of the changing environment or the alterations to the system they live under.

See? ANIMALS. Only animals behave this way. And since mass mind control is now in use fully, only the dumbest animals are going to respond to it and be ruled so easily that they cannot even define their own convictions and live under their own Will.

This is the difference between who survives genuinely as a human being now and who is taken as a mere animal under this new system.

There are those with full knowledge of their actions to be greedy and do harm but they act of their own Will. They might be far less dangerous than the proles they utilize to realize their goals.

And lest not forget that our little police men are merely dogs on leashes for those in power.

I would rather be begging on the street where they stepped behind me to perform their male trust/bond ritual of a handshake than to get into that shitty beat up blue car with all those antennas and take part in the oil scam by using gas or experience that much electromagnetic pollution from those antennas.

Or be as ridiculous as the monkeys driving them.

Monday, August 20, 2012

America Is A Living Hell And A Pit Of Vipers And I Am Outta Here Before 2013

President Obama is a psychopathic lying racist half insane half breed and his wife is an outright two faced nigger with loyalties only to blacks and anyone who kisses their asses. They are also Liberal Elitist scum who really only support the NWO agenda like everyone else.

Romney is a Mormon and they are nothing but a very dangerous cult. There are numerous Survivors of mind control who come from the LDS church in the GS community. The military are prevelant in the areas they hold control and land in the southwest. They are totally evil and nothing but dishonest. They have grown to a point where they want a president in office from their twisted faith so they can establish legitimacy world wide. They are the next Catholic Church historically as they will be the next religion to rule through intimidation, torture and mind control. Another dark age is possible if Romney gets in and legitimizes that religious cult.

I no longer want to be a US citizen. Any information any authority wanted from me in relation to any knowledge of criminal activity I have or had should have been gotten by issuing a subpoena for this purpose. I was actively discouraged from talking to authorities during the federal investigation of associates of mine during the Bush years locally here in Boston.

The constant harassment i now get based in getting lawyers and defending myself could have been done a decade ago when it was more likely such actuons could have actually protected me from harm.

What is being done now is nothing but further mind control experimetation to see what it takes over years to force a person to confess-without legal council or even with legal council.

The justice sytem in the United States is corrupt beyond repair and only serves special interests. The powers I have been fighting for over ten years cannot be fought realistically becuz any and all MK Ultra testimony was stricken from the records officially even though video tape exists of such testimony at the President's Advisory Committee in 1995.

All GS complaints are denied, ignored or the person is given an official or unoffical label so its useless anyway.

The American public dont care qbout human rights abuses unless it effects their bottom line. They are naive, gullible people who are basically slaves to all oppressive authority and policies in this country. They are CONDITIONED to focus only on material gains even as a means of replacing spiritual life or emotional/mental well being. Quality of life is based in material gain only and one's quality of character is measured by the size of one's financial worth.

Americans are not told the truth nor are they interested in it. Deep down they only desire what will perpetuate their life long fantasies-one of which is particularly delusional known as The American Dream.

Any 'social responsibility' they take is shallow at best and if it does truly present a threat to the status quo, the authorities overtly or covertly put a stop to such activities.

I have NEVER been treated like a human being with rights in the USA.  I dont like the culture and consider myself to have outgrown it years ago.

Americans have helped to torture me through these past years as well as destroy my life. I want to leave and spend the rest of my life exposing America for the lie that it is, perpetuated by the greedy, self righteous assholes who are its citizens.

I want to leave this year, regardless of which lying sack of shit gets elected.

I personally have had enough of the abuse from US citizens.

Americans hate ME and anyone else who can attest or testify to what an abusive, sleazy, criminal qnd abusive country and culture this is. NO MATTER WHAT EXCUSES THEY MAKE UP FOR HATING ME ITS BECUZ THEY ALL KNOW THEY ARE WRONG. The world hates us and Americans know deep down they are right.

I will not live in a country nor my birthplace for the rest of my life being treated as if i a merely a schizophrenic due to what I know about the sex industry and unethical human experimetation while REAL CAREER CRIMINALS go free and have great lives.

The US can go fuck itself. The place is hopeless....specifically for me.

People feel bad but no one stops whats being done to me.


America is full of nothing but weak, insecure losers who buy into foriegn Middle Eastern Abrahamic religions that destroy any and all cultures they touch. The culture of male circumcision has created a perpetual war society with insecure, damaged, insensitive males WHO ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS due to this alteration to their natural state.

(EuroAmericans put up with these sick foreign ways based off Abrahamic religions while OUR EUROPEAN BRETHREN ARE NOT CIRCUMCISED AND STILL PRACTICE PAGANISM.)

America is a sick twisted culture created from the worst garbage world wide, excluding the Natives whom they dont acknowledge anyway.

Any self respecting person of European descent would never stay here once they woke up from the deception or outgrew this childish, ignorant, shallow slave culture.

I am one of those EuroAmericans and I have had enough.

Market In The Square Harvard Sq Cambridge

Market in the Square has Mexicans that have been trained to be uppity by the local elite i assume.

They wont give me ice and hot water in my Nalgene without a dollar charge for ice.

And then claim they dont have ice right

Only in Harvard could  Mexicans.guard the snobiest convenience store in MA. In other words-only these people could render Mexicans so horribly uncool.

None of the college boys could look me in the eye however through the window. Decency or guilt?

Whether GS related or not-definitely a bowing out of responsiblity-social or to an individual.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

When Experiencing Kindness From Americans It Kinda Makes You Not Wish Em Dead...hmm

Yeah out here in Kenmore Sq without the Red Sox scum (Homeland Security/CIA corporate scum/shills).

People are generally nice out here but so much of June and July are ruined in Kenmore by nasty ever present overt gang stalking that seems to start after the schools graduate and dies down around this time of year. And the red sox nation scum basically take over Kenmore Sq for the summer. Its hard to find a time when they arent stinking up the place.

The fans are so extremely nasty. They cant ALL be perps...can they?

Maybe RS nation is literally a front for some covert op or agency. There was that newspaper article about the Sox owner or the organization lending jets to CIA for Gitmo like torture/interrogation rides.

Its just so hard to actually admit any of this is really...REAL.

Its so insane that theres actually a faction of the US power structure with THAT much power and has that bad of a record historically of abuse of power that hardly anyone seems to know about or worse-doesnt believe in even though theres enough material and documentation to show cause and by deduction at least have a bit of a case for it to be believable.

But its the same every year now. The only months I can really tolerate the weather here are May/June and Sept with Oct pushing it. I am not well enough to stay out through Dec like in years past.

And the Sox perps ruin June here every year now. At least theres Sept I guess but thats when the..uh, lets call  it 'tech management' seems to come into use again, until late May.

Its so sad my cities have been reduced to this. Just businesses to be run and managed yearly. And humans to be controlled and herded like cattle.

Its unbelievable sad. Becuz times like these reminds me who I was always intending to write my book for. Or why I cared enough about humanity to do so in the first place.

America: The Prison You Call Home

So I am not the only one who sees America never got away from the plantation/sweatshop model.

This post has been my experience exactly. And the GS system is used to ensure it remains as such.


Did i mention Israel and Islam need to be wiped off the face of the earth? Becuz they do.

And all EuroAmericans-all peoples of European descent, need to return to ancient belief systems of our ancestors...or at least have mandatory schooling to ensure every one of us knows who we are and where our people hail from.

Fuck The United States, Piece of Garbage That It Is

America is a money grubbing, greedy, corrupt piece of shit who all live in denial and cower like dogs before their corrupt leaders.

This country got exactly what it deserves on 9-11 especially since the event was a prime example of CORRUPTION AND SCHEMING BY ITS OWN LEADERS.

I will always hate the United States after I leave and will work the rest of my life to expose to the rest of the world that their hatred of America is totally  valid and not unfounded.

Fuck the United States and i hope it rots to the core and is destroyed completey.

For The Hell Of It  All kimds of interesting info...just dont know how valid the info is.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I seem to recall the hull cops actually helping scott ashmanski destroy my life. Its also where sheryl resenburgs family has a house...and my dad's family the Cedrones'.



Call the cops off my ass in Hingham shopping center just for arguing with my boyfriend publicly...or it gets ugly. Bitches

Friday, August 17, 2012

Citizen Spy Article Names Companies/Organizations That Are Working With HOMELAND SECURITY But Are On TIs Top Lists Of Gang Stalking/Tech Harassment Perps

OMG!! These are ALL the most major perps ever! Major league baseball?? Amtrak? WalMart??

And the public transportation workers like buses, trains etc Ive experienced as the most brutal harassers throughout are well known to be considered by Homeland to be part of their "first line of defense".

Yeah, we r screwed. This is pretty hopeless. Wish I realized this sooner.

Its comforting to know...after all thats happened, that Homeland Security are nothing but a powerful organization of high tech, omnipresent thugs whos job it is to strong arm ANYONE who knows too much about the scams going on in the country.

So thats it? Really? Seriously, just a bunch of thugs, comparable to someone who works for the mob to break legs or silence victim witnesses??

I feel so much better knowing I have a total right to lose all respect for the power structures in my country before I leave this place for good

Feels pretty good actually.

Citizen Spies Are Logical Result Of People No Longer Feeling In Charge Of Their Environment

They r given tech to spy by a waste contractor??  Its unbelievable that this isnt in a court room by now.

You wonder whats wrong with people nowadays. How can they just give in like this, right?

Look no further than those cell towers and chemtrails. Thats the main system of altering and controlling people's behavior.

Add in the details like Psycho-Pharma and all the rest of it. Especially terrorism from outside forces as well as uncontrollable domestic terrorism like destroying cultures and neighborhoods with negative influences from radical Muslim and African immigrants or the most negative expressions of African American ghetto culture. (Poor Europeans get free educations so that wouldn't work over there thus the need to import destructive cultures and people desperate enough to do anything to get theirs.)

When people dont feel they have control over their environment any longer or even their own lives its easier to get them to become obessive control freaks so they can gain a sense of control at least over their immediate environment.

Dont be too threatened. These people are all brainwashed as well as wasting their time spying on petty bs instead of living life...which has been discouraged in our recent culture if you notice. People just rot on their phones or computers now, stay in their homes with video games or similar. They are certainly being discouraged from free asociation via political correctness as well.

If everything is controlled in the citizen's environment then so are the citizens.

People dont make sense anymore. Their moral judgements are coming from a whole new perspective than 30 or so years ago, but they, being the herd, are just as uptight and bigoted as 50 years ago. Only now certain demographics are fully accepted. But those that arent will be treated the same as a black in a Texas sundown town once was.

Just becuz the demographics have been shifted around doesnt mean that the public arent bigoted. Only the kinds of people they hate and disapprove of have changed and some havent changed at all but gotten MORE intolerant and ignorant.

America will never change nor grow up. It will always be puritanical and bigoted and need scapegoats. America is based on theivery and genocide remember. In order to keep that karma if u will from manifesting you have to keep tweeking things so that payday never comes.

It sounds like this article is British. Since when ISNT Britian oppressive??

Burlington MA Has Always Been GS Very Active Location. Perhaps MIC Related Companies?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

VT Being Invaded By MIComplex

Is this why they were so nasty to me during Bush in Montpelier and especially Burlington?  Hmph..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FBI Claims No Records On Flash Mobs

Lately its been this disgusting line of thought consisting of getting to some perfect story book nice ending and even...going back with my family after its resolved.

Oh my fucking god...I do NOT think so. Who in the fuck is behind the helm of the mind control machinery these days? June Cleaver or...the Mormons perhaps?

The entire mind control set up in its nature since the get go has been very in line with Mormon thinking or even Muslim thinking. Which is all very suspect. Women being controlled and watched and kept from independence and being artists. Denied thier primitive powers bestowed on us by the power of Nature in the primitive world.

Even the damage done to my female organs is suspect. Like it was planned. A result similar to Female Genital Mutilation. And the Mormons actually watch and stalk their women as I was told my a man in AZ " make sure they are doing what they are supposed to." Being a typical weakling and creepy he of course said this with a sense of fascination or covert approval. And of course I was harassed in his home where I rented a room to a ridiculously overt degree while there. Hes either a pedophile or a john whos in on GS. He hides behind being part of a church and he's an airline pilot. People in his neighborhood seemed to be in on the gs campaign. The way they greeted him (especially this pathetic black dude-a rarity in Tempe AZ so hes probably begging like a dog for approval, which is what it looked like when he bowed his head and shook his hand at David Nary's front door..but I could tell they were GS perps. All of them.

Scum. And Nary seemed to know alot about me. Claimed to know this FROM FEDERAL MARSHALS WHO WERE WORKING ON HIS FLIGHTS AT THE AIRPORT. So dont tell me that the pedo networks and drugs etc arent being helped along by authorities. These assholes took FULL advantage of 9-11 to make money through anti terror and then to use that as a cover to fuck with any enemies or victims they had in connection to thier organized crime activities.

America is a bunch of totally naive sheep under mind control. They dont want to see that anti terror and Homeland Security protecting the US from outside threats doesnt mean that the authorities have stopped being corrupt. It actually means they are better at hiding now, have more to hide behind and have more at thier disposal to reach thier goals WITHOUT BEING QUESTIONED.

And no one wants to deal with this becuz they feel its the price of being safe.

This guy who hangs in Harvard Sq (38 years old and claims to be the Capt of Homeland Security for the airport) who I had his number from the get go but needed to see if he could provide protection or information at the time-has a number of qualities that point towards him being not only being a closeted homosexual but a taste for something perhaps more sinister. He had too much information about me and my situation as usual and only revealed that in a way where a mind controlled or victimized person would hear that info but couldnt consciously acknowledge it. Typical mind control tactics.
Its questionable whether hes really who he says he is..but alot of people establish that he is. Just another person whos questionable who knows too much about my situation and plays with it. I am sick of this. Its always the law enforcement people or the criminals who know this stuff about me. I am genuinely tired of having my life controlled by scum like that.

The United States is a lie anyway as I have mapped out. Everything from the Native American genocides many of other things any of us can think of. And America hates all poor EuroAmericans who arent stupid (and arent Jewish or belong to a group so they can be controlled whether that be a family, a neighborhood, a religion etc) and are talented, and X forbid-attractive as well.

Its a lie, it hates people like me and it seems to hate me personally. Ive always been victimized in this country and never treated properly. Ive always been kept down. Why would I want to be in this country. I dont even LIKE this culture with what its become. ITS NOT AMERICA ANYMORE.

And if the entire country wants to allow the authorities to operate more corrupt than ever in return for security then I dont need to be here. Americans who do know about this situation actually feel comfortable with leaning on people like me (victims of authority they cooperate with) so that THEY can have good lives.

Does that sound like something I should be putting myself through?

The USA will never admit to what its done and it will never prosecute the war criminals like Bush. They will never pay me off the million or so dollars I am owed for how much I have been through. Its easier to just write me off and ignore me and have an unofficial label of mental illness.

Why would I put myself through this? Most people in the US are just like my mother-who is actually a good American, a typical American; they simply accept the pecking order and dysfunctional families are better than no family at all. Which is total bullshit.

The only way for me to remain in the United States is to accept my fate, my position, my 'place' as its been laid out and defined BY THE GANG STALKING SYSTEM and its oppressive authority as well as the people of the United States who go along with such operations for whatever thier reasons are. Why would I accept such a low status when I was born with so much more talent, looks, abilities, athleticism and intelligence? It doesnt matter than alot of it is gone due to years of abuse by said system in place: this never should have happened and it is not the kind of life I was supposed to have.

Why would I go to a court of law in THIS country and ask for justice? That would be as useless as the Native Americans going to a court of law in the United States and demanding justice or even honesty. All one has to do is look at the case of the Native Americans to see plainly that the US is deceptive, thieving, capable of mass genocide to get its way (Manifest Destiny? Give me a fucking break. And as a citizen you now live in this country thanks to that sick concept.), marginalizes its victims to silence them and IGNORES REALITY. Of course its 'In God' they trust- becuz one good made up and fraudulent authority deserves another. What ELSE are they supposed to put before the people as an ultimate authority to 'trust'???! Becuz from the track records Ive seen and experienced first hand, I wouldnt trust the authority of the PEOPLE in authority or thier sick fucked up, brainwashed citizens.

And the only way to get out of facing this reality of history is to regard referring to the Native American issue as trite. As if its been done and no one is listening anymore. It was a 70s thing that uprising and its over now. Now they are content to have casinos etc.
Thats typical of a bunch of Liberal Elitists and morons from cities who NEVER VISIT NATIVE STRONG PLACES LIKE THE BORDER OR THE SOUTH WEST. From what I have seen, an entire people still suffer. I have seen drunk Natives express a suffering that you can tell reflects that of AN ENTIRE RACE AND NATION OF PEOPLE. And you want to pawn this off on casinos making it all better.

See thats the thing-even if I GOT the million dollars I just wrote about, it wouldnt bring back my lost potential, my soul, my life the way it was nor would it stop the suffering. Money doesnt fix everything. And its typical of a very dysfunctional family or person to pay people off (and continue to abuse) instead of face up to what they are doing.

America isnt for me. It hasnt been since the day I was born. Its always been that way. Ive never fit in here, I dont look like anyone here, I dont think like Americans I dont even dress like them. I am basically an Italian Slav with some norther European tendencies. Perhaps a small bit Asian as well. There is nothing American about me, except my willingness to fight against odds and to change things and utilize my freedom of speech-all of which is useless in the current environment and culture. Which has become very UN-American actually.

Being Coerced to Seek Council and Come Forward: for Me Its Too Late But The System Only Wants What IT Wants For TIs

(This was written today at MIT so perhqps I was feeling an influence from there. Usually I get an interface when in the main building anyway.) Most of what has been done to destroy my mind and my talents is behavior modification. Its in the interest of I assume correcting what was formed in my by programming and RA as well as my upbringing.

The attitude seems to be that I am full of myself and I have to learn to live among society etc etc.

However, if this is the case what right does whoever is doing this have to cause me to have the serious health problems I have now as well as destroy my potential as an artist, writer, poet, dancer, art model, actress, comedian, parent, wife, homeowner, student and councillor??? As far as I know they havent got the right. But this system is so all pervasive now that it is coming across as totally self righteous and in the right. Just and for the good of all.

How can this be if its so destructive? And how can I be wrong if efforts have been made to silence me or get legal council? If I was truly wrong they wouldnt be afraid of my testimony.

A large part of this is behavior modification which is to force me (at this stage it seems) to confess to someone or society generally which is an important part and stage in CULT MIND CONTROL aka brainwashing.

Giving in to the group or cult.

I am supposed to finally seek justice by getting a lawyer, coming forward, admitting information I wouldnt have at earlier stages, defending myself via the system not by rebelling, hiding, and living outside the system etc.
IF THIS IS SO DESIRABLE THEN WHY WAS IT NOT ALLOWED IN THE VERY BEGINNING OF THIS WHEN I SOUGHT LEGAL COUNCIL? When the damage done to me- my mind and physical body, could have been minimized.

This is all bullshit. Its merely part of the game they are playing with my life as well as everyone elses. I refuse to be used like a puppet in some play some assholes higher up feel like they are directing. I am fucking sick of this.

I will NOT do as I am expected and I will NOT do as I am supposed to do. Becuz this would not be truly living by one's Will but the Will of The State and all its little mind controlled sick citizens who agree with this fucked up system.

Fuck the United States, fuck mass mind control and fuck giving to false justice.

Why would I give into the Will of a country that even has such a program in existence of creating mind controlled slaves (via internal programming) then using MK Ultra to create mere puppets of mind control via OUTSIDE forces. All they do is wipe whats inside of you and use outside forces of mind control and manipulation and brain washing to create this OTHER person they want you to be. What kind of a country is that? FUCK this. I will absolutely do nothing of the kind. Go to hell. Go fuck off to Disneyworld if you want a story book Happy Ending and everyone and everything neatly in its place. I WILL NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR DESIRED RESULT.

I will NEVER give you what you want. Let the rest of the country serve your fucked up agenda.

Imagine, turning ARTISTS, who are basically living gods moreso than normal people
into robots to do others bidding.

A Covert Enemy Of The State Is Still An Enemy Of The State

MIT has now taken their Athena computers and made them 10 minutes only. You can no longer paste after copying by right clicking. You can no longer minimize the window you are working in. You can no longer open new windows or tabs (tabs never worked becuz minimizing would make them irretrievably but opening new windows worked.)

Seems some of those longer works of mine on this blog made an impression. Since they were done exposing MIT's part in media psy ops I cant blame them for limiting an activist's access.

However, they must know they deserve it. Actually for thier part in the NWO, mind control experimentation and gang stalking they deserve to pay off thier victims and admit to what they have done.

I have experienced that the two biggest problems in GS are children of the elite and thier cop watch dogs as well as anyone getting US govt funding. MIT is both-on a large scale.

GS and destroying lives is just part of this culture. And of course not admitting to any of it.

Its obvious to me now that I am an enemy of the state but its covertly acknowledged and dealt with becuz its pertaining to something not officially acknowledged to begin with so they have to deal with me this way.

why not do this the easy way? LET ME WRITE MY BOOK, THEN IT WILL BE DONE

Did I ever tell u about the Harvard professor who likes to read poetry to hookers? While paying them of course...and where he lives? Etc etc? Free bedtime stories abound if the bs doesnt cease soon.

Now the cops are fucking with me cruisng this area...they do shit to me nightly actually but i ueually just ignore it. Its a joke. Compared to mk ultra they r a fuckin joke. However they know i can be triggered so they r perhaos trying to find the perfect bait lately?

Good luck geniuses.

Just becuz u can intimidate and extort an entire community and fuck up an entire nation with your military/organized crime buddies doesnt mean i am afraid of u. Why dont u just let me reveal all my info to the public...then this will be over for all of us. Just let me do my job.

Police Harassment Possibly To Induce Squatter Uprisings Predicted By Intelligence Agencies

The bastards like that jarhead cop I wrote about are perhaps milifary aholes trying to start some serious shit with psy ops to get squatters and homeless people to revolt.

I have certainly been 'advised' to leave the country recently and this is probably why.

These morons and their overlords will not cease until they get to use those arsenals theyve built up lately.

Hey Cambridge! Youve GotnA Wackjob Cop On Your Force! Multiple Complaints

Youve got a cop whos harassing homeless people and being paranoid.

This officer is average height, kinda stocky, mid 30s,  hair is standard US Marines 'high and tight' .

He was the main harasser in the incident this evening which an aquantance is going to report. Insulting people while running names in a park under what sounds like a bs tip off (to avoid being accused of profiling probably).

U can run peoples names. U can give people a ticket for marijuana. You CANNOT insult a citizen becuz they posess a foodstamp card, then state that the people who live in the houses around the park pay taxes and t get off their property.

That is what mr ambitious did tonight among other hardass bullshit Ive heard. And his partner then piped up and called everyone present "street urchins".

Try that with me and i will tell u right to your face that your own crooked department is who helped make me homeless.  Bust MY balls like that and I will twist your amateur head up before u can finish your little attempts at pathetic homegrown psych warfare.

Tell this career minded yahoo that this is Cambridge not Kentucky. Also this isnt the fuckin CORP. My grandfather AND GRANDMOTHER were fuckin Marine Corp and I know how your fuckin head works...and believe me I know what to do with abuse of power from CORP people to.

U think u gonna cut your teeth on homeless people in Harvard Sq? U got another thing coming. These Liberal Elitists are very useful at times. They are still Liberals remember.

And u could have a job in East St Louis...or El Paso where federal  marshals have a habit of washing up in drain pipes with their throats sliced...or heads missing (ahh, the ever bloody minded Aztecs.).

Just becuz u have a niiiicce eaaassy gig here doesnt mean that u cant be transferred elsewhere-that isnt so nice. Becuz it sounds like THIS particular homeless woman has actually gone to and stayed in places this cop and his buddy only dream about.

Stop living out your hard on power trip fantasies in Cambridge. Like I tell arrogant busdrivers: u can always get a route in Roxbury where the same arrogance will get u pepper sprayed or stabbed.

Also this wacko approached a long time homeless resident who's of a peaceful nature and accused him of recording him with his phone and demanded this man show him everything on his Ipod.

Get this wingnut under control or I will take the time to do it for u.

Do u really WANT me to have an excuse to dig my claws into a member of a particular dept who I know was so much a part of destroying my life?

U dont fuckin want that. Whoever these young scumbags are at night, whoever this wanna be alpha male is relieve him of some of his testosterone. Becuz hes disturbing my nest and pissing me off.

What is this guy former military? Then we can REALLY have fun with him. Dont even tempt me...just back his shit off.

Some of the people involved are going to the aclu and i will advise them internal affairs.

Even Patton had to learn a lesson about abuse of power: u cant slap a soldier.

There are boundaries...and this isnt a shooting gallery for your ego or verbal abuse skills. You cant just do whatever u want.

Cambridge PD Harassing Homeless With Arrogant Mouthy Bullshit Instead Of Doing Paperwork And Writing Tickets

If the cambridge pd inconveniences me ever again by fucking with WHATS MINE out here (my man)  i am going to come alive and defend myself like u have never fuckin seen before.

Don't toy with whats mine again.

Its as if they want me to finally see theyve won. That i am totally discredited and no one is going to listen to me.

I know that fat scumbag Jake Hamilton and his rich family from Newton paid off to the Cambridge pd scum. I hope theyve had alot of laughs at my expense. Jake  was in the wrong and everybody knows it. All youve proved is that u r truly abusive arrogant scum who defend the rich for a price.

Cambridge PD can go fuck themselves. And i WILL have my revenge one day. So keep being satisfied now and thinking u r so great.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bullying Stastistics

Think of GS as adult bullying for political reasons. By professionals who, also utilize the public when possible.

Why TIs Should Refrain From Media Post 24/7 Campaign

"On a theory (while back) you had about staying in present time and not watching anything pre-recorded. My opinion on this subject is that with modern high speed television connections inserts of harrassment can easily be put into a live broadcast while knowing what channel the target is watching at the very moment, and issue harrassment. If the show is a pre recorded script, and no prior knowledge that you would have been watching, their deeds can be inserted in specific ads meant for the target. If the show is known to be watched by the target, then they can have the harrasment just part of the show pre recorded, or live. If live, actors possibly get a signal to do, or say things, when they get the cue. Just a theory, but with tech these ways may be much easier to customize. My theory is that pre recorded material on specific media (dvd,cd,vcr) puts a target more out of range.
By Mike on Soufan book adds to charges cia kept 911 terrorist... at 11:37 AM"

No I said that I had a plan before being heavily targeted that I wanted to live an experiment I had in mind where I experienced life first hand and in 'real time' without any pre recorded light and sound images. What I deemed 'dead time'. Past moments that are simply re animated through playing the recorded time frames. It really does resemble a part of necromancy-reanimating something thats dead.

We dont see how much of what we live with today is actually magickal in nature. Which is why the mind control is so strong now on the public. People are being taught that magick, myths etc never existed. In the 70s it was normal in school to be exposed to a bit of occult like telling kids about having a sixth sense etc. It was still early post 60s remember. But as the 80s came in and things like psychiatry were pushed as social control and tech become part of our lives around the 90s people are now taught that magick never existed. That everything can be explained away with science, fact etc.

However, this is not the case BECAUSE THE POWERS THAT BE MAKE SURE THAT THE GENERAL PUBLIC DO NOT GET ALL THE FACTS. Interestingly decades ago, parapsychology was almost legit. It was at least considered and there were serious scientists into this field. Well, how can this be if psychiatry now stricly enforces on society that if a person believes they have magical powers or can read minds they have a mental disorder or are delusion??

Thats becuz in order for the power structure to use modern day 'magick' or technomancy if you will on the public for social control, as well as cover for black and classified projects, they have to deny such thing exist. Many Targets especially Survivors of mind control projects have encountered psychiatrists outright covering up for such projects by assisting in framing up Targets or misleading us. So first hand many people experience psychiatrists performing this function for the shadow governing body to begin with. It stands to reason that thier denial generally of human potential (which is acknowledged in all primitive cultures) for 'magick' or psychic ability-individually or en masse, is part of a deception.

A friend of mine today who is younger is at that stage of still trying to pontificate on why society would be so much better if... If atheism were put forth instead of religion. That only religion causes humans to faulter.

I told him that without religion humans would not reflect on their own nature such as what is positive or negative and it would actually be easier for a Satanic system such as ours to rule thier lives. Also that a world where everything was based on fact isnt the answer becuz as we have seen lately, the facts and truths are withehld or the deception is so smooth with propaganda, info manipulation, psy ops etc that the information to make decisions is tweeked to begin with.

He listened but he isnt there yet which is fine.

Its ironic that 'magick' via artful deception and technomancy as well as possbily true magickal activity in some cases is being used on the public to control them yet these authorities in our lives in this country that have replaced religiuos bodies, deny the existence of magick or human potenital for magickal ability.

Becuz they want all the power, thats why. Its that simple. This entire era is all about the great getting the public back under control. A new Dark Age if you will.

So going without the technomancer's 'magick' was to truly experience how much of it a modern human being was capable of. What life would be like in the truly real world.

What my suggestion for Targets is, is a bit different. Specifically Survivors who are now targeted, (a process very similiar to the show Burn Notice which of course came out after many Survivors and second generation experimentees had been targeted heavily during Bush) should NOT watch any new movies or other media until you can truly get a grip on whats happening in the GS campaign. They will try to tear your mind apart and use such mediums for heavy brainwashing and psy ops. And there are alot of a-holes who either need out of trouble or want opportunies that will be more than willing to help destroy someone they percieve as a stranger to get what THEY want. You are now fighting not only live in person perps, but greedy self centered jerks in the media industry, some of the worst sociopaths on the planet in a cut throat industry that will do anything to anyone to get thier way or help thier school, business family etc.

I suggest only watching things that came out BEFORE you were abducted into a 24/7 campaign.

This information from my experience has also been spoken about by Cathy Obrien, I believe her man Mark Phillips had it in one of his speeches. I dont trust them fully but I do believe alot of thier information is good becuz it matches up with most Survivors experience.

Think about the kinds of people who would sell thier kid out to such a system to be programmed to begin with or who use programmed people for thier own ends. Why would such people NOT be ruthless and viscous in trying to destroy a Survivor? The problem is many Survivors while still under the control of internal programming are coddled and protected and allowed to get away with alot especially if they are working for any part of the businesses that are corrupt. This is why so many official authority figures are sent to attack the TI through constant harassment and we are set up to get into trouble or accused of stuff we didnt do like stealing in a store etc. Becuz they are trying to not only cut us off from the industries that we were once part of they are also trying to break us down into smaller, controllable people. Scared, normal average people with no sense of priveledge.

Much of this is done through making it appear the TI deserves to be humbled or made average but really its done so that the TI forgets who they are, what they know and that they had and still have alot of power, through former connections and as human beings.

A GS campaign is simply done becuz the Survivor breaks programming and refuses to work for the system that creates such people. This way you are silenced and removed from all the people you used to know. The only thing that is so mind blowing is the sheer size of the operation and the fact that so many people in this country who act as if they are not part of anything corrupt are in on GS campaigns.

Its obvious to many Targets that the country is now totally infiltrated and controlled by the military and intelligence agencies or those loyal to them. Its complete and total. Only those of us who have experienced a GS campaign can attest to how many people are that corrupt and its amazing how prevelant it is across the entire USA. Probably this was set into place BEFORE the system let loose and went 24/7 on Targets.

So one was an experiement to try to free oneself from the deception that is the modern tech and media deception. However, once one is targeted, if you live through it, you pretty much know what the whole deception is about anyway. And for those of us who have to live on the road, we dont get alot of TV time anyway. But its good to know enough to watch out for movies, tv commercials etc.

What Mike talks about I have only experienced on Internet Radio shows and I HAVE experienced them knowing the TI was listening in real time.

City Manager Documents GS Campaign/Operation Led By Local PD

This is how cops can cooperate with organized crime, corrupt unions and the public who are in with them as well as serve the rich who support them and of course the military industrial complex and anyone else they survive off of, and the public never knows about it much less suspects a thing.

They have thier own private culture and rules. They basically help the run entire cities and towns as well as countries along with whatever a fore mentioned parties exist.

Yet, there is a culture within this corrupt one that will counter some parts of a campaign if the powers feel something is very unfair.

However, it is always the case that the public dont know whats really going on especially nowadays its unpopular to point out corruption due to the military and police being perceived as protectors against terrorism. That may be so but it doesnt mean they aren't still up to thier old ways still. That hasnt gone away just becuz terrorism is considered an ever present threat.

The public doesnt realize that these powers are well aware of what exists now in the 21st century yet create a reality for the public that let them believe they are still living in the 20th century. This gives them ultimate control over society.

And too many people are big wimpy babies about wanting to accept these technologies exist. They say its like learning about the end of the world. Thats bullsh*t. Many people would rather sell out thier own freedom and be slaves instead of do something about such issues like demand accountability or demand validation of such technologies and operations existing so that laws limiting thier use can be implemented.

How many people honestly believe that our quality of life is due to hard working Americans? No one ever counts the black market economy in this country I notice when doing the accounts nor do they account for black budgets of military becuz its hidden.

There is no way with how much money this country and its people generate that there should be any poor people, homeless, etc or hardships.

The powers that be tax you and then mess with your money to support black market economy type operations like drugs etc. And its something I notice isnt acknowledged openly though its glaringly obvious.

So at each turn, the criminals and thier buddies who are either brainwashed into believing they protect and serve or are full of sh*t while doing so, have to protect this grand deception. This includes even the smallest leak (like myself) that could lead to bigger discoveries about the truth of how this nation truly operates.

It wouldnt be so offensive and outrageous if these operations werent connected to classified/black projects such as totally unethical human experimentation etc. In my situation basically the actions of locals helped get me to leave town so I was traveling through the southwest ( unexperienced as a traveler and alone) so that MK Ultra and programming experimentation could continue. And it was all done under the cover story of a local federal investigation. Do you realize how many local people were in on harassing me and advising me to leave town? THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THEY KNOW THEY ARE HANDING PEOPLE OVER TO THESE BLACK PROJECTS.

They think the cover stories can fool the public as well as even the TI's (with enough brainwashing and traumatization over time). The truth is is that the common people who seem to be acting on the cover stories probably know damn well what the real deal is. ESPECIALLY professionals like cops, medical people, etc.

So take your all American sentiments and your delusions about American life and throw them in the trash. Unless you are comfortable being a slave. Then I guess you are the enemy of everyone of us who refuses to be one.

It wouldnt have been so bad like in my situation if they didnt go so outrageously far by doing things like trying to kill me, outright experimentation on Greyhound buses and trying to do what basically amounts to psychosurgery and behavior modification on me. Which of course they are doing on the public anyway via use of tech, chemicals, propaganda and psy ops....and terrorizing the public under the guise of anti terror.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pic Of Perp From May In Hotel Lobby, Unfortunately A Back Shot

This was taken by an acquantance of mine who had battery life in thier smart phone mine was dead. We were sitting at the Starbucks in front of the television at the Westin Hotel in Copley Place Boston MA, USA.

May 15, 2012. The time stamp says 18.40.18 which is 7:40 pm.

I had experienced overt gang stalking tactics from the male whos back is facing the camera who is at the table with a woman in white. He was interviewing for something or appeared to be however all I saw him do was mess with me using overt hand signals and learing looks until I sat down when my friends arrived.

Shame I didnt get around to postin it sooner. But thats what this system is designed to do isnt it?

If you notice I am not one of those TIs who posts bullshit videos of people on trains or driving by me in another car (if I had a car, which I wouldnt becuz its way to dangerous and I refuse to be part of the gas nonsense personally.) becuz rarely do TIs have the resources to be able to compete with the tech or manpower that the gang stalking system has. The reason they are what they are is becuz they have the toys and spooks they do. Its why no one wants to get targeted and its why this covert system is saved for only special cases of something that some powerful entity wants silenced or someone discredited.

A TI unless we have special training in survaillence etc is not usually going to be able to pull our cameras out fast enough. One can pull out a voice recorder as having on in an mp3 makes it so it can be turned on while appearing to listen to music. Of course the perps will get belligerant about this at some point and refer to the Target as "sneaky" etc. More psychological warfare. Poor things, we shouldnt be defending ourselves- we should just commit suicide like they want us to, in the beginning stages usually. (Go f*ck yourselves by the way.)

So alot of those videos dont look very convincing and actually some of them appear to be from disinfo agents trying to make TIs look bad. There isnt anything they wont co-opt becuz thier main objective is to always keep the appearance that thier network of covert dirty tricksters doesnt exist.

Maybe if someone got a chance they could look at the security cameras for that day. Hmm...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Portsmouth NH Overt Harassment

This area differs from any other weve been in. Getting cars going by with overt harassment. GS harassment style.

Wasnt like this last few towns we went through. Though at Hampton laundrymat i thought I saw a man snap my picture which of course could be why we are getting harassment becuz i revealed my travel plans in that location and one destination was Portsmouth.

Cut the crap or there will be consequences.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ii now realize the people we were staying with are most likely perps or opportunists. Going inside helped me t get rest but its lead to my being hurt by people again or drained rather. there were a few tell tale signs of gs being present. recall i posted i didn't trust this girl of the couple to begin with. there were also other tell tale signs from things they would say. Also the girl tryong to see if she could fool around with me. its very common for people to want to score status off of having sex with certain Targets. Many times we think people genuinely like us but really they are only looking to get status by having sex with us. Why anyone would want to sleep with a person everyone hates and shuns I dont understand but gang stalkers live in a world of only abuse of power so it makes sense they believe thie to be the way life should be normally. The girl involved also flashed me the sign of the horns on the couch the other day in response to something i said, it seemed she was just frustrated generally becuz she couldnt sleep with me or i wont be swayed from my routines or path for anyone or anything. Her boyfriend made a save by askong if she was flashing gang signs for fun. I saw a cop car drive by this house late at night a few tikes. cpuld be routine...then again... and recall how i posted about being heavily mobbed while my male travelong companion got treated fairly well while panhandling in a different locqtion close by a few days ago. Also they were supposed to move out in Oct due to the house owner having to sell. works two jobs house os too big for him now no longer engaged to fiance etc etc. as of today magically after all this damave has been done he no longer has to leave the property. He blew off the moving to an apartment in Oct. theres been some interface here but its verynmild compared to other locations especially in MA. they cpuld also be just a couple of nice younger kids who domt understand all that comes with livong like this or for a long peeiod of time. it WAS helpiful to go inside. Healing. But someone who lives as i do can only be inside so long before allergies, sensitivities and health issues become a problem due to crappy indoor environments humqns commonly live in as well as being used to more excersise and activity.