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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Train Car Shot At Today WTF

Who shoots at MBTA trains?

It's either a rock or a BB gun. Newton MA.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

More Local Corruption...Or Scapegoating?

Old school local politics.
Yet how bad is the like of this compared to the new way of doing business which is to pander to private security companies and contractors who commit war crimes and illegal domestic activity instead?

Perhaps selling out to even worse gentrification like neaby cities would be preferable (personally I think Someville has suffered enough on that front).

It's the military industrial complex and the developers, greedy real estate companies and invading corporations that are the real robbers of the public.

Not even our beloved Boston Common is safe as the No Shadow law has been broken for the first time with a new building being constructed that will set a dangerous precident for future development.

Naive people think obvious criminal activity is what's most harmful. The global culture is what's most deadly to local cultures and the lower middle to middle class people.

You've got a heroin epidemic so where is it coming from? Oh no don't look at the possible presence of new players in town who might be foriegn from desperate third world countries, because the real threat is always from established people in power who are noted for to corrupt culture.

There is no such thing as corrupt free politics. It's a choice between which corrupt parties and practices suit the need of the people best at a given time.

It seems we are switching from the old more obvious way of doing things in favor of more slick, stream lined ways of getting away with crime.
Which most likely is preferable to the current generation and people who now populate eastern MA specifically metro Boston.
As long as they don't have to know it exists or see it in action they can exist in a fantasy world that such things don't go on in their back yard-just the way they seem to like it nowadays.

Especially if it's coated with feel-good rhetoric and fake progressive culture then if it APPEARS 'good', it must be so.

More examples for the public to believe in Change when in fact criminal minds simply find new ways to hide and get away with their crimes.

As long as humans exist in any area with money and power you're going to have corruption.

Maybe you just have to look a little harder which of course no one will because throwing old school type criminal into the fire is good enough and ultimately the public really don't want to rock the boat wherever true power lies.

Global culture has taken over eastern MA and that's the problem. I bet after this admin is disolved Someville will go head first into full blown sell out and redevelopment. Brookline is fighting fo it's life as well with a bit better results.

Go ahead attend the public hangings because who you really have to watch out for are the people hiring the hangman.

Nothing is going to change. It's just going to get even worse for locals without resources after this great and Noble action in order to save the people from another bogie man.

This is corruption I'm used to. Having certain contractors and corporations move in and globalists make me feel like a stranger in my own home town is what I have issue with.

Some people never grow up

Ever know people who are like little kids who didnt get into the circus when it comes into town and they will do anything to get in?

Yeah. They are usually pretty pathetic and desperate aren't they?

Some people are just so jealous when they don't get included in a game.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Free Speech Rally This Weekend In Boston -Use Caution

Use caution if you are going to the Freedom of Speech rally in Boston this weekend.

It's got a lot of red flags already and I as well as other activists call bullsh#t on other attending groups causing a clash there.

Basically it's supposed to be for Boston Free Speech organization but other attending groups are going to stir up sh#t as well as cause diversion from the main focus with their conflicts.

Watch and observe and be careful of violence.

Attempts to link anti censorship and real human rights activism with extremism and racism etc has been never ending during the last presidential administration.

Never forget that Divide and Conquer is the method of authority historically to maintain power.

These articles should be helpful.

Provoking violence as a means of disrupting a social movement:

Monday, August 14, 2017

An Example Of Corrupt City Practices In MA

It's that easy in that area to procure. Too easy.

Wow. I wonder if it gets more embarrassing than this. Deeper research could probably yield much more.

An acquaintance of mine claims that the city is so corrupt and ridden with drug activity that no cell phones were allowed on one's person going into the court house becuz of past instances of corrupt employees in various capacities who are corrupt as well as a huge network of snitches taking vids and pics of people to identify them for witness intimidation.


One wonders why some areas of MA just cannot be cleaned up as if it's by design. Most likely for profit.

Very sad indeed.

BTW this is just an example there are much worse areas. I personally have never had any problems in this area when visiting but then again I've been sober for 25 yrs and don't engage in criminal activity.
I always have a pleasant time visiting friends there. It's unfortunate that's the only open low income housing they could find. It certainly isn't conducive to the arts, activism or any other similar pursuits but we don't have any trouble there.

Friday, August 4, 2017

In Defense Of Trump: The Golf Story or "The White House Is A Dump" Comment

So this somehow is worse than Michelle Obama's comment about not being proud of her country until she had some personal gain in becoming First Lady and a percieved victory for her racial demographic?

We have many rights and freedoms in this country protected and worked for by everyone from politicians to unseen wealth to lawyers, law enforcement, military and every person who makes a difference by paying attention and working on keeping these freedoms valid and a part of our country. Even activists like me who people resent as we seem to threaten the status quo and livelhood of people, ultimately work to preserve those same freedoms and warn people about possible issues in the future as progress brings technology into our lives even our bodies.

How can I be proud of my country when Ive been framed up for domestic terrorism three times in an effort to seemingly take away the rights I just mentioned? Im proud now not after I win my cases and sue the shit out of everyone.

Because I know that the corruption is localized to an area that has been traditionally corrupt for decades and that though Im disappointed in my community I am confident that the justice system as well as higher authorities will establish order once again according to rule of law and my rights as a US citizen.

You are lucky to be born here or come here to live. Let her go to Kenya and live for a while without the benefit of US citizenship or presidential status and guaranteed shed pine for poverty in the US as an alternative to anywhere else.

Also consider Trump is a businessman not a politician. People seem to forget this. Its never been his job to mince words for public acceptability. It has been his post for years to be an outrageous, entertaining character.

Consider the fact hes made a living out of owning top hotels. To his eyes anything not up to standard is probably offensive. Just like being asked to get something off the shelf in a store offends Michelle Obama's tender sensibilities.

What I like about Trump is that he's rich and an asshole but sensible. And he doesn't have to keep up a political legacy like Bush. And he certainly has a much less dangerous agenda-be grateful..or perhaps you've forgotten or arent old enough to remember the absolute horrors of the Bush era.
Obama got elected basically because much of America had been beaten within an inch of our lives under the Bush administration. The rest of the country of course wanted him in for their own agenda.

The Obama's appeal to upwaedly mobile middle and lower and new money sensibilities and sensitivities always made me ill.
His parading as a messiah and leading us to The Promised Land wasnt for me. I cant relate. Our people are born with the charge of a never ending fight against the castle on the hill-or the dictator or to always be watchful of the emporor lest we encounter another Caligula or Nero. The promised land lies in fighting oppression your born into and contributing improvements during your lifetime. There is no promised land or perfect world system. These are Machievelian deceptions of those in power.

Im used to everyone being in their distinct classes and we leave each other the fuck alone. If they choose to downshift great-if I decide to become upwardly mobile then wonderful.

The eight year DIVERSION of race, the nonsense of conceptualizing people as 'colors' like a box of crayons in kindergarten without ANY respect for genetics, culture, geography, history, belief or human spirit in order to cover up for political intrigue, fuck ups and hypocritical policies IS OVER.

He also is constantly backlashing against the censorship of the past admin by utilizing free speech-aggressively and creatively.

Bush claimed conspiracy theory or even unpopular questions from journalists were "subversive" and Obama took this further into our lives and now our college campuses,work places and schools.

Its nice to have an arrogant big businessman in office who I can see more clearly because hes not clouding my vision with cult mind control tactics that should have nothing to do with US citizenship or being a private citizen in a country like ours.

I love his wife dripping with jewels. I love the fear hes inspiring. I love those super creepy pics of him and his daughter some years ago.
Here is a man..just a man with problems, issues, misdeeds, scandals and complete fucked upness who is clearly viewed for what he is.

Again the public chooses to turn a blind eye-just as they did to Bush's kissing the head of a military male prostitute with a cover as a Whitehouse reporter. Recall also the scandal of Bush the elder where that dump-the Whitehouse was utilized for late night call boy services. The investigation stopped by authorities and media coverage banned by influence

Trump seems to have some best interest at heart as well as a sense of humour about how fucked up things are-and he himself is.

Theres something desperate and human about him. He lacks that complicated cold stone quality of intergenerational bloodline money like Bush.

Hes genuinely AMERICAN in his story and his character whereas one might claim that Bush and the like are simply an extension of old monarch rule from the old families overseas.

Im old enough to have watched Trump for 40 years. Late night talk shows, interviews with many sketchy comments interjected for shock yet no one seemed to notice or want to. This is a business man or womans magickal talent-to be able to sneak around you like a snake slithering at your feet. Ever hold a big snake? They are beautiful and kind of calming and they are part of Nature and so are people like Trump.

Its about time I get treated like a fucking ADULT by a guy who is openly a sexist pig-because Im 46 and used to cause car wrecks in short dresses so Ive been dealing with that for decades.

Trump is telling us to stop whining about microbullshit and who can use what restroom and pay attention to the real threats around us.
Its time to mind the store and thats pretty much what he's good at and has made a career out of.

Its nice to get back to the business of living instead of being indoctrinated by force into a damned cult. Bush bombed us until we surrendered-Obama imprisoned us as we continued to fight through resistance.

Trump is putting a deal on the table-what he does remember-to determine our own fate. Something that used to be typically American especially in the 80s.


Thats the challenge. You may get jailed for protesting nowadays but at least you wont get pepper sprayed by SWAT teams right in the face as you sit peacefully or shot with rubber bullets. Have we forgotten the Bush era?

Maybe we can actually protest and focus on the real issues not get diverted with domestic social issues while committing war crimes over seas like the Obama era.

Trump presents opportunity. Thats what business people do.

If you are old enough to recall being able to act like a grown up and a free American citizen then welcome back to reality-if you are too young to remember then learn it.

Its a wonderful wonderful place to be.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Visit To Grounds of Former Danvers State Insane Asylum

Went up to Danvers, Massachusetts to see the buildings that once housed the Danvers State Hospital aka Lunatic Asylum aka For The Criminally Insane.

Historically Danvers, MA was formerly known as Salem Village. This is the actual location of the Salem Witch Trials as opposed to Salem, MA which is nearby.

Some people were hung for their alleged crimes in Salem however and a long controversy about the actual physical location has recently been solved.

The Kirkbride building main entrance. We accidentally came to the back of the complex but found our way to the main front:

 This facility was built on Hathorne Hill, the property of Judge Hathorne one of the main witch burning judges and great grandfather of Nathaniel Hathorne.

Though the location is potentially negative in its history the original design of the building known as a Kirkbride Building was very positive.
These buildings were put up around the world as a new innovative way to treat mental illness.

The idea was to put patients in a natural setting away from daily urban stressors like pollution, urban landscape, overcrowding, etc as it was believed this would cure them or restore them at least to some better state of mind.
Like all good and novel idealistic concepts especially ones requiring abundant funding the ideal crumbled as did the buildings as upkeep remained costly, funds dwindled and the medical field changed it's methods of dealing with mental illness.

Decades after the construction and heydey of Kirkbride's treatment facilities these palaces of treatment for the mentally ill turned into isolated prison camps of horrors such as abuse, unethical human experimentation, punitive psychiatry etc.

This is the era that supposedly produced the alleged hauntings and dark energies experienced by various people.

My trip here was mentioned in conversation with various people days later. One a cop who was a former ambulance driver and another man who had driven a truck into the institution frequently years ago-both oddly gave the same reply: "that place was f*cked up", which in Boston lingo charmingly reveals that even big grown up tough guys were leery of the place and effected by it.
Often these types of people are the best gauge of the powerful effect of such places as they usually dont allow such things to effect them. When it does its most likely the energies are severely malignant.

I was supposed to arrive at the site at night but it didn't work out and that was best due to the fact that Google Maps misplaces the hospital at the wrong address which we discovered the following day.
That night we slept in a field clearing near a small wooded patch at the end of a road leading to the old hospital where one of us had unusual nightmares the other awaking repeatedly to fears of a violent death from a hatcheting. The woods seemed cursed with some sort of violent memories.

Upon hiking one of the two long roads we discovered its not 450 Maple St as Google Maps claims but 1101 Kirkbride Drive. 450 Maple is now a state intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded. It may be that this was also part of the original hospital's vast grounds I'd have to do research.

The Kirkbride building had been converted to condos in 2006 and the story of how this transpired is interesting. A fire destroyed much of the real estate company's efforts and finally thy sold out to another real estate company.
If you are from a northeast city or Chicago etc you know this is worth examining. It could be our areas traditional form of 'business practice' or it could be the asylum's revenge. I prefer the latter of course.

Nothing really remains of the hospital except two cemeteries in back where a committee had commemorated the suffering of patients by seeking names in records and matching them to the anonymous numbered graves.
The energy in the graveyard reflects what was most likely on the main grounds before the condo construction.

Please use caution when visiting the cemetery. If you have any ill effects after visiting its less likely metaphysical and more likely related to residual chemical or biochemistry  from the hospital's history.
Simply launder and wipe down any tarps etc and shower. You'll notice any ill effects cease.
My guess is fungus, disease or chemicals left behind. Remember this place is very old and has been utilized for everything from unethical human experimentation to disease out breaks that killed large amounts of people.
Dont underestimate history's power or Nature.

You'll notice a large cell and microwave tower in the center of the complex on top of the hill itself.

I know its for reception but I was also wondering if this may, according to some theories, be being utilized to 'manage' the residual electromagnetic energies that remained which is what humans perceive as 'hauntings'. (Paranormal researchers use instruments to detect and measure electromagnetic activity in allegedly 'haunted' areas.)

Creating a man made field to correct naturally occuring ones is common. And it seems to work to make this place not scary anymore. Plus anyplace with 'bad' energies that houses living people who are healthy, active and heal well is going to be more balanced than an abandoned area.
The problem of modern electromagnetic pollution comes when it overlays natural fields created by Nature such as vortexes or even the human body or other living things.

Theoretically its possible that falsifying a place's 'energy' and not inducing real healing or evening up of karma if you will is the modern quick fix and again evades human responsibility for abuse or taking lives.
This is why automated warfare is so dangerous. There must be a price to taking a life, to the takers, to keep balance.

This is exactly what Bansky is saying when he created his image of the Reaper with a smiley happy face on it. Its the modern 'feel good' culture that through deception covers up gruesome realities-ultimately evading responsibility.

The grim reaper often is used to represent heavy responsibility in art or other studies.

This is what I experienced at the site of Danvers State Hospital. The truth and reality which should be dealt with- healed and fixed THEN people can move on-shoved into a back corner and the main grounds being converted by an easy fix using technology-as its most profitable.

These types of places are possibly one kind of now early examples of false environments using technology in open, outdoor public and private spaces to alter natural reality.
Its only a theory but its important for anyone who dislikes what the modern world is becoming and perhaps wishes to avoid such a future by creating alternatives.

Danvers State Hospital's story is also another example of abuse by the medical establishment and the psychiatric industry which nowadays has gained the status of the old religious Inquisition in our society-with just about as much sense behind it as well. (Who does research to back up and prove old theories instead of fostering discovery and creating new ones?).

We left at dusk and not too soon. Passing the former farm grazing grounds while exiting back to civilization they had the same forbidden feel to them as the cemeteries:

We came upon a stairway with creepy trees with signs whos writing had long worn off and it looked like anything you'd imagine from a staged horror movie yet it was lovely in its degeneration. It must have been an alternative way to Kirkbride Drive. It was too late and I chickened out walking up it.

If you visit the site remember Google Maps has the wrong address and it's the Halstead Condos not the Hogan Regional Center. Upon entering the area go up the hill on the left not down the right.

It's advised to go to the front of the condo complex as they dont seem to mind tourists or pics. The back is where the pool is and thats private.

The cemetery is nearby.  If you pass by the  Kirkbride building that road leads to another complex and the cemetery is behind it. There are websites to give info and residents are glad to give directions. Be courteous remember this is now their back yard.
Its a historical site so shame on Google for denying corrections for the hospital location or marking the graveyard at all.
(Update: Google has accepted the location for the cemetery and it's historical significance.)

I think theres alot what remains there wants to tell us.

I pictured patients trying to hide in the woods to escape on the grounds.
A person's perspective of being driven up to the facility on the long road, doubtful of anyway out or apprehensive of what they would find there as a patient.

Nice novel ideas that manifest into reality can easily be quitely hijacked by less savory people with only an agenda and profit as ther interests. And if the potential for abuse of power is hidden from the public, horrors like these will keep occuring.

Its human animal nature to build condos on the site of such human suffering and ignore it. But its a dangerous manifestation of the modern world to be able to erase the residual forces of such things through technology and not have to live with them as a reminder of the value of life and true concepts of fairness and justice.

'Management By Stress' Business Concept Needs To Be Examined

GE CorpWatch profile reveals something I and others have suspected and vaguely defined over the years of watching our country morph into the sad creation it is today.
I shouldn't have to have a business or psychology degree simply to exercise my rights or express myself.

"GE’s business model can be considered a global system of management by stress, with the company viewing stress and the fear of job loss as the magic formula for productivity and efficiency."

Management By Stress:

Years ago different cultures could coexist as they all had their own places and spaces.

Many of us notice that over the past ten or 15 years it seems a false environment has been created and engineered totally by a very powerful agenda. People who are NOT part of one or more of the very specific cultures or demographics that have been carefully formed over these years-are being left behind if not purposely pushed out of no only cities but society in general.
This is stressful enough for those of us radicalized by the injustices done to us.

It seems activism against the complex is not acceptable to most people nowadays-only specific socially acceptable causes deemed to not interfere with job security etc.

Being a radical isn't acceptable. Being houseless or a Traveler or living alternatively along these lines has become percieved as simply 'homeless' which is seen by a new generation in the cities as one of the main demographics keeping them from getting a job-yet Diversity based on race and sexual preference means everything to them. Most likely becuz this is encouraged to be embraced in the workplace so it doesn't interfere with livelihood.

It appears most of society is now living under this type of management system.

This 'Management by Stress'  effects all of us.

The problem is simple-the power structure has superior technology and communications and access to knowledge. Therefore they can maintain unbelievable amounts of manpower to maintain their authority.

I've noticed that there's a lot of average people who are now more powerful and valued in this new culture than anyone with greater talents or anything that makes them superior by Nature-simply because they have money to spend to gain technology as an edge and they can stay connected to their hive of similar people.

In theory if one wanted to 'manage' a problem individual or group, or 'handle' someone then this method could be implemented.

It certainly provides the authority with control over workers or individuals.