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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Young TI Distraught And Clueless

"Well I contacted u a while back im 18 and homeless and targeted Im scared and I asked u for advice and u just ignored me. U dont care about TIs anymore u dont even take the chance to talk to me because u dont wanna waste ur time because I might be a perp so u just dont answer well thats fucked up.. hows that work ur gonna not hekp other targets to save urself a little time wtf that means they are winning and blocking u Idk what to do now I have a car but its so cold in the northeast the police here always harass me Im so cold and they wont let me stay at the shelter cause im a drug felon my bf is in jail I knoe they just wanna put me back in jail im so scared theyre gonna kill me tjeres a young cop he keeps threatening me he likes harassing me its like 10 below outside I have nowhere to go the girl said I csnt stay in this mcdonalss after closing Im in rural area I have no where go i might die maybe ill just refuse and go back to jail I know that's what they want I csnt get a job I on Police Department Rewards Officer Caught By An Online Pedophile Sting With Full Retirement Benefits
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on 1/7/14"

I'm not ignoring anyone I'm just so heavily targeted I can't read emails especially after 10 years of this, 8 of which homeless carrying a heavy backpack traveling the middle age. With pre existing health issues.

I do what I can.

This is pretty much an 'you're on your own' situation. The structure of this blog is supposed to exemplify that. To give TIs an alternative to FFCHs type activist groups or in addition to the TI community which this psy ops, Intel network mess peppered with some percentage of genuine victims is referred to as.

Its like the gladiator fights in Rome, kid. You fight til the death and become a champion...or someone else does its all up to you. And you will get murdered in the arena when u get old who cares?

Its up to the individual TI how badly they want to continue to utilize this vessel in order to complete some necessary mission or simply not die (leave said vessel) to piss people off or just to see how much revenge you can gain in what life is remaining in the vwssel. They wouldn't allow you to exist or grow or live and enjoy life or reach your potential? Why not stick around to see if you can extract payment from any part of this system? Its up to you to make excuses to stay alive and not suicide. We ALL know suicide would be way more sensible than suffering daily for years on end while having to live a double life for the stupid public.

Its on you to use what other TIs leave behind to build your own battle station, armour, weapons and troops as well as strategies for defense.

Her 18. You can have a lot of good life before it really sets in that you never were allowed to have one.

Good luck and enjoy yer 20s. Those years are really one's life. After that your just hanging around for some other purpose...of which u have to decide.

New Reader Experiencing NWO Police Presence In His Area

"hi new reader here. i wanted to comment on the psych warfare campaign being waged through the police. im really scared by what i see in my own area. it seems like the goal is to rack everyone up a rap sheet as soon as possible or just plain intimidate u to dehumanize u. they are now targeting "goody-two-shoes" types in my area and stopping them and "showing them who's boss". i am literally afraid to leave my home with the police the way they are anymore. the real kicker is any REAL crime, they dont want to investigate. it seems just like another part of this campaign to break americas back and teach the public that they are powerless and cant resist the NWO. they arent there to protect and serve anymore. its completely about treating the public like scum on Gang Stalked On Friday Night At Suffolk County Jail Lobby Boston
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on 1/27/14"

Welcome. Hope u can sift through all my personal bs lately and get something out of this blog.
Please tell other readers your general location so others can perhaps relate to your experiences. If its a small town for safety be more general like a county or even part of a state.

The police are now more akin to soldiers on a battlefield than the old cop on the beat or locals. And they seem to be an arm of business associations and special interests more than ever.

They definately are into this full scale war on the homeless. What u r describing is more in support of the privatized corporate prison industry.

I also theorize that its not merely for profit or to normalize slavery under the NWO but it cud b to b able to experiment on people by having them as inmates. Microchips, nanotechnology, mind control drugs, psych operations, behavior modification.

I've seen a lot of these in my own experiences but they had to drive me away from my home area in the northeast out to the mid west and then to the deserts of the southwest to experiment on me, where all those military bases are.

Military personnel, their families and prison inmates seem the prime sources of subjects for unethical human experimentation connected to classified projects.

Its best to learn how to deal with cops in your area and begin networking relationships with friendly ones. There's an all out war on anyone who's not conforming and this is what the yuppies don't see.

Mass mind control has taken hold in the USA. Unless you have wealth or a niche with others to hide you are pretty much screwed.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gang Stalked On Friday Night At Suffolk County Jail Lobby Boston

I actually got GS at the lobby of the Suffolk county jail.  (January 24th, 2014, 7:39 pm). Will publish photos asap.

White yuppie, dark hair and eyes with glasses in a yellow jacket. Two blacks, one wearing red with unkempt, afro like hair the other in black, shaved head.

Got harassed by the white guy first so I moved. Then the two black guys positioned themselves onto benches so they could stare at me, and make it obvious  they were conversing about me, all the way over the other side of the lobby which I moved to. I was sitting on the heater on the window so as to be out of site which didn't work.

Later I saw these three talking to each other and no one else.

They continued with what seemed like a prison yard intimidation, standing against the glass walls of the lobby and the black guy in red kept walking to look at me sitting on the other side of the lobby, like a shark circling constantly.

Just before I went upstairs for visiting time, the black guy with shaved head in black long coat got his things given to him by a clerk at the desk, so he was an inmate being released. The smile from the clerk was so wonderful. They were on such GOOD terms.

All the while through this, the guards were in on it it was obvious. This was late in the evening so its obvious this is not a good time to visit becuz it seems the idiots have time on their hands to make set ups.

Note that the perps were your typical gang stalker recruits: just out of jail or prison. In the penal system. On probation, in trouble with the law, etc.
Same old patterns.

The two black twits even stood there, staring at me and focusing on me as I went into the area to get a hand stamp before the first doors to go up. I gave them the finger. None of this was noted by the guards who should have been doing something about these three unsavory characters mulling around in this lobby intimidating what was mostly women waiting to see their men in jail. OTHER WOMEN IN THE LOBBY EXPRESSED UNEASE AT THIER BEING THERE AND DOING WHAT THEY WERE DOING AND THEY NOTICED I WAS BEING TARGETED.

You know, someone told me yesterday that a study was done in MA that showed there were so many woman abusers in this area, hidden of course, that this area was prime material for studies on domestic violence. The northeast generally.

That says something about MA and the entire NY, Boston and surrounding areas. And from experience I can tell you its the truth even though they hide behind all the bullshit they can find here to make themselves look like they are Boston Strong good guys or firemen or police or politicians or elite from one of the famous institutions.

The underbelly that outsiders don't see is obvious to us native New Englanders. This place is nothing more than a bunch of animals who without their drugs, perversions, money and power and material possessions, would not be able to live civily or in peace at all. That's the reality of MA. Just becuz you get good at the NWO game of streamlining corruption using higher intelligence and resources doesn't mean you have changed from being the absolute lowly animal you always back in the 70s when they could get away with sexist bullshit. Nothing has changed. They just use anti terror and whatever else they can now to justify being greedy, evil and satisfying their various perversions and insecurities.

Over the years of traveling Ive come to the revelation that Boston is permanently retarded. The wealth, power and corruption combination mixed with a religious  and social history that basically breeds people who compartmentalize reality has resulted in the ultimate sociopathic society who, they themselves don't realize how royally f*cked up they are compared to the rest of the world.

And something else: they will never, ever change. The nanny state, the coddling, the living in what amounts to a golden cage with strict classist codes is enough for the people who live here. They are so accustomed to this lifestyle they actually believe they are doing better than the rest of the United States at any given time, even though Ive seen obscene displays of wealth in places like California and Texas or wherever.
MA only saving grace was its Irish sense of justice which doesn't always take place in a courtroom but often in its own time and space, with what seems like old gods presiding. It just occurs. Also its trying to do the right things and set things right even with all the overbearing, violent criminal minded powers here.
I see less and less of that every year but the corrupt power structure remains more arrogant than ever but hidden like a bad seed child who gets away with murder and laughs maniacally, quietly in with his hand over his mouth, hidden in a dark closet with his toys. That's what Boston has become.

Id rather be back 40 years ago when it was overt, the city was gritty and no one had to become so much sicker than that by hiding the corruption and violence.

I cannot wait to finish my medical stuff and get away from America's elite powerhouse or rather its most autistic, retarded rich kids, who have to destroy people in order to gain the unrealistic levels of wealth and happiness that exist their twisted minds anyway.

Guess what? Theres loads of stuff going on in other places right now as this is written or even when this event I am documenting occurred that doesn't involve anyone from Boston!! The sun is out and the weather is nice!! In a lot of other places at one moment in time there are multiple realities in different locations that have nothing to do with what petty bullshit goes on here!!! Imagine that!!

But that's what happens when you still believe you can be the Hub of The Universe in the 21st century in a global world. You keep thinking that and I will continue to travel and prove just how much this place and its petty players mean nothing in the big world outside little New England.

Hate Mail!! January 26th, 2014

This one is priceless:

"So, just to be clear, you thought it was a good idea to post threatening messages toward the MIT Community on your blog while using MIT resources? The resources are open as long as you follow all of the appropriate computing guidelines and this would seem to violate one of those in a big way: 5. Don't use MITnet to harass anyone in any way. "Harassment," according to MIT's Policies and Procedures (Section 9.5), is defined as: "...any conduct, verbal or physical, on or off campus, which has the intent or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual or group's educational or work performance at MIT or that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational, work or living environment.... Harassment on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or age includes harassment of an individual in terms of a stereotyped group characteristic, or because of that person's identification with a particular group." But yeah, it's on Hey MIT, Remember who u r dealing with

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on 1/23/14"

MIT is lucky that I have been too beaten down to sue them for the overt harassment over the years and in part interfering with myself as a witness who could potentially testify in a federal investigation involving some of their professors being clients of local escort services who have seen girls on MIT PROPERTY. Ive been gang stalked by these professors on MIT property by the way, up until this year when the harassment has been very occasionally.

MIT librarians at the Hayden library blocked me from even writing my blog in self defense years ago under false, bullshit pretenses, saying it wasn't research when they allowed dirty old men to look up porn in that library not caring what THEY were doing on the computer. I blogged and documented this over the years. And, if that is so, then why did I get granted a special research privilege from two other universities one being UNM by going to the Deans office and explaining that my blog was used to help and educate targets and I used video becuz nowadays so many people don't read and I did nothing BUT research.

That's when I notice that MIT never tried to block me again but I also stayed out of Hayden. I was so oppressed during those early years that the hacker MIT kids used to come in and try to slyly talk to me and help me and tell me that whatever I had to say I shouldn't let anyone stop me from saying it. Which is why I am still welcome by some sort of presence here to this day at MIT and rarely am bothered except by perps who know they are working for the local bad guys and the DARPA assholes who think they own MIT.

So, until I get a call from a lawyer or some offended parties about harassment, don't waste your time. For the war crimes I have had to live through, partially perpetrated at MIT over the years or on MIT property in Cambridge, MIT is lucky that all I do is vent on this blog.

If I had a better support network I would have sued by now even if it didn't work just to have a lawsuit in documentation with the USA or..I could have snapped and become a lone shooter. Anyone from law enforcement wanting to question me about that please feel free...Id love to tell you about the escort services connections as well as the cops and feds making sure I NEVER TESTIFIED and of course, covering up the gang stalking. Go ahead, give me a reason to get a lawyer and go for it with the cover story AND the MK Ultra thing my mother NEVER was able to sue for.

Provide me motivation and I will give you everything you ask for, which is to be destroyed at this point. MIT deserves it.

Me using their computers is the least they can do and they know it. For all I know I am allowed to continue to be at MIT for purposes of continued classified unethical human experimentation not perpetrated by private contractors that have no obligation to reveal anything to the public.

So cut the bullshit.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I need 2 bcome invisble,

Away from cities and the overlapping networks of security systems-cameras.

Im a fool to hang around harvard or mit. A real fool.

Got to find way out this time.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TIs Should Consider If Their Campaigns Have Changed Over The Span Of Each Presidency

I regularly recall that the changing of president in office in the USA has always influenced my gang stalking, mind control and ritual abuse campaigns.

This is a good excersise as it lends credibility to the idea this is politically connected and motivated. What sort of mental illness do you know that changes in a pattern according to who is in office of the president or CIA or other positions of political well as geographical location or physical location or designated time frame (federal holidays, state of emergencies etc.)?

Experiencing Break In The Miserable, Oppressive Remote Influence In This Area-Snowstorm?

I'm in the Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter @ The Lutheran (HSHS) as its open during day due to snowstorm.

Either this place is involved in continued experimentation through Harvard's involvement in MK Ultra (as documented) when we stay here at night or there is a  lack of influence in the entire area due to the state of emergency declared by state officials due to snow and low temps.

Its been a pattern in MA that during any sort of emergency declared or impending disaster that all of the resources that seem to go towards targeting individuals or psychomanaging of the environment get lifted during those situations. Every single time this is the case.

However, it could be in addition that this building, a church basement that's been redone, has its own remote influence. The shelter is open from 7pm-8am usually. There's also something funny with the cell phone I have, it works down here but then its as if the signal gets fixed on or something and it then says no service.
Someone said its the cinder blocks- the solid design of the building that keep out cell service. So why does it work for  a minute or two then says no service?  This has been true in other buildings also as I have a cell service that isn't like the major companies as well as I have a 'stupid phone' not a smart phone. They seem to work down here with other companies of course.

I can feel that people are home from work. Children are home from school, playing. Houseless people are inside out of the snow.

This is what America used to be like. We were a country, not divided as we have become. Divided, miserable, enslaved and zombie like.
In moments like these you realize just what these operations using tech, chemical influence and psy ops with human forces has done to the United States and it wakes me up and realize who I am once again and how important my mission is.

Staying in MA in the winter is sort of a bad idea. Theres some sort of influence here that is overbearing, depressing and not the fun winters I remember when younger. Of course, this changes in spring and the entire system switches over when the students graduate or leave for summer to less remote influence and an influx of legions of psy ops people. Black ops whatever you want to call all the perps that guard this place for the tourist season and influence the environment.

Its so damn awful in the winters and it might be that they dole out heavy doses of electromagnetic radiation either for the continued effect of electromag pollution to destroy the population slowly or for a more intense behavior modification program during the winter that people can blame on Seasonal Affective Disorder or what have you. It certainly would be theory increase the use and sales of psychiatrists and Big Pharma.

I love 'clear' days. Federal holidays and days like this are the only clear days in the metro Boston area, in the middle of the cities like Cambridge. Sundays are missing some sort of influence that occurs during the week but there clearly is still a remaining influence from either tech or chem or a combination. Something changes on Sundays and actually its not pleasant the effects that remain. I find myself very depressed and falling out of my routine and disciplines which fall back into line on Monday.

I appreciate days like this when I get to live in what remains of real reality on earth in a world that resembles the one I grew up in, before being targeted after the my mother attempted to go to the Presidents Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments and then 9-11,GW Bush era.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Side Note About The Assistance Of Homeless Resources

For all that I write here about what goes wrong in homeless services or the potential for corruption such as gang stalking-it is always a good thing that such places exist anywhere in the USA. Its necessary, its just that many of us wish conditions were improved, that there would be some normality in the homeless scene and some oversight even legalities looked at of human and civil rights.
Especially that it seems we are not allowed to have representation from within our own populations or organize. We are managed instead as well as intimidated into getting housed which for some of us, could potentially be life threatening, as you have seen in the case of gang stalking targets specifically victim witnesses to organized crime and Survivors of ritual abuse/black projects.

Yet without these resources I dont know what would become of many of us. This year I notice that many of these places in MA have improved thier staff as well as conditions of the buildings they are in. Which is great but it doesnt address the fact that they are still a way for covert operations to exist without any protection for citizens and no recourse. Just becuz they have improved doesnt address the fact that the very structure of the homeless industry allows for such infiltration to begin with. An entire overhaul is in order and I believe that these recent types of improvements are an attempt to prevent any investigations into whats transpired for many years past.

Which hopefully wont work. What occurred over these past years must be dealt with. Not trying to placate Targets who are still homeless.

It is indeed helpful to have a safe space to go to and HSHS is one of the best in the country. Boston is a place where getting winter clothing is easier than anywhere else I know of. People are generous in this area.

Realistically however, for Targets, these programs can unfortunatley serve to simply continue the process of behavior modification while the Target lives out thier double life in society as The Homeless person. It almost feels like these places exist to keep us out of sight of society, to keep us alive just enough so we dont do anything drastic out of necessity- like organize.

I wonder what we would do if such places did not exist. And I often wonder nowadays just what are the motives of the people who help us in such places.

I will never forget that horrid b*tch in St Louis who told me I was using these places as a place where I experienced some of the WORST torture and gang stalking of my lifetime. (While Hayden was head of the CIA.) I had to put up with that all during dealing with everything else.

With the conditions outside as they are, its almost impossible to organize anyway. Such places probably provide a safenet so thats not necessary.

Police Stalking In Norway 'Step By Step Pursuit'- Insights Into Modern Police Tactics Used To Cover For Harassment, NWO Cleansing of Dissidents and Human Experimentation

from blog titled:


Operation homeless. I love it.

Now lets investigate how much of all this clean up in all these countries world wide isnt for the true purposes of
-diversion and hiding the criminal activities of the rich, powerful and connected as well as all levels of law enforcement themselves- who of course either pay off the police well or ARE the police and associated authorities.
-to provide cover and necessary conditions for various operations of unethical human experimentation, now most likely carried out by conglomerates so big and out of reach of public scrutiny with no obligation to disclose any info the the public and connected to 'complexes' such as the military industrial, prison etc which consist of the fusing of government entities with the private sector as well as institutions. Which is exactly who the players were in MK Ultra and other similar nightmares.
-to get rid of anyone who is not going along with the NWO in any of its various phases.

I can tell you from experience here in America, all three are true.

Norwegian Lone Shooter Breivik Linked To MOSSAD (Israeli Intelligence) By Scholar/Youth Camp Attacked Was Engaging In Boycott Israel Campiagns!

Originally claimed he was Christian and wanted to rid the country of Muslims in his manifesto.
He was involved in Freemasonry.

He's been tried and got 21 years, typical for what the Norwegians consider a horrible crime.
He admitted to his actions but did not plead guilty.

What strikes me after reading about all this is the fact that years ago, this man would have simply been percieved as and most likely considered insane. End of story.

The very suspect condition of our modern times is that lone shooters are seen as ultimate villains. Yet, no one focuses on thier MOTIVATIONS for their crimes. Why dont people simply accept that such persons are criminally or clinically insane? Its as if people know there is something else going on and that explanation in these times is simply not enough.

Yet, no one wants to look at very plausible theories like the ones given by myself and others working in this area of what is still stupidly referred  to as 'conspiracy theory', when, if people  just skim content and do light research its obvious that these theories are the most plausible explanations available.

The public would rather insist that the inner mental machinations of such dangerous people (who are always portrayed as loners so anyone wanting privacy or not conforming to society is then perceived as dangerous) are steeped in mystery and that guns are the problem. Guns and terrorism- not the people themselves or the conditions that lead up to them doing such things.

Mainly the masses don't want to live up to the challenges of growing up and joining the 21st century. That would take too much responsibility. That would take doing research, admitting that the powers that have taken a major advantage through superior knowledge and resources, are abusing power and one way to counter this OTHER THAN TERRORISM is to simply become informed about and familiar with, exactly what the 21st century entails. Instead the public have given in to the major beat down that's been going on for a few decades and have bought into the idea of a vague concept of 'terrorism' which doesn't seem to have motives, it just is or the motives given are so ridiculous and nonsensical that anyone who is sane or a reasonable person themselves should question them.

Its the ultimate brainwashing campaign and I cannot believe its succeeded.

For human beings to perform such acts especially when they come to believe they are involved in a war of some kind, like Breivik, you have to start looking at systems of thought reform such as the military uses on people to make them able to commit atrocities in war time. For someone to blow up a building, suicide bomb or shoot a crowd of people, that person has to be driven by something as well as feel so desperate and ultimately isolated from humanity that the act seems redeeming in comparison to going on any longer without committing it.

I notice that the public do not focus on really trying to find out why or gain meaninful, sensible answers.
Its becuz the powers that be have provided answers for them, which benefit them with thier current and future agenda.

 Years ago, people would have been sitting down in front of 60 Minutes, awaiting a fairly long discussion that went into detail explaining why such conditions existed as they do. People needed to understand why and have it explained to them. A vague, catch all concept like 'terrorism' could not be marketed to people as it is today.

People have been brainwashed and partially by appealing to their greed- to believe that they do not have the time to understand why in detail. Nor does it really concern them (becuz deep down they now accept that the powers that be are in charge, not the people) as well as they have been trained to accept that what goes on around them does not concern them unless it involves them directly, their 'community' or they are told to care about it by the majority or powers that be- usually through more marketing via the media.

Terrorism is a lazy, greedy man's way of getting out of actual, genuine 'social responsibility'. Social responsibility isnt something that should have be marketed to people in a corporate, product like catch phrase. Normal, healthy humans should by nature be involved in social responsibility. Its a sick, polluted, captive, dying humanity that has to be told to consider such things, like preschoolers being told when to nap, when to snack and when to play.
Authority has to market social responsibility to you and then designates only a small amount into your life, just enough to make it look like you are actually doing something but not enough to threaten the status quo.
You are being given small doses of something so that you dont realize that its missing from your life in a major way as it should exist naturally if you were allowed to properly question or challenge abuse of power and conditions in society or your 'community'.

The entire western world is now living in a false environment. Its easy to control humans when they exist in such a way. And there is a reward system in place that maximizes feeling good about doing things the way they want you to and a punishment system that makes going against the grain very unpleasant. The younger generations dont even know anything else.

As you read in the links, even Breivik's own lawyer says he's probably insane and that he believes he's in wartime- that his actions began a 60 years war.

How many times do activists like myself have to post that in each incident of a lone shooting, theres either military involved, some connections to Satanism (Sandy Hook), Masonry or the shooter has some delusion about Nazi's?

It could very well be that Israel or at least Zionists (Rothchild) interested in the NWO are utilizing much of what was discovered through Project Paperclip and what was found of Nazi research after the war. Much of the work of Dr Cameron and MK Ultra was supposed to destroy or curb the genetic Germanic character  due to it being determined that Germanic peoples always kept rising up to such levels of destruction and horror that unless the Germanic character and DNA was curbed and destroyed that it would continue to occur.

This could be the pretext for destroying European cultures with mass immigration, replacing the American middle class with the choice of YUPpydom or criminal nigrified ghetto culture etc world wide. So it stands to reason that white supremacy or Nazism must be blamed for the obvious diversionary horrors that occur, so that the true horrors of Diversity assisting to bring in the NWO enslavement of humanity, isnt seen for what it is. Note how one is quick, brute and attention grabbing making good news stories and the other is sloooowww, steady and basically unknown to most Americans or seen for what it is by Europeans. The forces that are at work always do things at a much slower speed, in a bigger range and over longer time periods- and you can be sure that the destroyers provide you with shock, brutality and perfect diversions and scapegoats so the average person doesnt notice the damage and destruction of long term actions.

What they arent telling you is that there is a covert terror campaign going on to ensure such changes are as chaotic and torturous as possible? This assists the brainwashing. Diversity as its being pushed now especially with mass immigration should not be as abusive as it is so why does it cause such pain and suffering to all parties involved then everyone is supposed to pretend everything is OK due to not wanting to be PC incorrect?

Becuz they have to cause constant terror and torture in order to assist in brainwashing. Take a lesson from the Middle Ages and the Inquisition. Its exactly the same tactics.

This guy is either sick and insane or brainwashed/mind controlled to do what he did. No one wants that answers so instead like over religious children we perceive him as some sort of explainable devil (hmm, just like the irrationality of the Inquisition), vilify him and call for more counter terrorism and gun control.

People know that the world is failing. The environment is screwed and that America IS guilty of war crimes if not that 9-11 and other events have been false flag. Its so terrible, so traumatizing that no one can face the truth and besides- the rewards system for NOT facing truth is far more attractive than being punished or killed for seeking truth.

I often wonder if the powers behind all this utilize constant sympathy for Israel or Israel itself in thier NWO plans. To make a man believe he sees Nazis in his co-workers at the post office so he goes postal and shoots them...for Anders Breivik to claim he was really a Nazi all along when his manifesto claimed something very different certainly serves those purposes.

Its also a hell of a diversion. Nazis were not the all time greatest criminal minds in wartime on the planet ever (according to the media fed 20th century mind). Its simply that they left behind such spectacularly garish, insane spectacle in pre recorded light and sound images that humans have no choice but to keep focusing on it. Imagine if the Romans or Genghis Khan had left behind such media images. The Nazis were a temporary boys club of wounded WW1 veterans on opiates, dabbling in the occult and UFO's in comparison to history's long sordid list of atrocities and criminally insane geniuses.
And to that end if you want to look at what they did that was most damaging its not what you are supposed to focus on. Its the latter I mentioned. All the experimentation and the progresses in science, the occult etc. Imagine the forces behind the NWO getting thier hands on that to use to thier own advantage.

Exactly. If Nazi's are alive they certainly are destroying everything one would think they stand for protecting. It seems however that the long dead cult provide great diversion and even provide something of a modern day Devil for a now ignorant, childish public to focus on.

I also think that Breivik was possibly promised some sort of deal if he played for the psy ops people by changing his story to such nonsense. Either that or he is simply an expendable puppet whos doing what he was planned to do.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hate Mail Call! Saturday Jan. 18, 2014

"LOL You're one to talk about criminal activity with your speckled record. How do you expect anybody to take you seriously? on System Seems To Be Going For The Throat
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on 1/17/14" "speckled" even a word? This comment is meant for me to divulge if I have any sort of rap sheet or not publicly. Which I am not going to do. Nice try though.
Its interesting to analyze these comments. What, exactly is this supposed to accomplish in the psychological warfare campaign? I guess they just wanted to say 'hi'.

"Youve turned this space into a soap box for you to bs about your boyfiend and social life instead of focusing on gs. This is just pulp fiction soap opera bs and I'm done reading your blogs because you're so self-absorbed anymore. I guess if you can't beat Em join em? Is that how it works Rachael?? You would know (sell out) on Keep Getting Visions of Local Woman Known To Me In Relation To My Now Jailed Companion
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disappointed follower

on 1/14/14"

"Soapbox"? How motherf*ckin old is that term 'soapbox'? Nice mirroring tactic, using terms I use like 'bs' and 'gs'.

Write your own blog and stop commenting on mine.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mind Controlling GS Harassment At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Documentation of harassment at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center whilst in the Shapiro Bldng as a patient attending an appointment.

While attending to a doctor’s appointment at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Brookline, MA on January 1st, 2014 I encountered harassment that most certainly in my experience and that of other targeted persons would constitute a psychological warfare operation or organized stalking and harassment by multiple persons or a network of persons working together.

First I encountered an African American couple in an elevator who commented on my backpack in a negative, condescending manner then touched my backpack or gear and engaged in personal space invasion, perhaps in an attempt to cause a reaction or outburst from me. This caused me much duress and emotional stress. This encounter finished with them laughing at me and my apparent situation and gear.

I then reached the second floor above the lobby where I was organizing my appointments in my phone and notebook. I stood near the elevators leaning against a railing overlooking the lobby and entrance to Shapiro Bldg.

A light skinned black male wearing black and red made eye contact and was whistling in a manner consistent with previous harassment Ive encountered over the years where whistling is used to anchor me as a psychological warfare target, always from males engaging in intimidation. He headed to the elevator behind me but did not go anywhere in the elevator just stood there.

This seems to be part of the process TIs are put through before actual harassment is applied, where the Target is primed or the victim’s attention is gotten and they are ‘pulled into’ a harassment group’s control if you will.
To the TI this seems almost like an abduction or a psychological abduction that occurs before actual overt harassment occurs.

The black male continued to stand in the elevator, whistling and staring right through me it seemed.

As this activity continued an elderly African American female walked by with a cane going past me away from the elevators just as an older Caucasian male with a limp came from that same hallway, approached me, looked over my shoulder at my notebook in very close physical proximity to me, then walked away down the same hallway he had just come from, that the woman with the cane had gone down.

Moments later an Asian male also did the same thing as the white male, looking over my shoulder at the content of my notebook then walking away. All very intimidating.

I arrived at my appointment 4 hours and 40 minutes late due to a mix up in my scheduling. This could possibly indicate that an unexpected arrival of a Targeted Individual to this facility is received with HUMINT or human forces doing ‘gang stalking’ organized harassment because the system is not using a pre planned targeting of a TI from remote influence utilizing technologies which would be used to target the person if they showed up at their usual planned appointment time. I have experienced there to be the use of behavioral controlling and conditioning influences in use at times I frequent this facility for scheduled appointments but not at other times Ive been in this building.

Unexpected arrival of Target = no planned remote influence.

The first and foremost rule of thumb Ive discovered as a Targeted Individual across the USA in every town and city is that
-Where there is heavy use of TECHNOLOGIES, there will be minimal or no HUMAN FORCES performing organized stalking and harassment (aka gang stalking) from actual live human beings in person, either in vehicles or on foot
Where there is heavy use of HUMAN FORCES performing organized stalking activity (aka gang stalking) there will be minimal use of TECHNOLOGIES to control Targeted Individuals.

This seems to be what I experienced at this hospital.

It could also be that I experienced this due to the action of going up to the office of the doctor I was late for to reschedule and calling Registration to fix some information on my patient accounts.

Doing so was me gaining a victory over a mistake or attempt at the system yet again trying to deny me medical care through gang stalking specifically in the Boston area.

Logically, gang stalking had to be used to regain psychological control over me, the Target and the fight-or-flight response then returned putting me back into a controllable state. I had also diverted a tactic being used by Registration that was controlling (typical of the psychological ops style of the Boston area in many of my years of experience) thus this might have also made the system seek to regain a submissive or hypnotic state from me as a Targeted Individual.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

System Seems To Be Going For The Throat

They either pushing me to do something or take some sort of action or they are much more serious now about coming after me or I dont have the protection I had. Something is different compared to what it was just last year.

I found out that the local cops put it out into our friends in Harvard that my companion was arrested last year for messing with kids. I looked up my friend last night and he genuinely is in legal trouble for not registering here for a charge from when he was 14. And I talked to his mother. She framed it a little better. It all makes more sense now.
She also told me that he was coerced into registering here to begin with by his ex mother in law who said it was a condition of seeing his kid when he was with his wife. Then, after he did so, his wife's family went against him and either they or the state or both said he couldnt see his son at all.

This matches up with what he has told me.

He and his mother also said that his ex mother in law had connections to the DA and that is how they dug this up on him to begin with.

What strikes me about that theory about it being a plot (of evil design) of some sort is the way the cops are handling his recent arrest. Allegedly they 'mentioned' to a few people on the night of the arrest (or someone did) that he was arrested last year for a sex offense. That is not what is on the internet. The only charge is the old one. Why wouldnt cops or anyone else making such a claim know that from what the cops themselves have posted on the offender database?

Also its claimed that the arresting cop screamed at him when he arrested him saying "I dont want to see you out here again!"

Strange, becuz the homeless in Harvard have plenty of jerks running around who are unsavory characters. He wasnt one of them. The old homeless crowd from years ago was full of males who, though well behaved, were very much the profile of the sex offender on the street. There are alot of sex offenders in the homeless scene.

It could be that the cops just want any excuse to get anyone out of here who has a record that looks bad, though they might not know exactly what the whole story is. However, it does seem that other people who are offenders who mule drugs or drug dealers out here who magically never get arrested or when they do never are detained for long-dont get as much crap as this one cop likes to give to my friend.


Also, as someone with first hand experience, this city if full of powerful, rich perverts and probably pedophiles. They pay off cops in Xmas cards. Some of them ARE cops, detectives etc.
Just like the perverts who stalked me that day and I took photos of them!! Yeah, like those guys!

It would seem that when you cant afford to pay of cops or when you dont deal drugs for them or provide illegal sexual activities that whatever dirt they have on you is quite a big deal. Becuz then, you become a useful idiot. A diversion so that it looks like they are doing thier jobs, so that it appears that all the BAD GUYS are the obvious poor, homeless people you can see. Instead of the ones who never get caught who are hiding very well in every city in the US. Becuz they are smart predators and can afford it.

Thus, I dont think what is happening to my friend is fair. Yes, he's a screw up who didnt follow the laws and smokes too much pot. But it seems like the system is taking advantage of that and using him. It could even be that its becuz he was around me.

Something kept telling me not to walk away from this situation. To keep trying to help out. Its like it relates to the rest of the corruption in this area. Its time for it to come to a conclusion.

Harassment In HSHS (Lutheran) From Black Male Client

Theres an African American guy in here, wearing black and red of course, light skinned with a southern accent. Every time he is in here he usually makes little asides and snide remarks but has never come after me the way he just did.

It makes me wonder if he isnt part of the little gang stalking clique, of which most are now either gone or dont mess with me anymore but there is never any shortage of scum of the earth with a record to get paid or to get a reduced sentence to harass a female TI, something they would be doing anyway, which is why they are in trouble to begin with.

Right after I told him off he escalated so I asked him loudly how many sex offenses he has on his record and how long is his rap sheet. The jerk backed right down then of course had to attempt to escalate again. Security told him that indeed, he shouldnt have his food on the computer table (he started off the harassment theatre by invading my personal space and of course, by being ignorant which worked- for a minute.)

Then one of the female staff who with security, know me from years of going through being homeless and possibly, that I am targeted I dont know, but they know that alot of these guys are predators and offenders possibly so they are cautious especially if in the time Ive been here there hasnt been a problem but suddenly there is with this new person present or a person who is in here infrequently.

This new staff are better. Just like all the homeless places have cleaned up their acts in the past few years.

So she's listening and he keeps his mouth going, continuing and being abusive. Making real stupid threats about seeing me outside frequently (oh, so you see me in the area around? Then that means you might be stalking me. What does your criminal record say? Becuz hearing those threats I was about to start taking legal actions or call police or report him. Sounds like a stalking situation. The cops would be more than happy to check him out if he's doing something like that.)

Then he begins asking this very uninterested nice black man who minds his business in here if I am a man or a woman. Then starts insulting gay people by saying to him I must be butch. The staff is listening to all this around the corner. (Southern black males for some reason always fall back on being threatened by lesbians for some reason, thus using any masculinity a female has to attempt such an insult. Which might work down south but its a joke up here becuz the northeast is so gay friendly.)

She finally comes around the corner and takes him for a talk in the other room.

He might just be a totally ignorant piece of sh*t who thinks that he can act out in this environment becuz its easy and he obviously has prior issues with being abusive to women and most likely a record due to his response to my bringing it up.

But then again, knowing the way this system works, I know that 'bait and wait' is one of the number one tactics.

And I also know that some changes have come about and the way the system comes at me is also changing. Locally they are going for the throat in a very sneaky way. Every since Walsh become mayor, one of the old cops in Harvard just retired and they made this Italian cop (Mike something) in Harvard detective. Funny, he was the cop that those two detectives contacted to ask if I hung in Harvard, after they stalked me in thier car and I photographed them doing it, and, after everyone realized I had evidence and was showing it to a retired cop to ask advice, suddenly I am cleared by this cop who's trying to make detective. I get the feeling that they wouldnt have bothered to call and ask about me at all- unless I took pics.)

As far as I am concerned this guy knows SOMETHING about me. Either the cover story and he's just a prick who thinks I am an easy target or he knows the entire situation and he's apro acting stupid like a common criminal. And getting something out of it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Trap Averted-Relationships Are Regularly Used Against The TI

Realized its best to let go of that new friendship I had forged with my friend who got arrested. He's lied about too many small things and a few major things, obviously.

Its too easy for someone who's compromised to be used against me. Another trap obviously.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Perp Had Audacity To Try To Guilt Me About Confidentiality In Mentioning Locations or Identities(Even Partially)

Today at the women's drop in I mentioned one of the ladies (alot of us arent really 100% sure actually but we play along) started doing a directed conversation about confidentiality in the place, how we want it there etc. Out of nowhere of course.

Didnt allow it, not in the mood for it, feeling very grim lately due to constant daily overcast in mid winter now- feeling most depressed and vulnerable in years. Cant afford any bullsh*t. I diverted it until it went away the topic. Then I stated that if people want respect they need to give respect.

Its so typical that everyone who has watched me deteriorate over the years in these places as well as new comers there are so concerned with the drama or protecting the status quo even while innocent lives are being destroyed. Go f*ck yourselves.

What about MY confidentiality? I dont really have any if there are a bunch of strangers involved in knowing information about me they shouldnt have access to and being involved in a perp group that follows me from the drop in to the shelter at that time the bulk of these people like Lisa were around.

People have left OTR complaining that the same crowd isnt there anymore and its not like it used to be. Oh, you mean you cant get away with being total self absorbed c*nts and be in on bogus fake investigations only meant to destroy innocent people you simply dont like, while of course the real criminals are all kept protected becuz they can pay off the cops? Seriously??? That is HOW SERIOUS human beings are in communities about mobbing a person who's a threat even if that person is the victim and the truly bad people are guilty.

Many of these places have employed actual human beings who arent raving self righteous murderous sneaky weak assholes who hide behind the status quo and help the US commit war crimes. Some of these people are still so naive they actually believe that I AM PLAYING THEM. They believe I am mentally ill or making all this up or that I am somehow still trying to escape responsibility for what they believe is the truth- the cover story usually, all becuz they arent of high enough intelligence to understand whats really going on or they are again of low intelligence and thier only power trip is to be able to destroy a person's life, along with thier mob of course.

I know this city well enough to know all along Ive known that these places are only concerned with NOT GETTING SUED. Boston is money and thats all these assholes ever have or ever will care about. They want to be seen as so Liberal and traditionally sympathetic to slavery abolishion but thats becuz they were always real good at hiding thier slave trade routes- for rum and bibles. This is what this area of the country has always done to hide thier own crimes. Every single one of these people know they are not or never have been operating off of being right or just- they are operating off of might  makes right and some twisted sense of me being a powerless nobody up against the likes of Harvard, MIT, the military-medical-prison-securities complex, powerful people in this city and others, etc etc. One big joke and one that they think they can either silence forever and watch fade away or push until she snaps.

This is your America you are so vehement about defending. This is what all those soldiers and the 9-11 victims (and the 9-11 murdered witnesses) died for. A bunch of spoiled rotten, uppity, lying deceptive underachievers who have only as much power as they can muster collectively breaking the law in the interest of corrupt authority. This is why people think America sucks. This is why the rest of the world hates us. This is WHY lone shooters snap or people commit crimes based on being under pressure.

There is no law and order in the USA anymore. Only the law of the jungle and whatever authorities want to go thier way. George HW Bush seemed to have it backwards when he made his NWO speech: he promised that the world would become law and order not law of the jungle.

The country has basically gone from being on the verge of an evolution to having the clock turned back decades if not centuries.

This  is what happens when the smart people have the common people run things for them. Not the intelligent people. Its us they want to destroy.

Speaking of privacy one of the things Lisa did once that pissed me off so much that was so arrogant was actually bring up conversation about split personalities and some movie she saw about a dancer with such a condition (a total psy ops movie I wisely avoided: the ballet dancer in the movie had Norwegian black metal style corpse paint on her eyes- that was clue enough it was going to be a mind fuck and nothing else.)

Its as if these stupid people barely understand MK Ultra or any of the depth of what they are dealing with but they are given free reign to torment the Survivor with this obvious ignorance as part of a harassment campaign.  Confidentiality? SO I am harassed out of actually being able to see a therapist for years on end and its really screwed me up but common people who are doing this out of community harassment as well as trying to get housing for themselves as reward are privvy to information about my psychological condition???? Something only my therapist shouold know? And thats ok to discuss in front of everyone in a drop in center?

The problem is that psychological operations have been handed over to the common man who, the experts know will mishandle and rip the Targeted Survivor to shreds like a bunch of wild careless animals handling a priceless, fragile object. Of course thats the result they want anyway and it just make thier job easier if the animals get to marvel over you while they torment you daily and of course never really understand the subject matter in depth nor care about the victim at all.

Imagine if scientists brought in apes to destroy something more quickly that they needed destroyed  or broken down so they could rebuild it afterwards which is basically what MK Ultra is anyway. And humans dont do right Ive noticed, unless authorities are holding them responsible anyway.

SO its been a living nightmare. But Ive resigned myself to understand that most of humanity are just animals and I should just give up taking it personally if they want to conduct themselves in such a way then thats on them. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Laws are supposed to protect me against such things but the abuse of power comes in throwing me to such animals without being able to have rights like normal people. So the human animals acting like our violent, careless greedy common ancestors do just as you would expect them to. Be destructive and selfish.

This is why America is done. Lawlessness and might makes right. Corruption and abuse of power. Thats all thats left now. And the common man left in charge like a house slave for the corrupt abusive power structure.

Remember always that, this situation would have overwhelmed most people. That I am not weak so much as I was put into a situation I could not possibly win or get out of and I was stripped of all my human and civil rights and left without counsel, recourse or protection. There is absolutely no way I could have done any better at this or won. And the only way for most of these people to NOT believe thats true, is to disbelieve at least officially the truth about what happened.

As far as I can see in circumstances like this, there is no law and order and humans dont have a law abiding civilized society at all. It seems they only have such a thing when it suits them. In situations like these they just do as animals do. Which means all law, order and civilization are illusions.

Why Is The HSHS Concerned With Monitoring For Pictures On The Computer?

I thought I distinclty heard them discuss once the security guard left, that they wanted to sit down at the table behind me where the computers are, so that they could monitor or watch  me- something about looking at or downloading pictures.

Ive never downloaded or viewed an inappropriate picture of anything in my whole life. Ive watched porn and looked at weird pics meant for adults.

I swear they did this the other night too and I asked the one kid about it and he said there was no policy about watching me or thats what he had been doing. But, as the perps know from testing me in AZ in 2007 before starting a full on psych warfare campaign- i can see things pretty well out of my parapherel vision.

My computer use has been being monitored for years being a gang stalking target. The problem with it and every other kind of surveillance is THEY MAKE SURE THAT YOU KNOW YOU ARE BEING SURVEILLED at which point it becomes psychological harassment.

Ive never seen so many instances where people are claiming to or be seeming to 'watch' me yet its logical that THERE IS NO REASON THEY WOULD HAVE TO LET ME SEE THEM DOING SO. Why is it necessary to let the TI know they are being watched?

Becuz in reality this is to silence a victim witness as well as part of MK Ultra behavior modification. What have I ever downloaded or looked at?

Many people during the first years of this when I started traveling kept using the intimation that kiddie porn or some site called or something like that was viewed by me from my apartment I had. That would be a miracle becuz I hardly knew how to use the computer and, being the primitive I am in part, after I got frustrted with it- I smashed the thing to pieces. Also becuz my bitch mother gave it too me and instead of helping me with it when I said I didnt know how to use it right, she kept doing sneaky head game shit like saying "Oh, interesting. You're frustrated by it." (F*ck u bitch. Ive traveled the country for 6 years, I keep my weight down, I still look fairly good and dont need money or a 'creative' lawyer to be happy- which she probably still isnt.)

I saw this fat black bitch today named Lisa at one of the drop ins in Cambridge. She's older and an African American you cal tell her ancestors come from northerners in this area not southerners. Her accent is completely Yankee and she looks different than they do.  She's very Cape Cod sort. She was also in on the gang stalking campaign for years in these places (most of them she sticks her nose up to. She says the Women's Center is disgusting. Yeah if you're an uppity asshole sitting on yer fat ass waiting for the state to hand you housing but its useful IF YOU ARE DOING ACTIVISM AND NOT AFRAID TO ROUGH IT to survive.)

All she could do today is talk about how she was going to tout her fat ass home to her apartment. That was the end all be all of her existence. The pinnacle of life is a fuckin apartment in some section 8 shithole in this area. Many a perp on these L-O-W levels have helped ruin the lives of people like me just to get into such a thing for themselves or at least to get in faster than they would have.

She was fat, a loser, horribly middle class or lower middle and she reminded me of my obnoxious mother, and everything thats wrong with this area. Especially old school idiots like her who still think its the old days and boston can just do as they please.

There is  a reason that alot of these shelters have cleaned up their acts. Its not just becuz they completed some goal they had. Its becuz slowly people like me had been blogging- lots of other homeless people, complaining and exposing the ludicrous corruption in the homeless industry here. And after the bombing, something clicked here. Either the bombing was just too much and people said no more get out (Menino) or they realized that thier city isnt infallible to either real terrorism or false flag terrorism- and they better watch who the fuck they have walking around the city and they better make sure they watch who is getting harassed or bullied.

I often wonder now if the Boston Bombing wasnt actually a payback to the city for all the douchebaggery they'd committed on people's lives like mine. Either by real terrorists or the false flag people who, though they do things for other more solid motives, I notice they get a sense of amusement out of handing it back to people who they originally make deals with to f*ck people over or use and abuse them. Like they dont really respect the people who sell out and cooperate with them to begin with.  Much of what they do is a joke on the public- the very people who support them by messing with people like me.

Perhaps this is the kind of thing I am supposed to sue for. This constant harassment thats done using the excuse of monitoring me for other things. If you are going to monitor someone then just do it quietly, why would you announce it or let the person see you.

And the amount of resentful energy I feel when these people sit behind me or any other situation I have to deal with this bullshit is outrageous.

Like the shelter rat perps I just wrote about. Once at On The Rise when that shitty crowd of douchebag staff was there with the douchebags from St Patricks shelter-one women who was disfigured, like a burn victim or something she was watching me squat down to look under the kitchen sink. I could FEEL the pure hatred and jealousy coming off of her at the site of my ass in my jeans.

These assholes have known all along that all they are doing is making me the aged, physicially ill person I am today. Most of these people did this on purpose. Its my undertanding that I would have actually been killed off if I didnt "have friends" as I was told. Leni an administrator at Women's Lunch Place hissed that at me one day. As if its the only reason I didnt get framed up for robbing a bank or whatever else they were planning that I was told about. I cant imagine what was being plotted that I havent been told about!

People need to realize this is what leads to lone shootings and terrorism. These hidden legions of The Biggest Assholes In The World working for these intelligence or covert agencies and crooked law enforcement or whatever. They get all these people killed and destroy countless lives then just sit back and smirk and act smug (and brag about thier shitty four walled shitholes they got rewarded with) about what they've done.

Either we are dealing with a massive conspiracy of cult members or this is a lesson in what happens to the public when they are handed the power of spycraft that obviously- they CANNOT handle.

Add to that most of the masses are under mass mind control. Youve got a population of people who are clinically insane in charge of spying on Targets or whoever. Most of them know its dishonest and its to kill off inconvenient people.

Humans are mad killers every one. An environment like this one during Bush has allowed such impulses and behaviors, individually and collectively to become acceptable, even deemed necessary under anti terrorism. Its as if all the a-holes know its a cover up but they go along with it becuz everyone else is and its in the darker nature to mob and kill anyway. If that isnt dangerous I dont know what is.

Keep Getting Visions of Local Woman Known To Me In Relation To My Now Jailed Companion

In relation to him I keep getting these remote viewings and I have regularly. I had a remote viewing of him being with his ex girlfriend one day near the pond in the Boston Commons where they have swan boats a few weeks ago. He told me he was with her that day in that location.

Now when I last went to visit him I left and soon started having visions of his former girlfriend (not the one I just mentioned he was visiting in the Commmons with in Boston) who he lived with a local woman known to me as Patches. I keep getting these impressions of some connection to him. As if there is something suspect going on either a continued love affair or...that she's involved in the gang stalking on some level, even if she doesnt know thats what it is or that its connected to MK Ultra.

She keeps popping up in my mind in relation to him. From what Ive seen of him he cant be trusted. The last thing I need is another diversion.

But then it might be the system trying to make me become paranoid about him and have me screw it up. Logically hes a waste of time. But there is something to this, if only my first legal challenge becuz if he is telling the truth I dont think his situation is completely fair.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this. Every time I am around him I walk away with these paranoid impressions of this ex of his.

I rarely get remote viewings but I have in the past. When I do its usually something that needs to be put to me in that way for me to pay attention to it or the content is seemingly important. Yet, obviously like everything else, remote viewings can be mere illusions, put there for the purpose of diversion and deception.

Melanie Vristchan of EUCAH arrested for submitting legislative proposal to EU Committee to ban Chemtrails and covert electronic harassment.

This might be why they seem to be trying so very hard to keep activists silenced now or finish us off completely or push to discredit us now more than ever.

Monday, January 13, 2014

GS Is Bad Again In This Area, Could Be Due To My Making Positive Changes

The harassment is very bad again now. Every since my recent companion was arrested. Everything from perps in stores crossing my path around corners to the typical tradesman driving by breaking his neck trying to look at me as i wait to cross the street.

I feel like my brain is slowly deteriorating. Melting. And I am very subdued for some reason.  It could be the intestinal flu cuz i had to go to the hospital. But they may be trying to stop me from making changes in my life.

When I was in bed in the emergency room dehydrated, docs trying to stabalize me- I was dreaming about glasses of water. Green juicy apples.
After all that food came up especially from the middle of my stomach I realized that I simply eat too much.  I didnt realize that much food could be in those tubes known as intestines.

Ive been enjoying cutting out certain foods and feeling better. They might have noted me doing this and dropping weight and want to stop it. For some reason its very standard for formerly attractive older female Targets to be driven to being fat or overweight.

It also feels like that recent viruses one catches and has to go through as a sickness..that there is some element of biowarfare to it. Cud just be I am getting older with comprimised health. Yet, it does seem that many of these sicknesses and its specifically what I catch in the northeast if I am home, do things to not only the body temporarily but to the mind-permanently. Could viruses be delivery systems for other things designed to permanently disable a population? 

Its going further every day- the idea that the USA is done and its time to go to Europe. Being shown all of the mistakes that the US is and has been all along. All the illusions I was living being raised here for so many wasted years.  Its sad and frightening to see one's birthplace rippped apart but its the truth- much of our culture is foreign trickery and its meant to keep us down nothing else.

Then again, I probably wouldnt be getting any of these ideations if it wasnt for being in the city limits of metro Boston. So these lessons in themselves are from trickery. Though they may be true.

I suppose that if the USA isnt going to go back to being what it was then there is no point in staying. If people are going to remain asleep. The NWO is just as bad in Europe especially with the forced mass immigration.

The system keep pulling up ramdomized memories- not randomly mind you, they are memories that I wouldnt have been able to pull up myself if it werent for the system in this area. Each one seems to be pulled up and run through to make me recall the abuses of these last ten years. As if now I am being pushed to do something about it.
Key incidents where someone did or said something that make me realize the situation is as bad as it seems. Yet, im always being stopped from taking action or writing my book some other forces. It really at this point depends on location- even which building I am in- what institution or area of the city.

Central Sq Cambridge has nothing but bad intentions. The Whole Foods there is awful full of the world's biggest assh*les who are snooty and theres sometimes a perp who acts out like that creepy dykish woman last week. Whole Foods really is as bad as Walmart and Target- worse in some ways due to the overtness of the gang stalking throughout the years. They act like they dont have to be careful like other stores.
Its only specific ones that are heavily involved but all have horrid environments when u go in there. Granted not as bad as Walmart.

Most stores selling food are involved in gang stalking. Most chain stores generally now are involved. Independent ones usually dont have any gang stalking or effects from the camera systems and thats all around the USA. The exceptions are in the Boston area EVERY store is involved.

Whats happening is my thoughts are being manipulated and guided to take a certain action as opposed to my mind just thinking as one would normally. I wonder often why the system wants me to get a lawyer so badly and go after whoever I can for whats happened. It seems that this system wouldnt want me gaining anything at all in life. Considering what they've been doing to me for years now. Why would they want me to get lawyers and try to get justice for myself?

Its totally strange to me. It occurs to be that its nothing but a trap. Its gotta be. Why would this system help me accomplish such a thing? I dont get it. Unless some other forces have now taken over or are influencing events and doing so differently.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday Nights Worst For Tech Torture Here In Boston- Last Post Shows!

Is that last post any sort of testament to how hard Saturdays are in this area much less Saturday nights? Ive always shown that pattern to be true and that last post certainly attests to it.

I am lucky enough to have gone somewhere underground with no cell reception. As I decompressed from the outside environment as such I  immediately asked myself "What the f*ck did I just post?".  It stays on the blog of course becuz everything is supposed to be candid. Showing just how the progression of a TI works and how different locations and time frames change the Target or thier circumstances.

I only remove something if I feel it wasnt meant to be up here or if its truly detrimental to the cause.

Im sure the researchers love it. Its free feedback from the subject. Which is why a TI is probably put into a situation where we have to blog in what we feel is our only mode of self defense.

Note how in the last post I am totally focused on my anger and all my humanity or tolerance is totally removed. I dont know why the Cambridge and Boston area has been like this on Saturdays but Ive documented it making me aggressive like that for a few years now. As opposed to where I was recently in the northwest where it seemed that Saturday was a semi clear day and sort of the pre-clear day before a totally clear Sunday. In this area, it gets so much worse on Saturday then its clear on Sunday. Never as clear as on federal holidays or my birthday. Federal holidays are the best relief. That or if there is a national disaster like a major storm or event where it seems that First Responder services need to be used for such things. Then the remote influence is...diverted. The focus no longer seems to be the TI.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


You wanna make nice? You wanna put things in place and 'move forward'? 

That doesnt consist of me being silenced permanently and going to UMASS. It consists of me exposing everything thats happened to me for the past years since this bullshit started in earnest in 2003 or better yet 1997 as I was targeted overtly then notably AFTER my mother was going to attend the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in 1995 due to her being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra with both parents US Marines.

Retrobution would consist of every single person who screwed me over being exposed for what they did even punished. Then of course there is official acknowledment of how much brain damage I have now due to not only that moldy apartment I was kept in with psychological warfare (and made moldy by pipes being burst on purpose in two locations) but with years of being dosed with unknown substances by asshole perps with spray bottles in public spaces, in food or in air vents etc. Microwaved, radiated etc.
Run ragged by years of being forced to live out of a backpack on the road since 2006. That alone has caused major degeneration of joints and more.

Ive also been prvented from getting my liver disease treated which I was going to proceed with if it was pressing compared to going to college.

My female organs have also been damaged by being forced to live on the road.

Lost wages, opportunities, the loss of multi talents some latent and just being discovered while finally living on my own in Brighton including singing which now will never happen due to mold damaging my lungs permanently.

The damage to my eyes makes it so I no longer want to read and thats been since 2006 as well as I cant draw due to my eyes and my pinky finger being amputated as I was forced into livng with a criminal posing as a TI who was breeding dogs illegally and one bit my finger off as well as ripped out my tendon on my left arm leaving it permanently weakened.

I cant have nightmares about whats occured becuz of the brain damage I no longer dream. Ive had a total of maybe three dreams as normal people know them and as I remember them since 2006. The only nightmares I have are related to ritual abuse which I should have been able to get rid of had I been allowed to deal with it as I should and see a therapist and hypnotist in 2004.

The emotional, mental and spiritual damage is probably not even concievable to most Americans who arent familiarized with long term torture of a human being.

I am functioning carrying alot of damage specifically brain damage. This is in reality part of the MK Ultra program. THE SYSTEM WANTS ME TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND COLLEGE WITH THIS MUCH DAMAGE. To see if they can behavior modify human beings to be controlled like dolls or robots via OUTSIDE forces such as chemtrails, psycholigical conditioning (stalking and harassment via humans) and mind control through technologies.

Can I compartmentalize and heal myself to the point of functioning normally. Imagine thier wonderful soldier of the future: functioning with such damage either on the battlefield or in society.

We have become a militarized society. We are occupied by a military dictatorship and its being done through military technolgies and means: no banners, no fanfare, no speeches, no uniforms, no gloryfests. But you better wake up and realize thats whats happening.

The only way for me to get what I deserve for what Ive been through is to write a book telling everyone who will listen exactly what happened and for people to realize the dangers of the NWO and the forces and people behind it. If I can sue and gain some documentation and damages then fine but they could give me a billion dollars and it still wouldnt bring me back to where I was with all that I had inside of me to offer in 2003. Or 1996 even.

Going to UMASS and conforming would only assist the continued unethnical human experimentation. WHY WOULD I DO THAT?

System STILL Trying To Harass Me Into Attending UMASS-I Will Never Attend That Ghetto Diversity Loving Hell Hole

Still trying to take care of health issues so I can eventually get out of the USA.

Its been tempting lately, with my new companion in jail, to give into the still present badgering to attend UMass Boston. I know that they ripped him away from me at this time becuz having him around I was gaining alot of momentum in looking up lawyers etc. This has brought me to a grinding halt which of course they wanted.  Its amazing how stupid the cops act when, they are so very involved in the NWO and understand whats transpiring on higher levels.

Again I have to ask why would I put myself through such a thing as going to UMASS? Thats a place where security in marked cars have gang stalked me using obvious, overt tactics and I was even given a very frightening experience of pain to my temples in a computer area once as well as students being obvious in watching what I was looking at when using the computers by stalking behind my back as well as laughing about being charged with monitoring me in such a way.

Ive also experienced the biggest assholes working there as staff who one once laughed right in my face from her little break room.

Ive also been stalked, spied on and followed consistently by African Americans at that school. They love thier COINTELPRO little black spies usually very nasty females.

I refuse to put myself in such a compromising position where I am only going to be humiliated. UMass Boston is for the n*gger loving population of Mass-hole-achussettes who care LEAST about poor white women, especially those of us who come from Third Wave immigrants (Ireland, Italy- people who are very European, our ancestors have only been here for 100 or 150 years).

I have been reading up more and more on how mass immigration is destroying the homeland of Europe and the only countries who are smart enough to even curb it are Switzerland or tough enough to use violence and thier strong historical nationalism (Eastern Europe, Russia). They arent stopping it, they are containing it and addressing it. Even Israel is taking measures like bleaching food in illegal African restaurants. And even though I dont approve of Israel's genocide of Palestinians or the other crap they pull to get thier way in the world, I cant blame them for wanting people OUT who arent there by Law Of Return since they have worked hard to genocide thier cousins and secure that area for themselves and their people.

Its appalling the way Americans are being diverted to wonder about if Kardashian's ass is real instead of paying attention to the very pressing matters of Fukishima radiation from the west and how the entire world is being destroyed to set up a New World Order especially our homelands to the east.

Obviously the powers that be are destroying any areas that are too civilized and conversely areas that refuse to join the modern age like Afghanistan-curiously, all places where Aryan peoples reside.

I have absolutely had it with peoples of African descent being used to destroy the entire world here and abroad. Its now total war. Which means I would stay in a place like Boston only for medical reasons then leave for someplace much more aware of exactly who one can trust in the NWO- sadly its not blacks. They have proven time and time again to not only be ineffectual against the NWO but to actually be helping the powerful people behind it to bring it into being, and that includes the president.

Its the 21st century. Boston and other Liberal Elitist places like it are still stuck in the 20th century and the idea that civil rights is about black people and using a term like minorities to represent only certain demographics is even relevant anymore.
Berkeley, CA has the same problem last time I was there just last year.

The Elite in these areas hide thier true intentions to create an NWO by keeping up the illusion that Liberalism is still about what it was in the last century. The game now consists of just the ELITE- all parties, all belief systems and ideologies.

Its laughable that people believe in any good in such an area as MA but refuse to acknowledge the evil that exists with the presence of Raytheon, MIT and other countless institutions and private sector companies connected to the military industrial complex.

I have had quite enough of being abused by the Bay State and nothing they can do short of admitting what they did, paying me off big time and bowing their f*cking heads in total shame would ever be enough for me, which, being from here I know they will never do. People like me are just toys to the assholes that reside in places like Massachusetts. And I will never forgive them and all the harassment, shaming and mind control in the world cant make me do what they want me to do.

Harvard is here. Ive realized over the time Ive been a gang stalking target that Harvard University is nothing but total evil. Whatever is left of the physical structure of the place that they cant destroy that still harbors any sort of spirit of what it once was decades ago is subdued by modern technologies and presence of legions of horrid YUPpie scumbags. As well as the never ending spooks that are always on the MBTA and walking around these areas 'protecting' our country or rather the investments of the elite assh*les. The place is saturated with covert ops.

These people can all go f*ck themselves. I will NEVER attend school here, as much as I may want to or had in the past. Even the kids who are a new generation working at the Harvard Homeless Shelter arent any different from the little pricks in the past who were very overt about being in on gang stalking me. Just yesterday I caught them laughing at the clients when they thought none of us were observant enough to see what they were doing. (Dont we recall that Im "very observant"? according to one spook at the Women's Center? LOL). I scolded them not to laugh at the guests. Just moments later from afar, they looked like the perfect two children of the elite, standing side by side. Purely wealthy looks, perfect features of the class, beautiful statures. A real horse and pony show set of winners.
Now..if only they were taught they had souls at home, they might actually become human children. Hahahaha.

This place will NEVER change. If I attend UMass I am going to bring some sort of Racial Awareness group to campus where lost stupid white trash can come learn about their identities and get up out of the prison of Wiggerism. Then of course the stupids who believe its still 1974 will whine and cry racist which I really dont have time for.

Either this area and the whole USA wakes up to the NWO using Diverisity to break down and destroy strong ethnic identities to enslave mankind or I dont need to be here. There are too many whites here who are asleep and dumb enough to immediately reject their own people on site. Class warfare serves this purpose also. The people out there right now HATE anyone with a backpack or anyone alternative.

I dont have the patience for this silly bullsh*t. And all of the leaders of the movements in EU and Russia who were moving against immigration being used to destroy historical white culture and its people are now in jail for life. Which means its time to seek out someplace where one can find a way out of being enslaved.

Boston, as its been documented by the military is going to be one of those areas that gives in very quickly to any kind of martial law whereas Texas would be a different story. Why the hell should I stay here?
I am already sick of blacks here as it only takes about two months. They act like assholes here becuz they are coddled, spoiled and tolerated here. In the rest of the USA they would have starved to death by now or been run out of town or beaten the fuck down by law enforcement and had standards they'd have to live by (Dallas).

There is no way in hell I am going to subject myself to going to college at UMASS Boston. Not in a million years not ever. I totally agree that I should have an education but the gang stalking system and everyone who helped it destroy my life for the past ten years SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT before they prevented me from going to UMASS in the early 2000's when I had completed vocational testing and was ready to go. Instead, my perfect blonde cousin, the daughter of the guy who used to kill people for the dirty  mafia scumbags, who decided to just dump our hard fought for Catholicism from Cork Ireland by becoming a Christian- SHE gets to become a genetic engineer. Fuck that asshole, screw my family and up yours to the Bay State.

I will NEVER attend that ghetto sh*thole. EVER. Purely becuz there has to be something wrong with MA and the system here wanting me to go to school there that badly. There has to be something wrong with it then. Another wrong turn for me to make to fuck up my life somehow. Why so I can get gang stalked there and finally go postal? NO F*CKING WAY.

I am going to sue who and what I can, take care of my health them I am going to leave this Liberal Elitist shithole that supports King Obama and his bitch wife and all thier sick Black Supremacist friends and find somewhere that actually likes me for who and what I am instead of constantly tries to make me into what and what THEY are.

As far as I am concerned, MA has destroyed a multi talented, beautiful female of European descent in her prime becuz they are a bunch of elitist, n*gger loving, greedy assholes on a total power trip, connected to Europe's elite from the country's beginnings and connected strongly to Israel, the bankers and whatever their agenda is.

I will move somewhere that will completely acknowledge the damage that has been done to me and will clearly see the years taken from my life. The USA no matter where I go continues to insist I give up trying to be heard or trying to heal myself properly by dealing with the years of lost life by being open and honest about it. So then, f*ck the United States. Its dead, its gone its over and thats that. Whatever has become of the USA its not the place it once was and whatever its become is so surreal you have to live in a constant state of mind-f*ck in order to just function daily. Its like being kept on drugs constantly. I quit drugs years ago- I dont like it. I dont like the way it feels. I dont like the blankness, the deceptiveness, the lack of honestly or of life energy.

Boston will not allow me the right to exist as I am becuz they refuse to acknowledge the truth. Boston is the hub of the universe for total scumbags. Boston is the seat of power that has helped the country turn against the people and smugly believes no one will notice becuz they bathe themselves in a good light which consists of hospitals, Harvard, MIT and sympathy from the Boston False Flag Bombing as well as thier sister city in assholedom- NYC which is unbelievably evil and of course there's 9-11.

Unless 9-11 is finally exposed this bad acid trip of a nightmare will NEVER end. So why would I go to college here?

Im sure they want to wear me down until I am unhealthy and aged enough to believe I have no other options. Leaving the USA might be a big mistake due to life never being as good as it could have been here yet, having to face whats been taken from me ever single day in every waking moment of that day is not a life. So therefore me living in a place never being able to admit what really happened and having to pretend I am this other person daily, is part of the ongoing torture. You live the rest of your life in a state of torture daily.

I absolutely refuse that. I saw my grandmother have to live that way and my mother who, I know for a fact is targeted also as she is the documented original MK Ultra experimentee in this.

The USA isnt interested in anyone's pain and suffering other than thier own anyway. They dont care who or what they have to exploit to get what they need for thier ridiculous lifestyles here and throw away culture. Americans are retards-Europe's failures and I should have been gone decades ago. Unless I get fully returned what was taken from me there is no f*cking way I am going to attend college here and try to PRETEND to live a normal life.

Everyone just makes any excuse they can for me being the way I am anyway. Everything from perp's claiming its becuz my mother was too hard on me to my mother and her family claiming I am mentally ill like my father. Then of course the local townie morons and whoever else on that level like to still talk about whatever video on the internet Jake my ex put on there but Ive still never seen anything of it.

People here are in total denial and will NEVER face the fact that their state is totally evil and elitist, just wants to use them and that the United States is completely fucked. And everyone is too stupid and unsophisticated to understand MK Ultra. So why would I stay here any longer than I had to? The public here will never accept me for me or even understand what I could have been had I been left alone to develop normally and go to school as I had planned.

America essentially hates me. I know there are other countries where I would fit in better- just my spiritual maturity level to begin with. America is disgustingly immature and thier tastes are just stupid and awful. Ive never been treated well here and as long as I stay I will always have a lowered status. There is no way I am going to tolerate that. And I am sick of being controlled, stalked and followed by my own people. At least somewhere else, I can look at it that its thier people.

As far as I am concerned MY people are dead. Brainwashed zombies lost in another place and time. Fuck Boston. BOSTON STUPID. Not Boston Strong. tasteless it is to market a tragedy like that. Its easy to do when you are marketing a false flag op. Too easy. Boston has become a hollowed out shell and its being used by the globalists to buy and sell its impressive name brands and pedigrees. What was once here that actually existed that had true solid value is now gone.
Thats what the globalists are asking of you. THAT is the reality for all of us in this New World Order. That is what you are going to get:
Chemtrails every day. Psych meds and psychiatry. Hipster and YUPpie friendly churches(just CIA fronts). Cameras everywhere observing and mass mind control through the towers as well as other technologies you cannot see. Cell phones are part of this too.

All the while you focus on whatever nonsense is put before you or this younger generation's ever boring tastes in reality tv and the radiation from nuclear fallouts, the oil spills world wide have effects on the environment.

If the NWO is so great once again I ask why are people like me who have been victimized by war crimes silenced? Why are they not telling people about mass mind control? It cant be good. Its a deception that they hope to slowly pull people like me down into joining.

In these psycho's Great Work- in the Masonic mind, every brick has to be in perfect place. Measurements must be precise for the structure to stand and exist. I am that one brick. I must be shaped, cut down to size to 'fit in' to the larger structure. They have no respect for random chaos, the beauty of Nature. Only thier own designs.

And that was fine for the madness of emperors and pharaohs killing thousands to put up great structures in the past but man is supposed to evolve beyond such slavery now. And by the way PEOPLE ARE NOT BRICKS nor materials. Humans are not supposed to be living this way. This is by design. In order to die with any sort of true dignity as a human animal or being one has to fight this plotting and scheming of this major deception.

That is the only good life or positive outcome right now.

Manning, Snowden and Assange were the ones who took risks to expose crime But those who planned the wars, those who committed war crimes, those who conduct illegal spying, for now, walk free-The Guardian

Friday, January 10, 2014

Harassed By Person With Badge And Others In Beth Israel Medical Center ER

Got stomach flu, couldnt keep anything down, got dehydrated within just hours so went to ER. As I once again vomited and triage were trying to stabilize me a man with a badge patch on the arm of his jacket either Boston's medical team that are part of police and fire unites or someone from the hospital, an older Caucasian male, overweight, was going out the back door of triage, said something as he walked out I did not hear and as I lifted my head from vomiting he was going outside he gave me the same 'thumbs up' as the two Cambridge detectives who stalked me in Cambridge a month ago(which I have posted on this blog).

Actually this only made me feel more like my expose I am still going to write- my work, was more important than ever.
Always remember that no matter when they catch you in a moment of being powerless or if they are winning the psych warfare campaign that day- recall that every single one of these people are supporting international pedophile networks as well as every other connected kind of international organized crime..and of course the NWO which they are probably too stupid to realize.

They support networks of the elite who have intercourse with children- from babies up to teens and beyond, and often torture and kill them, even producing films of such activities.

Just remember this the next time someone uses thier official authority to harass you. Most of the time, keeping this in mind, you realize that if you look closely at the faces of these people, they will resemble every single pedo you've ever had to deal with or had knowledge of.

Most 'gang stalkers' I have dealt with turn out to be sex offenders, rapists, domestic abusers, extreme sexists, pedophiles and often have something on thier legal records indicating as such. If they are clever as my grandfather was, being a male man and hiding behind a uniform or having a decent job etc-they will never be caught.

Alot of these people actually know who the Target is especially if the person is a Survivor of mind control projects or programming (including ritual abuse), though many of them seem too stupid to be involved in anything like high Satanism or programming. They just support the system due to being unexposed sex offenders for the most part.
They only know that the Target is someone who is a threat to perhaps some local hidden source of criminal activity they want to preserve- especially if its connected to cops who are being paid off alot of money and organized crime thats nicely tied into the police like the Irish mob here in Boston (which I was told by a cop pays off  "..hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, luv.")

Think nothing of it. Besides, they use so many lowly black males and total scum of the earth can you really take them seriously? They strive to keep African Americans in the position of house-slaves for eternity. That isnt something you should support or tolerate.
The blacks being immigrated into Europe to destroy it are being used to same way and they also will screw over thier new host countries and everyone in it in order to do whatever they have to to please the people in power and to secure a place in society.

Once I got treated I was released and stayed in the waiting room for the night which the decent African American security guard allowed. I got one youngish black male moron doing the 'wallet tap' tactic wearing scrubs so, of course there's no wallet. They still use this tactic only becuz they have found it works. I ignored him the way I do all of them. In truth I say to myself that he has to wake up black in the morning and I dont so they cant do very much damage. PC has to place on the battlefield. It will get you killed or captured.

Their only goal is to find some tactic and gesture that works on the TI. The things they do make no other sense than that. This is one of the reasons they test a TI early on for things like how far you can see out of your peripheral vision and things like how you respond to sound, vision etc. They want to see exactly what psychological tactics you are going to notice the most.

One bitch at the Women's Center a few years ago, said of me to another woman right in front of me "She's very observant" when explaining away why I reacted to something as I did. This was still in a phase of my not being as militant in my defense as I am now and perps could still play with me a little in other words- I still had a bit of the normal human being in me, someone who expected to have a life not being attacked all the time. How did this women know I was very observant? I'd never seen her before in my life. She also said it was good I didnt go to Oregon, as there were high rates of depression there.
That blonde, older woman who sits downstairs in the Women's Center all day who claims to be writing a book and all she does is sit there and eat watching videos. She was in on that conversation. If thats what its like to work for this system you can have that.
Alot of perps seem to be kept down in the dregs of society. Its totally bizarre what Ive seen. I guess they just blackmail and brain damage these people to the point that they work for this system as slaves for life.

On the #1  bus, that hateful hot spot of gang stalking by elite whites and thier black house slaves, some YUPpie pushed me and then insulted the way I dress- which was in my pajamas on the way to shower. I told him off shortly and in an articulate manner yet I noticed out of the corner of my eyes, two younger college age males looking at each other across the bus and one making an excited face and expression as if they were impressed with my performance or reaction. As far as I am concerned, this was a perp group doing exactly what they did in the southwest when I was MILABed. Its human experimentation, stress testing, etc. All part of MK Ultra all part of seeing how a Target reacts to stress or can the person be trained to handle stress or desensitized etc. Its all part of MK Ultra.

Of course the Target seems to be strong on the outside and by thier reactions but the constant triggering of the Fight or Flight response is doing damage to the heart, brain and other organs and burning out the adrenals. As we have seen, the people behind these long term experiments utilizing public spaces dont care about the Target they truly believe the person is akin to an expendable animal in a lab setting.

And most of this is to also keep the Target controlled. To ensure that they are kept down daily. Their confidence is destroyed on a daily basis so they can never accomplish anything or be anyone.

Strangely Ive observed that all perps resemble each other and even the races of perps look alike according to race. Black male perps all have certain similar characteristics as do YUPpies as do younger kids. They often behave the same and have similar mannerisms. Its very strange. As if they were genetically related somehow.

If I had a lawyer I suppose I could request the security camera video to find out who that man with the badge was as there were cameras on the ceiling that must have caught the incident at the hospital. But we all know that the cameras only serve the gang stalking system and mass mind control. If you notice, you will see in each area there are cameras posted especially in outdoors public spaces, not far away there will always be cell phone repeaters (those things on the sides or tops of buildings that they always try to camouflage in some areas they make the towers look like pine or palm trees). The repeaters are without a tower. They repeat or carry the signals from the towers to the area they are located in. Microwave signals are the same bandwidth as cell phones.

All public spaces are now 'psycho managed' by this simple system of the presence of cameras (to observe) and cell repeaters (to influence behavior).

I might be being harassed at the Lutheran or Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter again but its very subtle. Its also been pretty peaceful here but thats been becuz they never know when I will come in for an emergency bed. Now I have a two week bed it seems a campaign has begun. I thought I overheard one of the guests saying I was selfish and a bitch. Strange, considering Ive dedicated my whole life to exposing the truth and remaining in poverty and homeless and the people who harass me most seem to be connected to the elite, and the most elite institutions.

Thats what slander and useful idiots are for I guess.

Due to my being militant in defending myself nowadays I can imagine the psych warfare campaign at the Lutheran is going to be clever and subtle. They were sooo disappointed when I brought in a verification letter from the hospital. These children of the elite are dying to believe I am just a lying, full of sh*t typical homeless assh*le. Since thats what society has reduced everyone to nowadays anyway.

I wont soon forget the torment I received in this place years ago when a more conservative power structure resided at Harvard. They still are but now, they cant afford it. The economy is bad and people are noticing things.  Most shelters and drop ins have cleaned up thier acts.

The kids that are still here from that time period seem to feel bad, but not enough. Even though I act as if I dont have an issue with the past its in the interest of having a normal life to maintain...and the fact that kids from Harvard who claim to be doing something good but even think of giving someone like me a hard time are bullsh*t hypocrites who dont deserve to be acknowledged to begin with. If you can play stupid, so can I. You deserve it.

The gang stalking lately is about keeping me controlled in the form I am in now. My hair is very short and I dont look good anymore. I am often tired and my health has waned. There is no homeless scene left for my to call home or family. The young YUPpies in the city now are judgmental, uppity rude assh*les who reject anyone or anything that does not conform- the NWO's dream generation.

This is being used on a daily basis to use shame and intimidation to control me. There is alot of using people to sit near me or stand by me in public spaces. Its an attempt to finally get me to feel comfortable or trust in my oppressors. Keep someone down long enough in shelters in poverty and dependent and then get them comfortable with the 'guards' and the person has a nice case of Stockholm Syndrome for life. Its all part of the behavior modification processes.

Who the f*ck would trust the children of the elite and thier law enforcement anyway? I KNOW what they are doing its just daily trying to live a normal life and avoid it influencing  me.