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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Is The HSHS Concerned With Monitoring For Pictures On The Computer?

I thought I distinclty heard them discuss once the security guard left, that they wanted to sit down at the table behind me where the computers are, so that they could monitor or watch  me- something about looking at or downloading pictures.

Ive never downloaded or viewed an inappropriate picture of anything in my whole life. Ive watched porn and looked at weird pics meant for adults.

I swear they did this the other night too and I asked the one kid about it and he said there was no policy about watching me or thats what he had been doing. But, as the perps know from testing me in AZ in 2007 before starting a full on psych warfare campaign- i can see things pretty well out of my parapherel vision.

My computer use has been being monitored for years being a gang stalking target. The problem with it and every other kind of surveillance is THEY MAKE SURE THAT YOU KNOW YOU ARE BEING SURVEILLED at which point it becomes psychological harassment.

Ive never seen so many instances where people are claiming to or be seeming to 'watch' me yet its logical that THERE IS NO REASON THEY WOULD HAVE TO LET ME SEE THEM DOING SO. Why is it necessary to let the TI know they are being watched?

Becuz in reality this is to silence a victim witness as well as part of MK Ultra behavior modification. What have I ever downloaded or looked at?

Many people during the first years of this when I started traveling kept using the intimation that kiddie porn or some site called alt.com or something like that was viewed by me from my apartment I had. That would be a miracle becuz I hardly knew how to use the computer and, being the primitive I am in part, after I got frustrted with it- I smashed the thing to pieces. Also becuz my bitch mother gave it too me and instead of helping me with it when I said I didnt know how to use it right, she kept doing sneaky head game shit like saying "Oh, interesting. You're frustrated by it." (F*ck u bitch. Ive traveled the country for 6 years, I keep my weight down, I still look fairly good and dont need money or a 'creative' lawyer to be happy- which she probably still isnt.)

I saw this fat black bitch today named Lisa at one of the drop ins in Cambridge. She's older and an African American you cal tell her ancestors come from northerners in this area not southerners. Her accent is completely Yankee and she looks different than they do.  She's very Cape Cod sort. She was also in on the gang stalking campaign for years in these places (most of them she sticks her nose up to. She says the Women's Center is disgusting. Yeah if you're an uppity asshole sitting on yer fat ass waiting for the state to hand you housing but its useful IF YOU ARE DOING ACTIVISM AND NOT AFRAID TO ROUGH IT to survive.)

All she could do today is talk about how she was going to tout her fat ass home to her apartment. That was the end all be all of her existence. The pinnacle of life is a fuckin apartment in some section 8 shithole in this area. Many a perp on these L-O-W levels have helped ruin the lives of people like me just to get into such a thing for themselves or at least to get in faster than they would have.

She was fat, a loser, horribly middle class or lower middle and she reminded me of my obnoxious mother, and everything thats wrong with this area. Especially old school idiots like her who still think its the old days and boston can just do as they please.

There is  a reason that alot of these shelters have cleaned up their acts. Its not just becuz they completed some goal they had. Its becuz slowly people like me had been blogging- lots of other homeless people, complaining and exposing the ludicrous corruption in the homeless industry here. And after the bombing, something clicked here. Either the bombing was just too much and people said no more get out (Menino) or they realized that thier city isnt infallible to either real terrorism or false flag terrorism- and they better watch who the fuck they have walking around the city and they better make sure they watch who is getting harassed or bullied.

I often wonder now if the Boston Bombing wasnt actually a payback to the city for all the douchebaggery they'd committed on people's lives like mine. Either by real terrorists or the false flag people who, though they do things for other more solid motives, I notice they get a sense of amusement out of handing it back to people who they originally make deals with to f*ck people over or use and abuse them. Like they dont really respect the people who sell out and cooperate with them to begin with.  Much of what they do is a joke on the public- the very people who support them by messing with people like me.

Perhaps this is the kind of thing I am supposed to sue for. This constant harassment thats done using the excuse of monitoring me for other things. If you are going to monitor someone then just do it quietly, why would you announce it or let the person see you.

And the amount of resentful energy I feel when these people sit behind me or any other situation I have to deal with this bullshit is outrageous.

Like the shelter rat perps I just wrote about. Once at On The Rise when that shitty crowd of douchebag staff was there with the douchebags from St Patricks shelter-one women who was disfigured, like a burn victim or something she was watching me squat down to look under the kitchen sink. I could FEEL the pure hatred and jealousy coming off of her at the site of my ass in my jeans.

These assholes have known all along that all they are doing is making me the aged, physicially ill person I am today. Most of these people did this on purpose. Its my undertanding that I would have actually been killed off if I didnt "have friends" as I was told. Leni an administrator at Women's Lunch Place hissed that at me one day. As if its the only reason I didnt get framed up for robbing a bank or whatever else they were planning that I was told about. I cant imagine what was being plotted that I havent been told about!

People need to realize this is what leads to lone shootings and terrorism. These hidden legions of The Biggest Assholes In The World working for these intelligence or covert agencies and crooked law enforcement or whatever. They get all these people killed and destroy countless lives then just sit back and smirk and act smug (and brag about thier shitty four walled shitholes they got rewarded with) about what they've done.

Either we are dealing with a massive conspiracy of cult members or this is a lesson in what happens to the public when they are handed the power of spycraft that obviously- they CANNOT handle.

Add to that most of the masses are under mass mind control. Youve got a population of people who are clinically insane in charge of spying on Targets or whoever. Most of them know its dishonest and its to kill off inconvenient people.

Humans are mad killers every one. An environment like this one during Bush has allowed such impulses and behaviors, individually and collectively to become acceptable, even deemed necessary under anti terrorism. Its as if all the a-holes know its a cover up but they go along with it becuz everyone else is and its in the darker nature to mob and kill anyway. If that isnt dangerous I dont know what is.

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