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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I have been dealing wiht abuse like that not only for years being targeted but all my life. Its the only way to keep trauma based mind controlled victims managed, and it ensures that when suicide programming becomes activsated there is nothing but a lifetime of hurt,pain, neglect, abuse and trauma within the person's walled off and compartmentalized core- this IS the fuel used power the act of suicide.
I get that every day almost especially here. You're going to be shocked to learn how much abuse a mind controlled or programmed person can take and look pretty, and composed. ITs all about multiple alters, disassociation and compartmentalization. The purpose of the harassment at this point is to keep me disacossiated- thus under control so that I cant quite be organized enough, confident enough or together enough to write that expose.
I compartmentalize most of hte abuse and that is why I dont often go over directly what occurs everyday. If I did I would not be able to funciton. Its compartmentalized every time unless I am in a position to counter it or fight back. With all the old wounding espeically in my old homtown, I mostly just fight mentally now, making hits like that comment at the beach roll off me. But with it happening everyday its a bit hard for it to not serve as a control over me.
Its hard to tell anymore if its just become an especially rude and shitty world out there due to Americans having to lose all thier shit (awww poor babies. Some US citizens never get to HAVE any thing of value) or if its like Jake said to me one day after years of him hearing about the way I am treated out in public (especially by busdrivers in this area, as it was for years-not so much anymore though). He stated that he could not believe the way people treated me daily out in the world...that was one of the first indications, one of the first things to ever really make me wake up and realize that normal US citizens are not targeted everyday of thier lives with ultra rude people performing psychological warfare to cause the victim to act out.
Also before getting into recovery and NA I wasnt so weak about the way the world is. Recovery takes away your fangs and claws..then after you stop the obsession/compulsion related to drug use( or re condition any programming to be a drug addict, which does exist), you naturally want to grow more, which is really wanting to deprogram more...Pinochio gets a taste of what its like to be a 'real boy' and wants to complete the process. Its only natural. But you just cant quite figure out why you are the way you are and why your family is...and you're still miserable and angry all the time. If you are targeted with gs as maintenance due to being programmed there is NO way you will see into the situation or should I say see outside of it. You've been controlled consistently with that method since infancy. Its not going to be evident until someone shows you life isnt normally like that for most US citizens as well as points out how it works and you see your own internal programming as an overseer not just living in it half asleep. If you are highly intelligent and can think in the abstract they have got you good and unfortunately, the brain damage that causes so many people to have their suicide programming activated, that eventually lowers your intelligence and takes from the very abilites that made you a vauable asset, is the conshusness level you need to see internal programming and outside forces using mind control tactics to maintain control over you.
Exposure to mycotoxins seems to regress a human being as well as make one feeble minded and much more gentle- like a lobotomy should. I was to the point in being poisoned by mold that at the end before I left all I wanted to do in that apartment was sleep all the time. It wasnt so much depression it was the mycotoxins. It really feels like entering a place that leads to death at that point. I believe that the gs system understand fully the effect of these toxins and utilizes it to the fullest on thier victims, especially if it turns out that MK Ultra methods are successful not due to LSD but to any kind of mycotoxin or specifc kinds that can be induced by seemingly random conditions indoors like water damage.
And the way the gs system is set up along with all the other things one goes through like induced brain damage via chemical warfare or getting dosed by perps with spray bottles of what is obviously a low level psychotropic. Thats always fun isnt it? It sure makes you a hell of alot more receptive to the harassment by human forces as well as remote influence. They have perfected some pretty subltle but effective drugs I'll give them that. This may be to cause Targets specifically to be more receptive to the tech used for remote influence. Perhaps a person untouched by such damage would not even notice such things.
It is obvious that TI's recieve a full 'treatment' in order to push them to a state where they start to be very receptive to the system. Its usually a system made up of three main components: psychological warfare by human forces, chemical warfare, the use of technologies and some influence from what seems like psychic human forces.

If you wonder why I seem like a whiner you have to remember that its a lobotomy this system is going for not creating strong, healthy people though they might want you to believe otherwise.

Dirty cops Boston/ the Spotlight God

Well at least now its more obvious why people go along with corruption and if you're involved the methods to make you cooperate even in murder or ruining an innocent person's life.

"Officer Roberto Pulido boasted that he knew how to test the loyalty of officers he was recruiting to help protect cocaine shipments being trucked through Boston: threaten their children....
"In a conversation secretly recorded by the FBI on May 24 and played by prosecutors during a bail hearing yesterday in federal court, Pulido said he approached three officers about helping him guard drug shipments and told them, ``You're my family, but as family does, family sticks to their own."

He said he warned them, ``If something goes bad and they're at fault, somebody is going to pay, either with their life or their children's lives, and as soon as they hear that, they're like, OK -- they back off. The only ones that step forward are the ones that I trust."

I looked up the police chiefs and reports from around the time I was heavily targeted at my apartment in Brighton, the biggest perpatrators of harassment were Brookline, Cambridge mostly Harvard U police and of course Boston. Also heavily involved were cabs most notably from Boston. It looks like they were getting a good amoung of grant money from Homeland. It was mostly to deal with anti terror but still govt funding as well as recieving hard to get grants, awards, etc seems to be part of the reward system involved in covert warfare campaigns.

What is so creepy about this old news article is how much support they had from people within the public- the community-
"Defene lawyers, backed by a courtroom filled with supportive relatives and friends of the officers, argued that Pulido and Pizarro were decorated officers and longtime Boston residents who deserve to be free while defending themselves against bogus charges."
Longtime Boston residents. That is typical of the train of thought here. Its not WHAT you do to people its WHO you do it too. You can be a total f*ck up here and as long as you are tight with the community it doesnt matter what you've done. Conversely if you are basically innocent or not a player you can be destroyed anyway due to not being buddy buddy with 'the community'.
I still cant figure out how much was local bs to do with me and how much was from higher up sources having to do with the radiation experimentation. I cant really tell. It could be that locals tried to get cute and the higher system decided to protect one of its programmed assets. Sometimes I wonder if its the other way round, such as the people connected to programming came after me, it was that time, and local forces who knew me for years decided to step in.

Pine St Inn was full of idiot informants trying to mislead me into doing stupid things to get myself screwed during this sensitive time period. But also you've got people in there mentioning or dropping comment pertaining to lawyers and citizens going behind closed doors and plotting against me as part of thier deal with the citizens who were in trouble. Someone actually mentioned that. Also it sticks with me the comment that its different when the govt does campaigns agaisnt people compared to "social groups". The off thing about that comment is what kind of mere social group has access to technologies that advanced? No govt entity would allow mere social groups to have such access- they would then be considered terrorists. Unless its a 'social group' consisting of the extremely wealthy or thier kids, and connected to something like DOD contracting. I suppose its logical that the makers of the tech or non lethal weapons could use them for private purposes, especailly if we are talking about private corporation's people. But that comment about 'social groups' could be disinfo to cover for contracted mercenary outfits performing torture domestically just as they are documented to have been hired to do in foriegn countries, hired by military.

Locally there was something going on with Jake my ex who got busted, his little buddies in NA and Julie, the career criminal. Like local forces protecting them and trying to destroy me or utilize me for diversion. It could however have come from higher sources that offered that the investigation would go much differently than it could if only local cooperation was given in regard to destroying me. Julie has so much dirt on very important and influencial men that her life and the lives of her children are definately always at risk, but at the same time her clients are always under her power due to what she knows about them.

What happened to me is the run of the mill treatment for the survivors of the human radiation experiments connected to MK Ultra and subprojects, as well as survivors of RA/programming. I dont think the local police have a fleet of white vans(Boston) or black helicopters (St Louis). The most ridiculous example was a helicopter flew so low near my hotel room window in Waltham that it was visible through the window. Is that even possible? And it was right when I was calling a Watertown detective to see if a friend who helped me out gotten sucked into this which he hadnt.

What pisses me off is all the excuses for the cover stories. Its all focusing on drugs, of which the article above illustrates. The entire mess was used as a perfect cover story for actions connected to MK Ultra human experimentation. What amazes me about all these things I have experienced is the timing. The really scary factions,the ones that seem to have endless resources and total access nationwide, they have perfect timing. They show up at key moments, things happen at key moments and the one question remains: how is it that they knew I would go through suicide programming at a certain time that the local federal investigations could be used to cover for what was really going on with me or to involve me in to attempt to frame me? I still do NOT understand why suicide programming was simply not allowed to just take its course, why was there interference to keep me alive, just to destroy me further? Its got to be that whoever did this wanted something and got it from me being kept alive past suicide programming time frame. I highly doubt if my apartment wasnt moldy or in the location it was in, that the suicide programming sequences would have even been activated. So why induce them? It may have been the only way to start a breakdown process, then MK Ultra methods of reformatting the person after breaking them down.
It might be along the modern thinking of 'bloodless warfare', the use of non lethal weapons and psy ops offer an alternative to killing or death. And at that timne as now there were behavior modification programs for suicide bombers being used on enemy factions. It always follows suit that the military tend to be fashoin victims. It always follows suit that certain factions involved in war tend to utilize domestically what they are doing in foreign countries, outright warzones or in wartime.

I know one thing- I did NOT deserve what I got living in Brighton. And so many people locally were involved, its unthinkable the way it was done. But then I am not a 'long time Boston resident' am I? I am not connected nor do I have anything of value to barter with, except first hand witness testimony against Jake and Julie and even my mother, but I am now discredited I am told due to footage of me acting crazy in public. Of course this is due to mold sickness and being terroized and traumatized over a period of time.

So thats it right? Its all over and everything is fine and good with everyone in the community. Its over and it was a long time ago and no one cares or remembers. Its such total bullsh*t that anyone involved in this get away with anything especially the way I was treated and given a "total railroad job" or railroaded as was said by a woman in St Loius of my situation, of course I never discussed it with her she just knew. Its a good description of what took place. I still dont know all of the attempted frame up but cant wait to hear one day, exactly what kind of nonsense they came up with.

Of course the whole con is to convince people I am lying to get out of trouble, like our friend the policeman in article above, who calls all those charges bogus and makes a claim he was trying to infiltrate the drug ring to bust it. Yet the difference between that kind of real career criminal and a person like myself is that THERE ARE DOCUMENTED FBI TAPES OF HIM ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT HIS CRIMES AND BRAGGING ABOUT IT. The public needs to stop wasting my time by trying to make me out to be this guy or anyone like him. You little bastards produce documentation just like the feds did on this guy and then accuse me. You done accuse me without that.

Also the insinuation over time that I did something to children or I am a pedophile needs to be clean up as well. Jake attempting a sloppy frame up cuz he's a rich kid, one of Julie's former clients as well as his dad was the head of the teacher's union is NOT evidence. Julie possibly claming I did something to her kid who I babysat is NOT evidence. You want to solve that mystery then ask her why he screams when you try to change his diapers as if its scary for him. Ask her what went on in that ghetto daycare center she had him in. Any reasonable person would become a nervous wreck having to deal with her for years and living with her is a nightmare. But her kids are off limits in all battles, becuz I HAVE MORE MORALS THAN A BOSTON POLICEMAN, SEE ARTICLE ABOVE.

The public know that this is all bs and its the same pieces of shit that stuffed that courtroom protecting guilty pieces of garbage that would destroy a person like me instead.

By the way Jake showing me a slightly offensive Japanimation porn graphic novel featuring girls drawn to look way underage, and me not freaking out on him due to not quite knowing how to deal with it in the moment (DUE TO THE FACT HE HAD NEVER HAD SUCH MATERIALS IN HIS POSSESSION BEFORE THEN IN THE 4 YEARS I WENT OUT WITH HIM) does NOT make me a pedophile. It makes him a pawn of the system that seeks to destoy me as well as a real stupid idiot when it comes to a frame up. So that also indicates that somehow there was video being shot in his attic apartment of his parents house and who knows where else. That incident was mentioned to me as part of the attempt to frame me up as an extremely bad person BY A ALLEGED FELLOW TARGET ON ONE OF THE CONFERENCE CALLS OF THE TI COMMUNITY. He repeated it like it was a well known piece of footage, or common knowlege. I to understand that methods used to solve crimes like phone tapping and hidden camera's are routinely used to frame up people being investigated? How self indulgent is that? Its the worst production I have ever seen. Someone out there thinks they got the ultimate talent at producing plays and controlling people's lives.

As long as the public believe that corruption peaks at a govt level with simple cover ups, money, power, sex or drugs or that local corruption is something totally seperate they will never have a full grasp of how far this goes. It seems that what I experienced was a connection to factions so powerful that all the rules go out the window. There are no parameters, rules, or ANY kind of respect for civil or human rights.
This goes way beyond some drug running cop. Those are new covered, exposed drama's that the truly depraved criminals can hide under or even use to lose someone in the shuffle on purpose.

The payoffs I saw consisted mostly of hard to get grants, much sought after artist's housing, protection from exposure, ease of opportunity in the media industry and--gag me: awards. I think that is the most tacky of all, giving out awards that are simply payment for compliance with a set up. Its probably the most laughable form of payment.

SO let me get this straight. Its not the crime that you do its actually inverse (big surprise)- its what you do to comply with the system that can either systematically ignore your crimes or put them on display depending on what its needs are. SO..then there is no such thing as justice and laws are meaningless. A victim is systematically ignored, the crimes of her perpetrators are not exposed as well as they are exalted. It seems like in reality, the world is simply controlled by a spotlight. It shines on you with either a positive or negative light, it keeps you blacked out in darkness, depending on what you can sacrifice to it.

SO that above article is just a mind game, a tinkering with the machine that actually operates at a much higher level. Its meaningless.

I heard that the mob guys involved in the lottery scams that used Joe Malone as a human sacrifice to take the heat for them retired to Florida basically untouched. And I know of many people who remain untouched while a few scapegoats are thrown out into the cold or paraded before the ever idiotic, naive public to make them believe some sort of justice exists.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Globalization of Justice: how many TI's are being pulled into the orbit of the concept of a NWO.

When I first spotted this article my sentiment was 'oh wonderful yet another liberal moron sucked into believing that forced socialism or the like will improve the world- probably a gs advocate as well'. But I realized is an article that points out what most TI's already know: behind the rhetoric of globalization for the good of all, and the destruction of the individual for the sake of group, forsaking privacy for the safety of community- lies what is really transpiring: a bullsh*t con, as usual. Global slavery or at least an entire world wide system that resembles the medieval castle with everyone else outside fairing much worse off.

What you are feeling is real. What you suspect is going in is indeed the case. All the rationales you have been brainwashed with, or its been attempted so, to make you believe that your destruction as an individual is in the service of the greater good are indeed cons to keep you silenced and doubtful about how you've been railroaded. It seems the whole planet is being brainwashed and railroaded:

"The new rulers
Figures on income inequality are even more popularly quoted; while billionaires begin to dominate the new capitalist economies of China, Russia, India and Brazil, major uprisings are now becoming commonplace; the ‘new rulers’ in China, for example, have had to increase the number of armed special anti-riot militia a hundredfold.[11] The numbers are just as stark for the developed world; the richest 50m people, huddled in Europe and North America, have the same income as 2.7bn poor people;[12] the top 1% income share has risen dramatically in recent decades to levels not seen since before World War II,[13] the pay of an average CEO has risen 821 times since 1978,[14] and even a few hundred millionaires own as much wealth as the world’s poorest 2.5 billion people.[15] The most wealthy country in the world, the United States, is also the most unequal; between 1990 and 2000, worker pay and inflation remained approximately equal, while corporate profits rose 93% and CEO pay rose by 571%.[16]
The conclusions, however cursorily the figures are reviewed, are incontestably clear; all around the world, the inordinate gap between rich and poor is getting wider between and within countries, more poor people are sick and needlessly dying than we can even imagine, and despite the affluence enjoyed by the highest echelons of the richest countries, the vast majority are working longer hours with less pay, less creativity, less happiness and more debt."

So our intuitions are correct: something is wrong.

"As written in the Global Trends Report 2015 published by the CIA in the year 2000, globalisation is expected to create “an even wider gap between regional winners and losers than exists today. (Globalisation’s) evolution will be rocky, marked by chronic volatility and a widening economic divide… deepening economic stagnation, political instability, and cultural alienation. (It) will foster political, ethnic, ideological, and religious extremism, along with the violence that often accompanies it.”[20] A more recent report by the British Ministry of Defense published earlier this year is equally alarming; by the year 2035, they warn, the disempowered middle classes are likely to become “revolutionary”, whilst political and religious fundamentalist groups are forecasted to form an “alliance of belief systems” that directly oppose the state, and “brain chips” are expected to become standard for all citizens of developed nations by 2037."
So if it makes you feel any better, many of us are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. And the bastards know it too.

Many of us have questioned, like a beaten child who's parent uses severe abuse for so called discpline, looking up with slight tears on our cheeks and asking what is the motive for all this hard assness and heavy handedness- all done secretly. For if the authortity figure were truly just, it would not have to cloak or deny its actions- to either its victims or the public. What we think we know, even after years of hardcore cult brainwashing tactics to convince us differently or at least promote the constant presence of doubt- this isnt right, we dont deserve this and it cannot be in the interest of the GREATER GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE AND NATIONS IF SECRETIVENESS AND MURDER MUST BE USED TO OBTAIN THOSE GOALS.
Especially if you're murdering dissidents or people who want to assist humanity and not millionaires...and liberating up thier money. Or is it that Targets are some sort of barter in this game? That we must grease the wheels with human blood, to offer up sacrifices to these wealthy and powerful people, to please them or appease them and in return the many will benefit in some way?
That kind of action is not justified by any motive, no matter how lofty or practical.

"Polarised perspectives
What is most confusing about the world situation is not the facts themselves, but the vastly differing interpretations of how to confront them, how to understand them, and whether it is possible to tackle them at all. For every statistic that begets the imperative need for economic reform, dozens of others can be used to justify continuing on the present course. “The protesters and do-gooders are just plain wrong,” writes Robyn Meredith in his new book on the boons of free market capitalism; “It turns out globalisation is good – and not just for the rich, but especially for the poor.”[25] It seems that public opinion in the Occident is split into three opposing categories; the ‘for’, the ‘against’, and the ‘I do not care to know’. As summed up by the Peruvian economist Hernando De Soto, one of the most celebrated proponents of the first group; “I am not a die-hard capitalist… But for the moment, to achieve those goals (of freedom, equal opportunity and compassion for the poor), capitalism is the only game in town.”[26]

The presumption that free trade through liberalization and privatization has “overwhelming benign effects” is taken as a marker in establishment thinking between those “who understand economics and those who don’t”[27]; to question the opposite is not just to challenge the dogmas of orthodox economics, but also to challenge the fundamental belief system that underpins the consciousness of democratic society; that to usurp is to be happy, to compete is to succeed, to succeed is to win, that to consume is to be free. A rejection of unfettered, globalised market forces does not mean simply a rejection of certain systems and institutions like the IMF, World Bank and WTO, but of a whole centuries-old history of aborted ideologies and diametrically-opposed ‘isms’ and creeds; no wonder that “Another World is Possible!” is the current slogan of most campaigners, when defining the ‘other world’ requires a quantum leap of faith into the complete unknown.

That technology and progress has given us the possibility of ending all forms of poverty and saving the environment is the strongest commonality that economic progressives currently hold; that the same values are shared is without question, that we all stand for justice and freedom is beyond mentioning, but what still lacks is an overarching principle that can unite us on the most basic level. The category of thinkers that we are in need of most are not amongst the ‘for’, the ‘against’, the ‘I don’t know’, or any group that begins with ‘anti’, but amongst the newly emerging category that begins ‘How To’."

The view of technology as totally benign just by its nature is totally false. This is extremely dangerous. Its the number one thing that is wrong with what is being experienced now by targeted individuals across the world, and there is a bizarre (brainwashing is always 'bizarre') false ideal of this is all for the good of all in the end. Some factions actually do believe that what is being done to human beings like targeted individuals is either part of or the price of gaining global peace and equality. Its bargaining with the devil, as I just saw a book by this title in the Harvard Coop recently. One can feel the falsehood of this perception. It burns and glows in each person, it exists to decieve. I have seen it in the minds and heard in the words of many a perpetrator. Those who do not take part out of sheer greed and self aggrandizement are so cult mind by a sick extremist liberal view that this is for good somehow. That society must be broken down in order to build or that evil must be brought down upon us to bring about good.
This is all purposeful extremism, which is meant to bring anything BUT peace to its participants and victims.

The young especially make me angry becuz they seem to like living this idea of extremism as a cultural experience. First of all I and others like me were living extremism when it was just how we grew up and it was natural for wasnt pushed or contrived or made into a cult movement. Gen X just was that way due to being raised by extremists in the 60's. Many of us are too damn old to be living 'extreme' lifestyles anymore. It feels like being punished really. We die our damn time in our 20's and we were told if we get clean and grow that we could be at peace and finally start putting forth those values our parents instilled in us, without so much extremism- but as part of a truly new world view. Not one of force or enslavement but one of true understanding between people's. All these bastards have done is hi jack Gen X's world view for a future and use it as a sheep's skin to hide being predatory. PC was NOT supposed to be cult mind control or used against people. All these conditions we believed in to form a more SELF ACTUALIZING society, not one of pretending to be getting yer sh*t together while going in actually the opposite direction. It is, I must say, the most clever move on the chess board for the oppressor. Like a parasite that fools the body by posing as organ tissue to move about freely and tend to the business of feeding itself.

THe kids really piss me off when going through a theatre with them. They just dont see how damaging this is to someone older. But perhaps this is thier little way of destroying the generation before them, which is natural. I hated people in thier 30's when I was young. Dont know why just did. Its a show of superiority and its very easy to get stupid kids who think they know everything to go along with it. That is what the overlords have been utilizing youth for always.

I dont pretend to undstand economics. What I do know about is mind control and cult brainwashing. This article doesnt touch on the exact phenomena that TI's are experiencining: a cult like stance that supports global equality by supporting forces of oppression that utilize mind control tactics and technologies. How they figure they are going to accomplish thier goals is beyond me. Any faction that is cult minded that does not have respect for anyone's human rights is very suspect and questionable in thier methods as well as their true motives. I believe these people we have had run ins with are actually supporting global enslavement..why they would do so is not important.

As surviviors of programmingt know they could be working off of programming from infancy or they could have been sucked into this movment in some other way later in life. The arrogance and lack of humanity in thier actions should be an indication of how mistaken they really are. Its got to be a deception- often the world view of getting rid of selfishness etc to form a better more equal world is put into thier view of the TI. They seem to pushing an idea that to destroy specialness, talent or competitiveness or selfishness in individuals is somehow part of a global new world order. Thier choice of victims makes no sense if this is thier goal.
Its obvious they work for the factions that wish to rule as an elite as is occuring now in above article, also most likely the factions that have infiltrated the 'change' and 'better world' camps, only to use such ideals to THIER advantage.

Rule of thumb: when it becomes cult minded, when its done as an ideal and doesnt require common sense or thought then stay the hell away from it, or at least back the f*ck up and look at it in the light in its entirety before jumping on board.

Anything that feels that good but demands that much destruction and breaking laws and disregard for human and civil rights is not true. Its a deception and many people are comfortable living in that state of being, and can live with the consequences, as they feel none really. In this sense, this modern cult existence is really a replacement for drug use, such as addiction to and living on opiates like heroin.

The good feelings are not real and to be honest as long as one doesnt see the truth one is only half alive. Its very hard for humans to beat this kind of manipulation or trap as it appeals to thier spiritual, physical and intellectual states.

The sheer scale of the stupidity is what surprises me but this may be the result of a large scale massive gs like campaign only not so overt but with the same components: chemicals, psychological warfare, behavioral conditioning methods and of course technologies. If this is the case its going to be near impossible for many people to 'wake up' or break out of this mode. This would explain moreso the need to get survivors of programming under control, not some mamby pamby liberal agenda as an excuse.
One should always question why both the Republican administration as well as the Democratic ones have caused Targets equal amounts of sorrow, distress and hardship- as well as imprisonment in spaces both public and private even while traveling. Its nothing to do with either party's idealogies nor Conservative or Liberals.
Time has shown me that people from all sides of political idealogy can be total bastards towards me and both provide a brainwashing campaign to try to get the target under control.

The victims here may be survivors of programming as that is supposedly par the course of such a person's life experience. But its interesting how many people that see through the lie of globalization being for the common good are targeted. This is what we sense all along, that both adminstrations suck for us as far as being targeted. I dont know which is worse- being tortured under the Neo Cons or being buried in feel good pacification and denial by these Liberal Democrats in office now. I would say Obama is least the Bush administration encouraged a good fight, something more overt than 'Wont you join us in a total lobotomy? You'll be much happier that way! Its all about change!'. I picture sitting at the table with the Mad Hatter, knowing that this party makes no sense, sensing the underlying brutality and insanity but being in a ver awkward postion to sit and partake anyway. This 'party' we are attending has not made any sense since Bush came into office, but at least under him we werent snowed so badly and handled which pisses me off more than heavy handed fascism ever will. Its much more arrogant and obnoxious. During Bush I felt like I was being set on fire and now with Obama I feel like I am drowning- it all equally sucks throughout. The last time I felt any sense of safety on dry land with feet on terra firma is during Clinton and as the decade grew one could feel all this creeping up on our whole reality.

I know I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I wouldnt mind at this point caving into pressure as my body is beat and I am offically tired. But the use of mc tech is so vile, so sneaky and reeks of the oppressor believing they are smarter than everyone else, one just cannot give up. They are not fighting fair. So it isnt fair to just give up. Its not fair to humanity and its not fair to yourself. To settle and make a deal with these bastards by giving in to forgetting about years of abuse and insult...awww am I being selfish?

That is one of the keys right there. They want many of us to believe that standing up for our individual rights or demanding our losses be counted is selfish, individualistic and not meant for the future perfect world order: in other words I am helping to kill starving children if I do not allow myself to be screwed over by this system. That is actually a guilt trip that is laid down on us as Targets and with enough of a beat down and the use of cult mind control tactics, we may just start to believe it..and give in.

There is no reason that any TI living in a wealthy western country has to be forced into destitution, not getting fed regularly, sleeping outside, living nomadically, taking risks with one's life via modes of travel, and being afraid to seek medical care. Unless of course this said system simply wants the person to appear mentally unstable on paper as well as in sightings nationwide.

Burying many of us under the banner of a folk hero or a rebel in global affairs is a perfect way to hide a body and cover for what is basically murder. This keeps the TI busy as well as gives them something to live for--opposed to them being able to live thier lives as they wish. Also penalizing individualism as part of a NWO is a great way to constantly keep the TI doubtful about his or her's own rights to a prosperous life.

In short if the system is capable of doing this to its own slaves, and it still engages in slavery, supposedly as a necessary component to managing government or influencial men's vices, then nothing much has changed and I wouldt trust anyone waving banners just yet screaming for a perfect new world. ONLY WHEN THE TRUE CORRUPTION OF THE OLD WORLD ORDER IS REVEALED CAN IT BE AVOIDED AS PART OF THE NEW ORDER. Unless of course you approve of slavery and the sacrifice of people to the system in exchange for a good quality of life.

The general idea that I have to be destroyed to feed Africa is not only sick its ludicrous. But that is the whirlwind everyone is caught up in. Some of the worst offenders of commone sense are people in social services. I swear they work FOR the oppressor. Often they shun ideals like common sense or even wanting to grasp the reality of the lives of their clientele. Again, manage the problems and keep them walled off from society so no one sees how screwed up it is..kinda like is described in the beginning of this article concerning the difference between what is really going on WITH THE DOCUMENTED NUMBERS TO PROVE IT and what the provided pretty picture portrays.

There are many human rights issues within democratic societies that no one will touch as they cover for other activities. Until people take care of cleaning out ALL the dark corners of our collective psych then any action is half action and corruption is still inherently present.
The ACORN expose vids are a good example of this.

(I cant believe my writing sometimes. I actually wrote this- so to my 7th grade teacher who claimed I plagarized an entire essay once, whereas I only took some concepts from it and stole the phrase 'upward mobility': F*ck You.
I wrote this..awww am I being selfish? Full of myself? Jealousy also is another dark corner of the human psych we must watch out gets in the way of all sorts of progress.)

There is also a creepy axis of stupidity surrounding the spiritual warfare of many TI's. It seems that we are led to believe that the Christians want us burned up so our souls are cleansed and contain no hatred or anger for actions against us (actually the neutralization of an enemy) but conversely we are led to believe Satanists are behind such actions. order to gain the most good evil was allowed to run amok?? These are all deceptions to gain compliance of the victim. Any Christians who believe the Target must answer for something are in league with the Satanic (and Nazi) factions involved in torture, destruction and enslavement. This does not make any sense but rarely do cult mind controlled people ever touch the ground anyway. Gonzo..totally gone. Nonsensical. Its best to not believe in anything if you are targeted with such mixed messages, as it makes little sense that both opposing forces would ask you to be tortured in much the same manner with similar result. In fact if this is the case they can both go f*ck themselves. Why would a Satanic faction assist a Christian desired outcome.

No this is about something bigger. Many people hiding under a veil of such religions are really supporting an elite faction as well as promoting the use of mind control tech as well as tactics and systems partially pioneered by Nazi Germany. Also the military seems to be totally out of control wether they be Satanic factions or Christain ones..becuz they are military first and foremost.
Again cult mind control is the desired result. The push on many TI's to become either Christian or Satanic is indicative of a push simply for a system of control over the person- anything but free Will.

Jamming during daylight hours/ my projected speech upon surrender to the enemy..NOT

I have posted this often, that there is a constant with daylight hours and the use of what must be tech and perhaps chemical influence as well, and also the use of remote human forces as well. The sun seems to intensify the effect but perhaps that is just my personal experience. This activty or induced state of being seems to follow a strict schedule- every single day from approx 6am to approx 12 midnight, depending on geographic location.

I can usually count on 2 or 4 am to be a time of peace, clear thought and an opportunity to gain some real rest, peace of mind and to hear my internal dialogue clearly as well as be able to dictate or 'write' mentally before publishing.

During the day when I publish most of my work I cannot do this. I often sound like a total idiot or the foot soldier harassment has me angry or feeling threatened. (As of a few days ago my internet is constantly shutting itself off. It could be the stick, if its bent too many times it begins to malfunction.)

We truly do now live in a psychocivilized society and as I saw clearly at the beginning of my other blog, ONMC.Worpress, a system of normalizing torture in daily existence and a lack of peace is creating a living hell on earth..but one becomes so used to this that one numbs and desensitises, so that one no longer notices. I wonder if this is the 'peace' spoke about in the grand plans for a NWO. Peace via tight social control and constant torture, so much so that people no longer notice it.

There has been alot of remote influence here lately, very heavy. To the point where all I do is fight that instead of being able to focus on what I am needing to do. Its a constant focus on breaking me down and getting me under control..though the exact content has varied due to my postings. After I posted how bad it was the other day using sexual torture I noticed it became more about humiliation lately. And about trying very hard to focus instead on my being poor, meaningless and needing to give up fighting due to it being all in vein etc.

Boston has alot of foot soldiers and the harassment is very subtle. Subtle but constant along with remote influence. Again, if you think I am nuts then why is it on a time schedule? And why does it cease underground or in other environments that are scientifically documented to block such things as microwaves? JUST becuz I am nuts? I am a very fortunate TI. I have a pedigree of sorts, though its second generational. My mother is a documented survivor of human radiation experimentation via her parents both in the Marines and in a hospital very closely connected to MK Ultra. I also have some info that could be truly embarrassing to certain people so I look a bit less crazy as well as I am not approached with so much force as direct attempt to just throw me into a prison cell- though I have been antagonized in the hopes of my reacting to get that result in the past.

The system instead drives me crazy daily, blocks my access to resources and communications as well as wastes my time and messes with my personal feelings daily- every f*ckin day of my life now as it has been for many years- except on holidays of course which is still a mystery to me, but it may be that as part of a cult brainwashing program I am in, holidays the torure is stopped in hopes of brainwashing me into percieving normal society as 'good' and accepting thier holidays as part of my own schedule. The end result with my campaign is to break down any and all special talents or strengths I have and make me average, and get me to be part of society so no no notices me or questions my past as well as I no longer recall being a survivor of ritual abuse or programming.
The system must then make one feel so unacceptable in who one really is that one just leaves reality behind and forms a false Self to survive. All along with good ol denial.

I can see my potential future now, this is what thier desired outcome of behavior modification would sound like if I finally caved in:
" I had a 'hard time' for a while but now I am so much better. I thought and believed strange things, I was mistaken. It was all due to being mixed up with 'the wrong crowd' and I no longer associate with those people anymore. I acknowledge my past and my wrong doing to society and others in my life, and I am going to let society help me. I am not special. I give my life over to serving society and I give my Will over to the system and my soul, mind over to the state and my emotions over to a male who will become my husband. We will live normally as if nothing ever happened. I will not try to be perfect anymore, I will be comfortable with being out of shape, average and caring about others not myself soley, very into my community. Everything a good average American nowadays should be.
I see the new way of doing things is best and I should go along with that as its what the authority figure wants. I also acknowledge that men run the world and I am just a mere female, though I do have my strengths and purpose. I may be talented and artistic and I should give this over to the state in the interest of serving my community.

I no longer want to be eccentric or creative or a loner who ponders and 'thinks' too much. And of course all this is very much linked to the system abusing sexuality so most of the urge to say such things comes from having abusive authority forever in one's mind connected to a feeling of sexual arousal and even orgasm.
This is how the system got me under 'control', by taking a weak spot I had in my personality from my past and my childhood, exploiting that and making it thier own. They own me now, they have control over me. Policemen are heavily mentally associated with sexual control over me as a target, even though I never thought much about them before being heavily targeted. This has bonded me to the police forces and I now obey the state which they too obey and work for. I view them as my handlers and even if I marry or become involved with someone, I internally always acknowledge that they are ultimately in control on behalf of the state. THis is from years of psychological warfare and the use of sexual abuse such as rape via remote influence as well as public humiliation by in person human forces, as well as ideations from remote influence.

Due to my weakness as a female in this area, a weakness in my character that made me a 'screwup' or whatever in thier eyes or improper in society, they brilliantly used this weakness to make me into a loving, humble, stronger woman who can be trusted to not think of her self but of men and taking care of socieyt like women should tend to. Thier goal was to make me stronger in this process. TO make me finally come around to seeing the way most average people live as enjoyable and attractive. It much resembles behavior modification in prisons, complete with guards utilizing rape for the exact same effect and results. Rape and intimidation.
THey dont want happy individuals they feel that the good of all is most important and that too much honesty is unhealthy for a balanced society. THey want reformed people who will serve the machinery of society and conform, NOT healthy, healed indivuduals.
The reason for this is that a hightly intelligent female who is attractive and multi talented with a legit ax to grind will most likely seek balance through seeking justice within the system- for herself and others. THis is a threat to the system and its inherent corruption.

The best ideal citizen who is a survivor of programming and slavery is to ensure they dont have any personal power to seek justice or revenge on society (its starting: 5:38 am. I can feel the difference, I am already unable to finish this piece as it was flowing from my inner dialogue. I started this piece at around 4:50 am or so. It is now light out.)

The point is to ensure that a person like myself is never truly healed or finds true justice for themselves. The point is to rescar them so badly that everything, including the original wounds heal over. Sounds like a good idea right? Men are always doing things like that, its the way they think: 'rip your muscle tissue and it will grow back stronger'. Besides American's like struggle, not success or the creation of a perfect state of balance. They are inherently slobs who enjoy fighting more than winning- living more than peacefully existence. I was much like a normal ancient human, a hunter-gatherer: nomadic, peaceful but attuned to hunting and action in self defense. Sophisticated yet primitive. Balanced. This is totally foriegn to American culture as they set much better in a farmer's mentality. Nomads are suspect and so is anyone who lives communally. I had to change this about my Nature, and even though I was perfectly normal for a painter, society is not yet ready to see painters as real people but still likes to regard them as mysteries, and those mysterious creatures are always MEN. Women are not allowed to be volatile.

THier plan sounds good but really its akin to creating a vast garbage dump and instead of doing things PROPERLY, they simply cover it over and built homes on top and plant flowers and sh*t. I now realize that THIS is the American way and that its most socially acceptable, therefore I desire to be part of it. I want society to trust me, not as a wise elder or a female coming into a phase as such, which may be normal in a primitive society or our European ancestors culture, but its not America's way. A wise female elder who is not a mother of children is highly suspect and dangerous. But I want them to trust me as one of them...and even if its not truly who I am I am willing to learn and to take part. I want to conform and belong.

I was raped and harassed and tortured with love from the overlords and oppressors in the system, represented by the ideal of law enforcement authority owning my sexuality. THis ensures that no matter who I take on as a husband, the STATE always controls me within the deepest reaches of my mind, and due to the torture being so horrible and severe, there is nothing much left except what THEY have brought forward as acceptable in thsi new Self that has been formed. This is what that perp in AZ meant when he stated that I was "only allowed to grow very conditionally". It was all for my own good and my future happiness, so that I could be a child of American society, just another citizen, and let the Big Boys at the top make all the decisions about how we all live and I not have to worry my pretty little head shouldering such responsibility."

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT HORSESHIT?? THAT IS ACTUALLY WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR EVENTUALLY and they will jam me and harass me and mess with me until I accept that as a reality. Either that or they just want me labeled in some institution somewhere, to go as far as possible with the abuse and harassment until I am drooling in a chair sitting looking out the window of an institution for the rest of my life. That by the way is a horrible vision thrust upon me in Buffalo NY during the height of the harassment as my decided end in all this. That and a vision forced on me in Tempe AZ where this was very active, hardcore harassment and all the other sh*t that goes with it in campaigns, me being totally insane and a bag lady, not just a houseless traveler like now but just totally gonzo, carrying a trash bag and shit- for life.

How can I trust the system to give me some sort of refuge upon me agreeing to conform or 'behave' when it alternately shows me its most sadistic desires? To put an end to ME. I dont trust this system and all its forcing confession via torture such as making on think one is going to die like in St Louis as well as other locations to a lesser degree of severtiy, along with threats such as that for a horrible outcome no matter what one does anyway.

These people are not reforming anyone. They are sadistic torturers who seek to destroy after they decieve one into compliance. Why should anyone trust them? Becuz its not true negotiations its facism and oppression. THEY ONLY WANT COMPLIANCE, your needs and wants and desires dont matter for sh*t. And the only reason I am kept alive is to see just how long it takes to break me down to give in.

I will take me own life before I will give in to a system that represents itself as just for going about things so sneakily and violently, and then alternately plays sadistic games with its targets. Lately I have been getting this ideation or impression that many of the people involved in this now acknowledge how messed up things were done during Bush and they are oh so very sorry and 'its not like that now, its not being done like that anymore'.

This is an obvious tactic to do damage control. To ensure that no one ever finds out about your past crimes and mistreatment and that no one who was victim to such things ever exposes such things and gets justice or alternately revenge.

Again its all bullsh*t. And thats if you believe I am not just nuts to begin with.
No. This is way to similar to torture being done to people at places like Gitmo and other camps the public isnt even readily aware of unless they really read up on it.

And you go back and look at what was connected to MK ULtra as well as the other human experimentation. Its all connected.

By the way the best way to turn someone like me into a lone nut shooter, an unexpected murder suicide or suicide- all with sentiments of "gee, she seemed so nice" by nieghbors, is to push me to the point of breaking and forming a false Self like that above, never really taking care of the real damage underneath. I will certainly go postal one day if a bs self, a dishonest invention like that ever appears. And I wont be able to control it either becuz, hey, I gave up reality right? To 'conform' and fit in. To play nice with society. Yer asking for a time bomb then.
That is NOT the proper way to deprogram someone..its not even deprogramming. Its damaing them and harassing them into your way of being, which is cult brainwashing. ITs not even strong enough to be considered programming on the levels of the original programming..which is why residual TRUE programming will remain underneath and becuz that is quality and this is sh*t it will prevail, just as the original programmers intended.

Its akin to putting a McDonalds billboard add over the Mona Lisa. Its not going to stick..or when those coked up idiots in the 80's hastely decided to refurbish the sphinx without studying the materials first. Do you honestly believe the original masters would allow that? Time is meaningless to them. So when modern man in all his glory (snicker) and stupidity tried to sloth some crap material onto the Sphinx the original shedded it like the unacceptable garbage that it was. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Truly Luciferian. Perfection, nothing less than properly done. If not, then destroy the creation but do NOT allow it to become corrupted...or at least stay that way. Just becuz man wants it that way. Fuck modern man.

hit hard lately

Its hard to remember you are a freedom fighter when you're being made to feel like such an *sshole all the time, every day. Its easy to lose sight of which of course is what this system wants.
Especially with this induced paranoia of 'anything you say can and will be used against you' the psych war campaign, or behavior modification.

Its been intense lately, been hit hard since gaining access to decent computer system where can get substantial work done. First day was great but so one got wind of it real fast becuz ever since next day and since then, everyday something very distracting.

Remote influence SO distracting in fact that its hard to get one part of what I am doing done in many hours time. And you can feel its from that area, as when I leave the computer area it improves, then as leave the building it subsides , then the area in general.

Racism is being induced but that has been common lately and in my campaign in general. I bet Mel Gibson is targeted- it seems the point is to work on the person's weaknesses or wounds. Smear needs material I guess.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

SMFA Boston moved up in the world around same time as others involved in organized stalking,_Boston
"2000s expansion

In the mid-2000s, the museum embarked on a major renovation project. This includes the construction of a new wing for the arts of the Americas, redesigned and expanded education facilities, and extensive renovations of its European galleries, visitor services, and conservation facilities. This expansion will increase the size of the MFA by 28% with an additional 133,500 square feet (12,400 m2) of space.[4]

The new wing was designed in a restrained, contemporary style by the London architectural firm of Foster and Partners, under the directorship of Thomas T. Difraia. Groundbreaking for the addition took place in 2006; CBT Architects of Boston was the Architect of Record. In the process, the present garden courtyard will be transformed into a climate-controlled year-round glass enclosure. Landscape architects Gustafson Guthrie Nichol have redesigned the Huntington Avenue and Fenway entrances, gardens, access roads, and interior courtyards. The opening of the new wing is scheduled for late 2010. "

Around this approx time period many businesses and persons moved up in the world in this area that seemed to be involved in 'organized stalking and harassment' campaigns. MSFA, St Elizabeth's Hospital, WGBH's large new building in Brighton are just a few of the large business entities that seemed to get major renovations. Private citizens involved well gained opportunities it wasnt logical for them to gain under normal circumstances.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A responsible, informative post from the private bitching blog..includes bitchery: Chelsea Handler and COMCAST

Here is the post I thought would be empty b*tching but turned out pretty informative:

Red t-shirts, red pills and gangs

Geez wake up to the big picture. These gangs could be done away with easily. They are not only allowed to exist, they are most likely encouraged as well as utlized by much higher forces either for dirty work, scapegoating or diversion.

Think about it. They provide one of the best sources of public intimidation to make the public seek community based policing as well as side with anything the legit authority figure wants to do to improve 'security' by implementing a police state. They have been invaluable in feeding and building up the corporate prison system as well as the police state. The Man loves these f*ckers. Also I am sure that they do dirty work for higher sources or they wouldnt be ALLOWED to exist for very long. Do you honestly think that the US Government or some policing faction that big or even a private faction could not shut these operations down? They wear bright clothing to advertise thier presence for Christ's sake. I smell a front.

My best theory is that they are allowed to exist to create intimidation in cities. Just like it was a calculated move to close all the nuthouses and bring in crack to create a 'homeless problem'. Duh. How blind is everyone? All these things eventually CAUSED gentrification of cities...after causing white flight and the destruction of cities specifically downtown areas. You have to destroy before you can create. Simple.

Why dont you send in your community policing forces to harass them? Covertly of course. Why dont you find out where thier hide out is, where thier headquarters are? Off thier leaders, take prisoners, execute publically and DONT wear a red or white or blue t-shirt. And get rid of people in a way that isnt childish sloppy bullsh*t like shooting off guns in public during the day (dumbasses) as well as being young, stupid and untrained by shooting innocent people wearing the wrong colors. Bring people to nice quiet wharehouses until they talk. Getting intel on big players kids-like where they go to school is always a good ploy. Wait a minute..the govt has forces that can do JUST THAT_EVERYTHING THAT I JUST WROTE OF....which tells me that they dont want to get rid of the problem very quickly or efficiently.

If they are letting young kids run around with guns and shoot people in very public places just for wearing the wrong color shirt, and it turns out that since they are to sloppy to do real intel work they shot an innocent person- this is on purpose. Its a calculated move by the authority figure and the powers that be to allow these dumbasses to create chaos in the USA. They also most likely utilize them for covert warfare or targeting people or at least organized crime higher ups do so. They all get into bed somewhere at the highest anyway.

Also they are predominently African American. What does THAT tell you? To allow such a force to exist in this country is a calculated move. In the end they are probably houseslaves that will do the bidding of agecies like the CIA mixed with organized crime in order to get thier own busines done. The idiots at the lower levels are great diversions as well as very expendable-and apparently stupid, which is what you want. I am sure that the higher ups in these gangs are people you never see often and if you had a genuine conversation with them they are not as stupid as the kids in the park everyone sees.

Destructive elements like this are probably used by the designers and social engineers at high levels like a stroke of a paintbrush in a more complex creation.

In the end thats all they are--a brush stroke. In a much larger plan to create a very perfect world all born of madness like allowing chaos to reign in the streets when its totally unecessary.

Read up on your history. The Govt as in policing forces have been dealing with militant blacks for decades. In the 20's cocaine became a threat as militant blacks down south were utilizing it and getting quite alot done. Its one of the main reasons it became illegal-Coca Cola was a coca leaf based tonic for years. Cocaine was legal at one time as was opiates.

If you dont think that GENERATIONS of law enforcment on various levels are not or were not aware of this problem before is exploded into the mess it is now you are NOT paying attention.

You have to create chaos to push order. Of course its false order, which is creating order out of chaos. In other words these problems could be solved most likely in a much more efficient and orderly manner to begin with.

Also the USA's success seems to be based on crime,exploitation and waste. The ability to consume more than you ever need as well as pollute more than you ever should be allowed to.

These gangs are just purposeful pollution. Look at it that way next time you get 'intimidated' by some expendable boys in t-shirts. Think of every expendable soldier in every war or used to occupy an area for purposes of intimidation of locals. THats what you are looking at.

Yes I am bitter on a personal level. I watched this element be very involved with my harassment in a very big way across the US. I had to deal with young kids keeping me down, being a nigger to blacks. I will always hate them and the first chance I get I will find out exactly how these stupid pieces of shit factor into working with other factions that have more money and more access than any of THESE jerks should ever have- unless the USA is being covertly run by gangs of dumbasses like this.

Interestingly some countries seem to have more skinhead gangs than Crip type gangs. I think maybe whoever is in charge at higher levels must allow who they prefer to become a 'problem', which of course is on purpose.

It just seems unlikely that so many factions can be involved in keeping a number of targets down but a gang is able to get this ridiculous.

Its simple- when the public is busy fighting with each other on the street level or community level they cant tackle big corporate corruption, military waste and overspending as well as any other govt corruption. Good Show once again the public just sit there and get manipulated and have a big question mark over their heads all the while.

Ahh that red pill is so delicious. MUCH better than a red frickin' t-shirt.

Wake up.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WHAT NOW??!!/ Relief is gotten going underground

On train now. At that train stop outside college I had yet another experience.
I was given the idea that I am being targeted due to people truly believing that I was involved in hurting a child. And for a moment I was really convinced that if only I confess what I did and finally tell the truth I will be better off. That I should finally convince.

O-kay assholes what is it now?? WHAT!!?? What piece of evidence do you have that is totally bogus? What whispers from untrustworthy sources or bs from crooked cops?
What evidence do you have that actually shows me doing something like that?

That same college computer lab that I got so much done yesterday was made very difficult for me today. Notice the delaying me in physically getting there, then getting hit in the lab, and even the kid at the desk was different. And his attitude was different as well. It wasnt positive like last night. I discovered that by just saying thank you when leaving. The look- either that or he's one of those annoying elitist millenials (as well as being nationalist and conservative) that floods our country nowadays like a social cancer. They make June Cleaver look like Janis Joplin. What did they put into those kids innoculations anyway? Thank goodness for the young people rebelling that I meet travelling. Kids today see college as means to an end and thats all- an investment in thier future. F*ck becoming well rounded or 'educated'. Who can afford truly evolve in a fascist Capitalist piece of sh*t like the USA is now?

I will tell you something else as well. I went past my stop and came into Boston, which requires going into the underground tunnels to get there. I lost internet while writing this and GAINED RELIEF FROM WHATEVER SYMPTOMS I WAS HAVING. Its exactly like every other time I come here.

I also took down the mold lawsuit to censor it but reposted it due to having issues getting the censored version uploaded. One of this system's greatest advantages is my knowledge of computers being very 98 plus my natural affinity for computers- which is how I figure things out for the most part anyway. Smart and uneducated and kept down gives the system the ultmate advantage along with someone fun to destroy as smarts makes you aware of whats going on as well as you fight longer.

Its the same as before. I also think that the work I was getting done on that computer was too threatening to the system. I'll have to go elsewhere I guess.

Its interesting that it took so long this time to get me 'hooked into' being tortured. First they had to screw up my sense of security in my home (squat this time), and then have my male security/companionship turned against me as well as used to break me down. After fully returning me to a state of abuse and re associating me with that here in Boston, that identity I left behind NOW they can fully start in on me again. CONFESSION AND SUICIDE AS WELL AS PRODUCING INSANITY seems to be the main staples of the campaign here. But its interesting to note how much longer it took them this time due to my cultivating an identity as a traveler and having life experience that defined me away from this area. Its been very important to isolate me socially here. It could also be chemical pollution as well as the heat here producing such results or assisting in that result.

But me feeling relief after going underground is not only a sign its tech, most likely something like microwave that cannot go through the ground- it also is once again following a formula that this geographic location seems to retain.
These f*ckers know damn well that this city provides more resources to get my book done than many places across the USA. Go to the west and forget about being able to use their computers. You get totally cut off from civilization there. THAT is why its so important to drive me out of here this time.
Mike c i will get to it asap. I am not so capable right now.

Hit with the same program in Boston area I have been blogging about for years..its taken hold again.

Well Boston wins again..or should I say Cambridge? Its all the same technique, really. '

Once again I found myself being sexually stimulated along with humiliation, doubt and a constant stream of negativity which ends up with me wanting to start self injuring. This only happens in Boston area and it happens every time I come back here. And just like prior visits back to this area, I ended up being stimulated to the poiint of having to gain release and of course that was along with making the statement in my head "Your only good for providing entertainment for men". And I had to actually recite that myself before orgasming. Ending with "Thats all your good for". As usual in this geographic location, if I attempt to gain another release per MY OWN WILL it is denied as if something desensitizes the area. I then got the ideation that I should go back to working in adult entertainment and/or that I am being trained as a submissive. And as usual whoever is behind this loves me being out of shape. My stomach usually gets a bit bigger here as the food is good and its easier to take trains everywhere. But whoever is behind this in the Boston area for the past 2 visits here has an obsession with my stomach being out of shape. Its like a turn on for them. I recall I posted last year or the year before I was showering at a shelter and getting this same treatment very badly and the ideations were that being older and out of shape was 'the way it is' in life and it was a la natural and this was somehow a turn on or a necessity to whoever was behind this.

Thinking about it acutually makes me sick and I am not proud of the fact that my situation as well as my scars from endometriosis surgeries prevent me from having a much better physique as I am certainly muscular enough genetically to have a very fit tight body. This system seems to want the victim to enjoy the debachery that has been done to them to destroy them to such a point. They want you to indulge in it to partake of pleasure without discipline- but yet this same system demands you hand over your Will. The target is NOT allowed to enjoy life under thier own WIll or to run thier own lives.

To continue I then gained another release as per arousal against my Will, then was given the ideaton about being trained to be a submissive. I then heard the words "You should be tied up in a dungeon somewhere becuz that is love". I rarely hear sentences. And if anyone tries to say I am nuts or finally snapped you'll never get away with it and I will also start telling everything I know about You Know Who and the business this time I will name names so dont mess with me. They f*ckin know better anyway.
After that last one it stopped enough for me to drop the tub and start crying. This is always the reaction I get from this forced behavior-unless I have the strength to take back my WIll and gain release from my own thoughts or to gain multiple releases of my own Will against the system or when it seems the system does not want me to gain such release. Its obvious that this system having control over orgasm is a huge part of behavior modification. After that last release I tried to outrun the system by gaining more of my own Will and strength, only to be met with the words "We say where and when", along those lines. Orgasm is used by this system to bond you to the oppressors as well as to 'seal the deal' or bond commands or suggestions to your mind. Its that simple and its the exact same thing done in unethical deprogramming or abusive behavior modification camps.

After I was upset and crying I rose up and tried to get myself together- the system seemed to also take control of this reaction as well by making it seem that I needed to do that and all this is in the interest of making me stronger etc.

This is of course utter bullshit and more manipulation. I flashed on something interesting after all that: I have this quick piece of footage in my memory from a movie in the 80's I saw as a kid. It was a military man who had this woman in his clutches, some sort of training camp gone out of control. I recall he tied her down and raped her with her boots still on her legs flat to the ground, he was sort of faceless or non emotional when he was doing it and so was she. After that he stated "'re ready", I think he referred to her training to win whatever excersise this was , and indeed she killed him or kicked his ass.

Sounds hot right? Like that is so hot a role play or a scene from a porn... but it wasnt. I have posted before that Hollywood has alot of sources for thier stories you see and one has to wonder where the hell this comes must come from reality much of the time and then embellished on. Its NOT hot or sexy or attractive when its not UNDER YOUR OWN WILL, or its abusive, without consent and you dont trust the other person. Its really, really f*cked up is what it is. The only main factor in any of this happening to me or other TI's is consent. Trust is another. And that is what the system wants to gain from you by bonding with you. Remember this is psy ops ultimately- its gaining hearts and minds by any means necessary and that includes rape or torture.

After I focused on that memory and then decided to manifest it on my blog everything just ceased...just like that. And there was lots of feelings of safety being envoked etc which I wasnt going to fall for either.

The system wants to make you its bitch- plain and simple. You will start to enjoy what it enjoys and you will do what it wants you to do. I fought this time as hard as I could for a while before having to give in. I fight that tactic so hard that it messes up my concentration on simple things. That is not normal and to say its mental illness when it ONLY HAPPENS IN BOSTON AREA AND IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME I COME BACK HERE would be absolutely ridiculous.

Another dead giveaway: one time I was riding in my friends truck on his dedicated run from out west to here every two weeks. I started to get that feeling, of possession and of engagement. I started to get ideations that I was supposed to feel good about being desired so by militant (!) forces and I was looked up to as some sort of female warrior etc which of course included me being engaged with sexually. The energy was somewhat dark and very overt. I asked my friend where we were and it was some military base area- black ash hills in some western state or something like that I will have to look it up- its documented somewhere. Wisconsin or something around there. Needless to say I just kept my composure until we got far away from that area. It wasnt pleasing to be put in that light, in the position of some whore goddess- like in Phoenix AZ where I was being idolized as the whore of Babylon. I thought that was just a metaphor for some part of religious belief..I dont know much about the Christian bible so I cant say for sure.

Its all bullshit again- they are doing exactly what they do to you when you are little before the age of 6 when you get programmed. Its 'your special' but you are special AND subjegated and enslaved. It kind of helps to quiet discontent about being enslaved. And it wouldnt bother me to be engaged with if it were consenting or non threatening but its all put along with torture and this constant attack to become something one is NOT, which must be the system up to no good ultimately. I can deal with the whore of babylon thing, its kind of interesting- if it wasnt along with torture, sexism and gang stalking...that makes it no fun and UNacceptable. I dont think the acutual goddesses in the ancient rite temples or the 'whores' as we refer to them that men would frequent for wisdom and other positive results would have put up with this bullshit or would have had to. That would have been a revered position not enslavement...but I am not sure either if that is true. What I go through seems like alot of fantasizing or cultural fantasies from a sexist male faction that are not ancients but very American, hung up on the Madonna and thier moms, nuns and whores and cant get passed the American tradition of puritanical attitudes about sex. They want a whore of Babylon in this day and age but they want her to pay tribute to THEM not the other way round, as well as not have too much power.

I blame that idiot Johnny, that kid I wrote about earlier, for making me more suseptible to this system by breaking me down constantly every time he sees me. I was fine and feeling little effects until I started to lose my identity as a traveler and so it was much easier for this system being my hometown to bring me back to feeling abused and captured in the way they probably recall it being before I left and started travelling.

As a result of the abuse lately my mobility is being limited as I am becoming afraid or discouraged from going too many places. I wanted to simply to Central Sq and then go to the beach as its too hot and muggy for me here today. Its right off the train, its not hard to get to. But I am starting to get this fear about going outside of this little area here in town, ideations of fear and something will happen or the stress of someone being mean to me or targeting me down there as well- like trying to convince me not to go anywhere outside of a small area.

That is another thing I experience here- I actually get 'hit' with pain if I disobey, which I have posted is common for this location as well and it rarely occurs in other locations as its documented by me over the years. If I go outside of my usual route or daily routine, like into a neighborhood I dont have business in just for the ride or some other motive that is not expected by this system or predictable I get a slight ideation of a scolding as well as a burn on skin. I usually get burns here on my leg, foot or hands and arms. I have recorded worse than that but it hasnt been severe in a few years.

For the record as well, I was 'fogged' or clouded as i went to write this: the ideation that you should forget about what happened as it will eventually lead to you becoming changed as a person for the good of all and society etc so just let it go and forget..forget...forget.
Of course one must fight this at any cost.

The abuse here lately has been getting worse and today when I posted about my energy being drained from years of this campaign, a quick flashing vision of my old sponsor came to mind, who is an older woman who's life was ruled by the abuse of her late drug dealer husband (who bought her a house and status in Newton which is why she stayed probably-either that or she too was enslaved), and this idea that she was of the attitude that its good that I was robbed of a life and my energy for now I can learn to just live, without any particular hopes or dreams. As well as it fullfills some middle aged revenge older women have against younger women, jealousy and such at youth and opportunity...the rest of this short ideation is that I can now be like her and just coast through life.
I find it hard to beileve that Mary D. reads this blog or even recalls who I am in her busy life with her family etc. I DO believe that its the trickery of this system to use a trusted female authority figure from my past against me. It likes to do that especially here where there are so many old emotional ties that were never severed but I was just ripped from them. Since there was never any closure here, its easy for this system to use 'ghosts' from one's past. It makes sense for this is another reason that we are not allowed closure from the betrayals of the past.

It takes alot for me to post these personal things and its always at the risk of my detractors utilizing it in a case against me for mental illness and insanity. But I feel I have enough evidence as well as can show cause to why powerful people would want to shut me up or discredit me to counter a claim of insanity, but its always something they can use to dupe the public with which is who TI's are trying to warn and to reach with our activism. But its so bad this time--or I am so weakened from that induced allergic condition that I can fight it by myself this time and really it needs to be exposed every time anything like this happens as I want it documented : what is the likelyhood that mental illness is based on location? That effects would repeat themselves in the same locations only? Its called tech or psy ops. And its been documented to exist as well as the worst people in power want it utlized against enemies as well as mental patients and prisons. However, we know from history that inconvenient people who are innocent often end up in prisons and mental institutions dont we?? So where does that leave your argument? It shows reasonable doubt- something that psychiatry seems fond of remaining delusional about as if it did not exist.
I cant wait to see what the psychiatry people come up with to cover thier asses on this one- probably some new disorder. I can hear it now 'locational schitzophrenia'....(Imitate an over educated accent): 'The patient experiences a delusional state when in differing locations as the dopamine in the brain becomes varied based on weather and regoinal changes' blah blah blah. They WILL think of something, and it will sound as legit and convincing as all the other crap they have come up with that under scrutiny doesnt prove jack sh*t. Dr Cameron would be proud.

TI's fighting circumstances that are easy for others

When someone has been tortured and beaten down as a target has, its very difficult to behave normally or fight usual daily battles or social circumstances as most people do.
The target has essentially been trained to NOT react to things to become very non aggressive. But due to the way it was done, the person no longer has normal skills to fight off normal preditors that they would like normal people do.

The reason that the TI is conditioned over time by torture to behave this way is to ensure that the system never has consequences for what they did to the person. Many people like myself have anger issues or issues with acting out or striking out as we have been harassed all our lives on a low level without realizing what it was. For years I have been harassed by 'rude' people on a daily basis especially Boston and RI. I have also been constantly controlled, lied to, and kept down but it never went full scale until around my early thirties when I started questioning and then remembering-then suicide programming was activated.
Over a llfetime this gives the targeted survivor a rep for being a hot head and flying off the handle- making them appear what nowadays would be considered 'mentally ill' but just 20 years ago would be considered a person with emotional problems, trauma or probelems at home. Its very dangerous how society is accepting big pharma and psychiatry creeping up from behind and labeling anything trauma related as 'mentally ill'. Its ridiculous and its for social control and to cover for corruption. Its amazing how society wants zero tolerance for acting out but we are not allowed to demand zero tolerance pertainig their thier waste and corruption- we just had an administration that we should not have tolerated but this is the very meaning of the oppresssion we are fighting: a brainwash through trauma based mind control to get society to comply with what is obviously grossly unjust.

A targeted person who is realizes they were programmed usually knows no peace. Over time the abuse as well as the harsh judging of the person makes them harmless and nuetralized so they can no longer be angry about what was done to destro thier lives. But just like in the very accurate A Clockwork Orange, the person is now totally unable to defend themselves from normal life's threats. Or if they do it stresses out thier system and does more damage to thier adrenals, their memory etc. The person is left with a body and mind that can no longer respond to threats in a normal manner and if they do it may damage thier health. This makes them seemingly peaceful people but its murder really.

When I have someone mistreat me rudely in public I now react with such a surge of adrenaline that it does damage. Also with my condition induced from going into anaphylaxis taking that Bactrim pill, it starts to cause a bit of a reaction. The doc warned me about becoming fighting mad kind of angry- but after being gang stalked for years and having to learn control, every time I am threatened I get THAT much adrenaline. I also start to shake. Its very unhealthy you can see it in the way I look when just a small thing is thrown at me. I turn white as a sheet and shake and do my best to use my mind calmly while at the same time tryhing to supress the reaction so I dont get go into anaphylaxis or an asthma attack or whatever that is.

The system probably convices people that the person needs to learn to control thier temper, they are dangerous or too aggressive. WHat people dont know is the person is living under duress constantly as well as having had a life of being traumatized to keep them under control and eventually lead them to suicide.

The gang stalking system forces the person to stifle all this and eventually hopes to liberate all that energy from the person, like vampirism, by squeezing the life force out of them, by making them so angry yet stifled that they burn off an entire lifetime's worth of energy. Illuminate, eliminate.
Then you are left with the perfect lobotomy patient. No longer a threat to the system or to thier enemies. Of course the person deserved to be angry but the system does not want to pay for its crimes or be exposed. Nor do they seem to want the victim to have any energy at all left to live a good life or built something for themselves.

Its all about THEM remember and what they need and want. Slaves are not supposed to have rights or be able to be angry with thier oppressors.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

link to gs article/ comments on documentary
I have to argue with one part of this. Many of us that see connections to a NWO are not 'conspiracy minded' or cofused. I personally do not believe that this is rooted in a plan for the elite to take over the world etc. I can plainly see that what was used to program people as well as what has come out of human experimentation from the past connected to the radiation experiments as well as MK Ultra is indeed connected to the police state that has been formed as well as globalization.

Targeted individuals either know something that messes with these plans or they are a threat to them for some other reason. Much of what goes on is connected to ritual abuse. Its very VERY complex of a situation. Our western societies have become psychocivilized to a point. Its nothing new as mind control has always been used from classical artwork to ads. Even statues of ancient emporers in the market place stood to be a reminder of their leader. Mind control or coercion comes in many forms. The only difference now is that the 'elite' or whatever you would like to call the powers that be, have the public at a gross disadvantage that is totally unfair. When men cant rebel within thier own hearts and minds due to the use of technologies that actually reach within mankind that far, then the odds are way ouf of proportion.

If the public knew about such things in existence they might then be able to fight them if they choose, but one cant fight firstly what one cant see and secondly what one might be duped into thinking is really the voice of 'God' talking to them etc.

I didnt understand until now why psychiatry doesnt apply their criteria to religious beliefs, other than overtly going against the constitution. It makes sense becuz then coercion or brainwashieing could then be in the form of a belief in 'god' talking to you etc. I find it unbelievably illogical that one person could believe in 'God' and be left alone but another claims psychological warfare campaign and is labeled without investigation. Its simple: the person believing in 'God' is still controllable- under control and easy to control. Anyone who is the target of sophisticated covert warfare is a threat to begin with obviously and if they know too much and then are also validated in thier seeing organized stalking/harassment/psych warfare for what it is then it only validates them- the point of these campiagns is to discredit.

As for 'the elite' it depends on what you mean. It could be that 'the elite' are behind programming those of us who are targeted due to the scumbags knowing that we are here to call them on thier bs, which makes us a threat. There are different kinds of powerful people in this world. Not every wealthy person agrees with a police state or all of mankind living under mind control via tech to create 'peace' (by creating zombies).

And obviously by the documentary I just posted to the right, the CIA have connections to the sewers - to vices, and many rich mens vices at that. Its possible that some 'elite' dont live that way or think they should have that much power.

Also it seems that the military dont usually agree with the covert factions way of doing things just as the govt bodies like congress dont agree with the military or the CIA. All we can do is prove what we DO know not be illogical and try to disprove things.

What we do know is that there were experiments during WW2 and on from there that are documented to include the CIA and the miltary. We know that much of this is connected to mind control now that seems to be being used on the public at large and also that survivors and thier children seem to still be being harassed or monitored.

Some people also have issues of ritual abuse connected to these matters. All ritual abuse is is the power playing of the psychics and those with imagination. When you take torture into the realm of psych warfare and covert at that you have already crossed the line into the lower levels of magick. So why would they stop there? Why not amplify thier power or use tech to create such powers or chemistry to induce such powers. If humans can use tech to create a reflection of the human mind via computers or tech like artificial limbs that imitate human actions or forming AI programs then why would not use tech for purposes of spiritual warfare? The mental and emotional realm are just doorways to the spiritual. Torture effects the spirit and eventually the soul of a person. Through brain damage one can affect all these things within the human being. Covert warfare does just that as well as alters functions and the way the brain works. Also there exists documented technology that can interfere with, alter or induce emotional states and sexual states within the human animal.

I have experienced this work and I have read about it from other targets. The soul and spirit of man is not untouchable if someone wants it bad enough and with the tech that exists especially stemming from Nazi research which was very connected to what we naively deem 'the occult', things are possible now that may not have been before.

The problem is that if such methods are used on the public at large they cannot question or fight such actions or perhaps changes in thier society that they would normally have rebelled against.

What if I told you that George W Bush won the second election via mass mind control- that many people who would have voted against him voted Republican or just didnt vote at all due to a compelling urge to vote Republican? Would you believe that? Worse would you even care anymore? Corruption has always been and always will be. Evil is part of earth and man's nature. Its when man cannot rebel privately in his own heart or mind, or console himself in war or even think of war in peace time if he chooses- in PRIVATE, that is totally unacceptable. Nature created those borders for a reason. Between each human being a serperate world each.

Your mind should be a complete inner world, as large as a universe- not half wiped out and a ward of the state, interconnected to every other human being alive. THAT is torture.

Humans with psychic ability either have the wisdom to use it properly or at least become criminals. And the only other people they would deal with are people naturally on thier own level.

What is happening is as usual man has found some way to plow over Nature's bondaries without heeding warnings- invade, dominate, destroy occupy and then build a false environment to his liking. This may be fine for land but it is NOT acceptable for human conshusness.

A human being has a right to a personal relationship with a 'god' of his own choice, whether that be a god of a belief system including many people or his own inner spirit or godhead as his guide and comfort in life especially in private moments of sorrow, reflection or fear. What is essentially happening very much like in Nazi Germany or communist countries is that the state is then your guide, your conscience and your confessor, your savior. Like I said, the person who believes that 'god' is talking to him, even though it may be an outside force is controllable. Either way, the state or whatever power is behind this, has access to the human mind- as is said in psy ops "hearts and minds". Now they dont have to win them over, they just torture them into compliance. People are being behavior modified using MK Ultra techniques like brain damage in order to soften them up to be controllable.

From that documentary I now realize why I personally was told that I was in danger of being the next Hitler: becuz they abuse those personality prediction tests or other veils to rationalize why the person needs to be in a campaign to begin with. Also if they are that involved in illegal activities then they dont want mind control victims waking up and recalling faces and places, to play victim witness to what really goes on.

I dont care who is in power or what the essence of 'power' is in any time in society. The very fact I can post this and not be executed lets me know I am still living in the USA. Its not a fair fight but the fact that it exists without resistance being totally crushed shows something for what is "America".

I realize that this battle we are in is VERY American. It just seem more impossible due to it being covert in nature as well as the public being unfamiliar with the subject matter. In a way we are more able to stop bs like this nowadays opposed to years ago where knocking us off would have been the order of the day.

Maybe George Bush in his seemingly mad speech about a NWO is not talking about something we are fighting against maybe he is talking about something that is going to come about due to us fighting as we are right now. We are exposing one of the greatest corruptions of our time and perhaps this will force countries into being more responsible.

More dangerous than Bush or the threat of a NWO is a totally covertly psychocivilized society and psychiatry's role in hiding that fact. Psychiatry is actually much more dangerous in this whole plot opposed to any other faction. There is a strange position they have grown into where they are unquestionable, the law uses thier standards to judge by and no questioning of thier authority seems to be being done. They are closely tied to big pharma. This is an extremely dangerous situation if on then considers the existence of technologies that are used for psy ops or control within the prison system or mental institutions. It is very similar to the kind of control the Catholic Church had in the middle ages over the masses. Through terror they made themselves into a huge wall that kept the public controlled and ignorant while other factions still had access to higher knowledge and other things the public were not allowed to know about. It created massive social control over the public. Certainly the dark ages.

And you see this same wall being built around the public especially the poor by psychiatry medicating every one. And so by medicating people with bs diagnoses for every little thing as 'disorder' and at the same time the possible use of mind control or coercive technologies- that creates a huge possiblility for not only enslavement but another dark age. They are basically covering up the use of tech to control the mass with psychiatry.

How much more obvious could it be? This is what many people who are targeted are on about concerning a NWO. There are people who believe this theory about world events and the forming of one world govt that dont even seem to know about the use of non lethal weapons or psy ops.

You have to admit that the use of facism during Bush was overboard and it was used to assist with further globalization as well as the war on the poor here in the USA. Wartime also covered for alot of corruption. Its not a conspiracy totally but you have to understand the life of a TI. They basically get removed from the being able to play on hte playgroud but then spend alot of their lives watching history go by, life go by and the world go by while they stand still. World events are alot more obvious to targeted persons as they experience the worst oppression daily. When they see this in world events or the timing of things occuring in thier personal campaigns as tied to timing in worldly affairs then its natural for them or us I should say to feel the changes in the big picture more accutely. TI's also experience similar changes in large number with other targets, so it seems to be tied into changing world events. Do you realize how many of us can agree that 1995 and 2003 were major points on the timeline for gang stalking activity? Both seemed to accelerate the activity. And both of those approx time periods were during a shift in the way the country was being run. 1995 was when gentrification really started to take effect, rents either doubled, rent control got voted out in many areas as well as many apartment complexes got sold out to condos and along with this 5 year manditory sentencing came in for crimes like drugs. That is alot for a person to experience at once and for a persons harassment to become obvious during that same time would make anybody 'paranoid'. It also draws more attention to shifts in the big picture. Then the war comes in under terrorism all of it quite suspect along with Bush's ready to be impeached then something blows up and he keeps his job due to a crisis, and by 2003 and escalating anti terror here in the USA as well as the CIA getting accused of breaking all kinds of laws and torturing people brings a full scale 24/7 covert terror campiagn to Targeted persons? What does that tell you? It tells us that if that same agency and others like the miltary are capable of the kind of corruption that got us targeted in the first place, what the hell are they up to when an entire nation is scared to death and gives many thenm and many other factiosn unquestioned power to protect them and provide security. It tells me that Janus still has two doesnt matter which one you happen to be looking at right now the other always exists.

It tells me and other TI's that that same level of abuse of power is possible and the connection back to MK Ultra as well as the extension of Nazi work on mind control and torture need to be looked at under this new era of such total unquestionable authority by agencies that f*cked up so badly and never really revealed that to the public.

In other words what the f*ck are they up to now is what most of us living the nightmare for 2 or more generations has been living. Anyone seeking that much power over hte human mind and to the extent of what was shown tells any reasonable person it needs to be questioned. My mother was harassed into not going to the Advisory Committee, which begs the question how much did they lower thier numbers of survivors of experimentation coming forward on the record by such covert methods of intimidation? Then this leads to the idea that if htey had to use such methods to cover their asses during an investigation then that means that said investigation was null and void due to it being ingenuine. The investigation seems to only have served to close any official acknowledgement of thier actions past, present or future. It also was connected to survivors of programming, mind control and RA coming forward around the same time- only to be discredited as well as creating a questionable 'satanic panic' which conveniently led to the False Memory Syndrome foundation, where its been pointed out that the founders and people involved have CIA involvement or connections. Duh.

How many times does this have to be spelled out? The 'elite' have always dabbled in the occult or used extreme methods of mind control. You dont even want to know the half of it. This is no different from a monarch asking the peasants to release some young women to his or her place for some sex, human sacrifice, torture or perhaps bathing in thier blood to stay young (hit the history books if you dont believe me). Laws dont usually affect people powerful enough to not be seen or caught. The problem here and now is that mind control via tech makes a society that is psychocivilized and unable to think, feel or act for itself. In this new era that ruler's castle will never get raided by peasants in a revolt- and if so the military will be there to broadcast via 'the voice of god' something under the guise of 'peaceful conflict resolution'.
What needs to change is psychiatry needs to be forced to take a walk right the hell out of our lives until society starts taking responsibilty for human sadness and frailty like pollution of the environment, changing social structures, the too quick evolution of technology in man's daily existence and drastic changes in social conditions or political ones. What they are trying to pull off is going to cause growing pains for humanity, but thier method of denying that pain and forcing a generic happy face onto every man's soul is absolutley and totally inhuman. They believe that using such tech and other methods of control will allow man to more smoothly and quickly make the transition.

For those of us who have been through this on a personal level, its like being brought into your own death, forced to live like a dead person who doesnt really exist among the living and then readjusted to exist on a different level of conshusness- like the living dead for life. This is part of the sentiment that many TI's get concerning being constantly kept down and told not to expect so much from life after being targeted. Its very damaging when you are being allowed to grow only very conditionally. A perp actually said that to my face..its torture and its like creating vampires- people destined to live beneath the level of the living for the rest of their human existence. THIS is what results from their behavior modification programs, brain damage, gang stalking campaigns, and ruining of lives.

Any faction capable of that is not to be trusted with the capacity to do so to an entire world. THIS is what most TI's are concerned about. Where does that capacity for such power (or oppression) end? JUST with targeted individuals? Or an entire planet of humans? Since TI's are people who have seen the worst of these actions its natural for us to be concerned about other humans. Nature has instilled in humans the urge to be concerned for the welfare of other human beings, some of us more than others. If this were not so, men going to war would not have to be severely modified to kill other men, they would just do it from birth.

The kind of capacity for control over humans now creates conditions so that man has no fair fighting chance against oppressors or advesaries. Its all done under the guise America always makes claim to: that in the long run it will save lives and shed less blood. With the amount of sadistic behavior, apathy and lack of care, as well as superiority gained by perpetrators its very questionable as to thier motives being that altruistic in nature.

I think alot of this is about greed, control, power, fear and wanting to create a sure outcome on a big gamble. And these are people who most likely dont gamble unless they win. So they are essentially cheating as usual.

The worse thing about being targeted is society's shunning of you. Its probably the most unbelievable thing you will ever see in all of your experience and many of us see alot of unbelievable sh*t along the way.

Its also very questionable as to thier methods due to the fact that other methods were available. Many of us who experience waking up from programming via suicide programming could have gone the route of self healing, deprogramming with the help of a therapist and then reprogramming. It is actually much more simple than the mess they create via gang stalking someone into a lobotomy like state basically. What are they so afraid of is the question? They have to make up all this sh*t about the targeted survivor, on alot of levels, to cover up what is really going on. On one level you've got the public believing its about some mundane simple crimes or mental illness and then you realize that even people in on this higher up seem to believe cover stories that are untrue- and the more they know about the truth the more ridiculous the rationale's seem to get.

Believing I was into pedophilia becuz my ex tried to intimate that by setting me up and exposing our kinky sex life between us or digging up my past is one thing- but a few levels up you've got real sicko's who believe or act like they believe that you are going to become the next Hitler if they dont stop you now, a ticking time bomb or all the way up to questioning why you beat 'preminitions' which then leads you to believe that at this level these bastards know that tech is used to manipulate mind controlled victims. They are pissed at you becuz you figured out that preminitions are simply akin to suggestions from a hypnotist and you decided you didnt want to be controlled anymore so found you can use your WILL to NOT go along with what is basically a self fullfilling prophecy?? That is how sick it gets on higher levels of this, and its always people with a sex offender backround as well. They do indeed have access to the sewers for their people, which is why TI's always notice how messed up perps seem to be.

And if they cant have their damn way all the time then you get framed on THAT level as well as potentially the next Hitler, probably with those ridiculous personality trait tests.

You hear what they said in the documentary about the Shah of Iran? Well the CIA are also on record as saying "We got a good 25 years out of the Shah". What does that tell you? Its time to go is all. If he was so dangerous then why have him in there that long? Oh and Iotola Kulmani turned out more favorable a situation for you did it?

These are all brush strokes to the designers. Its art to them, manipulating events and using deception. But the extent to which this tech can be used and so denied using psychiatry is going too far. Cover ups are one thing becuz at least there is some whisper of the truth but the heavy yolk around a mind controlled persons neck is just too ridiculous. Its too much to ask from any human being. To suffer this much with absolutely NO recognition- thats where you start to see it as extreme ritual abuse. They want you to sacrifice your life and then one can see the reality fo ritual abuse and its connection to the rest of it.

At least after seeing this documentary I can feel a bit better about my situation and the way I handled it. What is most hurtful is being duped and thier use of gas lighting. This is why the public goes along with it probably but what is so obnoxious once again is the need to make the TI look delusional while the public and the TI are fully aware of what is going on. So again they have central control...which is too much damn control and its more than they deserve.

And I notice that revealing statement about victimizing or using prostitutes and similarly victimized people so that if they ever found out they couldnt get revenge. That is what they used in MK Ultra for experimentation as well. Works like a charm dont it?

I think there are other factions at work here besides them. As for secret societies, they could perhaps be countering The Company's rabid stupidities -who knows?
I also see that the way things were done as well as the majority of what was done was largely all for diversion. To cost me time, to keep me 'duped'.

Its interesting that as of my left arm giving out on me recently due to Mary Holiday's dog lacerating my tendons and me having a bit of carpoll tunnel syndrome due to writing so much then today me revealing by text to my friend in SD that I finally found a way out of here due to having a UTI that has gone up into my kidneys. My great grandfather died of that- they probably know that about me too. I cant take antibiotics due to allergic reactions to many things becuz of that Batrim pill and besides I wont go to the doctors I am conditioned by harassment not to seek medical treatment anymore all due to this campaign.
Magically I not only can think more clearly but I now see this vid really explaining everything when i did not before.

For all I know one faction may be trying to counter the actions of another faction that would love to see me become so non communicative that I get sick and die. Who knows?
F*ck em all at this point.