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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Jim Carrey Markets New Age Drivel Designed to Remove All Anger Over Injustices

Here is a vid from Jim Carrey pushing some New Age drivel. I find this a very interesting stance for him to take becuz of his role in The Truman Show. Many Targeted Individuals experience alot of PTSD and running over of memories due to the way these campaigns of psychological warfare and torture are run.

If you are a victim of such activity you need true healing and closure which includes everyone knowing the whole, true story as well as the betrayers and perps being held accountable for thier actions. You do not need New Age brainwashing. You do not need to 'let go' of your anger and resentment. New Age mind control is no substitute for justice.

It has been said by a Survivor of programming who claimed to have worked for the CIA, Barbara Harwell, that much of the New Age content is CIA planted just like alot of the 60's radical movement was their invention as well, especially LSD culture. (Guess those experiments from 40's and 50's really gave them info they wanted as only a decade afterwards LSD became the basis for an entire culture. I also find it interesting that the children of many wealthy families were involved in forging that culture.)

What I want to hear are his true reasons for being in The Truman Show. No one is that stupid..unless they are programmed and just doing their bit.

And it isnt time wasted. Its simply that the person may not have access to the right therapy needed to clear that hostility. If you are targeted, you will definately be spending alot of time alone and pissed off wondering why yer life sucks and people get away with what they do. And if you are targeted especially a mind control Survivor, this New Age crap will be very useful to the perps to handle you further and brainwash you into 'letting go' and 'moving on' which of course they want both to wash thier hands of responsibility and also to make the person they f*cked over more docile.

His second time obviously assisting the agenda, my question is, consciously or not?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Encouraging the Target To Act Out To Gain More Evidence That TI Is Unstable

I see these women who act crazy at the day drop in centers. They get on the phone and leave long winded messages like to state agencies etc. on answering machines. They usually sound totally schizophrenic like they dont make any sense (word salad) or they are flooding and they just talk until the message time ends.

My psychiatrist during the height of the harassment who had been with me since the late 90's when this turned nasty during the federal investigation, told me to call her and leave such messages to vent as she told her clients to do this regularly if they needed to 'talk' to someone.
I think she wanted me to do that to get evidence of my being unstable so when she turned on me there was more of my actions to back up the story.
Artist i was modeling 4 warned me repeatedly she was not doing her job. That was true & thus i ended up getting conditioned by harassment 2 act nuts without any assistance from my therapists or caregivers.

This is passive gang stalking. Its when people purposely don't do thier jobs and that comprimises the Target further giving the active gang stalkers an advantage.

Also, it allows them to further have the Target's trust so that they can do deceptive things like mentioned above which also helps the perps prove thier allegations and smear.

Charles Schlund Perhaps Had the Answer

I do believe that Charles Schlund had the right formula.

His story sounds so close to mine. The way they came at me intimating it was FBI when in fact it was a set up. I think its a bit difficult to be a suspect in a drug case as well as mentally ill. Or was it two separate factions, one was trying to get me discredited on paper and the other pulling that B.S. with DEA/FBI nonsense. Like I said before, real agents use subpoena's. Doesnt it suck when a person turns out to be a piece of finely built machinery not just stupid? Must suck for them seriously. And this would explain the gangs involved. If the DEA is in fact a major drug dealer then the gangs like Bloods are thier buddies I assume. They need them to keep working.

The only thing that confuses me is the presence of people like Eddie Cox (aka Eddie Hand) in the campaign. He's a programmer and said to be a satanist and a murderer of children. Well, I saw him make a sloppy attempt to access me on that bus and I guess he is such a pedo with that ability to not be seen and to know how to handle Survivors of programming that he might be a programmer. The little girls in his cell phone he showed me were certainly a testament to something along those lines. His "little princesses". However, my story is so much like Schlund's and he does mention some sort of Satanic presence but he minimizes it as a symptom of the overall discreditation or torture.

I read on a blog just now that he did win his case and got six DEA agents arrested.
"I am curious about what you guys may know or have heard. This man was a genius, he beat the DEA in court for framing him as a narcotics deal resulting in the immediate arrest of 6 DEA officers, he recently passed, but I hope the information he he tried so desperately to get to the American public so be it for better or worse"
Well, we all dont have Yale degrees (if he was telling the truth) but I am sure if I had one I could get equal results. The problem is that I might be that smart but I do not have life experience nor education nor wealth to compare to his which is why its so easy for them to keep me down.

Imagine Charles Schlund's kind of campaign without his education, ties to other agents for information as well as connections and wealth. THAT is my situation..and I as well as the system minimizes it every day. They to keep winning and I to survive emotionally and mentally.

It seems to me that this would be the same in my case..except of course for the presence of someone like Eddie Cox. Whats more creepy is that a woman in St Louis who claimed she knew my story told me "Be careful who you sit next to from now on" and other information in that conversation that let me know she was talking about the incident with Eddie Cox. How much of this shit they put TI's through gets filmed? How else would she have known who it was or what happened?

I am coming to the reality that America is so damn big as a land mass and its people in such denial that this Satanic network is indeed as large as previously thought. The only problem is that I was never convinced that they do stupid overt things always like theatrical Satanic rituals. They might but it looks more like they are professionals who if they do such things, know how to hide very well. Murder is easy enough to cover up for if local authorities are either afraid of you or they are standing right beside you also donning a black hood.

The difference between myself and other activists is that I am not too excited or up in arms about the presence of such a reality in our world. They have always been around. I am just pretty pissed off that they came for ME when they did and f*cked with me and ruined MY life not someone else's. And I am also annoyed at how they do not need to use overt methods in campaigns like mine. Alot of it was done purely through technologies as a means of not only warfare but delivery of the psycho drama that made up the core of the campaign during GW Bush.
This is what confuses the public and gets these stupid outrcries 'Where is the evidence?'. The evidence is in a Targeted person who obviously gets screwed over with such intensity that no one wants to deal with them anymore and no one can mentally deal with that person being so abused in a country where they are supposed to have human and civil rights. THAT is the damn evidence. I could provide you with plenty of evidence that its obvious I am targeted and I am treated differently than other citizens. THAT is the physical evidence of SRA. What the public cannot believe is the motive behind such actions is metaphysical. THAT is the problem we keep running into. Thier constant refusal to believe that there is such a large faction that exists not only in our country but throughout the world.

Americans believing in Satanists is like them accepting they have a fear of death which they will never admit to- yet their obsession with grave burials and preservation of dead bodies, to the detriment of the environment meant for the living as well as space wasted that could be utilized by the living reflects not only thier intense childish fear of death but also the culture's spiritual void it exists in. Since you 'cant take it with you' (material possessions) Westerners are very much worried sick about what to do when its Time To Go. If you assured them they would go to a land where retail therapy was available for comfort and security, they would indeed die as happily as any Viking in battle headed for the Great Hall.

But this culture cannot have faith that thier actions now will indeed yield results when they die. Like believing in material things to the detriment of Spirit is not as equally fool hardy. WTF is wrong with people?

It also confuses me that they stand by being a Judeo-Christian society even if they are fakes that merely go through the motions and hide behind it for security but they refuse to stand by a belief in Satan or Satanists as equally as they stand by thier religion that states this entity or spirit exists also on earth or at least spiritually on earth.

I see now. The way they handle their Christianity is what gets them the social acceptability they need to get through society so they can have things and get that material wealth and security, whereas believing in Satanism or that such people exist living out the spirit of such an entity or belief system would only force them to have to actually stand up for thier principals and thus muck up thier ability to have material things for security.

This is the main problem with people who are targeted where such abuse figures prominently. The public simply do not want to deal with it. Why should they it isnt happening to them.
I say just accept it as a reality without the panic. Its just a normal part of life here on earth and always has been. I also think that 'normal' people dont want to accept this becuz then they would have to fully realize the dark side within themselves.

Its obvious the way they treat the Target in our society that they write that person's life off as belonging to such forces or that the person's place is that of designated to slave status. They figure its too out of thier control and out of thier hands and they just write the person off as fated to live (and die) that way.

I dont think that we Survivors want the public to do anything about our situations. What we do want is for people to accept that this system exists and that Survivors are in many cases not mentally ill. Nor disinfo agents either.
And it is truly a game of hiding the true source of this at all times. Looking at history its hard to tell wether the source of greatest oppression is from Satanic factions or if its from factions within say, the Catholic Church for instance- Rome's reinvented and extended power. Torture and such corruption throughout the centuries cannot be ignored. It then confuses one as to who is more for freedom- Satanists or the Church? It may be that certain Satanic factions at least give one the decency of being not only overt about thier presence but being honest about the nature of evil in the world and within man.

Its sad to have to look at one's reality as a huge prison where only moments of freedom are possible and most people are going to ignore the fact that you are enslaved for life. I think most Targeted Survivors only want acknowledgment that thier predicaments are for real. That does not mean that the public could help them as it seems they are not able to do so.

My life would be alot easier if I could just come out and say I am a ritual abuse survivor and a survivor of programming who is permanently targeted by those factions due to my being a victim witness to thier activities and thier existence in society.

Partially the problem is that the TI envisions a day when they will no longer be enslaved or targeted. I think that this system does not ever let anyone who is programmed or an RA survivor gain independence. It seems that every one of us is targeted and if we refuse to suicide and then we refuse to be behavior modified we are then simply kept down for life.
What is so damaging is that the public does not understand and on top of ignorance of the truth they buy into cover stories and smear campaigns where the targeted Survivor is then further abused mostly by the public. This is the original system of enslavement of Survivors using the public to further torture the Survivor once they become targeted due to wanting to break free of enslavement.

The least the public could do is give up thier guilt reversal and just accept the person is controlled by forces within thier society that are 'evil' if you will or corrupt to the extreme and the person may be doing the best they can. In fact they may be deserving of alot of credit for what they have endured.

A guilt reversal is common in America. Its my term for when people see something that is so against thier moral standard or expectations of society that they turn away, deny and even vilify the victim in order to deal with the feelings of helplessness within themselves. One sees this in dysfunctional families such as where alot of violent and sick behavior is present.
Anyone from that family that whistleblows is not only vilified by the family but by the community as well. This is more common than you think. We also see this in the way our society now hates on prostitutes for instance. Its interesting that my grandmother's generation was probably more tolerant of what people did in their own private lives than younger generations were. Rome took care of this, sensibly of course, by simply taking such women out of the same categories that were for wives, daughters and mother's and gave them thier own niche with a more independant identity as business women would have.

The dark ages brought on by whatever forces working through the Church, the stench of which has never quite gone away especially in the US. America is a strange country nowadays where morality is based on things that make no sense whatsoever. Porn stars are socially acceptable, but prostitution can still be used as a weapon to totally destroy, making the public take on the persona of a which hunt from Salem circa 1600's.
And when people talk of such a profession they seem armed with prejudgment when its obvious they dont know anything about it at all. This is necessary in America, in order for Americans to psychologically survive the reality that mistreatment of abused people, women, children and boys seems to never be going away anytime soon. Its obvious that particular section of society is still treated with 19th century moralities and human/civil rights abuses. When people react badly to the idea or reality of prostitution they are reacting to their fear of the authority figure that also provides them with a good standard of living. And this is just the same hatred that is offered to Survivors of RA and programming.

This old black woman goes to On The Rise and another Target told me she was one of them. It did not seem likely but one day I overheard this b*tch saying to the women downstairs in the kitchen "They love her and she goes on that computer and she write liiiees" (yes the accent is Ebonic.) I hear alot of things people think I dont- welcome to a programmed person's powers of observation. Fools.
Then she has the audacity to ask me for a smoke one day. I dont smoke but I did take the opportunity to make the most of saying no by using it to torture her for all it was worth by making it seem like her being pathetic was the source of my annoyance which I knew that the mob mentality would latch onto. See how easy it is once we learn from the perps? Now can you imagine if you were a person who did such manipulations professionally? Being evil is something I would have excelled at enough years ago to built an empire on and still could gain much from totally destroying human beings. I just choose not to, its not something that interests me in this body I inhabit right now. I am very intrigued by the idea of revamping systems that dont work or making social changes that people think cant be made like the homeless human/civil rights issue. I still get to destroy and be evil but its done to people who deserve it. Messing with weak innocent people is boring, dead boring. Its too easy. There is nothing sporting about it is probably my main reason for disinterest. Taking down people who think they will have thier advantages forever is something fun to think about, especially since I now have a personal bone to pick with most shelters across the USA.
Hmph, even more reason to ensure I am kept down. They have to protect everyone who f*cked me over to get me so down as I am now. That is a pretty huge list. We are talking years of being harassed across all states in the US. We are talking entire communities as well as those who were closest to me.

Their only hope is to stick firmly by the schizophrenic/deserving immorality axis of excuse which is what they started out with in 2005 or so. You're mentally ill and delusional and then alternating with you deserved it. For some reason that still works, which is why I am getting constant non stop ideations all day long to get a lawyer. I wonder if doing so would really do any good? I may do so just to see if anything comes of it. However anything that this system wants of me is probably going to dig me into deeper sh*t.

It may also be thier only route to force me to finally confess everything so finally getting the results they want which would be that MK Ultra does work to deprogram or gain confession from programmed people. Having to face my situation in that way would certainly be the next stage of deprogramming that they want which is to completely leave my inner world and privacy and totally face all this in reality. Which I never should have had to do this way via torture and destruction of intelligence, talent. Unless we are going to sue for forced deprogramming via torture then I dont see what a lawsuit is going to do.

I know that people like my mother are behind this with a sick motivation of some sort of twisted idea that its for my own good and that its the only way to get me deprogrammed. That of course is so that she never has to be called on what she did. That is the only reason that any of this is being done the way it is being done. And the reason I am so kept confused and forgetful during the day is to further force me to submit to their way of getting through this opposed to the right way which would have been with a therapist in privacy.

The police are in on this due to them being very aligned with my mother about people having things done to them like this for thier own good. Many police seem to be in on this with my mother and her family. Its frightening actually just how many people are in on this in this area alone.

Its hard to seperate from and to just say that this system exists in our world and the people that belong to it are part of that evil no matter what thier rationalizations. My mother is evil and she is in the wrong no matter what she says, does or who she aligns herself with. Her police buddies are also in the wrong and they are also controlling and evil. Anyone who dares to just sit back and allow this to go on is evil and anyone who takes part in this is evil. This is all about hiding a system that makes alot of money in this city and adjoining areas. Its true they will always keep protecting Jake and Julie by keeping me down. But its mainly to prevent me from ever being believed in any claims I might make about anyone especially my family.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama's Ignoring War Crimes of the Last Administration/Democracies Ignoring Human Rights Abuses World Wide

"The underlying causes of Jared Loughner’s shooting spree go beyond ugly right-wing rhetoric. They also include ugly right-wing actions during the previous administration. Obama essentially has excused those actions, and many voters have more or less approved them by putting one house of Congress back in GOP hands. In our view, that means the president and large chunks of the voting public share in the blame for Saturday’s bloodshed.
Are we going too far? Well, consider that one of Obama’s first acts after being elected president–before he had even taken office–was to announce that he was going to take a “look forward, not backwards” approach to the apparent crimes of officials in the Bush administration. This gave Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, and Bush himself (among others) a free pass for torture, warrantless wiretapping, political prosecutions, the unlawful firings of U.S. attorneys, and other wrongs–not to mention taking the country to war in Iraq on bogus grounds.
Here is something Mrs. Schnauzer and I have learned in our roughly 10-year battle against corrupt lawyers and judges, who have mostly been Republicans: The modern conservative movement features a significant number of adult bullies. And the last thing you want to do when dealing with bullies, of any age, is to embolden them.
Adult bullies, after all, are just overgrown children who are overdue for a good spanking. But how did Obama handle the Bush crowd? He said, in so many words, 'We’re not going to hold you accountable for your lying, stealing, cheating, and other abhorrent acts. We’re going to overlook it and move ‘forward.’'"

Torture and Human Experimentation: Official Policy under Bush and Obama
"Under George Bush, torture became official policy. It remains so under Obama throughout America`s offshore gulag on US bases, ships, facilities of complicit allies, and other secret locations worldwide."
But when are they going to admit that such activities have and are taking place covertly on American soil?

Rights Group Says Democracies Ignore Abuses by The Associated Press
"Democracies around the world are ignoring abuses by repressive regimes and opting for improved relations rather than condemning rights violations and curtailing aid, Human Rights Watch said Monday."

Comment from readers about Romney in 2012

"You might be delving a little too deep into this with the Satanism. To me, it's all very simple. Weed people out who are against the NWO. Do psych profiling, and aggravate the target to the point of severe aggressive behavior. Get feedback from the TI's behavior on how to further refine the conditioning/harassment methods. Once the NWO edges closer, apply the results to the masses. But they need all the data they can gather before they can do this. The people involved may or may not be Satanists. If they are, then they will simply leave their mark in some way within the harassment campaign. I believe this is what the book of Revelation talks about... about accepting the mark of the beast. Also, it talks about how the beast can work false miracles, and how one of its heads were cut off, and how it could magically heal itself. Then the masses it controlled were wowed by the fact it could heal itself, and started worshiping the "beast". Note the beast has many heads, which See more... could signify the many factions of the harassment.
By Anonymous on Why You Should Not Elect Mitt Romney in 2012 on 1/26/11
Publish Spam Delete "

I think yer missing the point. That post was more for me than my readers and its for people who know the whole big picture moreso.

Its also meant for Targets who are Survivors of RA or programming than Targets who are being harassed for other reasons. If you are interested in learning more you can look into my other blog written for Targets who are Survivors of RA and programming. Its a whole other area to investigate in connection to gang stalking. This is why the gang stalking that Survivors received is so much more brutal and ends up being a very heavy handed behavior modification program.

Even if there was no NWO threat at this time, Survivors would still be recieving the kind of gang stalking they do now. It seems that Survivors of programming/RA have always recieved gang stalking but in recent years more of the population have been getting this treatment thus, the higher instances of reports on the internet etc.

So its not that "simple". And you are taking the concepts of occult far to literally. There is no three headed beasts- those things are symbols for the real forces in our world. Representations if you will.

If you are a Survivor of SRA then the people involved are Satanic factions. Then it gets confusing as some of this is actually to protect what they feel is theirs from birth from some other faction. The dark forces are not always intersted in killing. Sometimes they want energy or to ensure you dont leave the cult even spiritually, they want to anchor you to them if you were trying to get away spiritually.

Its a whole different situation but there does seem to be an effort to enslave mankind worldwide and that would be favorable to certain Satanic factions. Alot of what is going on stems from Nazi human experimentation. Its spiritual warfare in a sense and for those Targets who were born into more severe circumstances there is more to consider.

That post was for people who know me or understand my situation in its entirety. Anyone that old man Bush stands by as his protege is not someone you would want in office. The Bush family has a habit of continuing thier legacy through stand ins if not relatives. Like Nixon was to Prescott Bush.

Watch old man Bush's NWO speech. THAT is the insanity we are up against and anyone involved in furthering this agenda must be looked at very carefully and with skepticism.

Its fine if the Satanic end of the Masonic brotherhood (Illuminati) wants to run the world into the ground and enslave people. But man always had the ability to escape, to think for himself or plot revolution or to speak against revolution that was done to further thier agendas. The problem now is that this faction has too much advantage with mind control technologies being able to control human beings along with progress made in chemical controls and the huge networks that seem to be present now of people in involved in psy ops on the public. There is no freedom anymore and its gone to far.

To keep humans under control becuz you run the world is expected from the most poweful factions in the world but it used to be that man had a bit of breathing room to do as he pleased as an indivudual. Its was more of a sporting battle and now people are being cornered into very small spaces and totally enslaved and intimidated. There is a big difference.
Also this faction is more bold now and unafraid to show itself. Man does not need to have this beast in thier faces as they try to live thier lives. Its gone too far and man needs some information to even up the playing field so that he can make an informed decision as to what he is dealing with. Its still going to be up to man's own Will as to wether he wants to be a slave or not but mind control tech makes this impossible.

That is my only problem with what is going on. The odds are totally unfair as well as its gone too far with how arrogant that faction is. People dont have the right to even be happy anymore like it used to be. People may not notice it but the ability of humans to produce life energy or force is being stifled. This is the ultimate enslavement of humans. This is done through pre recorded music being done in HD now like the radio stations going HD. If you notice you'll feel that there is no surge of energies left. No using one's imagination along with hearing the sounds. You cant 'feed' off music anymore or it doesnt light up the human energy field when broadcast in HD. The same with digital light and sound. When watching old VHS I get the impression I am watching something on a screen and the I feel a warmth in the playback. Digital is not only cold its empty. Perhaps our minds register that its not technically real- that its just 11001010101...

There is an enslavement of human's energy and ability to produce energy. WIFI causes more problems than just killing trees and making school children sick when they are in that building or causing autism.

There are so many kinds of pollution on the earth right now that man cannot live peacefully or as he was meant to. There is constant denial of electromagnetic pollution and this is due to this culture's denial of psychic activity and ability being 'real'.
PsychoPharma has taken hold of the culture and this is very detrimental to humans as well. The above mentioned condition of electromag pollution was actually referred to as a "disease" by one such authority denying that such a condition existed. The very fact that it is being presented as a disease shows our mentality has been brainwashed by PsychoPharma to percieve things thier way. It would not be a diseas of the human body to be adversely affected by electromag pollution, it would mean that the presence of too much electromagnetic in our environment is an unatural state induced by man made means that is hurting the environment and the humans in it. Which never seems to stop people from polluting to begin with anyway but this is more serious than other kinds of pollution.

Also this technology is not only harmful to human magnetic fields and causes interference in human mental processes and other things but the other issue is that mass mind control can be piggybacked onto the signals. This has been proven to be totally feasible from a technologial perspective.

The only thing I want to do is to vanguish my own personal enemies and those who betrayed me but also to simply put out information to the public so that they may have a fair advantage in this battle. From my perspective there is nothing more I can do. I am not a networking kind of person nor am I an activist that gets out there and protests. I am more about information, putting it together so people may recieve it and use it. And I know that the factions who want to counter our efforts are using this information as well. Good that means that they have the same information as the rebels.

All I can do is to tell what I know and have exeperienced. I have nothing else to offer as I feel this is what I am good at- this is my 'job' right now. Its something I have to do and mankind as a whole can decide for themselves. You cant change people's minds, unless of course you know how to perform mass hynosis either by means of tech or by speeches etc. and I am not interested in that really.

The very idea that people in the USA voted Republican during Bush's second term election when they were not planning to do so or people, like myself, didnt vote at all due to feeling compelled to vote Republican with no other choices in action, shows that mass mind control is used to control the American public increasingly over the decades in the USA and was a major part of the GW Bush presidency.

Its just gone too damn far. People were going to impeach Bush after they learned of how he stole the election especially that nonsense in Florida where his brother was in office there. Then something blows up and we are depending on him and from then on all of what occured formely was forgetten.

From a ritualistic perspective this is the entrance into the realm we are in now. The blowing up of the towers can be seen ritualistically as either an opening of the gates (the towers making a gateway) or the destruction of Masonic imagery which is positive in nature opposed to Illuminati brotherhood which is not the most positive expression of the ancient Sun cult. I do not usually use the term Illuminati becuz its stupid- its become so engrained in conspiracy theory that it has a negative effect on anyone hearing the term.

Look at it this way. There seems to be a faction that wants to be illuminated in an elitist fashion totally to the exclusion of others. They dont like human beings and they dont like commmon people. I would say that all factions of the ancient Sun cult are elitists even the ones here to assist man. That will not change and it shouldnt. All Luciferian factions at thier core dislike humans as a sort of stupid creature that is easily enslaved and weak of Will. But some factions are geared towards assisting humans and see right through the bs of what the other factions are pulling. Humans need structure but they dont need to be so oppressed that they cant be human anymore. There is something intrinsiclty wrong with that. And if the Illuminati type factions of the Illuminated truly cared for man's needs on earth they would not have allowed the populations to become so large to stress out the planet to begin with.

War, strife all of this are part of our world. But when humans have thier entire lives ruled by a heavy hand and thier very life force energy is at risk this faction has gone too far. It seems they are planning to travel to Mars or in space stations to survive the environment or a possible meteor hit. Its a good plan but why must man be enslaved to do so?

After being targeted for so long I have seen that there exists a faction in our world that creates chaos and induces violence. Lone shooters are made not born and there is a faction that creates such situations. That faction has become too large and too powerful. The bad things that happen in life are no longer countered by the good things or the freedoms of us taking Willful action to please ourselves.

Its become a fascist state and now we are being spoon fed by Obama and his people the idea that some sort of wacky communism ideal is part of the solution when in fact its more cult mind control. Reorganization of the govt?

All we have to do to get our independance back from these oppressors is to acknowledge that our freedoms are threatened by this cycle that was started when the towers blew up and Bush snuck under the wires during this event. The day we focused on that and not putting into action the Will of the people to impeach him is the day this whole thing started in earnest.
To acknowledge this as well as to accept that mass mind control is now possible through technologies with the assistance of psy ops is to then see things as they really are and then we can truly make accurate judgements about the direction we want to take and what the Will of the people is.

We have become captives of manipulators. This was always so but in the past we could live our own lives privately while politics continued as they always have in human cultures. For this kind of action to be taken in an attempt to capture the whole world is just a bit ridiculous- unfortunately they now have the means to do so.

And those means are being denied or hidden from the public. That is the issue with the NWO.

As far as individuals being targeted especially those who are RA or programming survivors that has always been and would still be going on had the situation written above not come into play.

Believe me, no one knows about slavery, oppression, mind control, brainwashing and being handled better than mind control Survivors. You can call people like myself paranoid all you want, most Americans DO sense a change in thier culture or thier country and many of them are not happy about it. Many people have left the USA.

If the average person acknowledged that mass mind control through tech was possible perhaps they could then make decisions about their affairs accordingly, about thier future moves or about thier personal health of they or thier families. I am not trying to say we can stop it right now but only if one is informed they can better break through being affected by such attempts at suggestion or coercion and be more Willful in thier decision making. Some people will probably not have a problem with mind control tech as they may see it as an advancement of civilization through scientific progress. And they can make that decision for themselves. Many humans simply do NOT like being messed with in this manner or find the effects very unhealthy and unsavory. For them, its important to keep trying to get this information out so they can live according to their Will and preference not according to what the overlords want them to do.

I see the public out in the world now, people are anti social and look depressed or sheepish. Its not fun, its not healthy and its not good. Most of all its deceptive and its not right. This is not the kind of deception you can figure out if yer smart and avoid like subliminals in ads or cult members trying to suck you in. This is the kind of mind control that you cant see, you can detect and even if you are aware of it often its impossible to fight mentally. THAT is not an acceptable addition to the human family, sorry but its just too heavy handed. TOTAL control over human beings that is undetectable? That is ridiculous and should not exist at all.

In the work of many of us the purpose is to make the public aware so they can choose to not be affected if they are able or to perhaps enact laws against the use of such methods to manage them as a nation.

Also is the idea that authority in this country how has weapons that we do not have which makes the right to bear arms pretty useless. A gun does nothing against a microwave weapon used for crowd control or misused for torture or misused for oppressing people. OHIO state- imagine that with microwave weapons. True those students wouldn not have been shot but the problem now is that there is mind control and operatives in large numbers in place to ensure that such a protest would never occur anyway to begin with or that if it started peacefully there would be agents there as aggitators to turn it violent,where of course microwave weapons would save the day without loss of life. What ever they do its to make more money and to oppress outcry end of story. Its THAT simple.

I am also dead ass serious about leaving if he gets in. My life was in danger during Bush so why should I trust Romney? This isnt anything to do with the NWO this goes beyond that in my case. And symbolically him being the head of this country after all I lost in large part due to him being in office here in MA would be the end of me and any remaining power as a human entity. To accept him as president I would have to accept all that I have lost and accept that I will never win trying to get back what was mine or at least get justice for what was taken from me. I will NOT tolerate that kind of final submission. Suicide would have been better and really dyigng of suicide programming would have been the most easiest way to have my life ended to begin with. The very fact that I was brought through suicide programming only to be tortured into committing suicide shows the depravity and sadism of the people involved. In programming systems the person's spirit is protected from pain and suffering and one dies from suicide programming pretty much unaffected- innocent. Pure. Intact.

I was brought out of my programming by torture and systematic virtual rape using tech as well as in person psy ops that seemed to use classical conditioning methods. I endured brain damage not only from mold exposure for 3 years but from stress as well. Why would someone do that? Why wouldnt they just kill the threat? That is the human experimentation end of things. At the time this happened to me there were many overt programs of behavior modifying suicide bombers and deprogramming them.
The fact I was gassed and my programming accessed and toyed with shows that its human experimentation based on toruture.

Whoever is doing this wants to be able to actually remake human beings in their images or ideal forms. They are playing god that is what is most acceptable. The same goes for the factions who have put forth mass mind control as well. They are playing god and now have the tech and manpower to do so.

If YOU want to live with that then go ahead, I however do not like having my intelligence, beauty and talents systematically destroyed so that I can be reformed as an average, stupid person and placed back into society as a sheep. I believe that they percieve special people as aggressive at thier core and every experiment they do seems to be to erase human aggression. They want slaves not real people.

Artists have a right to be arrogant and to create. Now do you see what their ideal of 'equality' really is? Its being an easy to handle sheep and that is NOT equality as the state or authority in charge is not also being reformed into such a creature.

You've got problems on your hands people and you better face that. In fact the younger kids today have no idea about equality or even how to get along with people in a peaceful manner. Older city workers are complaining that young cops are giving them tickets to excersise thier muscle as authority at all times when in fact negotiations should be considered with other city employees that work in the same field or on the same beat. All the younger people understand is facism and the rule of law without using your brains at all to form an alternate system.

People as robots is what they want. Even solving crimes and corruption as much as they are right now in govt. Notice how its always the FBI or other govt authority that takes care of the problem? Its never the people. This is also a form of intimidation or fascism.

I dont like living this way and I do NOT like the changes that have been made to me

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama Is Going to Rearrange the Govt/ The Address is Down the Rabbit Hole

So its finally coming to pass. Obama is going to restore your faith in the US govt and of course the plan all along was to destroy that faith so that this "reorganizing" of the US govt could come to pass. NWO here we come.

Listening to this and watching it on TV from the perspective of knowing how much corruption is behind all of this its like watching a scene from 1984 for me. I know my faith can never be restored and I continue to be ignored and justice will most likely never come for me. I watch the people in thier seats listening to this address. I know now that its all a lie. That there is no freedom left. That the poker faces of these men and women in suits politely listening to him are the result of going along with the agenda. Their true feelings and thoughts are not seen or known. They could turn at any moment depending on what the agenda required.

Imagine being in a room full of vipers like that. Knowing how deadly they all are and knowing that as long as you play your role properly you can stay alive and perhaps flourish.

Its chilling watching this. My innocence has totally been lost to time. I can now never look at things at face value again now I know what goes on, how its planned and things are manipulated to create realities.

When I think of being on that Greyhound bus ride through the southwest, being gassed in my seat, being manipulated and having my programming or state of consciousness toyed with, and an entire bus full of people in on it not one of them a genuine random civilian...and then being gassed again with air or something to wake me up. Then having them torment and mock me on the way off the bus at our destination..
To recall this, and watch what I am watching- the two realities are so in conflict. I now see right through. Watching Obama is one of the great works of fiction on video I am to watch lately. It is like a movie from my perspective.

He says "We should have no illusions about the work ahead of us." Its all an illusion, this whole set up. Oh and hes talking about the railroads. So its true what those old school truckers were telling me that they were trying to destroy and control the trucking industry to favor the railroads. Even though truckers were in on gang stalking locally in my experience that was LOCAL truckers. Long haul old school truckers know whats up and they are fighting to protect their livelihood. I will be forever grateful for thier assistance and thier knowledge throughout my ordeal.
There ARE working people who know whats going on and are fighting in thier own way. Resistance.

I dont even know if getting out of the country is going to work at all. Or if its better to die fighting here on the front lines so we can fight this cancer at its core. "

"WE DO BIG THINGS".. ah more signs of the great dumb down of America. Do you think that Ford could have gotten away with such nursery school speach in his address? Its disgusting.

We do big things. Thats for sure. I have experienced this myself. The stalking and harassment networks are surely very big things. The manpower involved alone is huge and mind blowing to think about its existence. BIG human experimentation campaigns. BIG smear campaigns. Big big things. Thats an understatement.

Countries that do big things write off small, unimportant people like myself as expendable in the getting done of those 'big things'. I know from experience this is true. So many of us dont benefit but only suffer from a country that does big things.

Where is the white rabbit coming out of nowhere and telling me that he's late for an important date? We are expected to follow I am sure. Its not about Main Street anymore. We are no located down the rabbit hole and it seems there is no return.

My favorite character was always Cheshire cat. He knows whats going on but seems cynical and unphased and he makes the best guide. There is always this type of guide in situations like this so find hidden info where you can and understand it wrapped in being seemingly cryptic. The Mad Hatters tea party is all intimidation and mind games for sure.

Why You Should Not Elect Mitt Romney in 2012

Its all so perfect isnt it? The long term plan. I didnt realize that so many careers teetered on destroying my life and discrediting me.

They are brilliant but they should be after doing this for so many thousands of years.
I see the end result now and its all for them and nothing for me.

It covers up any and all mind control projects or experimentation. It covers for abuses of me and total disregard for human and civil rights. It makes every single one of the rich kids and thier protectors look good and validate destroying me and rising them with opportunities. One of their protectors is Mitt Romney. And his assistance in destroying my life, I see too lat now is only going to be a plus for him in his election.

This really has been a work of art. And being so targeted there is no way I could have seen the end results.

I will be forever seen as something that should have been expelled from Boston, public housing and driven out of the state and my life and future destroyed. These actions, though I know the truth about them as covering for abuses and me being a victim witness to the inner workings of the sex industry as well as mind control slavery and SRA, actually are going to work in the favor of all involved. I now understand why its so important to never tell the truth and never fess up to what really happened.

Becuz anything I say is not going to be believed and even if it is, the people who are supported by these actions are far more valuable to this society than I will ever be considered to be.

Everyone's attitude has always been that what has been done to me is expected in the USA as well as just the way things are. That what happened is for the greater good of all. That I am merely a worthless human being due to being poor as well as being seen as just some prostitute that needed reforming anyway.

So if everything goes as they want it to, via mind control and abuse and torture of course, all the rich kid criminals will have thier asses covered and through constant harassment if I want to stop being chased around the USA I will have to conform and be humbled which of course makes it look like what they did in the big picture was best for my future as well.

And all my efforts to do activism and get the truth out fall on deaf ears. Becuz its seen as lies and excuses to cover for me being exposed or "in trouble" as some cops tried to intimate in St Louis. Also becuz even if people believe what I am saying it still doesnt change 'the way things are' in this society. Even if its outright wrong no one is going to do anything to change what goes on in these situations. My human value in the USA is just not high enough for me to be percieved as I percieve myself and since the smear people got to the American public first, there is little chance of me every having control over my own life in this country. Probably other countries as well but perhaps there my artistic talents can be focused on or my ability to write (which needs serious education to improve) or my intelligence or altruistic visions.

I cannot be who I really am in the United States. Its not right for me. It never was. I have never been treated well in the USA nor have I have I ever been given the opportunities that other people have had. No one is willing to help me and I cant get back what I once had.

The bottom line is that no one cares, I am simply not important enough to count. People care alot more about the rich kids the helped destroy me, the cops that back them and people like Romney who assisted in the campaign while govenor.

The way I have been spoken about by say, Berkelee kids one summer is exactly the way I will always be portrayed. "Why are you talking to that washed up whore?" Thats it end of story. That is my ceiling in the USA since I was exposed somehow I still dont know how and the real story of mind control, programming and connections to the radiation experiments of the 50's will never count for anything. All my old associates have moved on and have great lives. No one acknowledges me in this country except to be mean to me or degrade me.

I was told this was a "total railroad job" by one agent or perp or whatever she was and she was 100% correct. My mother was also correct when she said nobody cares. I didn't think it would be this serious, the determination of an entire nation to not care about a victim of such crimes. But she was right and my mother has always been much more comfortable and familiar with the ways of the US. I have always felt like I was misplaced or out of my element here. Its been a horrible life in this country and I have always been mistreated. My beauty, intelligence and talent have been not only wasted but now destroyed by forces within the US that its people are not willing to do anything about. In fact they seem to depend on this oppression to define who they are.

I will not live in a country that asks me to define myself as so dramatically different from who I really am.

Now for common sense.
If attempts were made on my life during Bush and I was beaten down badly with torture and harassment what makes me think that if his father's favorite, Romney gets in, that it will not happen again that way? This time, the man who knows that I have dirt on people he assisted as governor, could make an executive order or something else while in the presidency, to have me killed outright once and for all.
And I suspect that everyone he helped during his governorship in MA is going to be supporting his presidential run so in the end it works out for everyone. To stay in the USA with Romney as president would by logic be a danger to my life. I fear for my life if Mitt Romney gets into office.

During his being governor of MA John McCain was governor of AZ, Giuliani was governor of NY and G.W. Bush was president of the United States. By theory these people all share a common political outlook and seem to have been 'in' with each other tightly.
The harassment I received in thier states was some of the worst torture and abuse in all my travels around the USA.
(right now a I write this I have been scanned to judge accurately wether I am writing this out of genuine fear for my life or to get attention or further my cause by making such claims. This is the extent of mind control within the US for targets like myself. Since breaking me down with torture and abuse as well as isolating me from my old life and everyone in it as well as thier betrayals assisting with that isolation, I have become more and more suseptible to mind control in the modern way its done now. And since 2003 more and more I have sensed an increase in this system's ability to monitor myself as a target, I believe its for the purpose of further behavior modification. Ultimately now the program is behavior modification. I also believe that my fighting suicide was part of behavior modification. I find it interesting that Obama is pushing agendas like community and volunteering and getting involved and due to what has been done to me I find myself doing just that as a reaction to my situation. These agendas have been documented to have been being pushed subliminally through televisions shows watched by the American public and I have posted about this with many references that show the govt is rewarding networks with points for writing and airing such propaganda.
Nothing I do now in my life seems natural to me and this isnt Me. This isnt who I really am. This is not the normal progression of events or of my growth as a person. My actions are purely reactionary to stimuli and manipulation applied by the system of mind control in place now in the USA. And the longer we stray from dealing with what went on during Bush and with reality, the more down this hole we go never to get out with anything intact or recovered. To date, Cambridge MA is one of the worst cities for this system of constantly being analyzed, thoughts read every second and even responded to by the system of mind control. Just on the bus on the way to the computer lab here in Cambridge on a bus I was so upset by the thought of Romney getting into office I seriously considered suicide again. I was actually feeling like crying and I dont usually cry anymore as the system has trained me through abuse and psychological manipulation to not do so. As I thought about, envisioned myself shooting heroin to commit suicide as that would be my preferred method I think, I suddenly felt a burn in two places on my arm right where one would shoot up into a vein. It is the same burn sensation that I get frequently in this general location in the USA and its always used to train me in some way- behavior modification. Its either used as a punishment or as a deterrence from feeling or thinking about things that take from the system's control over me. It feels like burns but also there is pain and its definitely a training tool to control the person its being done to. This is why is so important to make sure the person gives up, moves on and conforms. This would ensure this system was in control for the remainder of the Target's life, using subtle gang stalking and low level pain induction to continue to condition the Target and keep them under control for the rest of thier lives once again evading detection.)

It does not surprise me that during this time there was a federal investigation around friends of associates of mine and in the end the drugs/money laundering were shown to be going between Phoenix AZ and MA. The two govenors of those states then proceeded to hold hands all the way to the presidential elections. It pays to play ball with the agenda.

The hardest thing about this system for most people to understand is how artful it is and efficient. Not many people could keep up with how many things are fullfilled with just one action and that action is usually tied into other actions and this makes up a long term plan that fulfills many agendas. Its amazing really just how much is done with what seems like an isolated situation. Its complex surely but it does exist. If that were not so I would not have to continue to be kept down and controlled..if these incidents were merely isolated and unto themselves.

And I never realized until recently how heavy handed the attacks on me were, how severe the campaign has been. Attempts on Target's lives, hard core torture as well as the level of abuse as well as the amount of manpower involved is usually reserved for people who are truly knowledgable about things and are credible witnesses that could disrupt thier power structure. How in the hell was I going to be that kind of threat? This is what is so unfair. Its granted that many TI's are targeted that are not even a true threat to national security but then looking at it from the perspective of keeping someone under control or eliminating them covertly- even from the illegal actions being valid point of view this was above and beyond what was necessary. Was is really necessary to be so heavy handed? I was willing to not say a thing about discovering I was programmed and to get therapy privately and go on with my life.
This is where it becomes obvious that any memories of SRA a Target recalls are NOT imagined. Becuz the only rationale for such behavior is simply that is what Satanists do. That is what this is about. Its no surprise that my campaign is exactly like what targeted people experience who are cutting ties with Satanic cults. Essentially in a convoluted way a person like myself is doing just that. The actions of this system against me only validate any memories I have of SRA.

If this is not true then why was there a need for rape, torture and destruction? This is what Satanists DO. No matter how much the cult claims you are one of them or even portrays to you in the midst of such actions some form of thier sick 'love' for you, still such actions are only destructive not for the means of protecting national security. It may very well be that I am always going to be partially Satanic in nature but that was dormant in me. The people involved in this seem to be taking such actions in order to induce or trigger any and all Satanic programming or nature in people right now. There is no logical reason that I could not have taken my past life experience and done something to help people with it as a way of balancing my own experiences. This system ever since 2003 seems obssessed in finding every little girl who had any connection to SRA and making her more Satanic in nature than she ever would have been otherwise. It may be to discredit the person and make them seem 'evil' therefore it necessary to keep on them for life but there is something else to it. Its as if this theory of some faction bringing on a Satanic Age is very much a reality. If these people are into astrology which it seems they are, then they may consider this shift into the Aquarian Age as an opportunity to bring on a Satanic Age, which of course makes no sense at all as Satan is no more Aquarian as he is Piscean or Capricornian. He would most logically be associated with Scorpio or Aries but in fact the history and make up of 'Satan' and Lucifer is much more complex than that and I dont even think astrology applies. Once you get down to it, astronomy may be more useful than astrology if you want to start studying the nature of the ancients.

This is why this is all being done. To induce a false Satanic Age whereas the Age of Aquarius would have been just that, without Satanic ruler ship or association. I highly suspect that it could have been an age of man starting to become on world brotherhood and focus on humanitarian issues as well as technology becoming part of the way man lived daily and solved his problems, especially the ones that threaten his further existing on this planet. It seems that events have been purposely manipulated so that this Satanic Age is induced instead of the other possible time lines. As far out as all that sounds believe me, whoever is doing this has heavily interferred with events and has manipulated events and thier outcomes through covert activity. And if you think about why someone would do that you think about what they have to gain.

And I know this is true because I am part of the system myself. I just chose to Willfully become someone who took thier experience and wanted to help others avoid the same pitfalls. This was so unacceptable to whoever is behind this that I had to be destroyed, severely altered and am still being harassed as well as monitored. Whatever the long term plan, there is something very suspect about a world that has to be this controlled in order to exist.

Now that I have discredited myself most likely let me gain back some confidence by telling you what I do know that is believable not just the big picture.

I have already gone over the Republican club they had going on during Bush and McCain/Romney playing ball to get something they wanted. And it seemed connected to that federal investigation.

My personal experience is that during Romney being gov of MA the harassment was at its worst for me as a TI.
More specifically there is more personal involvement of the Romney clan in my affairs.

My ex Jake was busted for drugs in 2002. I wanted to leave him shortly before he got busted but I stood by him becuz I believed in standing by a boyfriend I had been going out with for 4 years which was a long time for someone like me. You can imagine with my tendency towards bravery without considering consequences first I would choose to stand by him when all others turned thier backs on him. No good deed goes unpunished and for that I was then used in what seemed to be a frame up for drugs running or similar. This was ridiculous but when you look at the common plots the 'gang stalking' system has been pulling on political targets for years you realize this is just the way they do things.
"What went wrong was that the secret government designed the so called bugging devices to also be able to torture and control the targeted people. This allowed the secret government to remotely and electronically remove the targeted political or economic threats using the cover of law in investigations.

People can't be framed in mass numbers for bank robberies, murders and so on. Everyone can be framed as being involved in drugs. Drugs can be planted in anyone's home or car. People can make conversations about anyone about drugs authorizing the government to obtain warrants. The secret government uses drugs in fabricated and sometimes real investigations to authorize the bugging of targeted people which authorizes their torture and control with the devices. The targets then suffer with tinnitus, hear voices, suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromylgia, sleep deprivation and so on. This allows the secret government to remove all political threats under the cover of law in secret investigations."

I understand too late the full picture of what they are trying to do. I understood it from a perspective of a chess game which is thanks to me living within my internal programming system at the time. Thier moves did not make sense as a chess game goes or other moves of maneuver and thier lies only made that more obvious. It was easy to not care about what happened due to my strong memories of it as well as my always having MySelf to consult with as well as my inner world. That has slowly been destroyed and is continuing to be destroyed over time by this system. I am being modified so I exist solely in the here and now in thier reality ruled by thier rules and by the outside world which means that other peoples' judgments of me matter as they did not before. This is very unhealthy for any artist or feeling human being. Its disgusting really and its probably part of some scam where they have convinced some faction of the public that people should be watched and partake in a community that consists of everyone all the time. The emotional and spiritual version of being plugged in constantly with social networks. Except on a social network one can feel a barrier of safety, that the others cannot see you in real time and you are essentially communicating from a place of safety. That there is wall there. Gang Stalking is not normal circumstances. What they are doing to targets is treating them with severe psychological torture operations which end up being inhumane behavior modification programs THEN they most likely market it to the public that this person would be much happier if they were socialized and learned to work in society as normal people do etc etc. What they are NOT revealing is the extent of the destruction to the person's psyche and inner worlds as well as thier emotional state and spirituality. By torturing the person and using actual brain damage then systematically ignoring them, they are destroying the essence of the person and re-formatting or redefining them using the current social climate of no privacy and constant socializing as the model way to conform. Its the torture and destruction of the person that we must not forget and must focus on always. There is nothing I could have done or been capable of that validated those actions against me or makes it right to do such a thing. This goes beyond behavior modification camps. We are talking about inducing actual damage to the brain as an organ to get these results. We are talking about destroying a human being's health and shortening thier life span. We are talking about the continuation of war crimes under Bush. We are talking about most likely a connection through my mother to the war crimes perpetrated against her as an infant in the radiation experiments and many of those experimentees are documented as testifying to being also used for mind control experiments- though the CIA has danced thier best tap dance during the Committee to make the two seem separated. That he military experiments and the CIA's were exclusive of each other- but the victim witnesses said different.

So my ex gets busted for drugs in 2002. I was gaslighted about the federal investigation around many people I was associated with. I now see the compliance of my associate and my ex boyfriend in the attempted set up. I was told later on by an informant that it was attempted to frame me up as robbing a bank but I think that even that was just too ridiculous for anyone who knew me. I was too female, to innocent and too gentle for that to be acceptable to many people I assume. I also believe that the people who know what programming is about knew that I didnt even know how the 'real world' worked for the most part and that I was deeply into something going on internally, which was going through suicide programming, to be able to defend myself against what was going on around me, which I was being gas lighted out of knowing about anyway. I hated the perps I met that held it against me that I deserved this due to not paying attention to what was going on around me. They are the ones that work off the cover story and know nothing about mind control survivorship or high level programming. And it sucks becuz the average intelligence level of someone with high level programming is high. Perps on the cover story level now are pissed and feel betrayed becuz they now realize I am "college smart" and not just some dumbass bimbo involved in whoring and some drug busts. Hey, welcome to covert operations. You were used and its likely you will be used again. In fact, I now know more about the entire story than she ever will. She's still perplexed by my being "college smart" when everyone had convinced her I was an autistic or paranoid schizophrenic or something similar I bet.

J. my ex was a rich kid from Newton. His parents were teachers and his father was head of the teaches union in that town for years. They tried to get him clean when he was 18 but he just got worse due to the fact they used one of those 80's tough love behavior mod camps which were totally inappropriate for 18 year old kids as they were created out of the need to get baby boomers clean who were hitting thier 40's and refused to leave the 70's with all its privilege it had afforded them. He smoked more pot than anyone I had ever seen in my life but being a singer in a band his lungs could afford such abuse. He had one of those oprah singers torso's. He was also very big and strong being overweight and having to carry his own gear and beat up promoters to get paid on gigs. However, seeing him taking morphine or valium (supplied by his manager) as well as drink taquila nightly was not one of my favorite things as due to my liver I quit all hard drugs. I was sort of still living with my NA knowledge but had strayed due to NA being corrupt and that being obvious once you get over using as a problem. I was in that phase of trying to lessen his using. I left him after we used coke at a party one night probably sensing I was sliding into old habits I could not survive with my new health problems. I left for Las Vegas to rescue an old former drug buddy from a gambling addiction. J was traumatized and that is also another reason for revenge on his part- and his mother's I assume. They sent him to a shrink who told them he was experiencing severe separation anxiety due to him never having to have left home or his mother. They forever held me responsible for corrupting whatever comfortable control they had over thier son. They were in total denial and he would even deal drugs out of thier house.
He had a childhood friend name Ty. He had a black father and a blonde mother who had Nobel Prize winners in her family. He was tormented in Newton for being black. During my time with J. I noted his being impressed with Ty's young blonde girlfriend who had an suv to drive Ty around in. J was impressed as well as slightly appalled with his treatment of this young girl. "He's training her!" I also recalled later that her birthday was either on the same day as J's or one day off from his due to him mentioning they were going to celebrate all together. He seemed to have his life in compartments with me sealed off from some aspects of it which was wise in the long run as when it came time to cut me out of the picture all his contacts just believed whatever he told them and went along with whatever he was doing.

Years later I was being harassed heavily during Bush and I went to a hostel in St Louis due to the shelters being closed off there pretty much and it being dangerous to stay in the city. I arrived there by chance as I did most places at that time in traveling. I was just learning how to travel and what the US was like. I was cold calling or arriving without experience or contact in an area. This hostel owner looked very familiar but I could not put my finger on it. Often due to being compartmentalized I did not and still do not recognize people out of context. Any clients I dealt with while 'working' would be forgotten and strangely I had this ability to forget names, numbers and addresses so would have to be given that info over and over again. I worked in an alter ego that is now 'dead' due to my growth as a person but mostly due to her malfunctioning. You have to understand that internally I had a master programmer and would destroy anything that threatened the system. This is a microcosm of the macrocosm that is the Luciferian system that does all the things we suffer from in the world. I as a person am perceived emotionlessly by the system at large as a unit whos programming has malfunctioned and must be eliminated. Its not personal, its not emotional nor aggressive. This is why the gang stalking is so offensive. The programming system is not cruel on purpose in fact there is a very comforting feeling of death or emptiness within. It functions to take care of business and be efficient. Not to hurt people or destroy for fun or jealousy or any petty human emotion. That is the difference between Luciferian and Satanic influences.

My point was that I could not recall this man. Later I realized he was a client of my former 'friend' and associate the woman who was spared in the fed investigation due to being connected and too valuable to bust probably. I was kind of on the fence about this as trying to merge the two realities was very..'unreal' in my perception of the situation so I just denied it and moved on. If I had been fully aware I would have known to get the hell out of there but also during Bush there was such heavy mind control being used on Targets that you just could not think straight. It was impossible to do. Muddling through was all you could do.

Looking back we have here a connection to criminals back home involved in trying to get rid of me as I was inconvenient.
I was tortured very badly staying in this place. There were very crazy people staying in other buildings as guests of this man and I recall this as being one of the most disturbing of my experiences throughout this ordeal. Also this man comes from very old money and those connections in themselves are unsavory very often. In some ways he seemed targeted himself but also exhibited behaviors of being a gang stalking perp, only in harassing people. I dont know what to make of him. I do think that this system was after him just as it was after any Target. Actually its the people around him that were very overtly perps and even involved in pedophilia, once again another indication of that network involved in all of this.

So this young blonde woman shows up. She is a pain in the ass and likes to get drunk. She gets to stay as well as the owner likes her. Too much in fact. She harassed me with various tactics and even made sure I heard conversations about suicide from the adjacent room. Her main concern in life was getting the kids at a St Louis college she was attending to accept her again socially as she drank too much and her skinny rich kid boyfriend who was local as well.
They hung out with me some but the feeling was always that I was beneath them. Her boyfriend slipped on day and basically told me that I was a threat like Tupac was perceived as to the rich and powerful, and obviously by thier actions, such threats would be eliminated by gang stalking. Also that people like Tupac were dangerous due to imagining themselves as gods or in some biblical sense. Hmph...after dealing with this system I see the only people guilty of that are the a-holes at the top who order these campaigns. I suppose that the idea of a lowly person understanding the power of the Will is a dangerous thing to such people even though its the most natural human thing in the world.

There was a very scary person there named Wayne who was hiding from the law with his wife. She had alot of evidence of being mind controlled. She would dress up her son as her husband which is the only thing that would get him razzled. He also gave the definite impression that he knew I was being hit with weapons of technology in this campaign.
His brother was also present and was an expert in hallucingens and exotic mushrooms. After months of my being there, he would get a very hard to get grant for research and go to south America. People getting grants who were connected to the MA crowd involved in this was very common at this time as reward it seemed.
Of course the blonde girl was very friendly with Wayne. They also smoked alot of pot and pot seems to be a part of many gang stalking groups.

The blonde girl whos name is Laura, would get drunk nightly. She would start revealing information about herself. She revealed enough over time to indicate that she was related to Mitt Romney's family. From what she said it indicated she was either a niece or a grandchild. Everthing she said lined up with the Romney's connections to MI, the car industry there, connections in France and Ann Romney's family's money connections as well. What was striking to me as a person with an artistic eye was her similarity to Ann Romney. Pics of Ann in her younger days show she looks almost exactly like Laura. They had the exact same eyes very distinct. It looks like a bit of Norwegian mixed with typical Anglo/Saxon with a splash of Mexican as I have encountered women with similar eyes on the border in El Paso TX. If I am correct this would indicate that she is related to not just Ann but also Mitt as he is part Mexican.

When I started to recognize her as I did many people I met out of the original context I knew them in, I questioned her about being from MA. She claimed she had never been to MA in her life. Later on she would counter this by saying things about my campaign, she knew exactly what was going on. She said straight out that "J is a horrible person" talking about my ex. She also told me outright that "..and you always will have to deal with the harassment but you could work with the system a little more, get some more art modeling jobs."
She also prevented a very nasty perp from messsing with me, a man who was trying to get close to be only to hurt me it seems. A retired history teacher who now worked for a delivery service. One has to wonder what he did to have to go underground. Though his understanding of society as now conservative and controlling were accurate one has to think about why he hit the road. He began to tell stories about prostitutes in Canada hanging around gas stations getting thier throats sliced and I think at that point the other people there kept him away from me. Also there was this Russian girl there who probably was spying on the dorms. Every morning she would get something out of her locker very nervously and secretly. Her boyfriend was a bank robber who was on parole and of course being the only real thief and criminal there both leaked info to me and also felt very badly about the whole situation as real criminals are much more moral in thier codes of living than average citizens who take part in this bs. Becuz real criminals understand conqequences realistically. To my shock and awe average people dont seem to have any empathy for the consequences of these type of actions, especially against someone like me that was so kept in the dark and manipulated.

I finally realized who Laura was and her connection to this. She said something about her birthday coming up on April 22 or 23. That is my ex J's birthday. So this was indeed the same blonde that Ty was dating and 'training' years ago.

This experience in this hostel ties in my old associate, one of her long time clients, one of my ex J's crowd tied closely to his childhood friend (Laura) and her family being the Govenor of MA ties in as well I would say.

Laura and Wayne might have hung out with me sometimes but it was always difficult and it always felt bad. Once she was working on art at the table and asked me what I thought. I had something out I was working on. It came up about talent and being talented in painting. The treatment I got and the looks I got from that crowd in that moment were of me being percieved as a little kid, one who had to be held down from her true potential all her life. This is the way I was commonly treated all my life and this was not new. Its a very powerful mind control tactic to keep the victim regressed and controlled.
Also along these lines I recall that Laura hissed that Eric Clapton was "he' such a talented, arrogant artist"after reading his autobiography. There was this creepy resentment that I have seen through the years in these gang stalking groups, especially the ones who align with Obama and pose as anarchists with a philosophy of equality at any cost and breaking down the current system to form a new one. They seem to HATE anyone who is a force unto themselves.

She mentioned being put in Waldorf schools in MI as a kid and if youve done yer homework you know that essentially this falls under mind control as well. And its very much a German invention.

What is confusing is that Mitt Romney's father lost his shot at the presidency after talking about being mind controlled out of going up against the Vietnam war. You would think that such a person would not want any part in such things. Then again in order to reach his father's dream he may have decided to avoid the same obstacles as his father by doing whatever needs to be done to get there including playing ball in this area.

Also I could be misreading the situation. For all thier cruelty and control this may have been the elite's best attempt at helping me survive. For Laura to refer to my ex as horrible as well as tell Wayne that she knew what that delivery man was trying to do to me and wasnt going to allow it to happen are all indications of assistance. Then again she was guilty of doing over perp tactics as well. Its very confusing.

I can only assume that these people are the kinds that go along with what needs to be done at top levels as they are controlled themselves but they arent totally destructive and without human sympathy. They simply truly perceive the mind control Survivor as a mind controlled SLAVE. As someone lesser than they who needs to be controlled yet protected. There was a very very nasty perp group that showed up from MI to the hostel. A while later I spotted one of them on an internet site dedicated to people involved in the occult, the annoying kind of people who suck as people so no amount of Wicca or whatever is going to fix them. One of those horrid perps from MI was listed as Blue Fire Witch or something and there were posts to her thread that there were rumors of her being active in a hate group which was very comforting. Soon after that I posted her, her pic and what she did to me on the internet and she changed her pic.

It doesnt matter how lenient or how protective any perp or perp group involved in this is towards the Target. They are ALL guilty of abuse if not outright torture and are assisting in war crimes. As well as alot of other legal issues I am sure a lawyer could come up with that I am not aware of.

The very idea that one lowly citizen has to be destroyed and kept from expressing thier full range of talents is cruel and is very destructive.

Whoever is behind this, most of thier actions have been around making sure I never get to produce good artwork. Now that its obvious that my health is taking effect on my mind as well as really disabling me I am most likely no longer a threat.
The bizarre thing is that I am not a threat as an activist but as a young, attractive artist. I recall in AZ 2007 I had done some photos of myself that looked really great I used a blue filter on the cheap vid cam. They were actually erased remotely from the camera and this was very common in AZ as well as during this time period. I will never forget it as long as I live it was so obviously to push the idea of my not producing art, losing confidence as an artist as well as becoming ugly and perceiving myself as ugly. Johm McCain was still governor of AZ.

Mitt Romney and family members of his are obviously involved in whatever was done to destroy my life and to make me sickly and shorten my life span through ill health. Every person I just mentioned leads to another person who then connects other people involved and I have the entire thing mapped out. And its not speculation its obvious once its mapped out. These are all people that had a stake in getting rid of me or at least neutralizing me. In that sense one could say its a plot of evil design. Due to it being of a political nature with more than one member of govt employ being involved the word conspiracy could be used and I think in this case it could be used without fear due to it not involving aliens but very real, greedy, rich, corrupt selfish people with the connections and the power to do to me just what has been done.

You dont have to believe in programming or Ritual Abuse. Dont then. I could easily map out the same story without telling you what I was experiencing internally or mentally and it would probably make an even more compelling case. People wanting to be president to fulfill daddys dreams and this is a person who is known for doing any thing to anyone to get what he wants, as well as wealthy people who are nervous about upstarts and also nervous about a phone girl for an escort service that could identify them and this service pays off cops. This girl could tell the whole world how services really work not just them having to go by Jeanette Angell's coffee table books, that are basically PR during the investigations by the way.

Everyone who helped destroy me had something to hide. My own mother had many questionable lawsuits and would describe her lawyer as "creative". She had a habit of hiding money under my name and if that is what attracted feds to me to begin with she was going to have to cover her ass concerning not only where that money came from and why she was hiding it under a different person's name, but the act of using her ADULT daughter's name on an account is highly illegal I assume. I know that my grandmother leaked info that there was 100,000 dollars being hidden under my name. My grandfather, monster that he was, I think always knew how other family members were abusing and using me and mentioned repeatedly to me that they hide money under the grandchildren's names in various bank accounts.

This is why I am still being harassed and controlled. Imagine if I could write a full book about all of this. To map it out and to tell you everyone's secrets and details that I know.

And there is more too. During the 3 years I went with J., I kept eyeing this Jimmy Hendrix wall hanging he had over his window at the top of the stairs to his room as he lived in his parent's attic. I kept thinking that this scene was all too familiar, and there was something familiar about him but in that 'other' reality I lived but couldnt readily recall. Remember I hadnt been brain damaged yet via that moldy apartment so I was still compartmentalized and only understood my life was hard but did not understand why. It took J to show me that its not normal for strangers to be rude to me daily out in public, that my mother looked 'evil' and that I had this strange habit of forgetting information as well as having full blown conversations while asleep both with my eyes open and closed. Those are all indications of RA and programming right there.

I kept recalling faint memories of coming to this blue house in Newton, just like the one he lived in now, and seeing a client who was overweight like him who also said we needed to be quiet due to his parents being downstairs. Except I recall this man wore glasses which may or may not be accurate. But that bright red Hendrix hanging. I could not forget how in my herioned out stupor I saw that and thought it was really great as it was a return to my teenage years of a more innocent nature. Probably the life I would have been living in college at that time if I was not doing what I was doing instead. I had visited that house maybe once or twice to see this young man and it was during my early 20's. I was now trying to recall if this was the same house and the same man and I was about 29. I had gotten clean and tried to separate myself from other aspects of my life though there are no treatment programs for that and I have learned that the gang stalking system comes after mind control victims if they try to leave the fold as sex workers. They outright come after you and ironically use your lifestyle to morally frame you up in a smear campaign. The day I killed off my working alter and threw my sexy clothes in the trash to try to find out who I really was is the time when the gang stalking system came at me with such force that I will never recover.

I kept asking him and he kept saying he didnt recall me from years ago. But the ages are right as well. If I was about 23 or so he would only have been 21. I can only wish that I am recalling wrong but I know it was a blue house in Newton and I know he mentioned his parents as well as I cannot doubt I had seen that Hendrix hanging before. This means that there is also a connection between my ex J and my old associate that has friends of hers get busted and she was avoiding being investigated for money laundering herself.

The thing that is shocking is not the set up of the people involved or thier actions. What is unthinkable is how many of them seemed to understand I was mind controlled. They seemed to understand how easy it was to lie to me or keep me in the dark about what was really going on. Even if they dont fully comprehend the nature of it being called mind control they were fully versed in its use and its affects and how handle people under its influence.

I dont trust the fact that now I am so brain damaged and sickly and beaten down that means this system is going to leave me alone. I dont trust anyone associated with that crowd of politicians during Bush. They seem deadly in thier approach to get things done and they are all total sociopaths from my experiences during thier hold on the nation during the presidency of GW Bush. I dont trust that my being half dead, half insane and basically so damaged that I can never achieve anything due to brain damage is enough for them. Its never enough for them. My eventually suiciding is enough for them or my acting out would be enough for them.

This is what people think of Romney:,841937,842836
"Posted by: Dakota Date: November 29, 2009 11:39PM Romney was my pick the last time around and he still is. He is a gentleman, a businessman, a family man and spouses all the core Republican beliefs in a measured tone. A figure of authority on what makes a business successful and hire more is so much lacking in the current leadership. All we have now are some repressed lefties that see for themselves a once in a life time chance to rewire the economy before they lose it."

A "gentleman" ? You are kidding right? I have seen him spin in his chair at debates or interviews and throw down his pen as if hes having a tantrum in nursery school. He has that same attitude as GHW Bush always did, you can see it in his facial expressions and body language- that he is going to prevail over all anyway due to his connections and who is backing him so none of these petty debates matter anyway. You must not be from MA lady becuz that is not our definition of gentleman. Romney has no New England qualities at all really and his wife looks more dangerous and mercenary than he ever will.

Today in the Herald there was a story about his ties to Marriot and them funding him heavily. He stepped down with them in order to pursue his presidential dreams. The piece was about him removing all the porn on demand in thier tv systems in the rooms. It was first posed as an amusing piece about his doing this moral act but then came into the idea that the internet made it less profitable anyway and he was just giving into the cries of his peers about porn.
So in short the subliminal message is that he stands by his party and his political beliefs with actions as well as he knows how to cut from a budget when things arent profitable anymore. Which means the marketing of him as our dream man to fix this economy is on as well as repair all this immorality that is not present which of course was not to be seen during Bush.

And according to my experience with this system it means that we are seeing all this Satanic imagery in the interest of driving us into the arms of Mitt Romney in 2012. Just as Bush gave us plenty of Satanic actions while touting a Christian right position, in fact I experienced more overt Satanic activity during GW Bush than I ever have in my entire life as a mind controlled slave. It was absolutely brutal and some of the cultural allies involved are some of the most extreme, brutal factions known to Satanic activity.

Cathy Obrien told of a scheme she claims to have overheard about a plot to push the American people into the arms of Republicans such as Romney once they became totally disillusioned with other parties administrations.
It may be that she is recalling something that she heard planned around Clinton but is being pulled off now as such or its a constant scheme that is used to get people into office.

If Mitt Romney gets into office I will have to leave the USA. Partially due to my not wanting to have any further threats to my life from that cabal of convservative Republicans and thier covert warfare goonsquads as well as it will be the ultimate slap in my face for all I have suffered for. To see everyone around me have thier dreams come true partially at my expense, while I have lived through watching my health, looks, talent and intelligence be destroyed is too much to bear. It would also be the ultimate indication of my submission in accepting my circumstances and I was told to my face that this is thier ultimate goal.
I also dont trust that it isnt the very thing that wont make me finally snap. I dont want to be the fist female lone shooter in history and I dont want to take a shot at the president of a country I once loved so much I stayed to fight for, and it may come to that I have been so abused and robbed.

For my own safety and the safety of other human beings I must remove myself from this situation which is not getting any better anyway.
And its obvious that there are factions involved in these manipulations that still understand who abused mind control survivors who have been tortured can be pushed to go postal. I feel that the last shooting in AZ (which also benefited the Republican Conservatives, in AZ specifically, by getting shooting two hated political figures in that state) being so closely aligned with 'mind control' and those involved in mind control activism being portrayed as unbalanced, its a set up. It may just be for my situation but it may also be for many people who have been targeted by the cabal that Romney is so obviously a part of, who have taken to abusing Targets so badly that its unbelievable such actions could go on in the USA.

I know damn well from what I have seen that a president cannot be shot down in modern times and its doubtful if even during any time in the 20th century. There is too much security in the US. But to get someone like me to attempt it that would be such a trophy for them. Finally someone who is actually astute about the subject and has dirt on important wealthy men in Boston that is embarrassing proves herself a nutjob finally. They want that so bad I know they do, which means it is the one thing I should deny them, due to that being my only form of revenge and satisfaction for what was done to me. If I get killed living in another country then so be it, I simply avoided the death of the body here is all. Spiritually I am basically dead and with the memories of what was done I am in hell anyway. And I know in another country the harassment will most likely continue so what does it matter?

If Romney gets in I am out and thats final. Let the country finally have its way by crowning the wealthy who support criminals as long as they can pay off authorities and hate on the poor and actually still believe in slavery. Laura's attitude reflected the way her family raised her to think about oppressed people. I want no part of that not only as an American citizen but as a survivor of actions taken by members of her family and herself as well as her crowd of rich kids against me. Let them finally drive us all out of the USA. I will be glad to finally abondon my home out of survival.

But you bastards better believe the book still gets written. Anywhere I go I will still counter campaign against you and as long as I can type and still breath I will keep telling the world the truth about modern America as well as the assholes of covert operations that now run the entire brainwashed nation. I will let my story be known and there are people in this great big world that will listen.
All my ancestors had the initiative to leave for survival various EU countries and I house that power in myself. Ironically it may be time to go to an ancestral home to survive America.

By the way you can take that comment about my possible future actions against the possible future president and do whatever you like with it. Its not written in a threatening way and you know it. Also we can write this book two ways. We can do this the easy way which is I use names to protect select guilty and innocent or I blast my way through every embarassing detail and name every single guilty and innocent person until thier families have to leave the country possibly out of embarrassment..and I still have a phone book so do NOT f*ck with me.

Its yer call a-holes but I will have my revenge by letting the world know how yer game works. Its up to you how painful it is or not.