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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Increased Gang Stalking Activity After New YouTube Uploads

Two new YouTube uploads yesterday. Getting ALOT of gangstalking activity. More detailed stuff than usual.

I had taken down all my uploads prior and i imagine this explains the changes in activity.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Causeway Cannibal Inconsistentcies

I recall seeing this story. Two things I recall- the photographs looked off.  And no one is looking at the fact a major hip hop industry event was taking place in the area. What have we seen alot of lately from this industry, even in the 90s? Alot of flaunting Satanic bs and dark Masonry. Even voodoo. Could have been just some psy ops that wants to get people riled up about zombies.

Media  Continues Attacks On Rudy Even After Toxicology Tests:

911 Causeway Calls Possibly Fake:

The Causeway Conspiracy Pt 1:

I thought I saw footage of him being shot however so I dont know about the body dumping theory.

Theres a vid on human experimentation in Florida I am going to view.

From my personal experiences, the second 911 caller in the record on the vid does indeed sound fake-whats with the laugh at the end?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gang Stalking Serves To Keep TIs And American Citizens From Leaving The United States

I now fully realize that one of the main purposes of gang stalking campaigns is to KEEP CITIZENS WHO ARE TARGETED FROM LEAVING THE UNITED STATES. This system probably overlaps with mass mind control to serve the same purpose with non targeted citizens.

Causing fear, shame, guilt, sensivity to peer pressure, humiliation and even forced femininity and weakness in older women (who are naturally coming into a phase of strength and masculinity due to less estrogen and more testosterone) as well as inability to focus and think clearly, recall or retain thoughts. Worst of all is the Truman Show Effect TIs exprience and the effect where traumatic memories are forcibly run over and over again and used to cause the afore mentioned negative emotions in Targeted Persons (guilt, shame, humiliation, fear, respomding to peer pressure) as well as causing Targets to be 'kept down' or give up on activism or getting justice for themelves.

This all ensures that Targets like myself are kept in virtual Hells and targeted Survivors are kept from healing indefinitely. This creates an inhuman, unearthly creature if you will that inhabits the human shell instead of a normal human soul or spirit.

Gang stalking, post 9-11 specifically, has created a way for the system to have Targets living in an internal Guantanamo Bay type torture camp-while looking like fairly normal people just walking around.

But we arent perceived as normal. We r crazy or homeless or of bad character. Its easier for people to think its something else than to admit theres actual evil in the world. Denial is easier.

We also live in a group hug therapy culture thats been taken over by fascism and tyranny. So the public have this creepy attitude about breaking people down until they join the cult type mentality, even though consciously they dont know thats what they are doing. It seems they want to break many of us down so we seem human to them, like normal people.

Firstly the reality is we AREN'T their definition of normal people and secondly, their society isnt normal or healthy to begin with.

America is sick and the powers that be are determined to ensure its citizens and culture never evolve and grow up, which would be NORMAL compared to the prison created with these technologies, chemicals and psy ops-all controls on the public.

A Fellow TI Blogs About GS In Christian Churches

I've encountered alot of new churches popping up around the Boston/Cambridge area. Places that seem to appeal to people who dislike traditional church culture.

Young, hip or Yuppie types.  They seem sympathetic but there are members who seem not very Chrstian in spirit.

There are also anti gay Evangelicals whom seem to have alot of single males without girlfriends living church brothers of course.

Some things certain members have said are disturbing.  One overzealous member of a local Cambridge church once claimed that his God "watched, and even enjoyed seeing his son (destroyed or tormented) on the cross".

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kept From The Things We Love-Like Being Detained In A Camp

Remind me to stay out of posting about politics becuz I don't know enough and never had a chance to learn so it most likely gives people more opportunity to make fun of how supposedly stupid I am. Of course anyone who focuses on that at all is a total assh*le who's trying to continue to cover up for whats really going on as well as probably their own guilty asses. The subjects I am ignorant about-even the gs campaign coming at me years ago, how is anyone without training or without being a true career criminal supposed to know such a system exists?? The things I was good at I havent had a chance to do in years since this started.:-D Its part of the process and continued exleriemntation-to keep TIs from their rightful place in life or from their talents by birthright. When u reveal information after being tortured so long, THATS when you will be allowed to get your real life back. brainwashing becuz finally confessing or submitting to authority is a important step in the brainwashing process. Of course this is nothing more than cult

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Experiencing Relief In Remote Area Of Texas-Perps Advised This Location Years Ago/Seems Cell Towers Are Not The Main Delivery System

I just had two days of peace and quiet in an out of the way place in TX.

When a TI says peace and quiet we dont mean that the physical location was quiet. There are multiple dogs barking in the neighbors yard most of the time in the location I spoke about actually. There's a large screen tv blasting in the next room even.

Whst makes this location peaceful is the total lack of mental and emotional torment-no interfacing, no flashes of vision, no illusions of being conracted psychically by various people famous, authorities or otherwise, no Truman Show Effect (where the Target is made to believe that they are being watched as the central character of a reality show-one thats only avialable to a select group thats uses security cameras/surveillance systems.

Theres been no aggression caused by feeling watched or by whatever means they use possibly tech, chemicals or psi spies-as-gang stalkers.

No forced speech or behaviors. No burns, stabs or hits causing physical pain. No sensation of pulling on my liver since  I left the east coast area.

Major cities have become a major problem. They are usually polluted chemically and electromagnetically as well as stressful to.begin with. Then add to this that Targets experience technologies and organized stalking/harassment or psy ops specifically tailored to them with the sole purpose of controlling and destroying the Targets.

What you have is loads of induced evidence that discredit the TI. To ensure they are silenced for yet another day. Books dont get written, lawyers never called. The Target is kept from closure year after year.

I was told years ago when walking through Somerville MA by two college age kids on rollerblades "Its going to KEEP happening unless you move to some Texas dustbowl town".  I will never forget that. It was so overt.

Yet here I a house in TX outside a major city that is located in an area thats pretty much trailers and mobile homes on brushland. Dirt roads. No businesses, no schools, no stores.

Its here Ive experienced relief. Quiet. Not external quiet but internal quiet.  I feel normal. Like it used to he before this all started in 1997. Like it was for a while in 2002 before this all started to become 24/7 and severe.

I had just had a hard time in a nearby big city. There was something in the environment that made my companion and I have to urinate frequently, especially around the college area. If left alone I was stalked by people in vehicles, once again most of whom were men in pickup trucks, as usual. I frequently felt watched or as if the harassment was psychic in nature and all around me. From people in vehicles and surveillance cameras. And this place is actually better than some other cities! There was also interface with a source who seemed to be advising me. The typical push for me to become religious or to stop activism to enter a helping profession and live for that exclusively was also present. Cambridge, MA does the same thing. I feel as if my soul is being cleansed to purity and I am supposed to forget vendettas and revenge or even justice and go on to being a champion for the homeless.

Theres nothing wrong with a TI becoming a strong activist in other areas. Its when this is used as a way to meep the Targeted person from closure and true healing that its a problem. Becuz whats happening psychologically is the TI is held in or forced to believe they are guilty or deserved the torture so they become activists like this in a process resembling Catholic pennance which is much different than someone being a healed peaceful soul who genuinely wants to share that with society by helping others. This probably provides control over the Target and gang stalking Survivors is all abiut reinventing new INTERNAL controls, which is why EXTERNAL control such as gang stalking is beefed up so much until the person is behavior modified to provide said internal control.  Its why the Target is beaten down so hard even though its obvious they didnt deserve it. Guilt, shame, rape, torture etc etc are means of brainwashing someone into being controlled.

I now believe that the soldiers coming home from overseas who are suiciding may be doing so due to PTSD and memories being induced and repeated mentally by the same system that does this to civilian Targeted Individuals.  This daily torment of memories and emotions or sentiment being run over in the mind repeatedly leads to suicide. Once again its most common in areas with electromagnetic pollution, gang stalking and what seems like the use of chemical influence, like most major US cities nowadays.

The peace and quiet I am experiencing is present in an area where I get a 3g signal on my smartphone as well as telephone signal.

Theres got to be some other means that the GS is using to create the conditions I described in areas with heavy gang stalking activity.  Ive noticed areas with Wi-Fi are definitely part of this and thats gotten much worse since more and more people have aquired Wi-Fi in public spaces.

Fusion Centers Revealed

Friday, November 16, 2012

Well, This Explains Alot-Bush In Satanic Cult?? (Not Anything Sophisticated Either)

Could b bullcrap. It wud b tacky for someone of such  a lineage to be part of something so...lowbrow.

Gee, what else was he up to? Cutting off people's hands and stuffing candles in the fingers, lighting the way during a house robbery? (Old joke referring to 'low magick' practised by peasants and lower classes in old days).

Talk about a rich kid slumming it.

Probably another lovely torment to make someone more controllable  years down the road....which may or may not have happened.

See he may be being honest. If he is compartmentalized/programmed etc, if an alter experienced this event and not he, its easy to perceive it may or may not have happened.

With all that money and power and access why would he stoop to their level?

Dont even try to figure these things out. The truth is more complicated and disturbing than its worth.

Wireless Technology And The Toxification Of America

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If anyone out there who used to know me thinks I got owned through these years by the actions of my family, friends and community, just remember-

You never really knew me to begin with.

Did We Make A Mistake Tonight In Electing Obama?

Obama won.

I only wanted him in becuz I can't trust Romney due to his affiliation with Bush and his part in my being targeted firstly when he was governor of MA and secondly his family member Laura was involved in the campaign directly.

However, there is footage of Obama speaking about the New World Order. There are photos of him flashing the sign of the horns, the Satanic hand sign. His wife did a Vogue mag cover where she displayed this gesture ever so slightly, which was appropriate I suppose being Vogue, as slights of hand displaying that gesture were 'in' at that time.

I have to say concerning Romney, I have never once seen any such symbols, signs or associations with Satanic content connected to him or his wife.  The LDS Church clearly has its issues and there are many Survivors who come from this background yet people tend to at least listen to the idea that there might be a problem. The people hiding behind Obama are undetectable to the American public it seems.

When watching the news after the victory was announced they just had to go to some bar in Harlem NY. There a sinister yet very good looking African American woman behind the reporter gave a thumbs up. Then she gave a double thumbs up. Then she took both thumbs and made the sign of the horns with them and kept making it obvious she was doing so repeatedly.

The screen switches to Washington DC. A young dark haired white male is seen clearly displaying the Satanic hand gesture high in the air. He's at the center of the shot. Its very quick as when the scene comes into view of the average tv viewer, they only notice he has switched his hands to four fingers and is mouthing "Four more years", just as the woman in the bar did.

I wonder if we have not just made a very grave mistake.

Obama is not what people think he is, nor are his supporters. I dont see any improvements for my situation with this president.

I wonder if Romney would hsve been better or worse.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RI Sucks For Anyone Intelligent Outside Of Providence Proper

Gee, Rhode Island used to be kinda cool twenty years ago. Looks like lots of idiots have moved in. was just another fun New England state to grow up in. Always acknowledged as not as hip or fun as Boston or NYC.

They always were a bit backwards and ignorant though. Hicks I suppose. RI was Massachusetts's prison colony centuries ago so they have always been looked down on traditionally.

Cranston is away from the capital and universities anyway.

I never realized how hateful and violent these little Christian kiddies could. control in this country is really paying off it seems.

Bush has now his little Hitler youth. Generation Nowhere seems to range from these militant total idiots (who are nothing more than a common mob) to shitheads who think they are badass Satanists..or gangstas...or YUPpies. Whatever.

There are alot of kids from this generationn who are smart enough to not fall for any brainwash generally-then again there always is in every generation.

Its sad to see that the dream we, Gen X thought we were  going to finalize from where our parents started using the new world of tech has been so shut down, destroyed and abandoned.

I  suppose the powers that run the world would never allow an enlightenment of man-an evolution. They'll destroy that and replace it with enslavement disguised as some world peace solution.

And their ignorant mobs of mindless animals will serve their designed  agendas. 

This is what u get raising brats with Abrahamic religious nonsense AND gangsta rap...what Christian jumps people?

Rhode Island is like MA in that respect. The average middle to lower class whites are usually mindless ruffians who like to get into fights.

Final analysis?  Ive lived in RI as a youth-I was too intelligent, talented and good looking to have this place and its peasants waste my time in my youth...and so is she. Anything outside the east side of Providence (NOT East Providence) or the college area like RISD or Brown such as Thayer St and such should be off limits to anyone who isnt an idiot. (And I DONT include URI in that list.)

Transfer to a school system where the other kids are up to your level honey.

And watch out becuz Providence also suffers from having organized crime in the Italian section like any other financially prosperous/stable northeastern state. Their construction companies are one such example. You never know how much dirty blood money goes into getting those bridges built, do you?

Yeah...stick with around Providence proper. Get the f*ck out of Craaaaayynstun.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Public Schools Begin Creating Worker Drones or NWO Enslavement In Earnest By No Longer Teaching Cursive Handwriting

This is one of those issues where it pays to be in Massachusetts. I can totally see them not allowing our citizens to become this dumbed down.

Many schools are cutting music and art programs.

So now Bush's school policies make sense. Couldnt figure out why he'd care about something like that-No Worker Drone Left Behind. Makes sense. They all get educations but there's no mandate for the quality of it.

Its getting really bad in the US. I now understand why they predetermined who would be problematic to the NWO and crushed us before the world changed.

Many of us are still stuck in 2003, waiting to be set free. I hear these things from non targets and its like seeing a whole new world before my eyes: adults in pick up trucks doing paper routes becuz kids don't anymore, education changes like this.  Its horrifying.

Gang stalking keeps people like me away from society so we have no idea whats going on. Every waking moment is spent on activism, active self defense or going over memories of being harassed for years on end.

Its obvious that TIs are prisoners in their own countries but appear free citizens.  The entire nation is not only wired for mass mind control via tech but through things like chemtrails....and of course psychological warfare.

The elite either want us to be able to avoid the same fate as the masses or they want us tormented with the knowledge of whats going on as we are helpless to stop it.

Almost Time To Leave

A few more days and we find out what style of oppression we have to endure for the next four years.  For targeted persons it doesnt really matter, only the way in which we are harassed and controlled changes.


I want to be off American soil by next year. Disappearing into another continent. Not a trace left. I might even abandon this blog and why not?  There's nothing more to be said. The blog can serve no future purpose.

Its not my fault that the cops have a nationwide network that cooperates with organized crime and that that network in turn deals with military and intelligence interests.

I did nothing wrong except start to wake up and recall memories. That very network ensured my paternal cousin became the family white wash by succeeding as a genetic engineer and I have to live homeless and discredited.

The United States sucks. The police and all first responders are the government's personal gang stalking dogs under the Homeland Security banner yet the cops have always actively been involved with organized crime so such a system isnt even what it claims to begin with.

Boston will always be arrogant sick crooked scum. They stole my soul and I can never get it back. Worse off they all act like I deserved it.

If Boston gets to win then I leave. I no longer want to keep returning to a place where I have to repeatedly try to get back what is mine by birthright and then always be held back from getting any closure.

I completely reject the United States and what its become anyway.

Perps kept telling me I should go quiet by disguising it under bullshit advice like I was stupid. America is stupid it sucks and its for people, values and beliefs I find repugnant.

I curse the day my ancestors wasted their time coming over here.

America takes pride in destroying Targets as if its to protect their very way of life. As long as America  has that much power money and power the world will be a miserable place to exist.

Ayn Rand-Another Smoke And Mirrors Act

Ayn isnt scary, she was probably just a plain ol' provocateur!

Well...welfare. lets start with giving constant aid to Israel! (Batta boom!).

Seriously folks if anyone was ever dumb enough to take this operative seriously they deserve to be duped. Look at her lips spasm and her eyes flit about:trained, programmed or just a plain old damaged brain. Imperfection. Ignore it. It isnt worthy of love.

Actually I understand what she is doing. Its this Russian sort of depth of thinking. Taking things very seriously. Self defense and protection. Get off your asses, welfare people and love yourselves enough to get your shit together!
We arent moving into collectivism due to our altruistic morality-it's is a planned part of world wide enslavement of humanity. Its been obvious for some time now that the Liberal elitists and the left are working on the NWO just as hard as the other parties and ideologies, using whatever will dupe the public.

This woman seems bitter and hurt. Its true about welfare mentalities. Policies. Its true about destruction all around.

But Ayn has forgotten something-love is not something for her or any other person to decide who is deserving and who is not.

And I certainly agree with us moving into a collectivism but the GOP in having become insane NeoCons and religious extremists has been in large part just as responsible for this as the PC cultist Liberals.

I agree. Judeo-Christianity should go. And take everything else from the Middle East with Rand-another sick Jew. The problem with taking Rand seriously is that any and every Jew like her has an insecurity that is so glaring, any tough act given can't be taken seriously. The Jew is always the actor. Perpetually.

I am not going to get into disclaimers or start clarifying my views. Everyone knows by now that I can tolerate truly peaceful people, and those who want to practice their own belief system WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

Some people cant seem to do that. And certain peoples seem to produce more sick, warped trouble makers who kick up dust but provide no solutions more than others.And any solutions they do provide (forced 'Diversity', Equality, interbreeding races until there is no more races as defined today-basically creating a master race for world peace, etc) are as bad as their bogey man Hitler's final solution.

She's right about one thing. Humans are selfish animals for the most part. Yet there are also humans who can rise above this and be human. Ive seen it many times over the years.

I dont trust this woman. She looks like she's sick from birth as well as she's been tormented, tortured and enslaved into being so against humanity.

Never listen to the fallen Jew. Remember that they are the chosen people and no matter what they do or say they cannot escape being the subjects of their Abrahamic god. Instead of being free they always seem to fall into this degenerate state of anti-humanness. Let their god deal with them becuz that is where such attitudes, ideas and bitter hard words come from. They are, by birth, always going to belong to their Middle Eastern god.

Now take a look at the video.
Red flags: 2:11. There's nothing more comical than a woman this homely from a country that makes people feel that lowly from a religion that sadly often produces such neurosis and insecurity, trying to look imperious and snooty. Welfare 'conceptions'? Sure. Lets start with cutting off aid to foreign countries. Go for it.

2:22. She looks just like Bea Arthur!!!

2:30. I especially love the trembling lip along with the darting, crazy eyes.

2:40. Yer gonna hafta reverse this and catch it again. She's totally trained, acting prompted-whatever you want to call it. And in this moment of her answering NOT on cue but just catching the tail end of it, she reveals how full of shit she really is. "Ah, yes". Wasnt very sincere was it? Especially the look she gives the camera before answering.

1:39-1:40. The insanity in that look.
I will tell you something. Its been around for thousands of years. Its an ancient tribe. That face is almost the stereotypical racist content of anti-Jew propaganda Nazi posters from WWII era.

American Republicans are just Americans. Our country's culture is influenced by many cultures from foreign lands and ancient times we have lost understanding of from being American, from losing touch with our ancient ancestors and their cultures.

That face belongs to a people that are not mine. A god that is not mine. So let such things suffer under their own weight and rules of their ancient ties and beliefs. I wont share in the sickness-the neurosis.

Also remember that she was a product of a different time. Just what the interviewer is saying would annoy even offend any modern person with its Christian content.

This country has two parties who have degenerated into insanity, who are both looking for whoever or whatever they can get their hands on that they feel represents their point of view or beliefs.

Lastly, as always, I can deal with people who are overtly Satanic, evil and selfish-I fuckin loathe people who hide behind fronts like this. If she's a Satanist then stop screwing around with some political ideology. Its a bit hard to take from someone who donated to Israel...and my assessment is that she was working for them or some ally playing the role she did here, just as she did.

Atlas Shrugged? Even the title is whiney.

Another mystery unraveled. Avoid the smoke and mirror acts out of Hollywood. Always see through the perpetual actors.

Becuz they've been around for millenia and are a part of our earth. But that doesn't mean you are obligated to fall under their influence, spells or cloaking.

Now THAT is self love. To be free of the tyranny of deceivers-of all kinds.

Here is another video of that interview that isnt so subjective. This might explain why Ron Paul thinks her work sold so well becuz it was "all true".
She's wishing for the moon. There is no way that people in power are going to not use whatever and whoever they can to gain advantage. Interesting how different she looks in each copy of the same interview.

Americans dont know they dont have a choice. They seem to like it that way. She's looking for the promise land of which does not exist.  And love...that might be the only sign any such place exists.

When are people going to get it? The gold that was to be made of lead was never real. Its a process of spiritual growth or discovery. Love might be the only valuable thing on this planet. Not the romanticized kind but the kind that keeps you alive, allows humans to help each other and heals. Worldly affairs always have been and always will be corrupt.