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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Had to go across street to another wifi source.

One good thing about Jeb. Hes practically begging to not be put on throne with his intermittent self deprication and insecure comments.
I can hear it.

Jeb Bush CPAC Interview On Fox News (This post was delayed by onr half hour due to blog blocked from loading. all other sites normal speed)

Im frightened.

Watching FOX news in restaurant.

Wondering why GOP acts, sounds so crazy. Worse than in years before.

Why is Obama being so lax. Why is he dropping the ball?

Announced earlier was Homeland Security possible shutdown. Intermittently focus on ISIS, terrorism.

Then as Jeb Bush was interviewed, it all played out-made sense.

He provided a sense of security-he seemed...sane, reasonable and strong compared to the way the rest of the CPAC was being presented.
He exudes his parents strong looks and qualities.

Years of presidencies in these familiar faces-his father being associated and recognized aa being present for years of peace, relative safety and prosperity in different administrations.

His mothers features as always giving a sense of regal yet rugged American toughness and decisiveness. His father's familiar face-draconian strength-things will get done out of necessity.

They are marketing us a comfortable past.
And in the past almost eight years (for many of us it cant come too soon) of this president more and more the public are feeling the real horrors of Bush was preferable to this administration.

Those memes where its GWs face with the caption "Miss Me Yet?"

And I understood immediately why Obama was doing so many things that Bush can now promise to undo.

Then-the miracle happened.
They interrupted Jeb Bush speaking with a special Fox News alert.

Homeland Security just got funded. Its ok.
Somehow-it gets associated...with Jeb.

Back to Jeb Bush. More of giving good face. The comfort of a hereditary monarchy has been instilled into America.

We are safe from ISIS and Obamas incompetence.
Bush to the rescue again just as before in 2001.

Here comes comfort, sanity in a familiar package.

So they've taken us far out into absurdity. So that Bush can bring the promise and comfort of balance and sense again.

This also explains why once again Trump is running with a history of a hairstyle that will surely guarantee he never gets elected to the preseidency of the United States.

He's part of the three ring circus. To make us nervous. Add to the insanity.

Just now a newsperson quoted someone as saying that Homeland Security not being funded was like "living in a world of crazy people".

Yes. That's exactly the environment of anxiety that they want to induce.

Jeb Bush relieves that.

Vote for him.

Its getting worse every presidency. The manipulation. The games. The getting results via simple psychological methods.

13 years ago something large had to fall on US soil to get the old man's DNA back into the throne room. And the Pentagon under threat as well.
Now..all it takes is a bit of shaking of the victim, waking them up just long enough to remind them of the horrors that occurred years before. And since Stockholm Syndrome has set in firmly in these past years, isnt the terror you know more comfortable than an attacker whos not as strong or stable?

Becuz don't ever think you can have your life back and live as you once did. Its best to choose the king's princes.

Look how much worse the alternative has been over the past six years. (Oh lets just round it up to eight. Hes done anyway.)

Always remember that BOTH Obama and HW Bush have spoken the words "New World Order".

Thats key. Key to retaining your sanity and staying balanced.

Its game. It's plot.

Much of the rest of the country is gonzo. If you've been targeted throughout these years you know what you see is deception and theres more much more frightening things going on.

Keep perspective and perhaps it might be wise to consider how the next Bush in office might effect you.
Last time they i lived within an inch of my life.

This time around may not be as fortunate. If you want to call it that.

Many of us are still a part of us in shock-stuck in 2003. Still waiting for things to go back to normal. To be made right.

In this way they've taken our lives from us. Stolen our souls and hold many Targets prisoner.

Its not going to get better or return to what it once was. This 'new order' has ripped the real true world apart and replaced reality. We have lived to see just how this was done.

But no one will believe us. And they arent going to let many of us live forever with such information.

Down South GS/Cities False Environments

Outside Savannah GA. Trying to out go west.
Military base nearby. Fort something or other. Army i believe.

Local McDonalds, been drugged a few times. (Either that or Ive caught a hell of a powerful parasite frpm somewhere).
Hallucinogens that also induce sleep. They employ some nice people but ALOT of African Americans mostly female and of course they are jealous and bitchy enough to let on they know Im targeted. This is the beauty of using blacks. They have no restraint. They are so insecure and put down in society they cannot resist a chance to power trip over someone else and of course it's done in their typical tribal fashion where its a group mobbing thing. This is also to the GS system's advantage. Mobbing does not occur to them as wrong. Its natural because it's tribalism.

Down here they 'Please, thank you, ma'am' you to death with a smile...but they can't help showing off by expressing at some point that someone is targeted. Which is typical and very much to non African TI advantage. If you are African American and targeted then I dont know how this effects you or if this info helps you. Its black on black crime. I expect whites to defend the authorities and the elite agenda. Its been shocking to experience African peoples having such a large part to play in this conspiracy throughout.

The night shift are males who are a bit more stealth. No let ons.

A homebum type who travels of course showed up, new in town days after i was here for a while.
He was convincing at first but then games started to be played including locals and I got hip real fast.
He attempted to pose as a Target by intimation ("some of us don't have any rights" etc).
In desperation after I wouldnt go for bait anymore out of nowhere he starts talking about Harvard Sq and i just stuck with my decision to stay away. He left today. I guess the mission was a fail lol.

In this area a TI is basically tortured based on financial monitoring (of accounts). When i got money today conditions were normal and improved again.
But since money ran out in last few days torment was so bad that forced speech was at an all time high and I couldn't catch a ride so tried to walk to next town and didn't look at weather so got stuck in rain. I became agitated on the freeway when my tarp wouldn't fold over me right and everything was getting soaked.
i couldnt make it so i got a ride back.

It's been a horrible few days.
It's definitely anti homeless/transient/Targeted Individual tactics. Most likely because the people are friendly and godly not just religious. You know, true Americans from the south. Not fake YUPpie-hipster/ghetto/third world foreign New America demographics in big cities now. Actual normal, real people who come together through free association.

If you are a shitty homeless person you wont be accepted here. White male and older is acxeptable. I may also have had trouble becuz im female.

So they have to use covert warfare against transients/Targets.
I also found myself very fatigued daily in this area which was part of my having a hard time getting a ride. I had trouble focusing and having energy. When you walk out of the area I am in it improves. Its this travel area thats psycho managed apparently.

The Truman Show effect is very bad in the McDonalds. Its downright distracting. This explains their obsession with letting me know Gregg Allman lives here. He's famous. Truman Show Effect is all about tech/chem induced hypnotic suggestion using an interface it seems-to make the Target actually experience a reality in a certain location, that people are watching the TI on a sort of reality show channel. This can be experienced as being done through the security/surveillance camera system (which is why its dependent on a specific physical location) or sometimes its through satellite view which has been publicily documented in media as being a capability of the US military and I assume utilized perhaps by certain law enforcement agencies.

Why my Truman Show Effect involves only famous people as audience members I don't know. It ties in neatly with Illuminati conspiracy theories where such people are successful due to belonging to a secret society currently being referred to as the Illuminati. Its been demonstrated via other victims who have died due to being targeted that this is either true or its put that way to scare people.
The destruction of Lady Ga Gas original song writing partner who she stole her looks, persona and act from-was portrayed in media as not only to have been observed qnd targeted by a mysterious group with such power but murdered by them as well-all within their view as well as predicted by them.

Many TIs and activists note that Illuminati actions are predicted in Hollywood movies often. Ive found this to be true. It may be to assist lightworkers/fighters/activists but it seems also to be part of the ongoing smoke out of anyone who wakes up from a sleeping society.
If you 'notice' this even mentally and dont express it, it seems you are getting out of line.
The system notices however.

Sometimes i think drones are involved in managing Targets. It just follows a certain flow of events.

Its a shame becuz people are so incredibly pleasant here and egomaniacal bullshit like in cities is not fashionable. People just want to live and have a working society. Its beyond awesome.

I cant understand the fatigue in this area but it has other redeeming qualities.

Big cities now suck officially as they are sterilized, boring and socially engineered to feel like malls (false environs) not living beings in public space. There's no lack of sh*theads to do gang stalking activities either which is the final nail in the coffin of the modern New American city.

Zombie Apocalypse isn't funny. Its a joke on the public by the powers that be who engineer society and shape our world by influence. Its a slap in the face from 'Illuminati' type power structures.
Trained addicted animal type attention to cell phones, radiation leaks like Fukashima and Carlsbad NM, cities made into false environments like malls or living under a dome type existence, drugged out with psych meds, constant media intake (from stream to ads on objects in public space), conformity in dress and thinking, cameras everywhere (mirrors are used heavily in sophisticated mind control programming and it serves the same purpose. Plus in many areas cameras are used to observe while HUMINT or psy ops operatives as well as tech is employed to then effect any part of the observed population) has created a zombie, living dead type of humanity in most areas in the USA.
Ive traveled slowly and by foot I explore cities. There are exceptions. But even these have some sort of psycho management present.

An example is downtown Philadelphia. Its funky and shows independence qnd creativity. You only find houseless there who reflect that. Its not just the standard engineered false environment population nowadays. Its as colorful as you are going to get in the USA nowadays.
Yet just across the bridge there's depressing ghetttos or a horrid college area with standard YUPpies in training who percieve anyone who looks 'Homeless' as odd and threatning and of course Travelers are just the same to them as The Homeless.

This is an example of a unique environment that the system cant force corporation driven conformity onto. Partially its due to the historical preservation in the area preventing the architecture from becoming conformist and promoting mindless corporate driven conformity.
People respond to their environment in the way they form as a population. Boring crap surrounding you everyday will produce boring crap for a population.
Heavily managed historical areas like Harvard Sq Cambridge or now Berkley CA are designed to keep the funky at a minimum. Probably due to the focus being on colleges not historical tourism. College areas are the most managed in the US. Its probably done to ensure youth are not exposed to ideas contrary to the agenda or special interests of the USA if not the power structure world wide.
In a globalist society the US might be trying to ensure a successful future population to compete with other economies.

Its always strange the different effects gotten from who 'owns' an area. Military? Banks? A university? Tourism? Organized crime? Gang influence? (Go-fers for the powers drug dealing and other dirty work. They are house slave populations of US usually and fullfill the added bonus of keeping corporate prisons at 90% capacity. Their lifestyle is a creation of and a return of investment from the military-intelligence-entertainment-prison-complex. Throw big pharma in there since they put them all on psyche meds when young. What should we call the new legal govt weed? Becuz it cant be good and only serves to placate and control. Would YOU trust marijuana or any other drug grown and sold by the US govt to a population they are dying to manage?

But guarantee there is some form of control. It just depends which stooges the system has delegated power to in that area-based on need. What that area fullfills for the system ultimately.

Freedom as Americans think they have it is at best an illusion and true freedom is something only some can afford. It's never free. It always costs.
But it's not what we are told-soldiers giving their lives or hard honest work.

If only that were true. If only the ledgers truly added out in the accounts. But the books are fixed-in ways most American citizens dont understand and those who do are childishly comfortable with being good at 'playing the game' and 'getting along' whatever their perception of that means.

I feel like im in a huge kindergarten most of the time with little children pissing themselves, pulling hair and arguing over games or keeping the ball away from someone.
Im always bored in the corner, wondering why Im here.

(Instead of outside. Which of course is why Ive chosen to respond by..going outside.)

Theres hope in this area but it's deceptive down here. Results vary. Those smiles hide ugly intentions potentially. I have to pay attention.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Outside Small Town Savannah GA. Getting Remote Influence ..Yet Its So Pleasant Here

In a small town outside GA. Military here in GA as I posted on arrival. Chatham county kinda sucks for being targeted and and anywhere that was technically in Savannah even outside of Savannah was hellish. I didnt even bother to go into the city. Anti homeless laws are strict anyway.

The biggest thrill that perps have seemed to have gotten here is snapping three photos of me under a tarp in the rain sleeping on the side of a dumpster @ Denny's. (I heard the click of the camera on a cell phone.)
Its probably a big deal to them that i got stuck in the rain and sought emergency shelter there. They are going to show the pics to some self satisfied total asshole who is in part getting off on the campaign to destroy my life. It could be any arrogant f*ck in the military or agencies...or organized crime.
It could be part of continued ritual abuse or MK Ultra as in following the targeted Survivor's progress.

Who gives a f*ck? Its all in a normal day for a road traveler. It's part of the culture. Blow it out your asses.

Also I finally got away from those totally creepy Christians I was hanging out with. The one guy who introduced me to the others, a trucker, had to beat a pedo charge years ago and since being around him not just phone buddies as we were I dont trust him. I thought he may have had some redeeming qualities like he simply was an older person displaced from American life since the YUPpification but he truly is just a weak male type who refuses to have sense. My Harvard friends all had creeped out feelings about him and they were correct. There's no way I should be anywhere near the Pentagon or anyone who was a consultant for them or any other major complex contractor.
Also there was something creepy about the family with their daughter. I wont get into it.

Its what this system does when they know the Target is going to be deslerate for friends or companionship or resources and will network with anyone who seems halfway decent or trust worthy.

This area has alot of Native burial ground which offsets the other influences.

I read that a musician lives here and some guy a few minutes ago insisted on telling me so. Its irrelevant to the mission. The guys son worked with my ex that they used so effectively to destroy my life. He looks like mr. Nordic Scottish guy and perps thought I was Jewish yet my ex even with his good blonde looks is the one with Jewish heritage. His mother's father is from one of these Carolina's and converted decades ago.

So now my ex has taken his rightful place working in Hollywood with his people i guess lol.

The musician who resides here..i mean who cares? He either is in with the Dixie or some other organized crime crap from the industry and goes along with the agenda as well as he hates his ex wife whos also brunette and sympathized with my ex based on some psychotic sense of similarity between this 'bitch" who ruins poor little blonde rich boy's lives OR he is a sympathizer, based on believing as many do in fighting the NWO and perhaps that his dead brother was also someone that would just grab his gear and go travel.
OR he has no idea who the hell I am and has a life he's living...unlike the people doing harassment for this system.

Its all diversionary.
None of it matters in relation to the book Im supposed to write. Its a blow to my ego connected to my personal life which is being worked heavily order to keep me from moving forward of course.

They are also trying to torture me into 'confessing' everything about myself and this situation probably as a means of bonding me to the society in a way that I will no longer be seperate. No privacy etc.

Remember the military thinks 'disconnection is danger' and this doesnt apply to just foriegn nations. They want individuals broken down and brainwashed and trauma bonded into the American NWO cult.

It's interesting here and I get alot of clear good writing done but living here would probably be a bad idea. Anywhere in the US is when the country sees you as a threat. Even though they are the bad guys and you're the victim. The war criminals that are Americans consider anyone not in line with their interests to be a threat.

Oh I also had a strange Harvard Sq experience where some lady posing as a TI (something they tried this year in Harvard and the shelter there) told me that all Targets are "taking on the karma of the United States" claiming someone said that to her.

One of the crazies around Harvard came over and in a moment of clarity recognized her and said he remembered her from two years ago totally changing her story. I saw a flash go through her eyes and i just knew at that moment: 'US military'. She tried to regain her front but it was too late.
I avoided her after that.

Thats why Harvard has to get rid of all of us. Theres agents running around there, defending the place who dont even know who they are. Either that or they are playing crazy becuz he got coherent real fast and with a sense of a James Bond moment that was very real.

This is why old money and other people want special scenes like Harvard left undisturbed. Perhaps for experimentation but also due to alot of activity taking place thats unseen by the public and unconscious even to its participants.

This old wisdom as to the working of things in the long term could not be more lost on YUPpies and new money.

Which of course is why the NWO wants it destroyed. So THEY and their little technomancer friends can try to play gods.


African Americans In Gang Stalking

Blacks not only have a history of spying for the US in wars but it appears that spying is what they had to do, the way they lived in order to survive and eventually gain their freedom:

They also posess many qualities from their enslavers particularly in the game of pimping which is exactly what was done to them (so much for feminism getting any respect for it's key role in black male advancement. I still believe that feminism was created as part of a ploy to break down society as opposed to rediscover female's natural powers. Why would feminism include men at all? It wasA probably created by devious men for thw purpose of actually using women for their goals. No one is going to argue with women who want to protect someone and do so actively and with organization. Also women will be brainwashed against the true agenda thus refuse to assist in real freedom fighting against the NWO agenda. If mass immigration into Europe is ending up in rape crime waves resembling systematic rape as a war tactic against an enemy then why would women support these actions? Notice that we don't hear it on the news. Most Americans believe Europe is as iy was in the 1980s. The recent incident with the French newspaper is being marketed here as an American type terrorist incident, out of nowhere. Americans would never put up with the conditions as they've become over there. WE HAVE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Another motive to not inform Americans is then we would realize the value of our rights. These are rights that the powers are attempting to take from us. Enough lone shootings and they hope freedom to criticize the authority in power will become associated with consequences of violence against children and families.
In America, black ghettos and third world foreigners in gangs quietly doing dirty work for the cop connected organized crime and of course taking over all thw low level service jobs, is all they can use against us. Its subtle, hidden and protected by Multicult brain washing concepts like 'Diversity'.)

Unfortunately if you want to be realistic and survive you should take into consideration that this is simply what African Americans know in the United States. This is why COINTELPRO did so well. There will always be house slaves to protect the Big House. And the black population is so trauma bonded by slavery they will always act collectively for the common agenda. It seems like they are still trying to get free from the bonds of slavery.

Though you can appreciate their plight and sympathize be helpful when possible, their cause is not our cause.

Black Americans are no longer the people who are in line with what many whites are fighting as was the case in the mid to late 20th century.
Black America plainly has taken the direction of supporting the elite's agenda out of knowing nothing else in their position as slaves in the United States and other countries but also as a means of ensuring their place in the NWO.

America is no longer made up of Americans but of differing groups fighting for their place in a globalist world. The red t shirts and bullshit that goes on in America associated with the agenda for black dominance is world wide. Just do research on mass immigration and immigrants in Europe.

These people arent aligned with poor or middle class whites anymore. We have always been in competition for resources and seeking favor from 'the Big House'. Perhaps I feel that way becuz I come from immigrants who arrived in the late 1800s. Either competing with slave origin blacks or simply staying seperate from them.

In this view, America will always belong to the original rulers of the Native's stolen and conquered land: the early Europeans and their African slaves.

It has been the most shocking discovery in all of my knowledge gained from years of being targeted that though many blacks are Targets, the black community always has people who are aligned with the power structure.

Nowadays its that COINTELPRO has simply expanded to include anyone of any race who is a legit threat. Now however its not to the status quo or lies America is built on its the heinous and unbelievably sinister plot to enslave humanity in a demented ploy known as The New World Order.

Portraying blacks as universally innocent victims or hapless pawns, incapable of intelligent thought or clever actions executed stealthfully is the greatest cover their 'agents of change' could ever have. I swear thats why ghettos still exist.

Just use a keen judge of character. Assuming qualities about possible enemies is only going to add to the power of the GS to destroy a Target.

If you are African American read up on slavery and the mechanics of it.

Seeking strength from ancestors, DNA and places of origin are things they cannot take away. These things are yours and cannot be bribed or used against you-unless they see some weakness from within from such things you posess.

If you are Native or European find connections to that. If you not from old America realize you are much more European in nature which is a major threat to the United States.

Disinfo people like intellectuals claim race isnt real and its a social construct. They make it as if Europe is also a constructed place. As if we came out of Africa and invaded Europe so everyone is just African to begin with.

Race is real. European peoples in part share race but there are other racial influeces there. Race should be respected not feared. Its respecting each one's qualities and that all are valid is what should bring on 'peace' not lies and deceptions.

Out of Africa serves to invalidate Europe and its long history and also is being debunked by scientists. A Russian scientist recently made discoveries disproving out of Africa.

Most American blacks possess European DNA which is another major reason that the powers and black Americans see the same goals so clearly.
Believe me, slave owners werent just careless and lustful. Ive read slavery manuals online from the old days. It was and is methodical. Its behavoir modification at its most brutal. They knew if they put their DNA into the population then they would forever be connected to them and easily align to the same goals.

Knowing this is a key to true individuality and freedom.
The false environments they are creating more and more are what humans live in and perceive as the real world.

So much is going on to trap us all at once its hard to see each tactic and plot as it is executed.

This society can only exist if the lies are perpetuated. Victims of injustice like myself make reality very inconvenient not just to the perptrators but to everyone who lives off this grand deception. Its gotten so ludicrous that even pointing out reality honestly anymore is considered dangerous and akin to terrorism (in Europe people are being jailed just for posting things like rape stats from immigrant crime waves).

'Black people' arent stupid but always know they assume that you are. They only admire and respect Big House material. Successful whites with material and monitary dominance that is displayed.
The ones that dont Im not writing about here. Its the ones prone to siding with the oppressor and the enemy.

Black perps are the most annoying. Unlike every other race who seems to have a sense of it being a game-a sick and deadly one but a game still, blacks of all origins seem to be coming from a place of taking it all very seriously. As if their very souls are owned by this system.

Battling peoples of European descent are used to whites pulling this throughout history. Blacks are the ultimate secret weapon of the NWO.

For a person from a Liberal northern state to have to see this is shocking. You realize that all the information you were told was simply falsehoods of the oppressors who ran the system and were 'racists' for no reason at all other than to perpetuate their dominance and actually has some truth to it and practical application.

This is why so many TIs experience people of 'all walks of life' doing gang stalking harassment.

They want a NWO I guess. And you can't depend on allies based on where you live, come from or class anymore becuz its in mostly every town and city. Its mobile and operates in public spaces.

No one tries to make it personal like a gang stalker of African descent. They actually are trying to handle you as a slave for the people in charge. Even if they have no idea who they are at top levels. They like no others will attempt to steal or rule your soul unlike those of other races we do battle with.
Others seem to have a begrudging respect for resisting to the death-the natural preservation for freedom. Their is an understanding of freedom and the traditional historical warring for it among Europeans. Its unbelievable that black gang stalkers look into your face and attempt to tap into your soul with a true disapproval or crticism even disbelief in what you are doing as a resistor or freedom fighter.

There are black activists and many many TIs but you must understand that COINTELPRO took care of alot of this which is why now we are deaaling with so many 'house slaves'. Its a theory I believe works. And many of the African American 'activists' in the TI community are simply from the same COINTELPRO programs is the best way to put it.

Its shocking the way the black community must be percieved so differently by someone whos targeted so as to marginalize us from society comlared to those living normally and peacefully in society.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Clandestine HUMINT Operations-Some Things Don't Match Up

Ive had docs say and do stupid things but noy often. Ive had EMTs who were certainly in on gs. To a very nasty degree.

Ive seen perps pose as clergy (once) and experienced gs from religious Jews.
I assume the posing as clergy is purposely to make it obvious they are breaking these rules or make it clear this is not who they are or work for.

It does explain GS generally. Imagine so many years ago David Lawson convinced Targets that perps were terrorists outside the law, cops weren't involved and and it was all cults.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Why wasnt i allowed to just go through those memories and let them go. ? Then get on with alife.

Hard 2 Beat Crazy Making/Lone Shooter Profiling/Jails and Pretty Flowers

Ive been being treated like an animal lately so im acting like one.

There's very little dignity allowed me nowadays. The homeless in most cities are being oppressed worse than ever nowadays by being mishandled and it seems being scapegoated in part by the economy. Policies ranging from overly tolerant and destructive to zero tolerance are responsible. In many places inconsistent enforcement creates oppression and may be being used purposely to oppress the homeless population.

This recent anti-homeless sentiment thats surged in the past five years or so has been used to target houseless TIs even further.

The past year has been very difficult. Ever since I tried to file that police complaint against the detectives in the black sedan and also had started in earnest to both seek out lawyers and go through my files to write my book and finally finish this project.

Upon arrival to a new location uniformed cops show up now. Especially stores. In twos usually or if I'm walking a street or highway its a sequence of them in marked cars.
Sheriffs, locals, staties you name it. Even 'public security'. Not security guards though which was very prominent during Bush and early Obama nationwide and that harassment was overt. Cops doing harassment in uniform in marked vehicles during Bush was done stealthfully but it was obviously intimidation. Often the officer's tactical movements were unconventional for legit police work. In other words-it was obvious what they were doing.

The transit police seem to show up when I arrived in Charlotte, NC off the light rail but that may have been random. It certainly matches up with whats been going on lately.

It feels alot like Ive somehow been assessed as a potential lone shooter or someone 'dangerous'. However it was told to me by an acquaintence in the know in Harvard Sq Cambridge my home base area, that anyone who hangs in the Harvard scene has been psychologically profiled to assess the threat they pose to safety.
A few kids are on lists saying they are watched during events like the Regatta (rowing races on the Charles).

He said one kid was assessed as not having what it takes to execute the threats he has made in the past.

So if I was never a problem before why has that changed?

I suspect its in part becuz my allies in that area of so much power are dead or have left office becuz as ive mentioned before I never acted out or got arrested before in the years prior to those chnges. Only after those allies faded did it become hunting season on myself, other Harvard houseless and even local resources like The Women's Center. Those downfalls were all done of course using tactical psychological warfare as well as some other influence it felt that created an environment of aggression and choas in the physical environment of that area. (I even attempted to flee the USA through Nova Scotia during summer but was so heavily targeted, harassed and even traumatized in a manner connected to ritual abuse I was unable to cross the border. I avoided Kennybunk on the way up and should have done the same when returning.)

Im suspect of Obamacare having something to do with it. If not its even more feasible that due to lone shootings being so frequent now Obama's approach of wanting more mental health services to prevent such things is in play.

That plus my arrest for tagging (probation) which had racist content (community service) for (I accused others of racism actually which was totally ignored) lines up with the profile of many recent lone shooters.
-Racist, White Nationalist, militant or former military and anti government.

I now have all those as part of my profile or close enough to pull off a frame up.

However note that racism is being heavily induced by GS harassment or psy ops being done by select people as to brainwash targeted people into being extremely racist to begin with.

(Just now radio plays a 70s disco song Ive always associated with early memories of SRA and something to do with kiddie porn like being filmed but wasnt conscious of that until learned about GS/MC survivorship. I wud have been 4 or 5 when it came out.
Sadness hits my heart and weighs it down. Lately the system wont allow me to sit with myself and feel.

The burrito I just ate is going to come up...and I never vomit. I have a stomach of steel. I notice that even wihen ill if vomiting is part of it it takes me until Im forced to vomit. like my body's been trained to keep from vomiting. Yet, I feel like vomiting as a reaction beyond my control to foggy memories triggered by a 70s disco song. Hmmm.
As u can see and have in all my years writing all my blogs that these people have alot to cover their asses for. Especially Boston.)

I know that the racism is diversionary. It recently occurred to me that just focusing on the Bush years and my original project is what I should be doing.

Yet the influences being used out there this year as well as the way the harassment is being done its impossible to remain sane or even seem that way.

Forced speech, agitation, aggression and anxiety are induced daily in a way I cannot counter effectively.

In desperation (and due to sleep deprivation which only makes one more susceptible to above) Ive taken to sleeping weird hours or in naps which is not normal for traveling.
Its February and Ive only managed to get to Georgia. This is how bad they want to keep me here this year. Yet in MA I was going into a downward spiral that just would have ended up in being jailed.
I even had this older homeless women named Marta who Ive never trusted but isn't that much of a threat becuz she's so out there, inconsistent and weak-out of nowhere she starts telling me about how she had gone to jail once a year ago and how she learned that she needed to go. That she shouldnt have been afraid. She described all these flowers and a field in the summer, all this self dillusional bullsh*t.

When u become traumatized enough, a prison can have positive qualities. Wtf do you think the USA has become?

And I cant afford to be in institutions where the physical structure is usually moldy in humid areas.
I used to think this was negligence then I thought being cheap with real estate and using the disregard for prisoners as the justification/rationalization for the obvious health hazards brought on by a sick building. Also, the insulated prison culture-
The public wont know or wont care is the ploy.

However after years of being an unwilling second generation MK Ultra experimentee and having to study it it's possible that prisons and jails are 'allowed' to become moldy or have sick building syndrome traditionally as torture and slow degradation of health and mental capacity but now is an integral part of MK Ultra type behavior modification.

LSD is simply synthesized ergot mold. Perhaps scientists discovered any mold will do to make a human mind more easily molded-more easily or more receptive to modification or brain washing.

Picture clay being made more easily handled in the hand of a sculptor.

Becuz they certainly are using technological methods of correction in jails. I experienced this first hand when I was arrested and posted it on this blog afterwards.

MK Ultra has taught society much-those who are in the know. Thats why its so important to keep MK Ultra fantasy in the minds of the American public. Even though its declassified documentation exists for public viewing.

The public as they are now WOULD much rather watch a sci fi movie about such subject matter than deal with harsh reality. To play Skyrim instead of realize and investigate magick in real life.

When you are in jail, focus on the pretty flowers in the fields outside when they let you out into the yard.
What lies beyond the gate is no longer your concern or care.

So in short Ive been assessed as a possible lone extremist white supremacist anti government lone shooter threat OR there's an operation to make it appear thats the reality to me.

I was going to have fun with this and finish up my community service at a non profit that has something to do with White Nationalism or something similar as this will look great on file...if you're smart enuf to understand the statement made.

However now that doesn't seem like a great idea-maybe.

The discreditation during daylight hours is non stop daily. Then again I am on the east coast still.

I hope its not that the gs system is trying to guide me away from going west due to Fukushima fallout as well as last winter's nuclear waste accident at WHIPP in Carlsbad NM.

(Written in a independent gas and grocery south of Savannah GA where they take pride in and focus on employees and local community and keep a peaceful environment. I never wud have gotten this done in a corporate chain which goes to show that our corporate sameness culture by its nature discourages creativity.

And that the South does encourage writing.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Add Goodwill Industries To The List Of MAJOR Gang Stalking Companies (Walmart, McDonald's, Starbucks, Greyhound etc)

Well, add Goodwill Industries to the list of total assh*le gang stalking companies.

Probably trying to stay in business who knows. Every store has that recording of the shpeel about bringing jobs into and helping the community. Kinda corporate dont u think?

Why must a charity validate its existence??

And the sheer tonnage of peoples of African descent and or origin doing gang stalking is getting ridiculous. Its so ridiculous that no one is going to believe it. Which means its probably true and set up by design to be mind blowingly unbelievable.

With all the focus on hate crimes and Diversity its the perfect cover for such operations. During Bush it was mostly young white kids. But now...

Maybe its tailored according to the Target like now its all blacks or people of color becuz ive been framed as a racist so keep working that angle.

Ill say one thing about the Muslim and black perps now-they certainly are sure of and pleased with themselves.

Go f*ck yourselves. Not everyone's asleep. And discreditation means nothing. Many of us are still victim witnesses to war crimes during Bush (and Obama) and thats still valid.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Possible Foreign Gang Activity In Alexandria, VA-Dunkins 6451 Edsall Rd Shell Station GS perps/Annandale, VA GS Hotspot, Parametered

6451 Edsall rd Alexandria VA. Dunkin Donuts inside Shell gas station.
Strangely employees of the gas station seem ok and the manager was nice and helpful.

The gang stalking activity is perpetrated from the Dunkin' Donuts employees. One woman is always doing psych warfare tactics. Name tag Ylesibeth or some exotic version of Elizabeth.

Theres been other employees involved with her doing so- always of African descent, foreign and female.

Male and female Latino origin never a problem.

Males and females of African and Indian (Asia) origin working in gas station area also not perpetrating harassment.

The tactics are exactly matching the ones in use in other parts of the country in past year-exact phrases or words used to insult/offend. One particular insult being used frequently refers to gender/sexuality and is inappropriate to my appearance. In other words-its obviously on purpose as the way I've presented myself lately ensures theres no such perceptions formed by mistake as to result in the insults i am receiving.

Per usual from a standpoint of criminal activity there's something suspect about the place.

Its a white area, with black well to do areas nearby. Yet this particular gas station not only employs foreigners exclusively they are mostly of African descent and from an unknown foreign origin AND the customers seem to largely be of that demographic and largely male.

I sense animosity and these customers being in the know about gang stalking activity in the store.

When i enter theres always a single white individual of either gender who gives a knowing look and smirk before the D&D employees wait on my friend and I.

In other words the place is crawling with perps. And there's something going on with the heavy concentration of a particular demographic working and patronizing this location.

This is meant to make me appear racist, paranoid etc but in a realistic view, it may indicate gang activity, organized crime or some sort of crime ring.

Becuz these arent nice or normal black foreigners with nasty attitudes and obvious insecurity/power hunger working and buying here.

These are mostly well dressed, bit shady assholes making sure they fit in, avoid detection yet a bit of arrogance has them dying to get noticed for the power they are hiding in whatever they are part of.

And it's COLLECTIVE. This sort of cultish, hive feeling or mob mentality is NOT NORMAL in society or in daily life where the environment we enter into is truly random and people are flowing through the area freely.

Im sure they are trying to.get the N word out of me on camera for the millionth time in yet anoher location.

This area is military contractors and The Pentagon. The harassment here is I dare say, orderly, responsible, professional and all business. Its the first place Ive ever encountered that I dare say seems....respectable in the way the operations are run.

Too many other locations around the USA have morons working the streets and shops and they seem to make it very personal, taking it to an inappropriate level beyond business.
Its been absolutely disgusting all these years. Always so sloppy, so..out of line. Utilizing so much human garbage to do the dirty work.

There's no ghettos here. Theres no Libtard YUPPies. Ive only seen Hipsters (sooo many Hipsters are perps) in one town that has a gang stalking problem it seems, compared to the rest of the area- Annandale.

Annandale is SO gang stalking heavy that anyone sensitive CAN ACTUALLY FEEL AN ELECTRICROMAGNETIC PARAMETER OR BARRIER upon arriving at the town line before entering.

I had to go to a store there and Im keeping up my exercise and I felt the push back from entering and then looked up and realized there was the sign for the town's border.

And the GS is rampant there and again we have an area that seems like a free for all and is full of quirky characters pulling antics instead of focusing on simply business.
A hipster in back of a small car went by me waiting to cross the street and waved and smiled at me in that sick twisted clownish way that you always get from areas like this full of gang stalking f*cktards, not civilized people.

The place feels wired also and I get alot of the forced speech and worse aggression i usually experience in big cities.

I dont know what the fuck is up with Annandale but they are hiding something or up to something to require that kind of 'protection'.,_Virginia

BTW-the coffee sucks in DD around this area. Its really terrible. Only one DD in Maryland near the college area actually knows how to make a good cup of DD. Better than Boston nowadays anyway.

(update: one day after this post my friend went into the place and they were much nicer. Even a good dose of butt kissing! Gee, around the Pentagon has been much better than other parts of the USA. This is all so weird. But...around the Pentagon is creepier than I would want to endure for a long period. Its like another dimension. One that I could survive in but not one thats necessarily a good place. Hey, the coffee sucks. And thats enough to send my packing. Forget the more serious issues.

Movie Review: DIVERGENT (2014) and LET ME IN (2010)

When I saw the beginning of I noticed similiarities to the people involved in the Sandy Hook (Newtown CT) shootings, which happened at least two year after the movie came out. Its based on a Swedish film and that director refused to do the American version. Gee I wonder why. Instead some creeps from NY did. Figures.

Stay AWAY from this movie. Its full of brainwashing and triggers for Survivors. Some very dangerously disabling ones. Becuz it seems like such a good idea at first, so much like what many of us have gone through but like everything else thats part of the media illusions, its bait and a sleep tool simply to prime us for programming. TIs must learn, especially those of us surviving high level programming and to a lesser extent RA (which compared to reprogramming, behavior mod attempts and discreditation/stopping our activism is the least of our problems from this system) that media only exists, like dream state created by those in control, to create a FALSE ENVIRONMENT. When you become a threat to the world order and the status quo, simple seemingly harmeless things like movies and other pleasurable luxuries of the west most people use for diversion, become tools of destruction and oppression by that threatened structure.

If you are going to watch it becuz it is attractive to people like TIs or anyone who feels they are smarter than the presrcibed lifestyles or dont 'fit in' just realize that its not what it seems. Its more of a Trojan Horse and I mean that from the historical lesson of such, whatever computer lingo that describes I have only a faint idea.

Just be prepared for planted the guy who claims that during Bush, he found a dollar bill where the president's face on the bill was slightly manipulated to look like Bush. I personally witnessed multiple instances of Bush's image being carefully, somehow not just projected but as if drawn into other people's facial images. A few videos etc. It was a very clever tactic at not only brainwashing but intimidation.

This tactic is being used in a different manner in this movie. Be prepared, when the hero you think is like you, that you can trust, shouts at the evil blonde Euridite who's trying to finish the program that destroys the selfless with chipped, mind controlled soldiers (Dauntless faction)- when she shouts "Shut it down!" suddenly the movie turns on you and if you are any sort of an activist, producing any sort of material thats a threat to whats occured over the past 13 years in this country- you WILL suddenly be hit with a command of attempted brainwashing to stop (cease and dessist) your project or activism.

It just seemed very similar to the tactic I mentioned used during Bush and the war. Remember these people are always growing and improving on what they have learned. Just like we are or should be. A large part of gang stalking if you will, is to PREVENT us from growing further or to at least block what growth we do have coming to us..and being able to utilize that growth and learning.

It flattering also to be shown what Divergent are capable of but then again thats bait also. I cant count how many reader comments are sent to be for approval which have started out with flattery- a sure sign to read very carefully the rest of the comment. IT probably contains something unhealthy for me and my readers. Unless its conisitent.

This is a 'make nice the war is over' piece of work which we will probably be seeing alot of in the coming years. I especially did not appreciate the mother-daughter relationship then her death being framed so nicely...of ccourse becuz its time to leave those losses and betrayals behind- to take on a nice husband and go lead a normal life!!

Its a movie you thought you could trust and just like everyone who comes into your life-its a sell out and it turns on you in the interest of the beast. And national security I assume. How patriotic.

It sucks but you are no longer innocent and a captive sheep. You cant afford to get lost in movies the way normal people do. Its another nice way that they never allow you to come back home, now that you have been effectively exiled out of your homeland...while still physically existing in it. Aint the 21st century grand?

Intersting Thread On Suspect Deaths Of Polticians/Celeb Activists

Its hard to tell whether this is disinfo agents battling or misinformed people squabbling.


"With all the degeneracy in the world:

1) 911 is a symptom and an example of it,

2) I encourage all of you readers to stand up,

3) be men, be family men,

4) get strong,

5) protect your family

6) take care of yourself, eat healthy, known-sourced organic food and not manufactured stuff,

7) don't drink the water supply or bath in it, if it's anything like 70%+ of the water in the USA or many places controlled by the criminals (this makes you sheeple and destroys you physically and neurologically)

8 ) Ignore anything you find, which goes against Nature, and with that, Humanity. I don't care if it's Government, or somebody's representation of God to you (a co-opted preacher supporting criminal supremacism).

9) Abolish your subservience to all paper contracts which do not reflect a greater human contract. The validity of the paper, comes from a just sense from within, from the gut. Otherwise the paper contract is completely worthless.

Those thoughts I wanted to get out to you. I know some of you are in the light about these issues, some of you are just discovering, and many probably need more work. It can seem confusing, when tens of millions are being spent by criminals to post propaganda claims (which are often 60-85% true) on the Internet. Our tool is knowledge, and we are winning!"

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Recent Form Of Control Is Difficult To Break-Surrounded By Christian Pedophiles/Offenders

I will make this brief becuz I want to try to make a video as u have been requesting. I know its foolish as there seems to be an environment of suspicion out there now towards anyone with an anti govt website who discusses things like gang stalking or MK Ultra rooted mind control projects.
It seem like its connected to the many lone shootings in past recent years as well as something to do with Obama Care or the way that people are now viewed health and mental health wise. It seems very dangerous moreso than during Bush to have a blog like this now or to put your name or face on anything connected to such subject matter.

Ive blogged that the recent form of control over myself as a TI seems to be unbeatable. This isnt just based on location as it was just a few years ago but everywhere Ive gone this year. Granted I have not made it past VA this winter. Thats partially due to health and partially due to the control being so great I now cant move about freely as I did in years past but also from fears of exposure in the west coast to Fukashima fallout which two years ago I stayed in the west too long and came back to MA feeling the effects. Its not paranoia or a joke, the health hazards from Japan's nuclear disaster due to the tsunami is very real. I have not been the the south west last year and in Nov is when the WHIPP facility in Carlsbad, NM occurred. Ive only been told that the radiation might be airborne due to fusing with the salt in the mines it was stored in but that was from a questionable source. I think I read that surrounding states were concerned even Mexico so it sounds about right but is that still a problem now I dont know.
I need to go out there for health reasons due to the arid climate however, it doesnt seem like a good idea right now.

Back in MA its become a hostile environment to me and my activism. I still think leaving the USA is the best idea but I need to find a way to do that and thats been impossible due to the heavy control thats now on me daily. It seems to be coinciding with the ending of the war and the reducing of prisoners in places like Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba. Its unbelievable to me that the public doesnt see that opening up Cuba from old sanctions is just a PR ploy to reduce the damage from the perception of the camp having been there and what went on there. Its like a reward to people for accepting GTMO as such a horrible place. Obama having Jay Z and Beyonce visit there, making it as if all dissidents is somehow connected to the Panthers or black community. African Americans have become the most dangerous part of the NWO due to people still perceiving them as victims who need justice and restitution. They have become in large part nothing but house slaves again- working for the special interests of the elite and the rich and the corporate-as a way to ensure thier place in the future New World Order as a successful people in the world. Granted they were lead to it and pushed in this direction and given very limited choices due to COINTELPRO itself, but the reality of this must be considered when dealing with being a TI and countering the NWO deception. Normal societal rules cannot apply if you want to see things as they really are to counter them with any success. Of course this reality is being used against activists and freedom fighters to turn people into racists or to at least create that perception about them..should I say us becuz they have succeeded with me in doing so. This is in part due to the extremely heavy control that is now exerted over myself and I assume the rest of the population.

The conflicts are ending. They want everyone to come home now and make nice and basically forget what has gone on for the last 13 years.

Thier efforts with me consist of blocking me from doing any work at all on this blog even posting. Having I made any videos lately to help other TIs or posted anything significant? ITS BECUZ I CANT. Im totally blocked from doing so. Granted, the focus seems to be on me getting to my book finally but it seems that might be a lead on, a way to get me into certain circumstances where they can finally force me to conform and that has consisted of constant non stop brainwashing that is so heavy you arent even yourself anymore.

This is way worse than anything in years past or during BUsh. It completely obliterates any sense of real self or Self or personality at all that was possible to preserve in years prior. This has been the case at least on the east coast. It may have something to do with my being on probation from getting arrested when I was forced/coerced/baited into acting out last June by finally losing my composure and writing on the side of a McDonalds in magic marker.
It was a total frame up just the way they tried to do back in 2003 yet the allies I had then do not seem to be present now. Alot of people have left office in Cambridge MA and Boston and other important positions it seems. Also whatever was being pumped out into the environment last summer in that area was so successful at causing aggression and acting out in the population (not just me) that it was unavoidable. This is why I got out of that immediate area right after the incident. I wasnt the only one who got into trouble. Cops were all over the place, ticketing YUPpies on bikes, everything, having a field day with this. Manhy of my friends who have been messed with by police in that area also acted out. You could see it and feel it in the environment.

Something has definitely changed about the way MA is run and the entire east coast anyway. I am going to try to see what the rest of the country is like but I may take an opportunity to get writing done. However, this may be just a ploy to get me weakened, settled down and make it so I am so targeted where I am going to try to stay that I cant work on this at all but sink into conforming.
The big push on me is to
-get me pregnant
-get me married
-get me into school
-into a normal job
-settled into a home
move on forged completely what happened.

I have been surrounded by what seems like handlers. I dont know if this is a result of them being there all along like this and I am just so weakened I will take any help I can get or if they are being put in my path and the control is so great the system is keeping me down so much that its part of the process to have these people there as i am basically immobilized.

One of these people is a trucker i met years ago whos been helpful. He claims to be Christian but not only does he use the sign of the horns to point at things (and Ive found that ANYONE who unconsciously utilizes thier forefinger and pinkie for pointing usually has a Satanic nature. Every single time without fail thats been true. I didnt write Luciferian nature, but Satanic. Of a lower caste for sure, becuz such gestures are used carelessly to begin with by doing that. Either that or this is part of pedophile/sex offender brainwashing and they use this gesture as a way of terrorizing and freaking out the Target, as a form of mind control. Its either unconscious and significant in an occult way or its done purposely and its significant to brainwashing of a TI- either way you must take notice of people doing this. Its not normal. Using one finger to point is enough.)...he also has a devilish nature. He talks and mutters constantly and its draining. You can feel yourself being drained and he also argues over trifles or insists on being contrary. Its a control tactic and always be aware of someone using any tactic to drain you or bring you under control. Using talk as a form of control is mind control. My mother told me my grandfather used to do it and I always watched out for it. She was pretty observant about these things but just so mind controlled all her life she couldnt escape being under this system's control.
This guy also claims to have had an accusation of pedophilia in his past. Someone reported a suspicious incident with a girl he was babysitting outside but they coudlnt prove anything. It could have been a frame up becuz cops simply didnt like him or it could have been genuine I would have to do more research and ask locals and I dont have time for that. He doesnt come up registered on any data bases. But these factors make him suspect as a handler or in helping to mind control a Targeted Survivor. Ive run into people who hide behind Christianity but due to my being more connected or having access to my free will in the past I always avoided them or got away from them.

Much of this desperation is also due to the fact that around the country and especially in my hometown of Cambridge around Harvard U the system has seen to it to destroy scenes. Environments where activists and others could live in a sub culture environment. Probably by NWO standards today, this is considered terrorists or potential terrorists or threats to the NWO and its authority so getting rid of anything bohemian or sub culture that doesnt consist of sell outs, rich kids or infiltrated with agents or stupid, drugged out drunks who arent a threat was something they had to do to continue to ensure the success of the NWO and the destruction of the United States.

Back home my former companion is now being rewarded per usual, for driving me out of MA and discrediting me. He is still trying to hold onto me but I am slowly making it clear that I am not returning and that we are not going to have any future together. He has also used two (lame ass) atypical Satanic gestures frequently seen in the media as a means of trying to mess with my head.
He has something in his past that looks bad but on examination seems like the system framed him up as well and I suspect he is being used by the system for operations and he has been groomed from childhood.
He seems to be controlled by African Americans and their culture. Its the strangest thing Ive ever seen.
He fell off his bike face first trying to catch up with me around Harvard Square a few months ago. He put his brakes on too hard and went over the handle bars and he was driving only with one hand. After he fell I went to make sure he was OK and out of nowhere this fat black older woman comes and gets IN BETWEEN me and my boyfriend and she basically took charge of making sure he was alright. This is a woman I have never seen in Harvard Square and thats only unusual becuz she is the description of person who you never usually see behind Harvard Square in the area I was in. And for her to interfere like that was very suspect, to that extent. It was also the way she did it, it wasnt normal. It was far too intrusive and familiar. What makes it suspect is that a short while later while he was in the MBTA station between the street level and the subway he was tending his wounds and again, up comes this older black male who gets right in between us and asks him if he's alright. Just walks up out of the stream of people going to the trains and approaches us and again gets too close and breaks us up.

Both of these instances as well as his now falling back into Wiggerism and getting housed with a family that is Spanish and black who took him in and befriended him due to his liking the rap music culture makes it obvious whats going on. The Bloods have alot of power in Boston and people wearing red t shirts and bragging Blood associations frequently help destroy Targets. Im sure they get off on the fact its white people too. They are very self righteous, bitter, petty, power tripping trifling blacks who act like they are some sort of legit Mafia. They are disgusting and just another sign of the degeneration of the north east from what it once was.

When i met him he was only listening to jock rock. Its stupid but its not gangsta culture at least. He said that he is comfortable with African Americans of the extreme lower classes becuz he grew up with them in Florida.

The other guy, the trucker friend I have I wrote about, is also someone who is sucked into ghetto culture but only by association yet its in Baltimore MD where the ghettos are really disgusting. At least I have to say that Boston and NY would be embarrassed to have something that backwards exist in thier states. Its appalling. But even though he claims constantly to be a hillbilly he associates with this environment. Hes very pragmatic and will switch claims to his associations and allegiances based on need.

Both claim Christian backround. My companion's mother in FL is very religious. And magically after this relationship started out of nowhere after 25 years in her home that was run down her life partner''s father comes up with money to rebuilt an entire new house. Hmmmm.

I am staying with this trucker friend in the home of a small family near...The Pentagon in VA. I didnt know it was here I thought it was in Washington DC or Maryland. After being hit with microwave or some other weapon driving down the road in Maryland, from a black male in a very posh pick up truck with strange appendages on it, I can safely say I understand why they would not want to be in MD. Thats where my mother was experimented on in the Naval Hospital as an infant-radiation, documented. That is one of hte worst MK Ultra hospitals in the country. MD is an awful, evil place. THe existence of Baltimore PROVES that.

I HAVE COME TO REALIZE THAT IF ANY PLACE IS VERY IMPOVERISHED OR HAS A LARGE MENTALLY ILL POPULATION IN THE STREET, THEN ITS ON PURPOSE AND BY DESIGN. The peace and tranquility and orderliness of THIS area of VA prove that to me and other areas that are just as psycho managed as any area yet arent chaotic, dark energy or disorderly. NYC and Boston are major areas of elitist and Zionist assholedom as well as institutions and the private sector-all documented to be involved in MK Ultra past programs and all with vested interest in any sort of NWO that benefits them as basically ruling over the rest of humanity. There are always large amounts of really crazy or shitty homeless people in these areas.
In my experience, these areas help drive such people insane. Its a dumping ground for thier victims and victim witnesses and whistle blowers etc.

They are offering me a house sitting gig outside Charlotte in an area that Ive mapped and its a TI nightmare. Charlotte is where I was perped two years ago in the Greyhound bus station and it was so overt I filmed it and put it on my blog. However I am thinking it may have potential becuz the FBI last year busted the black mayor and got his wife fired from her real estate job due to his taking bribes, which would line up with alot of gang stalking talking place in the area.
Of course its all blacks doing the psy ops/black ops and Ive read this about other TIs in that area also on the Internet. The house is located right near power lines, a power station and a microwave drum tower. Theres no buses right nearby. Im cornered in a development surrounded by other houses, woods in back and a creek cuts off by mobility in the back area.
My trucker friend seems to think its mischievously amusing that I will be stuck there without a car. Its also near a state college which screams CIA ON CAMPUS.
Im going to stay there for a few days but I highly doubt I will endure there alone. The second Im left alone the perps will start working on the place. Its a night mare potentially. Yet I am desperate for a place that I can start my writing in earnist. I am willing to take a calculated risk. Ive got to get started somewhere, sometime and MA is now a total hell hole from a TI standpoint or locals.

The male in this family used to be a consultant for the Pentagon and other contractors around the area before he became ill. This family is a bit suspect also. And they are also avid Christians.

Being clear and awake on a Sunday I cant believe I am here with these people or that I am so kept down and controlled Mon-Sat anywhere I go that I am unable to get out from under this lately. What the hell am I doing surrounded by this many Christians all with backrounds that are connected to sex offences? And these arent healthy people. They are all dysfunctional in some way. I dont care what your problems are just make sh*t work and stay self actualizing. Ive surrounded myself with deceptive people who live in denial. My leading a double life isnt exactly the same thing.

This is ALL due to how bad the mind control is in the past year or so and maybe the radiation in the environment from nuclear accidents etc etc. It does seem to be doing something to the public. Like driving them insane and making people heartless or zombie like in ways.

So its very hard now. My territory has been reduced greatly as has my bases (cities with street scenes) and by mobility (more anti hitch hiking and Traveler laws). Ive been forced to associate with people I dont want to be around to survive and this serves the system in making it so that I lose my true sense of self, along with the extremely heavy handed control thats being used in the past few years.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Rape Tunnel (Psychological Art Experiment): Humans Dare To Hate-Only In Safety

"Why so much hostility? First, you don't have to go in. 
 More importantly, why is this level of anger not directed at actual rapists? Years ago I lived near 180 and Broadway in NYC. That's a Rape Tunnel. If you go there there will be a guy waiting to rape you.....But no one is taking the A train north to kill that guy. In fact, you've basically accepted his existence, you've ceded that entire neighborhood to him. You don't like him, of course, but you don't hate him, you just put him out of your mind, you put that entire area out of your mind. Meanwhile, this artist, an ordinary man, who is only raping volunteers, who has not actually raped anyone-- that guy needs AIDS."

"First, the rage comes because this guy is weaker than us. When we feel safe, when we're not afraid (of him), we're free to explode in rage. (That's why there's road rage and not elevator rage.)

In every horror movie I have ever watched, no one, neither characters nor audience, hated the killer. They're too afraid to hate. In fact, sometimes they side with the killer-- think of an audience of teen boys laughing at the funny/horrifying way the victim was butchered. (And, in reverse: only when they start to hate, when they feel the rage, do they become powerful enough to kill the killer.)"

"V. How To Rape Everyone At Once

There's a lesson here.

If you're running, say, a newspaper, and want the population to fear someone, you focus on identity and offer no other details not consistent with that identity; you fix the identity as primary. You don't describe him, you declare him.

To make people hate someone, start from fear but then attack the identity. Offer otherwise irrelevant information that puts them not in a negative light-- too obvious-- but in a contrasting light. "

"Fear assumes limitless possibilities: the thing you fear has infinite power, infinite resources, infinite resolve, unknown identity
Hate comes when you know them.
Cyril Connolly did not say, "if it bleeds, we can kill it." But he should have."