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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The AT&T Microwave Towers In Hillcrest/Tested By EMF Watch On YouTube I had been hanging in this area when I started bleeding internally again. I notice that getting away from this neighborhood improves my condition. Sadly its a horrible thing in the middle of a great neighborhood with many lovely people way nicer than SD south of Hillcrest. There was alot of GS and I was definitely hit with something especially my squat was targeted. I often use mentally ill homeless who are functional and otherwise civil as canary in a coal mine type thing-if I find they begin to rant and have sleep disturbances in the squat spot it always coincides with my becoming aggressive and feeling targeted in that spot especially if there's been alot of overt tactical gang stalking around a sleep spot. Ive always been very suspect of how many severely mentally ill San Diego has specifically downtown and in 'the bottoms' where the shelters are near 12th and Imperial. (These are however away from these conspicuous towers).

Scientist Named Herr Is One Of Many Scumbags Who Is Lying About Modifications To Humanity In Future This guy isnt telling the whole truth. TJEY ARE ALREADY ABLE TO DO THIS. THEY ARE ALREADY MAKING "EVOLUTIONARY SNEAK ATTACKS". I love the part about better team work. Forced conformity. Ive lost my looks my sexuality and my talent as an artist. They arent telling people that you lose qualities that ARE natural to you as a human being genetically when you gain qualities they find desirable or necessary. The reason the US military is reluctant to embrace biomods officially is becuz they or at least private companies and their contractors are simply experimenting on humans covertly now. If MK Ultra existed once then there is always the risk of heartless greedy cut throat businessmen who are scientists that will use humans for unethical experimentation. People forget that humans are animals with animal drives and scientists are no different. Overly educated people can hide tthese urges and even their disdain for anyone less intelligent than themselves if not most of humaniry. They have no right to the power over humanity this system gives them. If they are only human why shud they be the ones making such decisions? Youve been brainwashed via 9-11 and a decade of intimidation fear and deception. Wake up to whats really going on before its too late.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

GS -A Program That Aims To Create LoneShooters/Domestic Terrorists And Discredited TIs Appearing Schizo

The point of GS seems to b to make the Target appear schizophrenic by making them seem as if they r imagining things. I and my companion didnt imagine seeing that zero balance and having to beg for bus fare then go to Vons in the cold only to have to be miserablely penny pinching in watching what we spent for only ten bucks. Having to spend a two day rest with that 200 dollars hanging over our heads afraid of what the owner might do if the room wasnt left just right . It was a stressful, burdened two day rest. Both of us so sleep deprived from traveling and rough sleeping /urban camping we didnt notice that there WAS no receipt for the 200 dollar deposit to begin with. The other purpose of GS is to create lone shooters and domestic terrorists -to piss people off and make us feel helpless until we feel there's no choice but to strike back at society, the public or our government. (Which is why its very important to have First Responders especially cops involved in harassment. The Target begins to feel that there's no hope as the authorities are constantly harassing and surveilling them.)

Traveler's Inn And Suites Deceptive Practices/IGA Market

This motel is under new management as i had no problems years ago staying there.

They claim to charge a deposit for the room for 200 dollars. (On the paperwork they give you its anywhere from 50-299.

First the female owner said she was charging a dep of 200 plus the room fee. We got the room off a price cut site so it was prepaid off my companions card.

That evening we went to the Hometown Market IGA corporate chain down the road to purchase food.

The store debit machine declined his card as of checkout. His balance at the ATM machine receipt read $xxx.xx ledger balance but $0.00 available balance.

His account online said their was money there. Being road worn and sleep deprived we simply assumed it was the deposit being held back. Friday we had to bum money for a bus and use that 10 dollar gift card from Vons that I was given Thurs afternoon. We both assumed it was the 200 dollar dep being held until we checked out.

Upon checkout from the hotel she informed us that she didnt charge us or hold any deposit money. First she claimed she doesnt charge anyone with an out of town ID which she did not mention prior. When we told her about the money seeming to be held on the account due to her deposit procedure she claimed this is a practice she has to simply test new customers to see if they will hand over their credit cards or not.

Theres nothing posted conspicuously around the hotel due to only old notices being posted outside the office becuz they claim they cant find the key to open the window box (lol) but it does state theres a 50-299 dep on the paperwork signed upon check-in.

We went to buy something this morning at IGA just to see and their debit machine still declines the bank card and their ATM machine gave us a receipt with the same balance info- 0.00 available and xxx ledger. We went on to Wendy's where the card worked to purchase food.

His bank claims the last transaction was 93 for the room for two nights and claims no recollection or record of any holds or zero balances.
Ive experienced these games before during Bush when this started where in thw Homestead hotel in Waltham my bankcard was declined at every take out restaurant I called IN WALTHAM yet when I called for takeout in the next town over my card worked.

The IGA and the entire plaza there is owned by a company that owns local Denny's restaurants in that area called Den Fran. Ive experienced overt GS in many Denny's around the country like Portland ME. Local companies like this may work along with local police...who were waiting for us as we left the hotel into the parking lot to go to IGA. Which I have pictures of and lemme tell u the first cop gave us that stupid look as he passed us while the other cop car in front of us moved to leave the lot quick as I took photos.

I do not appreciate not having money for food. If we didnt have that gift card we wud have been hungry while staying inside for a much needed two day rest. I only recently started resting like this again as I'd become so worn down that I stopped bothering to do so, which I am sure the system wants.

Maybe becuz its near the border they think they can do whatever the hell they want. Playing with people's money isnt legal is it?

,; Use motels and hotels that are either corporate chains or are sma family owned cash only deals. No independents big enough to be on Priceline or Expedia.

I hope this info helps any TIs out there.

I also want to say that my entire hotel stay I felt hit with something that made me feel like or induced the illusion of being listened to and even very bad Truman Show Effect. THEY HAD WI FI, just like every other place where I feel such effects. Also my intimate activities were interferred with as very obvious behavior modification was present in the hotel room.

Cancer Used To Kill Dissidents Im bleeding.again last week. Doctor says get tests done now not wait til May. In SoCal and condition seemed to worsen here especially in Hillcrest. Theres a cluster of big drum looking towers on top of a building there on University. Wherever there are those kinds of towers I always get sick, same in Portland ME. SD generally seems to b worsening this condition.

German Scientist Warns Of Effects From Digital Broadcast/Operation Silent Sound

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Overt Harassment In Vons On Washington St Hillcrest CA By Employee

A female employee of Vons Supermarket in Hillcrest CA (a burrough of San Diego) named Paulette Linck employed as a stocker primarily working in the back of the store stalked and harassed my companion and I ending with her impersonating management while not wearing a name tag and refusing to give a name when asked. The 2nd assistant named Margaret Getz was immediately contacted by myself
and my companion and it took others backing me up to get her to defer from Linck standing there continuing to argue and attempt to defame and discredit me. She then told Linck to go in the back and dealt with us justly.

She apologized, also pointed out what was wrong wirth her actions then gave us a ten dollar gift card which I really didnt want. I told her the woman should be fired so she never does this to anyone else again.

Linck had been eyeing us suspiciously while sitting at the Starbucks at Vons where we had purchased food and coffee from store and cafe and were planning our day.

She waa seen sitting with Starbucks employees while appearing menacing. I wrote this singular incident off as random and of no importance until she crossed my path again in the ladies room after we purchased more food to leave with for lunch. She was seen by us again in the store as we ate, conversed and were on our way to exit.

Due to the earlier incident and her seeming to cross our paths frequently I commented to my companion that this woman has been doing this alot and asked "What is she security?". Strangley the woman that had just passed us simply looked like the employees who was stalking and harassing because as I made that comment to my companion the employees known as link actually passed by turn to me and said what did you say to me. when strangely I wasn't even talking to her. As if she was ready for the confrontation, pre planned.

I then said I thought it was her and that she had been engaging in what seemed like stalking.

Though the claim sounds potentially paranoid her response and reactions made my point.

She then responded aggressively being defensice. She claimed we had to leave. She claimed the Starbucks worker claims I went off on her. I wanted to speak to management, she then pointed to herself   . She was bruised on her face, dressed shabbily and looked scraggly so I was suspect as San Diego takes pride in their employees being very pulled together and neat in grocery sstores.

As she led us to the exit I asked her name so I could call corporate. She responded by saying "I dont have a name" repeatedly. I saw people with actual nametags at the store front and dtarted seeking someone to help us.
Of course I was upset but as usual kept calm. However due to my past anaphylactic shock from Bactrim as of 12-2009 when I am frightening or made upset I begin to tremble and my throat begins to close mildly due to any adrenaline rush causing full blown anaphylaxis potentially so I probably appear less calm than any other reasonable person (another reason I cant get into physical altercations now. It might cause anaphylactic shock requiring an epipen. I believe the perps kbow this due to their other prior actions and are working off this condition).

Linck admitted to the supervisor she refused to give her name.

After someone else spoke up for me is when the super told Linck to return to the back then tended to the matter realizing Linck was in the wrong.

Miss Getz told us that she shouldn't have impersonated management, acted as security, been confrontational or not have been wearing a nametag while working nor refused to give her name.
Also the procedure concerning Starbucks is that their employees are to report to management about a problem customer AND MANAGEMENT HADNT GOTTEN ANU SUCH COMPLAINT.

Btw what i had discussed with the barista at Starbucks is simply that SD seems to be striving for this high standard when in fact its a great city to begin with. I told her about Boston and that we have standards set centuries ago so we let other things go becuz we feel we can afford to. This was after a whiney customer bitched about a big burritto that only cost 1.99 and I was surprised anyone would complain about so much food for so cheap, what quality were u expecting?
The barista expressed that SD can do better producing Mexican food specifically due to being close to the border of Mexico.

I was simply expressing that SD is a fine city already. Everywhere they seem to be obsessed with remodeling and improving...perhaps to keep up with LA I don't know.

There was no argument or raised voices. She probably just bitched to Linck and Linck took it as added ammunition.

Its hard to tell if this was direct GS action, the perps using Linck as a useful idiot to do their dirty work as Ive experienced that repeatedly as one of their main resources for manpower or if this is part of a community wide action against anyone who looks homeless even if they are travelling through.

I predicted to my companion there wud b harassment from a police officer in the area most likely and we can see I was correct.

I am going to file a report with corporarw and am considering a lawyer who will handle repeated harassment cases for me as they continue to manifest, like this incident, as they hsve for years.

Harassed By SD pd at bus stop Hillcrest CA

Car number 6721 San Diego police dept just harassed us at a bus stop as we were.waiting for bus. After he behaved like an intimidating little bitch by having a shitty attitude asking us if we were waiting for the bus i suggested he look us gang stalking as it wud make his job easier and help him understand things better.

He responded by being intimidating and saying I was telling him his job. I responded by saying I was simply marking a suggestion. He bitchily kept arguing back that i was telling him not suggesting.

I let him drive off.

This is after an episode of overt harassment at Vons on Washington st in Hillcrest where management had to deal with stalking and harassment done to us bu a store employee which i will post momentarily. And yes we were foubd to b in the right.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Elder Bush's Failing Health

--Even with the years of battle against the NWO and the spiritual battles involved over the years no one wants to experience death. All of us have lived here in this time frame at the same time in history-enemies or allies we were here together.

--One cannot help but be bonded to the people they are fighting. 

--And in the confusing world of covert warfare its possible things may actually get worse when the old guard like George HW Bush passes away. Itz hard to tell if these sort of people didnt provide some sort of protection or assistance even though Targets are at odds with ideas or agendas they may be representing.

--My thoughts are with the Bush family at this time as, no matter what has transpired, we are only human. (Even those of us who are a little bit more than that in this 'incarnation' if you will).

--And I have selfish reasons also. Whatever was taken from me during the recent war years-Bush and early Obama that the system continues to keep me from recovering, feels as if it will be taken with those involved when they die, forever making closure an impossibility.

--I think back to his NWO speech...and wonder who is left to continue this madness after his death. 

--It seems there are many people and an entire system in place to do just that.

--These men from the old guard who were so visible are now replaced with faceless people in power and a system thats harder than ever to blame or expose for corruption.

--There is so much he knows, so many things he's going to take with him when he passes that we could learn from.

--I dont know if it will change the growing cancer that is the NWO worldwide, but I know it will be a great loss.

--One thing about going up against the Bush's is that they are Machiavellian-sneaky and artful yet somehow very overt. I have much preferred being beat down within an inch of my life by an enemy I can see who's actions are in my face and bold as opposed to whats gone on during Obama and all Democratic presidencies really.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Book: The Complex-How The Military Invades Our Daily Lives

 --Haven't read it but I imagine the author either isnt aware of the entire situation or purposely leaves out subject matter like unethical human experimentation creating such super soldiers.

--I am wondering if going abroad is pointless or if its not as bad away from American culture, corporations and numerous military bases.

--There seems to be a division now between people who know whats goubg ob and those who remain oblivious.

--What now? The general public can only be made aware to a point.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Going To Try to escape the prison

--I want out of the US by March. Any help wud b appreciated like info on other countries funds connections etc. --The tech used is somehow much more effective since last year. The system here is now unbeatable. --I am only clear due to the lessening of it around xmas holiday. Thus this communication. --Anywhere in the world is better than the US now. --I want to leave before my disgust and frustrations manifest into something dangerous. The fact ive been so betrayed and the people involved dont care what they did is too much i need to get out of my birth homeland and go back to my ancestral ones. --Also discovering that Dr Cameron's work was actually using Nazi info and scientists from Project Paperclip to form an anti Germanic project explains the systematic destruction of the Volk world wide as a part of the NWO. This might b the real motive behibd destroying countries like Iran Iraq Afghanistan etc. And destroying Scandinavian countries with radical Muslim immigrants and Africans from violent countries. --The NWO may truly be based in creating world peace by genociding any and ecery people considered Aryan or any Europeans still percieved as wild bloded, stubborn, aggressive etc-the Germanic peoples. --America is now fully a prison. The system in place has made it impossible to leave of ones own Will and behavior modification is constant. Its unvearable.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

UCSD Loves CIA Military Industrial Complex Its typical isnt it? For the military, corporate and CIA to be together at such an event? Becuz thats who goes after Targets anyway if you are a threat to their world domination, specifically through the current deception. All those idiots flocking to this murderous scumbag agency, becuz of 9-11, who go on to destroy the lives of innocent people like myself while they actively protect career criminals with money and connections. Knowing people like myself are powerless to defend ourselves. Ive been to UCSD. Either the youth of the country has always been brainwashed, stupid, misinformed and spoiled and I've grown out of it over the years or its become epidemic. This trio of powerful scum mentioned have systematically destroyed the US and our culture and are destroying the world slowly over the years in the same way. People complain and map out the NWO, knowing and understanding something is very wrong yet no one mentions the ultimate tool of this enslavement of humanity: the 'gang stalking' system. Psy ops, chemical controls and the use of technologies are what makes the undertaking possible. It is ultimately how this is being done, world wide. Without this missing piece of information, this realization of how the elite oppressors exist in the 21st century while the masses are kept with the illusion of 20th century reality, people can never fight nor break free of the NWO and worldwide enslavement. CA typifies America and its sickness, the insanity thats taken over, that defines typical American life in the last 30 years. Waste, bad prioritizing and living in denial to satisfy the wealthy and their needs while criminalizing poverty, homelessness and severe mental illnesses. America is dead, Cali is a smiling blonde white toothed corpse-and its time to go back to the homelands.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Mind Control Tech 'A Taste Of Armageddon' For many Targets we've already experienced this. They arent fully disclosing the potential for abuse of power..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

CAMERON'S WORK AND PAPERCLIP WAS/IS DESIGNED TO GENOCIDE GERMANIC PEOPLES NOT PERPETRATED BY THEM OR NAZIS Cameron was actually totally paranoid of the Germans and was working to destroy them as a race. An ethnic and genetic cleansing. THIS MAY EXPLAIN WHY IT SEEMS SO IMPORTANT TO DESTROY EUROPEAN CULTURES, PEOPLES AND BURDEN DOWN 'WHITE' CULTURES WITH PC, DIVERSITY ETC. This may explain why many whites world wide feel their is a destruction of our culture or that there is some form of constant control designed to supress whites through current cultural engineering and traditionally through organized Abrahamic religions. It seems the Germans and the Nordics-the whites, are actually the most oppressed, enslaved people on earth. Its not mere aggression they fear. If that were the case, they would fear many other races equally. Its moreso the aggression mixed with the intelligence and determination to actually create something so dominant and fearsome. Why does Cameron fear Germans say, moreso than Rome, which surely has a history of world domination, bloodymindedness, perversion, abuse of power and CERTAINLY manipulation? The Jews themselves posess terrible qualities that have potential to destroy, pervert and limit human potential, yet they are not feared so? Every 'race' or ethnic group has its good, useful qualities and its destructive, negative ones. I am not buying this. There is something else about the Germanic/Nordic races that is feared. I think the discovery of those foo fighters and such are where we should look further. Note that Cameron was experimenting with electromagnetics and things used on TIs today. Many MK Ultra Survivors including myself have memories of being shot up with drugs or experiencing a paralysis. Cameron utilized a drug used by South American tribes to immobilize their enemies. This would explain his work in relation to the NWO, a deception promising world peace untold to the populace by using mind control and why Israel is doing so well considering Nazis are supposed to be behind MK Ultra and the NWO. Nazi KNOWLEDGE has been taken and utilized by people actually paranoid of the German race, their character and history. This also explains why so much academia in Liberal, Democratic places with Liberal elitists like Boston, Cambridge and institutions nationwide are still involved in these activities and projects. Using the excuse of preventing another WW2, Hitler or more German aggression, other parties are themselves plotting world domination. Most compelling is how he seperated the world into the weak and the strong and the weak must control or isolate and remove the weak from society. Another perfect cover for getting rid of people who know too much like Survivors who are NATURALLY deprogramming, ritual abuse survivors etc.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Misleading Predictions Concerning Humanity's Future the Intel networks are not telling the public everything. like how many unethical human experimentees suffered for those technological advances. or that the advances in tech and science have a POSSIBLE PLAUSIBLE sinister and dark side-another possibility in the future timeline.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Obama NWO Conspiracy Watch

Done With Trying In The United States

Getting messed with on Greyhound. Travel companion is being more of a help to the jerks on the bus or the perps, which ever one they are, than to me.

Its becuz of him that I am on a bus to begin with and he's not being understanding of what Ive been through.

Hes done nothing but make the perps job easier. He has GOT to go.  Hes now a danger to my safety and this project, which I cannot allow.

As I've posted he has motive to help the gs system to begin with.  So now I am stuck with trying to wait out until next month and just leave the USA.

Its hopeless.
I never get left alone for a minute and I can't focus on what I need to do.

I thought having him with me would b easier but it seems that he's just made things more stressful and put me in dangerous situations.

I have no reason to stay in the US anyway. It sucks now. And I have no contact with anyone from my past anyway. Why stay?

Health Care Privacy Notice Gives Government Access To Your Personal Information To Protect The President

Thats why I always recieved this type of paperwork as if it were a joke.  TIs know we have no privacy.

And yes, I am sure that the bastards lie to people so they actually believe MK Ultra survivors are some sort of valid threat. Even people involved in classified kinds of anti terror seemed...confused and mislead at times.

They have to keep covering their asses. About MK Ultra mind control experiments and mass mind control.

About how they continue to destroy the planet humans need to survive and now have in place a system that could probably put even the most traumatized mass of people into a feel good stupor, so death, starvation or worse horrors didnt phase them one bit.

Mass mind control and the NWO are more than for ensuring world peace, equality and an iPhone for all.

NSA Whistleblower Claims 'Everyone Is Under Virtual Surveillance'

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mossad/How The GS System Creates Monsters-Like Hitler

Operation Wrath of God????  Seriously? 

If yer gonna go after Nazi war criminals then why not their own elite Rothschild who funded the Nazis? Why didnt anyone go after the Nazi war criminals in America that were behind MK Ultra who were taken here under Project Paperclip?

So...America funds Israel. They claim to be "friends" constantly. We fund all this violent activity where it APPEARS they are merely seeking revenge for Nazi war crimes....yet....America and Israel are "friends".  And I bet you anything this mass mind control crap is used over there as well. Or do they not need such things due to Judaism being enough of a mind controlling Abrahamic religion?
Their Rabbis telling young people their Jewish mothers are going to break their kneecaps if they dont marry Jewish women, yet they always seem to be pushing Diversity on the rest of humanity, recently helping further destroy Europe by routing for the Muslims and Africans who now are taking what remained of our heritage, forever. (I guess Christianity didn't destroy our people enough for thousands of years.)

Israel being a country based on religious belief WITHOUT SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

I recall one little shit I met said something stupid about my being the next Hitler or that this was some psychotic idiot in power's fear. Was this yet another 'mistake'?

I think the Jews live under a mind control cult that is one of the oldest and most successful of its kind in the world.

I think their people are manipulated, lied to, mislead and misinformed just like anyone else this system can get away with using for its own ends.

I think their agents, citizens and assasins are programmed just like any other power's is.

I think the violence they get away with is to ensure their existence becuz it suits the world's true power structure that they exist.

As far as Hitler, WW2, Nazis and war criminals I think that whoever is useful to them gets spared.

What if the projects like MK Ultra- the results seem to be being utilized by plently of Jew friendly institutions-specifically academia and the medical field: PEOPLE WHO WERE ORIGNALLY PART OF MK ULTRA AND FUNDED UNDER THESE CLASSIFIED PROJECTS.

I dont believe anyone's excuses or reasons anymore. I think the ultimate powers that run this system will ruin, destroy or throw anyone to the fire in order to meet their ends. 

And if anything, the 'gang stalking' system seems to be capable of actually CREATING a Hitler...or a lone shooter or an extremist than identifying and stopping one.

In fact from what Ive read and experienced it was most likely this system that created the Hitler so feared in History books and in the minds of human beings world wide.

I think this system creates monsters and chaos in human affairs so their can never BE a such thing as a sensible, fair, decent world to live in where humans could co exist peacefully.

No Hope For Heavily Targeted Survivors Of MK Ultra and Programming

I know alot of people expect me to come through this to some great success. But its not going to end up that way. This system isnt designed to create opportunities for people. Its designed to kill or slowly destroy anyone considered a threat to the system.

I will b lucky to even b able to complete my book that tells all.

Im blacklisted remember and blacklisted people are usually ignored and excluded from the society in which they live.

My health is slowly worsening which includes my chronic liver disease and some condition effecting my intestines which has caused internal bleeding three times in a year and a half. I just work around it real carefully.
Medical people ive found are just playing games with me usually and they cant be trusted anyway due to how heavily infiltrated the medical and first responder fields are with gang stalking perps.

Every day this past year I only get hammered down with constant remote influence that my book doesnt matter, that in the grand scale of things i am unimportant and i am also feeling a constant deadly sense of doom over me and my life expectancy.

People expecting success from a Targeted Survivor of MK Ultra and high level programming are just torturing the person more.

There is only death.  And fighting to get the truth out before that occurs.

Nobody involved in a TIs betrayal and GS campaign are ever going to admit to being part of a conspiracy to commit murder, even if that murder is suicide or death from illness caused by the campaign.

There is no justice only revenge.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Harassment on Greyhound route

Getting harassment on greyhound roure outside large cities in texas in the form of unnecessary, over dramatic surveillance thats overt performed by lone male security. In  station and stores.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Is A Great City Like Austin So Bloated With GS Scum And New Money Snobs?

Why is Austin so full of gang stalking scum and/or 20 something snobs who dislike people with backpacks? I thought Alex Jones lived here...there are small towns outside of the big cities in Texas where are experienced no remote influence we're getting stalking. you would figure Alex Jones live some place like that more so than in the city like Austin which seems to be stuffed and loaded with gangstalking scum door snobs who don't like people with backpacks.

that's because those of us who are really targeted have never really trusted Jones and with good reason.

it's all too easy for him. And that is suspect.

Patriot movement And their rivals the anarchist Are both most likely intelligence operations anyway. All they do is provide a nice divide and conquer It's really nice diversion.

Anyone Who does any kind of activism connected to gs and related subject matter and identifies as either one of those is suspect. Ive experienced harassment from both.

Fuck em both then.

And Austin needs to cut the bullshit.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

McDonald's And Satanism/ 'Illuminati'

Its really disgusting that the govt gave these garbage producers money under the guise of foriegn policy to open up restaurants in foriegn countries.

One of the major companies for gang stalking activity. Some have employees harassing select TIs and  depending on location there's also frequent on foot perps.

Yet the most disturbing GS element of McDonald's seems to be harassment/stalking through their surveillance camera system. Its not remote influence per se but more of a Truman Show effect. Either that reality show delusion or the idea that there's security or other authority watching a TI through the camera(s).

Strangely, this is more of a major problem in Liberal states and cities like Boston than anywhere else.

Like Walmart, you can always count on being harassed or interfaced with in McDonald's.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Increased Gang Stalking Activity After New YouTube Uploads

Two new YouTube uploads yesterday. Getting ALOT of gangstalking activity. More detailed stuff than usual.

I had taken down all my uploads prior and i imagine this explains the changes in activity.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Causeway Cannibal Inconsistentcies

I recall seeing this story. Two things I recall- the photographs looked off.  And no one is looking at the fact a major hip hop industry event was taking place in the area. What have we seen alot of lately from this industry, even in the 90s? Alot of flaunting Satanic bs and dark Masonry. Even voodoo. Could have been just some psy ops that wants to get people riled up about zombies.

Media  Continues Attacks On Rudy Even After Toxicology Tests:

911 Causeway Calls Possibly Fake:

The Causeway Conspiracy Pt 1:

I thought I saw footage of him being shot however so I dont know about the body dumping theory.

Theres a vid on human experimentation in Florida I am going to view.

From my personal experiences, the second 911 caller in the record on the vid does indeed sound fake-whats with the laugh at the end?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gang Stalking Serves To Keep TIs And American Citizens From Leaving The United States

I now fully realize that one of the main purposes of gang stalking campaigns is to KEEP CITIZENS WHO ARE TARGETED FROM LEAVING THE UNITED STATES. This system probably overlaps with mass mind control to serve the same purpose with non targeted citizens.

Causing fear, shame, guilt, sensivity to peer pressure, humiliation and even forced femininity and weakness in older women (who are naturally coming into a phase of strength and masculinity due to less estrogen and more testosterone) as well as inability to focus and think clearly, recall or retain thoughts. Worst of all is the Truman Show Effect TIs exprience and the effect where traumatic memories are forcibly run over and over again and used to cause the afore mentioned negative emotions in Targeted Persons (guilt, shame, humiliation, fear, respomding to peer pressure) as well as causing Targets to be 'kept down' or give up on activism or getting justice for themelves.

This all ensures that Targets like myself are kept in virtual Hells and targeted Survivors are kept from healing indefinitely. This creates an inhuman, unearthly creature if you will that inhabits the human shell instead of a normal human soul or spirit.

Gang stalking, post 9-11 specifically, has created a way for the system to have Targets living in an internal Guantanamo Bay type torture camp-while looking like fairly normal people just walking around.

But we arent perceived as normal. We r crazy or homeless or of bad character. Its easier for people to think its something else than to admit theres actual evil in the world. Denial is easier.

We also live in a group hug therapy culture thats been taken over by fascism and tyranny. So the public have this creepy attitude about breaking people down until they join the cult type mentality, even though consciously they dont know thats what they are doing. It seems they want to break many of us down so we seem human to them, like normal people.

Firstly the reality is we AREN'T their definition of normal people and secondly, their society isnt normal or healthy to begin with.

America is sick and the powers that be are determined to ensure its citizens and culture never evolve and grow up, which would be NORMAL compared to the prison created with these technologies, chemicals and psy ops-all controls on the public.

A Fellow TI Blogs About GS In Christian Churches

I've encountered alot of new churches popping up around the Boston/Cambridge area. Places that seem to appeal to people who dislike traditional church culture.

Young, hip or Yuppie types.  They seem sympathetic but there are members who seem not very Chrstian in spirit.

There are also anti gay Evangelicals whom seem to have alot of single males without girlfriends living church brothers of course.

Some things certain members have said are disturbing.  One overzealous member of a local Cambridge church once claimed that his God "watched, and even enjoyed seeing his son (destroyed or tormented) on the cross".

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kept From The Things We Love-Like Being Detained In A Camp

Remind me to stay out of posting about politics becuz I don't know enough and never had a chance to learn so it most likely gives people more opportunity to make fun of how supposedly stupid I am. Of course anyone who focuses on that at all is a total assh*le who's trying to continue to cover up for whats really going on as well as probably their own guilty asses. The subjects I am ignorant about-even the gs campaign coming at me years ago, how is anyone without training or without being a true career criminal supposed to know such a system exists?? The things I was good at I havent had a chance to do in years since this started.:-D Its part of the process and continued exleriemntation-to keep TIs from their rightful place in life or from their talents by birthright. When u reveal information after being tortured so long, THATS when you will be allowed to get your real life back. brainwashing becuz finally confessing or submitting to authority is a important step in the brainwashing process. Of course this is nothing more than cult

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Experiencing Relief In Remote Area Of Texas-Perps Advised This Location Years Ago/Seems Cell Towers Are Not The Main Delivery System

I just had two days of peace and quiet in an out of the way place in TX.

When a TI says peace and quiet we dont mean that the physical location was quiet. There are multiple dogs barking in the neighbors yard most of the time in the location I spoke about actually. There's a large screen tv blasting in the next room even.

Whst makes this location peaceful is the total lack of mental and emotional torment-no interfacing, no flashes of vision, no illusions of being conracted psychically by various people famous, authorities or otherwise, no Truman Show Effect (where the Target is made to believe that they are being watched as the central character of a reality show-one thats only avialable to a select group thats uses security cameras/surveillance systems.

Theres been no aggression caused by feeling watched or by whatever means they use possibly tech, chemicals or psi spies-as-gang stalkers.

No forced speech or behaviors. No burns, stabs or hits causing physical pain. No sensation of pulling on my liver since  I left the east coast area.

Major cities have become a major problem. They are usually polluted chemically and electromagnetically as well as stressful to.begin with. Then add to this that Targets experience technologies and organized stalking/harassment or psy ops specifically tailored to them with the sole purpose of controlling and destroying the Targets.

What you have is loads of induced evidence that discredit the TI. To ensure they are silenced for yet another day. Books dont get written, lawyers never called. The Target is kept from closure year after year.

I was told years ago when walking through Somerville MA by two college age kids on rollerblades "Its going to KEEP happening unless you move to some Texas dustbowl town".  I will never forget that. It was so overt.

Yet here I a house in TX outside a major city that is located in an area thats pretty much trailers and mobile homes on brushland. Dirt roads. No businesses, no schools, no stores.

Its here Ive experienced relief. Quiet. Not external quiet but internal quiet.  I feel normal. Like it used to he before this all started in 1997. Like it was for a while in 2002 before this all started to become 24/7 and severe.

I had just had a hard time in a nearby big city. There was something in the environment that made my companion and I have to urinate frequently, especially around the college area. If left alone I was stalked by people in vehicles, once again most of whom were men in pickup trucks, as usual. I frequently felt watched or as if the harassment was psychic in nature and all around me. From people in vehicles and surveillance cameras. And this place is actually better than some other cities! There was also interface with a source who seemed to be advising me. The typical push for me to become religious or to stop activism to enter a helping profession and live for that exclusively was also present. Cambridge, MA does the same thing. I feel as if my soul is being cleansed to purity and I am supposed to forget vendettas and revenge or even justice and go on to being a champion for the homeless.

Theres nothing wrong with a TI becoming a strong activist in other areas. Its when this is used as a way to meep the Targeted person from closure and true healing that its a problem. Becuz whats happening psychologically is the TI is held in or forced to believe they are guilty or deserved the torture so they become activists like this in a process resembling Catholic pennance which is much different than someone being a healed peaceful soul who genuinely wants to share that with society by helping others. This probably provides control over the Target and gang stalking Survivors is all abiut reinventing new INTERNAL controls, which is why EXTERNAL control such as gang stalking is beefed up so much until the person is behavior modified to provide said internal control.  Its why the Target is beaten down so hard even though its obvious they didnt deserve it. Guilt, shame, rape, torture etc etc are means of brainwashing someone into being controlled.

I now believe that the soldiers coming home from overseas who are suiciding may be doing so due to PTSD and memories being induced and repeated mentally by the same system that does this to civilian Targeted Individuals.  This daily torment of memories and emotions or sentiment being run over in the mind repeatedly leads to suicide. Once again its most common in areas with electromagnetic pollution, gang stalking and what seems like the use of chemical influence, like most major US cities nowadays.

The peace and quiet I am experiencing is present in an area where I get a 3g signal on my smartphone as well as telephone signal.

Theres got to be some other means that the GS is using to create the conditions I described in areas with heavy gang stalking activity.  Ive noticed areas with Wi-Fi are definitely part of this and thats gotten much worse since more and more people have aquired Wi-Fi in public spaces.

Fusion Centers Revealed

Friday, November 16, 2012

Well, This Explains Alot-Bush In Satanic Cult?? (Not Anything Sophisticated Either)

Could b bullcrap. It wud b tacky for someone of such  a lineage to be part of something so...lowbrow.

Gee, what else was he up to? Cutting off people's hands and stuffing candles in the fingers, lighting the way during a house robbery? (Old joke referring to 'low magick' practised by peasants and lower classes in old days).

Talk about a rich kid slumming it.

Probably another lovely torment to make someone more controllable  years down the road....which may or may not have happened.

See he may be being honest. If he is compartmentalized/programmed etc, if an alter experienced this event and not he, its easy to perceive it may or may not have happened.

With all that money and power and access why would he stoop to their level?

Dont even try to figure these things out. The truth is more complicated and disturbing than its worth.

Wireless Technology And The Toxification Of America

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If anyone out there who used to know me thinks I got owned through these years by the actions of my family, friends and community, just remember-

You never really knew me to begin with.

Did We Make A Mistake Tonight In Electing Obama?

Obama won.

I only wanted him in becuz I can't trust Romney due to his affiliation with Bush and his part in my being targeted firstly when he was governor of MA and secondly his family member Laura was involved in the campaign directly.

However, there is footage of Obama speaking about the New World Order. There are photos of him flashing the sign of the horns, the Satanic hand sign. His wife did a Vogue mag cover where she displayed this gesture ever so slightly, which was appropriate I suppose being Vogue, as slights of hand displaying that gesture were 'in' at that time.

I have to say concerning Romney, I have never once seen any such symbols, signs or associations with Satanic content connected to him or his wife.  The LDS Church clearly has its issues and there are many Survivors who come from this background yet people tend to at least listen to the idea that there might be a problem. The people hiding behind Obama are undetectable to the American public it seems.

When watching the news after the victory was announced they just had to go to some bar in Harlem NY. There a sinister yet very good looking African American woman behind the reporter gave a thumbs up. Then she gave a double thumbs up. Then she took both thumbs and made the sign of the horns with them and kept making it obvious she was doing so repeatedly.

The screen switches to Washington DC. A young dark haired white male is seen clearly displaying the Satanic hand gesture high in the air. He's at the center of the shot. Its very quick as when the scene comes into view of the average tv viewer, they only notice he has switched his hands to four fingers and is mouthing "Four more years", just as the woman in the bar did.

I wonder if we have not just made a very grave mistake.

Obama is not what people think he is, nor are his supporters. I dont see any improvements for my situation with this president.

I wonder if Romney would hsve been better or worse.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RI Sucks For Anyone Intelligent Outside Of Providence Proper

Gee, Rhode Island used to be kinda cool twenty years ago. Looks like lots of idiots have moved in. was just another fun New England state to grow up in. Always acknowledged as not as hip or fun as Boston or NYC.

They always were a bit backwards and ignorant though. Hicks I suppose. RI was Massachusetts's prison colony centuries ago so they have always been looked down on traditionally.

Cranston is away from the capital and universities anyway.

I never realized how hateful and violent these little Christian kiddies could. control in this country is really paying off it seems.

Bush has now his little Hitler youth. Generation Nowhere seems to range from these militant total idiots (who are nothing more than a common mob) to shitheads who think they are badass Satanists..or gangstas...or YUPpies. Whatever.

There are alot of kids from this generationn who are smart enough to not fall for any brainwash generally-then again there always is in every generation.

Its sad to see that the dream we, Gen X thought we were  going to finalize from where our parents started using the new world of tech has been so shut down, destroyed and abandoned.

I  suppose the powers that run the world would never allow an enlightenment of man-an evolution. They'll destroy that and replace it with enslavement disguised as some world peace solution.

And their ignorant mobs of mindless animals will serve their designed  agendas. 

This is what u get raising brats with Abrahamic religious nonsense AND gangsta rap...what Christian jumps people?

Rhode Island is like MA in that respect. The average middle to lower class whites are usually mindless ruffians who like to get into fights.

Final analysis?  Ive lived in RI as a youth-I was too intelligent, talented and good looking to have this place and its peasants waste my time in my youth...and so is she. Anything outside the east side of Providence (NOT East Providence) or the college area like RISD or Brown such as Thayer St and such should be off limits to anyone who isnt an idiot. (And I DONT include URI in that list.)

Transfer to a school system where the other kids are up to your level honey.

And watch out becuz Providence also suffers from having organized crime in the Italian section like any other financially prosperous/stable northeastern state. Their construction companies are one such example. You never know how much dirty blood money goes into getting those bridges built, do you?

Yeah...stick with around Providence proper. Get the f*ck out of Craaaaayynstun.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Public Schools Begin Creating Worker Drones or NWO Enslavement In Earnest By No Longer Teaching Cursive Handwriting

This is one of those issues where it pays to be in Massachusetts. I can totally see them not allowing our citizens to become this dumbed down.

Many schools are cutting music and art programs.

So now Bush's school policies make sense. Couldnt figure out why he'd care about something like that-No Worker Drone Left Behind. Makes sense. They all get educations but there's no mandate for the quality of it.

Its getting really bad in the US. I now understand why they predetermined who would be problematic to the NWO and crushed us before the world changed.

Many of us are still stuck in 2003, waiting to be set free. I hear these things from non targets and its like seeing a whole new world before my eyes: adults in pick up trucks doing paper routes becuz kids don't anymore, education changes like this.  Its horrifying.

Gang stalking keeps people like me away from society so we have no idea whats going on. Every waking moment is spent on activism, active self defense or going over memories of being harassed for years on end.

Its obvious that TIs are prisoners in their own countries but appear free citizens.  The entire nation is not only wired for mass mind control via tech but through things like chemtrails....and of course psychological warfare.

The elite either want us to be able to avoid the same fate as the masses or they want us tormented with the knowledge of whats going on as we are helpless to stop it.

Almost Time To Leave

A few more days and we find out what style of oppression we have to endure for the next four years.  For targeted persons it doesnt really matter, only the way in which we are harassed and controlled changes.


I want to be off American soil by next year. Disappearing into another continent. Not a trace left. I might even abandon this blog and why not?  There's nothing more to be said. The blog can serve no future purpose.

Its not my fault that the cops have a nationwide network that cooperates with organized crime and that that network in turn deals with military and intelligence interests.

I did nothing wrong except start to wake up and recall memories. That very network ensured my paternal cousin became the family white wash by succeeding as a genetic engineer and I have to live homeless and discredited.

The United States sucks. The police and all first responders are the government's personal gang stalking dogs under the Homeland Security banner yet the cops have always actively been involved with organized crime so such a system isnt even what it claims to begin with.

Boston will always be arrogant sick crooked scum. They stole my soul and I can never get it back. Worse off they all act like I deserved it.

If Boston gets to win then I leave. I no longer want to keep returning to a place where I have to repeatedly try to get back what is mine by birthright and then always be held back from getting any closure.

I completely reject the United States and what its become anyway.

Perps kept telling me I should go quiet by disguising it under bullshit advice like I was stupid. America is stupid it sucks and its for people, values and beliefs I find repugnant.

I curse the day my ancestors wasted their time coming over here.

America takes pride in destroying Targets as if its to protect their very way of life. As long as America  has that much power money and power the world will be a miserable place to exist.

Ayn Rand-Another Smoke And Mirrors Act

Ayn isnt scary, she was probably just a plain ol' provocateur!

Well...welfare. lets start with giving constant aid to Israel! (Batta boom!).

Seriously folks if anyone was ever dumb enough to take this operative seriously they deserve to be duped. Look at her lips spasm and her eyes flit about:trained, programmed or just a plain old damaged brain. Imperfection. Ignore it. It isnt worthy of love.

Actually I understand what she is doing. Its this Russian sort of depth of thinking. Taking things very seriously. Self defense and protection. Get off your asses, welfare people and love yourselves enough to get your shit together!
We arent moving into collectivism due to our altruistic morality-it's is a planned part of world wide enslavement of humanity. Its been obvious for some time now that the Liberal elitists and the left are working on the NWO just as hard as the other parties and ideologies, using whatever will dupe the public.

This woman seems bitter and hurt. Its true about welfare mentalities. Policies. Its true about destruction all around.

But Ayn has forgotten something-love is not something for her or any other person to decide who is deserving and who is not.

And I certainly agree with us moving into a collectivism but the GOP in having become insane NeoCons and religious extremists has been in large part just as responsible for this as the PC cultist Liberals.

I agree. Judeo-Christianity should go. And take everything else from the Middle East with Rand-another sick Jew. The problem with taking Rand seriously is that any and every Jew like her has an insecurity that is so glaring, any tough act given can't be taken seriously. The Jew is always the actor. Perpetually.

I am not going to get into disclaimers or start clarifying my views. Everyone knows by now that I can tolerate truly peaceful people, and those who want to practice their own belief system WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

Some people cant seem to do that. And certain peoples seem to produce more sick, warped trouble makers who kick up dust but provide no solutions more than others.And any solutions they do provide (forced 'Diversity', Equality, interbreeding races until there is no more races as defined today-basically creating a master race for world peace, etc) are as bad as their bogey man Hitler's final solution.

She's right about one thing. Humans are selfish animals for the most part. Yet there are also humans who can rise above this and be human. Ive seen it many times over the years.

I dont trust this woman. She looks like she's sick from birth as well as she's been tormented, tortured and enslaved into being so against humanity.

Never listen to the fallen Jew. Remember that they are the chosen people and no matter what they do or say they cannot escape being the subjects of their Abrahamic god. Instead of being free they always seem to fall into this degenerate state of anti-humanness. Let their god deal with them becuz that is where such attitudes, ideas and bitter hard words come from. They are, by birth, always going to belong to their Middle Eastern god.

Now take a look at the video.
Red flags: 2:11. There's nothing more comical than a woman this homely from a country that makes people feel that lowly from a religion that sadly often produces such neurosis and insecurity, trying to look imperious and snooty. Welfare 'conceptions'? Sure. Lets start with cutting off aid to foreign countries. Go for it.

2:22. She looks just like Bea Arthur!!!

2:30. I especially love the trembling lip along with the darting, crazy eyes.

2:40. Yer gonna hafta reverse this and catch it again. She's totally trained, acting prompted-whatever you want to call it. And in this moment of her answering NOT on cue but just catching the tail end of it, she reveals how full of shit she really is. "Ah, yes". Wasnt very sincere was it? Especially the look she gives the camera before answering.

1:39-1:40. The insanity in that look.
I will tell you something. Its been around for thousands of years. Its an ancient tribe. That face is almost the stereotypical racist content of anti-Jew propaganda Nazi posters from WWII era.

American Republicans are just Americans. Our country's culture is influenced by many cultures from foreign lands and ancient times we have lost understanding of from being American, from losing touch with our ancient ancestors and their cultures.

That face belongs to a people that are not mine. A god that is not mine. So let such things suffer under their own weight and rules of their ancient ties and beliefs. I wont share in the sickness-the neurosis.

Also remember that she was a product of a different time. Just what the interviewer is saying would annoy even offend any modern person with its Christian content.

This country has two parties who have degenerated into insanity, who are both looking for whoever or whatever they can get their hands on that they feel represents their point of view or beliefs.

Lastly, as always, I can deal with people who are overtly Satanic, evil and selfish-I fuckin loathe people who hide behind fronts like this. If she's a Satanist then stop screwing around with some political ideology. Its a bit hard to take from someone who donated to Israel...and my assessment is that she was working for them or some ally playing the role she did here, just as she did.

Atlas Shrugged? Even the title is whiney.

Another mystery unraveled. Avoid the smoke and mirror acts out of Hollywood. Always see through the perpetual actors.

Becuz they've been around for millenia and are a part of our earth. But that doesn't mean you are obligated to fall under their influence, spells or cloaking.

Now THAT is self love. To be free of the tyranny of deceivers-of all kinds.

Here is another video of that interview that isnt so subjective. This might explain why Ron Paul thinks her work sold so well becuz it was "all true".
She's wishing for the moon. There is no way that people in power are going to not use whatever and whoever they can to gain advantage. Interesting how different she looks in each copy of the same interview.

Americans dont know they dont have a choice. They seem to like it that way. She's looking for the promise land of which does not exist.  And love...that might be the only sign any such place exists.

When are people going to get it? The gold that was to be made of lead was never real. Its a process of spiritual growth or discovery. Love might be the only valuable thing on this planet. Not the romanticized kind but the kind that keeps you alive, allows humans to help each other and heals. Worldly affairs always have been and always will be corrupt.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fellow TI Sums Up GS as Fear And .Control

Met another supposed Target. Person is unaware its called GS and all that goes with it.

Things she said made this click. About her own story that is.

Seems that I was close to family and friends who were involved in organized crime and child trafficking. That Ive known but i had so much else going on with the human experimentation through my mother as well as the complex issue of programming survivorship that I cud never see the basics or put them together.

And remember I was born into a corrupt family to begin with.

And naturally was either attracted to or purposefully drawn to corrupt people.

She said the situation had to do with human trafficking. She was close to someone found to be involved. A nobody according to society's standards.

Someone who was caught saying that women should be abused and put in their place.

She didnt know the exact way the business is set up but that mafia is involved. That he may have acted as a go between or physically transporting girls from point A to B.

She claims to have experienced the  druggings, attempted murder with long term poisoning, what is defined as the following: organized stalking and harassment, psych warfare, and metaphysical disturbances (the 'black magic' or spells seemingly used on victim that many Targets make claim to). Shes also noted the harassment seems to network through different geographical locations with variances. Usually this acrivity depends on how corrupt the local police are, business contracts with certain entities etc.

She also claims gas lighting was a problem.

The rest of what she seems to know about the issue seemed to come from whats on the internet and in conspiracy forums or activist's work. She seemed familiar with the grand conspiracy theory up to Illuminati but was unfamiliar with the term gang stalking.

This might be  a good feedback for activists like myself to keep on sectioning off information so that people who need info about GS and the basic level of whats going dont get swept away into the grand conspiracy theories.

I know due to my own isolation from the GS community as well as constant harassment, this blog has lost focus over the past few years.

Its a mess and a disaster but I don't have time or resources to clean it up. I still havent made the Homeless TI blog nor the WordPress OnMC blog what they were originally envisioned to be.

Ive become so victinized under my own torment, failing health and GS campaign and brainwashing or even metaphysical/psych warfare victimization that I have not been a very focused activist.

Years ago i strayed becuz my artistic impulses wud interject into the blogs becuz that is what youthful drives I had to succeed to begin with.

But lately its become muddled under my difficulties, negative effects of constant negative experiences and largely just due to failing health and the effects of brain damage, along with what seems like more effective tech on a great percentage of the United States-unless u live in an underground bunker with no cell reception.

One thing she did mention defined the situation simply: "Its about fear and control".

We cant make claim that we have experienced direct knowledge of an Illuminati and these great conspiracies-we can testify that we've experienced GS and it being about fear and control.

Isolating a TI and ensuring they r around bad people or people not as committed to fighting the cause as we r, ensures we will become lost in our own situations.

Always keep in mind too that this person like qny other cud b a plant.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Strange Sounds In The Sky Debunked

TIs Never Get Closure Nor To Move On...But War Criminal Bush Looks Aging Well

I'm so glad that some people get to move on and have great lives-while the rest of us stay stuck forever in the war years.  Still hoping that some justice will come to release us from imprisonment in time. Some of us are still waiting to return to we can resume our lives as they were supposed to be.

Lesson learned: no matter how much u sympathize with royal family bloodline due to the obvious similarities and resemblances to yourself, to do so is simply foolhardy sympathy for the devil. And it will get you killed.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anti Zionism Is Not Anti Semitism

Romney-Marching Forth Into Oblivion

Listen i agree with people not improving themselves as being wrong. Ive seen enough of it being from MA and being homeless.

However, if a person like myself and my mother tries to get justice for us and make the govt and other entities involved responsible for THEIR behavior but we get covertly harassed into not doing so and as part of the continued experimentation I become targeted constantly i pretty much have no choice but to live off the system.

The LDS church is one of the main sources for Survivors of RA. They are up to something out there in the southwestern desert along with the US military and all those bases.

Ive experienced more mind control and harassment that's brutal, viscous and breaks interational laws.

Obviously its time for Romney to get paid back for he and his family's (Laura) part in helping out whatever entities are beind MK Ultra.

The country is totally brainwashed now and living under mass mind control. People are tired of house slave Obama and the planned failure his entire presidency was meant to be, just so a Republican who appeared Liberal as MA gov can get elected.

Note how Obama has made a law that says no matter where enemies of the US go in the world now, they can be gotten to. Its probably preparing for some big takedown action or when Romney becomes president knowing people who felt they could live here as dissidents will flee.

Again a scary crazy Republican is being used to get Obama elected. If Obama gets in once again we will be greatful for the lesser of two evils.

For anyone fighting the NWO the fact this is playing out while all the while more police get drones in the skies over American cities shud b enough of a warning sign.

Its unbelievable but the unthinkable conspiracy scenerios might just play out eventually.

I am being guided under no circumstances stay in the US-no matter who gets in.

I.wanted to hit the southwest very quickly to dry out alot of mold damage thats been brought on this year by staying in Boston too long and now the moldy, humid south.

Yet I am being guided that there isnt time. And last Nov or so when in Abq NM I was squatting somewhere, baseball practice nearby. Looked at batting cage and had strange, disturbing premonition that one day I would end   up in such a cage-and it would end my life.

FEMA or concentration camp? True premonition or the GS shadow system 'hacking' into the good guidance system to produce bad or disinformation to mislead??

Due to the changes to the electromagnetic and psychic environment I started to have trouble with preminitions being accurate as of late Clinton. Perhaps even earlier. Bad advice was certainly a power of this system but after a certain age you break through that. Now its as if the guidance system is broken into, hacked in order to provide bad misleading info.

People who are claiming to be Christians like Ann Coultier and other religions like Romney or even Bush's Christian right are all really tools of the great deceivers. Forces that are anti human, anti life and part of the powerful Satanic network. If u r programmed, of course u will believe any bs thats put in there. And thats why anyone heavily religious who brings that into their politics is very dangerous.

I dont recall past presidents having to name national healthcare after themselves or the media doing so.

The country has become a cult and Ive met alot of stupid people who, due to the terror and intimidation under Bush can no longer handle entertaining the truth about whats wrong with these candidates or the country.

America up until now has sucked. Its about to become very deadly..its for real this time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Charlotte NC Now on My No-Go List

Even the grocery bags fell apart immediately. 

Seemed like a city struggling with large poor population or economically,

So GS is more possible.

Winston-Salem seemed much nicer. Didnt spend alot of time at bus station though.

Felt very uncomfortable and monitored on bus from Charlotte to Winston Salem, by passengers on bus.  However this was not the case when leaving from Winston-Salem.

Second bus is newer, don't know if that is a factor or not. Seems like  it.

Charlotte was very negative and i felt....subdued.   The only cool part was downtown and that was an atypical gentrified downtown area with a displaced homeless populations.

I am wondering if 'The Homeless' are actually being used as corporate spies or something like that in these gentrified environments, which is why they cant manage homeless services and people better. (I loathe referring to this as 'the homeless problem'. The way the  base system is set up is where problems begin, as well as society is not being honest about why many people become part of the subculture of 'the homeless' to begin with.

Of course its a problem. It seems that the world of homelessness in America at least is hiding alot of society's corruption and human/civil rights abuses.

Charlotte was just seedy or corporate and the activity in the Greyhound station was out of control, without proper security.

I got the impression that 'decent' Whites simply refuse to frequent such a place down here. When getting off Megabus, the blacks were nice and polite enough but seemed a little freaked out by our presence.

  The rent-a-cops around the bus station were cool. The local police gave me no trouble directly.

A Nice Articulate Diss To All The Peons And Perps In The Greyhound Station

Its not the physical actions of the participants that worries me. Thats  not why I document such things.

Its the other effects that are of concern.

How are they able to use such psychic force?  Its been my experience that criminals and police MANY OF THEM, THIS CLASS OF HUMAN ANIMALS POSESSES STRONG PSYCHIC ABILITY ESPECIALLY THAT OF coercion and persuasion.

This is just to start with, add to that the prevelance of mind control and brain washing in prisons, gangs and the police force itself. THEY LIVE IN IT why wouldnt it b easy for them to use what theyve learned to suck others in?

That being said its what goes well above and beyond that in being able to effect Targets thats in question. Theres definately some sort of tech influence used. I really suspect its some kind of microwave system becuz often i experience my skin heating up especially my face.  Nothing any one or group of humans could do shud cause such torture as well as brainwash them so effectively.

Note also these effects dissipate after I expose the system's actions like I did.

I also told them off and stated that no one cares what they think, they're jerk.offs who can't be successful career criminals. That this is what a warrior looks like not some asshole who goes ass up for the system and goes along with its bullshit.

And that I dont need to be cute anymore-Ive got power now. Its a trade off.


I also added that at least at one time I WAS really beautiful as opposed to most perps especially the old biddies and jealous ugly girls. Their personal motives arent hard to figure out huh?

Needless to say the one peon left in the hallway waiting for his buddy in the bathroom got a verbal beat down and then lost all confidence and arrogance in his eyes.

Ha Ha Security Came In And Got Rid Of Them Right After I Posted That

Right after I posted this security came in and asked to see their tickets. None of them had tickets so they had to leave. (HA HA).

Another employee female came from the other side to do so.

Yet its all most likely part of the set has to now come in and appear to do their jobs. If there are cameras in these areas WHY WERE THEY NOT DOING SO HOURS AGO.

These scumbags were in and out of this building repeatedly for hours now, why all of a sudden now?

Pic Of Perps At Greyhound Discussing Me As TI Overtly

These guys have been in on the GS all night long. They worked seperately.

They are now sitting at the end of the hallway, overtly discussing "Look at her now..." "She used to be cute".

As I looked up they all glared at me on some power trip. I then snapped this pic and they all lost a bit of their arrogance.

Two of these guys were earlier telling war stories like jail types do and discussing their probabtion. Once again perps are found to be on probation or jail tyoes.

Perp possibly. Part of a small group.  They used alot of space mobbing and appearing to talk about the TI.

Two male blacks got on a bus right when we arrived that i saw doing very overt perp behavior like making jokes about the Target, talking about the person and laughing at me.

The janitor took an unusually long time to clean the bathroom which made  it a great excuse to stand in front of thw row of phones for a few hours which was of course where i was going to set up to rest on floor.

Its been an hour and a half and due to this space harassmwnt i have been bitching to my road dog which  makes great video of me being a bitch (who then deserves gang stalking) being nuerotic and probably mentally ill (shud b watched and eventually sent in to take meds becuz is a nuisance to society making anyone with me and around me miserable and dominated)

I eventually made racist comments which of course the all black mostly male perps reacted to by seeming to leesen their control that was making me reaxt to begin with which of couese then conditions me to use racial slurs and insults as i am conditioned to believe this will lessen the stress of the harassment.


The psych warfare system is smart enuf to manipulate the Target into choosing behaviors, reactions and expressions that will serve their agenda like make the TI choose racism as best self defense or do to things that will discredit them publicly.

Ive been experiencing down south here for this trip that black males  are present who are doijg what happened in San Diego-my feeling as ifbI am being sexually contacted by that person wothout direct communication or touching. A kind of psychic rape in a public space...ive documented this experiwxe years ago in  sd, CA.

Like other Greyhound perp groups there seemed to be a white older male present earlier as part of the group but i cant really say i am100% positive about this.

Individuals will walk by and say somethng as they go by us. A small, uninteligible word or two.

Black females have been trying to get me to go down into a downward spiral all day. I avoided it early on by moving our seats. But by this time tonight this female's stares and disapproving looks along with thw psychic vampire type males who were against the phones in my space, their mission seeming to b makijng me uncomfortable, has gotten to me.

Trying to use sexual arousal as a weapon and also trying to once again coerce me to 'get with' a black male.

One was on the bus-using this voodoo type hoodoo shit and he was also constantly taking up space by having to sit right behind us in the last seat,  talking loudly on the phone, playing rap music loud in earphones and eventually singing along with his music.

I felt some people on the bus knew what was going. I just tried to ignore it even though it wss obviously disturbing to me and other passengers.

The guy i am with is pretty useless and they know this. They also knkw he uswd to bw jn a long term relationship with a black woman.

When i finally got the camera out this one guy in orange who had been space mobbing, being critical of me with dirty looks left IMMEDIATELY.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Left MA Again. Today Was Brutal-Longwood Medical Area

On a bus outta MA. Just left state crossed border.

Felt better as of a while ago when got the hell  out of MA.

When am i going to stick to the idea I can't go back there??

I have to learn that some things cant be conquered or that i can't push something over or out of my way no matter how many times I return to try.

That place is simply an electromagnetic nightmare and that's it.

Today at Longwood medical area was horrible. That entire area around Northeastern University and Mass Art. Mass Art has kicked my ass before with tech and sneaky perps like that woman...why wud I think I can go back.there? Its sad but MA is now a total unsafe zone. New England is entirely screwed up. MA is just plain evil. In ways I cannot deal with like I can other locations. Some places u just shudnt go as a TI. Ive learned not to go to.Tucson AZ. Yet no matter how hard they try in Phoenix there's still something natural to the place that gives me strength..or endurance. Some places are just unable to be navigated through. Its dangerous left alone. The whole US is f*cked anyway as of now but some places have harmonizing qualities-redeeming ones that make them somewhat livable, but always temporarily. There is no place in the US thats truly safe anymore. Unless one has the money to live in a very healthy wifi and cell phone free zone, away from perps as well. Im looking at my phone. The poor thing. The system hit me with aggression so hard today tryng to get me to smash it. I had visions of me smashing it! Also to self injure and thats a good indicator its gs related.

Coincidental Photo Produces Results All To Typical Since 2004

Whats so totally bizarre about this is that I didnt even mean to take this. It was an accident while i was dealing with harassment at that mall in Cambridge other day.

I was fumbling to get the video cam not camera on smart phone.


—----------- The thing on the floor is part of the table stand. The object on the table is earphones with a reciept. I cant figure out what that other thing is that looks kinda obsene in foreground...i ordered a burrito at TB...but i don't think thats it. Dont own anything that color. Anyway..

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My liver pain got really bad and i started showing it in public here from pain. Suddenly i lay down and the madness, avgression and pain subsided

In the NWO all i cqn expect  is to b a homeless woman running from country to country. Not a talented artist or helping people like i was capable of.

The NWO isnt really real life. Its all manipulated by tech brainwashing and  torture. Covert activity.

This country destroys anyone whos a genius if u r female, know too much or come from poverty.

America sucks and always will. I completey agree with being Anti-American after what I've seen.  Its a huge grinding machine protecting alot  of fools and scum who ride within.  It shudnt even exist.  Its horrible.

America is one of the worst most abusve sick empires in history.

I cannot believe that my own country as well as my family and my hometown hate me so much.

Its absolutely unbelievable, considering I have more.than every right to be rageful about whats been done to me.

I  have to remember what a dangerous country the US has become. People probably dont believe me and believe cover stories and slander only.

Ive got to stop trying to coexist with a nation of people who refuse to see Bush and Co's war crimes for what they are.

I have to lezve the US and never return.  I have got to remeber that.

The citizens of ths US are now so dangerously stupid and isolated from what's really going on that they will believe whatever they are told as well as they only want to survive this bad economy and terrorism amd globalization so like the animals they are will hate or reject whoever they have to.

I have to get real about my decision to leave the US.  Its hard to admit that your homeland and hometown hates u and thinks u r making everything up. Ive been extrmemly peaceable, diplomatic and good hearted about whats been done to me so far. Ive had to becuz theres no recourse anyway.

The perps early on said "The way to survive this is to BE NICE". So typical of an abuse of power.

And the evil people totally agree with whats happening to me and the normal people just refuse to believe anything but cover stories and people like my family who've come out looking great becuz of white washing like destroyjng my life and exalting my cousin so the family looks innocent.

America needs to pay for what theyve done  to me and countless other people.

They think they can just abuse people and then ignore us and send us out to pasture. The authorities, specifically  males have been the most disgusting pieces of shit in this throughout. Totally loyal to the military, organized crime and abusing power. America sucks.

If telling my story is the only revenge i can get i will do so.

Locally however everyone shud pay much more dearly than elsewhere. How can u be friends with somone or be related to them and turn on them so viscously? I will get these people if its the last thing i do.

My liver hurts everyday EXCEPT SUNDAYS. It feels like something is pulling on it.  Its so uncomfortable. 

This is another reason i gotta flee MA and prob America and stay gone forever.  


If u read my old posts I used to be able to sense when these groups wud come and go. Now I simply fall into being victmized without realizing conditions have changed.

Which means I dont know when I am being attacked.

Which means I need to get the hell off the battlefield until my senses can be repaired.

Im giving up on trying to sort anything here or make sense of PDFs. Its funny after being hit like that for last few hours my face feels burned, hot. Like after a sunburn only milder.

I will have to finish this elsewhere.

There Seems To Be A Breed Of Hive Children Capable Of Psychic Harassment In The US But Especiallu In Boston Area

At Massart trying to organize records and files.

Been beaten down here with tech and what seems like alot of psi spies or warriors.

It seems as if this area has an increased amount of psi warriors managing Targets. Ive noticed it this past year ive been here.  An increase in what seems to be the presence of in person stalking perps who now effect me the way the tech used to but its worse becuz its human beings doing it and not tech or just harassment from people.

And they mob you. This girl behind me got up and left just as the librarian came over to help me with scanner.

When she got up i realized she had just been sitting behind me not using the computer. I now feel relief from these effects.

It seems there are alot of psi children that have been produced either through breeding or tech training or both who are present in this country that are managing the country and many seem young like in their 20s. They have the same vibes I got when in that mormon small town of Grantsville. They are hateful or dismissive and seem to harbor hatred for me or they dont seem human if u will. They seem to possess emotions collectively and they seem hateful of anyone not like them.

I say that this is yet another secret project, unlike MK kids or programmed people theyve created entire hives of humanoids who seem to be able to perform gang stalking like activity only psychically.

They are extremely viscous and dismissive of human life outside of their own narrow minded perception of what people are supposed to look like or how they shud fit in.

They reject anything that isnt modern, going to excel or has a future they find useful to the success of the collective or the nation.

Btw. Everyone who helped destroy me especially that lying bitch mother of mine can go fuck themselves.

She never had the balls to go after her father the real predator so she destroys her kid instead on behalf of abusive male authority.

Fuck the military industrial complex owned Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Its a shithole of elitist scum, their house slaves and ignorant grunt worker union jerks and Yuppies.

Get Out Of The US while u can

Obama is the destroyer. Hes the one who's dangerous. At least people will be on guard with Romney.

Leave the country and hide or get new citizenship.

Only a black male mixed with white and trained/programmed as Obama is wud b capable of such predatory aggression.

Obama is the real danger. Hes a killer. Hes dangerous but so is Romney. Get out of the US while u can.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Possible Insurance Fraud By Perp Doctors

I dont recall seeing a Dr Rind in May but I might have.

Dr Chang is that awful primary care I  had over at St Elizabeth's hospital in Brighton. She kept  doing CAT scans of my stomach for nausea instead of testing for disease and this resulted in my having a Staph infection for a year which finally advanced to the point of my having a related skin condition that only could be caused by long term Staph. I was treated and took oil of oregano for years twice weekly to keep any Staph under control. That stuff is amazing. Helps with other stuff that perps pull on TIs I won't get into  here.

I know I caught a quick glimpse of Dr Emmerich charging my insurance years ago with HER HUSBAND'S NAME or a male with her same last name I never saw as a patient either.

This cud just be an old referal on my record. I dont recognize the facility though. Now I have time I will check this out.


Ive even had MRIs where clearly one or two of the pics wasnt my facial profile. Courtesy of St Elizabeth's also before I left Brighton.  Its either to freak the TI out or to hide whats really found in medical tests.

Some theories about JFK have the shadow system replacing autopsy scans of his brain with fakes.  The one thing Ive noticed is that this shadow system pulls the same tricks over and over on all their victims. Just like the perps we deal with in person, they have a formula or guidebook they seem to follow.

List Of ON THE RISE Supporters-Mitt Romney's Company Listed

There's many bad companies in this list but also some good ones. Ive had good experiences with Cambridge Naturals.

Yet as Ive documented, not so great is Whole Foods who are on my list of companies where gang stalking was or still is a major problem.

BAIN CAPITAL was Romney's financial company he was head of until recent years focusing on the presidency.

Looks like OTR works for its supporters and it seems Harvard-MIT interests aka 'the elite' as opposed to homeless women. This place was always full of shelter rats and housed women and generally discouraged free association as well as had a staff that definitely worked for the agenda of the elite as opposed to the homeless and causes of the poor.

A Shame Society

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stock Market Crash Predicted For 2013

I'm being 'guided' to either stay in this area and get housed or get out of the USA completely.

This may be why.

The Fact Checker In The Washington Post Is Worth Keeping As A Resource

Being able to get real info and a logical answer or analysis of such things is comforting to TIs.  The 'gang stalking' system works by disinformation and crazy making until the Target just breaks down mentally, physicially, emotionally and spiritually.

And whats worse so many people in the USA seem to know whats going on and being done to say me for instance but dont do anything about it to help or make sense to the person.

This Fact Checker brings sanity and reason back in an era and in a country that now PREFERS chaos, deception, lying and realty as sideshow instead of simply living life peacefully, being solid maintaining sanity and minding your own business.

The Democrats and Liberal elite are at this point probably worse than Romney.

Its the NWO thats the problem and America has become a very sick, insane nation where things like gang stalking are now accepted and normal.

No natter who gets into office its the people of America that are the problem as well as the intelligence services and military industrial-academic complex that basically runs the country.

This is why the election is like a cheap choose-your-own-adventure book. No matter what variant of time line we pick they both lead eventually to the same endings.