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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why The New Black Panther Party Cant Be Taken Seriously By Anyone Living In The 21st Century

Firstly, let me get my ignorant, reactionary racism over with.
-without all that European DNA most of them are exhibiting, would any of this even be possible?
-lets not forget that Sub Saharan and west Africa were not exactly hubs of civilization historically  and had little or no contact with the ancient classical world.
Many African American extremists and reactionaries are not to be trusted becuz they embrace theories like Afrocentrism which places their ancestry either in Nubia or laughably Egypt. Look at a map. West Africa such as Nigeria, Niger etc and Sub Saharan Africa are no where near where Nubians existed historically.
And before you start mentioning Moorish peoples, Google 'Moores' and you will see how diverse a people they are as well as historically they were Arab as well as lower Africa in appearance.
 -(no one is going to like this one) Why do you need laws to force a certain kind of people into society? Why are there laws needed to make people come into contact or fraternize with a certain ethnic group?

BTW the powers that be will never allow people from African slave stock to be truly free. They will always find out ways to keep them working for them and keep them down using various methods especially psychological ones. A wise black person knows its his own people that can be trusted the least becuz believe me when I tell you, we 'white' people have known this about other 'white' people for centuries. In every rebellion, every war, every attempt at enslavement from the church to creating the fuedal system in the dark ages, to monarchies to Communism that didnt work.

Think about that one the hardest.

 Okay, now thats done, let me be sensible and fair as that is how I try to remain amidst all these insults to my intelligence and attempts to turn me completely hateful.

These things are all ways of spreading disinformation to the ignorant or corrupt. Too many TI's have experienced African Americans involved in organized stalking and harassment and even the worst kinds of classified projects involving MILABs etc.

Obviously they are not as ignorant and downtrodden as they are made out to be. Westerners from slave populations have been spying for the elite masters for centuries. That IS 400 YEARS OF 'GETTING IT RIGHT'. If that were not true, the guy in the video and his cronies would not be allowed to exist. The ones in the know or in power know damn well whats truly been going on with black America for those years.

They are NOT STUPID. They have served as spies and agents for CENTURIES. And they are mixed with enough American 'white' DNA to make thier connections to the old guard here A BOND OF COMMON BLOOD with those European peoples in power.

As a person coming from third wave European immigrants at the turn of the 19th century (1890's and 1900) I can honestly say that I feel that newcomers like me to America are less a part of the social structure and power structure than the supposed downtrodden African Americans are who's ancestors have been here for centuries, working, living and serving alongside peoples of various descent such as Jewish, Chinese, European and Native American.

Decades ago the feds made sure to infiltrate every ethnic group with a legit issue of the government and power structure having betrayed them or cheated them. Read up on it. You will find that the black rebellion and the Native American rebellion was infiltrated, crushed and taken control of by covert agencies, agents and methods long ago.
COINTELPRO is a shining example of this.
Its been documented that many heads of the 70's Native American movement(s) have spent the remainder of thier lives BEING FOLLOWED AROUND BY THE FBI FOR LIFE. Overtly.

Sounds a bit like a Targeted Individual doesnt it?

See anyone who is a government whistle blower or knows too much about corruption on important issues or levels or simply has a legit legal gripe against the United States gets fucked over like this, is silenced and is denied a life in the USA and all over the world- becuz America's arm reaches all over the world as we are the latest empire.

So what are these people doing exactly, on national TV? Why in a time far after the 60's and 70's breakdown of such activities would they even exist? If these people were truly effective or intelligent wouldnt they realize that you cant attempt to do something twice when the first time around it didnt work?

Why are they allowed to exist in an era of anti terrorism with all its paranoias and the authorities over stepping the boundaries of international laws and domestic ones as well?

They wouldnt.


I cant think of anything more 20th century than a Black Panther Party.

If you have a...well not from American slave stock but a male of African genetic descent in the White House as president, why would you need a Black Panther Party?
 That should make one wonder about how effective this 'black' president really is for his own 'people' if you will....even though his people are Kenyan and not from 400 years of American slaves.

The cheatin con is to keep blacks down, make them racist and afraid then they trust only their own people continue this one from ages ago. Then get a good chunk of the black community as house slaves working for the elite or power struture as they always have to handle those who are kept down.

They will believe anything and vote for anyone as long as it makes them believe they are doing better, getting revenge etc etc.

African American ghettos could be solved if power wanted them to be. Black identity could be defined truthfully once and for all by creating a massive DNA project in the USA but instead the system provides stories and myths while corporations that keep everyone drunk (Anheiser-Busch in predominantly black and old school white racist St Louis, MO) provides story book characters for schools. (Which is outrageous and totally ridiculous by the way).

They are always trying to build blacks up-while ensuring they never get away. Catch a black by his toe, holler but dont let him go- pacify him with stories, myths of greatness and use this creature to keep poor whites and everyone else scared and in line, while continuing to exploit them of course.

Its perfect.

While THEY continue to live up in the big houses on the hills and exploit everyone and other countries to do so.

As an American whos ancestors came here rather late I am sick of hearing about black America, slavery and the constant battle by Jews and thier Muslim cousins  for a piece of land in the Middle East of which I will get nothing out of no matter who wins. (btw why are Europeans peoples forced into choosing between three MIDDLE EASTERN religions? You wanna talk slavery? Read about Europe's history. The 'white man' is the biggest slave in history and its been carried on at this point simply by continuing to use symbols and psychology. In fact, feel fortunate you've only been ripped from the bosom of your native homeland, of Nature and your pagan heritage for 400-500 years. Try thousands- by then,  true freedom is a lost cause.)

Always beware of intimidation, deception and time wasting, and yes, wasting of resources.

The NWO is mostly about the manipulation of information and DECEPTIONS.  Part of the mind f*ck in this new century is to pull it off so a modern person of any intelligence (who might become a potential problem at some point by starting to question the entire system), can tell there is something off about the whole thing and plenty of internet information to validate thier suspicions. That others see it too.

The enslavement in this new age consists of the people knowing that there is something wrong, an injustice, corruption and feeling totally validated-but having to live with that knowledge and the understanding that everyone in society agrees to deny the truth. THAT IS the torture that anyone who questions the system has to live with now.

In the old days, smart curios people got to read some books recommended by other like minded people and they either got the truth of a conspiracy or a well written disinfo piece which I dont think was as readily understood back then.  But becuz it was still  a country where you could live and be a citizen without too much difficulty people were satisfied to understand they could not trust those in power but could still co exist with that authority.

Something has happened where a citizen isnt even allowed to have a decent life in America anymore unless they completely sell out to corruption spiritually, mentally and morally.  People are not allowed to be privately dissident. You either side with the corrupt authority or you are considered a terrorist, mentally ill or a trouble maker.
 We all know America is not what it was and anyone who sees what its become doesnt want to live here-becuz its very UNAmerican now. Even with the corruption that existed by many people's knowledge, we still had what we considered a good country, a free country. With the globalist agenda, its another piece of land with humans on it that needs to be managed and connected to the global network.

This is reflected in the military's attitude of 'disconnectedness equals danger' as assessing how much of a threat a foriegn power is.

What they really mean is if you are not on board for the New World Order agenda and globalism, you are a threat to the goals of those in power. And this assessment seems to be not just for entire nations but for individuals also.

In the end, a hell of alot of assholes made shitloads of money off of the torture and terror, corruptions and deceptions of the past ten to twenty years or so.  These are INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES in many ways.

But if everyone is being decieved into believing twentieth century mythology like the Black Panther Party still exists like some nostalgic characters to take us back to another time and place, THEN NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND WHATS REALLY GOING ON OUT HERE IN THE ACTUAL 21ST CENTURY.
Becuz all the progresses of science exist here, not in the media deceptions keeping people believing in 20th century ghosts.

My last piece of racial realism or awareness for self defence is going to be less liked than even my first three statements above.

-Never forget the value of the 'Magical Negro' in advertising and entertainment.

When a people dont really know who they are, and their true historical and genetic identities are always being played with and made into myth-they will always exist in a world of fantasies. Where they are used by the designers of reality to create more fantasies.

Its hard for most humans to face whats really going on in this new century. Even if someone revealed the truth in detail and the powers that be validated it, the amount of time and effort it would take to get them to really grasp this new reality would be enormous. Its easier for those in power to leave most of humanity behind and keep them comfortably anesthetized in what amounts to a living hell.

TIs might consider ourselves fortunate- we are awake for this and its been extremely painful, but we are privileged to the information. The least we can do is write it down so anyone smart enough who's questioning things also has a chance to escape instead of suffer.

One of my greatest recomendation for Targeted people or anyone who is not satisfied with the official bullshit lines put forth by the powers that be is to study black slavery in the USA. Not the history so much as HOW IT WAS DONE. Its very telling when you read about the actual system used by slave owners, traders etc to create slaves out of free peoples and keep them enslaved through generations. You will note that such tactics are still being used today.

Getting Fried At Place I Am Staying

Up til 3am getting hit with something tonight. When the guy who's place it is finally went to sleep, i heard a weird noise, a fee weird noises like a machine or electronics being turned off. I had gone into a large closet to get away from the chaos in the house which lately seems on purpose. He and his kid are staying up very late and the kid whines starting late about how he can't sleep. This is not what their schedule was when i started staying here. It could be his friends/employers upstairs. They seem to be louder than usual since i moved in and specifically after i came home from a medical procedure a few days ago.

His kid wants me gone i think so he can have the house back to himself during the day without anyone trying to get him to be responsible. I guess he likes it better when its just him and his dad being miserable in filth. The kid has more control over the house thats for sure.

All the behaviors of everyone in rhe building points to trying to make me leave . At the same time my old road dog or former companion i used to post about is trying to desperately get me back. That's suspect also.

After those weird strange noises i didn't feel like i was being fried or hit anymore.

But at that rine i also turned off this PlayStation and tv that was left on. I seem very ekectromagnetically sensitive to the PlayStations 2 and 3 they have here. I always feel better once they are off.

It could be my phome too becuz i gave my anonymous number to the hospital recently and giving my number out to any business or institution usually ends up with more gs or getting hit with tech.

Right now i am getting the sensations of being burned or stabbed in the wrist and arm.

That could be just neurological but the getting fried to ight...tonight was surely technological becuz like all my other experiences it was being hit with something in a cycle. The energy of whatever it was was cyclical in its attacks. Felt like microwave weapons. I was hit intermittently. This usually causes body jerks also which i was getting, along with uncomfortable mental stimulation or zctivity. All stopped at once after those noises and my then i started writing this post.

This is a major reason its so dangerous for a TI to go inside anywhere or stay inside in one location for too long.

Once the system gets a fix on you and some compliant people, i am not sure both are needed to make it happen-but the system just continues doing what its done to you say during Bush when the tortures were very nasty.
Whats interesting about that is that they seemed to have to stop at latest 1 am. This is going on very late which mames ..makes me wonder if it isn't coming from a localized source instead of from a more national or federal source would use.

It certainly feels like the situations being created are going for breaking me down emotionally, mentally and the ..then causing sleel ...sleep deprivation.

I am going to stay away from this guys manipulative, angry kid and recuperate outside if i can then go to bed at an early hour in the small room to avoid any drama that may be being created on purpose.

Unfortunately this small room is where i feel fried and hit hard the most by whatever it is.

I also had a few strange experie ces...experiences when i..after i arrived.

I could swear someone was outside the house on the property late at night, watching. Even looking into a window above his bed.

I always feel watched through the windows in this house and there's nothing but woods around it. Anyone could come up thru the property undetected.

It also seemed like whoever this was, were multiple persons on certain nights setting up equipment around the house or property yet i dont see anything obvious out there during day.

The most bizarre experience was sensing the presence of a person being outside and their identity being familiar to me-a dwarf i met who's a Traveller. Met him in Austin, TX had him on my social network for a while. He had the audacity to come into ...onto be many times and he claimed to be involved in a heavy local bondage scene, where he's from which I realized was Oregon.
I didnt remember that until i sensed his identiy outside one night. That kind of spooking of a TI using familiar identities could be tech or psychic warfare instead of actually happening.

Then again, its likely he's in some local cult qnd they could be the arm of the GS system here locally.

All i know is i am not leaving so easily. I can just start doing alot of internet work and stay out of everyone's hair, see how that works.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Crystal Balls Tell Me That The Morons Back Home May Be Displeased With The Honest Truth-Awwww. Poor Babies!

I'm getting this impression that all the guilty jerks back in Boston are sniffing fresh blood and trying to consider a lawsuit for my last post, where names were mentioned. What else can people do when corruption is exposed ?

That last post, i wasnt sure if I'd be OK after a medical procedure.

Either my impressions are accurate or its one hell of a way to attempt to make me take the post down by psyching me out.

OK well then, i will have to go back and add some things I missed and make a few corrections.

Recently a contestant in one of Trump's pageants was sentenced to pay the already loaded Donald Trump a large sum of money becuz she was a careless whistle blower a and publicly accused the pageant of being fixed and claimed to have seen a written list of who was supposed to win in a certain order.

If yer gonna do that, secretly film that sh*t first or record people talking about it. She should have gone to a lawyer first and for good measured been out of the USA.

She shud have put it out as an anonymous source.

It seems like that case-of someone attempting whistle blowing against one of America's..sort of elite i guess, someone in power, was supposed to intimidate and discourage whistle blowers generally.

A large part of my impression is that that abusive bastard Ashmanski's family, specifically his nephew is upset about my naming names.

Wait til the book comes out, kid. You wnd everyone else will really be crying in your diapers then.

So many self righteous assholes back home who can only think about themselves and protecting their creepy family secrets from being exposed.

By that time it will be being published with me in another country. One that symoathizes and knows how greedy, corrupt, self righteous and SPOILT ROTTEN Massachusetts really is-not to mention the US generally.

This could also be all bullshit to get me to give the legal system the tine of day-which of course it doesn't deserve. Why would anyone trust the authorities in this country after the Bush era?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dont Know If Blog Will Continue After Tomorrow -But There Will Be Hell To Pay If It Doesn't

If anything happens to me tomorrow during a procedure, there will be a price to pay.

If i die or become braindamaged or incapacitated in any way.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Comedy Central's Propaganda Machine

Adult Swim was so filled with psy ops during Bush and the horrible Hayden years of early Obama, especialy when the military had ads on their late night line up, like for the Navy or Army. Some of the material coming out of Adult Swim was plain scary. It will be addressed in my book and anyone who doesn't understand the true capacities of the military and covert agencies in the 21st century isn't going to understand it or how it works.

Which is fine becuz i am not writing this blog for the slow students of the NWO in this new century-its for those of you who are awake, aware and know something is terribly wrong.

Propaganda has always been part of the rulership's hold over the public or an enemy or invaders' way of taking over but when used in unison with the technologies chemicals and psychological warfare tactics in the 21st century, you've got outright terrorism or, if going after an individual -assassination using the television as part of that covert act.

Look who owns it.

It was about alot of humanity evolving out from under this oppressive system in the 90s. They changed things, they established a system like a prison now where most people cannot get free or dont want to anymore.

Those of us left still riding the original revolution-the true timeline, are going to have to live outside the prison walls-becuz sadly, as of post Bush, as of now, most people are no longer going in that direction.

The GS system has left us little choice-many of us know too much, we've seen too much. We wud have to live as humans giving up having a soul if we went along with the brainwash and tried to live in the world that now exist

The testimonies of so many Targets, servicemen, and even the public has to come to some end someday. What we have experienced is an unofficial history of what really happened. The kind that is kept out of history books.

We live with the first hand realization that history is a total lie and nothing is as its made out to be in our world.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hater Comments For July 8th, 2013

"YOUR A DUMBASS on Arlington, Texas Police To Join Countless Others Flying Drones Domestically
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on 5/23/13"

And who the f*ck are you, dear? 

"you're stupid -- soo stupid on Arlington, Texas Police To Join Countless Others Flying Drones Domestically
on 5/23/13"

One liners, getting old.
"dummy on Arlington, Texas Police To Join Countless Others Flying Drones Domestically
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on 5/22/13"

"shut up youre a fuckin dummy on Arlington, Texas Police To Join Countless Others Flying Drones Domestically
on 5/22/13"

You mean like a puppet? Naw, thats the last thing you need to worry about with me of all people. Whats with the 5 year old words anyway? Is this some sophisticated, psycological warfare tactic? The use of 7 year old's insults will produce what effect in the subject? Is this part of inducing regression? Uh,ok.

"take your meds slave on Targeted In America blog
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on 5/13/13"

I love perps who try to comment but dont really get the content of the subject matter. True, slaves of the system are taking psych meds. Nothing like getting it wrong every time.
"You're really radical and someone needs to shut you up before you get too much attention and become dangerous. you're just really sick and twisted and probably belong in a padded cell. When are you going to admit it and submit on Targeted In America blog
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on 5/12/13"

I'm dangerous with or without attention-becuz of the information I have not being radical. Btw, I am not that radical. I only tell the truth.
 A padded cell would be easier than what I am doing-perhaps after I am done, it will be a nice choice for retirement. 'Homeless retirement' is nothing more than going crazy out in the street. Finally letting go and no one bothers you. Going insane due to circumstances is alway an option.
Where I belong however, is in a courtroom hearing that I have a fat settlement coming to me from multiple offenders or, at a book signing raking it in from an expose. I dont want attention...I like the fear in thier eyes becuz now they realize not everyone went down like they expected during Bush. I like the little subtle interactions between me and half the country who, both of us are playing the covert game. They are guilty, they are afraid- and they deserve it.
"you're just an attention whore. you can't get positive attn so you try to make up all this bs so that you can get negative attention because thats how pathetic you truly are on Targeted In America blog
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on 5/11/13"

What attention? This blog gets very little hits daily. Only perps, who'd be hitting me harder without the blog, know who I am in this way and I dont mention this work in my regular daily life.
Positive attention? Have you seen what I look like for 42? Do you understand the culture I belong to? I get plenty of positive attention. And I get more positive reader comments than the few perp ones in between. Negative attention is the result of being a govt whistleblower and so on. We all know I didnt start this. Im gonna finish it though.

note all the leaving of blogger names as baiting me. I am probably supposed to start looking people up or contact them on blogger- then what? Internet activism does very little. Its for awareness only really. Its not like going to authorities or having legal firepower behind you. Im supposed to somehow be influenced by people leaving thier identities somehow but I dont get how. Its probably some sort of test on thier side to gauge something about my present state of mind. As always, giving a f*ck less is probably the best option and plodding on.

Hater Comments For July 7,2013 (Its A Long, Funny-Ass List)

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on 5/28/13"

And exactly who do you think you are, I mean to anyone involved in this subject matter such as activists, researchers etc? No readers of this blog nor anyone interested in these matters knows who you are or cares what you think. So why would you bother to comment? Obviously you are either paid to care about me and what I am doing or you are simply doing thier work for free by being a pathetic troll, and caring about me and my activism.

Only 200,000? Hmph. Its always the upper middle that are threatened by the lower classes..and are confused about the difference between 'rich' and 'wealthy'.  I know if I sold out, that wouldnt be nearly enough for me. You must have 'simple' tastes dear.
Enjoy your pittance in the NWO.
"I've always believed we should just harvest homeless people for their organized. They have no place in our civilized world. on
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on 5/28/13"

I also believe that we should harvest the best and brightest houseless people for thier "organized"..and start a peasant revolt becuz basically thats why the homeless are so mistreated in the homeless industries and social services. Imagine if we were left alone and the pressure lifted long enough for us to realize how much money and resources are spent elsewhere like Pentagon and the space station etc etc. In the western free world there shouldnt even be such a thing. Of course, then, where would the powers that be hide the dissidents and political prisoners they are destroying from the public's view? And where would they hide all those human experimentees and Ritual Abuse victims who did not survive but got driven insane instead?

Certainly, the most coherent and knowledgeable of us should be sought for our 'organized'. The system would rather keep us down, oppressed and in chaos among addicts and severely mentally ill people instead. Oh well. Gotta fight anyway, under all circumstances.

Hey, thanks for your support, though you really should work on being articulate. Good luck to YOU! (LOL).

"There's a difference between real TIs and criminals like you... Stop pretending to be a TI because you can't live with the shame of being a common criminal on Fellow TI Bob S Warns Of Dangers From The GS Myth
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on 5/26/13"

You dont give a name so your comment holds little weight to begin with. How do you know what the truth is really? What era are you using words from? "Common criminal"? You mean like the white collar ones and the really dangerous criminal geniuses behind all this are what I should aim for? Mmkay..

"I feel sorry for your family that they have to live in shame because of you. How can you live with yourself? You really should just kill yourself to end your family's torment. on Town In Spain Made Electromag Pollution Free By Vote Of Council. YOU HAVE CHOICES
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on 5/26/13"

Its a frickin' article on electromagnetic pollution and a foriegn people who are taking thier health into thier own hands. How is this about anything covert or 'conspiracy theory' based? I should kill myself becuz Spain has recognized what used to be called microwave sickness, now referred to as 'electromagnetic sensitivity'? Why are you against mankind evolving along with new technologies and striking a healthy balance or are you working for a major corporation that has a vested interest in keeping the public ignorant of the facts about electromagnetic pollution?

My family doesnt live in shame. They actually live much better than they deserve considering all the criminal activity they have been up to in thier youths and all thier criminal associations from the 1970's. My family lives well becuz they planned on selling me out at birth anyway and had always behaved accordingly.

I can live with myself becuz I am doing the right things, am noble as f*ck and am a great freedom fighter while they are hiding something and have always lived thier lives like that. They had reasons to live in shame long before I came along, believe me. They live well becuz they think selling me out and using me as diversion will make them look better- just like my ex and everyone else back home who betrayed me. They also will live well becuz they got rewarded for going along with the system. Like all the cowards do.

Ultimately, they dont exist to me they are dead. As if they never existed to begin with. Funny how, that attitude is so natural to me. Again, I say that- you can work for Italians breaking legs, you can deal pot for the mafia, you can have a baby with an Italian man and brag about your associations with 'The Syndicate' til you are blue in the face...but that doesnt mean you ARE Italian.

I have no fuckin' problem getting rid of traitors who are 'threats to the empire' if you will. Its in the DNA. They are just lucky that I sympathize enough with them enough, and still loved them enough to not have them killed. Which is the last step in protecting one's 'empire' or interests in the blackness of the Italian heart. First its, 'I forgive you'. Second is you get banished or cut off and 'mean nothing to me now'. Lastly- you gotta go  becuz you pose a security threat to me and whats mine.

My mother's family always were just a bunch of German/Irish/French barbarians who were useful to Boston's Italians and Jews in organized crime. My father's family, the Italians, they think they are smart also. Italian but so insane and...obvious about what they are involved in. Btw, snobbery does not equal class. Just a helpful hint...

Both sides always wanted to never have to deal with me but reaped the benefits of my existing-both will have to pay for thier crimes eventually.  All I gotta do is tell the truth. Thier lives are a hell of a lot more work than that- and Ive seen how they are privately. Thier just sick minded dolts. My cousin is pretty lame and stupid even though she's a genetic engineer. That family had such potential- beauty, brains and immense artistic talent. All sold out due to thier inability to truly clean up morally and spiritually.

I would rather stick to the true expression of my DNA and create artwork surrounded by my kind of people than have skeletons so packed into my closet that I spend my whole life trying to contain them. After my book is written I wont even have to hide being targeted or any of it. I wont have to give a sh*t who knows.

As far as torment- my family are tormented constantly by this system which is why they behave as they do. My actions couldnt make them suffer more than they already do. I think they are just to damaged or dense to realize whats actually going on- which I never had time for anyway. Which pissed them off. Which is too bad.
Which none of it matters anyway becuz they are of no consequence now. My grandmother is probably dead by now and my mother has snaked her way into some sort of inheritance to survive which my rich uncle (the former murderer for the mob who's kid is now a genetic engineer-roll eyes) and his common, homely wife who thinks she's clever, connected and hot shit is probably trying to get from my mother and destroy her while my stupid aunt plays dead or tries to be in the middle. On and on and on with that family, petty infighting about just survival. Complete and total barbaric animals- they are and always will be. Slaves.

They dont exist...only the gang stalking system keeping me down for this many years has kept me from being light years ahead of them in every way thus far..oh thats right! I have four blogs and have traveled the USA multiple times on practically no money and have reinvented myself with an entire new, trusted network of allies! Hmm how did I do that?

A genetic engineering degree isnt necessary. A perp once told me my ways were that of a scientist and one of the things they were trying to break me of was my heading for excelling at science, math and music. Funny..when that perp taunted me with that- it must have been right at the time that my cousin was in college getting her degree. Seems my uncle was ambitious...

I guess there's only room for ONE great white(wash) hope in that family! Great! Good luck! Becuz you dont exist!

Sheesh!  Get a clue about my family. They are scumbags. Survivors of programming only come from scumbag families of immoral people who sell out thier children anyway. Why would you want to know those people once you finally get rid of them? The entire city of Boston including them is so stupid and full of themselves they think they got it made becuz I supposedly have no power to defend myself. Funny the things and people we think arent important or dont matter.

The perps will play on anything they think they can in tormenting a TI with words or comments. In the street or on a blog or wherever they can access the person. Ignore it just as I do. Its usually things that dont make sense if you are paying attention anyway. They will work if you are sleep deprived, isolated and going through the emotions that have come over the years in a campaign. They play on anything that will twist you up even more or worsen an emotionally weak spot. They know I erase these comments but they post them all the time, hoping if I read one of them while vulnerable it will stick with me and run through my mind, acting as a torment. Youve got to counter that anyway you can.

"ur discredited ?? Why r u even posting.. We might as well ignore you now that ur discredited on Fellow TI Bob S Warns Of Dangers From The GS Myth
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on 5/26/13

ur discredited - like why do u even continue to post??? uve been discredited for some time now? on Fellow TI Bob S Warns Of Dangers From The GS Myth
on 5/26/13"

So this was so important that the person found it necessary to send in twice?
"like....uve been discredited for some time now?" Like, thats news to me, f*cker. Like...whatever. Like...are you asking me or telling me?   I dont know. Have I? By whom? Who cares?

"haha i knew it you'd finaly come out and admit you were just making it up - you're a kook. nobody believes you thanks for exposing Gs to be a fraud on Fellow TI Bob S Warns Of Dangers From The GS Myth
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on 5/25/13"

This is just stupid. Bob S was saying that using the term 'gang stalking' isnt in our best interest, not the referring to the activity itself.
Who uses the word "kook" anymore anyway? Who's posting this, one of those greybeard agent creeps? Has anyone ever had the bizarre experience of dealing with the old guy perps with longish but not long grey beards? Weirdos, arent they?
Anyway, I note there's alot of disturbance on the Bob S post. Must be a total threat. Cool.

"nothing you say exists.. why do you make up all these stories on Arlington, Texas Police To Join Countless Others Flying Drones Domestically
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on 5/24/13"

How does it not exist if you just claimed they do exist- as made up stories? Is this some sort of lesson in existentialism or surrealism I am not aware of? Its really stupid.

The Nation: The Enemy Industrial Complex by Tom Engelhardt April 15, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Reader Comments For 7-4-13

"Thanks for the awesome blog. Any chance you could change it to a white background? It would be easier to read. Also, black is the color associated with satanism and death, so it's triggering for me and lots of other targets because the people doing this to us are satanists and they worship the color black and they also worship death. Thanks. onComcast Another Large Corporation In The NWO Takeover of Humanity
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Nope. Becuz these symbolic color combinations come natural to me as they do to many Survivors. They r a part of who I am. I wud actually be wearing black and red if so many people in on GS and black gang activity weren't wearing that color combo. Its just plain embarrassing now.

If its triggering then you need to work on yourself more. I created the original first two blogs in those colors very unconsciously.

These works represent the experiences of a TI very candidly. Theres no way any of it should be altered.

It does in fact represent who we are dealing with and it is a very dark subject as well.

I get requests like these occasionally but consistently. The answer is always going to be the same.