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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Could The GS Campaign Be A Diversion From International Pedophile Rings-Not Just Classified or 'Black' Projects Like MK Ultra

"Names and sexual details of hundreds of girls were scrawled across huge wall in a scene from a horror film"

I am re posting the first link again along with the other two becuz I realize from reading these that the people who were around me were all in some way involved in either pedophilia or had been guilty of it at some point in thier lives. That includes my mother's family who are the root source of the MK Ultra involvement through her parents being both US Marines and her father being a pedophile. Alot of people around me either had this in their history or they had things to hide that they would have been exposed for that made it easy to get them to comply in my being targeted-white collar crime, histories of organized crime, etc. And that ALSO includes my mother's family..

THIS finally explains why I experienced overt harassment early on in this campaign from Orthodox Jews.  Jews dressed like the very religious ones:
Finally I have a damn explanation for that. It really bothered me. And it seems in thier communities good people also cannot do the right things to assist victims or improve conditions due to the usual abuse of power...and typical harassment to silence them.
'Gang Stalking' seems to be done by people from all walks of life and they definitely show you that. I suppose there are no perfect peoples or societies.

I realize that this whole entire thing has been a diversion from the real criminals getting caught or attention drawn to them. These kinds of people doing such activities certainly do tie into MK Ultra, ritual abuse and all thats connected to those black projects it seems.

Interesting also is how in the UK such names can be revealed but that would never happen here. The people of the USA protect these networks either by compliance or not caring because they believe in sacrifices for thier higher ups so they can live well, so they exist in denial and ignorance. That is my final assessment. They protect them or live in total and complete denial which is why an activist is all alone in this kind of work or as a victim witness.

It also explains clearly why so many wealthy or famous people are involved in TI's campaigns. It explains why so many YUPpies and seemingly normal people are involved in harassment of Targets on a street level.

So it seems that the act of watching or being physically involved in abusing vulnerable people through torture, sex and murder or normal activities of many human beings...and then there are those of us who want to fight that and expose it to the public-who dont really care or want to deal with this anyway.

Just to finally realize that this is the norm for many people. People who look normal or respectable, these are the people who shame game us regularly, keep us down in homelessness and ensure we are gang stalked for life. Its unbelievable yet they seem to rule the world around us, remaining unseen.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Covert War Against Buffy Sainte-Marie/How The Powers That Be Destroyed Rock n Roll In Favor Of Rap To Control Society

"'I found out 10 years later, in the 1980s, that [President] Lyndon Johnson had been writing letters on White House stationary praising radio stations for suppressing my music,'' Sainte-Marie said in a 1999 interview with Indian Country Today at Dine' College.''

The Native population is now it seems from my travels, almost completely co opted and infiltrated. Natives in New Mexico always complain that there's a leak on the Rez concerning everyone's activities. It seems like in the 1970s after the activism and revolt of organized Natives movements, the powers that be have taken care of the problem just like every other part of any activism that is truly effectual in the United States.

"In his federal court affidavit, Schlund said he has knowledge of ''the detailed plans for the break-up and destruction of rock n' roll music including the assassinations of many people to achieve their goals. The detailed plans to replace rock n' roll music with all-American music called country western.''"

LOL, looks like they picked rap/hip hop instead. This does explain alot however. The music being hypnotic, pushing consumerism, selfishness, compliance to get what one wants, thug life reducing quality of life, obsessions with pimping (sexist slavery through mind control especially sex) and objectifying women- which of course takes care of any feminist movement that existed to a large extent, working in the position of house slave to deal drugs for, pimp for and entertain for the powers that be.

This music has taken over the lower classes and influences the middle class heavily. Its basically become a cult for the lower classes to exist in, glorifying a low quality of life. It also serves to promote this lifestyle as a way of feeding the corporate prison system and helps along with anti terrorism to keep the needs for securities and policing high.

Anyone who's paying attention knows there is something wrong with hip hop and rap especially as its connected to gangs that are only allowed to exist to deal drugs for international organized crime run by the powers that be and the elite. So here is not proof but a point of reference at least to connect the dots to.

In the 21st century there should not even be any ghettos- African American ones or otherwise, in this wealthy, large country with its wealth and resources. So why is nigrified ghetto culture being promoted, even glorified in this day and age? It seems like people are being brain washed to get used to, accept and expect a low quality of life in the lower classes in the United States.

Its the same reason that OCCUPY existed as I now believe it was purely a creation of the covert arm of the powers that be. As an experiment it showed that the lower classes and anyone who dropped out of thier corporate job or mainstream society could indeed organize and successful co exist peacefully while working on transforming a system that doesnt work to one that might be changed for the better.

They got the info they needed out of it then shut OCCUPY down it seems. The fact that the young people involved seemed totally oblivious to all the lessons of the 1960s and 90's about infiltrators, provocateurs etc shows that the wiping the memories and info from the 60's from the minds of the public in the US has been successful.

And weve come to a new era now where false flag ops, hoaxes and experiments like OCCUPY created in controlled, false environments created right out in public spaces can exist without the public seeming to understand that this is not real reality but a manipulation and a deception.

Making music as stupid (pop) or controlling (rap/hip hop) as possible to assist dumbing people down and making sure one focuses on self and consumerism and not politics or effective revolt is what has assisted in creating the deceptions we live in today.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gang Stalking Forces Targets to live As Omega Wolves Live In Wolf Packs

I realize we dont live in a truly civilized society. People are just animals and proves that.

From reading this book in the Coop about wolves I realize that gang stalking forces the target into a position of Omega wolf.

Its exactly the same thing. having to live with the stress of being picked on every day, getting scapegoated and having to play clown, comic relief and keep peace in the pack.
Being humble all the time.
At the bottom of the pack totally disrespected.

And u cant become a lone wolf by leaving the pack either becuz gs follows you wherever u go.

The book said there was no such thing as a 'lone wolf' in wolf society anyways. Young wolves leaving to seek their own territory are only doing so to mate and create their own packs.  All 'lone wolves' were just wolves looking for other wolves, that if they are alone, they wont be for long.

Why do omegas never leave the pack? Becuz animals cant break thier instincts and cycles- humans can or should be able to.

An Omega wolf being attacked, mobbed and chastised by his pack. From the book linked above.

So human society is just a place where people claim to be evolved and human but are no better than much lower animals with smaller brains.
Which is why the justice system doesnt protect targets. Justice, laws and the sciences are for human society not animals.

I've had perps walk by me and ask "Gotten any self respect yet?"
What they really mean is have I allowed myself to be reduced to the level of a lowly animal yet? By being manipulated into reacting to being treated like one and wanting a higher rank.

I recall research that I did way back in 2008 compared the gang stalking campaign in treatment of the target in the behavioral modification involved are you being the exact same formula that they use to deprogram police dogs and make them into lap dogs when they're too old to serve any longer on the force.

We claim to be civilized and better than animals. I have seen nothing but the opposite for most of my lifetime in the United States specifically in the Boston area, and heavily Ive experienced humans behaving as nothing but beasts for the last ten years.

Books and academia are meaningless without true human evolved behavior.

New ObamaCare Mental Health Regs Tied To Gun Control

"They arent mentally ill. They are for the most part TARGETED INDIVIDUALS who dont understand what is happening to them. Many TIs are left homeless and I notice that the powers that be are focusing on ending homelessness as well as dealing with people snapping from psychological warfare as lone shooters by implementing policies to control such people's circumstances by intimating that all such people are mentally ill.

The authorities are chasing off the homeless with harassment and the same psych warfare campaigns that targeted people get. They are ending homelessness by force which isnt hard becuz the homeless have no resprentation from within their community to begin with. They have no voice.

I admire this psychiatrist so many are covering up for these war crimes by going along with the idea of abusing the paranoid schizoid diagnoses as well as not admiting to the existence of organized 'gang stalking'.

Gang Stalking is a very sophisticated, organized form of bullying that is run by covert powers that have black budgets with seemingly bottomless resources and access. Take what you know about spying from movies, the documented use of private black ops companies used in wartime as well as by corporations for private sector business issues and add advances in technologies.

You can see its totally feasible. Anyone claiming organized stalking and harassment doesnt exist isnt living in the 21st century reality.

Flash mobs are an example of how this works except instead of doing something to attract attention they purposely blend in to crowds in public spaces.

Various powers and organizations are using these methds to get thier own way. Having very bad homeless come in and ruin a peaceful homeless community in a city as a way to get rid of ALL homeless is something else thats happening as well as these methods being used to harass houseless and travelers out of an area.

These same methods are what is highly suspected in many of these lone shooters snapping. This used to happen to Vietnam vets decades ago and the public have a point of reference for them to understand the kinds of pressures that drove former soldiers to do such a thing.

The psychological pressures and other things being put on Targets in order to create such monsters isnt being revealed to the public. Using covert druggings believe it or not as part of making someone freak out is usually part of the formula to create a lone shooter. Its not hard to dose someone even daily if they dont know its possible or understand whats happening to them.

Many whistleblowers and blacklisted people in our democratic society cannot go inside even again or are afraid to.

Going after the mentally ill and insinuating that all homeless people are mentally ill or else they have to be ex offenders or druggies but NEVER targeted for political reasons is an obvious ploy to get rid of anyone in society that isnt going to go along with their agenda.

Gentrifying cities, keeping people in false environments that are controlled, raising kids with hovering parents, drugging kids that dont fit in or who probably just two generations ago thier families worked farms so sitting in a class room doesnt come naturally to them. Its all to create a society that is easiliy controlled by the powers that be.

If you notice its not just Democrats or Liberals. The same Republicans who were on these issues under Bush are still around and trying to get policies passed. This senators son stabbing him yesterday but no beds being available is yet another ploy I say: A son of a senator couldnt get into a hospital bed? Usually those people can pull strings etc and get what they need. Its utter bullshit and on purpose and dont put it past the senator himself to either be targeted for not going along with something the system wanted pushed through or his son wasnt doing so. Or he was being abused and letting him into the hospital would have him revealing too much about the abuse.

Look up gang stalking, targeted individuals and if you can stand it: MK Ultra as well as the Illuminati Formula To Create A Mind Controlled Slave.

If you can wrap your head around any of that it might be helpful. Just remember that in the 21st century the powers that be have access to well developed psychological operations methods originally developed to be used to by military overseas in wartime but IS BEING USED DOMESTICALLY in order for the powers that be to fullfil thier agenda.

And stay away from conspiracy theorists that get wayyyyy out there. If ever anyone has actually witnessed someone turning into a reptilian before thier eyes you can bet hallucinegens were administered covertly to get that effect.

Remember the movie the Serpent and the Rainbow? That Harvard professor is real and so is the story, movie was based on a book. The powers have been investigating drugs and poisons and perfecting these things for decades- poisons being an old part of ancient spycraft anyway.

Do enough braindamage to someone, drug them enough and then use brainwashing techniques and you have yourself a sort of Manchurian Candidate but its not to assasinate a person- its to freak out in public or to go off and shoot up a targeted school or whatever.

Please believe this exists and understand that America has become like Nazi Germany, East Germany or the USSR or China. You just dont see it becuz you are living here and cannot accept such wrong doing would be done by Americans. It does not have to be this way.

THIS IS WHAT THE PSYCHIATRIST IS TRYING TO SAY and its the truth. They are being the voice of reason and of course in the way society is now its going to be made out to sound unreasonable.

Good luck."

Comment I couldnt post on site.

It sounds like some reasonable people are left and what we are saying isnt going to make any sense without people understanding gang stalking is a main part of the problem.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cambridge, MA Detective Harassment In Vehicle That Has To Be Investigated (Photos)

Supposedly, this was supposed to be due to house break ins being common in this area. I took these and went straight to a retired cop I knew in Cambridge. Before I could show him their faces, a cop came up and said that the detectives called in and asked about me after describing me to him and said they thought I hung in Harvard and he told them that he had only seen me around a few days but that it didnt seem like I was the break in type.

I have a pic of my pajamas I was in basically as I had simply taken the 69 bus to go to Dollar Tree on Cambridge st near Lechmere before I was going to get dressed. On Sundays there's no showers so you kinda gotta find a bathrroom whatever. Its a hobo/hippie dress thats going ragged I bought in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA last winter. I get compliments on its patchwork but local YUPpies around here seem to hate it. Too bad.

So wearing a loud, out of place hippie dress and carrying a backpack and a sleeping back in a compression sack wrapped in an elegant if beat up scarf with flowers on it, I am the absolute picture of someone who's going TO BE TRYING TO PLAY LOOK OUT FOR A HOUSE ROBBERY in plain daylight, on a Sunday morning in a nice part of Cambridge. Yeah....right. Does that explain why they followed me to the store also and waited outside for me?

I dont believe this story for a minute. I think that the brothers-in-arms thought quickly and covered each other's asses. Becuz I KNOW Ive seen this detective's face before. Years ago.

And is it standard practice to let suspects know you are observing them possibly committing a crime by stalking them in an obvious manner while they are walking down a street to cut through a park to go to a plaza, then wait for them OUTSIDE THE PLAZA of the store, then also show up to drive by the bus stop a ways from that plaza?

I took pictures of them pulling into that street to begin with becuz they pulled up to me, sat there and didnt move (stalking) until a group of girls came out of the house on the corner of the cul-de-sac. Then they insisted on coming back down the same street which made me more suspect so I took another pic.

Them showing up outside the plaza was just obnoxious and obvious and as I snapped a pic they rolled down the window and waved and the heavy set Latino lookin guy gave a thumbs up to me, which construction workers have been doing to me last few days to mess with me and mock me. So I snapped the lic plate. Then they pull out of the plaza lot filming ME taking pics of them and after years of doing this and being harassed around the USA I have nerves of steal and just kept snapping pics while he filmed me with this creepy, pervert look on his face.

So..two grown men in a postion of power with a vehicle containing a souped up engine are so concerned and threatened by a single female who's obviously traveling by herself with a pack that they need to stalk me to the store, act like jack assses then film me?

Nice try on the save guys but this is TYPICAL GANG STALKING behavior. Oh and how did they just
'know' I hung out in Harvard enough to call over there? So, you couldnt have called over there with my description BEFORE STALKING ME on that street as I cut through the park to get to the shopping plaza? Not a very effective way to prevent a crime or catch someone.

And considering I am dressed so out of place, you would think Id be caught easily if I was up to something. In fact, Id deserve to be caught BECUZ IF I COMMITTED ANY CRIMES IN BROUGHT DAY LIGHT ON A SUNDAY MUCH LESS DRESSED LIKE THIS I AM A BLITHERING IDIOT.

There is a real pervert of an old client that lives in that area too, creepy like into little kids creepy and they might be trying to make sure I cant go there for any reason.

I know Ive seen that guy taking the pics before.

Their mode of operations needs serious discussion...and I am going to have one this week.


They had driven to the shopping plaza to wait outside in the lot....

They followed me outside the lot, didnt explain themselves, just started to film me so I quietly just kept taking pics of them doing so...

Then passed by while I waited for the bus on Cambridge street some streets away. The guy taking the vid with his phone was no longer in the vehicle. I spotted the car coming up the road which is why I got a pic of it..becuz I have been getting stalked and harassed around the USA for years and now know what to expect as well as how to catch them doing it. I would not have gotten these last ones without seeing them coming far down the street at the bus stop.

What I was wearing (my nightclothes that I wear to shower. I have much nicer bibs I wear during the day. If its not gang stalking then its a campaign to get rid of anyone who looks homeless or very alternative. So either way its bullsh*t.

The retired cop called them "buffoons" (lol) and told me to forget it. I could go to the civilian review board according to the city. I'll take care of it in a week or so. 

Just as a side note, as my mother and maternal grandmother were gas lighting me years ago when this first started I recall my grandmother, without telling me what was going on exactly, stated that I needed to .."stay out of Cambridge and Brookline or it will be  war back and forth".  Firstly I still have no f*cking idea why those two areas particularly I am not allowed to walk freely in. Secondly, thats bs becuz this crap has happened for ten years around the USA and thirdly, my grandmother and mother are either totally in denial or too stupid to realize that this isnt about a federal investigation or covering up so I cant testify. This is about MK Ultra my  mother being a documented radiation experimentee.

The investigation in this area was used to cover for further Mk Ultra activity. I was driven out of town to the southwest then onto the road where I was tortured, harassed, hit with non lethal weapons, psychological warfare, stalked and harassed by entire perp groups who had rented Greyhound buses and even MILAB on a Greyhound bus.

They think no one is going to believe me. Everyone thinks they can make all this money by selling someone like me out to human experimentation just like it was under MK Ultra years ago. Everyone around me lies about it becuz if you have secrets these bastards know what it is and either threaten people's families or blackmail people.

Ive also overheard people working in tent cities or shelters refer to me as "a goldmine" in which to make money off of.

I am going to get a lawyer. I am going to sue whoever I can that was involved in this and I am going to get whatever justice I can then I am going to write my book telling the whole world EVERYTHING and then move to a civilized country-like the ones that actually pay attention to war crimes. America doesnt believe me and people like this get away with this becuz America doesnt even know what war crimes are or that thier own country is one of the greatest perpetrators of these crimes in the world.

I am not going to feel bad becuz I am victimized in a place thats basically a fishbowl where no one knows whats going on outside thier own little world or doesnt care. Im going to take care of it and then go somewhere that doesnt get off an decieving the entire world by destroying while they get off on claiming to be the good guys. Americans actually get off on being deceptive.  None of this is my problem. Its going to be thier's soon though. Powerless is something that cant last forever.

Abortion And Survivorship

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Steve Jackson's Illuminati Game Cards

Why didnt anyone tell me about this before! Not only is this revealing its also validating and, being a TI, a comic relief. Oh, and the fact that Jackson has documented the FBI RAID ON HIM AND HIS CARD GAME makes it all the more valuable to all people targeted.

Google the title to this blog and you can look at the cards involved in the games.

An activist takes on the cards and comes up with compelling similarities: (though alot of the site appears to be someone who has too much time on thier hands, is obsessed with Christianity and plays with thier graphic design program too much. Stick to the part about the card game, unfortunately alot of the links are broken too. Email the person maybe they need inspiration to revamp thier site!)

That last link is very helpful for those of you who are targeted in more sophisticated ways as I have been. If you still dont understand how they utilize the art of what I call Media Psy Ops this is very good example. Many of the photos this website author came up with look exactly like the cards pictures drawn by the artist.

Now before going any further, keep in mind from the beginning that THIS IS A TRAP. A mental one. Everything they do is to keep you obsessed with the events unfolding that you wont be able to do much about anyway. Also, take a lesson from alchemy- its up to you to utilize what you find or what they put out either for what THEY intend the effects to be or for what YOU can turn the effects into with your Will and foresight.

In other words, dont get all tangled up in this new discovery but dont take it lightly as an oddity either. This is all on purpose to f*ck with people who see whats going on.

Expose it, tell as many people as possible, take it in and then go out and live what you can of your life AWAY FROM THIS STUFF.

Being programmed its easier for Survivors to deal with this stuff and go off in another alter and enjoy our lives. These discoveries are very traumatic and they should be. But another one of thier tricks is to reduce real life horrors to something this mundane so that people will shrug off the importance of such things, sort of like the public is more apt to not believe in magick in real life becuz they are now exposed to Skyrim and video games or sci fi movies so that they think we are paranoids just imagining we are living out things we've seen elsewhere.

In internal programming this would be akin to mirrors. Its a form of blocking so that you get lost or cant see reality. Its always about 'smoke and mirrors' really. And its done with the accuracy of a mathematician, don't forget that.

Manipulation, deception, 'programming' the public. Its no accident that artists have created photos of real life that look exactly like these cards. Its even questionable if the feds really raided the artist or not but it would give him the appearance of not being involved in the deception, which it looks like he is to begin with.

Dont take the cards too seriously, if anything its comedic to people like us. I mean....the 'Agent In Place' is talking into a frickin' mustard container. And that is exactly how stupid most Gang Stalking perps are to begin with. Maybe Jackson is targeted or from an Illuminati family and got sick of how ridiculous this all is. Becuz being gang stalked is THAT fuckin ridiculous.

And they want to be taken seriously, still. So if anything, get amusement from this, get validation from the game and the website exposing its similarities to real life and add it to your files. The general public arent listening anyways.. They are all under those laser beams aimed at thier heads in the "Laser Beam Mind Control" card. Sigh...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Possible Harassment @ GS Hotspot Shaws Central Square Cambridge

Harassed in shaws Supermarket possibly. Went to restroom as something had opened in my toiletry bag and I wanted to brush my teeth before drinking my coffee.

Was in there for less than 10 minutes probably more like 5 at this point when a faintly Latino male in cheesy sunglasses knocked on the door complaining he had to go to the bathroom. I was brushinfb my teeth and told him i'd be right out.
He then began to whine and complain about the bathroom and what one can and can't be doing in there and just general trouble making.
if he is an undercover or gang stalking perp it's definitely baiting. and profiling even if he is just a civilian.
what I'm saying is that this particular supermarket has had a history of gangstalking activity route the years of my campaign but it might also just be that they have under covers profile how much people and try to keep them out of the store and are the bathrooms... undercover security, private black ops whatever.

my main problem with this incident is that he wasn't knocking and see me in front of the other door to the other bathroom. live says over that particular bathroom im in?

so basically just stayed in there for the rest of the time I need to finish brushing my teeth and vocalized clearly thru the bathroom door he was probably getting paid to focus on that particular bathroom.
I have to check it quickly if its jus that owns Shaws star market I'll either in on 9/11 and still trying to cover their asses or they're still afraid I have my old phone book...or both lol.

in order to avoid any further discreditation from surveillance videos at this location I went to customer service and complained so that's also on surveillance video.

This guy sat down right near me for my writing this even though there were other seats and tables available. (will provide pic asap)

also note , this is right in the middle of mit property.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Harassed By GS Group At South Station Waiting For Train

Mobbed & manipulated @ South Station waiting for a train. I needed to go to a store outside Metro Boston to get something for the cold weather.

missed my 3:20 train due to being distracted by the environment created by the gang stalking.

The people involved in the group mobbing were present for hours.

A black female older train employee was dressed as a civilian in a black jacket and was staring and harassing as she stood on the side of track 9 where I was sitting charging my phone. She was basically engaging in baiting tactics to get me to react, lose control, snap etc.
she had her walkie talkie on her which was hidden I only noticed this as I was about to leave the station at 4:15 pm to go to CVS for an important item connected to my health, which is how I finally realized this woman was an employee and not a civilian. a walkie talkie and the sound of keys or anything having to do with the institutionalized authority can potentially be used as a tactic of psychological intimidation to anyone who has been a victim of abuse of official or institutionalized power.

when I returned everyone had gone and the place was and is peaceful.

I was and AM sitting at track 9 ironically above me fits the anti terror television station that runs constantly. it just happens to be the only place with any working plugs.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Vision Of Farrakhan And Obama

Went to Brookline, MA. Place is gutted. Its gone. Its letting in corporations finally as well as whatever Jewish character it had is barely there. Hipster YUPpies and those horrid young people nowadays who are awkward and afraid of everything in normal life, so respond with snobbery to everything that doesnt conform.

Wrote this experience on my social networking site as an aside a vision and an ideation that Farrakhan and his relationship to Obama and his power in this area has alot to do with whats going on- specifically the African American influence here with GS and the destruction of many areas with special ethnic character like Brookline, MA.

Funny I was going to do a piece on that on my other blog and had downloaded a bunch of photos for it last month.
Here's a post someone did on the relationship.

Farrakhan makes some valid points but its painfully obvious he's a con man as well as a valuable character for the agenda of the elite.

Boston Back To Hitting Me Hard But Today Is Clear (Voting Day)

Thank goodness for one truly clear day.

Its back to normal here. Got networked groups messing with me every day and getting hit with tech so I cant focus or attention is diverted all the time. Takes me forever to do a set of things on list due to forgetfulness or losing my way getting from a to b to c etc.
This is actually a very normal symptom of electromagnetic pollution. Forgetfulness and being 'dumbed down'.

Sundays, holidays and thankfully today, voting day, is so clear it resembles the clarity of a federal holiday. Those are the most clear days for me as a TI when I can tell there's no remote influence. Of course today I had perps messing with me with in person gang stalking but that never really works fully without the technologies they are using to make targeted people mixed up, anxiety ridden or our minds clouded by V2k or flashes of visions or other diversions taking up our mental energy and thoughts.
This is what psychiatry is marketing as 'intrusive thoughts'. Funny how they subside once you get out of range of electromagnetic pollution...or it lessens being late at night or a holiday. Hmmm...intrusive thoughts seem to operate on the same principals as microwave technologies. Well what do you know.

The TI must be influenced through such technologies and probably chemical influences pumped into the environment (chemtrails, vent systems, foods, etc) for the organized stalking and harassment to work which utilizes actual real human beings in the TI's environment.

Im using this day to get some activism done on blog as due to being targeted I dont often get to my blog anymore. The way Im targeted lately prevents me from utilizing my right to freedom of speech by making it impossible to get to the medium (internet) and my blogs where I do my activism, reporting, documenting.

As usual for those of you who still think this is mental illness from within the Targeted Individuals themselves- what mental illness do you know of that runs according to:
-Geographical location (tech as well as stalking and harassment changes in intensity, character, style etc according to physical location within the USA. Also, remote influence ceases, just like microwave technologies would, when TI is underground or in certain buildings like govt consulates, hospitals etc.)
-repetitive time frames (remote influence seems present only at specific cycles such as 6 am to 12 midnight M-Sat approx across the USA.)
-specific days (TI seems clear or free of influence from tech on any federal holiday and Sundays)
-an obvious pattern (not random but according to outside influences as listed above)

In other words- the tech ACTS LIKE TECH...which is why lay people like me know its technologies. Underground, in hospitals or in hospital basements, government buildings, old solid structures made of concrete and steel etc- and anywhere with no cell reception are places where the effects TIs get become non existent.
The only exception to this rule is when there are areas with no cell reception that are obviously military base areas or underground base areas, there are mental disturbances that are far worse than anything in big cities where there is lots of cell phones and other 'electromagnetic pollution' as well as the means to target individuals specifically.

One area of the southwest in New Mexico was one such area as well as part of Wyoming which has no cell reception according to many people who travel through that area. Both are lacking in civilization...out in the middle of nowhere- so you think. There is something out there in these location becuz the effects are disturbances from outside the body and mind that are intrusive yet are much...'bigger' in scale than from remote influence in populated areas. Ive been hit in enough military base areas to know this is not normal. Also at the edges of civilization around Las Vegas NV like Henderson, NV, there are strange effects.

The country is so big and those areas are not populated by normal civilians- how can a normal average person say they know whats out there?

The remote influence in this country Ive experienced or noticed anyway since 2006 runs from 6am to 12 midnight approx across the country. In San Diego it ran from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. When I was being tortured in St Louis, MO during Hayden/Bush/Obama administrations it went on until 1 am or 1:30 until it just switched off out of nowhere. Imagine being tortured heavily for hours sitting in a building, and then it just stops..just like that. Thats a mechanism from outside the human body, not mental illness from within.

It seems that in most locations, Sundays are days that this is shut off or minimized. In some areas Saturdays are far worse for feeling the ill effects of whatever this is and in others, Saturdays are minimized like Sundays.

Always, all federal holidays like Xmas, etc are the most clear from remote influence.

One could say this is the merely the effects of electromagnetic pollution which might be partially true. With Targeted Individuals however, the overt psychological game playing from people seemingly part of the general public ('gang stalking' perps in the TI community, hiding in public spaces among the public, posing as just normal average citizens going about thier business. Agents might be a better term.) that are tailored and executed to target one specific person basically make it pretty obvious there is an organized system out to discredit and destroy that targeted person.

What is interesting about this voting day in MA being clear is that, in the past, during a presidential election in 2004- on voting day, tech was used to influence the voting decisions and behaviors of the American public. This is what I and others experienced, I dont need proof- I'm giving testimony. Whether Im believed or not is of no concern to me in the long term of this project. Its up to the public to take charge of thier own freedom and if they so choose slavery- its not my problem. I delivered the information. That is my job and that is what I will do.
The People will choose for themselves. The perps always make TI's fail by harping on thier lack of credibility. On CLEAR DAYS like this one, I know...and return to what I know is right, whats inside of me that is set up to simply tell what I know and what Ive seen.

The perps make you focus on your personal life and what people think of you, your lack status and your now screwed up relationship with the community or what the community things of you- its a form of peer pressure to make you conform. To forget really, what your prime directive is, what your mission or job is.

Its very simple as I wrote above. But when being targeted heavily I forget how easy and simple it is. I forget that all I need to worry about is telling what I know to THOSE FEW WHO ARE INTERESTED. This message is delivered to those who want to recieve it. Everyone else is welcome to live as they please, believing the lies and deceptions if they want to.

Being targeted makes me forget the peacefulness I know is Free Will in all this.

I shouldnt have to worry about what the public are doing, or who listens to me or if this amounts to anything or not. But they will get you so upset and so confused and so concerned with your life, your fame, your ego, your wasted potential, your status etc etc that you forget exactly what you are supposed to be doing here with the info you have. Of course, that is all by design. They want activists under control not getting the word out and they want people to be unhappy, depressed, angry, afraid etc so that people will stay doing what THEY want them to do in this New World Order- which basically is consume corporate goods, support the totally insane military industrial complex and not wake up to reality.

What they have done essentially is create a false environment for humans to exist in as slaves. Its like a web laid over the physical reality that we can experience with our senses. Americans dont usually have enough in touch with themselves to question why the other things are 'off' like spiritual, emotional even mental. Thats where psychiatry comes in to 'fix' humans nowadays when in actuality people are either targeted, experiencing ill effects of various pollutants including electromagnetic or living under the effects of mass mind control.

If I had one clear year of consecutive days I would have written my book by now, sought legal council and moved on with my life. Its taken ten years. Three just to find out what gang stalking is and six to accomplish what little I have.

Unless you have the money to live underground, you arent going to get much done.

I also suspect from recent events and my experiences over the years that the powers that be are purposely getting radiation into the environment.. what their goals are only they know but we can guess. It seems that a combo of radiation from technologies, nuclear spills and even the sun are creating a hostile environment for human life on earth. Interestingly on 'clear' days, the effects are lessened. Perhaps its only to get rid of people who are targeted who they know have been made weak or vulnerable.

This is how they make lone shooters also. Its complicated but it seems lone shooters are people who might be opposed to whats going on or here to deliver a message so they target people, torment them in special ways according to thier make up with this hidden system and turn them from people who might help humanity into people who harms humanity.

The elite, especially the IT and scientific elite truly believe they know whats right for people. Its never right for humans to not have free Will or be able to exist privately in thier own minds.

A perp at one of the women's drop in centers in Cambridge the other day, made sure I heard this conversation where she was discussing "re inventing humanity from the ground up" with some stupid white trash women sitting next to her. This woman has overtly let me know that I was targeted and also seemed to be very uncaring about it, she continues to try to be smarter than me by thinking she can perpetrate at this stage. She's now studying to be a psychiatrist. Theres a gang stalking alliance between these social services people, the drop ins all started by women who went to Harvard (!) and the large African American homeless community that actively does gang stalking on TIs for them.

These people are pushing through the madness of the NWO. For those most part they are insecure, lesser people who need to screw over other people to get opportunities or money. So then, how is humanity changing? People are perpetrating these war crimes working from the same basis or motives they always have: thier own needs, desires and wants. The animal nature.

There is nothing good about the NWO they are creating-its simply going to be good for the people who created it and supposedly those who assist them. Again, animal greed and need to dominate.

The problem with science people is that they never analyze THEMSELVES. If we profiled politicians in office, police, feds, agents, military generals, corporate CEOs, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists- as groups and as individuals we would see some very interesting results as well as quite different from what we are led to believe these people represent.

Anyone existing in a human body on this planet is subject to the human animals' nature. Its only through the most extreme mobbing in history that these people have created probably the hugest cult in history and believe they- and thier methods are right.

Its a battle for reality and a battle of Wills. Thats all. Who is 'right' usually depends on who has the most might...just like animals will do.

By tomorrow I will forget how to be so clear, so articulate so at peace with my charge in life and I will return to feeling old, beaten and socially unacceptable and self conscous. I will be harassed until I drop the N bomb 50 times a day and my racism is back in full force. I will be hit with heavy suggestion for most of the day that I forget this, get a job and conform. I will hardly recall what I ate for breakfast and if I ate at all- and overeat. I will forget the years of memories I have collected-from the gang stalking years to childhood memories related to programming-I will be a mindless puppet of the NWO.

This is their perfectly psycho managed world. And its becoming a polluted, radiated mess that wont support human life soon. Knowing the elite they have already prepared thier new homes underground in cities, on space stations or on Mars or the moon. Becuz they are a huge, viscous, selfish mob of animals- that will survive while everyone else dies.

Its a nice, clear day...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Stalker Drones

"When Larisa Oleynik, star of “The Secret World of Alex Mack,” found she had a stalker, she got a restraining order. But if her stalker had been the police, and they were doing it with a drone, right now there are virtually no laws or regulations that would protect her. Or you."

Welcome to a Targeted Individual's world.

The naive people...naive or compliant, greedy and cowardly- of this country dont even think or want to consider that these technologies on classified levels have in all probability been around alot longer than when they get revealed to the public. Also, this means that the tech as of NOW on classified levels is even more advanced than whats been officially revealed.

Most importantly, this country seems to forget that things can be abused by authorities.

Its become the stuff of conspiracy theory to even consider the two points Ive just mentioned-the latter moreso an issue that has become inappropriate to bring up.

The attitude is that if you are victimized, then thats your tough luck and in the end you are a sacrifice for the USA even the western world to keep on going, to progress and to flourish in a new and more difficult globalist world.

With most of the population living under mass mind control via technologies/chemicals/psychological warfare and 'the shock doctrine' or trauma based mind control, there is little hope of returning to a world of sanity, TRUE safety not cannibalizing your own to survive, decency and humanity.