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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Obama's Meeting With Hollywood's Influencial

Cool blog looks like.

A Comment From A Perp's Family Member Or Info Gathering?

Update: the person who is indicated as having sent this comment-Scott Ashmanski's nephew, is now going to join the US Army.

His uncle-the subject of the comment, a seasoned domestic abuser with a lengthy record, who 'handles' problem women for the local crime/law enforcement syndicate in Boston area, now resides in Tempe, AZ still hiding in a 12 step program, as sick as his secrets. Probably paid off and protected for life.
His grand father, a man that always creeped me out,  who used to brag of CIA connections and alot of trips to Florida is now deceased as is his grandmother.

I'm hoping the kid didn't write this crap down below and it was a bait from some idiot trying to get me to stalk or make contact with the family.
That does happen.

In theory anything could happen to someone who's theoretically being driven crazy and possibly dosed or drugged or worse in a systematic attempt to produce a psychopath.
People may snap. People can become damaged. Theoretically with enough abuse, psych terror and potential alteration of consciousness (or outright brain damage-research the connect between lesions in the brain and violence) humans may degenerate into lone shooters, cult members, bombers, join terrorists groups, seek death by cop, become institutionalized, even begin to commit crimes because they believe they don't deserve anything more in life.

The only hope is staying in control, staying healthy and retaining an almost Narcissistic sense of staying on the side of truth and good. Flame keepers I believe Serpico referred to us as. You see these symbols in New England preserved in doorways-the beacon, the light, the flame, torch. The lantern.
Just keep it burning. Don't let it go out. Spread to the darkness and pass it to others.
 It's all one can do in a lifetime.

The problem with others is they don't have this responsibility-or they choose not to take it on or ignore it. Which is fine but acting out doesn't help.

Let them stay in darkness-leave them there. They will lash out of darkness to try to bring you down.

Oh and the comment below as well as all the others can be analyzed by experts. Honest ones.

My grandma was a US Marine reservist. My grandpa was an active US Marine-WWII, Korea and the Philippines. I just learned the truth about my uncle a few years ago. He would have made a fine soldier if he had been in a different culture.   Let's see how tough you are, kiddo. They always teased the Army guys and Army always claims the Marines are all muscle and no brains required. I did an awful lot of studying held in that cage illegally for four months in 2016 as well as held psychologically since 2015 when it all began to  the present.

Let's see how smart I've become.

I'm hoping this is the work of the same stalker who sent everything during the frame up and it won't turn out to be the framing of another innocent person. But then again-maybe they are connected. That's what experts are for.

I like Tempe. It's a cool college town. It's a pity that trash from MA low level crime are being retired there. Guess Florida's become too crowded lol.


(Original post edited. Original on file.)

Comment left on a blog post by anonymous reader copied and pasted directly without alteration:


By 'Anonymous'
'A reader comments and I inform: Scott Ashmanski'
on 6/26/12"

You have to post comments on my blog anonymously? Why if you're claiming an identity of someone known to me?

I am not a piece of shit. I am an activist.  My mother is from a military family and due to that- a documented radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland, USA circa 1950's. Basically, I have a pedigree in the conspiracy theory community. It's not just random theorizing.  Add to that my own personal experiences in my youth that are credible.

If the comment refers to Ashmanski himself then this is the person who fits that description. His brothers are scum who came onto me. His father claimed  connection to CIA right to my face in his kitchen in Jamaica Plain. His sister is a mess who seems to gain a sense of safety and security from being intimately involved with authorities.

Ashmanski seemed surrounded by greasy, sleazy types. Crooked types but not very bright ones. Bottom dwellers.
The kind where you can't tell if they are authorities or organized crime. They just look the same at that level. Indistinguishable.

His sister, the nephew's caretaker, seems to have become an ostrich in life due to repeated bad luck with men. She exhibits all the qualities of a woman terrorized into becoming a caretaker to salvage a family like saving a sinking ship.

Scott himself used to get disgusted with his own family and wanted to get away from them frequently.  Its typical of such situations to keep all family members together and silenced for life through trauma bonding which i witnessed many indications of.  Keeping people brain washed and scared is a control tactic.

Years later after this person was seemingly shoved into my path in life by design, I recalled him from vague memory, being involved in the seedier side of Boston. Which would make the entire situation make sense as a set up.

If you are indeed who u say u r then dont read this blog. I am sorry that u r part of a family who r so screwed up. Mine was too and they hid it well and covered their tracks.
If u r genuine, then obviously u have some potential becuz u standing up for your family and being proactive for what u believe in to be right and truth. You may not know the reality of the situation or believe my version of events or you could know the truth and be in denial or simply desperate to protect your family. There is a reason no one has sent me this kind of comment before: everyone knows they r guilty and I am telling the truth.

Either that or u r simply an agitator or informant posing as this person to get me to respond thus collecting information.

I could also theorize that posting such a comment at this time could serve to modify behaviors perhaps due to my weakened state lately due to health and u figuring that its important now I feel secure so wont be such a lone wolf on a mission. Thus a character of someone from my hometown community as psychologically that is very fitting right now to try to break down my Will and resistance.

I am not the one with a documented record of violent offences against women as well as Ashmanski is. He is the piece of shit but from the backround he comes from he cant help it.

Ashmanski magically acquired a brand new truck after he helped destroy my life along with the rest of the infiltrators/criminal opportunists  hiding in key 12 step meetings around the metro Boston area.

Its not fake. I have alot of things to say about Boston and locals people wouldnt like.

The truth is all that matters. If people ACTUALLY believe this negative image of me it doesn't matter:they live in a city that readily cooperates with organized crime to preserve the area's high quality of life. This area also now basically belongs to the military industrial complex and corporate in addition to olde money and institutions.

In my frequent frustration it often seems the northeast is populated by greedy, selfish, self serving, screwed up Americans living in a country that is run by fascist tyrants and they have fallen under that influence becuz they r to cowardly and selfish to fight for whats right. They stand by the bad guys to get and keep what they want instead.

 Ashmanski played a major role in helping to destroy my health, my future and my entire life at a pivotal time.

He was also part of other things I suspect.

And one day he and everyone else involved are going to pay for their part in what they've done to me. My book will be the ultimate revenge.

Wake up and grow up. And if u arent who u say u r, nice try but my position on activism hasnt and will not be changing anytime soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Highly Intelligent People Supposedly More Socially Acceptable (Except When They Are Targeted Individuals)

Funny how when it comes to Targeted Individuals, still we get "misunderstood" and "shunned by society"...thats by design of course.

Due to the fact many of us are Ritual Abuse survivors, human experimentees sometimes second generation from projects connected to Project Paperclip like MK Ultra as well as other forms of mind control projects.

They set us up so that high intelligence looks dangerous or like insanity. Also they purposely tap into society's base nature by appealing to the worst human traits like jealousy, power and control, abuse of power, sex, greed and the good ol mobbing instinct.

Of course instead of admitting to the existence of programming of human beings, RA, micro chipping and military projects designed to build supermen and women as supersoldiers, or super spies, they instead have psychiatry cover for these things with bs diagnoses, basically by expanding on things like schizophrenia, autism, Ashbergers etc.
Many people with a diagnoses of being in the autism 'spectrum' etc are actually programmed, highly intelligent, psychic, experimentees or ritual abuse victims.

It seems the only criteria for thier diagnoses is to either not fit into western society as it exists today, behaving one's self and doing what authority expects of one not being successful.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I Need Some Financial Help Maybe This Month To Preserve Impprtant Files

I want to put some important information into online storage before I leave my storage space for good here in Boston. They r trying to force me to leave prematurely and I suspect its so i will wrecklesly take my hard drives on the road and then they can rob me or distract me and i will lose the info.

I want to stubbornly wait until beginning of July so I can get online storage thats accessable from overseas. But if i cant make it til then and need to leave i dont want to destroy information. So i need someone to perhaps donate to that. I usually dont take any donations nowadays and haven't for a few years but this is extremely important.

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U may think that my point of view is amusing.

Theres nothing funny about MK Ultra and the shit i saw during Bush...and specifically when Hayden was in office.

Ohhh...i know y i am being run out. Becuz America is the big fat piece of shit whore of Babylon and some shit's gonna go down.

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Objects Hold Energy:Bush Era Posessions Bring About Memories Of Confidence And Strength

These r toys i bought in 2006. Very intuitively i picked them. I realized they represented this battle i had been pulled into.

I always felt or thought that the Death figure represented Bush. Either father or son...most probably son.

The animals represent helper or guardian spirits.

Note my affinity for the black and white. The dice and the two fates.

I did pretty well in this battle. I'd won in fact..

I was a great warrior once.

So why am I being driven into exile out of the United States?

I can't help it if it drove me to partial insanity.

Why can't I just write my story, my book?!?

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MBTA Employees Playing Games Again This Time I Am Prepared

MBTA bus # 2229 the number 9 route changed her sign to " out of service" before she came to my stop.

Gave her the bird and she enthusiatically gave one right back, which means shes guilty of being a perp.

They r too stupid to know i have an app that tells me the bus numbers and where they are.

That is the bus number and on the app it said it was in service and it had.passed me on the map according to the bus GPS. They said on their map it is out of service. Still just the way this city is...the whole country. Its time to leave and write from outside the US. I will simply become anti that i know the truth.

How To Destroy An Employees Life :Harvard WOULD Know Wouldn't They

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Are TIs On Secret Kill Lists?

Is there a way to find out if Targeted Individuals are on secret or classified Kill Lists and if there is any legal action that can be taken?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stay The Fuck Away From Me

The next asshole u send in an SUV to sit outside of wherever i am and make me miserable and watch me at length, next time i wont just go out and spot the car and then they get nervous and leave. I want to see if lic plates can be blogged. either that or the other option is i start sending them to report back to u in body bags.

We cant have both....of course.

Tell me. How can a truck sitting across the street make me feel sexually humiliated, suicidal and terminally depressed? (and of course these all cease when the fucker leaves).

How do u scum do this? is it psychic warfare or is it tech??

Of course they want threats they can document and me to act on them.

if I ever turn on u. There wont be any mistakes.

But we all know my publishing a full account of my ordeal is much more damaging. AND I WILL BURY U WITH THIS. And i will reproduce it in so many places it will be like a disease u cant eradicate.

then...i will disappear. Then perhaps some real fun will begin.

U R all gonna pay for the things u did to me. No matter how great or small u r.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TI Blog: Neverending1 On Wordpress

Thanks for travel advice. Shes right. And if u r a Survivor either of RA, high level programming or mind control/experimentation projects beware or Greyhounds being used for MILABs.

Imagine an entire bus full of a group that does such things to people. Its more than just people being recruited at the bus station. These are professionals. Either that or they are part of those really nasty cults.

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A PrisonPlanet Poster Claiming To Be Lawyer Takes TI As Client;wap2

Note TIs husband supposedly works for military contractor and has now retired.

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Lawsuit For Organized Harassment And Stalking Related To Vince Foster Suicide

Read about the harassment starting at number 29.

Note the detailed play by play of the systematic harassment.

Also that its known to the intelligence community.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey MIT, Remember who u r dealing with

If u EVER have student spook operstives or whatevrr they r antagonize me again then call the police on me just for looking homeless at the student center I WILL GO TO THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY WITH INFORMATION ABOUT A FEW PROFESSORS SEEING PROSTITUTES IN THEIR OFFICES AFTER HOURS AND I WILL TELL THEM EVERY DETAIL as well as that individual john has also stalked and harassed me in MIT lasy year due to my having dirt on him.

U may think i am discredited but as usual u r arrogant stupid rich people. Ha, Ive only revealed to the public the most 'unbelievable' stuff idiots. Ive never made public what i know about local corruption. This is a service that pays off cops as well. Do u want to be connected to that? Becuz i can do that if u want.

Do not fuck with me. Obviously by now u realize i dont care how prestigious u r. U r involved in contonued human experimentation and mass mind control. THAT is all i care about revealing in my book.

I thought we had a little tolerant relationship. U sort of ignore me while I use the resources there ANY TIME I NEED TO as long as i am quiet etc.

I in turn dont embarass the shit out of u and all the lovely investors and parents etc who believe your institution's reputation is infallible.

Stop sending green young little shits to mess with me and think their getting results.

Mossad, cia, dod whoever they r, inform them of whats really going on or i will embarass u in creative ways no left brained person could ever think of.

Stay out of my way and stop thinking u r smarter than me.

My playing dumb while doing my research and getting my affairs in order here for a month or so until i leave benifits us both.

U and your little shit student operstives and your flat foots who think they r smart, could screw up the niiiiiccee balance we have found over the years.

Perhaps that new president the Jew maybe his policies are more...exclusive of people who LOOK like me. Well i can embarass a huge portion of Newton and Brookline as well if u want. How many people go to Temple with him?

Ha ha my mind is running ahead of itself. Lets just keepnit very simple.

YOU are an elitist, corrupt institution who like others of your ilk thinks it is so powerful that u can do whatever u want to the public. U function exist due to contributng to an industry that is basically a death cult who makes money off of the suffering and death of war. U r the military industrial complex. U also have a documented record of unethical human experimetation.

I dont think that ever changed.

Now here is how its going to go. YOU r going to stop thinking u can accurately gauge exactly how intelligent i really am. My family is in the mafia remember. I may be more clever than u think.

However i admit i could never strive for your levels of success as murderous, selfish career criminals world wide.

Takes one to catch one.

That being said, i intend to include u in my research about war crimes during Bush and beyond. However i was also going to include that there seems to be a faction within your institution that sympathizes with me even assists at times. Also these are classified, black projects and wr both know it.

Like mom said i can write a book but no one will believe me.

Yeah about the stuff the public r too stupid and lazy and greedy and self interested to believe.

Oh but dont we both know how that mob of jackals would loooove to hear about the vices of the elite specifically the academics at prestigious institutions.

Let me be a Traveler simply using your facilities for occasional internet use. Becuz if u want to try to persecute me based on that PERSONA i can easily take off this mask and reveal to anyone and then everyone other personas i have and have well as all the experiences that go with them.

Go back to exzctly the way things were a month or go or so. I tolerated the house slave cleaning lady messing with me in the other building as to not break character.

Overzealous untrained little shits and MIT cops will piss me off right into being a way bigger asshole than that little Traveler who wants to use the computer.

I can fuck up this city. I can say this blog is fiction and the local dirt had my scared so i hid behind this and acted crazy. DO NOT CROSS ME.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Could Olympics In London 2012 Trigger Martial Law In US??

I thought about why I keep getting strong ideations to get out of America and at least flee to one of the borders. I realized that a major factor might be the Olympic games in London. That is very near now so it might be why there is a push to get me to leave the US. I DONT like that part of this push to get me to leave was to go to Europe. That is probably the last place one would want to go with such a situation brewing.

I would never go to Britain anyway. Its a worse version of Boston. Then again its not America is it and for all I know it might suit me better. However its become quite a police state with cameras and lots of overbearing police. With so many Muslims there causing just seems like a mess made on purpose. They also accept alot of foreign immigrants from certain countries into thier families without any of them considering this might be part of the elite's oppression of them long term. I notice its always the poor Caucasian folk, just like here in Boston and Cali.

To me its a very scary place right now and I wouldnt make it part of my escaping to Europe at all.

What is strange is that I keep getting this idea that whatever is going to happen is going to effect here in the USA moreso. Like an excuse to create a more oppressive police state or system. How would that work, I dont get it. Perhaps its just Romney coming in or Obama staying and getting more insane with policies and power.

Whats so hard to figure out is that if its put forth by false means such as technology, then it might be a fake out by the system to begin with.

I was going to leave the other day. Just go without any consideration for my health issues. I dont want to leave right now as I am waiting a month or less to at least find out whats wrong with me so I can take that with me when I leave. Before I made a break for it, I was in Harvard Sq in the back of it. The area that is so saturated with history and Revolutionary battles that no electromag influence could ever erase those memories or thier influence on humans (which is what they are trying to do with electromag and tech. MIT did it when they put a tv screen into the main hallway of the long hallway for years. I could no longer get any old energies to register and recieved no signal once that HD screen was up. Then I noted they took it down ONLY after they washed the walls down in that specific area. Now there is hardly any energy left and I get no signals. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH THESE TECHNOLOGIES. They are literally interfereing with the spirit worlds, the ones that throughout history has inspired man, given him prophetic or advisory dreams or nightmares of warning, guided him, comforted him.
I once posted on my ONMC blog that I was shown this plan of thiers, to create a sort of Hell on earth, a dimension, with electromagnetic energies using tech. The ultimate false environment created by man. Part of this is to cut us off from any outside influences that before we were in contact with such as energies from the past that linger in certain locations. There are many such energy centers here in Cambridge and Boston.

Even though my ancestors were not around in the USA before 1900 or so these energies have influenced me off and on as a resident here. This is one reason why it has been so instrumental that they remove many traces of Revolutionary and colonial culture and symbolism and replace this with corporate symbols or disturb such symbolism and disrespect the dead (still living on through symbol) with corporate warfare. Here is one such example of utter disrespect and disregard for history: I wil find the pic later if I can but its an ad for a seafood restaraunt here in Boston and it has a bib with thier corporate logo on it hanging off a statue of one of the forefathers. Funny as it seems its not at all. This sort of deconstructing of authority is what my generation did (gen x) that used the Surrealists art style of taking apart authorities symbols and making something new out of them to represent our point of view.
The corporations of course hijacked this as they do ever creative thing every generation comes out with to counter them and is using it to woo Gen Xers to consume. Yet its meaning is much bigger in the larger context of things going on world wide right now.

Corporate logos are your new gods. With whats happened, you can depend on Starbucks to serve you not oppress you, only if you have the money to pay, unlike the seal of the United States which many people feel is uncontrollable, not for the people etc right now. TO BUY IS TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST. The gods approve of you.
That is the presidend that is being put up.

Anyway, I wandered through the back of Harvard which they havent destroyed yet due to the inhabitants still having money and old status to prevent this. I was guided by a university's sun symbol which made up a window at the top of a building. It guided me down a road nearby in promise of something compelling to be found there. I ended up realizing there was nothing TO be found.
I got the idea the lesson was not to fall for illusions. Deceptions. And it kept me here to tend to my health instead of go running off to Europe or a US border to who knows what fate- still getting sicker from my condition with no health care.

Whoever is behind this wants me to run off out of here, sick, without taking care of my health. What am I supposed to do get health care abroad? How is that going to work??

EVERY FRICKIN DAY this is being pushed this 'leave the country' feeling and its really obnoxious at this point. Its the first time I can say I am tired of something trying to push me like this. Its...becoming just tiresome. Becuz the results of it dont make any sense.

I know I am a lucky traveler but not that damn lucky. In a whole new culture in a foriegn country I am just going to stop upon quality health care??? And where am I going to stay etc etc???

Its getting really ridiculous. And life threatening. Whatever is wrong with my liver and my intestines is no joke. Having to switch to not eating solid foods for the most part means there is something wrong with your body. And I intend to find out what it is.

I dont know what could possibly go on over there that could effect us over here but these games and deceptions themselves are getting deadly. I swear sometimes its not even the NWO they are concerned with its some sort of amusement. Like seeing what the people will do if they do certain things. It always feels like its a game, like its not being done for truly serious reasons. Which considering my health is becoming life threatening, I dont appreciate that at all.

Keep Comments Focused On Helping Other TIs And To The Subject/Start Your Own Blogs

Stop commenting to tell me stuff you should be putting on YOUR OWN BLOGS. Please keep comments to the subject of the post you are commenting on or some sort of helpful information for TIs. I mean it. I want input from people that helps other TIs. If you feel the need to tell your stories, experiences in detail and bad mouth perps start your own blog. Its free and it would help other TIs by adding to our numbers.


The Heretic's Blog : Another Voice From The Wilderness

Nice to see a female blogger and a smart one as well, shaking things up. And she follows my blog! Thanks for your work Heretic! (blog is nicely done btw.)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another experience of having routine used as the main means to control the targeted individual

today I experience another instance of my routine being known to the gang stalking system enables them to plan and  premeditate action.

it is my sound advice to every targeted individual who is targeted in area utilizes this kind of system where routine is  monitored and then used to keep control of the TI, if you break a routine as often as possible.

determine if they have knowledge of routine through brain mapping psychic warriors or simply by observation.

I've experienced air capable of all 3.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At Least The Gipper Presented A Nice Image-THe Elite No Longer Need To Bother With Such Formalities

Yes, where the rotting of the system all began:And look at our future:

Get your plane tickets out ready kids. Its over.


Obama's secret targeted individual killing program, ACLU lawsuit

The Commission: Directed Energy Weapons Used On American Citizens in Tests

"In 1997, Defense Secretary William Cohen stated, “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an Eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…Its real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism] efforts."

The videos on the site are a bit too Alex Jones for my tastes. Its talk radio with alot of sh*t talking. But the subject matter in the post is somewhat useful.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Does Secret Medical Experimentation Continue?


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Trying To Make The TI Paranoid By Treating Them As If They Were Dangerous

I do notice that they try different things as well to see what happens.

LOL evertime I come to MIT near Kendall I will never soon forget the night, during the thick of this during Bush when I was watching this display they had in one of the windows near Kendall MBTA station. It was something where words or phrases were being displayed, lit up on a board. I will never forget the moment that, after standing there for a while, the word BOMB came up. It was so timed, so obvious and so obviously out of the context of the rest of the words and phrases on this piece of tech I assume students had built.
I genuinely dont think it was a perp tactic or mind game. I really believe they were trying to find out if any and all programmed MK Ultra kids were somehow programmed to be terrorists.

Which is really stupid becuz that isnt what the program was about. Then again, come to think of it, if that is the case, they would know that. Yeah, it could have been a psych out to scare me even more. They must know I could and still can read or scan very fast which is why it was put there that way. And anti terror has always been used to make us feel bad, suspect or that its validated we are dangerous when in fact anyone with knowledge of MK Ultra knows that isnt true.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is Satanism Being Used As Diversion Away From Project Paperclip/Nazi Rooted Subject Matter?
"At the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biophysics in 1940, biologist Boris Rajewsky raised concerns about increased experimentation with artificial radiation and called for a project to research the effects of radiation. A 3 million volt device was built for Rajewsky's research whose existence remains obscure."

Then Project Paperclip is created to get Nazi scientists here then radiation experimentation is done on citizens.

Notice all the Nordics, Swiss and Germans. I am beginning to think that they have thier own little society then and still do. That much of the Satanic content out there is simply propaganda-the ultimate psych operation. (I posted this link a while ago, concerning Aryan looking twins in Brazil. I didn't really catch the black white and red or the sinister content right away.)
I found it strange that this article on twins in Brazil which deals with the suspicion of the Nazis retreating there and continuing thier experiments
would purposely feature Aryan looking twins wearing black and red as well as their collars up-like vampires or akin to the way Satanist and military psy ops officer Michael Aquino has sported a dracula look in photos years ago.

Yes the above link has alot of silly bs on it but its got some interesting observations like his influence on 60's tv which I have never dared to do a post on as its too...silly but actually its not.

Note the girls on the bottom video in the National Geographic post on twins one has black white and red outfit and the other has black and white stripes with number 13. Black and white are inferences of Masonic content and black white and red can be anything from gang colors to a part of the Templars to black and red being Luciferian or Satanists' colors. Its the fact they are being used in propaganda and disinformation campaigns like this thats important.

It was intimated along the way years ago that I was partially in trouble for some of the same reasons Tesla was in trouble- the discovery of ley lines and something to do with it connecting to original Druidic energy lines etc. Basically trying to do the ancient thing of taking science to magick. I cant help it if I am naturally sensitive to structures like the earth under our feet or buildings. Its part of my psychic talents and boy do they want it ripped out and no longer functioning.

If you look at alot of what seems to have existed in Nazi Germany we are dealing with an elite that have these things as advantages over the normal populations. Like I said thier 21st century is far beyond ours. All they have to do is complete the enslavement of humanity and deceiving people-wont it just be a perfect world for them.

Its not The Nazis as mythical, historical figures nor Satanists like in movies. Its Satanic attitudes like you and yours first who cares about anyone else, along those lines, with all these advanced technologies. It seems they are using the theatrics of Satanism to cover up for advancements have been reached due to what came out of Nazi Germany and that area of Europe generally.

For Americans to believe we are the true ruling class of the world and these ancient, highly intelligent, focused civilizations and cultures are just as they seem is a typical American mistake of egotism and patriotism.

There seems to be alot of documentation then again could this also be bs and disinformation? There certainly is something going on using Satanism to freak people out as a diversion away from legitimate investigation of Paper Clip related issues.

As a person who's experienced RA in childhood and during Bush, I can attest to its existence however, alot of what was done could be falsely implanted as well as done with technologies. Im not saying it isnt real, I am saying that its used to freak victims out so badly that they become embroiled in spiritual matters and cannot focus on lawsuits, advocacy, gathering evidence etc. THIS MIGHT BE WHY ITS SO IMPORTANT TO GET THE TARGET TO CHOOSE CHRISTIANITY OR SATANISM JUST AS LONG AS THEY BECOME SUPERSTITIOUS AND RELIGIOUS AND ABANDON REASON, LOGIC, INTELLIGENCE AND FACT. And specifically any research on whats really out there not just the obvious stuff put before us.

Its Been All RIght Here All Along: Instructional Manuals and Other By CIA and Military

 U.S Army and CIA Interrogation Manuals: 

Psychological Operations In Guerrilla Warfare:

How to get the public to disrupt your enemies and secure your interests while they believe they are fighting the system:
The Freedom Fighter's Manual

Yeah its a little hard to use these to protect yourself when you are targeted when you are being targeted and under being heavily influenced.

Notice that by 1997 they had no problem releasing these. Note thats the same year or approx time period that the law was amended back to concerning torture used in interrogation in my last post.

Why use these manuals or be afraid to release them when you have just put in place another system that is classified or hidden from the public so that whatever is in the manuals can be denied or doesnt have to be utlilized in an overt manner which could cause them being caught?

The existence of this system for control of the population as well as the targeting of individuals who are considered threats is blacked out by the media as well as anything documented related to it like MK Ultra is either represented as conspiracy theory or has disinfo agents working on putting out so much crap on the subject matter that even TI's dont know whats fully accurate and whats not or who to trust.

Then of course its easy to label us disinfo or operatives or whatever. I think part of the experimentation to build super spies or soldiers or whatever was done is to see how, those of us who are programmed, deal with situations like this without any prior training or knowledge of such matters or materials. This only makes sense becuz why else would they keep on using these tactics to get information that they already have or that others could more easily give them?

They keep presenting the situation as I need to come forward and give up info about my former associates. If this is so then why not use a subpeona? Becuz thats a cover story. What they really want is to see how long it takes and what it takes to be able to get a confession from a targeted subject and also what they do or go through in the process. Forcing TI's to stay traveling or to write blogs or make friends wherever they can is a form of interrogation similar to these manuals.

Much of what I read just on the wiki about these manuals I have experienced being targeted.  Sleep deprivation, motivation by fear, being isolated, writing a blog or getting a social networking site where I reveal my likes, dislikes, character, background etc. Notice how I am pretty much isolated from society and my time is spend writing on my blogs and social networking site?

Sure they have to cover thier asses for the rest of my natural life becuz of what they did during Bush, especially the more severe human experimentation but also they want to keep the experimentee under control.

They certainly have created intolerable situations and an unpleasant environment. That must be what the constant gang stalking is for.

What they dont tell you is that much of this is also to brain wash a person or group into subservience. Unless thier goal is soley to get me to go take on a label and stick with it so I am silenced for life and officially discredited. It seems to be what they are aiming for here in Boston and Cambridge this year. They always wanted hospitalizations I assume but this time it seems they want something where I am not going in voluntarily with being suicidal they want something where I am put there by authorities. Its a sort of end phase they see me in now, and finishing me off is what they are going for.

They are either going to force me to leave the country out of fear, get labeled due to not being able to handle the pressure anymore, give in willfully or conform/become silent to avoid anymore harassment and torture. Ive also heard people who are suspect trying to get me back into adult entertainment which I cannot imagine why anyone would want that considering how sickly I am right now. That only makes sense if you are going for finishing off the person like in totally depraved parts of the industry or snuff films.  They've been going for that for a while probably moreso a few years ago.

Its hard to believe that there are groups, media and others who want to hold them accountable for what they do thats overseas or in the past or overt yet the public refuses to acknowledge and help someone like me.

I see alot of people in Boston and Cambridge who are aware of what is going on with my situation. That means the public are totally under their control now or we have a massive population among the ignorant, normal people who are CIA, military or other such as from privatized companies doing similar work.

Human Experimentation At Heart Of Bush Administration

What is most interesting about this for me is that they made it retroactive to 1997.

Thats when I was first targeted. Thats the year I suddenly started experiencing panic attacks and other symptoms now of course I know it was technologies, perhaps chemical influence and probable sensitivity to the large power lines near the house. It was in Waltham right near 128. Polaroid, Raytheon and other tech comapnies are on Rt 128. Waltham is extremely nasty and the cops are corrupt with links to Italian mobsters. My mother's cousin is some sort of police or detective and as usual I was always isolated from any and all money or power connected to my mothers family. I find it hard to believe he would not know about such things. He sort of made fun of me when I was in school the one or two times I saw him.

Personally I think that whole family has sold me out since childhood to this sytem especially becuz my mother's father was a war vetran and viscous pedophile to his children. Rumour had it that on top of his wife, his mistress and whatever disgusting things he did with children, he supposedly was THAT kind of mailman on his postal route in Weston, keeping the lonely housewives very happy.

So not only does this fa mily have alot to answer for they have alot of secrets to protect..and so does anyone else in the community connected to them.

For some reason even though my mother IS the original MK Ultra radiation experimentee, its my father who I am  treated like when it comes to heing targeted. I dont understand this at all.  My mother claimed to work with a crime syndicate. If this is so then why would she drop a claim against the US govt like MK Ultra?

Perhaps due to being involved with said crime organization she considers herself smart enough to know better than to mess with that level of power. However in terms of mind control and the NWO it simply means she's much more easily controlled than my father was.

My father was targeted into insanity for talking about this subject matter openly. My mother chose to take action through proper channels and then become silenced once she was stalked and harassed.

I was always treated like an asshole by my maternal family due to not giving in to fear, ignorance, stupidity and deception. They absolutely hated me for asking questions constantly for being Mediterranean in appearance and for using logic when presented with emotional blackmail or intimidation.

The NWO, our country since Bush rewards people like my family. In the 80s a therapist my mother made me go to heard my story and immediately realized she was the problem not the scapegoating she was attempting. Nowadays a kid could never get that kind of use of reason, truth and common sense from a mental health professional especially one being independent enough to make such a judgement call.

These chsnges started coming into play around late Clinton..just when I began to experience being stalked, harassed and targeted with technologies. True this was two years after the Presidents Advisory Committee on MK Ultra and radiation experiments but why two years afterwards? And wby wasnt my mother targeted in the same manner?

Some things about my case dont make sense probably becuz I am looking at it from being involved in it.

A friend who works in security said he would never mess with this level of the shadow government -that they make people disappear and "not my family". I dont tell him what's going on but i think he knows anyway probably from his sources.

If everyone refused to comply with corruption how could they then succeed with intimidation?

America claims to be a united we stand sort of place but i dont think that we are when it comes to our own oppression. Too many people think its perfectly fine to sell someone out for extra money. People are also intimidated due to targets not being able  to get help.

I knew that theyve got the whole thjng down legally. Why would they risk being accountable?

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nightmare Neocons Join Romney Team
(this article is from last year. Ron Paul is out of the race already)

So this means that even if I leave the country this system will find me and it looks like the people who are going to be in office are the types to finish someone like me off in the coming years.

If I leave that means they can try to off me in a strange country where I dont know anyone as opposed to my own country where I at least have some associations many of whom are solid working people who could provide some protection and some character witness as to my being sane and peacable.

However, something keeps giving me the go ahead to definitely get the hell out of here like within the month. It could all be false, just a way to get me to go some place outside the USA where I dont know anyone and dont know how things work. If I was killed in such a place it would be alot easier for them to get away with it.

I've never been in a place mentally and emotionally where I did NOT know what to do next. The presence of remote influence is so out of control here now that its not like living in reality anyway. I was in the basement of a college today- I realize now that TIs are drawn to certain buildings and areas due to they being either no cell reception or only 1x not 3G on the smartphone. 1X is a bit comfortable but that little circle with a line through it is the best. Its like the best treat in the world right now.

And I have posted before that this is why many places are off limits to Targets especially those drawn into homelessness. Places like train stations underground, govt buildings, hospitals, colleges.

Its amazing to have so much hidden information, and to see the whole plan as its unfolded and been designed from the 80s onward. Reagan knew about these technologies, chemical influence and even organized stalking and harassment. He tried to sell this to the public as a way to deal with the mentally ill and prisoners and public reception to this was outrage so he simply implemented such a system covertly.  He closed down all the mental institutions. Crack was brought into the cities (Iran Contra). They KNEW that this would totally screw up any scenes left over from the 60s that were considered subversive but also this was done so, along with anti terror, now we have a system where inconvenient people can be forced into the homeless scene and not only discredited using this system but also exposed constantly to technologies and chemical influence by having to be outside more than average working and housed people as well as if we do go to shelters then its always tech and organized harassment from people within the shelter.

I never realized while it was happening what a conspiracy this is. Like a real plot to overthrow the country. With this ridiculous covert network all over the place in public and private spaces. Looking at the magnitude of it now its like something out of the McArthy era panic about infiltration and such. But its actually happened! And I still dont fully understand who is behind it. It was so easy in the old days- Communists. Russia. Nazis. The Counter Culture. Corporations. Now looking at all I know I wonder if it ever was that simple or always a complicated string of people, groups, investors, syndicates etc.

I think the Internet has made it so the public are now able to see the world as it really has been set up for...well forever. The underlying causes the hidden forces behind official history.

Like I've said before none of this surprises me and its not alarming. Typical human shenanigans. Its the progress in technologies, chemical influences and understanding of psychological operations that has given the 'bad guys' if you will, an edge like never before in history. THIS is whats so disturbing.

Romney having these people on his team is so like a nightmare. And after being so beaten down for years its as if its not real. Its interesting that I am so f*cked up in the head after whats been done to be for years that I almost just want to vote for the guy and comply.
This  is the difference between the 2004 election and the 2012 election. In just that short amount of time the system has taken over an entire country psy ops style. In 2004 they had to use alot of fear mongering, intimidation and actual technologies to make people vote neocon Republican. In 2012 people are going to do so willingly.

 Its made the public chose something that they would not have chosen under normal circumstances.  Its such a brainwashing success. One has to wonder what kind of math so many computers had to calculate for how long to come up with such plans and designs in order to accomplish being able to create an entire alternative time line as this one. To gently nudge the universe, ever so, so that the same people are here that would have been in the other reality, but are altered dramatically. Its a theory of mine that this is why its so important to not kill us off but preferable to alter us instead.

There is not one city in the USA where I can be left alone. If there isnt tech blaring then there is heavy organized stalking and harassment. The only places where there are no cell reception are places I couldnt survive or dont know how to.

Its so hard to not want to jump into the quantum stew, the mix of this crafted reality and become part of the humanity that is now living this way quite comfortably. Everyone seems so normal. So happy. As if nothing in the world is wrong. Perhaps for them, all is right with the world. For those of us who know too much I now understand why they kill us off: out of mercy.  Living with this information is probably the worst existence anyone could know.

I wont soon forget how horrible those years under Hayden in the CIA were. Probably the worst of my life and I was lucky to come out of that alive.  And interestingly, what was done to me wasnt done for interrogation. Alot of what happened to me was outright Satanic Ritual Abuse. Obvious in content. Having Hayden in office was like being poked in the buttcheek by the devil's pitchfork so you are now familiar with it. Like a child who's burned thier hands on the stove I know better now and I am not sticking around for another experience like that. Seriously.

But will anywhere on earth by safe once these very dangerous men are in power? Is  it more dangerous to leave the USA?  I now understand why they have voted in marshal law just recently. I think America is going to rise up finally after years of being destroyed, the people are hip to this now. And when they do there are already paid mercenary companies in place that have no loyalties and will do anything to anyone to get paid.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Drug Bust Involving Franklin MI Makes Me Wonder About A Criminal Opportunist Posing As A TI There
"tamtaylor318 flag as inappropriate/spam Feds accuse 15 Metro Detroiters of running drug ring By George Hunter The Detroit News 5Comments Detroit � An alleged drug ring that sold thousands of pounds of cocaine and marijuana was broken up by multiple federal agencies, according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday in U.S District Court. Federal officials allege that the drug ring sold more than 2,200 pounds of marijuana, 11 pounds of cocaine, and 280 grams of crack cocaine dating to 2008. More than $500,000 in cash was seized from a Franklin home as part of the investigation, which involved multiple federal agencies. Police in Detroit, Franklin, Troy, Novi and Warren, along with Michigan State Police, also were involved in the case. "Large-scale drug trafficking and accompanying gun crimes create danger and fear in our neighborhoods," said U.S. Attorney Barb McQuade in a statement. Charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and cocaine were: Orlando Gordon, 32, of Franklin Vince Shivers, 42, of Southfield Derrick Terry, 51, of Detroit Danta Shamu-Parker Johnson, 34, of Detroit Darren Terry, 35, of Detroit Trenton Obamwonyi, 27, of Detroit Tamiko Mel-Lang Hodo, 36, of Detroit Anthony Hall, 46, of Detroit Anton Harris, 32, of Detroit Ervin Kenneth Vincent, 24, of Inkster Darnell Easterling, 48, of Detroit Courtney Shafi Strickland, 36, of Detroit Benjamin Carter, 39, of Detroit Erik Ross, 34, of Sterling Heights Allen Terry, 47, of Farmington Hills Some of the defendants were also charged with being felons illegally possessing firearms. The narcotics trafficking charges carry sentences of 10 years to life in prison and a $10 million fine; the felon in possession charges carry possible sentences of up to 10 years. Most of the defendants were arraigned in federal court Tuesday and released on $10,000 unsecured bond. Harris was ordered held pending a detention hearing today."

There was this woman named Mary Holiday from I think Franklin MI. A street named Tudor Lane if I recall. I met her on a TI conference call where after months she got me to come to her house to stay.

 This area of MI was where I was harassed by alot of perps, weird happenings with my atm card not working in Jedo I think was the town and I recall local cops in suv's were in on the harassment and with Mary basically keeping me there like a slave. There were always weirdos around in stores and in public when I was there. People who worked in motels after I got away from her were totally terrified of me and my situation. You could tell they were complying with the GS out fear only.

The area where Mary lived was rural and had farms and woods around it but when I finally was able to get away from her I was surprised how close all these little townships were Detroit. I think I left her house, then went to a shelter with a program in it in Port Huron MI which is north of Franklin. There I was harassed again and this time it was really nasty. I got out of there and hitched somehow getting a ride to Detroit where I took a bus out. Even the ride I got hitching was...suspect. Like it was set up by the perps but I cant be sure. Alot of the rides I get are set up by the same system that harasses me. These people are connected to or are pedophiles themselves. They know that a person like me is going to try to keep running away. I have met so many pedo types along the way in this traveling. In the beginning and even today they always try to keep playing mind games. One couple compared me to thier daughter who "makes bad decisions" by running away. You could totally tell they were child molesters especially the guy driving. You could tell they were trying to mind fuck me into equating my actions with that of this supposed daughter of the woman in the couple.

These child molesters know about programming and they know that a Targeted Survivor can be controlled as if they themselves were a child. In fact that is the main point of gang stalking. In fact, alot of Cameron's work-wiping the human mind in order to be able to reformat it, is essential to erasing memories of RA, working as a spy or courier or information for important people as well as working in the sex industry. Grown up Survivors are treated like children after they break free of the system in place around them and thier internal programming. The point is to harass them and confine and isolate Survivors so they regress into children then the behavior modification part of it is used. Getting rid of memories and trying to make the person into something else which is NOT who they really are or were.

Its strange to see that such gang related drug dealing was in this rural little area. But looking back at the activity I encountered in Franklin, Jedo and Port Huron it doesnt surprise me that these areas are all connected to the drug and pedo and sex rings coming out of Detroit. Also Romney is from MI as well as my ex Jake's childhood friend Tiberius (Ty) who is has a blonde wealthy mother and obviously a black father but would never reveal who he was. Ty is the person who was going out with Romney's relative named Laura, and Laura was present in that Hostel a while later where I was harassed badly and attacked viciously with technologies. The hostel I later realized was owned by a client known to me ( to my alter who isnt ME really so I wounldnt recognize clients in my current mindset. It took a while to break through this. This is why I refuse to give in to harassment to talk about my other life in adult entertainment. By doing so I only assist the system in trying to force integrate my alter systems. That should have been done in safety with a therapist. It was done being isolated by this system becuz they want to break down Survivors, make sure no information is documented by therapists, and behavior modify and integrate the Survivors so that they seem perfectly normal and of course without memories.)

So this client was connected to my old associate who's friends were under investigation during early 2000's. Everyone involved must have known about my being programmed becuz Laura tried to pass herself off as my never having met her or known of her. She tried to claim that she was never in MA yet she was dating my ex boyfriend's childhood friend from Detroit MI. I know it was here becuz while at the hostel she celebrated her birthday which brought back a memory about how Jake once mentioned he was going to celebrate his birthday with hers years ago becuz they were on the same date. Love conquers all and I would never forget Jake's birthday of all things. There are some memories they cant destroy.
That brought back foggy memories of my meeting her prior.

Its probable that these people who would include my ex, Romney and his family members who I can connect to my ex and his friends, who all hail from MI had alot to do with what happened to me there. I was treated badly by the local hospital when my finger got bitten off during a dog fight and my tendons had to be lasered back on. All the results of my running off to live with Mary Holiday who claimed to be a TI, I met her on the FFCHs conference calls and was so desperate I would try anything.

I had had enough of the horror shows and abuse by entire groups on Greyhound buses.I was non stop harassment by primarily groups of blacks.

Mary Holiday claimed to be a Christian woman with no criminal record. A woman working at the shelter I went to afterwards had limited access to crime databases having worked at a prison prior and I had done Mary's horoscope for amusement so had her dob in my head. She came up with that dob and address as being a multiple felon. The felony descriptions were locked so we couldnt see anything else.

I heard Mary one day say something to someone in the kitchen about getting a reduced sentence for her part in what was being done to me by isolating me there and her being abusive. Her home was far from what I knew as civilization being a city girl.

She would have conversations with this old light skinned black woman and claim to not like some local person due to they being racist and making racial slurs yet she would at other times privately claim that I was better off staying there with her becuz "at least you wont be being chased around the country by a bunch of n*ggers". Actually I couldnt agree more. I'd rather there be some presence of rivaling White Supremacy groups involved becuz, obviously by the article linked above, I can plainly see where the connections to black gangs are coming from with drugs, prostitution etc.

Being a real criminal and not some jerk off like alot of perps are, she genuinely felt at times badly for me as what was happening to me was obviously out of my league. Ive had a few bank robbers and people like that who would drop information. Real criminals, no matter how fucked up, still have some strange sense of not picking on the weak, even though they themselves might victimize people. Its something they have about them you will NOT find among the run of the mill perps who only are wannabe criminals or are fulfilling fantasies of being military, police or other cops and robbers obsessions.

She also once said "Its not many women who can perform sex acts and not remember them." Which means that she obviously was not just another Target she knew more than she was supposed to about my case and about me. Way more. She was always doing things to make me appear to be crazy or a perp or doing dumb shit on purpose. She would get on the phone with others from the conference calls who I didnt trust either.

I often wonder if she wasnt a Target but sold out. Other people she was trying to get to come live with her kept saying to me 'if she's genuine then why isnt anyone living there already?'. I just couldnt be realistic about what was happening to me or what had happened. This was AFTER I had been involved in a MILAB and other mind blowing things connected to GS.

Another thing that happened to me while I was there was she was serving this pitcher of extremely sweet milk creamer. As usual I was very lucky with my understanding of my own body. I started to get all the symptoms of being poisoned with antifreeze after I looked up the symptoms. There was no charcoal available so I went into her liquor cabinet as this kind of alchohol was supposed to help. I started to improve and poured out the pitcher of creamer telling her it was bad.

Thats when I started to try to get away from her and out of there.

So this article doesnt surprise me. I have experienced many times people who are involved in gang stalking being connected to primarily African American organized crime centralized in surrounding black areas. They have thier people working in 'white' neighborhoods or establishments as covers. Its usually in 'white' areas that are in close proximity to the bad areas where the gangs are centralized.

Many times I have been told that I was being harassed in one area or another due to it being a major drug route, like Tucson AZ.

Now I think of it, Port Huron was kinda ghetto a bit and I had blacks there harassing me in cars etc. Yeah I recall that. In fact I can see one asshole's face now, one of those flash's of memory one doesnt forget. I was singing and drumming walking down this street that one can look over a river into what is technically Canada where there's an oil refinery that lights up pretty at night. It was dusk. This perp a black male looked pissed and frustrated that I wasnt giving in to the harassment as many of them did over the years. That I was using my creativity to protect myself and keep firm my true sense of self.

Romney...he's just like all the rest. Except he hides more than Bush how criminal he is which is even creepier. Yeah, MI was always a place where some of the worst harassment came out of. In St Louis in that hostel when Laura was there I remember a group came to stay who were from MI. Turned out to be a perp group of course, hateful and evil. Laura, the little wise ass said "I think its neat they're all from MI dont you?" I hope she's drank herself to death by now. I really do.

You would not believe the amount of rich kids involved in this from wealthy families and of course their house slaves. All kinds of people. The USA is too damn big and people dont know whats going on here under thier noses is the problem.

Look whats happened to someone like me who gets isolated by this organized interlocking system of networks nationwide. I have no civil or human rights at all as a citizen of the USA. And all they have to do is keep me isolated becuz the American public have no idea whats going on using covert activity right in thier backyards revolving around drugs, prostitution, slavery and pedophile rings. These people hide with intelligence or military like stealth. In fact much of those organizations helps them hide thier existence.

America's Real War On Women

I dont think this will change under Romney. If it does its still far to late for many women whove had this cover used to destroy them, many targeted for various other reasons.

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Eyewitness Evidence of the Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and Murder of Women and Children on Canada's West Coast/The Hooker Game

As usual this is great but where is the proof? Believe me, this sounds exactly like what so many of us have experienced. I want to believe but I cant always keep publishing stuff that ends in speculation. Why arent these videos and other testimonies made public?

Just black out people's faces and change thier voices. Its so frustrating.

But this sounds about right all of it. This is why so many people from different backgrounds are in on gang stalking or the black ops smear campaigns connected to psychological operations like Gang Stalking (which is some cases is connected to human experimentation).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Warning after spitting on building

I spat on a Mason Hall where I know alot of my life being destroyed orignated from. I do it every year I come tuoigh here. Actual real people I can name who were involved  are from that hall.

I got this warning that spitting on a building like that is going to be considered an act of terrorism.

Also that soon this area if not the country is going to be locked down.

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Wealthy Always Beat Pedophilia Charges

Aerosmith likes to go on Charlie Rose and hang around with Alan Jerkowirz. I can totally see Rose doing this.

I was warned about him and I wont get into the source.

This crap they pull is not so shocking. The problem with it is the wealthy can then get away with whatever else they torture and murder for amusement, the abuse of military technologies and unethical human experimentation, becuz WHAT ARE THE PEOPLE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Christian Church Organizations And The NWO

This may account for the insane Christian content in Target's campaigns.

I know theres been an influx of new Protestant churches here in Boston. WASP appeal but to YUPpies not the kind of Protestant church going people we've always had here. These churches are not typically New England or old Boston Protestant but have the character and style of outsiders to our old culture.

They appeal to YUPpie WASP types becuz they fancy something new. These churches ads are around the area on buses and in subway stations mostly. They are appealing to people who are sick of the old churces. Also seem to be for persons who might be Humanists but again thats part of New Englands old churches.

They seem like a bit Humanist (Universalists) but also cult like.

They use alot of material from people like

I think its clever thwt with Bush in office he masked the Satanic activity and now during Obama hes masking the increased Christian activity.

I am noting alot of brainwashing content lately thats Christian in nature.

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Increasing Productivity And Lowering Cost-The Powers Are Doing This To People Not Just Companies

Something along these lines I saw on the wall at MIT. It occured to me that this is what they've done to me really. Increased my ability to produce work and made it so I cost alot less if you will. The corporate and military structure in this country comes up with these things it seems but no one seems to understand they aren't just doing this to business they are doing it to the citizenry of this country as well as Targeted people. Now I understand why a nationwide if not worldwide dumb down is necessary as well as ensuring the homeless scene is full of crazies crack heads and jerk offs making a mess of everything becuz then legit Targets will get cutoff from education and resources. And lose track of whats really going on.
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Wow!! Do I Have A Media Psy Ops Example For YOU Pt 4 (summary)

Jane Luu

The last woman on the end of the photograph seemed strike me as resembling myself actually. I have recently written two posts on two separate blogs (differing emails and blog sites) concerning indigenous peoples and how many EuroAmericans as well as certain Europeans in countries with indigenous populations leave behind the presence of such DNA in thier heritage. I also added that of all the northern hemispheres indigenous peoples DNA tests have shown they are Asiatic in descent and that such similar DNA has been found in Lithuania therefore I was pondering if that has anything to do with my feeling a kinship with Native peoples, me being Lithuanian in part.

Also, Asians have a tendency to keep to themselves, be independent and focused on goals etc here in the states and not flaunt how smart they are. I am sure that this is supposed to reflect me in the symbolism of the picture.

Jane Luu is a character that unlike the others I can relate to and would find non threatening and even attractive enough to emulate or want to achieve to be like.
Discovering things out in space, astronomy, languages and a musician with a lovely astronomer husband. She also does charity work which matches up with my side ambition of cleaning up the homeless industry or at least starting an alternative.
"Harvard journey has taken her from war-ravaged Vietnam to the outer reaches of the solar system".

Sounds a lot like a TI who's fought to survive and then become something worthy and positive doesn't it? Someone I can relate to in more ways than one. In looks, character and biographically.

So again one picture represents at least two things if not more when the Target views it.

It seems the effect of this psy op was to trigger my sense of loss over the women in my life, as my life has all female authority figures not males. BTW ripping those from me and other things the perps have said and done over time has been to get me to respond more to male authority. Thus the importance of the musician involved is significant. I cant reveal right now his importance in my campaign but trust that the old woman, representing to me perhaps with all the other females present, all triggers for females in my life including myself, the old woman 'transforms' practically into a younger version of him which I posted in part 1.

One of the things this picture is supposed to accomplish is to get me to succeed- not at what I have been successful at but at what the people manipulating the campaign think I should succeed at. Going back to school is pushed constantly. Its no wonder these women are examples of scholastic and academic achievement.

The fact that these trigger a sort of emotional missing of my female relatives, along with the displaying arrogance of the first two representing my grandmother, my mother and my psychiatrist- its a sort of challenge at getting revenge on them-for being jealous, for betrayals and also to get close to them again. As if my succeeding will somehow bond me to them again.

This male who's been represented as having so much power is a successful, talented, mercurial guitar player.
My female betrayers being represented in these images and the eldest with authority sort of morphing into him, is presenting a way to get free of the illusion of control they've created over the years concerning this male.
So there are rewards being promoted in this psy op. I can get revenge on the women who were trusted authority figures in my life. I can symbolically have them with me again as we were emotionally bonded as females. I can get revenge on or get out from under the control of this male they've used for so many years. I can succeed academically.If only I go back to school, work and learn. I can win awards too. I can achieve. ITS THE ONLY WAY OUT, its the only way home.

Remember these people bugged my home and most likely had video as well. I believe I saw a camera once in the top window of Porter Belly's Pub, the attic up there. I was just too mind controlled and traumatized to accept it. I highly doubt the heavies in this would use a big, cumbersome camera like that for intelligence ops so those were probably some local hate group who got thier asses handed to them by the REAL big boys (so I was told. Someone sat next to me one day and said out of nowhere "You know, the government doing this is alot different from local groups" or something like that. I know that some people who were doing stupid amateur shit to me who were local stopped wanting anything to do with me once the white vans and black helicopters showed up. They were doing stuff like getting me to model at bogus gigs for say a portrait and having me sit under hot lights so I would fight to stay awake. Really dumb shit like that. THAT guy canceled further gigs real quick once the white vans came around. Hehehe.)

My point was that all the information anyone would need, specifically if they were psychologists and especially ones working on Survivors with an understanding of what they were dealing with, could have been gotten by putting in surveillance into my apartment at 335 Washington, Brighton, MA.One of the things I kept saying while deprogramming was crying saying I wanted to go home. Probably something from childhood but also that Ive never really been allowed to have a home for very long. The main point of the psy ops is that I can 'go home' to my lost life, female family members and other authority and defeat this male whos been represented as authority for years on end. (It involved a Greyhound bus ride and I am NOT getting into it here. Yes, RA goes on just as they do MILABs so here's another Targeted Survivor who can connect thier human experimentation with programming to RA. Simply the RA is used to program the person. Most Survivors have this same experience.)

If I study hard, achieve and go back to school.Of course these are illusions. Fantasies provided to a weary, sad, lone Target fighting the system for years on end. And it almost worked. I thought, felt and responded to all these things just as Ive told you here. But I caught on becuz the entire thing was so insulting, so personal and so manipulative it wasnt even bearable.

They will never give up until you do things thier way. Which is to shut about what goes on with this shadow governing system and pretend you are as normal and ignorant as you were before they blew your mind. Again, just like what they take from you in the beginning they are asking a lot. Which they always do. Its your job to not give them what they want and validate thier false created reality. Becuz you are still the person you were years ago. You could have been someone much greater than you are today. Your quality of life could have been wonderful.Most of all there is no guarantee just becuz they promise you a happy ending that they are going to stick to thier end of the bargain. It might be a set up. Where you snap one day after appearing to have settled down into a new life. You commit suicide or finally snap. Why? Becuz of all that harsh, hardcore shit you went through that they are asking you to bury and forget about. Its a guaranteed FAIL.

Just like this psy ops attempt.

It may seem like an attempt to help a Survivor but anything that utilizes brain washing any further is only injuring the person and further trying to control them thus infringes on thier civil and human rights.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wow!! Do I Have A Media Psy Ops Example For YOU Pt 3 (Ann M.Graybiel)

Now the woman in the middle,
Ann M.Graybiel

This is obviously where the close up was taken from:
Good ol' black and red.

This woman is a neuroscientist and neuropsychologist. She's heavy, lots of cred, lots of cloud, lots of awards. When it comes to GS- I need say no more about how suspect someone like this is in black projects, classified etc. Then again they may have just used her image. Fits though. Its not like you can Google 'classified funding for black projects at MIT'. I wish.

Changing behaviors, forming new habits, memories is her interest. Its not that people like this really want to hurt other people they just get so educated, so high up that they begin to feel they know whats best for everyone else. Also they are ambitious just like anyone else and imagine how dangerous a very smart, educated person is when determined to succeed big. As if they wouldnt be ruthless if they had to be.

Also many scientists and doctors dont get alot of socialization in college. This plus they being smart but not attractive or other things lacking giving them permanent inferiority complexes leaves us with human beings who cant be self actualizing but hide behind a career. Ive seen this more than once and Ive experienced professionals being inhuman privately becuz everyone thought they were going to get away with it.

Bottom line is that unattractive women and older women hate on pretty women I dont care how educated or successful they are. Its always a possibility. I am not saying this woman has done anything but the photo IS a psy ops piece of media. Whether the people used for it have anything to do with it...they all fit into the mold anyway. MIT and Harvard are cesspools for corruption with Gang Stalking which is usually connected to vices, power trips or human experimentation projects like MK Ultra continuing.

The more powerful they are the less I trust them. It means no one can touch them if they are guilty of hurting people. And they know it and use this to their advantage.

Now, the reason her pic is part of this mind game is becuz she looks just like my psychiatrist who was with me for years and then either turned on me, was playing along the whole time or was forced to play along and wrote me a final letter warning me- in the form of a math formula- that they were going to come after me as a crazy who's going to snap. Either that or she did it to intimidate me to stay out of MA, which ultimately led me to be a victim to MORE unethical human experimentation like MILABs and organized harassment by groups in the southwest, Midwest etc. Isolated places with lots of empty highway.

She herself is a psychiatrist of sorts anyway so it fits.

My old psychiatrist third from left:

The pic above of Graybeil:

The psychiatrist who turned on me second from left:

(Black and red once again! Of course pics are from the MGH Psychiatry Diversity Committee
That never seems to include lower class poor whites. That 'Diverse' description. Can you say 'class war hidden under PC race relations'? I can. Loudly and frequently.)

In the MIT homepage pic, Graybeil reminds me very much of Dr. Emmerich. Now remember one of my first impressions or thoughts evoked was of all the women who have betrayed me or were torn from my life. The older first woman in the MIT pic, ultimately represented grandmother even my foster mother who was older.
This second image immediately had me recalling my psychiatrist. The original pic the portrait was taken from reminds me very much of what she looked like sitting in her office with me.

Now Ive illustrated the first impression I got. Then it gets more complicated. Dr Emmerich was a bit nasty to me and so was my mother. The slight arrogance in Graybiel's face has me recall my mother a bit.

So now we have Dr Emmerich and my mother being triggered from one photo. Lit, placed and made just a certain way, placed carefully next to two other photos to get a response from me and to produce me to be conditioned as the ultimate goal.

As I was Googling Graybiel's image, this photo caught my eye as the face and expression are very similar to the MIT homepage pic:

The pic of the African American woman is from this website:

Note that the image was posted just one day prior to the MIT homepage photo.

I mentioned my mother's arrogance being triggered by Graybiel's image. The photo of the African American woman, first draws my attention due to the face being so similar then of course the hair is curly and she's in a position of authority and her African coloring makes her a bit darker than Graybiel...and Dr Emmerich. My mother has curly hair like this, it was jet black when she was young and her eyes are a mix of green and brown not blue.

Also I probably perceive blacks as having 'authority' over me for the past few years due to they being frequent handlers and harassers in my GS campaign. They also display severe arrogance and disregard for the Target frequently.
This is also going to make the MIT image push more towards 'reminding' me of my mother, especially as I saw her in her younger years when she had ultimate authority over me. She was also a sucker for First Responder types and liked to hang out with them or have them around as contacts in case of trouble.

Lastly, look at the pics of Dr Emmerich. I have posted those before on this blog talking about Dr Emmerich. Those images were taken from a committee on Diversity and she is surrounded by African Americans.
Graybiel isn't mentioned as being Jewish but she has connection:
"Leading journalists, authors, scientists among eight to receive honorary doctorates at Hebrew University

Prof. Ann M. Graybiel, a leading expert of the large forebrain, is an eminent neuroscientist whose innovative and broad research approach has revolutionized understanding of the functional anatomy and physiology of the brain, of human behavior and of illnesses associated with the basal ganglia region...
...Her findings have been of major significance in understanding neurological diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders."

Another psychiatrist...big surprise. I wonder if she respects the work of Cameron? Neuropsychiatry, that field wouldn't have a lot to lose by people becoming aware of GS and related military grade technologies, now would they? Hell yeah.

Wow!! Do I Have A Media Psy Ops Example For YOU Pt 1

 OK this is going to be hard to follow as only I and a few others know fully what the whole story is. Trust me when I tell you that they are extremely manipulative with media, people's images and the like. One of thier goals is to make a Targeted Survivor out to be or make them into literally a stalker of famous people. We've seen this in many people who snap, do lone shootings etc. Perhaps likely survivors of mind control who just didnt know what was going on. This is so they can kill or scare specific people using an mc slave one last time and that last task usually ends up in suicide after homicide or death-by-cop. We've seen examples of this repeatedly in the news so I wont go into that here.

MIT changes the pics on its website all the time. Part of the brainwash right now is to literally crush any resistance I have left in me. And to get me to make nice, make peace, come in from the cold if you will, get back to work or strive for success while becoming socialized back into society. A way to accomplish this is to give me back things they've taken from me or in my perception GS has taken from me like friends or family members. Also, in my book I will explain this in detail but basically they hijacked my feelings for my ex and ensured I wouldnt get over him but had him betray me. They engineered the situation so that I was not allowed to move on but he was, leaving me powerless and feeling like the dumped wife when in reality, our relationship had ended naturally and without GS I would have moved on just as he did.
(Ive posted many times about getting repeated dreams about Jake and in them I am always still longing for him and he is unattainable etc. This keeps me hooked to something that is actually intangible or inaccessible and also creates a sort of obsession over someone who isnt really there anymore.Its turned Jake into someone almost mythical in my mind and there was alot of media content after we broke up that started this process to begin.

Its a long story and I will just shorten it to explain that part of this is RA. SRA to be exact. I have told my readers about being MILABed on a Greyhound bus years ago and it was obviously connected to human experimentation related to programming. I was even sent an e-mail where a reader stated they are doing furthered experimentation to find out how programming breaks down which would explain what they had done to me along the way, becuz it was essentially to break down my mind and literally my brain through purposefully doing damage, which of course damages compartments in programming and would cause reactions like suicide programming to be triggered and other things I experienced. Through the use of outside forces like GS, chemical influence and mind control through tech I was manipulated into going wherever and doing whatever they wanted (including traveling across the country which of course provided them opportunities to MILAB me on Greyhound buses driving through the lonely mid our south western USA, etc.)

Part of the recent campaign during Bush has been to make real the coming of Satan on earth for his brides. Its very common in SRA to marry females to Satan as infants. This is common in alot of cults not necessarily ritual abuse or Satanic Rituals. Its known as a 'spiritual marriage' and its done with many cult leaders to thier younger female members.

 This is used later on the MC slave when suicide programming is triggered, its part of the strongest sequence. Its important to marry the female slave to a singular male figure that, in her mind and even spiritually, he is her father, husband and leader, even fellow warrior if necessary. Since Satan isnt a living entity usually some living male stands in for the entity. This creates an even stronger control over the female slave becuz she then can never be free in this physical realm. How can you be free of forces? Of something that has that much power that isn't incarnate?

Many Survivors of SRA who experience this ritual HATE weddings and loathe wedding dresses, especially white ones. Why not? The idea is that YOU'LL never be married to a human male, your life is one of burden. Why WOULD you want to be happy about human wedding rituals? This also serves, through other rituals I wont get into here, to create an amazon sort of warrior female, one that doesnt need to be dependent on a human male counterpart, due to her 'man' being one of the supreme beings of the earth. And with the way this cult protects thier slaves from careless people, the way they do so from out of nowhere it seems, it does seem like one's 'husband' is ordering his people to protect his females at any cost. Ive seen them ram into people's cars like it was nothing. Ive seen them kill people in the interest of these campaigns. These are all to intimidate the female slave but also to reinforce other things within her which I also wont get into. Its like showing you'll kill for her but it also says she might be killed if she doesnt stay in her programming. Like everything else they do it bonds you to them but also makes you strong. Which means you'll be weak if you leave or tell on them becuz they are the source of your strength. And becoming Christian isnt the cure all for all Survivors either so other methods must be found of becoming independent.

On MIT's page today I found this picture of three women who were awarded prizes for science. Here is the story that was connected to that picture:

 Here is the picture:

The first thing I noticed was the woman on the left. Then the female in the middle then the right. These all have significance for me and resemble people connected to this case. You must also understand that alot of what they do is akin to a writer. Writers often take different people they know in real life and mix them into each other to create characters for thier works of fiction. This is done to TI's for these media psy ops campaigns but its not random. Its done with precision and that is to get a very specific result out of the Target, one of further brainwashing and modification.

There are multiple themes at work here and these faces are presented in such a way as to represent many people and things in my life. The first thing obviously is they are all women. They are winning prizes for being successful. Indeed my thoughts were mixed between my own future success writing my book and also some nervousness perhaps over the female president of MIT leaving and a Jewish male taking her place. Even just a male. I then thought it was some sort of con or pay off to ease the fact a male was going to take authority again in a city that really seeks to give females positions of power (northeast USA, Boston etc).

We must remember also that subconsciously I always am missing my female relatives and friends that were taken from me or ripped from me through the betrayal and the ongoing GS campaign. Also part of the campaign has been to condition me to fear males and male authority. Never having a father in my house and then not respecting my grandfather nor neither of my uncles, watching my 6'1" buxom mother run roughshod over men in her youth and also my working in adult entertainment seeing very powerful men vulnerable and weak willed made me very much not afraid of male authority. I have literally been beaten and tortured so I would fear and despise men. Having trusted authority in society such as men in uniform turn on me and men in public spaces harass me especially with content based on my past in Adult entertainment, was akin to having my father or male authority figure rape me. This is why my mother is so easy to control due to her father and her brother being abusive to her in young childhood. Its always guaranteed that she was much more easily controlled, intimidated and impressed by male authority.I was actually programmed purposely to NOT fear male authority and I slightly recall a ritual that was done using death to bond me to that idea. That little boys die easily but I am protected. That little boys dont matter as much as I do. That death has the power to kill males, and, if you instill an alter into a slave that IS death- there you go. A woman who is not afraid of men and can be sent on various missions to kill males. Even if that just means destroying them through writing an expose for instance. ;)

This is partially why they harp so much on my past. They MUST break down anything that made me not fear male authority. Whatever they are doing under the guise of morality like say, someone might think the Target is being harassed by Cause Stalkers who want a female to change her ways or nature and get married etc. What they are actually doing is helping a campaign of behavior modification to destroy or counter the original programming. In the quest to complete an NWO dont you think that a female who disregards powerful men is a threat? Sounds like it.

So this woman on the left- she slightly resembles a grandmother type or even my foster mother a bit. Women who have been torn from me. The second woman with her self satisfied bullshitter smile resembles the arrogance of my mother but physically she resembles my former psychiatrist, Dr Emmerich, who betrayed me very badly in this and also was bonded to me by being with me for seven years or so.
The last woman resembles me. Alot of women in my life for some reason were blonde, blue eyed types. My mother had dark hair but the rest of her was very white and shes the only one with dark hair in her family aside from me. My former friend and career criminal associate was also blonde and very Nordic/WASP looking as well as my ex Jake....who strangely resembled my friend I just mentioned. Which is just weird.

This is probably natural as I come from blondes. However, I unlike my mother's family have Slavic DNA and Italian too. This makes me darker and more Asiatic looking if you will. I also wrote a piece recently about Sami peoples and other Natives who descend from Asia. Part of my post was that its been discovered that similar DNA exists in Lithuania. I wondered if that is why I feel a kinship as I am Lithuanian in part.

Also the Asian woman is very outcast. Different from the other two. Her face is even positioned differently than the other two.

This aspect or theme is meant to represent my being a success at my writing or something else,to achieve like these women. TO show me I can DO THIS. Its also a fantasy about returning to me the women who have been torn from me in my life due to the GS campaign. Also to join me to them in success. And to soothe any feelings of being discriminated against due to race which I have felt to be true. In Boston there still is this sentiment about whites and blacks accepting each other but Italians and other Mediterranean or Arabic type peoples, even north Africa being left out of that. We are literally ugly to them here. Blacks may not think so but the whites consider us impure white people. And actually its eerie how many blacks in America share features with blonde people probably from slavery. There are ads on the train where a black woman will have a similar face to a blonde woman. Latin women are the only representations of Latins or Mediterraneans aroud here and they are often equated with the black community, whereas if you go out to Cali they fight with them tooth and nail and join power with Whites in many affairs. But here they are perceived as or marketed as being part of the black level of society.

There is a homeless woman who is Mediterranean and Armenian I believe. We share some similar features and you can tell none of her ancestors are blondes. Her and I get along and I see plainly how the blacks are unkind to her and the whites reject her. THAT is Boston's dynamic. Much of the Irish here are very 'white' Irish. Sharp features, ice blue or green eyes, red or blonde hair. Racism is often natural and comes unconsciously. Its no surprise that the Italians emigrating to Boston in the 40s had to carve thier own way. My mother's mother as I can recall, still regarded Italians as one would regard blacks or negros. In fact I think she would have rather I befriend a black person than an Italian! She used to try to convince me I wasnt Italian. That I didnt look Italian but Spanish from the 'black Irish' which gives her and my mother black hair. (Spanish DNA gotten from the Spanish-English wars off coast of Ireland. The Romans didnt settle Ireland and Ive never seen an Irish person who looks Italian yet I see many English people who are dead ringers for Italians. The Black Irish are noticeably Spanish, in thier looks, temperaments and tastes).

So this racism, which most other ethnic peoples nowadays dont even know exists between 'whites' is a very sensitive subject for me. Its obvious that my cousins who are blonde and red head were favored over me. And its obvious that this racism is a component in why it was so easy for my family to sell me out to this system. I am literally viewed as less valuable in this culture. I dont define what is considered beauty in the northeast. Only when I deal with Latin men, Jewish men or Eastern European men do I find myself being looked up on as attractive. When I was younger Asian men such as Chinese found me attractive.

So this picture is meant to soften and smooth over many psychological issues I have not only from my past but from the GS campaign taking me hostage from my old life.

And those are just the things that deal with the theme of these being FEMALES.

I will explain the rest in my next post.And some other mind tricks they have played with this.

Since I have only shown you part of what the picture's function is and what it represents its not as compelling yet.