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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, May 28, 2021

US Constitution android app

 If you aren't educated this is a great way to learn but also it's a wonderful way to gain some much needed confidence. 

US Constitution app:

It's amazing how much of this is not heeded how much people don't respect this document. Growing up in the Boston area in the old days is an education about how certain groups can come into power and totally avoid having to observe any part of these laws. It also shows the necessity of those in power in such a nation as ours to have to use COVERT methods to get the desired results of suppressing or oppressing people. 

Monday, May 24, 2021

it's Time To Organize Again As A Community

I think it's time to regroup and regain the organization we once had.

Being torn apart by propaganda in the newspapers or by the likes of bogus activist organizations like Temple Of Satan in Salem MA has been quite enough already. (since when is Satanism that political in that way? Michael Acquino being US military should have been political enough. I don't see other groups bothering with us that have been around much longer.)

Being associated with lone shooters as the cause of a shooters motive as propaganda has been very bad PR for us.
Associating lone shooters who happen to have reached out to our community a few times with anyone identifying as a Survivor of experimentation or cults or mind control or even simply a Targeted Individual or even being involved in it as a theoretical issue is like saying that just becuz a lone shooter was on a military base or a postal worker, that automatically makes them capable of the same actions by default or akin to associating all Muslims with Islamic extremism. 
It's simply not logical not is it fair.

Interestingly if anyone needs to have protected class status it's us. Yet our very existence, if validated, puts fault on a corrupt, defective system and exposed it's failings...and it's secret inner machinations.

TIs can't exist. They certainly can't co exist in a new world where now everyone is an activist and every slight against humanity or offense is supposedly exposed on The Internet.

If anything the information highway has created a world where indeed Info War so to speak is how the publics perceptions are managed if not they themselves wholeheartedly. 

The bizarre phenomenon where people have regressed into this state of believing everything that exists is online and if it's not exposed there with legitamacy then it isn't legit or doesn't exist. This is the trick of the corporatocracy now defining the reality we live in specifically to a generation who do not understand they were born onto thier world not a real one.

You have an entire generation that seems to believe that anything covert in nature doesn't exist and if it needs to be fixed to 'change the world' it's obvious and plainly expressed in daily life or that it's an inherent part of a faulty system or institutional structure that needs to be re-formed.  It's believed that after faulty or outdated structures are re structured or fixed that everyone and everything will somehow be perfect and harmonious and functional. 
What if people did not see or no longer understand the things genuinely wrong with structures and systems? 

What is happening is that what is being left out and who is being left out are being inadvertently destroyed by the people trying to create this new and perfect world becuz they don't know it exists to begin with. Either that or it's just.easier to ignore something you can't fix.
There seems to be a creepy new price tag attached to what defines human value and it's unfortunately very reminiscent of sects of a cult or tribalism. I think people have been terrorized so badly over the past 20 years that it's just easier to abandon certain demographics. People don't realize that.

There used to be a few solid groups we could depend on and a group of people who had legitimatecy. 

I've been looking at the progresses in communications due to COVID. Imagine if we had this or even smart phones back during early 2000s. More lives may have been saved and damage minimized. 

We need to take back our lives from the awful damages since 2016. 

There's no need to become extinct in a world that's increasingly interconnected. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Pandemic Power Grab Accompanied By New Anti Homelessness (In My City Probably Others)

 Wow. Just came out after winter. Is this the new presidential admin? Is it part of the 'pandemic power grab'? Is it just the next phase in a well laid out Machiavellian plan that was there all along?

So I see this clearly now. It seems that if there the brush strokes of the Machiavellian artful plots are now more accurate-even digitally precise. Imagine such complex planning and timing now having the advantage of the advances in technology we have today. 

I predicted that when Black Lives Matter-homeless lives will not. I was correct. Also I see now that the part of the factions behind the building booms financed by banks.  The same banks probably laundering money from the meth and fentanyl heroin epidemic that fuels the 'create a problem-solve a problem' tactic used to create more homeless who are a mess, let it get really bad by not policing or managing the situation due to BLM and Antifa riots-then solving the problem when things start opening up again after the pandemic is slowing due to people getting vaccinated. 

All along Ive said that it should be looked at and noted that people protesting 'inequality' have failed to do so when it comes to the miliutary industrial complex, the corportacracy  and the nation wide building boom of condos alongside gentrification-basically all out real estate greed, thats been causing displacement of the poor, disadvantaged and homeless. That is becuz we must be realistic about the fact that most people make thier money or benefit in some way from these businesses in our western society. Though the kids all claim to want to be Communists- the reality is that they are consumers. Young people today grew up in the corporate landscape that has become western culture-the very same that we, Gen X tried to warn the world about taking over our society, our culture and our minds back when we were young. Its happened. The kids today are a product of that corporate omnipotent culture. They know nothing else, unless they were exposed to something vastly different in thier upbringing. Take into account that thier education is now very similar to the kids being owned by a Russian or Chinese state where governmental powers interfere far too much with child rearing and education of private  citizen's children. The influence of they being born into a world where they were exposed to the internet since birth is something I dont think Gen X foresaw as a detrimental influence, along with the corporate world being thier surroundings. 

Unfortunately, as journalism has degenerated along with education seemingly being infiltrated by bad actors if you will and gone corporate and globalist, people are living in worlds of disinformation. Not misinformation-straight out disinformation. Loaded languages, long the communications used by cults are now part of our culture. In other words, brainwashing has become so bad that the world is in peril. Brainwashing and mind control has always been part of how those in power rule over the people. However, not only is it alot more invasive its also something that we as a species should have evolved beyond. The internet was supposed to educate and free society from these bonds, not give those who put us in them more power to do so. 

Most of what has been accomplished has been done by those in power who seek to enslave humanity simply hijacking the very things others thought would free society from traditionally bonds. This seems to be the trick that the public cannot see or understand. 

There is alot that is flawed in this new supposedly progressive society thats been built and the worst part is that in a society where people falsely believe becuz they have constant access to information, they are in the know about what is really going on in the world at all times.  What seems to have gotten lost is people having a sensible filter against bullshit-lies, deceptions, misguiding and basically what is known as 'information wars'. 

Alex Jones did not come up with the term it was around already. Info war. Mind war. All it takes is to be the ones who control the information, its content, its censorship as well as how real life events can shape peoples perception of information. 

An example is the complete freak out over Asian hate that occurred in news sites when a lone shooter shot up some massage parlors. Propaganda on steriods.  The reason that the authorities didnt want to call it a hate crime was that (thank gods) they deal in facts and had an ongoing investigation which would be part of the court proceedings to prosecute him with a trial in the justice system.  A month ago it was reported that the Facebook post on his account threatening Asian hate was a fake and his account had been hacked. Also anyone remaining stable and reasonable would have first questioned why a young male would attack the sex industry not Asians. Only a portion of the women working there were Asian. It seems one must first question a motive of male hatred or frustration with sex workers or women first and foremost in any investigation. 

The reports of the shooting being due to Asian hate still stand without correction. Even though fact checking sites and news reports clearly have stated that authorities have released FACTS stating that there was no connection between the shooter and Asian hate as a motive through Facebook.

Now, understanding that when Idenity Politics goes this far such as BLM making police brutality all about race not the nature of police and thier militarization in recent years, when every shooting is either attributed to White Supremacy or conspiracy theories equating mental illness and now a shooting is perceived by the public as Asian hate, what is going to occur is something I predicted which is now coming to pass-new groups of easy targets and scapegoating are now being formed. 

Conveniently, these groups are all demographics that fit perfectly into the plans of the Globalist gentrification of cities amid the building booms, started years before the COVID 19 pandemic. Now, as the dust settles and the condo dwellers come to live in our cities-it seems that the events of the past year as far as race and idenity politics is concerned as well as progressive politics now in  the office of the presidency- all benefit the agenda of the bankster funded real estate boom. 

I am noticing an extreemly nasty pattern of ANTI HOMELESSNESS with the pandemic slowing and things opening up. I predicted that once the public start coming out of the pandemic, once they get vaccinated that most will not have learned a thing from the experience. Its not thier fault. Our collective experience thorugh the pandemic has been guided by the media and the corporatocracy. While consumerism has been prized as a benefit even a symbol of surviving the plague-little or no attention has been given to those that have died. This is one of the examples of how scary the control over our lives and our perceptions the system in place has become. Our generatoin grew up surrouned by memorials to the dead from wars, AIDS etc that were preserved with care by our WW2 grandparents or Vietnam era vetrans or communities of AIDS survivors. For the dead to not be memorialized is a shocking way for society to conduct themselves especially with so much virtue signaliing going on. For society to no longer acknowledge death seems extreemly dangerous and you see this in the invention and use of automated warfare such as drones. 

If everyone lives on the internet and Black Lives Matter due to the use of and their presence on the internet and the pandemic has been lived out and handled by being connected constantly-then where does that leave a demographic like the homeless? VERY VULNERABLE. It should be well understood that though alot of homeless have some interent presence and most use the interenet and have access-the marginalization of this population in our country is severe. 

I dont like what I am seeing with leaving behind old people, homeless people or the disabled. For all the good Social Justice does and for all of the legitamacy of the subject matter it deals with, people cannot forget that firstly, there are problems that remain that arent being addressed. Some of them are merely inconvenient and some of them may be part of a sinister plan to try to use what IS being changed to block out WHAT ISNT and attempt to actually destroy entire populations simply becuz the public dont percieve them as having value ('mattering') and that out of sight, out of mind is a constant problem with being human regardless of what kind of information access we have. 

In other words-human perceptions can be managed regardless of how lofty the goals seem or how much it seems genuine. It may be being marketed to you for someones benefit that is ultimately a half measure to solving the worlds ills. 

Secondly people have to consider the fact that if one looks at all the factors involved-Social Justice and ID politics definetely benefits the corportocracy. The less subcultures or demographics that feel marginalized, the less resistance to thier dominance there is and at the same time-the more potential worker bees they will acquire. Why do you think that all these companies are being very supportive of the events of the past year? Theyve lost alot of money during the pandemic-this is a way for them to generate income again. Also, if they dont go along their brand is in danger, its already been put in danger due to the pandemic and its effects on sales as well as supply chain issues and now the cost of gas. There is a huge problem with gettting goods shipped from Asia right now. Anyone involved in shipping is making a killing becuz its not being regulated as it should during a global heatlth emergency. This is one of the ill effects of a corporate world not a govermentally regualted one-one run by the people to a greater degree, not huge multinational companies that now own everything. 

I am going to do a piece on that as well as all thats going on with the growing panic over 'hate' etc. The internet is now brainwashing people  along with a mob mentality where people are no longer seeing the world for what it is. A false world is being created for them. Not only does this waste our lives and steal our souls if you will, it also may allow vulnerable populations to be abused, exploited and now destroyed simply becuz they are not included-on purpose, in the content provided to us. 

Example is the shipping crisis I just mentioned. How many people that arent in business or finance know about this issue? The public should by now be using the interent as a tool, to improve how our world is run. However its been hijacked and its being used to program us into beleiving, almost like a religion, into its own versions of reality or diversions away from what is important. 

Another thing is the sad situation of distrust of government and the system in  place. Much of what is left of our US govt is the only things left protecting us from the corportocracy at this point. Its beneficial for the powers that be to push a very outdated model of resistance and activism pointed at goverment instead of the private sector. 

Instead of attacking all policeman and defunding the police why didnt people simply demand that the choke hold by made illegal on a federal level, and tackle police brutality much more effectively? If race is part of that issue then demand that be dealt with. People should have marched in large numbers on state houses and governmental buildings first, then if the issues werent dealt with then riot and harass. It would have given the movement much more credit as it demands responsibility from our ruling institutions and demands that they acknowledge the people are in charge of them not the private sector of corrupt puppets in office. 

The mistrust and disregard for governmental power BY THE PEOPLE is going to destroy THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE over them-if not definely diminish it. Now we are in danger of extremists taking  control of our governmental bodies and this is only going to create conflict with those on the other side. Again, those who rule us are now media, private sector and special interests who are very clever at gaining our dissent by means of brainwashing, information manipulation and outright intimdation. 

The homeless arent a protected class. They cannot be recruited into the corportocracy. They arent worth the system investing in in any way becuz they are not seen as having a pay off in the future. Making Black Lives Matter is definelty something that the power structure is interested in becuz it will now produce a result of reducing the strain on thier resources and contribute to their bottom line. Getting those who remain out of the ghettos who have never been able to get out, to stop the welfare state of reparations and in itself a form of slavery due to learned helplessness and manipulating the black community based on many conditions still present from slavery as means of control and perpetuating the welfare state.

Charter schools, psych meds, connectedness from technologies and now a focus on oppression of blacks that kept them out of society or the work force is all towards this goal. African Americans have traditionally taken government jobs as opposed to the private sector. This now will change due to the factors I just mentioned.  The danger is that the black community, always capable of militancy anyway, is now fully militarized to serve the corportocracy. This will result in they no longer being allies in any resistance or fight against Globalism or its potential to destroy culture or enslave humanity becuz they are now being given benefit from its inclusion in it. This is not racism, this is sensible drawing of battle lines and counting ones allies in war. 

Its also part of the process I mentioned above about getting marginalized groups on board with the corporote new fuedal systems being formed. Why resist if you finally get your 'piece of the pie' youve been promised but denied for decades? Its not right and its not fair but these are the games that those in power play. Its the way theyve played them for millenia. The threat is that, as Public Enemy said in one of their songs "we (blacks) dont know the game".   Well, many people of European and eastern European or Eurasian descent do. That is the theory in why its so pressing to slowly phase out anyone who doesnt seem to be docile or compliant in the way that society is being formed now specifically the gentrifed, Globalist cities. 

As a Bostonian Ive noticed a disturbing trend not of Diversity but of the white people who do exist now in this area have become noticabley of what we EuroAmericans would consider the weak variety. The kinds of  people who ironically existed and served the old cities and areas of the fuedal systems of the middle ages. Your 'wild blooded' white people or those who have ancestors removed from fuedal systems that owned land are a very different sort of white person. Gone are the big strong healthy people that one would see in cities like Boston. Literally most people here now are skinny, weak, unassuming, conformist and seem almost like clones in thier detachment from the world around them. Its got to be more than just the cell phone addiction.   What is so sad is that thier counterparts who are now addicted to meth and herion, which make up much of the homeless population, look much like they do. Its like looking at the tv show The Walking Dead. Some of them are death like creatures who resemble zombies becuz they are all on thier phones-and the rest look like the living dead becuz they are on drugs now designed to either kill them off quickly (fentynal) or leave them mentally and physiclaly destroyed for life so even after recovery theres little chance of them joining society. 

What we have here now are condos, gentrified spaces, increasing PSUEDO PUBLIC SPACE and each newly built or 'improved' space now is built with HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN to keep the homeless and drug addicts out of sight.   So we have a bunch of condo people and a bunch of drug addicts many of whom make up the homeless, with an increase generally of homeless people. 

NOW I AM NOTICING THAT THE HOMELESS POPULATION IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN in areas that they were common. It seems that conveniently during the pandemic many were forced inside shelters where they probably got housing or put into the system. Those how have been at shelters have had thier freedom to move about freely in society curtailed severly as to wonder how legal it is, and ARE GOING TO BE KEPT THERE UNTIL AUGUST JUST IN TIME FOR BUSINESSESS TO MAKE BACK SOME OF THIER MONEY FROM TOURISM IN SUMMER AFTER THE VACCINATIONS and everything opens up. 

That includes the cleaning out of bussinesses that either were going to fail anyway but it just happend sooner than later or businesses that have proven they could not survive a crisis-or businesses that dont have the right friends. Ive seen a few mob connected business go out. As if the big huge machine of the multinational real estate and corporate is now so in charge of our cities and our lives that even the old guard cannot survive.  The public need to start seeing this huge massive machine, this behomoth for what it is and also to realize it is connected to the Complex. 

It is very dangerous to demand the defunding of police who keep us safe even in ways we dont know about-and not to addresss the militarization of the police. 

People must realize that it isnt just Asian hate that has risen. Its all kinds of crime. This is due to the general acceptance of the lawlessnes of rioting and looting as well as the defunding of and harassing of the police. It must also be noted that the black community have a high instance of not only conflict with Oriental Asians but the Orthodox Jewish community-mostly for the percieved gentrification of their living spaces by these parties.  Also for all the virtue signaling going on, Globalist gentrification continues and it is not protecting or addressing the effects on poor black neighborhoods. Though groups of spoilt rottten rich college black kids may have taken megaphones this summer and harassed residents of condos gentrifying thier neighborhoods or formerly black neighborhoods-that does little in the real fight against housing or economic inequality. It is literally and figuratively merely lip service and that is all. It actually seems more like the kind of crap that COINTELPRO and intelligence or paramilitary private security companies doing psy ops would come up with as opposed to any sort of valid and effective movement towards improvements in society or changing laws etc. 

In all this noise and choas expect that those with vested interest of getting rid of people who wont pan out or pay off for them, are going to do so by their designs to serve the agendas in place. And it will be done without you noticing or even caring. That is the reality of human animals. You wage war without a thought after the initial sting is gone during Bush post 9-11, even drone strikes during the messiah savior Obama, and unless there is a massive campaign screaming everywhere that some demographic's lives actually do matter or have value as it were, complete with extreme threats of and acts of violence to back up that perception to make it accepted-you dont really give a shit one way or another. 

THIS is the humanity I AM DEALING WITH. Not the one that supposedly exists on the happy, hunkey dory world that exists on the internet or in the bubbles of 'communities' where residents put signs in thier yards claiming 'Hate Doesnt Live Here'. Sure it does. Of anyone that you feel isnt a threat to you if you hate them or just people who it doesnt occur to you matter to anyone so are of no consequence. 

Whenever I see those signs I am so tempted to cross paths with those residents and see exactly what theri reaction is to someone who is obviously houseless, a semi retired Traveler who dresses in the subculture.  Sometimes I get the old solid Liberal response which is a positive and tolerant one. Lately, with the invading, colonizing Globalist people or the Liberals Gone Wild-modern progressives, the response is negative.  I am also very interested in doing something ridiculous like urban camping nearby or on thier lawn so we can see how tolerant they are of me as a 'neighbor' lol. 

It became obvious early on that the frustration of 'INCLUSION' is that only those that are part of the corporate Globalist culture are going to be included. As I see less and less homeless people, as I see more and more odd looks towards my subculture or anyone living as I do, I am now seeing posters around Boston that have a logo that reads "ALL INCLUSIVE BOSTON".  Which is part of the hypocracy that is really starting to make me sick. The pandemic just made it worse. Its been utilized as basically an opportunity to get rid of anyone that seems to clash with the unrealistic conformity of only specific demographics or cultures now present in this city and probably many others. 

Condo people. The socially irresponsible neuvo riche (as oppsed to the olde money that built Boston and other cities who are now hiding as best they can from the afore mentioned people and who have fled Boston, along with traditionally sensible cultures who dislike hypocracy-like Italians lol.).   The transplants who know nothing like locals about how this place works much to the delight of the still corrupt big machines and remaining old guard that run things. The black community that has always been indespensible to the daily running of this area and the new incoming immigrants, who will serve all the aforementioned thier coffee, walk thier dogs, clean thier homes, offices and public spaces and take care of their daily needs in other ways. 

Anyone else is now uncessesary to the city's Globalist design. Like a fuedal system of old, the goal is to make it so if you dont work or live here- then you have no reason to be here. There is no free association. No luck. No trying to create anything alternative outside the system or challenge it using resources from acedamia as was the way in north east cities for so long of Liberal culture's supporting subcultures. 

I have noticed that large institutions that used to support dissidents and would allow even encourage being questioned by outsiders have now blocked all such efforts and engineered it so that such a process is no longer possible.  Perhaps Globalism makes it so that they cannot afford us anymore. Being challenged, questioned or exposed is no longer possible. 

All of the things being taken from us as US citizens under the guise or banner of  the common good, progressive agendas or social change are obvious in their toll on our degenerating quality of life. People genuinely cannot question the system anymore becuz the system is forcing people to believe everything that is wrong with the world is being solved-with thier involvement and compliance. Like progressives taking office. That is the end result of a long term plan to serve an agenda-not the takeover of government or society by radicals or revolutionaries. If only....

Honmelessness in itself proves that humans arent tolerant. That being kind doesnt always happen. That equality does not exist as a standard that can be enforced or even provided. That the system fails people, that it abuses people, that people fall through the cracks and that thier fellow citizens do not care. They no longer even acknowledge the existence of such a population. This anti homelessness, especially from the young adult population coming into the area, started about 5 years ago. I was told that an ivy league college had a class on advising students how to avoid and stifle the homeless. Its no wonder this same university so I am told, has ethics classes for furture world leaders that teach not through examples of consequences but through examples of how those in power didnt get caught or got out of it when they did. (actual student critique on his classes. Now such universities are teaching anti white agendas, getting rid of whiteness and teachers actually telling students who to vote for or advising them with biased leftist opinion about the actions of our former president. Like in any fascist society getting rid of acedamia is crucial to the take over). 

Homeless people are in need of SAFE SPACES more than anyone else. Yet, the recent protests and violence all supposedly for a the common good and progress and social change have jeapardized and denied homeless people of the traditionally tolerance given by Liberal, college or urban areas across the United States. There were reports of homeless people being abused by Antifa members. Becuz extreemists dont care about any other cause than their own. 

The response to the needs of the homeless during COVID initially were absolutely ridiculously lacking and neglegent in the 21 century. This is the society that wants 5g to connect everything, they want AI and they want to colonize Mars. Yet they are greedy, selfish, deceptive, self destructive and cant stop polluting thier own environment they need to survive. Animals dont do that only we do. If you cant stop shitting where you eat as the saying goes how are you going to evolve?  You arent. All of this progress isnt evolution. Its progressing into further industrialized living. Its just that the new industry is technology and later trans humanismn (man fused with machine). How is that a natural evolution of man as a species? 

Towers of babble dont stop being built-and they dont stop collapsing under their own weight. Humans never change they just morph or re engineer their surroundings or themselves. Any true evolution would, will, has and IS being destroyed, blocked or diverted by those in power with a vested interest in keeping humanity thier slaves for as long as we exist as a species on earth. Its probably going to be the way it goes on Mars too. Imagagine you, with your robot body, living in domes where the weather is controlled for you.  Sounds pretty fucking souless and awful.  

\But isnt that the point? 

We now have a 16 year old uneducated little poster child controlling the extremist (poser) movement on environmentalism. And the public do not sense or understand this is a joke on them and she and her fame are manufactured for consumption. Earth First! has been fighting for years for this cause. All the Liberal lefties used to display thier newspaper here in Boston and the college areas-until after 9-11 when somehow they got terrorist group status. Then everyone in this area took their papers down and wouldnt carry them, that is when I realized that the Liberals in these types of areas talk alot of shit and live in a bubble where they bitch about whats wrong with the world and the other political parties but when push comes to shove-they are people who want to keep what they have and are employed and surrounded by rich institutions that serve the global agenda. We are also surrounded by alot of military industrial complex contractors (the private sector of the military as opposed to out in western USA alot of military bases.), which of course the Liberal lefties never talk about nor do they protest or counter in any way. Occassionally I see one sign concerning Raytheon's invovlement in Syria and Ive seen one pathetic small protest. Thats it. This is just the kind of place, with a history of hypocrasy, to have a major hand in Social Justice or ID politics etc.                                                                                             Also the Union of Concerned Scientists have been trying to be heard for years as they have been working on this very subject. But corporations only hire 'experts' whos findings, studies and stats match up with thier agendas. Not real truth or facts. 

Until I see a total lack of war for profit and a complete clean up of our environment-until I see that humans have finally done battle with thier dark sides, thier animal side I am not going to let anyone tell ME who to like, how to think, who to hate or not hate, what is right or what is wrong. People like me are fully aware of our darker inclications. Survivors of SRA or deprogrammed people or MK Ultra survviors dont realy have a choice. Without facing these areas of ourselves or beating them, we would not be alive in old age anyway. Still, people want to nowadays label us Satanic Panic or conspiracy theorists that are potential lone shooters or label or work 'fake news' or disinformation or even that our ideas are 'dangerous'.

Its the rest of humanity I would worry about. 

Society has become so infantilized and regressed that it will believe anything its told. Its also been subjected to so much terrorism, horror and info overload that it will do whatever its told, beleive whatever its told and behave however its told. Anything to make the toremnt stop. Anything to beleive in the promise of a better world. 

People who deal with the subjectmatter of MK Ultra are very aware of what deception is, disinformation is and that regression even depatterning are very dangerous parts of the MK Ultra programs and its counter parts. 

The reason that those in power want to discredit people who deal realistically with issues like mind control or programming or using hypnotism and suggestion (SRA) to control or even use a human mind for slavery is that no one knows better than we do how dangerous that can be and no one recognizes such things in the outside world as we do. 

Theoretically the 'homeless' population is full of Targeted Individuals and those either victimized by unethical human experimentation or mind control programs-even simple cults. The way society's culture is 'changing' is to have the focus be only on certain issues and to bury others as either invalid, non existent or simply no longer important. This should be seen for what it is-impossible. 

How does something that was debated and both sides had a valid arguement, where there was such obvious documented or exposed corruption of the power structure and such abuse of power by shown to exist-suddenly NOT EXIST?  Becuz that is what we face in a world where reality is defined for us. 

Who the fuck says that mind control or abuse of power on such a level or unethical human experiemntaion either dont mattter anymore or dont exist?  Just becuz a bunch of poser, trendy (and very suspect in thier creation) Satanic organizations suddenly turn up amongst all this noise and throw shade on every writer, conspiracy theorist or self promoting Survivor of some sort of programming or mind control doesnt make it so. 

This is the sort of mentality that is feeding the mob rules society we now have to live in today. 

Our problems is weve become so dumbed down, so childish, so addicted to the internet and online consumerism that we have lost civic mindedness, become totally uneducated about our history and governmental structure and so lazy that we arent even capable of caring anymore. If people trusted the system to do its job alot of this extreemism wouldnt be occuring. 

People were getting ready for rioting if the cop who killed Floyd didnt get indicted? HOW IN THE FUCK WAS HE GOING TO NOT GET SENTENCED?  That is absolutely fucking ridiculous and totally overdramatic atypical drama queen bs that is now part of the way we live today. Its from being on the fucking internet virtual reality INSTEAD OF LIVING IN REALITY. 

What spurned you on is a video of a man living in reality in a moment in time when his life was ended. You are watching a man kill another. Those people lived that moment in time. One died. One is going to face a horrible reality in prison and probably as par the course, be killed in prison. How many of the people protesting from safety, where they have money, resources, homes and families can say they live in any sort of reality like the video that supposedly inspired them to protest or riot?  If you look at the action this summer alot of it is kids. Alot of it is college kids. Alot of it is white kids. Kids who upon arrest it turns out their parents are professors at elite universities or they work for the Liberal Elitist machine in some other capacity.  Black people were complaining that these kids were taking over protests, causing problems and doing more violence than the blacks from underpriveledged environments were doing.   

I highly doubt if white guilt could cause such loyalty as that. Brainwashing might but always be suspicious of something a bit more sensible...and as always what keeps them in thier position while the rest of us suffer for them.  These types have a history of social experiments and social engineering that benefits them and thier position while making sure they and theirs do not have to suffer any fallout or consequences. 

Defunding the police doesnt help the homeless either. Even after being framed WITH PLENTY OF POLICE involved and collusion from the local justice sytstem I firmly stand against defunding and stand by the police and also encourage officers to return to the force and for new ones to join. The rookies out here, many of them are self serving  and they seem very motivated to just play the angles to make thier bones early on. Im sure that the benefits have dried up now theres no organized crime profit as there once was and things cost more. We need actual real cops out here, not young guys who either look like they dont give a shit about anything or anyone or in a group of five of them-3 look exactly like the local junkie rats on the street, one is too scared to say anything and only ONE of them resembles or acts like a real cop should or responds to a citizens needs. Cops have become scary not just becuz being militarized and connected to big govt agencies now seperates them from The People its also becuz we dont support them. I mean genuinely as people not out of fear (false respect) or self serving purposes. 

Without the help of cops I wouldnt be here to type this. Ive traveled the USA since 2006 and I am not in  a ditch with my throat cut. How do you think that was managed? Firstly I was fortunate enough to start hitching trucks during an FBI sting to catch guys killing girls in truck areas becuz there was a bunch of murders that were escalating. Im sure that had alot to do with my safety. 

Also, what WOMEN DONT UNDERSTAND it seems in our youth, when ESTROGEN BLINDS US and CLOUDS OUR THINKING- MEN ARE ALWAYS WATCNHING US. For good intent or bad. Let me tell you something I now realize as an older female. The male mind is a very scary, distrurbing place that I think females believe they understand but many of us dont. I dont think we will every really know what goes on between males in communications only they can understand when we ARE around or in interactions when we are not around. What feminists, these girls who are marketed this false narrative and fake lifestyle of being a strong woman- MEN HAVE VALUE. No one is going to protect you from men like other men can and will. It is part of thier primitive instinct to protect females. What a shitty way we treat men and that is in a society where we subject them to MALE GENETICAL MUTILATION at birth due to our conversion many millenia ago to a a Judeo-Christian society as opposed to our native, indegenous ethnic pagan beliefs of our ancestors. 

Men arent the problem. Its an entire society of stupid, selfish people who mismanage our earth and human life on this planet. Its also that women, unfortunately, dont think clearly when we are young or are bitter and desperate for power when old.  Wise women CONSIDER MALE ADVICE, even seek it. Then again Ive never been one that had a male really talk down to me in any way I took seriously. Truliy superior females are ones that understand some men are WORTHY and some are fuckin clowns that should be disregarded. Wise women assess males to see thier value and sincerity not disregard an entire part of our own species. 

I also cannot stand how obvious it is that modern feminism is not about women but about Divide And Connquer or diversion. Every movement that comes up where women take power always involves us rejecting or fighting with male counter parts, instead of handling them and taking power or making productive changes. I understand what my mother did may have been necessary to change the situation my grandmotehr was in but its been painfully obvious by 1980 in at least progressive areas that feminism has reached a ceiling and that now perhaps institutional change is necessary but to keep up the same outdated agenda is simply manipulation by the powers structure. Yoga pants dont empower you-they give men more than they deserve to look at daily for free. They also make you look fat, ugly and tasteless and they lower our quality of life by once again destroying concepts of beauty in public space and contribute to false commercialized narratives of revolution or rebellion. Women are showing how stupid they are when young by once again, wearing what every other women is wearing wthout thinking. Instead of insisting this is independence (aquired not only a long time ago in a male society but we have power at birth in case that escaped you.) and revolt why not admit its female vanity, power seeking through displaying ones body and competition among other women and just laugh at ourselves when we pass 30?  Duh..

If  Secret deoderant tells you you are fierce then you probably arent. If you wear a t shirt that states 'Fierce' definintely need to work on that. 

Trend is nice. But looking at these girls just consider that once they spit out pups, their brains will melt and they will become...moms. The dreaded mom. I dont have kids. Becuz moms are women whos brains have melted in part and no longer function as women who can fight society effectively. Moms care for their children so moms avoid certain things in the interest of that. Not all women become this way but many do. Just becuz you  are a women doesnt mean you are fierce or oppressed or capable. It doesnt mean men are your enemy. It doesnt mean People Of Color or gay people or immigrants are your allies or forever friends either-only people living in bubbles can afford such illusions of a perfect world engineered as such. 

In the real world you will meet areas of the country where black people are much nicer than in others. In any city or area you will meet a nice, helpful decent gangsta thug and in another a rich, well dressed social climbing black asshole that you would like to drop the N bomb on-but why bother? His white friends and associates are your social superiors..and the asshole knows it. Thats why hes a dick to you-just like alot of the very nasty immigrants coming in who seem to play the old game of if they are mean to undisirable whites that the people in power want to get rid of they ingratiate themselves to those in power. 

Unfortunately, the world is alot more complexley set up and built than a simple narritive or ideology or general rule of thumb can serve as an effective way to view the world. Its A BIG FUCKING WORLD. In just 10 years Ive seen alot of the USA. But theres more I havent seen. No one can see the whole world or meet everyone in it in a lifetime-something that makes me sad to think of. 

During the time you are alive on earth so many people are coming and going-I mean they are dying and being born. Just look up one of those counters on the interenet that counts the estimated number of humans being born next to one that counts the estimate of people dying at the same time. The thing runs very fast and it never stops running. You have been counted on one of those already and one day your number will come on the other. Imagine how fascinating it is.....this very moment that you are alive at the same time frame as anyone else who is also alive on this planet. Look around. The person to your left could die tomorrow. You could walk outside and get hit by a 5 min from reading this. 

What rules over the math of....the algorythm of death or accidents that occur? Why does one person narrowly avoid an injury or death and another has it strike them in circumstances that seem unable to have occurred easily or without warning?  ALOT OF FACTORS. 

There is NO FUCKING WAY that WE ARE IN CONTROL of anything while we are here. Im middle aged-thoughts of my eventual death fill my mind nowadays-which they shouyldnt. I should be like my grandmother-just happily living out my remaining years as I see fit. Its this society the way its become. Its like dying and having to exist in a  living hell even before weve died. Its not fair especailly to older people, truly disadvantaged or marginalized people or disabled people especially those who are so mentally incapable they will never know even the occassional joys of living as even the most miserable of us do. 

Its the LED lights-I know. Its the electromagnetic pollution, the microwaves, the theoretical ELF frequences. Its the environmental pollution. Its the radiation from multiple sources-making us all go slowly insane, Degerating our bodies and minds. 

Its the over population that isnt natural in cities now-wtih the condo invaders, more cars. When I am awake at dawn and I see only a portion of humans walking around as I do the rest of the time in the city-THAT is what seems normal to me. Like that is the way we existed long ago in a place before this modern hell was created. 

Its the bad food, the stress. Lack of natural environments in urban areas. THE BUILDING BOOMS ARE USING UP WHAT IS LEFT OF ANY AND ALL GREEN  OR NATURAL SPACES IN URBAN AREAS. SO HOW IS THIS PROGRESS?   

Certain countries are refusing 5g becuz they are grown up and sensible and truly environmentally concerned. They are sighting the fact that you have to CUT DOWN TREES AND RELEASE 15000 SATELITES INTO SPACE on top of all the junk thats already out there to make 5g work. How much worse is this going to get after the 'miracle' of 5g magic is released?

The society that has been created is one that does not serve humanitys best interests though the power structure would have you believe otherwise.