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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mixed Signals

Why do I keep getting urged to leave the country? There is work that needs to be done here.

Something about food is going to be a problem soon and the whole place is going to become really shitty and difficult. Fine so if I live in a foreign country, things are going to be easier for me? As a homeless,poor American that everyone is going to blame for things going shitty in thier country?

How the hell does that work?

It might just be a scare tactic. Its so hard to tell right now.

One day its the idea that I should stay in Cambridge and help my place of birth with the homeless situation.

Then its that I should go to UMass which I guess could be part of that.

Tonight with many cops out due to the Red Sox game its this panic almost to leave the country.

Is it a scare tactic so they can finalize covering thier asses by finally getting rid of me as far away as possible or is it that authorities know just how screwed this place is going to be very soon and after seeing their capacity to hold down martial law during the bombings, it could be a horrid future reality here that people are thinking wont actually happen.

I usually know what the right thing is to do but I dont now. Im just sick, older and really just want to die at home. And I suppose that means staying here.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Experiences With TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT-Now A Daily Prison As Of This Year

[Keep in mind while reading this that Ive been targeted all my life but intensely for ten years and am in my early 40s now. My health is a bit comprimised and I live a lifestyle more attuned to a 20 something by living out of a back pack which I carry daily, sleep outside now in the cold and often am functioning sleep deprived which the perps love to make sure of. SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS ONE OF THE KEY COMPONENTS TO MAKING THIS WORK FOR THEM ON A TARGET. THE OTHER IS SEXUAL CONTENT SPECIFICALLY ABUSE. WITHOUT THOSE TWO THEY WOULDNT BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH ANY OF THIS TO THE LEVELS OF WHAT THEY DO. Ive been having frequent sleep deprivation for a good five years now though I cure it when I can by day napping. One of thier tricks is to mess with you so you waste time being distracted from what was on a planned schedule so that they can ensure you dont make time for a nap- an easier thing to do in cold weather where you have to go to a specific place to nap.]

One of the tortures Ive been experiencing for the last year is what the psychiatric world has addressed as Truman Show Syndrome. is a decpetion becuz these are people who do not know anything about being targeted or Gang Stalked obviously. How can such a concept be true without all of the possible information that explains the phenomena or condition?

When one looks at the covert activity of 'gang stalking' as well as becomes educated in the existence of advanced technologies then one can refer to this as Truman Show EFFECT. Becuz obviously its something that the shadow system is capable of producing to brainwash and torment Targeted Individuals. Its done on purpose, it seems by logic to be a product of technologies available to the powers that be and it reacts like tech always does. Microwaves most likely- it disappears in solid underground areas or other areas where tech cannot reach.(Basements in hospitals, some govt buildings, in bathrooms contained within old, sturdy steel and concrete buildings etc.)

It is not present during the time frames that I have DOCUMENTED OVER THE YEARS that remote influence seems to be present in the USA (for TIs at least) which is from approx 12 midnight to approx 6 am mon-Sat every day of the year except federal holidays and Sundays. In some locations Sat might be milder or Sundays might not be 'clear' but mild influence might be possible. NO PLACE in the USA have I experienced any tech on federal holidays. Some TIs find that they are clear on thier birthdays. BTW birthdays are traditional Satanic calender holidays for ritual abuse survivors.

TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT is what when a TI is being targeted by technologies and maybe chemical influence also to assist in the tech being more effective, to create a daily interface with the person's mind that makes them believe that they are living in a reality show where people can view them and thier lives.

Many of us are aware that we are experimentees in MK Ultra projects. MK Ultra was concerned with behavior modification and wiping the mind of previous information namely, the person's memories and thier natural born identity and Self.

Truman Show EFFECT as I call it works by getting information out of me, the TI and finding out what people I admire, emulate, feel kinship with or want to use as example for my life. Since Survivors of these programs often are intergenerational, we have very poor examples of functioning, successful role models. So we do what most poor kids have done who are smart and creative- we emulate what we find that we admire. What we would like to be or who reminds us of us thats successful.

This is how many famous, successful people have gotten out of poverty or nowhere to fulfill thier potential. Its using your imagination and thats one of the things I mentioned that the NWO wants to trap and take away from people namely with technologies.

Its too much to get into writing about here but mankind has been doing amazing things on earth using his imagination. Ancient primitive man, his imagination, spirit and the drugs from plants, would find gods or commune with them. This and healing is what modern humans are attempting to do when they take drugs, unfortunately, the powers that be know this and ensure that these plants are now in forms that are bastardized and will only enslave humans, most likely through the physical or animal sides. Chemical powders that are overpriced is all that is available to us.

I realized that in the very beginning of this, in the early 2000's, they got the base info for what they needed to get to me all these years. In years past I was not experiencing Truman Show EFFECT and then it became it was only occassionally in certain areas. This year its been a daily occurance and its constant. I believe they are trying to burn out whats left of my mind with this Truman Show EFFECT illusion.

Imagine no longer being capable of independent thought but every thought, every second, every day is interfaced into this Truman Show illusion. I am not to live in a reality where I am so constantly interfaced with these intrusions that I come to believe, even though intellectually I know that this is the system doing this with tech- that I am indeed being observed through cameras on a reality show.

In my case they are trying to convince me that I am being put onto a reality show by using a somehow interconnected network of surveillance cameras AROUND THE COUNTRY. No longer just in one city or area of a city but everywhere I go this year. Every camera behind it is either the reality show audience or a security person observing me, who of course is in on the Gang Stalking.

This is how intrusive its become and how altered my mind has become to feeling connected to the cameras used for security and surveillance in any given city or area.
These cameras now control my life basically. This is due to years of brain washing and alteration of a healthy brain and mind from a decade of gang stalking which, in short, causes the BRAIN DAMAGE needed and conditions the human animal to be controllable by such means.

In the scenerio they have created, certain famous people are supposedly watching this reality show I am supposedly the center of attention in.
I notice these are famous people that the gang stalking system has drawn to my attention through media psy ops placement over time as well as they might are usually people that they found out I admired or felt sympathitic to or wanted to use as example how to succeed in life. A side by product of this is that now, I can no longer use these people in my imagination as rold models or for inspiration such as one would a biography of a person they admired. I am now simply controlled by these people or rather the false representations of them created by this system daily.

There is no way that many of these people, with thier busy lives or responsibilities would have time to observe me as often as the illusion is created that they do on a daily basis. And another glitch is that often the characters are represented as younger versions of themselves, probably so that I will be more apt to admire them as its in thier youths I found them attractive as inspiration.

The system uses these people's images to fool my mind into believing they are watching, daily. And due to thier supposedly watching ALL THE TIME, every action, every thought is governed by this audience of important people I would admire. So basically I am being controlled by the illusion of an audience of famous and influencial people who I am supposed to be able to read thier emotional or mental reactions to what I am doing in public spaces, considering I live basically in public spaces.

The only time this does not occur is in a safe space like a few drop in shelters for women only but in some of these places I get the feeling that there are security cameras that I cannot see and I am urged to watch what I do even in the privacy of the showers.

Basically this is a system to rule a Targeted person completely. Whether they are supposed to be in a private shower or bathroom or going about thier business in public spaces. The audience illusion is for behavior modification obviously and for ensuring that the person behaves according to what the system wants. Its also to make me feel like I am surrounded by people who are akin to me who care who will give me input. Often they give me the illusion that this audience finds my antics amusing or glorifies my status as rebel or some sort of hero of thiers. Again I dont buy into this due to the intrusive nature of the visions and fake psychic contact thats interjected into my mind daily as well as the falsified age of many of the famous audience members and again- the frequency of thier taking time to view JUST ME daily. What, these people no longer have lives of their own??

And every single one of these people either has a connection with legit system by way of being honored by thie Queen, thier govt or President Obama (figures) or they supported the worst neocons during Bush or else they have a history of Satanic activity or connection to Illuminati that was often overlooked by fans due to thier love for thier work..or brainwashing which people dont want to look at. Some of these bands definelty have created a cult out of thier fan base.

I could admit who these people are specifically but firstly, I dont think it would stop the torture. Secondly, I never want to reveal information becuz a) it only helps the system to target me in other ways more accurately b)it might be what they want as getting a person to finally give up information they kept private, like an interrogation, seems to be part of the wanted results of gang stalking a targeted person. MK Ultra was also documented to be doing projects that focused on interrogation etc. It fits right in very logically with MK Ultra just like the rest of the horrors Ive been put through. And with my mother being the daughter of two US Marines and a documented radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in the 1950s as far as I am concerned- it all makes sense.

They seem to be trying to finish many TIs off. Me especially they made sure they got me away or kept me away from legit, credible activists with info from the very start of this. Now I am so f*cked up I cant get away from the gs system long enough to get help. They know this and they know I am physically ill. So, logically, they are coming in for the kill. Trying to make me finally act out in violence, drive me insane in a way I wont be able to handle or come back from or trying to get me to leave my hometown for good or the country altogether.

Laughably a few years ago, they sent some dumb b*tch to the womens day drop in shelter who was trying to pretend to help me by referring me to NY real estate lawyers. Perps are easy to spot though- they often look like drug addicts at a party where theres everything they could want available. Too eager, too happy, too excited and too damn confident that the Target is stupid.

You gotta remember that these people are used in these special circumstances BECUZ THE TARGETED PERSON IS OFTEN VERY HIGHLY INTELLIGENT OR CONSIDERED POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS BY AUTHORITIES. They get rid of brilliant minds this way and very strong people. It beats their old cover ups in the 60s, that now they cant get away with so easily anymore.

I highly suspect I am chipped and have been since infancy. Its the only way they could do alot of what theyve done over the years. This is very common in experimentees and people with high level programming. I know I had an x-ray once and a white little spot showed up near the center of my brain in the front. It wasnt normal. I went to a neurologist who backed away from me and bullshitted his way out of being in the office with me.
I said nothing about microchips or brain implants, only asked what the spot was. It was during Bush in the early 2000's when everyone in Boston and Cambridge was in on trying to get me killed and drive me out of the area.

So many people still are in on this. Especially when Red Sox Nation is around. They hate my guts totally. Pro sports are especially nasty in the NWO for some reason.

So there you have it. This is the torment thats grinding down my brain daily as of this year. And another thing thats obvious: IT CEASES WHEN I AM AROUND OTHER PEOPLE. Which means this is also a deterant to my spending time alone. Another means of control and behavior modification.

I highly doubt if the people that are supposedly watching have that much time in a day to not only watch me through a special reality show channel only available to them, but also to be able to interface with me psychically or emotionally. Its definately to replace having a family. Which is why these people take you away from your original family and friends to begin with, so they can trap you in thier virtual bullshit.

The system seems desperate to control me now. Perhaps my age, wisdom, experience and knowledge are a great threat to them, just as ten years ago my beauty, youth, strength, multi talent potential and memories were a threat to them then.

It also seems that they are really working on grinding me down into a human being that's conscnousness is basically blank or empty by way of brain damage and lack of stimuli- then controlled soley by an outside system of technologies and influences such as organized stalking as conditioning.

No one takes away ten years of my youth, sex life and years I could have lived fully and gets away with it.

Im wondering if leaving the country is THIER idea actually and not mine. I wonder if, even though Ive suffered for years in America, that I potentially have more rights here that I havent gotten a lawyer to help me with than I EVER WOULD IN A FORIEGN COUNTRY. Which might be why they want to drive me abroad. Personally I want to stay and heal and save my hometown from corporate rot and horrible YUPpies and new money rich snobs who are just destroying Harvard.

Thank goodness for its ghosts and those old buildings. Even the ground beneath in Harvard keeps true to its memories. They'll never take Harvard. Ever.

In the end the TI must realize that we are a lone person, caught in a trap due to being an experimentee in a classified project run by unbelievably powerful people with seemingly endless resources and access. Most people dont know about us and our horrible situation, those that do are in on it and will do what the system needs done to contain us, continue to experiment on us or destroy us if necessary. That is the ONLY reality I need to keep in mind. Its hard though when, ever day, its being pulsed out through tech and shot into my brain otherwise, which I am sick of.

Oh and the GS is back in this area for me for some reason. Its miserable. I changed my address back to this state maybe that did it, I dont know and I dont care.

Monday, October 28, 2013

being so easily brainwashed into giving up and making nice with the enemy lately/Videogames and Other Trickery Of The NWO

I have a doctors appointment and I'm all paranoid the doctors going to tell me I have some something serious like cancer. I know she found something because she wants to discuss the results.

I had my hip joint and leg x rayed and I know that my legs been going out from under me when I walk over the past year. I've been on the road with the backpack a long time and I'm getting older I was also outside carrying my bag more last year than I ever have been before. something like this was inevitable.

that medical procedure I had still shouldn't be bothering me and I'm hoping that they can just find out what it is and fix it. but I'm getting the feeling of doom is if its something more serious.

I posted how so many inconvenient people to the shadow system die of suicide, car accidents or cancer... activist, witnesses (like connected to 9-11 or the Kennedy assasination) or scientists or politicians who arent going to play ball with them.
The most common way for people like us to die are transportation accidents especially airplane and helicopters and cancer. Targeted Individual and activist Charles Schlund of AZ supposedly died that way right?

so why am I getting these feelings of doom? I was prepared for this. I went ahead with this project and activism in self defense fully prepared for any consequences of fighting back.

For anybody to feel bad for me now when the physical body gives out is totally inappropriate. people should have been feeling bad when I was having my mind and spirit crushed during Bush and early Obama. Those were the years of the worst possible torture you could imagine. specifically when Hayden was head of the CIA.

There's been a big effort lately, a subtle brainwashing daily, to behavior modify my feelings and reactions concerning those who have perpetrated war crimes against me over these years.
Forgiving these people even bonding with them is mainly what's going on. Michael Aquino, the Bush family etc.
I am to think of everyone as my friend and believe we're all at peace in this now.

What a clever way to not have to answer for what you did over the past 10 years. Beat victim down so badly that the person doesn't have resistance left. They're health is deteriorating, they're aging and so you think that you can just subtley coerce them into making nice with the people that destroyed their lives.

All day long I've been being subtly and repeatedly brainwashed into getting a lawyer, believing that I'm going to have a horrible diagnosis from the doctor that's terminal, that I should take that into consideration and feel bad about everything and give up my conviction. Also that the community in my hometown, after the bombing, now somehow believes me and has sympsathy for me and thinks I should write my book.
That I'm some kind of hometown hero now.

This is all other b******* to try and continue to neutralize me as a force they are afraid of and would rather not deal with.

It's amazing the stages of brainwashing that's gone on over the years. The different phases that you can tell have gone along with the progress and changes in technology as well as resources and access to equipment and manpower.

I have a right to still feel angry about what has happened I have a right to my aggression and I have a perfect right to not want to be at peace with these people or with this community or this society.

They're taking advantage of a few semi serious health issues to convince me that I'm old and sick and I need to go out to pasture.

They never give up trying to make me give in.

2 things:
due to the way Im wired lets say, as well as the fact they started this I didnt, I resigned myself long ago to possibly death or severe injury for life due to this campaign and my fighting back.

Secondly the actions of other people, this system, the community, society or the world should have absolutely no bearing on what I am doing and have been doing all these years.
This project should not change simply because the world around me is changing.
Because the damn book Ive wanted to publish should have been written three years ago already.

Always remember and consider the fact that we live in a false time line anyway and the events and actions of the system over the last ten years have definately made it that way.
Why in the f*** should I consider anything going on around me in this particular space and time in relation to a continuous line that I've created for me and my work that Ive kept steady over these years and true to, when the two are in conflict with each other?

I'm going to tell the real story about how the world got the way that it is in this time and space: If you have a president that wins two consecutive elections through corruption, forces behind the scenes influencing events and even using mass mind control to get people to vote for his party on Election Day, when their choice would have been the opposing party that right there influences a large number of events and causes people and things into action that they would not have originally taken had things unfolded naturally.

Many of us are suffering daily and have been FOR TEN YEARS, intensely due to the fact that we have been serverely injured by the timeline being shifted, namely becuz our lives were so drastically altered from the natural timeline that we are stuck in the old timeline. Also, many of us experienced first hand the horrors of technomancy, 'black magick' energies and rituals as well as other things that went on in order to cause the shift. Bush once said somewhere in print something about his actions as president being biblical or bible worthy or of that magnitude. Every one of us who saw, who knows what went on to create the New World Order we live in today understands what he is talking about- and that he is correct.
What went on during Bush was truly mind blowing. Gang Stalking happens in stages in order to stretch the Target's mind slowly so that seeing these things doesnt cause immediate and permanent insanity.

Many of us who were witness to these events suffer most becuz most of society is unaware of what has transpired. So what are we supposed to do? We live lives that are a lie basically, hide what we know, which is incredible information and live as targeted people in severely limited capacities which is NOT what the original, natural timeline would have produced for an outcome.

We have become guardians at gates, holding onto time and space in order to preserve some sort of order. It takes all the strength we have. This pressure is possibly part of what makes people snap and become bombers and lone shooters. Survivors, experimentees and Targets know far too much about classified levels of things in this world and often are just normal people seemingly with no training to deal with such things. (Survivors of high level programming might have much that prepares us for this that we are not aware of. Whatever the case the powers that be know all this and manipulate Targets in such a way that instead of becoming examples of survivorship or bringers of enlightenment about subjects kept in mystery, they become predators and killers of the public.)

Many Satanist artists make fun of TIs and torment us by putting out artwork about being stuck between two worlds or living between the worlds or two realities. Thats what they do though, they try to keep us there. That is thier nature, that is what they exist on earth for I guess. It obvious what they are talking about and TIs who understand all that is going on know it. Just ignore it as usual.

My uncle once told me a story about how an entire town went insane being dosed with the first versions of LSD. That this was an extension of an old tale about a town or a person in some versions, who learns the meaning of life and becomes permananently insane. It makes sense.

This system has me focusing on Me,and how I relate to the community an awful lot in the past year to 2 years especially very recently. Which is obviously to help distract me from the more important higher purpose I am working on.

Its to make me forget my original purpose and to brainwash me into thinking the system's trying to help me.

David Bowie might be a jackass as his career shows he works for the system but in spite of himself there's a good lesson in that movie The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Especially those of you who are Survivors of programming or RA- there is a system in place that will try to destroy all of what you are and make you forget your original purpose.
The way that they treat people and how abusive the system is to survivors and targeted individuals we just can't let that happen.

nobody knows about our work anyway usually and if they do they don't believe the stories because of the level of abuse as well as the metaphysical and clandestine nature of the things that we've experienced so who cares with the community or average society anyway?

Let them just keep thinking that you or I are some homeless person on the street or whatever they see on the outside.

believe me there's a whole hidden world of people on this planet who know who you are who I am and where we fit in. let the common people think what they like.

If this werent true I wouldn't have been assisted and I wouldn't be alive writing this right now. the only choice they have is to claim that you're mentally ill which covers up gang stalking, classified projects and black ops, everything. Becuz the hidden world exists that's been around since antiquity they're not supposed to see it anyway and they never have.

just because we live in a modern world where your average person is educated has good health and the sciences helps everybody in first world countries in the Western world doesn't mean that civilization is ready for the world of hidden mysteries. they just think something like that cant exist because they think they know everything they think they have access to all the information on the Internet.
The joke is it they do have access if they look this stuff up and did research study comparing they could actually find out what's really going on. fact that they choose not to and choose to accept easy answers from corrupt institutions that are very questionable like psychiatry shows that they can't handle it.

Its very sad that one of the main deceptions in the modern Western world is to put much of the metaphysical realities that occur in the incredible spiritual lives of people like Targets into mere video games or less often sci fi movies. Its a trick so that average people believe those things are just stories- make believe. Its an incredible waste of spiritual energy.
Ive watched kids play these games like Syrim and they have no problem killing an innocent just so that the Dark Brotherhood will come seek them out to do assasinations. They think that such things are only make believe so they have no problem making such moral choices as, per usual with manipulating the public THEY DO IT BECUZ THERE DOESNT SEEM TO BE ANY CONSEQUENCES.

Its made me think if, perhaps, many people 'play' in the gang stalking games becuz like vid games there are no consequences and you get a payoff. Its as if these games are trainin them to take part in covert ops and metaphysical events, so they dont realize that in real life- there ARE consequences for your actions.

You know, we are monkeys. We simply have divinity, a creative 'god'spark. It takes work to be just more than an animal, more than trainable and controlable. To be truly human, you have to pay attention to the fact that you are more than just an animal and take responsibility for that. If you choose not to do so, then its on you and there ARE consequences.

Those video games appeal to the animal within humans thus trapping us into our dumb animal side. Do you honestly enjoy playing a game like Skyrim? Im bored by all the killing firstly, and its not even real life violence which sucks. Then, you are given 'quests', which males seem to like to engage in completing but to me, perhaps its just a female mind thing- it seems like just a To Do list which I have enough of in real life.
It does seem that males get sucked into these games more than women and I am wondering if its a way of keeping modern males enslaved as well as as far as possibly from thier spiritual sides or investigating spiritual truths.

Video games are just stupid. You have no idea how many times Ive peeked at the David Icke forums and some jack ass cant admit that Skyrim or Oblivion or some other game is chocked full of metaphysical references to the classic occult stuff that is REAL that people have studied for millenia. They immediately go into this safe zone of denial and then quickly claim that the beauty of video games is that none of it is real. I think those people are higher level perps- total disinfo agents.

Video games have taken humans away from everything from nature to studying the occult in earnest and seeking truth from the mysteries. Its to convince modern man that he is beyond such things that such ideas are make believe from an ignorant human past. Science is also making people believe that what you see or what THEY present or say is all there is.
With all that is in the modern world, modern humans are pretty much ending up dumbed down slaves. Computers appeal to our internal computers, our imaginations are captured by the virtual worlds online or within tech and everything else is designed to appeal to our animal sides as in manipulating us in very predictable ways to react certain ways to stimuli.

Its a very sad reality we live in. THIS IS ALL BECUZ OF THE INFORMATION THAT IS HIDDEN FROM PEOPLE about what humans are actually capable of in the 21st century. Also, we are not paying attention to our environment which, by the way, our animal bodies need to breath air, drink water and plant/eat food. After all the attention to environmental issues in the 90s, its shocking to experience a world that doesnt seem to realize that the technologies they are obsessed with are products of planned obsolescence- basically a throw away culture for tech. What we think is sooooo advanced is really just mere toys to appeal to our monkey sides, and with the ability to trap our superior creativities and imaginations. Our spirituality is manipulated along the way or made a non issue all together.

Why is it not possible to have a system where the tech we love so much for escapism (to replace recreational drugs, socializing and experimenting or TRUE to life spiritual adventure or questing) and world wide communications isnt something thats set up to last? Why does there have to be a new gadget every year? All that plastic and other material and the factories that manufacture them has to be polluting the environment.

Bush ceased the 90's. He made everyone forget. He made everyone desperate for a way out of the harsh reality. And he and his elite have succeeded.

But consider the fact that average people are not going to be invited into the Virgin space shuttle to go live on Mars with the elite nor the space station. Personally, I wouldnt want to. I like it here. And we should preserve it instead of try to destroy it.

Man senses that the environment is disturbed. That our home is doomed someday. That electromagnetic and other kinds of pollution are poisoning us to death NOW not in some future reality. We know there are too many people on the planet and actually these technological trickeries they have invented assist us in forgetting that for a time.

Many of us who live outside have experienced how the radiation in the environment is somehow mixing with the sun and the heat of the day in hot places to create a horrible environment thats toxic to humans- if you work inside then drive home or take a train home to sleep inside you are not going to experience this occuring.

These are the tricks that the powers that be are using to divert people's attentions from age old spiritual matters, truth as well as the harsh reality that our environment may not sustain us much longer.

People have got to understand that the elite live in a completely different 21st century reality than average people who are being tricked into living in a manufactured different world.

The evidence I have seen that the Boston bombings were actually a hoax in part is astounding. People are so dependent on the news that they believe whatever is told to them now and in part thats becuz people believe that technology cant lie to them. They believe that progress in tech has brought truth to life. For some reason they have forgotten the possibility for deception, evil, misuse and manipulation. I guess they are force focused on foreign and now domestic terrorism as 'the evil' to watch for in the world.

It seems like what is happening is that some force of intelligence somewhere has decided that they are going to create two societies- one for the sheep, obviously that is what we are seeing happen in front of our eyes and can barely believe it, and one
What I want to know is where are we supposed to go with all this info? Knowing that the NWO is basically a hoax, that its all based on deception?
It doesnt seem like the powers are tolerant of any sort of truly alternative societies. Perhaps if we form one and we do not contact the NWO and thier sheep, we will be left alone.

Perhaps the point of being Targeted is not to wake up society or make them aware as its obvious they are not interested in reality. Perhaps the task is to create an alternative New World, just for us. People who dont want to live in the deception and are obviously never going to be welcome in the New World Order. Perhaps this is possible becuz as far as I can tell the only thing I am going to accomplish out here is to slowly die off sleep deprivation, getting sicker and older living as a homeless woman. Perhaps its true that America is now off limits, its hopelessly gone and there has to be a search for someplace new to dwell on the globe somewhere.

But where will the corporations, special interests, MIC etc stop? Where can we go that they will not come and exploit or try to take over? Americanize, which is like a frickin disease destroying the world right now.

If I travel I am going to have to immediately tell everyone I am ashamed to be born here and I hate it and left becuz it sucks. However, I wonder if letting people know about an alternative America is a positive action?
Its not in the old 20th century places it was. Anarchist houses and such seem all inflitrated by snooty kids or PC kids or even perps probably due to their being drug dealers. The old kinds of people who were rebelling just cant be trusted anymore. There has to be now a new definition of who is truly rebelling against the NWO.

First in order to do that, people have to have all the information about what is really going on. What has made this time line come into being. Becuz I know I personally want to spend the remainder of my life in freedom not the prison America has become. Its going to suck to leave home but it doesnt exist anymore does it.

Harvard Sq is basically a physical space in a timeline thats been altered through false means just like the rest of the country, into being what the NWO wants it to be. All that remains that cant be sucked into the new false reality are the old Masonic or what you want to call it, magickal structures around Harvard- built obviously by some VERY wise forefathers and original inhabitants.

One of the main purposes of the NWO in America is to get rid of any and all magickal structures that represent the powers of either Native peoples or Europeans expressing ancient pagan systems secretly through churches or other structures. This has gone on in alot of refurbishing of buildings.

Boston has gotten rid of pretty much all statues of Mother Mary. Hospitals, churches etc. Why is that? Becuz Catholics know she's not some blessed Virgin- she represents the ancient pagan female goddessses of Europe in the only safe way we could preserve them throughout our enslavement by the Churches.

Whoever is doing this- wants to erase our past, present and future and create nothing but a total false reality for humans to live in where, the NWO is or creates for us our only gods and what we percieve as power.

I know one thing for sure: This is unacceptable.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shutdown Over, So Why Are There Not Perps, Tech and GS As Before (Im Not Complaining Believe Me)/Still Getting Daily Truman Show Syndrome As Behavior Modification

There has been some interface and there is that incident yesterday at Berkelee College area so I guess it could be just like before. Yet something is different. Its not as harsh as last year when I was here and there isnt so many perps around.

I think when I come here in summertime is when they have perps in full force, I know that Red Sox season seems to start and the GS increases heavily especially during games. The perps there during those games are very overt and use tactics that are used at other times in other locations by gang stalkers, letting me know there are perps in the crowds going to games.

It seems from my experiences over the years that possibly business associations in cooperation with other parties and authorities are using private black ops companies or else, like Red Sox Nation- maybe thier connections to intelligence agencies. (Recall the heart warming story of how Red Sox has lent thier private jets out to CIA for interrogations). Referring to it as 'nation' is clue enough it is supposed to evoke a gang or cult mentality, just like everything else nowadays.

These corporations and businesses interested in gentrifying city areas until there is NO original or historical character left are trying to get rid of 'the homeless' or in reality, any sub culture or alternative living that exists in places like Harvard Square.
The west coast is alot more tolerant of such populations and I will tell you why. The west coast is blasted with more tech influence than the east is by far as well as the west coast doesnt allow for sub culture people to have as much access to resources needed for activism like colleges, computers or in Boston and NY access to the elite mixing with street people in conversation as part of the culture as well as easy transportation or walking in small cities like these areas.

Also the culture keeps people down sneakily with passive aggression. The north east, for all the gentrifying they are doing, still has a more direct manner and a backbone for acting on what people feel is right and fighting for it and sticking together, being a cohesive force in a very effective way.

I believe this is one of the main reasons the trucking industry had to be over regulated as it is as well as their CB radio culture has been destroyed by The Gremlins-the chaos makers. Perps really. There are people I have met that get on the radio in thier truck and harass people as if they are getting paid for it. Usually former military (!). After what I have seen for years now, its very plausible.
Truckers had their own culture, were and are self policing and would rebel against authorities in cohesive groups.
If they revolted in all thats happened these last ten years, imagine if people couldnt get the supplies needed for daily goings on of the country.

Its a federal offense akin to terrorism for truckers to rebel in such ways now which makes sense with the rest of what has been done in the USA recently.

Most truckers wont even turn thier CBs on anymore due to the non regulation of the airwaves there were formerly their homes and so much a part of thier culture. They are isolating them into being lone corporate workers for a company. No CB, just a cell phone and a satellite tracker on top of the truck so the company and whoever else can track thier whereabouts at any time.

So this means the freedom I felt for a time was temporary yet, the harassment, remote influence, interfacing and in person GS is not as bad as it was before the shutdown.

There is a bit of Truman Show Syndrome daily but I try to ignore that. Its not nearly as bad as it was but I am getting sick of them trying to continue behavior modification using conditioning.

Its a forced obsessiveness over various people who are supposed to be watching me like on a reality show through a linked network of public cameras used for security surveillance. A black bus driver in Vegas mentioned something like that, he said once I we got to a certain area of The Strip we would get away from civilization and "the cameras". The way he said it was obviously a mind f*ck and Ive dealt with enough public transit workers during the Bush era to know they cant be trusted and they are heavily involved in psy ops or 'gang stalking' of targeted people. They're some of the biggest *ssholes on two feet in this whole thing also I want people to know. Arrogant as can be and I cannot understand why. They also seem to be involved on deep levels that other people dont know about like knowing the entire reality of the situation- the human experimentation- all of it. Involved in it too.

From Greyhound to Amtrak to city buses and public transits across the nation, these perps are possibly the absolute worst human beings involved in this conspiracy.

Cops you expect to act like criminals or psychos or sociopaths. And they have high stress, high risk jobs and must get training. Cops doing gang stalking shows the difference between a trained criminal mind and a jerk off security guard who's sloppy and thinks the whole thing is a joke.

So why are transit workers in the USA seemingly on the level of secret agents or at least people who try to be or have some training but...just arent as professional as they should be. Yet they are in those positions working in that capacity?

If no one believes me I dont care anyway but all the creepy post 9-11 cloak and dagger bullshit and having people spy for Homeland and do anti terror, Ive already documented from articles etc just how real that was and is. All of this is plausible considering IF THE POWERS THAT BE WERE TO USE ANTI TERROR, SECRET, COVERT INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS TO COVER FOR WAR CRIMES AND ILLEGAL ACTIONS COMMITTED DOMESTICALLY.

You cant imagine that DARPA or Raytheon or GE etc etc and the universities that were so easily let into involvement in MK Ultra would have no problem continuing such projects and research...IF they could get away with it? IF there was a good enough cover for them to operate under?

Ive seen some of these people's lifestyles, thier vehicles etc. They live on levels that we normal people cannot imagine. Well, imagine this- that the elite dont care about little people and have no problem doing such a thing as mentioned above. Of course, just like in East Germany years ago, the public are more than willing to comply so they can live normally. Read up on the Stasi. There are books written using info from people now willing to talk about what went on back then.

Its just like now except no one in America is going to admit to what they have done or what they are doing now.

I am being urged to get legal council and to mature and help out in the Cambridge area with protecting the historical value of the area especially in Harvard Sq as well as assist the local sub culture population to have a safe place to go as nowadays, street life is no longer going to be acceptable in gentrified cities in the USA. For a time anyway.

Then again, one has to be suspect of the system wanting to brainwash a Survivor into serving them once again, at this new phase as more of a willing or compliant slave not under mind control from an internal programming system.
Yet, what about my own life, my healing I never got to do or what about my wants or desires? Why must Survivors always be called to serve? Much to our own detriment and with literal self sacrifice.

And yes, the idea that famous people who's opinions I am supposed to respect watching me on a reality show that uses public cameras to view what I am doing etc is ridiculous. Its obviously daily brainwashing. And repetition is the definition of brainwashing. Every day now.

And I know its tech becuz when I go underground or at like 3am it disappears- the same way that the technologies always behave.

That kind of campaign doesnt surprise me. Remember, Obama is keen on 'social responsibility'. So instead of tormenting me into suicide, this admin wants me to serve the community. Slavery is still slavery even if its positive.

Amtrak Is Part Of The Government

Well that explains alot. I didnt know Greyhound was part of the government.

In my ignorance and fear I didn't want to claim it was 'the goverment' but every new piece of information I find seems to support that.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Berklee College Of Music Students Need To Layoff Of Harassment On Mass Ave/The Shutdown Shows The Difference

This area has been hellish for years. Ive got many photos and stories about this area and organized harassment, psy ops even weird stuff going on at the Hostel around the corner. Its a GS hot spot. From Hynes Convention Center MBTA stop on Massachusetts Ave to around where the Christian Science Center is has always been a strip of living hell for me as a TI here in Boston, MA.

That strip of Mass Ave has been the area where some horrible harassment and tactics have taken place.

Berklee students have always been very nasty about doing harassment to me as a Targeted person.


And since the govt shutdown, much of that has been lifted. In person stalking and harassment in certain areas has ceased completely. It would appear that these colleges, hospitals etc HAVE THIER OWN FUNDING FOR BLACK OPS OR PSY OPS ON TI'S AND DONT NEED GOVT FUNDING or it could be that these places are deemed so important that the funding didnt get cut off as non essential.

Some little shits who go to school there saw me and discussed the usual "is that her?" bullshit. Or they make it appear that is the conversation. For all I know they could be freshman or new in town or part of a moving perp group, but they seemed to be students of Berklee.

Wendy's across from Berklee is one of thier favorite places to send stalkers and cause scenes or create set ups.

This was easy to handle today becuz the technologies or whatever it is thats gone due to the shutdown, isnt present so I can focus and handle myself.

If you notice, Ive been much more focused. Generally out in public I am in a better mood. I am not annoyed by African Americans (thats becuz due to the shut down there isnt a million assholes on the streets messing with people causing bad feelings among the public.) in fact I am getting along nicely with all of them I meet now.

SOCIETY IS PEACEFUL. As it should be.

What we are experiencing now is WHAT REALITY LOOKS LIKE for the most part, when the signals from whatever tech they use on people as well as people doing psy ops- maybe even the chemical influences have been stopped I dont know. It seems like all the things that made life hellish are not gone. There is some low level tech interfacing going on but its not severe and I can ignore it.

Only in areas that there are institutions that can afford to pay people out of thier own deep pockets are there any perps around now doing theatres.


The next time students pull something like that ever again, I will take pics of the students involved, I will identify them and I will sue the college and anyone involved.

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ANY LEGAL ACTION becuz the air is clear and so should TI's minds be.

This goes to show that all of these horrible things happening like people freaking out, snapping, losing it, doing violent things, lone shootings etc ARE MANY TIMES DUE TO THE USE OF THE 'GANG STALKING' FORMULA BEING USED TO INFLUENCE AMERICAN SOCIETY.

'Gang Stalking' is a homegrown word used by people who are Targeted by a system which we are not sure exactly who is responsible. Saying its 'The Government' is sufficient but with so much legal mumbo jumbo and privatization, as well as the existence of private black ops companies and people from intelligence work going over to consult or work for private companies its a huge broad brush stroke to blame a large, multifaceted entity. Besides, it sounds paranoid.

Lets just say parts of the govt and the private sector-powerful entities with money, resources, connections and access etc. Gang Stalking is used on individual Targets as well as society at large nowadays.

It seems to be a three point system or cocktail that utilizes humint or in person, human beings stalking, harassing using psychology to warp and destroy the minds and spirits of targeted people and also to influence society at large by acting out on the public. Chemical influences are suspected through Chem Trails. I personally experienced an entire public transit bus of people fall asleep at the same time in Boston during Bush when the experimentation seemed to be out of control. I suspect chemical influences are present in foods in certain instances (my road dog and I noted that after eating truck stop food that I had much better vision, alertness and was able to read a map with unbelievable accuracy. Hmmmm. Ive also noted that certain homeless shelters drug the food with things that cause sleepiness around lunch hour in cities that want the homeless off the streets at that time or with what could be anti-psychotics becuz I had a text book side effect one time in a place that was definitely being gang well as can be administered through ventilation systems.)

The third part of this is technologies such as microwave and electromagnetic weapons developed by the military for use in psy ops overseas. It seems these are being used domestically on the public to influence society and when used to target certain people along with the other two parts I mentioned-one can create horrible situations like lone shooters, bombings, people snapping etc.

Since the govt shutdown allows for people to be free of influence moreso than usual, I suggest actions be taken now to either investigate and compare the differences between the two states of reality or to take actions TIs could not usually like legal or leaving the country.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Warning To Females About Cheap Underwear (Purchased At Big Box Stores)

Theres some sort of weird itching that occurs when wearing Hanes or Fruit of The Loom which I usually buy from Walmart or Target etc. I dont have this problem with JOCKEY (which is expensive unless you are near a ROSS DRESS FOR LESS store and those are only on the west coast and parts of the south.
JOE BOXER also seems ok.

I've experimented with this. Ive had this experience with these brands for months and finally got sick of it last year. I started to wear FADED GLORY brand cotton underwear bought at Walmart and it did not produce the same itching and discomfort. Then unfortunately, that underwear became a blend of cotton and spandex so I cant wear it anymore.

Im not making any claims or even putting for any theories but the west, at least the USA is very calculating in not admitting to the presence of parasitic diseases in the modern civilized world (even though the CDC specifically states that with increased immigration, infectious diseases that were once considered 'tropical' in origin, are now a major concern. Its only logical. Ive posted before about how such diseases are ignored in the African American poor communities even though theres documented research that shows this is not only a problem for this population but for any other in contact with them. Its interesting how Big Pharma could have an agenda of not curing such diseases especially among the poor, in the interest of keeping people sick and even in prison (where you will most likely catch something if you didnt have it before.)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Disturbed By My Environment Lately

lots of red to get my attention. Shirts jackets etc. some black and red, mostly red.

multiple persons in the area around me thus creating a pattern.

The security cameras seem to have a strange effect on me like a hold on my attention. Theres a presence being eminated from them. as if someone in authority is watching. at least the illusion thereof.

I then get subdued by this formula.

I then get pulled in and become self conscious.

I stay longer than I planned and forget what I was going to do next and end up staying in the spot im in, in continuing cycle of reacting to stimuli, and in self defense out of insecurity.

This is happening all over the Boston area. This is their tactical game plan or theme this time around.

I'm also getting alot of bullshit from African American males but thats a norm in the Boston-Cambridge area.

nowhere else in the country other than maybe California is their sense of entitlement and power so great..or should I say their illusion of entitlement and power. COINTELPRO was very powerful in CA and from what Ive read, Boston is definitely someplace where youd want people 'under control' if they were activists.

There also seems to be many perps who have psychic vampire qualities. These people sit near me and take my strength enerfgy and Will as well as seem to make me feel watched intimidated and focused on.

They sit right behind ,me when theres orher chairs in open space away from me or multyiple people will create intimidation of my space sitting tactically.

Its robbing me ,of ,all the energfy I aquired in the nw. And preventing me from getting things done in a reasonably timely manner.

This is a prison cell beinfg created no matter where I go in this area.

Luckily I have been made strong by my travels.

Theres alot of harassment around the hospital I go to for my medical care-Beth Isreal

How r they able to do so much psychic stuff in boston area? This has always been the case here.

it only occurs to me now that the shutdown has given me clarity that the Obama administration has been creating loan shooters out of TI's and survivors

it's been very bad lately even though a good amount of the gang stalking and even technologies are not in use as of the government shutdown.

Generally the theme of this current administration seems to be a lot of lone shootings. Especially regarding schools and children.

I'm also noticing a lot of white supremacists snapping or people becoming white supremacist or joining cults or extremist groups before they snap and do shootings.

it's not hard to do considering how many vicious all African American perp groups there are. Both for gang stalking targeted individuals as well as taking part in human experimentation in such horrible things as MILABS etc.

it's not hard to force people to become racial extremists if you do really extreme and sophisticated black ops or psy ops on a person he's mostly African Americans. and specifically cold hearted almost cult-like groups of African Americans. As well as the dregs of society they drag out of prison and people in trouble to harass people. these people are sick dangerous criminals and extremely abusive and theyre more than willing to do anything to anyone which is why they utilize them. by the way this practice is very common with the CIA in overseas operations its well documented well known that they find out who the worst people are and get them to work for them.

the very idea that they wouldn't do such a thing domestically if the circumstances warranted such action is ridiculous. the only reason that people want to believe such a thing is isnt possible on American soil its not happening to them and they don't have to deal with it.
it just makes their lives easier.

a lot of us are very vulnerable to such an operation.
firstly many of us have been getting stalked for a decade or more and that leaves a lot of brain damage a lot of health issues and a lot of being tired and sleep deprived basically worn down and made vulnerable.

secondly I think a lot of us who have gone through the Bush administration being targeted individuals actually believe that we are through that phase. we're beyond it. we have mastered much of these programs. we are seasoned targets now.

I know that I believed I was beyond it that I had beaten whatever operation or system that they had to make someone into a lone shooter.

but I didn't count on the new administration doing things differently trying to get the same result or similar results.

for Obamas second term the currrent Obama administration, for their purposes in whatever they're trying to do right now with social engineering and manipulation of the public like it or not the seem to want the public to experience let's just say the safety of your children and schools being at stake.

being turned into a loan shooter during rush brush and early Obama was kind of a joke. early Bush era was more about entrapment hiding things under federal investigations and behind the war to confuse the target and get them to basically screw themselves. later on in the Bush administration in early Obama Hayden is the one that you want to focus on not who was in presidential office. it was hayden being head of the CIA it was key.

I personally was never so tortured during any of this in my entire life as I was when he was in office. it was brutal and basically about getting you to kill yourself or using brutality to murder you basically such as using electromagnetic or miccfowave weapons on the body.

becoming a loan shooter seemed to be something they tried on a number of people but it just didn't seem like it was something that would work if you were strong of will and intelligent and fairly healthy.

but now they really seem to want to get rid of whatever straggling targets there are and really want lone shooters. and they want racism. they want to engineer people to become white supremacist and then flip the f*** out.

plainly one can see that serves Obama's agenda and his special interest if you know what I mean. it undoubtedly furthers the agenda of the black people in America. this is exactly the Illuminati and whatever other powerful groups of people are in on whatever Obama can provide as far as late as a base for power in the future in this country.

targeted individuals that's not our concern. our concern is staying alive and not being used as pawns and with the progress of technologies and communications is becoming increasingly difficult, as well as the advancing age and failing health of many of us older targeted individuals.

remember many of us are experimentees from birth if not intergenerational. if we snap or not really doesn't matter its process in which they use and how we react to it seems to be of interest to them. getting loan shooters out into society is a bonus for them. its feeding whatever they have in their agenda gun control or continued security services.

if its not whatever happened during the Bush administration is what's happening now what will happen in the following administrationS. never quit never stop never give up we will always be of use to them.

The only thing you can do is keep an eye on the pulse of what is going on stay aware and keep exposing this and spreading awareness to the public.

The government shutdown has provided a window of opportunity to see exactly what is really going on the fact that a lot of the gang stalkers and what seems to be technologies of what's known as remote influence have disappeared since the government shut down again. most likely they were deemed non-essential and or the money just isn't there to pay for them.

Monday, October 21, 2013

if Greyhound pulls any crap this trip with me I will get revenge by suing the crap out of you for all these years you f***** with me. don't even think about it.

I'm taking Greyhound from Buffalo to Boston. I'm here tonight and I will be leaving at 6:15 a.m. if anything goes wrong gets funny or causes me to have a hard time this time I will sue the hell out of Greyhound.

and I have enough friends not to be credible again don't even think about it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stephen King- An Artist Working For Shadow System?

Theres a thoery that Stephen King killed John Lennon:

Looked at this again. Some of it does seem far fetched like the cigarette lighter resembling a crouching man in a raincoat with a gun going off.
Yet much of the codes do make sense especially if you've had experience with this system.

After reading this the one thing you do get out of it is a healthy inoculation against ever blindly accepting King's work into your life ever again.

I saw the movie cover for Children Of The Corn tonight. Now, seeing King's work as suspect the possible subliminals were immediately clear.
The raised sickle held in the hand of a raised arm, over a vast field of wheat all in red: indoctrination of fear and vilification of Russia, the films release being 1984.
That was that poster's purpose perhaps even the story itself.

King's keeping you scared isn't the American luxury you think it is-its part of your imprisonment in this country.

Friday, October 11, 2013

government shutdown open window to take action. perhaps it's not coincidence at all

Take advantage of the government shutdown. you will be or should be clear. able to think clearly and focus.

It seems in many cities and towns the in person gang stalkers usually on foot or in vehicles have are under non essential personell. That or the funding used to pay them has been frozen under the shutdown.

There also seems to be either a lot less remote influence from tech and chemicals or in some areas none at all.

whatever you were planning to do before the last two years has come along made it impossible to do anything at all , do it now.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Guardian:'Truman Show Syndrome Delusion On The Rise'. [Its Only Tech]

I've been having a really hard time with this lately.
its been constant and non stop daily for the past year maybe longer.

which of course lines up with the public's general experiences with this so called condition.

I have the benefit of travel without anything to keep me in a constant like a smartphone car it cetera.

I can tell you that the effects change with location.

this is nothing more than military grade psy ops technology. most likely be used in unison with chemical influence. probably targeted individuals who don't realize they are targeted are also being stocked and harassed by human forces , in person in their daily lives.

thus the chances that these people are gang stocking targets is very high.

once you understand how the magicians trick is done d
the illusion is broken permanently.

and the falsehood, and hoax of this being an actual psychiatric disorder or delusion is debunked.

awareness is the main concern to stop these continued war crimes.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Govt Shutdown Effect GS?

Anyone else feel fx of being targeted cease or b altered with govt shutdown?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brainwashed, Disinformed Americans Make Gang Stalker's Jobs Easier/Poverty Industry In USA

"If Americans understood anything about poverty from those of us in it instead of the non profit, charity org and homeless industry white collar criminals and social worker 'middle men', they would be able to assess more accurately who they are giving their money to."

Any one who understood the world of poverty and the lower classes in America would know that the pregnant girl has more access to services for NECESSARY THINGS like food, shelter, clothing, medical than the single female with a large back pack who looks like she's traveling. The pregnant woman has no large pack and prob couldnt carry one due to her condition, thus she must be local. People who are transient have a harder time accessing services due to thier unfamiliarity with the local system as well as not being established.
The older guy you see every morning looks a bit disheveled, look for signs of drunk lifestyle such as blotchy skin or gin blossomed nose and cheeks. Dirty appearance thus passes out wherever at night.
As opposed to well kempt Traveler female who you dont see every day yet you see wears pretty much the same three outfits thus is indeed traveling but doesnt look dirty, or has signs of drug or alchohol abuse.

That girl made thirty dollars in a half an hour-20 of it standing talking to me while I advised her to get rid of her man and that she should give him only SOME of the money so he doesnt suspect her holding out then save up what she hides and take a bus to Seattle or Portland. She mentioned multiple controls he has over her such as mutual drug use sessions, having her pregnant and her owning the car but he being the only one with a license. Told her to ditch him in the car one day and take a bus, write off the damn car.

He goes with other women, doesnt put out anymore, takes her money for drugs, doesnt spange or work himself and doesnt do shit for her. She was crying when I met her and it was raining. I let her keep the money people came up and gave to her while she was talking to me becuz I am stand up and old school.
As we were talking a cop drove by and did the 'break your neck to look at the Target out your window' tactic. I asked her why he did that, she said just becuz we were standing here and they ask her all the time if her old man is beating her, she claims no.

So after all my being nice and good hearted AS USUAL, that cop driving by like that was a sign that this interaction with this girl might have been a set up. People coming out of nowhere to hand her money when she wasnt making much on the other spot nearby was also suspect. (I get no recognition in this country for being a good person. It doesnt matter how good I am or do the right things. I still get destroyed daily.)
Something like that is first of all to get me pissed off at the unfairness of the area's treatment of me compared to lesser people who are squandering thier lives on doing nothing or illegal stuff, as soon after that day I was harassed while flying a sign and then the money dried up which wasnt the case before, which could mean people in the area were perps who got activated, a perp group came into town when college started or...people were lied to or I was made pissed off and did something to make myself look bad and it was filmed and shown to the locals etc.

I do recall that some blacks started coming around and pissing me off, before the 26th I saw all of 3 black guys in this town. I of course having little patience, used racism to defend myself. I also posted a blog post that day that was candid about African American males being used to destroy entire cities-which I believe is part of the engineering of the NWO not by coincidence. Remember, in my experience and many African American TI's also- there are is a huge network of African Americans involved in gang stalking and even the black project human experimentation operations. This is logical with the history of COINTELPRO in the USA as well as blacks doing extensive spy work for the US's interests historically. Thinking blacks are underprivileged, stupid, held out of intelligence work and incapable of such things-THAT is the racism that most whites in the USA are guilty of and that naivety is whats helping the elite to destroy thier neighborhoods, cities and towns.
Obama wants to force integrate nicer, white areas as part of a HUD initiative in future. Why wouldnt gang stalking blacks or gang connected blacks infiltrating those areas with a weak, unaware citizenry COVERTLY not be a part of that program?

I use racism as self defense. Blacks used to be allies in poverty- they have decided in the majority to go back to playing house slave to get thier way in the world. They have always played for the special interests of the United States, if this were not true, COINTELPRO would have never been able to be formed or succeeded to begin with that is why Malcolm X referred to them as house slaves.
Professor Griff, though I dont agree with his views on gays, is an activist who is real. He also exhibits all the signs of being targeted for his work. Anyone who goes up against the system is targeted and either gets killed, commits suicide or leaves the USA.
Blacks are being used against whites, who traditionally back in EU fight, revolt and never made good slaves- in order to bring on the NWO.

This is extremely important to remember. Blacks are in on the NWO. African Americans from slave descent are being used as a weapon against naive whites. Just as they were used against thier own people in the Black Panthers. Just like Native Americans who are on the side of the govt and the powers that be helped to break up the Native movement of the 1970s.

There is nothing in the USA that is not monitored nor watched nor infiltrated in this modern era. To think this could happen in this day and age is naive. Most people are still thinking like relics from the 20th century. The elite and thier legions of helpers are operating using the technologies that many of us talk about but the public are unaware of.
They are also operating using humint or human intelligence forces where tech is also used to track people as well as communicate between groups. Average people still dont think in terms of the 21st century reality that surrounds them.

Whites make the mistake of believing in 20th century thinking about civil rights and race.
Its an entirely different ball game than it was in the 1970s. Black people DID try to free themselves. It was all infiltrated and brought down. Rap music was infiltrated and used as a vehicle by the powers that be along with the black gangs and drug dealing.
Unfortunately, it may appear that black people have gained freedom but they havent. They have gained a greater power as house slaves for the Man is all. They continue thier traditional roles.

Look around you- they guard the properties, security guards. Drive the buses. Guard things, watch things, drive the public around. They are always put in key positions to be able to be guards or watchers in American society.
The naivety is that people do not understand they are connected to the powers that be in an intelligence capacity and very well neigh capable of such actions.

Blacks play stupid. They are rude to people they know will put up with it and polite to people they know they have to respect. I am referring to your average lower to middle class blacks not ones going for higher status-sadly even they must serve the system.

If black people in the USA were truly free they would not be handed disinformation like Afro Centrism which focuses on a mythical lineage back to ancient Egypt, which is nothing more than trying to match whites' obsessions with ancient Rome or the Vikings etc.
African Americans would not be only allowed to seek identities as entertainers, athletes or house slaves for the system's properties or mammy's for the public like the bus driver and other similar jobs they are given.

There would be established an honest seeking of African American's lineage IN AFRICA, accurately tracing thier true heritages' from a massive American DNA project just for them with free testing, then establishing the entire United States populations DNA connections and true African histories. THEN teach them about the lands back in Africa where their ancestors come from.

Also the US should acknowledge that slave labor created most of the great architectural structures in the United States.

Why is this not done, why is this not the reality we live in? It would clear up alot of mystery about African Americans for us and for them???

BECUZ THEY MUST KEEP THE 'MAGICAL NEGRO' CHARACTER ALIVE. Its one of the main staples of advertising if you look at old products and ads from history in the USA. Its used in ads even today. Its something that can be used to hypnotize and mind control whites as well as other peoples.

If this were not true there would not be a such thing as a ghetto in the 21st century. There should not be any ghettos at all in this day and age in the United States of America.
People go into these ghettos, open up businesses they know will exploit blacks and poor people just to continue to keep them down, and keep them under mind control.

I am not an ignorant racist- I am a realist who has spent enough time AROUND black people to understand the realities of what America does to black people. I also have seen the changes go from blacks that were with us in civil rights and poverty, to blacks who are against us in the 21st century and seek only to dominate through sports, media, rap music culture, gang activity and organized crime as well as the traditional three things that sell everything in advertising: 'magic, mystery....authority'. Now they are given the authority.

African Americans are being used to keep the public mind controlled. Why would feminists continue to support a culture and a people who, after white feminists helped African American males decades ago in the Civil Rights movements- now males commonly subscribe to the hip hop culture refering to females as 'bitches' and 'hoes'?

Whites continue to stand by PC standards that dont make sense and are brain washing concepts and phrases in themselves such as 'Diversity' and 'Equality' to the point where whites of a certain higher class, usually middle such as YUPpies, will sacrifice lower class whites for the sake of black peoples, especially in large American cities. Even though its proven that African Americans are part of a thug culture, gang activity connected now to major organized crime, white slavery such as pimping and the typical violent crimes.

Its as if whites were COMPARTMENTALIZING one African American cultural reality from another!! Hmmmm, people who are mind controlled compartmentalize things in order to survive a reality that is unfair or doesnt make sense. AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING.

To push the point further, and this IS something that hardcore racists use in arguments but I find curious- why must there be laws to force people to associate with other peoples? In other words why dont whites want to move to black neighborhoods? Why are there laws that force people to deal with a certain kind of people? WHY DO THERE HAVE TO BE LAWS?

The answer isnt that people are unfair, its that people dont want to deal with the African American ghetto culture, in reality. African Americans shouldn't even have to deal with living like that.

And look at what genius they have done in this era we live in! Instead of striving to leave the ghetto, people now glorify it and embrace it, even buy it as marketed to them in products!!!!

This is ALL PART OF THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES AS A HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING, TO CREATE A LOWER CLASS THAT IS NO LONGER GOING TO REVOLT BUT SATISFIED WITH THIER STATUS BECUZ NOW ITS COOL to live like an animal. Its cool to have your dreams crushed by local gangs. Its ok that the penal system is definitely going to get you into one of thier courtrooms and then into one of thier CORPORATE RUN PRISONS, then probably into one of thier psychiatrists to take thier meds which are also mind control technically.

Growing up in Boston if you got caught and went to jail YOU WERE CONSIDERED STUPID AND NO ONE WANTED TO DEAL WITH YOU. And if you were involved in organized crime, YOU WOULD ALWAYS BE JUST A SOLDIER AND NEVER BE ABLE TO RISE IN THE ORGANIZATION.

If you know about or study old school organized crime from European ethnic groups like Irish, Jews, Italians etc you will understand that the US has created nothing more than en endless supply of soldiers for gangs that not only hide who really brings in the drugs by being able to blame it on blacks and Latinos but also feeds thier corporate prison system and Big Pharma/psychiatry.

It all comes down to Americans not wanting to bother with a revolution. People believe that since it only semi succeeded in the 60s that its useless. The problem is that mind control is used so prevalently, along with control of information about what reality is truely about nowadays, that people dont even know what they would be revolting against realistically or what needs to be rebelled against.

OCCUPY was a prime example of this. Kids not being prepared for infiltrators into the camps. Your grandmother from the 60's could have told you that. If you read some of the manuals and books from that era about going up against cops or the system you would be amazed at how clever, informed and smart the 60's generation was compared to kids in the past few generations. Even my generation, Gen X.

If people dont understand whats really going on, they are going to be easily fooled, controlled and if they do rebel, they are going to be going up against only an illusion of what they are fighting not whats really there.

My supposed racism is not only self defense but tough love for blacks themselves. If you get rejected by me in such a way maybe this will make you think about your behavior for once instead of imitating some asshole on MTV or whatever. Reality may strike you instead of the images put forth to fool and control you.

Of course my methods in my madness are used against me. After school came into session here and I started getting messed with a group of kids came after me downtown near my sleep spot when I was laying down and I heard a large group of voices loudly state something about a racist or other harassment.

This is also why they send people to mess with TI's they know will irritate us endlessly. They work off of our histories, psych profiles, parents beliefs or if TIs too, what works on them as well as trial and error to find what will KEEP TARGETED PEOPLE CONTROLLED. What will keep us angry, seemingly bad or negative people to the public as well as what will continue to make us discredit ourselves. This is most important of all.

It matters little what the uninformed public think or do if they are suckered into doing GS dirty work for the system with slander/smear disinfo campaigns. They are the numerous, stupid sheep that populate the USA now. They are dangerous at worst and a nuisance at best. They dont deserve to be paid attention to becuz if they really cared about the country or about race or class issues they would be thinking along the lines of whats really going on not whats HANDED TO THEM BY THE SYSTEM IN THE FORM OF FEEL GOOD PROPAGANDA.

Who the fuck is so lazy, self interested and greedy that they need to be given the catch phrase 'social responsibility' and have it marketed to them like a retail product for purchase?? AMERICANS. NWO Americans, modern western people.
You are so fucking full of your own shit that you have to be coaxed like that or forced or brain washed into caring about the welfare of your fellow citizen? OTHER COUNTRIES DO THAT AS PART OF THEIR POLITICAL POLICIES AS WELL AS THEIR CULTURAL ONES.

This is why the USA will always be screwed up and outright wrong.

Until they finally face thier own greed and exploitation of the rest of the world for thier own gain THEY WILL CONTINUE TO FABRICATE SCAPE GOATS like myself as well as anyone else who is truly on the side of the good fight. Becuz Americans cant face the fact that without a true revolt against who and what is now in power, the citizenry themselves are part of the problem that is destroying the earth as well as is an evil force in the world.

Which is why I fight daily but dont really have much hope for the country. Its totally brain washed as well as everyone is, deep down, secretly very lazy, self interested and NOT into really doing socially responsible things. If this were true, they would be using critical thinking, not trusting the two party system that no longer works as well as questioning why anyone is homeless including myself.

America is the ultimate sociopath, populated by psychopaths. For me to even explain my complex theories or motivations in this blog is useless as well as fruitless. Ive seen Americans outright deny me and reject me as part of staying adhered to this extremely fucked up place and its culture. THEY DONT WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH NOR DO THEY GENUINELY WANT TO DO WHATS RIGHT.

They want to survive and get for themselves, though they put on a good front for just the opposite.

Colleges Are Hotbeds Of GS and Targeting TIs

It rained for last five days here. I am still not well from that medical procedure in Portland. After the University and college came into session everything became sh*tty.

As of the 26th after school started the spare changing now sucks and the people here are giving money to pregnant white trash girls who use it to smoke meth with her boyfriends and drunks they see every morning but it takes me five to seven hours to get 5-15 bucks just to eat, totally broke.
If Americans understood anything about poverty from those of us in it instead of the non profit, charity org and homeless industry white collar criminals and social worker 'middle men', they would be able to assess more accurately who they are giving their money to.

(see this post for more on that subject:

I now get dirty looks from guys in pick up trucks (thats the perp MO in red neck places like AZ, Texas the southwest etc) and uppity looks from older women in cars and trucks.

This entire population of perps WERE NOT IN BELLINGHAM, WA before school started.

I have also been getting absolutely fried since the 26th, a day after school started.


It seems anywhere that theres colleges or corporate centers like downtown Seattle, theres a hot bed of gang stalking and getting hit with tech or chemical influence (or both) that make a person act crazy or go crazy.

Ive also been pushed to self injure over last few days which wasnt the way it was before the 26th.

I am sort of heartbroken becuz I liked this town. It has a large Norwegian population-all these beautiful blonde people, even the ugly people are attractive or interesting to look at. It was cute, fair, calm, sane, fairly priced with well mannered people. The houses are cute and its sort of like New England a bit 30 years ago.

It was so damn lovely...then all school started. Yesterday in front of Fred Meyer I saw droves of UGLY AMERICANS, people not from this cute little town with its Scandinavian influence but from other horrid parts of Washington state. Baseball caps, rap music out of cars, baggy clothes, fat ugly girls, common looking young women, young males trying to be dominant and semi ghetto- that new look of the suburbs in America.

AWFUL. The little town is ruined.

And I now understand something I did not before- that anywhere theres a university or college theres going to be alot of gang stalking.

I was perfectly fine and not being messed with BEFORE UNIVERSITY STARTED. Its so very sad.

An older man from Louisiana tried to tell me but being Yankee and direct as usual I didnt understand the mysterious ways of the deep south- how they try to help you by telling you something subtley.
He told me that the town was .."catering more to the university".. these days. I did NOT understand what he was talking about but now I frickin do.
Its becuz he asked me if I was alternative-he meant gay and thats where the conversation started and I dont reject the gay lifestyle so I guess I rejected his opinion about the college as it was based on acceptance of gay lifestyle.

Believe me thats not the problem in this country nowadays. As many gays as there are that seem to be involved in gang stalking as well as the NWO, there are just as many stupid people like that who are African American, white, Mexican or Native or Asian involved in gang stalking.
Its just that the gays bother me the least.

I also now understand something else about the GS system:

In the beginning of all this I noticed that they used trannies and other gays and I just dealt with them normally. I knew some of them were perps but it was such a f*ckin show it wasnt a threat so much as entertaining.
As time went on, they started to hone in on what aggravated me the most and now thats all I get hit with: regular guy or red necky males with some status (big trucks), uppity older women (my mom all over again) as well as blacks specifically males (my childhood nightmare of going to school during bussing or forced integration in Boston in the 1970's).

I also believe from experience that as they work with multi generations of Targeted Individuals (my mother and father and perhaps my maternal grandmother etc), I notice they try things on a TI of the next generation that worked on the parent(s).

Gays may have pissed off my dad. Latino immigrants piss off my mom but they dont bother me really unless it gets really ridiculous like down at the border near Tijuana sometimes.

Ive even had a perp walk by with directed conversation and say "first it was the mother we were dealing with now the daughter" know what, fuck you.
I am so not intimidated by that bs. You are the ones doing totally illegal black projects on human beings then intimidating and discrediting us into silence. GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

This is what I have learned this time. Its sad becuz I am attracted to universities being from Boston and Cambridge. Sigh...

Phone is dead. Going to try to get another form of tech for posting..

DARPA's Plan To Flood Seas WIth Drone Carrying Drones

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