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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brainwashed, Disinformed Americans Make Gang Stalker's Jobs Easier/Poverty Industry In USA

"If Americans understood anything about poverty from those of us in it instead of the non profit, charity org and homeless industry white collar criminals and social worker 'middle men', they would be able to assess more accurately who they are giving their money to."

Any one who understood the world of poverty and the lower classes in America would know that the pregnant girl has more access to services for NECESSARY THINGS like food, shelter, clothing, medical than the single female with a large back pack who looks like she's traveling. The pregnant woman has no large pack and prob couldnt carry one due to her condition, thus she must be local. People who are transient have a harder time accessing services due to thier unfamiliarity with the local system as well as not being established.
The older guy you see every morning looks a bit disheveled, look for signs of drunk lifestyle such as blotchy skin or gin blossomed nose and cheeks. Dirty appearance thus passes out wherever at night.
As opposed to well kempt Traveler female who you dont see every day yet you see wears pretty much the same three outfits thus is indeed traveling but doesnt look dirty, or has signs of drug or alchohol abuse.

That girl made thirty dollars in a half an hour-20 of it standing talking to me while I advised her to get rid of her man and that she should give him only SOME of the money so he doesnt suspect her holding out then save up what she hides and take a bus to Seattle or Portland. She mentioned multiple controls he has over her such as mutual drug use sessions, having her pregnant and her owning the car but he being the only one with a license. Told her to ditch him in the car one day and take a bus, write off the damn car.

He goes with other women, doesnt put out anymore, takes her money for drugs, doesnt spange or work himself and doesnt do shit for her. She was crying when I met her and it was raining. I let her keep the money people came up and gave to her while she was talking to me becuz I am stand up and old school.
As we were talking a cop drove by and did the 'break your neck to look at the Target out your window' tactic. I asked her why he did that, she said just becuz we were standing here and they ask her all the time if her old man is beating her, she claims no.

So after all my being nice and good hearted AS USUAL, that cop driving by like that was a sign that this interaction with this girl might have been a set up. People coming out of nowhere to hand her money when she wasnt making much on the other spot nearby was also suspect. (I get no recognition in this country for being a good person. It doesnt matter how good I am or do the right things. I still get destroyed daily.)
Something like that is first of all to get me pissed off at the unfairness of the area's treatment of me compared to lesser people who are squandering thier lives on doing nothing or illegal stuff, as soon after that day I was harassed while flying a sign and then the money dried up which wasnt the case before, which could mean people in the area were perps who got activated, a perp group came into town when college started or...people were lied to or I was made pissed off and did something to make myself look bad and it was filmed and shown to the locals etc.

I do recall that some blacks started coming around and pissing me off, before the 26th I saw all of 3 black guys in this town. I of course having little patience, used racism to defend myself. I also posted a blog post that day that was candid about African American males being used to destroy entire cities-which I believe is part of the engineering of the NWO not by coincidence. Remember, in my experience and many African American TI's also- there are is a huge network of African Americans involved in gang stalking and even the black project human experimentation operations. This is logical with the history of COINTELPRO in the USA as well as blacks doing extensive spy work for the US's interests historically. Thinking blacks are underprivileged, stupid, held out of intelligence work and incapable of such things-THAT is the racism that most whites in the USA are guilty of and that naivety is whats helping the elite to destroy thier neighborhoods, cities and towns.
Obama wants to force integrate nicer, white areas as part of a HUD initiative in future. Why wouldnt gang stalking blacks or gang connected blacks infiltrating those areas with a weak, unaware citizenry COVERTLY not be a part of that program?

I use racism as self defense. Blacks used to be allies in poverty- they have decided in the majority to go back to playing house slave to get thier way in the world. They have always played for the special interests of the United States, if this were not true, COINTELPRO would have never been able to be formed or succeeded to begin with that is why Malcolm X referred to them as house slaves.
Professor Griff, though I dont agree with his views on gays, is an activist who is real. He also exhibits all the signs of being targeted for his work. Anyone who goes up against the system is targeted and either gets killed, commits suicide or leaves the USA.
Blacks are being used against whites, who traditionally back in EU fight, revolt and never made good slaves- in order to bring on the NWO.

This is extremely important to remember. Blacks are in on the NWO. African Americans from slave descent are being used as a weapon against naive whites. Just as they were used against thier own people in the Black Panthers. Just like Native Americans who are on the side of the govt and the powers that be helped to break up the Native movement of the 1970s.

There is nothing in the USA that is not monitored nor watched nor infiltrated in this modern era. To think this could happen in this day and age is naive. Most people are still thinking like relics from the 20th century. The elite and thier legions of helpers are operating using the technologies that many of us talk about but the public are unaware of.
They are also operating using humint or human intelligence forces where tech is also used to track people as well as communicate between groups. Average people still dont think in terms of the 21st century reality that surrounds them.

Whites make the mistake of believing in 20th century thinking about civil rights and race.
Its an entirely different ball game than it was in the 1970s. Black people DID try to free themselves. It was all infiltrated and brought down. Rap music was infiltrated and used as a vehicle by the powers that be along with the black gangs and drug dealing.
Unfortunately, it may appear that black people have gained freedom but they havent. They have gained a greater power as house slaves for the Man is all. They continue thier traditional roles.

Look around you- they guard the properties, security guards. Drive the buses. Guard things, watch things, drive the public around. They are always put in key positions to be able to be guards or watchers in American society.
The naivety is that people do not understand they are connected to the powers that be in an intelligence capacity and very well neigh capable of such actions.

Blacks play stupid. They are rude to people they know will put up with it and polite to people they know they have to respect. I am referring to your average lower to middle class blacks not ones going for higher status-sadly even they must serve the system.

If black people in the USA were truly free they would not be handed disinformation like Afro Centrism which focuses on a mythical lineage back to ancient Egypt, which is nothing more than trying to match whites' obsessions with ancient Rome or the Vikings etc.
African Americans would not be only allowed to seek identities as entertainers, athletes or house slaves for the system's properties or mammy's for the public like the bus driver and other similar jobs they are given.

There would be established an honest seeking of African American's lineage IN AFRICA, accurately tracing thier true heritages' from a massive American DNA project just for them with free testing, then establishing the entire United States populations DNA connections and true African histories. THEN teach them about the lands back in Africa where their ancestors come from.

Also the US should acknowledge that slave labor created most of the great architectural structures in the United States.

Why is this not done, why is this not the reality we live in? It would clear up alot of mystery about African Americans for us and for them???

BECUZ THEY MUST KEEP THE 'MAGICAL NEGRO' CHARACTER ALIVE. Its one of the main staples of advertising if you look at old products and ads from history in the USA. Its used in ads even today. Its something that can be used to hypnotize and mind control whites as well as other peoples.

If this were not true there would not be a such thing as a ghetto in the 21st century. There should not be any ghettos at all in this day and age in the United States of America.
People go into these ghettos, open up businesses they know will exploit blacks and poor people just to continue to keep them down, and keep them under mind control.

I am not an ignorant racist- I am a realist who has spent enough time AROUND black people to understand the realities of what America does to black people. I also have seen the changes go from blacks that were with us in civil rights and poverty, to blacks who are against us in the 21st century and seek only to dominate through sports, media, rap music culture, gang activity and organized crime as well as the traditional three things that sell everything in advertising: 'magic, mystery....authority'. Now they are given the authority.

African Americans are being used to keep the public mind controlled. Why would feminists continue to support a culture and a people who, after white feminists helped African American males decades ago in the Civil Rights movements- now males commonly subscribe to the hip hop culture refering to females as 'bitches' and 'hoes'?

Whites continue to stand by PC standards that dont make sense and are brain washing concepts and phrases in themselves such as 'Diversity' and 'Equality' to the point where whites of a certain higher class, usually middle such as YUPpies, will sacrifice lower class whites for the sake of black peoples, especially in large American cities. Even though its proven that African Americans are part of a thug culture, gang activity connected now to major organized crime, white slavery such as pimping and the typical violent crimes.

Its as if whites were COMPARTMENTALIZING one African American cultural reality from another!! Hmmmm, people who are mind controlled compartmentalize things in order to survive a reality that is unfair or doesnt make sense. AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING.

To push the point further, and this IS something that hardcore racists use in arguments but I find curious- why must there be laws to force people to associate with other peoples? In other words why dont whites want to move to black neighborhoods? Why are there laws that force people to deal with a certain kind of people? WHY DO THERE HAVE TO BE LAWS?

The answer isnt that people are unfair, its that people dont want to deal with the African American ghetto culture, in reality. African Americans shouldn't even have to deal with living like that.

And look at what genius they have done in this era we live in! Instead of striving to leave the ghetto, people now glorify it and embrace it, even buy it as marketed to them in products!!!!

This is ALL PART OF THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES AS A HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING, TO CREATE A LOWER CLASS THAT IS NO LONGER GOING TO REVOLT BUT SATISFIED WITH THIER STATUS BECUZ NOW ITS COOL to live like an animal. Its cool to have your dreams crushed by local gangs. Its ok that the penal system is definitely going to get you into one of thier courtrooms and then into one of thier CORPORATE RUN PRISONS, then probably into one of thier psychiatrists to take thier meds which are also mind control technically.

Growing up in Boston if you got caught and went to jail YOU WERE CONSIDERED STUPID AND NO ONE WANTED TO DEAL WITH YOU. And if you were involved in organized crime, YOU WOULD ALWAYS BE JUST A SOLDIER AND NEVER BE ABLE TO RISE IN THE ORGANIZATION.

If you know about or study old school organized crime from European ethnic groups like Irish, Jews, Italians etc you will understand that the US has created nothing more than en endless supply of soldiers for gangs that not only hide who really brings in the drugs by being able to blame it on blacks and Latinos but also feeds thier corporate prison system and Big Pharma/psychiatry.

It all comes down to Americans not wanting to bother with a revolution. People believe that since it only semi succeeded in the 60s that its useless. The problem is that mind control is used so prevalently, along with control of information about what reality is truely about nowadays, that people dont even know what they would be revolting against realistically or what needs to be rebelled against.

OCCUPY was a prime example of this. Kids not being prepared for infiltrators into the camps. Your grandmother from the 60's could have told you that. If you read some of the manuals and books from that era about going up against cops or the system you would be amazed at how clever, informed and smart the 60's generation was compared to kids in the past few generations. Even my generation, Gen X.

If people dont understand whats really going on, they are going to be easily fooled, controlled and if they do rebel, they are going to be going up against only an illusion of what they are fighting not whats really there.

My supposed racism is not only self defense but tough love for blacks themselves. If you get rejected by me in such a way maybe this will make you think about your behavior for once instead of imitating some asshole on MTV or whatever. Reality may strike you instead of the images put forth to fool and control you.

Of course my methods in my madness are used against me. After school came into session here and I started getting messed with a group of kids came after me downtown near my sleep spot when I was laying down and I heard a large group of voices loudly state something about a racist or other harassment.

This is also why they send people to mess with TI's they know will irritate us endlessly. They work off of our histories, psych profiles, parents beliefs or if TIs too, what works on them as well as trial and error to find what will KEEP TARGETED PEOPLE CONTROLLED. What will keep us angry, seemingly bad or negative people to the public as well as what will continue to make us discredit ourselves. This is most important of all.

It matters little what the uninformed public think or do if they are suckered into doing GS dirty work for the system with slander/smear disinfo campaigns. They are the numerous, stupid sheep that populate the USA now. They are dangerous at worst and a nuisance at best. They dont deserve to be paid attention to becuz if they really cared about the country or about race or class issues they would be thinking along the lines of whats really going on not whats HANDED TO THEM BY THE SYSTEM IN THE FORM OF FEEL GOOD PROPAGANDA.

Who the fuck is so lazy, self interested and greedy that they need to be given the catch phrase 'social responsibility' and have it marketed to them like a retail product for purchase?? AMERICANS. NWO Americans, modern western people.
You are so fucking full of your own shit that you have to be coaxed like that or forced or brain washed into caring about the welfare of your fellow citizen? OTHER COUNTRIES DO THAT AS PART OF THEIR POLITICAL POLICIES AS WELL AS THEIR CULTURAL ONES.

This is why the USA will always be screwed up and outright wrong.

Until they finally face thier own greed and exploitation of the rest of the world for thier own gain THEY WILL CONTINUE TO FABRICATE SCAPE GOATS like myself as well as anyone else who is truly on the side of the good fight. Becuz Americans cant face the fact that without a true revolt against who and what is now in power, the citizenry themselves are part of the problem that is destroying the earth as well as is an evil force in the world.

Which is why I fight daily but dont really have much hope for the country. Its totally brain washed as well as everyone is, deep down, secretly very lazy, self interested and NOT into really doing socially responsible things. If this were true, they would be using critical thinking, not trusting the two party system that no longer works as well as questioning why anyone is homeless including myself.

America is the ultimate sociopath, populated by psychopaths. For me to even explain my complex theories or motivations in this blog is useless as well as fruitless. Ive seen Americans outright deny me and reject me as part of staying adhered to this extremely fucked up place and its culture. THEY DONT WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH NOR DO THEY GENUINELY WANT TO DO WHATS RIGHT.

They want to survive and get for themselves, though they put on a good front for just the opposite.


Unknown said...

Yeah, you're right, they are lazy. It's easy to pick on someone, especially when corrupt authority is giving them the green light to do it. And this points to reprobate, low standards types of people. I could never imagine myself doing this even once, yet large numbers of people do this to targets many hours per day, many days a year, for many years -- even decades. Yet many TI's would never harass someone even once JUST BECAUSE CORRUPT AUTHORITY FIGURES GAVE THEM THE RIGHT TO DO IT. And yet this has been steady for the longest time. They never give up. If they'd spend as much time improving themselves, they wouldn't need to gangstalk in the first place. But then, we as TI's almost never see the normal side of society; we typically only see those who have been unleashed and giving control over us. The rest we never see in daily life. So it looks like the entire population is into it when in fact, it's just the perception, because we never see anything else other than the people the system sends after us. Everyone else is afraid to get involved, and they are not horrified at all. Maybe if they close their eyes and pretend this horrible system doesn't exist, the evils it causes will go away. That's the typical way the average citizen sees it. And that too, is by design, as the system has rendered them helpless and unable to do anything, leaving targets exposed to the NWO'S wolves.

mej313 said...

Also, when people approach you and begin to make long complaints about their lives, as a target you have to realize it will probably be a harassment skit to ensnare you into falling into a trap of negativity. I have encountered this often, the "skit" is for people to endlessly tell me about problems, they go on and on, usually about boyfriends or other things--they want to make you sink into a very negative reverie about your own personal experiences with the stalkers who have been sent to attack you sexually, to keep you feeling victimized. Then they want you to feel further victimized when the person who is dumping this crap on you, takes over what you have been working on as they grab it for themselves or they ruin what you are doing. There is a good chance you are being mind controlled while this is happening so you open up instead of remaining closed and telling them to go away or stop talking. I have learned how the mind control works when they want someone to "get" to me, but I still can't find a way to overcome it, although in realizing it I can try to stop it after the first few moments of it happening. I would say for the time-being, if someone approaches you telling you their problems don't let them go on, don't engage. Usually you might feel good about helping someone else, but they will use your compassion against you. At least help people you know who you truly believe are not stalkers. Fuck em, basically. I still have the problem of not being able to close off to abusers who attack me, this group makes me sort of mentally paralyzed and I talk and laugh with these creeps who are attacking me like it's a joke and I am weak and find it funny and laugh along with the abusers. I can't control it while it's happening but only afterwards I realize what has happened. They use so much harassment before hand that I am already unbalanced by the time these pre-planned abuse skits occur. The situation you describe was definitely a planned operation.

mej313 said...

I beg to differ once more: Germany is the ultimate Sociopath and psychopath combined in this world. America is just riding on the wave of this Zeitgeist. Not saying I know more than you do about this, but I have lived in Germany 5 years and I speak German (more or less, less than more but..) as Jewish Target who has lived in fucking Deutschland for 5 fucking years and seen them before and after the US occupation, and what they have since become and are now, and what America is, I truly tell you that you have not yet left this country and have only America as your main point of reference. Germany is a fucking psychopath, but perhaps Italy more so. The problem is that AMerica has indeed allowed psychopaths to rule the country and they still allow it to happen.