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Friday, October 25, 2013

Berklee College Of Music Students Need To Layoff Of Harassment On Mass Ave/The Shutdown Shows The Difference

This area has been hellish for years. Ive got many photos and stories about this area and organized harassment, psy ops even weird stuff going on at the Hostel around the corner. Its a GS hot spot. From Hynes Convention Center MBTA stop on Massachusetts Ave to around where the Christian Science Center is has always been a strip of living hell for me as a TI here in Boston, MA.

That strip of Mass Ave has been the area where some horrible harassment and tactics have taken place.

Berklee students have always been very nasty about doing harassment to me as a Targeted person.


And since the govt shutdown, much of that has been lifted. In person stalking and harassment in certain areas has ceased completely. It would appear that these colleges, hospitals etc HAVE THIER OWN FUNDING FOR BLACK OPS OR PSY OPS ON TI'S AND DONT NEED GOVT FUNDING or it could be that these places are deemed so important that the funding didnt get cut off as non essential.

Some little shits who go to school there saw me and discussed the usual "is that her?" bullshit. Or they make it appear that is the conversation. For all I know they could be freshman or new in town or part of a moving perp group, but they seemed to be students of Berklee.

Wendy's across from Berklee is one of thier favorite places to send stalkers and cause scenes or create set ups.

This was easy to handle today becuz the technologies or whatever it is thats gone due to the shutdown, isnt present so I can focus and handle myself.

If you notice, Ive been much more focused. Generally out in public I am in a better mood. I am not annoyed by African Americans (thats becuz due to the shut down there isnt a million assholes on the streets messing with people causing bad feelings among the public.) in fact I am getting along nicely with all of them I meet now.

SOCIETY IS PEACEFUL. As it should be.

What we are experiencing now is WHAT REALITY LOOKS LIKE for the most part, when the signals from whatever tech they use on people as well as people doing psy ops- maybe even the chemical influences have been stopped I dont know. It seems like all the things that made life hellish are not gone. There is some low level tech interfacing going on but its not severe and I can ignore it.

Only in areas that there are institutions that can afford to pay people out of thier own deep pockets are there any perps around now doing theatres.


The next time students pull something like that ever again, I will take pics of the students involved, I will identify them and I will sue the college and anyone involved.

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ANY LEGAL ACTION becuz the air is clear and so should TI's minds be.

This goes to show that all of these horrible things happening like people freaking out, snapping, losing it, doing violent things, lone shootings etc ARE MANY TIMES DUE TO THE USE OF THE 'GANG STALKING' FORMULA BEING USED TO INFLUENCE AMERICAN SOCIETY.

'Gang Stalking' is a homegrown word used by people who are Targeted by a system which we are not sure exactly who is responsible. Saying its 'The Government' is sufficient but with so much legal mumbo jumbo and privatization, as well as the existence of private black ops companies and people from intelligence work going over to consult or work for private companies its a huge broad brush stroke to blame a large, multifaceted entity. Besides, it sounds paranoid.

Lets just say parts of the govt and the private sector-powerful entities with money, resources, connections and access etc. Gang Stalking is used on individual Targets as well as society at large nowadays.

It seems to be a three point system or cocktail that utilizes humint or in person, human beings stalking, harassing using psychology to warp and destroy the minds and spirits of targeted people and also to influence society at large by acting out on the public. Chemical influences are suspected through Chem Trails. I personally experienced an entire public transit bus of people fall asleep at the same time in Boston during Bush when the experimentation seemed to be out of control. I suspect chemical influences are present in foods in certain instances (my road dog and I noted that after eating truck stop food that I had much better vision, alertness and was able to read a map with unbelievable accuracy. Hmmmm. Ive also noted that certain homeless shelters drug the food with things that cause sleepiness around lunch hour in cities that want the homeless off the streets at that time or with what could be anti-psychotics becuz I had a text book side effect one time in a place that was definitely being gang well as can be administered through ventilation systems.)

The third part of this is technologies such as microwave and electromagnetic weapons developed by the military for use in psy ops overseas. It seems these are being used domestically on the public to influence society and when used to target certain people along with the other two parts I mentioned-one can create horrible situations like lone shooters, bombings, people snapping etc.

Since the govt shutdown allows for people to be free of influence moreso than usual, I suggest actions be taken now to either investigate and compare the differences between the two states of reality or to take actions TIs could not usually like legal or leaving the country.

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