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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stephen King- An Artist Working For Shadow System?

Theres a thoery that Stephen King killed John Lennon:

Looked at this again. Some of it does seem far fetched like the cigarette lighter resembling a crouching man in a raincoat with a gun going off.
Yet much of the codes do make sense especially if you've had experience with this system.

After reading this the one thing you do get out of it is a healthy inoculation against ever blindly accepting King's work into your life ever again.

I saw the movie cover for Children Of The Corn tonight. Now, seeing King's work as suspect the possible subliminals were immediately clear.
The raised sickle held in the hand of a raised arm, over a vast field of wheat all in red: indoctrination of fear and vilification of Russia, the films release being 1984.
That was that poster's purpose perhaps even the story itself.

King's keeping you scared isn't the American luxury you think it is-its part of your imprisonment in this country.


Unknown said...

I used to like King's works, but looking back, even then, I found his work bizarre. Consider his works, like Lawnmower Man. At the beginning of the film version of his novel, it openly makes a statement about mind control. And that series the Dome, wow. I thought it was very unfocused and rambling. It seems they shifted the storylines ever week. Maybe that was the goal -- to shift the storylines around to induce a sort of surreal insanity. And you could argue that this could have in itself been a goal: to train people to think in a very unfocused and rambling manner, to make them easier to control via other psyops that succeeded it.

Unknown said...

Yeah, it can be shown that artists who are going along with the mind control psyops people are the ones enjoying all the popularity. Take Simon and Garfunkel for example: why has Paul Simon enjoyed much popularity and public mindshare, while Art Garfunkel practically faded out of existence? I suspect that Paul Simon's early songs had psyop content, but maybe I'm off base with this one. Songs like Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard and Kodachrome seem very psyop-ish to me.

And note the cover for Cecelia. Note Simon's hand position, as well as his facial expression. And the guy sitting there with his mouth open---that was mocked in the "to be continued" psyop in Weezer's famous Buddy Holly video. All three are acting like they are startled by something and are in "self defense" pose. And Simon's face looks a little too similar to this portrait of a famous composer:

And note the attempt by various factions to make Beethoven out to be "one of them":

Yeah, well so maybe he had a little African DNA in him. Maybe that explains his strong sense of rhythm and his soulful parallel major/minor mode transitions like in the 3rd movement of the Waldstein Sonata.

mej313 said...

Children of the Corn: with the poster of a raised sickle in front of a red field of corn, symbolism of Russian revolution and of 1984 and mind control, but with. Yes, but since King is an artist, there are double meanings in his work, and since King undoubtedly has studied ancient history of sacrifice for fertility rites, this field of corn goes back into antiquity as a metaphor for sacrifice. If you read parts of the book, The Golden Bough, references to ancient sacrifice via corn gods are connected to King's work and regeneration of crops and the religious/mystical survival of the society for which the sacrifice is being made. There is also this sort of reference made in one of South Park episodes about Brittney Spears. In one of my classes we had to read The Catcher in the Rye, where the symbolism of the sickle and reaping children was made, in Holden Caufield's attempt to rescue children from abuse and mind control and lies of society. Now that I delve deeper into this, it's also an attempt to rescue children from sexual exploitation and pedophilia. There's a lot to King's novels, and since he is a part of the main structure of American society, maybe he cowtows to their system, and maybe not. Maybe he plays both sides of the fence in a way with his dual symbolism. Regardless, The Tower series (which will be made into a film) is phenomenal. I found a link to Salinger's past history with Project Paperclip and Artichoke and the Connecticut mind control MK ULTRA operations he was privy to.