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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Colleges Are Hotbeds Of GS and Targeting TIs

It rained for last five days here. I am still not well from that medical procedure in Portland. After the University and college came into session everything became sh*tty.

As of the 26th after school started the spare changing now sucks and the people here are giving money to pregnant white trash girls who use it to smoke meth with her boyfriends and drunks they see every morning but it takes me five to seven hours to get 5-15 bucks just to eat, totally broke.
If Americans understood anything about poverty from those of us in it instead of the non profit, charity org and homeless industry white collar criminals and social worker 'middle men', they would be able to assess more accurately who they are giving their money to.

(see this post for more on that subject:

I now get dirty looks from guys in pick up trucks (thats the perp MO in red neck places like AZ, Texas the southwest etc) and uppity looks from older women in cars and trucks.

This entire population of perps WERE NOT IN BELLINGHAM, WA before school started.

I have also been getting absolutely fried since the 26th, a day after school started.


It seems anywhere that theres colleges or corporate centers like downtown Seattle, theres a hot bed of gang stalking and getting hit with tech or chemical influence (or both) that make a person act crazy or go crazy.

Ive also been pushed to self injure over last few days which wasnt the way it was before the 26th.

I am sort of heartbroken becuz I liked this town. It has a large Norwegian population-all these beautiful blonde people, even the ugly people are attractive or interesting to look at. It was cute, fair, calm, sane, fairly priced with well mannered people. The houses are cute and its sort of like New England a bit 30 years ago.

It was so damn lovely...then all school started. Yesterday in front of Fred Meyer I saw droves of UGLY AMERICANS, people not from this cute little town with its Scandinavian influence but from other horrid parts of Washington state. Baseball caps, rap music out of cars, baggy clothes, fat ugly girls, common looking young women, young males trying to be dominant and semi ghetto- that new look of the suburbs in America.

AWFUL. The little town is ruined.

And I now understand something I did not before- that anywhere theres a university or college theres going to be alot of gang stalking.

I was perfectly fine and not being messed with BEFORE UNIVERSITY STARTED. Its so very sad.

An older man from Louisiana tried to tell me but being Yankee and direct as usual I didnt understand the mysterious ways of the deep south- how they try to help you by telling you something subtley.
He told me that the town was .."catering more to the university".. these days. I did NOT understand what he was talking about but now I frickin do.
Its becuz he asked me if I was alternative-he meant gay and thats where the conversation started and I dont reject the gay lifestyle so I guess I rejected his opinion about the college as it was based on acceptance of gay lifestyle.

Believe me thats not the problem in this country nowadays. As many gays as there are that seem to be involved in gang stalking as well as the NWO, there are just as many stupid people like that who are African American, white, Mexican or Native or Asian involved in gang stalking.
Its just that the gays bother me the least.

I also now understand something else about the GS system:

In the beginning of all this I noticed that they used trannies and other gays and I just dealt with them normally. I knew some of them were perps but it was such a f*ckin show it wasnt a threat so much as entertaining.
As time went on, they started to hone in on what aggravated me the most and now thats all I get hit with: regular guy or red necky males with some status (big trucks), uppity older women (my mom all over again) as well as blacks specifically males (my childhood nightmare of going to school during bussing or forced integration in Boston in the 1970's).

I also believe from experience that as they work with multi generations of Targeted Individuals (my mother and father and perhaps my maternal grandmother etc), I notice they try things on a TI of the next generation that worked on the parent(s).

Gays may have pissed off my dad. Latino immigrants piss off my mom but they dont bother me really unless it gets really ridiculous like down at the border near Tijuana sometimes.

Ive even had a perp walk by with directed conversation and say "first it was the mother we were dealing with now the daughter" know what, fuck you.
I am so not intimidated by that bs. You are the ones doing totally illegal black projects on human beings then intimidating and discrediting us into silence. GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

This is what I have learned this time. Its sad becuz I am attracted to universities being from Boston and Cambridge. Sigh...

Phone is dead. Going to try to get another form of tech for posting..


Unknown said...

Yeah, they say stupid ridiculous things in directed conversations, and there is clear intent to piss the target off. And it could be obvious lies. For example, a TI with high moral standards would hear something in a directed conversation suggesting the person is the complete opposite. It's very common for them to do this. And of course, it usually comes from the usual perp types, i.e., loser types, idiots, people with nothing better to do. It's like this one family that sits outside on their porch (very common) when I walk past. If you have high moral standards and the system knows it, you might hear slanderous stuff like I thought I heard "pedophile". Yeah, right. And people like that woman and her family are the ones protecting pedophile networks. But the point is the system knows you aren't a pedo, so of course, they are going to have the usual perp type saying it.

And even when perps lurking around the corners can't see me, I hear stuff blurted out before I am within their line of sight. So it's obvious that they are being cued somehow as to my approach. This time, I heard a group of very petty older women. It's very common for older women to get into this. And usually, their bodies are gone to shit and it's obvious they are into it because they need to feel good again, so they take their frustration out on the target. And of course, this is taking the easy way out, as opposed to doing things the hard way, and working for things, like working hard to get back into shape. Or maybe they just were never physically attractive and appealing in the first place. So the system provides them with a target to pick on to get their frustrations out. Old biddies, and ugly young punks in cars are very common. So the trashy perp types span many different demographics. And this IS part of the design: to get the TI sensitized to associating abuse from certain demographics, such as older people, or people who seem to fit a certain mold. Usually they are loser types, no matter what the age.

The way I handle it is to not get too worked up over it. The system wants us to get stress levels worked up over these cretins, so by not reacting, I've found that I can relax a little despite the idiots' provocation. Knowing they are losers and that I am special is enough for me to put my mind in the right direction again. If you start letting your anger rise, you will start breaking down. And why should I self-destruct just because losers with no goals in life and other types NEED the protection of the system?

mej313 said...

I agree with you on a lot of points, but blonde people being beautiful is not one of them--I can't stand them any longer, I can't stand any stalker but I feel that it's the blondes you think are so beautiful who are really responsible for all this hate you experience and I get--it isn't the blacks, could you agree? We are also brainwashed to believe the perpetrators are beautiful due to the modelling industry and media--it's the Nazi ideology run amok. Not to discount what you say, but this is how I view them by now with disgust. They are my true enemy, more than blacks or the other minorities--they instigate all of this shit they have been working to implement the NWO, don't fall in love with the image of these sick evil shit people, they are ugly at heart

Zen said...

You need to read 'deciphering the matrix' by Dr Robert Duncan

it's free here is the link:

not all perps are people being paid

wouldn't surprise me if there are uni people in on it ... but it is run by the CIA

take care

PS. two parts to tech, 1 is microwave radiation (frequency of electromagnetic radiation) the other is 'smart dust' (nano technology). Want to get rid of smart dust? Drink the juice from 20 lemons in one day (through a straw).

Johnny said...

A professor told me that working at the college was like being in the mafia. When I pressed him for more info he wouldn't say anything else.

I know that GS revolves around colleges and academicians but never had any type of validation on that until I read this post.