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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Disturbed By My Environment Lately

lots of red to get my attention. Shirts jackets etc. some black and red, mostly red.

multiple persons in the area around me thus creating a pattern.

The security cameras seem to have a strange effect on me like a hold on my attention. Theres a presence being eminated from them. as if someone in authority is watching. at least the illusion thereof.

I then get subdued by this formula.

I then get pulled in and become self conscious.

I stay longer than I planned and forget what I was going to do next and end up staying in the spot im in, in continuing cycle of reacting to stimuli, and in self defense out of insecurity.

This is happening all over the Boston area. This is their tactical game plan or theme this time around.

I'm also getting alot of bullshit from African American males but thats a norm in the Boston-Cambridge area.

nowhere else in the country other than maybe California is their sense of entitlement and power so great..or should I say their illusion of entitlement and power. COINTELPRO was very powerful in CA and from what Ive read, Boston is definitely someplace where youd want people 'under control' if they were activists.

There also seems to be many perps who have psychic vampire qualities. These people sit near me and take my strength enerfgy and Will as well as seem to make me feel watched intimidated and focused on.

They sit right behind ,me when theres orher chairs in open space away from me or multyiple people will create intimidation of my space sitting tactically.

Its robbing me ,of ,all the energfy I aquired in the nw. And preventing me from getting things done in a reasonably timely manner.

This is a prison cell beinfg created no matter where I go in this area.

Luckily I have been made strong by my travels.

Theres alot of harassment around the hospital I go to for my medical care-Beth Isreal

How r they able to do so much psychic stuff in boston area? This has always been the case here.

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