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Friday, October 11, 2013

government shutdown open window to take action. perhaps it's not coincidence at all

Take advantage of the government shutdown. you will be or should be clear. able to think clearly and focus.

It seems in many cities and towns the in person gang stalkers usually on foot or in vehicles have are under non essential personell. That or the funding used to pay them has been frozen under the shutdown.

There also seems to be either a lot less remote influence from tech and chemicals or in some areas none at all.

whatever you were planning to do before the last two years has come along made it impossible to do anything at all , do it now.


mej313 said...

Not such luck outside the US, at least for a few days you can be glad to live in the US

Snobert said...

I don't think the government actually shut down because I'm still being tortured to the same degree as I have before.