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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shutdown Over, So Why Are There Not Perps, Tech and GS As Before (Im Not Complaining Believe Me)/Still Getting Daily Truman Show Syndrome As Behavior Modification


There has been some interface and there is that incident yesterday at Berkelee College area so I guess it could be just like before. Yet something is different. Its not as harsh as last year when I was here and there isnt so many perps around.

I think when I come here in summertime is when they have perps in full force, I know that Red Sox season seems to start and the GS increases heavily especially during games. The perps there during those games are very overt and use tactics that are used at other times in other locations by gang stalkers, letting me know there are perps in the crowds going to games.

It seems from my experiences over the years that possibly business associations in cooperation with other parties and authorities are using private black ops companies or else, like Red Sox Nation- maybe thier connections to intelligence agencies. (Recall the heart warming story of how Red Sox has lent thier private jets out to CIA for interrogations). Referring to it as 'nation' is clue enough it is supposed to evoke a gang or cult mentality, just like everything else nowadays.

These corporations and businesses interested in gentrifying city areas until there is NO original or historical character left are trying to get rid of 'the homeless' or in reality, any sub culture or alternative living that exists in places like Harvard Square.
The west coast is alot more tolerant of such populations and I will tell you why. The west coast is blasted with more tech influence than the east is by far as well as the west coast doesnt allow for sub culture people to have as much access to resources needed for activism like colleges, computers or in Boston and NY access to the elite mixing with street people in conversation as part of the culture as well as easy transportation or walking in small cities like these areas.

Also the culture keeps people down sneakily with passive aggression. The north east, for all the gentrifying they are doing, still has a more direct manner and a backbone for acting on what people feel is right and fighting for it and sticking together, being a cohesive force in a very effective way.

I believe this is one of the main reasons the trucking industry had to be over regulated as it is as well as their CB radio culture has been destroyed by The Gremlins-the chaos makers. Perps really. There are people I have met that get on the radio in thier truck and harass people as if they are getting paid for it. Usually former military (!). After what I have seen for years now, its very plausible.
Truckers had their own culture, were and are self policing and would rebel against authorities in cohesive groups.
If they revolted in all thats happened these last ten years, imagine if people couldnt get the supplies needed for daily goings on of the country.

Its a federal offense akin to terrorism for truckers to rebel in such ways now which makes sense with the rest of what has been done in the USA recently.

Most truckers wont even turn thier CBs on anymore due to the non regulation of the airwaves there were formerly their homes and so much a part of thier culture. They are isolating them into being lone corporate workers for a company. No CB, just a cell phone and a satellite tracker on top of the truck so the company and whoever else can track thier whereabouts at any time.

So this means the freedom I felt for a time was temporary yet, the harassment, remote influence, interfacing and in person GS is not as bad as it was before the shutdown.

There is a bit of Truman Show Syndrome daily but I try to ignore that. Its not nearly as bad as it was but I am getting sick of them trying to continue behavior modification using conditioning.

Its a forced obsessiveness over various people who are supposed to be watching me like on a reality show through a linked network of public cameras used for security surveillance. A black bus driver in Vegas mentioned something like that, he said once I we got to a certain area of The Strip we would get away from civilization and "the cameras". The way he said it was obviously a mind f*ck and Ive dealt with enough public transit workers during the Bush era to know they cant be trusted and they are heavily involved in psy ops or 'gang stalking' of targeted people. They're some of the biggest *ssholes on two feet in this whole thing also I want people to know. Arrogant as can be and I cannot understand why. They also seem to be involved on deep levels that other people dont know about like knowing the entire reality of the situation- the human experimentation- all of it. Involved in it too.

From Greyhound to Amtrak to city buses and public transits across the nation, these perps are possibly the absolute worst human beings involved in this conspiracy.

Cops you expect to act like criminals or psychos or sociopaths. And they have high stress, high risk jobs and must get training. Cops doing gang stalking shows the difference between a trained criminal mind and a jerk off security guard who's sloppy and thinks the whole thing is a joke.

So why are transit workers in the USA seemingly on the level of secret agents or at least people who try to be or have some training but...just arent as professional as they should be. Yet they are in those positions working in that capacity?

If no one believes me I dont care anyway but all the creepy post 9-11 cloak and dagger bullshit and having people spy for Homeland and do anti terror, Ive already documented from articles etc just how real that was and is. All of this is plausible considering IF THE POWERS THAT BE WERE TO USE ANTI TERROR, SECRET, COVERT INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS TO COVER FOR WAR CRIMES AND ILLEGAL ACTIONS COMMITTED DOMESTICALLY.

You cant imagine that DARPA or Raytheon or GE etc etc and the universities that were so easily let into involvement in MK Ultra would have no problem continuing such projects and research...IF they could get away with it? IF there was a good enough cover for them to operate under?

Ive seen some of these people's lifestyles, thier vehicles etc. They live on levels that we normal people cannot imagine. Well, imagine this- that the elite dont care about little people and have no problem doing such a thing as mentioned above. Of course, just like in East Germany years ago, the public are more than willing to comply so they can live normally. Read up on the Stasi. There are books written using info from people now willing to talk about what went on back then.

Its just like now except no one in America is going to admit to what they have done or what they are doing now.

I am being urged to get legal council and to mature and help out in the Cambridge area with protecting the historical value of the area especially in Harvard Sq as well as assist the local sub culture population to have a safe place to go as nowadays, street life is no longer going to be acceptable in gentrified cities in the USA. For a time anyway.

Then again, one has to be suspect of the system wanting to brainwash a Survivor into serving them once again, at this new phase as more of a willing or compliant slave not under mind control from an internal programming system.
Yet, what about my own life, my healing I never got to do or what about my wants or desires? Why must Survivors always be called to serve? Much to our own detriment and with literal self sacrifice.

And yes, the idea that famous people who's opinions I am supposed to respect watching me on a reality show that uses public cameras to view what I am doing etc is ridiculous. Its obviously daily brainwashing. And repetition is the definition of brainwashing. Every day now.

And I know its tech becuz when I go underground or at like 3am it disappears- the same way that the technologies always behave.

That kind of campaign doesnt surprise me. Remember, Obama is keen on 'social responsibility'. So instead of tormenting me into suicide, this admin wants me to serve the community. Slavery is still slavery even if its positive.

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