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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

it only occurs to me now that the shutdown has given me clarity that the Obama administration has been creating loan shooters out of TI's and survivors

it's been very bad lately even though a good amount of the gang stalking and even technologies are not in use as of the government shutdown.

Generally the theme of this current administration seems to be a lot of lone shootings. Especially regarding schools and children.

I'm also noticing a lot of white supremacists snapping or people becoming white supremacist or joining cults or extremist groups before they snap and do shootings.

it's not hard to do considering how many vicious all African American perp groups there are. Both for gang stalking targeted individuals as well as taking part in human experimentation in such horrible things as MILABS etc.

it's not hard to force people to become racial extremists if you do really extreme and sophisticated black ops or psy ops on a person he's mostly African Americans. and specifically cold hearted almost cult-like groups of African Americans. As well as the dregs of society they drag out of prison and people in trouble to harass people. these people are sick dangerous criminals and extremely abusive and theyre more than willing to do anything to anyone which is why they utilize them. by the way this practice is very common with the CIA in overseas operations its well documented well known that they find out who the worst people are and get them to work for them.

the very idea that they wouldn't do such a thing domestically if the circumstances warranted such action is ridiculous. the only reason that people want to believe such a thing is isnt possible on American soil its not happening to them and they don't have to deal with it.
it just makes their lives easier.

a lot of us are very vulnerable to such an operation.
firstly many of us have been getting stalked for a decade or more and that leaves a lot of brain damage a lot of health issues and a lot of being tired and sleep deprived basically worn down and made vulnerable.

secondly I think a lot of us who have gone through the Bush administration being targeted individuals actually believe that we are through that phase. we're beyond it. we have mastered much of these programs. we are seasoned targets now.

I know that I believed I was beyond it that I had beaten whatever operation or system that they had to make someone into a lone shooter.

but I didn't count on the new administration doing things differently trying to get the same result or similar results.

for Obamas second term the currrent Obama administration, for their purposes in whatever they're trying to do right now with social engineering and manipulation of the public like it or not the seem to want the public to experience let's just say the safety of your children and schools being at stake.

being turned into a loan shooter during rush brush and early Obama was kind of a joke. early Bush era was more about entrapment hiding things under federal investigations and behind the war to confuse the target and get them to basically screw themselves. later on in the Bush administration in early Obama Hayden is the one that you want to focus on not who was in presidential office. it was hayden being head of the CIA it was key.

I personally was never so tortured during any of this in my entire life as I was when he was in office. it was brutal and basically about getting you to kill yourself or using brutality to murder you basically such as using electromagnetic or miccfowave weapons on the body.

becoming a loan shooter seemed to be something they tried on a number of people but it just didn't seem like it was something that would work if you were strong of will and intelligent and fairly healthy.

but now they really seem to want to get rid of whatever straggling targets there are and really want lone shooters. and they want racism. they want to engineer people to become white supremacist and then flip the f*** out.

plainly one can see that serves Obama's agenda and his special interest if you know what I mean. it undoubtedly furthers the agenda of the black people in America. this is exactly the Illuminati and whatever other powerful groups of people are in on whatever Obama can provide as far as late as a base for power in the future in this country.

targeted individuals that's not our concern. our concern is staying alive and not being used as pawns and with the progress of technologies and communications is becoming increasingly difficult, as well as the advancing age and failing health of many of us older targeted individuals.

remember many of us are experimentees from birth if not intergenerational. if we snap or not really doesn't matter its process in which they use and how we react to it seems to be of interest to them. getting loan shooters out into society is a bonus for them. its feeding whatever they have in their agenda gun control or continued security services.

if its not whatever happened during the Bush administration is what's happening now what will happen in the following administrationS. never quit never stop never give up we will always be of use to them.

The only thing you can do is keep an eye on the pulse of what is going on stay aware and keep exposing this and spreading awareness to the public.

The government shutdown has provided a window of opportunity to see exactly what is really going on the fact that a lot of the gang stalkers and what seems to be technologies of what's known as remote influence have disappeared since the government shut down again. most likely they were deemed non-essential and or the money just isn't there to pay for them.

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mej313 said...

Just thought of this just now, regarding the assassination of John Lennon, in association with probably COINTELPRO operative conniving: John Lennon was shot and killed in front of the building he lived in, the Dakota Building. This is the very same building Roman Polanski filmed Rosemary's Baby. Doubtfully a coincidence. If I could carry the conspiracy theory a bit further, it's very likely that if Yoko was his "handler", she was instructed to pick this building as their residence with him lagging behind doing what she wanted.