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My prior disclaimer stated that I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel. I am a writer who lives a challenging alternative lifestyle and it is MY RIGHT to do so. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will not be tolerated.

ALERT! New Series Of Posts Dealing With Urgent Issues

Please read these posts in a series created spread awareness of urgent issues to anyone perhaps looking for alternative theories for information.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

LED Street Light 'Blue Light' Exposure-Issues and Solutions (Special ALERT To All Urban Campers)

If you are an outside sleeper or Urban Camper (aka 'homeless') then the new LED street lights that have gone up all around the world are of a special concern to you. Health, well being, safety and even spiritual concerns. Sometimes the only thing keeping Travelers or people on a journey outside of mainstream society is our connection to what seems like a source or a connectedness-to Nature or others like us or just the 'universe' itself as some describe it. This HEV light or 'blue light' over exposure can actually make one feel that there is no connection. This in itself may lead to suicide or violence or misery in life which is unecessary and unfair.

These lights should not be being used outside at night as humans and other mammals need darkness to properly process chemicals that make us sleep. 'Blue light' has traditionally been utilized in northern countries where Arctic winters make humans depressed (SAD). Why would anyone use them then, as street lights at night?

Im not answering that here and outside of governments giving cities funding for installing these lights and thier economy of cost to run them over time one has to question or theorize as to perhaps something more sinister-which is what this blog is about lol,

Someone older I spoke to immediately came up with the idea of trying to rid society of The Homeless. With all the anti homeless/Traveler activity in cities gentrifying for globalism, corporate (globalism seems to provide 'Inclusion, Equality and Diversity' for everyone but our sub culture or demographic) that theory is feasible.
However if you look at the effects HEV light has on the pineal gland or as spiritualists refer to the 'seat of the soul', one has to wonder if something ultimately sinister is being attempted. I wont say 'evil' because even Satanic forces have an energy. These lights make many people feel zombie-like and not just from sleep deprivation. Theres something about the lights that go beyond just being too bright or making one feel one has not slept after eight hours of the activity known as sleeping.

Theres something else to it. A disconnect from the deeper levels of our consciousness. The very brain waves or levels our minds reach into that make it okay to be alone, love ourselves, think deep within our minds, exist quietly or connect to something bigger that seems timeless and keeps us safe- or at least a sense or illusion of safety throughout life.
Taking humans away from this, especially people who experience profound times of 'aloneness' or being on one's own is the ultimate in torture.

These lights also seem to cause heart problems and an urge to overeat-like constantly eat during the day. Being female perhaps this is a way to try to connect to Oneness or the Source if you will or to self medicate that disconnect that naturally would not exist. 
Theres this creepy feeling of a false environment where the world is completely lit up all the time which somehow leads to a feeling of always being connected to a human collective-sort of like if one was always connected to the internet with other people.
This is a completely unatural state and many people over 40 find these lights too bright for the eyes, intrusive, painful and were not raised with computer or cell phone screens as younger people born native to technology. For them they may not know any different and having blue light exposure seems normal. Being connected to a collective constantly is normal. Not knowing automony or having privacy or reaching deeper levels of inner thought may seem normal but its not. It almost seems like a kind of virtual communism or hive. Somehow, these lights provide that illusion in cities.

One of the most frightening prospects about the effects of these lights on not just outside sleepers but anyone experiencing over exposure is that if one is unaware of these effects one may commit suicide or even homicide or violence.
Cities may turn lights down to certain levels by law but that doesnt matter if a business parking lot by the street is blaring thier LED lights at full force. People paying to stay at hotels or inside homes are having unwanted exposure to outside street lights. (I would say amber bulbs may solve this).
Im wondering if the opioid crisis is partially to due to the effects of these lights on people with vulnerabilities to such conditions-to theorize even further on that about sinister intent: suppose you couldnt medicate every human unfit for the global world order under the corporatocracy in thier youth abusing psychiatry. This would be a great way to simply sweep the rest away. Since punative psychiatry is being used so heavily now and manipulative tactics making numbers of mentally ill among addicts and  homeless appear higher than they really are-making people sick and crazy through sleep deprivation and disconnection from the source of life would certainly help corral all the intended victims into the desired traps.
Thats if you want to entertain that a huge amount of military are coming home who served under Bush's war-basically war crimes and those who dont commit suicide or need Wounded Warrior programs are a bit too well adjusted to all theyve seen and the world its created since 2001 and ease right into jobs with the private sector of the war-for-profit machine.

Our nation seems militarized with many things weaponized against the public. It seems beneficial to view things as if they are potentially akin to military operations or tactics. Eerily, such theories seem very feasible now.

Curtains dont stop the effects of these lights. Sleeping under them however may present special hazards which must be countered for survival. 
To all outside sleepers you need to be aware of the potential effects of LED street lights. Ive already posts about the potential for installations of INTELLISTREETS and other surveillance software in the street light posts themselves but that is not the concern here. That would actually be more livable than the effects of the HEV light on humans. 

Make others aware. All it takes are a pair of inexpensive blue blocking amber or espresso tinted safety goggles or glasses to improve quality of life even perhaps save your life or of others. Youve only got approx 80 years on this planet-dont let anyone waste the time you have here. You have a right to life or you wouldnt be here.
Slavery is optional.

UV vs. blue light: Which is more dangerous?

Friday, June 15, 2018

CHINA'S SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM Seems To Be Implemented In USA/Why China Is A Global Threat/ZTE Phones Banned By Pentagon Due To Spying

How Do You Control 1.4 Billion People?
China's social credit system, which becomes mandatory in 2020, aims to funnel all behavior into a credit score.

Top intelligence official says Chinese ZTE cellphones pose security risk to U.S.

The very purpose of the Chinese tech company ZTE is to spy on other countries, a competitor alleges in new court documents

What Is ZTE? A Chinese Geopolitical Pawn That Trump Wants to Rescue.

Do You Feel Uncomfortable In Stores (Profiled?);This Could Explain Why-And It's Being Abused Already

Do you feel uncomfortable in certain stores? This may be an explanation of why.

(Remember it's been determined that the racial profiling described in The Guardian article IS HAPPENING TO VARYING DEMOGRAPHICS depending on location.

In Oakland CA it's African Americans. In Canada it's Inuit Natives. In the Northeast it's The Homeless or anyone looking like OCCUPY types. Anyone poor, Caucasian and alternative. The profiling seems to all follow the same actions by those doing the profiling.)

Businesses Will Use Facial Biometrics to Create Their Own Watch Lists

Racial profiling in retail hasn't gone away. It's just gone digital:

Of course there's potential for it to be abused especially with the importation of Chinese style business practices and what seems like many parallels with their social credit score system which is a global threat and mandatory in China by 2020. Doing business with them and allowing them to create debt or buy up large amounts of property only imports this type of system to democratic countries.

This along with 'smart' cities has got to be considered as grave threats to all democracies' way of life anywhere in the world becuz the Chinese social credit score system punishes dissident behaviors, protest, even individualism. It marginalizes people who do not behave or fit in from mainstream society.

Punative psychiatry is clearly being utilized in the US now.

So here's how it works in theory and how to protect yourself and make counter moved.

-the old COINTELPRO tricks are being used.
Agitate, infiltrate, create divisions, sobotage.
Example would be that store employees or security may get you going and try to create situations where you lose your temper or become agitated. If you feed into this and don't know how to handle this you will play right into this ploy which is obviously to not only get you on the store or corporate watch list or black list but possibly get you into the mental health system.

The authorities are now conning poor people into getting 'sectioned' by offering this as an alternative to jail if they have drug or alcohol addictions. Drug addiction is now listed as a psychiatric disorder out of convenience for the system, so anyone with 'problems' who can't afford the consequences are going to be labeled. Under control for life.

A woman found sleeping and living out of her car the other day I saw was drunk and an ambulance took her away. Years ago she would have been told to sober up and leave the area or told to go to rehab after an arrest for loitering and drunkenness etc.

So if you seem like your acting in a certain manner now at least in the Northeast big cities, you will be taken away for psychiatric evaluation or deemed undesirable by these black lists.
So it stands to reason that the scam to abuse this system for means of control would be for people to cause one to become tagged with some problem behaviors.

It's well known that the poor don't know their rights, how to be diplomatic and are traditionally 'poor, angry and tired'.

You must begin using diplomatic methods to defend yourself against entrapment because that's what this is.

Do NOT try to reason with corrupt security or employees who are harassing you or create situations to make drama that they want to end in you appearing to be criminal, mentally ill or unsavory or of bad character.
-RECORD ALL CONVERSATIONS USING YOUR VOICE RECORDER ON PHONE. Only use camera if it's necessary which sometimes it is.
It may not be valid in court but it helps to clarify what occurred both to the victim and higher ups.

If it's a small business owner or franchise you may have to stop going there while you search for who can control their behavior or go to ACLU or a lawyer.

Most corporate chains seem to have people like General Managers or above them District Managers if the GM is corrupt. These people want no part in what lower level employees are doing that's illegal and not part of corporate protocol. They simply are often UNAWARE of what's going on at that level.
You are actually helping the company by reporting employee corruption at this level because eventually a lawsuit would occur or worse: a person who's on edge and can't take being treated this way anymore and snaps. We've seen the results of this on the news and it's often PREVENTABLE.



Calmly get their side of the story, document it, report it to corporate and record that interaction info then contact a GM or DM. Keep pushing for contact. Companies may try to blow you off for months. Keep pushing firmly and if there's still no response go to a lawyer or the ACLU if you think your one of the few kinds of cases they take. DO NOT USE ACLU for police issues unless your a protected class or it's something simple like illegal bag searches.

In CA the ACLU are bold but in the Northeast they will not get involved in politics.

People are also noticing that if you seem profiled in stores there's a time limit you're welcome there to shop. As if after a certain amount of time your then pushed out using profiting as a guide for this.