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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no actual belief in these theories as fact . If so I would've taken legal action by now. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.
My prior disclaimer stated that I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel. I am a writer who lives a challenging alternative lifestyle and it is MY RIGHT to do so. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Creepy Millenial Nightmares 'Bfresh' Urban Markets To Close Around Boston

There's a part of me that says oh my God thank goodness if this is happening and then there's a part of me really feels like it's sad because the concept of the store is actually very cool and the one in Somerville connected to Dunkin Donuts is pretty damn convenient, considering theres no supermarket nearby except Star Market in Porter. A small-market it has a little bit of everything that isn't too overpriced is actually pretty cool. Not having to go into a large supermarket, to be able to sit down and eat what you bought on-the-go and not having to be forced to go into a whole foods for instance just to get something cheap and quick to eat was a blessing. convenience of it.

The problem is the staff. The attempt to make this store 'hip' is a little too forced and much contrived. For as 'nice' as bfresh is, their staff are..a bit too 'urban' at times and border on the paranoid concerning anyone who doesnt resemble them or corporate approved or as private security increasingly describes as 'people who dont look like they belong here' lol.

In short-its too millenial (and creepy). The collective rules all, individuality is a threat. Anyone challenging ideas of self righteous neo Liberal 'progressiveness' will feel uncomfortable.

Occasionally I see a person over like 20-something being hired but its rare and its usually an 'urban' type who equates BLM type mindset with the Civil Rights of his youth. Aka: a self righteous pain in the ass (Actually, I have gotten invaluable tip offs at critical moments from REAL civil rights era persons, mostly women, who recall the genuine challenges of feminism-not today's corporate Liberals. Writing "Black Lives Matters on a cop's coffee cup when you work the drive through at D&D ISNT ACTIVISM. Its harassment and its lame as fuck. YOU WORK FOR A MAJOR COFFEE CHAIN THATS OUT OF QUINCY MA. I cant imagine how much there is behind that to begin with involving cops, banks and a number of organized crime figures from Boston's past.

Go work for a law office that fights civil rights cases, a community center SOMETHING. But no-you cant give up your CORPORATE job. Oohh, youre gonna take down the system from the INSIDE! You are so corporate intrigue!! Get loves-if they matter so much.)

This streamlining of Identity Politics in a Russian Communist type of way is what makes millenis and the places they work so creepy.

I saw a woman older than me working at Starbucks in Somerville, Davis Sq and I thought I entered some sort of wormhole to an alternative universe or time line. Wow. 'Bout time.

Due to this generation being rendered totally clinically insane by indoctrination into cult type thinking they need the occasional adult to work alongside them, which when I was their age was common and now it seems we've all been banned. Probably by some secret executive order and secret court or whatever the fuck people in power do nowadays to get their damn way under the guise of protecting the public and rhe country.
(A booming economy is now directly linked to our national security. Which may translate into-'we will do anything to ensure consumerism and non interference with it'.)

I really would like to see the bfresh concept continue. They have good products, produce, grab and go premade foods, comfy check outs and a place to sit and eat on the go.
Allston actually has old time 'LUCKY' salt, pepper and sugar packets from the Chelmsford, MA company.
Now thats class.

If only they would hire a truly diverse work force and people over 25 who arent urban maybe they can get out of bizarro world and make the place as awesome as it should be.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Disinfo Website Claiming Activists Are Disguised Transexuals-I'm On It!

This has to be the most retarded, stupid DISINFO site meant to confuse people about conspiracy theories and alternative stories I've ever seen.

If you read my other blog,
Skepticism For Targeted Individuals
which you should, if you're doing activism of any kind you'll find that DISINFO campaigns take viable, feasible theories and make them seem totally stupid, dumb and ultimately unbelievable. Often some factual info is used for cred then info is woven into total bullsh*t.

DISinformation is the purposeful misuse of information for info warfare.
MISinformation is the mistaken misuse of information by people's ignorance etc.

Due to people not being familiar with a subject or just aren't good at sifting through info they become confused and believe disinformation.

For example, it's totally feasible that the Boston Bombing or 9-11 could be a 'false flag' operation or at least done on purpose or even allowed to occur due to seeming incompetence or negligence on the part of authorities.
Anything event of terrorism could be, it depends on how suspicious the event and circumstances are.
If any alternative theories of what occurred are possible then at least questions and investigation of the event and official stories would be appropriate.

A False Flag is something violent executed by a state actor, government or using private sector outsourcing then blamed on a foriegn government or group in order to rationalize some act of war etc.

A Hoax is just that, faked. Black ops. A psychological operation on rhe public using manipulated media coverage to create a deception that such an event occured. These usually lack evidence and many victims or those involved can be traced later on to other events or even shown to be alive after claims of death occur in media. These are the events most played with by disinfo agents to create huge messes due to how messy it is to create such a deception to begin with and that is most likely to ensure that the public cant trace the 'actors' or their identities once they are relocated elsewhere.

Often these horrible events are allowed to occur through purposeful negligence is the theory. There may be agents or actors present but its no hoax-people are injured or killed. There may be a frame up involved of perpetrators or it may be induced so that patsys will actually commit violence but the entire operation in the background that caused this to happen is covered up and kept from the public.

For instance no one in their right mind would claim 9-11 was a Hoax with specialized 'actors' because there's evidence of actual death and destruction. It would be considered a possible False Flag due to the event being used to rationalize invasion of Iraq, the war etc.

The Boston Bombing doesn't appear to be a Hoax but it's a feasible theory it was executed by professionals, most likely a private military contractor etc may be a good guess and there were people involved. Some of the people there who played hero are suspect and have sordid pasts that should be questioned. I've done posts on these people but I wouldn't go as far as to say no one was hurt or those injured were actors. If the brothers accused of perpetrating the crime were framed then it is considered a frame up, probably with Useful Idiots etc.

DISINFO agents will always claim the Boston Bombing was a Hoax with "crisis actors". Conspiracy theorists will put forth that it was a violent act done purposefully involving 'actors' or agents but people were hurt.
Most likely for the purpose of gun control laws or even taking away US Citizens' right to bear arms as well as increased police state (surveillance and control) in that area.

The Sandy Hook Newtown, CT shooting is an example of what may be a Hoax due to the lack of evidence and the strange behavior of sthe local Coroner and the disappearance of a sheriff who himself questioned the official story.
That isn't to say there wasn't injuries but again it seems induced or purposefully caused by outside forces orchestrating the event. If Adam Lanza did indeed perpetrate this crime (and there's much doubt he was physically capable of doing so) then it's feasible to theorize he may have been induced into doing so through various means. Sandy Hook is the most feasible to be a hoax as opposed to other violent events studied by conspiracy theorist. GE is a huge military contractor formerly in CT that was heavily involved in Newtown before the event. Newtown was known for Satanic cult activity by the well-to-do. The entire town was built to support a very corrupt, sick mental hospital that is no longer there but on par with infamous Danvers State Hospital. Its not exactly an area known for good, healing and right.

And it must be understood these theories are for awareness of the public ONLY. It's to cause people to see things aren't right and to ASK MORE QUESTIONS, DIFFERENT QUESTIONS and to encourage FURTHER INVESTIGATION as well as INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATIONS by non biased parties.

It's not meant to be the answers to what really occurred or the truth.

Someone like myself would have to study each of these events, have trained investigation skills, consult other professionals and seek some sort of peer review.

Like myself, many theorists are uneducated yet smart and can sense there's something off about what happened.

I would love to investigate some of these cases but don't have time, money, resources nor connections.
Also like all investigators or journalists of the past if I was one, if I got too close to the truth or solving the mystery I'd get threats and warnings to leave it alone.

It's been said that the scientist Olson who was pushed from the window due to his involvement in MK Ultra was murdered not because he was going to tell THE PUBLIC but because he was going to tell OTHER ACADEMICS AND SCIENTISTS about the war crimes and unethical human experimentation.

This Disinfo site is tasteless as it disses many victims of crimes such as Boston Bombing survivors and shooting victims etc.
The author has either gone off the deep end or is a really sh*tty Disinfo agent.

You couldn't find a worse pic of me lol.
I had a severe haircut there, I remember now. I think this was taken from a vid made at a college campus in San Antonio TX. Nice place, nice people. I was traveling.

I really miss that Italian horn. Braided the flag colors into a necklace myself. I looked younger...sigh.

This still pic used on the site was taken from a video that my friend found that's one of a few where some creeps have ripped the vid and added weird music etc. Hes investigating as many as he can find. Theres 3 so far. They all came out during 2014-2016.
Some readers commented during my legal troubles being framed for sending threat emails to authorities but I had little time to look at it. One reader commented as if they were using it to intimidate me, as if it was my fault someone created such a thing.

This site seems to have come from the same time frame as the frame up itself-from 2014-2016.
Alot was happening then and key people left office or died locally even nationally that left me and other activists unprotected and vulnerable.
Recently I've discovered that the Obama administration was abusing a part of Obama Care where if you are accused of a crime and deemed dangerous, law enforcement can gain access to your medical records for security reasons. It seems that people were being framed using this, specifically advocates of gun ownership and the Constitutional right to bear arms. Nurses, professionals, alot of different people.

It makes sense that this would be a time frame for me to be framed also attempting to abuse that part of Obama Care. Luckily I was street smart enough to keep up and block it however I didn't know enough about my legal rights and made some errors.

There's a lot of trolling like this of activists during this time frame as well and it also leads up to the presidential election and then much of the activities seem to stop which is also suspect.

There's articles about this kind of viscousness being par the course in Russia as activists there have had their lives ruined by such Disinfo campaigns and interestingly, Russia has also used punitive psychiatry to silence dissidents.

Personally I can't tell if it's any connection to Russia at all-or if it had to do with Clinton or Trump. When Trump got in he fixed Obama Care I believe so this can't happen anymore as it did. Perhaps that's why people thought it important to get him in because Obama, Clinton and Co were getting too crazy and going too far. I heard that Obama tried to take out the 23rd amendment which says presidents can only serve two terms.
Again there IS 'fake news' out there which confuses issues.
Fake News resembles moreso real news pieces and not conspiracy theory so people become confused about what they are looking at.

However, its been published that Trump was blackmailed by Russia thus the questions of their involvement in the election.

Conspiracy theory is more akin to an avante gard form of art that goes off in new directions and questions established form. Fake News is akin to a reproduction or fake of an actual well known, established, respected piece of art-like the Mona Lisa etc.

I ignore Disinfo like this site because it's simply psychological warfare and info warfare. It's not personal, it's what people do to win.
And it's pleasing to see that it was done so badly. Even the frame up was badly written and executed with excessive use of fear, intimidation and negligence.

However what I experienced is a definite understanding of the importance of our US Constitution. Without it I never would have made it out of that trap.

Ignore this crap. Focus on remaining active in awareness or other positive action.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Racial Profiling In OAKLAND, California on NEXTDOOR.COM Reflects Profiling Of Various Demographics In Globalist Cities Due To Gentrification

'Profiling' is being used everywhere for the globalist/gentrification agenda.

This is happening in the metro Boston area-all over MA actually (and the US) but the demographics being profiled are different. The situation seems very similar which anyone can deduct then would mean that its just a natural part of the nasty process of colonization. Its normal for the colonizing population to get rid of the natives-in fact thats what this country is built on, lol.

Its simply an abuse of power to assist in gentrification of the area. They are doing the same things here but to homeless people, anyone who looks funky and alternative, who is colorful and Caucasian specifically. OCCUPY types, especially 'the homeless'.
We are the most hated demographic here now.
We also cannot stand at bus stops for transit, we cant leave a friend outside a bank while we conduct business inside, we cant stand 'in shadows' or in front of coffee shops. Its very similar.

None of this can be taken seriously as strictly raci profiling because its just tactical warfare for one group to establish their land ownership over another and its always going to be based on what demographics the people in power designing these globalist cities decide are who they want to work and live in them. This profiling is happening all over the USA, Canada and probably anywhere thats part of globalism and re engineering cities to suit that agenda.

In Canada, it's profiling of Inuit people-the indigenous Canadian/Alaskans:

For instance, in Cali, my profile would be more accepted because its part of the long time counter culture there and those people often have means or hold jobs that have prominence whereas in the northeast they pride themselves on supporting minorities and the counter culture is seen as in direct conflict with the IT boom and military industrial contractors. In other words-being African American or Latino in metro Boston or MA now is desirable. These are some of the demographics they designers want to reside here to live and work.

The people designing these places obviously take into account who is already there thats part of the original structure and they build on that as well as introduce new demographics. Its all about who can generate money and be part of the daily running of the city.

Here African Americans are an integral part of the Elite's traditional structure and they are very dependent on that demographic. Yes, it resembles a plantation and its totally racist as they simply serve as house slaves much of the time, serving and protecting the interests of the elite but no one here even wants to begin to entertain that perception. Show me anyone left in metro Boston that is genuinely a black radical or not employed by one of the institutions/govt jobs.

Sadly, African Americans in Cali are generally nicer than what MA has become.

Oakland has never been a problem for me to wander around as I can tell whats genuinely dangerous and what just looks run down.
Thats why many people turn to sites like They dont have street smarts or any intuition about people or areas; they can't look at someone and tell if they're nice or decent or 'up to no good' as was quoted so they use profiling but unfortunately they are not trained law enforcement or people in the criminal Sciences so therefore they simply just abuse power, don't know what the hell they're doing or both.

I just have to come out and say it even though I haven't fixed my legal difficulties yet in Boston I think it's absolutely ridiculous that we have militarized Whitey bulger's FBI and Whitey bulger's Police. New York and Boston? who came up with this idea I don't know but it's been a very bad one as you can see from what happened to me. The same can be said of giving the public the tools that they need to spy on each other that is why and I will come out and say it basically what I see right now over the last 18 years this country, specifically high value areas have become nothing but Russia circa 1985, East Germany during the Stasi, Nazi Germany you name it. And it's gotten really bad in the past 5 years which strangely enough was during the administration of the black messiah Obama. Mr bring us to the promised land- the magical negro Obama. Young kids who are into identity politics aren't even old enough to understand what that term means. It was a common character used in traditional American advertising to sell things to white people. Its for people who actually understand very little about African Americans or their culture.

I watch a lot of videos of young people's music in my gym and a lot of the African-Americans I see in those videos are portrayed dancing around like Bojangles looking very much like the mysterious magical negro in days of old.
They don't even understand how racist this is and a lot of the stuff I see on television actually is degrading black people back to an era of tap dancing and watermelon eating. It portrays them as stupid, slow and incapable of being normal human beings.
If they ARE portrayed well, they have to express alot of white DNA which I'm sure makes 'black' looking African Americans feel devalued. This may actually be part of the profiling going on in Oakland. Their blacks aren't 'tv' black. They are real and genuine people, lol.

These kids are so ignorant of history and reality outside of these bubbles they're raised in they think this is Diversity.
And they seem to go two ways either they're told to stay away from black areas all together and like in California in Oakland now all blacks are bad and up to no good or they don't know that it's okay to be leery of people from a downgraded culture like a black ghetto or perhaps not every black person is fun and good deserves respect and should be invited into your life which is the other extreme.

What the hell is going on now in our culture people do not know friend from foe?
And they don't need to because they have and all their surveillance cameras so they don't care they don't have any instincts left why do they need them it's all being done for them supposedly this is the ultimate manipulation of the human animal and its survival instincts.

This is why neighborhoods work and communities don't because these are fake and false and you really don't know your neighbor and the police don't know who the hell you are. In the old days you would have grown up with the guy or your dad would have grown up with the guy who's the local cop and you would know who your neighbors are and the cops would know you.

What kind of neighborhood are you living in when you don't know who your neighbor is so you report them on next that's not a neighborhood that's a virtual community.

Globalism technology gentrification and covering up all the stuff with identity politics and focusing on that instead of classism and ageism and pricing people out of neighborhoods that are theirs. black, homeless, aging-it's happening in different cities in different ways but it's happening all over. you're not alone.

So maybe tell all the displaced African American peoples in Oakland to come move to Boston and they can get jobs at the T or in every hospital or behind every counter of every store and every college and every institution and we will all come out of Boston and Cambridge and move to Oakland and we can be funky and fabulous and write books, create music and paint and live alternarively and everyone will be happy.

then what say we trade places eh?