Please be advised that this written work of mine is only THEORY. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no belief in anything posted here because if I did I would have had legal action taken by now-until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.

Also it's obviously not clear enough to readers that I've put up a disclaimer for years that says I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

If I Don't Post For A While I Will When I Return

After tomorrow if I don't post I promise I will when I return. I may also be able to have a friend put an address where you can write me.

Thanks to everyone who has donated and supported me.

I am working on cleaning up the mess from all these cases but due to them being piled up so quickly and the harassment and abuse that's gone along with being arrested, sectioned and incarcerated I haven't been able to fix the overall issues fast enough.
Of course the local community is ignoring my pleas for legal help.

This frame up has been very extreme and severe. The abuse of power from police, the judicial system, hospitals, medical field and Hillsborough County House Of Correction has been outrageous.

Now there's a solid indication it's a reader who's been sending these email/faxes and I bet the system is going to pull everything they can to ignore the evidence-at least in NH.
NH did whatever they wanted and the handling of my case was outrageously unfair and abusive. The girls in the jail were telling me the judge I had was a john per their personal experiences thus if this is true, theoretically he would be compromised and I wouldn't get fair treatment from the start. The COs in the jail kept mentioning his name when I had court and rubbing it in that I was going to see this particular judge.

I only got any kind of fairness because he wasnt around. They are very scary up there becuz it seems like there's not the human rights oversight there is in Boston. They just bamboozle you easily and push it through the court. I wouldn't plead out so it seems other crooked tactics were employed to make sure I never got a jury trial or could present evidence on the case.
I was abused at the jail and filed grievances just to document that I still have to go to higher levels through proper channels to get taken seriously.
They have this closed system in the jail and the attitude is the county will cover for each other and no one will take part in proper checks and balances. The inmates told me it was the only jail in NH that gets away with so much corruption and nobody can figure out why.

I tried to fire my lawyer a he was unprofessional.  He told me what to say on an evaluation I didnt know I had the right to refuse and luckily, reading a news article on an abortion clinic lone shooter, I got wise to what he was pulling (only after I refused to plead out on the Prosecutions final offer of 'No Contest') and made sure I did NOT answer questions with what he had told me to say.

The evaluator began her questioning by asking me very eerily when did I get back to NH-I had never even told any of the people involved I had traveled through NH or lived there 20 years ago with my aunt Gerry and Vin Molloy (part of the Cedrone family-my dad's).  Why was that question being asked so creepily part of the questioning?
I even had the elderly sheriffs telling me that you can fight a case but don't be surprised if you lose.
They are so totally corrupt up there.
It's going to take alot of work to break down each part of the corrupt practice or situation where I was mistreated, intimidated or abused and my legal rights violated.  I can do it but it's not easy. They just did so much damage and abuse so fast.

Here in MA the melodrama to cover their asses is amazing. The lawyer I get to gain real Justice here is going to have to be very strong and unafraid.

No one is protecting me from whoever this psycho is that harasses me by commenting anonymously who now it's obvious sent the threats or has knowledge of who did.

The person has been doing it for a year or so but I never took it seriously becuz I never had any problems like this stem from my activism all the years I've traveled and had this blog as an activist.
I just thought they were another whack job, hater, jealous or whatever.

The person says I'm a gun toting NeoCon racist Conservative and crazy ass stuff like that.

The fact I've supported police in multiple posts over years seems to be being purposely overlooked in court proceedings-not that my cases are ever allowed to get past bail hearings etc.

I'm never allowed to defend myself and I, my work and reputation are not being protected from this predator whoever they are.

Wish me luck and love to all who are true.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Latest Comment From Stalker-Advises Me To Abandon Legal Battle

Yeah this would be really responsible. To run away from my legal case. For what purpose?

This same sort of comment was posted before I was sectioned involuntary (the excuse used by the authorities was the email sent under my name to HUPD). Comments were posted telling me to 'run' and other similar things.

More intimidation.
And very bad advice. The more these corrupt cases get documented the better off I will be. And the more the justice system is manipulated and misused in order to abuse me the more compelling the documentation will be.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Unkindly Art of Mobbing (In Academia)

From Academic Matters: the Journal of Higher Education, OCUFA, Fall 2006, pp. 18-19.

Ken Westhues describes how academics can gang up on unpopular colleagues — and alerts readers to the signs that an academic "mobbing" is in the works.

"Leyman studied the nonviolent, polite, sophisticated kind of mobbing that happens in ostensibly rational workplaces. Universities are an archetype. If professors despise a colleague to the point of feeling desperate need to put the colleague down, pummeling the target is a foolish move. The mobbers lose and the target gains credibility.

The more clever and effective strategy is to wear the target down emotionally by shunning, gossip, ridicule, bureaucratic hassles, and withholding of deserved rewards. The German word Todschweigen, death by silence, describes this initial, informal stage of workplace mobbing.

This is often enough to achieve the goal. Many targets crumble, flee to a job elsewhere, or take early retirement. Others surrender to the collective will, behaving thereafter like a dog that has been bested by another dog in a fight for dominance.

If the target refuses to leave or acquiesce, the mobbing may escalate to a formal outburst of aggression. Mobbers seize upon a critical incident, some real or imagined misbehavior that they claim is proof of the target’s unworthiness to continue in the normal give and take of academic life. A degradation ritual is arranged, often in a dean’s office, sometimes in a campus tribunal. The object is to destroy the good name that is any professor’s main resource, to expose the target as not worth listening to. Public censure by the university administration leaves the target stigmatized for life. Formal dismissal with attendant publicity is social elimination in its most conclusive form."

Why Isn't The Justice System Protecting Me From This Stalker Sending Threats Under My Name? Is There Hope For The System?

It's been very frightening to see this system focusing on the contents of my blog and not protecting me from this psycho whoever they are it's sending threatening Communications to authorities under my name.

When they're given a chance I hope they redeem themselves and do the right thing by protecting me and the community from this menace whoever they are.

Whoever is doing this needs to be found out because not only are they ruining innocent people's lives like myself and they could do it and have probably done it to someone else they're also potentially capable of real violence in the community.

I hope this crime can be solved so that we can all get on with our lives.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

After what has been done to me concerning the first fax sent under my name as well as the original search and questioning relating to the FBI tip, I fully support this now. I have my doubts because criminal minds always find ways around things.